Letters to Santa (2023) Movie Script

K, kiddos, find us a good one.
Missed me!
Careful, Sam.
Hey, kids, how about this one?
I think Tita
will love this one.
Yeah, could be a keeper.
Hey, maybe you should take the
tree to your mom's restaurant
without me this year.
That deadline for
my book is looming.
I could really use the time.
But it's our
tradition to decorate
the tree together as a family.
I know.
But Vanessa asked me to stop
by the office this afternoon,
and it sounded more like a
"you need to" than "will you."
Yeah, sure, whatever you need.
Do they have homework?
Sam does, but he
can do it later.
Hey, kids, I'm
going to take off.
I'll pick you up
in a few hours, OK?
Bye, Mom.
Love you.
OK, cut her down.
Let's do this.
OK, you're going to help me.
One, two, three.
There we go.
Hey, Mom, the kids
are fighting over who
gets to show you the tree.
I can't wait to see it.
I have a surprise.
This is Candace.
She is our new assistant
general manager.
You can call me Candy.
Good to meet you.
Welcome to the team.
Thank you.
Enrique will show you how
we do things around here
at the bistro,
and you can shadow
him for the next few weeks until
the customers get to know you.
Going to see the little angels.
Hola, Tita.
We got you a tree.
I picked it out.
So big!
Sign these.
Look, I don't want
to scare you, but I'm
getting a lot of
pressure from Mr.
Hines about this third book.
We need to strike
while the iron is hot.
I know.
It's just my iron's cold.
Well, we need to warm it up.
Advances have been paid.
I'm late.
I know.
I'm sorry.
March was late.
We're past late.
We're uncomfortably past due.
I just don't feel
very inspired right now.
Been a really hard
last few months.
Separations are never easy.
This is just a rough patch.
You two will get through it.
Listen, don't look, but
Mr. Hines is standing
right outside the window.
So just do something
that looks like an idea.
Yeah, OK, um, uh, OK.
So-- so there's, um, a
big tree, and the tree's
branches are made of ice cream.
And there's-- there's a
pig, and there's a cow.
And they come to the
tree, and they just
lick up all the ice
cream until they roll
around with big bellyaches.
- OK, OK, OK.
- OK, are we good?
Yeah, yeah, we're good.
We're good.
Thank you for doing that.
And you might be
on to something.
Ah, yeah.
You made that at school.
This is an
ornament for my mom.
She said it made
her think of me.
That's so pretty.
What about scheduling
time for just the two of you?
There is no time.
I still don't have the
idea for my new book,
and the deadline is
right around the corner.
To be honest, it's
been causing me
a lot of anxiety and sort of
stifling my Christmas spirit.
Yeah, and I'm pretty
busy at work as well.
The holidays get crazy for us.
Yeah, but it's not like it's
a normal 9:00 to 5:00 job.
It's his family's restaurant.
He's there all the
time, day and night,
so there's no time for us to--
won't be made
until you to start prioritizing
time alone with each other.
The idea is to get back
to what made you fall
in love in the first place.
I would like that.
I would like that, too.
Can you maybe
turn that thing off?
Rebecca, you know
I'm the general manager
of the restaurant.
People need questions answered.
They rely on me to do my job.
I'll be quick.
The toilet plunger?
It's in the utility
closet where it always is.
Please don't call
unless it's urgent.
I'm sorry.
I'll turn it off.
Sometimes, it is an
actual emergency.
The two of you
have now been separated
for nearly four months.
When you first came
to me, you said
you were hoping to get things
resolved before the holidays,
and now here we are, just
three weeks before Christmas.
And you still haven't
put in the work.
Rebecca, let's start with you.
What will it take for
you to forgive Enrique?
I don't know.
Maybe time.
Come on.
It's not like I cheated on you.
I did what I had to do to keep
the family business afloat.
Excuse me, that is
not the entire story,
and when you put it
like that, how do I
not come across as the villain?
No one is the villain here.
OK, I just gave my
mom the money she needed
to keep the restaurant going.
It was-- it was just a loan.
To you, it was just a loan.
To me, it was an advance on
a book I hadn't written yet.
I'm sorry.
We're out of time for today.
Please, continue this
conversation on your own.
As uncomfortable
as it is, this is
the issue that
needs to be resolved
for you to move forward.
I don't see Santa.
Oh, he'll be back.
He's just on a break.
Like you and Daddy?
There's Santa.
Is he the real Santa?
No, he's probably
just a rental.
Oh, ho ho ho, Merry Christmas.
Looks like-- looks like you
two are ready for a photo.
Come on, right over here.
You stand right there, and why
don't you come up on my lap
here, hmm?
Merry Christmas.
Oh, ho ho ho.
She just pulled on his beard.
We have to teach
her boundaries.
- I mean--
- You don't have a beard.
She's been pointing
out people's flaws.
Yeah, the other day,
she told me my left ear
is bigger than my right.
How could she notice that when
there's such a beautiful face
in between those ears?
Oh, please, although
she did tell me
she was starting to
notice a bald spot
in the back of your head.
True or false, you
are the real Santa.
Here's the trick.
You know the
long-bearded Santas?
Those are the fake ones.
Mrs. Claus doesn't
like the long beards.
You also have a red dot
on your nose like Rudolph.
- Oh, that's from, uh--
- I want a PlayStation.
OK, well, good for you.
Uh, how about you?
I was going to
say a puppy, but--
Excuse me.
Just ask for a doll.
Tell you what, write me a
letter with this special pen,
Now, you put it in the mail
once you've figured out exactly
what you want for Christmas.
Now, the pen will only show
its magic if the request
is true of heart.
Oh, it's time for the picture.
Mommy, it was real Santa.
Of course, it was.
And he gave us his magic pen.
