Lie Low (2019) Movie Script

What the fuck?
Shit! Oh!
Oh I didn't know whether to knock or...
Sorry, sorry.
What's happened?
Is Esme in?
No, yeah, she's asleep.
What's happening?
Oh, we had a fire.
Jesus, are you on your own?
No, I'm with Parnell.
Okay, where is he, is everyone alright?
Yeah, do you think
we should wake Esme up?
I thought it was gonna be warm.
It gets warm later in the day.
Should I go get him?
No, that's alright, I'll get him.
It's fine.
Oh, you sure?
Yeah, it's easier.
It's parked out by the gate.
Do you want me to move it?
No, we can do that later.
I'll go get Parnell,
you just chill out here.
Have a cup of tea or coffee.
Actually, the kettle's pretty loud.
Oh, I'll grab a water.
What's up?
You look a bit lost mate.
Your mom's wondering where you are.
She left me in the car.
What happened with this fire then?
What fire?
Where were you?
Shh, your sister's asleep.
You left me in the car.
You didn't look like
you wanted waking up.
Alfie, what's going on?
Who's downstairs?
It's your mom.
Fuck off.
You're joking.
No, she's downstairs.
What are you on about?
What the fuck?
Your brother's here too.
Who, Parnell?
Marty's not here?
No, just your mom and Parnell.
Wait, wait, wait, I don't get it.
Why, why are they here?
There was a fire apparently.
Are you serious?
Wait, that doesn't even make any sense.
Why would they come all this way?
Calm down Esme.
Should I leave you to it?
No, no.
Don't leave me.
Hi, how are you both?
Is everything okay?
We had a fire.
Yeah, Alfie said.
I'm not sure I quite understand.
Understand what?
Well it's such a long way to come.
Maybe you should have rang first?
Oh both batteries are dead.
Have you offered everyone a drink Alfie?
Are you both alright for a drink?
Yeah, no, no,
we're both good Esme.
So how did you get here?
Oh we drove down in the car.
I didn't know you had a car.
No, Janet lent us hers.
And there wasn't an option
to stay at Janet's no?
Well I didn't want to bother her.
So Janet let you take the car,
drive across the channel
in the middle of the night,
but you couldn't stop on her sofa?
She's only got that small flat.
How bad was it?
How bad was what?
The fire.
How bad was it?
Was it contained or did
neighbors have to be moved away.
No, no, it wasn't a big fire,
but it was water damage.
The water damage.
Well I see you managed to
pack before it all kicked off.
Oh Jesus.
Why are you here?
I don't know!
Maybe this wasn't a good idea.
And the fuck would you think it was?
Do you know what!
What, I tried.
Don't worry, she wouldn't
have gone anywhere.
She just likes the drama.
So, what's going on?
Nothing, nothing's going on?
I don't know.
How are you?
Can I have a hug?
Come up.
Don't let him in, please.
Oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, oi.
Listen, nothing's gonna happen to ya.
You got nothing to worry about.
No you don't understand,
they're gonna kill me.
Hey, hey.
Don't you be daft son.
No one's gonna do anything
like that, you hear me?
I didn't even do anything wrong.
Alright, you haven't done anything.
You've done everything right.
We've not gone to the police,
Malk's the first person we've called.
There's nothing to worry about, alright?
And you won't let him hurt me?
No one's going to hurt ya.
Is that John?
He's with me Kev, don't worry.
I told you not to bring him here though.
He's alright, he's waiting outside.
You're the first person he talked to.
You know him.
No one's interrogating anyone,
everyone just wants to know what happened.
I don't like him being
right outside the door,
it makes me nervous.
Kev, I'm here, nothings gonna kick off.
And the lads done nothing wrong, alright.
Just go easy
alright, he's a good lad.
Yeah, alright.
It's been a shitty night for him too.
Just go easy.
Alright, no one's in trouble.
We're all just talking alright?
Just tell the truth son.
Who put this together, mom?
How did this happen?
I'm too tired to lie to you so,
can we just drop it?
There you go.
Hey, I've missed you you know.
You must be tired too.
Alfie's gonna
set you up with one of the
guest rooms so you can
get some sleep okay?
You sending me to bed now?
Jesus mom, what?
I'm sorry we're bothering you.
I thought we'd be welcome.
You are welcome mom, but you call first,
you ask to stay or you get
invited, like normal people.
