Libido (1965) Movie Script

"...I intend for 'Libido' a quantitative
expression of the energy of all those...
"tendencies surfacing from that
thick sea of Unconsciousness...
"which is summed up in
what we define as 'love',
"that complex of impulses
which Plato called 'the Ego',
"that St. Paul praised in his
letter to the Corinthians.
"However, such tendencies
may be channelled through...
"wrong paths, generating in the
individual a guilt complex,
"and this is mostly possible
during the period between birth...
"and puberty, as infant traumas
most easily influence the...
"'libido' in the adult individual,
"modifying and sometimes
alliterating his sexual dynamic."
- Sigmund Freud
I've held out for eight hours,
but now I could kill someone.
There it is.
Any more and I wouldn't be
able to stand up straight.
Who lives here now?
No one, dear.
I've been keeping an eye on the place
since Christian's father died 20 years ago.
I think there's someone there.
Christian, we can leave right
away, if you like?
It stinks of mould.
- The fuse-box should be...
- I remember where it is.
They used to paint really big bums.
I'll fetch the provisions.
I salute you.
What are you doing?
Come here.
It's nice here.
I hope I brought everything.
You saw it: after that hotel, there's
nothing for 30 kilometres...
Last time I forgot the salt
and I ate tasteless food for three days.
It will take a couple of days to check
everything, then I'll call in the builders.
Part of the roof needs repairing.
It's a waste of money.
I'm selling.
It's still your father's house.
Houses, land, villas...
I'm selling everything.
So that's your plan.
It will all be yours when you're 25,
and you can do what you like...
but right now, I'm still the
administrator of the estate...
and I'll make the necessary
repairs, as I do every year.
I'm old fashioned.
I get attached to things.
I want it all in perfect condition for you.
It's what your father wanted.
Now the only thing that counts
is what I want.
In three months.
It will be a pleasure not
having you around any more.
Careful: a lot can happen
in three months.
Did you hear that?
Now he's openly threatening me.
You upset him.
He's never been the same
since he married her.
Mirrors everywhere.
And a bed.
- How marvellous!
- Get away from there!
It's so beautiful.
I'll explain later.
So many Brigittes.
I feel like I'm inside a diamond.
Can we sleep here?
Why not?
- Did I do something wrong?
- You couldn't have done any worse.
One of these days, I'll cover
her in scratches.
Just because she married him.
Christian saw his father kill
that woman in this room as a boy.
Was he a sex maniac?
I prepared these rooms for us,
both facing each other.
Or would you rather I slept with
you, while we're here?
If you don't want to be alone.
We can sleep in my room.
It's just an idea.
I'm not afraid.
I've seen how you look at me...
All of you.
I'm not afraidd. I'm fed up of
being treated like a cripple.
Or perhaps...
It's you who is scared of me?
Ms. Coro, I'm sorry,
Brigitte didn't know.
You'd better lock this room.
We'll find another room.
No, stay here; let's not show him
we're worried about him.
How do I look?
- Are you upset with me?
- You know I can never get upset with you.
- In that case, unhook me.
Just remember what I said...
- Don't do anything without asking me first.
- Why? Is Christian mad?
No, but it's the first time he's
been back to this house.
Are you asleep?
I can't sleep.
It didn't feel right coming back here.
But I'm feeling better now.
I remember everything.
The furniture...
This vile rubbish.
But it's all valuable stuff.
- It all feels very oppressive.
- Your memories make you hate them.
I wouldn't be able to stay
here without you.
Of course, dear.
But now you should get some rest.
We're in your father's house.
Not like my father.
My God.
Not like my father.
It's you.
You look better with your hair down.
You should keep it like that.
You look younger.
- I only meant...
- You explained yourself perfectly.
I'm going to sunbathe for a while.
She really is a little girl.
- Do you want some more?
- What's that?
- Where?
I don't know, I must have scratched
myself while I was sleeping.
- Is this where Christian's father jumped?
- Perhaps.
What do you mean, perhaps?
They never found the body,
just his shirt, covered in blood.
What are you doing?
Are you jealous?
Didn't you see Christian
when you took off your robe?
He didn't dare look at you.
Since we arrived here,
there's something I don't like...
I believe he's scared he's
like his father.
- Is he dangerous?
- I certainly hope not.
But Doctor Berge hasn't ruled out
that coming back to these places...
could reawaken the trauma
he experienced as a child...
- and alter his mental balance.
- And Eileen isn't scared?
Eileen is different...
She's a smart lady who knows
what she wants...
And I'm counting a lot
on their marriage.
Soon I'll know for sure
if I was wrong.
- When?
- In these three days.
Christian doesn't know, but I'm the
one who introduced Eileen to him.
