Licence to Kill (1989) Movie Script

We have a midcourse deviation.
Target heading 036, 126 miles.
Bearing 062, Havana, VOR.
He's landing at Cray Cay.
Advise Key West
Drug Enforcement.
Roger, sir. AWACS to Key West.
Key West Drug Enforcement,
please come in.
If they hurry, they just might
be able to grab the bastard.
Now, you're sure
you've got the ring?
Relax, Felix.
Friends of yours?
My partners at the DEA.
What the hell is going on?
Sanchez is in the Bahamas.
Have you cleared it
with Nassau?
We've got the green light.
Let's go! Hey, Felix, Felix!
Haven't you
forgotten something?
Oh, James, explain
to Della, will you?
No way. I'm coming with you.
Okay, but strictly
as an observer.
Sorry, Sharkey. Hey, why me?
Hey, you guys,
you can't do this to me!
What will I tell Della?
What did he promise you?
His heart?
Give her his heart.
No, Franz.
I didn't mean any harm.
It's all right, baby.
We all make mistakes.
Your escapades are
getting more creative.
Not a word.
He's still not here.
Can you go around
the block again?
What about the guests?
I told you this was a mistake!
James, just in case.
I want Sanchez alive!
Stay here, James.
No Sanchez. Damn.
Watch out!
Hey, observer!
You're trying to
get yourself killed?
If I don't get you back for the
wedding, I'm a dead man for sure!
You need help?
No. Take your hands off me.
Just go away.
Let's go!
Come on! Come on!
He'll be in Cuban
airspace in 20 minutes.
He hasn't got away yet.
What the hell are you doing?
Let's go fishing!
Forward. Forward.
Easy. Hold it.
Back up. Back up.
Forward now.
Hold it!
Bring him in. Take the load.
No, please go home. I'm very...
There he is!
Let's go, James!
We made it!
Come along. James!
Your hat. Thank you.
I need, I need, I've got
to hold on to your love.
Hey, baby, think you need a friend
to stand here by your side?
Yes, you do.
Your side.
Oh, baby, now you
can depend on me.
To do things right.
Things right.
Please don't bet
that you'll ever escape me.
Once I get my sights on you.
Got a license to kill.
And you know I'm going
straight for your heart.
Got a license to kill.
Anyone who
tries to tear us apart.
Ooh, honey.
License to kill.
Say that somebody
tries to make a move on you.
In the blink of an eye,
I will be there too.
And they'd better know
why I'm gonna make them pay.
Till their dying day
Till their dying day.
Till their dying day.
Got a license to kill.
And you know I'm going
straight for your heart, baby.
Got a license to kill.
Anyone who
tries to tear us apart.
License to kill.
Gotta hold onto your loving.
License to kill.
On the double!
Get away from the door!
You're facing 139
felony counts, Sanchez.
Why, that's 936 years.
Even one of your famous million-dollar
bribes can't get you out of this one.
$2 million, U.S.
A standing offer for
anyone who springs me.
God damn it!
You think you're in
some banana republic?
All that scumbag money won't
do you a bit of good here.
Very good.
But I think I'm gonna
be home soon, huh?
Why you...
Get a hold of yourself!
We got a nice private cell waiting
for your ass at Quantico,
and I'm going to personally
see you get there.
I'm terribly sorry!
That's a custom. You see, the bride
always gets to kiss her best man.
I thought it was
the other way around.
Oh, James, would you mind?
Felix is still in the study, and
we've got to cut this cake.
I'll do anything for
a woman with a knife.
Thank you. Yes, could
you help me here?
I'm sorry. No, no. Come in.
We're finished.
Pam, meet James.
Goodbye, Felix.
Strictly business, my friend.
Switch that thing off, Felix.
You know you have a house
full of guests waiting.
Just let me save this.
Take a seat.
The department wants
a full report, yesterday.
We really hit it lucky today.
Sanchez hasn't been out
of his home base for years.
Well, couldn't you
extradite him?
Not a chance.
He's killed,
intimidated or bribed
half the government officials
from here to Chile.
There's only one law down
there, Sanchez's law.
Lead or silver.
Double congratulations,
old buddy.
You take your time on the
honeymoon. Everything's okay.
You must be Bond, the guy
who came along for the ride.
Ed Killifer.
We're taking Sanchez to
Quantico this afternoon.
Hey, stay and
have a drink with us.
Can't. Got to get back.
I just came by
to kiss the bride.
Felix, it's time
to cut the cake.
Hand me the picture of Della.
She must be ready to kill me.
I tied them myself.
What are these? Lures!
These'll keep you busy
for the next few days.
I'm not going fishing
on my honeymoon!
How many others
are being held in there?
Where are you
taking him, Mr. Killifer?
Now, why did you
go to the Bahamas?
Mr. Sanchez, will you look this
way for a picture, please?
Come on, get him inside!
Get that lady out of there.
Are you really a Colombian?
Have you been fairly treated?
One more picture, please!
Are you connected with any
laboratories in South America?
Why did you go to the Bahamas?
