Liberty (2022) Movie Script

[solemn instrumental]

[Matt] Dear viewers, you will
be entertained for a moment
and then, you will move on
to something else.
You will have
forgotten everything.
The good news,
you are characters in this film.
You will enter a world
where each day
resembles the previous one.
A world without surprises,
without joy.
It's a world
that you have created.
[percussive tribal instrumental]
Article one:
all animals are born equal
and they have
the same rights to existence.
Article two: every animal
has the right to be respected.
[cell phone rings]
Hey. Hey, baby. Yeah.
[Matt] Where there is error,
-may I bring truth?
You gotta make sure...
Where there is sadness,
may I bring joy?
Get the fire going
and we're gonna have some--
Hey, we're closed buddy.
Oh, shit.
I don't have time for--
Oh, God.

[Matt] Article three:
no animal should be submitted
to bad treatment
or cruel actions.
Where there is hatred,
may I bring love?
Where there is doubt,
may I bring faith?
Where there is despair,
may I bring hope?
[chaotic music]
[Matt] Article four:
all animals belonging
to a wild species
have the right to live free
in their natural environment.

Where there is darkness,
may I bring light?
[eerie instrumental]
At the end of their hibernation,
a rapid warming happens in
different parts of their body.
Your heart rate
begins to increase.
Bit by bit, they return
to their normal lives.
When they wake up, they're weak.
It takes several days before
they get their strength back.
But once they do wake up,
they let us know
that they are here.
Hey, is anyone out there?
-[Matt] They sing.
-[Matt] Shout.
[Matt] And generally,
make a racket.
What the hell is this?
What's happening to us?
What the hell?
Does anyone know where we are?
Is this a joke?
Fucking unbelievable?
Look up there in the ceiling.
What? Are we caught
on tape or something?
-[woman] What the fuck?
-[man] Hey!
[Matt] Letting everybody know
they are alive.
-Hello? Is anyone out there?
-[all] Hello?
Jesus, God, where are we?
God damn it.
Can anyone hear us?
Is anyone there?
[Matt] They get active
really quickly
and they wake up hungry,
ready to eat something,
so I got them some food.
Good food, bread, fruit,
a nice balanced diet.
Maybe I should've
cut these apples up.
Ah, they're human,
they'll figure it out.
[man 2]
Can anyone hear us? Hello?
It's feeding time.
Feeding time?
Who the fuck are you?
Smokey the Bear?
I'm gonna spread the food out.
That way,
the dominant males will let
the weaker ones eat too.
Why are you throwing that?
Is that dinner?
Listen, I have a daughter
and grandchildren
waiting for me.
How long you plan
to keep us here, man?
Who are you?
What you want from us?
Answer the question, asshole.
[Matt chuckling]
What do you want from us?
-[Matt laughing]
-[man] Fuck you.
God damn it.
The aggression
is to be expected.
Oh, fuck yourself.
[Matt laughing]
Let's begin.
[eerie instrumental]
It's not working, you idiot.
[man 2]
Hey, what is this man?
[man 3]
Maybe you don't have batteries.
We seem to be having
some technical difficulties.
One, two. One, two.
Check, check, check, check.
All right, people.
[mic feedback]
Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls, welcome.
What you are
witnessing here today is magical
and will probably
even make history.
This is the culmination
of hard work,
countless phone calls,
emails, research,
travel and working
with our local government.
All to bring to you,
to our very own town,
your very own...
Martin Luther.
Lone Ranger.
Ice Queen.
Lady Jane.
And Li Li, the Eastern Jewel.
That's not my name.
You can probably
guess who's who, right?
Yesterday, our new friends
said goodbye to their cities,
their towns, their lives,
to be here with us today.
You dip shit.
It is an honor
to welcome you all.
This is the beginning
of a beautiful,
significant, new life
for all of us.
That also includes me.
[mumbles incoherently]
Yep, that's it.
Thank you for your attention,
I appreciate it.
-Appreciate what?
-A new life?
Who are you talking to?
Jesus Christ. You're insane.
Welcome. This is your new home.
Don't worry, you'll only be here
for a few days.
A few days?
Well, actually,
that might be a lie.
It could be a few months.
Maybe a couple of years.
Some of you
won't be leaving here alive.
Sorry to have to say that.
-Why are you doing this to us?
-What are you talking about?
-Let us out of here!
-Wait, wait, wait.
-Where are you going?
You have to
answer some questions.
You can't just
walk out on us like that.
[Lone Ranger]
Get back here!
[Martin Luther]
Hey, you owe us some--
-[Martin Luther] Come on, man.
-[Marshmallow] Help!
Help! Help!
-Help! Help!
-He's gone.
Hey, you've been
doing that all day, man.
It's not gonna do nothing.
Hey, hey, relax, man.
Get the fuck away from me!
[Lone Ranger]
Fucking asshole.
[Lady Jane exhaling]
[Li Li sobbing]
[outdoors din]
[bird chirping]
[tranquil instrumental]

My Mother Earth, I worship you.
When the cougars call,
the Bison's strong breath
to the music of streams,
trees, water, and wind,
you remind us that
we are united as one.
I'm in gratitude to you
for your vast creation,
to you who draw clouds
and create mountains
in the most fragrant forests.
I thank you.

