Let's Sin (2014) Movie Script

A rose blossomed
In the garden of affection
A rose blossomed
In the garden of affection
A trouble I have; I would not
change for a thousand remedy
A scarlet gem, my burden is
And coral I radiate
A trouble I have; I would not
change for a thousand remedy
All birds find their words
And sing summer
My verdant crane comes to Damascus
And sings autumn
And my wounds sing for salt
Vow. Rook to C1...
Nice move. Rook to C1.
Nice move...
Efrahim, you son of a gun,
missed it again?
Make up your mind already you bastard,
will you be an artist or a muezzin?
(Muezzin: One who says
the call to prayer)
Allahu akbar! (Allah is great!)
I refuse this cruel fate
I refuse this endless grief
The irony of destiny,
The twists of life
All the troubles
I refuse
Unfinished love
This borrowed smile
Dying without living
I refuse
Am I doomed to be defeated every time?
To be oppressed all the time?
I refuse the lies and deceit
What do I owe to these troubles
They don't loosen their grip on me
What have I against happiness
That it makes me live in hell
Sir, would you please?
- As-salamu alaykum.
- Alaykumu s-salam, Efrahim.
- Where have you been?
- I had a thing. I am late. Sorry.
They killed Mr. Salih.
I can see that.
Won't you say anything, boy?
From Him we came
and to Him we return.
Is that all?
May Allah forgive his sins.
- Where were you?
- At the church.
- How is Ms. Ani?
- Not well. They are praying...
May Allah help her.
Something smells.
Should be the cops' feet, look.
They are all stinking sweaty...
- Could it be Mr. Salih stinking?
- Why should he? He just died.
He used to stink alive, too.
Weren't you aware?
Will you let me in? I am
telling you, I am his lawyer.
- My name is Bayram Varol.
- You can't go in!
May I please? I am his lawyer.
For heavens sake!
Brother Salih...
Brother Salih...
How could you do this to us?
Oh my brother Salih...
- Oh my, brother Salih!
- Calm down sir.
Zeynep! Welcome my dear
girl, welcome.
- Dad? How did this happen?
- It just did. There was this guy.
He used to come to the mosque
time to time; Salih Kalyoncu.
He owned a hardware shop,
just two streets back.
- And?
- Now he doesn't.
Who would shoot a hardware
dealer in a mosque?
I wash the body, say the prayers
and make the burial. The rest...
...is the police's job. Never mind.
Why did you come? What is this?
- It's for you.
- Really?
Part of my graduation project.
Its name is "Woman Not Crying".
"Woman Not Crying"?
Good heavens, daughter. Couldn't
find anything else to sculpt?
We sculpted by model.
- I am to tell you something else.
- Tell it then, my precious.
I want you to meet my roommate.
We can come tomorrow at noon.
We'll have lunch and you two will meet.
My roommate is so curious about you.
Why? I am just an old widower.
- I am no good for her.
- Oh my, dad!
- Alright then, we're coming tomorrow.
- Okay. Come then, my precious.
Now you go.
There are dead around here.
I sometimes feel the urge
to beat my wife to a pulp.
But I don't, of course.
I just think about it. Is it a sin?
- No.
- Why? I want to beat her.
- But you cannot.
- Not "cannot", I do not.
- Then it is a sin.
- Why?
Because "cannot" is of compassion,
"do not" is of pride.
And pride is a cardinal sin.
- Cihan Demir. Homicide...
- Selman Bulut. Mosque...
Now hodja, everyone in the mosque
gave the same account of events.
You were about to start the prayer,
said the first words...
- ...and heard the gun shot.
- Two shots.
Two shots.
Then you turn around to look at the
door, see a shadow and it disappears.
- Is that okay so far?
- Yes, inspector.
Has anything out of the ordinary
happened lately? Have you seen...
...anything? A stranger, a suspicious
man, woman, child, anything?
Ours is a market place mosque.
We have a small congregation,..
...but in general many strangers
come to the mosque.
- Salih Kalyoncu...
- He used to come rarely.
But someone, who was there
everyday, was not today.
- Efrahim Caner, the muezzin.
- No, he wasn't. He had a thing.
- What was it?
- I don't know.
Efrahim is not on permanent staff.
He is just a poor fellow.
Prisons are filled with
poor fellows, hodja.
He has an Armenian
foster mother, Ms. Ani.
She found the boy on the street,
about to freeze, and took him.
Then because she is an Armenian, state
took him back and put in an orphanage.
Efrahim loves herlike a mother.
Poor woman is sick lately.
- Efrahim takes care of her errands.
- How? Where does he find the money?
He is called for occasional
repair jobs.
Sometimes cleans the tiles of the
mosque. Lives in the outhouse.
And runs the tea house in summer.
- The deceased, Salih Kalyoncu...
- May Allah rest his soul.
I didn't know him well,
but I guess he was a good fellow.
My my! You are the first one to say
something nice about the guy.
- How so?
- Your congregation is not...
- ...very fond of loan sharks.
- Loan shark? Who? Mr. Salih?
He is a hardware dealer. He has a
shop, right around the fountain.
He used to come to the mosque.
Loan shark you say?
Who are you?
Blondie, come here...
Esrefoglu hear the news
The garden is ours, we have the rose
We, too, are subjects of the creator
We have seventy two languages
Is it manly to strain man
To ask news of far-land
Eighteen rivers in heaven
We have the raging flood
There is man rich in flesh
Performs ablution, but not cleans
Who are we to condemn the people
We carry all the sins
There is bee, flies and roves
Chooses flesh over flesh
This life evades us to rove
We are the bee, we have the honey
What an odor, my God!
As-salamu alaykum.
Alaykumu s-salam.
- Mr. Selman? Selman Bulut?
- Yes, that's me.
We are from the
lnternallnspection Department of...
- ...Directorate of Religious Affairs.
- What?
I am Muammer Sirin. We have to conduct
investigation on the murder yesterday.
- You will undergo sort of a review.
- Sure, go on.
I love trouble!
You were appointed to
Istanbul from Sivas.
I graduated from university there.
So my seniority was increased.
- You also studied political sciences.
- I had my master's degree...
...on anthropology. - Why?
I needed some rational explanation as
to why we should believe in one god.