No more questions.
Do you expect to be
vindicated, Mr. Sanchez?
Wait a minute!
Okay, let's go.
Yeah, we're moving out.
Will you excuse me, Liala?
Just a minute.
I have a surprise for you.
Oh, really.
Yes, I do.
It's right over here.
What's that?
James. Love always,
Della and Felix.
We love you.
Come on!
Did you get him?
Hang on.
I can't see him.
How deep is it there?
How many were inside?
Oh, James!
I wanted you to have something.
You know the tradition?
The next one who catches
this is the next one who...
No. Thanks, Della.
It's time I left.
Oh, James.
Did I say something wrong?
He was married once,
but it was a long time ago.
Felix, you're no good to
me with a wrecked back.
Let her go.
I'm the one you want.
Hey! Ready to go?
We got the batteries
recharged on the sub.
It'll take you to
the 12-mile limit.
Fast boat to Cuba, you'll
be there for breakfast.
Relax. We'll wait for Dario.
Look, are you crazy?
You got everybody looking
for you.
What about Killifer?
Having a cop here is nuts!
I want to deep-six him.
I made a deal with this guy,
and I'm going to keep my word.
I don't like it.
He can finger me.
I spent a fortune
on this cover.
Something you'd
better understand, amigo,
loyalty is more important
to me than money.
Now, get the cop.
There's $2 million,
all in twenties.
It's very heavy,
but difficult to trace.
Be ready for tomorrow.
I have someone to pick you up.
Where's Lupe? On the boat.
Keep her there
until I send for her.
Hey, no fooling
around with my girl.
You kidding?
After what you did to
that guy on the islands?
You liked my
little valentine, huh?
Where's my wife?
Don't worry. We gave
her a nice honeymoon.
I want you to know
this is nothing personal.
It's purely
Sorry, old buddy, but two mil
is a hell of a chunk of dough.
Killing me won't stop
anything, Sanchez!
There are worse things
than dying, hombre.
See you in hell!
Today's the first day
of the rest of your life.
Thank you.
Good morning. Good morning.
Thank you.
Your passport, please?
What's going on?
Some big drug dealer
just escaped.
Now, will that be smoking
or non-smoking, Mr...
Your ticket!
You'll be all right. Hang on.
- Hey, Letter.
- Where you been?
It's Bond.
Get an ambulance here, quick!
Hi, Sharkey.
You stick around.
I might have some more
questions for you, okay?
How is he?
His left leg's
gone below the knee.
They might be
able to save his arm.
You can bet it was a chain saw.
Colombians love to
use them on informers.
Hell, they sell more here
than in the state of Oregon.
I wish I could be more hopeful,
but we'll have to wait and see.
Chain saw, my ass!
I know a shark bite
when I see one.
Sanchez has vanished.
He's got all of Letter's files.
God only knows what's in them.
Well, find him.
He's out of our jurisdiction.
I mean, there's plenty of
countries that will protect him.
We can't even
get an extradition.
There are other ways.
Let it go, Commander.
You're going to do nothing?
You're just going to
forget all about it?
No, I'm not gonna
forget about it!
Looks like Sanchez's law operates
north of the border, too.
Let's go shark hunting.
This is the last
place in the Keys.
We'll have to try Miami next.
Stay here.
You stay out of sight.
I'll handle this.
We're closed.
Ain't nobody here.
Look, I've come all the way
from London to see you.
Universal Exports.
We've been retained
by the Regent's Park Zoo
to arrange shipment of
a Carcharodon carcharias.
A what?
Great white shark.
It's all right, Bill.
Let him in.
Unfortunately, we sold all
our sharks years ago.
As you can see,
we do purely research now.
It's a project to
feed the third world.
We feed maggots
to our special breed
of genetically engineered fish,
use hormones to make them all
male, gain weight faster.
From your shark-hunting days?
Yeah. Actually, it's for sale.
Look, I'm kind of busy.
Maybe some other time.
Thank you. I look forward
to seeing you again.
Goodbye, Mr...
Mr. Krest said to be ready.
He'll send the sub back in
three hours to pick you up.
Can't wait.
This dump gives me the creeps.
Hold it, right there.
Do you mind if I get
my hands out of here?
Yeah. Do it slowly.
Over by the trapdoor,
old buddy.
Is this where you put
your old buddy Felix?
Not me.
Chalk that one up
to Sanchez and Krest.
There's $2 million
in that suitcase.
I'll split it with you.
You earned it.
You keep it, old buddy.
God, what a terrible waste.
Of money.
Hey, Sharkey!
Any news on the Wavekrest?
Yeah. She's a big marine research
vessel owned by a Milton Krest.
They're collecting specimens
off the Cay Sal Bank.
How long will it
take us to get there?
Maybe about six hours.
I have a few things to pick up.
Be ready in an hour.
Yeah, okay.
Hey, Commander,
you got a minute?
Local cops got a tip about
a warehouse last night.
Turned up 500 keys of Colombian
pure, a couple of stiffs,
and a little bitty piece
of what used to be Killifer.
