License (2023) Movie Script

THAT DAY, 2002
Get down, dear.
Bye, Dad.
Bharathy, didn't I tell you?
Ravi keeps tugging my skirt.
Why are you keeping mum, Bharathy?
I'll take care.
- [IN UNISON] Good morning, Teacher.
- Good morning. Sit down.
Do I have to tell you separately?
Sit down.
Why are you still standing?
I said sit down.
What is your problem?
Teacher, I already complained that
Ravi is tugging my friend Kavitha's skirt.
I warned him in front of you yesterday.
Make him kneel.
I'm the teacher here.
Listen to me and sit down.
I'll sit down only if he
kneels in front of the class.
How dare you talk back at me?
I'll give you one tight slap.
You're scolding me instead of
the person who made the mistake.
Oh my god!
Is this a joke, sir?
How could you hand over a gun to a child?
It's a gun, for Christ's sake!
I understand...
I didn't notice it, sir.
She must've... Sorry, sir.
Don't repeat that same old excuse!
Why does your daughter get so angry?
If something horrible had happened,
who'd be responsible?
Sorry, sir.
I can't do anything more, sir.
I'll give her a TC.
Find another school for her.
Please, sir.
What is it, Dad?
Did they give me a TC?
Let's go.
Looks like the apple doesn't fall
far from the tree.
She's picked up a gun at this young age.
I wonder what she'll do
when she grows up!
Tell me, Dad.
Why do you get so angry sometimes, my dear?
I'm not angry.
See, I'm eating paal kova happily!
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Dad, haven't I told you a million times?!
I want to join the police, Dad.
Once I become a cop,
I'll round up the bad guys.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
I'll shoot them, Dad!
I'll shoot all the criminals, Dad.
What is it, Dad?
Nothing, dear.
Can I say something?
Sure, tell me.
That is...
Why don't you try doing something else
besides becoming a police officer?
What?! No!
I'll join the police!
You want to join the police
and punish those who commit crimes?
Yes, Dad!
I'll outrank you one day.
I'll become a proud police officer.
Don't you like your
teacher, Shanthi, a lot?
Yes, I like her.
Why do you like her?
She's fair and correct.
She'll punish whoever is at fault.
And she praises a good deed,
regardless of who did it.
She has even complimented
me so many times before!
And when I made mistakes, she scolded me.
So, the job of the police
is to punish those who commit mistakes.
But the job of a teacher is to create
people who don't commit mistakes.
- So why don't you become a teacher instead?
- No way! I won't!
Didn't I tell you?
I'll join the police!
I'll join the police!
TODAY, 2023
Election Commission announces...
Are they going to announce
the date for the election?
No one can carry any money anymore.
But politicians will move billions around!
What? Are you advising me
or the society?
How long will your daughter
avoid talking to you?
You know my daughter well.
I can start my day
only when I see her!
You keep trying like Viswamithrar!
- Hey! That's Vikramaditya!
- Oh.
Good morning, Bharathy.
Ila, wake up.
It's time.
Get in the shower. Go.
- Hi.
- Hi!
- Did you eat breakfast?
- Hmm. Dosa.
Did you eat?
Now, watch what she does.
She'll pick up the trash and throw it in.
Head to Tambaram and then to Chengalpet.
-You can have a fun ride,
-Watch what she says now.
- It's a free bus, after all.
- Aunty!
Mom, these people deserve to be shot.
Don't they, Mom?
Come on.
Is that enough?
Looks like this runs in the family.
Greetings, my dear constituents!
The election date hasn't
been announced yet.
Despite this, our leader Alavandhan,
is coming to your homes.
My dear womenfolk!
We, at the TTTT party, request you to
cast your votes
for the ladle symbol en masse.
Don't forget to vote.
Don't forget to vote for us!
Glory be to her!
Glory be to her!
Glory be to her!
Have you completed your homework?
Ila, you finished it. Right?
I did, Mom!
Don't you trust me?
- You're lying, aren't you?
- How did you figure that out?
- So you didn't?
- I didn't.
- Good morning, miss.
- I can't hear you.
- Good morning, miss.
- I still can't hear you.
- Good morning, miss!
- Did you complete your homework?
- I did, miss.
- Okay, get going.
- Come with me.
- You said you didn't hear him.
- Why don't you see a doctor?
- You talk way too much!
- Teacher's here, Ila.
- No, that's my mom.
No, it's the Teacher.
Good morning, Teacher!
This is an English class.
Say it in English.
- [IN UNISON] Good morning, Teacher!
- Sit down.
Who hasn't completed their homework?
Is it just sir,
or has anyone else not done it?
Come here.
Ravi's going to get it today!
You need to have the courage
to accept your mistake.
Like sir over here.
You can correct your mistakes
only if you accept you made them.
Should mistakes go unpunished?
- Hmm?
- It should be.
Shall I hand it out, then?
Shall I hand it out?
Time to sow your dreams
Beyond the skies!
You'll soon outgrow
Your antics and win!
Like a deer the gallops around
We'd trot past our troubles!
And like a cloud that was just born
Let's soar to heights we've never seen!
Like a kite carried in the breeze
Never stop running
No matter what!
Let's have a jolly time
Dance like there's no tomorrow
Listen to my song
Salam walekum!
Let's have a jolly time
Dance like there's no tomorrow
Listen to our song
Salam walekum!
Watch us have fun
We're the dons of this hood
Our words echo through
All over!
Watch us have fun
We're the dons of this hood
Who's this setting for?
We'll have a bash!
We'll show you who we are
Let's have a jolly time
Dance like there's no tomorrow
Listen to our song
Salam walekum!
And the legs begin to shake
To write about you all
I need 1000 pens!
They're little angels
But I can't stand their hijinks
There's no need to curb our enthusiasm!
Hearts as soft as cotton candy
Eyes as colorful as the rainbow
If mischief had a form
That would be us
Like a sparrow in the sky
Or the free-flowing stream
The music in our hearts knows no bounds
We're fearless
Our mischief knows no bounds
We're the legends of tomorrow!
Watch us have fun
We're the dons of this hood
Who's this setting for?
We'll have a bash!
We'll show you who we are
Let's have a jolly time
Dance like there's no tomorrow
Listen to our song
Salam walekum!
Let's have a jolly time
Dance like there's no tomorrow
Listen to our song
Salam walekum!
Listen to your parents
And act like good friends should!
Respect those who gave us education
Make Abdul Kalam's dream come true!
Watch us have fun
We're the dons of this hood
Who's this setting for?
We'll have a bash!
We'll show you who we are
Ila, I've messaged Dad.
He will pick you up.
Where are you going?
I've got some very important work to do.
Dad will be here soon.
Go ahead and play.
Bhuvana, who works at
Prakash garment factory,
was subjected to sexual harassment
by Prakash, the owner of the firm.
On 05/04/2021
he subjected her to
sexual violence as well, My Lord.
Objection, My Lord.
My client owns a business.
This is an attempt by Bhuvana and others,
to legally extort him.
Should I withdraw the case?
Do it.
Please don't get mad.
Those who threaten you
threaten me too.
I get phone calls in
the middle of the night.
Sometimes even at one,
do you know that?
One more thing.
The perpetrator must be punished.
Isn't that justice?
Aren't we fighting for that?
- Hmm.
- What's the problem, then?
I want to tell you something.
It's really urgent.
Ila! Who's phone is that?
Give me your phone.
Dad. Tell me your GPay PIN.
Why do you want to know that now?
Who are you GPaying to?
Mom promised me you'd pick me up, Dad.
Why are you late?
I got Watchman uncle's phone
and was playing games online.
He ran out of internet data on his phone.
That is why I recharged his number.
I have 60-70 people
working with me as drivers.
But you and your mom
have turned me into a driver!
Return it to him.
He was the one I was
talking about. Santosh.
- Hello.
- Hello, Akka.
Sit down.
Hello? Sir, this is
Prakash's brother-in-law, Soundar.
That Bhuvana is at the coffee shop.
And Bharathy is with her.
Shall I finish off that
teacher in my style?
