Lies We Tell (2017) Movie Script

[cell phone ringing]
Hello? Donald speaking.
Ah. He said that he was going
to be in a meeting.
[thunder rumbles]
[engine starts]
[owl hoots]
Uh, Mrs. Lampross called
at two minutes to 6:00, sir.
The only men who get caught
are those who don't love
their wives enough.
[wings flapping]
[somber organ music]
How'd it go?
Full of details,
eh, Cinders?
[Cinders barks]
"Dear Donald...
if you are reading
this letter,
it means I now need you
to help me.
I ask for your assistance
in clearing up my affairs
with regards to the apartment
and its contents.
Please ensure there are
no undesirable repercussions
as a result
of my indiscretions."
[zipper unzips]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[high-heeled footsteps]
[remote beeps]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[shower running]
[remote beeps]
- And then go home
- See-line
- See-line woman
- See-line
- See-line woman
- See-line
- Dressed in green
- See-line
Wears silk stockings
with golden seams
- See-line woman
- See-line
- See-line woman
- See-line
Dressed in red
Make a man
lose his head
- See-line woman
- See-line
- See-line woman
- See-line
Black dress on
for a thousand dollars
She wail and she moan
See-line woman
Wiggle wiggle
Purr like a cat
Wink at a man,
and he wink back
- Now child, see-line woman
- See-line
Empty his pockets
and wreck his days
[music continues in background]
- [beep, music stops]
- Demi?
- [door opens]
- Demi?
If this is one of your games...
- [door opens]
- Demi...
I'm Donald, his driver.
Why are you here?
Where's Demi?
Mr. Lampross... is dead.
He died suddenly.
Mr. Lampross gave me
certain instructions.
He wants
the flat cleared out.
So I'm going to have
to ask you to leave.
I'm sorry, it's
Mr. Lampross's instructions.
Oh, uh, what's...
what's in the bag?
It's rubbish.
Oh. Well, if it's rubbish,
I'll take it.
Uh, can... can you
put that back, please?
- It's mine. It was a gift.
- No, put it back, please.
- I said put it back.
- He gave it to me years ago.
Put it back.
Can you give me
my keys, please?
You want a lift?
Was it his heart?
Why won't you tell me
what happened?
You think I don't care.
I know about Donald.
Donald knows
nothing about me.
What does that tell you?
Safer for both of us.
[Arabic music playing]
You've got no idea
what I risked for Demi.
You did say Royd's Lane,
didn't you?
Who the fuck
do you think you are?
Stop the car.
I said stop the fucking car.
[siren wailing]
[police radio chatter]
It's not what it looks like.
What do you think
it looks like, sir?
I was just giving her a lift.
Could you please tell me
the name of the young lady
you're giving
a lift to, sir?
[sighs] Turn your engine off.
Step out the car, sir.
- Thank you, base, I will inform the suspects.
- Copy that.
This car isn't registered
at the address you gave, sir.
Yeah, well,
that's 'cause I, uh...
I-I've just got
separated from it.
Would you please come
with me to the car, sir?
[all jeering]
If you think I'm one of them,
you've got it all wrong.
It doesn't matter
what I think, madam.
I'm just doing my job.
- I'm actually a lawyer.
- [jeering continues]
[imam singing prayers
over loudspeaker, jeering fades]
[tires screech]
Hey, what the fuck?
[engine revving]
I'm gonna fuck you up,
[cell phone rings]
I'm sorry about this.
It shouldn't you take longer
than about ten minutes.
[line ringing]
This is Demi.
Please leave a message.
[growling softly]
Oi! What was KD
doing at your house?
Oi! Bitch. Oi!
I asked you a fucking question,
What was KD doing at yours?
He wouldn't go to my house.
He went with Mum.
Tracey took 'em.
Your mum wouldn't go anywhere
with her.
I'm part of the family now.
She's even chosen a new name
for me when I convert.
Are you going to convert before
or after that bastard's born?
Fuck you.
Fucking bitch, who's a fucking
bastard now then, eh?