Good. At least
someone's on the case.
You may be a pal of Letter's, but
I can only cover up so much.
The D.A. Is screaming
to know what happened.
You know, we got laws
in this country, too.
Do you have a law against
what they did to Letter?
Look, you're in over your head.
This is where it ends,
You were supposed to
be in Istanbul last night.
I'm afraid this
unfortunate Letter business
has clouded your judgment.
You have a job to do.
I expect you on
a plane this afternoon.
I haven't finished here, sir.
Leave it to the Americans.
It's their mess.
Let them clear it up.
Sir, they're not
going to do anything.
Look, I owe it to Letter.
He's put his life on
the line for me many times.
Spare me this
sentimental rubbish.
He knew the risks.
And his wife?
This private vendetta of yours
could easily compromise.
Her Majesty's government.
You have an assignment, and I
expect you to carry it out
objectively and professionally.
Then you have
my resignation, sir.
We're not a country club, 007.
Effective immediately,
your license to
kill is revoked,
and I require you to
hand over your weapon.
I need hardly remind you that you're
still bound by the Official Secrets Act.
Well, then I guess it's
a farewell to arms.
Don't! Too many people.
God help you, Commander.
Something in sector C.
You caused us all a lot
of trouble, young lady.
You're borracho. Go to bed.
When Sanchez
heard you ran away,
he went nuts.
It's none of your business.
It's my business when
your stupid little tricks
get Sanchez arrested,
and I gotta put my organization
at risk to get him out.
The DEA just raided Key West.
You cost me a lot of dough.
He'll give you the money.
He doesn't work that way.
You better watch yourself,
I've known him a long time.
I've seen a lot of girls
like you come and go.
You're drunk. Get out.
And stop peeking
through my windows.
Hey, come on, come on,
what are you so stuck-up for?
He fixed that phony
beauty contest you won.
Hey. Mr. Krest?
Yeah, what?
The Sentinel's picking up something
large on the monitor, sir.
I think you'd
better take a look.
I don't believe this.
What the hell is it now?
It's just a manta ray.
Get the probe back in.
We'll start loading now.
Yes, sir.
He said you're okay.
Take care of him.
Make a sound and you're dead.
What are you doing in here?
Krest gave me his cabin.
He's next door.
Where's Sanchez?
He's not on board.
I don't know where he is.
You're his girlfriend.
He doesn't tell me anything.
Open it. I need to talk to you.
Answer it.
Just a moment.
What do you want?
Somebody slipped aboard.
Did you see anybody?
No, I was sleeping. Go away.
Mr. Krest. They're back.
Bolt your door.
Who whipped you? Sanchez?
It was my fault.
I did something wrong,
made him angry.
Nice work, Clive.
Thanks, Mr. Krest. Guess what?
His name was Sharkey.
- Get rid of the boat.
- We've got work to do.
You'd better find
yourself a new lover.
Don't you men
know any other way?
It's Sanchez's way.
You seem to like it.
You know nothing.
Please go.
If they find you here,
we'll both be killed.
Stay here.
We got everything
useful out of her.
That's it. Take her
out and sink her.
Okay, Clive. Cast off!
Compliments of Sharkey.
Man overboard!
Get him!
Don't let him get away!
What's wrong?
Get back in your
cabin and stay there.
The guy must have
drowned, Mr. Krest.
Don't be so sure. Find him!
Come on!
Launch Sentinel!
Yes, sir!
Stand by to
dive when I tell you.
Numbers one and two, dive!
I can see something
reflecting over there!
There's too much
turbulence to be sure.
Wavekrest! Wavekrest!
Loading completed, Mr. Krest.
Bring Sentinel back in.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Krest!
Bring Sentinel up!
There he is! There!
Right there! Get him!
Dive, damn it! Dive!
Right there!
There! Pick him up!
All boats return to Wavekrest!
Aye, aye, sir.
Here. Put her stern-in.
Hey, do you know
someone called Bouvier?
Over there.
Well, this is an
unexpected pleasure.
Where's Letter?
Hospital, intensive care.
Where you'll be if you don't
get out of here fast.
Sanchez has Letter's files.
Your name's all over them.
Hell, I knew
something was wrong.
Those two have been
at the bar for hours.
Probably waiting to see
who showed up to meet me.
Would you like
anything to drink?
Bud with a lime. Yeah, same.
Sure thing, hon.
Shit! It's Dario. He's bad news.
He used to be with the Contras
before they kicked him out.
Just the kind of guy
Sanchez would send.
You carrying?
If they start shooting, you just
hit the deck and stay there.
La senorita Bouvier.
Don't I know
you from somewhere?
No. Oh, yes, I do.
You used to fly charter planes
for some friends of mine.
I got a job for you.
Why don't we go outside,
and we talk in private.
Take your hands off her.
She's with me.
Nobody's asking you, gringo.
He's with me.
Keep your hands on the table.
Here we go.
Two beers. That'll be $3.50.
Do your friends want something?
Let me get it!
He's had enough. Run a tab.
