Liam Gallagher: As It Was (2019) Movie Script

This is XS Manchester.
It gives me great pleasure
to welcome a man who, uh...
sung on some of the most
era-defining records
not just in the 903
but of a// time, in my opinion.
And it is Liam Gallagher.
Nice to see you again, fella.
How are ya?
LIAM: lm good, man, feeling good.
Thirty years, can you believe that?
LIAM: No, lcant, mate.
Still buzzing, man, still on that crusade
just to not get suckered in
by the dickheads.
/m not doing this to be more famous.
lm fucking famous enough,
you know what / mean?
And /m not doing it for the money.
/ joined the band because / love music.
/ know how fucking great / am
and / know how shit / am,
you know what / mean?
lm proud of fucking staying alive, man.
Being here, man.
Not becoming a fucking casualty.
Not letting the bastards
get you down, man
or the people whove written you off
who were sitting there for the last ten years
going 0h, he s fucking gonna be dead now.
He s definite/y gonna blow his brains out.
He s gonna have a drug overdose...
Theyve got all them
press headlines waiting
but... / don t think
its gonna happen, lads
you know what / mean?
/ think lm gonna stick it out.
M AN :
They were disgusting.
They abused passengers,
they abused the hostess staff...
/ think the road/es
behaved quite well, but...
the band members were absolutely abysmal.
WOMAN: There were some passengers
that complained about your behaviour.
is tha t
PAUL ARTHURS: Didnt know what to expect,
dyou know what / mean?
/ didnt expect to go to Japan
from the first year
or go round America
or get a Number One album.
LIAM: When you re starting out,
youve gotta do the whole circuit
but as you re getting a bit bigger,
you can pick and choose.
/ think it s better off 6, 000 people
do two nights, its just the way.
All the fame and that, some of its boring.
Some of it does your head in,
some of its not real.
/ fucking hate
the fucking sight of yous.
So weve never been here before.
But you like it. / like it, anyway.
And lm having a great time.
/ ve enjoyed myself.
The same other things
get in the way but, you know.
There you go.
MAN: lts sl/pping now.
is it?
Unfortunate/y, Liam and Noel Gallagher
have just had a huge big fight
together in the dressing room.
The band is not going to play tonight
and cancelled the rest of the Euro tour.
You can go and check on their website
and you will have the full story from Noel.
Encu/, encu/, encu/l
/ kinda knew something was happening.
There was something not right.
Travelling on separate buses, and...
separate dressing rooms,
and separate this and separate that.
LIAM: Maybe the albums
werent doing as well as they...
But obviously, we were ob viously on the slide
dyou know what / mean?
Which is... which happens to every band,
thats all.
Ob viously then there was little bits
of arguments
and stuff about where the band was going.
PAUL: Shut up! if you think rock and roll
is getting arrested and all that--
LIAM: Rock and roll is about
being yourself and/ won t...
BONEHEAD (VO): lt mightve been
on the tour bus
it mightve been on the stage, backstage...
/ could never stand back and watch...
those two fight, or get at each other,
you know.
Sometimes it was pretty vicious
and pretty nasty.
Rock and roll s about music! Music!
LIAM: Yeah, lknow it is.
NOEL: Shut the BLEEP up, man.
When we was on this train to Paris
Noel was just sat down the back
on the fucking phone to Gordon Smart
out of The Sun
telling him what goes down
and what weve been up to.
Oh yeah, Liam s like...
Just spilling the beans on the band.
It was like you're working for
the fucking Sun.
So we get there, and I've had a word
with him about summat
and he's had a word with me about summat
and he's fucking jumped on my guitar,
smashed it up, which was a present
which means nothing to a lot of people
but it meant a lot to me.
So then I fucking got one of his guitars...
I think | smashed his up and that was it.
Je suis tres dso/.
Mais Oasis ne marche pas.
I was there, it was kind of a bit silly,
to be fair.
I mean, I've seen worse fights.
LIAM: Noel scooted off in his Ferrari
with his bodyguard.
He had his little statement already wrote...
you know, and that was it.
And then that was the band over,
you know what I mean?
Noel Gallagher has announced
he is quitting the band Oasis.
He says he can no longer work
with his brother Liam
after a series of rows.
Last night, the band cancelled
a performance in Paris.
LIAM: It was like, I'm still in shock,
you know what I mean?
It was like, what the fuck?
Woah! It was like, what the fuck's
going on here? You know what I mean?
I couldn't see anything past that,
you know what I mean?
I couldn't see a career in... or doing...
you know, fuckin' rally driver
or playing table tennis
or fucking being a chef.
It was like, it was Oasis till the day I die,
you know I mean?
PAUL: Once Noel had decided
he was gonna go his way...
erm, yeah, it got difficult.
When you're in a band with your brother
for 20-odd years...
and then he...
for Whatever reason
decides he doesn't want to be
in a band with you anymore
it's very public and it plays out
in front of the world's media.
Yeah, and I think that hurt him a bit.
LIAM: When that happened,
the rug was pulled.
There was always gonna be a sense of...
"jackpot my dreams",
you know what I mean?
It's all a bit like...
I'm taking my ball home
and fuck the lot of yous
you know what I mean?
And that's not what happens.
I don't think you do that with family
you know what I mean?
I haven't got his number to call him
cos he's too scared to give it me mam.
And have you ever even bumped into him?
No, not bumped into him.
The geezer wears many masks, man.
You know what I mean?
He probably walks past me every day.
But, erm, no, I haven't bumped into him.
And I don't know what I'd do,
you know what I mean?
Whether I'd chase him down the road
and fucking...
with the pickaxe, who knows?
Or maybe I'd fucking jump on him
and give him a love bite who knows what...
I don't know where I'd be at,
you know what I mean?
Cos I'm angry still, you know what I mean?
He split me band up.
MUSIC: "Soul Love"
by Beady Eye
LIAM (VO): I certainly wasn't gonna go home
and fucking hide under the pillows
and I wasn't ashamed of anything,
you know what I mean?
Cos it wasn't my doing
so we went back to the hotel,
had a couple of drinks
scratched our heads
and went "Look..."
"What d'you want to do?"
# Get up off your knees my friend. #
BONEHEAD (VO): When Noel left,
Liam could not have said, "Right that's it.
It's over and I'm not doing it."
He had to keep going, you know,
cos that's what he does.
They just sat down and said
"What we gonna do?
We've gotta carry on,
we'll change the name - Beady Eye."
# Soul love, soul love. #
INTERVIEWER: If Beady Eye was a car...
LIAM: If Beady Eye was a car
it'd be a fuckin Rolls Royce Phantom,
big, beautiful, brash.
You know it's fuckin' coming.
You know it's there
when it fucking runs you over.
INTERVIEWER: Is it gonna run us over?
LIAM: What, Beady Eye?
LIAM: Without a fucking doubt mate,
I wouldn't be doing it otherwise, would I?
I went out and saw Beady Eye live.
I thought they were amazing.
I thought it was a really, you know,
the band was great, obviously.
# Sleep walk away your life
if that turns you on #
LIAM (VO): We were still buzzing,
you know what I mean?
We still had something to do,
you know what I mean?
# .../ook away and its gone. #
I like that, the lemons, that's good innit?
I want one of them fences.
We still had, like, an itinerary,
you know what I mean?
We went on tour.
We were in the studio.
We were doing videos.
I fucking cannot wait
to get on that stage
and fucking have it.
I thought the gigs were good
so we didn't have any time
to sort of reflect on
the big Oasis break-up.
LIAM: I'm enjoying it a bit more,
you know what I mean?
We just go on there for 50 minutes
and just fuckin kick out the jam, man.
And leave it up to someone else
to do the big fucking entertaining tonight
you what I mean? 80...
It'd be good, but headlining?
Fucking done with it.
Been there, done that.
Liam! Liam!
That was shit!
That's the complex world of him,
he, he just thinks it was average.
BONEHEAD: I thought the music was great.
