Level 16 (2018) Movie Script

[pensive music]
[girls giggling]
[chime sounding]
The first thing
you'll do,
very first thing.
I'll look up at the sky.
Will it be day or night?
With a big round
silver moon.
What will you do, Vivien,
in your new home?
Well, I'll look up
at the moon,
right beside you.
Because when I get chosen
I'll tell them
I'm not going unless
you take Sophia, too.
Don't you ever worry that
you won't get a good family?
Are you kidding?
I'll be the first girl chosen.
[chime sounds]
[recorded music
over loudspeaker]
[female vocalist] My
baby kissed me good night
And I'm glad to relate
By the time I got home
I was feeling great
I climbed up the door
And opened the stairs
Said my pajamas
And put...
My jar.
Viv! Viv!
Get up, Vee!
You'll miss your spot.
My jar.
Can you see it?
Vivien, it's your turn!
It's your turn!
[over loudspeaker]
...Shined up an egg
Then I toasted the news
[buzzer sounding]
I'm here.
I'm right here!
[buzzer repeatedly sounds]
I'm clean! I'm clean!
Look at me!
Look at me!
Sophia, tell them!
Don't let them hurt me.
Cynthia, tell them
it was a mistake.
[crying] Sophia,
tell them I did it right.
It's a mistake!
I'm clean! I'm clean!
No, please.
I'm clean.
Tell them I did it right.
I'm clean!
I'm clean!
Don't take me!
[door slams shut]
[lock clicks]
[recording] A clean girl
is always attentive
and dutiful.
A clean girl embraces...
[all] Obedience.
A clean girl is always humble
and patient.
A clean girl embodies...
[all] Sweetness!
A clean girl
is always fit and temperate.
A clean girl...
[video breaking up]
should we report it?
Does this mean
that class is over?
Maybe we should go back
to our rooms or...
We wait for the buzzer,
All of us.
[recording] ...Honest
and forthcoming.
A clean girl
gives the school...
[all] Loyalty!
Very good, girls.
Now, please prepare yourself
for a short lecture.
[indistinct chatter]
[chime sounding]
- Good night.
- Good night.
You have to watch Greta.
She's always asking questions.
Go to sleep, Ava.
Sleep well.
[ethereal music]
[buzzer sounding]
[P/A] Assembly.
[distant door slams]
[footsteps approaching]
Good morning, girls.
[all] Good morning,
Miss Brixil!
I have good news.
As of today,
you have completed Level 15.
And now you will all be
moving up to Level 16.
Level 16 will be your
final year at Vestalis.
You will soon be meeting
your new families.
So remember your lessons.
Embrace the feminine virtues
that we have taught you and...
Eyes down!
Now, I will give you
your new hall assignments.
Beginning with Rose Hall.
[speaking Russian]
The following girls will now
move up to Rose Hall:
Rita. Ava.
[door creaks open]
[lock clicks shut]
Well, here we are.
Big beds!
We get our own beds.
New arrivals.
I'm Clara.
You're Vivien, right?
I'm Hedy.
We were both in
Lily Hall on Level 14.
I'm Ava.
This is Rita and Vivien.
I want the last bed
in the first row.
Each hall has its top girl
and in this hall it's me.
No questions
and no complaining.
[P/A] Vitamins are necessary
for healthy, growing bodies.
Vitamins prevent disease.
Take your vitamin now.
Vitamins are necessary
for healthy, growing bodies.
Vitamins prevent disease.
Take your vitamin now.
Vitamins are necessary
for healthy, growing bodies...
Is something wrong?
Cabbage day.
You knew that girl?
There's something
weird about her.
She squints.
She has bad eyesight.
[machine powering down]
[exhales sharply]
This is ridiculous.
It's worse than Level 15!
Anger is the second vice,
- I'm not angry.
- You sound angry to me.
Does she sound angry
to you, Vivien?
[machine powering up]
I'm going to
the water closet.