Hey! Have you gone mad?
You thought she was just
some ordinary teacher?
She has been involved
in many cases like this.
If you lay a finger on her,
your brother-in-law will live his days out in jail.
I've been in love with her for two years.
I've known her since she was working
at Prakash Garments.
I've proposed to her many times before,
but she never agreed.
I went to see her at the hospital after
that incident, but no one would let me.
She called me last week.
- Hmm.
- She called and said, "I wanted to talk."
So, we met at a temple
and spoke our hearts out.
I've told her so many times before, Akka.
And I'll say it even now,
she's my life partner.
Instead of becoming someone who
would punish those who commit crimes,
I became a teacher so I could create
students who never commit mistakes.
I should really appreciate your parents
and teachers before I appreciate you.
If all men were like you,
we'd never have to protest.
Only those who ignore their
conscience commit crimes.
- But the guy who put his hands on her, I'll kill him and--
- I just called you a nice guy.
Do you know who's more despicable
than someone who steals money?
It's someone who wants to steal
the happiness from others.
We'll have to fight back
till this society realizes it.
There's no other way.
- Don't miss the court hearing.
- Okay, Akka.
Your mother is back.
No. Your daughter is back, Grandpa
Why won't Mom talk to you, Grandpa?
That's a long story, dear.
One day, I'd have had enough!
What is it?
Do you know where she has been?
She'll answer if you ask.
She just got back.
Shut up.
Her dad is outside.
I just got here, didn't I?
Give me ten minutes.
I'll take care.
Go on.
What would you do?
If someone in this society has a problem,
you'd share it on Facebook,
or on Instagram, at best.
That's what we'd do.
But Bharathy is on
the streets, protesting it.
That's my daughter-in-law!
Feel proud of her.
Proud about what?
I'm struggling!
Why can't she ignore this and move on?
She's always outside protesting, or fighting a case,
instead of taking care of the family.
It's someone else's problem!
Why does she give a damn?
Have you taken everything?
- You forgot something!
- Yeah.
- What did you forget?
- Report card.
- It's okay.
- Samantha, bye!
- Bye.
- Hand it over tomorrow.
- Okay?
- Mom, don't you know about Divya miss?
- She'll scold me.
- Wait, I'll get it.
No, I'll go and get it.
Why is she taking so long?
Where is she?
Mom, that Uncle from D4.
He bad-touched me!
- Mom... He undid the buttons on my skirt...
- What happened, my dear?
Mom, that was the Uncle from D4!
- He hurt me. It hurts.
- Stop!
It really hurts!
You scoundrel!
How could you do this to a kid?
Weren't you raised by a mother?
Don't you have a bit of shame?
You should be gunned down
in the middle of the streets!
That will put the fear
in the minds of perverts!
It's okay, dear.
Good morning.
Today's headlines.
A ten-year-old girl was sexually assaulted
in an apartment complex
located in Alapakkam, Chennai.
The girl has been injured
in this disturbing attack.
The police rushed to the spot
and arrested the accused.
It has come to light that the perpetrator
lived in the same building as the victim.
- Anbu?
- Tell me, Mom.
Did you call Bharathy?
Did you see the news?
What happened?
I'm really anxious.
Don't get worked up, Mom.
I'll take care of this. Hang up.
The residents were reeling in shock
on learning that the
child was still in uniform--
Can you go to her school
and have a look?
- Okay, Mom.
- Get there soon. I'm terrified!
I'll take care.
You hang up.
- The victim has been hospitalized--
- Damn it.
- ...reporter Saravanan.
- Inform the HM.
- The girl is in the ICU.
Head to Alapakkam.
Neither is this case unique,
nor do I standout from the rest.
I'm just another soul
you'd come across in the journey of life.
I sowed confusion in the temple.
I attacked the priest.
I've been accused of all this.
- Akka?
- How many times do I call you?
Can't you answer a call?
Sorry, Akka.
My phone was in silent mode.
- I'm sharing the location with you. Come over.
- Okay, Akka.
- We want to talk to the inspector.
- This is a hospital. Please be calm.
- Are you from the press, madam?
- No.
- Go on, then.
- There's no respect for the press these days.
Stop, madam.
- No one is allowed in there.
- Why?
How are you related to the child?
- I'm her mother.
- Her mother?
- And you, sir?
- Advocate.
Go on.
- She said she was the mother.
- Let her in, ma'am..
Go on, Akka.
I'll be back.
School teacher.
How is she now?
I have a daughter her age.
My brother.
He's a lawyer.
Have you raised a complaint yet?
That animal must not escape.
Your complaint will be the
first weapon to punish him.
Sister, write a complaint
just like I tell you to.
She can't do anything
in her current situation.
Write and bring it.
Okay, Akka.
A delay in filing the FIR and getting treatment
in a private hospital will only help that animal.
Let's shift the child to the GH.
Don't lose hope.
No matter who stays by you till the end...
...I will.
I'll stand by you, even if I end up dead.
Use this as a model,
write what happened, and sign it.
I'll take care of the rest.
What happened, Ila?
- That D4 Uncle... in the lift...
- Ila...
He bad-touched me, Mom.
- What happened, dear?
- Mom...
Tell me.
What happened, Ila?
- Tell me, Ila.
- My skirt button...
My skirt button...
That uncle was very dirty, Mom.
It hurts, Mom.
If you tremble with indignation at every injustice
then you are a comrade of mine - Che Guevara
Why do you get annoyed?
Shall I withdraw the case, sister?
He should be killed, Bharathy.
- Oh God!
- That uncle is very dirty, Mom.
It hurts, Mom.
Come on, sir.
It's not necessary.
How are you?
Mm... I'm fine, sir.
Take a look at this.
What do you want me to do, sir?
Your question gave me a jolt.
I don't know what to say, sir.
Bharathy still doesn't talk to you?
It's been 16 years.
She's applied for a
gun license so casually.
I read it, sir.
You are the only sincere police officer
I've seen since the day I joined.
I didn't like it when you took VRS.
You tell me.
Is Bharathy's question right?
Sir, it does look right from her shoes.
Do you want me to support Bharathy now?
I would be grateful if you did.
I hope you will, sir.
The accused has yet to reach the station.
I couldn't find out where he was.
Please don't turn me in.
Don't file FIR.
I'll take care.
Where's that man who was arrested
in the Alappakkam child abuse case?
- Who are you to ask about him?
- A complaint has been raised against the accused, sir.
- You have to answer.
- We'll inform you when we find him. Now go.
Let's go, Bharath.
I'll protest on the road till you
arrest that accused and file an FIR.
Why should we protest?
The whole country is following this case.
He will have to protest
if he doesn't file an FIR.
You think you can make me lose my job?
- How dare you!
- Hello, hold on.
No one gave you the right
to talk to the public like this.
- Don't you talk to me like this.
- Sir, sir.
- This is a police station and not your house.
- Sir, please.
- Scram now.
- Sir, sir...
- Don't you know how to talk to a woman?
- [IN UNISON] Why are you shouting?
- Hey, you want to see my power?
- Sir, please.
- I'll show you what I can do.
- Hold on a minute. Please calm down.
- We'll do our best to arrest the accused. Now leave.
- Let's go, Akka.
I'll take care of him legally.
We'll stay here till he's arrested.
You go to school.
- Come on, everyone.
- Thank you, get going.
Sir, calm down.
The victim in that case is a small girl.
If something goes wrong,
we'll be behind bars.
- R9 Police Station.
- Hey... It's me, AC speaking.
Hello, sir.
- Is the Inspector there?
- Yes, sir.
Call him.
Sir, the AC is on line.
Damn, you too.
- Sir?
- Check your WhatsApp.
The election date is about to be announced.
How can we issue this gun license now?
Hey, I know it's election time.
But it's my order.
Finish Bharathy Teacher's gun license formalities.
I'll decide if it's official or unofficial.
- Hang up now.
- Okay, sir.
No one gave you the right
to talk to the public like this.
- Hello?
- Are you Bharathy?
Yes. And you are?
I'm the Inspector of R9 police station.
Have you applied for a gun license?