The music was certainly strong enough
and you had Liam Gallagher
fronting the band.
BRIAN MAY: You're looking well.
I'm not knocking about with my brother
too much, you know what I mean?
Is that good for you then?
Took years off me.
BONEHEAD: You'd have thought
with that Oasis hardcore fan base
that Beady Eye would have just been, like,
phew, straight up and...
carried on where Oasis
sort of fell over, but it didn't.
MIKE SMITH (VO): They hadn't stopped,
they hadn't had a break.
He'd gone straight from Oasis into Beady Eye
done the first album,
straight out on the road
and it was just like, he was charging forward
and I don't think he'd ever given himself
a moment
to acknowledge that Oasis was no more.
He never had a chance to grieve for that.
BONEHEAD: See, Beady Eye surprised me,
it's like why aren't Beady Eye playing bigger
fucking venues than they're playing?
Was that just...
the record company being shite
and the management being shite?
I don't know.
Cos I think they deserved better.
We're used to seeing you guys in stadiums.
This is rather more intimate, isn't it?
I know it's a shame, innit?
Why is it a shame?
I don't know, nah, I'm joking.
Nah, it is intimate.
But this is the way the world is today.
TED KESSLER: Beady Eye, suddenly,
he doesn't have Noel Gallagher
writing the songs for him,
I think he suddenly
found out that just being Liam...
it wasn't enough.
PAUL: I could tell he was upset
because then Noel started his career...
and was slating Liam every day
and that's not
a brotherly thing to do, anyway.
NOEL: I'd been in the middle of the stage
and singing, and...
it was gone, it was over in a flash
and I don't know how it was.
And you did like half of Oasis songs
and half of your songs which went down
pretty well with everyone.
No, I did all of my songs.
LIAM: I don't drive cars
and I don't fly planes
so the money I spend,
and the money I've ever earnt
has always been on clothes, and...
school fees and alcohol
and probably drugs
and the odd house.
LIAM: Beady Eye is a great band
and it's gonna get better.
Still the same people in the band as...
LIAM: Yes, oh yes!
Noel's not joined yet.
LIAM: Fashion is where it's at, apparently.
I'm doing this not to make money.
I'm doing this...
just to do something,
you know what I mean?
And if people like it, then they like it.
If they don't...
No skin off my nose.
I'm thinking Pretty Green, man.
And all them cunts who fucking slag it off
they're just fucking jealous.
WOMAN: People, they're taking
you serious, actually.
Are they?
Well, that'll be a first.
It's not about being big anymore,
I don't give a shit anymore.
You know what I mean?
It's like, I'll play here, man.
"Who are you?"
"I don't know, I don't know"
No, but I love that, though,
when they go "who are ya?"
Fuck knows.
Fuck knows.
Fuck knows who I am anymore.
MIKE: He'd gone in,
made the second Beady Eye record
which I thought was
a really strong record, but...
through of bunch of...
you know, unfortunate circumstances
the band had pretty much fallen apart
literally as they were about to promote it
so the record didn't have a chance.
LIAM (VO): I just thought,
"You know what, people don't want it
for some reason it's not connecting".
I just think maybe the name or maybe
it was too soon after Oasis, so...
And obviously there was a lot of stuff
going on in my personal life.
I thought, well, this kinda...
this ain't good, d'ya know what I mean?
Andy Bell had rang us up
saying he wanted to get back with Ryan.
I was thinking, you know what,
I'm not being in a band
with someone who's gonna be
hop skipping
from two bands,
you know what I mean?
And, you know, that's his right,
he can do what he wants
but I was thinking "Go on,
you go and do the ride.
I'm out of it",
you know what I mean?
I'm fucking, I'm gonna go and get
me shit sorted out
and I thought, you know what...
I think I need to fucking just take a break,
you know what I mean, from music.
It's hard for him to accept that.
I think that was the first time in his life
that he's...
It didn't work.
LIAM: So that was like "fucking hell",
this is the first time
in twenty years or whatever
that I'm without a band.
I was going, "fuck it,
what am I gonna do now, man?"
No band, no songs, no niche.
Something dodgy could be around
the corner, you know what I mean?
And you gotta just
fasten your seatbelt a little bit
and just ride the wave,
you know what I mean?
And see where it takes ya.
REPORTER: Nico/e has split with former Oasis
front man, Liam Gallagher.
He was very down
and fed up with himself.
He definitely was, yeah.
PAUL (V0): The divorce isn't in private,
it's very public
and it plays out in front of
the world's media.
That hurt him a bit.
LIAM (VO): Lawyers morning, noon and night,
you know what I mean?
In and out of court.
Sorta mopping up the milk that I've spilt.
PEGGY: The media had given him
an awful time.
Have you see you daughter yet, Liam?
PEGGY: They never wrote
anything good about him.
Noel, in the press, in conjunction
put the boot into him
and the music press had written him off
and with all the troubles in his private life
he was pretty much at the bottom.
Alright, cocker! On the bus, the magic bus
on the way to Brussels.
Sometimes when you're in a band
you're in a bit of bubble, aren't ya,
you know what I mean?
With the real life sort of going on
around you
but you're not kind of connected to it.
And this time, the bubble had been burst...
and it was like I'd landed into
fucking reality
and the reality was not that good,
d'you know what I mean?
I just wanted to fucking hide
in the corner, and...
make sure the kids were alright, and...
try and make sense
of whatever was going on.
There was one particular night where
I was just on Twitter and I could just see
these tweets from Liam,
5O tweets in one night rambling
at the world, but they were just pretty...
angry, and sad, and lost
so I texted him "Are you alright?"
"Am I fuck alright",
he was like, "fucking, fucking" this.
And I was just like,
"Do yourself a favour, man.
Just put your phone down
and stop tweeting
cos it ain't nice to see.
You're giving the fucking world ammunition
to dig at you, man".
It was awful, man.
That wasn't the Liam I know.
It was almost a cry for help,
you know what I mean?
He texted me in the morning
like 7am and just thought,
you're drunk, go to bed.
I haven't heard from him for six hours.
The phone goes. "Where are ya?
Come to my house now, oh,
and bring a bottle of Jack Daniels".
So I get to his house and he's like
"I need a private jet"
and I'm like, "You what?"
He goes, "Yeah, me and you.
We're going somewhere".
BONEHEAD: I texted Liam, "You alright, mate?"
He says "Yeah, Paul's getting us a plane
and we're getting the fuck out of here".
I said, "Where you gonna go?"
He goes, "I dunno. I'll see how much fucking
petrol the pilot's got, shall we?"
Right so, I've got my iPad in one hand,
got Jack Daniels in the other going...
going to the agent,
and says "Right", da-da-da-da...
She says "Right, I've got you
an aircraft leaving Luton
at 10 o'clock tonight".
You're going to Palma.
NOEL: Circumstances have led me to being
in one of the biggest and greatest bands ever
and when I left that, it's like, well,
I'm not gonna do another band.
That'd be ludicrous...
as most of Oasis found out
when they started Beady Eye.
INTERVIEWER: D'you think that was always
doomed from the beginning?
Yeah, of course it was.
PAUL: We've landed in Palma
at midnight, going...
"Uhoh. Right.
Everything's black. Where we going?"
I've got an overnight bag
thinking I'm going to his house in London
and then we've called Bonehead,
he's arrived the next day, and, yeah.
BONEHEAD (VO): When lgot out there,
there was the initial, like...
What the fuck 3 gone on?
Yknow what / mean?
And it was Liam s life at that moment,
you know, it was shit.
Day one, off me coconut.
He looked fucked.
Like, really fucking tired,
going through the fucking divorce.
The press were on his fucking case.
People accusing him of that.
People taking him, money here,
band's fell apart
he's got no fucking music.
He was fucking lost,
d'you know what I mean?
Day two, and off me fucking coconut.
Yeah, I think he was fucking terrified
truth be told, that that was the end
of his career in music.