[door knob rattling]
[toilet flushing]
I need to talk to you.
Go back to Meal Break.
Get out of my way.
No, I...
I know what you're thinking.
That on Level 10 I...
Don't ever!
If you tell anyone
that I'm unclean...
I wouldn't!
I just...
I wanted to tell you
that I'm sorry.
[alarm sounding]
I never should've...
[P/A] Assembly.
[footsteps approaching]
Good day, girls.
[all] Good morning,
Miss Brixil!
Level 16 is not like
the other levels.
All your training has
led up to this moment.
Soon, our sponsors
will arrive to choose
their new adopted daughters.
But before you meet them,
you will need to learn
a few things.
For example,
how to dress like the daughter
of a top society family.
This one is for you.
You can look at me.
- For me?
- Yes.
Yes, come get it!
What does it say?
It spells "Grace".
There's one here
for each of you.
But listen carefully.
The dresses are to be hung
by your beds this evening.
Let them air out.
We don't want wrinkles,
do we?
You can wear them
all day tomorrow.
And for a special treat,
you can also wear them to bed
tomorrow evening.
Consider this a reward...
for virtuous behavior.
Have you ever seen
anything so spiffy?
It looks just like the ladies
from Moving Picture Night.
When I'm adopted,
I'll wear swell dresses
all the time.
And we can go outside
where the air is clean
and we can look at the moon.
[chime sounds]
[door lock clicks]
- Good night.
- Good night.
Good night, Vivien.
Good night, Ava.
[whispers] I bet you'll
get the best placement.
I bet you'll get a great
family who will love you.
Sleep well.
[girls giggling]
But what if we meet
the families
and we don't get chosen?
Don't be silly, Clara.
They'll choose you right away.
You're the prettiest girl
in Rose Hall.
[water sloshing]
can we switch chores?
I'm sweeping the classroom.
[scoffs] Are you kidding? Yes!
- Viv.
- You volunteered for wash duty.
So wash.
You asked me
not to tell and...
I... I won't.
I never would.
But I need you to
keep a secret, too.
- I don't want any trouble.
- No. Listen.
I'm going to
tell you something
and I need you
to promise me
that I could really,
truly trust you.
I need you
to listen to me!
I follow the rules!
And soon
I will be chosen, so...
Don't take the vitamins.
[whispers] At Meal Break,
do not take the vitamins.
[whispers] You'll have
to pretend that you're...
I need help
changing the sheets.
Yeah, I'll...
I'll be right there.
Or you could come now.
What's wrong with her?
Maybe she's unclean?
Don't ever say that.
No, I didn't mean...
Is that why you always
follow me around?
To spy on me?
I'm trying to help you.
I don't need your help.
I'm not your friend, Ava.
There are no friends
in this place.
[P/A] Vitamins are necessary
for healthy growing bodies.
Vitamins prevent disease.
Take your vitamin now.
[pulsating music]
Vitamins are necessary
for healthy growing bodies.
Vitamins prevent disease.
Take your vitamin now.
They're blue today.
[P/A] Vitamins are necessary
for healthy growing bodies.
Vitamins prevent disease.
Take your vitamin now.
Vitamins are necessary
for healthy growing bodies.
Vitamins prevent disease.
Take your vitamin now.
[music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
[chime sounding]
[door locking]
Good night, Ava.
She won't wake up.
They never wake up.
It's the vitamins.
It keeps them asleep.
The vitamins
keep us healthy!
They protect us from
unclean air and dirty water.
If the door opens,
pretend you're in
deep sleep.
- But if the guard comes...
- The guards?
The... No, the guards
aren't allowed in here.
If you need help,
call out.
[distant bang]
Or if I need help...
They're coming!
[door creaking open]
This one.
And this one.
[moody electronic music]
[door slams shut]
[music continues]
[man speaking Russian]
[door closes]
[light suspenseful music]
[door opening]
And here we are.
