Letty Lynton (1932) Movie Script

And now, seoras e seores,
our last stop is Montevideo's notorious
tango cabaret
where society dances with the underworld.
Be very careful with the water here.
Step right over the water, seores.
This is the place
where the tango is the fever
and everybody says where the
seorita will go is right.
Must they search me?
It's a custom here, seor.
Looking for a gun?
Do you search the ladies, too?
No, no, ladies no search. Only men search.
If you ever return to New York,
you can teach them real tango.
No? I'm going to stay with
you and eat lotus and poppy.
Don't talk, just listen to the music.
Hey, Pedro!
Do I have to hire someone to keep
you awake?
No, sir. I'm sorry.
Did you have a nice sleep, Pedro?
Si, seorita, gracias.
You're lucky and smart.
Tired, my Letty?
Silly business.
I think I've had about enough.
Go to sleep, my darling.
Right now, this minute
I hate you.
In ten minutes you will love me.
There' a boat in the harbor.
Goes north tomorrow.
In the three months you have known me
many boats have gone north.
I think I've had enough.
My Diana, we shall see.
Good morning.
Any rumors, cables or anything?
Only a cable, just a while ago.
Pardon me. Certainly.
Oh, oh... Your mother?
Mother. Home and mother.
I wonder who ever put
those two words together.
It's from my banker.
He suspects I've been gambling.
Letty! Bless my soul
to run into you like this.
Wait a minute, Eddy.
Where did you drop from?
Say, you are a little fish,
aren't you?
You know I never kiss anyone
before 1 o'clock.
Mr. Gwen, Mr Renaul.
How are you, sir?
Just getting in?
Yes, and I'm dead tired.
If you'll excuse me, I'll go to bed.
I say, Letty...
What about a spot at lunch?
Can't think that far ahead.
Miss Lynton is having lunch with me.
Shall we say about 2 o'clock?
Is the gentleman hard of hearing?
You're not going to fight over lunch
because there isn't going to be any lunch.
See you tonight.
Why, I couldn't find you, Letty Lynton.
I thought you were coming back to Rio.
I did. Without letting me know?
You see, you're a very dangerous man
and I'm afraid of you,
so I came right back here.
How long have you been here?
About 3 months.
What's the attraction?
Why, I think this is a lovely place.
Did you know they shipped 4 million beef, 7
million sheep and 2 million swine last year?
See you at the bar.
See that boat out there, Miranda?
It's been there since yesterday.
I see nothing else.
We're getting on that boat.
Oh? Don't cheer, pack.
Pack? Yes.
What about Renaul?
Don't start asking me any questions.
Get yourself together.
Get myself together, get myself together.
Get myself together, get myself together.
I hope I can get everything packed
before he comes in again.
Don't be silly, Miranda. I'm fed up.
Fed up to the ears. We're going back
to New York
where it's nice and cold.
Snow, maybe.
Sure we're not going to get off at Rio
and come back like we did before?
Not a chance.
We're going all the way this time.
I'm turning this page over.
I'm scared to death.
Don't run off.
I think it'd be a good idea for you
to go right now and get on that boat.
Miranda, I have yet to see the man
I'm afraid of.
So, running away again, are you?
No, no...
That's all right, Miranda.
I told you I was.
Allez, madame.
Easy now, easy.
May I see you alone a moment?
Come back in 5 minutes, Miranda.
Yes, yes, I will.
I will.
Five minutes.
Yes, Mr. Renaul.
Poor Miranda.
It would be much simpler if I frightened
as easily as that, wouldn't it?
And not worth the trouble.
Thank you.
Here are some things that belong to you.
Hm... I see.
And why should you return them to me?
Darling, you must get your courage up.
You have a dreadful inferiority complex.
Four times in these three months
you have run away.
In 3, 4 or 5 days you write to me
and say you just cannot live without me.
How soon this time?
Emile, have you still got
the letters I wrote you?
Yes, in Buenos Aires, why?
Oh, no matter.
I'm going home.
You told me your mother
was not very friendly, sympathetic...
I've told you a lot of things, haven't I?
Yes, of course.
That's too bad.
Say, here, do you think you mean this?
Definitely. This is the finish.
No, that's not possible. Oh, no.
Not possible.
Yes, it is.
You see, finishing is a habit of mine.
I merely turn the page over
and that's that.
But my sweetheart...
listen to me.
You came from the clouds.
We love each other...
I'm going, Emile.
Oh, no. You must stay always.
And I will make you love me
more and more all the time.
When I hold you in my arms...
even the memory of everything is gone.
You know that's true.
That's why I must go and go now.
Not now. Tomorrow, maybe.
We will have one day to talk
and a night to tell you
how much I love you.
I know best. I should.
Tomorrow, perhaps.
You cannot leave me like this.
You belong to me.
And to nobody else.
I love you.
I adore you.
You will never leave me, my Letty.
Not tomorrow...
nor tomorrow, and nor tomorrow.
Don't breathe till we're out at sea.
We're all right.
He sleeps like a rhinoceros.
Same as he does everything else.
I feel as though I had escaped
from a burning building.
What's that, Miss Letty?
Just turning the page over.
Are you all right, Miranda?
This way, please.
Ah, ah!
Sorry, Miss Letty.
Not all sweet, but it had its moments.
