Letters From a Killer (1998) Movie Script

WOMAN: Race?
Trust me.
After all that's happened,
I know it's hard,
but you got to believe me
when I say that you mean
everything to me.
Anyway, I found
the exact place
in the mountains
where I'm going to take you.
It'd be the prefect spot
for a cabin.
It's just the place
to raise a family.
Peaceful and so beautiful.
We'd be so happy there.
I've sent you another picture
so you won't forget me.
I had about a dozen taken,
but, well, this is the best.
At least it's like
we're together.
And... One day, well...
One day...
[CRYING] God, Race,
why are they doing this?
Why can't we be together?
It's not fair.
[CRYING] They're going to
take you away.
They're going to take you away and they're going to...
They're going to kill you.
But I'm here, okay?
And I know you're innocent.
And I know we will be together.
And I'll always love you.
Your Steph.
RACE: You have no idea
what your letters
mean to me, Steph.
Twenty-three hours
a day in my cell.
Chow down, faggot.
RACE: God, it can
get to you sometimes,
but hearing your voice
soothes me like...
waves softly lapping
on the shore.
And sometimes I forget that
they're going to execute me
for a crime I didn't commit,
and I hope that...
Oh, who am I kidding?
Hey, Horton.
Thanks. I enjoyed it.
Oh, hey, you know...
that's what Eisenhower
was reading when he died.
You're joshing me.
RACE: You know the guy
in the next cell, Morgan?
He's got his date now.
God, it's horrible to watch
what that does to a man.
I should know.
I've had seven myself.
But I'm not downhearted.
My book is still
on the best-sellers' list.
Could you believe it?
I've got this great new lawyer.
She knows I'm innocent
and she's determined
to prove it.
After seven years, it's a little hard to believe,
Sometimes I just want
to reach my hand out
into the darkness
and imagine you're there,
because it's your faith
in me, Steph,
that keeps me going.
Well, first thing
in the morning
and the last thing at night,
I'll be thinking of you.
All my love, Race.
Jesus, can you
believe this shit?
You should hear this guy!
He's got this stupid bitch
buying every line!
I mean, why does she want him?
He's a fucking wife killer!
Are we doing
something wrong here?
A visitor for you, Studley.
Get up.
Look at you.
You are so beautiful.
Oh, God, I wish...
Just wish that...
LITA: It's okay.
I know.
Me, too.
Hey, one day, we're gonna take
a car out on the salt flats,
just us
with the top down,
sun on our faces...
And drive like the wind.
And drive like the wind.
Just you and me.
I promise.
You're somethin'.
STEPH: I dreamt about us
last night, Race.
We had a family.
LITA: One day, we're gonna take
a car out on the salt flats,
and drive like the wind.
[SIGHS] Hey, Gloria,
How you doing?
GLORIA: Race, I got
a date for my visit,
and they sent me a list
of everything I can
and can't wear.
Nothing provocative,
no short skirts,
no slits, no low-cut tops.
'Course, they don't
say anything
about what you can
wear underneath.
What do you think?
Oh, my Lord.
A further stay of execution
has been denied.
I'm so sorry.
How long?
April 23rd.
That's nearly three months.
RACE: You got to
help me, Judith.
JUDITH: I'm praying
for us, Race.
You're my gift from God.
It's no accident
he brought us together.
He's watching over us.
And I'm never
gonna let you down.
Every morning I wake up
and there's nothing.
And I just can't take it.
I know.
It's hard.
But you're strong.
You can keep it together.
And I'm here.
Right beside you.
I just want it to end, Judith.
Okay. 9:30 p.m.
You've just found out
your wife's been sleeping
with your best friend.
You're angry.
You have a fight.
The neighbors hear you.
Bear with me.
9:45, you say you left,
but no one sees you leave.
10:12, gunshots are heard
and your wife's found dead.
She's been shot
in the head and chest
and her wedding finger's
been severed.
Now, the finger really
hurt you with the jury.
But now we have a man
who says he saw you leave.
And then 20 minutes later,
he sees Tolly
enter your house,
hears gunshots,
and then sees Tolly
come running out.
Oh, bullshit!
We're done in here!
Hey! Open up!
Fine. Go back
to your cell, Race.
Forty-three days,
you count them.
Forty-three days
and I'm not wasting my time
listening to this shit.
-I'm outta here!
If you don't want to hear
about a key witness
that was never called
to testify,
that's fine by me.
Oh, yeah, like I hear
key witnesses
don't get called
all the time. Open up!
Well, your lawyer
never called this one
because the DA never
let him know he existed!
It was an election year.
They were going
for a slam dunk.
He suppressed the evidence.
You're listening.
Because we've got this whole
fucking system
by the balls, Race.
And we are going for a retrial.
close the door on all.