Day three...
still off me coconut.
The three of us always,
when we're together, we sort it all out.
I mean, he needs his blow out
which is what it was.
But then...
You know, you've had your week away
with your mates
you gotta go and face the music.
It's like Sesame Street.
Innit, like Sesame Street.
Debbie was the one.
She was my inspiration,
she was the one that was like "Look...
come on, fucking, you've not killed anyone.
Come on, let's get back into the music,
snap out of it," you know what I mean?
# Got the whole world in our hands #
# Come and take a chance and start anew. #
DEBBIE: I've always been aware
of Oasis and of Liam but...
I was never particularly
an Oasis fan, as such.
I kind of never really paid
much attention to it.
Even now, sometimes I feel guilty
when Liam's talking to me about songs
that he's thinking about performing
I have to google them
and see which ones they are, but...
I'm learning.
PAPARAZZI SHOU # Got the whole world in our hands. #
BONEHEAD (VO): Thank God for Debbie,
you know, what a person.
For Liam, you know, them two together.
But/ think Debbie convinced Liam that...
he had to get off his arse
and actually get up and pick your guitar up
start writing,
and Liam can write some fucking songs.
As much as Liam said
at the time he just wanted to move abroad
find somewhere, live a quiet life.
I knew that if he did that,
that would just be temporary anyway
because I knew that he would never be happy
unless he was back singing and performing.
Whenever he was off guard
he would pick up a guitar
or he'd be singing.
He just starts playing a few chords
and then
sees what comes out
and then works on it from there
records it on his phone
and then most people get to hear it
when he's had a drink, basically.
We were in Ireland
everything in Ireland revolves around a pub.
LIAM: When you're driving through
the town, it's like...
Look at that lovely pub.
You'd go "Oh, mam. I'll just be there in a...
I'm just having a Guinness."
D'you know what I mean?
And you know what it's like.
There's no such thing as just having one.
You know, we'd been out all day
for about, oh, something like eight hours.
Eight hours is a long time
drinking Guinness.
And you can tell which way it's gonna go.
LIAM: So before you know it,
you're about 30 Guinness' in.
D'you know what I mean?
And then someone gets the guitar out
and before you know it
you're fucking thinking you can play it.
When he played...
and everybody stood still,
everything stopped
and everybody started taking things,
you know
taking photographs with their mobile phone
and stuff like that.
# When / wake up
and / hear you say #
# There s no love worth
chasing yesterday #
# Cos its alright, its alright now. #
Someone gives him a guitar
and the rest is history.
Yeah, he sings his song "Bold", and...
And then it went... Someone recorded it,
and it went around the world.
# / didnt do what/ was told #
# Yes / know you saw soul. #
I know enough about music
to know that was a hit.
# / didnt do what/ was told. #
BONEHEAD: He was sending me
finished songs, just on his phone, y'know
just recorded on his phone in his kitchen,
and one of them was "Bold".
It wasn't like...
"Fucking get your ears round this one, man,
it's gonna blow your fucking head off.
Come on!"
It was none of that attitude.
It was a bit more humble, like...
"So what do you think?
D'you think it's alright?"
He's like "D'you think it's alright?"
I said "It's fucking massive mate, yeah."
LIAM: And then I played it Debbie
and she thought it were good and that
and she thought, "Let's go
and speak to someone at a record label".
PHIL CHRISTIE: I heard the music and thought
it was better than anything he'd done
for ten or 15 years.
And there was this drive and this hunger
and this will to win
and to prove people wrong
that I really fed off.
That was what made the deal
a very easy decision.
MIKE: And that certainly drew
a lot of raised eyebrows
cos you're signing Liam Gallagher,
he doesn't write songs.
I'm not a songwriter.
I come into this world as a singer,
you know what I mean?
But I do write the odd songs
but anyway, I'm not...
I'm... alright, I'm a songwriter
that hasn't got a lot of songs
I'll give you that.
# its not goodbye. #
No, he's not a prolific songwriter.
He has one or two, or three.
But you can't make a record
with three songs.
You need a minimum ten
for an album.
# lve all / need and more. #
PAUL: So you can write "Bold".
He knew he had to get more.
And to do that you have to
go and work with other people
which is never even done before.
Trying to bounce back
and embark on this solo career
with the weight of all
his fucking personal things
his divorce and whatever
and shite he was going through
that just totally fucking shows
his strength of character.
DAN: I guess Liam's got a reputation.
From day one, I realised
that he wasn't that character
when you're with him on his own.
He's a much more honest
and open and real person.
MIKE: He didn't look like a man defeated.
But at the same time,
that really confident character
wasn't necessarily there.
He certainly didn't appreciate
how good he was
at that particular point.
# You can make or break my day #
# Theyre only words / hear you say #
# / give you something you can shout about #
# / won t ever let you down... #
Yeah. I really like that, I really like that.
So, um, I reckon we should do the next verse.
MUSIC FADES OU Maybe on every beat, no,
or would it be too much?
# lve all... #
#lneed... #
# ...and more. #
That was good there, man.
Like that.
Yeah, that's good.
GUITARIST: The one note?
LIAM: Yeah, cool.
When I went in to do the demos
it was like...
I was in there playing a guitar
and was I thinking
"How the fuck though, is he gonna be able
to get it?" You know what I mean?
Cos I don't, it's all a bit odd, innit?
And he picked it up straight away,
I was like that.
Fucking cool.
It needs some like...
Tell you what would be great there -
a bass drum there, after that.
I like that! That little jangly guitar.
# its not goodbye #
# So dry your eyes #
# Come rain or shine #
# lve all / need... #
# ...and more. #
Yeah, it's fucking buzzing that tune.
It's got a good vibe, hasn't it?
CAMERAMAN: It was nice seeing you
in control of it all and not...
You gotta put your bits out,
haven't you, man?
And if they fucking work, they work,
you know what I mean?
Not everything's gonna work, man.
Yeah. Exactly.
You've gotta just say it how you see it,
haven't you? How you heard it.
You know what I mean,
and then go...
Cos I play that rhythm sometimes
in me house and I go
well that's fucking...
if you don't fucking say it
If it works, it fucking works.
PEGGY: He definitely got happier
as he went in the studio
and started recording again.
I think that really brought him out
of himself.
# Here comes my epiphany #
# Been sitting all so patient/y. #
PEGGY: Liam is Liam,
you get whatever you see with Liam.
That's what you get,
he's still the very same.
Yeah, he'll straight come back home
and he'll still...
shout and bawl when he wants to
and put the kettle on.
LIAM: Tripping in here one night
watching The Mondays
about five of us.
Me mum wasn't having it.
DEBBIE: Yeah, they'll be fine in here.
When they see him next anyway.
This is Margaret Gallagher.
Say hello to the camera.
Hello, camera.
Debbie Gwyther.
Gene Gallagher.
Do you come back here often?
Uh, not as much as I should do, but...
Not as much as I should do.
When me mam left me dad,
she got all of this sorted
and we snuck off
in the middle of the night
and then, this was our new house.
It wasn't like this.
She's got it well nice now.
HE CLEARS HIS THROA We used to just to sit there on a blanket
fucking stoned while me mam was at work
with the speakers
facing out of the window
with all the music we'd just bought
or the tunes we'd just bought
from Sifters and that
and I'd sit there, me and Johnno, Coats here,
just fucking listening to Jimi Hendrix
and The Beatles and just...
Iaze about.
I remember coming back here
after the first night at Maine Road
and getting me head down thinking
"Fucking hell, what was all that about?"
Then the second night
then we moved out
and then I fucked off down to London.
MARGARET: Do you remember the time
you sat out in the kitchen
and told me you wanted to be a singer?
And I says to him
"To being a singer?"
I says, "You can't sing."
"Oh, I can," he says, "Mam"
he says, "I'm going to be famous".
"Oh", I said, "You want to bloody hurry up
and be famous then."
Yeah what about Paul though?
