Lichter (2003) Movie Script

Director: Hans-Christian Schmid
Distant Lights
Get off the car, here it is.
Listen carefully! I only speak once.
You hide in the forest first,
When the night comes,
walk to the first street lamp.
There'll be someone waiting
for you in the first room on the left.
They'll bring you into the city from there.
Is that Berlin?
Yes, thats Berlin.
Attention please!
The train that from Warsaw
to Berlin will arrive soon.
Get on the train at second platform.
The last stop will be on the
border of Germany and Poland.
The leaving time is 8:23
Next stop: Frankfurt
Any interest in sale promotion?
I have no reason to refuse it.
You? How about you?
Okay, lets go.
Need more people?
Some young men,
younger than 30 years old
I'm 29.
You two come together.
There's 1 sack left.
I can only find 5
What about the sixth?
Vaporized in the air?
Don't you treat me as a kid!
I've tried my best to find it.
Let's just get the money
for these 5 sacks.
Don't ever think about the money,
unless you find the last one.
Isn't it my fault?
No way!
It has something to do with you!
Get to the office and lock it up.
You, go to cook the dinner.
I'm not a nursery maid!
Go anywhere you want to
if you don't want to do this.
Good, thats what I want.
You wake up?
Yeah, did you sleep well last night?
Not bad.
This is the first question.
You guys ask people questions like this.
I thought only need to deliver the flyers.
This is the box that for you
to put the flyers in.
Now, please write down your names.
So that I can find you again.
Here are the chalks.
After you walk through a street,
just draw a cross mark, its easy.
So that I can follow you.
That's all.
From "Did do you sleep well
last night" as the beginning,
Let's go.
Did you sleep well last night?
Not bad.
If you use this kind of mattress,
youll have a better sleep.
May I ask you a question?
Did you sleep well last night?
Of course.
A good mattress is very
important for a good sleep.
Do you have insomnia?
If you want to sleep well,
please use our mattress.
Please take this.
No, thanks.
If you want to buy mattress
you can go to the place written here.
It's a new shop.
This is my brother.
He has worked in Potsdam Square.
Potsdam Square in Berlin.
He was building mansions there.
When is that?
During 1995 and 1996.
The biggest building site in Europe.
Built-up mansions everywhere
just like in New York.
The work was hard but is well-paid.
The milk is too cold.
Are you crazy?
Put it out!
Don't be too serious! It's just a small fire.
What are you gonna do?
Quiet, quiet.
Put out the fire!
You bastard!
Don't butt in!
Why doesn't your brother there anymore?
He got caught, in a check-up.
He jumped from the second floor
and broke one leg.
So he got caught,
and sent back to Kiev
I promised him, Ill take the
pictures of the mansions that he built
as soon as I arrive in Berlin.
He built them but has
never seen Potsdam Square.
They went to Berlin so easily.
They are so lucky!
Listen! We should be more careful!
Or we'll be seen by someone.
I was in a hurry, so...
Do you have the licence?
Let me look at your licence.
I can't find my licence at the moment.
Do you have any other licences?
You can't drive in 3 months.
Forget it, you come to pick me up first.
Do you have a car?
Listen, Im beside the Eisman Bridge.
Daaz District, outside the city.
Leave your car here, drive my car.
You drive.
You can't drive?
I've to send something to the customer.
Be careful.
Have you ever thought
about the importance of the bed.
People move every couple years.
1 third of 1 man's life
is spent in the bed.
It's the statistical result.
What can you do at home
when the rate of unemployment is 20%.
The only thing you can do
is lying in bed and thinking.
I want to buy something,
do you have any money?
I know you have some.
I dont, really.
Can you ensure?
That's all I have.
Do you think I am a fool?
Take off your clothes!
Take it off.
Get out!
Why? Its my room.
What're you gonna do? huh?
Get out!
Mr. Mertens.
I hope you can visit the electricity
control room with me
What's wrong with this wire?
Which wire?
This one.
Oh, this...
It's the first time I see it too.
Is it to the room next door?
Maybe they connected it here.
You have not paid the money
for electricity for 2 months.
We come here to inform you,
your wire will be cut out
until you pay the money.
And we got the complain
by your neighbours.
Now, please take back this electrical wire.
I've to go out for a while.
To keep accounts of today's sales.
Please wait a moment.
I wish you could give me
the salary of last week.