- And that's why I can't sunbathe?
- Brigitte, wait.
What are you doing?
Be careful.
Where are you going?
I'm hiding,
so Christian can't get me.
Are we going to begin this inventory?
You're not coming to sunbathe?
- Are you frightened?
- Of what?
Of falling.
Forgive me.
I'm a fool.
The cliffs don't scare me.
Not any more.
It's been almost 20 years.
Did you know that?
I used to play here.
When my father was alive.
There was a seagull's nest
in the rocks.
It's nice here.
You feel like you want
to let yourself go.
Down there,
in that white foam...
It doesn't look like it will hurt you.
It's called the fascination
of the abyss.
- You know, this is all mine.
- I know; you're very rich.
- You can have it if you like.
- Everything?
What will you do in three
months time, when I fire Paul?
You're going to fire him?
But it's up to him to give you
all that money.
Is that what he told you?
I thought so.
That's why I'm here.
Everything is just as it
was 20 years ago.
- Was this Christian's room?
- Yes, when he came to see his father.
Christian was holding it when I found him
passed out in front of the room with mirrors.
I doubt he remembers it.
But it might hurt him to see it again.
He mustn't see it or hear it.
- And Christian?
- He went to get his cigarettes.
Well I never.
I'll be right back.
- When are we going to leave?
- No, don't move them, I'm winning.
- What's wrong?
- In the study, hurry.
This chair was moving.
As if someone had just got up.
And the pipe was lit.
I saw the smoke.
I'm sure of it.
- Where are Paul and Brigitte?
- In the lounge.
And they were always with you?
Of course.
Then there's someone else here.
You must have imagined it.
It's cold.
What happened?
A worthy move.
But not good enough.
But why?
You let her take one of those
big ones for a small one.
Some bourbon, Christian?
Shall we do something as well?
Why are you laughing?
- Do you wear long Johns or briefs?
- Me?
What a pity, no one wears
those sexy long Johns any more.
Is that why you married
that old fogey?
Who? Paul?
If you knew how much I love him.
I couldn't live without him.
- It was love at first sight.
- That's nice.
Will you give me a light?
You know, I'd like to make love to you.
What's going on?
I saw you...
I saw you in that room with Paul.
Your body reflected a thousand
times in the mirrors.
My father designed that room.
He would bring beautiful
women like you there.
He tied them to the bed,
and unleashed all of his madness.
He was sick.
Simple pleasures weren't
enough for him.
The last one was blonde, like you.
And one day I heard her screaming,
and I watched her die.
I can't seem to forget it.
And yesterday,
when I saw you...
for a moment I felt like him.
I also felt the desire to grab you,
to hurt you.
Let go of me.
Does the storm frighten you?
- Quick, come with me!
- Where?
I tell you, there was someone here
I'm sure of it.
He was wearing a cloak,
like my father's one.
I'm cold, Christian.
- Listen!
- I'm afraid.
My father's boots.
Someone must have used them
to go out into the garden.
- We'll ask Paul in the morning.
Yes, he must have taken them
to alarm me.
Haven't you noticed the way
he looks at me all the time?
He's been administering my
money for 20 years...
and he can't stand the idea
that it's going to end.
He wants to pass me off as insane,
because, in the will...
it says I'll only get everything
if I'm of sound mind.
- He's capable of killing me.
- What are you talking about?
But he underestimated me.
I brought this.
Give me that pistol.
I'm keeping this.
I have too much respect for him to believe
he'd be capable of something like that.
He's always been like a father to you.
Don't forget that.
Try not to be so fixated.
He'd have to kill me as well if he
wants the inheritance; I'm your wife.
Don't go.
Stay with me.
I'm not leaving, dear.
I'll stay here with you.
I woke Paul,
to ask him about the boots.
He had taken them.
I wanted to reassure you
as soon as you woke up.
Yes, I used them: I went out to
turn off the lights in my car.
and sometimes you also
use my father's pipe.
I can't go on.
Everything's going to be fine,
but we must act quickly.
We've decided on tomorrow afternoon.
If you insist.
I'm going down.
At the crack of noon.
No coffee this morning?
I'm going into the city.
Do you need anything?
Yes, two batteries for the radio.
If you're going to the city, wait
for me; I have to do some shopping.
I'll be right down.
- I won't be long.
- Mind the nail varnish.
See you later.
Look at those two.
Paul's always talking about Eileen.
Eileen this, Eileen that...
He's always been like that,
since she was his secretary.
Paul only met Eileen after
we were married.
No, they've known each other for years.
Where's Eileen?
Did Paul buy the batteries
for the radio?
What's wrong?
What happened?
What's got into you?
- Don't be a fool.
- Don't order me around.