He was gonna be on Strictly Come Dancing.
No, you're taking the piss.
LIAM: No, but you must've thought
we were all on magic mushrooms.
You got this dickhead here
who thinks he a singer
you've got this one here
who thinks he's Wayne Sleep...
D'you know what I mean?
Lionell fucking Blair.
What did Noel want to be?
Paul is... He wanted to be a fireman.
Fucking "fireman".
MARGARET: They were here
then all of a sudden they were all gone.
LIAM: They were on the box.
And it was huge.
Yeah, they were on the TV.
No, I found that hard to deal with actually.
Did ya?
I did, yeah.
Then you wouldn't see you for months
because you were touring.
I found that difficult.
You must be proud of them all.
Oh, very proud, yeah.
Yeah. I still get me tissues out.
Every time they're on the television,
I'm still there
with a box of tissues.
Liam always likes to come home.
Yeah, it's nice,
I should come back more often, but...
You should do, as like I tell yous
there's no use in coming back
when I'm not here.
LIAM: I was never gonna sit there
and do it on my own on a guitar
even though a lot of people
thought I was -
which I wasn't - cos I'm not into that.
By the time we got to Abbey Road,
we had the whole band.
And I like the vibe,
I like the mentality
of being in a band
and being around people and that.
Four heads are better than one,
you know what I mean?
DREW: When we went in to Abbey Road
to record "I Get By"
we'd been playing together in the studio
for a number of weeks.
That's it, that's it, whack down.
DREW: The chemistry is something
that you can't anticipate
with people that you've never met before.
But we lucked out with this band.
CHRISTIAN: It must be a different dynamic
for him to be in a band full of people
that get on with him
and just do what he wants, you know
and just sort of provide
a stable backing for him.
Sounds really good, no?
How are you guys?
Beefy guys.
Lush, yeah.
Fucking beefy.
DAN: It just worked, I don't know how,
just all the cogs fell into place
and we just got on with it.
DREW: Those horn lines, those base riffs
all those nuances
they were all from his ear.
DAN: He's got all these ideas
and all these sounds
and all these parts
flying around in his head.
He'd sing a melody
once you put that melody into a song
it's always a genius idea.
I've always loved being in a studio
just being around it and watching it all
come to life, you know what I mean
from the first bass drum
to the first strum on the guitar
and you watch the record
go in different directions
you know what I mean?
Some days it turns out
how you want to in your head
and some days it doesn't,
you know what I mean?
Some days it turns out better.
MIKE: It was Liam wholly owning
the recording.
He knew the record he wanted to make
and it was great to see him actually in there
and being totally in charge of the situation
and I don't imagine that was something
he'd ever had an opportunity
to do before.
LIAM: I need to calm down,
you know what I mean?
Fucking blown me voice
in the first fucking...
"Good evening!"
D'you know what I mean...
Do it like fucking Axl Rose,
you know what I mean?
Fucking, got a fucking gig today, man.
# So out me some slack #
# / wanna see all of you #
# / never hold back from the truth #
# Unlike you #
# Unlike you. #
Stop that.
I'll have it. I'd buy it.
You what?
I'd buy that.
I don't remember you doing that harmony.
I'd definitely download it.
Vocal harmony.
I'd definitely download that.
LIAM: I tell you what,
it's been fucking amazing, man.
It's been fucking mega, man.
Top work, man.
Nice one.
Nice one. Take care.
See you later.
See yous in a bit.
Nobody's heard the record yet.
Promoters don't tend to gamble too much
so... the Ritz, 2,000 capacity
is a safe starting ground.
REPORTER: Well, weve got some news
coming in to us
out of the North West,
Greater Manchester Police
have warned people to stay away
from Manchester Arena.
Amid reports on social media
of some kind of explosion.
With 22 dead and dozens injured
hundreds came out
into Central Manchester today
to remember lives lost.
Fellas, just step to the side
for us, please.
We haven't got time to stop.
We haven't got time to stop,
I'm sorry.
Cheers man.
Any chance you can let us in, Liam?
It's ramo, mate.
FAN: Yes, Liam!
Get him back!
Can I have a photo?
Stay there.
Liam, please, I fucking love you, lad!
Aw, quick photo!
Guys, stay back.
It's horrific, right, man? Horrific.
It was, but hopefully, you know...
put that aside and we'll get 'em
bouncing tonight, forget about that
and we'll get their mind off that,
it was horrible man, horrible.
I guess a little bit nervous...
but nah, I can't wait
to just get on there, man and fucking...
carry on this crusade
of no fucking giving up, man
and these evil cunts, and just fucking
get back on, carry on with it.
You know what I mean?
LIAM: It's always hard work going back
to your own town, doing your gig
new album
but with the stuff that had gone down,
it was super heavy
you know what I mean,
we just wanted to show respect.
We've gotta put on a good gig for them,
you know what I mean
as much as you can.
Liam! Liam! Liam!
/ am he, cos you are he
cos you are he
and we are all together.
# lve all / need... #
# ...and more. #
BONEHEAD: I was watching it
from up on the balcony
and the atmosphere and that venue
was unlike any Oasis gig
I'd ever seen.
The feeling.
The expectation.
# There s no time for looking back. #
It was a crowd reaction.
It was like "Wow", you know,
that was fucking, pretty intense.
It was as if they wanted him more than ever.
# Slow down, all things must pass #
# Take your time #
# Know the score #
# Tomorrow... #
MIKE: That show was an incredible
coming together
a connection between Liam and his audience.
# The winds of change... #
# ...must blow. #
Liam! Liam! Liam!
Manchester, llove you, we love ya.
Look after each other.
Thank you for coming out!
# its not goodbye #
# So dry your eyes. #
It was a hugely emotional moment.
I think he completely united a community.
LIAM: I'm proud that we did it,
you know what I mean?
Music, man, is power,
you know what I mean?
It brings people together,
it can just...
make you feel like
everything's gonna be alright.
I'm most of a shit, but like I've been, man,
I am fucking proud of myself, course I am.
Like I said, I've not killed anyone.
I'll never let any cunt get me down
you know what I mean?
No matter who they are
still gotta keep one eye on the prize,
you know what I mean?
But yeah, like, you know,
no one's invincible.
you gotta feel like you can get out of it
you know what I mean?
Without a doubt, and you make it better.
MUSIC: "All My People/All Mankind"
by Liam Gallagher
# Hold tight, / got what you need #
# Speak now #
# Or forever hold your peace. #
LIAM: All of a sudden,
Chris Martin is fucking emailing me.
I was going,
"What does he fucking want?"
So I was going, "what's he after?
What the fuck's he after?"
# Showboats not up to speed #
# High out. #
LIAM: And then I heard he was doing
this benefit gig and that
and then he goes,
"Would you do 'Live Forever'?"
I was going,
"Yeah, I'll do that, man. Let's do it."
# its my time #
DEBBIE: The first thing is said was,
"You know
I wanna perform, it doesn't matter
where we are"
so we had to fly from Germany,
the same day, to make it happen.
So we did that, got back
met Chris and the guitarist
in the toilet
and we went through
"Live Forever"
and then we did it.
Liam s coming on!
Manchester fans in the areal
# Gonna leave you all behind #
LIAM: Maybe I have upset him
in the past and that, but...
I don't mean it.
I actually think Coldplay have got
a few good tunes, you know what I mean?
Listen, and I have apologised,
I did say, "Look, I'm sorry for fucking
for digging yous out over the years."
And they went...
"No, no, no. We love it, man.
Carry on."
So they enjoy it, man.
# All the people #
# All mankind. #
CHRISTIAN: One love, I think,
if you were a young pop fan
you're looking round at all these people
everybody's got sparkle all over 'em
and wigs on.
Even Coldplay were dressed
like The Tweenies.
They had, like,
lightning up their pants
and brightly coloured trainers on
and all that.
Suddenly, Liam just turned up in a parka
albeit an orange one
and just stands there and sings.