I don't have money now.
But I've worked for it.
Yes, I know, but not today.
Maybe this week.
But my daughter need the money.
She has to go to the communion service.
Please look here!
Or you can take that mattress.
I don't need that.
Can you draw a cross mark for me?
How is it? Not bad, huh?
There're so "Many"!
Please open the trunk.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Dad, I like this dress.
I like it too.
Walk around, let me look at it.
You look very beautiful.
Buy it for me!
Maria, this dress is not cheap.
I want it! Dad.
If you think it's too expensive,
We have some designs of last year,
they will be cheaper.
How about I pay a part of the money first,
and pay the rest part tomorrow, okay?
No problem.
But you can't take away the dress now.
You must keep it for me.
Of course.
That's what I've done.
You consent to pay 2000 zloty for a dress?
That's her first communion service.
There's only 1 time in people's life.
And we don't have no money.
Just short of some.
What about dinner?
Can't we ask our relatives to pay for it?
Where's your last week's salary?
I got only 1 mattress.
Put in the gangway.
What else could I do? There's no contract.
But he couldn't just give you a mattress!
I knew. I told him,
and he just pushed me out.
I'll work this night.
If the business is good,
I can get money tomorrow.
What if you can't?
Other girls got their dresses long ago.
You just go to get the dress
tomorrow after picking up the kid.
I promise you the money
will be paid by then.
We are here for the mattress.
The franchiser sent us here.
Wait. Im just asked to look
after the shop casually.
You can't just take it away!
The owner of the mattress is Mr. Mertens!
He just sell it on a commission basis.
Its written in the contract.
She's mine.
So what.
She only belongs to me.
What are you doing?
Calm down.
We've been told that
this girl lives here.
I've never seen her.
She has sold smuggled cigarettes,
for many times,
without tax licence.
So we hope you can cooperate with us.
It's good for her too.
If she came back,
youd better send a word to us.
It seems not needed.
Go in.
What's wrong with this place?
Where's the stuff?
I couldn't stop them.
There were two men came, they said
they were here for the mattress.
Why didn't you call me?
I couldn't get through the line.
It's the licence they gave me.
Can it be called a reason?
You couldn't let them
take away the mattress!
Are you crazy?
Pick up the stuff.
King of mattress, it must be him.
I only sell it on a commission basis.
Then give him the money.
I get the rest of the money.
But the economy is economy now.
He won't consign
the goods first that easy.
Now what can I do?
To visit Kunt Pearts
He's in the commercial association.
It was cut by me last year.
I made an appointment with him
on tomorrow morning.
He must have some ideas.
Use my car.
Bring me with you by the way
when you come here tomorrow morning.
What's up?
You look very tired.
I suggest you to rest early.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I give you a small piece of suggestion.
Because the appointment
tomorrow is very important,
can you change your dress a bit?
What do you feel that I should wear?
I think something more formal.
That's not Berlin!
Maybe suburb.
They lied to us.
No no. You just think about Kiev.
The suburb is called other name.
But Berlin is much bigger than Kiev.
Let's go.
What's up?
We are displaced persons from Kiev.
What are you gonna do?
Do you speak Polish?
Aren't we in Germany?
No, its Poland here.
Germany is on that side.
How come it's Poland?
We are here.
That's the river.
Germany is down there.
How can we go cross the river?
How can I know? Swim across it?
Too dangerous.
We should find a felon.
Yeah, felon again.
You see, where they took us?
Then what to do now?
I want to go home.
We don't have home anymore!
Germany is ahead.
Only 1km left.
But how to cross the river?
I will find someone to bring us there.
Are you crazy?
How can I go with the kid?
You are so smart,
then what are you gonna do?
Safe drive.
It's centre here calling for Car No. 8
How long have you been driving?
It's about 10 or 11 hours
from this morning.
Then you can't drive tonight.
But it's very important to me.
Let me drive several hours longer!
How much?
200 USD each.
Hey, that's too expensive.
How about 100USD?
Pay me 200 USD,
and you can get to Germany tonight.
No bargaining.
I don't have 200 USD
Take my watch.
Are you from Ukraine?
Yes, from Ukraine.
You can't trust that guy.
You'd better get your ass
back into your room!
Don't trust him. They are Bulgarian.
They just cheat displaced person.
Let's go.
You son of the bitch!
Bad lucky!
What should we do now?
