Lieksa! (2007) Movie Script

Man is born thrice.
For the first time to live -
The second time, to learn
and a third time to understand.
Road. Biography.
His life was not expensive
even through. He rolled.
Rolled down.
Sometimes it even seemed.
He did not know that it would eventually.
"Previously unknown, where you can
be, "he said.
Until that night his life was
continuous spree.
Drunkenness, revelry, feast -
pajama and toga-partying.
Hey ... Are you okay?
Thus ended his first life.
Film Markku P "ol" onen
Is he dead?
"His eyes are open.
It was just a light slap.
-Easy? Why did beat him? Idiot.
What now?
Let's leave it on the road.
No, wait until he oklemaetsya
and ask whether he remembers anything.
Mom angry. -She does not need to know
she has other worries.
Do not touch me!
March, the police can not do anything about it here.
Law on the side of the new owners.
The police can, but do not want to!
Martha, you know that it is not.
I have nothing I want to know. Martha!
The new owner took the loom.
Boys pakuyte things
we're leaving.
What do we do now?
"We never did not come back here.
We can find something else
suitable for habitation.
Do you think he was faking?
-We know.
He was not pretending.
We'll call him Casper.
Name as a name.
Casper - suits me.
Casper saw, heard, and felt better than before.
As a child.
As a child, only a toga made of pure pain.
Now his name: Casper.
The boy who grew up in the box.
We'll drop dead here, like cockroaches.
-Shut up, Vera. Stop moaning all the time.
What only the father thinking?
Otto clearly explained the reasons.
I leave everything and go.
-Not for the first time.
But now for sure!
We, the family Koppel, tailors.
We were well known in
St. Petersburg in the 19 century.
Yeah, and we all can snore
and fart simultaneously. Especially Hippo.
During a revolution, the family fled
in Finland, across the bay on the ice riding.
They were bringing sewing machines on sleds
the rain of bombs.
They have been in contact with the authorities,
and did not like the Bolsheviks.
During the Civil War family
accused of collaborating with the Russian.
And again we fled. Sweden
Germany, Hungary, Poland ...
The family returned to Finland in the 70's.
I met Rosa three years ago.
Specifically, Martha found me.
He lost a way during a training exercise in the army.
We have a daughter, Anna.
Specifically, in Rosa.
Tsar Nicholas II ruled over
The 70 th millions of Russian.
Then came the Revolution and the Bolsheviks.
And death.
Tsar Nicholas.
Many talked about the twin brothers
And Otto Niccolo.
Otto was the head of the family,
Niccolo empty-handed.
He possessed magical powers.
He could kill a cat at a glance.
It must be Lara.
She stole cigarettes from Reppe and Hippo.
Otto would say!
Now we all know.
-Silence! Everything!
March ...
Where are you?
You know, my children,
I do not long remain.
How many of us?
-Ten of
Ten? Where are all gone?
Some left in Joensuu
part in the cities in the south.
Where Faith and Lara?
This family of the Romanovs.
Our family.
These women's suits are sewn Us.
This Czar Nicholas.
He liked to wear military uniforms.
Here you can see why.
Photo taken in England at a reception at Queen Victoria.
In an ordinary suit he
looked shabby.
He was a short man.
This is the only picture
Our Sofia, together with Nicholas.
Looking for Sophia, it is clear
that she did not want to be in the frame.
But he insisted
that she was with everyone.
March becomes the head of the family.
You go in Lieksa
I sold our house.
We have gotten a house,
Now he belongs to the rightful owner.
I did this so that the family started a new life.
Another life, huh?
No one faith is something suspect.
You can not manage, Mama.
We will ask Niccolo return.
Nicolo not return.
He does not need a life
Why not go to the dark side?
In Laszlo's good happened.
Otto wants us to be honest.
So we're going to Lieksa.
The head of the family has never been a woman.
Without Sofia, we were not even to his family.
Do not forget it.
We have not lost luggage.
We are part of world history.
But do not harbor any illusions. We are at an impasse.
We can handle the work to be honest.
"We can do without our sewing machines.
I know what you are doing,
but now it's over.
We find customers in Lieksa.
No one sews these beautiful wedding dress
as ours. Remember this and be proud.
Not even one in the reeds orphaned children would be as helpless as Kasper.
18 fiber lines left of center bar, a flat as a father.
Directly beneath it a bumpy like a woman's lap -
when light falls on its right side.
The light outside the window came and went.
The Days Passed.
Martta and women were married for Casper from Heaven.
His life began to make sense -
He became a mascot Family
-He was waiting for a bright future.
Was born in Casper This family,
Where women were strong -
& the Victory of Suffering, but came through.
