Libera Me (2000) Movie Script

Presented by MCI- Korea & Xcalibur
Produced by Dream Search
Distributed by Cinema Service Co. Ltd
Producer Victor Hwang
Executive Producer Jin Seung-hyun
Hyun Chung-ryul Yeoh Gee-na
Line Producer Lee Dong-sung
Jang Yong-hum Lee Chang-hun
Choi Min-soo
Cha Seung-won
Yu Gee-tae Park Sang-myun
Jung Jun Kim Kyu-ri Kim Soo-ro
Lee Ho-jae Park Jae-hoon
Just think of it as a vacation.
I'll see you next time, okay?
Cinematography Suh Jong-min
Gaffer Shin Jun-ha
Camera Jang Jun-yang
Editing Park Soon-duk
Sound Mixer Ahn Sang-ho
Music Lee Dong-jun
Sound Sound & Company
Wardrobe/Make-up Jung Hong-joo
Props Jung In-yang
Production Design Kang Seung-young
Set Oh Sang-min
Special Make-up Shin Chae-ho
Computer Graphics Kang Jong-ik
Special Effects Jung Do-ahn
Stunt Coordinator Jung Doo-hong
Co-Producer Hyun Chung-ryul
Director Yang Yun-ho
'Five months later'
Come up!
Run! Run!
Everyone clear! Everyone okay?
Hey, Sang-woo! Hyun-tae!
This is 3-1, 3-1.
Continue water back-up.
Our exit's gone.
We'll get to it when we head out.
Present situation stable.
We need water, Apt. 503.
Moving on.
Present situation stable. Damn.
Chul-goo! Chul-goo!
Pull the hose! Damn!
...lots of casualties,
can't enter A4... two down.
Third floor inspection complete,
no casualties.
Chief, move out, hurry!
We can't do anymore.
Chief! Chief. Help me.
That idiot...
Chief, help me, please!
Please save my daughter!
Our men are in there. We need backup.
Is this a crematorium or something?
Chief, I barely made it out of there.
Let's go, Ax.
Chief, chief... Dammit.
Ready? Let's go.
The hose!
Bring up the pressure!
Water pressure 47.
Let's clear out, Sang-woo.
Wait a second.
There's something,
definitely something here.
Chief, please help me.
Help me... Chief...
Sang-woo! Sang-woo!
What are you doing, Sang-woo?
Grab it! Grab it! Grab it!
Team 3, meet up with the chief,
Apt. 405.
Taking out the body...
Fifth floor inspection complete,
one dead.
Apt. 405.
It's okay.
Okay...It's okay.
It looks about 4 or 5 meters.
Want me to measure it?
It's a bit dangerous.
Better be careful.
You're the one in danger.
Go up!
It's not that long, dammit!
I'll be there soon. Hang on.
Respond, Sung-hwan! Chul-goo!
The path's too narrow!
We can't go on!
3-1. Entering 405.
Chul-goo! Wake up! Wake up!
- Check! Is he conscious?
- Wake up!
The path is blocked! 18-1 come in!
Respond, dammit!
Wake up!
Sung-hwan! Snap out of it!
Chul-goo, wake up!
- How many wounded?
- Chul-goo!
- Four wounded.
- Get up!
Serious, serious condition.
Back up, quick.
Got it. Start with the kid.
A kid? There's a kid?
Mommy! Mommy!
- Sung-eun! Sung-eun!
- Mommy!
This kid's here. The kid's here.
Don't waste time, get the wounded out.
Can you walk?
- Chul-goo goes first.
- Hurry up.
- Chul-goo goes first.
- Hurry up!
It's the same for everyone, dummy.
Go on.
You think he can hang on?
You want everyone to die?
We're all gonna die, moron!
Hurry up and get out of here!
Now! Now! Get out, now!
I'll be back. I promise you.
You can't give up. Don't give up.
Hurry! Hurry!
- Take him.
- Got him.
Sang-woo! Sang-woo!
Sang-woo! Sang-woo!
If you can breathe,
then I can breathe, too.
Move! They're both gonna die that way!
Hyun-tae! Hyun-tae!
Let me go! Let me go!
Let me go! Let me go!
You'll kill yourself that way!
They're out!
Hey, take him! Take him!
Careful! Careful!
- Chief!
- It's okay.
