Lidice (2011) Movie Script

When future generations ask
what we fought for,
just tell them the story of Lidice.
Frank Knox - USA Navy Secretary
( 1940- 1944)
The priest was here today.
For some honey.
-What did he say? Did he damn you?
He said that war is coming.
We'll all be damned, hey?
Use the garden as an exit.
Enjoy the cake which,
in the name of the entire village
and the Lidice football club,
I am pleased to hand over.
But I would rather pass on this
honorary duty to our Deputy Mayor.
Go on.
Who d'you think you are, you tramp?
Shut up, you squirt.
How dare you?
-You calling me a squirt, you wanker?
-Don't even talk to me!
You don't care they all know,
you enjoy it all.
Why be silent? Talk to me.
Get lost! Just go home!
Go home!
You bastard! I'll kill you!
Call the doctor!
-Dear Lord, let him rest in peace.
-And everlasting light be with him.
-Let him rest in holy peace.
Anezka, think of the Lord.
Heck, I imagined our lastjoint bit
of business slightly differently.
Lads, you are really off
to England?
What about you?
Won't change your mind?
Jarus would murder me.
With a bit of luck,
others might do it quicker.
'least you'd fight for your country.
What about you, Karel?
Now when my brother is dead
and dad locked up
I can't leave mum on her own.
I passed him the knife.
Eda was drunk and up for a fight,
he was oblivious of everything.
And Frantisek swiped at him
with that knife.
Does the accused wish to say
anything in his defence?
The accused, Frantisek Sima,
is guilty
of stabbing his son, Eduard,
with death the consequence.
Thus, he is guilty of manslaughter
and is sentenced to hard labour
for the duration of four years.
-How is it going, gents?
-Finishing off, sir.
I pleaded for someone from
the trade, with a minor crime,
and you put in here a murderer!
A son-killer!
They brought in another one,
he killed two girls and
threw them into a pond.
Better than stabbing
your own son, isn't it?
-What's the other one like?
-Which other one?
Well, the one with the girls.
This one is really awful.
Stays mute, gapes... One doesn't know
what's running through his head.
You've failed to notice
you are in jail, haven't you?
-I've noticed.
-You think I'm giving you a choice?
You think you are
on a school outing?
You're banged up on a wing
with other hardened criminals,
so, behave accordingly.
It seems that there are
still worse crimes.
Petiska, Sima, out!
Take your belongings.
This wing has to be cleared
for the Germans.
Run-of-the-mill, clearly
less dangerous offenders
such as murderers and the like,
are off to the B wing.
Here, they say, it will be
reserved for 'real rogues'.
Off we go. Come on.
-May I take the picture?
Prisoners, stop, stand still!
Quickly! Quickly!
Prisoner 2037.
Your new colleague, Kowalski.
Petiska, you over there.
I hope you'll have no complaints
here about bad company.
I imagined it slightly differently.
Most things will be done
differently to what we imagined.
A local legend. Top-class forger.
Ripped off touts by the million.
But the jury
just couldn't work him out,
as he gave all the winnings
away to orphanages and poorhouses.
A right crackpot.
Not all of it.
I kept my working expenses.
How did they catch you?
One orphanage director was petrified
by the cash and she reported it.
-And whatever happened to you gents?
-Nothing much of interest.
I have a few safes to my name
and Sima here is a murderer.
Hmm, that is a somewhat alternative
method of applying God's teachings.
Sit down, Sima. Sit!
No-one knows I am here.
Shouldn't have come.
No hanky-panky, Sima!
One more minute.
No newsprint.
So, I don't have to lug it back.
Please, read it.
A little bit late for that,
don't you think?
What about Karel?
Have you seen him?
I tend to stay out
of the way these days.
Zvolsky said your old lady
is a right goer.
Crikey, you kill her kid
and she brings you eggs.
And a Bible.
You're a right weird family.
May I?
Here. Gospel according to St. John.
Chapter three, verse sixteen.
For God so loved the world,
that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him should
not perish, but have eternal life.
You bastard!
I'll kill you!
What is it?
Can't expect a pure breed here.
Your mother's maiden name
was Konig, correct?
Your superiors weren't
as fortunate in their predecessors.
Supposedly you speak good German.
I'm offering you the job
in charge of the local gendarmes
with your pay being tripled.
May I think it over?
No. You are a strange nation.
