Lezioni private (1975) Movie Script

Yes, ma'am.
Where are you going, senora?
- The cemetery.
- Ah.
- Uh, oh.
- Hey!
Watch where you're
going, you degenerate.
Excuse me, I
didn't see your leg.
Oh, God.
Oh, excuse me.
I'm sorry!
I was in a hurry.
I didn't mean it.
Oh, it's all right.
I didn't see you.
Oh, my scarf.
I'm sorry.
Uh... I'm sorry.
It's all right.
It's fine.
I really am.
- It's all right.
- Bye.
This person, more than
any other, showed in the person
An inimitable example
of dedication,
she respected and loved
above all things...
- Hello.
- Hi.
Her mission of initiating
the ranks of the young
into the sublime art of.
She was a bloody turd.
But music is an
art only when the music is
in control of light, of
temperance of modesty,
of tenacious application.
We shall miss her not
only for these reasons,
but for her infinite
Her love of people
and her love of life
shall be remembered
for all time.
Who's that woman there?
Who graced the humble
corridors of our school
with far more love
and understanding...
Who's that woman over there?
I don't know, I think it's
our new piano teacher.
And may God bless her soul.
There you are, senora.
That'll be 400 euro, please.
Well, seasons are changing.
Not what they used to be, huh?
It was a lot hotter
when I was a kid.
I can't remember that far back.
God, mother in heaven!
What's that?
It sounded like a scream.
Come on, let's go.
He's crazy.
Get out of here!
Take care of her.
Senora, it's all right now.
There, you'll be fine.
- Don't touch me!
- Sorry.
Did you bring what I
told you to, nitwit?
OK, yeah.
OK, when I give you
the sign, all right?
Psst, hey.
Good looking.
You're so beautiful,
it staggers my mind.
Baby, you have one hell
of an effect on me.
I can't resist you.
Now, what was that all about?
True, I was playing
but I had no idea
that my interpretation
was so infectious.
I would like you to
pay more attention.
Our passion for music
can help us to realize
every force within ourselves.
We live in a remote
cloistered little village,
but with music we can
transcend every boundary.
Naturally, for this privilege
a certain amount of sacrifice
is required.
An almost fanatical application.
And frankly, our private lives
have to take second place.
So, jokes or pranks that are
not within a musical framework
must be excluded.
You, come up to the piano.
Dear Alessandro,
we would feel much
more at ease if you
weren't continually
making that long face.
Get lost.
I don't appreciate
your idiot jokes.
You didn't have to play
that trick on Alice.
Wow, this morning she was
going to have a stroke.
You guys can say
whatever you like,
but since this new teacher
Miss Formenti showed up,
I've never seen you two paying
so much attention to a piano.
I think it's love
at first sight.
Oh you're out of your head.
She's old enough
to be my mother.
What does that
have to do with it?
Love is nothing you can command.
True love is blind.
Kiss me, you fool.
Hey, are you mad or something?
That's your sister.
So what?
I need a consolation
because Alessandro
is interested in someone else.
Well then, I guess I should
get a little consolation
from Paula.
You weirdo.
Not from me, you don't.
I have to get upstairs.
See ya.
- So long, goodbye.
- See ya tomorrow.
You should eat more.
Perhaps some fruit.
You don't eat enough,
my little darling.
Luigi, talk to
your son, will you.
Uh huh.
And what song are you
preparing for the examination
at the end of the week?
I told you yesterday, I don't
know yet what I'll be playing.
What is it?
What's the matter?
If you're feeling badly,
you've got to tell us.
Do you want me to talk to
this new teacher of yours?
It might be a very
good idea, darling.
Does she know that you're
the best in the school?
Oh ma, please.
If you ask me, it's
better if she knows it now.
It might be a while until she
realizes how good you are.
Now, eat.
Come on, come on.
God damn that woman.
And why can't she
drown in a river?
What do you think about
sending out a
I don't think the one in
the spring was enough.
You tell him, Luigi.
Are you listening?
Yes, yes.
Whatever you say, Gizella.
May I come in?
I hope I'm not too
late for coffee.
Of course not, my friend.
You're never too late.
I brought you
some... some cookies.
I'll bring the coffee.
It'll just take a moment.
Look after him, will you?
What do you think
of the.
Just fine, dear.
Close the window.
Now what are you doing,
for Christ sakes?
He'll close it.
Good morning.
Good morning, good morning.
Now, let's see
what's the matter.
How old are you now?
Well, it's got to be a girl.
Don't worry, Gizella.
Your little boy's
going to be all right.
I'll find something to cure him.
Good morning.
Good morning.
It's for you.
Some clown wants you
on the telephone.
Sounds like that
fella out of Sanville.
And don't be all day.
Is that you, Alessandro?
That would be nice.
I don't know.
All right.
Stop it, will you!
It's my idiot
brother, Gabrielli.
He thinks he's Jack the Ripper.
We might, can you
call me a bit later?
See ya.
Hold on, here's my brother.
How you doing, Don Juan?
Yeah, well listen there's
something I got to show you.
So what is it you
wanted to show us, huh?
Yeah, we've been pedaling
these things for half an hour.