I wonder if there's anybody
exciting aboard.
Well, I hope not.
I'm going into seclusion.
Right this way, please.
Ah, 787. My lucky numbers.
But how they threw me down the other night.
Maybe they're just coming up.
Who knows.
Hm, rather nice isn't it?
I'll bring the luggage up right away.
Oh, Miranda...
Do you think my devoted mother
will be glad to see me?
Of course. It's been over a year.
They're over. That's right.
We left just before the
holidays, didn't we?
Oh, thank goodness they'll be over.
I hate Christmas at home.
Miranda, do you think she'll be
at the boat?
Throw her arms around me?
Say I shall never leave her again?
Do you think so, Miranda?
If not, Miss Letty, there's a lot
of the world you haven't seen yet.
You're not crying, Miss Letty?
I guess I was at that.
Feeling sorry for myself.
Miranda, the door.
Seven eight... seven.
We haven't done anything about
the dining room yet, have we, Miranda?
Here. Give this to the steward
and ask him to find us a table alone.
or with somebody more or less human.
More or less human?
Yes, Miss Letty.
More or less human, more or less human.
Seven eight six.
Good morning, steward.
Hello, Mr. Darrow.
Anything I can do for you?
I thought I recognized a familiar face...
among those passengers getting on
at Montevideo. Have you a list?
Yes, right here, sir.
There were only about a dozen.
I think I owe you some money, steward.
Thank you very much, sir.
I've eaten alone all the way
from Capetown.
Why, Mr. Darrow, I thought
you prefered that.
I'm sure the captain would be delighted
to have you at his table.
No, thanks, I'm not as lonesome as that.
Letty Lynton.
I wonder what makes that name
sound so familiar.
That could be arranged, sir.
We'll take a chance on that.
I hope she's very beautiful, sir.
And not too dumb.
Thank you very much.
I beg your pardon.
Steward, with Miss Letty Lynton's
Miss Lynton, yes, yes.
Well, we are pretty well crowded.
May I see the list, sir?
786, Darrow.
That name seems familiar, steward.
I don't know why,
but I think Miss Lynton knows him.
Tell Miss Lynton I think it can
be arranged. Thank you, sir.
Not at all. It gives me great pleasure.
Chicken salad, sherbet and coffee.
The same for me,
with three lamb chops
asparagus and hashed brown potatoes.
Yes, sir.
Some people are born lucky,
others gather in as they go along
and some have it thrust upon them.
Well that's delightful. Who said that?
I said it.
I thought it was out of a book.
Shakespeare, or something like that.
You just got on, didn't you?
This morning, yes.
The trip has been very dull...
so far.
You've been on for months. How terrible.
I got on at Capetown.
Do you play deck tennis?
Oh, I'm a dump.
My shuffleboard's pretty good.
Oh, you have good shuffleboard...
Yes... well, I don't like to brag...
I couldn't imagine you bragging.
That's very kind of you. Thank you.
Not at all.
You know, I inadvertently got a look
in your stateroom this morning.
Yes, I remember. Oh, do you?
I have a confession to make to you.
Yes, I arranged to have you put
at this table.
Perhaps I shouldn't have told you.
It was a bit of a shock.
Would it shock you to death
if I suggested a cocktail?
Oh, no, I'm a modern girl.
One wouldn't hurt.
Two, er... dry martinis?
Dry martins. Two.
You're American, aren't you?
And you? Yes, indeed, 100%.
I'll bet you are.
Capetown is not a nice place, hm?
Not of Africa.
I came in at Tripoli and went out
at Capetown.
Oh, how wonderful.
Did you hunt lions?
The lions know I've been in Africa,
make no mistake about that.
I wish I were a man.
I should think you would.
But I mean one like you,
with that hair-raising experience.
Hair-raising? Yes...
It's a wonder to me I'm here at all.
Really? Oh, do tell me.
Well, I've had so many.
Oh, one less.
There was one time in Northern Rhodesia...
Yes, I read about that in geography.
We found a native camp built on stilts.
Oh, I know, I've seen pictures of it.
We hadn't built any fire
to frighten the animals around.
You don't say.
Not a snitch of fire. Not a snitch?
Not a snitch.
I was sleeping like a baby,
when suddenly I heard heavy breathing.
Sort of a snore.
A wild beast!
Wild? It was a black panther.
Climbed up a tree and was trying
to get in the second story window.
Oh, I'm frightened to death.
What on earth did you do?
I knocked him down.
But it didn't efface the panther.
The next time he caught me
with my pants...
when I was sound asleep.
Did he get in?
I just had time to jump out of bed
as he dropped in on me.
How awful.
I rushed to the door and jumped out.
Did he jump after you?
Yes, but it was too late.
Go on, go on.
You see, there was a
lion after the panther.
The lion was waiting in the tall grass below and
because of the shadows I couldn't see lion.
Of course, of course.
So I alit right on his back.
On the lion's back?
On the lion's back.
As I alit on him, he alit out.
Through the jungle.
Through the night and the jungle.
Did you stay on him?
Oh, yes, miles and miles.
It was a he-lion, had a big mane.
Lucky it was a he-lion.
In the morning,
going a mile a minute through the jungle,
I suddenly saw we approached a tree.