You've no wish to help yourselves.
But I can have my own lads?
In fact, you must. We won't carry
out your police duties for you.
So, my congratulations.
Your first task will be to
gather all the church bells.
Your dad worked over there
tapping the hot metal.
I visited him a few times here.
As a small kid.
How is he doing in there?
It's forbidden now.
Really? Strange. Jara,
who strangled his mother-in-law
keeps writing all the time,
mainly asking for grub and cigs.
Attention! Special announcement.
Today, in the early hours,
units of the German armed forces
have crossed the borders
of Bolshevik Russia.
Panzer divisions are easily cutting
through chaotic Russian defences...
That's for your mum.
What is it?
Doesn't have to know it's from me.
If you took care of the bees
you and your mum would have honey.
You enjoyed it as a small kid.
You should pop by to see your dad.
The priest asked whether
you'd help him again at Mass.
You used to enjoy playing the organ.
Seidl family
have different chickens.
No idea, they must have these too.
Shouldn't you be studying?
And shouldn't we go and visit dad?
I think we have enough
of other worries for now.
Who knows if they allow visits.
It's wartime. Other rules apply.
As a rule,
he still remains our dad.
Come closer, so we have
a memento of your three goals!
Come and stand down here.
Fine, a little further...
Nobody understands that,
in fact, I'm helping them.
If one of us didn't do it
we could be a lot worse off.
Thank you. Finished.
You think I get
a kick out of being here?
A public gathering demands
some official supervision.
I'm here because of them.
For them to have a good time.
You get it, don't you?
You're in the picture,
when they all gape at you like this.
Those two could make a couple.
With such shame I wouldn't
even stick my head out.
Marie! The chickens are laying well.
Horak and Stribrny have legged it,
now you have a bigger range to fill.
-Will you dance with me?
-Now that you've finished playing?
The girls are waiting for me.
Go on then, don't linger.
I have to get a little more drunk.
Then I will ask you again.
No more for you.
When I get sozzled
I don't feel so shy.
But, there again I just
jabber nonsense then.
Be glad. You'd be married
with a kid like me.
Ungrateful louts!
You hate me too, don't you?
-We're just musicians.
-We just feel ashamed for you.
And a little bit scared of you.
Just a bit...
Lads, you know how much I'm afraid?
Nothing left to joke about.
The Leader and Reich Chancellor
has appointed, to replace the ill
Reich Protector,
Konstantin von Neurath,
in the post of Reich Protector,
SS-Obegruppenfuhrer Heydrich.
The Acting Reich Protector
has taken up his post.
At Prague Castle he was welcomed
by the State Secretary, K.H. Frank.
Thereafter, the Acting
Reich Protector carried out
an inspection of army,
SS armed units and police units.
Which bugger is responsible?
You want to get us all locked up?
Look... that one on the left.
She's beautiful, hey?
Come on, follow them.
Just you watch.
Girls, can I talk
to you for a minute?
I need you to help
me out with something.
It's simple.
A kind of a secret errand.
I need you to sort
something out in Lidice.
To hand over this button.
But no-one must find out.
Give it to the Horak family,
the farmstead behind the church.
Tell them that Pepik
is all right, OK?
If it's that important, than fine.
Don't look over there.
My mate is passing on a signal.
See you.
Come on, let's go. Don't stare.
She'll fall for this, you'll see...
Let's be off.
-Good afternoon. Horak family?
-That's us.
I have a message for you.
I'm just the go-between but...
I'm supposed to give you this
and tell you
that Pepik is all right.
Thank you. Let them pass on
to Pepik in England... sweet child...
tell him that we are fine
and are very proud of him.
-Dad, come here.
-What's going on?
Here, Miss...
Pepik is well.
Come on.
-We thank you.
-Thank you, Miss.
-No need for thanks.
-Oh, yes there is.
On the orders of the newly
appointed Reich Protector Heydrich
the following Czech patriots
have been executed...
Sir, does the radio really
have to be kept with us?
If they find out...
Petiska, easy does it.
Sima, stand by the door.
If anyone comes, scream.
What are you screeching for?
Have you gone mad?
Why aren't you working?
-Army habits. Officer is coming...
-What officer?
What's this?
Heck... next.
Terrible. We've a mistake here.
It's written that they've been
executed but it's got...
Tomorrow's date.
That's correct.