Someone, there's someone inside!
There's someone there!
There's someone in there!
Let's withdraw for now.
I'm telling you, there's someone there!
Dammit! Why aren't they
out already? Shit!
- 85-1, 85-1 come in.
- Try the walkie, hurry!
85-1, what's going on?
What's going on? 85-1.
God dammit, respond!
They're out!
Oh, mom. Mom.
You live in Apt. 405, right?
Chul-goo...he's gonna be fine.
Let's go.
Hey, Chul-goo. Bro, you're not
gonna die. Hang in there, okay?
Do something, will ya?
Come on! Move it, already!
Hey, get out of the way!
Hold on a little longer, Chul-goo!
- Another fire?
- Yes. He's already the fifteenth.
Respiratory distress.
We washed him with saline
and injected 50cc of medicine.
Are you crazy? If you don't know then
don't do it! You trying to kill him?
But the situation...
There are no more beds.
We're shorthanded so we
paged the off-duty residents.
Transport this patient to
Dong- A Hospital first.
Transport this patient to Dong-A
Hospital first. And the other patients.
What, you bastard? You moving
a dying man to another hospital?
Okay now?
Are you crazy? Get this person out.
Hey. If he dies, so do you.
Can I help?
- We need to move this patient
to a room first. - Okay.
Excuse me. Here. Yes.
Oh. It just went bang! Bang!
You said that before.
Tell me about the family in Apt. 405.
I'm telling you, it went bang! Bang!
I'm Seol In-jae,
the detective in charge.
Sir, a moment over there, please.
How far along are you?
- I'm still investigating.
- Hand it over.
- What have you done?
- I'll be done soon.
- It just went bang!
- One second.
Just hand in your report later.
I'll take a look. You're not
gonna put arson again, are you?
- This way.
- It was a bang! Bang!
Okay, tell me slowly,
from the beginning.
- So it was like...
- Yes, go on.
If it was up to me,
Chul-goo would have been first.
We lost In-soo. Chul-goo could
have gone that way, too.
He could've been burnt
to the crisp like paper.
Let's finish this quickly and go.
After becoming your partner, on
every job, I look for the exit first.
There's no one to help me anyway.
Because I'm alone.
I want to like.
Apt. 405. There was no one.
I'll request a change of partner.
Will that do?
In-soo. Where are you?
In-soo. Answer me.
In-soo. Answer me, In-soo.
Sang-woo. Come out quick.
Let's have a cigarette.
In-soo, Sang-woo. It's out of control!
Hurry up! In-soo!
In-soo... In-soo...
How are you these days?
Oh, I'm good.
Work environment's good. Most of all,
I'm so happy to be around kids.
- So-eun, Jung-uk, Jang-sun...
- 'Family killed, convicted arsonist'
Oh, I hear Jangsun's going home soon.
- He's healthy now. You were big help.
- 'Age 15: killed 6 in fire'
When I first met you,
I was about Jang-sun's age.
I wanted to do the same.
'Regained speech ability' Like you,
I want to comfort the children.
The children seem to look forward
to reading time now.
- Really? - 'Presently
paroled-supervision: Dr. Jung'
I feel like I'm reborn.
It's all thanks to you.
Still, stop cleaning my room now.
I like doing it.
You know Sung-euns back?
Because of yesterdays fire.
Yes. She drew pictures
with me yesterday.
I'm a little worried about her, too.
Can you find my patient records,
from 15 years ago?
- Yes.
- Please bring it to my room.
- Yes.
- Are you kidding me?
Insurance only covers the basics.
Burns infect easily.
With infection, the patient can die.
The patient has to pay for that.
Ha! You're killing me!
You guys are out to drive us crazy!
Shit! Listen. A fire!
It's bad enough he got hurt
putting out a fire! Now pay up?
Wait, so the police and military
get it for free but we have to pay?
Man, I could just blow a fuse!
Anyway, I've informed the family.
Please make a decision soon.
What? Excuse me. Wait.
Oh, hey.
When did you get here?
Yeah. The path of the fire
was unnatural.
Even though the window was open, the
fire moved against the flow of air.
It looks like someone kept feeding the
fire, while constantly watching us.
Constantly? From in here?
I've already told the
police everything.
Sorry to keep bothering you.
It's just that a gas explosion
from your home started the fire.