Open up!
Well, I won't be the only one
to open up around here fellas.
Have a look.
Prophylactics for your
hygienic convenience.
And like a true friend,
I brought one for each.
Hold it, dummy.
You have to use your
head from time to time.
Figure it out, will ya.
If you unroll it beforehand,
how are you going to get it on?
But I didn't unroll
it all the way,
just a little to look at it.
You've seen 'em before, huh?
Yeah, sure.
You know how to use them?
Naturally, men.
The faster you get
the damn thing on,
the better you're going to look.
Can't ask a woman to
lie down on the grass
and wait for an eclipse while
you get ready, right guys?
When I say go, we all begin.
First of all, you
have to get a hard on.
Otherwise it won't go on.
Careful, Nicco.
If you jerk off
you're disqualified.
And I'm right on your ass!
Mine took longer because
mine's the biggest.
Now I have to take a leak
and I don't know what to do,
the thing's stuck on there.
There's nothing to worry
about, you'll work it out.
Oh, shit, I can't
get it off and I
can't hold it in any longer.
3 matches
lit in the dark.
The first beautiful because
now we see your face.
The second... this match
illuminates your eyes.
The last, to see your mouth.
And the rest I leave to my, uh,
my uncontrollable imagination.
And, meanwhile I take
you in my waiting arms.
Sure is.
Yeah, but I, uh, I
have to get going now.
I'll see you
tomorrow, all right?
Yeah, tomorrow.
See ya.
Alessandro, now listen closely.
When I count to three you
better be out of there or else
I'll break the door down.
Goddammit, let's go.
Look, I only have 10 minutes
to get to the clinic.
Ah, finally.
It was a half an hour
this time, buddy.
Your mother gets
upset when you spend
too much time in bathroom.
She thinks you're sick.
Well, mothers are
like that, but, uh, I
don't think you're sick at all.
I mean, it's not
injections you need, is it?
I guess I'd better be going.
Wait a minute, kid.
We'll have a little
talk, man to man.
All right?
I gotta go, Dad.
Hey, will you listen
to me for just a minute?
You know, I was once your age.
I imagine you were.
Well just let me
finish then, huh?
Look, I know what's happening.
I mean, you understand.
No, I don't.
It's the girls, isn't it?
Oh, it's perfectly normal.
I understand, I understand.
Beautiful little things.
Oh, I know.
I know!
Years ago, in Africa, when
I was a young man... oh,
there were girls there
that were 12 years
old that were already women.
You know, they really had
it together at an early age.
I mean, 12 years old
and built like 18.
Had it out to here.
I remember this one girl, she
could have been more than 10,
she was already pregnant.
I tell you, you have to watch
these girls, Alessandro.
They're demons if they
get their hands on you.
This one, this one took a hold
of me, you wouldn't believe it.
What's the matter, you
ashamed of your father?
These are the facts of
life you're hearing.
Oh, what the hell are they
teaching you in school?
I mean, this is
the 20th century,
there's no reason to be nervous.
Just keep it together.
That's all you have to do.
You're to uptight, son.
If you don't watch yourself,
you'll be a nervous wreck.
- All right, I'll watch myself.
- Beautiful!
- See you later.
- Fine.
Give 'em hell, give 'em hell.
How old are you now, Alessandro?
- 18.
- 18.
Beautiful, beautiful.
Oh, I'm sorry!
Excuse me.
Uh, it seems that we've
met this way before.
I'm sorry, Miss Formenti.
I guess I'm just a
walking disaster.
- Are you always so distracted?
- Yes.
I don't know.
Well, you didn't have
to rush so much you know.
School doesn't start
for another hour.
I know, I was just
going somewhere.
Oh, you... you have
another appointment.
You better go, then.
No, no.
It was nothing like that.
I could accompany
you, if you want me.
Oh, thank you but
I wouldn't like
the principal to see me with
a student outside of school.
He's very strict, you know that.
Anyway, I have to think
about those things.
I'm older than you are.
But you're not very old.
And you're very pretty.
Listen, uh, let's
make a bargain.
I'll allow you to
fall in love with me
if you promise to think
seriously about a pretty girl
your own age.
We'll have to respect the
rule, but let's be sensible.
What rule?
Well, that every student
falls in love with his teacher.
It's inevitable.
Oh, it's apparent that you
did have an appointment.
But a good student should
have a better memory.
I guess so.
Well, goodbye Corsini.
Well, goodbye now.
Don't forget your lesson.
Hey, wait.
Wait, will ya.
Wait for what?
Did you have an appointment
with me or with her?
Hey, come on.
For crying out loud,
she's a teacher.
What else could I do, huh?
For me she's a teacher, but
for you it's another thing.
What do you mean by that, huh?
What do you mean?
She means something else.
I don't know.
A personification of sex.
Oh man, I think stories of
sex are a fixation of yours.
I don't know what
you're thinking about,
but if anyone has a
complex about sex it's you.
In the music of Italy
during the 16th century,
there were two prevalent styles.
The and
You should've seen it, honest.
Right out of "The
Arabian Nights,"
there were seven
naked women dancing.