Fuck me! They know it?
You'd want to know?
Here it is.
-Are we waiting for anybody else?
We have a small job to do.
Helena, will you help me?
Helena's shoes aren't much cop.
I'm coming up.
What are they doing up there?
-Drawing a map.
-Such beauty.
Spread it out.
-Is that because of the drops?
We should include
the power lines then.
Why did you need us?
So we didn't stand out
so much in the field.
Somebody is coming.
In a uniform.
-We can handle it.
Damn it, boys,
what are you doing here?
What stupid idea is it running
around the woods these days?
They're looking for
the parachutists everywhere.
I haven't seen a thing.
-They believed us!
-What's up with her?
-She can't help it.
If you ever need anything
just shout. I'll gladly help.
Just leave a note
at the factory gate.
Helena, wait!
What should I have done?
The other one is a good'un too.
But Anicka is something special.
Not even afraid of the devil, hey?
Hang on!
It's late.
You've two minutes.
You look different.
You too.
How goes it at home?
The lads from work send you this.
They send their greetings.
You've talked to them?
I talk to them every day now.
The lads from school are being sent
to Germany. Cash comes in useful too.
Mum has her sewing but...
Karel, I've been thinking.
Sell my bike.
You can use mum's old one.
And buy her a sewing machine.
A decent one.
You'll need the bike. Then...
I'll buy another one.
A better one. For you as well.
-What about mum?
-Nothing new.
-Thank you for the cigarettes.
-Let's go, Sima.
If you are ever passing again...
No Bible and eggs today.
Thank you.
May I have two?
They're from my son.
You've got another one?
I have another one.
You bastard! I'll kill you!
Oh my heart searches
for You for eternity.
Oh, Jesus of mine,
Oh, Jesus of mine,
in poverty and anguish
stand by me evermore.
I've talked to the Mayor.
It's been time enough
to appeal to the court.
But the entire committee has
to sign it as well as your mother.
And, of course, him too.
Discuss it with mother.
It's up to the two of you.
Well then?
I have to think it through,
it's difficult enough as it is.
Gusta said that Vlcek saw you
in the woods with some girls.
Nothing wrong with that.
Who are they?
Just girls. From the factory.
Gusta also said
that you wanted him
to ask around whether anyone
wanted to buy your dad's bike.
And you want to buy
a sewing machine.
What will you be sewing?
Have you been to see him already?
If you ever go again
take this for him.
Give me time.
I have to mull it over.
Didn't want to but my wifey screamed
that she didn't want to be a widow.
Forced my father-in-law's gear on
and pushed me out of the house.
I'm curious as to how well
that Heydrich can play.
-Seen him on pictures and executions.
-I didn't know he was a musician.
I hope the Czech Quartet didn't mind
that I substituted for their
first string tonight.
I am pleased to be able
to welcome you at Prague Castle -
a symbol of everything that
throughout history links us.
My aim is to ensure
this land becomes
a prosperous and effective part
of our Great Reich.
And you are the ones
who are suitable for such a task.
What's it like playing with him?
He is an excellent violinist.
Leave them be. They're scared.
Where d'you think the fourth one is?
On holiday by the sea?
There was lots of food
and then they bussed us to a hotel.
And on the Sunday we all had
tickets to a football match.
You have to be prudent, Karel.
These are strange times.
What about mother?
I am supposed
to pass on her greetings.
I spoke to the priest.
Seems they could put together
an appeal to reduce the sentence.
The committee would sign it.
And mother?
She'd have to sign it too.
Have you sold the bike?
That's good.
That's good.
They couldn't get hold
of that colour you wanted.
Supposedly this one is good as well.
You have five to play with.
Speed is of the essence, so,
you'll go off sick tomorrow.
Your mates must handle
things without you.
I'm really curious how much
that bleeder gets for each one.
Be glad you don't need
such a passport.
I would never have imagined
that one can carry out such
heavenly-minded work in a prison.
The ways of the Lord are mysterious.
Your sonnie didn't
manage a few cigs today?
Well, at least the honey.
Honey is undoubtedly good.
Does young'un take care of the bees?
I hope not.
It's agreed,
we can't leave them just like that.
I didn't want to agree anything.
You can't let them down now.
The other is also worth it.
See, she's on her own.
She is waiting for you.
-Maybe the other one is sick.