I need to enquire about it.
Can you come to the station?
I have a class now.
Shall I come in the evening after school today?
Tell me.
Pick up Ila in the evening.
Aren't you at school?
I need to go to the station.
What's the problem today?
I have applied for a gun license.
So, they've asked me to come for an inquiry.
Alright then.
I'll call you later.
- Anbu?
- It's me. Please come in.
Have a seat, sir.
Your wife has applied for a gun license.
I'm here to enquire about that.
Enquire Bharathy if she
has applied for a gun license.
Why are you questioning me?
- What is it?
- The car broke down. I'm on the highway.
I've been calling the office since morning.
They said they'll be here soon, but no one has yet.
Hang up now.
I'll come.
Give me appalam.
Here you go, madam.
Tell me, Anbu.
Do you know what your
daughter-in-law has done, Mom?
She's applied for a gun license.
And the police is here to enquire me.
Hold on.
They are here, too.
- Let me call you back.
- Huh?!
- Are you Sivagami?
- Yes.
Do you son and daughter-in-law fight often?
Or is there any family problem?
She's applied for a gun license.
- What if she shoots you?
- Bharathy has the right to apply for a gun license.
How would I know if
she'll get angry and shoot?
Even the military can't ensure a woman's
peace in this society, let alone a gun.
- Oh God. I'm late, and that Military man is going to scold me.
- Stop.
- Yes, sir.
- Do you know Bharathy Teacher?
- I do, sir.
- Can you tell me about her?
Sir, she's a gem of a person.
Seek her help, and she'll never hesitate.
You can't escape from
her if you make a mistake.
Why are you taking a video?
Wait, wait.
- What is going on?
- You are Palani, right?
- Yes.
- Do you know Bharathy?
Yes, she's my friend's daughter.
We are here to enquire about her.
She's an innocent girl.
What is this about?
- She's applied for a gun license.
- Is it?
Then, give it.
She'll be happy.
Please don't give her, sir.
I threw this trash off the bin one day.
Who knows, she might even shoot for real.
You have to throw the
trash into the dustbin.
Gun license.
For what, madam?
Are the kids at school being wild?
Do you want to threaten them?
Or is someone following you?
Is someone sending you vulgar messages?
Or is your face being photoshopped
and misused on social media?
Or is someone trying to murder you?
I applied for a license as a precaution.
Not just me, I don't want anything
to happen to my loved ones.
I need a gun for that.
Yeah... you are right.
But you can apply for a license
only for your protection.
The police are here to
protect the public, madam.
Let me give you an idea.
The gemstone which a poisonous snake spits...
The ring given by Queen Elizabeth...
The genie from Aladdin's lamp...
I can get you one of those if it exists.
There are rules on enquiring a woman at the station, sir.
You can't go overboard.
Hey... Talk about law at the court.
This is my station.
My station, my rules.
Whatever happened in the mor--
Get going now.
Ila, stay in the car and listen to music.
I need to talk to you.
- Brother...
- Boss!
You don't let me drink tea in peace.
What is it?
Why, man? How do you smell
when I come to drink tea?
Why are you behind me all the time?
Help me out, boss.
What do you want me to do?
Why are you nagging me for content?
Please, boss.
I believe in you.
Why are you doing this to me?
Hey, I swear.
There is not one case.
Just one case...
She's applied for a gun license.
A gun license?
That too a school teacher?
Thanks for the content, boss!
Thanks for the content?
I want the complete details.
I'm waiting for it and
I'll also pay you hefty.
- I'll be back with the paper. You be ready.
- Okay.
He's not ready to let go of any case.
What is it?
Initially, it was shouting
slogans on the road.
You went to the court with
that useless lawyer, Bharath.
And now, you want a gun.
What next?
Sixty percent of the people
in this country are bad.
Do you think you can shoot them all?
You don't talk to me.
At least pick up the call.
It's only me talking at times.
I wonder if I've gone mad.
Let's discuss this at home.
If I try to talk outside, you want to discuss it at home.
And at home, my mom doesn't let me talk.
Do you think a gun is the
solution to all problems?
Why does everyone look like I'm the thief?
Here you go.
- This is for you.
- Why do you shove it to my face?
- This is between us. Remember.
- Okay.
They have CCTV cameras in every corner.
Sir, what is this?
Why do you call repeatedly?
Madam, it's an emergency.
- What is it?
- Our witness in Bhuvana's case is very weak.
Those guys are literally begging.
They want us to withdraw the case.
They are ready to pay any amount, ma'am.
Are you a lawyer or a broker?
- Madam?
- Cut the call.
You wanted content, right?
I'm going to amaze you all!
What is this?
It has got only ten views so far.
It's not even been a
minute since I uploaded, sir.
We will get a million
or even ten million views, sir.
Today's headlines
Bharathy, a teacher, has gone viral on
social media for applying for a gun license.
Bharathy works as a teacher at
the Periyar Government Higher Secondary School.
Don't you have any sense?
Why is the TV volume so high?
- Yes, tell me.
- Did you watch the TV, Nagaraj?
The school teacher has
applied for a gun license.
Why are you making a big deal out of this?
- Hang up.
- You won't understand this now.
We have found out that
Bharathy is a social worker
and helps sexually assaulted women.
It is also notable that she has
participated in a lot of protests.
Who is threatening a school teacher?
Was she also a victim of sexual assault?
We have heard the police
have been enquiring on these angles.
Oh God!
I lost you to those scoundrels!
My dear Indra...
I know nothing about a gun license.
My work is to keep the roads clean.
I wonder what she wants to clean!
Don't you have anything important to do?
I don't know why the
teachers wants a gun license.
Then how can I give my opinion on it?
No comments.
Bharathy teacher
should stay out of all this.
There's no safety for
anyone in this country, sir.
A school kid stabbed his
teacher a few days back.
Maybe she wants the gun for her protection.
A gun license?
I don't even have a driving license.
This is unwanted.
She just wants publicity.
See the people crowded here because of you!
I've lost my peace.
Look, Bharathy's here!
Can you move?
Move please.
I can take care of my child.
You take care of the press that's crowded.
Ma'am, I have just one question for you.
Come, have dinner with us, bro!
- Dumbhead, give way!
- Ma'am! Ma'am!
- Ma'am, a minute please!
- Here they are with their questions!
- I made her go viral in the first place!
- Ma'am, I have just one question!
Say something, ma'am.
- Answer us, ma'am!
- Can't you say something to the press?
Did you apply for a gun
to protect or avenge?
Why would you resort to using
a gun being a school teacher?
Are you going to contribute
to the existing gun violence?
Are you trying to adopt
from the westerners?
What is the reason behind
your application for a gun license?
- Nair?
- Yes, sir?
- Check what's happening over there.
- Answer, ma'am.
Do you feel the rates of
sexual assault have increased?
- You think women are unsafe in the society?
- Hello, give way please.
ALL: Answer us, Bharathy!
ALL: Answer us, Bharathy!
Akka, you go in.
Excuse me, what did you say?
She isn't answerable to any of you.
Is that clear?
- Was this all a public stint--
- Can you keep quiet?
Keep quiet? Are you asking us
to stop questioning?
It is our fundamental right to question!
Sir, you're an educated person.
Is Bharathy ma'am in danger?
She is!
And it is through you all!
Wasn't it the press that hounded Princess Diana,
leading to her tragic end?
She met with an accident!
And it's our right to question.
It's also our right to answer them.
Sir, we heard that Bharathy
isn't speaking to you.
Could you elaborate more on that?
Question me about my
daughter's need for a gun's license.
And I will answer you.
I will not answer anything apart from that.
I'm scared, Bharathy!
I'm freaking out!
Hey, this is getting scarier!
I'm freaking out, Bharathy!
I truly am!
I'm scared!
THAT DAY, 2009
Hey, go slowly!
Are you even listening, Bharathy?
Drive slowly!
I am driving slowly.
Okay, drive slow.
Yeah, like this.
- Okay!
- I said go slow, girl!
- I'm freaking out!
- Yay!
The bike is at a halt now.
You can get down.