So I reached up, seized
a branch of the tree
swung myself up into the branches,
was lucky...
and there my gang found me
early in the morning.
Up a tree.
I bet I know the first thing
you said to yourself.
What was that?
Thank goodness my grandfather was a monkey
and I'm my grandfather's child.
Where do you come from?
Long Island, sir. And you, sir?
Boston. Mayflower? Sure.
Well, here's to the Mayflower and the
millions of brave souls she brought over.
How do you happen to be alone
on the High Seas?
Alone? Or with some guy like me?
Oh, no, not like you.
Lay off me, will you?
I feel just like crawling in a hole.
Rude people.
What will you have?
Oh, something very small.
Liquor? Hm-hm.
Brandy, two.
Now, tell me all about yourself.
Why? Why not?
As for me, my father is Thomas Darrow,
Boston, Mass.,
owns most of the rubber factory.
I've been abroad to see
where rubber grows
so far I've done very little harm
and absolutely no good.
My father is dead.
He was Alexander Lynton, Lynton
Chemical Works, Long Island, New York
I dare you to say it.
Alexander Lynton, Lynt...
I swear I'm having a fine evening.
I wouldn't be so surprised
if you turned out to be quite a girl.
Big game to a big game hunter.
What'll we do next?
Race rapidly around the deck four times.
That'll be a starter.
Then what? Sorry, a minute ahead
is as far as I ever look.
What a girl. Come on.
Hello. Good evening.
Heel and toe. Heel and toe.
Yes, like this.
Try it.
No, no, no.
Oh, I thought you said heel and toe.
Come on, let's go.
That's it.
That's it. Is it? Come on.
What a night. There's a moon,
there's a band.
And there are two empty deck chairs.
Last but not least,
two empty deck chairs.
What do you want to do?
Just sit and talk or wallow
in the beauty of the night?
I never make any rules.
Well, I've got something on my mind.
Oh, yes, I can see that.
Quit kidding me, will you?
On the level, what are you doing out here
in the middle of the ocean all by yourself?
All right, if you must know...
I try to avoid Christmas at home because my
father was shot around this time of the year.
You see, the lady's husband
missed his train or something
and Christmas bells remind my mother
of things so we try to shy off Christmas.
Two or three times tonight I had a hunch
there was tragedy somewhere.
I was only being intriguing.
Oh, off we go. Yes.
Well, I er...
These housekeeping sailors are beginning to
crack my style.
I was just settling down
to a nice romantic gate.
Keep quiet a minute,
maybe it will come back.
That's one sailor too many.
Come on.
What time do you get up?
I don't know. Why?
I want to see that shuffleboard of yours.
A plunge before breakfast,
breakfast, tennis, shuffleboard,
soup, lunch...
deck chairs, cocktails...
That leaves only the night.
And I sleep like a deck hen.
First thing you know,
old Manhattan skyline and we're home.
You must be tired.
I bet we went around that deck
400 times.
Oh, gosh, I flat.
That's all right.
So did I.
Good night.
Good night.
Seven, eight, seven.
Santa Claus is now coming down
my chimney.
There ain't no Santa Clause.
Get out.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Ladies and gentleman.
If you have wondered why you haven't
received any wireless messages today,
it is because we have placed them
on the Christmas tree.
A Merry Christmas.
Don't crowd in. I'll get yours.
Are these all the Ls? Yes, sir.
None for Miss Lynton.
I didn't see any, sir.
Are we a couple of orphans or not?
If ever two people were left out
in the cold, it's you and I.
As a matter of fact, most of the messages
fell off or got knocked off.
So we'll probably get ours
in the morning.
Cheer up.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Jerry.
I'm sorry, Miss Letty.
What's the matter with you?
I don't know, I'm sure.
Must be just Christmas, I guess.
What's our next stop?
The boat?
Yes, where do we stop next?
Tomorrow noon.
I'm getting off.
Oh, no, Miss Letty. You can do as
you like, but I'm getting off.
There's only one thing I like:
To be with you.
I can't wait getting off at Havana.
Going back, Miss Letty?
How do I know?
Oh, Miss Letty...
May I say something?
This young man, Darrow...
you love him, don't you?
All right, so what?
Miss Letty...
There's no reason under the sun
he should ever know a thing.
There is nobody but me to tell.
And you know
I'd cut my tongue out for you.
Come in.
They tell me the female likes to be
pursued by the male.
So here I am.
Good night, Miranda.
Sure you're all right, Miss Letty?
Yes, thank you.
Oh, Miranda.
Merry so and so.
Thank you, sir.
And a prosperous New what have you.
You started before the gun.
You're being called back.
Oh, I'll go back in a minute.
Sit down.
What should we talk about?
Rubber smells to high heaven.
So do chemical factories.
There was something I was going to ask you
the first time I caught up with you.
What was it?
Oh, yes, I remember.
Will you marry me?
That was it.
Will you?
The old way comes in pretty handy.
This is so sudden.
I mean it.
Oh, and how.
If we should get off this boat and go
our separate ways
and you weren't going to marry me
and live the rest of your life with me...
I just can't put it into words.
You know, you're funny.
Funny? Hm-hmm.
In the two weeks we've been together
you've never tried to kiss me
or hold my hand
or anything like that.
Is that funny?
Well, it's different.
The first day, the first night...