It was Palestrina
himself who saved
ecclesiastical polyphonic music
when he had the pope listen
to his famous.
Uh, thank you for
your attention.
Good day!
The fore-handed
piano technique,
which is the subject
of today's lesson,
used to be considered a
fundamental preparation
for all pianists.
Hey, she's not
wearing any stockings.
Yeah, she is so.
It was
particularly in vogue
in the Romantic period.
In which this technique
served to obtain
a wide range of effects,
as we shall see later.
This technique was already
evident at the end of...
They're light colored
stockings, you moron.
There's no way.
we find the first
examples of compositions for
forehands for the harpsichord.
Some of the most
interesting pieces are the...
They're stockings.
Dances of Brahms.
Which he wrote for
himself and his friends.
They have a folklore motif,
rich in life and color.
Corsini, you come
up to the piano.
Uh... Gabrielli, I bet he
wishes he wasn't up there.
Look at how red he's turning.
Why don't you shut down, dummy.
Shut up, you worm.
Bonjourno, Miss Formenti.
Bonjourno, Father.
Well, now.
How have you been getting along?
Oh, very well thank you.
We're pleased with
your work here.
At first, I must say I was a bit
dubious about the possibilities
of your fitting
in the ambiance of
an ecclesiastical institution.
You see, we've never had
a teacher as young as you.
We have noticed the
progress you've been making,
you're quite satisfactory.
Both professionally and morally.
We're quite content
to have you with us.
Rest assured that you
have our strong support
concerning your degree.
Thank you, Father.
We are certainly aware of
your need of our approval.
There is nothing to worry
about, we anticipate no problems
Rest assured.
A little bit more.
My mother covers it a
lot lower than that.
That's because she
has a large nose.
When you have a large nose,
it's better to go over the edge.
I think I read that someplace.
Come on, you try.
I think they put
something in it.
My lips look larger.
Yeah, they'll put anything in
it to make a sale, the crooks.
Uh huh.
You know, most actresses
have big lips, too.
Don't they?
Just like their breasts.
I bet they use cotton.
Some of them have
that operation.
Lend me your bra, I think I'll
try stuffing it with something.
Sure, but if you want to stuff
it you'll need a bigger size.
What size do you wear?
32 AA.
I wonder why we have to
wear these things, anyway.
I read in
Cosmopolitan they're
supposed to keep you firm.
Ah, they'll say anything
in those dumb mags.
Yeah, pretty soon they'll
have us wearing steel corsets.
Wouldn't I look
funny in one of those.
I think some of the boys
put something in their pants,
you know?
- You mean... down there?
- Sure.
Haven't you ever felt
it when you dance?
Sometimes it gets bigger
and then it goes down.
Yeah, is that weird.
When I feel it getting
bigger, I just move away.
You know, I like
the line of this.
You know some of those girls
taking the commercial course
aren't virgins anymore.
Who cares?
They're a bunch
of weirdos anyway.
Would you do it with
a guy like James Dean?
You better believe I would.
Come on, slow Joe!
I'm coming!
- Woohoo!
- Hey, look out for the dog shit!
Dog shit, ah!
OK, I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, hold on.
I still have some time,
I'll walk a ways with you.
Well, we sure did some out
of sight work today, huh?
You did, you mean.
After a while I can't
concentrate anymore.
You've really perfected
your technique, Alessandro.
Oh, I've only
studied Miss Formenti.
I mean, I've been watching
how she positions her hands.
I don't know how she
does it, so composed.
Her wrists are so loose, man.
It's really something.
For my money, you're better.
You're crazy.
Man, have you seen how
she uses her left hand?
And you're better than
I am when it comes
to using your left hand, right?
I don't know, when I see a
pass that's this difficult I
get uptight and blow it.
I don't think anyone could
tell, the way you play.
Walk me back.
What's with you and Formenti?
Jeez, I've never seen
you so alert in class.
Is it because you like
the way she's plays,
or because you like her?
No answer, huh?
But you're laughing.
What you laughing
about, eh moose breath?
- Nothing.
- You like her, right?
Come on, you can tell me.
- You're off your nut.
- Hey, look.
I'm not the one that's in
love with a piano teacher.
- See ya later.
- Yeah, see ya.
So long.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning, Miss Formenti.
I'll see you later.
I'm taking a bus.
You know, give my fee a rest.
So long.
I've got a pass.
Go ahead.
Bonjourno, senora.
Bonjourno, Francesco.
Oh, sorry!
Excuse me.
Easy, fella.
Just exercising.
How long you going
to be in there?
This is an emergency!
Here comes a little
present, darling.
Behave yourself now.
Mama knows what's good for you.
I'm telling you, I
don't need any injection.
Oh, come on now.
I can't stand here
holding it up in the air.
This one hasn't been sterilized.
This morning I saw
Alice's mother in town.
She told me the new piano
teacher gave Alice a lot
of compliments on her work.
I was so angry, I couldn't
find words to tell her off.
Why, you are 1,000 times
better than her little twit.
- Now don't tell me I hurt you.
- Good morning.
It's good afternoon,
but come in anyway.
Our little tax man comes
with his feet padded.
I'll just give you a little
massage, and then we're done.