- Did you find it?
- As much as Hegel did.
Before Sivas you worked as a
battalion imam at Incirlik.
Yes, I did my military service there.
Then stayed as an imam.
- Why did you want Sivas after that?
- I needed to learn play "baglama".
- You are a very interesting man.
- Not as much as you.
- Meaning?
- You work at the Directorate...
- ...of Religious Affairs.
- So what?
"To the state men of religion
What has a poet to do with faith
Poet is in agony
Does not know religion or state"
Yunus Emre.
Zeynep Bulut, my daughter.
She studies at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts.
These gentlemen are from
Directorate of Religious Affairs.
About that murder.
It turns out I have a week off.
They will keep the mosque closed
until this investigation is over.
My congregation will burn in hell
because of the Directorate.
- So, where is your roommate?
- Actually here, but...
Tell her to come then!
- Hello, sir. How do you do?
- Thanks.
Who's this?
Gkhan. Father.
Gkhan, this is my dad.
Zeynep, you were talking
about your roommate.
Yes, sir. I am her roommate.
We are living together...
...for two and a half months.
My name is Gkhan. Gkhan Sevin.
- What is this guy talking about?
- Yes, dad. We are living together.
I know you are very angry,
but will you please listen to me?
We love each other.
We really do.
He is a very good guy. I am sure
you'lllike him if you know him.
And we did have a religious marriage
before moving in together.
So you had a religious marriage?
What do you think that is?
A license to profligacy?
It has no meaning!
Religious marriage does not give you
the right to indulge your desires!
Religious marriage!
Fuck your religious marriage!
- Dad, I am 21 years old.
- So?
So I am free to do what I want.
- Fine then. Enjoy your freedom.
- You wouldn't be like this...
...if mom were alive! - Zeynep!
If she were alive,
we wouldn't be here!
When I say fuck, I mean...
It is very difficult to
raise a girl nowadays.
There is Efrahim.
Muezzin of our mosque.
Efrahim! Wait for us! Efrahim!
My my my...
You smoke?
Sometimes. When I feel blue.
- Busted your stones last night?
- What?
The police. Beat you?
Did they do anything bad?
No. But I think
they don't believe me.
Because you act suspicious.
- How so?
- Who were those monks?
No one. Friends from the church.
They take care of Mother Ani.
- We had a small thing.
- What were you doing at the...
- ...loan shark's shop?
- I borrowed from him.
- Why?
- For Mother Ani.
- She has needs. She is dying.
- So you make a dying woman...
...use haram (ill-gotten) money?
Mother Ani does not know where the
money comes from. It won't hurt her.
- What about you?
- I'll repent.
- You can't pay your dues by repenting.
- Then I'll go to hell and burn.
- What can I do? I was desperate!
- If so, why didn't you come to me,..
- ...and rather went to a loan shark?
- You don't have any money.
You have chicken feed for salary
and a daughter in college.
Don't bring that up now!
What? Did you learn about Gkhan?
Everyone knows everything
and I know nothing!
My daughter had a religious marriage
with a guy, muezzin of the mosque...
...borrows at interest, loan sharks
get killed in front of my eyes...
...and here I stand
a clueless douchebag!
If only you lift your head up from
books and look around you...
Shut up! Don't talk through your hat.
Do you know why I resorted to books?
- Whatever now. Come on, let's go.
- Where?
- How much do you owe that bastard?
- Too much. Way over your head.
- Tell me already, boy!
- I got 1,500 liras. Couldn't pay back.
- It is now 4,750 liras.
- Damn his soul.
- Don't you say so! He is dead.
- Hell with that greedy dog!
Yes, Mr. Selman...
I am now accessing your account.
- Let's see your status.
- What status?
If you got a loan before or not,
if you had difficulty in making...
- ...your payments; things like that.
- Look here, Mr. Lokman.
I got nothing to do with that stuff.
I don't have credit cards or anything.
I come every month, draw my salary
and not visit the bank again.
- I see.
- You see what?
- Why do you want to get a loan?
- Because we borrowed money...
...from a loan shark who got killed
yesterday at our mosque,..
...to pay for the medication bills
of a dying Armenian woman.
- And now we can't pay it back. OK?
- No, I was only asking because...
...your account is loaded with money.
Why would you pay interest for a loan?
There is a million and four hundred
eighty two thousand cash here.
- Why did I sign these?
- For the credit card.
- Here, underneath is the password.
- No, I don't want this.
- I didn't make such a demand.
- Seeing this amount of money...
...system automatically issued you
one. I think you'd better take it.
You never know.
And this is the loan you wanted.
I am just curious about one thing.
May I learn who deposited...
- ...that money in my account?
- I cannot give you...
- ...that information now, sir.
- How is that?
If you make a petition,
you will be given the information.
Now look here.
I am a public server of 22 years.
I have high ranking
friends in the government.
I can learn it with one phone call,
save me the trouble.
And you should be able to see there,
I am an imam.
I'll say a prayer
and you'll get possessed.
It all happened in a sudden, Major.
And I am right in the middle of it.
I don't know what to do.
So I had to come to you.
I didn't want to give this
to the police.
The jerk, who dropped this,
is most probably involved.
- Two shots were fired with this.
- I know. I heard them.
Strange, I missed
the sound of shots fired.
- Have you been to Incirlik after?
- I wanted to, years ago, but...
...then I changed my mind.
The journey seemed too much.
You know I don't fly.
And then there was Zeynep's school.
- She's all grown up, right?
- She is. And then some more.
This belongs to the navy.
They use these guns.
- Can't we learn more, Major?
- Even to whom it belongs.
May God bless you.
We can learn, but what's the use?
Let the police do their job.
But the whole thing revolves
around me. They deposited...
- ...1.5 million in my account.
- Who?
That hardware dealer,
Salih Kalyoncu.
Don't dig around about the money.
Let go. Got it?
Got it, I said!
You don't run away
only when you are guilty.
Sometimes you run away
because you are accused.
But once you start running away, you
certainly miss out on some things.
Sometime your youth, sometimes your
future, and sometimes your sanity.
Welcome uncle Selman.
So it seems the story
my father told was true.
- What is that?
- He used to say; "I am the one...