-I'm not going, I'd be out of place.
-Most kind of you to come, Anicka.
-Good afternoon.
Don't be angry at Helena,
she'd want to help too,
most of her family are incarcerated
in Terezin already. She's afraid.
Come with me.
It's peaceful here and I like it.
This is for you.
What is it?
How did you lug it here
by yourself? What's in it?
I though it might come in handy
for your friends.
Auntie had a piglet killed,
and I told her I'd send
it to my dad in a labour camp.
You're sweet but you've got
enough troubles of your own.
I'll just take it home for you
and you send it to your dad.
Father died six months ago.
But my aunt is in the dark.
Mum wrote to me not to tell
her as she has a weak heart.
I doubt her heart is likely
to get stronger to tell her later.
I don't want to weep.
I'm silly.
Damn, instead of being of some
use to you I'm whimpering here.
You don't know
how much you've helped.
I didn't know your family
was so troubled.
I wouldn't have got you involved.
I'm terribly glad I can do something.
You can't imagine how much.
For that very reason -
everybody has gone.
In this way I don't have
to be afraid for anybody else.
You have to be afraid.
For yourself.
The day before yesterday it seems
they landed near the deer enclosure.
Such news does
the rounds all the time.
If it was true the forest would be
full of parachutists.
Take that for your mum.
What is it?
-Are you kidding?
-It's from Anicka.
Why is she sending my mum meat?
Because we're arseholes.
-Should have told her the truth.
-Suddenly you're a brainbox.
Drink up, gents.
Closing time, it's late.
Go home!
How would I look? I'd rather be
a liar and she feels good about it.
-On whose behalf did I lie to her?
Is it my fault that you're unable
to find yourself a woman?
It's so unfair.
What do you need another girl for?
You have everything.
The thing is, we really should
start doing something!
That girl is right! She has guts!
And she has such minute hands.
Where is that damned resistance?
I swear I want to help them.
I also want to be a parachutist.
You sit here and do bugger all!
And war's on!
Assassination of Heydrich!
Assassination of Heydrich!
Assassination of Heydrich!
Attention! Attention!
The public is requested to help
in clearing up the assassination
of the Acting Reich Protector,
SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Heydrich,
which was carried out on the
morning of 27. May 1942 in Prague.
Any circumstances, even if seemingly
unimportant to the individual,
could be of great value
to the police.
I'll pay for the trip
but you must go there.
This isn't the right time. There'll
be other problems now to deal with.
And you promised.
We pray for our merciful God
to accept into his Kingdom
our recently executed
brothers and sisters.
Karel Benda,
Dr. Max Groch,
Manuel Groff,
Dr. Jan Hruska,
Jaroslav Rakos,
Ladislav Sulc,
Vaclav Tollinger,
Josef Vyskocil.
...sweeping roundups have been
extended to the countryside.
Thousands of people have been held,
hundreds of them executed.
Frenzied efforts by SS units...
Christ, turn it off!
Have you gone stark raving mad?!
Where do you think you are?
-This has to be destroyed.
-It's your radio.
You just don't get it, do you?
Everything will be different now.
Everywhere and everything.
A minor pretext will suffice, even
some idiocy, and we're all dead!
According to all these reports
local woods are full of parachutists.
Where are you keeping them then?
I rather think the region
is full of informers.
You don't want to catch anybody!
But we must get someone!
Get it! We must!
You can just pray that one of these
informers has something of value,
otherwise, Vlcek,
it will be you that will hang.
Get out.
Lord be blessed.
We have written that during wartime
we need a blacksmith.
Old Strebl died last spring.
The whole committee signed it,
just your signature is missing.
Your wife sends you this.
If it weren't for Anezka
none would lift a finger for you.
Those signatures don't mean
they've forgiven you,
they just mean they feel sorry
for Anezka and Karel.
If it was up to me I'd...
Give Anezka this.
I know that it's farcical.
What do I need a wedding outfit for?
It will only lie waste in a wardrobe.
But I told my mum in Kladno that
it's been complete for a long while,
now, with the war on, she wants
to keep it safe in her home.
It will come in handy one day.
-Good evening.
-Good evening.
I visited your husband.
And I've sent off the petition.
He sends you this.
And what are you doing here?
There is a curfew on!
Where is Karel?
Excuse me, could I leave
a letter here with you?
What is it about?