-Move it, Morgan.
-MORGAN: I don't wanna go!
No! Please!
Please, don't take me.
You gotta give me
a little bit more time!
Will somebody please help me?
Can you help me, please!
Shut up!
Quit crying.
Hey, Norm,
check this one out.
Not tonight, I got tickets
for the game. Gotta get...
No, no, wait,
this one's perfect.
RICE: I'm gonna spread your
legs as wide as they can go,
and I'm gonna take
a black cherry popsicle,
and I'm gonna let it drip
all the way up your legs
up to your thighs,
-and then I'm gonna
push it right...
Black cherry ice pop.
Oh, man.
Hustler'sgonna love this.
That's a very sad man.
Cutler, I'm outta here.
MAN: Where you going, Parker?
You can forget that game, man.
You're gonna be here
all night with these.
Oh, man. That prick Darnell.
Not all four. Not tonight!
Fucking jerk!
I swear, one day...
[WHISPERS] Switch 'em.
HORTON: King to bishop four.
RACE: Two days and you
come up with that?
You move in a week, boy.
Uh... Uh, Horton?
How's the... Sylvia?
Don't ask.
Don't ask.
Oh, don't tell me.
You still have not
asked her out?
HORTON: You know, Race,
I was just thinking,
Maybe you can give me
a few pointers?
It seems to come
so easy to you.
[CHUCKLES] I don't know
about that.
Well, you better
look around, boy.
You must be doing
something right.
RACE: Horton,
it's not quite
the same in here.
This isn't like dating.
This can only work in here.
With me on one side
of the bars, them on the other.
Everything fits in here,
you know?
Everybody's safe.
What if you get out?
What happens then?
You better think
about it, son.
Retrial could go your way.
Listen to this.
Hi, Race.
Thanks for your letter.
I really enjoyed
receiving it.
Trouble is,
it wasn't for me.
Ah, but, hey,
that doesn't matter, right?
We're all interchangeable,
I trusted you.
I told you things.
What did it mean to you?
Well, from now on,
I'm going to mean
everything to you!
How could you?
Jesus, I'll fucking kill you,
you fucking shit!
You motherfucker!
How'd this happen?
I'm so careful.
Well, you got any idea
which one it is?
What the hell you
going to do about it?
Wait, I guess.
See what happens
when the others write.
On nights like this,
when it's so hot,
I like to think about you.
Touching you...
You're in all
the papers again, Race.
Maybe all those letters
I wrote that idiot governor
paid off.
You know,
I got a good feeling
about this, Horton.
So let's do it.
If this goes your way,
what you gonna
do about her?
I'll go see them and find out
who got the switched tapes.
Then what?
Then I'm gonna
put things right.
Sounds dangerous.
I have to, Horton.
Still ain't got no idea
who it is, huh?
No. They keep writing
like nothing's happened.
And she sent me
another one.
Same as the last?
You think
she's serious?
What do you think?
Ha! I think you better
watch your back, son.
I bet it really gets to you
not knowing who I am.
But I know you, Race.
You're pretending
this isn't a problem.
You're hoping it'll just
go away.
That's not gonna happen.
You betrayed me.
I am not gonna let you
get away with this.
You are gonna die, Race.
I'm gonna see to that.
JUDGE: Will the defendant
please rise?
Members of the jury,
have you reached a verdict?
We have, Your Honor.
"In the matter of
The People vs...
Don't kid yourself.
Whatever happens at the trial,
the sentence is
gonna be the same...
...not guilty.
You did the right thing!
Race, we love you!
Do you forgive
your wife, Race?
MAN: How's it feel
that she's dead?
My client has been
cleared of all charges!
What did you do
with the finger?
Race, here!
Come on.
MAN: Now, move back!
MAN: You think
you can just run away?
I wish I could ask you
to stay with me,
but my parents
don't know about you.
Mormons, remember?
Oh, yeah?
It's our secret, okay?
Mmm. Oh, lord.
You know, I was just up there
talking to my friends,
and I suddenly thought,
boy, I really...
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I'm really sorry,
but we're trying
to catch up...
I'm not talking to you.
Wife killer.
As I was saying...
In case you
haven't heard,
the verdict
was not guilty.
Like I care.
See, I was sitting up there,
when I suddenly
thought, boy...
I really hope she likes
to take it up the ass
'cause he just got out
of the butt-fuck motel.
MAN: I'd have had my way, pal,
you'd be shitting yourself
in front of a firing squad
right now.
Come on, killer.
Let's go.
Come on.
RACE: I have no intention
of spending my first
night out in a cell.
Good evening
to you, sir.
Excuse me.
Good night.
Oh, Steph,
I'm so sorry.
-I had...
-That's all right.