These are the two
you asked to see...
She has a fresh look like
a breath of clean country air.
The very picture of youth.
She is lovely.
And this is Vivien.
delicate features.
Skin like rich cream.
One in a million.
Isn't she, dear?
Would you like a glass
of champagne?
Champagne, dear?
Yes, please.
So perfect.
Imagine, never damaged
by a single ray of sunlight.
If you believe that.
You said you wanted this.
Why risk coming here
if you aren't...
It's my choice.
Yes, of course.
But we've come
all this way...
I'm not interrupting,
I hope...
Mr. Denison?
If you want to see
other options...
We'll buy that one.
Pay them.
Haggle, if you wish,
but I'm going back
to the hotel.
I think we've made
our selection.
Let me show you
to the office.
[speaking Russian]
This one.
They're waiting for her!
[ominous music]
[door slams shut]
I don't think
they locked it.
I didn't hear it lock!
Are you okay?
The sponsors.
They don't want to adopt us.
they want to buy us.
This is our only chance.
Brixil will be back soon...
I followed all the rules.
- We have to go.
- Go where?
- Outside.
- You're crazy!
The is air
is poisonous outside.
We can't.
You don't understand
what's been happening.
[distant door opening]
No, no...
[door creaking open]
This one.
[door slams shut]
[door creaks open]
[door slams shut]
[breathing heavily]
[door opening]
[cellphone ringing]
I'm here.
No, I'm almost done
with Rose Hall.
A little bit of hand-holding
but no more than usual.
Just one problem.
Alex, I know.
But I don't want him
on the floors unsupervised.
[door creaking open]
I can't talk now.
I want to stay here
until we finish Rose Hall.
[speaking Russian]
[man speaking Russian]
There's just one girl left.
I'll come down before
we open Lily Hall.
Yes. Okay.
[ominous music]
- [door slams shut]
- [gasps]
[ominous music continues]
[breathing heavily]
[footsteps approaching]
[door creaking open]
[door slams shut]
[lock clicks]
It's locked now.
That was our only chance.
When did you stop...
with the vitamins?
Level 13.
You're lucky.
- If any other girl had seen...
- I haven't told anyone else.
Well, that's...
Just keep your head down.
- They're drugging us.
- It's wrong, I know!
- Maybe there is a reason...
- You're defending them,
after what they did to you?
What "they" did to me?
Please enter.
Good morning, young lady.
"Vitamins are necessary
for healthy growing bodies.
Vitamins prevent disease."
Please have a seat.
I didn't think
you were real.
I mean, I thought
you were just a voice.
My name is Doctor Miro.
I only deal with
the senior students.
They need special attention.
Vivien is a lovely name.
One of my favorite
actresses is named Vivien.
- Really?
- Just breathe normally.
And out.
Again in.
And out.
I'm afraid there's been
an outbreak of fever
in one of the other halls.
Now, it's nothing
to worry about
but I will be giving
all the students
a series of vaccines,
just to be safe.
Do you understand?
Roll up your sleeve,
There we go.
Okay, a little pain.
There we are.
And not a peep
from my brave patient.
Now, Vivien, do you
have any skin problems,
dry spots, pimples?
That's what I like to hear.
But um,
sometimes there's...
Oh, it's nothing.
All the girls get...
Go on.
Uh, sleep scabs?
Sleep scabs.
Can you show me?
[exhales sharply]
One moment.
It's not that bad.
If you just wash it
with soap in the shower,
it normally
just gets better.
When we get adopted our beds
are going to be really soft
and we won't get the
sleep scabs anymore,
that's what
all the girls say.
Well, you were right
about the soap.
Make sure you use a lot
of soap on these sores.
And you tell all
the other girls.
Remember, cleanliness is...?
The second virtue.
That should help
speed up the healing
and help with the pain.
Thank you.
Now, Vivien,
we care about you.
The academy is your family.
You can go now.