I guess we're not normal are we?
Okay, I'm gonna go to work.
Get some sleep.
Alfie's gonna give you
whatever you need, ya?
Where's Marty?
I don't know Esme.
He's not planning on
showing up too is he?
Don't tell them I'm here.
As if I would, shh.
Two seconds mate.
Boycie, what's going on?
What, is this for him?
Out the back.
Out the back.
I'm not having this shit in my house!
What's up mate?
It's locked.
Oh Jesus.
I don't think that's a good idea mate.
Why I've got the kids upstairs.
Well come outside then.
Don't leave me out here
like a fucking cunt.
For fuck's sake.
Wait, no, no, no don't do that!
Open the fucking door!
Alright, alright, alright!
Hey, hey, hey!
There's no need for this.
No need for what?
Why wouldn't you open the door for him?
He's not even here.
Who's not here?
This is out of order,
you don't just barge into our house.
It's alright Debs, we'll
be out of here in a second.
If he's not here, then why won't you
open the fucking door for him?
'Cause I don't want you
in my fucking house mate.
So where is he then?
I told you, he's not here!
He's not here Malk!
Let's have a look upstairs, eh?
Oi, no don't do that!
The kids are in bed!
Leave it alone!
Savs, for fucks sakes, he's not here!
Leave it alone!
Malk mate, what the fuck?
What the fucks it gotta do with me mate?
You're in my fucking house!
It's alright.
Stay there, stay there!
It's alright kids.
For fucks sake,
you're out of order.
Savs man, there's no need for this.
He's not even here.
So where is he?
I told you, I swear, I haven't seen him.
Can you just leave now Malk?
John, he's my mate yeah?
Yeah, yeah.
Don't, he hasn't done anything!
He's gone, he was here but he left!
Oh, so he was here aye?
Half an hour ago!
Stop it!
Where's he gone then Debs?
I don't know!
I swear to fucking god.
I will burn this place
down with your kids in it.
For fucks sake, he
went over the back fence!
Literally a fucking minute ago!
Get the fuck out of my house now!
Alright, fair enough.
And you can fuck off too!
I'm not having this shit around my kids!
You and your fucking friends!
It's alright kids.
She's a fucking cunt dude, come on.
John are you listening?
That wasn't too bright mate.
Well you can't just
be breaking into peoples
houses threatening their kids.
I wasn't threatening their kids.
I just don't wanna upset anyone
that don't need upsetting, that's all.
Aye, you know what mate?
We can go back and settle
'em down if you want.
No, we don't need to do that.
Boycie's sound mate.
It's just, we don't want anyone turning.
We're just knocking on doors mate.
Yeah, but you know what
happens if we get caught
knocking on doors right?
You know what happens if I get seen
in a car with you?
You know what mate,
I don't really wanna
talk about it right now.
We need to find these fucking cunts!
It's a cupboard.
Yeah, it's your cupboard.
I'll get Bill to bring some towels,
and bedding, and stuff later on.
I'll show you your room Maggie.
Yeah, thanks.
Here we are.
Fucking hell, it's beautiful.
Oh sorry, pardon my French.
It's alright, I'm fluent.
Is it far into town?
No, it's like a 10 minute
walk, something like that.
There's plenty of stuff in the fridge.
Food and whatever, whatever you need.
Oh thanks.
I've got some work to do,
so I'm gonna get on with it.
Cool, in a bit.
See ya later.
When can I have my phone back?
I told ya, you can't
have your phone back.
Because I don't want you calling anyone.
Really though!
I need to tell you why.
We need to
talk about Marty though.
Fuck Marty.
Fuck him, he's on his own now.
Why would you say that?
Why would I say what?
Look at the position he's put us in.
You don't know what
you're talking about.
Don't I?
Why'd you bring us here?
We're safe here.
You think?
Quick, hide the joint, hide the joint.
It's the feds!
Got your bedding sorted.
That's okay.
I'm just popping out.
You okay to look after the customer?
Yeah, yeah, that's fine, yeah.
40 perches and an acre.
Oh really?
Yeah, it's quite big
and hopefully it'll get
bigger the year after.
I mean the idea is to get less tourists
and more, like real people.
Are tourists not real people though?
Well yeah,
but we want the place to be more
of a permanent residence, self-sufficient.
Why don't you have a beer?
Just the one though.
Yeah alright.
Hey, how's everyone?