Casper felt happy.
As soon as roadsides bar came to the family of Lieksa.
Lieksa was both fascinating and frightening.
Nobody seemed to care about the cars that are not dried all the way at once.
Kasper had noticed that the family over in his element on the road.
On the way somewhere, they were hopeful daydreams.
In the Mind of Casper is the image of his past became increasingly Blurred.
He was ashamed to remember what-it was.
But Casper? "Does He notes answer. We Do Not Really Know Him.
Go to Jen, change the Machine -
Buy canned Goods and come back.
Well over Stood.
Go to Eno, change machine
buy canned food and back.
Eno, car, canned backup.
All right. It'll work.
Mom, the strand is stretched too much.
Faith, help sister.
Lag yourself. It can not be that difficult.
Veera looks so funny when she is angry with their fabrics and their trees.
Yes, Because I hate this shitty job.
- Monitor your tongue.
Now the left margin.
Why do Repeat, Hippo and Ventti always go? -Women are vain.
You should just buy shoes, jewelry and impractical clothes.
In addition, I Gave Them Money No More;
What They Need.
They were nice boys at heart.
We found the exchange of Machinery, Mom -
We found a Used engine excellent.
And, of course, we do note Have Enough Money for everything else ...
Damn, Venti. You're always going to go on a Leash
Rene and Hippo?
Corrugated ... In General ...
No chips, either. Do I cry?
Well, I ...
Venti, listen to me.
Should You Forget About Rene and Hippo -
and spent more time with us.
Venti, darling ...
You Must Become a father.
What we Need Is a tailor master, to show the good in Lieksa.
WE HAVE you. Work done by male artists more appreciated.
You know how to sew. I taught you from childhood.
However, to Be Master Tailor - note the Sami.
This Is The Only Role. And I am Responsible for everything at the moment.
So ...
Who had you expected?
Renegade senior ... At Hippo soul artist.
I Have for you the job.
You Have 3 Days to cut out and sew a new model. And Then we'll see.
You May Go.
Leave the door open.
It was now the third week on canned food and diluted hemvin.
Kasper was not picky -
but realize that the family was better tailor an chefs.
But it was not his stomach that was Kaspers problems, but the heart.
He'd rather let himself be bitten by a snake.
If snakebite everyone knows something and has plenty of excellent series -
but for his smart, there was no magic cure, no brine resources.
The rain had been allowed to continue indefinitely.
How could the man in his early life have hated the rain?
Were you to learn?
Forget her. We already have a fool for a son-in-law family, it is enough.
In addition, you person sought by police.
Do you? You got it.
Good. Damn it!
The family Kopello was a law, Martha law.
Mama made sure everyone had clean clothes and was clean under the nails.
Kasper felt dirty.
The man from his past life wanted to hide, be invisible.
How did you find us? We followed the oil-pair.
Have you had all these things with you -
among the other traffic? -Yes.
Last winter, you promised that the main problems would be addressed.
Na, we have changed all the tires did not hold air longer.
It feels as though the heat wave has only become worse.
Iced tea?
Thank you.
I heard that you are a widow now.
Does it concern the police?
Would marry me if I found one that promised millions do within a year.
A LOWLY, established life with friends also offers happiness.
Women you know something about life and the love.
Beautiful women just remember to be charming.
Select your next word choice.
Beauty fades with age, But years of no control over the 'sense of humor -
your kindness and Fortitude.
Yes, thank you.
Here, a police officer. What's your name?
Jali. Jali Nappy.
Constable J. Nappy. -At Your Service.
Your weapon loaded?
The magazine sits in.
Such are rules.
Lag slowly back the weapon now.
Careful. It is charged.
Remove your finger from the trigger, slowly. I redial ...
It hurts! "I know.
Do you have a girlfriend? , No.
Sofia met the last time Niki, it was his nickname, was the 1917th
Emperor with the sad eyes, who only wanted to be like everybody else -
imprisoned in his palace.
In the fall of Sophia bore a son, Otto's and Niccol prospective father.
July 1, 1918 Nicholas was executed -
and his family by Bolsheviks in Yekaterinburg, outside.
Their bodies were thrown into a mine shaft.
Sofia mourned.
She sewed a beautiful bride dress and let themselves be photographed in it.
She buried her grief, and devoted himself to his son.
Sorry to interrupt, but I have private matters to the wife Kopello.
I ask RESPECTFUL of the tooth -
initially associate with your daughter. Veer, that is.
Veera is a special fliska. "It is she.
How long have you known him? This year? Weeks?
Approximately 15 minutes.
Are you a real man?
Ma'am, I mean the police.