Please enter.
Good morning, young lady.
Hi, Vivien.
Hi, Rita.
- Is that the...
- It's the Vitamin Doctor.
Geez, and I thought this day
couldn't get any better.
And why is today so great?
It's day 3.
It's Moving Picture night.
[movie music playing]
You live here?
Used to.
Who runs this place?
A lady by the name
of Mrs. Burke.
She's not home.
You waiting for her?
Just came back
to get my things.
I've been away
for a while.
I'm waiting for a taxi.
I used to live here
in this house,
eighteen years ago.
Was born here.
Don't kid me.
You're older than that.
Well, I didn't move
right after I was born...
[eerie music building]
Why the blue pills?
These white ones
make us sleep.
But the blue ones
knocked them right out.
We've never had blue before.
And we've never had
party dresses before.
Because the patrons
never came to see us before.
So the door's never
going to be unlocked again?
I've been waiting
since Level 13.
And they never once
left it unlocked.
What do you do?
During the night?
I fall asleep...
A long time after they do.
But then the doors
are locked
and there's nowhere to go,
I listen.
To what?
The other halls.
- There's four halls, right?
- Right.
Rose, Lily, Daisy and Iris.
Everyone knows that...
We all share the same floor.
A hall wakes up,
they go to class.
Do their chores,
vitamin, meal break,
evening cleanse
and sleep.
But then there's a...
a pause.
A Dark Hour
before the next hall
wakes up.
If we get out
during the Dark Hour,
the other girls
won't see us.
Even if we get
into the hall,
there are Big Eyes
I don't think we need to
worry about the Big Eyes.
They bring the guards.
I walked down the hall.
But I was right in front
of the Big Eyes
and nothing happened.
No alarms?
No. I got to the stairs,
but the door wouldn't open.
I think we need one
of those shiny cards.
- We should tell the other girls...
- No!
No way!
They don't know.
They take that pill
every night...
Have you ever been punished?
Have they ever
taken you downstairs?
We'll find another way.
[door creaks shut]
I didn't call for you.
I, no.
I just...
I need to talk to you.
Of course.
Come on in.
Have a seat.
You have something
to tell me?
I like your glasses.
Thank you?
There's a girl in Rose Hall
who has really bad eyesight.
She could use some glasses.
[clears throat]
Is this what you
wanted to tell me?
Am I really named
after a famous actress?
Vivien Leigh.
A famous beauty.
Do I look like her?
You have her smile.
But then you've never
seen Dark Journey
or Storm in a Teacup.
I wanted to put
Gone With the Wind on your list,
but Miss Brixil
was absolutely opposed.
Moving Picture Night?
Oh, I choose your films.
- That's because of you?
- Uh-huh.
- Oh.
- It's one of the few perks of this position.
Oh, the girls love
Moving Picture Night.
Especially Ava
and Rita and Hedy.
But not you?
No, I love it, too.
Go on.
Well, we see the same,
um, films?
- Uh-hmm.
- Films.
We see them over
and over again.
And most of the time, the
girls know all the words so...
You selfish girl.
You want to know what
Vivien Leigh looks like,
is that it?
Uh, yeah.
I'll see what I can do.
Come on.
Now, let's just keep
this little chat
between the two of us,
shall we?
I don't think Miss Brixil
would approve.
You're so...
Oh, Vivien,
when a girl
is obedient and sweet,
the world cannot help
but love her.
Just follow the rules,
be patient
and let us
take care of you.
All right?
[indistinct chatter]
She needs water.
Grace, can you go
get some water?
She's really sick.
It's probably the Fever.
We should call the guards.
She hasn't done
anything wrong.
Well, I don't want to be
infected by a sick girl...
- by any unclean girl...
- Can you shut your gobber, Ava!
Come on. I'm going to
help you get cleaned up.
Are you okay?
I'm sure it's nothing.
Can I see?
I don't have the Fever!
