Liars All (2013) Movie Script

Over here! Over here!
Oh, look who we caught trying
to sneak by the paparazzi.
It's pop star Casey Cass,
looking fabulous,
And her new boyfriend,
Dennis Hoge.
You're looking
very sexy, Casey!
Oh, yes!
Come on, Casey!
- Yes! Right here!
- Give us a kiss!
And here's a peek at
the British sensation in her new video,
Featuring none other than
football striker Dennis Hoge.
# I don't care
if you never get it #
# It's not fair
and I never said it was #
# It's just
the way it is #
# I won't fight
it's too late to listen #
# You're not right,
and I'm not a victim #
# No
# It's just
the way it is #
# I've had enough
# I'm gonna let you go
# You can leave me now
# You can walk away
and break my heart #
# I don't need you now
# Turn around and tear
my world apart #
# You can beg, you can cry
but I've made up my mind #
# There'll be no
next time this time #
# So just let me know
# 'cause I don't want you
# Around to drag me down
You know he's fucking
Casey Cass?
Casey fucking Cass?
I love you,
little one.
Yes, I'll be right there.
These are the cards.
They were playing a game,
and it ended quite badly.
So they
came from the pub.
All arrived together.
Dennis Hoge,
footballer from Leicester.
No prior convictions
as an adult;
Billy, from Rockford,
One of his teammates;
Tanya, a waitress;
Mike and Katie,
American students,
Just came over together
from Los Angeles;
Kim and Brenda,
friends traveling together;
And missy Dembree,
An American
studying in London...
I thought you said you were working late.
Oh, come on, Dennis.
I don't do anything
I don't want to do.
You should know that.
...who didn't
survive the evening.
Walk me through
the final dare.
Whose idea was it
for missy
To go along with
Dennis and mike?
I think it was my idea.
I said we should take
a pretty girl along.
So, let me
get this right.
When she was explained the
game, she said her mother
Shot herself
in the neck.
Is that right?
Isn't that a bit
of a coincidence?
I mean,
with the cards?
What are we saying? That she
was some kind of prophet?
That she knew
what was gonna happen?
You wouldn't believe me
if I told you.
Try me.
When I got to London,
She said she'd seen
her own death
In a dream,
shot and bleeding.
Tell me about
the game.
Your game.
It wasn't really my idea.
The game was missy's idea.
Truth or dare,
But amped.
Nc-17 version.
The mystique
was bullshit,
But missy made it
so convincing.
To the art
of spirituality.
Well, hey,
it's the truth.
We're lying and
getting away with it.
All right.
This is how we begin.
By the pricking of my thumb,
something wicked this way comes.
Oh, no way.
Uh, no,
I'll pass, thanks.
Come on, mike.
Don't be such a baby.
I'd be careful
if I were you.
I mean, you never know when
you'll get another chance, right?
Son of a...
is that even safe?
I don't know.
Has everyone been tested?
"Something wicked this way comes"...
That's Macbeth.
Remember how it ends?
I do.
It ends bloody.
You know they say our
throats are open graves,
And with our tongues
we speak deceit.
You miss that?
You wish.
You can't get to me, sweetheart.
I see right through you.
Now what?
We can't start the game
until you drink this.
What is it?
Our blood.
I'm in.
Absolutely vile.
It was yummy.
Oh, guys, you ready?
This is a game for adults,
So if there's any kiddies in the house
who want out, now would be the time.
Is it scary?
Only if you lie.
I'm feeling good.
Let's play.
If it's unlawful, I'm in.
It'd be nice to have
one new year's
Where you didn't puke
on my furniture, Billy.
So are there, like, prizes?
Just penalties.
Oh, miss, this is
not gonna end well.
Facebook snaps
these are not.
Oh, that's a real
legacy you've got there, missy.
It's sort of like a family heirloom passed
down from my grandmother to my mother.
And then to you.
That's very cool.
I mean, my mom's not exactly
around anymore, but...
why? She shot herself
in the neck, right?
Bled to death.
Since you crashed my party, missy, I was
kind of hoping it'd be a lively time.
Okay, guys, we'll go
through the entire deck.
You can pick a card. It's gonna
be a dare or a question.
If you get caught in a lie,
you get penalized by me.
So how will you know?
That's my gift.
Right, Dennis?
Well, how do you win?
You survive. You go
right down to the end.
Who's in?
All right.
Let's do it.
One circle.
Come on.
Okay, Katie, your turn. I've
never cheated on anyone.
Your turn, Kim.
When I go
to strip clubs,
I bring quarters
instead of singles
'Cause I feel like the strippers
definitely have a lot of laundry to do.
You go, Brenda.
Go girl!
Okay, your turn,
Have I ever committed a crime?
Tell us.
Guess it's my turn.
Uh, my turn?
I think Katie's the one
who needs education.
Why did you come to London
for the Christmas holidays?