I've no idea.
Go home?
Sorry, we are closed.
The manager will come soon.
I still decide try to across the river.
without the felon.
Who's with me?
And me.
We are just about to get there.
I'm very tired!
Go with us, at least
better than staying here.
If you got caught by the German,
don't ever say you are from Poland.
Then where are we from?
By train.
Or say you are from Kiev by truck.
When the door is open,
you are already in Germany.
You've never seen even a ghost of Poland.
Okay, lets go.
How much?
No need to pay, I buy it for you.
Are you sure?
Yes, sure.
Where can we find a cheap hotel?
I don't know.
Just go straight.
In that street.
You'll find the hotel.
It's just restaurant here, not hotel.
They can't understand what you say.
The meow is not quite
same as the one at home
Good evening.
Where are you going?
That's my guest!
Bring the bag here!
It's your problem.
Because you were sleeping.
Maik, look!
Be careful, lets go, hurry.
Look there!
Let's go!
You only broke your headlights.
But look at my car!
What are you talking about.
Only some scratches.
Only? My car is newly-bought!
Is it enough?
They ask 60USD for 1 night.
I'm so tired!
Anna, listen carefully.
I've an idea.
Let's stay here for a night.
I'll find the guys
who can help us tomorrow morning.
So you just stay here with your kid.
Can you explain this,
Why are your trousers wet
when you were caught?
He said he got them wet when walking through the paddy field.
How tall were the paddies?
A little taller than 10cm.
The paddies were not that tall yet!
Are you stowaway from Poland?
He said, the paddies were
not that tall that time.
It's not important that
if your trousers are wet.
That can't prove anything.
Ask him to give me some water!
What's wrong?
I want a cup of water.
He said he want a cup of water.
Please apply for refuge.
Here you are.
I ask you 1 more time.
Did you come to Germany from Poland?
I apply for refuge.
He applies for refuge.
No way!
Refuge is not for such
kind of person like you!
You came from Poland.
No! I didn't come from Poland.
I came here by train.
We can only throw you into jail,
or repatriate you to your country!
I came from Ukraine, Ive told you!
You are lying! You came from Poland.
Listen, I don't want to waste time on you!
Don't ever think about staying here!
Do you understand?
Where is it from?
I don't know.
He doesn't know.
We found it in your jacket.
It's the handkerchief that used
in Poland restaurant on the border.
What else can you say now?
It's sure that you are
stowaway from Poland.
Help me!
Bring me away! In your car.
Please! They will catch me soon!
You just need to bring me
out of this door!
I don't want to go back to Berlin.
I'm in a restaurant in Frankfurt.
Everything is just normal.
I just want to hear your voice.
I'm okay.
I slept well.
Hello everyone!
A man's body was found
this morning in Slobeis District.
As known to all,
its about Ukrainian refugees.
He died while stowing away.
He may die from coldness.
Another 3 Ukrainians
What's wrong?
Nothing, Im watching TV.
So that I won't fall asleep.
I want to check out again.
1 more cup of water please.
What about there?
Just a cup of water is enough.
There's water in the washing room.
So please go get it by yourself!
Can you do me a favour?
We are looking for somewhere to stay.
Just for 1 night.
You can go to the hotel.
But that's too expensive.
Then how much will you pay?
No, I can't find such place.
Can I help you?
Just here.
Quiet! Don't be heard by my wife.
Lightly. I go get the food right now.
Go in!
Can you get us to the other side?
Across the river?
That's very dangerous.
I know.
I'll pay you.
200USD, okay?
Let's talk about it later.
Okay, thanks.
Good morning.
Am I here too early?
No no.
I oversleep again.
I packed up the information
again last night.
I'll dress up right now, wait a while.
I don't look too bad, do I?
I have an appointment with him.
yes, I know, but not today.
Can I meet him another day?
I was contacting you all the time,
want to tell you,
he can't meet you today.
But we have an appointment!
He doesn't meet anyone today.
Can you give me a reply at least.
How does he feel about my appeal.
Sorry! I'm not allowed to give guest replies.
How about this afternoon?
I'll be free this afternoon.
The earliest will be next week, sorry.
What shall we do now?
We can't be without mattress.
I've thought about it,
maybe we can do something.
Like write to newspaper?
Or make another appointment?
How do you feel?
It's no use.
The big capitalist is devil.
Kunt. Kunt Pearts!