So, what do we know
about these
strange disappearances
and this footage so far?
Now, this video
that you're about to see
was sent to us anonymously.
There have been no demands
for ransom yet.
The conditions in which
they are being detained
are shocking.
The victims do not seem
to be connected to each other
in any way.
Right now, we're interviewing
their loved ones
and this is
an ongoing investigation.
Thank you, detective.
Today's statement
from the police department
has left locals feeling angry
due to the continued
lack of progress.
-Day three.
-[prisoners shouting]
Time to go check on
our new residents.
I'm always happy
to see them, you know.
I truly feel privileged.
Let's go.
[Ice Queen] Hello?
Help. Please somebody help us.
Oh, God, no.
Oh, Marshmallow, it's okay.
Ice Queen, please feel
free to continue if you like.
Go to hell.
They all have such different
personalities, don't they?
I have to keep them in line,
but I also don't want
to stress them out too much.
So, while I'm talking to them,
I'm being sure
to check the bars,
making sure
everything is secure.
Never forget these animals,
they can be dangerous.
Why are you looking at me?
There are other people.
Who are you talking to, man?
What is this?
Please just tell us
what's happening.
Li Li, my Eastern jewel.
Chu. My name's Chu Li Pey.
You all are the entertainment.
See, the audience
loves you already.
What audience?
Who are you talking to?
Let's see how much they love us
after I beat
the living shit out of you.
[Lone Ranger laughing]
They're stressed this morning.
They need some more time
to get settled in.
Jesus, help, please.
Me, I'm just
gonna grab a cold beer.
What about us?
I drink beer.
Where-- Please.
[Martin Luther] At least give us
some clean food, man.
Oh, jeez.
Did you forget
that I'm an animal?
The fuck are you staring at?
[tranquil instrumental]
[Matt] Every animal
has its own particular grace.
The bison are survivors.
There were over 60 million
of them on the continent
before the first settlers
and buffalo hunters came
and their population was
just decimated to about 600.
But, they're still here today.
The wolf has a fidelity.
It's always faithful
to its companion.
The bear has brute force, right?
The antelope, sir,
what do you think?
Um, chasing, speed.
Yeah. Very good.
That's, um, fast,
decisive action, right?
The cougar reminds us that
we're each a powerful leader.
The owl represents
the detachment
that's necessary for change.
The otter reminds us
that jealousy
and unholiness
are not welcome, right?
And the moose, ma'am,
what do you think?
That gentleness
and great strength can coexist.
Good. Very good.
[Marshmallow grunting]
Oh, my wife used
to massage my back.
[Ice Queen] Can you please
do that somewhere else?
Oh, great. Goodie bags.
[Martin Luther] Let's see what
he's got for us today.
How much longer
do we have to stay here?
Please tell us.
Beach balls?
What the fuck are we supposed
to do with this shit?
He wants us
to play with his balls.
I picked you all
for different reasons.
For your beauty.
Your ordinariness.
Your size,
your weight, age,
hair color,
skin color, eye color.
How does that make you feel?
You're all so smart
and really intelligent
and I love that.
This is a joke, right, man?
[Martin Luther]
At least give us some food.
We're hungry.
Play nice.
Oh, Jesus.
Could you blow this up for me?
It's giving me indigestion.
You don't have to be so rude.
It's something to do.
[keyboard keys clacking]
[Lone Ranger]
I swear to God,
I'm gonna get my hands
on that son of a bitch.
[Ice Queen] I'm gonna go
straight the fuck outta my mind.
[Chu Li]
Calm down.
[Ice Queen]
What did you just say?
[indistinct chatter]
Let's fix this.
A little sound change.
Move you over here.
[crowd chattering]
It's better like this.
It's, uh--
It's, less scary, right?
Because they're
playing together.
They're having fun.
No one can say that they're
suffering because they're not.
I mean, this video, it-- it
tells a story from the inside.
It could only possibly
be told from the inside.
Thing is I can manufacture this
all that I want to
and you'll never know.
You're on the outside.
And people on the outside,
they have no idea
about the suffering
that goes on in captivity.
[solemn instrumental]

No, no, no, no, we gotta go.
-One more drink.
-We gotta go.
No, no, let's go. Let's go.
Hey, Matt!
-Leave him alone.
Dude, I didn't know
you were still alive.
Pretty sure one of them bears
or wildcats ate
your ass alive by now.
-Stop it.
...mentally unstable--
You hear what they're saying
on TV about that retard.
You hear that?
Police say that
we're dealing here
with a mentally unstable person.
That's a retard,
in case you didn't know.
[Lillie] Matt, I'm sorry.
[man] Aren't you gonna
ask me how Lillie is?
Well, guess what?
She already forgot about you.
We're getting married.
He puts stupid animals
ahead of real people.
I mean, that's a real retardo
for you, ain't it?
[men laughing]
Oh, wait.
I have an invite to the wedding.
Wait a sec. It's over here.
-Leave him alone.
-Baby, it's over here.
I guess not.
No invite for you.
That's a damn shame, ain't it?
Let's go.
Hey, can you see it?
You're disgusting.
She already forgot about you.
-[Lillie] Come on.
-[man] Let's get out of here.
They don't know anything.
Animals have needs
and they feel things, so...
if they understood that
they would know
that captivity means suffering.
[dramatic music]