It's for Anicka Maruscakova.
It's important.
Thank you. Goodbye.
-You're a right swine.
-Do I write I'm married with a kid?
In order that I remain
heroically truthful
and she thinks she's been led up
a garden path by a married bloke?
You don't know her, so, keep your
trap shut. It's your fault anyway.
-Kowalski, take your shoes!
-What's happening?
You morons, the war's on,
that's what!
Get a move on!
-Is that all? Is it?
You have no need to fear.
They'll only spoil you.
They asked for you.
If you survive, let us know.
Look, Kowalski,
I have no wish to give advice,
but if you're really such a wizard
you could forge those German
passports a bit fraudulently,
so the Germans don't find out but,
meantime, it would be discovered
on the border crossing
when they're trying to flee.
-Then you'll be innocent again.
-Which one?
Thank you.
I don't think, though,
I will be in need of it anymore.
I believe in God, I just
plainly don't understand Him.
We think we know what role
we are playing in it all.
Thank you...
In the end, he'll be
better off than the rest of us.
You know nought, so keep it shut.
Hey! Tell Maruscakova to pop in
afterwards, she has a letter here.
Anicka is ill,
she won't be in today.
Dear Anicka, forgive me for
writing to you so belatedly.
Perhaps you will understand as
you know I have work and worries.
What I needed to do I have done.
On that fateful day
I slept in a barn.
I am well. We'll see each other
this week and then no more.
What childish prattle, Vlcek?
It's absolutely clear.
We've waited for this for ages!
Very well...
Vlcek, this is crystal clear.
Get up! Outside!
I don't believe a word of it.
You trying to tell me
that you're seeing a bloke
and don't even know his name
and where he's from?
I don't know.
Why, Vlcek?
Why didn't you tell me
you saw them in the woods?
Why didn't you report it
there and then?
Because he didn't write it.
He is no resistance fighter,
more of a trumpet player and letch.
His name, Vlcek.
Where are you taking him?
Where are you taking him?
Call dad they are most likely
dragging me off to Kladno.
-Take care of yourself!
So, you say you were just
taking her for a ride?
Is that your cock-and-bull story?
It's the truth.
Is it the truth?
Is it the truth then?
We don't know what he told you
but if you know anything...
I just had to pass on a message
in Lidice to the Horak family.
Nothing else.
Horaks from Lidice...
Both fighting abroad.
Horak and Stribrny.
So, we have a link to England.
But no-one saw
Horak or Stribrny here.
No other evidence but the letter?
We have nothing concrete,
so, we have to wait again.
But we can't wait any longer.
You understand?
We at least need some proof.
Some proof, you say?
What about a transmitter?
We'll just take a look around.
Just a routine check.
Will it run in the cinemas?
Don't you fancy filming us too?
Is it an order?
What do you think?
I'm supposed to beg you?
I understand your feelings.
You know them all personally.
But have no worries,
your area of responsibility
will be to round up and account
for the property and livestock.
I know it is unpleasant
but it has certain big advantages.
In fact, it was lucky the transmitter
was fixed on to this area.
The ten million crowns promised
for the capture of the culprits
has to be divided up somehow.
If I refuse?
I will be disappointed...
And you will be dead.
Ruzena, straight in here!
-Anezka, is Karel home with you?
You better come to my place.
The army is in the field behind
the village! Masses of them!
Stop! Military manoeuvres!
If you are local you can
carry on to the village.
Lads, you can go in
but they won't let you out again.
What's all this nonsense?
We have wives and children there.
But why are there
so many of them?
That's nonsense, this...
Better disperse!
It will be dark soon.
Let them pass!
Thank you.
pack your valuables and clothing
for two days. And a blanket.
You have five minutes.
Then in front of the house.
Put the field kitchen right next
to the farm so it's close at hand.
When Geschke and Bohme arrive
bring them straight to me.
Open up! Hurry!
What is this here?
Get moving!
Go home and get a few things.
Better if you use the garden.
Pack up your valuables,
a blanket and a change of clothing.
One piece of baggage and out!
Let her go. She only works here.
She is from Kladno.
Your permanent address along with
your parents are Kladno. Tonicka!
I am going with him. You think
I'm just going to leave him here?
-You can't take me with you.
-He's only sixteen!
-Fifteen is the limit.
-I was fifteen too, hey Father?
We have everything recorded,
of course.