...who broke Selman's nose.
The break in your nose is pretty old.
It wasn't him.
It was an accident.
And also all good boxers
have a broken nose.
Then you should be
a very good boxer.
Your cheekbone was broken, too.
- Also have teflon on my skull, Tolga.
- I know. Wish you were hit there.
Even a bullet would have done less
damage. What happened to you?
- Occupational accident.
- Is that so? Or have you started...
- ...a "Fight Club" under the mosque?
- What?
Nothing. I should tell you,
this is serious, uncle Selman.
- I have to get out at once, Tolga.
- I, too. If I can find a private...
- ...hospital, I'll skedaddle at once.
- Alright then, shalll go now?
- Not possible for a week.
- A week?
- I put it in your report.
- It can't be a week, Tolga.
- Do you know the troubles I have?
- Then don't add one more to them.
Have some rest. I can't let you
go like this; impossible.
And also, on yourlast visit you
mentioned an ache in yourleft arm.
- I will check your heart, too.
- My heart is fine, Tolga!
There is nothing wrong with my heart.
I am fine. Tolga, come here.
I'll say something. Look here!
Tolga! Come here, Tolga!
Dad, daddy...
What happened to you?
- I know you are not sleeping.
- Is that sleazebag here, too?
- Shame on you. Such language.
- Tell him to come in.
- Get well soon, sir.
- Light me a cigarette.
- What?
- Not you!
I am not talking to you both.
Not until you clean up this disgrace.
- Dad, stop talking like this.
- I am saying what I believe, Zeynep.
You have disappointed me greatly.
If you can stay here right now,
it is not because I love you...
- ...but because I want to use you.
- What do you mean using, dad?
It means using, being with
a person for your own benefit.
You still haven't learned that
at this age?
- Fire! Get the patients out!
- Fire! Hold this, Zeynep, quick.
- Dad, wait a moment!
- Still standing there!
- Dad, what are you doing?
- We are on fire. Quick, lay here.
Lay down here, there is a fire.
Come on! Still staring at me!
This gun belongs to a
veteran first lieutenant.
- Veteran first lieutenant?
- Irfan Temir. He now runs a...
...fish restaurant at Beykoz.
Temir Fish House.
- Why did they retire him?
- Same reason as me.
- Good heavens.
- They sacked him seven years ago...
- ...by Supreme Military Council decree.
- And now he runs a fish restaurant?
Maybe it is a no-alcohol restaurant.
I am in big trouble, Major.
I have 1.5 million in my account.
- I feel so ashamed.
- I would too, if I had that much...
- ...money in my account. Does it hurt?
- What?
- Your nose. Does it hurt?
- Yes, aches a little.
- Try "raki", will do good.
- God forbid.
Goes well with fish, too.
I think you should go to the police.
Not possible, Major.
Especially now. Impossible.
- Thank God!
- Enjoy, sir. Anything else?
Yes, miss. I'd like to meet
your boss, Mr. Irfan.
- You do? Why?
- Fish was delicious.
- I'd like to thank him.
- Okay. I'll go get him.
- Who is that?
- Someone out, asks for you.
You go now.
I know you are forgiving.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- What would you like?
- What do you have?
Grilled dishes, fried dishes.
Appetizers are good.
Get well soon, man. - What?
- Your nose is...
- My nose!
That's what happens when you put
your nose into everything.
Then I will get...
- What shalll get, neighbor?
- Raki of course, what else?
- It'll be good for your nose, too.
- Everybody says the same, pal.
- Big or small bottle, sir?
- Let him tell that, too.
- If he lets, I'll buy his, too.
- No need...
What shall we do, Ferdi?
Alright then, bring a few appetizers.
Do you like liver, man?
- Depends on whose liver it is.
- And one liver.
Right away.
- Let's meet, Ferdi. I am Selman.
- Alright, man.
Wait, wait...
- I think I remember you from somewhere.
- Me? No way. How could you?
- I come from Nigde. I teach there.
- Nigde?
- Yes.
- Really! Skr lives there.
He has a white goods store at the
city center. You know? Erler Trade.
No, I don't know the place. I am not
at the city, live in a district.
- Which district?
- Come on now.
- Close by or far?
- What?
Is the district close by
or far from the city?
Fuck the district, Ferdi.
I am sick and tired of them all.
Come on now.
In the name of Allah.
- I guess you are new to this, hodja.
- Hodja?
- You said you are a teacher, yes?
- Yes, sure, I am a teacher. Come on.
One day our Master the Prophet
is walking through Medina.
He sees three men sitting
at a corner, drinking liquor.
They are so joyous. Having fun.
He looks at them and says...
...how nice it is that
they drink and be happy.
But then what happens?
When he finishes his business,..
...on the way back he sees that
the men are having a big fight.
A meaningless, nonsense fight,
a drunken quarrel.
He looks and says, "Oh my,
liquor is such a bad thing."
Bloody men!
Couldn't wait five more minutes?
If only they waited
five more minutes,..
...let him pass by and then
quarrel or whatever.
Then we would go on
our business peacefully.
Good heavens! You made me laugh,
may God make you laugh, too.
No, man.
He doesn't make me laugh.
I've been talking for about an hour,
right? Come on, you tell me some.
I am a tradesman.
I have an electronics store...
...in a busy passage at Karaky.
Temir Electronics.
Business is bad lately. I bought
a substantial amount of goods.
But couldn't sell.
Come on now, it's time for prayers.
May Allah grant peace and
mercy on Muhammad.
Look, this is from that time, too.
This, the watch.
Is that a watch?
Watch reciting the azan.
Time for night prayer, I guess.
I guess it is, Ferdi.
- So you were selling these watches.
- No, that's the point, I couldn't.
The first lot arrived from China.
The vendor selling them said;..
"There won't be another delivery
for a long time.
You'll be the only one.
Buy now, if you are to buy."
I thought why not and
borrowed from a loan shark.
Two days later,
a ship load of them arrived.
You are a tradesman. Don't you have
anyone else but a loan shark...
- ...to borrow from?
- No, I don't. I just have...
...a brother, a veteran soldier.
He can barely make ends meet.
And then there was that
loan shark, Salih Kalyoncu.
To seize the opportunity I borrowed
from him and that son of a bitch...