- Did you use a gas heater, by any
chance? - No, nothing like that.
My husband comes home for lunch every
day. He had lunch on that day, too.
My mom and husband were home.
And I was at the supermarket.
It was about the time my child
came home so I went to
the kindergarten to pick her up.
But the school bus had already left.
So I thought my child was at home.
The gas must have leaked.
It was such an old building...
- By any chance...
- Please...
Please, don't come anymore.
I need to go to the hospital.
My daughter must be hungry.
I hope your husband gets well soon.
Let's go.
Sang-woo. It's so hard.
New member, Jung Jong-Gu.
On Dec. 15, 2000, appointed to
85th Station, reporting for duty!
It's an honor.
What's an honor?
First in early extinguishment.
First in rescue.
The 85th Station is a legend, isn't it?
Legend, whatever. Damn.
Hey, take your bag off.
Take your bag off quick.
Lower yourself.
- Yo, new recruit!
- Yes?
You think a legend just happens, huh?
Hold tight!
Ah! Help me! Ow. It hurts. Help me.
I went through that, too.
I was only in my underwear.
Be thankful, okay?
- Hey, do it right.
- Pull out a chair.
Help yourself. It's delicious.
Hey, you eat now, too.
Yes. Thank you!
Here's to a good meal!
Wow, this is really good.
He was the Chief's brother.
He and Sang-woo were partners.
They were a fantastic team.
Like you said, they were
a legend, a legend.
And it's not a spoken promise
but always leave a place for In-soo.
I'm sorry. I will never
sit there again.
That's not what I mean, buddy.
Uh, it's itchy again.
Damn, so much for
getting married. Follow me.
Hmm, go in.
You go first, sir.
Go in, I said. Hurry up!
Have a good time.
What happened?
- Harder, chief.
- Think back when you were young.
- You were really hard on me. You
were, bro. - Don't make me laugh.
- Should we raise it?
- Raise it, come on.
Generate sound effects.
The Young-jun Pharmacy case, at least.
There are some records,
since you investigated, right?
Hey, where's Chief Kang's report?
I asked the chief to hold off.
We're still investigating.
What are you doing?
Our duty's to investigate off
of your report. Our duty!
But why are you here
asking for our reports? Huh?
These are pictures of your boyfriend.
Can you handle it?
- What about the depositions?
- There are none. Zero.
Detective Seol.
Listen carefully. I understand
how you feel but this fire
was just a gas explosion.
A gas explosion. An accidental fire.
You confuse things up like that time
and I won't take it. Got it?
It's not that there wasn't an arsonist,
but you couldn't catch one, right?
Give me the depositions.
This is Chul-goo's equipment.
This is Chul-goo's.
Hyun-tae, I hear your suits trashed?
Use this for now.
This is In-soo's.
And this is for you.
I've never regretted becoming a fire
fighter. He probably felt the same way.
Whoever saved 'Chu Chu' last week,
telephone for you in the lobby.
- Say it loudly, okay?
- Yeah, it's a puppy so we'll take it.
- Chu Chu.
- How can we find your mom?
- Okay. I'll put him on.
- Oh, it's Chu Chu's owner.
Is this Sung-jung?
Is Chu Chu fine?
Where's your mom?
You want me to find your mom?
Oh, I have to go. Sorry.
Geumjung 2 Dong Fire Station.
Jo Sang-woo speaking. Yes?
- I can't hear you very well.
- Let's go, bro.
Sang-woo, hurry up. Hurry.
- 27-2. This is 85-1. - This is 27-2.
Looking into present situation.
Damn, I thought today was quiet.
Why gas? That's the fucking worst.
- This is 85-1.
- 85-4 already on scene. Not a big one.
It being a gas station, look carefully
into a possible second explosion.
And good news for you. Kim Chul-goo
has regained consciousness.
- Thank you.
- Sure. Be well in the cold.
What was that phone call about?
I don't know. A wrong number, I think.
Something like 'don't interfere'.
- What?
- Sounded like a prank call.
- Ha, ha. Chul-goo's back!
- Man, Chul-goo made it. He made it.
Welcome chief. We closed the corner
because of the gas.
Yo, bro. I don't think
we need to unload.
- Sang-woo.
- Yes.
It's our district so be fully prepared
for a second explosion.