The doctor gave me
the vaccine.
I'm fine.
[water running]
Let me see your arm.
That looks bad.
It's just a vaccine.
And the pills
are just vitamins.
We should talk
to the other girls.
They would never believe us.
We need a plan.
or maybe the doctor
could help us.
Why would you trust him?
I... I don't.
I don't.
You just stopped
taking the vitamins...
so you don't know
what's been happening.
There is this guard,
- he limps when he walks...
- Yeah.
Yes, the one with the
metal plate under his shoe?
He comes into our room...
during the Dark Hour.
I don't...
What are you saying?
He comes alone.
And he touches the girls.
He waits until we're asleep
[alarm sounding]
and then he chooses the...
[movie music playing]
[movie] Good grooming starts
with personal care.
This principally means
the care of your hands,
your hair, your teeth
and your skin.
Let's begin with the skin
by taking a look at it
from the doctor's
point of view.
You'll find that skin
is a complex living tissue...
[movie audio breaking up]
[indistinct chatter]
No questions!
Curiosity is the first vice.
[movie resumes]
[woman singing]
Will you hear a Spanish lady
How she woo'd
an Englishman?
Garments gay,
rich as may be
She had on
Comely was her
Deep breath.
And again.
Very good.
No sign of any fever,
you're as healthy as a horse.
So how was your
lesson today?
A very fascinating lecture
about hygiene, I hear.
The beautiful lady
in waiting,
that's Vivien Leigh, right?
- You liked it?
- Oh, I loved it.
Yeah, very much.
she was so, uh...
In the way that she walked
and the way that she talked,
I mean, it was just as if
everyone should just...
just get out of her way.
And even when they
were laughing at her
or scowling she
just held her head up.
Like no one
could touch her.
Yes, well, Laurence Olivier
had the better scenes.
I have another vaccination
for you today.
But you said
that I was healthy.
Don't you use
that tone with me.
Sorry, I just, um...
well, the vaccines,
some of the girls
have been getting sick.
If you have any
problems in Rose Hall
you can report that
to Miss Brixil.
Miss Brixil won't help us.
She works with the guards.
Vivien, have you been
taking your vitamins?
Of course.
Because you seem upset.
Are you angry?
Anger is a vice.
That's right.
And the vices of the
unclean lead to what?
- Hysteria.
- Correct.
Which is a very serious risk
for young women.
I'm going to give you a
concentrated vitamin injection.
I don't need that.
[sighs] When a girl behaves
the way you are behaving,
I am required to call
the guards,
do you understand?
To send you down
for punishment.
Is that what you want?
I'm not going to do that
because I think you
deserve a second chance.
Do you deserve
a second chance?
What is a girl's
first virtue?
Much better.
[grunts in pain]
This isn't punishment.
I only want to help you.
[eerie music]
you shouldn't sit with me.
I'm unclean.
I might infect you.
There is nothing
wrong with you.
My head feels heavy.
Your head will clear.
When I first stopped
taking the pills,
it was like my mind was
working for the first time.
The days just all
kind of blur together.
Yeah, that's why I
started keeping a calendar.
I put a line for every day on
the headboard behind my bed.
I've never told
anyone that before.
I have a plan.
What kind of plan?
To get out,
we need a shiny card.
The guards have the cards.
- No. No! No...
- Shh!
The guards are animals.
All they do is hurt us!
- But the...
- Quiet down.
- The guards don't even speak like us.
- Shh!
Are you sure?
What's the problem?
I've never reported
anyone before.
It's our responsibility
to report unclean behavior.
One unclean girl
could infect everyone.
But is she really that bad?
Because, uh, she...
You want a good placement,
don't you?
We follow the rules,
that's what good families want.
If we follow the rules,
we'll get good homes
where we'll be safe.
This is student Ava
from Rose Hall on Level 16.
I've witnessed
unclean behavior.
He hasn't done
anything on this level.