I said to myself, I think this is it.
The second day I knew it was.
Since then I've had an idea.
Or hope, more than idea.
That you might, you just might,
get to feel the same way about it.
You don't want to get very fresh
with a girl you feel that about, do you?
Like what, Jerry?
What do you mean?
Well, I...
I want to know just how you feel.
Well... it makes you something
sort of special.
Different from anything
that's ever happened to me before.
I don't mean that you're sugar
and going to melt if it rains...
But you might feel the same way about...
an angel.
If one happened along.
In a way...
I mean...
Ask me questions. Maybe I can tell you.
No, I don't need asking questions.
You've already told me.
If you'll take me out of this
swamp of misery
maybe I can tell you...
really how I feel.
How about it?
I haven't been steering my course
towards marriage very much...
Right now, how about it?
Right now...
I'd black your boots for the rest
of my life.
What a girl, what an ocean.
What a boat.
Come here.
Let me hear you say
"I love you".
I do, I do love you.
No, like this: I love you, I love you.
I love you.
I love you, I love you.
I love you.
Come on. We'll dance until
the sun comes up.
And talk until it goes down again.
Merry Christmas, everybody.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas...
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas...
Miss Lynton, Mr. Darrow, will you
step this way just a minute, please.
What are your plans, Miss Lynton?
Are you gonna stay home awhile?
Jerry, I don't know what to say.
Just tell them everything's okay with you.
I'm the happiest girl in the world.
Can we get a picture, please?
Step right up on the box, please.
Up here?
Yes, please, right up there.
That's fine.
This way, this way, Miss Lynton.
Please, look this way.
Miss Lynton, this way.
Smile, please.
That's fine. Thanks,
Miss Lynton, very much.
Did you do big game hunting there,
Mr. Darrow?
No. No? No.
Oh, Miranda.
Miranda, my ring.
I must have let it in my room.
I'll get it for you, darling.
Never mind, I'll uh...
I'll meet you among your trunks.
All right, don't take too long.
You didn't leave any ring.
I know, but...
I've just seen Renaul.
You're dreaming.
I wish I were.
How did he get here?
I don't know. He must have flown.
I've got to keep those two
men from meeting. But how?
I don't know.
Let's get out of here.
I wonder what happens to my knees
everytime I see that man.
Why, Emile.
This makes me a little dizzy.
Am I dreaming you?
No, you are not dreaming.
I am very real.
Yes, I see you are.
Come along. My trunks are over here.
Now tell me all about it.
I was afraid you might forget me
if I gave you the chance.
You didn't happen to fly over my ship,
did you?
I attempted to telephone.
Really I did.
Too bad you didn't.
Oh, here they are.
Foolish child.
You can't keep away from me
anywhere in the world.
I'm afraid you're right.
It isn't any cinch.
You know, I pictured you waiting, absolutely sure
I'd jump off that ship and swim back to you.
Oh, do you mind. All my dutiable things
are in this trunk.
Now, is that all?
Can we go? Okay, Miss Lynton.
Thank you.
Oh, I've got to stay and straighten
all this mess out.
I've also to go way over there
and pay this.
Unless you'd like to.
I'd be delighted, of course.
Where's my bag, Miranda?
Never mind. Where's the place?
This way, sir.
I'm going. I'll see you at the house.
Check those two to Grand Central Station
for me, will you?
Yes, sir.
Hello, what kept you?
I've been waiting for hours.
We won't hesitate a minute, then.
Let's go, my feet are frozen.
Hello, Dennis.
The car is right outside, Miss Lynton.
Sure good to see you back.
Thank you, Dennis.
Where is Miss Letty?
What's the matter with you?
Where is she?
Dennis, will you please take Mr. Darrow
to his apartment
and call him later to join me
at dinner tonight.
Are you sure your mother can wait
until evening to meet me?
I think it's better for you if she does.
You're going to tell her you're leaving
for the Adirondacks tonight.
Yes, all that doesn't work
will be over by dinnertime.
I don't want to get off
on the wrong foot.
All right, see you later.
It's gotta be 10 below zero up there,
so you'd better bring your red flannel.
There's some nice long red ones
in my grandmother's trunk in the attic.
I'll get them out.
Hello, David. Miss Letty!
Your mother is in her sitting room.
It's good to see you, Miss Letty.
Thanks, David.
May I wish you great happiness,
Miss Letty?
What do you mean?
The reporters have been phoning
quite regularly.
Oh... oh, dear.
Well, here it goes.
Hello, dear.
I bought you a Christmas present.
A little late, I'll admit, but...
better late than never.
David tells me the reporters
have been bothering you.
So you finally got home, didn't you?
Sorry, dear, but I stopped to get this.
Have you had a pleasant trip?
You don't care a hang about that,
do you?
I'll open it by and by.
Are you angry about my engagement?
What difference does it make?
You didn't wait to consult me.
For this once I'm going to shoot
point blank.
Have you ever done anything else?
Oh, I may have a lot of wild stuff
from my father, but...
I seem to have a lot of something else
that I'm surprised to find.
Perhaps I'm a little like you were
years ago.
I have never altered one iota.
Oh, mother...
Mother, won't you please
try to listen to me just a minute.
I mean, listen inside.
I'm not the same girl that left you
a year ago.