I'd rather do it myself.
Hah, all right.
I brought the account
for you to see.
One moment, please.
Oh, your father and I
decided you should be having
more lessons on the piano.
Only in private.
I spoke with the
Senorita Formenti.
She'll make an exception in
your case and come three times
a week.
But you look so sad!
You'll do just fine.
Not very good, was it?
Well, you played it correctly.
It's just that, uh,
it's a bit mechanical.
Doesn't have enough feeling.
Also, you sit too stiffly.
You have to melt into it.
Like this.
Listen to the music.
It has to flow like a
silver cord from the moon.
Oh, there's something
wrong with the pedal.
Ah, uh it sticks
once in a while.
One gets the wrong impression
of your playing when
the instruments not in order.
Uh, that's right.
It'll be... it'll be
fixed in a second.
It won't take me
more than a second.
How are you doing down there?
Oh, I'm all right.
Ah, look Alessandro...
Oh, yes?
Ah, I think we
can manage to play
on it like it is for today.
Uh, whatever you say.
Uh, excuse me.
I hope you're
ready for some tea.
This is our tax accountant,
he'll be joining us.
Ah, thank you.
We'll be right there.
- Dear, did you hurt yourself?
- Uh, ha, no.
It's nothing.
It's nothing.
I'd certainly like
to know where you
go every day with my camera.
You sure you know how to use it?
You showed me last month.
The field trip, or did
you forget already?
Uh, you forgot.
Because you're already
using the wrong film in it.
That stuff is too
sensitive to light.
You should only use
that in a shaded room,
you'll never get a
good exposure outside.
Look, I don't need your
lousy camera anyway.
Eh, you don't change do you?
I only want to show
you one little thing.
That this is a new model.
Look at this.
With this, you can
set the timing.
Got that?
And with this, you can
regulate the diaphragm.
You understand?
All right.
It's a nice set up.
I'll be all right.
I heard from Gabrielli
that Miss Formenti
is giving you private lessons.
How's it going?
Then how come you're not
practicing day and night?
I don't believe you need
private piano lessons.
But if you some
other kind of lesson,
you sure could use them.
Did you hurt yourself?
No, it's only a little scratch.
Oh, yeah.
There's blood on the brake.
It's starting to hurt.
We better put some
disinfectant on then,
the brake's are a bit rusty.
It will be all right, I think.
Ow, it hurts!
Well, I guess I'd better
take you home huh?
You're sure you're OK now, huh?
It's all right, it's nothing.
Try not to bend your knee.
Here, I'll help you.
Come on.
Oh, what are you doing here?
Is something wrong?
Look, I'm sorry.
You can't come in,
I have things to do.
If you have something to
tell me... How dare you?
What do you think you're doing?
Look, you can't break
in on me this way.
It seems to me the best way
to conduct our little session.
They're horrible.
How could you do such a thing?
Go ahead, go on.
Tear them all up.
I have the negatives,
it doesn't matter.
- What do you want from me?
- Oh, nothing.
I just want to help you.
Help me?
What do you mean, help me?
I don't need any help.
Sure you do.
Imagine what will happen when
the president of the school
sees these.
Should I tell you
what he's going to do?
He's going to blow his cork
and boot you out of the school,
and all at the same time.
You can't do that,
you'll ruin me.
But don't worry.
You're a pretty smart
lady, I know that.
So then, you and I
have to stick together.
Make sure that those
pictures are never seen.
I'm sorry, you're
on the wrong track.
But nice try.
Let's put this on for
the moment, all right?
And take this off.
Nuh uh.
The bra has got to go, too.
Let me play, huh?
Ah huh!
- Knuckle head!
- Savages!
Well, how's your passionate
love affair with Formenti
Not bad, all things considered.
Must be one hell of a hard
scale to get your little head.
Will you quit joking
around, all right?
Alessandro, you're
so much in love
you haven't noticed anything.
She's just as bad
as all the others.
Maybe worse.
But you, you'd better
starting good look at her.
What do you mean, take a look?
I've looked already.
Look, nitwit.
I don't mean in her eyes.
You gotta watch the
way the broad moves.
The way she dresses.
Her body.
Tomorrow would be a better
time to take a good look.
Good morning.
Today we'll begin with
the exercises which
we did not finish yesterday.
Do you believe that
blouse she's wearing?
It doesn't mean anything.
It could be chance.
It seems that you're
restless today, Finzi.
My books fell, I'm
really sorry about that.
I've been feeling a
little strange lately.
I've been having visions.
Well, as you're so anxious
to move around why don't
you come up and play the piano.
Begin whenever you are ready.
That was beautifully done.
And for tomorrow I
have another idea.
Well, I think
he's being strange.
What the hell is so strange?
He's just normal.
So quit worrying, will ya?
When I was a kid, I used
to do the same thing.
I'd sit there and read a comic
book from cover to cover.
Now come on dear, will
you stop worrying?
Eat your food, it's
going to get cold.
Oh, God in heaven will you
do something with this woman?
What do you want?
Is anything the matter?
No, I'm all right.
You've been in
there 20 minutes.
What are you doing in there?
Are you sure you
feel all right?