Wow, that was
very nice of him.
Did they charge me for that?
I don't think so.
All right, I'll see
you guys tomorrow.
Bye, Mom.
OK, grab your coats.
See you tomorrow.
Mom, you're going to
give me a heart attack!
That doorbell cam is going
to be the death of me.
How was Santa?
He was the real one.
He had a real
beard and everything.
And he gave us a magic pen.
Wow, it's nice.
All right,
go brush your teeth.
- I'll be up there in a--
- Last one has to sleep outside!
Good night, Tita!
No one's sleeping outside.
Did you mean to say "last
one there is a rotten egg"
or "eats a rotten egg"?
Because that's what you
said, and that's wrong.
I don't have time for a
Spanish lesson right now, Mom.
How'd it go?
With Santa?
Well, he's pretty
mysterious, definitely
has a lot of secrets, and I
think he's put on some weight.
You know what I
mean, con Rebecca.
Please, don't.
I'm not going there
with you right now, Mom.
Maria's coming home in a
couple of days for Christmas
break, and she's hoping
to have the guestroom.
Well, I'm the big
brother, so I get dibs.
She'll be the one that
has to sleep outside.
Enrique, this can't go
on indefinitely, hijo.
I know, Mom.
What are you doing?
I'm writing a letter to
Santa using the magic pen.
That will take forever.
Give it to me.
I can write faster than you can.
What do you want me to write?
Dear real Santa,
this is Izzy Alvarez.
I live on 36 Cherry
Lane most of the time.
Sometimes, I live with my
grandma, where my dad stays.
Izzy, just tell
me what you want.
A puppy.
Mom won't want a new dog.
But Sam, it's worth a try.
When we had Buster,
everything was perfect.
I think we should have
realistic expectations.
No thanks.
Hi, puppy.
Who are you?
Who do you belong to?
A puppy!
A puppy!
Her name is Noel.
Hey, that's all.
Go on, Noel.
Mom I wrote a letter to
Santa asking for a puppy,
and then Noel showed up this
morning at Grandma's house.
I don't buy it.
She's got a Christmas bow.
Well, evidently, they
wrote Santa a letter last night
with that pen he gave them.
She really thinks
this dog is from Santa?
Can we keep her?
Mom, please?
She showed up at
your dad's house,
so maybe she should stay there.
Then I want to
live with Daddy, too.
Honey, that's not fair.
Mom didn't choose to get a dog.
Well, we didn't choose
to live in separate homes.
You said it was only
going to be a couple of weeks.
Now it's almost Christmas,
the best time of year.
You're making it the
worst time of year.
You promised no
more unilateral decisions.
You see what you're doing here?
I'm trying to be
responsible about this,
and you show up like, I
guess we have a dog now.
And to the kids, it's like,
look how cool and fun Dad is.
I will take her to
the vet, and we'll
put up signs around the
neighborhood for a lost dog.
And if no one claims her,
she can live at my place.
No, you will not.
Uh, I'm confused.
She can stay here
when the kids are here,
and when they're at your
house, she can stay there.
It's hard enough for them
to see us go through this.
I don't need to be perceived
as the villain who hates dogs.
You know what?
They're right.
This separation should
have ended weeks ago.
All we're doing is
confusing the kids.
Maybe I should
watch The Nutcracker
alone with them tomorrow night
just to keep things simple.
Rebecca, please,
let's not do that.
It's important that we
stick to what we agreed to.
I mean, I know we
are taking time here,
but we said we would
continue to spend
time together as a family.
You remember how
easy things used to be?
You mean when all
it took was, hey?
Mm, cute.
I think our situation calls
for something a little more.
Mm, something like--
Wow, we should probably talk
to our therapist about that
because there is a
lot to unpack here.
I can unpack all day long.
You get her checked out.
I will.
Are you sure you
want us to leave?
Are you sure?
Yeah, OK, go.
You got to get out of here.
- It's too cute.
- We can stay.
No, go.
- All right.
- Go.
Hey, kiddos.
I'm sorry.
Noel didn't do anything wrong.
I know.
Listen, your dad is going to
take her to the vet tomorrow,
and if no one claims
her, then she's ours.
True or false, you're
letting us keep Noel.
Well, if everything
checks out, then true.
You are in charge
of walking her.
The prodigal child returns.
I'm only here
for the presents.
You got a dog!
She kind of just showed
up at the doorstep.
She didn't seem to belong to
anyone, so yeah, we got a dog.
A stray?
She had a bow on her.
It's a long story, but the kids
believe that she's from Santa.
I've seen a lot more smiles
and laughter since she arrived.
Well, she's very cute.
I'm just so proud of you, living
back here at home with Mom.
Well, it's temporary.
Mm, temporary is
like two or three days.
What's taking you so long
to patch things up, huh?
I don't know.
She's busy.
I'm busy.
Oh, please.
Becca has always looked at
you with stars in her eyes,
and you treat her
like a goddess.
You've always been
madly in love,
so why don't you just
talk to each other?
It's not so simple.
Isn't it?
She just--
She doesn't understand that
when someone in the family
is struggling, you do whatever
you need to do to help them.
You know, maybe she
doesn't see it like that.
Maybe she feels like
people shouldn't
butt into everyone else's life.
I didn't butt in.
Family helps family.
That's how we were raised,
and that's what I was doing.
Remember when Rebecca
was pregnant with Sam,
and we all went to the bistro
that night to choose his name?
Mommy was jockeying for the
name Noah because, you know,
the Bible.
The Bible.
Yeah, and Dad kept
suggesting Enrique, Jr.
Well, Rebecca got
real quiet because she
was a little annoyed that we
were all voting on the name
of her firstborn child, right?