- Oi! Oi!
- Hey, bitch!
Are you all right?
Smile, bitch!
[laughs] Yeah!
[car doors opening, closing]
[engine revving]
But if they're deleted,
then you don't have
a problem, do you?
I said
he normally deleted them.
But this one
was special to him.
We took it a couple
of weeks ago in Paris.
Look, I'm worried that he didn't
get a chance to delete it.
We have to be sure.
I thought that you came to the
flat to clear all signs of me.
I was given a job to do.
As far as I'm concerned,
once it was done,
that was it, job over.
But if there's a video
of me on that phone,
you haven't done
your job, have you?
What would Demi think
if he knew
that you let his wife see it?
Imagine the pain that you'd be
putting her through, Donald,
the man he could trust
with anything.
[door opens]
[door closes]
- Has that bitch Banu been...
- Stop!
She's my sister.
Amber! Amber!
I got a brother!
I got a brother!
Who put that in his head?
I got a broth...
What did you do that for?
Take your sister's bags up.
Before you start shouting,
ask your abu why they came.
What happened?
Please tell me that you didn't
let him in our house.
Ammi, I'm talking to you.
They came for their share.
- They could have phoned.
- They did.
The day after
your grandfather's funeral,
but you know your father,
one excuse after another.
But I don't understand.
Why is he making excuses?
Why doesn't
he just give it to them?
He sold it.
[indistinct chatter
on television]
One of them days?
You missed our Heather.
She wants you to sign these.
What have I missed?
Fuck's sake, Donald,
is that all you've got to say?
Your boss just got buried,
your wife served you
divorce papers...
They didn't bury him.
Took him to Greece.
Well, wherever the fuck
they took him.
Listen, mate,
I'm not just saying this
'cause she's me sister,
but sooner or later,
you've gotta start
facing up to things.
You can't keep your head
buried in the sand.
Can I borrow your toolbox?
- [sighs]
- [Cinders barking]
[growls and barks]
Get the fuck out of there,
you horny bastard!
[water splashing in bathtub]
No more envelopes
after today.
It's finished.
No more overtime.
No more working late.
No more weekends.
Ammi, why haven't
you paid this?
Bring my handbag down.
[man] Karen, have you got a copy
of that transcript
- from yesterday?
- Oh, yes, I've got it here.
[cell phone rings]
- Hello?
- Hello, Donald?
I thought you said
you were gonna call.
Yeah, but I...
Have you found it yet?
I can't really speak
at the moment.
I'll get back to you, okay?
How's it going
with Heather then?
[sighs] It's not really.
I know, love, it's hard.
Sometimes you only stay together
for the sake of the kids.
I mean, look at me and Mark.
Real shit.
Get that down you
before it gets cold.
I will. Thanks, Ruth.
[woman speaking indistinctly
over PA system]
["See-Line Woman"
playing in background]
[both laugh]
[music stops]
[cell phone ringing]
Shh. It's Mum.
No, don't worry.
I'll find him, Mummy.
[cell phone beeps]
Is everything all right?
I'm going to need your help.
My little brother's run away.
How old is he?
He's 19.
But he's got
learning difficulties.
[dance music thumping faintly]
[Amber] Look, I can't go in
there dressed like this.
Can you just pop your head
around the corner
and see if he's there?
I'm not popping
me bloody head in there.
It's only a bar.
It's hardly
the Dog and Duck, is it?
He's just a kid. Look.
[tires screech]
I'll just be a second.
Let me see that picture.
[dance music playing]
[drums playing]
Who are you, bro?
[drums playing]
[cheers and applause]
[crowd chanting]
Fuck off.
Right, fat boy, off limits.
[crowd shouting and cheering]
[drums resume]
[man] Y'all know my man
And y'all know KD!
[crowd chanting]
Are you ready, boys?
One, two, three...
bong's away!
[cheers and applause]
[engines revving]
Is he there?
[speaks indistinctly]
Kiss him and I'll cut
your fucking tongue out.
Only for you, bro.
[Donald] Why does he keep
looking at me?