Not the same girl at all.
There were times when your father
was very sweet and reasonable.
But there never was a time
when he wasn't deceiving me.
I have schooled myself to get on
without human affection.
It's much too treacherous.
do you think you're the only person
in the world who's ever been hurt?
My life is my own business.
Oh, no, it isn't.
There are so many things
I could make up for.
Oh, mother, I'm so much in love that...
I could die for everything I've done
that isn't right.
I'd love to be able to look at myself
and say...
"You deserve to be happy."
And I can be happy, mother.
I love him so much that I'll breathe every
breath for him for the rest of my life.
So won't you try to be friends with me?
Believe in me. It would help so much.
Oh, this is very familiar.
Oh, mother.
Life is based on the truth, Letty.
Whether you know it or not.
I'd hate to be the man who depended
on you.
That's funny.
You said something like that to me
when I was 14 years old.
Was it true or not?
It wasn't true then.
No, it wasn't true then.
Oh, this isn't any good.
You see, it's only that I need help
Well, I don't know quite well where
I'm going to get it.
You know, mother,
I think you're about the only person in the
world who's never wanted to go the wrong way.
Everyone else I know has at least
a tendency.
I have suffered all I am going to
for other people's sins, Letty.
when you figure it up like that
there's nothing more to be said.
Does she expect you?
Yes, I'm quite sure she does.
Ah, this way, sir.
It's... That's all right, David.
I'm not going to apologize, Emile.
Quite simple, quite.
You went off in a hurry because
you didn't want me to meet this young man.
Very simple. Oh, I'm sorry.
I couldn't think of anything else.
I couldn't trust you.
I didn't know what you'd say.
You're not going to be difficult,
You're going to wish me every happiness,
aren't you?
I have come to congratulate you.
Oh, have it your own way.
All a really colossal joke.
Merci. A magnificent joke.
What's funny about it?
I shall laugh at this days and nights
for years to come.
There's no joke about this.
A voyage back to South America
is pleasant, too.
And we will take it together.
You and I.
Emile, I thought I told you before...
that finishing was a habit of mine.
But when you learned this habit
you had not yet met me.
Don't be absurd, Emile,
there's nothing you can do.
I don't come so far
on a wild goose chase.
The touch has lost all its magic.
I've never in my life had anything happen
that I hated,
that I loathed like I do that.
Well, we can't finish this here.
You shall come tonight and tell me
all about it.
Oh, Emile, please.
Please say goodbye and wish me luck.
Oh, no. I know where you belong, Letty.
This is the last time you'll ever see me.
Until tonight, yes.
Will you get out.
If you don't I shall call the police.
I'm not fooling about that.
Good. We shall have some more
interesting headlines.
If by 8:00 you are not at my hotel...
by tomorrow you shall read
in your own handwriting
that you cannot live without Emile Renaul.
Oh, but, you see, you're wrong.
I've never done anything in my life
that I haven't told him.
You're lying.
I'm not. I am not lying.
If you hadn't, you wouldn't care
if I met him on the docks.
Anyhow, to speak of romantic past
is one thing...
Oh, not so loud, please.
But letters which speak of long, lonely,
heart-broken nights...
Will you please be quiet.
There's no woman in the world but you.
There's no love for you but mine.
Here's the number of my rooms.
Eight o'clock.
Oh, Miss Letty, what's the...
Miranda, would you please get Mr. Darrow
on the telephone.
He's on the phone, Miss Letty,
Mr. Darrow...
Hello, Jerry.
I can't leave for the Adirondacks tonight.
Well, it's mother, you know.
Yes, dear. I'll explain some other time.
Sure, sure it's all right.
I'm just trying to lie like a gentleman.
No, of course it's all right. What's
the difference on night more or less,
when we're going to live the rest
of our lives together?
How much? I'll tell you how much.
If I can't live the rest of my life
with you...
I don't want to live it at all.
Oh, I mean that.
We'll leave for the Adirondacks
in the morning.
Yes, dear, with all my heart.
You are late.
I suppose you have been telling yourself
you would not come.
So? Sorry.
Allow me.
I've no idea of the time.
What matters is you are here.
My coat, please.
Let me get thawed out.
I'm paralyzed.
Oh, and these.
You won't need these again tonight.
Oh, no?
You are amusing.
Any wine left? I'm congealed.
There's nothing my Letty can want
I shall not have for her.
Not so? Oh, yes.
Some food? Or are you fed?
No, thanks, I'm not hungry. No?
Sit down.
Oh, caramba, this weather.
Doesn't it make you want for Montevideo?
How can you be so idiotic to think
you are in love?
I'm going to say something just as plainly
as I possibly can.
Very hard for you, plain speaking,
isn't it?
I'm too unhappy and too frightened
to do anything else.
Quite so.
There shall be only one mind between us.
Maybe you waste your time.
The way I love you no other man can.
Won't you please listen?
Why listen?
A woman was made for man's arms
she likes the best.
Nothing else will last till next Christmas.
Emile... down there,
the last time I saw you...
I didn't think any more about love
than you do.
Women don't think.
They change their minds, that's all.
Have you any idea how I felt
when you put your arms around me just now?
I know how you felt...
No, you don't.
I felt just like putting a knife
in your heart.
How dare you say such things to me.