It's gotta be refreshing,
even if you're 14.
# ...lm alive #
# Get on up #
# Get on up #
# Gonna see now lm alive. #
LIAM: I just like making music.
Music is what I do.
You know what I mean?
I can't really do anything else.
I don't wanna be a spaceman.
I don't wanna be a deep sea diver,
I don't wanna sell flowers.
I just want to sing
good old rock and roll music
and when I don't do it,
it fucking drives me mad.
I found my place in life
and it's in front of that microphone stand.
I think it was just a natural thing
to make a record.
It's always good to get things
off your chest.
Some people find that
through the end of a bottle...
or like a spliff, or a line of coke
or fucking a shot of heroin, or...
whatever, y'know what I mean?
It's nice to do it through music,
it's nice and safe, it's good for your health
you know what I mean?
There was once,
I'd gone for a little run in the morning
fucking come out
and I could hear proper boom, boom...
I was thinking,
"Where the fuck's that coming from?"
I get in the woods and, on my fucking life
there's about 200 fucking kids
right in the woods, full-on fucking raving
and I'm fucking running past,
felt like a right cunt.
Loads of people spangled on the side
on the bench
all tripping.
I'm sure they was going
"I'm sure the fuck I've just seen
that dick out of Oasis."
Fucking in shorts, running.
"What's he doing running? He should be here
fucking sniffing fucking cocaine."
Gallagher released
his first solo single today.
# You would keep the secrets in ya #
On what?
On your record!
# / think you know #
And the album is out today.
Oh yeah, it's out today, yeah.
# Anyone can see
right through your eyes #
It does feel like it's a youthful record.
For me, it's rock and roll, guitar music.
It's got a lot of swagger, man,
and it's got a bit of a stomp
it's got a bit more of a groove
than a lot of Oasis songs and that
cos we were... not really groovy.
# Wall of glass. #
I do love Dublin.
BONEHEAD (VO): / think he was well aware
there 3 knives being sharpened ready
you know, and if he come out
with a fucking f/opper
if it just wasnt quite up to fucking scratch
then them knives would've come out
and stabbed him in the back.
But you re not whoever
from this two-bit indie fucking band
who s just embarking on a solo career,
you re fucking Liam Gallagher
dyou know what / mean?
The kids out there are dying for ya.
Oh, my God!
How are you?
Young man!
LIAM (VO): As far as lm concerned,
all these gigs are... all / care about
is getting the fans back.
Good man.
l m just a rock and roll singer
in a band and thats all Hi ever be.
Thats all / ever want to be.
Who's not got tickets?
We don't.
Yeah, we don't have tickets.
We don't have tickets, Liam, any help?
Write your names down for us.
Oh Yes!
, my God!
Do y'wanna write your name down on there
and then just put plus one,
two, three, four, five.
Thanks so much, Liam.
Thanks so much. Much love.
As You Were.
ALL: Yeah!
DEBBIE: He is so cute!
Cute, man.
BONEHEAD: I think Liam being away,
as hard as it was for him
was probably the best thing he ever did.
Would've been easy to just go,
"You know what?
I was front man Oasis,
I tried with Beady Eye
hand on heart, you know,
it didn't quite work out
so I've sacked it, I'm gonna concentrate
on my clothing line now."
But you will never see him
on stage again.
The world would've gone,
"Good for you, man."
They would've done that, but he didn't.
On me! Me! Liam, Liam, please!
Fellas, please don't push.
The expectations change.
You suddenly saw him connect with, like,
in a big way, and that was like...
Then you realise it's got legs,
suddenly he became
cross-generational, you know?
So then I thought, this is probably
gonna be bigger than I thought, you know.
Bringing the new, new stuff.
I've been listening to that on YouTube
and I fucking love it.
All of that's fantastic.
Brilliant, brilliant.
Aye, he doesn't need the other fella,
he's grand.
He's grand.
You put out a great song
and people start to take you seriously.
That's the point at which you get nervous
because the job is only
10% done at that point in time.
You've gotta take it all the way through.
JO WHILEY: What are your memories
of Glastonbury before ?
The very first time you came here with Oasis,
was that 94?
Yeah, think so, well...
after we come off stage,
/ got me clothes robbed.
Which weren t that good anyway,
and that, but...
cos they were, like,
from Marks and Spencers, but...
So, got them robbed
and some young lad
thought / had cocaine in me hair.
He kept picking the bits of me psoriasis
that I'd been scratching all day
putting it on their gums
and putting up their noses and shit like that
going, "Fucking check it out, mate!
He's got loads of gear on him",
then I went back to the bus and I thought
I'll just have a little go myself, anyway,
just to see, y'know what I mean?
Didn't work, nothing, didn't work though.
I might not be able to use that story
on Radio Two.
MAN: How's it going?
Fucking absolutely fantastic.
I've not been this excited about a gig
since the first Boardwalk that Oasis did.
All of Glas has been well received,
the gigs have been well received and that.
I mean, there's a long way to go and that,
but there's no better feeling
than getting on stage
to loads of people hopefully
and showing 'em what you're made of.
# Nothing at all #
# Even a soul #
Yes, Man U.
How are you, mate?
Alright, geezer, how's life?
Really good. Hey.
Big guy.
Hi, how are you? Lovely to meet you.
Are you here for the weekend
and that or just...?
Uh, here till Monday.
Monday? Why Monday?
Has she kicked you out?
Yeah. No, no.
Why Monday?
You not got a fucking house to go to?
I'm here with him, till tomorrow
and then the Mrs comes tomorrow night, so.
I've never been out the front and that,
I always fucking just hang about round here
but me two kids are here, and they like...
DAVID: Yeah.
They're into that weed and shit now,
they're like that
"Right, we're off down
the fucking stone circle"
they've fucked off and then come back,
look like fucking hippies
now they can't speak.
Three minutes before I start the intro.
So let's get up there, yeah?
Are you ready for this, babes?
LIAM (VO): This is me last chance to really,
you know, do the thing that / love.
if this doesnt happen, / won t come again,
yknow what / mean?
Cos done Oasis, done Beady Eye,
and as great as it was
it just didn t real/y
connect and /m about connecting.
if its not big, its no good to me
its no good to you, yknow what / mean?
DEBBIE (VO): His kids were there,
he wanted to do them proud.
/ think it was the unknown.
/ guess just a bit apprehensive
of how it was gonna go.
He hadnt been on stage prior to that
to see how many people were out there
and / don t think he was anticipating
it would be that big a pull.
You know, its the middle
of the afternoon on the Saturday.
/ just saw the sea of people.
The crowd was absolutely enormous.
There were just people
as far as the eye could see.
lm sure there was an awful lot of people
coming in to go
Oh, Liam 3 back, OK.
Yeah, saw him on the telly with Coldplay,
lll check it out.
Bu there were a lot of people
coming not to praise him, / think
but to knock him down.
Hey, is there any hippies in the house?
Like proper hippies?
MUSIC: "Greedy Soul" by Liam Gallagher
# She got a six six six #
# / got my crucifix, yeah #
LIAM (VO): Them big gigs,
if the crowd aint with ya
theyre the worst places to be in the world,
yknow what / mean?
# She s the Ungrateful Dead #
# You re getting told #
LIAM: You just fucking do your thing,
don't you, know what I mean?
Try and keep your head together
without fucking taking all your clothes off
and running round naked going "woohoo!"
Y'know what I mean?
# You re slippery kind #
# And its a long way down #
# When you re the wrong way round #
LIAM: Just got to concentrate
on what you're there for
and try and give them the best gig you can.
# /ve got the Midas touch #
But apparently it was one of the biggest,
y'know what I mean?
Yeah, it was mega.
It was amazing, man.
# When you re the wrong way round #
# And now its all too much. #
JO (VO): He returned to being
the Liam Gallagher from Oasis
when he was that true rock and roll star,
and / think he grew.
You've been beautiful.
Look after each other
and have lots of fucking fun!