I was in the
doghouse that night,
and then the next morning,
when I woke up on the couch,
she told me she
was naming him Sam.
You see?
Yeah, and then when I told
Mom, I got in trouble again.
You really made yourself
at home at the Chateau
Bow-Wow that week, huh?
So your point is?
Rebecca was raised
differently than we were.
She was an only
child, so maybe she's
used to doing it
alone, figuring things
out, making her own decisions,
naming her own children.
OK, got to go back
to work, and I get it.
Thanks, Sis.
Thanks for looking after Noel.
This is your father?
Your mom talked about him
quite a bit in the interview.
Yep, that was him.
His name was Gabriel.
He built this whole
place for her.
It was his life mission to
make her happy, and he did.
You play guitar.
I do, but I'm a little rusty.
Your mother was bragging
about how good you are.
What else did my
mother tell you?
That she wished
you played more.
Hmm, yeah, I've been carrying
that around, hoping for stolen
moments when I
might dust it off,
but they've been few and
far between these days.
Where'd she find you, anyway?
At Ray's.
I don't know that restaurant.
Ray's Fitness.
I was teaching Zumba.
To my mom?
Yes, and others.
Wait a second, do you have any
actual restaurant experience?
I, uh, started hosting when
I was 16, waiting tables at 18.
I was head waitress at 21.
After I earned my
master's early,
I worked as a shift manager.
Wow, and when does
Zumba come into play?
One hour, three days a week.
Fitness is a big part of my
life, so I decided to teach it.
I guess actually I get paid to
work out, but it's a side gig.
Well, if I got
paid to work out,
I'd already have $0
in my bank account.
Uh, deliveries--
we get them out back.
Let me show you, so this way.
Who's this guy?
I don't know.
I think he's the Nutcracker.
Oh, man, that was
a crowd pleaser, huh?
I can't really feel the left
side of my body right now.
Oh, that's not good.
I forgot why The
Nutcracker became
one of our family traditions.
I mean, it doesn't really
translate to the screen.
I know it doesn't.
Maybe we could
skip it next year.
Yeah, no argument here.
That's progress.
Will you take Izzy
upstairs for me?
Of course.
Let's go, baby.
Hey, Sam.
Let's go upstairs, huh?
You're still
sleeping in Sam's room?
When you go back to your
room, I'll go back to my room.
Can you sing me a song?
Sweetheart, it's late,
and I can't feel my neck.
Silent night,
holy night, all is calm.
All is bright.
Can't you rap it or something?
Wouldn't that be blasphemous?
'Round yon
virgin, mother and child,
sleep in heavenly peace.
Tickle monster!
Tickle monster!
Tickle monster!
Oh, all right, time for bed.
Good night.
Love you.
Good night, Sam.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.
I need a Advil.
Hey, do you want to
stay for a glass of wine,
help me finish decorating?
Yeah, of course.
Why are you smiling?
Because you don't
want me to leave.
To getting through it,
resetting, and finding
a positive path forward.
And to our new addition, Noel.
Is there anything else?
Anything else what?
Is there anything
else I can do for you?
I might have a list.
What's number
one on that list?
I can't sleep!
What does he expect
me to do about that?
I don't know.
Go to bed!
Wait, is Dad still here?
I was just walking
your father out.
I'll be up in just a minute.
Come on.
Come on.
Thanks for coming over.
Of course.
The movie was boring, but
the company was wonderful.
We should do it
again sometime soon.
Different movie, though.
Hey, can you pick up the
kids at 10:30 tomorrow?
I've got a book
signing at 11:00.
Aren't they in school?
No, it's that Teacher
Appreciation Day, remember,
so we're on our own.
That's right.
Well, tomorrow's not a good day.
I-- I have to train
the new assistant GM,
and then we have that holiday
party right around the corner.
Well, I can't change
the book signing.
It's been on the
schedule for a month,
and since I'm way
behind on the new one,
I definitely have to be there.
I'll figure it out.
You're sure?
I'll be there.
Everything OK?
Yeah, it just gets a
little finicky sometimes.
See ya.
See ya.
What are you doing?
I'm writing a letter to Santa.
You asked for a
puppy and got it.
I want a PlayStation.
Here, draw it.
Draw what?
A white box.
You're not going to get it.
It's not true of heart.
It is true of heart.
My heart truly wants it.
Hola, Maria.
Where have you been?
To the store.
I need some baking supplies.
Mm, where are the groceries?
Mm, you have five
seconds to come clean.
Fine, fine.
I need a PlayStation.
You want to play video games?
So you're just going to
keep checking the mail
every night between
now and Christmas?
What if they ask
you for something
you couldn't possibly get?
Maria, last Christmas
was our first Christmas
without your father,
and this year,
they might not even wake up
with their dad in their house.
They're my only grandkids.
I want to make Christmas
special for them.
OK, yeah, fine.
I get it.
I'm in, but ignore this
PlayStation business.
You'll spoil them.
Who, me?
Spoil my grandchildren?
Mami, next, they might
ask for a sports car,
and then what would you do?
Besides, everybody knows that
Santa only delivers on some
of the items on your wish list.
I told you so.
I'm getting that PlayStation.
No, no, that's not it.
Mom, please.
That's not it, either.
I-- I got it.
What's going on here?
His neck is sore, and he
can't turn in a certain way.
I can help work that out.
How many Enriques does it
take to screw in a light bulb?
More than one on this day.
Please do what you can.
This version of Enrique
is just no use to me.
Wow, I'm her employee.
This is a really nice space.
This is where you Zumba?
Yeah, this is it, is it?
Is that how you Zumba?
I guess.
Um, you know what?
Lay down.
I'm going to put this
right behind your neck.
Ay, ay.
It's my left side.
Just tilt your
head a little bit.
OK, that feels kind of nice.