RACE: No. I don't know
what I was thinking.
I never should
have brought you
to a place like this.
STEPH: No, it's fine.
No! No! Race!
Come on. Come on!
Get up, killer!
STEPH: Help me!
Get out!
Not guilty, motherfucker!
Not guilty, motherfucker!
You hear me?
God damn it!
Race, stop.
Oh, my God.
For God's sake,
you're gonna kill him.
Race, stop.
Oh, thank you.
I'm really sorry,
Are you kidding?
Anyone would've
done that.
No, no, no.
I don't believe
anyone would've done it.
I wanted to kill
that guy.
It's just like the joint.
They'd come at me and...
Look, I don't want
to be like that.
I'm not like that.
I'm not.
I know exactly
what you're like.
Do you?
After all these years,
there are no secrets.
Did you keep all my letters?
Of course. They're
my most precious things.
Did you ever get any, uh...
I was wondering...
Do you remember
the one about Morgan
the night that he...
the night he died?
Let's not talk
about that now.
No, it's important.
Not tonight.
Steph, I...
Not tonight.
Hi, this is Lita.
Hey, Lita, it's Race.
I'm not in right now,
but I do accept
collect calls.
Hello. This is Judith.
Please leave a message.
Judith, hi. It's Race.
I'm sorry you're not there.
I was hoping...
Hello, Race.
I was just
thinking of you.
Yes, I would, too,
but it's not a good time
right now, what with
the harvest and all.
I'll see you soon.
I'll find you.
I know where you are.
Good-bye, Race.
God bless.
Thanks for meeting me, Race.
It's good to see you.
I just needed to
talk to you in person,
you know, face-to-face,
not on the phone.
Yeah, that's okay, 'cause
I needed to talk to you, too.
Gloria, do you remember
the night Morgan died?
Oh, my, this...
This is so difficult.
Yeah, I guess it is.
Oh, hey, there's a...
if it's still there,
there used to be a cafe
down Morella Lake
a little bit,
-If you want to go and...
-I have to be
someplace at 3:00.
At 3:00?
Well, we've got
a little time.
it's the penitentiary.
Visiting time, remember?
You're seeing someone else.
Someone I've been
writing to, yes.
Poor baby.
He's only 23.
He's all alone.
So I...
I don't think we should
see each other anymore.
This is about
the tapes, isn't it?
Oh, Gloria, look,
I should've told you.
I am really sorry.
I never meant for
any of this to happen...
What are you
talking about?
You're not the only person
I wrote to.
Oh, honey, come on.
I never thought I was.
-You didn't?
-No, of course not.
Well, then I don't get it.
What is the problem?
You got released, Race.
Race, listen,
our relationship was
very important to me.
But everything...
it's changed now.
It's different out here.
In there, everything
between us,
every word,
every moment counted,
because we never knew
when they were gonna
take you away.
How you gonna
live up to that?
One more thing.
When did you start
writing this guy?
Race, I'm sorry.
I have to go.
I might end up
a regretter
But I'd do it
just the same
Daddy tried, Daddy tried
Daddy tried, Daddy tried
Daddy tried to make an angel
Of his little angel,
Daddy tried
Daddy tried, Daddy tried
Daddy tried, Daddy tried...
So how'd you find me?
Um, they told me
at your office.
It took a while.
It's really good
to see you.
Try this.
It's good.
Daddy tried
Hey, Lita!
How you doin'?
-Hey. How you doin'?
-Good to see you.
-MAN: Hi, Lita. Lookin' good.
Friends of yours?
They're cops.
This is a big
cop hangout.
No kidding.
How do you know?
I used to be a cop.
Come on. Come on.
One look
One spark
Burnin' kisses
in the dark
I want to feel
your lovin'
All over me
Take me in your arms
and let me feel your
How come
you never told me
you were a cop?
Oh, Race, it was
a long time ago.
It was back
when I was married.
So was he a cop?
No... He was an asshole.
The beat
The groove
The rhythm in our moves
-Come on!
-All right.
This dance, this night
Oh, baby
Hold me tight
And let me
feel your lovin'
All over me
Don't know how long
I can stand the heat of
wild and free
Just can't get
enough of your
So what happened?
Why aren't you
a cop anymore?
I was chasing
this piece of shit
up past Gardnerville.
You know, a serious
fuckin' pervert.
Messed with some kids.
Make a left
at the light.
We finally caught him
outside of this place
called Woodfords,
which just happened to be
over the state line.
I was outside
my jurisdiction.
They let him go.
So I began to follow
this asshole.
Wherever he went,
there I was,
in his face,
just waiting for him
to slip up.
And when he did,
I'd be there
to teach that fucker a lesson
he would not forget.
And did you get him?
No. He sued the department
for harassment.