Don't worry about him.
I know him.
[horns honking,
engines revving]
[honking fades]
You want me to take you
back to Bradford?
[metal clangs]
- Where's Pinoo?
- Whoa.
Not in front of the pig.
You know swine's haram.
Yo, Babylon!
I seen ya.
Fuckin' Babylon.
Call Pinoo.
Can you call
my brother, please?
You asking me a favor?
[cell phone chimes]
[KD] Gingey?
Pinoo. Get him.
Pinoo, bro. Go home.
Your mother.
Okay, after you finish,
bro, okay?
Love you too, bro.
Pinoo know
how to show respect.
Do you want me to say thanks?
Just kiss my little mouse.
He miss you.
Leave him!
Leave him!
[Amber shouting]
Fucking shit!
Get... stop it!
You all right, mate?
Where the fuck are you going?
You can't leave him like this.
Right, you park yourself
up there.
Point your fucking eyes
in that direction.
You see any lights,
shout and run like fuck.
You know what he's like.
Hey, imagine the headline.
"Sperm stealers." [laughs]
- [barking]
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
Cinders. Cinders!
[Amber] Hello.
[Billy] Cinders!
Now then, all right?
I... I... I need to speak
to Donald. Does he...
You want to talk to him?
What for?
Cinders, Cinders,
fucking hell, get here.
One word from me, love,
and she just does
whatever she wants.
You, uh...
sure you thinking
of the right Donald?
- Dopey twat with glasses?
- [line ringing]
[sighs] So you don't
work with Heather.
You don't work with him
You're obviously not related.
You're not a mate
of Amy's, are you?
I, um...
came to apologize.
We were cousins.
He was my cousin.
We grew up together...
in the same house.
On my 16th birthday,
our parents took us
to Pakistan.
The second we landed...
they told us
we were getting married.
I didn't want to marry KD.
He didn't want to marry me.
But we knew...
we just knew there was no way
that we were getting back
to England unless we did.
So as best friends,
we made a deal.
We pretended to get married.
How... how do you pretend
to get married?
Haven't you ever said something
you didn't mean?
We said yes...
just so we could get
back home to Bradford.
But he changed his mind.
As far as the world
was concerned, I was his wife.
And he could do
whatever he wanted.
So I had two choices.
Kill myself...
or lie to get a divorce.
So what did you do?
I killed myself, Donald.
No, I mean seriously.
The bastard's onto us! Run!
- [man] Billy!
- [Amber] What?
[man] I know it's you!
Get the fuck off my land!
Sorry about that.
I'm getting a bit too old for
this sperm-stealing lark.
[Amber laughs]
Demi and I went back
a long way.
To be absolutely frank,
when he first raised the issue,
I considered it a favor
rather than a recommendation,
and your move to London
was a fait accompli.
now that circumstances
have changed,
I was hoping you'd reconsider.
We don't want
to lose you, Amber.
Thank you.
I'm flattered.
Um, but as you know,
I still have
one more exam to sit.
Oh, a mere formality
from what I hear.
If it's not proven,
it's not true.
One of the first things
that you taught me, Mr. Quest.
[sewing machine running]
Why doesn't Abu just give
him his share of the land?
It's not like
we're ever going back.
He would rather die.
It would be better to die than
apologize to that bastard.
How can you make me go there
after everything?
When are you going to stop
judging us by British standards?
You should thank Allah
you were 16 and not 12.
Go, put this on.
[man whispering prayers]
[speaks foreign language]
[speaking softly]
[children laugh]
[Pinoo] We're friends!
We're friends again!
Come on, Amber.
Don't you think it's time
we let bygones be bygones?
Oi, Faz.
No one would guess
you are a hafiz, bro.
How come you don't wear
a beard?
It's a shame we spend
so much time
trying to look
like our honorable Prophet...
alayhi wa sallam...
instead of acting like him.
[speaking foreign language]
Well said.
[voice fades] It was worth
coming all the way...
I hate him, Donald.
I hate him.