Oh hello.
I'm Maggie.
Alfie's dad.
On occasion.
I thought you might want something
to keep you occupied while you're staying.
Oh, thank you.
That's nice.
This is Esme's mom.
Our guest.
And her brother Parnell.
I'm Bill, nice to meet you.
You reckon that thing still works?
Well if you're lucky, Alfie will have
some decent games buried away somewhere.
Where ya going?
Don't go far.
Mm, tastes a bit like hamster food.
It does taste a bit like hamster food.
Well, depending on how long you stay,
I'll make you something nice one night.
What, a proper meal?
Chilly aye?
Fucking freezing.
Do you need an extra layer?
I'm alright, thanks.
Stick with the roadman look aye?
Look mate, don't strain yourself.
Wherever you're heading, head on.
Got no friends have you?
Brought them all with you?
Doubt you brought anymore
of that other stuff either.
If you need anymore, swing by my place.
And don't worry, I won't tell your mom.
My mom's not the one I'm worried about,
it's my sister.
She is the strict one alright.
I was just leaving.
Don't let me get in your way.
Settling in then?
Have a beer.
I don't drink.
Sorry, force of habit.
You alright?
Mm hm.
Is everyone okay?
You alright?
Now that the whole gang's back together,
all we're missing is Monopoly.
Should we see if we can
get this thing set up?
Yeah, can do.
I guess I'm staying here then.
Let's go upstairs.
Can I bring my drink?
You don't need my permission mom.
Stupid thing.
You haven't any gotten
any photos around here.
I'm gonna have to get you some of us.
Yeah, Alfie loves the photo.
I've never really bothered.
How come?
I don't know.
You never had any photos around the house.
Didn't I?
Okay, so there's
no judgment in this space.
This place is a place of honesty.
Yeah, so let's not talk
about this whole fire
because it's hurtful to me when I know
you're lying and I think we should avoid
- being hurtful to one another.
- Who says I'm lying?
You don't know I'm lying.
Let's just forget about that.
I'm really trying to make
this non-confrontational.
But you are being confrontational.
You just called me a liar.
But you did lie!
Maybe, but you don't now I lied, do ya?
You said you know I lied, you didn't.
You're guessing.
And that means you're judging me.
Well let's just start again.
Fine, just don't call me a liar.
Fine, I won't.
Don't lie.
Parnell went out with Marty last night.
They got into a fight.
All I know is that Marty's give this kid
a really good hiding.
And now his brothers after him.
Well it sounds like he wants to
give Parnell a digging on.
Well I didn't want Parnell getting a
beating 'cause of what Marty had done,
so I thought the best thing to do
was just to get him away from there.
And how long do you think
before this all gets sorted out?
You mean how long do
you think we'd be staying?
I don't think that's
an unreasonable question.
I don't know.
I'll find somewhere for us.
I just need tonight, maybe tomorrow.
Well if you're gonna
say something, go on.
I just don't understand why you're
letting Parnell hang out with
Marty in the first place.
Parnell's 16, he can hang out with
whoever he wants.
And Marty is his brother.
Yeah, but Marty's bad news mom.
Marty and all his little mates.
What do you mean Marty
and all his little mates?
You don't know anything about Marty.
I don't know anything about Marty?
He's your brother and all.
I don't care!
He's nasty and he always been!
He's my son!
Oh isn't he just.
Can I go now?
I really don't know
what I ever did to you.
No you really don't.
Can you not do that?
Do what?
I'm brushing my teeth.
I don't want to be one of those couples
that brush their teeth together.
They can't stay here.
Es they're your family.
I don't care.
The last thing we want is
them getting comfortable
or thinking they can
stay here indefinitely.
Do you think there's more to the story
than they're telling us?
There's always more to
the story with Maggie.
Alright, my turn.
I don't have
to go to work you know.
I could stay here.
I don't know, we could talk.
What are we gonna talk about?
Anything Parnell, I feel
like we haven't talked in ages.
We haven't talked in ages.
Alright, fair enough.
We used to talk all the time.
When you were little.
You used to sit on my lap
and name as many dinosaurs as you could.
Yeah, I don't remember that.
I thought there were three of them?
Three what?
Three kids.
Marty's not with them.
Well, it's good to finally
get to meet them I suppose.
I honestly thought she was
keeping us under wraps.
Was that Esme?
Oh I need to shit.
How is Esme?