And you lost your job
for that.
No, that only happened
after I called the lieutenant
a fuck pig.
A fuck pig?
I was being nice.
Fuck pig.
Light's green.
Oh, boy.
LITA: Oh... Sorry
about the mess.
You still have
to wear this?
Every day.
I should have
worn it to bed
when I was married.
You want a drink?
What did you
just say to me?
Well, you know,
that way I wouldn't have
had to tell the guys
I got the bruises
working out.
Oh, Christ.
You know,
you get beaten up
by some lowlife,
you're a hero.
You get beaten up
by your own husband...
you're a fool.
You are no fool, Lita.
You want ice?
Uh, yeah. Sure.
Put some music on.
I'll be right back.
Anything special?
Find anything?
Oh, my God.
All my tapes to you.
Do you miss it?
Oh, Lita.
-Oh, Lita.
There's something
I've gotta ask you.
Do you remember
the tape I sent
the night Morgan died?
Uh, yeah.
Sure. Why?
It's possible that
you got the wrong tape.
What do you mean,
I mean...
I think
you might have gotten
someone else's.
Someone else's?
You weren't
the only one
I wrote.
There were four of you.
Lita, please try...
Try to understand,
you all wrote to me.
You all offered me
friendship and support...
and support?
No, just...
What, did you spin
the same shit with all of us?
Is that how it worked?
I needed all of you.
No, you cheated
on all of us!
Look, I never asked
any of you to write me.
You came to me...
You came here
to my house
to see if I had
someone else's tape?
I had to.
And what if I didn't
have the tape?
What then?
You'd just screw me
and move on
to the next one?
-Lita, listen to me.
You listen to me,
you son of a bitch,
who the hell
do you think you are?
Seven years lying to me!
Playing us off
against each other!
Seven years
you kept me alive!
You fuck off.
You get out!
You get out!
Get out of here now!
Oh, now, Lita,
please listen to me.
Get the fuck
out of here now!
Next car, Race.
See how easy it is
to get to you?
Next time, maybe
I'll just blow it up.
Did you think you could just
explain it all away, Race?
Did you think a visit
and an apology would do it?
Well, it won't.
It never will.
The sentence is still
execution, Race,
and you're gonna be dead.
She always said,
"Never trust a man."
Even when I was little.
Every night she'd
come into my room,
and she'd warn me.
"Never trust them."
That's what she said.
JUDITH: When I was a girl,
I was afraid of the dark.
Momma used to
light a candle
so I wouldn't
get afraid.
STEPH: When I was little,
I used to dream
About being a princess.
WOMAN: [IN DISTORTED VOICE] I'm with you now in your cell,
in your head...
Always, until you die!
WOMAN: ...In your head,
always, until you die!
STEPH: Trust me, Race,
after all that's happened,
I know it's hard,
but you gotta believe me
when I say
you mean everything to me.
CHILD: Mommy!
-GIRL: Hey, Mom.
GIRL: I made a basket.
MAN: Hey!
What took you so long?
STEPH: Hi, honey.
CHILD: Hey, Dad.
MAN: Oh, how's my boy, huh?
Sometimes I think I'd like
to give you a son.
I know you'd make
such a good father.
But there's something
about a girl.
A girl is special.
Oh, my God.
what happened?
What are you
doing here?
I waited
till your husband left.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
My name
is Stephanie, okay?
How long has he
been doing this?
You don't understand.
He's under
a lot of pressure.
What did you think
was gonna happen
when I got out?
Race would take me away.
Make me happy.
It would be
our perfect world.
Oh, Steph.
All this is your fault,
isn't it?
Isn't it?
You couldn't wait,
could you?
You had to go
snooping around,
checking up on me.
Spoiling it!
I never meant
to hurt you, Steph.
I'm used to it.
I'm here talking
with Horace Darnell.
-It's Race.
-Race Darnell.
He is an ex-convict
and author of Waiting to Die:
A Death Row Diary.
So, are you surprised
by the success of the book?
Well, uh, it is truly amazing
that the ramblings
of a death row inmate
could sell a few books.
Now, I understand, Race,
that you ex-cons are catnip
to the ladies, huh?
I don't know
about that,
but a lot of people
do seem to like the book.
Aw, come on, Race.
there are
no secrets here.
Let's take some calls.
Dennis Frazier of Heber,
DENNIS: Um, what was
your favorite food inside?
Uh, the chef did
have a certain way
with road kill.
Thank you, Mr. Frazier.
Uh, Annette Pakula,
you're on the air.
Are you there?
ANNETTE: Are you enjoying
your freedom, Race?
I feel great, thank you.
Needless to say...
I used to feel great,
before you tore
my heart out!
DEEJAY: Thank you,
Ms. Pakula.