I think you've got
to forget all about this.
- You're going to London...
- It's not just about me.
The thought of him being
anywhere near my family.
It makes my flesh crawl.
Do you honestly think
that it's gonna make
a blind bit of difference
if you stay in Bradford?
Honestly, do you?
I've got something for you.
Now, this might cheer you up
a little bit.
There's a little bit here,
and I wasn't able to, um...
couldn't quite get that bit.
Thank you, Donald.
Will you keep it safe for me
until I've
actually passed my exams?
So what happened to, "Donald,
I've passed, I've passed"?
I know, I...
I made a promise
to someone.
Oh, aye, okay, well...
I'll keep it for you.
Thank you.
[squawks, laughs]
- Billy!
- Oh.
I was desperate.
Bottom-left cupboard.
Marry me, Amber.
What, with
your filthy habit?
I could change
for the right woman.
[chuckles] Coffee?
At this time?
I'd never sleep.
- It's only 5:00.
- Already?
[Billy] She's been a right bitch
since she got pregnant.
- Leave her alone.
- [barks]
See? Told you.
It's like
she doesn't know us.
Nearly had me bloody
fingers off yesterday.
I don't blame you
for biting someone...
who pisses in the sink.
[whispers] He's disgusting,
isn't he?
Yeah, not very nice, shh.
[wind whistling]
Billy! Billy!
Where the fuck are you?!
What you doing with that?
Put it fucking down!
- Why?
- Put it down!
- It's not yours!
- It's not yours either.
- It's my Amy's.
- It's our Amy's.
Give it back to me.
Give it here.
I built it.
Hey, Donald, Donald,
Donald, mate.
Let's celebrate the way
she would've wanted us to, eh?
It's midnight, mate.
Happy birthday, Amy.
Happy birthday.
[girl screams]
Let your abu deal with it.
[woman speaks
foreign language]
Say makeup is vanity.
Vanity is a sin!
Let me deal with it, please.
You never deal
with anything, Zulfikar.
This is where it starts.
And look where it ends.
I'm going to write
a ta'wiz.
Tell her I don't want
any ta'wiz in the house.
Open your eyes, Zulfikar.
The spirit of the devil
lies under your roof.
You're lucky I'm here.
Tomorrow may have been
too late.
- [chanting in foreign language]
- Ammi!
Ammi, she's gonna kill me!
[chanting continues]
- Do something!
- Enough!
Get out and take your sister
with you!
- Get out. Get out.
- Come on, come on.
Looks like you've forgotten
where we come from, Shaeen.
Am I gonna go to hell?
[whispers] No.
Come with me.
Why does aunty
call you the devil?
Because I like playing
with fire.
[birds singing]
[rooster crows]
It's our little secret,
okay? Come on.
[Cinders barking]
Don't worry.
She's only having puppies,
you know.
- She'll be all right.
- [Donald] Here.
Hey, you okay?
You all right? Hmm?
- What, is it stinging?
- Mm-hmm.
I got something for that.
Oh, no, no,
it's all right, this'll...
[Cinder whimpering]
Does that feel
any better? Hmm?
You won't tell Amber,
will you, Uncle Donald?
- Of course not.
- She won't let me come back.
[Billy] You want to see these,
Well, I'm not going
through that again.
500, 1,000,
one and a half, two,
two and a half...
three, oh.
Here's your cut, Donald.
Rar! [laughs]
I'm gonna give it to you,
Happy birthday.
I'm gonna call you Lucy.
I am.
But what about Mum?
Don't worry about Mum.
I'll work on her for you.
In the meantime, Uncle Donald
can look after Lucy.
- Can't you, Uncle Donald?
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, sure, yeah, yeah, 'course.
[harpsichord music playing]
It was beautiful.
Thank you.
Ooh, wiggle,
purr like a cat
Wink at a man,
and he wink back
- Now child, see-line woman
- See-line
Empty his pockets
and wreck his days
- Make him love...
- [knock on door]
Have you found it yet,
Uh, no, not quite.
I can't say I blame you.