- Get down!
- Hey.
Why are you scaring her and being mean?
Either you two will go together by cycle
or don't roam together at all.
Have you no shame in being irresponsible
after losing your father?
Who would marry you if anything happened?
Forever running behind
Bharathy like a lost lamb.
I'm sorry, Bharathy.
In my shadow,
You are the truth
My companion,
You're my friend
Always by my side,
You stood close
Even from a distance,
You came with pure intent
Even as time passes,
Our friendship won't wane
From the beginning to the end,
She's the embodiment of love
In my shadow,
You are the truth
My companion,
You're my friend
- Your turn now.
- Go, sis!
- Come on, go!
- Go, go, sis!
Hold this.
Hand over here.
- What happened?
- Can't you two sit quietly in one place?
Are you encouraging
her to be naughty like you?
Look at them playing
around with a broken stick.
Whenever you tell her something,
she gets angry for no reason.
What are you looking at?
Go and wash up the vessels.
No bond like a waist-chain
- Indra!
- a mother
Beyond that, she's my unique treasure
You define friendship's measure
A mother who alleviates pressures
She's the essence of determination
A force that can vanquish opposition
In my shadow,
You are the truth
My companion,
You're my friend
- Don't, Bharathy. Let's go!
- What is your problem?
I will break your face!
- Come, let's leave.
- I will kill you!
You blend with the music,
You blossom like divinity
Our bond hums joyfully
Without wings, we can fly
Soar in a new world, reaching high
From now on, we'll break barriers,
Craft a new history
We'll sow seeds of friendship,
With a smile in our vision
My dear friend,
You're my wellness
My beloved,
You're my everything
Always by my side,
You stood close
Even from a distance,
You came with pure intent
Even as time passes,
Our friendship won't wane
I will murder you, scoundrel!
- Let's go...
- Dare mess with her again...
In my shadow,
You are the truth
My companion,
You're my friend
I'm scared, Bharathy.
Let go of us, you!
- Bharathy!
- Don't you be afraid, sis!
- Bharathy!
- Let go of us!
- Bharathy!
- Don't be afraid, sis!
Let go of me!
I said, let go!
Let go, or else I'll break your face!
Leave me...
Don't worry, I'm coming!
I swear to God I will kill you!
- Sis... Sis!
- Bharathy...
- Nothing, you're alright. Get up!
- It hurts, Bharathy...
I'm here.
Stand, sis.
You're fine, sis.
Stand up.
I'm here with you.
It hurts, Bharathy!
I'm right next to you, sis.
Look at me.
Look at me, sis.
Look at me!
Let's go from here.
Come, we'll leave.
You must kill him, Bharathy!
- You must kill him!
- Of course!
I won't spare him.
Let's go from here now.
Go away from here!
- I'm not coming. I'm not coming!
- Sis!
I said let's go!
Come, sis!
What will I tell Mom if she asks?
What will I tell her?
Sis... Sis!
- I'd rather die, Bharathy...
- Sis!
- Come, let's leave!
- Let me die, Bharathy.
- Listen to me... Sis!
- Let me die...
Careful, sis.
- It hurts, Bharathy.
- Slowly, slowly.
It hurts...
Your signature.
Your signature is all that I need
for me to ruin his life,
wherever he may be hiding.
Even if he's acquited,
he's a man, after all.
No one would point their fingers at him
but to me.
Why do you think that way?
Chastity isn't just limited to our clothes.
All this talk may sound good.
Only those who experience it
would know how excruciating it is!
Please let us be.
We'll leave this town.
And go where, sis?
This is your house!
This is your place!
Why must you go away from here?
You won't understand.
You're matured enough to
understand what happened to me.
But you will never be able
to understand my agony.
I feel disgusted to look
at myself in the mirror.
Sis, please don't say this.
It is your body that is impure.
Not your heart.
It's over.
It's all over.
There's nothing left...
Are you even listening to what I'm saying?
Sir, it's you who doesn't
understand what I'm saying.
I have another daughter.
If I drag Indra and her along
to every police station and courts,
won't I be ruining her life as well?
We'd best leave this place!
Please leave us be!
Ma'am, ma'am!
Please, stand!
Stand, ma'am!
Come on...
I don't know how...
...I'm going to console my
daughter who's traumatized.
Promise me you won't make
any progress with her case.
Promise me, please!
Promise me!
Talk like this and you'll
never see me again!
Wait, I'll call my dad.
- Okay, I promise.
- Dad!
She's blathering nonsense over there.
Come and reassure her.
I swear I won't let that rascal slip away!
Come with me, Dad!
- Come...
- Mom, come here fast!
- Look at this, Mom!
- Indra? Indra!
Get here fast, Mom!
Tender memories
She, who vanished all too soon
Within the depth of emotions
She felt suffocated
My baby girl!
Treading a path
Melting under the cruel weight
Facing the world's rhythm
She lost her joy
Look at what sister did, Bharathy!
Why did you give up so soon, my girl?
Look at how my sister is...
Such unwavering strength,
In every challenge she faced
What wrong did we commit?
Is this the price we pay?
No one to ask, no one to care,
Trapped with her sorrows
Without her radiant glow
Where has our golden girl gone?
Without her radiant glow
Where has our golden girl gone?
They left, Dad.
They left... without saying goodbye.
Why didn't you help them?
I told you, dear.
I couldn't be of help to them.
Why are you donning this uniform then?
That scoundrel is leading
a peaceful life somewhere.
Why wear this uniform when you
don't want to bring him to justice?
You won't understand, dear.
I promised them that I wouldn't.
You think your promise holds value?
But Indra's life did!
She was with us.
Not anymore now.
She's no more, Dad!
She's gone!
You killed her!
Don't say that, dear.
I was helpless, dear.
The law takes eyewitnesses into account.
Alright then, I'll testify.
They tried to do the same with me as well.
I'll file the complaint
and you take action!
No, I ended her case with a death
certificate that cites natural causes.
That was what you wanted!
I had no other way, dear.
What no other way?
You could neither stop a murder
nor bring the accused to jail,
why are you even a
policeman with a licensed gun?
You are neither a policeman
nor my father!
Hey... Bharathy...
Not a word.
Not a word you will speak.
You will not speak to
me until the day I die!
Not a word.
- Screw you!
- Bharathy!
Mrs. Bharathy.
Aren't you the daughter of
Thirunavukarasu, Sub Inspector?
I know him very well.
But I guess he has taken a VRS.
I still remember him.
My very first posting...
I was posted as an SHO at your
father's station during my training period.
He's an honest man who did his duty well.
I heard that it's been 16 years
since you last spoke to him.
Are you that frustrated with him?
See, Mrs. Bharathy.
We need to ensure two important factors
when applying for a gun license.
First, the situation
must be life-threatening,
and second, they shouldn't
have any criminal history.
In your case, you have
no records of criminal history.
But you overreact to small social issues.
the weapon you believe will
defend you can also be used against you.
I'm sorry, Bharathy.
Emotional stability in a person
is essential when wielding a gun.
Therefore, I am rejecting your application.
And the reason behind it is your anger.
I couldn't file an FIR at the station.
So please don't lose hope
that we may never convict him.
Let's take this to the court directly.
Let's go!
To the court, am I right?
Let's go, of course!
With a delay in filing an FIR,
and visiting a private
hospital in her case,
is all the ammunition I need
for me, a jerk, to roam freely.
You have it all, Teacher!
Let me see what stints you can pull off.
Take a step forward...
and I'll slash her throat.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
I'm a man, after all.
I will devour anything I find attractive.
I don't stick to an age limit.
All bodies are the same to me.
Even when I see you, I feel aroused.
Shall we proceed?
Try attempting to take it
to court or to the police,
both the mother and the daughter
will lay dead on the roads the next day.
You're just a woman.
Learn to shut the heck up.
You're just a woman.
Learn to shut the heck up.
- Drink up.
- Hey.
Filing a PIL isn't an easy task.
And you talk like it's a piece of cake?
You threw a huge boulder and
now you want me to drink my coffee?
I understand they rejected
your plea after a police enquiry.