Self-care is everything.
You ever take time to
just stretch and breathe
and check in with yourself?
No, not really.
I mean, it's hard, you know,
with Rebecca and the kids
and my mom, the
bistro, and Rebecca
and the kids and my mom.
Hey, kids.
I need you to get your
backpacks, please.
Your dad's going to
be here in a minute.
Chop chop.
My truck's not starting.
I'm supposed to pick up
the kids in 10 minutes.
Do you have any jumper
cables, by any chance?
No, sorry.
But do you need me
to get the kids?
I'm headed to the restaurant.
I could pick them up
and bring them there.
Well, I mean,
if you don't mind.
I just don't want
Rebecca to be late.
Not a problem at all.
Thank you.
You're a lifesaver.
I will text you the
address, and I'll
- let Rebecca know you're coming.
- OK.
- OK?
- Yeah.
OK, cool.
And thank you, really.
36 Cherry Lane.
Come on, man.
You must be Rebecca.
I'm Candace.
Do we know each other?
I know Enrique.
In what way?
Come on.
Did he call you?
Can I help you with something?
Uh, he's having
problems with his truck
and asked me if I
could pick up the kids.
Hey, I'm running late.
Yeah, I know.
Candace is here.
I work with your ex-husband.
He's not my ex.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I-- I didn't mean to assume.
We work together
at the restaurant.
OK, well, I don't know you, so
I'm going to wait for Enrique.
Yeah, of course.
I am so sorry.
Come on.
That was very awkward.
I am so sorry.
I tried calling.
I had to call the
bookstore and tell
them that I was going to be
late to my own book signing.
My truck
wouldn't start.
So you
send your assistant.
Candy is not my assistant.
She's the assistant GM.
Mm, you're the GM.
She's the assistant GM.
What am I missing here?
Well, she's also a
fitness professional,
and she was helping
me with my neck.
You don't need to
explain yourself to me.
I'm not your mother.
Why are you making
such a big deal about her
giving the kids a ride?
The kids know her.
She's nice.
You just said that you
don't have time for anything,
but you do have time to go to
the gym with your assistant.
She's not--
I cannot be late or more late
than you have already made me.
Lock the door when you leave.
Good luck.
I see you up there.
True or false, you're
in big trouble with Mom.
Why is mom so mad?
Because she's under a
lot of pressure at work.
She works very hard,
but it hasn't been easy.
Why don't you help her?
I'd like to, but she doesn't
seem to want my help right now.
True or false, you love
Mommy very, very much.
I do love Mom very, very much.
But she doesn't
love you anymore?
Wow, this is hard.
Um, I don't know what
Mom feels these days.
Why don't you ask her?
Do you want me to ask her?
I can do the true
or false thing.
No, sweetheart.
Come here, honey.
Look, it's been hard
for your mom and me, OK?
But I want you to
never forget this.
We love you two more than
anything in the world, OK?
How about this?
Why don't we come up with a--
with an extra special Christmas
present for Mom, hmm?
Do you want to help me do that?
How's therapy going?
It's frustrating.
We keep looking to
her for answers,
but she keeps telling us
to talk to each other.
And all I know is that
it's messy and difficult,
and it never used
to be that way.
But you still love him.
Of course, I still
love him, but I--
I miss the old him, the
him that was, like, singing
and writing all the time.
Do you know we used to
put the kids to sleep,
and then we'd go to
work in the same room?
I would work on my stories, and
he would work on his lyrics.
We'd bounce ideas
back and forth.
I was his muse.
He was mine.
It was great.
I looked forward to those times.
But now he's not
writing anymore.
He practically lives
at the restaurant.
I don't have a finished
story, and the advance
is already gone.
And we're less
than two weeks away
from that Christmas deadline.
I think you need to channel your
aggression about your marriage
into your work.
Take my confusion and
sadness and mild frustration
and put it into a
children's book.
Go home.
Get a good night's sleep.
Mr. Hines wants you in
tomorrow at 10:00 AM.
We have a surprise for you.
Rebecca, come in.
Have a seat.
Uh, this is Liam.
Liam, Rebecca.
Pleasure to meet you.
We just convinced Liam
to move here from London.
His last two books were
Carnegie Medal winners.
Wow, congratulations.
Thank you.
Liam is a top illustrator.
We want to put him on your book.
I see.
I'm hearing that we
have to have something
finished by Christmas Eve.
Why don't you give
him the premise,
and you can start working.
Of course, yeah.
The book is about two
children, a young girl
and her older brother.
And they go see Santa Claus.
And Santa gives
them a magic pen.
The parents are separated.
Mm, we don't really do
separated in children's books.
Well, I think it's
brilliant, refreshing.
Not every family comes in
a perfect little package
with a big red bow.
So yeah, what do they--
what do they ask for?
Well, a puppy at
first, and then the
asks get more heartfelt.
I like it.
Um, Santa gives the
kids a magic pen,
and they're going to use it
to do good for their family.
Yeah, I can run
with that for now.
Feel free to use the
conference room this afternoon.
All right.
Do you think she is lonely?
I don't know.
She's been grouchy
and sad, and she
doesn't have Dad to sing her
songs and make her laugh.
We need to cheer her up.
Come on, I have an
idea for another letter.
I'm telling you,
these kids are so cute.
They asked for a beautiful
bouquet of flowers
- for their mom.
- Aw.
Ooh, I think I
know just the ones.
Ooh, yeah.
There you go.
I know.
A beautiful
bouquet to brighten
your day where creative
ideas are free to bloom.
Love, Santa.
That's so sweet.
Sorry, sorry,
sorry, sorry, sorry.
Oh, I received the most
unexpected surprise
this morning.
It was incredibly thoughtful.