But he will do it again.
He won't stop.
He seems strong.
But he comes alone.
I don't think Brixil
knows he does it.
Well, then we'll
wait for him.
We could make a rope.
To tie him up.
[alarm sounding]
But first we'll need to...
[P/A] Assembly.
[footsteps approaching]
- Come with me.
- What?
Come on.
I haven't done anything!
You'll speak when
you are spoken to.
Physical punishment
is never my first choice.
Do you understand?
So consider this a test.
Will you cooperate
or do I need to send you
Do I need to call
the guards?
[eerie music]
[gate slams shut]
Spend your time here reflecting
on the feminine virtues.
If you show obedience
and sweetness,
I may let you out
in the morning.
Or you can stay here
until graduation.
Don't let this box
be the last thing you see.
[door lock beeps]
[recorded jazz music]
[door opens/closes]
You're in a good mood.
And you are not.
I'm worried about Alex.
His uncle is not
an easy man to deal with.
I never wanted to deal
with any of them.
Well, they protect us
and they bring us customers.
They bleed us dry.
They want us to restock.
- Just listen to me...
- Most of the floors are empty.
We wouldn't have to use
children this time.
Not with the
advancements I've made.
We could start
as old as 12,
maybe older.
You said just
3 more years.
They want a greater return
on their investment.
Oh, we have cut corners
year after year.
This place is falling apart
and we are running
ourselves off our feet
trying to keep it going!
What do you want me to do?
These are dangerous people!
We should have
compressed the timeline.
Kept them sedated 24/7.
That was never
financially viable
and you know that.
- Maybe there's a way.
- No.
We'd need ventilators,
nasogastric feeding,
constant medical attention.
We wake them
for five hours a day,
they clean themselves,
feed themselves...
If you hadn't spent so much
time designing classes
and writing up your little
"history lessons."
Well, it's worked,
hasn't it?
By level 10,
they're completely docile.
Oh, like that girl
you doped on level 16?
I had to lock her
in the box today.
That one...
is unusual.
[eerie music]
[door opening]
[door creaking]
Don't touch her!
Oh, Viv!
- [grunting]
- Ah!
Sophia, you got out?
I did.
I got the shiny card.
Get me out of here.
[alarm sounding]
Let me out, Sophia.
The guards will come.
And I'm covered in blood.
Open the door, Sophia!
Don't you leave me,
You have to trust me.
Don't leave me!
Not again!
Don't you turn your back
on me again, Sophia!
Wake up, Viv.
I am awake.
You have to come
find me, Viv.
I'm awake, really,
I'm awake.
It's too late.
She's coming.
Who's coming?
Where are you?
Wake up!
[footsteps approaching]
[lock beeping]
Come with me.
One of your classmates
has behaved abominably.
She has taken something valuable
and it must be returned.
We have searched this girl
and she does not have the item.
She must have given it
to one of you.
Any girl who is found
assisting this kind of willful
disobedient behavior
risks losing her placement.
But if you turn
yourself in now,
you can still prove
that you're a clean girl
who embraces
the feminine virtues.
This is your last chance
to come forward.
Come forward
and you will be rewarded.
- No one...
- Enough!
Sophia has betrayed
this school...
and she has betrayed you.
Never have I witnessed
such coarse
and unfeminine behavior,
such ingratitude.
We gave you a full life
and this is how you repay us?!
We treated you like family!
Well, perhaps the time
for that is over.
I haven't done anything.
Today, this girl
will be punished.
- [crying] Please, no, no!
- Tomorrow, another,
the next day,
and another and another
and another
until the item you have
taken is returned!
I hope for your sake I've
made myself perfectly clear.
[tense music]
[indistinct conversation]
Not so fast, girls!
Follow me.
We're going to be extra careful
about your health from now on.
Open your mouth.
Take the pill.
Lift your tongue.
Do it.
Don't look at me like that.
Tomorrow you'll join
your new family.