We can't use that to
proceed with this in court.
Even if you want to, there are a bunch
of formalities to begin with.
You start with it.
We can't--
Only a senior lawyer
can help defend this case.
Haven't you been a junior for a long time?
Time to step into being a senior now.
I've run out on how
to make it clear to you.
Listen to me, Bharath.
Don't dwell on something
which you can or can't do, okay?
We don't have much time.
Get started with the formalities
and I'll see you.
Hello, Bharath.
I just can't seem to
understand why she's adamant.
Is this the coffee you ordered?
This isn't adamancy
but obsession.
Are you scared to proceed with it?
If you are, then tell her beforehand.
She'll take care of it.
You too?
Bharathy is ready to break
all barriers that stop her.
You don't have to stand by her side.
But lend a helping hand.
Don't forget to pay
the bill for this coffee.
Bro, I have some sensational
news that is more sizzling
than Bharathy's gun license acquiring one.
All the other channels will be amazed
when they see we uploaded it first!
Bharathy, please think twice about this.
Is it really necessary for
you to resign for a PIL?
Aren't you worried about your future?
ALL: Bharathy Teacher!
Who are you dressed up as?
I am Lord Murugan.
What about you?
I'm Mahatma Gandhi.
And you?
I am Goddess Amman.
What is in your hand, Amman?
A trident.
- What will you use it for?
- Those who make mistakes,
I use this to strike them down.
Oh! And who are you, sir?
I'm Subash Chandra Bose.
What are you holding?
- A gun.
- What?
No, no.
It's a machine gun.
That's more like it.
What about you?
I'm Lord Shiva.
- And you?
- I am Lord Ram.
- You, dear?
- I am Velu Nachiyar.
I wish everyone the best
to win in the competition!
ALL: Thank you, miss!
Where are you going, Teacher?
Yes, Akka?
Our PI case has been numbered.
They've assigned the
court's registered personnel.
Geetha Kailasam ma'am will be our judge.
You are responsible for gathering
all the necessary data for this case.
Leave it to me.
Bye, Akka.
Keep the content coming!
[NEWS ON TV] Bharathy, a school teacher,
filed a Public Interest Litigation
in the High Court for gun permission,
and the court has agreed to investigate.
This case, set for the 15th
at the Chennai High Court,
will be investigated and
presided over by Judge Geetha Kailasam.
Judge Geetha is renowned
for her rigorous judgments
in sexual assault cases
throughout Tamil Nadu over the years.
This has gathered the public's attention.
Bharathy's case, proposing
gun rights for women over 18,
is being viewed with significance.
Following the rejection of her gun license,
questions arise as to why Bharathy
initiated a Public Interest Litigation.
At the same time,
a powerful court discussion is anticipated.
- Tell me, sir.
- I just saw the news.
Bharathy plans to lodge a
case at the court, it seems.
I learned about it
through the news as well.
If she sets her mind to it, she'll succeed.
I know that for sure.
Is this necessary, sir?
We can ensure success for a righteous cause
only when we put up a fight. Right, sir?
I'm out of words, sir.
I'll just be another onlooker like you.
I'll proudly watch my daughter win.
But, during the fight,
I'll give her my full support.
Nobody can win an
argument against you, sir.
- I'll talk to you later.
- Okay. Goodbye.
A school teacher has
applied for a gun license.
Later she turned it
into a PI Litigation case.
Do you think a gun license is necessary?
Is that even a question, sir?
In the year 2012, a girl named Nirbhaya
was brutally raped and murdered.
Later in the year 2014, January...
The government introduced Nirbheek gun in Kanpur,
aimed at enhancing women's safety.
However, there are no records
of its usage or related incidents.
The matter faded quickly.
The cost of it is 122,360.
Is it affordable and practical for
an average woman to purchase and use it?
Now, school teacher Bharathy
has applied for a licensed firearm.
Her request was denied.
As a result, advocating for women's safety,
she has filed a Public Interest Litigation.
That's why all women--
Ila, Dad will drop you off at school.
Bharathy! I get that
women should be fearless.
But it has a limit.
- It's not right.
- Mom!
Why are you lecturing her?
She won't pay attention to it.
Excuse me?
Madam, I married you only
after truly understanding you.
I never expected this would happen.
I swear!
I never expected you'd go as far as
filing a PIL for a gun license.
I'm not going to withdraw the case
just because you oppose it.
Nor am I going to change my character.
Despite knowing everything,
I don't understand why you act this way. Bye.
- She left. Why don't you drop her off?
- Mom!
Is driving them around my only job?
Are you going to drop me
or do I need to call Grandpa?
You've raised her very well, Mom!
You did a great job!
School teacher Bharathy's petition for a
gun license was denied by the TN police.
She has initiated a
Public Interest Litigation,
asserting that women above the age of 18
need guns to protect
themselves from sexual assaults.
In 2015, during the helmet
case investigation in Madurai,
the Chennai High Court permitted the press.
Citing that, the TN Reports Club
has now requested permission
to be present during
this investigation as well.
The press is advised to refrain from
asking unnecessary questions.
Switch off your mobiles, everyone!
Case number 232/2023.
Bharathy versus State Ministry of Law.
Is the petitioner present?
Yes, My Lord.
She's present.
Are you here on behalf of the Ministry?
Yes, my Lord!
So, GP sir?
Shall we grant her the license?
No! No, my Lord.
- Then start your argument.
- My Lord!
According to the Arms License Act 1959,
According to the law,
any Indian citizen above 21 years of age,
are permitted to own a licensed gun citing
either personal safety or other reasons.
But this general demand for firearms
licenses for women over 18 seems needless.
What is her request, my Lord?
Is she asking the government to
issue firearm licenses to women over 18?
Or that the government
should prioritize firearm licenses
for women over 18 who have been
victims of sexual assault?
Her appeal lacks clarity, my Lord.
Bharathy is addicted to publiciity.
She initially applied for a gun license.
It stirred quite a buzz among the public,
making it seem like a pressing national issue,
with social media and other media platforms
making it go viral.
After Bharathy's application
was rejected by the police...
It's unnecessary to elevate her personal
concern to a PIL and present it in court.
This can be taken as
defrauding the court, my Lord.
She should face strict penalties
and severe punishment, my Lord.
Is the law designed for
the people's welfare or to command them?
Is that even a question?
It's for the people's welfare, of course!
However, the law is often used more to exert
control over people than to ensure their welfare.
A law that favors the elite doesn't
benefit the common man, my Lord.
Those in power often use the law
as a tool to enhance their influence.
Indeed, those in positions of power are
subjected to the greatest pressures and threats!
Note this point, my Lord.
Then, are you suggesting that commoners
don't deal with any such threats?
Or they shouldn't face
any stress whatsoever?
We say that the law applies equally to all...
Is it fair for the law to be unequal
for those in power versus the commoners?
So can we issue gun licenses to everybody?
Why? To promote murder
and have fun playing with it?
Why does a commoner need a gun license?
My Lord, according to a
survey conducted in the US...
Several deaths resulted from children
handling guns they found in their homes.
These murders occurred within
married couples due to mere arguments.
If the women in our society own a gun...
How can we be sure they won't
pull the trigger on their spouse?
If a woman intends to kill a man...
a meal would be more than enough!
She doesn't need a gun for that.
In fact, in our day-to-day lives...
women handle more weapons than men.
You are expressing the
viewpoint of women, my Lord.
In this act, gender doesn't play any role.
Gender has to play a vital role, my Lord.
Isn't that what this case stands for?
Article 14 says that the
law treats everyone equally.
Meanwhile, within subclass 3/15,
it is stated that rules may be altered
when women are confronted
with unsafe situations.
Mr. Bharath, we don't need
to learn about the subclasses.
Discuss matters that
are pertinent to the case.
My Lord, in the last year...
there are over 4,78,279
documented cases of sexual assault
against women in the criminal records.
That's without calculating
the crimes that weren't reported.
Every day, 16 female children in Tamil Nadu
become victims of sexual assault.
The count goes up to
6064 in a year, my Lord.