My parents are split,
And it's messy
at home.
And I came
because of mike.
I just want things
to suffer a bit.
It's almost midnight.
Save me a kiss?
I'm sorry, but it'd
just be so weird.
Of course.
God, what is this
magic hold
That missy has
over you, anyway?
Can't you see that you're just
some kind of pet for her?
Thanks for
your honesty, pal.
I kept hoping he'd come
to his senses about missy
And reconsider me.
I love him, I guess.
Cheers, cheers.
Were you in love with her?
If I loved her
and I couldn't have her,
That'd be motive, right?
You're asking me?
I'm so glad you're here.
Whoa, mike!
Tell me, what did you
do to piss mike off?
Uh, I suppose I had some
things that he wanted.
some measure
of wealth,
Most of all, I suppose,
I had missy.
And if he couldn't have her,
Then I guess
filming me with her
Was the next best thing.
Until we split.
No, I think he hates
me for leaving her,
But he hates her more
for still wanting me back.
Whose turn is it?
It's Dennis's turn.
Whose turn is it?
Uh, it's someone's turn.
Uh, that would be
you, d-Man. Boop!
It's not my turn.
All right.
"Steal something of value
from a complete stranger."
So what, I'm supposed
to rob someone?
Ooh, and it can't be
one of us.
Right. Too risky.
I can't do it.
Really? Just like that,
Dennis? Mr. Quitter?
I'm not quitting. It's just...
That's why they call it a dare.
So I get arrested
for filching some shit?
If only.
I'll go along. Make it
seem like a college prank.
If we take a pretty girl, we can
pretty much get away with anything.
I'll go as witness. And how
about we up the stakes,
And both you guys
have to steal something?
And when you come back,
you'll get a reward.
What kind of reward?
Fuck it, all right?
You get caught,
it's a slap on the wrist.
Me, it's in the news.
I'm suspended.
Casey leaves me.
I lose everything.
So what are
we waiting for?
Quiet. Guys, shh.
Why are we stopping?
All right.
That'll do.
What's a little breaking and
entering among friends, right?
Come on, mate.
This is so illegal.
Remind me again
why we're doing this.
- Please be careful.
- Mike, come on.
That's my jersey.
Take it off.
What? It was cold.
And besides,
It's the least you owe me, right...
A little souvenir?
You are seriously bent.
I'd make a decent thief.
Hey, how's Casey, Dennis?
She miss you?
Look, you have got to release
those claws, all right?
I'm in love with her.
It's happening.
Dennis, I'm sorry,
but I know you,
And you're gonna get bored within 5
minutes and then what's gonna happen?
You're delusional. You're not
gonna let this go, are you?
Turn it off, mike.
I've never made you
any promises, miss.
That's true, but consequences
mean more than promises.
I mean, they can't
exactly bend.
That sounds like something
that Michael would say.
That's 'cause
I did say it.
It's a real shame we never
had a proper goodbye fuck.
Maybe I should leave
you two alone.
No, we need you
as a witness.
Yeah, keep
the camera rolling.
I don't think I'd trust
myself if you didn't.
No, keep it off.
Come on.
I dare you.
Anyone here?
Hurry up!
But there's nothing
here to load it.
I found a watch.
There's some cash in here.
Not much.
Ah! Bloody hell! What was that for?
Why'd you hit him?
Happy new year,
Fucking bitch.
Put it away.
It's not even loaded.
It is now. Missy, you weren't
supposed to load it.
Give me your cell phone.
Okay, easy, missy. Just come on.
Do it.
Are you in on this
too, you prick?
You know what? You are
so fucking unbelievable.
You think you can just forget about me?
That I'm that disposable?
Right, here it is.
What do you want?
I'm gonna call Casey from your cell
phone, tell her we were pregnant.
She wants to marry you after that, fine.
That's her business.
But I am sick of you
lying about this.
Is that your plan? To destroy me?
Call my girl?
It's a start.
What do you
really want, miss?
Really? What do
I want, Dennis?
What do I want?
How about I want you
to tell everybody
The fucking truth
about us?
I took care of it.
Oh, really? $500, huh? You think
that's gonna take care of it?
500 fucking dollars? You think that's taking care of it?
I'm not even sure it was mine.
You take that back.
All right.
Cranky psycho bitch.
Dennis, shut your mouth!
You're not helping!
What, do you think she's gonna blow you now?
Be your one true love?
It's ringing.
Hi, babe.
Hey, you're not
gonna believe this.
Hi, Casey.
You wouldn't believe this.
It's actually missy,
Dennis's ex-Girlfriend.
Dennis, are you okay?
No, actually, I'm not.
These two are really...
Jesus fuck!
What happened?
Missy's dead!
Dennis shot her!
Dennis shot her!
Shut up! Shut up!
She came up here
and killed herself.
No, Dennis did it!
You're insane.