WOMAN: You told me
you loved me,
but you didn't mean it.
You lied!
You're not gonna
get away with it.
-I'm gonna rip your heart...
Wow! Okay, thank you,
Ms. Pakula.
Uh, like I said, Race, catnip.
You heard it here
first, folks, on KVIB...
The future of Race Darnell...
Come on!
MAN: Oh, Jesus.
Look familiar?
Get me a phone.
SINGLETON: Lab just called.
All the tests are back.
No sex crime.
Okay. No rape. No robbery.
What have we got here?
I pulled
the Darnell file, Chief.
Patrick, it's all
just like I said.
Same M.O.
Victim's been shot.
Same finger severed.
Doesn't make sense.
Why would someone
who's just avoided
being executed
do that which put him
on death row
in the first place?
So, what do you think?
Or an entirely
unrelated crime.
And the finger?
Maybe jealousy.
Maybe Darnell's
just anxious
to get back
to work after
a seven-year break.
Maybe we should keep
an open mind.
We just got
a positive I.D.
on those prints
from the frame.
They are Race Darnell's.
Okay, let's bring him in,
hear what he has to say.
You got it, Chief.
RACE: Somebody's
threatening me, Elizabeth,
and I have to
find out who it is.
Have you been
to the police?
The police?
No. Why?
Oh, come on, Race.
You're not
thinking straight.
Not thinking straight?
They are the last
people I'd go to,
and you know
all they'd do
is laugh in my face.
So what do you
want me to do?
I want you to get
the phone records.
I gotta know who
Annette Pakula is.
And then what?
Look, I will give you
legal advice.
I will go to
the cops with you.
But I am not
about to be a part
of any
vigilante bullshit.
You want this to end?
Then call the cops.
Hey, Forrest,
check this out.
There's a neighbor
who can place
Darnell here
at about 4:00 p.m.
CHIEF: I want
everything on Darnell.
Phone records,
girlfriends, boyfriends,
I wanna know
everything about him.
Patrick pulled
the file today.
Do you think
you could persuade him
to share it with us?
Where has he
gotten to, anyway?
Tell him
to put her down,
wherever he is.
Okay, we know
Elizabeth Bancroft
was his lawyer,
but what's his connection
to the Prentise woman?
There's nothing.
There will be.
Give me roadblocks
on all the major routes
out of Salt Lake.
And let's not keep this
to ourselves.
We can still
make the local news.
Do you want
something as a holdup?
Um, use the finger.
Oh, my God.
You wanna
move along there, sir?
Yes, sir.
Hey, aren't you...
She killed them, Horton.
Stephanie and
Elizabeth are dead.
And I led her
right to 'em.
I didn't do it.
You know
I didn't do it.
You know
I didn't do it!
You heard her!
You heard her!
She's crazy!
Horton, listen to me!
I gotta
get to Kansas.
It's Judith, Horton.
She got
Stephanie's tape.
She's the killer,
Horton. Listen!
Listen to me.
Listen to me!
Horton, if you
think I'm guilty,
you call the cops.
But you
think about it, man.
You think about it!
The chess, the books,
all that time,
was that all bullshit?
If you think something,
you call 'em.
You call 'em!
But if they
get ahold of me,
I am a dead man.
If you call 'em,
I'm gonna watch you do it.
Horton, I know
who the killer is!
Why would I be here
if I was lying?
You hear me?
You look me
in the eye when you do it
because I have never
lied to you, Horton.
So you go ahead.
You call 'em.
Oh, no.
SINGLETON: Horton Weaver?
HORTON: Afternoon.
I was kinda expectin'
you folks to show up.
Sir, I'm Special Agent
Denise Singleton.
This is Special Agent
Patrick O'Dell.
We need to talk about
Race Darnell.
Has he tried
to contact you?
HORTON: You guys like
to come on in?
It's not often
I have company.
Got a nice pot
of calf brains
and eggs in there
I'd be willing
to share with you.
SINGLETON: No, thank you.
HORTON: You sure about that?
SINGLETON: Still, it is possible
that Darnell might
try to contact you.
HORTON: Uh, there's this woman
who threatened Darnell,
you know.
Sending him letters.
You might wanna talk to
the boys at administration
about that.
SINGLETON: Thank you.
We will.
HORTON: Y'all take care now,
you hear?
-PATRICK: All right.
I am really sorry.
I never meant
to put you
in that position, Horton.
What the hell
did I... What the hell
did I just do?
That was just
horse-thievin' stupid!
That's right, you gonna get.
Go on. I'll tell
the lot of ya. Get.
Kansas, huh?
Okay, who's gonna tell me
about the threat to Darnell?
What, nobody?
Well, there
was something,
but I wouldn't call it
a threat exactly. [LAUGHING]
Well, what would you
call it exactly?