[monkeys screeching]
[random animal noises]
[wolf howling]
[tiger growling]
[scattered animal noises]
[birds chirping]
All rise.
Mrs. Giraffe,
you have been found guilty.
Guilty of your long neck,
your brown spots,
but don't worry, we'll
find you a cage large enough
to accommodate your size.
Mr. Chameleon.
Mister, ah, there you are.
To review
the facts of your case.
Your skin tone
changes based on your mood.
Uh, depending on your stress,
fear, sexual arousal.
Ew. Don't tell me you're red.
You pervert. Guilty.
And you, Mr. Grizzly, to say
that the native
Americans considered you
a brother to humans.
What a joke.
Mr. Proboscis Monkey.
The jury took quite a long time
to deliberate on your verdict,
but we found something.
Plenty of our guests
will surely find
your long floppy nose comical.
[laughing] We'll keep you.
Mr. Zebra.
I can't help you.
You were born with bars
covering your body.
Mr. Owl.
You know, don't you?
Those large suspicious
eyes betray your guilt.
Cell number 10.
-We get it!
-[Matt] Mr. Fox.
What do you want me to tell you?
Everyone knows you're the sly,
cunning animal, aren't you?
Who could trust that face?
-Oh, my God!
-Mrs. Green Tree Python.
[Lone Ranger] Enough!
What a vibrant, beautiful shade
of green you are indeed.
Did you know in Western culture,
we associate green with luck,
with prosperity?
And unfortunately for you,
the great Moliere died
in that very shade
of green, on stage.
This is a theater of sorts
and we will honor him today.
Mrs. Pink Flamingo.
We get it. You're pink.
It's a bit redundant,
don't you think?
[laughing] I rhyme, yay. Guilty.
Oh, my God.
Let's get this
over with, Mr. Gorilla.
What does the defendant
have to say for himself?
What's that?
He shares 99%
of his DNA with us.
Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!
Maybe you'll think twice
about sharing your genetic
similarities with us next time.
I think that will do
for today's trial.
Court is adjourned.
Just a few more minutes
to wrap things up.
Soon, we will only be
amongst civilized people
on this earth.
No more haired beasts.
Well, no more slimy beasts,
scaly beasts
roaming our beautiful planet.
-Just civilized people.
-You're nuts.
99.9% of all animals
that have ever walked this earth
are already extinct.
And rest assured,
that number grows longer
every single day.
Hey, if I wanted any lip from
you, I'd get it off my zipper.
Oh, I see some of you
are a little skeptical, hm?
Rest assured, I have received
the official's projected numbers
for the next 10 to 20 years
and they are as follows.
40% of amphibians,
12, almost 13% of birds,
and 25% of mammals
will be extinct
in the next 10 to 20 years.
That was great. That was great.
[Lone Ranger laughing]
Whoo! That was really great.
But what does it
have to do with us?
Yeah, are you saying
we're gonna be extinct too?
No, no I-- I chose you
because you're beautiful.
We'll have no problem
attracting large crowds
and selling tickets.
Viewers, isn't our
complicity remarkable?
[Matt] Being adventurous
is not about going far away.
It's about having the courage
to live out one's own truth.
To listen to one's inner voice.
It's daring
to step into the unknown.
It's through
our challenges that we grow.
I searched for the true meaning
of the world where man blends
with the earth, air, water,
fire, the fauna, and flora.
We have a human life to live.
I acted out of impulse.
I got too close to the fire, but
I survived and I'm still alive.
Life, I can't get enough of it.
Bergson said
nature warns us through
specific signs
that we reached our destination.
This sign is joy.
It is an osprey or fish hawk.
It feeds on
fish that it captures
using its long claws.
If the fish is too heavy,
the bird
pushes its head forward.
-To make it go faster?
That's good.
Yes, to minimize air resistance.
Drop your binoculars,
just for a second.
This is the best part,
I promise.
Close your eyes.
Good. Spread your arms out.
Just trust me. There you go.
We all have wings but sometimes
we forget that they exist.
So for a brief moment,
spread your wings.
Be osprey.
Dominate the sky.