- Whatever. Sorry, man.
- No need, Ferdi.
Allloan sharks are sons
of bitches. Be cool.
Whatever. Come on, man.
Very nice move. Queen to F2.
Very nice move.
Gkhan, open up, boy.
Don't be afraid, son.
I won't do anything.
Did your nose hurt a lot, son?
I should kick myself for hitting you.
Did it hurt a lot, son?
- Dad, are you drunk?
- I had a few, but ask me why.
My daughter,
my beautiful daughter.
Stipulation of marriage in Hanafi law
is simple. Offer and acceptance.
- That's all.
- I know, dad. You taught me all.
Yes, you do. Gkhan should learn, too.
What is "offer and acceptance"?
"Will you marry me?""Yes."
Over and done with. That's it.
And there is also a "mahr" (price paid
to the bride) to protect the woman.
It is that simple for two free
individuals to marry.
All those religious marriage
thingies are just nonsense.
But! Our Master the Prophet says
what? Have a wedding, he says.
So that everyone sees and hears
who marries and where.
Don't keep it under wraps.
Why would you, he says.
- We know these, sir, but...
- If you do, why on earth...
...do you come saying you had a
religious marriage, you rascals!
Alright, now listen to me carefully.
It is obvious, you love each other.
You already had a marriage;
that's also done with.
So don't drag it anymore and start
the preparations right away.
Make it official, alright?
Have it done at once.
Take this, too. Alright?
God! What have I done?
My head...!
Queen to F2...
My nose...
Oh my! The concert!
Now, no need to have the jitters,
Selman Hodja.
Let's go on the stage and
give a nice concert.
God willing, God willing.
- Hello, sir.
- Gkhan. Why are you here, son?
- I thought I was invited, too.
- Of course, son. Sure you are.
I was just surprised seeing you.
Where is Zeynep?
She said she'll be a little late.
Should be here soon.
By the way, thank you very much.
We took care of everything.
We got the stuff and
also rented a saloon.
- What's this?
- The credit card you gave last night.
We took care of everything, thanks.
Fine. Rascals...
- Do you like "baglama"?
- How can I not? We are Alawi.
Why didn't you tell me before?
- But you are an imam.
- I am not an imam of Muawiyah.
- Don't you worry.
- Not at all, hodja!
Forget about hodja.
Hodja is at the mosque.
- What does your father do?
- He passed away.
- Sorry for yourloss. What did he do?
- He was a gambler.
Go figure! Never mind. Dostoyevsky
and Necip Fazil were also gamblers.
It happens.
- Then he shot himself.
- Heavens! Such a man was your father.
- He was also a boxer.
- Really?
Hsn Sevin.
He had some amateur championships.
But he did not live long.
Left us all alone.
Thank God, I have a talent for
drawing and the state granted me...
- ...scholarship to study abroad.
- Forget about the state now.
- Where did you study?
- In Vienna. I studied both...
...painting and photography.
And at Kokoschka's school.
- Oskar Kokoschka, Austrian painter.
- So be it. As long as you study.
I can tell you have a problem.
You are dealing with something.
As far as I can see you are a lonely
man. May I be of any help to you?
What is this? Who sent this?
Got caught in a blizzard
On a summer day
Pity me, oh pity me
Cannot make sense of it
I am so lost
Pity me, oh pity me
It snowed on my hair
My hair turned white
I long for yesterday
Pity me, oh pity me
Cannot make sense of it
I am so lost
Pity me, oh pity me
It snowed on my hair
My hair turned white
I long for yesterday
Pity me, oh pity me
Cannot make sense of it
I am so lost
Pity me, oh pity me
It snowed on my hair
You don't run away
only when you are guilty.
Sometimes you run away
because you are accused.
But once you start running away...
...you certainly miss out on
some things.
Sometimes your youth, sometimes your
future, and sometimes your sanity.
But the best part starts after that.
Because once you lose your sanity,
you get freed from your fears, too.
And that liberates you.
For only cowards trust their mind.
And all cowards are slaves of truth.
Yet truth cannot be comprehended by
either mind or anything else.
One can only be a part of truth.
Yes? - Good morning, hodja.
- You missed the morning prayer again.
- Look here. If you harm even...
...a hair on my daughter's head,
I will fuck your mother and ancestors.
- You abomination, you animal spawn!
- Mother and ancestors...
- You shouldn't swear in the mosque.
- Cut it out! Where is my daughter?
She is at Kasimpasa Shipyard,
waiting for you. Come and get her.
- Where is Zeynep?
- Gkhan, you stay out of this.
- Don't get yourself in trouble.
- Father...
My heart tears apart, too.
Let me help you. Like Watson.
You know the sidekick of
Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson.
I am here, you prick!
Where are you?
Where is my daughter?
Here I am! Where is my daughter?
Zeynep! - Dad!
- Zeynep...
- Dad!
Zeynep... Zeynep!
Let's take it from the top.
How did they contact you?
Sent flowers to the backstage.
There was a card with it.
- What the heck? Like Blent Ersoy...
- Where is the card?
How the helll know? Probably tore
into pieces in the heat of the moment.
- Why didn't you come to us?
- It said no police.
- But there is police!
- Then you went somewhere and waited.
And then they contacted you.
You went there, doors blew up.
- And then your daughter came out?
- No. I went in.
Now hodja, shall we believe
this comedy?
Haven't my daughter told you the same
story? They knocked her unconscious...
...when she got off the "dolmush"
she rode to come to the concert.
When she came to herself,
she was in the warehouse.
What was your relationship to
Salih Kalyoncu?
None! I told you a zillion times. He
used to come to the mosque at times.
We exchanged an occasional greeting.
Didn't even know he was a loan shark.
Then why did he transfer almost
1.5 million to your account?
- How the helll know?
- And two days before the murder.
I don't know. Don't you get it? I
don't know. Told you a zillion times.
Why do you ask me? Go ask his idiot
of a lawyer, Bayram or something.
- Hodja, the money is in your account.
- Alright, it is.
And I refused it the day I found out.
Told them to take it all back.
- After the man kicks the bucket.
- And started spending the money...
...the very next day. 7 thousands,
charged on your credit card.
- Rascals...