He's coming out.
That's the chance.
Mr. Pearts!
I'm Mertens.
I'm the consignee of the mattress.
Take a look at it,
do you still remember?
It's the opening that you joined.
So what?
I want to have a talk with you.
There's something happened to my shop.
Please don't mind, but I have to go now.
You can make a appointment
with my secretary.
But Ive tried for several days and failed.
It's about my life.
I can saved if I had your help.
Please don't stop me getting on the car.
I'm sorry!
No, Im sorry.
I can't have no job.
I'll find new job soon.
If you want someone,
you can find me again.
Okay, sure.
Anything else?
What do you want to do with this car?
I may use it for a while.
If you need somewhere to stay over...?
No thanks, I'm okay.
Good luck to you.
Thanks very much.
You can just stop there.
Turn around slowly.
Yes, there.
A little more.
I'm glad that you come.
Hi, Mr. Viker.
Oh no, I'm not Mr. Viker.
I'm an architect.
Here's my crew, from Berlin.
Do we have any translator here?
Very good.
Please let me introduce
Mayor Heinmsky to you.
This is Mr. Finler,
he's the chief architect
Hello, Mr. Viker.
Hi, Finler.
Please let me introduce Mr. Viker to you.
He's the owner.
Lauren, whats the plan?
We are waiting for it.
There'll be an important client from Warsaw,
if you recommend the plan to him,
he may have interest in the project.
Should I ask him to a dinner first?
A dinner is the base of all further negotiations.
Excuse me.
Will you be free tonight?
And your workmates.
I can ask Monica with us.
Shall I find the place this afternoon?
No, its not need to bother you.
Okay, but let me pay the money.
Do you think I have not enough money to pay?
But I want to read some correlative information.
Okay, thats what I'm thinking too.
Where's Marko?
I don't know.
You have to get me out of here..
But we don't have the money to bail you out.
So you have to find a way.
Try it, use the car.
Let me pick you out?
You can destroy the abatis by car.
Bring the cigarette with you.
Give it to them, and they will take message for me.
I find his scrip today.
There is an address on it.
It's a small city on the frontier of Poland.
Will you go to see him?
For what?
I think he would go to there again.
Or al least we can find someone.
Maybe they can help him.
The German drove him out.
The Polish sent him back to Ukraine.
Yes, it is possible. But we
need someone to watch him.
Or he would get off on the road
and come back.
I always meet people like this
while I am a translator.
Go and come, go round and round.
Is it a coincidence?
Can't you assume how poor they are?
He only wants to go to Berlin, nothing else.
Do you belief?
I know it. I sat with him, face to face.
Oh, and what can we do as we go now?
What can we do?
I can take him to Germany
by hiding him in the car.
It will be ok if we are lucky.
But if we are unlucky?
You think twice.
If you want to do some help
you can find other ways.
We can find the felon.
Then he will be save.
Those are not a little humanness.
Can you belief them?
Will you risk yourself?
What's happen to you?
You only met him once.
I don't know how to explain to you.
He was so helpless when
he was caught yesterday.
If I do something earlier.
You must change your job.
You doesn't suit this job.
But I must find him first.
Will you go back to Berlin with me first?
I will go to find him now.
There is a phone just now.
Something about Katharina.
You stay here.
If you will not go.
We can greet them.
You can tell them that you will
find someone to go instead of you.
I can go myself tonight.
I will be OK.
I will go.
The type doesn't matter.
I know you.
You will not be like this
if you really don't care.
What will you say?
Nothing. You know
what will be helpful to you.
I can not help you.
Beata, someone is calling you.
You tell him that I am not here.
What will you do to come here?
How can you know I am here?
I will talk with you.
Philipe, I will not talk with you.
You'd better go back now.
If you refer it to the league,
please tell them.
The 12th, the 15th, the 16th.
That's all.
Were you here last night?
I will call you later.
I am in Frankfurt now.
Yes. Frankfurt on the Oder River.
I will call you tonight.
OK. Bye.
That miss remembered there was a posse.
Someone called Kolmy talked with them.
What should we do now?
She give the address of that Kolmy.
We can ask there.
How are you?
Can I talk with Kolmy?
I don't know what to say.
I am utterly confused this morning.
What a coincidence. What do you think?
Nice to see you again.
We should forget the pass and restart.
I can't imagine that you will
say this to me two years later.