So, it wasn't
a suicide?
They struggled,
and the gun went off.
He shot her.
You positive?
Can we be done?
Are you serious?
Look, you could
call it an accident.
But he wanted to be rid of her.
He wanted her dead.
You stopped filming
before the robbery.
Can you step out
from behind the camera?
Why was that?
Dennis told me to.
Oh, you do everything
Dennis tells you to? No.
The gun went off
in Dennis's hand.
That could be considered
manslaughter, right?
Dennis told one of my colleagues
that you brought the gun for missy.
No, she got the gun
out of the bedroom.
I just went along
because I...
I don't know. I mean, the
guy's such a cocky fuck.
I just liked the idea
of rattling his cage a bit.
Did he tell you that he's the one
who taught her how to use the gun?
How did missy
meet Dennis?
Dennis had dropped out of school.
He got lucky with soccer.
Missy wrote me, bragging
about this soccer stud
And all their
sordid details.
So what brought you
back to London from I.A.?
"Back"? You came in September,
right, to visit missy.
So how come
you're back so soon?
"All other things
to their destruction draw;
Only our love
hath no decay."
Do you know that poem?
I miss you.
No, you miss this.
You are so filthy.
Oh, mike, you're
such a cub scout.
Hey, um, are you
coming back for college?
'Cause dorm space is
kind of filling up.
I don't really know yet. I
haven't really thought about it.
Why don't you come for new year's?
We can talk about it.
I don't know if I can.
Things are kind of tight.
Katie friended me on facebook. She
wants to come. So get on that.
Plus Dennis just got this amazing
place in south Kensington.
He's even letting me fix it up.
You are?
Yep. I mean, my good taste and his cash...
We can go all the way, right?
Plus he's high scorer now,
which means he got that, like,
Golden boot thing and probably
even go premier at this point.
That's great, but seriously, when's
the last time the guy read a book?
Sorry, got to go.
Miss, I was wondering
if you...
I'll call you later.
Was being filmed
a turn-On for missy?
Yeah, I suppose.
She wanted me to
record everything.
So glad that we came.
Hello. How've the boys been?
Yo, mike, why don't you step out
from behind the camera for once?
What? Is it really
that much harder...
yes, it's his shield. Entitles you to
the intimacy you want but can't have.
Smart girl.
But if I can't have it,
Why not watch it?
Because it ain't real.
The camera sees all.
Like this?
Bit of a cassavetes,
are we?
That would just
be presumptuous.
For someone so
I just like
getting what's real.
I suppose I hadn't meant
it to get this real.
What did you do when you
first arrived here for the holidays?
I left Katie
at the hotel,
And I went straight
to missy's.
Mike, you
shouldn't be here.
I just want to
kill myself.
Stop it.
Come on.
God, I love you.
I swear, mike, you're the closest
thing I've ever had to a brother.
Whoa, mike!
I'm sorry. What the fuck
do you think you're doing?
I'm sorry. I just... I
think you deserve better.
You know everything Dennis could
give you, I could give you that.
this is not what
I want from you.
Okay? Jesus.
Couldn't you just one day
see us becoming... No!
All right? No, no, no. You and
me, we are friends, all right?
That is all we are
ever going to be.
God! M...
Just... remember that
one day in New York...
Yes. Yes, mike.
Almost, okay?
It never happened because
there's gonna be mistakes.
So will you just fucking
forget about that? I can't.
You didn't tell Dennis that you
and I fooled around, did you?
No, I didn't.
Why does...
why does he hate me?
Missy, I...
i look at you, and
I could be
That Dennis,
could be
And I would do anything
to be in his place.
No, fuck you, mike.
I want you out.
Okay? You said you'd
come here to help me,
And now you're fucking
hitting on me?
You think that's
what I need?
I'm serious.
I would've been
good to you.
I loved her,
So I got as close
as I could.
So how well
did you know missy?
We were roommates.
Lived in a house
with some other friends.
She was my real
He said I wanted to string
on one, any of them,
Anything to show that
superior simpering composure.
Why did he bring missy on the evening?
He didn't.
She got there ahead of us.
He kind of liked it, though.
Her never backing down,
competing for him.
We've got dance,
we've got dance music.
Katie and I planned to meet missy
at work on new year's eve.
Nice little pub where Dennis
and his friends hang out.
Come inside.
What? All right.
Hey. Hey. So we're cool, huh?
New year, right?
Hey, girl. Good to see you here.
We're going places, mate.
No, don't be daft.
I mean,
You know what they paid Robinho
to transfer to real Madrid?
Lot of cash?
30 million.
Oh, where's Dennis?
Place is a mess.
I've just moved in.
Who is this?
Uh, it's Tanya, Dennis.
Missy's friend?
Oh, fuck.
I hope you get your
goddamn curtains.
I'll be right back.
All right.
Let's drink
our faces off.
I'm Billy.
