Life and Death in the Warehouse (2022) Movie Script

This programme contains scenes
dealing with birth trauma which some
viewers may find upsetting
and strong language from the start.
I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying...
FAINT: Call the fucking ambulance! I've ever had
Call the ambulance!
I find it hard to tell you...
I find it hard to take...
Do something! circles it's a very, very...
..mad world.
TANNOY: Personal electronic devices
are not permitted on the floor.
Right, one at a time, people.
Make sure we're six inches apart,
so we don't set off the alarms.
That's not six inches, Alys Morgan.
Oh, shut up. That's not
six inches either, babe,
no matter what that
lad told you last night.
Nadia was saying she does
like 60-70 hours a week.
Some days, she's on
a fortnight, like flat.
Oh, my God. Hiya. Megan.
That is mental.
How are you?
Oh, my God, you're not working here.
First day. This is mental.
Lauren said she saw you in town.
I was like, "No way, she's
working in London or something."
So are you living at home? Yeah.
How's your brother?
Yeah, driving down
around the bend, you know?
But it's hard on his own, so.
Oh, I was so sad to
hear about your mum.
I loved her.
Yeah, um...
Yeah, you know, it's fine.
It is what it is.
Yeah. I'm so glad to see you.
Yeah, you too. This is Devon.
Dev, this is Megan.
We grew up on the same
street when I was a kid.
What was she like back in the day?
Oh, you know, loud,
always in bother.
I think every guy in
the estate fancied her.
Oh, shut up.
You can't go in in your coats.
You're going to have to put
them in your locker. Mine? Yeah.
In your lockers.
You can't take all of that in.
You have to leave it in your locker.
They said it'd be all right.
I got an email to show you.
Oh, go on, then. Thank you.
All right. There's loads of you...
How come you've got your phone?
They said it was all right, so.
That's weird. So do you know
where they're going to put you?
Picking, definitely. They're
always looking for pickers.
I'm actually on this, um,
like it's a fast track scheme thing.
Is it management?
Well, like training manager.
That's so cool! Oh, my God! Got
friends in high places, don't we?
I wouldn't call it that.
We'll see you in a bit then,
yeah? Yeah. Yeah.
Maybe we could catch up on break.
Yeah, I mean, I hardly get
any time, but I'll try.
See you later.
Tell me who's feeling good?!
Who's feeling great?
That's what I want to hear!
This is Megan.
She's joining us today...
THEY CHEER a customer outcome supervisor!
And we all know how many
candidates she had to beat
to get to the position of the
coolest company in the world!
Megan, come up here.
Come on! You're one
of the chosen few now.
CHANTING: Chosen, chosen!
Got to remember to spend
that signing-on bonus.
You know the one, you know the one!
And my God, she's going to earn it!
It's overwhelming, right?
That was quite special.
Special place, special people.
Now you're one of
the special people.
OK? Great.
Now, you ready? Yeah.
Big moment. Mm-hm.
This is your team.
Pick. What are you
going to notice is
that yesterday their average
pick rate was 100 items an hour.
We like it to be 120, so
a pick every 30 seconds. Pick.
Obviously, we're going to need you
to resolve this as a first priority.
Analyse the metrics
of each associate,
locate the problem,
you solve that problem.
If someone's slowing down,
they're slowing down the team.
You need to help them improve that.
And if they can't speed up,
then you can have to off board them.
Which is super easy
if they're agency,
you just go to the temp desk and
tell Julie, and she'll get rid.
Sharon, nothing tomorrow. Sorry.
If they've got a green vest,
it means they're a
permanent member of staff,
so you have to go
through the process.
Green vests are like gold dust. If
this is a job they want to keep,
they'll listen, if not...
Now this is Alys Morgan.
Yesterday, her pick
rate wasn't good.
It was 99.
Pick. Is Alys agency?
No, she's green vest, so
you'll have to work with her
to get a pick right back up.
Just help us solve the problem.
Actually idle time is like six
minutes more than the team's
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, she spent
11 a half minutes in the toilet.
Wait, you know how much time
she spent in the toilet?
Yeah. We know everything
about every associate.
I can't tell if
you're joking or not.
No, I'm not. I'm not joking.
Oh, OK. OK.
See, that's the point.
If we want to give the customers
what they want when they want it,
total commitment to
the metrics is key.
- TANNOY: Proceed to X-0-0-1-
- A-4-3-1.
- Proceed to Y-0-0-1-
- B-4-2-2.
How was your date?
I did a wax.
Thank Christ.
I seen what you got down there.
Jon Snow wants his coat back.
You want to see? Go on.
Oh, I get some frozen peas on that.