Um, it was more of
a kind of a...
More of a kind of
a lover's tiff.
Lover's tiff?
Well, that's okay then.
For a minute there,
I thought you were
wasting my time.
I'm here investigating
a double homicide,
and when
I ask a question,
I don't expect
an exercise in obfuscation.
Do I make myself clear?
Don't fuck with me.
Darnell... He wrote
to four different women.
There was one.
Anita? Rita?
It was Lita.
She worked in a bank.
No, wait a minute.
Wasn't she
a security guard?
Yeah, something
like that.
Where's she from?
She's the Reno one.
You should really
talk to Horton.
'Cause he and Darnell,
they were kind of
close, you know.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Bring him in.
I wanna talk to him.
Horton? You can't.
He's on leave.
Something about
a sick uncle.
Where seldom
is heard
What about Lita?
I don't think so.
Well, Horton, I...
Jeez. Who knows?
You know, it could
be any of 'em.
All I know is
this Annette Pakula
has my tapes.
We find her,
we find the killer.
Chief, I just
talked to the uncle.
He's not sick.
Hasn't even
spoken to Weaver.
Better put an A.P.B.
out on his car
and a watch on
the uncle's house.
Who does he think he is?
Wyatt Earp?
HORTON: Partner, you ever
check a few pages,
this is straight
out of Zane Grey.
How'd you get this chicken
to taste like this?
HORTON: Dropped it
in the fire.
You did? [CHUCKLES]
Ready for another longneck?
RACE: Yes, sir.
[SIGHS] When you
came out of that house
carrying that gun,
I really thought you were
gonna shoot my ass. [LAUGHING]
Yeah, so did I.
You want me to drive?
No, I'm all right.
It's not far now.
Put the hat on.
Put the hat on.
Don't look at him.
Don't look away
from him either.
Put the map down,
don't act
like we're not from here.
Is he braking?
Not yet.
What's he doing?
We are all right.
WOMAN: You're a murderer,
you son of a bitch.
All that bullshit about
you being innocent.
And I believed you!
Lita, what are
you doing here?
I'm taking you in.
Only this time,
I don't have any
jurisdiction problems.
Lita, listen to me!
Get up!
Oh, God.
Listen to me, Lita.
Shut up! Move!
RACE: Listen to me!
Get in the car!
You got it wrong, Lita.
You got it wrong.
Oh, jeez.
Oh, Christ.
I'm sorry.
Get back in the car.
You killed her.
I didn't kill her.
You killed her.
Just like
you killed your wife.
And you
killed Stephanie.
Whoa. No, that was you,
you fucker.
And Elizabeth.
Back up.
Back up!
You were here
all the time.
No, I wasn't.
I followed you
from Horton's.
Race Darnell! Come out
with your hands up!
You in the field,
hold it right there!
All right, boys,
he's in the field!
Come on, boy.
Get on in.
Who the hell is she?
Coming so fast.
Horton? Horton?
Go somewhere else!
Go, go, go, go!
Get these cuffs
off me now!
He's gonna get fucked.
Horton, you all right?
Catch the killer, son.
That's our only hope.
Come on, Race!
Come on, let's go!
-LITA: Race!
-Gotta go!
Get riding, son.
That's the only chance...
RACE: Why did you take
the cuffs off?
LITA: Maybe I'm crazy,
but I don't think
you're the killer.
Three. Jesus.
Two more, you get
a set of steak knives.
Kansas. Not the end
of the world, but you can
see it from here.
That was Reno P.D.
Coe was thrown off
the force six years ago.
She made an arrest
that didn't stick.
And get this:
Instead of letting it go,
she stalked the guy.
He ended up suing
the department for harassment.
Let's go.
BRINKER: This guy Horton Weaver
gave up everything he knows,
but it's not much.
Darnell's headed
for New Orleans
looking for someone
called Gloria, the redhead.
Excuse me.
So what,
we wait for Darnell
to waste this Gloria?
I'll get
the New Orleans office
onto it.
SINGLETON: Wait. Wait. Wait.
Don't you get it?
Darnell's not the killer.
Like hell, he isn't.
Last month,
he was on death row
for Christ's sake.
Everywhere he goes,
somebody dies.
You know what
you're doing?
-Get down.
Get down.
PATRICK: Who do you
think it is?
I think it's a woman,
and I think it's Coe.
Well, look at
what we know about her.
I mean, look at why she
was thrown off the force.
overstepped her mark.
What's the big deal?
Don't tell me you
never felt like that.
But she was right.
The guy was a piece of shit.
Okay, but she is controlling.
She is a loner.
Yet, she had this intense
relationship with Darnell.
PATRICK: How does that
make her a killer?
SINGLETON: Look, she gets
somebody else's tape, okay?