How did you get here? By boat.
Where is it?
Back behind this wall.
Get it started.
Come on!
Don't move.
Relax. It's a bulletproof vest.
This Kevlar's great.
You're bloody
lucky to be alive!
It's not luck. It's experience.
A few inches higher,
it'd have been your head.
Look, I just saved
your life back there.
If it wasn't for me,
your ass would've
been nailed to the wall.
You saved my life?
It's a tough business
you've picked, Miss Bouvier.
Leave it to the professionals.
Look, pal, I was an army pilot.
I have flown to the toughest
hellholes in South America,
and I will not have you lecture
me about professionalism.
Out of gas.
I haven't heard
that one in a long time.
Well, they must
have hit the fuel line.
Look, I'm gonna need your help.
I want a complete rundown
on Sanchez's operation,
and I'll need a flight
to Isthmus City, private.
No one must know I've left.
What do you want
to go there for?
I'll pay you very well.
You're going after
Sanchez, aren't you?
Will you help me?
How many men have you got?
Just you and me.
Are you crazy?
Sanchez has an entire army
protecting him down there.
Just fly me in and leave.
It's not that easy.
False flight plans, payoffs
at Isthmus City Airport.
I can't do a job like
that for less than 100.
Ninety. Seventy.
Eighty. Seventy-five.
You pay the fuel?
You get the plane.
Now, why don't you wait
until you're asked?
Well, why don't you ask me?
There are five typing errors
on the first page alone.
What's got into you?
Sorry, sir.
"U.S. Immigration
has no reports of 007"
"leaving the United States
as of 1500 hours today."
Who authorized this?
I did, sir.
I thought you'd be worried about James.
He's gone missing.
You know him better than that.
He'll go after Sanchez.
He's got to be stopped.
I've already alerted
our man in Isthmus.
I want that out
by this afternoon.
Yes, sir.
Q Branch, please.
This is the master bedroom.
I hope everything is
satisfactory, senor.
It's adequate.
I'd like a case of champagne,
Bollinger R. D.
Certainly, senor.
If I could ask you to sign
the registration cards?
No. My executive secretary, Miss
Kennedy, will take care of that.
Miss Kennedy...
Right here, please.
Fresh flowers every day.
Thank you very much.
Your key. Enjoy your stay.
It's Ms. Kennedy,
and why can't you be
my executive secretary?
We're south of the border.
It's a man's world.
Thanks for everything.
Your job's finished.
I want to stay. Too dangerous.
Enough people have
been killed already.
Don't talk to me about danger.
I won't be safe
until Sanchez is dead.
Besides, you could use my help.
Well, if you're going to stay
and be my executive secretary,
you'd better look the part.
Here. Buy yourself
some decent clothes.
What bank does Sanchez use?
I need to make a deposit.
The biggest one in town,
Banco de Isthmus.
He owns it.
Senor Bond.
I've come to
make a small deposit.
Well, I'm sure my people
downstairs are quite capable of...
Please sit down.
We operate the world's largest
private investment fund.
Our biggest problem is what
to do with all the money.
We have a cash surplus
of $10 million a day,
which we ship,
through our bank,
to the U.S. Federal Reserve,
thus establishing credits
which can be used for
any legitimate investment.
See, someone has to help the
gringos with their trade deficit.
Make out a deposit receipt for
$4,900,000 for senor Bond.
And of course there will be additional
monthly deposits in the same amount.
Of course. Be assured,
we at Banco de Isthmus
are experienced in handling
accounts of this nature.
Let me pass, please.
Senor Montelongo. Yes?
I'm Ms. Kennedy,
Mr. Bond's executive secretary.
I'd also appreciate it
if you could establish
a line of credit
for me at the casino.
Shall we say $2 million?
No problem.
You have excellent collateral,
and our chairman
also owns the casino.
Oh, a very convenient
We have always
thought so, senorita.
Thank you. Good evening, ladies
and gentlemen, and welcome.
This is a very
special night for us.
We want you to know that only through
your very generous donations
can the work here at the
OMI continue to progress.
We've learned so much, but we've
only just scratched the surface.
We need your help.
We need you to go to your phones
right now and make a pledge.
This is not for me.
This is not for them.
It's for all of us.
You okay, reinita?
I'm fine.
Krest called me from the boat
with a story about
somebody ripping him off.
Did you see anything happen
when you were there?
No, Franz. I stayed in my
cabin most of the time.
We need your help.
What's the matter, baby, huh?
You know
I can't stand that thing.
I'd like a private table.
Certainly, senor Bond.
Would you come
this way, please?
Quarter of a million dollars,
and I'd like to raise
the limit to $5,000 a box.
Put these wonderful
volunteers behind me to work.
Dario will take you
shopping tomorrow.
You can spend a lot
of money, have fun.
Now, give me a little kiss.
Want one, too?
We can raise the price.
$22,000 per kilo this month.
I like that.
Yeah, this is Truman-Lodge.
Our goal today is to raise...
$22,000 from each of
our meditation chapters.