- What?
- Not you. My daughter and son-in-law.
- Whatever. In the end, you gladly...
- ...spent Salih Kalyoncu's money.
- You also drew a loan of...
...5 thousand on the same day.
They pledged the money in account...
...as collateral and approved the loan
in an hour. That makes 12 thousand.
I wonder, if the hourly interest of
1.5 million is 12 thousands liras.
What are you trying to say, boy?
I am no wise guy, I am an imam!
Stop lying, hodja.
You were in the army for years.
I was in the army, not in the business
of shooting man. What business...
- ...do I have with guns and bombs?
- That's another interesting point.
The gun is nowhere to be found.
Ballistics examined the bullets.
They are fired from a gun registered
in Salih Kalyoncu's name.
- What?
- I say, maybe you got involved...
...in this shady business together,
he gave you his gun for protection...
...and somehow, God knows how,
it turned on him?
I was leading the prayer
when the man was killed.
I was in front of the man.
There are witnesses.
You don't have to pull the trigger
to be tried for murder.
- There is solicitation to murder.
- Whom did I solicit to murder?
Where is Efrahim?
He hasn't been around for two days.
So I made Efrahim murder Salih
Kalyoncu, then to clear away...
...any suspicions about me I had my
own daughter kidnapped. Is that it?
Hodja, you did spend
his money like water.
Sit the fuck down! And zip it!
What's with the yelling?
You can't explain it, hodja!
Some guy sends 1.5 million
to your account,..
...two days later kicks the bucket
at the mosque you work.
Two more days and your son-in-law
starts spending the money like water.
Same day your daughter
gets kidnapped.
You go and take her back from the
bad guys like a candy from a baby.
Explosions and stuff! You fuck the
shit out and come yell at me?
If it were not for the explosion,
we wouldn't know any of these.
I told you everything I know.
The rest, God knows...
God knows... Now, that is a
nice one. Really neat trick.
Let's go to the chief and say
we got the depositions,..
...collected the evidence,
completed the investigation,..
...and left the rest to God.
- Chief. The director sent this.
- Okay, get out.
Mr. Selman...
I will ask you one thing.
Tell me the truth
and I'Iilet you go.
- Who are you?
- Just a fallen subject of Allah.
Hello, daughter, I am out.
I'm alright.
Okay, don't get so worked up. I will
call you when I pick myself up.
Say hello to Major and stay with him,
alright, my beautiful daughter?
"Glad to hear your release."
"My debt to you is increasing."
Fuck! Gives check...
- Uncle Selman! What happened to you?
- My nose hurts.
- Let me see. -My nose hurts.
- Move your hand.
Of course it hurts.
I am surprised it doesn't fall off!
- What will we do with him, Gkhan?
- I really don't know. God bless.
- My nose hurts.
- Move your hand!
His nose hurts! After the scene you
created, I should have you locked in.
- What should I do with you now?
- Dress my nose, give me a pain killer.
Don't make the dressing too big.
And send me out in 15 minutes.
Anything else?
Actually there is...
It's not happening. Your have to
postpone your dreams of marriage.
Too bad! Why? I know Ms. Nebahat.
I checked; she doesn't have a ring.
- She's not married.
- So?
But she is pregnant.
I'll say!
- What are we doing here?
- Waiting.
- For what?
- I told you, stone throwing kids.
They hang out here.
What if they don't show up?
- They will. Don't worry.
- Shame on you!
You wanted to be a
detective, Mr. Watson.
- Stall the kids.
- Come here, come!
Not bad, atta boy.
- Why are you following me?
- Alaykumu s-salam.
- Alaykumu. What do you want?
- In general?
Haji, you already have a broken nose.
I'll give you one and... Got it?
Blood wants to run free from the nose,
but cannot because of the bandage.
And flows backwards.
You'll have a hemorrhage.
Would it kill you? No.
Hemorrhage in frontallobe
does not kill.
But makes you lose your sight.
You'll pass out; not notice it at
first. Then when you wake up...
...no hearing, no sight.
You'lllose your wits. Got it?
Losing my wits sounds nice.
If only I was so lucky.
Sometimes you have to create
your own luck, hodja.
Fine then, hit me.
- What?
- Hit me.
- Crying out loud!
- Come on, hit me!
Hit me!
Haji, you know this stuff.
Come, come... Come on, come.
Come for the love of God.
Come on!
Well well, haji. Here you go.
- So you are a leftie.
- Yeah.
- Southpaw...
- Exactly.
- Like Rocky Balboa.
- Exactly.
If I ever had to write a novel,
I would write about a boxer...
...who is also a folk singer.
Singing Alawi folk songs.
Using his hands both for
fighting and for singing.
And I would definitely name him Ali
Riza Balboa. What do you think?
Good grief!
You are a funny man. Wish all
imams were as funny as you.
The world would be a better place
and no one would want to sin.
Wrong! If nobody sinned,
civilization would not improve.
Human detached from sin,
cannot reach spiritual perfection.
What do you want from Salih?
I am just a poor imam.
What can I want from a dead man?
The real question is;
what did Salih want from me?
- He wouldn't care for your kind.
- My kind?
Yes. You are too old.
He liked it young.
What are you talking about?
Hodja, ask Efrahim...
Material possession more than
needed is "haram", is theft.
Gold and silver are
used to dominate the poor.
Help is not given.
Possession is a worshipped.
One fortieth they keep on saying.
Some move to rich neighborhoods...
...so they won't sleep contentedly,
when their neighbors sleep hungry.
Do you know of the hungry
and poor on the streets?
What does the classic jurisprudence
of this religion say about...
...the 1 billion people wandering
hungry on the streets of this world?
That jurisprudence belongs to
the ones who hit Omar,..
...who buried Abu Dhar in the desert,
who stabbed Ali,..
...who deprived Husayn of water,..
...who plundered Medina,
raped 900 sahabah women...
...and set Kaaba aflame
bombarding with catapults!
That jurisprudence is no good!
It is the jurisprudence
of the rich, the tycoons,..
...the ones striving to own
concubines and slaves!
It is the jurisprudence
of the sultans, the eunuchs...
...the ones who from the dungeons
took out Imam e Azam's body...
...bruised from whipping,
the believers of one fortieth!