Na, that's a start. I'll think about it.
Martta and Veera is touching each other equally.
All women in the family, from great-grandmother Sofia -
has had an attraction to uniforms.
Sofia fell in love with the Tsar. Uniform as a uniform.
Why Kasper not see me?
He thinks you're a kid. "But he's not talking?
No ... But a kid is your spirit. "I want to meet Kasper.
It is not possible now. This is for your own good.
Believe me.
Lara! Damn it!
Would not be Lara model?
What's your name? -Lara.
Did you learn? -Lara, it's my only name.
Last time I saw you you were in diapers.
Should I know you?
My name is Laszlo. -Laszlo. He was open and close doors.
He talks about Berlin, Moscow, Rome, and he is king of them all.
Kasper for the star up in prices as cross spider waiting for prey.
The spider gloves. Confident, full of threats.
There is always someone who gets stuck in its network.
How much?
Martta ... You have alrig liked me.
Who is the young guy, anyway?
Looks like he has my old clothes. , Kasper?
Kasper? What's the one jalva name?
Is he the guy in the barn?
Is it you who dressed him? , No. The amount to be shaved off the steering wheel.
I remember when you and Niccolo went.
You were the voice changed. White tie in the mouth.
Rather, it was Otto, and as you drove off us.
We had put an end to your airs. "I was just a child.
A child? You were the start of something.
Oh, yeah ...
The big ater Romanov.
What is it, huh? Is this a life for a man?
Do not touch the car! , I make a point of it.
Move it farther away from the car ...
Rehearsals ...
This is for you. Take it.
Is not it nice? -Yes.
It allows you to cut down his neighbor in the wall -
while you pick ax from caravans.
This is for you. How?
Wait, wait, we are counting.
Do you have roughly estimated -
a new woman for every day of the week for ten mana month period.
Ventti, my favoritsvarson.
Congratulations. And sorry.
Cigars? -Cigars.
Ventti do not smoke. -He 's choice not to smoke themselves.
He shares with them, for you.
Dar he see five eral fine Cuban, Ventti.
One for each child and Roosa you should get.
Let them not wipe! -Thanks.
Roosa now will probably be happy.
Great that you're back, Laszlo. -Fun with a little life into the fold.
Huh, do not stay overnight?
Well the man, the man yesterday.
First act. Touche.
The spider hides his sting, and retires to his corner of vav.
After the evening was Laszlo everywhere and affects everything.
Things started to happen.
We found it in your car.
Laszlo says that you wanted for manslaughter. How about that?
Kasper said nothing. That case involved the man from his past life.
This is for you. "I can not take it.
Why not? Will your mom mad? -No, no ...
Will your sister jealous? -Secure.
Take it. I ask you.
The palate. We Do not tell anyone.
You are so cute. -Thanks.
It is certainly heavy with all the laundry.
How is it in Rome? -In Rome?
It is a wonderful city. You would love Rome.
Lara! "I must go.
And Rome? Travel with me.
Watch out for him. "We always contact us. For everyone and everything!
Do you have the drawing? -What do you think?
They're pretty daring.
1940s New Look.
What would you tell them? "It is I who designed them.
You? You are not even interested in the bridal dress.
No, not by their grandmother models from 1920. -Lara!
I took no offense.
Ventti! Wait a minute. Come here.
Come, come. A little closer, just came.
Hey, I have an idea. Is not it time you clean up my car?
Yes, but Roosa says ... -What? What does she say?
None. -Did not think so.
Are the windows washed? -Inside and out.
And now that I think about it -
choices you can wax my car and my mobile home at once, huh?
Damn it! Ventti do not work for you.
Wash your own skitbil. Ventti do not.
Roosa, Roosa ...
Gnyr you still like a puppy when you ... You know ...
We were just kids da. You were not in the picture.
Forget it.
What right do the shit that behave like this? "He teaches us things.
What kind of things? -To make money.
What do you need money for? "I could buy something, at the family.
For me and Anna?
How many years is it since Laszlo stuck?
Anna is my daughter. No one else's.
Remember that.
Okay, okay.
What is it you have there, rehearsals?
It works. -I asked if it does? What is it?
Only the batteries are missing. -Throw it away.
Throw it away!
Ventti da, what are you hiding there? Show what you have for me.
Do you think this is a joke? -No, no ...
We stopped three cars -
but in the first car was sitting a little kid in the back and ...
And we could not stick down the old woman in the other car -
for she looked so sweet out -
and the guy in the car on the third seemed to say ... poor.
His car was so old that we got ... push it on.
Okay ...
, I can Lifa choice for you, learn? -Absolutely.
Absolutely, yes. Good.