I received no message
about you this two years.
I am so sorry.
Can you explain it clearly?
I don't hope so.
I received your letter,
and you didn't contact me more.
Don't you think that you hurt me?
You are a swindler.
I suffered.
You can tell me other quillets.
I will not say sorry to you
about the letter.
Beata, speak in German.
I don't know Polish.
That's your question.
You should learn Polish early
if you mind me.
Are you serious?
Of course.
You are mad.
What do you want me to do?
Need I take something from the car?
There are many students here.
Is here dormitory-district?
Perhaps. Let's do it dividedly.
You look the left,
and I will take the right side.
Excuse me?
Do you know Kolmy?
He is a student.
Kolmy? I don't know him.
What about Narkoya?
An Ukrainian?
I don't know either.
Excuse me.
I'm finding a person called Kolmy.
Do you know Kolmy?
No, I didn't hear him before.
Excuse me, do you know Kolmy?
Sorry, I don't know.
I will try again anyway.
Kolya, if I were you
I will wait for a little time.
It will not do if we wait like this.
There will be more alert now.
Also more careful.
What's the problem then?
Hey, I'm Christoph.
I'm looking for someone called Kolmy.
Kolmy? I'm Kolmy.
This is Christoph, Sonya's friend.
That translating girl.
Oh, how are you?
Where is she?
Doesn't she come?
Please bring me to Berlin.
Kolya heard that
she came here on business.
He wants to go Berlin anyway.
Don't refer Sonya anymore.
Don't refer.
I don't know.
Why does he come here?
Let me say, OK? Sit down.
Here are 200.
Find someone to take him
to there, like the felons.
It's just like this. Please wait.
He will give you some money to find a felon.
Sonya can't come here to help you.
She is busy.
So you can take the money
without paying back.
But you must go.
Bye. Thanks.
Nothing. Wish you lucky.
Wish you lucky.
Any clew?
SO pity.
At least we had a try.
Thank you for coming with me.
Let's go back.
Lend me the key.
I will put something into the car.
What's the matter?
What about this?
Do you meet Christoph today?
I am in the kitchen with
my friend when he came.
What did he say?
Nothing serious.
I asked him where were you.
He said that you were not here.
And then?
He gave me some money and let me
find someone to help entering the country.
Did you give him the money?
Sonya, please listen to me.
Did you give him the money?
He can find a felon to take him.
You told me you hadn't seen him.
Yes, sorry.
Why did you lie to me?
Because I want to protect you.
It's dangerous that he hided
in your car and got across the border.
It's my decision, okay?
Yes, I know.
But I don't want to be in fear
and trembling with this guy.
Your thought is so different from mine.
Do you know how ridiculous is your thought?
Cut the crap, let me do this alone!
I'll help you.
I can bring you across the border.
Are you sure?
Yes. Give the money back to him.
What do you mean?
He wants the person who can help him,
not the money.
You can ask him,
when I gave him the money,
he was happy to accept it.
Give the money back to him!
It's not kidding, do you understand?
They only want money.
I don't care. Its my own business! Okay?
You'll be screwed if got caught!
Enough! What else you want to say?
Take your fucking bag away!
If you broke up with your friend,
because of me,
I'm so sorry.
It's okay. Get in the car.
Come here.
From here, you can see the glass front door
of the mansion that we built
You can see the scene of river side
from every offices here.
You build this project all by yourself?
Yes, all by myself.
Just joking.
But I'll design the glass part.
Think about it, Im getting ready
for it all the time.
It's going to be built up.
I feel like a pilot in the cabin,
permitted to get off.
You can do it well.
You are always this kind of person.
What about you?
What are you gonna do?
Let's talk about something more interesting.
If you want to go to a high level,
you should go for further study.
You are really changed.
Is that how you feel?
You are not changed at all.
You should tell me
what happened at least.
But you haven't give me a call.
I don't really know what's going on.
Can you understand me?
I can understand you.
Beata, I'm really sorry!
How long will you stay here?
Till tonight.
But if the working started,
I can come here more.
And we can meet as often as we did.
What about the working is finished?
I don't know.
I think we'd better not meet again.
Come here, give me a chance.
A small chance.
You look like the old you now.
Please don't.
Got a big fish?
Are you familiar with this place?
Is the water shallow here?
Do you mean is it shallow
enough to walk across?
Maybe you can in the night.