It is time to rise up!
Like Abu Dhar al-Ghifari said:
"I doubt the mind of who spends the
night hungry, but not draw his sword!"
What's going on here?
Mr. Bayram sent us. Free meal
will be served to honor his soul.
No. Salih Kalyoncu
was a loan shark.
I won't let "haram" food served
in the mosque. Clear these.
It's because of him, no one comes
to the mosque. Clear them away.
- Mr. Bayram told us to do.
- Get them out of here!
- It will be done.
- I said get them out of here! Out!
Behave yourself, hodja...
Who are you?
No need to make a big deal of it.
I used to box when I was young.
- You said you are just a subject.
- A fallen subject, I said.
- Subject of Americans?
- Watch your mouth!
You were the battalion imam
at Incirlik for years.
Yes, I was. Then I hated the
Americans. Left and came here.
- With your connections?
- Cihan...
I am a dead end for you.
Don't you get it?
- Who broke your nose, hodja?
- What's it to you?
That's my private life.
None of your business.
Do I meddle with your private life?
- What's that supposed to mean?
- You beat your wife, Cihan.
- How do you know that?
- Elders know everything, son.
Then you should know
where Efrahim is, too.
I don't. But wouldn't
tell you even if I did.
Hodja! Sort this out
before I figure you out!
Stall the police.
Look here!
Don't you get pumped up early.
I did not give you my girl yet.
Ms. Ani?
Ms. Ani. It's me, Selman.
Efrahim's Selman. Remember?
Ms. Ani...
From Him we came
and to Him we return.
You were a good woman, Ms. Ani.
May God bless your soul.
May He rest you in your
religion's way.
My life is complicated, Ms. Ani.
My daughter, Zeynep...
She married with some young boy.
They are serious, I see that.
And the boy is decent enough.
Efrahim is not well.
He is in trouble with the police.
God knows, I think
the boy did some bad stuff.
I wanted to come and ask you
what is going on with him.
Here I am, but you are dead.
Of course we don't have
miracles like you do.
"My miracle is the Koran."
So keeps saying Rasulullah.
But Jesus had brought a man
back to life. Was it Lazarus?
Wish I could bring you back, too.
Bring back and learn where Efrahim is.
Ms. Ani, resurrect
by the grace of Allah.
Ms. Ani, resurrect
by the grace of Allah.
Ms. Ani, resurrect
by the grace of Allah.
Mr. Selman? It's you. Welcome.
You've been so bad; you haven't
visited for months.
You are right, Ms. Ani. I couldn't.
And you have been sick.
Sick? Not at all! Exaggeration.
I am quite well. I am fine.
It's just that I am a sound sleeper.
Since you're here...
...shall we have some tea?
Marta where are you?
No need for tea.
Really, Ms. Ani.
- I am worried about Efrahim.
- Efrahim...
Efrahim is not well.
He has a problem, a very big problem.
Alas, Ms. Ani! That's what
I was afraid of. What is it?
- I can't tell you. He made me promise.
- Ms. Ani, Efrahim is...
...in big trouble with the police.
And with a vile loan shark.
So that's where he was
getting the money!
- What money?
- Money.
A lot of money. He bought a
house with it. Bought sand.
Mud. - What mud?
Shut up Marta. You go and
prepare the meal, come on.
Efrahim does not love me.
Efrahim loves her.
I was worried about you.
You sounded off.
- How is Major?
- He said hi. He is fine.
- Another statue?
- No. Not really.
- This is for you. Efrahim sent it.
- What are you doing? Are you insane?
- For the love of God! Put it away.
- Don't freak out, dad.
- He made it of wood.
- Wood? Let me see.
- Looks quite like real.
- Don't you know? He is so talented.
He also...
...left a letter.
Says he is leaving.
He says, "See you on the other side."
He also says that...
...he did not commit the murder.
Is there such a possibility?
Is that why he is running away?
Allah the great
has spoken the truth.
I am sorry for yourloss.
Saw it in the paper?
We were gonna leave
the country, hodja.
But our passports and papers were
in the safe at the shop.
And I wasn't able to go
because of the loan sharks.
I thought Olga is a woman,
they should know the ways...
...and not touch her.
So I sent her.
Wish I had gone and got killed.
- That night I lied to you.
- What?
It's true. You do remember me
from somewhere.
I am the imam of the mosque
you came for murder.
I found the gun you hid.
And found you through it.
I didn't kill anyone.
I swear, I didn't.
I did come to kill him,
but it wasn't me.
Someone else beat me to it.
I got scared and ran away.
- I did not kill him.
- Don't be afraid.
Police does not know anything.
Because I have the gun. Here.
That night, I kept
something from you, too.
- What, Ferdi?
- That son of a bitch loan shark...
- Yes?
- He found Olga when I am not around.
Since she is Russian, son of a bitch
figured she should be a slut.
Pressured her and said "I will
write off your husband's debt.
If not, I'll make your
life a living hell."
Then he puts his gun
to her head...
And then... - Son of a bitch.
And this gun is...
...you know, my brother's.
We had it.
And in that rage, you fired
two shots at your wife.
- To frighten her, up in the air.
- Right. And shot the fridge.
- How do you know that, man?
- That fridge is at the restaurant.
Interest is evil, hodja.
Because of it, I lost my job,
I lost my wife.
I only have my life.
And what is that worth anymore?
I am the witness to it, hodja,
interest is "haram"!
Ferdi, don't!
I refuse this cruel fate
I refuse this endless grief
The irony of destiny,
The twists of life
All the troubles
I refuse
Unfinished love
This borrowed smile
Dying without living
I refuse
Am I doomed to be defeated every time?
To be oppressed all the time?
I refuse the lies and deceit
What do I owe to these troubles
They don't loosen their grip on me
What have I against happiness
That it makes me live in hell
Ms. Nebahat!
Mr. Selman?
- How did you come here?
- I followed you.
But why?
You have to follow your
destiny, Ms. Nebahat.
Why did they do this?
- It's all because of Bayram.
- Bayram or Salih?
- What difference does it make for you?
- I am working this case.
- Why?
- Because the money is in my account.
- Now tell me, why did you pick me?
- Because we choose some of you...
- ...and make them superior to others.