- Hyun-tae.
- Yes?
- Go and confirm if the valve
is locked first. - Sure.
Sang-woo, Ax, examine the gas tank
area and make sure of the origin point.
And just in case, go fully equipped.
Let's hurry up and go. It's cold.
Let's finish it quick,
and go to the hospital.
Excuse me. One second.
Do I have to pay again?
Why did you bring two fire trucks?
We don't take money.
Where's the origin of fire?
Over there. There.
- Move back.
- Clear the way, please.
It's dangerous.
- Is this the origin point?
- No. I'm just taking a picture.
I should report the owner. There are
illegal gas tanks in the back.
The temperature of the tanks is rising.
Park Han-moo!
What's up?
Re- examine the tank area.
Something's not right.
What? What's wrong with the tanks?
- Where does that pipe lead to?
- I've never seen that pipe before.
It's strange.
Get out!
God dammit.
Let's go!
Water! Water!
Who the hell are you?
Jae-hyuk! Jae-hyuk!
Take pictures. Take everything.
Pictures of everything.
Go! Hurry up!
- Get me out of here!
- Grab it.
Uh, damn.
Let's go. Go, go!
- Sang-woo! Ax! Jun-sung!
- Snap out of it!
Jun-sung! Jun-sung!
Gotta save them, save them!
Hey, Chul-goo! Get up now, buddy.
Even the baby in your wife's belly
would laugh at you.
- Jun-sung.
- What?
The gas station owner,
is he dead?
Didn't you see the body bag?
Once you're inside, you're nothing.
Still, for a fire that size,
not too bad. Not bad.
Detective Park, that's not the way
to do it. What is this?
Detective Park.
Please search this number for me.
It's for Detective Seol.
- Really?
- Yes.
Remember the Phoenix Fire
Insurance case, last month?
I'll give you some info.
Oh, it's okay. It's okay. It's fine.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine.
Oh, it's warm here.
You must have been cold.
Shall I turn up the heat?
I left the temperature up before.
They must have rebelled
when I wasn't here.
Hee-soo. Why'd you do it, back then?
The children, 15 years ago.
Help! Help!
Why are you asking me?
Why are you so curious nowadays?
What more do you want
to know about me?
Are you asking
because you really don't know?
They hit me.
It must be a patient.
We'll talk later.
Detective Seol In-jae
You're still here.
You're on a night call?
I'm thinking about quitting.
I'm sick of it.
The smell of this office.
I really hate this stuffy smell.
I don't want to die in a fire.
I don't want to die in a fire!
This moron doesn't
want to die in a fire.
I'll stay here for you. Get some rest.
Go and get some rest.
It's cold outside so take my coat.
I'm sorry.
As you suspected, right before
all seven fires, there's a record
of a call from that number.
He lures them with a call
and sets the trap at the place.
The targets were precisely
and cruelly executed.
Except for one.
Jung Won-man, the one
you saved from the Apt. fire.
Come over here.
Why won't you look at me?
What happened to In-soo
wasn't your fault.
I said, look at me.
You don't have to be sorry.
Oh, I saw Young-jun.
He was at the hospital therapy room.
Why was he there?
Well, Sung-eun's there
and Jang-sun, too.
It's been a while
since his house burnt down.
Is he still not fully recovered?
The therapy room, isn't that under
the psychiatric ward?
Let me see the gas station pictures.
Oh, my coat. Hyun-tae took it.
The pictures are in there.
Why? You thought of something?
He's not answering.
I'll go.
Yes. Kumjung Dong 2 Fire Station.
Jo Sang-woo speaking.
In-soo. You got to get out, In-soo.
Where are you, In-soo?
Answer me. In-soo.
Who is this?
Where are you?
Why? Are you curious?
I see the Sun Video and Chae Hee
Quilting, Class Audio, and a woman...
The woman you've
always watched over...
I'll tell you one more time,
don't ever interfere again.
Hello? Hello?
Bye sweetie.
Hello? Hello, Hyun-tae, Hyun-tae.
Get out. Get out of there.
Are you listening to me?
Get out. Get out.
Why won't it open?!
Uncle Hee-soo!
- Wow, it's pretty.
- Is it?
- Uncle Hee-soo, what's this?
- What?
- This.
- It's a silver ornament.
- Uncle Hee-soo, put more up!