More than 3000 girls
in India resort to suicide
due to the trauma of sexual
assault and sexual pressures.
My Lord, this very moment,
this very second...
a girl becomes a victim of sexual assault.
A woman is subjected to sexual brutality.
A woman resorts to committing suicide.
Shouldn't we need to put an end to this?
The law will punish the offenders.
When will that happen?
After a woman falls victim to sexual assault.
After those who become victims
and are unable to defend themselves.
But there's no way to secure
their safety before it unfolds.
What do you mean?
There are apps to use and pepper sprays.
They are even permitted
to carry weapons such as knives.
The DGP even did a
press interview about it.
In one instance, the same police officers
who permitted women to carry knives,
arrested a girl for suspected pickpocketing,
even though it was for safety.
Bharath, testimony is crucial for the law.
- Do you have one?
- Yes, my Lord.
Please take a look at it.
I carried a pocket knife
with me for safety purposes.
But, they brutally assaulted me,
accusing me of attempting to pickpocket.
Arrange for an
investigation into this matter.
The court orders a
summons be sent to the SI.
From his arguments, it seems like
he believes women
can't thrive in this country!
Have we ever come across an instance
where a woman claims that
she wouldn't have faced such a
dreadful situation had she owned a gun?
Over 1,000 women have stated that, my Lord.
Beyond the crimes on record,
I've collected testimonies from
women inflicted with deep trauma
and presented them to you as evidence.
My Lord, a girl who should
have been alive and thriving,
is Indra from Vellalapatti.
She's no more.
This is the journal she wrote
before ending her own life.
I urge you to read this, my Lord.
This is a PIL case, my Lord.
We should keep the discussions separate
and not include someone else's case
when discussing this one.
My Lord, has GP forgotten
how the Vishaka Committee was formed?
Or is he not aware of it?
My Lord, in 1997,
when an individual case was
presented as evidence in a
Public Interest Litigation case,
shed light on the sexual assault
of Manjari Devi, a social activist.
That's why we continue to seek justice
for all sexual assault victims to this day.
Dear Bharathy...
My body feels impure, but the yearning for
honour and dignity weighs heavily on my heart...
Where will I find it, Bharathy?
If I had battled against
two monstrous animals...
I might have won!
But that vile man never
understood my agony.
He turned a deaf ear to my cries.
Being born as a girl feels
like a curse, Bharathy.
No one should face life as a woman.
If I were to be reborn,
I want to be born as your daughter...
Or I wish to be born
as a brave soul like you.
In 2007, Thirunavukarasu, who served as the
Assistant Inspector at Vellalapatti Police Station...
and Indra's mother are requested to appear in
court for the upcoming investigative proceedings.
Hey, Bharathy left.
- What's wrong?
- Hang on. I think there's no petrol.
- You!
- My bike isn't starting.
- Give me a second.
- Bharathi left, man!
I want to watch her lifeless body
being removed in the news by tomorrow.
- Hey! Who the hell are you?
- Bro! Chill, bro.
We are not fighters.
We are her fans!
Can I have a quick chat with you, Teacher?
Hey! Show it.
Made in Italy!
Single straight, it can be
fired for six rounds or more.
Oh, wow!
She's knowledgable, guys!
- Hey, show yours!
- Teacher!
We provided guns to
Vikram, Beast, and Thunivu.
Those are dummies.
Here's the original!
Made in Germany!
Glock 26, double-stack,
has a capacity of 10+1 rounds.
Oh, amazing!
Hey, take yours out.
This piece right here has that raw power.
One powerful shot and no messing around!
Why must you take it up to the Judge?
How will she approve your request?
Which one do you prefer?
It's all yours!
Madam... are you short of money?
We have an EMI option as well!
I'm not putting up a fight for a gun.
You people won't understand it.
You didn't accept our offer!
Let's take a picture together, at least!
That teacher deserves an AK 47!
Good morning, ma'am.
Did you watch the live, ma'am?
Just watched the game.
Our team's score isn't looking good.
I was talking about the live court proceedings,
not the cricket match, ma'am.
I've heard of live cricket matches,
but live court proceedings?
You collected the bribes already?
Ma'am, this is a summon.
What do you mean?
Hey! Come on.
You leave.
Get in the auto.
How did you get hurt?
What happened?
I'm alright.
- Look at how badly she's hurt!
- What happened, Mom?
It's just a little scratch.
I'll get better after a nap.
You go and freshen up.
Come on.
I opposed you because
I was afraid of what might happen.
Now, my worst fear has become a reality.
This doesn't seem like an accident.
Someone has tried to threaten my daughter.
I'll get him.
Case number 232/2023.
Bharathy versus State Ministry of Law.
Bharath, are the witnesses here?
Yes, My Lord.
Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari.
What's your name, ma'am?
- Rajeshwari.
- Louder, please. Everyone needs to hear you.
Can you hear what I'm saying?
Aren't you Rajeshwari?
Wasn't your daughter raped?
Objection, My Lord.
The GP is using the wrong words.
Isn't this word used these days?
I've got to make it simple to understand
for the uneducated.
GP sir. Why don't you use
parliamentary language?
Okay, My Lord.
How did your daughter die?
She died after falling ill.
They said that's your daughter's diary.
They said she committed suicide
after she was sexually assaulted.
- Is this true?
- No.
That's all, Your Honor.
They brought us a public
interest litigation first.
They said that Indra's
suicide was the cause.
They even claimed that the diary
belonged to that girl.
But her mother just
refuted all these claims!
It is a story.
Just their creativity, Your Honor.
I humbly request that you dismiss this public
interest litigation. That's all, Your Honor.
What is this, Defense?
Rajeshwari ma'am.
The diary you gave me belonged
to your daughter, right?
Did you read what Indra had written
before she died?
I don't know how to read or write.
She has written that
she was going to commit suicide
because she was assaulted.
There is evidence to
prove that she wrote it.
Why are you changing your story now, ma'am?
Are you scared?
I'm scared.
I'm here.
Don't be afraid.
This isn't something new to me.
This is the fear that was taught to me
the day I was born a girl.
"You're a girl."
"Know your limits."
"And if anyone crosses the line,
put up with it."
"If they insult you, ignore it."
They've been stuffing this down our throats
for centuries now.
That is why I raised my daughter that way.
And that is how I lost my daughter!
My daughter's dead, ma'am.
She's dead.
All of this is pointless,
as justice wasn't given
to her when she was alive.
Everyone says the laws are strict.
But those laws didn't protect us!
They didn't.
If the laws are strict,
why do girls still die to this day?
Why do they die?
I'm not here to demand
justice for my daughter.
Please let me go!
Please let me go.
We'll survive somehow.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Bharath, get her a seat.
Yes, My Lord.
Don't cry.
Come with me.
My Lord,
I'd like to examine Thirunavukarasu,
who was the SI
at Vellalapatti police station in 2007.
This is an absolute waste of time, My Lord.
Please be patient, GP.
You continue, Bharath.
Thank you, My Lord.
Thirunavukarasu. Thirunavukarasu. Thirunavukarasu.
Your name?
In 2007, you were on duty
at the Vellalapatti police station, right?
Do you know her?
I do.
She was my neighbour then.
My daughter was a good friend
of her daughter, Indra.
- And your daughter?
- Bharathy.
Indra's mother says that her daughter
died due to an illness.
Is that true?
- Sir.
- Huh?
Tell me.
Did Indra die from an illness?
That's what...
...her mother wanted me to say.
So, that wasn't true?
That diary...
That is true.
A crime was committed.
Indra committed suicide because
she was sexually assaulted.
Why didn't you take any action, sir?
That was my mistake.
I'm willing to accept any punishment
from the government for my mistake.
My daughter has given
me a bigger punishment
than anything the government can.
Objection, My Lord.
Are we arguing a public interest litigation
or their family problems?
- Do you wish to cross-examine him?
- Yes, My Lord.
Say that, then.
- Defense?
- Okay, My Lord.
Mr. Thirunavukarasu.
How do you know for a fact
that Indra was sexually assaulted?
Did you witness it?