- This is a verse of Koran.
- How do you know it?
- Shame on you, Mr. Selman.
You think only imams read the Koran?
Pride is a cardinal sin.
Showing pride against pride
is like giving alms.
But it is not really giving,
unless it hurts.
You don't run away
only when you are guilty.
Sometimes you run away
because you are accused.
But once you start running away...
...you certainly miss out on
some things.
Sometime your youth,
sometimes your future,..
...and sometimes your sanity.
But the best part starts after that.
Because once you lose your sanity,
you get freed from your fears, too.
And that liberates you.
For only cowards trust their mind.
And all cowards are slaves of truth.
Yet truth cannot be comprehended
by either mind or anything else.
One can only be a part of truth.
Hence free yourself from your past,
your future, your sanity...
Everything in the universe happens
in the now, don't you see?
Only here, only now.
Close your eyes, open your heart...
...and let your mind go.
- Bayram, what's it gonna be now?
- What are you talking about?
That imam... We killed the man, okay.
But, what if they find it is us?
Damn that imam! He fucked up
everything. Messed it up all!
- Who the fuck is this now?
- How should I know?
Give me a break!
What the fuck?
- As-salamu alaykum.
- Alaykumu s-salam.
You have so much money.
Why do you stilllive in a shit hole?
What money, imam?
It is not our money, is it?
What do you mean, Mr. Bayram?
Sit down.
You actually made a good plan
but, that's life...
...you just take pot luck and
eat whatever it is.
Be it pie or shit.
Your pot had shit.
What is this? Why the gun?
I came to avenge the fallen.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- You'll understand soon.
I will ask just one thing.
Why did you pick me? Ms. Nebahat?
I asked you the same question a few
hours ago, now I'm asking again.
Why did you do this to me?
I have an idea. Shalll run it by you?
I was appointed here 8 years ago.
So I must have drawn my salary...
...about 95 times. But there is no
other activity in my account, right?
I have neither a debit nor a credit
card. I come, take my money, leave.
And don't even ask what goes on.
Like a ghost account.
Right, Ms. Nebahat?
- More orless.
- And since I am an imam,..
...you figured that I'd have no
business with things like...
- ...credit cards, loans, interest.
- That is also true.
So you decided to forge my signature
and fuck my life up...
...with your dirty little trick.
Because Salih has no family,..
...when he died, his estate
was to be inherited by the state.
State was going to take its share
and you would be left with nothing.
Such a simple plot; the police...
...should have figured it out.
Then again, how you silenced them
is all written in this notebook.
Damn you! You stole it?
I am not a thief.
It was sitting there, I took it.
Fine then. You figured it all out.
What more do you want from us?
"But their trade was not beneficial."
- What?
- Ask her. She understood.
I have one last question,
Ms. Nebahat.
I need to know it to
understand many things.
Is the baby from Bayram,
Salih or the shooter?
What baby? What are you talking
about? Nebahat, what baby?
- What is he talking about?
- Alright. I got my answer.
- I did not kill Salih.
- Not you! Was it fucking me?
It's his death which created
this mess in the first place!
- Fuck him! Fuck whoever killed him!
- Ms. Nebahat, get out.
Were you fucking Salih, too?
Were you? You bitch!
Who is the shooter? Who is it?
Hush. Don't curse!
It is a sin to curse.
Hold this.
You...! This is not real!
You, you imam!
Come on, boy. It's your turn.
Ms. Nebahat...
Thank the baby you carry.
And also forgive me. I lied to you.
I have no friends in the government.
If I did, why should I feel
ashamed of taking a loan?
Here, here...
He is smoking.
- First one in two days. It's okay.
- So I can talk to him.
- How is your head?
- Throbbing a little.
You don't think you are a saint
or something, do you?
Because that bullet could have
gone through teflon easily.
Pray that it just grazed.
That's why the teflon protected you.
Pray to whom? God or teflon?
Here you go.
You look better.
Thanks to you.
You saved my life.
Not at all. It is He, who gives
life and causes death.
Father, you do realize that
this is just crazy, don't you?
Yes! I realized that I don't have any
photos of me washing a dead body.
Wanted to get it out of the way with
a photographer son-in-law at hand.
- Have you met Salih Kalyoncu before?
- No. How would I?
Come here.
Wish Efrahim had never
met him, too.
I wish.
Which one of you told
the other first?
That he loves Zeynep.
I did.
- What did Efrahim do?
- He said, "But I love herlonger."
But he hadn't told before.
So you got the girl.
Even if I weren't, Efrahim
couldn't have told her.
- He is not like that, you know.
- Not everything is said with words.
- He found another way of telling.
- Yes. That statue...
- What a statue that is!
- It cost Efrahim quite expensive.
52,600 liras!
And that makes who the killer?
- Who?
- Come on! For heaven's sake.
Everybody knows who the killer is.
What matters is how I found it.
How did you?
- I thought you'd never ask.
- I am asking. How did you?
- Horse.
- What?
Horse. The animal. The beast.
A rocking horse.
On the day of the murder, there was
a piece of paper by the loan shark.
Apparently fell out of his pocket.
And on it, was the Superman sign.
Later that night I saw the same
sign on the shutter of his store.
Then I saw it again.
- The day of the concert...
- Flowers delivered to the backstage.
There was a note with them,
saying Zeynep was kidnapped.
Attaboy, Watson!
So was it Superman, who kidnapped her?
Why did he let us find her so easily?
Because his intention was
never to hurt my daughter.
He was trying to stir the pot for
the killer without the killer knowing.
Superman is a very good boy, really.
He shares whatever money...
...he gets to scrape out from Salih
with the street children.
That's why he kidnapped my daughter.
To do a favor for his friend.
- How do you know this?
- He told me himself.
I hit Superman.
He fell down, started foaming.
Traumatic epilepsy.
God knows what he has
gone through as a child.
So the killer is not Superman,
but someone closely related to him.
- Salih's lawyer for instance.
- The lawyer is a dork.
He and the banker woman Nebahat
tried to pocket Salih's money.
- They then even killed me.
- What?
But I came back.
I guess Allah does not
like me, Gkhan.
If He did, He'd taken me.
He just keeps sending me back.