Yes, I'm all right mom.
Come and ear your
dinner, it's getting cold.
Hey, come here.
What are you up to in there?
You'll get warts.
Did you bring the negatives?
Look, Gabrielli.
I did what you asked.
You have to keep your
part of the bargain.
But I only asked you
one little stupid thing.
And it was easy
for you, wasn't it?
That's not true.
It wasn't at all easy for me.
It was humiliating.
I felt like dying.
Come on.
Don't start lying to
me at this point, OK?
All you're doing is
adding sin to scandal.
Listen to me, I'll
be sincere with you.
That's nice, just
don't take all day.
Most of my girlfriends from
the conservatory got married.
They were promising pianists,
now they're housewives.
Any woman who wants to
get ahead in her career
has to sacrifice
her personal life.
I'm looked on with
suspicion because I
don't want to be a teacher
for the rest of my life.
You know, your talk is
as boring as you are.
And around we're
already too damn bored.
Oh, don't you understand that
to expose myself like this,
it's so degrading that it's
tearing my heart apart.
Oh dear, you poor thing.
You can't go on like this.
The martyr of the century.
Offer yourself to God.
If you're real good,
you get a miracle.
I have nothing to do
with your feelings.
As for your heart, see a doctor.
I want a lot more
out of you now.
It will be easier, so relax.
Try to be reasonable.
Well, that's for you.
And I'll take care
of everything else.
I'll tell you what to do.
I'll guide you.
I'll be your Pygmalion.
Pay attention to the
regularity of the sound.
Keep it even.
That's right.
Heighten it.
Heighten it, but always evenly.
Now, diminuendo.
Good, good.
I'm sorry!
For crying out
loud, be careful.
Did it burn you?
Well come on, you're the host.
Do something will you, fat head.
Dry her off.
Or don't you see that
she's half drenched.
Yes, all right.
Uh, oh well maybe it... maybe
it's better if you do it.
Alessandro, I think she'd
rather have you do it.
Isn't that right?
Yes, if you be so kind.
Go on.
Does it hurt?
Oh, you're hopeless.
You'll never get
it done like that.
You have to lift the blouse
or it will never dry.
Use your head, dummy.
If you're so great, why
don't you do it then?
Oh, quit acting like a baby.
Uh, excuse me.
That's enough.
We can't sit here until
tomorrow waiting for it to dry.
It will dry itself, anyway.
Well, uh, we...
We can begin here.
Alessandro, do you
give a damn about me?
Or are you thinking
of someone else?
Sometimes I think you're lost.
Who do you have to do
with any way to get it on?
I know what you're
talking about.
No, I'm sure you don't.
Listen, I want to do something.
It's natural.
What's the matter,
you think I'm a nun?
Whatever you say.
OK, tiger.
You can show me what
you know how to do.
Uh, it's quite easy.
To begin with, you uh...
Just take off your pants.
That's all.
I'm waiting.
For what?
I'm waiting for you
to take them off.
Wow, yeah.
Here I go.
Uh, but you're not wearing any.
Bravo, you're a
giant step ahead.
Then I, uh... I
take off your dress.
Don't you know how they work?
All you do is pull
and I'm there.
Go on.
Ah, yeah yeah.
Yeah, of course.
I know it.
Strange, though.
It feels... tight.
I mean, doesn't it
feel tight to you?
A little bit.
I bet it's killing you, huh?
What you you kids
doing in there?
Go someplace else!
Yeah, yeah, yea.
We're going, we're going.
Come on.
What lousy luck.
There's nothing.
Hey, do you see?
Is that right?
Was I playing it right?
Oh, uh, that was much better.
Well, did you see?
Is she still Miss
Pure-As-A-Lily to you now?
What are you saying?
Hey, come on dumb bell.
You know what I mean.
Don't look so down hearted.
Do you trust me?
Hey, come on.
I'm your friend, aren't I?
Yeah, yeah.
You're my friend.
Right, and leave it to me.
We'll have a good time.
Oh, I can't help it.
All I ask is that
you let me speak.
My bowl my
heart, I can't help it.
What's the matter with you?
You can't be serious.
Yes, yes I am serious.
I love you.
I can't control it.
I love you.
I love you.
Oh, you've been
working too hard.
I think you need a drink.
You're breaking my heart.
I need you.
I love you.
We'll run away, I have
money in the bank.
I'm all right here.
I'll be so good for
No one could love you like me.
I'm the only one.
- Oh, God.
- Money in the bank.
Tell me you love me.
Oh, don't do this.
Don't do this.
Stop it!
My name is Florendo.
Just to hear you... call my name.
Now, God dammit, that's enough.
I have my life.
So it's not the best,
but it's all I've got.
So you just stay back.
But all I want...
Is to be loved.
That's enough.
I don't want to hear anymore.
Oh, now you won't
like me anymore.
I know it.
I knew this would happen.
Oh, quiet down.
Here, have a drink.
Thank you.
- Is that you, Alessandro?
- Yes, ma.
I'm back.
And... and how was your lesson?
- Good morning.
- Hi.
Listen, Alessandro.
I have a dilemma.
I always got you on
that one, boy, didn't I?