You party?
Well, that depends.
You convince Dennis to
come along, and I'm in.
If he doesn't mind his ex
tagging along, that is.
No, no, no.
Tanya's all right,
but no missy, all right?
She's... she's mental, all right?
I swear to god she's gone balmy.
Oh, come on, bad boy.
All right, fuck it, right?
But no missy, all right?
All right.
All right. Let's go in. Yeah.
Come on.
Oh, so this is your
fuck-Able London crowd, huh?
Yep. Bankers and
yuppie losers and...
he's cute.
And he likes Americans.
Whoa! You girls
look thirsty!
That's right. So thirsty.
Okay, cross.
Cross, cross. Drink.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Daddy, daddy, daddy.
That tickles!
Can I get one more?
Blondie! What's up, surfer girl?
Dude, what the fuck? Come on,
we know you want to play!
Get off me, you stupid fuck.
Let her go.
You'd better calm
the fuck down!
Told you missy's party's
gone for fucking males.
I'm not here for you, Dennis.
I'm here for missy.
Fine, whatever. You ever
seen her like this?
I'm mean, she's always been intense.
She's an artist.
Oh, please.
What'd she say to you?
She said at the time
he was nothing,
And so she's going
to destroy me.
You asked for it. We broke up.
It happens, all right?
I didn't ask for this insanity. Why don't
you stop being a dick to her, man.
I tried. If she wants to
detonate her own life, fine,
But if she's gonna bring me down
with it, that's another story.
Okay, she's coming back
after the holidays,
And I am done
with this shit.
Oh, hey! Rikki and Brenda,
the shot-Glass sisters.
Oh, yeah, nice.
You survived.
Where are you from?
Come with us, and we'll tell you.
Come on.
So, I suppose missy
Was trying to get you
back in the sack.
Yeah, absolutely.
She's kind of
a terror in bed.
Sort of scary.
Which is cool.
But, no, this thing
with Casey is real.
I'm not that reckless.
No. Of course.
Glad we could do this.
It's gorgeous.
I'm so happy for you.
I'm so happy.
So, dad, this is
your future son-In-Law.
Right, Dennis?
Um, do you know
I have, um...
I'll be right back, all right?
Of course.
See you in a bit,
all right?
Do you think he was
having second thoughts?
No, Casey's
the brass ring.
Pedigree family.
Third-Generation money.
Dennis is a pig like that.
He's drawn to the trough.
So, booze, hash,
class as?
Yeah. Billy was
like Santa Claus.
Everyone cooperated just like that?
You'd be surprised how far people
go to keep the thrills alive.
Your doctor
is in the house.
Orange if you're
feeling lethargic;
Yellow for a mellow ride;
And my personal favorite,
Sky blue for just
general purpose.
All right.
Mellow yellow.
Hey, babe.
Miss you.
I'm gonna go outside.
I can't hear you.
I can't hear. I'll steal
outside, all right?
Shit. No way.
What is it?
I don't know.
"Pick a witness, and in
front of him or her,
Pleasure yourself."
I'm not doing that.
What are you...
who are you taking?
I'm not...
Okay, Dennis.
All right, fine.
What a wuss.
All right, let's go.
Fuck you, man. I'm kidding.
Come on, sweetheart.
What, are you
All right, we'll see
you in a few minutes.
I am not rubbing one out
in front of you, man.
No shit, but I need
to talk to you.
What is missy's plan?
This game, this night?
I know it's a big "fuck you,"
but what's the climax?
I don't know. Why do you
keep protecting her?
You know she only keeps you around 'cause
you're a sweet fucking convenience.
Nice try.
"Ordinary riches can be stolen.
Real riches cannot."
You know the quote? No fucking
clue what you're talking about.
Didn't expect you to.
What are
you playing at?
Huh? What is it?
You know, I...
I don't get the sense
of entitlement.
Like others are dispensable.
You deserve it all.
It's worked
pretty well so far.
Your problem is, Michael,
that you care too much.
So, tell me,
What is
missy planning?
Why should I?
What is it?
Don't know.
But picture it.
They're both so young.
Guys, it's pretty basic.
You've done it before.
He didn't do it.
Missy says you have to
finish the dare.
Katie wanted to help.
Oh, uh, no.
You a yummy.
He's yummy, isn't he, Bren?
Yeah, positively.
It's miss you want,
isn't it?
yeah, but that's
not happening.
Well, why don't we
finish you off?
Uh, now?
Wait, wait, wait.
That kind of feels...
It feels like
an ambush here.
It is.
You know?
It's a honey drop.
Tell me what you want.
What would you like?
Okay, relax.
So you had
the camera?
This card has
time code September 6.
You must've been recording
her first flush of love.
Can't be much fun
for you.