That was the biggest thing we 'd done yet
and it was a huge moment.
We knew that was gonna be
a bit of a mark on the boards.
Everything has to be as good
as this and better.
# And its a long way down #
# And now its all too much #
# / got the Midas touch. #
That's ten out of ten.
His album went to Number One straight away.
The mid weeks came through
and / think it was 103,000.
And we both just sat there
and shed a few tears, just...
Yeah, its been a long time coming.
it was even on Granada Reports that night.
To say he had his first Number One album,
and that was good.
LIAM: Well, well, well.
What do we have here?
/ reckon it looks like a Number One record,
brothers and sisters!
/ wanna thank everyone who bought it
ld like to thank everyone
who helped make it.
As You Were.
He's obviously got a child-like charm.
It doesn't mean he's a child,
I mean he's engaging to anyone.
We were out for a walk the other day
on Hampstead Heath and...
he was there and then the next minute
he was gone, I was like, "Where's he gone?"
He's doing a selfie with the ice cream man.
MUSIC: "Zebra" by Beach House
DEBBIE (VO): / think Liam s a massive softy
when it comes to every area of his life
to be honest.
The Liam / know
and the Liam that's in the public perception
are totally different.
This is the boss at work.
DEBBIE (VO): Like, yeah, he does...
he drinks too much
probably from time to time,
he gets in scrapes
he s impulsive, he says stupid things,
he swears a lot
but that doesn t mean
that he can t be soft at the same time.
I'll come out the exit, then
and I'll meet ya.
And he has a lot of onus on family.
Family are really important to him.
Two knobheads for the price of one.
How are you?
Buzzing, buzzing, mate.
# You know you re gold #
# You don t gotta worry none #
# Oasis chi/d #
# Born so wild... #
GENE: Where are we right now?
LENNON: We're in Brussels.
GENE: Where's that?
DEBBIE: Belgium.
I was gonna wear my GP, Dad, but...
Lennon said it wasn't gonna be this bad.
Soon as you've had a spliff,
you'll feel like you're in Barbados anyway.
You'll be like that,
"Fuckin' hell, it's well hot here, innit?
Look at all them people on the beach!
Anyone want a pia colada?"
# Your love is stag
in the white sand #
# Wilderness for miles #
# Eyes so mild and wise... #
His sons are funny.
/ can just see Liam in the pair of them.
The yve got different traits
but theyre like mini-mes.
They think they know it all,
and its like they know how to play him.
/ think it s hilarious
watching him being played by his two kids.
lm like, Wo w.
MAN: I'll get the kettle on in a minute,
d'you want a chamomile tea?
MAN 2:
No, Tetley's, mate, please. Yeah.
Full-on proper tea.
Yeah, I love tea.
What's the best... for you?
Yorkshire Tea.
PG Tips can fuck off.
Aye, aye.
PG Tips is like a football team
that was mega
went down to the First Division
and it can't get back into the Championships.
It's a little bit the opposite way round,
the Yorkshire Tea.
They got great tea
but their teams are fucking shite!
He's meant to be in school
he's meant to be fucking trying on
some fucking blouse
walking on in a straight line.
Fucking both on a fucking tour bus
in Amsterdam
on their way to get stoned,
the fucking little shits.
Wasn't like that when I was young.
Need to try on my blouse!
D'you know what I mean?
What you doing?
Alright, I'm just gonna get it out then,
you dick.
What's he doing putting his feet on me
all the time?
INTERVIEWER: How is it now seeing your dad
on stage or the gigs?
When you're younger, you're just like,
"Oh yeah, like, it's Dad doing his thing."
But, I dunno, like, now that I'm 18
you kind of appreciate it more.
INTERVIEWER: You must be proud of him?
LENNON: Yeah, well proud, well proud.
How's my hair look, alright?
Today, life is good.
Got a good relationship with me kids.
They can come to the gigs, man,
they can have a laugh and that and it's good.
It's all good, man.
Lennon's pretty chilled,
so Lennon's got the zen side of me.
Gene's got the piss-taking side.
They've all got bit of a temper and that
but they're all polite as well
they're all nice people, man.
And I must say, man, the mothers
have done great bringing them up
because they're good people,
you know what I mean?
Hats off to their mams.
I remember once, I was sat in a coffee shop
got some weed, proper stoned,
like 900 cats landed on me shoulders.
I was thinking if
DEBBIE: Shut up.
Yeah, loads of cats
just all sat on me like that.
I was thinking if our kid walks in here now
and sees me with about 40 cats sat on me
like Jim Morrison.
Then there was a Brazilian
fucking marching band going past us
all at the same as me fucking...
losing me mind.
And then what, you then did a gig?
Then did a gig, yeah.
The youth, man.
Twenty years of age, man,
didn't give a fuck then
it was cool as fuck.
Captain Birdseye.
MUSIC: "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star
There, that's one.
It's your first one.
GENE: Where?
Coffeeshop on the corner.
This is the nuts, man.
# / wanna hold the hand inside you... #
/ am most proud of him
for when he has been scared
or wanting to throw the towel in,
he never stops.
He still keeps going.
This time is massive/y different.
How many people get a second chance?
Yeah, he s so grateful.
# / look to you to see the truth... #
D EB B I E (VO):
Super-sensitive, impulsive.
Very arrogant at times, fearless.
And more ambitious than he thinks he is.
# You ll come apart and you ll go black #
# Some kind of night into your darkness... #
Well, he 3 very thoughtful
and he 3 very considerate
and he s got a great nature
and especially where youngsters
are concerned
family is everything to him.
# Fade into you #
DEBBIE (V0): The way he is with me,
the way he is with my family
the way he is with his kids and his mum
is the reason that / love him.
# Fade into you #
# / think its strange you never knew... #
l was checking how many shows weve done
the other day
and / worked out that
by the end of this cycle
we d have done 134 shows.
Only at the start of Oasis, so 94 to 96
did they do any more than that.
So you 're looking at a 45yearold man
booked as a young man
so for him to do that amount of shows,
in the way he sings
is nothing short of miraculous.
No, I mean I don't mind touring, man,
it's a piece of piss
but it's just the travelling, innit?
And we had a few problems with the travel
and that, so that set us back a bit
so it's been a bit of a pain in the arse.
I got an ear infection at some...
Just the usual bits and bobs
you know what I mean?
Not being well and then having to sing
and stuff, y'know what I mean?
But you know, it is what it is, innit, man.
Following them guys down there.
Let's go.
Not for long, gotta scoot.
The tour manager that we had
lost his fucking mind
he was gonna go home, had enough.
Watch the shoes, mate.
Come on, Dan.
I ain't fucking playing that, turn around.
We love Liam!
There's my love for Liam right there.
Look at that.
Fucking hell, mate, did smack all.
That is well good.
Thank you.
Nice one.
Thank you.
You're always losing the racket!
Catch it!
Really humid, innit?
Blocked up nose.
Fucking hell!
That was bloody shite.
I'm fucked, man,
it's like a fucking work-out, innit?
Had a fucking nightmare
the last couple of gigs.
I'm getting my fucking tambourine
and going home.
That's what I'm talking about!
They're fucking doing my nut in.
At the end of my fucking bed, mate,
in ten minutes.
Probably sleep for a bit and then
I'll be fucking up like a fucking lunatic.
The last half an hour has fucking done me in.
Over all of it.
Are you really?
Oh, fucking hell...
Fucking can't stop pissing now,
that's another fucking thing.
LG, always.
My heart, he's my God.
I was born in 1983
and my dad use to listen to Oasis
so for me, I've been listening
to his voice for my entire life.
It's amazing.
Live forever.
I love him!
His music makes me feel alive.
LIAM: I'm looking forward to this gig tonight
in South America.
Presidential Suite.
Where Macca stays,
me and Macca share the same bed.
Got here yesterday
and I was a bit fucked from the flight
and I'm still trying to shake off
this chesty thing so got me head down
had an early night.