What I thought about much?
This is hard. All have been treated like a bastard.
I was always Niccolo mistakes.
But of course Helena took care of you as his own child? Off-compassion.
Why did Niccolo with you when he stuck then?
I do not know.
He wanted the choice to have a boy.
He wanted to make me a criminal. But I did not want.
Is that why Niccolo abandoned you?
Poor Laszlo kara.
I'm okay. It will pass.
You trust elections at me, Lara?
Good, because together we are strong.
Together we can handle anything. Together!
I love you, Laszlo. -Lara ...
Hey ...
Can I ask you a question?
You know, you can always trust me -
and that I always stand by you, whatever happens.
You see, I have two rather influential friends -
that can help us in the future.
The point is simply that I owe them a favor ...
The accuracy gentlman, they do not make you ill.
If you could just ... Real gentlman.
We must pray the boys get the doctor
, I do not know what to get me for longer.
Helen, have you taken money out of the shrine?
Yes. -When?
In the night. -From there, the shrine?
It was a beautiful box. -Take the money you, Helen?
Think about it, this is important. "I gave them to children.
What should we now live in?
What have you done with Lara? -What? Has she not told?
what does it matter?
Where is your chair hadeeth? Your sjalvkansla?
You are either sick or disabled.
Na, who fixes dinner tomorrow? Huh? You, Ventti?
Do not listen to him. -You can not go on like this.
Next week we get four dress ready. Then it will be easier.
That you do not even believe himself on. Right, Mama?
Who wants to buy them have old rags?
Bonded with the only food of the lynx.
Graver Soon you are all in the garbage. -Do not listen to him.
Martha, what have you done with the family's money?
The money has been spent.
For car repairs and ...
But I heard that the money stolen? -Yes, money has disappeared.
And you, your ruthlessness and cold woman -
blame that old tokens for it! -Laszlo!
You do not? That's what she does.
And you may only crumbs from her table.
That's what you father.
Look has.
This is what she's father
This is what the queen's father.
Nobody wants to come and talk to me.
I came.
Helen, you I hold dear.
Otto managed to keep evil away from the family, but now it has.
Whatever happens, Helen, I'll take care of you.
And you, Lara.
What should I do?
Now we're knitting.
Kasper had already drawn his. The family's fate had nothing to do him.
He had already been expelled once. Each of his scooter.
Ventti, are you with?
I always lose.
What should I do?
We draw lots as to who is lying - mom or Laszlo.
We do not drag on the ticket.
Good. Ventti days.
Hey, Leszlo. -Hey.
"Hey, Laszlo!"
The team, BASTARD? Fully-ok. Hey, hang with us a turn.
We have a big surprise for you. -A big surprise?
Or a plot?
It has, I must watch, wait a minute.
Na, will you kill me now? Which one of you going to do it?
Come on. -Do not touch me!
Take it easy. Come on. -This way.
You will not be disappointed. -Ah, a surprise!
Now, where is it? -Only continuation, surprisingly, no gloves!
Should I do now? How exciting! I wonder what will happen?
Lara ...
I gotta go now, "said mom is not worried.
But you come back? -Once all gone to bed.
All right. -Life Is Beautiful. Charles Oak ...
Love. A moment of happiness, a moment of death.
By Paradise port fa walls, but in hell vague so cluttered manga.
Lies upon lies.
A moment of death.
The notes were tagged!
They have always been. Prevents stolid family.
Tank no one tell you that.
Kasper did not remember the name of a single gut from his previous life.
Now, he felt a strong need to pray.
There is nothing of value has ...
Come on now.
We are not murderers. We buy and we change.
What do you want?
Want to buy or replace? -Buy or replace?
You can get a better car.
I want to give you something.
I can give you my whole family, with cars, caravans, money, everything.
The women? -You get all except one.
You understand when you see her. She is not part of the deal.
She is mine.
And man?
The man? You mean ...
Okay, I understand. They are four, but they are not real men.
They are fleeing up a tree as soon as they see you.
You can shake them down to a few rotten apples -
and then provide them with ironing or do whatever you want.
Is it a revenge?
Yes. It is revenge.
When? -Anytime. Now?
All right.
Lara! Halla!
Come and get your boyfriend!
They have killed Kasper!
Has he been able to tell you something? -Kasper does not speak.
Can not or do not? Kasper-not just talking.
How do we know that he was beaten? -You have a choice eyes?
He may have stumbled in drunk or ... "It was Laszlo and Harjuganget.
Harjuganget? -Yes.
Well ...
Now is it that we do not operate in Harjuganget.
Huh? "It does not belong to each district.
The boys went to ask for help Niccolo. Did you ask them to do that?