At your stage in life, I'd
have done exactly the same.
But if life
in the fast lane
doesn't live up
to expectations,
you do know
you're welcome back.
Hi, Donald.
I've done it.
I'm free.
Oh, we found a particularly
interesting video
on Father's phone.
See, by the time we got
back from the funeral,
everything on this just
mysteriously disappeared.
But the IT department
waved their magic wand,
and, lo and behold,
we found it.
Think you might
enjoy this, Donald.
[phone beeps]
Look, look.
It was beautiful.
Thank you.
[phone beeps]
Just pull off here, please.
The number of properties
in our UK portfolio.
Two, the number of properties
in my father's personal name.
And I live in one of them.
Tell me
about this place, Donald.
Well, is it familiar?
Father was absolutely right
to trust you, Donald,
but you have to realize
he's gone now.
There's no one left to
measure your loyalty but me.
I'm going to ask you
a question, and, please,
just for old time's sake,
remember this...
lying to an employer
constitutes grounds
for instant dismissal.
[phone beeps]
Wiggle wiggle,
purr like a cat...
Who is she?
Wink at a man,
and he winks back...
[sighs] Donald, please
don't make me do something
I don't want to do.
Who. Is. She?!
I don't know what
you expect me to say, sir.
[music stops, phone beeps]
Open the door.
[engine stops]
Open it.
Take me to the office,
please, Donald.
[remote beeps]
[keys land]
What do you think
he'll do with it?
I... I mean, it's just a girl
dancing on a video.
He... he didn't even know
who you were.
Do you think
he'll tell his mum?
Nothing in it for him.
Just like his dad,
isn't he?
Well, it's the truth,
isn't it?
Demi Lampross
the great philanthropist.
Why didn't he give you the money
just like he did everybody else?
What for?
It was my parents
that owed money, not him.
Look, he was
a businessman, and...
I was no charity.
Demi and I made a deal.
Receptionist to lawyer.
And then
we'd call it quits.
In fact...
today was the day he would
have given me that owl,
said goodbye...
[thunder rumbling]
You know I have no say.
What kind of a mother
are you?
What's your problem?
You jealous?
Ammi, please.
We don't need to do this.
I'll stay.
I won't go to London.
I'll stay here.
They said they can give me
my job back.
It's too late, beta.
Your father
has given them his word.
Which one?
What's wrong?
Come here.
[thunder rumbles]
[knock on door]
It's okay.
She VIP.
We tell Miriam
when she go.
Sit down.
Coffee? Tea?
First time you're here.
Gotta have something.
[water pours]
Tell her what we're
not allowed to eat.
I know, but...
Then why feed my child pig?
But we...
Shut up.
Before was before.
When he born,
who know what shit
you're gonna feed him,
what shit you're gonna put
in his head.
You think changing your name
make you Muslim.
I... I wouldn't do
anything to hurt you.
I love you.
I never gonna
trust you, girl.
Haven't I
been punished enough?
Let's talk about punishment.
Wherever my mother go,
people still laugh at her.
You know why they laugh?
'Cause you lied.
Have you forgotten
what you did?
We made a deal,
a stupid deal.
I was 16.
- So was I.
- I made a mistake.
Okay, KD.
I accept that you made
a mistake.
But you're a man now.
And I am begging you,
please let Miriam go.
I'll tell everyone that I
lied if that's what you want.
Shalwar kameez
really suits you.
Always did.
Want to run away
with me, Amber?
You just don't get it,
do you?
You were
like a brother to me,
my big brother.
And you raped your sister.
With the blessing
of your father and mother,
a thousand people will witness
the auspicious occasion
of my marriage to Miriam.
My fiance and I
would like you to attend.
Stop the bullshit, KD.
You know that what
you're doing is wrong.
I know you're going to hell.
And you're not?
I didn't put my hand
on the Koran and lie.
You know the difference
between you and me?
I know
that I'm going to hell.
You still think you're gonna
deal your way out of it.
This wedding
is not gonna happen.
Your father will regret
sending these out.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Come on, hurry up.