That's $22,000 each.
Go to your phones.
Please help us.
Bless your hearts.
Let me have half a million.
Listen to this. Our
wonderful Manhattan chapel
has just made
a special $500 pledge.
Five hundred kilos.
I knew they'd go for it.
This guy cracks me up.
Is senor Sanchez there?
Yes, he's right here.
Yeah? I got a British sucker
who dropped
a quarter of a million,
and he wants to play no-limit.
Which one?
Table two.
Plays like a real jerk-off.
That's the guy that flew in
in the private plane today,
opened that
account at the bank.
$5 million in cash.
Let him play.
Double down.
Listen to this.
Our Chicago chapel has just
received a $1,000 double pledge.
They all
accepted the new price.
- Senor Sanchez.
- Yes, he's right here.
Bless your hearts.
The British guy is a
quarter-million ahead.
Shall I close the table?
Send whatever you can send.
Tell Lupe to come in here.
You have good luck tonight.
You gonna share
any of that money?
Miss Kennedy, would you get me
a medium-dry vodka martini?
Well, why don't you ask...
Shaken, not stirred.
You're very professional.
Used to work here.
Am I going to win or lose?
Lose, but not much.
Vodka martini, que?
Shaken, not stirred.
Looks like your
luck has changed.
Is that why he sent you?
And to find out more about you.
Perhaps I'd better
quit for the night.
You should walk
straight out of here,
go to the airport
and never come back.
Where's Sanchez?
Upstairs in his office.
He's been there all day.
He's planning a big party for
some Orientals tomorrow night.
And what did you tell him
about the Wavekrest?
Nothing. Now go.
Take me to him.
You loco?
You'll get us both killed.
This way, please.
- Send us a dollar.
- Send us 50 cents.
Send whatever you can send.
We've got a very special
offer for you guys out there
with your beer
and your popcorn...
This is almost over.
This particular book has sold in excess
of a quarter of a million copies.
Anyone who sends in a
$100 pledge or more
will receive a personally
autographed copy of my book,
The Secrets of
Cone Power Revealed.
Lovely view.
It's a $49.95 value, and
you get it absolutely free.
Bond, James Bond.
Sit, please.
We need your help.
Bless your hearts.
Well-traveled man.
You did all right
at the tables tonight.
I had the feeling my luck
was about to change.
Well, it's a wise gambler who
knows when his luck has run out.
Why this?
In my business, you prepare
for the unexpected.
And what business is that?
I help people with problems.
Problem solver?
More of a problem eliminator.
And now you're
here on business?
No. Temporarily unemployed.
I thought I
might find work here.
Well, it's very difficult to
obtain a work permit in Isthmus.
Well, one has to show a special
talent that people here don't have.
Well, that shouldn't
be too difficult.
Senor Bond,
you got big cojones.
You come here to my place, without
references, carrying a piece,
throwing around a lot of money.
But you should
know something...
Nobody saw you come in, so
nobody has to see you go out.
Senor Sanchez, I could be very
useful to a man in your position.
And I understand
you have a reputation
for rewarding
loyalty very well.
I'll keep this for a few days.
We'll talk again.
And you won't need
a gun in Isthmus.
It's a very safe city.
In the meantime, I welcome you
to the casino at all times.
Check him out.
So what did you find out?
He's sitting up there behind
two inches of armored glass.
I'd need a cannon
to get to him.
Senor Bond, you'll be pleased
to know your uncle has arrived.
I put him in your suite.
Thank you. Good night, senor.
Your uncle?
Let's make this
a proper family reunion.
Give me a gun.
Stay here.
Really, 007.
Q! What the hell are you doing here?
I might have killed you!
Well, I'm on leave.
Thought I'd pop around and
see how you're getting on.
You all right?
Yes, of course I'm all right.
How'd you find me?
Well, Moneypenny, of course.
She's worried sick about you!
This is no place for you, Q.
Go home.
Don't be an idiot, 007.
I know exactly
what you're up to.
And quite frankly,
you're gonna need my help.
Remember, if it hadn't
been for Q Branch,
you'd have been dead long ago.
Everything for
a man on holiday.
Explosive alarm clock.
Guaranteed never to wake
up anybody who uses it.
Dentonite toothpaste,
to be used sparingly.
It's the latest
in plastic explosive.
I could do with some plastic.
I thought there might
be a mess to clean up.
Pam, this is Q, my uncle.
Uncle, this is Miss Kennedy,
my cousin.
We must be related.
How do you do?
Now, pay attention, 007.
Now, this looks like an
ordinary camera, doesn't it?
What kind of film
does it take, 120?
No, .220, high-velocity.
Now, this is a signature gun, and
that is an optical palm reader.
And if I plug this into the bottom
like that, once I've programmed it...
Now, nobody can
use the gun but you.
Smile, boys.
Don't use the flash!
Stop fiddling about with
things you don't understand!
You might easily
have killed him.
That's odd.
Look, let's all get
some rest, shall we?
We've got a long, hard day
ahead of us tomorrow.
Good night, Q.