She's fine, why?
There's a lot of tension
in that family unit.
Must be difficult.
Just let me worry about Esme yeah?
It was a phantom shit.
Excuse me, what are you doing in here?
Looking for my phone.
I told you,
you're not having your phone.
I want to talk to Marty
and this shit's doing my fucking head in.
Oi, watch what you're saying.
Where is it?
In the car?
Don't keep on about the
fucking phone and Marty.
Why are you being such a cunt?
Oi, excuse me!
I want my phone.
Don't talk to me like I'm one
of your little fucking pals!
Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?
I'm your mom!
Yeah? Seriously?
- What are you gonna do?
- Yeah!
What in the fuck
are you gonna do about it?
Where you going?
Wherever the fuck I want.
It's not in the car.
I threw it away.
On the drive down I threw it
in a skip with your clothes.
What for?
Well, I don't know.
I thought it was the best thing to do.
The phone is with my clothes?
You're a fucking idiot.
What are you doing skulking around?
I was gonna see about getting
some of that gear off ya.
You want to be friends then.
You asked me to come.
Actually, you know what, forget about it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Can you roll?
You can join me on my walk.
What, now?
Unless you have any other plans.
Where are you going?
Just through the woods.
You can keep me company.
Wait, why do you need my company?
Oh, I don't know.
Maybe I'm just bowed over
by your overwhelming charm.
You coming?
You alright?
What are you up to?
I'm bored.
I can't help you there I'm afraid.
It's a lovely day outside.
Go and enjoy the sun.
I hate the sun.
You hate the sun?
Jump in the pool.
I can't swim.
I don't like water.
You live by the sea.
You're having a laugh ain't ya?
No one swims in that.
You get all this shit that
comes down from the Thames.
Okay, I'm running some
errands in town later,
you can come with me.
Yeah please, yeah, anything.
Okay, I'm gonna crack on.
So what's your problem with shoes?
I love shoes.
I just really love the feeling ya know.
Your feet connecting with the earth.
Energizes your soul.
You should give it a go.
I'm alright, thanks.
I'm not feeling that well,
is it okay if I take
the rest of the day off?
Are you okay?
No not really, I'm feeling
like I'm gonna pass out.
Okay, get yourself home.
Are you sure you're okay
to walk home by yourself?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Should I phone Alfie?
No, no, no.
It's okay.
I'll call him if I feel faint or anything.
Where are we going man?
This is long.
All I want from her
is a consistent mood you know?
Well if they were consistent
they wouldn't be called moods.
Yeah, I suppose not.
She's always been a stress head.
Some people just like the drama.
She's been working
really hard on herself.
She's changed a lot.
You think?
Yeah, for the better.
She certainly thinks
she's better than me.
I don't think that's true.
I don't think people
really change anyway.
Well I don't.
They just hide bits of themselves.
What's the difference?
If your attitude is
different, your relationships.
Well 'cause it's always
still there inside ya.
Waiting to pop the fuck back up.
I don't think people are finite.
I think you have the capacity
to change your brain.
We're too old for that.
I'm carved in stone, warts and all.
No one's ever too old.
Well you're not that far behind me.
I wouldn't go that far.
I'm not over the hill yet.
It's good to know.
Oh I do miss clubbing though.
Like properly clubbing.
Were you into all that?
No, no, not really.
God I was.
We used to go out Friday night
and come home Monday morning.
It's pretty hardcore.
You only get one go around.
Yeah I suppose.
Log flume.
It's two words.
Nah, it's two words.
I couldn't sleep the other
night so I went for a walk,
and I came by your place.
You got some strange
noises coming out of there.
Yeah, like singing.
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, it was weird.
What was it?
That's a medicine song.
What the fuck's a medicine song?
A song you use during
a healing ceremony.
So what's a healing ceremony?
That's a good question.
So I spent some time
in a village in Brazil.
Way way way in the jungle.
And this tribe had the tradition
that all the young men, when
they reached a certain age,
maybe the same age as yourself,
they would head off into
the jungle for weeks.
Sometimes months on end,
on these long hunts.
Kind of like a right of passage.
And they would take a Shaman with them.
What's a Shaman?
A kind of a medicine man.
Witch doctor if you will.
So sometimes they would get lost,
and when they got lost they would
turn to the Shaman
and the Shaman would
give them this medicine
and perform a ceremony
and they would find their way home.