How dare you.
You're hurting me.
We will discuss this thing
at breakfast time.
You will be more clear.
Emile, you must listen to me.
I want to get married.
I've never loved anyone before
in all my life.
You or anybody else.
I want you to give me my letters back.
Let me have my chance,
won't you, please?
If you care the least little bit for me,
you will.
Emile, I'm begging.
Begging for my life with all my heart.
I know I don't deserve the chance,
I'll make it if only
you'd be a little kind.
A man you have known for three weeks?
You're making a laughing stock of me.
When I awake, you are gone.
Next time you leave me
it will be when I have said so.
Nothing can ever bring us again together,
you and me, nothing under heaven.
We are together, aren't we?
And I doubt that you will scream
or alarm the neighbors.
Emile, I'm warning you...
My dear child...
I will have to see to it that life
doesn't confuse you like this again.
The waiter, sir. For the service.
Later, please.
I'm not finished.
Well, this is fine.
Once again, four walls, my Letty and me.
That's the way it should be... You'll never
put your hands on me again as long as I live.
If I have to kill myself,
you'll never do that.
Oh, you will be true to Mr. Darrow, eh?
Yes, I'll be true to him.
No matter what you do.
That's all I'm asking for, just a chance
to prove it for the rest of my life.
Where there isn't a rotten, filthy second
I ever spent with you
that I couldn't cut my heart out for.
You dirty swine.
How could I ever...
How could you what?
I don't know, but certain men
you have had in your life...
Get up here.
No one has ever made a fool of me.
Or ever will.
Oh, you look as though you were
interested in me once again.
You see, you have exactly the same
feeling for me as I have for you.
So you would kill yourself.
Because I take you in my arms, hm?
We shall leave on the first boat south.
And I promise we shall have no more
trouble ever again.
Yes, we'll take the first boat south,
no more trouble.
My boat's in the harbor at Montevideo.
We shall sail in the moonlight...
Yes, sail in the moonlight...
Music from the shore just for you and me...
Yes, just for you and me.
We shall dance, my Letty.
Yes, we'll dance.
Do you remember the last night
down there?
The tango? How glorious.
We will dance again.
Yes, yes, we'll dance.
We'll dance.
Now life has some meaning.
Now it has some flare.
Oh, Emile, please.
Please leave me just a minute
to get myself together.
I don't know quite what I'm doing.
I'm not going to fight you,
honestly I'm not, Emile.
Won't you please let me be alone
for just a minute?
Why is it so dark?
Why is it so dark?
Santa Maria.
What's the matter?
Oh, you...
You wished me to have it...
Yes, I did it.
I meant it for myself.
Do you hear me? I meant it for myself.
I'm glad I did it.
You dirty, filthy, greedy mongrel.
I'm glad I did it.
If I hang for it, I'm glad I did it.
Pardon me, sir.
May I remove the service?
To your health, sir.
I thought I heard someone.
I'm sorry, dear.
I tried to come in as quietly as I could
so I wouldn't wake you.
You're not going to the Adirondacks
No, tomorrow.
Yes, quite.
Will you call me so that I can meet
your fianc?
Yes. Yes, dear.
It might have been the natural and polite
thing to do
if you had brought him in this evening.
Several natural things might have happened
this evening, mother,
if you'd ever cared anything about me.
It's too late for that now.
Good night, dear.
Hello, Jerry, my boy, welcome home.
Jerry! I thought you'd never get here.
You won't have to worry
about your wandering boy any longer.
Dad, I've learned a few foreign tricks
so you get a great big kiss.
Of course, this is Letty.
There never was the chance
of it being anybody else.
Can you forgive us, my dear,
for overlooking you for a minute?
But, you see, he's all we have
and he's been gone so long.
Of course.
And you've gathered by this time
that this is Dad.
And she may also have gathered
that this is snow.
Bring the poor girl in.
You're very welcome, my dear.
I tell you, old son, I've missed you.
Well, it's great to be home.
Hello, am I glad to see you.
Nice to have you back.
What about all those lies you used to tell
me about lions, and tigers and panthers?
Why don't you tell them about the panther
that came in the upstairs window?
You children must be freezing.
Come along to the fireplace
and have something hot.
Jerry, I'm very cross with you.
Ever since he was born I've been looking
forward to anouncing his engagement.
And here it was this morning all mixed up
with my oatmeal.
Did you read any of the cables
he sent about you?
Read them?
Why, she told me what to say.
I did not.
It looks to me, son,
you've done mighty well for yourself.
You don't know the half of it.
And a very good thing, too.
And, if I may say so,
you've done all right, too.
Don't worry, Ive boosted myself plenty.
Yes, siree.
One of the best jobs I've done.
You've done?
Hm, it's nice and hot.
Bring it along upstairs, dear.
It's bound to be a lot of man talk.
And, anyway,
I want to get you all to myself.
Fine girl, lad.
She's great.
We Darrows always had
great luck with women.
You like her? Fine.
Has a chin. Good head.
Doesn't gabble.
Congratulations, old man.
Oh, how nice and cosy. Yes.
It is a cosy room. Look here, dear.
These radiograms, all arranged in order.
Number 1: Met a girl today named Letty.
Second: Met a girl yesterday named Letty.
He's so silly.
As they go along we found out
all about you.