Sweet dreams, Mr. Bond.
I hope you don't snore, Q.
You all know Truman-Lodge,
and this is my head of
security, Colonel Heller.
This is an historic moment.
East meets West.
Drug dealers of
the world, unite.
Extra bonus. Your job's done.
Take Q and fly out of here now.
I'll make my own way back.
I'd like to stay.
No. I work better alone.
In this business,
there's a lot of cash,
and with a lot of people
with their hands out.
In a word, bribery.
He took the words
right out of my pocket.
So you pay.
Everyone and his brother
is on the payroll.
So you buy a mayor, a chief
of police, a general,
One day you wake up, you own
the whole goddamn country.
Then you take what you want.
Bank, a gambling casino,
airline concession.
Simple. It's easier for the
politicians to take silver than lead.
We have an invisible empire
from Chile to Alaska.
What I want to do, amigos,
is to make you part of it.
I want the Pacific
to be our little puddle.
What you have before you,
gentlemen, is a demographic report,
breaking down each
of your territories
by age and socioeconomic group.
Now, as you can clearly see, there
is a huge potential demand,
given the implementation
of aggressive marketing.
As in the United States,
Senor Sanchez is prepared to offer
each of you exclusive franchises.
The price is $100
million per territory.
I believe you'll find that works out to
$20 million per metric ton, Mr. Tan.
We guarantee quality
and price for five years.
Senor Sanchez,
since arriving,
we've eaten well,
heard many good stories,
but before I pay anything,
I want to see some hardware.
Mr. Kwang,
you don't pay for hardware.
You pay for my personal
guarantee and protection.
Surely, if you were
to invest $100 million,
you would want
some reassurance.
You know, you're right.
Why not?
Tomorrow, I'll take you to our
main distribution center.
Here you are.
Goodbye, Q.
Thanks for all you've done.
You're a hell of
a field operative.
Now, go. I'll see
you back in London.
No more business.
Gentlemen, enjoy yourselves.
Hi, there!
Hi! How are you?
This Kwang,
he seems like trouble.
Why show them the labs?
Don't worry.
He won't expose the operation.
His Excellency,
el Presidente Lopez.
There's been
a mistake with my check.
Look at it.
It's half the usual amount.
You were very quiet
when I was arrested.
Remember, you're
only President for life.
Watch the birdie, you bastard.
Take his arm.
Who'd have a signature gun?
James Bond.
This is the property of
Her Majesty's government.
How did you get it?
Piss off.
Who ordered you
to kill Sanchez?
No one. He's a rogue agent.
I've got orders to take him
back, one way or the other.
We're Hong Kong Narcotics,
you bastard!
Sanchez is taking us to the
heart of his operations.
I've been setting it
up for years!
I just hope that little stunt
of yours hasn't scared him off.
Get me out of
these bloody things.
No, Commander. You're a
loose cannon on deck.
I'm shipping you
straight back to London.
Leave him! No!
Come on!
Don't let them take you alive.
He's still alive.
Who was it? Who sent you?
Hey, amigo!
How do you feel?
I'll survive.
Lupe, please.
The Wavekrest is arriving tonight.
Krest is coming here.
No, no, no, I'll call you back.
Pedro, bring us some
coffee, por favor.
Baby, please?
Well, we both had
close calls last night.
You were just in time.
Things were
about to turn nasty.
Who were those guys?
Freelance hit team.
What did they want with you?
One of them must have
recognized me in the casino.
They were afraid I'd warn
you, spoil their plans.
So you knew them?
I used to work for
the British government.
We kept dossiers on such people.
British agent.
I knew it.
You have class.
Those men tried to kill me.
Who would do such a thing?
Someone close to you.
Cream? Sugar?
Did they tell you this?
They were well-briefed, obviously
by someone on the inside.
Did they mention a name?
Only that they were expecting
to be paid a great deal of cash
by someone arriving
in Isthmus tonight.
You suspect someone?
Everyone in my
organization is 100% loyal.
Then you have
nothing to worry about.
Yeah, well, I have
to go meet some people.
Why don't you rest here?
No. I have to go
back to my hotel.
No. Don't go to the hotel.
Save your money. I insist.
Stay here.
Enjoy my hospitality.
Lupe, show him the
easy way up, please.
You are not gonna believe
who this guy is.
Former British agent.
How did you know that?
Because I know things.
I want to meet
Krest's boat tonight.
We'll need
a dozen reliable men.
Is there a problem with Krest?
We'll see. And bring Lupe.
She was there.
He's not gonna
lie in front of her.
What are you doing?
I've had my fill of
Sanchez's hospitality.
He told you to stay. You're
asking for big trouble.
Look, there's no need
for you to get involved.
Just give me five minutes,
then scream your head off.
James, please, listen to me.
There's guards
all over the place.
You'll never make it.
I'm going shopping.
I won't be long.
Please don't. Not now.
Senor Sanchez said.
I haven't had one of
these in five years.
Don't worry.
007 always comes back.
James, hi.
I thought I told
you to leave, Q.