# The three of us are stuck
love struck #
# Never know who to trust
or when I've had enough #
# What do we do when we're
through all the broken rules #
# Am I just a fool for
the drama that comes up? #
# A single kiss,
a narrow miss #
# The bullet and the target
is the hardest to hit #
# I should quit but I can't
get you outta my head #
Pretty good
with a gun.
Call me the bonnie
to your Clyde.
# What do I do?
# I'm stuck in the middle of
the moth and her flame #
# Waitin' for a new day
that never comes #
# What do I do?
# I'm stuck in the middle of
the moth and her flame #
# Playing games,
waitin' for a new day #
# That never comes
# Please wait
# Think about tomorrow
# And the next girl
that he's gonna follow #
# I can take care of you
# Do dares with you
play fair with you #
# Anywhere you choose
anywhere you choose #
# I'll follow your rules to
the ends of the earth #
# Even if it means
I'm the one who gets hurt... #
# Even if it means...
# What do I do?
# I'm stuck in the middle of
the moth and her flame #
# Waitin' for a new day
# That never comes
# What do I do?
# I'm stuck in the middle of
the moth and her flame #
Listen, mate, um,
Could we get you to leave
us alone for a minute?
Might need that.
Oh, right. See you
in a couple of hours.
All right.
Oh, you are so
ridiculously hot.
# What do I do?
# What do I do?
# What do I do?
But you weren't in the room? No.
You watched it later?
Well, yeah.
She knew you would.
I guess so.
How would you feel about Dennis Hoge going
to jail for the murder of missy Dembree?
Well, that's what happens
when you commit a crime, right?
What the hell?
Whoops. Just testing
your athleticism.
Stop fucking
around, mate.
Come on, I dare you.
Found a watch. This
doesn't look good, Dennis.
Breaking and entering, theft. You
being a championship player and all.
Yeah, no shit.
Are you nuts?
Here's the real dare,
You're gonna
call Casey.
You're gonna tell her
the truth about missy.
You're gonna tell her
that you lied
And that you got missy
pregnant and broke her heart.
Oh, boo-Fucking-Hoo.
Not a chance. That's mine.
It's not even loaded.
That was really cute, how you kept
the bullets with the condoms, right?
Little extra protection, even though everybody
knows you don't use anything at all.
You love her, mike.
Say it.
But she doesn't love you back. All you're
gonna get from her is conversation.
Shut up! Mike, he doesn't
know anything about us.
Give me the cell phone. I'm gonna call Casey.
That's not happening.
Put down
the gun, mike.
Let go of me. Let her go.
Let her go!
That's our story. It will
keep you out of jail.
Why would missy
kill herself?
She's mad jealous
about Casey.
Some sick form
of revenge, I guess.
I can think of
easier forms.
She was a stalker.
She was calling me,
My agent,
the press.
Trying to get to Casey,
tell 'em all sorts of shit.
That she was pregnant
with your child?
Exactly. It's all lies.
I wouldn't be that stupid.
Why? What did
mike tell you?
Oh, he said you shot her. That's
fucking insane. No fucking way.
It wasn't a suicide,
was it, Dennis?
She had marks
on her neck and arms.
Signs of bruising. Plus we know you
called Casey Cass from the hotel.
If you want, I can get her down
and we can talk to her right now.
No, don't do that, please. Or
I can keep all of this quiet.
Your game's up, superstar. You lie to
me now, you're in deep shit or worse.
You're on trial
for fucking murder.
It was an accident.
Mike... thought
it was a bluff.
The gun wasn't
supposed to be loaded.
He wrestled it
away from missy.
Blam, it went off.
He shot her.
But it was
an accident.
Dennis said
it was an accident.
Dennis said
The gun was in mike's hand,
and it just went off.
I wasn't there, but...
I don't think mike does
anything accidentally.
He's too anal.
So you think
he meant to kill her?
No. Doesn't add up.
He loved her too much.
Maybe sometimes loving someone
too much can be dangerous.
Wake up, mike.
I think it's your turn.
Oh, come...
"Explain your first experience.
Describe your first lover."
Tell us, mike.
Yeah, give us
the details.
Okay, I was...
high school.
I was dating this girl,
Julie Tate.
We were in
a theater group,
Performing at this
weekend festival, and...
"There are daggers
in men's smiles,
The near in blood,
the nearer bloody."
I like that. She was this
super-Hot lady Macbeth,
And we managed
to do it
Backstage standing up
in tights and these
Big renaissance
velvet robes, so...
That's really sweet, but,
um, something's telling me
That you are a...
A liar.
I thought you would
back me up.
What are you, embarrassed?
Come on, just tell us, dude.
It's true. It's true.
You did do it with Julie,
But... i was
your first lover.
You're kid...
Mike, why didn't you tell me that?
Come on.
I was trying
to protect you.
I don't need protecting.
Okay, fine. Katie and I have
been friends since we were kids.
Just play dates and birthdays
and later, yearbook club.