And I think I finally
have an idea for my book.
What is it?
A couple of kids
who write letters
to Santa with a magic pen.
That sounds cute.
And familiar.
So what happens?
I don't know yet.
What do they ask for?
Well, I don't have all
the details worked out,
but I just met with
my new illustrator.
He's great.
And I think the mere idea
that I have a collaborator
to bounce things off of
means that I'm actually
going to get this thing
done before the deadline,
and it is such a relief.
That's wonderful.
And what about the surprise?
It was the most
beautiful bouquet
of flowers I have ever seen--
peonies, roses, calla
lilies, the same flowers
that were in our wedding.
I can't tell you how
much it means to me.
Um, I wish I could take
credit for the flowers,
but I didn't send them.
What do you mean?
Oh, oh, because it's Santa.
Becca, it wasn't me.
Can you think of anyone
else who might have sent them,
maybe somebody from the office?
Like your illustrator?
I doubt it.
We just met.
I mean, it sounds like
a gift from an admirer.
You're the one who's going
to the gym with that ball
of energy from work.
Don't accuse me of anything.
All I did was open
my front door.
Let's talk about this because
you both seem pretty bothered.
Enrique, are you
exploring other options?
But yet just two
short months ago,
she was speaking to
a divorce lawyer,
and now she's getting
flowers delivered
to her doorstep, our doorstep?
It was just a conversation.
Enrique, how does
this make you feel?
It hurts.
In what way?
We stood in
front of our family
and our friends and
each other, and we
vowed to stay together forever.
And yet here we are.
And you go to a divorce lawyer?
Divorce is definitely
not temporary.
Enrique, I was struggling.
I was feeling a lot
of feelings, and I've
never been good at speaking
about things out loud.
And so I was just weighing
all of my options,
even though I never really
considered getting a divorce.
I'm serious.
I am so
proud of the two of you.
This was the most honest you
have been with each other
since I have met you.
This is great work.
I really don't know
if I can do this.
I'm really riled up right now.
That's exactly why we're here.
You need to loosen up,
relieve some stress.
Are there normally this
many men in this class?
No, it's the instructor.
I've never taken the class.
I've only watched
through the window.
Even I think she's attractive,
and I'm a tough sell.
So we're about a week away from
the Christmas Eve deadline.
I'm hoping there's some serious
Christmas magic happening.
Liam seemed to spark
some good ideas, right?
Yeah, there's
been some progress.
OK, let's hit it.
Woo, are you excited?
No way.
No, no, that's
Enrique's new assistant.
I'm out of here.
No, no, no, no, please stay.
It'll look really strange if
we walk out of here right now.
I don't care.
I don't--
Come on, just try it.
Look, the steps are so easy.
Add those arms!
Come on, Becca.
To the right!
Let's go!
Let's go.
Take it away.
Oh, oh, sorry, hold on, guys.
You, ma'am, you in the back.
- She's talking to you.
- The redhead?
- You need to go up there.
- Stop, stop.
- Stop.
- Hi, Rebecca.
Come on, cheer
her on, everybody.
She should go up there.
Hi, Rebecca.
Come up here.
I can help you with this.
OK, we're going to
take it from the left.
Get it, girl!
Get it, girl!
You look great!
Take it back now, y'all.
There you go!
Good job.
Oh, hi.
Thanks for stopping in.
I can't wait to see
what you've come up with.
By the way, is there
something that I
should be thanking you for?
Uh, I don't know.
Uh, why don't you, uh, check out
these concept drawings first,
and then you can decide, OK?
The story
isn't even finished yet,
and this is exactly
what I imagined.
It's well, just,
you know, concepts
to get the ideas going,
but I'm glad you like them.
How is the story going?
Uh, it's developing up here.
Maybe keep that to yourself.
Yeah, my lips are sealed.
Actually, that reminds me.
Do you have plans tomorrow?
Let me check my
wide-open schedule.
Oh, look at that.
I'm free.
Uh, why?
What's-- what's going on?
Well, my mother-in-law
owns a Mexican
restaurant down on Main Street.
Every year, they host a
gigantic holiday party.
Half the town shows up.
There's food and
games and prizes.
And anyway, I thought
you might like
to come and make some
friends outside the office.
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, I'm down.
Oh, and wear an ugly
Christmas sweater.
I have just the one.
Thank you.
How's your new
book coming along?
It's in progress.
Any good ideas yet?
Yeah, I've got the basic idea.
I'm still working out
some of the details.
I could help you, Mom.
When I'm older, I want
to write a children's
book just like you.
Well, isn't that nice?
And I could certainly
use the help.
And I'm going to
write songs like Dad.
He's really getting good.
Is he now?
Well, listen, I want you
both to have all the choices
in the world, but the
most important thing
is to pick something
that you love
and that you work
really hard at it, OK?
Good night, you two.
Izzy, can you draw an elf?
Arriba, arriba!
Let's see.
Let's see.
Let's see what it is.
Let's see.
Is it jewelry?
They want an elf.
As in on a shelf?
They want an elf who can
help Rebecca with her book.
Dios mio, it's becoming
more challenging.
I don't know.
I told you it was
going to be hard.
Ta-da, there you go.
Yay, love Santa cakes!
That's awesome.
Thanks, Mom.
OK, so today at
the party, you are
going to meet the
illustrator for my new book.
His name is Liam.
Is he new?
Like, did he just
show up out of nowhere?
Yeah, kinda.
Does he have pointy ears?
I-- I don't know.
You are going to have
to see for yourself.
OK, eat up.
Dig in.
Dig in.
Rebecca, hi.
Hey, Liam.
Ooh, wow.
That is an excellent sweater.
I think you win.
Oh, this old thang?
It's just lying around for ages.
These are my kids.