TANNOY: Go to N-06-8-1-2-1-2.
In the meantime, I'd like
to take the opportunity
to congratulate Nadia Ko...
Kovak, Kovak.
Good morning, everyone.
I'm Megan Roberts.
Hi, everyone.
I'm Megan.
I'm your new team leader.
I know a couple of you already,
but I'm sure I'll get to know
the rest of you very soon.
Looking forward to it.
Me too.
In the meantime, I'd like to take
the opportunity to congratulate
Nadia Kovak, who had the highest
pick rate on the team yesterday.
Nadia has really been focusing
on her picking strategy,
and that's paid off in
her exceeding her target.
So, as a team, if we
could look to her performance
and try and match that,
that'd be really brilliant.
OK, um, so yesterday, the
team's average was 100.
Uh, well, we would be looking for...
We would be looking for
it to be more like 120.
Team members are spending a
bit more time in the toilets
than we would like,
and that's bringing the average...
Hang on a minute.
What if I want to take a shit
in the toilet for ten minutes?
Deb, don't.
Right, well, I mean, if we
could try and make it that
it didn't take ten minutes,
that's a good start.
THEY LAUGH AND SHOU Dump and run, is it?
It's just, it's really bringing...
it's bringing our team's average down,
and we really need to...
I've been working on P4.
Sorry, can you step forward?
I can't quite hear you.
If you're working on P4,
you expect us to scan an item,
go down to the toilet,
which is on P2 or P1,
whichever toilet's available,
and then go back and scan an item
in ten minutes? In ten minutes!
Have you worked in a factory
before, just out of curiosity?
Right, um, OK, so that was P4?
Yeah, and you expect me
to go down to the toilet... Yeah.
..and get back and scan
an item in ten minutes?
You're right, Julia.
Like you need to extend it.
OK, well, um, what's
your name, sorry?
Julia. Julia, thank you
for bringing that up.
It's my first day, I don't
quite know the floor plan,
but I'll definitely look
into that and get back to you.
So thank you for bringing that up.
It takes ten minutes to get
to the toilet and...
You know, Nadia's just
been doing really well,
so if Nadia you can do it,
then maybe the rest
of us could do it.
OK, the next bit of good news is
that there's overtime.
thank you for listening,
and, um, yeah, have a good day.
Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. OK.
That was so nerve-racking.
Oh, my god, I know.
Listen, they were
being harsh on you, like,
don't worry about it.
They're lush, they are lush.
Loud, aren't they? Yeah.
Look, I'm sorry, mate, though,
I can't do the overtime.
Oh, you know you have to.
Yeah, I know, and honestly, I could
do with the extra money, but I...
Look, Alys, your pick
rate's already really low.
So... Yeah.
It's just, it's a
medical thing, though.
I can't change it. Right, um...
..all right, yeah, of course,
yeah, no problem.
Thank you so much.
You're a life-saver.
I'm so glad you're here, like...
OK, I'll see you later. Yeah.
And we'll have that catch up. Yeah.
OK, thank you. Bye.
TANNOY: Congratulations,
Nadia Kovac, leading pick rate.
Do you two know each other?
She's got a medical appointment,
so she can't do the overtime,
but she's going to do
her ten hours, so.
We do 60 hour weeks, Megan, it's
not like we're asking associates
to do long shifts that
we wouldn't do ourselves.
It's just cos it's a
medical appointment that,
is that not different?
I think it's also important
that if you're showing favouritism
to someone you've got a relationship
with... Yes, exactly. doesn't show well
with the rest of the associates.
We want to pull together
just to hit these targets.
Yeah, of course. But just...
Yeah, yeah, it makes total sense.
Yeah? Yeah, thanks. Thanks, Megan.
Thank you.
TANNOY: Avoid excessive idle time.
Oh. All right?
Um. You all right? Yeah, I'm good.
I just, um, I was just
going to ask you, um,
if you wanted to come to
the pub after work tonight?
There's a bunch of us going,
like, Beth's going, and um...
Yeah? ..and Brian, I just...
Yeah, I would love to.
I just can't tonight cos I've just
got this thing that, like... Oh.
like, I just... Yeah, no.
..rearranged it.
Yeah, it's fine.
HEADSET: Proceed to next pick.
What are you laughing at?
I'm not laughing. You are. No.
Making it up, go ahead.
Why should I if I'm not. It's fine.
Just, I'll, um, yeah,
just do it another time.
Yeah, of course.
HEADSET: Time for next pick.
All right. Yeah. See you later.
All right, bye.
What are you laughing at?
I've got to go to next pick.
That's OK, I'll see you in a bit.
Bye. All right, see you.