We were just really good
friends in high school,
And one night we had a few
beers and stumbled into more.
Yeah, and you know what?
It kind of actually looked
A little something
like this.
Oh. Okay.
I think they get it,
Fine, fine. Whatever.
My parents walked in, and
it was coitus interruptus.
Yes, which is why we have
been friends ever since.
That means we just caught you in a lie.
Get up and sing.
Mm. It's not bad.
# 525,600 minutes
# 525,000
# Moments so dear
I have a question
for you.
Did mike give you his camera when
you were at the fire escape?
Be careful.
Yeah, I think so.
What is it
with you students?
I mean, how bored
must you be?
Way bored.
Trouble is, life's mostly
false when you're sober.
I mean, we're all liars.
Behaving well,
Seeking the approval
of parents,
Teachers, peers.
The truth only
comes out when you
Shed the inhibitions,
Take a risk.
So, are you
lying now?
I told you mike had this
awful crush on missy, right?
Well, I guess he agreed
to help her use this game
To get between
me and Casey.
Thank you.
But, I mean,
it wasn't his fault.
She stole my gun and brought it
along for this stupid game of hers.
That'll help his case.
Then she pointed it
at me, threatening.
Said she wanted to
destroy me.
She was trying to get
between me and Casey.
Was mike filming
at the time?
No, not at the hotel.
How did this whole thing end
between you and missy?
I broke up with her,
But she was in
total denial.
She kept coming round
at all hours, stalking.
And then when news
of my engagement to Casey
Hit the press,
she just snapped.
Perhaps she thought she was
the one, poor sausage.
I never told her that, I swear.
We were just having a bit of fun.
Fuck! How did
you find us?
Oh, I'm sorry. You don't
think Casey knows me?
We have so much in common, don't we?
You fucking stalker.
I will call you, I promise.
Oh, right, right.
Just like you promised the last
time and the time before that?
If you don't
let go of me,
I swear to god
I'll scream.
How fucking dare you?
This is not over.
What is it? Oh, nothing.
I just, uh...
I had nerves in my stomach.
Had to step out for some air.
Um, can I talk to you
for a second?
um, I've never had
a home like this.
I've mostly
grown up alone,
Hard-Done and
frequently hung over.
It's all a bit new
to me, so...
well, I do love you.
My family already loves you.
Which makes you lucky.
Very lucky.
I won't let anything
come between us.
Promise me that.
I promise.
I do like
the way it feels.
And this too.
You know,
I saw you play once.
At northrup.
Great corner.
Ah, you saw that?
You're one hell
of a striker.
I do what I can.
You can't take that shot
from behind bars.
So tell me
about the game.
Adolesens mendio. That's
Latin for "I tell lies."
Looks like it's time for
Dennis to cleanse his soul.
Two raw eggs
to symbolize innocence.
And a little bit of my spit.
You know, a little accusation
before your redemption.
You are making this up
as you go.
Is that why
I came here, missy?
To cleanse my soul?
Oh, I don't think
that'll do it, Dennis.
Did you see that?
Are you okay?
Yeah, sure.
I feel born again.
Clean, like.
Oh, that's gross,
Dennis? Dennis?
What the fuck?
All right. Billy. Billy.
Nice to meet you.
D- Man, d-Licious,
We're actually all right.
Yeah, man. Very good.
Come here
for a second.
I'm rolling on the "e" train
is what's going on here.
You've got something... oh,
that feels so good right there.
Right, yeah. Just like that.
You know.
Right, did you
bring the...
yeah, yeah.
Right here.
Sorry, man. Got a
little caught up.
Oh, is that all
you brought me?
"Is that all"?
I like that.
Hey, check it out. Lead
cock going on here.
I mean, I'm a lapsed catholic,
but I got to believe...
you've got to believe in something or someone.
Otherwise, what's the point?
You all think
too much.
That's the antidote.
That's naughty.
So stupid!
Shit. Sorry.
Hey, what's the matter?
I just thought
that, um,
Mike and I
would finally...
No, no, no. He's an idiot.
Stay with me.
I thought you were engaged to
this Casey Cass. No, I am.
Yeah, but we're
not married.
All right, look.
See, uh,
Katie has
a thing for mike,
And maybe she was just
using me to get to him,
I don't know,
but things got messy.
What? No. No, no, no.
Come here, come here.
Just for a second.
Come on. Come on.
We're just swaying to the music.
That's fine.
You're all right.
Have a little dance.
There it is.
Don't. Katie, come on, come on.
What's the matter?
You can't just grab what you want.
You're such a dick head.
I'm a dick head?
All right. You might make him jealous, you know.
He always wants what I have.
God, arrogant much?
Tell you what. You let
me touch you in three
appropriate places,
And if you still don't want a kiss, I
will let you walk away un-Harrassed.
Don't. What...
What's the matter?
No, just...
Katie, what...
Just stop it!