This is Sam, and the
unicorn here is Izzy.
Very nice to meet you both.
I'm Liam.
Hi, baby.
Enrique, this is Liam.
We work together.
Nice to meet you.
He just showed
up out of nowhere.
Are you the new illustrator?
Yeah, I am.
I was a big admirer of
Rebecca's last two books,
so it was an easy decision to
move out here for a bit to work
with her and this publisher.
Hey, kids.
Go say hi.
Liam, come meet Candy.
Oh, OK.
Uh, see you guys around.
Come on, Daddy.
Win the polar bear for me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
All right, here we go.
K, Izzy, here we go.
This is the lucky one.
Ah, another one.
It's OK, Daddy.
No, baby.
That polar bear is
going to be yours.
I promise.
Let's move on from this.
I'll be right back, OK?
Be right back.
You good?
Thank you.
Do you think he's handsome?
Who, Liam?
Uh, yeah.
But he's not.
One extra book of tickets.
Enrique, really?
Maria, really.
One more book.
Where do you
think he comes from?
The North Pole, obviously.
The pen is magic, which
means he was created by magic,
and therefore, he's
probably not human.
Thanks, Liam.
I love it so much.
Grandma, I want to
invite Liam as a guest
when me make tamales.
Oh, I don't think
Liam wants to do that.
Of course, he's invited.
On behalf of Izzy, I insist.
I'd love to.
So where do you come from?
I'm here working with your mum.
I'm, uh, I'm doing the
pictures for her book.
True or false, you
have Earth parents.
Uh, true.
Sam, Izzy, stop.
Some line of questioning.
What are you going to name?
Liam, after Liam.
Oh, that's nice of you.
I think Liam would be flattered.
He's nice, Mommy.
He is.
OK, good night, you two.
Good night, Mom.
Good night.
Good night.
Liam's not nice.
Yes, he is.
Not as nice as Dad.
I do miss Daddy.
Me, too.
Get the pen.
Oh my
god, look at this.
That's so cute.
Dear Santa, our wish
that is true of heart
is for our mom and dad
to be together again.
Please, help bring our family
back together for Christmas.
Love, Sam and Izzy.
Oh, that's so cute.
So happy you two
are here to help me.
Are you excited for Christmas?
Are Mommy and
Daddy broke down?
Are they ever--
Going to be fixed?
Are you forgetting
what time of the year this is?
It's Christmas.
Amazing things
happen at Christmas.
Believe me, much more
than Santa is at work.
But maybe, maybe we should
just give them some space.
I think this is
something that they need
to figure out on their own.
You know, some people
say that I meddle
in other people's business.
Yeah, my mom says that
about you all the time.
She does?
Maybe she's right.
All I'm saying is that even
though your heart may very well
be in a loving and
sincere place, sometimes,
the best move is to
move out of the way.
I don't understand.
I may just be
talking to myself.
That's good.
A little more water.
A little more elbow grease, Sam.
Nice job.
There we go.
he saying, Dad?
That their Christmas
tradition in London
is to get together and
make Yorkshire pudding.
I know that one.
Many hands make light work.
How do
you know that one?
Tita said it a million times.
How many languages you speak?
Uh, four.
you're like C-3PO.
Good one, Sam.
Oh, you could
learn a thing or two.
You're funny, Mom.
Yeah, Maria and
I were born here,
but Mom and Dad
came from Mexico.
And Dad wanted us to
fit in, so he only
spoke English around the house.
And that's why I didn't really
learn to speak it very well,
but I understand it
more than she thinks.
Well, you're not mentioning
that you spent two summers
in Mexico City with our abuela.
Oh, there's a word.
Good job.
So Liam, are you going to join
us for our Christmas video?
For what?
These guys don't
do a Christmas card.
Every year, they make
a Christmas video.
Oh, well, I don't know.
I mean, it sounds like
kind of a family thing.
Oh, well, last
year, they pulled
in their UPS driver, Marcus.
To this group,
everybody's family.
Come on, everybody.
Get in position.
Oh, oh, we're ready?
What about this?
That should be Dad dancing
with Mom, not some stupid elf.
Come on, we need to
see Santa and fix this.
Hey, kids, I'm making lunch!
Sam, Izzy, I'm making PB and J.
Let's get hot
chocolate and wait.
Enrique, the kids are missing.
I don't know where
they've gone, and there's
footsteps leaving the house.
- I'm coming.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
It's him.
I know it's him.
He has the red dot on his
nose and the same beard.
Can I help you?
Yes, Santa, you can.
That's some disguise,
but I recognize that red
dot on your nose anywhere.
Actually, um, it's
a mole, and, um,
I'm not who you think I am.
Oh, yes, you are.
Everything is all messed up.
I drew an elf, and you
brought us an Englishman.
Wait, what are you--
what are you talking about?
I-- I don't create people,
magically speaking.
I-- I can't do that.
I mean, I can do some pretty
amazing things, but I mean,
I'm not some all-powerful
wizard or genie in a bottle.
Santa, we asked for our
parents to be back together.
We wrote you a letter
with the magic pen.
Not one thing happened.
They didn't hold hands,
or they didn't kiss.
You can't just go around
giving kids magic pens
and breaking little
girls' hearts.
I remember who you are.
You're the one that
pulled my beard, right?
Look, as I recall, when I
first met you, your parents
didn't seem very happy, right?
We don't just want
our parents to be happy.
We want them to be together.
I mean, we want
them happy together.
Yeah, what she said.
Listen, your parents
make their own choices.
I can't make their
choices for them.
Then what's the point
of the stupid pen?
It can't even give
us what we want.
Our parents are still apart,
and I don't have a PlayStation.
Look, listen.
It can still help you get
what you want if what you're
asking for is something
that's for the good
of everybody involved.