I could see 'em out there
and I said to Debbie on the way in, I said
nah, I mean, there's obviously Oasis records
that want to be signed and all that
but there's a lot of As You Were there,
you know what I mean?
So that's proper mega, you know what I mean?
There's young kids out there, 15, 16, 17.
So, As You Were is their Definitely Maybe,
dare I say it.
No one can take that away from me,
know what I mean?
I think I'm doing alright, man.
Twentyfive years, 30 years
I've been singing like a fucking maniac.
I think my voice is still in.
Holding up well, man.
Considering all the shit that I've drank
and all the other stuff, y'know what I mean
that people have put up me nose for me.
I think my voice is half decent.
# Ole, ole, ole, ole #
See you later, I'm fucking going, man,
my voice is absolutely smashed.
I'd love to stand here all night
and scream it out for ya
but it's sounding fucking horrific
so I'm very sorry, I can't sing the tunes.
Fucking stay here all night and do it,
it's only gonna fuck it up though.
You ain't gonna have fun, waste of time.
They didn't get it.
Yeah, man, y'know...
Sometimes you gotta make strong decisions.
It's like Paris 2009.
He said his voice went, so that was it.
Walked off the stage.
Massive crowd there as well, yeah.
Not too sure.
Bye, thanks.
LIAM (VO): Biggest fear is losing the voice,
man, without a doubt.
it, like, literal/y went.
The rst song, you re thinking
Fuck, this is a long night,
you know what / mean?
You get to the third song in
and you re just thinking
look, this is doing more damage
and youve gotta bail, you know what / mean?
And obviously you let people down
and you 're the worst person
on the fucking planet.
My whole day is about getting on
and fucking making their day and singing
you know what I mean?
So having to get off when you can't do it,
yeah, it's shit
and everyone kicks off and all that
and you gotta take it on the chin
and I get it, they've paid money
and all that tackle, but...
you gotta look after your voice,
y'know what I mean?
It's like... I just literally couldn't
fucking speak
for about a week, and...
I like the sound of my own voice,
y'know what I mean, so that was hell.
You gotta concentrate, haven't you, man?
When you're doing this.
# Come on, come on #
# Who are you? #
It's half six, the day's nearly over, mate.
As far as I'm concerned.
I've been up since four anyway.
Well, I like to run because
it keeps you fit obviously
and it's sort of good for my head
more than anything, y'know what I mean?
I'm never gonna have a fucking six pack.
It's just not what I'm about, but...
if I haven't been for a run
I just feel, like, all over the shop.
It sorts me day out, y'know what I mean?
When you are 20, any rock star worth his salt
getting up doing all this
he wants slapping, y'know what I mean?
"Are you coming out
for a fucking drink tonight?"
"No, I'm gonna get up in the morning
I'm gonna go and see the Golden Gate Bridge,
apparently it's fucking lovely."
You just... "Get out of the band."
Y'know what I mean?
But when you're this age
this is what it's about, man!
Look at that, that cloud there, man.
That's why I want to live forever.
I don't wanna fucking die,
I don't wanna spend the rest of me days
in pubs and bars.
Obviously like to have a drink
and all that tackle, but...
I know when it's time to go to bed now.
It's nice just to be back doing your job,
y'know what I mean?
I thought I'd never get back out here again,
y'know what I mean?
Just to be honest with ya,
after Beady Eye, I thought that's it.
I'm never gonna fucking see
San Francisco again
or LA and all that, so...
It's good to get back out
and see the world again.
Through the music,
y'know what I mean?
Got someone here
who wants to introduce the next song.
Slide Away.
Does it help your throat at all, like, just...?
LIAM: What, singing, yeah? Yeah, I think so.
Have to open your lungs up, innit?
Steam though, man, I went for a steam,
sat in a steam
before the gig the other day,
like an hour before.
Right, I'm going in.
Ooh, yeah.
LIAM (VO): Cos lve got that thyroid thing
as well where it gets...
voice gets really hoarse
a lot more quicker than other people 3.
Fucking hell, that is good, man.
/ don t smoke during the day.
l have probably a couple when / come off,
yknow what / mean?
Try not to drink as much.
Only do two grams before I go on stage now.
Whereas I used to do eight.
Fucking great, innit?
I always wanted to come here.
But as I got older
more appreciated it a bit more,
y'know what I mean?
LIAM: And now I like it.
Y'know what I mean?
Some people here are saying
youve got an arrogant attitude.
lhave. Thats what makes Oasis, innit?
Is it?
Just had problems at home, finding a house,
had a sore throat.
Cou/dn t come to America, that is it.
Oh, you come before you fans, do you?
Yeah, course / fucking do.
/ come first before any fucker
and thats my attitude, alright?
A lot of the reputation that Liam has
he 3 brought on himself 700% so...
as much as the media obvious/y
liked to blow that up
because that's how he is,
he s impulsive and he s a bit silly.
I'm sure he regrets decisions that he made
that led to other people
well, people that he loves - being hurt.
For sure.
LIAM (VO): Well, probably me personal stuff,
/ regret a few things in that...
it was all my doing,
/ took the eye off the ball
and got myself into some shitty situations
that / should never have got into
and then you gotta deal with it,
yknow what / mean?
Being a bit of a shit husband
and the effect that it has on my kids
I do regret that.
And sometimes you've gotta own your shit,
haven't you?
Sometimes it's good to meet it head on.
It's good for the soul.
This is fucking more like it, hey?
Sitting around drinking
and eating hotdogs all day
fucking rubbish!
Who's at the front? Molly?
My daughter.
And then me two sons are at the back here
chirpsing on some birds
no doubt.
LIAM: Mollywood.
LIAM (VO): lve met Molly now
so she s part of the team and that.
She 3 part of the family,
she s with us all the time.
No, no!
LIAM: I'm glad it's not fucking hot,
y'know what I mean?
That's pretty cool there, the palm trees.
Yeah, it's cool.
LIAM (VO): Lennon and Gene,
right buzz off each other, man.
They love being around Debs
and sisters and that so its all good.
Got a nice vibe to it, man.
I'm actually terrified.
Of what?
And the rattlesnakes...
That morning it starts getting really foggy.
Just a bit hard work.
D'you know what you wanna do yet?
Yeah, I'm into music.
You play the drums, is it?
Yeah, and guitar.
Got this mate that comes over, bass player
they make a racket, sounds good.
But there's plenty of time, man.
Sure people will be going "Oh yeah,
you gotta be good as Oasis" but...
Oasis weren't that good.
We just had a vibe
and everyone wanted to join in on it.
We weren't great players,
y'know what I mean?
You don't have to be that good, as long as
you got fucking summat about you
y'know what I mean? That'll go a long way.
I've got a load of good people around me,
good energy.
Molly's a legend, man,
she's been a breath of fresh air.
Her being in my life
and being in Lennon's life
and Gene's life and 'em all together.
Debbie and all that tackle, it's well good.
It's never been fucking better,
y'know what I mean?
I thought you could go under it
and stand there, have a picture took
you can't do that.
Maybe you just can't go up there then.
You can't.
It's booked.
GENE: You can in the video games.
This is real life, Gene, real life.
Should've played a video game instead.
Should just play video games, you muppet.
# Yo tengo... #
He s just really, really happy.
if he was to go out tomorrow
/ think he would feel happy that he s...
not just the success
that he s achieved, but...
his mum s proud of him,
he has a great relationship with his kids.
He s happy with himself.
/ think he s in a really good place.
Noel Gallagher,
I don't think he'd be too happy
with the way it's going for me at the moment,
know what I mean?
I think he'll be sitting there thinking
"This fuck..." Y'know what I mean?
"What's going down here?"
Y'know what I mean?
I think he'd have quite happily seen me
in the gutter.
Without a doubt.
There was a period where there was a bit
of a financial problem and that
and the only way I was gonna get out
of this fucking mess
is by doing Oasis, know what I mean?