Stay awake.
Stay awake.
[eerie music]
Where is it?
[fabric tearing]
Where is it?
Where's the card?
Where's the pin?
Oh, please.
Oh, please...
Thank you, Vee.
[tense music]
[panicked breathing]
[door opening]
[door lock beeping]
[door handle rattling]
[door lock beeping]
[door lock beeping]
No. No!
No. No. No. No.
[door lock beeping]
[distant door opening]
[distant footsteps]
[door lock beeps]
[cart rattling]
[speaking Russian]
You might as well come in.
Sit down.
It won't hurt to sit down.
You can barely stand.
Because you drugged me.
He said you were different.
Where is Sophia?
You two are friends?
Tell me where she is!
We change your hall
assignments on each level
to prevent that
kind of bonding.
Tell me where she is!
She's downstairs.
She's fine.
I don't want to hurt you,
any of you.
I'm going to leave
this place tonight...
or tomorrow.
First, I need to give you
this vitamin.
And then I will take you
downstairs to see your friend.
Or not.
My face...
No! Agh!
You won't get out.
Patience is a virtue.
[door lock beeping]
[door slams shut]
[light music]
[door rattling opening]
[light buzzing]
[distant door opening/closing]
[door lock beeping]
- Vee.
- No! No!
It's okay. It's okay.
It's just me.
It's okay.
You came after me.
Of course I did.
You're my friend.
Can you untie me?
Oh, sorry.
No, I think we're
going to have to cut it.
[door slams shut]
Okay, turn around.
What is this place?
The Doctor took her...
to be punished.
He said that...
He said...
[zipper whirring]
[tense music]
They killed her!
We should leave...
They cut off her face.
Why would they do that?
I don't know
and I don't care.
I just want to get
out of here.
If we leave,
they'll kill the other girls.
We can't do anything.
The alarm could go off
at any time.
What about Olivia?
And Clara?
And Ava?
Ava wouldn't risk her neck
for either of us.
Do you want all of them
to end up like...
like that?
What can we do?
There are two of us.
I have to try to help them.
And I have to leave.
This is it.
Will the air be safe?
I'll take my chances.
Come with me.
We'll get out.
We'll get help...
No one's going to help us.
No one is going to save us.
You're half-blind.
So come with me.
I'm sorry.
Wait for me...
as long as two meal breaks?
One meal break?
I'll wait,
but you're making a mistake.
I turned my back
on a friend before.
Because this place
taught me,
trained me,
to be afraid.
But I am not afraid anymore.
[TV] Good morning, girls.
We hope you had
a restful night.
As we do every morning,
let us review the Seven Virtues
and the Seven Vices.
The Seven Virtues are
obedience, cleanliness,
patience, humility,
purity, sweetness
and modesty.
The Seven Vices are
curiosity, anger,
A Vestalis girl is sensible,
not sentimental.
is the third vice.
[all] Sentimentality
is the third vice.
Well done!
Excellent, um,
Now let us contemplate
the fourth vice.
Let's not.
Ears open, minds open.
As before, you will repeat
the final sentence in unison...
Miss Brixil sent me.
You're from Iris Hall,
- No. Lily Hall...
- Oh, right. Lily Hall.
That's what I meant.
Your assignment,
from Miss Brixil,
is to wake up all the girls
on this level.
Why are you wearing
your night gown?
we were both on
Level 13 together, right?
- And your name is...?
- May.
May, right.
Well, May,
you are now top girl.
[door lock beeps]
[door closing]
[eerie music]
At the Vestalis Clinic,
we offer a unique approach
to beauty augmentation.
With our private viewing rooms,
featuring live units,
we remove the guesswork
of selecting the perfect model
to accentuate your own
natural features.
If you or someone you love
is considering full
facial rejuvenation,
you owe it to yourself
to consider our
exclusive process.
With full facial rejuvenation
we can help you
turn back time
with results that are
permanent and long-lasting.