I have a dilemma, and you
have to help me solve it.
Now, we have two
possibilities here, I think.
First possibility,
you're screwing too much.
That's how come you
look so worn out lately.
And the second is that you're
not getting any at all.
So which one is it?
Ah, come on Pop.
It doesn't seem
so important to me
so how come it's
a problem for you?
Not important to you?
It should be the
most important thing.
It is the most important.
Look son, I know
we're not in Africa.
I mean, I wish we were.
Other problems getting a girl
these days, that's for sure.
Ah Dad, I have to go.
What do you mean,
you have to go?
Look, I'm trying to fill
you in on the facts of life.
I'm doing the best I can.
I don't want you to go
through life like an idiot.
You know how a woman's
made, don't you?
Hey, wait a minute.
Well, do you know how
one's made or don't you?
I have to go, Pop.
Wait a minute now, Alessandro.
Wait for me will you.
Now, seriously.
Do you know how a
woman is made or not?
- Yeah, I know!
- Good, good!
Tell me, these little girls
you go out with... how are they?
Have a nice day, Luigi.
Now look, here's
what I want to know,
really... Hey, they're
both great huh?
Come on, Pop.
Now this time you're not
getting away with that.
I am your father and
you're going to tell me.
Now tell me, how's a
woman put together, huh?
Go ahead, you know.
They have two things...
- What kind of things?
- Well, points.
Oh, come on now!
They're tits.
Now, don't tell me you've
never seen a pair of tits.
- Yeah.
- Well, what do they look?
There's two buttons,
that's all I know.
- Oh my God.
- Two points.
What do you mean, buttons?
They're nipples.
Everybody's got tits,
for Christ sakes.
You can see them almost
every night in the movies.
Oh, forget it.
Now you tell me everything
you know about c...
That's what I...
Oh, good morning.
Well, it's getting pretty
hot in here, isn't it?
I think I'd better open up
the window a little, huh?
I told you already, no.
The neighbors always
call up the police
when the piano is too loud.
Courage, friend, courage.
That's too bad, is it true?
I'm sorry, but if you'd
like to call it day...
I'm not the least bit hot.
What's a little heat?
You know, I think you might
take off that lovely blouse
if you're that hot.
No, it doesn't bother me.
You don't have to be
that shy in front of us.
Or are you afraid
Alessandro will attack you?
Man, it's incredible.
It just doesn't seem like her.
What is it?
Man, only washerwomen neglect
to shave their armpits.
Didn't you know that?
Look, Gabrielli, it
really doesn't seem
to be any of your business.
Now I have to finish
the lesson, all right?
Hey, look I don't care
one way or the other
about it, Alessandro.
But you should,
she's your teacher
and she'll make
a bad impression.
Now listen, Finzi...
Don't get upset now, lady.
You don't shave under
your arms because you
don't know how to do it.
Am I right?
Yes or no?
Yes, it's true.
You see that?
You really needed a shave.
What are you doing, sleeping?
What's the matter
with you lately?
You're really out of it.
I was just finished.
I, uh...
Do I have to stay
seated for this?
This show is especially for you.
Paris by night.
Three matches.
One after the other
illuminates the night.
The first... to light
up these beautiful tits
that drive you crazy.
And turn you into a
raving idiot in class.
The second match is for her back
bumper, or ass, not bad, is it?
The weight wiggles under
her clothes to magnetize
all your attention.
And the third match is to show
you only what you've imagined.
It represents the essence of
everything you have desired.
And the magic push that
draws you to its entrance.
You think it's love,
platonic or otherwise.
A grand passion that
makes you throb.
And what do you think it is?
It's flesh and nothing else.
Where you going?
Don't be like that.
What's wrong?
Come on, what's wrong?
- Feel better now?
- Go screw yourself.
Ugh, what's wrong now, Mother?
Do you know what hour it is?
Oh God, what's
wrong, Alessandro?
Nothing, Mother.
I fell in the fountain.
You're all wet, you'll be sick.
Oh, Mother.
Senorita Formenti?
Uh, good morning.
It's Corsini.
I have to talk with you,
it's a very urgent matter.
That's right.
I'm sorry, but I can't take
any more lessons right now.
I understand, Alessandro.
I'm sorry for your mother, I
know she wanted it very badly.
My mother will get
over it sooner or later.
Don't worry about it.
And you?
I don't know what's...
Going to happen.
But I can't think much about it.
I don't understand
what's going on.
Do you believe
you're the only one?
I don't know.
Sorry, I didn't find
it very amusing.
That's all.
Do you really believe that
it's an amusing joke for me?
What else do you think?
Aren't you really moralizing...
Oh, look Alessandro.
In this environment
of strict morality,
especially in this
little province,
we're all tempted to
break out now and again.
We're suppressed and
frail and our desires
is such that... any kind
of a caress is welcome.
But sometimes, we read more
into it than is actually there.
And on the other hand,
we're faced with reality.
Our strict upbringing is always
pulling us back into line.
We realize that it's
too high a price to pay,
so what can we do?
Fall back into the fold.
I have to, because
I'm a woman and it's
much more difficult for me.