The inhabitants are rather confused
and thus far haven't resisted.
The only organisational problems
have been with the animals.
Have you eaten? May I invite
you to an excellent goulash.
We'll send them their priest.
That always raises morale
and brings a sense of security.
We'll pick him up later.
Come here.
Put that blue pram aside for me.
Let's save our strength.
We must, at least,
calm down the children.
It's because of the paras.
It'll all be over by morning.
You'll see.
Let's pray.
Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be Your name,
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread
and forgive our trespasses
as we forgive those
who trespass against us,
subject us not to the trial,
but deliver us from evil,
for thine is Your kingdom,
and the power and the glory. Amen.
All finished, sir.
Sima, what's all the lazing about?
Get going, you have your duties!
-Petiska's turn today.
-Stop prattling and get lost!
Petiska, we must finish this
before he gets back.
Start composing it.
What is it?
He's from Lidice.
Isn't this being over-sensitive?
He killed one lad himself.
He'll find out anyway.
But I don't have to be
within earshot.
No mention of women and kids,
perhaps his old lady survived.
Betterjust get on with it.
Sister, we've been here two days.
The children have to eat.
-Get back to your place!
-What do you intend to do with us?
Just a formal examination.
Don't worry. Come on.
They'll be back in a short while.
These are the last ones?
-What's your name?
-Ota Vesely.
Otto. A lovely name.
We'll look...
One A.
This one's fine.
Thanks, Otto.
Next one.
Shouldn't have believed him.
Who knows what he did with the
appeal. And with that letter too.
He is a priest.
He can't do things like lie.
Hmm, but if he gave her the letter
why did she not reply?
Karel, too, hasn't showed up since.
Everything is more difficult.
The post, buses not running...
-Look, you're out soon.
-I could be home already.
Seems they've cold-shouldered me.
It might be a good idea to
give them the cold shoulder too.
Go somewhere else,
make a new start for yourself.
That's barmy, isn't it?
Agh! Shit...
Sir, we need some gloves.
My fingers are ripped apart.
Petiska, stop all that balderdash.
Just be glad you're on this
side of the fence.
In comparison to what will happen
there this side is a Garden of Eden.
Every child under sixteen
years of age must have a tag.
Calm down,
There is no need to panic.
It's for your own good!
You will be transported
to a labour camp.
For their greater comfort children
will go ahead of you by bus.
You have my word of honour that
you'll meet up in good shape soon.
Please no! No!
It will be better for you.
Ruzenka, please.
Marie, don't put her down,
don't trust them.
-How old is she?
Staff Sergeant Vlcek deserves
particular merit.
Your bonus.
Of course, there are still some
details to close the matter.
He's one of ours, from Lidice.
Vasek, what's happened?
What are you doing here?
-Where did they take her?
Where is Anicka?
I have to talk to her.
-Who is Anicka?
-I have to tell her...
Leave him.
Karel sometimes visits,
he can take a message home.
-What are you doing here?
-I'm repairing this.
Get up!
Should I shoot you right here?
Let him be.
Take him!
You're nuts, Sima.
You stab your own son
and let yourself be almost
killed because of a stranger.
That lot have their days numbered.
So Kucera said.
Could have had it over
and done with.
My turn.
Move! Get moving!
Roll-call! Into line!
This way you'll turn out
every day.
You'll be split
into working parties.
Until the Commander shows
you may rest.
We'd just like to know
where our children are.
They left by bus.
Five days ago.
This place isn't suitable for kids.
They are well taken care of.
Get lost!
-What's up with him?
-He's ill. He's been vomiting.
The postmistress brought this.
Undelivered post to Lidice.
They're at a loss what to do with it.
-I'll take it away.
Leave it here.
-You should have told him.
-Sure, so he'd do himself in here.
-He'll do it at home then.
-Still better than here.
He should be grateful.
He's got a few hours peace to go.
See you, Mr. Sima.
Where are you off to, Sima?
Straight home?
I won't curry favour with them
if I'm not even worth a postcard.
I'll take a few shirts, some other
things and go my own way.
Lots of luck.
-Freezing cold. How much longer?
-Two hours to go.
You're from Lidice?
What am I supposed to do, tell me?
Shoot me.
You're too late.
That event is over.
No-one is interested in Lidice now.
Heydrich's assassination was great.
You say that the assassination
of Heydrich was great?