Let's go.
She realizes that what
she and Darnell have
isn't something special.
It's exactly
the same crap
she's had from every
other man in her life.
So what?
A tough break is all.
It's more than that.
She goes way off
the deep end.
I mean, look at
what she does.
She threatens Darnell
while he's still on death row.
I mean, you're not going
to tell me that that's
rational behavior.
So then Darnell
gets out.
She starts
following him around.
Stalking him.
Remember, Patrick?
Then she finds out
that there were
four other women.
Oh. Now the betrayal's
worse than she imagined.
That's a lot
of competition out there.
So she kills
the Prentise woman,
-Then the attorney.
-Why her?
I don't know. Uh...
Because Darnell
went to see her?
Because she was pretty?
Go on.
Then she heads
for Kansas
and Judith Dutton.
Kills her...
But Darnell shows up.
So Coe makes like
she just found the body.
-BRINKER: Why go to
all that trouble?
Why not just kill Darnell,
go to New Orleans,
and finish it?
I don't know.
I'm trying
to figure you out.
Look, Race,
the feds all think
you did it.
The only people
who know you're
not the killer
are you, me, and Gloria.
The minute
they catch you,
the manhunt's over.
She'll come after me.
Let's just say
I got a vested interest.
Am I the only one
that gets it here?
What is wrong
with you people?
All the evidence
points to Darnell.
You got nothing on Coe.
Hey, it doesn't mean
we're wrong.
Oh, please.
All right.
We're on the way.
We're heading due south.
Okay. Keep on that heading.
Can't believe it.
Wait till I tell my daddy
about this.
He'll be greener
than six-day roadkill.
Why don't you steer them
on a bearing of 2-0-0.
Roger that.
Bearing 2-0-0, Chief.
BRINKER: What's your ETA?
40 seconds.
In 30 seconds, back off.
Ground units
will handle it from here.
PILOT: Roger that.
I don't like this.
We gotta do it.
RACE: Let's go.
Go ahead.
Hey, hold your fire!
Didn't you hear that?
Lita, come on!
Jump, come on.
Pull up there.
-I can't.
-There's no choice.
Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
Well, shit.
Looks like you lost him.
I want men on foot
with dogs
on both sides of the river.
I want a chopper overhead,
I want divers in the water
from a half-mile upstream,
to three miles downstream,
and you can tell this pissant
he can walk home.
You can walk home.
BRINKER: Yes, we can
and we will.
All right.
Pack your toothbrushes,
children, we're going
to New Orleans.
Gloria's called.
LITA: God,
it's cold in here.
RACE: At least it's dry.
LITA: Did you find
any wood out there?
RACE: Yeah. A little.
You have any idea
where we are?
Arkansas someplace.
You know where
we're going, though, right?
Yeah, I know
where we're going.
LITA: I always hated
that picture.
RACE: I didn't.
So that's Gloria, huh?
Yep, that's Gloria.
Can I see?
She's beautiful.
RACE: Obviously,
you didn't know her.
She lied about everything.
She... She even lied
about her name
when she threatened me
on the radio.
She called herself
Annette Pakula.
listen to me.
You've got to trust me.
Hey, you.
Can you break a 20?
Uh, hang on.
I'll be right back.
MAN: Hey! Hey, boy!
Come on, Race.
-Get out of my cab!
-Come on! Let's go!
Hey, get out of
my cab, boy!
Get out of my cab!
That's my cab!
I know who you are.
Okay. So I made the call.
Look, I was drunk.
I was angry...
I don't want to hear it.
Pakula was
my married name.
What the fuck
are you doing?
Stop the car.
We're going to the cops.
I'll take my chances
with them.
I said stop!
Come on. You want
to kill me? Do it.
GLORIA: I called you as soon
as I got in last night.
I was in New York
at a book launch.
We know
they're headed here,
So we want to set up
an operation here
at the center.
I don't understand.
Why don't you just
arrest them when they get here?
We need to create
a situation
where they're forced
to play their hand.
Oh, you mean you want
to use me as bait.
That's about
the size of it, yeah,
but don't worry.
I'll be with you
all the time,
and we'll have
the place covered.
I saw Race
just after
he was released
from prison,
And I don't believe
he's the killer.
Neither do we.
Coe just entered
from the Lafayette
Street entrance.
I could take her, Chief.
Nobody move
until I say so.
Let's see
what she does.
She's on her own, Chief.
In battle, victory
is gained by surprise.
Excuse me.
I was wondering...
Could you please give me
Gloria Stevens'
apartment number?
I can't do that,
but I'd be happy
to tell you if she's in.
No. It seems as though
she just stepped out.
She must be
on her way down.
Okay, boss.
Let's go.
Suspect's at
the elevator.