It's nearly the end of
the year, let's wait.
Be patient.
Not do anything drastic.
And when it's over,
well, everything will
have faded like a soap bubble.
Well, now I'm moralizing.
After all, I'm the teacher.
I don't really want
to finish the lessons.
Now all I want is to understand.
Don't be in a
hurry to understand.
I will always remain with you.
But, as it should be,
just an adolescent dream.
Don't question it anymore.
And above all, please
don't judge me.
Wait a minute, don't go.
But why, darling.
Any other time, I
would understand
but now, before your exams...
That's right.
What is it?
What do you want to do?
About what?
- Your boy's going.
- He's going?
He's going where?
Look, you just go outside
now, let me handle this.
Hey, uh, what do you
have going now, kid?
An affair, huh?
That's my son.
Yes sir, my son finally made it.
How old are you now?
- 18.
- At 18?
Oh, at that age I was in Africa.
Yeah, those were
the good old days.
Listen, now you
take it from me...
Always use a rubber, Alessandro.
Listen to your old
man, I've been around.
I know what I'm talking about.
You make sure you check
out these damn hotels,
it could be anything
in the sheets.
I remember one time... oh well.
Anyway, who cares.
Now listen son, a little
bit of money outta
make you feel a
whole lot better.
There's $2.
I won't be needing it.
Oh, you won't be needing it.
Well, how are you going to pay?
- First I'm going to Uncles.
- Yeah, that's good.
Well, take it anyway.
What do you mean,
you're going to Uncles?
You're crazy, not my brother.
All I want to do
is go where there's
a little peace and quiet.
But he's mad.
What are you going to do
in the house of a madman?
And there aren't any
girls in the country.
That's the point.
What's wrong with
that damn kid?
Turned out to be queer.
Get it, go on.
Get it.
How'd you expect him to be?
Don't worry, the kids fine.
Sure he's calm.
He's playing with the dog,
he's playing with Little Cesar.
He's happy as a lark.
He loves the country, Luigi.
He was born to it.
Ah, ha ha.
Country vegetable soup.
You like soup, do you kid?
Here we are.
My girl here, Rosina, you
like her too, don't you.
Sure, she's very pretty.
Sure she's pretty.
You like her or not?
No, no.
I like her.
Touch her.
Go on, touch her.
Go on, she doesn't
bite, you know.
Go on, touch her.
Solid as a rock.
You want more soup?
No, no.
That's enough.
Look at that body, huh?
Country bred, hm.
Tell me, kid.
You're not like that old
man of yours, are you?
What was he like?
Kid, in your family
you got 2 things wrong.
A pearl of a mother,
a prick of a father.
He was always a bit of an
asshole with the broads.
What do you mean?
Wasn't it true, the
things he told me?
My ass.
I bet he went and told you about
all those African girls, huh?
- Yeah.
- Just garbage.
I thought it was true.
The first woman he
was ever with... listen,
I put her in his bed just
before he was married.
Hey, kid.
You shouldn't laugh, you know.
I mean, after all,
your father... well
he'll always be an asshole.
I didn't offend you, did I?
Oh, no.
Just so funny, finding out
your father's a bigger asshole
than you are.
Are you?
Yeah, I'm not so cool.
Well, kid.
Let's get a few things
straight... uh, here's
the chicken.
Do you like chicken?
Uh huh.
Hey, look at those will ya.
She has to nurse the kids up
here, her boobs are so high.
She laughs all the time.
Ah, what a girl.
Hey, Rosina, we
have an artist here.
A real artist.
He's a musician.
I bet he's a good dancer.
Ah, shit.
Rosina that doesn't
mean the kid's
a dancer, for Christ sake.
The kids an artist!
Plays the piano, all right?
I'm sorry, I never
learned how to dance.
Oh, it's a pity.
A pity you didn't learn.
You really don't know
how to dance, huh?
Too bad.
Let me tell you something kid,
dancing is an ancient rite.
A social rite.
A sexual rite, huh?
First a couple of
tangos, then there ya go.
The boy is about to learn.
Go get the phonograph.
Get the phonograph, put it
out here on the terrace.
Hey, look at that ass, will ya?
It's as solid as a rock.
I'm telling you, kid.
Never seen anything like it.
Hey, come on.
What the hell is that?
Turn it the hell off.
Shut it off.
Go on, change it, move.
Go on, hurry it up.
It was nice.
What do you know of nice.
Just change the damn thing.
The whole thing is a
question of timing.
Here, give me your arms.
One two three, one two three.
Hey, it's a waltz.
Just follow me.
One two three, one two
three, one two three, one two
three, one two... For a
musician you certainly
got a bad dancer rhythm, kid.
Get it together.
One two three, one
two three, right...
Just a minute.
You be the girl now, OK?
All right, I'll be the girl.
Put your arm here.
Watch my feet, I got corns.
What the hell you doing?
Come on, shake it up!
Take a lesson, kid.
Now watch.
Watch how smooth I do it.
Watch closely.
See how it's done.
Watch me.
Watch my hands.
Watch my hands.
Hey, you grab her.
Go on.
Oh, sorry!
Keep going!
Forget it, the sexual thing.