So over time, the tribe started to use
this medicine as part
of everything they did,
not just hunting.
So if someone felt lost,
they would take the medicine,
take part in the ceremony,
and try and find their way home.
Oh hey.
Yeah, can you go inside please?
I need to talk to my mom.
Yeah alright.
Is that Marty?
Is what Marty?
Read the fucking article.
Just a slap huh?
Just a fight?
That's nothing to do with Marty.
Don't lie to me.
We're going to the police.
What are you talking about?
Me, you, and Parnell,
we're going to the police, now.
Look, I think you need to calm down.
I don't need to calm down Maggie.
Ring them.
Ah, what's this about?
Is it 'cause I've been out for
a drink with your boyfriend?
Are you fucking insane?
This isn't a trivial thing.
You can't stay here.
It's not safe.
Ring them.
Then I will.
Phone, give
me the fucking phone!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Sort your fucking misses there mate!
Maggie, don't hit people like that.
Es, are you alright?
Give me my phone!
Give me it back!
Tell you what, carry on and I'll fucking
smash the fucking thing!
Give me your phone.
What for?
Alfie, give me your phone.
Esme, slow down.
This has nothing to do with you Bill.
Dad please.
Give me your phone Alfie.
Now Esme, don't stop!
Look, look, look, look,
we'll talk alright?
You and me go somewhere
and we'll talk together.
Just you and me.
So you can take another swipe at me again?
No thanks you're a fucking nutcase.
Am I?
I'm gonna call the police
and there's fuck all you can do about it!
Tell you what, you say that and...
Fuck sakes!
So what's your plan then huh?
My plan?
Do I look like someones
who's got a fucking plan?
Well either way, Marty's done.
He's gonna go to jail,
and if you don't want Parnell to join him
then you're gonna take him home
so he can tell the police what he knows!
That's not gonna happen alright!
That's not your decision to make!
Well you can't stay here forever!
Okay, breathe.
Let's everyone just take it down a key.
I am fucking breathing.
Nobody's calling the police.
Nobody's grabbing each others phone.
We're a family.
We converse.
We express our ideas
in a civilized fashion.
Well I don't feel like
talking right now Bill.
Thanks all the same.
Okay okay.
Then we depart and we reconvene at a time
when we are emotionally available.
But before you go...
I'm sorry Maggie.
I'm sorry for pressuring you.
I'm sorry for shouting at you.
I'm sorry for any stress or hurtfulness
I have inflicted.
I'm sorry I slapped you
in the face with your phone.
Well done.
Well I see you've had
a productive day then.
I had some stuff to do in town
and your mom was bored so I thought
I'd take her with me.
Took her where?
Look, she's stressed Es.
I thought I'd let her off some steam.
She does nothing but
let off steam Alfie.
And you seem to be
having a fair few drinks
since they've arrived as well.
Between you and your dad...
What's he done?
They've both come back
stoned off their heads,
cheeks swollen up over their eyes
like some bloody Eskimos.
- It's not fucking funny Alfie!
- It's quite funny.
They're not on holiday.
No I understand.
I don't actually think you do.
What, who's this?
That's Marty.
That's my brother.
Am I close to the curb?
Oh, am I good?
What's the flat number?
What's the flat number?
I'll go up.
I don't think that's the best idea mate.
No, I'm done sitting in a car.
Tell me the number, I'm going up.
Well, you know, let's just do what
we've been doing alright?
Until we get a grip on what happened.
I've got a grip on what happened.
Alright, let's not get excited John.
I'm not excited.
Then we should go up together yeah?
You can sit here like I've been.
Sat here like a fucking
dog with the window down.
Tell me the number, I'm going up!
Just wait two minutes John.
For fucks sake.
Listen, give me the fucking,
just give me the fucking number!
Flat 27!
Fucking thank you!
I don't think it's the
best idea though John.
Oh, sorry.
It's alright.
Third floor.
Doors open.
It's okay.
Jesus, what the fuck was that?
What, what are you doing?
You fucking little cunt.
No, get off him!
Alright, let's go.
Can we talk?
Look, I'm sorry about all this.
Don't worry about it.
No, I see it gets to ya, us being here.
I never said that.
Yeah, but I see it.
I don't know Parnell,
it's not a good situation.
I mean the longer you
hide, the worse it gets.
Do you understand that?
I just don't want to go to jail.
And you won't have to.