At the Vestalis Clinic,
we are offering a unique...
...cutting edge,
synthetic genome therapy.
Ensuring that our
donor material
will match your personal DNA,
completely eliminating
the need for unpleasant...
Where is Miss Brixil?
I promise, I'll explain
but we have to hurry.
We have to go.
Is that...
is that blood?
Just listen to me,
okay, and...
and trust me that...
Doctor Miro said that you
betrayed our school.
This is not a school!
It's a prison.
We should call the guards.
That would be a bad idea.
[all gasp]
- Miss Brixil!
- Miss Brixil?
[indistinct chatter]
Quiet down.
Quiet down!
This is not...
a school.
This isn't a prison.
This is a farm.
And they raise us here
like sheep.
- Miss Brixil...
- The sponsors do not want to adopt us.
All they care about
is our skin.
And they will
take you downstairs
and skin you like an animal.
- You're lying.
- Rita is dead!
We found her body.
They took her face.
They killed her?
Are they...
are they going to kill us?
The school saved us from
the poisonous air outside!
Ava, for once
in your life just think!
Tell them!
I can't help you.
Tell them about
the dead girls.
You killed Rita!
I've never killed anyone.
Maybe you didn't
carve her up yourself...
but you killed her.
You killed her.
How many girls
have died in this place?
There's nothing I can do.
You can help us.
It's too late.
Her face.
Look at her face.
You're one of them.
A Sponsor.
I just wanted to help him.
He's a brilliant man,
a genius.
I didn't know.
I didn't know.
Whose face
are you wearing?
Spend your time
in here reflecting
on the Feminine Virtues.
Up here!
Sophia, you take
the girls outside.
I will take the passcard
and wake up the girls
on the lower level.
[alarm sounding]
Go! Go!
[tense music]
[girls clamoring]
- Viv!
- No!
Leave her alone!
[man yelling]
[alarm sounding]
You're hurt.
I'm fine.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Come on.
- We can breathe the air.
- Keep moving.
[tense music]
Oh no!
[gun shot]
[girls screaming]
I'm sorry.
[car approaching]
[men speaking Russian]
Quick. Quick.
[gun shot]
[girls screaming]
[speaking Russian]
[banging on door]
- Doctor.
- How many?
Girls, can you hear me?
You need to get
out of there right now
and let me take you
back to the school.
We know what you've done.
Oh, my dear,
you're confused.
We found Rita!
I just want to help you.
No, you don't.
- You want to kill us!
- No.
No, I saved you...
I saved you from...
from poverty.
and parents who were
more than happy
to sell you.
I built a home for you.
You locked us up.
You drugged us.
You had no future,
I... I gave you food
and safety and...
Your friend is hurt.
It's too late to save her,
but it's not too late
for you, Vivien.
I can't save the other girls,
but I could save you.
I could help you
and you could help me.
How could I help you?
Open the door
and help me find
all the other lost girls.
Help me get them
back to the school.
Just open the door.
You don't have to share the
same fate as this poor girl.
You're not like her.
You're not like
the other girls.
You're wrong.
I am.
I am just like
the other girls.
Could we just find
a crowbar or something?
That's a solid
security door.
Just get something!
So how much am I worth?
How much is this worth?
I've invested 16 years
of my life for that face.
I'm not leaving without it.
Vivien, wait.
Don't... Stop!
Stop! No!
- [screaming]
- Stop! No!
Stop! Stop!
[men speaking Russian]
He wants to see you.
No, we... we can, uh,
salvage this situation.
Get moving.
No, no, I can...
I can fix this.
You just have your people
deal with the police
- and I'll gather...
- He doesn't wait.
Not for anyone,
not for you.
Okay, okay.
[gun shot]
[girls gasp]
[banging on door]
[Belarusian] We have
two more survivors here.
Send the paramedics.
My friend is hurt.
What happened to you?
[inspirational music]