If the patrols didn't find you.
Are they strict?
Very strict.
If the Germans are so alert,
that means I find the right place.
Do you need a guy to watch out for you?
What did you say?
A guy to watch out for you.
He can tell me when you can walk across.
But he'll cost 200 zloty.
It's worthy.
How about 50 zloty?
No, cant be less than 200 zloty.
Or forget it.
I don't know...
Where's he?
Will he come back again?
I feel something not right.
We'd better leave here.
Will you be more patient?
He said he would help us.
Why did you told him
we want to go across the river?
What should I do?
Why did you mention this?
It's too late now.
He will report us to the police.
Report to the police?
He will betray us.
What can you expect on a taxi driver?
Have you paid him the money?
That guy is alright.
Do you love me?
You have to pay 700 zloty more.
I thought my husband had paid for it.
Sorry but he hadn't.
He just asked me to keep it for him.
But I haven't brought the money.
Then there's nothing I can do, sorry.
You can't take the dress away.
Where have you been?
Where is the dress?
Milena, listen to me.
If you told me you had no money.
Then we can still buy
the design of last year.
But what should we do now?
An old design is not a problem.
I'll solve the problem of money.
You do your things and I do mine!
Where are you going?
What are you gonna do?
I've to make that dress by myself.
What agreement have
you made with them?
I just help the people in trouble.
I do it for our daughter.
We only stay here for 1 night.
Come in.
If you want to help them across the river,
you are really crazy!
Of course I won't
It can make us money.
Ive dealt with them already.
Our daughter can wear the dress
she want tomorrow.
Hi, it's Poland frontier defence checkpoint.
Licence please.
What's in your trunk?
That's my photographic equipment.
You have to take care of it.
Hi, Allen.
It's Finler
Hi, Finler.
The large glass front door is too expensive.
It's just a dream.
What does he say?
He thinks your material is too expensive.
How many do you bring?
10 boxes.
Get off!
Where are we?
We are already in Germany.
It's Germany.
Don't be sad.
Katharina can take care of herself.
She's not a child anymore.
And I don't want to see her anymore.
He can only get us the police.
What the fuck did you sell to me?
Totally crap.
It can't be from my shop.
What do you mean?
Didn't I pick it up anywhere?
Which part is broken?
At the back.
Take me to check it out.
I want to talk to Katharina.
Call you please call her for me?
Where are we driving?
I don't know.
I can't let you back there.
How much is in it?
It's not mine.
Please put it back.
Give me the key.
No way.
Look carefully
Do you think you can do this?
It's enough for several months
Money, money.
Katharina, go!
Did you bring him out?
Did you?
What are you gonna do?
Who do you think you are?
Get in the car!
How about him?
Get in the car too.
I don't want to go.
Do you think you are great?
You are nothing!
Stay right here!
What are you looking at?
Come, come here.
Right now!
You bastard!
Can I get off anywhere here?
In Potsdam Square?
Thank you!
My jacket.
Thanks very much for your help.
No problem.
I really thank you.
Get on from the back,
I get on from the other side.
Drag him out!
What are you doing here?
Where is this idiot from?
They are looking for you!
Why don't you get your ass back!
You are not welcome here!
Get out!
Don't touch her!
Are you crazy?
If you really have to drive her away,
I will leave too.
Do whatever you want to do.
Are you ready?
I'm waiting for you to call.
When do you decide to leave?
He will call us when it's
the right time to go across the river.
Is the water deep?
Not very.
The reason of this dine-together
is that we have a very
special cooperative project
between Poland and Germany.
This project will be an
achievement of the government.
and will be a local sign,
whether to Frankfurt
or to the people here.
Respectful Mr. Viker
and Mr. Barock,
The meaning of your silk factory
is more important than
the project itself to us.
We are honoured to join this project.
Thank very much for
spending your time here.
To the future of your company.
What's up?
When I went back home...
I saw a mattress shop is open.
Mr. Barock said just
need some slight changes,
then we can sign on the contract.
Good. We just calculated
the price again,
it's about 100000.
Please notice:
Decrease the material for the rooftop,
change the front door in the parquet.
We can't change the front door.
Lauren, just step aside a bit.
Without glass, Im afraid...
Very good.
Who will go back with me?
You go with me.
It's my pleasure.
I think you'd better not go there.
Go home, thatll be better.
Go, darling.