Why did you set off Jori drove? You are running out of friends already.
Soon, you have no friends at all.
Stick, you too. Stick! There's the door, did not come back!
And i need you not!
Mrs. Kopello ...
Veera do not know that I am here. Jori I have with me.
He has left police work for you.
He hopes that you Consider your feelings for him.
You meet him in the morning.
Ancestry is your time.
Niccolo has come back! He wanted to see you, immediately!
Na ...
Where is he? -Laszlo.
Why do you shame the family!
If I had known you were coming back ...
You belong to no family any more. -Do not you ...
Go away ...
Is there something about each one.
Do you remember this picture, Mama? Come closer and watch.
Come any closer and watch.
I knew there would be the shit of the image.
A small hot dog shit. Similar to your state's past, right?
Niccolo knew everything. He was told, and he therefore stuck.
And Marta ... Queen Mother. It is enough to make want to vomit.
Laszlo, get out of here! -We do not need you or believe you. Stick.
Okay ...
But tomorrow we will. Okay?
I want you to get outta here and leave everything.
Lamna Lara has. Otherwise we will kill you and everyone.
You have all seen the picture.
The law of monsters in the barn Syatelj while in St. Petersburg.
It was shown the back door for new customers, the increased flushing SALES.
The image was also explains why Sofia became pregnant.
For the image wanted bilsjevikerna was dead the whole family. We fled.
When children ask about the image -
Sofia began to tell stories about the time in St. Petersburg.
If Nicholas and her love for him.
Soon she thought of themselves.
But Romanov da costumes?
The family sewed cheap copies of them at guaranteeing women in St. Petersburg.
But Sofia's children then?
Cork Arlen Fyodor Pavlovskis.
That is our history spirit. -A story is what it is.
A childish story.
Family Koppelos imaginary forlutna law in tatters.
Kasper seekers fear settles over book as a dark fog.
Jali know not that I have.
You have no reason to stay.
I'm going to go away, Mom, but not acceptable.
Neither I nor anyone else will flee at Laszlo. Let's fight.
Mom, do you remember the story of Sofia's time in Poland?
The story? Yes.
What have we to lose anymore? Time to dig a grave.
Family Kopello were no heroes, at least not the man.
It was women who were strong.
The man's victories came only through suffering.
But now, when hope deserted them and they were getting ready to do -
Koppelo family was at its strongest.
They relied on each other and had a family Koppelo -
sagerna with all its traditions and beliefs.
A moment of happiness, a moment of death.
More than ever, Kasper wanted to be part of this family and its fate.
Those who fought against the dragons know that they can not be defeated by ordinary sword.
Old Niccolo felt that the dirtiest battles await.
You fight with the children.
You stabbed your father, Are you insane?
Ga right now, I'll spare you.
Just Punch and Lara stood as the winner.
Niccolo won the battle, but lost his son.
Laszlo lost his family, but like a scarab -
He found a dynghog with like-minded friends.
He was not the highest like fowl, but the key is associated.
To be part of a community and to be accepted as I am.
Koppelo family have always been great to leave.
Martta and Veera was equal to live in amity with each other.
Martta felt that she Veera lost some of its hardness.
Earlier, Martta to persuade Veera to stay -
but now she no longer had the power to it.
Mama knew that winter was near, and the journey must be continued.
For her it was easier to travel than to stay.
For Kasper and Lara was Lieksa weeks before the start of a new life.
Kasper moved in with Lara and happy life began to get traction.
The cold was stra tion day by day.
the family stayed warm with the dream of future happiness in Lieksa.
Repeat and now skraddarmastariden Hippo took seriously -
and planned to work with Martta open a ATELIER Lieksa.
Jori promised to consider the resumption of police work -
said the family soon established themselves in Lieksa.
In a few days, we will know how it is in Lieksa.
If they all come back! -They do enough.
Deep down, they are nice boys.
Anna, play some more.
Here we are waiting, close to the pearly gates Lieksa.
It s Martta who led us hither.
Marta is restless. She has every reason to be scared.
She knows that her hard are made from any fragile.
In a few days, we experienced more than a life so far.
In Lieksa everything. Much of it all.
Too much. Lieksa is not for us.
Lieksa is too much for us.
Martta and Jori. Helena.
Roosa, Ventti and Anna.
Hippo and Repeat.
During this journey with you, I have learned -
that luck is only a mirage on the road ahead.
Perhaps we should just move on, even if we go wrong. "He speaks.
If we stop we die. "He thought.
Roads leading to towns and villages, but the most important is the journey.
We should not mourn the past.
It has been ar just a high ash. We now have a new way to go.