- Okay.
- This one, too.
- And this picture...
Kim Hyun-tae
Jo Sang-woo
Sorry, bro.
We discovered a footprint
in the garbage. The size is 285mm.
He was holding on to this pack, huh?
Why is she here?
Her husband must have abused her. The
child, too. Check the hospital records.
For all the children I saw there.
Something's fishy at that hospital.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
He definitely took records
from this hospital.
All seven were treated both in the
psychiatric and orthopedic wards.
The doctor in charge of all seven
is Jung Myung-jin.
Jung Myung-jin. I think I saw
her deposition in the pharmacy file.
Check to see if it's her.
I went to see her but she's out.
Uh, okay. Got it.
Sis, sis!
According to the circumstances
we had to rule him as an arsonist.
But I had a different opinion.
Hee-soo was only seven.
Everyone was too irresponsible.
Then in your deposition for
the pharmacy case, you admit
to fabricating Yeo Hee-soo's alibi.
I didn't want him to suffer any more,
without any evidence.
Now you feel differently?
I thought I made a
moral decision as a doctor.
But now I know it was the wrong one.
I'll keep my promise.
I'll give all of you the
biggest present. That's
the only thing I can do.
I like Pokemon.
I promise you something
better than that.
The kids' names are in the ornaments.
The names are related to the fires.
It's sort of like Hee-soo's
Christmas present.
Christmas is today.
- There's one left.
- Who is it?
I don't know.
But I can narrow it down to three.
Gather them all.
You guys be on standby.
Leave this to us now.
I'm going with you.
You fight fires, buddy.
If you see him, just let us know.
- You go on.
- Why? Where are you going?
I'm going to kill him.
I saw him. I saw him at the hospital.
The bastard was right in front of me.
Shit, we have to catch him this time.
85-1. Kumjung Dong 1, block 24.
Standby with trucks and mobile units.
If something happens, call us quickly.
Today's soup is cream of
broccoli with cheese.
Our special drink is banana berry
brewster, very sweet one.
Give us a few minutes to order.
Sure. Take your time with
the menu. I'll be back in
a minute to help you order.
Honey, it's too expensive.
- Oh, it's only for today.
- I'll buy next year, I promise.
- What do our twins like the best?
- Sweet and sour pork.
Then should we go for sweet and
sour pork that you like so much?
- Yeah!
- Okay, let's go.
Come on, honey, let's go.
Oh, come on.
Switching 1 inch with 2 inch hose.
Switching now.
I'll testify if there's
leniency in sentencing.
The fire at Hee-soo's house
when he was seven, he didn't do it.
I'll help you if I can.
I don't think I can face
Hee-soo again now.
Doctor, you did your best.
Be careful, doctor.
What brought you to the police station?
- Confirm stable situation.
- Okay, move on.
The frequency's been exposed.
Switch to E2, E2.
This, this is a crime, Hee-soo.
This isn't like you, doctor.
I thought you'd protect me,
no matter what.
- This isn't the right way, you...
- Let's get going. We don't have time.
Because of your wrong beliefs, innocent
people and fire fighters were killed.
That's what you think, doctor.
Do you know how many people
we asked for help?
To help us. To save us.
They should all die.
Turn yourself in.
Turn left here.
You know this road very well,
don't you, doc?
Did you...
White fire...
Move out. The origin point
is the Baptist Hospital.
The Baptist Hospital. Move out fast.
Clear the people out first.
Use the fire hydrants
and extinguishers temporarily.
Where are the extinguishers?
Presently moving to the hospital.
Start with the blueprints,
they should be marked.
Where do we turn on the water?
You idiot, look at the blueprints.
You don't have time, hurry!
- Let's go.
- Get ready.
Okay, let's go.
Move, move.
You guys are the best.
Sang-woo! Sang-woo!
Honey, you drive.
You're off duty. It's our first outing
in a long time, with the kids.
Sorry, kids. Sorry that daddy can't
buy you nice gifts and yummy food.
But daddy's a fire fighter.
Bring the two inch.
Why, why are you here now?
- Did you get the bastard?
- He's not at the hospital.
You said you'd catch him. Got it!
Chief, we'll move to
the boiler room first. Let's go.
Run quick!
Got one!
Got one!
Here's the boiler room.