You see a fish?
I see one but
I'm not hungry yet.
-Me either.
-Live in freedom. Good.
[Matt] Every moment and whatever
happens, thrills me with joy.
[chuckles] This is out
of context Mr. Woodman.
Time to review this.
Freedom is not
a right but a necessity.
So close, Mr. Nicola Bear Dave,
but we are still so far.
Tie two birds together,
they will not be able
to fly even though they now
have four wings.
The Sufi Proverb holds
such wisdom
but it falls on deaf ears.
I was born to know you.
To name you "Liberty."
Zero, Mr. Owl you are.
Zero. Zero. Zero.
What have you done?
Oh, you behold,
crying ceaselessly.
What have you done?
Behold with your youth?
Thank you, Mr. Verlaine,
but we have not made much
progress in the 120 years
since you wrote that poem.
Is freedom anything else than
the right to live as we wish?
Oh, Epictetus,
if you could see us now,
what would you think?
[chuckles] But if you would
just think about it,
you would see the anguish,
the pain in a cheetah's eyes,
or that you just think
hippos laugh all the time.
The swaying of an ostrich.
What does it mean?
What is she saying to us?
That the orangutan
he must at least think
of it from time to time.
[Lady Jane] Oh, my God.
[metallic screeching]
[Matt] Hey.
Look at the camera.
[children laughing]
We're done seeing the monkeys.
[Matt] Hey, I'm taking a selfie.
[echoing auditory
Turn it off!
[Lady Jane]
What the hell is this?
[Matt] Are we gonna see
the other animals?
[Matt] Look at the camera!
[woman] Woah, did you see that?
[man] The monkeys are this way.
[child] Mom,
can I have some ice-cream?
[woman] Four hamburgers, please.
[man] I want cotton candy!
Do you have the map?
Shit, my phone's gonna die.
[woman] Look at those colors.
Did you put
sunscreen on your face?
-[child] Mom, is that dangerous?
-[Matt] Look at the camera.
Oh, that one looks sick.
-What's wrong with him?
-[child] He's coming towards me.
[children laughing]
That owl is so beautiful.
Where does this one move?
[woman] See the animal's face?
[piano playing]
[Matt] Sometimes I wonder.
How do they cope with this?
Bang, bang, bang.
Bang, bang, bang.
[continued echoing
auditory hallucinations]
Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.
All guilty.
[child 1]
I wanna see the reptiles.
[child 2] Can we go home?
[man] Ugh, that one looks sick.
What's wrong with him?
Hey, look at the camera!
This place is so expensive.
[Matt] Donkey show
starts in 15 minutes.
[woman] Come on baby, kiss me.
We're gonna die.
[Matt] Look at the camera.
-You shut your fucking mouth.
-[muffled] Stop.
[man] Oh, my God.
Did you see him jump?
[woman] Did you see that?
How does he balance like that?
[man] Look at the camera.
[child] Can we see the lions?
I want to go home.
[Lady Jane] Stop. Stop.
[echoing intensifies]
No, no.
Come on, keep it together.
We're not
gonna let him break us.
Well, we-- uh,
we got a license plate.
The Dancing Bear called
and they said this guy was
talking about wild animals,
about captivity.
Uh, a Matthew Robinson.
Well, like I said, it's, it's
thin but it's-- it's something.
[knock on door]
Hi. I'm Detective Bailey,
I'm looking for
Matthew Robinson.
Look, do you know
where-- where I can find him?
What do you want with him?
Miss Robinson,
do you watch the news?
[Matt's mother]
Why are you here?
We'd like
his help with our investigation.
I've been told
he knows this area better than
-just about anybody.
-Oh, yeah, there is that.
Is that him?
Is that Matt?
[suspenseful music]
Handsome kid.
Yes, he is.
Now this one,
that was a gift from a neighbor.
His father couldn't
stand to hear him play.
So his father put
the piano into the back of
the pickup
truck to get rid of it.
But instead,
Matt jumped into the driver's
seat and he took off.
That was to save his piano.
He was nine.
This is Matt with
his chicken, Clarence.
They were inseparable
until his father killed him.
He ran him over with
the truck one evening.
[Matt over speaker]
Feeding time.
-Fucking asshole.
-I call dibs.
[Ice Queen]
How are we supposed to get it?
[circus music]
[Lady Jane] What is that?