This is the second time in 20 years.
What's gonna be the third time?
Never mind. Where were we?
We were saying the killer is
closely related to Superman.
Right! But the thing is,
in this story,...
...everyone is in some close
relationship with each other.
Efrahim's foster mother and Ferdi
Temir's wife go to the same church.
- You go figure the rest.
- I don't understand.
Neither did I, at first.
Untill found the first gun.
It turns out Ferdi hid
the gun right under my nose.
Once I found the gun, it was easy to
find the owner, thanks to the Major.
But the gun I found
was not the murder weapon.
Two people have come to the mosque
on the same day to kill this man.
- What a coincidence!
- That's not coincidence, boy.
It is convenience.
Let's say correspondence.
Shall we? - Okay, alright.
Then during interrogation, from that
idiot Cihan Demir, I learned that...
The bullets were fired from a gun
registered in Salih Kalyoncu's name.
The gun used to shot the loan shark
belongs to the loan shark.
- What does that tell you, Gkhan?
- The killer stole it from him.
Or took it. Or the loan shark gave the
gun to someone other than the killer.
Thus the killer obtained
the gun some other way.
- But how?
- That's what I've been telling you.
Superman values friendship deeply.
Sharing a common faith is
an exceptional feeling.
Especially if that shared fate
has its roots in the orphanage.
With someone like that,
you share everything.
Even the password to your safe.
You mean the killer, instead of
pulling the trigger himself,..
...let Efrahim do the deed?
No, boy. Someone he expected
the least, took the gun.
A third boy, who rode
Salih's rocking horse.
These three were like brothers.
Sort of a brotherhood of suffering.
They cried together,
they felt cold together.
They starved together.
Then they rode Salih's
rocking horse together.
At first, I did not
suspect you at all.
Because there was nothing
to be suspicious of.
Then I researched your school.
University of Applied Arts Vienna.
I actually learned the name,
but cannot pronounce it.
- "Universitt fr angewandte Kunst."
- That's it.
Oskar Kokoschka's school.
You studied there.
Oskar Kokoschka had hundreds of very
good paintings and Kokoschka fonts.
And the posters at Superman's gym
were written in Kokoschka font.
Yes, like you, at first I thought
it is just a coincidence, but...
Let's say they all are coincidence.
But what about the photographs?
Same photograph at
three different places.
Zeynep's house...
Superman's gym...
Efrahim's room...
You three, sitting on a wall,
holding each other and smiling.
There was a street number on the
photo, Superman's safe password.
You really disappointed me.
You could have been more creative.
Then I realized that it was you who
gave Efrahim the idea for the statue.
Because it is a reproduction of
a painting by Gustav Klimt.
I had seen the painting in
Efrahim's room before.
Klimt and Kokoschka
were close friends.
Alright, Efrahim is a
very talented young man.
But how could he
have known all these?
And also Efrahim needed
a lot of money for the statue.
He listened to you; stole the cross
from the church and gave it...
...to the loan shark as security.
But the poor boy panicked...
...after the murder and
stole it back from the shop.
Meanwhile you got the gun
from Superman's safe.
And with the loan shark's own gun...
...you shot him.
Salih, found us on the streets.
It was what it was.
We were orphan children.
He gave us food and clothes.
He treated us very nice.
We would flee from the orphanage
and go to him.
I, Efrahim and Superman.
He loved us very much.
He'd buy us toys and stuff.
That rocking horse for instance.
He'd put us on it and rock.
Then someday
he put us on his lap.
The next time
he took our clothes off.
And the next time...
You know what makes me
angry the most?
He took away my opportunity
to choose.
- What was my mistake?
- A lot of things.
Like the ex-boxer Hsn Sevin.
He is not your father. You saw
his name at Superman's gym.
The surname was a match,
so you made up a story.
And also you are not Alawi.
You are Greek immigrants.
- How do you know all these?
- I have friends in the Directorate.
I asked for their help.
They checked the records.
You collaborated with them?
No, boy! I offered them myself.
They agreed to give any
information to get rid of me.
And I convinced them I'd quit and
never come drunk to the mosque.
Is that's all?
And also, no one else than
I and Efrahim,...
...knows about the secret
door at the mosque.
Apparently Efrahim
showed it to you.
You came in there, fired the gun.
And then fled out from there.
What happens now?
Actually, I should kill you for
the pain you caused my daughter.
I know.
But I cannot kill anybody.
I know that, too.
Good. Then you, your "self"
can be your judge.
I don't get it.
Hope you die before
you do, Gkhan.
- As-salamu alaykum, hodja.
- Alaykumu s-salam, inspector.
- How did you learn we are here?
- Give us that much credit.
Your case is closed.
No killer, no case.
- What if the killer is found?
- If he did, we would have known.
There is a complaint about you.
You sic a hungry dog on lawyer Bayram.
- And you also hijacked a cab.
- No, inspector.
I left the cab where I took it with
five times the amount on the meter.
The dog is my friend's. He just
got loose when I was walking it.
- Should have held it tighter.
- Like you held your tongue?
Just before you came, we were talking
about what a despicable thing...
...loan sharking is.
And about the obscenity of bribery.
Bribery has infested all government
offices. It's not clear...
...who is rubbing shoulders with who,
who is on whose take,..
...where people go for a loan
when they fall short of money.
Oddly enough, there are notebooks
in which all these are recorded.
Yes, hodja. Nothing is clear.
You cannot tell an asshole
by its cover.
I can.
How did you know I beat my wife?
- An intuition of the heart.
- Meaning?
Made a lucky guess, Cihan.
Just a lucky guess, boy.
As-salamu alaykum, hodja.
Alaykumu s-salam.
Now get the hell out of here.
Go find Efrahim and pick your bones.
Don't dare come into my sight again,
Mr. "Sidekick" Watson.
Damn this kick-ass world!
Come on now, hang on.
Just a little more.
So many books you had!
Do not sell them to
unworthy people, alright?
I won't, hodja. Don't you worry.
As we agreed,
there is 12,420 liras here.
Okay. Don't give it to me.
Would you do me a favor and...
...deposit it in this account?
I owe exactly that much to the bank.
As you please, hodja.
At last I am an imam
without a book.
Castle to E1.
I lost again.