What the fuck does
"technically correct" mean?
It's a forced marriage.
It's not right.
There must be a loophole
or something.
It's the holy Koran you're
talking about, Amber.
It's not one
of your legal textbooks.
If you knew Islam better,
you'd know that only kafirs
look for loopholes.
Did you just call me
a kafir?
- What does that mean to you?
- A non-Muslim.
No, a concealer of truth.
All I can say is have
the courage
to confront them
with the truth.
They don't care
about the truth, Faz.
All they care about
is their egos.
That's not what I meant.
If Miriam doesn't
want to marry KD,
all she has to do
is say no at the nikah.
Couldn't be written
any clearer.
Be real, Faz.
Do you really expect
Miriam to say no
in front of all them people?
Allah only helps those
who have the courage
to stand up and tell
the truth.
Okay, just try again, okay?
You've got... no.
[cell phone beeps]
My name's Nathan Lampross.
My father
passed away recently.
I'm sorry, but you've got
the wrong number.
I was just won...
[cell phone chimes]
[phone chimes, beeps]
A man lose his head,
see-line wo...
[cell phone beeps]
Nice to meet you.
Please, sit down.
What do you want?
Well, that would depend
on what you did for my father.
- We were friends.
- [chuckles]
I think I knew what my father
looked for in a friend.
Just because
I don't smoke cigars
doesn't mean we had
nothing to talk about.
Look, please don't be offended
if I call a spade a spade.
Keep digging.
Well, you were his whore.
He paid you to fuck him.
Fuck me.
- Dressed in green
- See-line
Wears silk stockings
with golden seams
See-line woman...
I wonder what your people
would say if they saw this.
I don't have people who care.
Make a man lose his head
- [beep]
- Okay. Well, off you go then.
Look, Amber, I'm a
traditionalist at heart, okay?
What belongs to the father
passes on to the son.
It's called inheritance.
It's a shame you didn't
inherit some of his grace.
- You knew my father well then?
- Yeah. Is that it?
- Are you finished?
- How remiss of me.
What was the going rate again?
I mean, whatever he paid,
I'll double it, it's fine.
You know what?
Take it all.
I've got a suite booked
All right?
Just one fuck.
One fuck...
and I'll forget
I ever saw you.
What makes you think once
will be enough?
It wasn't for your father.
I strongly recommend
you reconsider.
Just give it to me.
Who the hell are you?
Do you mind?
- It's work stuff.
- That work, too?
I said do you mind?
Yeah. I mind.
What have you got
on this, bro?
KD, just give it to him, please.
You don't need to make a scene.
Excuse me.
- Excuse me?
- Just give it to me, okay?
Are you gonna give it back
or shall I call the police?
- Hello?
- Oh, my God.
Call who the fuck
you want.
- Just give it to me, please.
- Agh!
Your father always said
he raised a spineless prick.
[See-line Woman playing]
All right
- See-line woman
- See-line
- She drank coffee, she...
- See-line
What are you going to do?
What do you think
I should do?
I think you
should let me take this.
Forget what you've seen.
Forget me.
Forget Miriam.
And I think you should
let me pay you back
what it cost you
to bum my family.
Let's make a deal.
You're good at making deals.
If this got out,
you know what will happen.
And after your funeral,
I will still marry Miriam.
Let it happen.
I'm offering you a way out.
Take it.
Promise not to interfere.
Okay, come on.
You have to give Lucy
back to Uncle Donald.
Sweetheart, we can't
take her with us.
I'll take care of her.
Don't worry.
[cell phone ringing]
Is that Mum?
She's going to be mad,
isn't she?
It's better Mum being mad
than you being married.
What's so bad about
getting married?
- Everybody does it.
- Come sit here with me.
I promise, in a week,
all of this
will have calmed down.
- [cell phone ringing]
- Is that Mum?
- No.
- [cell phone ringing]
I thought I told you
to turn that off.
Who is it?
But when we gonna
see Mum again?
I just told you, when all
of this shit's died down.