[Ice Queen]
What is wrong with him?
Look, if he wants
us to play we'll play.
We gotta eat. That's priority.
Okay, let's figure it out.


I love these animals.
Almost as much
as I love the [indistinct].
It's really...
to see their
intelligence at play.
Oh. [chuckles]
You see that?
That's the, uh...
wow, that's
the survival instinct.
Despite their differences....
...they're working together
and they're communicating
for a common goal.
It's just amazing.
[indistinct chatter]
Wow. Even Lady Jane
is helping out.
Lone Ranger is there
to catch her if she falls.
[grunting and groaning]
It's remarkable.

It's a complete team effort.
It's really beautiful.
[whimpering, grunting]
So much trouble for so little.
[Matt] Hunger and violence
sprinkled with confetti.
That's how they train them.
The bars of their cages
are forged with a promise.
[crowd cheering]
[keyboard tapping]

-[keyboard tapping]
[forest din]
The word cage is not limited to
the traditional cage with bars.
It means any unnatural
walled-off enclosure.
The space of which is
not suitable for the species.
[loud whooshing]
[intriguing instrumental]
See, you can add fake rocks,
paint a mural,
draw a fake window if you like.
It doesn't change
the fact that it's still a cage.

Here it is.
So, I made those so
they'll have all the comforts
of home and
they can stop complaining.
Can't be the first person
who thought of that, right?
What? You think
they don't like him?
I worked really hard on him.
How can you say that?
You are eating so much.
It's kinda
like paprika and cumin.
The dirt, it's not so bad.
You should try it.
What the fuck?
We're gonna die here.
Do you understand that?
You didn't even think
about sharing any of the food
with the rest of us.
Just stuff your--
fat fucking face.
Did you see a sign that says,
"Buffet, all you can eat?"
Hey, Steve. Steve!
We're all freaking out.
No need to
take it out on Harley.
Stay out of it, Jack.
I can handle this.
He's right, Steve. It's not
gonna get us out of here.
-[Chu Li] No, it won't.
-[Jack] What? You got a plan
-all of a sudden?
-Excuse me?
-Like you got a better one?
-I think I might--
This isn't getting us anywhere.
[Harley coughing]
Help! Help!
These people are animals.
-Just shut up right now!
Look at me.
We are sick and tired
of hearing you complain
day after day.
If you open up
your mouth one more time,
I swear to God,
I'm gonna break your fat face.
-Do you understand me?
-[Chu Li] No!
-[Lady Jane] Wait, wait! Amber!
-Get off!
Get off of me! [grunting]
Amber, stop it!
Stop it! Stop it!
-You okay?
-Now you know,
don't fuck with me.
It's okay. It's okay.
The effects of captivity vary,
depending on the species.
For no reason at all.
For nothing.
A gesture, a sideways look.
A shot will be fired.
What do you want from me, Jack?
I want you to stop bullying
-That's what I want.
-Relax, man, we're not gonna--
-Steve-- Steve...
I don't want to hurt you,
Calm down. Are you calm?
-[Amber] Jack! Jack!
[Steve] I can't breathe.
I can't fucking breathe.
[piano music]
[Amber] Jack! Jack!
Do you see
what's happening to us?
Get us out of here.
Jesus Christ,
we're losing our minds.
[Matt] Violence often lies
in wait, just below the surface.
Even within the same species,
it's interesting to see how
certain individuals
adapt better than others.
Abnormal behavior
starts to develop.
Repetitive obsessive behavior,
like rocking back and forth.
They lose their appetite,
mutilate themselves.
Stand in odd ways.

[muffled voice on TV]
[reporter on TV]
Detective Bailey, what can
you tell us about the progress
of your investigation?
[Detective Bailey]
Well, we really need

That's why we're offering
a $50,000 reward for the person
who provides us with information
leading to the arrest.
Phew, 50 grand.
I'd make a down payment on
the house I'm gonna buy for us.
Hear what I said?
The house I'm gonna buy for us.
You know,
if you look at him long enough,
you're gonna burn
a goddamn hole in him.
He just doesn't look good,
that's all.
He doesn't look so good.
Little Mattie Robinson.
Do you think
he thinks about you?
Thinks about you when he's
out there in the wilderness?
As much as you think about him.
You want to drink with him?
-Shut up.
-I'll have another beer.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
[blues rock pub music]
[light moan]
How long did that take?
Five seconds? Ten seconds?
Oh, thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
My audience is bored.
[loud clanking]
Let's talk about it.
Nothing happens.
Just seconds
taking by on the clock.
But if you think about our
animal friends in captivity,
they're watching those
same boring seconds
tick away for decades.
Ten, twenty, thirty years.
So out of respect for them,
let's let this moment
last a little bit...
[exhales] ....longer.
[wing whooshing]
[Steve laughs deliriously]
Does anyone think he likes Chu?
[delirious laugh]
[kissing sounds]
Whatever. Keep going, Jack.
That feels good.
[Steve continues to laugh]
You know,
if I could trade places
with any one of you,
I would do it.
Well, that's some bullshit.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure you meant it.
Here. [laughs]
In the spirit of friendship.
-[Steve laughs]
-[Steve] Got him.
-[Harley] Check his pockets.
Check his pockets.
Does he have a phone?
-[Steve] Anything?
-[Amber grunts] Nothing!
[Jack] You have
to let us out of here.
You understand that, don't you?
[Matt] I'm not
the one in charge.
-[indistinct, laughs]
I will slit your fucking throat.
-God, that feels good.
-But we need him to get out.
-There's no remote.
-[Amber] What now?
[Matt] Just hold his arms.
[Lady Jane] We are not
part of your fight.
We have nothing to do with it.
My family needs me.
-Please let us go.
-Are you listening to the lady?
[Lady Jane] Jesus, Steve. Stop
it. That's not helping.
[Chu Li] We need him
to get out of here.
-She's right. You're the boss.
-Okay. You win.
You have control.
Does that feel good?
Does that turn you on?
[Matt whimpers]
[Steve grunting]
[Lady Jane]
Jesus, Steve. Stop it.
Shit. [exhales loudly]
Shit. God damn it.
You're out of your
fucking mind.
[Lady Jane sobbing]
[Steve] Shit.
Just go away,
-you're a fucking animal.
-Fuck are you crying for?
[calm music]
[Matt] Mother Earth,
please take away my doubts.
My fears.
I ask for your strength
to finish my battle.
Protecting my animal brothers
and sisters is my destiny.
[vehicle approaches]
Get off this property.
-Erik. Erik.
-[gun loading]
[pretend wolf cry]
-Stop, stop.
-Hey, don't touch my gun.
-Don't do anything stupid.
-You know I'm kidding around.
I didn't come to shoot someone.
It's okay.
[ominous music]
Hello, Erik.
Where you been hiding?
I haven't seen you in a while.
Mrs. Robinson.
We're looking for Matt.
Here, this is for you.
Ooh, it's hot.
It tastes good.
Put lots of lemon in it.
I like it like that.
I remember
you liked it very much
when you were just a little boy.
And I see you've
remained a child, Erik.
Where is your retarded son?
-Where is he?
That's enough.
Cut the bullshit.
Come on Eril,
let's get out of here.
-Let's get out of here.
-[Erik] Hey, I'm coming.
[engine starts]
Bye, Mrs. Robinson!