We couldn't go without knowing
what had happened to you.
Get your bags packed, Q.
What the hell is
the matter with you?
Just a couple of things.
Kwang and his team of
British agents are dead.
Sanchez is alive.
I saw you in Heller's office.
You're working with them. No.
I want the truth.
I am telling the truth.
Sanchez has arranged to buy four
Stinger missiles from the Contras,
and he's threatened to shoot
down an American airliner
if the DEA doesn't lay off.
What's that got to
do with you and Heller?
Felix gave me a letter at his
wedding from the Attorney General
granting Heller immunity
if he gets the Stingers back.
Did he go for the deal?
And then you missed Sanchez,
and Heller panicked and
he said the deal was off,
and that I was dead
if he ever saw me again.
There's more to this than
your personal vendetta.
It's a mess.
Sanchez has
tripled his security.
You'll never get
another shot at him.
We don't have to.
Meet me at the harbor
master's office in two hours.
Q, bring the Rolls round
to the front of the hotel.
Yes, sir.
Senor Bond.
Senor Montelongo,
I'm making a withdrawal.
Pilot coming aboard, sir.
Well? Take me to the bridge.
Gracias, Captain.
I'll take over now.
You? You're the harbor pilot?
No, I'm his secretary!
All yours, sir... Ma'am.
Do you think you're
going in a bit too fast?
You wanna do the driving?
You take the wheel.
Full speed astern.
What the hell are you doing?
Check the forward component!
Harbor pilot went crazy.
I'd stick to flying
if I were you.
I got the job done.
Franz, what a surprise!
I didn't think you'd be here.
Yeah. I like surprises.
You seem to be having
a lot of problems lately.
Well, we had this
crazy harbor pilot.
Let's talk about
the money you owe me.
Why don't we talk inside.
Does he have a safe?
Not up here. Maybe below.
Have a look around.
Do I have this right?
He water-skied behind the
plane, jumps on it...
No, no. He was...
Well, yeah.
He threw the pilots out
and flew away.
Like a little bird.
The knife.
Would I make up a story like that?
You must have seen something.
Where's 007? He's coming.
That's not my money. I swear.
That's right, amigo. It's mine.
You think I'm stupid, huh?
You rip me off, then use my own
money to pay someone to kill me?
You want it so bad?
Then take it!
What are you doing?
Wait. Let me talk.
It's not my money!
No! What the...
That hurts. Please!
What are you doing?
Please, Franz. No!
What about the money, patron?
Launder it.
This is where you leave.
Take the plane. I'll
see you both in Miami.
Aren't you coming?
No. They'll be after me.
It'll be safer on my own.
Come on, my dear.
See you later.
What's that?
Bond's clothes. They're clean.
Sorry to wake you, hermano.
I thought you'd like to know the
information you gave me paid off.
I got the guy who set me up.
Only one guy?
What do you mean?
I just thought that
no one would be stupid enough to
try to take you on on their own.
Listen, I want you to
come with me tomorrow.
Where are we going?
It's a surprise.
You're gonna like it.
James, what are you
doing back here?
I don't think your being
here's a good idea, Lupe.
It's all right. Franz is having
dinner with the Chinese.
Do you know where
he's taking me tomorrow?
He's showing them
a special place.
I don't know where.
James, don't go. I'm scared.
What's gonna happen to us?
Don't worry.
When this is all over, I'll
make sure you get back home.
Home? It took me 15 years
to get away from there.
I don't wanna go back.
Can't we leave together?
I'll be safe with you.
No, Lupe. I don't think
that would work out.
How can we tell unless we try?
I think it's gonna
work out very well.
All right. I'll answer it.
Miss Kennedy, I saw you
at the casino with James.
We need to speak in private.
It's all right. He's with me.
James is in danger.
Sanchez is no fool.
He's checking up on him. You know,
if they find anything suspicious...
Listen, it's all right. He's
safely out of the country by now.
You don't understand.
Last night, he stayed with me.
At Sanchez's house?
Si. Franz is
taking him on a trip.
They leave in an hour.
You must help him.
If anything happens to him,
I don't know what I'll do.
You know, I love James so much.
Look, you must go
before you're missed.
Now, don't worry.
We'll think of something.
"I love James so much." I'll
be damned if I'll help him.
Look, don't judge him
too harshly, my dear.
Field operatives must often use
every means at their disposal
to achieve their objectives.
Bond's just left in convoy.
Two cars and a Jeep,
turning north
onto the main highway.
I copy that, Q. Over and out.
What are you doing to my plane?
Senor Sanchez order it.
I must have a plane.
Where can I rent one?
No planes.
You brought the
Stingers, manito.
From now on, I want
them close to me.
We started this place
strictly as a cover,
but Professor Joe manages
to turn a tidy profit.
Welcome. This way, please.
I'm going to have to ask that
each of you put on one of these.
It's for your own safety,
so I'm sure you'll understand.
We can't have our best customers
developing a drug habit.
This way, gentlemen.
Our product dissolves completely
in ordinary gasoline,
making it
absolutely undetectable.