As long as you tell the
police what you know.
Snitch on Marty?
What Marty's done is wrong.
You don't know that.
The boy's dead Parnell,
that can only be wrong.
Yeah, and if Marty
didn't do what he did,
I'd be dead.
So what are you saying?
It was self-defense?
The boy was stabbed 23 times.
Yeah, it's easy to
judge where you're from.
Out here in your little walled off world.
You know what you sound like?
You sound like one of them
politicians who's happy
to bomb some village in Afghanistan
and call it self defense.
But when it comes down to some
little kid at street level
with a knife trying to defend themselves,
nah scum, criminals,
put them jail and throw away the key.
There's always an other option.
Oh and what would that be?
Why not?
Oh, and where would I go, here?
Yeah, look at your face.
The idea terrifies you.
You don't have any idea
how hard it is to have
all this shit dropped on you.
I have a life here.
And I worked hard to get away.
Yeah, and you couldn't wait to leave.
That's not fair.
You know what, don't talk about Marty.
'Cause he looked after
me long after you left.
Keys, cheers for this mate.
Don't start.
I'm serious mate, it means a lot.
You're a fucking life saver.
Listen, I don't wanna know.
I ain't gonna pretend this
ain't a colossal inconvenience,
'cause it is.
You're not welcomed and it's not cool.
But I don't have much
of a choice now do I?
Mate, fucking hell.
Look, I'm heading out now.
I'll be back at six in the morning,
when I get back do not fucking be here.
Do not fucking be here.
I got my daughter tomorrow.
I need you out of here before I get back,
it's that simple.
Well then you tell him that.
Listen, I've known you a long time.
And don't ever come into
my fucking house again
throwing your weight around.
I don't care who you're with.
I've got my daughter
tomorrow and that's that.
Alright, alright.
What time is she gonna be here?
Her mom drops her off
at eight in the morning.
We'll be gone by seven.
We'll be gone by seven.
Make sure.
I'm not staying here tonight
just so you know, ya?
That's probably a good idea.
But I will be back at
seven in the morning.
Do not be here when I get back.
We won't mate, trust me.
Make sure.
Thank you.
How's Jamma?
Jamma's sound mate.
Look, I'll straighten everything out
when he gets back.
We won't be here when he gets back mate.
Well he's gonna be out all night?
I think it's for the best.
You know, avoid tensions and what not.
I'd rather he be here like.
Where the fuck is he?
Do you know what I mean?
Who's he with?
I don't know who he's chatting to, do I?
What's Eric saying?
He just dropped me a text.
He says the kids
stopping with his sister.
Across the channel.
Well can he get an address?
For fucks sake John, I don't know yet.
People are not gonna be
falling over themselves
to help us whilst we're
in this state are they?
And what state is that?
What did you think was gonna happen?
What did you think I was gonna do?
I don't know.
But now we're in a bind,
don't you think it might be an idea
to give the young'n a pass?
No I don't.
Why, is that what you're thinking?
Well we've already got
two dead kids on our hands.
I know.
One of them's my brother.
Maybe that's enough.
Maybe we're done for now.
No, I'm not done here son.
Yeah, little Savs.
Little Savory.
I'm just thinking, Savory.
Must be a hard name to live up to.
What the fuck is this?
It's a medicine.
I drink it when I'm cleansing.
You drink it?
Mm hmm.
It looks fucking rank.
Well you don't drink your own piss do ya?
Not that I remember.
There was this boy I
used to go to school with.
His parents were like
hippies or something.
They used to drink their own piss.
I think they used to shower in it.
I've heard of people doing that.
Is it good for ya?
I hear different things.
He got fucking tortured at school.
So what's with all the
religious books then?
You have a problem with religion?
No not really.
Just, you got all the teams up here,
I thought you had to pick a side?
I don't know.
Do I?
It's all bullshit
really though, isn't it?
All of it.
No, some of it might be useful.
Like what?
10 Commandments.
Do you know them?
Thou shalt not do your mates misses.
Thou shalt not kill.
Can you remember the rest?
That's about as far as most people get.
I'm sure that little list
came in handy at some point.
In the end it's just
a collection of ideas.
I thought
it was the word of God?
Sure, isn't it all the word of God?
Isn't what I'm saying now?
If God's supposed to be everywhere
and part of everything,
isn't every action the act of God?
Do you believe in God?
I don't know.