Are we filming?
What percent--?
Stupid idea. Cut.
[grunting] Take three.
What percentage of
animals do you think that are
born in captivity are
released back into the wild?
In your opinion?
One, maybe two percent?
You know, us,
animal park directors.
We love to talk about the birth.
Was it an easy
pregnancy or a hard one?
Was it an overnight
birth that nobody saw?
Are the animals happy
once they have babies?
You know,
even we forget that they were
born in prison and
they'll likely die in one too.
I'm not a monster.
I'm a mother.
I have two.
It was my second
ultrasound that I found
out I was having twins.
-Boys, girls?
-They're girls.
They're three.
-They're mirror twins.
-Mirror twins.
Yeah, they are the exact
reverse copy of each other.
Ally, she has
a birthmark on her left cheek.
And Bri has the same
one on her right cheek.
[voice breaking]
Ally's left-handed.
Bri is right-handed.
On the, uh,
on the day that--
on the day my
daughter and granddaughters
were coming to visit me,
and I was supposed to
pick them up at the airport.
She had just
called me a few days--
[Matt over speaker] What
percentage of animals do you
think that are born
in captivity are
released back into the wild?
One, maybe two percent?
Even we forget
that they were born in
prison and they'll
likely die in one too.
But those
folks at the accounting
department love it.
No, they'll commission
tens of thousands of dolls
to sell to patrons.
Ticket prices will skyrocket
and you,
the loving animal lovers--
Loving animal lovers...
[clears throat]
I'm just gonna go back...
And you, lovers of
the animal will come to
see them by the thousands.
My problem is
I have no births yet.
I have no births.
This white,
human baby
has been awaiting a name.
And it is my great
pleasure to announce today,
we can finally add
our newest member to the family.
Four names
were vigorously debated
over and eventually
put to a vote.
and suffering.
All unique,
but all an appropriate
reflection of this
child's future behind bars.
So without further ado,
it's my great pleasure
to present to you...
How appropriate.
[bike clicking]
[Matt] "Every path but your own
is the path of fate.
Keep on your own track then.
It is a surprising
and memorable,
as well as
a valuable experience,
to be lost in the woods
at any time.
Not till we are lost,
in other words,
not till we have lost the world,
do we begin to find ourselves,
and realize where we are
and the infinite extent
of our relations.

Rise free from care before
the dawn and seek adventures.
Let the noon
find thee by other lakes
and the night overtake thee
everywhere at home."
[Karin] It's true.
All the wild animals
that live around us
and aside from a few of them,
I couldn't tell you
what any of them are.
And now they will be
talking about animal rights.
It just makes you think.
And you know
what's even more surprising?
My granddaughter,
the, um, the younger one,
she just announced
that she's a vegetarian
and she's not even 10 yet.
We may never get out of here.
-Come on, don't say that.
Recognize it as a possibility.
It's really so sad.
So sad for everyone.
What species are you?
A rare one. So rare
we don't have a name.
Did you know
that in certain species,
the dominant male has the right
to choose his own mate?
-Steve, what are you doing?
-[Jack] Let go of her, Steve.
Stay out of it. Karin's right.
-Don't you get it, Jack?
-She's our ticket out of here.
-No, no, no, no, no.
Our little Li Li.
The Eastern Jewel.
Isn't that the nickname
you gave her? [laughs]
Steve, you're hurting me,
Steve, I'm not gonna
say it again.
-You want to die in here?
-[Amber] I don't.
So this is what it's come to?
This is what we do?
Let me go! Let me go!
-Jack, please--
-Jack, no. Jack, stop.
He can make it stop
anytime he wants.
He knows that.
[chaotic music]
[Chu Li screaming]
-I knew it.
-There he is!
Look who's here.
I knew it.
-Let's see what you really got.
-[Chu Li] Please help me!
Let me go!
This is not what we do.
This is not what we do!
Touch that girl again, see
what happens. I swear to God.
[Chu Li sobbing] Fuck.
[Steve] You don't get it.
You fucking blew it, man.
Nobody tried
to help me except you, Jack.
But even though
I was screaming for...
Did you not understand?
I could've been
speaking Mandarin
for all the difference
it would have made.
[speaks Mandarin]
[repeats phrase in Mandarin]
You're cowards.
Maybe you were scared. I...
I guess you're only human.
You're on the cusp of freedom.
What did you just say?
I said
you're almost out of here.
So what I had in mind
for these past few weeks
was to record a set of behaviors
to show that the effects
of captivity are the same on
humans as they are on animals.
Matt, your name's Matt?
[Matt] See how he turns
his back on the intruders?
So-called visitors.
Steve and the gorilla
are the same.
So, now all I have to do is turn
this in to the news station.
Few hours,
everybody in the country
will be watching you on TV.
And when I get back,
you'll be free.
Are you serious?
-What are you gonna do?
-[Karin] Is this for real?
Hey, this isn't a game?
You're actually serious?
[Harley] Wait, wait, wait.