My daughter, Bharathy, saw it.
What if she lied about it?
My daughter does not lie.
Despite having an eyewitness,
why didn't you take any action?
The situation was bad.
You claim Bharathy is your daughter.
Is she your own daughter?
I don't understand.
Did you give birth... sorry.
Is she your biological daughter?
- Yes.
- Lies!
Bharathy isn't his biological daughter.
Why are you going into the fact that
Bharathy isn't his biological daughter?
Is that related to this case?
It's intrinsic, My Lord.
His lie is enough to prove
that the whole case is fabricated.
Bharathy isn't really his daughter.
She was his adopted daughter.
All the arguments about
Indra being assaulted,
this diary, and this
case are all fabricated.
It's all a lie, My Lord!
Defense, would you like to continue?
Thank you, My Lord.
My Lord...
GP really has a good imagination.
He told a lot of lies.
But there is a truth behind it.
Bharathy is not Thirunavukarasu's daughter.
Thirunavukarasu adopted
Bharathy as his daughter.
But under what circumstance?
- Sir?
- Yes.
You will have to talk, sir.
I was the head constable at
Vellalapatti police station then.
It was about one o'clock in the night.
I got a phone call.
- Hello?
- Sir!
This is Ganesan, calling from
Ambedkar Street in Vellalapatti.
They're trying to kill a female infant
next door, sir.
Please hurry!
Save that child's life.
You'd be blessed if you do!
Where are you calling from?
From Ambedkar Street, sir.
I beg you!
I plead with you!
- I had two children, and you killed them both.
- You should've had boys then.
Old hag! Isn't your son to blame
for them being girls?
Hey, get it over with.
- Let her go!
- You want a woman to sleep with, but you'll kill girl babies?
What kind of an animal are you?
If anyone comes near the child,
I swear I'll kill them.
- Let her go, damn it!
- I'll show you, damn it.
Give me my baby!
Give it back!
I beg you.
Give back my child.
I'm begging you.
Hey, wait.
No matter how many times he tries,
he'll always have a girl due to his genes!
Don't do anything to my baby!
If you don't give back my child,
I'll turn into an animal!
Give her back!
Give her--
My baby!
My... my child...
Give her some more.
Make sure she dies.
- Sir! Sir!
- Hey!
- Don't hit him!
- Run! Run!
Where are you running to?
Since they had already poisoned the child
before I got there
the child was unconscious when I got there.
It made my blood run cold.
Thank God!
She's safe!
I returned to my senses...
...only after I heard that child cry.
Bharathy was the child
they tried to poison that day.
Today, she has come to court
to protect her female compatriots.
We'll proceed after lunch.
Don't cry, my dear.
Don't cry.
- Bharathy...
- Dad...
My girl, Bharathy, shouldn't cry.
Even when your father was guilty,
you've never hesitated to punish me.
You shouldn't cry!
Am I not your daughter?
Who said so?
You are my daughter.
My daughter.
How did you bear everything that happened?
When someone we love punishes us,
we'll have to take it.
We'll have to take it.
You are everything to me.
Your pride is your strength!
Don't cry.
Don't cry, my dear.
My Lord,
there are strict laws in place to punish
those who commit assault on women.
Strict laws are in place, sir.
But have the crimes reduced?
Everything needs time
to change, Mr. Bharath.
After women, as a species,
disappear from the Earth?
My Lord, be it the POCSO act,
or the laws to protect
women from sexual violence,
they are all written in
the blood of a woman.
A woman loses her life every time
before we amend our laws!
How will granting a gun license
be the answer to that?
My Lord, women owning guns
is not something to fear.
It is just a tool to ward off
any human beasts that might attack her.
That's how you look at it.
The law mandates that 21 is the
minimum age limit for a gun license.
Why not reduce that to 18 years for women?
We cannot make such
legal amendments, My Lord.
The legislature and the ministry
are the ones who can do that.
The proceedings are
being relayed live, sir.
Won't the concerned minister watch this?
Is he not related in any way to this case?
If he wanted to, he could
even be present here.
This is childish.
How could the learned counsel say this?
Would the Minister for Law
attend such a mundane case?
Why not?
My Lord?
The Minister can appear
if he chooses to attend.
Nothing is barring him from that.
This is a national issue
that needs to be addressed.
This court firmly believes this
issue can be resolved swiftly
if the Honorable Minister for Law
appears in this case.
Bharathy has left the court, sir.
Now, watch how I politicize it.
- Long live the lioness, Bharathy!
- [IN UNISON] Long live!
- Long live the victorious maiden, Bharathy!
- [IN UNISON] Long live!
- The future of Tamil Nadu, Bharathy.
- [IN UNISON] Long live!
- The conscience of the people...
- Hello, ma'am. Hello, sir.
- Give me that!
- The voice of justice, Bharathy...
- No.
- Fine, forget it.
Long live!
Bharathy, I'm the leader
of the national TTTT party,
Just wow!
Bharathy! Bharathy! Bharathy!
You are now the talk of the town.
You should know this because
all the politicians are watching you!
If you enter politics,
none of the parties stand a chance.
There isn't a soul to talk
about the important issues.
All they talk about is beef
and Rolex watches!
You were on fire inside.
Take a step forward.
Join our party.
And once we get into power,
Forget guns!
We'll arm them with cannons!
Just say yes.
I'll give up my post
as the state leader to you.
Look over there.
A brand new Innova car.
It's ready for you.
What do you say?
You don't have to be a politician
to do good for society.
Thank you.
Talk some sense into her.
What did you say your party was called?
Why are you stammering?
No, it's TTTT.
Oh, alright.
A gun is not a new sight in my family.
My dad used one.
And then I did.
My daughter has applied for a license now
and my granddaughter will be next.
Why is there no reaction
even at the mention of cannons?
Sir! A woman in Saidapet immolated
herself in protest of the gas prices.
-It's a sensational issue.
-Is it?
Guys, let's pick up two baskets of apples
and head to the hospital.
Dad, come in.
Come in, Dad.
I'll become a proud police officer.
So why don't you become a teacher instead?
You will not speak to
me until the day I die!
Not a word.
- To hell with you!
- Bharathy!
All these years...
I thought I was the one in pain.
I failed to understand how hurt you were.
Hey, when has the Minister for Law
ever been to court?
- Isn't it foolish to think they would?
- Don't you know?
They've announced
the dates for the election.
It's possible the Minister might turn up.
Is this really good governance?
Forgive me for asking,
but is this how you run a government?
Had we been in power,
forget the Minister for Law,
the Chief Minister would come to court
for Bharathy!
What sort of a question is that?
- GP sir, the Law Minister--
- You can't expect a minister to come anytime, My Lord.
Allow me to complete.
The Law Minister will be here in some time.
I'm saying let's wait for him.
Okay, My Lord.
-Long live our Minister
-Who came for Bharathy's call!
Keep quiet.
This is a court.
I don't want anyone to come inside.
Sir, you don't have to take the stand.
You can even sit and talk
if you find it difficult to stand.
All are equal before the law.
Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law.
You are the Angel of Justice.
Everyone must stand before justice.
The opposition party mocked me.
People from other
parties celebrated with me.
Our unmatched leader...
Unrivaled genius...
A man of character...
A brave man who fears no one...
This is a court.
Individual accolades aren't necessary.
Feel free to express your thoughts
relevant to this case.
I'm sorry, madam.
I mistook this for a press
meeting with all the cameras.
This case started by our sister, Bharathy,
has shaken this country like a storm.
And I'm here, like the small
debris of that storm.
How would you react if
I slapped you publicly?
This is ridiculous, My Lord.
He's a minister.
An honor of this nation.
How dare she talk to him like that?
Pleader, please keep calm.
I'm here to stand by you for your rights.
Why do you want to slap me?
Sir, I don't intend to.
But I want to know
how you'll react if I did.
I sentence Bharathy to three
years of custodial sentence
for contempt of court
and rudely slapping the minister.
Your question feels like a slap to me.
Why are you trying to belittle me?
I never intended that.
But that's how you perceived it.
Won't this court punish me if I slap you?