God's just a word.
It's a way of describing something
that's beyond description.
And the Bible is just a book wrote by man.
It has some really
beautiful ideas in there
and not so beautiful ideas.
You take what you need
and you leave the rest.
Do you believe in guilt?
Do I believe in guilt?
Do you not?
Don't know, Marty used to say
guilt was just the fear of getting caught.
Marty and said that and you agree?
Don't know really.
Take away fear and what have you got left?
Maybe empathy drives that guilt?
I don't know what that means.
You've not heard of empathy before?
No I've heard it,
just don't know what the word means.
It's the idea that you can put yourself
in someone's shoes and see the world
from their point of view.
Isn't that just fear though?
How so?
The only reason you'd put
yourself in someone else's shoes
is so that you don't
like, hurt or upset them.
That's considerate,
that's being compassionate.
No, that's self preservation.
That's me learning to keep you sweet
so you don't fucking eat me.
'Cause that's all anyone's ever
afraid of in the end right?
And what are you afraid of?
Your brother was in prison right?
Who Marty?
Yeah young offenders.
It ain't pretty.
What would you know?
I know 18 months isn't
the longest of stretches,
but it's 18 spent in probably
the worst place that you can imagine.
Fucking hell.
That's exactly what
it was, fucking hell.
And you wanna talk about religion?
I grew up with religion all around me,
but this place...
Yeah Marty said there were
lots of kids converting to
Islam in Young Offenders.
Yeah, there was Islam, Hinduism,
Buddhism, Christianity,
every fucking flavor you can imagine
and some you'd never heard of before.
But you see these lads take to religion.
You'd see them totally transformed.
You don't think so.
Oh they might of looked transformed,
but people can act different.
People can put up a front.
But you back them into a corner...
I suppose.
Maybe you're right.
Have you found religion?
No, no.
But you can't see what I saw
and just keep thinking it's all bullshit.
The 10 Commandments, the five
pillars, the golden rule,
wherever they come from
or whatever they mean
to individual people,
they speak to something
about human nature.
I just keep thinking about
them boys in that jungle.
See here, can I get some
of that gear off you?
I'm gonna have to think about
that my friend.
What do you mean?
I'm blessed with visitors today.
I'm gonna go back to the house.
Everything okay?
We should something later, ya?
Yeah maybe.
Are you sure?
I see you got caught in the rain.
What are you playing at?
With Parnell.
Nothing, I like the kid.
I just don't think you should be playing
games with him, that's all.
Is that what I do now?
Well he's not some middle aged woman
with anxiety issues dad.
I'm aware.
He's a kid.
And what's your point?
It isn't appropriate.
And when would it be appropriate?
When he's a couple of
prison terms behind him?
Hi mom.
Look, I know we've
already apologized but
I just wanted to say sorry again.
It's not easy.
What is this?
Sorry, it's Janet.
I gotta let her know what's
going on with the car.
Look, I'm sorry.
Here's the thing Bill.
It was shit.
It was a betrayal of trust
and you took advantage of her.
But what really mattered was
that at the end of it all,
after all this pseudo spiritual bullshit,
you didn't look after her.
You didn't help her.
Pseudo spiritual, is
that what it means to you?
You didn't help her and you ended up
looking like just another
snake oil salesman.
The kid's got some real
shit to deal with dad.
Far beyond you.
Just leave him alone.
Yeah who's there?
Well it's Maggie.
Oh, who's number's this?
Oh no it's my phone,
it's a different SIM.
Oh babes, how are ya?
Oh yeah, alright considering,
we're hanging in there.
I'm so sorry babes,
I don't know what to say.
How's Parnell?
Yeah, he's hanging in there.
Yeah well, just
pass along condolences
and for you too.
We're all sending our love ya.
Why'd you say that?
Why'd you say, why'd you say condolences?
I don't understand.
Why'd you say "passing our condolences?"
I don't know, Maggie.
I don't know what you're saying.
What do you mean?
You said "passing our love."
What's happened?
I thought you knew Maggie.
I'm so sorry.
You thought I knew what?
I'm really sorry Maggie.
Janet please.
Please don't, don't.
Has no one
been in touch with you?
I threw my SIM away.
Mom, mom, Parnell.
Maggie, I
really thought you knew.
I'm so sorry.
Janet please tell me he's not dead.
What's up with mom?
Oh she's, she's just
had a skin full again.