Me too. It's allowed now.
You imagine things
too black-and-white.
What do you think? That I or my
adjutant will draw our pistols
and shoot you in this office?
Y'know how much paperwork
is involved? How much it costs?
-You're not worth it.
-Come on now.
Throw him out.
Get walking!
Get lost!
Come in.
I don't care what you think of me.
I don't care what anyone
thinks of anybody else.
I don't think anymore.
And that's much better.
Sit down.
Isn't it funny that it's the two
of us that have remained?
See, you weren't there,
you have some hope left.
Because you might see
your wife again.
They still write.
They keep on writing.
You'll see.
Your one will write.
Dear Frantisek, I'm afraid
I don't know whether this letter
finds you at home, or in that place.
I've written to you in prison but
I haven't received any replies,
and so I just don't know
whether you are alive and well.
Times are bad and I understand
that to write might be problematic.
When we survived the first
terror we will survive this too.
With all my love and honour
to you and Karel... Your Anezka.
Heck, but what to do with you now?
Nobody really knows
that it has been abandoned.
Still, you must keep your eyes open.
No news,
but I've brought you this.
This might come in handy
as well. Am I right?
And I don't want this at my place.
Just keep them, or throw them out.
Dear auntie, I'm pleased to send you
my warm greetings from Poland.
Please, I need some frocks...
What are you up to, how are you?
Please send us some food...
Say hello to all our friends.
Send me two pencils...
Dear brother, I apologise for not
answering your letter until now,
-but you know how things are...
-Dear Lola, I worry about you
as I haven't had any news
from you for more than a month.
Sending sincere greetings,
keeping you in our memories.
Off to Prague! Onwards!
Come to the Czech Radio building!
As quickly as you can!
Message for the Czech army,
Czech gendarmes! Come and help us!
We are calling all Czechs!
Frantisek! Where are you off to?
I have to get to Prague.
Not worth it, before you get there
it will be all over.
At any rate, it was coming.
I thought I might stay
awhile at your place.
All the blokes are...
Your Karel too...
You know the old walnut tree
where the mill used to be,
near the stream...
The war is over, old man!
I'll get some wood.
today's commemoration ceremony
isn't there just to remember
and celebrate the heroes of Lidice,
but also to become the official
start of a new era for this village,
which became a mute witness
to a horrific Nazi crime.
Women of Lidice need a new home,
and we will build it for them.
Now please welcome our most
precious guests. Women of Lidice.
Excuse me, you can't go there.
-I'm from Lidice.
-And I'm from Mars.
-Really, I am from Lidice.
-You kidding?
I heard that Lidice was going
to be rebuilt.
I could be of some help.
I have drawn a plan.
A temporary one.
I remember everything as it was.
And I've brought letters
which were being delivered here.
You know what, come with me.
Look, Mr. Sima, we naturally
value your interest,
but the new Lidice
won't be a replica of old,
you can't expect some ordinary
old village to arise again.
We will hand over the letters
as far as is possible,
the rest we could place
in a museum or such like.
I'd like to help if possible.
My wife hasn't returned yet...
-What was your wife's name?
Not on the list.
I am sorry, unfortunate that is.
They must have split up somewhere.
Look, Mr. Sima, the fact that
you're from Lidice,
taking into account a certain
piety involved in their memory,
and the reality of you in some
way being involved in it,
is, let us say, unbecoming.
Admit it. If you really
wish to help us
forget about Lidice.
Nobody is waiting for you here.
I'd like to talk to them.
Leave me alone, how dare you!
Let me go!
Take him somewhere! Far away!
Make sure he doesn't make a scene.
I thought you'd be here.
I was with her almost to the end.
She was brave.
She went alone to her death.
In her own way.
You really want to leave?
You want to stay here?
Provide them with a live memorial?
I suppose somebody should.
Frantisek, please.
Don't go far away.
Nobody else... knows.
During the war the fate
of Lidice was the only
recognised act of genocide
by the Germans.
173 men were shot.
In a concentration camp
53 women died.
82 children were gassed.
Only 17 returned.
The destruction of Lidice
evoked a great wave of solidarity.
Members of the Washington
Lidice Committee included
Albert Einstein,
Charlie Chaplin, Thomas Mann.
Places were renamed after it, people
named their daughters after Lidice.
This custom has lasted to this day.