Of course, it will.
Law will take its own course.
Will my punishment alleviate
the humiliation you faced?
Won't it haunt you your entire life?
For sure.
It won't let me sleep in peace.
Isn't that what happens to a woman
who has endured cruelty?
You will give punishments.
But when?
Punishing someone for a mistake
often resembles seeking revenge.
But what can you say to console the victim
and for the humiliation she endured?
What can you do to alleviate the
humiliation that haunts her every other day?
You gave us the right
to vote at the age of 18.
But you can't give us
the right to own a gun.
A gun? Women themselves
are a powerful weapon.
Why do you want them to own a gun?
Oh! But you are okay to
give them a ladle to cook.
No... That's not what I meant.
They should study.
Women should widen their knowledge.
They should reach great heights.
They have to become a judge like her.
How is that even possible, sir?
You don't even spare
an innocent 9-year-old.
It's not just one man
but multiple men who ruin that child.
You'll call women a god.
You'll give a female name to the rivers.
How can you view a living woman
in front of you solely as an object?
We walk on a minefield every day.
We are scared of the weirdos
when we walk in the dark.
We are terrified to find perverts
while walking on a lonely road.
We can't travel on a bus after 10 p.m.
What if men follow us? What if the teacher assaults?
What if the guy throws acid?
How do you expect a girl
to study with so much fear?
How will that girl live?
We require a strength
equivalent to the physical power
that men once used to subjugate us.
This gun will give us the strength
that we can't have physically.
If a non-living thing called gun
can save a girl's life,
what's the issue with providing it to her?
You are terrified to hear the name of it.
You worry violence will erupt.
I cannot make the sole
decision to grant a gun license
to a woman who has reached the age of 18.
Then, establish a government led by women.
We will manage all aspects.
You have my full consent in this.
Girls school...
Women's college...
A workplace for them, ladies special buses...
You will find women security
with guns in all these places.
An order for all these
will be sent out soon.
Thank you!
- Finally, you made me come to the court.
- Sorry, sir. I never wanted you to.
You are doing so much to save us.
It's alright.
- Long live our leader
- Who stood tall before the Angel of Justice!
The Public Interest Litigation by Bharathy
has come to an end.
The judgment on this case
will be given in some time.
My dear Tamilians.
This is your loving Bharathiraja.
The name in itself is a revolution.
The government readily
raises petrol and alcohol prices.
The government fear raising prices
on women's items by even a rupee.
That's because if women protest,
the government could fall.
And the government is well aware of it.
Try trapping a cat with no escape routes.
You'll see the tiger in it.
That's how we see Bharathy.
Just as we instinctively
stand for our anthem,
women should boldly confront danger
with courage and confidence.
Bharathy is a disinfectant.
Fighting spirit is innate in her.
She was one who lived through poisoning.
We had a gun license during British rule.
But now it's been revoked.
We extend our full support to Bharathy.
Experiencing life as both
a man and a woman is a blessing.
We are damn sure
Bharathy will win this case.
The High Court has six entrances.
Now, Bharathy has
stepped in seeking justice.
If every woman sought justice in court,
the whole government system
would come to a standstill.
I'm sure Bharathy's protest
would have caught the government's eye.
I believe she will achieve success.
My best wishes to Bharathy.
My hearty wishes for your success.
Long live Bharathy!
All the best to Bharathy Teacher!
- I support...
- ...Bharathy!
- I support...
- ...Bharathy!
This court advises the
government to prioritize
self-defense for women over 18
and consider revising the Arms Act 1959
based on the public interest litigation
filed under Article 226.
The court doesn't believe
this case is merely a continuation of
Bharathy's denied gun license application
or that she seeks publicity.
The government contends that
with specific laws in place to protect women,
there's no necessity for personal firearms.
Given the rise in girl child sexual abuse
and the increasing number
of cases under POCSO,
it feels like even
children should be armed.
When a word shifts from a noun to a verb,
it signifies dominance.
Now, women are the noun,
and men are the verb.
Women are enslaved in the name of honor.
This drives a woman
to either take her own life or kill a man.
Preventive measures should be prioritized
to stop crime,
rather than merely penning legal judgments
after a tragedy.
If men and women are really equal,
why are women still
subjected to sexual assault?
What satisfaction does a man derive
from such an assault?
Life long happiness?
He gets none of these.
he only faces imprisonment and disgrace.
Even with this awareness,
if sexual abuse persists,
it underscores the importance of preventive
laws over punitive measures after the crime.
Without delving into the
psychology of the offender,
a punitive legal system
cannot effectively protect women.
Listen now.
I can buy anything with my money.
I'll publicly tell the court that
you are a hustler.
And that your daughter
is one of your hookers.
I'll expose you,
and you'll face public shame.
Before pointing fingers at
the government, police, or court,
consider how you've raised your children,
especially your sons.
A child's life can be adversely affected if
the parent-child relationship is strained.
In addition to mother's milk,
nurture them to empathize with and respect women.
Children who grow up with unmet needs
turn to a life of crime later.
Schools don't teach humans to manage
emotions like desire, anger, and sadness.
Sex education alone isn't enough.
One must know how to
handle one's sexual desires.
In a nation where rulers have only reigned,
the court is unable to address
the suffering and anguish
that Indra's mother has endured.
This court is ashamed for
not even initiating a case,
let alone delivering
justice in Indra's matter,
despite having numerous witnesses.
Any unconventional revolution or weapon
tends to cause more harm than good.
Even if women over the age of 18
are trained and armed,
there are concerns about
whether it will be effective when needed
and the potential for
them to resort to violence.
This raises many questions.
Therefore, I reject Bharathy's
appeal with careful consideration.
I order the government to
reinstate Bharathy in her job,
which she had sacrificed for this case.
A woman not only protects herself,
but tirelessly takes care
of her husband and preserves the family reputation.
- Thirukkural 56
What you came to the court for
has not been achieved.
That's not hundred percent true.
- I still believe I'll get justice.
- What if you don't?
I'll go to the Supreme Court.
I'll request a gun even there.
Why do you want to resort to guns?
Isn't violence wrong?
The non-violence that demands we tolerate
violence is itself a kind of violence.
And violence against injustice
is a form of non-violence.
That rascal didn't understand my pain.
He didn't hear my cries.
Kill him, Bharathy!
Kill him, Bharathy!
Greetings! It's good to hear that
the man who sexually abused a 10-year-old
girl in an apartment in Alapakkam, Chennai,
has been arrested today,
a few weeks after the incident.
Srimathi, haven't I told you
not to watch TV while eating?
Stop it, Mom.
- What exam do you have today?
- Tamil, Mom.
- Bye!
- Bye.
- What is it, dear? What did you forget?
- I'll tell you, wait.
What are you searching for?
It was right here.
What is it, Srimathi?
Tell me.
Tell me what you are looking for.
- Did you keep it somewhere else?
- What are you asking about?
A member of the South Chennai Parliament
has strongly advocated for
the enactment of special laws
to protect women in the Indian Penal Code.
Violence against women
and the murder of women
often goes unnoticed in
the criminal law system.
These incidents are not adequately documented
in the National Crime Records Reports.
In the Indian Penal Code, there is no precise
definition for the brutal murder of women.
These crimes are often categorized as
less severe, like "murder for dowry"
or "domestic violence,"
in the Indian Penal Code.
More data collection and better practices
are needed in this regard.
- Related to this problem...
- What are you doing?
- Keep this in my bag, Mom.
- But you don't have math test today.
Let it be, Mom.
...its importance was recognized.
Make it fast, Mom.
"I have asked them to initiate
the necessary steps to include
details on women murders,
and to make the details easily accessible...
- Bye, Mom.
- Bye! the government", he says.
Unlock your potential
Soar free, my girl!
Fear, modesty, and doubt cast aside
Spread your wings wide!
You're the universe's pearl
Men shall bow with pride
Ask boldly, ignite the light
Rise, fierce and bright
In your quest
Be the world!
Unlock your potential
Soar free, my girl!
Fear, modesty, and doubt cast aside
Spread your wings wide!