Would you please drive for me?
No problem.
I've to let you see.
But you've to promise me,
stay in the car and don't move.
I'm a little nervous.
Can you promise me?
Okay, I promise you.
I can hardy believe it!
You promised me to stay in the car!
There's nothing you can change.
What's all about this?
We have to join the opening
ceremony tomorrow.
You can join if you want.
We offer coffee and cakes
You are so fast.
We think so.
What's all about the mattress?
Where is it from?
From another shop.
It's said that that shop is shut down.
No, not yet!
Aller, would you come here please?
This mattress is mine.
I didn't say shutting the store myself.
Please don't play in my store.
This is my mattress.
This is mine.
You have no rights to do so.
Weh, it's no use. Let's go.
So sorry. It's all my fault.
I shouldn't bring you here.
It doesnt matter you.
You should think the ways to solve it.
I'm suffered a lot.
You should try.
I've tried many times.
Do you know?
I have no money.
I have no money to give you.
I have no money to buy food and clothes.
I have no ways.
Why do you always say
that you have no money?
Must we give money
when helping others?
You are involved wholly.
I had find someone later.
But those bastards didn't
show respect for me at all.
They only want money.
I am in dead end now.
If you would look for help low.
You wouldn't be like this now.
I'm so sorry.
This place is not bad.
I bought this just now.
This is the garden.
What do we do?
Mr. Finler, what's you suggestion?
Don't care us too much.
Come in.
Help yourself.
Ah, our architects.
Are you free to come here.
Please come in.
Let me show you my house.
This is the living room.
Behind it is the kitchen.
Where is he?
Where is the guy to take us
through the river?
I suspect that that
guy doesn't exist at all.
I will be back soon.
Why do you always oppose him?
I think he will help us.
What's the matter?
We wait for a long time.
I only could call you at last.
I'm looking around near the river.
When can we go?
Still can't now.
I see a coastguard cutter.
How long will we wait?
Till 5.
Till 5 in the morning?
Yes. 5 o'clock for the shifting.
Then you can go.
But it's clear at 5.
That's better.
Then you needn't estimate the distance.
What is the relative between you and him?
Do you know him before?
Can I talk with you?
About engineering?
You know Beata, do you?
Do you know? I love her.
She belongs to who cares her like me.
I hope you don't care.
Do you do it for Beata?
Please calm down.
If you don't oppose,
you can stay here tonight.
What do you mean?
I will sleep with her.
Go home with me, now.
What's the matter?
You can not stay here.
This is a blackguards' meet.
We talk outside.
I suffered too much.
Who give them the money?
Why are you so spoofish?
We should make our clients relaxed.
Make them happy.
What about inviting a prostitute?
I only want to know who paid.
I paid the money. What's the matter?
Am I wrong?
We often do this.
So dirty.
Don't do the silly things.
I can change your job.
If you don't want to see.
Philip, I'm serious.
Why don't you say anything to me?
This doesn't matter you.
But I can help you.
If you need money, I can give you.
I can live by myself, thanks.
Let's leave here.
I beg you. Anywhere is Ok.
What can it do?
You have to drive to
Berlin tomorrow morning.
You do your business.
I do my business.
We will meet again, OK?
If I come again?
Or you came to Berlin.
It perhaps doesn't work.
You needn't care me like that.
I've thought about it clearly.
Please let her go.
Don't think that money can buy everything.
Shut up!
Be careful, I'm not kidding.
You have to remember this!
What's wrong?
I don't know
Sorry, Beata.
Get out.
You don't need to appear in front of me again.
Be careful.
I know.
Come here!
Marko, I can't go any further.
Only a short way left.
Give me the kid.
Please help him!
Come back here!
Come back!
Please hold the kid for me for a while.
It's Philip
Let me wake him up, maybe he'll send us home.
Don't wake him up! We walk alone!
There'll be taxi soon.
Don't you want to go somewhere else with him?
My head hurts.
I have the medicine, you want one pill?
I'm asking you, do you need the medicine?
Sit up
You have to put yourself together.
It's okay.
You'll be okay.
I'm so cold
Just put it on and you'll be okay.
I'm so cold.
Here's your train.
Thanks again.
Thank you very much for your help.
No problem.
Let me see.
What are you doing?
I have money!
God! Hurry! Come in!
Ivan Shvedoff
Anna Yanovskaya
Alice Dwyer