Miriam, give me
the phone, please.
[man speaking indistinctly
on PA system]
Ammi? Manchester.
Amber's been shouting at me.
How long have you been
shagging prostitutes?
You were caught curb crawling
with a fucking harlot.
You forgot to reduce your
license, you dirty bastard.
What are you talking about?
Is that why you moved out, using
our daughter as an excuse?
You should be
ashamed of yourself.
Don't you bring
our daughter into this.
Why not? You did. It's all
you've ever done since she di...
- She winning?
- Who the hell's this?
- Shut up.
- Don't talk to me li...
Shut the fuck up, bitch.
Where's Amber?
I don't know.
No, no, put that down, mate.
No need for that.
Put it down.
Tell me where Amber is
or shoot me.
You're a lucky boy.
Where's Amber?
I told you, mate,
I don't know.
Tell me, shoot me,
or my man Ginger
gonna take her for a walk.
Ten seconds.
Where's Amber?
[Ginger] Nine.
Where's Amber?
[cell phone ringing]
[Banu] Khalid?
Miriam's in Manchester.
[woman on PA system]
Please stand well away
from the edge of platform six.
The train is not
stopping at this station.
[gun cocks, gunshot]
If I didn't sympathize
with your situation,
you'd be coming with me.
Excuse me, did you speak
to her when she was alone?
She told me
she's perfectly happy.
Good day!
How dare you bring police
to my dar?!
Go inside, beta. Go.
I'm sorry
for shouting at you.
I promise
I won't do it again.
please don't be scared.
Donald's outside.
He's with the police.
And he's with little Lucy.
She misses you.
- What's that?
- It's nothing.
Miriam, let me see it.
What is it?
- Everyone says you're evil!
- Miriam...
And they all say
you're a prostitute!
- You're a bitch! I hate you!
- Miriam...
You have to come with me.
Get the fuck out!
Get out!
Get out, come on! Get out!
It's all right,
it's all right, beta.
It's all right.
Can't you get a High Court
injunction or something?
Against what?
A perfectly legal marriage?
She hates me.
She thinks I'm evil.
Well, I mean,
she's had the fear of God
put in her, hasn't she?
It's over, Donald.
So you're gonna do nothing?
No, I'm gonna do
exactly as I'd planned.
I'm going to go to London
and live happily ever after.
It's your face.
It reminds me of the first time
I met you.
I don't know
who was more frightened.
I wasn't the one shaking.
What would you have done if you
caught someone peeping on you?
I wasn't peeping.
You were.
- No, I wasn't.
- Oh, come on.
- I wasn't.
- You must've had a look.
No, I didn't.
Not even one
teeny-weeny glance?
Have you booked your ticket?
I've been told when someone
changes the subject,
it's usually 'cause
they're hiding something.
Is there a dark,
seedy side to you, Donald,
- something I should know about?
- Like what?
Oh, relax.
Why you being so defensive?
I'm not being defensive.
It's okay, Donald.
You don't have to lie to me.
I don't lie.
You should know that by now.
Objection sustained.
Demi used to swear by you.
But you are a man
just like he was.
Well, we're
not all like Demi.
What are you looking at?
Why did your wife think
that you were curb crawling?
You know why.
No. Not really.
I mean, I've only known you
a couple of months.
But I'd never suspect you
of paying for sex.
And that's what bothers me.
After all those years
of marriage...
she did.
Why did you keep me
a secret, Donald?
Be honest.
Why don't you just tell her?
Tell her what?
- The truth.
- The truth?
The truth is I met a half-naked
girl in me dead boss's flat.
Oh, and I'm sorry
about this, Heather,
but the psychopathic ex-husband
is also a drug dealer,
and he's about to marry
a 15-year-old...
- 16.
- 16 fucking years old!
- She's 16!
- What are you gonna do now? You're gonna run, are you?
'Cause that's what
you've always done.
You ran from the apartment.
You ran from Bradford.
You ran from the police,
and now you're running
from your sister.
- I'm not.
- You're acting like she's fucking dead!