The magic isn't in the pen.
It's inside of you,
and the best magic
is what happens when you
believe in something so deeply
that anything is possible.
But that never
works with unicorns.
Well, that's because
unicorns aren't real--
- -ly, really rearranging
their schedules to appease
the wishes of a little girl.
That's not what I meant.
Um, well, don't-- don't
get me started on unicorns,
OK, because they're--
they're very complicated.
They're needy, and they're
a little full of themselves,
if you ask me.
So just saying.
Where are your parents?
And, flip.
Look at me, winning the game.
I'll beat you, Santa.
And, flip.
You two have a lot
of explaining to do.
Sam, you are the big brother.
You are supposed to be
the responsible one,
and you took your little
sister on a joy ride downtown?
You leave the house.
You didn't leave a note.
You didn't say a word.
You almost gave
me a heart attack.
Christmas is not looking
good for either one
of you this year.
You just made the biggest
mistake of your life,
and it is possible you
might not even get presents.
So these are your parents?
No, never seen them
before in my life.
Um, we're going to
have to see some ID.
Oh, come on.
You two go to your room now.
Our children snuck
out to ask Santa
to make us fall in love again.
What are we doing to our kids?
Maybe we should just
celebrate Christmas separately.
Is that what
you want, Rebecca?
I don't know.
I just--
Look, you don't have to figure
it all out on your own, OK?
We're all here for you.
This is not the way
we did it in my family.
Rebecca, we're your family.
What do you want?
You know what I want, the
same thing the kids want.
It's what I always wanted.
True or false, you are going
to quit the restaurant one day
and go back to
making your music.
True or false, you are never
going to forgive me for putting
that money into the restaurant.
True or false, you're going
to file the divorce paperwork,
but you're waiting
until after Christmas
so it doesn't ruin the
holiday for the kids.
I didn't talk to that lawyer
because I wanted a divorce.
I went there to make sure
that I didn't want that.
I was going through a hard time.
I was looking for answers
anywhere I could find them.
Baby, why didn't
you just talk to me?
Just let me get through
this presentation, OK?
I am under so much
pressure right now,
and the hard deadline is
Christmas Eve morning.
And it is deliver or bust.
Then let's deliver.
You make it sound so easy.
No, no, no, like my
mom says, many hands.
We'll work together
to make it easy.
We can-- we can host a practice
pitch at the restaurant.
Sam, Izzy, and I
can participate.
My mom can make some food.
You can-- you can
invite Liam and Vanessa.
We'll make it a party.
Come here.
You don't have to do
it by yourself, OK?
You're not alone.
You're wonderful.
Thank you.
Come here.
Ooh, buuelos are done.
You're doing too much.
People tend to be more
creative when they're well fed.
Place is all set up
for when people arrive.
Would you like me
to put these out?
Yes, please.
Thank you.
She seems pretty great.
She is.
That's why I hired her.
You know Enrique doesn't want to
work at the restaurant forever.
Did he tell you that?
He didn't have to.
I know my son.
I know it's not his dream
to run this restaurant.
Then why have you
let him for so long?
I'm sorry.
That came out really rude.
Come here.
Let me talk to you.
You know, um, when
Gabriel passed, I, uh--
I was left with much
more than a broken heart.
The last year he was
alive, his medication
expenses went through the roof.
We went through our
savings, our retirement.
We pulled money
from the restaurant.
We were close to losing
the business entirely.
I'm sorry, Camilla.
I had no idea the
extent of the situation.
The money you and Enrique
invested kept me afloat,
and with Enrique's help,
we had a great summer.
And we just finished the best
fall quarter we have ever had.
When the dust settles and we
get through the end-of-the-year
books, I'm going to
get that investment
back to you and Enrique.
Enrique supported
me when I quit
my teaching job to
pursue my dreams
of writing children's books.
And I had some success, and
I wanted him to have a turn.
I wanted him to be able to write
songs and open a music school
and not give up on his dreams.
So I asked for an advance,
and I gave him the money.
And he gave it to you.
He invested it in
the restaurant,
and I had no idea why till now.
It's my fault. I told Enrique
I don't like other people
knowing my business.
I just didn't dream--
His wife would fall into
the other people category?
Enrique hasn't forgotten
about his dreams or you.
He just put them on hold
to help his old mom.
Vanessa and hot Liam are here.
I just refer to him
that way in my mind.
I didn't mean to
say that out loud.
Our little secret?
Rebecca, let's make
this your best book yet,
and then we can fix
whatever nonsense is going
on between you and my son.
Then we can put this to bed.
You make writing a
children's book sound so easy.
Oh, no, many hands
make light work.
OK, so we pitch to executives
tomorrow at 10:00 AM,
so the story needs to
be airtight by the time
we leave today.
So tell me what we have so far.
We have two kids who
meet Santa at a bookstore.
And Santa gives
them a magic pen.
Yep, and whatever they ask
for with that pen, they get.
Well, not everything.
Right, because what if
they ask for a sports car?
Sure, it has to
be within reason.
Within reason
isn't very magical.
This is a children's book,
not a journalistic study
of Christmas.
But there are certain things
that Santa can and cannot do.
I agree.
We need rules.
Santa likes when
the wish is selfless.
It means more when you ask
for something that'll bring
happiness to someone else.
A compassionate Santa.
I like it.
Then what?
So the kids use the pen to
test out if the magic is real
or if it's just a cheap toy.
They use it to
ask for a puppy.
And do they get it?
Of course.
Yes, because a puppy brings
happiness to the entire family,
and it brings the family
closer to one another.
Then what?
Then they ask for a bike,
stuffed animals, toys, games.
But they don't
get any of that.
No, they do not.
So they start
to ask for things
that are more meaningful.