I put this here, dear, so that you'd see
I was willing to hand him over to you.
You mean share him with me.
I hope you like us, Letty.
So we can always be together.
The four of us.
You know...
You're the sweetest thing
I've ever known.
We're the silly ones.
I want to see Miss Lynton.
Letty Lynton. Will you come in.
What name shall I say?
She don't know me.
I'll tell Miss Lynton.
Come here, dear. I want to show you
a cheerful prospect for tomorrow.
That pond is Darrow Lake.
It's almost like they'd break my neck.
Come in.
A man to see Miss Lynton.
Who is he?
He wouldn't state his business, Miss.
How mysterious.
He seems to be a detective, Miss.
My maid must have smuggled something in.
I'll go right down and see about it.
Can't be anything serious.
Of course not.
I'm terribly sorry.
Oh, it'll be all right.
I'm sorry, gentlemen, but I can't talk.
Except to Miss Lynton.
Oh, darling, you seem to be under arrest
or something.
What's all the excitement?
Has Miranda been smuggling?
Are you Miss Lynton?
The District Attorney wants
to see you, Miss.
District Attorney?
A man named Renaul was killed.
It was in the paper this morning.
Killed? You mean murdered?
Now, just a few questions, Miss Lynton.
But, you'll have to come with me now.
You don't know anything about this.
Of course, I don't.
Where did this happen?
At a hotel.
New York? Yes.
Did you know this man, Letty?
Yes, I did, Mr. Darrow.
But I left him in South America.
It's murder. I wouldn't talk much.
We'll have to start right away.
Now, wait a minute...
I'm sorry, sir. But its orders.
Oh, what a shame.
I'm awfully sorry. It's too bad.
Do we have to stand for this just because
she happened to know the man?
I've got to do as I'm told, sir.
I guess there's no use arguing.
It's so embarrassing.
There's nothing you can do about it.
No, I guess not.
I'll be right down.
When did this happen?
I haven't read the papers.
Last night, about 10 o'clock.
I'll have to go with her.
Of course you will.
Isn't it a shame, mother?
Can you imagine anything
as ridiculous as this?
I'll be right with you.
He's almost half an hour late already.
He'll be here soon enough.
Tired, darling?
Oh, that long ride and no sleep.
This won't last long.
you've hardly spoken to me.
Because I'm in exactly the same position
as the District Attorney.
I'm waiting for this hearing.
You're not afraid.
I don't know.
When you walk into this building,
something seems to close in on you.
Well, good morning.
I'm frightfully sorry to have kept
you waiting.
I was unavoidably detained.
I had to go to court for a second or two.
You'll excuse me a moment.
Send Baker in here.
How unpleasant.
There isn't a scrap of anything to connect
you with this murder.
Nice of you to come.
I appreciate it.
Tell Kingsley to take care of this.
And Babson on the Renaul murder...
get a hold of the Consul of whatever
country that bird belonged to
and find out all you can about him.
A lot of that ground has been covered.
Do it as I told you, tell Babson.
And not a word to the press
about this hearing.
Why have you made such a point
of getting my daughter here?
We found out, Mrs. Lynton,
that this man Renaul came north with
your daughter in the same ship she did.
Somebody's been kidding you,
Mr. Haney.
I was on that boat and he certainly
was not.
Well... what about this?
We found that on the body
of the dead man.
Oh, I had forgotten about that.
You see, he happened along
as I was going through the customs
and insisted upon taking care of it for me.
Oh, I see, I see.
Oh, this is Doctor Sanders
who examined the body
of the murdered man.
Your name is Jerry Darrow, isn't it?
Did you by any chance meet this man Renaul
as he...
just happened along at the customs?
Why, er... no, I didn't.
I suppose you have seen this.
The headlines shout romance, but
look at the picture.
You see, the photographers asked her
to get up on the rail and cross her legs.
Oh, oh, oh...
Well, was the shock as great as that?
It's frightfully exaggerated.
Cameras play funny tricks.
What sort of a fellow was this man,
What do you mean?
I mean, what did he do?
He travelled, mostly.
His business kept him 3 or 4 months
out of every year in South America.
Was he a wealthy man?
I'm sure I don't know. He seemed to be.
Sort of a man that might have enemies?
I should think so, yes.
You didn't, by any chance, happen to know
any of the enemies he might have had.
No, I don't remember any.
I see.
This must have just come.
We wired the police down there
to get a resum of that man's life.
How long were you there, Miss Lynton?
Nearly three months. Indeed?
Well I made a little foray to Rio
and other places.
Must have been having a pleasant time.
Yes, I suppose I was.
Renaul doing his share?
He was very agreeable.
You must have behaved yourself.
The police make no mention of you.
You left him at Montevideo?
Yes, he came north by plane.
Oh, then he was at the dock to meet you.
Was that a surprise? Rather.
I was wondering if the horror caught
by this camera was just a surprise...
You're trying to trap this girl,
aren't you, Mr. Haney?
Oh Lord, no, Mrs. Lynton. Just a habit.
You see, one's brain gets to play
over a case like a searchlight.
Just a habit.
When did you two meet?
On board ship.
Love at first sight?
You see, we were three weeks
coming from Montevideo.
Did Renauld have the bad luck
to fall in love with you, too?