I don't know
what to do, Donald.
tell me what to do.
Speak to your dad.
He won't listen.
You don't understand
what it's like.
I mean, he's your father,
isn't he?
I... I'm... I'm a father meself.
I know what that means.
How can he not love Miriam?
I don't know.
How can you not love you,
I'm sorry.
[all chattering]
[upbeat song
in foreign language playing]
[birds chirping]
[all shouting and cheering]
- You can't marry...
- How dare you?!
You're gonna
have to listen.
Listen to what?
More lies?
Your lies have
brought us to this.
You're the one that took a
16-year-old girl to Pakistan
and forced her
to become a woman,
and now you're doing
the same thing to Miriam.
She has to marry some man!
Why not Khalid?
He's got good business.
Is that it?
How much would it cost
to get her back?
I don't need your money.
Why didn't you say that
when you went to Haj?
I said I would
pay it back to you.
You could never pay me back
for what I've done.
You shouldn't have been
a father.
You should have been a pimp.
[lively music playing,
crowd cheering and shouting]
Bye, Cind.
Look after her for me.
It'll cost you.
Any excuse.
Where are you taking me?
You do know I've got a
train to catch, don't you?
[crowd cheers]
[Donald] You might not want
to see it, but I do.
I wish
I could just talk to her.
If you could,
what would you say to her?
I couldn't get
anywhere near her.
Look at all them people.
No, but I mean, if you could,
would you talk to her?
Yes or no, if I could
get you in there,
would you talk to her?
- Yes. Yeah.
- Yes?
Keep your phone on.
Everything's gonna
be okay. I'm here.
What's she doing here?
[speaks foreign language]
[loud whirring]
[lively music playing]
[speaking native language
[imam speaking
foreign language]
Qubool hai.
[imam continuing]
Qubool hai?
Qubool hai.
[imam continuing]
Qubool hai?
- [gasps]
- [shouts in foreign language]
[crowd cheering]
- She said yes!
- [crowd cheering]
[crowd quiets]
[speaks foreign language]
What's wrong?
- I didn't hear the third yes.
- [crowd murmuring]
Do you doubt Banu's word?
[speaking foreign language]
Did you hear the third yes?
Why are you argue about this?
Let's ask Miriam.
I'll ask her myself.
Miriam beta, don't be
like your father, please.
Don't be afraid
of all these people.
Be honest
only to him alone.
Nobody else matters here.
Did you say the third yes?
- No.
- [crowd gasping]
You did the right thing.
Thank you.
[lively music playing,
crowd cheering]
She said no.
in foreign language]
Leave, Khalid!
I had to say no.
Couldn't leave you, girl.
Love you's too much.
[man speaking indistinctly
on PA system]
[cell phone ringing]
Fuck off, yeah?
Okay, bro.
- Not him.
- It's okay.
After today, everything
will be like it was before.
I told her only once.
[man speaking indistinctly
on P.A. system]
in foreign language]
Once can last a long,
long time.
So what am I gonna do if Miriam
calls and wants to see Lucy?
Just tell her to wait
until I get back.
[train whistle blows]
Oh, come on, Donald,
it's only a hug.
Get an ambulance!
Get an ambulance, a doctor!
Quick, quick, move!
[crowd murmuring]
Amber, listen to me.
Amber, can you hear me?
Amber, can you hear me?
Hang on.
Hang on,
there's an ambulance coming.
Oh, Christ.
The fuck are you looking at?!
Move! Get the fucking ambulance!
Quack, quack.
It was God's will.
[whistles sharply]
And bad things happen
to bad people.
She must've been
really bad then.
[Lucy whimpers]
Is this Lucy?
My fiance miss her.
We're getting married
next month.
I'll send you an invite.
No, I'll bring it
to your house personally.
Look after her for me.
[engine starts]
[hand brake clicks]
[bell tolling in distance]
Fuck off.
Fuck off!
[crow cawing]
[Lucy whimpering]
KD: It was God's will.
Bad things happen
to bad people.
[dogs bark]