Or music, y'know what I mean?
And he didn't give a fuck, mate.
He was like that, "See ya."
The calls and all that went on deaf ears,
y'know what I mean, so...
thankfully, through Debbie
and the fucking stars and all that,
and the way it is
I got out of it without his help,
y'know what I mean, and now...
I'm kind of back on track doing
what I'm doing so I don't need that fucker.
I don't need his help, y'know what I mean?
There's part of me
that is a bit pissed off, yeah.
But I'm happy now,
so it doesn't really matter.
And a lot of people go, "Oh, well,
Noel's grown up and he's changed."
Whatever, he's changed into a massive cunt.
I'm still... I'm just still a cunt.
I'm not a massive cunt.
Fucking Prince Philip and fucking...
what's she called?
Right, up here.
Right, hang tight,
this is where the magic happens.
Obviously it wasn't like this, but, yeah.
So this is, like...
this is mine and Noel's original room
original fucking plaque that we had.
Have a look at that.
See, that'd go back there.
That's where Noel'd be, I was this side
and then he'd have his stereo
that stereo that I pissed on was there.
And this is the magic switch
that I went for one night when I was...
off me box, but I missed
to turn the light on to go to the toilet,
there used to be a toilet there
and I fucking missed and I just fucking...
so the kid's in bed and I'm just stood there.
All over his tackle.
And that's when I think the grudge started.
My mam would go to work and we'd smoke
all the weed here, listen to some tunes
then my mam would come back and we'd all
be fucking diving out the windows.
This fucker, she'd fucking have us
cos she'd been out doing three jobs
and we'd been doing none.
Y'know, looking back at it now,
it's like there was summat going down, man
that we weren't aware of,
y'know what I mean?
It's like there was some
fucking activity going on
y'know what I mean?
Whether it's aliens or whether it's spiritual
or maybe it's just nish, y'know what I mean?
We didn't know that we were gonna be
in this fucking band together
this worldfamous band that would mean
so much to loads of people
so in the scheme of things,
when we were sitting about
going, "Fucking life's shit, life's boring"
fucking, "What we gonna do today?
There's nish going down."
Someone somewhere was making plans
and I find that shit fucking really good,
and thank you.
It's interesting. Life's magical
when you have a think about it.
You know, this little room here,
me and him, him over there
me there, fucking just...
and then we're on fucking stage
no wonder we fucking hate each other,
cos it's like being in the knick.
CAMERAMAN: It is a real shame you don't
really speak to your brother, innit?
No, I know, but it is what it is.
I mean, it is a shame but, you know,
it's not the fucking Waltons
you know what I mean?
And I think the reason why we're not speaking
is cos he thinks he's Mr Fucking Clever
Mr Right, and I think I'm right
so we're both stubborn.
You know, maybe it's another part
of the shit that's going down
while we're sitting here going
"Oh fuck, it's shit that we're not speaking
to each other
and we're not in Oasis anymore," maybe...
there's summat else going on
for the next step
or whatever, know what I mean?
I mean, if you're working with somebody
20 odd years
two of them together,
there's bound to be friction, isn't there?
DEBBIE: Liam has reached out to Noel
a couple of times
and each time he's just...
not got back to him and this is why
he's so incessant on constantly berating him
or constantly antagonising him,
it's because he misses him.
It's his brother.
A new year and they're all going
to get on together.
That's it.
LIAM: Me and our bod get on,
two out of three's not bad.
No, but the way I look at it, darling
That's the way I look at it.
Life is very short and if anything happened
to either one of you--
So is he, he's very fucking short, isn't he?
I know, he's as bad as you.
No, he's very short.
Ta. Love you.
See you in a bit.
You have a rest.
LIAM: Yes.
See you, Grandma.
ANNOUNCER: That brings us to the last award
of the night.
It's NME's Godlike Genius Award.
What we're about to give out is basically
the most overdue award
in the history of the NME Awards.
Welcome to the stage, Liam Gallagher.
Nice one. Thanks.
NME awards, right.
I wanna dedicate this to me mam
Margaret Gallagher,
the one and fucking only!
I also want to dedicate it to the army
of songwriters that I've got.
Past and present.
Liam, you are the man of the night.
How does that feel?
INTERVIEWER: It hasn't changed you though,
becoming Godlike?
Has it changed me?
No, I've always thought I was godlike
from the day I was fucking born
and your reward ain't gonna change it.
BONEHEAD (VO): For him, it doesn't matter
if its two people or 200,000 people
he does the thing that he does.
He s the last great rock and roll singer.
You can see from the comeback
that he was needed.
/ think Noel probably overestimated
the importance of the music
and underestimated the importance of Liam.
Kids don t wanna be Noel, they wanna be Liam
thats whats sort of come about again.
Everyone s fucking in love with him.
and thinking about it in terms
of his brother watching it
and digesting it
and having an opinion on it
and everything he leaves out
or puts into a show
its almost all done for an audience of one.
# it was easier to have fun #
# Back when we had nothing #
# Nothing much to manage #
# Back when we were damaged... #
LIAM (VO): / believe the fucking people
are back on side, yknow what / mean?
And that means more than any Number One album
as far as lm concerned,
or how many records you sell.
# You just clean the pool... #
All the success of As You Were was good.
/ think itd be rude not to do another album,
yknow what / mean?
# But oh, / remember how you used to shine #
# Back then #
LIAM (VO): Now look, if/ were to put in
this album, / think its gonna be good, man.
Getting back and doing some gigs and that
and see how we end up, man.
# My friend #
if this one s good and its a success
maybe then have a bit of a break,
yknow what / mean?
# But it turns out #
# You only get to do it once. #
Right, I'm happy with that.
I start going off the rails, me,
when I fucking have too much of a break.
You need structure.
I do.
Like a toddler.
Yeah, start fucking just like...
I'm knocking about down pubs
at fucking 10 o'clock
y'know what I mean?
In the morning, y'know what I mean,
it's his best...
I'm more fucking safe on the road
y'know what I mean, in the bubble, I think.
lm proud of him, lm proud of who he is
he never changed, Liam.
/ think thats why people love him,
cos he is who he is.
To come from nowhere and to sustain
for 25 plus years is impossible
especially the way he sings.
He s number one, ain t he?
ld like to remember him as my mate
probably as the greatest
fucking rock and roll frontman ever.
How would he wanna be remembered?
He came, he saw, he conquered,
and he told you all to fuck off.
LIAM (VO): / class myself as a singer,
a rock and roll singer
with a bit of fucking attitude,
and that is it.
On stage, singing songs,
when /m close up to that mic
that is where lm at, nothing can touch it,
yknow what / mean?
I think I could get struck by lightning
and fucking stare it out
just before it hits me
and just go like that, back.
It is biblical, man.
MUSIC: "You Better Run, You Better Hide"
by Liam Gallagher
# Ange/s give me shelter #
# Cos lm about to fall #
# Stone cold, Helter Skelter #
# /m not afraid #
# lm gonna save us all #
# Oh, oh #
# / got to stand for something #
# Thats why /m not standing for you #
# And / won t fall for no one #
# Thats why /m not falling for you #
# We got to stand for something #
# Thats why we re not standing for you #
# We won t fall for no one #
# Thats why we re not falling for you #
# Ain t that something #
# Aint that true #
# To walk in someone else 3 shoes #
# Ain t that something #
# Aint that true #
# To walk in someone else 3 shoes #
# / think its true what they say #
# That the dream is borrowed #
# You give it back tomorrow #
# My Mr Sorrow #
# And the pain, she just comes in
to break up the day dream #
# A knife that she s waving #
# To keep from feeling the same thing #
# But, oh, / remember how you used to shine #
# Back then #
# You went down so easy
like a glass of wine #
# My friend #
# When the dawn came up
you felt so inspired #
# To do it again #
# But it turns out #
# You only get to do it once #
# You only get to do it once #
# You only get to do it once #
# You only get to do it once #