[reporter on radio]
...said that they will
make an appeal directly
to the abductor or abductors
for the safe return
of their loved ones.
I'm here now at the town hall.
[radio turns off]
[ominous music]
[Harley coughing]
Well, there's
the man of the hour,
we've been waiting for you.
Look, Harley's
had some kind of attack, man.
We need to call 911.
[Karin] Matt.
[Harley coughing]
[Karin] Matt!
Hey, Matt, what's going on, man?
Help me. Please.
Save your breath.
You don't have much left.
Soon, we're gonna be able
to put a date next to your dash.
Do you know
what that is, Harley?
On your tombstone.
There's your date of birth,
the day you die,
and in between
is the famous dash.
That's your life, Harley.
How have you lived it?
If you've been a loving person,
in harmony with yourself,
your family, your loved ones.
How many people have you robbed?
How many lies have you told?
Who have you abandoned?
[Harley panting]
There's a minute
and 30 seconds on that phone.
Fifteen seconds to call whoever
you want and say goodbye.
Hi, babies. It's Mommy.
Robert, hi.
I will not be coming home,
but I want you all to know
how much I love you.
And there's so many things
I wanna say
but I can't right now.
So, I love you.
I love you so much, okay? Bye.
I can't do it. I can't.
I love you so much.
I wanna say it.
Hey, buddy.
[indistinct] No.
Listen. [gargled exhale]
I'm sorry for being an asshole--
I love you, babies.
I love you. I wish I could--
This fucker's gonna kill us.
[coughs] So I just want
to tell you I love you.
Just-- Get it away. [coughs]
[Karin sobbing]
Hey, hey, hey, honey.
Yeah. Yeah, it's me.
Listen, just-- just
listen for a minute, all right?
Look uh,
I'm not gonna be coming home
but I need you to-- I need
you to do me a favor, okay?
I need you to find love.
I need you to be happy
and pray for me.
I love you so much.
And I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
[Jack crying]
What about you?
Just take my time?
No one's waiting for me.
[Karin sniffles]
Hi, sweetheart.
Yeah, it's me.
Yes, I'm with everybody.
Listen, I don't--
I don't have time to explain.
I just need to tell you
to give the girls a big kiss
for me and an even bigger hug.
And tell them
how much I love them.
And don't let them forget me.
I love you. I love you so much.
[Karin sobbing]
You're gonna pay for this!
I hope you die! [screams]
[Matt] Each year, between
3,000 and 5,000 wild animals
are euthanized in
animal parks all over Europe.
This is done
to prevent inbreeding
and regulate birth rates.
A one-and-a-half-year-old
baby giraffe, in perfect health,
was euthanized by an animal park
for apparent
birth control reasons.
Only later to be chopped up
and fed to the wildcats
for dinner
in front of hundreds of
screaming, terrified children.
It's all over.
My great work, come to an end.
[suspenseful music]
-[dart whooshes]
-[Chu Li exclaims]
Great happiness or death.
We have a man's life
to live, don't we, Steve?
-[dart whooshes]
-[Steve grunts]
Animals cry every night
and nobody hears them.
But I have a right to revolt.
I have the right
to revolution, Amber.
-[dart whooshes]
-[Karin sobs]
Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack.
How can a man be satisfied
to entertain the opinion of...
Thoreau said that, not me.
[dart whooshes]
My battle has
been the rights for animals
to be heard in this country,
in this state, in this world.
It's not
that much to ask for, Harley.
[dart whooshes]
Progress is slow
because the elite is neither
significantly wiser
nor better than the masses.
[dart whooshes]
[Jack coughing]
Guys, we're alive.
-[Jack] We're alive.
We're alive.
[Lone Ranger grunts]
We're alive.
[women laugh]
-He didn't do it.
-He didn't--
-Hey, Harley.
-Hey, Harley.
Hey, Harley. Come on, man.
Harley, come on.
Harley, come on.
Wake up, wake up.
Harley, wake up, we gotta go.
[Amber] There's a hole, Harley.
We got you.
[Jack] We gotta go.
-[indistinct] One, two.
-[Harley groans in pain]
Come on, Harley.
We're getting out of here,
Come on, walk it off.
Walk it off.
We got you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
How do we know
this isn't another trick?
It doesn't matter.
We have to get out of here.
[uplifting music]

Be honest. You feared
the worst, didn't you?
Do you like my new place?
It's just temporary.