Get it!
Get after it.
Come over here.
You asked me only to
get you a drop of wine.
You know what I really
want, you little wench.
Don't you?
Now you keep your hands off.
Keep my hands off?
Can a bear shit on the moon?
Hey, I'm going to make
you walk the plank.
Down you go.
Oh, your nephew.
He'll hear us up here.
Good, maybe the little
shit will learn something.
Not like his father, with
dreams of African women.
- No, I'm going.
- Wait a minute.
Wait, for Christ sake.
You little shit.
Goodnight, captain.
I can't even take my boots off.
You'll like it.
Oh, God.
Oh, dear.
You're home so late.
What are you trying to do, give
your mother a heart attack.
Don't you care
what happens to me?
Tell you mother
what's wrong, my baby.
Tell your mother.
First, stop your
ridiculous howling.
Second, stop breaking my balls.
And don't interfere
again in my business.
Have you lost your mind?
Is that any way to
talk to your mother?
Way to go, boy.
You did great, bravo.
My son, the delinquent.
That's a fine thing.
There, there, there my pet.
Did you hear?
Yes, I heard.
I heard.
Well, I think the best
thing to do in this case
is to stop howling around him.
You understand?
Second, I guess you better
stop breaking that boy's balls.
Look, the kid is grown up.
I'm sorry, but
that's the way it is.
How old is the kid now?
18, yes.
When I was 18, I was in Africa.
Hm, boy.
How come you're here all alone?
My uncle had to go down to the
store, and Gabrielli took off.
He left about an hour ago.
Did you have a good
time at your uncles?
Yeah, it was all right.
I had a fun time, I guess.
He's a pretty funny guy.
Uh, you know... I never
have seen your room.
Let's go.
Here it is.
It's nothing special.
Uh... if I should
ask you to, uh...
Go to bed, what would you say?
Hm... Well, uh, why
don't you ask me, then?
Well, I guess I'm asking you.
Then I'd say, come on.
Look out, then.
I might ask, something else.
Then ask me.
Do you... do you think
it's going to hurt?
I don't know.
What do you mean,
you don't know?
You told me you did
it a lot before.
Well, to tell you the
truth, uh, not so often.
Exactly how often?
Not even once.
Oh, it's my uncle.
Hurry up, get into
Gabrielli's room.
Come on.
Oh, my jacket.
Oh, my shoes.
Keep quiet.
Yeah, yeah.
It's me.
Oh, uh, I thought
you were down at the store.
I came back
to get some bills.
What are you doing?
Uh, just going
over my anatomy lesson.
We still have to finish the
show from the other night,
my friends.
We had to interrupt for
lack of public audience.
I have a feeling there's not
going to be any show tonight.
I don't think you've
been listening.
Open your ears and
start listening to me.
Oh, only too well.
You better get it together
and get yourself ready.
What did you say.
She's becoming timid.
We can't let that happen.
Why, all she needs is
a little encouragement.
We better help her undress.
Are you crazy?
What the hell are you up to?
What are you doing?
Why am I always
the one to undress?
Now it's your turn.
I'll ruin you.
I'll ruin you forever.
You'll never be able
show your face again.
Oh, that line won't work.
You can't use these anymore.
I have the negatives.
No, I have them.
It was the nicest
present I ever had.
You wanted him to
think that I was
vulnerable to your every wish.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Don't waste time.
Dammit, what does she want?
Tell her it was all a joke.
Leave me alone.
Not very brave now, are you?
Say it.
Say it.
You wanted to make
love, but not with me.
With him.
You wouldn't believe a
thing like that, would you?
She's crazy.
Thank you, Alessandro.
It was much harder
than I thought.
I didn't think it would be.
Well, to realize wha...
What was really happening.
And I know now that you did
what you did because you
were being blackmailed.
And I'm really sorry.
Is it the idea of
blackmail that bothers you?
Well, it exists in
every relationship.
Husbands and wives.
Goes on all the time.
Between, uh, parents
and children.
Even friends.
Everyone uses blackmail
of one type or another.
In future, don't let it
surprise you too much.
It seems like a sad
thing to have to use.
And my Alessandro, chances are
one day you may find yourself
using emotional blackmail.
All things considered,
Gabrielli's one mistake
was doing it so openly.
Is there going to be a
lot of this in my life?
I'm afraid so.
- With everyone?
- Nearly.
But not this evening.
This evening will be special.
Laura, I'm in love with you.
Let's get undressed.
I love you, Laura.
Oh baby, how lovely.
I want you.
Don't be afraid.
Oh, it's good.
So very good.
You see, you're wonderful.
All right, tomorrow.
Here, let me help you with that.
Thank you.
Come on, silly!
Come on.
It wasn't all that difficult.
Everything has a beginning.
I guess so.
It's strange, but...
What's strange?
You know the other
day in my room?
When your uncle came in?
I couldn't sleep
that night, and I
was thinking that even
if you didn't show up
we wouldn't have done it.
Why not?
Because that day you seemed
so awkward, like a little boy
so unsure of yourself.
You were all thumbs, like you
didn't know where to begin.
And then today...
Today is a different story!
A new day!