Katie, are you sure you don't want company?
Did he hurt you?
Back off.
Easy, mate.
Just warming her up
for you.
You are such an ass.
Casey's not enough, huh? Missy?
You got to have everyone?
You're lucky
I don't just end you.
Yeah, lucky. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
What's going on?
You okay?
What just happened?
What happened? Are you okay?
Are you all right?
Fuckin' asshole.
Oh, god.
Come here,
give me a kiss.
Oh, my god!
All right.
Oh, my god.
Hey, sorry about earlier.
Maybe it's just you and I.
Yeah, I'm sober now.
Dennis, my darling sexy-Face.
Are you going?
Thanks for a wonderful pre-Party.
You're absolutely welcome.
All right, all right. Have a
good time, mate. Come on.
Just give me a kiss, all right?
No. Don't think so.
He's mine.
It was a party. Everyone was
getting really excited, and...
now who's staring?
...things happened.
Just mike, Katie and missy.
Come on.
Billy was there too,
but he was tied up.
So tell me about
this threesome.
It was Dennis,
Katie and missy.
Cut me loose.
It's all right, Katie.
We've got you.
Wait. Wait.
Guys, she's scared.
What are you actually
charging me with?
Drug use, reckless endangerment,
breaking and entering,
And that's all, to start with.
Did you tell him the truth?
I did.
Your loss.
Hey, premier league.
This is exactly the kind of
press that can kill a career.
It's your gun, victim's blood on
your shirt, big, fat fucking motive.
Fuck you. Fuck me? No, fuck you.
Did mike hate Dennis
enough to play along
With missy's little game?
I think mike would do
anything missy asked.
Dennis destroyed her
by falling for Casey,
And she wanted to
destroy him right back.
May I?
Who did that?
It was stupid. It was just a dare.
Really. I just played along.
Who was it?
Was mike there?
But Dennis was.
Wait. Wait. Shit.
Guys, she's scared.
Oh, god.
Come on, beauty cans.
It's just a game.
Oh, yeah.
Well? What happened?
It was a little
I need a drink.
We found mike
and Dennis's prints,
But we could only get a partial...
Not enough for missy.
What are you saying? Were you
ever in Dennis's bedroom?
Yeah, briefly. Is there anything
you'd like to tell me about that?
Did you ever
hold this gun?
No. I didn't.
You didn't like missy, did you?
Why was that?
I didn't like
the hypnotic
Hold that she had
over mike.
The manipulation.
He always made her out
to be such a princess.
And she wasn't?
I'm no prize,
But missy, man,
She was like poison.
She had this whole
Artsy, black-As-Death thing.
Self-Destructive, needy,
"Kiss me, love me, hurt me."
I don't know,
but the guys ate it up.
You can't teach that.
What about Dennis?
Were you into him?
Sort of.
Quintessential bad boy.
You know the type?
So Dennis tells me that
You two almost
got together.
I was high.
Almost made
a big mistake.
You don't mind me
despising you?
What stopped you?
All your life,
People tell you
about your...
Your beauty,
And you want it all
to be true.
And then you go off to college
with all that in your head.
Your freedom
to find it.
But it doesn't
come easily.
And... it's lonely.
and you don't want
to tell anyone that
You're failing
Or how scared you are.
someone touches
this button deep,
Deep inside which says,
"It's okay to compromise.
"It's okay to at least
"Feel good,
To feel wanted."
You fear you may
lose yourself.
But with the right touch
On the right night
In the right fog of
chemically induced delirium,
The pleasure seems
worth the pain,
And you risk it.
Did you hear me? I said, "if you
keep going, I'll hate you."
Why would I care?
Because you're part of the human
race, you soulless degenerate.
Uh-Huh. That's right.
Pleasure me.
You have to have some
moral obligation.
Saddam Hussein started
out drowning cats.
All right. Fuck it.
And he killed people because
they too were an inconvenience.
I'm not fucking
drowning cats.
But you are.
Come here. You're
an overeducated cunt.
Educate this!
You know, Katie, you're the
first American I've ever liked.
Maybe that's 'cause
I'm from Canada.
Did missy ever return
mike's affection?
Sex, you mean?
I... i don't know.
She had the hook
in him deep.
Kept pretending one day
she'd finally reel him in.
Do you think Dennis would go
to the extent of killing missy
Just to protect
his own...
interests, his future?
Is that what mike said?
You go first.
I mean, I don't know.
Seems nothing
is more important
To Dennis than Dennis.
We found
the camera empty.
So, the way
I see it,
Either that means,
mike, that you opted
Not to shoot footage
in the hotel,
Because that
would've been evidence,
Or you got rid of it.
There's no footage.
Is that true?
I'll tell you
what is true.
She lied to all of you.
Missy never had
an abortion.
Hospital has it down
as a miscarriage.
And I'll tell you what else
we found out too.