My wise tutor, who was leading me
straight to the madhouse...
to have me checked out,
to have me treated...
to remind me I was the son of a lunatic,
and sooner or later I'd end up like him.
But you got it wrong.
And you started to worry that you
wouldn't be able to pull it off.
It was hard to give up all that money, that
you'd thought of as yours for so many years.
But what did you think you would
achieve by taking Eileen away from me?
You used Brigitte as well...
You married her on purpose, because she
looked like the woman my father killed.
But you messed up again,
because I'm not like my father.
You want my money, right, Paul?
But you won't get it,
because I'm going to kill you.
Shut up.
You're worse than him.
You were in on it with him.
But why, Eileen?
Now I'll have to kill you as well.
And don't look at me like that!
I saw you...
I saw you coming out of that
hotel with him.
- Like a whore!
- How could you think that of me?
Yes, it's true: I lied to you,
but I did it to help you.
I only went to that hotel
to wait for your doctor, Berge.
No, Paul, I can't take it any more.
I have to tell him.
Why do I need a doctor?
What are you saying?
Why a doctor?
You did this to me.
Last night.
We didn't want to tell you
before discussing it with Berge.
Paul and I called him,
to come here.
You haven't been yourself since
you came back to this house...
You come to my room at night with a wild
expression and you behave so horribly.
You thought you were your
father, George Coro...
You took pleasure in hurting me...
Then, in the morning,
you forgot everything.
You were starting to lose touch
with reality...
to the point where you thought your father
was still wandering around the house.
But it was you, Christian.
The boots,
the footprints...
You were with me in the park,
you saw those footprints as well.
No, you wore those boots.
It was you who brought your father
back to life in this horrible house.
We haven't changed, Christian...
and you always felt it,
but you didn't want to admit it.
And you clung to your absurd
suspicions about Paul...
You were looking outside yourself
for the solution to a problem...
that was all in your mind.
What are you doing?
Let's take him to his room.
Come on, take this.
We'll leave here immediately.
Come on, calm down.
Poor Christian.
I shouldn't have told him.
But when he thought you and me...
I couldn't do it.
I couldn't keep quiet...
and now I've lost him forever.
We shouldn't have brought him here.
Even if he wanted to come,
we shouldn't have.
Even if it was a decisive test
for him.
These nights here,
I thought I hated him...
but when I saw him again in the morning,
so withdrawn, so defenceless...
Poor Christian.
No, you're not to blame,
I'm the one who got it all wrong.
Perhaps I was too apprehensive...
but I had no idea he would
start to doubt me as well...
even if I did pass him from one doctor
to another, for fear of his condition.
But there's no point crying
over our mistakes now.
When you told me about Christian's first
crisis, I knew my fears were well founded...
that he was going through a process
of identification with his father.
But now there's nothing I can do.
When he comes round,
he'll need you.
He believed you betrayed him
and he collapsed...
you'll have to stay very
close to him.
- Yes, Paul, I'll be there.
- What did the doctor say?
He'll be at the hotel tomorrow morning.
- I'll go and get him.
- Another doctor?
But Christian was complaining
that there were too many of them.
Has Doctor Berge arrived?
- No, sir.
- He must have called, or sent a message.
Neither, sir.
- Can I call Paris?
- In the booth, the prefix is 003.
- Hello?
- This is Paul Benois.
The doctor isn't here right now.
Wasn't he meant to come to Brest?
He should have been here yesterday.
Look, you're mistaken.
But Mrs. Coro called him personally.
I was here all day,
and I didn't speak to Mrs. Coro.
But I saw her while she
was calling...
There must be some mistake.
Perhaps she dialled the wrong number?
What happened?
I killed her.
This time I killed her
Listen to me: Paul has gone
to the hotel to get a doctor...
they'll be here any minute.
They can't find you like this...
Go to your room.
- You almost frightened me.
- Everything's alright, and Paul?
He fell from the cliff.
- Perfect.
- And Christian?
Christian will go to an asylum,
poor thing.
He'll say he killed me to the police
and Doctor Berge...
while we'll tell the police he killed Paul,
because he was convinced I was his lover.
- No one will suspect us.
- Just as we planned it.
- The money's all ours now, isn't it?
- Of course, dear.
There will also be something for you.
What do you mean, something?
Aren't we going to split it in half?
- We're talking about millions, dear.
- I knew it was a lie.
But, if you really were dead,
I'd get everything, being Paul's wife.
But you are dead:
Christian killed you.
Let go of me.
You're hurting me.
You haven't done anything -
it was Eileen, she lied to you.
She wanted your money.
I did everything Eileen asked -
she's responsible for everything.
Let go of me.
You can't leave me here.
You can't leave me to die.
I don't want to die.
I want to live.