Copy, chief?
Don't do anything
to spook her.
Excuse me, folks.
F.B.I. Put down
your weapon.
-Drop your weapon, Coe!
-Coe! Drop it, Coe!
Don't do it, Lita.
PATRICK: Drop it now!
Shit, it's Darnell.
Shit! Go! Go!
Take the stairs! Go!
You, you, with me!
Give me the gun, Lita.
Don't move,
or I'll blow her head off.
Roof or apartment?
All right. Give me a team
on the stairway
and one on the roof.
Let's go. Let's do it.
Let's go.
I need a plan
of her apartment,
-and could you get me
a layout of the roof?
-You bet.
I want a chopper up there
and have the paramedics
standing by. Go.
LITA: Inside.
Okay. Get down.
Get down!
Face down on the floor!
Lita, don't do this.
Get down.
Lita, I understand
better than anybody
how you're feeling.
-Where are they?
LITA: The tapes you stole.
RACE: Lita, give it up.
It's over.
Get back!
Where are the tapes?
Watch her.
-It's okay.
I'll take that now.
No! No!
Oh, don't worry.
I'm not gonna kill you.
RACE: Gloria, no!
You haven't got much time.
The FBI will be here
any minute.
Hey, Singleton.
Isn't this great?
I listened to that tape
just like I listened
to all your tapes.
I put on the headphones.
Pressed the button.
And there you were,
in my head.
And I heard all the
tenderness in your voice.
All the love.
And then I heard you
say Judith.
And then I listened to
all her tapes to you.
All those lonely,
pathetic dreams.
O'Dell, where
the hell are you?
Twelfth floor, boss.
And she was right.
My granny.
She raised me.
She knew.
She told me
all about men.
She said you all were scum!
Sweaty, filthy,
just pounding away.
I wanted it to be
different with you.
You heard our secrets.
Our most intimate thoughts.
We opened up
our hearts to you,
and what did you do?
Even though
you were in prison,
you still managed to do it,
you fucked us...
and that hurt, Race.
That hurt so much.
I had to stop you.
They're your fingerprints
on the gun.
Now you've killed us all.
And you're going back
to death row.
I really
loved you, Race.
I did love you, Gloria.
More than you
could ever know.
It doesn't make
what I did right.
No, Gloria, don't.
It's over.
I'm sorry.
At the door.
Hold up.
Oh, come on.
Who are they
gonna believe?
[LAUGHING] You or me?
MAN 1: Freeze! FBI!
Hold right there,
both of you!
MAN 2: Go! Go!
-Hold it, Darnell.
Drop it!
Put down the weapon,
Nice and easy.
Slide it over here.
Nice and easy.
-Okay. I got the weapon.
-MAN 1: Get down!
On your face.
Get him cuffed.
MAN 2: Use mine.
MAN 3: Okay, come on.
Okay, easy. Easy.
MAN 4: Look at this.
PATRICK: Right. Move her out.
Chief, we've got Darnell.
GLORIA: [ON TAPE] We opened up
our hearts to you, Race,
and what did you do?
Even though you
were in prison,
you still managed to do it,
you fucked us...
and that hurt, Race.
That hurt so much.
I had to stop you.
They're your prints on the gun.
MAN: Get her!
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
Fucker! Do you hear?
I've got two victims.
One down here.
One by the recorder.
Help you up.
[COUGHS] Lita?
I brought someone
to see you.
Jumpin' Jehoshaphat.
come here.
-Ow, ow.
-God, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. You okay?
-Yeah, it's okay.
So, I thought
they arrested you.
Well, Agent Brinker here,
he pulled a few strings.
Well, it's been
a great pleasure
meeting you, Mr. Darnell.
Take care.
-Agent Brinker.
Mr. Weaver.
Oh, thank you.
Here's to memories,
See you later, Race.
See ya, Horton.
Hey, Horton.
One thing.
You take care, Professor.
LITA: One day,
we're gonna take a car
out on the salt flats,
just you and me
with the top down,
with the sun on our faces,
and drive like the wind.
Heat up
Run down
I'm helpless
whenever you're around
One look
One spark
Burning kisses in the dark
I wanna feel your lovin'
all over me
Take me in your arms
and let me feel your
A passion, wild and free
I just can't get enough
of your
The beat
The groove
The rhythm in our moves
This dance, this night
Oh, baby, hold me tight
Let me feel your lovin'
all over me
I don't know how long
I can stand the heat of
A passion, wild and free
I just can't get enough
of your
Let me feel your lovin'
all over me
I don't know how long
I can stand the heat of
A passion, wild and free
I just can't get enough
of your
A passion, wild and free
I just can't get enough
of your
Oh, I can't get enough
Oh, I can't get enough
Mm, oh