Her mother was institutionalized
for most of her life.
Missy herself was on
lithium and tegretol,
Which are both prescribed
for manic depression.
She also tried to
kill herself twice:
Once with an overdose of paracetamol;
Another time with something much sharper:
A knife.
That doesn't change the fact
that Dennis killed her.
There's more than one way to do that, right?
He broke her.
Blaming him won't
bring her back, mike.
Yeah, give it up, mate.
Sit down.
I think missy wanted
Dennis to watch her die.
She didn't dream of that, mike.
She planned it.
Think about it.
She set up the dare.
Loading the gun, leaving Dennis's
shirt behind as evidence.
It was a suicide,
And she wanted Dennis
to take the blame.
Yeah. Okay.
What are you doing?
You have no idea how
much I love you, Dennis.
And if you don't want to be with me, I'm
gonna make this really easy on both of us.
Missy, no.
Oh, god!
Oh, god!
I'm gonna tell 'em
you shot her.
That's what she wanted... To destroy you!
What? Fuck that.
You're the love-Struck
What's going on? Open up.
Easy, mate.
I wanted you all
to remember this
Next time you're
looking for a thrill.
What the hell, Dennis?
You let her into your house?
No, she broke in, all right?
She's a stalker.
Jesus, what would my parents say?
And she was pregnant?
It's not... could we talk
about this outside, please?
Okay, so you are
Both free to go.
Are you here
for long?
Yeah, I think
I'm gonna...
I'm gonna stay
for a bit.
Just kind of
tour by myself
And clear my head.
That's a good idea.
Take care of yourself.
Thank you.
I'm gonna go
over there.
You know, I would've
loved to have met her.
Yeah, I think that she would've
said the truth is hard to come by.
Yeah, but we'd all be lost
without it, wouldn't we?
I suppose.
So what are you doing now?
Back to college?
Um... yeah.
One more year.
You might like this.
There's one card
still inside.
Smart girl,
that missy.
Good luck.
Dennis deserved
so much worse.
I know you loved her,
But you can't save someone who
doesn't want to be saved.
Yeah, I guess not.
She should've
been mine.
Missy left one card.
What does it say?
"What would it take
for you to kill someone?"
She knew exactly what
it would take for her.
Will you take it?
Let's get out of here.
Good morning.
Yeah, indeed.
Thank you.
Mm-Hmm, goodbye.
I'm feeling good.
Let's play.
Whose turn is it?
It's Dennis's turn.
It should be just
a few moments, miss.
Thank you.
Glad you're
here, mate.
Missy's party train's
gone off the fucking rails.
So, are you lying now?
Will you take it?
Turn that camera
off, mike.
Found a watch.
Hey, Dennis.
Surprise. The real
dare starts now.
Oh, is that true? Oh, shit,
mike, that's my gun.
It's not loaded.
Actually, it is.
Miss, miss, we...
I'm gonna fuck your life up the
way you fucked up mine, Dennis.
You're gonna feel the pain that
I felt and lose the way I lost.
I got Casey's number in my
phone, and I'm gonna call her,
And you're gonna tell her exactly what
happened between us, you lying prick.
That's not happening. You
should've been nicer to mike.
He might've actually
got away with this.
Mike, what the... Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the fuck are you...
You're not going to fuck
with me anymore, all right?
Mike, what the...
This wasn't...
Bye, bye, missy.
I'm not gonna
help you anymore,
Because you
chose Dennis,
Not me.
Game over.
We were just
supposed to scare her.
We were just supposed
to scare her away!
Don't be naive, mike.
She said
she wanted to die.
You have to be careful
what you wish for.
I can't believe it.
Believe it.
It's happened.
It was a suicide, right?
A suicide.
Let's get
out of here.
Hey, Casey.
# Drive me insane
# But I like it
# I like it like that
# I don't need a sign
# 'cause I see it
# When I look in your eyes
# I can't explain
# But it feels good
# Feels good to me
# You drive me insane
# But I like it
# I like it like that
# This don't mean nothing
# But it could
tear you apart #
# This don't mean nothing
# Why is it
breaking your heart #
# Don't analyze
# Sometimes
# You leave me alone
# Don't ask me why
# 'cause there's no way
# No way to describe
# You drive me insane
# This don't mean nothing
# Why does it
tear you apart #
# This don't mean nothing
# Why does it
tear you apart #
# I don't care
if you never get it #
# It's not fair
and I never said it was #
# It's just the way it is
# I won't fight
it's too late to listen #
# You're not right
and I'm not a victim #
# No
# It's just the way it is
# I've had enough
# I'm gonna let you go
# You can leave me now
# You can walk away
and break my heart #
# I don't need you now
# Turn around
and tear my world apart #
# You can beg, you can cry
but I made up my mind #
# There'll be
no next time this time #
# So just let me know
# 'cause I don't want you
around to drag me down #