[tires skid]
Mattie boy.
What you doing up here?
I gotta say
it's good to see you, pal.
I feel bad, I brought
you a little something.
Got it right here.
-[Erik laughing]
Oh, my God.
Stop it.
Don't worry about him.
Oh, hey, buddy,
I got another one for you.
[laughs] I got another one
for you.
Stop it.
Just leave him alone.
Oh, you want to help him out?
You help him out.
We're gonna go see what
you got in the truck there, pal.
Oh, what'd you bring?
Oh, we got bread,
apples, oranges.
Who's this crap for, Matt?
Enough food to feed an army.
What are you having
a party or something, pal?
You're having a party, you're
not inviting your best friends?
What's wrong, Robinson?
What are you sleeping or what?
You don't want to sleep, do you?
Come on, buddy. Come on.
[Lillie] Erik, you've lost it.
Come on, Erik. That's enough.
I gotta tell you something, bud.
Your mom wasn't very happy
to see me
but you want to know something?
I don't think she ever really
liked me and I don't care, bud.
You wanna know something,
I'm a concert pianist
because, you know,
I took lessons when I was a kid.
You wanna hear a tune, pal?
[Ronald] Hell, yeah.
Okay. Listen up.
[plays piano poorly, loudly]
Oh, I don't know
what's up with this piano.
I don't know
what's up with this piano.
-Ask him where the cage is at.
-I will.
I'm just taking my time.
You want to know something
about this piano, bud?
It's out of tune.
[bangs on keys]
Oh, I don't know,
that's a little off.
[indistinct], bud.
It's out of tune.
You hear that?
Yeah, let's see what you got.
You hear that? I'm gonna
fix it up real good.
Word of advice. Stop
what you're doing right now.
Who the hell are you?
You don't know me.
-Shut up.
-Wait, wait, wait.
We do know him.
That's that cop from TV.
Oh, uh, sir, we're just up here
making a citizen's arrest.
-That's right. That's right.
Bunch of idiots.
You know, you cops are on TV,
asking everyone to help you out.
-Well, we're here helping you.
-[Ronald] That's right.
Get the hell out of here.
You got a dangerous lunatic
over there.
We just want
to make sure you get back
to your little police station
okay so you can tell us
how to claim
that reward money and all.
-All right.
Get the fuck out of here,
right now.
Calm down. Calm down.
I got one more thing though.
We were here first.
The reward money is ours, sir.
[laughs maniacally]
Lillie, let's go.
[chaotic music]
[Matt] Oh Lord,
may I not seek so much
to be consoled as to console.
To be understood
as to understand.
To be loved as to love.
Solitude is always present
and it's so painful.
My body is imprisoned but
nothing can imprison my spirit.
Today, what do I have left?
A few memories?
But the animals born
in captivity,
what memories will they have?
[tense music]
The great transition,
alliance of man,
nature, and the animal worlds.
Alliance of the sun
and the sacred circle.
The circle, in its infinity,
represents the circular movement
of life.
The continuous cycle,
the circulation of energies.
I like that.
[Matt screams]
And then there's the sun
that allows life.
Its light is an invitation
to perceive
the life that surrounds us.
The life
that has been offered to us.
The sun's rays
link man to creation
and show us
the fragility of life.
The sacred circle,
the solar circle.
Unity. Harmony.
[pants, gasps]
Will my audience be ready
for this great transition?
[intense music builds, stops]
[Matt gasps, whines]
[whining continues]
[humming, sobbing]
[exclaiming, sobbing]
[emotional piano music]
[yelling, grunting]

[cell door slams]
[Matt] Nature reminds us
what matters in life.
What gives meaning
to our existence?
It is because
he flies highest in the sky
that the eagle communicates
with the creator.
He reminds us
that in the circle of life,
we are all interrelated
and dependent on each other.
Air, earth, water, fire,
the plant and animal kingdoms.
There are no elements
that occupy
more important positions
than others.
Man does not surpass
other living beings.
He completes them.
He created men and women equal
and gave them a mission
to watch over his creation
and to protect it.
[emotional piano music]

Hi, I'm Olan Montgomery.
I played Harley in the movie,
Quite an experience.
Um, what I want to share
with the audience...
Um, you know, you want to crack
a joke and this is no joke.
People are very selfish
with their love.
We all are,
you know, we are arrogant too.
We obsess about what
we have and we don't have.
And who we love
and who we don't love.
I don't want to get emotional.
Imagine if you took
a little bit of that
and you gave it to the world
and to the animals around you.
Wow, that'd be incredible,
But we don't, so, um...
I don't mean-- I'm acting
like Harley right now.
I don't mean to.
But I really think...
the answer
is to start looking around
and realizing we are not the
only ones sharing this planet.
And what I learned
from captivity
was that no living being
should have to be forced
to be in that or treated that.
There are more humane ways.
Animals don't have rights,
but they should.
And we should start
looking at them
and treating them
with the respect they deserve
they don't speak like us.
But if you really look,
they're talking to us
all the time and they always
expect the best out of us
and yet
we don't give them the best.
So, animals should have rights.
[piano music continues]
[Matt] I was born to know you,
to name you, Liberty.