Such as?
For Santa to bring
our mom flowers
so she feels valued
and cared for.
Did you write to
Santa and ask for--
Well, maybe, but
we're just trying
to help you with the story.
Oh, that's sweet.
Then what?
They ask Santa to send
out one of his elves
to help her finish the book.
Yeah, spark her creativity.
You did?
I mean, they do?
And does he help?
Of course.
He's magic.
The elf is a nice touch.
I like it.
So-- so how does that end?
Everybody, everybody,
close your eyes.
Clear your mind.
So the kids write
a letter to Santa
asking for what they
always wanted, for Mom
and Dad to get back together.
They sit down to
write that letter,
and they realize that
the ink has run out.
But it turns out that they
didn't need that pen at all.
Now they do.
Yeah, they don't
because the magic
has already been set into
motion, and all the things
that I did--
I mean, all the
things the pen did
brings everybody
closer to one another.
Mm-hmm, so Becca,
bring us home.
It's Christmas morning, and--
And the kids wake up,
and Mom and Dad are--
Kissing under the mistletoe.
So good, yes.
Oh my god, girlfriend.
I just feel good.
You gave the kids that puppy.
Santa did.
No, it was you.
You put the bow on
her, and you named
her Noel because that's Izzy's
favorite Christmas movie.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Do you guys want
to see a funny video?
Well, behold a
modern-day Santa Claus.
Can you believe that?
Wait, did you put flowers
in front of our house as well?
Wait, Mom.
No, that gave me
so much anxiety.
You have no-- she doesn't
know what I went through.
Oh, I want to see.
Actually, yeah,
that one was me.
I did that delivery.
Oh, so you're a Santa's
little helper, huh?
I mean--
Mira, the kids asked Santa
for a bouquet of flowers
for their mom, and it
was our job to help.
And since we couldn't deliver
on the PlayStation or the elf,
well, we got the flowers.
We did.
Actually, we haven't been able
to deliver on the PlayStation,
We've been too busy for
last-minute shopping.
Dear Santa.
You got this.
been a long time--
since I wrote.
Excuse us.
So sorry we're late.
Dear Santa.
Thank you all for being
I think it's
about time last we spoke.
This story starts with
two young children who go--
I once
believed in fairy tales.
I once believed
that love prevails,
and I believed you'd
always be true.
Dear Santa, I don't know
where the years have gone.
Dear Santa, I'm all grown
up with kids of my own.
That is wonderful.
I think we've got a
lot to consider here.
Thank you, sir.
They were very impressed, and
you two played a huge part
in helping to create the story.
It was a family effort.
I couldn't have
done it without you.
When is Dad coming
home tomorrow?
I don't want to open
presents without him.
As soon as you wake
up, we will call him,
and he'll come right over.
I forgot to leave
cookies out for Santa.
I'll take care of it for you.
Can you give Santa
his magic pen back?
Yeah, of course, I can.
What are you doing?
I brought you your
Christmas present.
Why didn't you just
knock on the front door?
I've always felt a
little weird knocking
on the door of my own house.
Plus, I didn't want
to disturb the kids.
Where's my present?
Hang on.
Hmm, true or false, you want
me to be here in the morning
when the kids wake up.
True, but it scares me.
What if we end up back
here a year from now,
and the kids have to go through
the whole thing all over again?
Funny you should ask.
Why don't I give you
your present now?
You've been writing?
Well, you inspired
me to write this one,
so I had to make it
happen with a little help
from Sam and Izzy, of course.
While you were working, you--
OK, Rebecca, I'm going to
need you to stop talking so I
can play you your song, OK?
Come on, let's sit down.
memories fill my mind,
so many happy holiday times.
I see the flashes of your
laughing, beautiful face.
All I want is to be near while
we spread our Christmas cheer
and wrap our children in
the blanket of our love.
Sometimes, it's a bumpy road
that makes a memory shine,
and sometimes, we love
stronger after broken time.
So I'll take the good,
and I'll take the bad.
And I'll take the
happy, and I'll
take the sad as long
as I'm your husband
and as long as I'm their dad.
I wasn't done.
I'm so sorry.
I feel like I lost
part of myself,
and I really just needed
you there with me.
I needed my partner,
my other half,
and I was so scared to lose you.
But then when I started to write
the book, you weren't there.
I know.
I'm so sorry.
I was just focused on
all the wrong things.
I got angry and
fixated on the money,
but really, I was
just missing you,
you being the kind of man
who steps up for his family,
for his mom.
That's the man I
fell in love with.
Ooh, come inside.
It's freezing.
I'm so happy
you're writing again.
Oh, who's there with you?
Hi, Vanessa.
Hi, Enrique.
Nice to see you there.
So do you have news for me?
You nailed it!
Just based off your pitch,
they pre-ordered 25,000 copies.
They were over-the-moon
impressed with all of it.
That's-- that's amazing!
I feel like I should go.
I'm so proud of you.
Merry Christmas.
This is what I wished for!
Dad, this is what I wished
for more than anything
for Christmas, for you to be
here with Mom like before.
Oh, wow.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
It's for you, Sam.
Saved the best for last.
Open it.
Wait, who is that from?
It says, "Dear Sam, since you
asked for it a hundred times,
I just had to deliver."
When the tree goes
up and the snow comes down.
A PlayStation!
Silent night.
I've waited way too long.
Izzy, the last
present is for you.
Bells are
ringing, singing
every single Christmas song.
Come sit with me.
Sit down by the fire.
I hope you've got some time.
We've got a lot to cover.
And we're
singing every line,
and maybe we can start--
Dear Santa,
I'm writing you a letter.
Dear Santa, I'm
writing you a letter.
Dear Santa, I'm
writing you a letter.
Dear Santa.