What are you doing here then?
What do you want?
I'm so sorry Maggie.
What happened?
What do I want?
I don't know Parnell, maybe I just want
my family to be safe.
What family?
This family?
Well don't worry about us.
You have your new family
to worry about, haven't ya?
Just popping out for a bit,
I'll see you both later.
Mom wait!
What's happened?
Look, just don't fucking say anything!
Yeah, but what am I supposed to say?
Say nothing.
Hey, what's up?
Is it too late?
It's early enough, come in.
So much noise inside my head.
I can't breathe.
Okay, what do you want to do?
Do you want to hang out,
smoke a couple of spliffs?
It's a nice distraction, but
that's about all it really is.
I don't want a distraction,
I want it to stop.
Sit down.
Can you help me Bill?
Oi, oi.
Do you want anything from the shop?
No, I'm good thanks.
What's the craic here then?
It's Eric, he's,
he's got an address for us.
Why is the engine running?
It's the radio.
What's the matter?
Go on.
Go on.
I can text you the address if you want.
Write it down.
What about the car?
I'll make sure it gets back okay.
It's just Jamma's,
that's all I'm saying.
I'm sorry John.
You might wanna take your boots off.
Here, sit down on the,
sit down on the rug.
What happens?
If the medicine takes,
you'll have a vision.
What, like tripping?
A little bit more than that.
Do I drink it?
What's that for?
In case you're sick.
I'm meant to be sick?
Try not to talk.
Goodnight mom.
It's okay.
You're okay.
I just can't
explain how I feel.
You don't have to explain it.
I feel connected.
Connected to what?
Like everything.
I'm sorry if I sound
stupid and everything but...
No, not at all.
You know, in Hinduism there's a philosophy
that everyone and everything is linked.
Everything is connected.
You see a plant, it's not
separate from it's environment.
It needs the Sun, it needs the air,
it takes nutrients from the soil.
And without the light
and the air and the soil,
it doesn't exist.
It's all one system.
They're all linked.
You seen mom?
I've tried ringing her but her phone
keeps going to answer machine.
I'm gonna go out and have a look for her.
I'll come.
No, no, no, that's okay, I'll...
No, no, it's fine, I'll come.
She's in the bar.
She's charming the locals.
I told you.
What do you wanna do?
Well I'll go in and get her.
What's up?
Can I speak to you?
You know it wasn't Marty right?
What do you mean?
What wasn't Marty?
It was me.
It was me and I'm sorry.
I was only supposed to warn him,
alright that was the plan.
The plan?
I was only meant to stab
him in the thigh or arse.
Nothing bad.
Just like damage him,
scare him off, like put him in his place.
But once he hit the floor I could only
think about what if he
got up, so I didn't stop.
You planned it?
I could say Marty, he put
me up to it, but he didn't.
I could say Little Savs was a cunt,
but none of that matters
because I did that and
I can't take it back.
It's weird,
because when I thought it was Marty,
all I could feel was anger and hate.
And now I know it was you,
all I feel is sad
and lost.
You're my baby brother.
You were so little.
Oh God, I don't want it to be true.
What am I supposed to do now?
You don't have to do anything.
Well what do you want to do?
I'm gonna go to the police,
like you said, like you wanted.
I never wanted that.
Will you come with me?
Of course I will.
I just want you to be my sister.
Will you just for once
be my sister please?
I am your sister.
We can go first thing tomorrow.
Maybe Bill can come?
Yeah, if that's what you want.
Yeah, if that's alright.
Of course.
If he wants to.
I'm gonna tell mom.
Well wait.
Where have you been?
What have you said?
I haven't said anything.
Let's just wait til we're back...
It's okay.
What's okay?
Parnell wait.
I killed that boy.
I killed Little Savs.
You know what
you've done didn't ya?
You killed your brother
that's what you've done.
What are you talking about?
What happened?
Just wait.
What am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do?
Mom, where's Marty?
Go to fucking hell.
Look, just go and look after mom okay?
Look, there's nowhere else they can be!
They gotta be up there!
I don't think it's the best way to go.
What's happened?
I don't understand?
Is he okay?
Parnell love, are you alright?
Mom, come on mom.
Es, have you seen dad?
He's back there.
Stop everything!
- Oh just stop!
- For God's sake,
- Jesus Christ!
- Esme!
Somebody's been killed up there!
Fucking hell!