How do you get it back?
Hey, you want us to tell you all
our secrets before we're partners?
Take them to the lab.
This way, gentlemen.
Who's the new guy?
Somebody I thought
could be useful.
Can I help you?
I have a special
surprise for Professor Joe.
Sorry. No visitors this week.
I came all the way
from Wichita Falls.
I'm sorry. The folks back
home took up a collection.
They'd be so disappointed if Professor
Joe didn't accept it personally.
You may remove your
masks now, gentlemen.
So, do we have a deal?
The terms, gentlemen,
were $100 million in negotiable
bearer bonds from each of you.
Professor Joe. It's really you!
It's magnificent.
Rebuilt stone for stone and restored
to all of its original glory.
Is this for me?
Yes, I almost forgot.
I got so flustered...
Tell me, child, have you ever
thought of studying here?
Would that be possible?
Come along. Let's see if
you have the aptitude.
To a long association.
What's the process?
It's very simple.
An 18% mixture of cocaine
and ordinary gasoline.
Just keep quiet.
We already have your first shipment being
loaded into the four tanker trucks.
Welcome, my dear.
Please join me.
This is my humble sanctuary away
from the cares of the world.
Your own private
meditation chamber.
Built from the sacred rocks
of the original temple.
I did have it soundproofed, so
nothing will disturb our meditation.
I brought you another surprise.
I love surprises. Where is it?
Look, this really
isn't necessary.
Give me the keys.
Bless your heart.
Your monthly delivery will
be by ocean-going tanker.
We'll send our chief chemist along to
supervise the reconversion process.
You'll keep the gas as a bonus.
And if there's a problem
with customs, no evidence.
Come on, hurry!
I know him. He's an informer.
You disappoint me.
Who are you working for, huh?
Tell me.
You don't wanna talk?
I can get the trucks out, but I
don't think I can control the fire.
Forget the fire. Get some cars.
We're gonna take
the tankers with us.
Wait a minute. This setup
cost us $32 million.
We have to try and save it.
I don't give a shit
about the setup.
We've got $500 million
in the case and
20 tons of Colombian
pure in the tankers.
Now go help Heller.
But we have a deal with the Orientals.
We've got their money.
I said go help Heller.
Now, do you wanna
make this hard or easy?
Put him in the conveyor.
When you're up to your ankles,
you're gonna beg to
tell me everything.
When you're up to your knees,
you'll kiss my ass to kill you.
I'm the least of
your problems, Sanchez.
If you couldn't trust Krest,
who can you trust?
Who's got your $500 million?
What about the Stingers?
What do you know
about Stingers?
We gotta go, patron. This
place'll blow up any second.
Where's Heller?
I don't know.
That's the last you'll see
of Heller and your Stingers.
Thanks for the advice.
Have my car meet me up at the top.
Braun, come with me.
You're dead.
You took the words
right out of my mouth.
Are you all right?
Switch the bloody machine off.
Hey. I was making
sure these were secure.
It's a good idea.
Take them up to my car.
Of course.
Oh, God. It's Heller.
Yeah. Looks like he
came to a dead end.
Come on.
Come on! Come on! Follow me!
You. Come with me.
Come on.
Bless your heart!
Bond has escaped.
Meet me at Paso del Diablo.
- Don't worry.
- It's only money.
Okay, que pase.
Oh, no.
Well done, Franz.
Another $80 million write-off.
I guess it's time to
start cutting overhead.
Dame el Stinger!
You could have had everything.
Don't you want to know why?
What are you waiting for?
Get in.
Yes, sir.
I'll be up to see you next week.
We'll do some fishing.
Good. I'll be out
by then. M called.
He tried to reach you. I think
he may have a job for you.
Look, Felix, I have to go.
My hostess has just arrived.
Take care, James.
You, too. Goodbye.
I thought you hated that thing.
Don't you know, iguanas
are a girl's best friend.
Well, here's to you, my dear.
Thank you for
everything, James.
Thank you.
You could stay here with me.
Excuse me.
I think you and el Presidente
will make a perfect couple.
Why don't you wait
until you're asked?
So, why don't you ask me?
Used to be that
I believed in something.
Used to be that
I believed in love.
It's been a long time
since I've had that feeling
I could love someone
I could trust someone
I said I'd never let nobody
near my heart again, darling
I said I'd never let nobody in.
If you asked me to
I just might change my mind
And let you in my life forever.
If you asked me to
I just might give my heart And
stay here in your arms forever.
If you asked me to.
Somehow ever since
I've been around you.
Can't go back
to being on my own.
Can't help feeling, darling
Since I've found you.
That I've found my home
That I'm finally home
I said I'd never let nobody
get too close to me, darling
I said I needed
Needed to be free.
If you asked me to
I just might change my mind
And let you in my life forever.
If you asked me to
I just might give my heart And
stay here in your arms forever.
If you.
Ask me to and I
will give my world.
To you, baby I need you now.
Ask me to and I'll do anything.
For you baby For you baby.
If you asked me to