Judging from the smoke,
The fire's spread to the second floor.
- The evacuation?
- Just the lobby.
Guard, didn't you get
the order to shut down?
I know. But she said it was urgent.
She's a doctor here.
Is that car, by any chance...
Be careful.
Okay, be calm, be calm.
Uh, excuse me. One second.
Please walk out in order.
You should be with your family.
Why'd you come?
Hurry up now.
Keep circling.
- Hee-soo.
- Shh.
I'm thinking right now.
What to do with you, doc.
Keep circling. Go on.
Do you trust me, doc?
You were the only one I trusted.
I think we've got most of
the flames under control.
There's no way this is over.
Come this way, doctor.
You said you trusted me.
I don't trust you anymore.
Don't come near me.
Remember, doc.
For you, always did my best.
The fire's alive, moving.
Put on your hat.
One by one. One by one. It will
be over soon. Please keep order.
One by one. Good.
Ohhh. My leg. Ow.
What is it?
It's the air vent. The air vent.
It can blow the whole building away.
- Look at the ventilation blueprints.
- Rat bastard.
His goal is definitely elsewhere.
- The spring cooler is in A4, right?
- Yeah, it is.
And the emergency water pump?
Uh, it's there, too. But it's broken.
We need to generate electricity.
- Sang-woo.
- Damn.
Area A4, it's a sea of fire.
Where's that bastard?
Sang-woo, I think I know
where it is. The children.
Report the situation. Continue on.
Water! We need water in A4!
- Did you check that room?
- Not yet.
Water, there's no water.
What are you doing?
Turn on the water.
We can't. The water's not coming on.
There's a problem with the hydrant.
Are you kids okay?
- Hey, kids.
- Excuse me.
- What, doctor?
- Poisonous gas is seeping through.
The I.C.U. is in danger. It may
explode. We need water backup.
Why the hell are you doing this?
Even the children are dying.
You're Sung-eun, right?
We have to go now.
We have to wait for uncle Hee-soo.
All your friends are out and
they're waiting for you.
We have to go now, too.
No, we have to wait for uncle Hee-soo.
Can't you trust this uncle once?
This isn't a place for you.
Trust me, just once. Let's go.
Are you okay?
- Are you alright?
- Take her and go.
Sang... Sang-woo...
Hey, don't get on!
Min-sung, Min-sung. Where are you?
Answer me, quick.
The elevator's dangerous right now.
Use the stairs to evacuate.
Look. We can't run.
And there's no fire here yet.
He said, the elevator's dangerous.
Min-sung! Where are you?
Please answer. I'll be there.
Find us. Then I'll turn on the water
that you've been desperately wanting.
Take my hand.
Grab it! Take my hand.
Grab it! Grab it!
Move your car now. Move it.
Why aren't you wearing a gas mask?
I don't know how...
Can you come out? Hold it.
Hold her.
Jong-Gu, Jong-Gu, Jong...
I beg you.
That would be good.
Okay, let's end this.
Hey, it's coming out. Turn it
on quick. Open the valves.
Uh, this is gasoline.
Run quick!
Min-sung! Min-sung!
Min-sung! Min-sung!
You're too late.
Fuck, now it's stopped.
Hey kids, let's play fireman.
Okay, let's lower our heads.
Uh-huh, slowly, slowly, move out.
Where's Min-sung?
You know, something precious,
you only realize it once it's gone.
I said, where's Min-sung?
The moment you beat me,
I promise you'll find her.
Stop, stop. Okay, come up now.
Okay kids, let's go see mom.
Take them.
Now you see her?
There's so much in the world
you can't have.
Are you okay?
Now be careful.
What about you?
Go ahead. I'm a fire fighter.
You're a doctor. You need to be
with the patients so go first.
It's dangerous, hurry. I'll see below.
- Come now.
- We're full.
We're at full capacity.
- Bring it down, hurry.
- Yes, sir.
Wait, stop. Stop.
Han-moo! Han-moo!
Wait for us. We'll come right back.
Do you know what children want?
You know what pain is?
I wanted to be my best,
at least for the children.
You're a cowardly bastard.
I'm a savior.
Stop it!
You said we'd go together, sis.
Merry Christmas.
You saved the kids?
Yeah, we did.
I'm going to miss the kids a lot.
Start extinguishing the fire.