Yes, I guess he did.
Don't you know he did?
He did get to be a bit of a nuisance.
He followed you north, didn't he?
What if he did?
That doesn't prove anything, does it?
You'd been living with this man
for months, hadn't you?
I did nothing of the kind... Look here,
sir, you can't get away with this.
Just hold your horses, youngster.
I feel sorry for you.
We found these yesterday.
In a box in the hotel office.
Letters written by you.
During one of these forays,
as you call them.
Miss Lynton, I must warn you that anything
you say from now on may be used against you.
It is my duty to turn you over to the
police and hold you for the grand jury.
Why? On what?
Writing some foolish love letters?
These are not foolish love letters.
They speak very frankly
and intelligently.
Just listen to this one.
Written in November, from Rio.
Jerry, please let me fight this out alone.
I thought so.
She didn't want you to know...
that these nights were
agonies of loneliness
for this romantic foreigner.
Here's another one.
Don't make a fool of yourself, Haney.
I know all about those letters,
I know all about this situation.
We're not living in the early 90s.
You can tell that to the grand jury.
You're not going to take this thing
into court for nothing
and make a laughing stock of yourself.
You entered that man's rooms prepared to kill
him or get these letters back, didn't you?
I did nothing of the kind.
I had no more idea of killing him
than I had of killing my mother.
But you did kill him.
That's a lie. I did not.
You went to this man's rooms
at 10 o'clock, or thereabouts.
You asked for these, they were refused you.
And then you killed him, you poisoned him.
You're trying to force me into saying
something that is not true.
It is not true!
In your haste to get away...
you forgot something.
All right, if you must have it.
I did go to see him.
I had told Jerry Darrow nothing.
Don't you see I couldn't let him know
what a rotten worthless thing I was
because I might lose him.
That's why I went to see Renaul.
I told him that for the first time
in my life I was in love.
I begged him to give me a chance
but he only laughed at me.
I didn't go there to kill him.
It never entered my mind.
Wait a minute, Letty.
There's no way out of this but the truth.
At 8:30 that night...
I met Miss Lynton in the lobby
of the hotel.
We went to my apartment...
and spent the night there.
That's the truth.
That's exactly what happened.
Don't be a fool, Darrow.
Right back at you, Mr. Haney.
You're not bright enough to prove it.
This girl could be at two places
at the same time.
If you want to take this thing
into the court
for the sheer pleasure of throwing mud
on this girl, and her mother and my family
wasting the public's money
and making a fool of yourself...
All right.
You go ahead.
I hope you can prove that
when the time comes.
At least it's the choice of evils.
May I speak, Mr. Haney?
Certainly, Mrs. Lynton, if you want to.
I'd rather cut an arm off than verify
the statement this young man has just made.
But it's the truth.
And I'd have to verify it
if I went into court, wouldn't I?
This is serious.
Go ahead, Mrs. Lynton,
tell me how you know this.
On the afternoon of the day
that this man was...
this man died...
he came to my house. I overheard
a good deal of what he had to say.
The man seemd to be quite mad.
I heard him say...
if my daughter did not come to his rooms
by 8 o'clock that evening...
he might kill himself before morning.
The relationship between my daughter
and myself for several years...
has been wretched.
She didn't come with her troubles to me.
A little after 8 o'clock
I went over to Renaul's hotel.
I saw her leave with this young man.
They walked over to Park Avenue.
I saw them going to his place.
I stood around in the street for, oh...
probably an hour or so...
trying to make up my mind what to do.
Finally, in desperation,
I followed them in.
I begged of them not to begin life
in this cheap miserable way.
But they answered me exactly
as this young man has just answered you.
We are not living in the early 90s.
So I came away.
I stood in the street for quite a while
and I saw the lights go out.
Then I came home.
Mrs. Lynton, did anybody see you
leave your house?
Yes, sir, I did.
It was about eight, sir.
She came in just before midnight.
Miss Lynton, would you go before a judge
and a jury and swear to this?
Would you swear to it?
Why, I've told you the absolute truth.
I'd have to, wouldn't I, Mr. Haney?
The poison was administered
about 10 o'clock, or thereabouts.
Half an hour either way.
That's that.
Miss Lynton...
There are times when failure
is not so hard to take.
Believe me, this is one of those times.
Mrs. Lynton, I wouldn't want to force you
to go before a judge and a jury
and have you tell them what you just
told me.
I'm convinced as you are.
It would simply be a waste of time
and public money.
Mr. Darrow...
I've got a girl just about her age.
But she never yet has brought
anybody around
that can thinks as fast
as you can, young fellow.
I don't get you, Mr. Haney.
Did you ever study law?
No, why?
Too bad.
Lawyers with brains are scarce.
Well, doctor, we may as well go.
I haven't had my breakfast yet.
I'm sorry we had to do that.
Your mother and I.
But we had to tell the truth.
Jerry, you don't have to go any further.
If there's another girl with this
kind of stuff, I hope you get her.
You deserve it.
I hope you know why I did it.
Try to forgive me.
Breakfast is ready.
Oh, Mrs. Lynton.
Do you skate?
I used to.
I'd like to see Dad in the middle with you
hanging on one arm and mother on the other.
There will be a train about 12 o'clock.
I'll wire them to meet us at the station
with a sleigh.