SPEAKER: We do not
believe trade unions
are in the best
interests for our customers.
What's more, we value a
direct one-to-one relationship
with all our associates.
Anything that comes
in the way of that
is likely to damage our
customer fixated culture.
As a new recruit, you'll learn
about the early warning signs
of union activity.
Things to look out
for include associates
not normally connected to
each other holding meetings
and an excessive
focus on workers' rights.
If you spot anything you suspect
to be union activity,
please contact our
department immediately.
TANNOY: Kudos to Team Bronwen,
average 147 this hour.
TANNOY: Avoid excessive idle time.
Morning, morning. Morning.
Megan, Alys Morgan didn't want
to do any overtime last night?
Any thoughts? Yeah, she
had a medical appointment.
Which is fine, you know, people
have got to go to the doctor's.
But if you're an associate short,
it's not going to help
your team with the pick rate.
Yeah, no, no.
I was totally wrong. My mistake.
I'm really sorry.
There's no mistakes.
There's no mistakes at all.
Just the associates don't
tell us when they can work
and when they can't.
Yeah, completely.
Thanks. I'll make a note of it.
Yeah. Yeah, thanks.
You've should seen the
fucking burger she had last night.
The thing is, after a couple,
you've got to have some food. Yeah.
Do you know what I mean?
Nads, you all right?
You all right? You're sweating.
You going to get through
the shift all right?
Mm, I've had few of these. You can
have some of these, if you want.
You're being a druggie.
Drug dealer, more like.
Energy tablet.
It's not like I'm
going to be serving up
mandies in the
middle of a canteen.
How many? As many you want,
they're just natural energy tablets.
Don't tell her that,
she'll take the whole bag.
Oh, you took like, Nads,
you took way too many of them!
Then I have to.
Your pick rate's
going to be like 250.
It's already high, you don't...
It has to be 250.
You don't...
She's on a mission, you.
You're desperate for
the green vest, aren't you?
Yes. You look so much better.
I feel better.
Yeah. She does, that's good.
Um, hi, sorry. Hi. You all right?
Can I have a word?
Yeah, yeah, of course.
Sure. Um... We'll leave. We'll go.
All right.
Big night out last night, was it?
You're joking, ain't you?
I was in bed for ten, I was.
What, 10pm?
Yeah. I mean, once upon a time,
10am would've been early for you.
I know. God, remember.
Things change.
Um, I just needed to
talk to you about something.
So, it's not your fault,
it was my mistake, but,
I got it in the neck
yesterday about the overtime.
Oh, fuck, I'm so sorry.
No, it's not your fault.
And I told them it
was a medical thing, and...
Yeah, it was. Yeah, no,
I totally believe you, um...
But, yeah, they weren't
really having any of it.
And yeah, just like going forwards,
I-I won't be able to, like,
I-I can't let you off
doing the overtime.
You know what it is, Meg?
Um, I'm pregnant.
Yeah, that's why I
couldn't do the overtime
cos I had a medical appointment at
the hospital, see the doctor.
Yeah. Oh, congratulations!
I mean, is it congratulations?
Oh, yeah, I'm chuffed. I'm
really happy. You look really happy.
It wasn't planned, like,
believe me. Right, sure. But, um...
Yeah, no, I'm happy.
Oh, my God, I'm so shocked.
Yeah, right? In a good way.
It's lush.
Yeah! I'm going to be a mum.
You're going to be!
Can you believe it? Oh, my God.
So much has changed.
Is Devon the dad?
Oh, my God. Shut up! No!
What?! What!
No, he's just... What?
You two are really close.
Are you two not together?
No, he's just a mate.
Aw, yeah, he's a good mate.
No. I mean...
I've not even told him yet.
He is smitten.
You can see from miles off.
Stop it.
So who is the dad?
Oh, gosh, do you remember,
don't judge, Kayden Robinson?
I know, it's hard to
forget him. I know.
Do I remember Kayden
Do I remember? Oh, my God.
Yeah. He's the dad?!
Well, at least they're going
to be good looking, right?
My God, that's amazing.
Do you know what you're having?
A girl. Oh! I know, I'm chuffed.
And is everything all right?
Well, I went to the doctor,
and he said she's growing well,
and I heard a little
heartbeat, which was lush.
But he said that my
blood pressure's high
and that I should avoid doing
lots of exercise or heavy lifting.
And I was like, mate, you
do know I work, don't you?
I literally walk 17 miles a day,
half the time on oversize,
so I'm a bit worried about that,
and he's giving me a note.
Do you think you
could get me reassigned?
Honestly, I wouldn't ask,
but the doctor was, like...
No, totally. That makes...yeah,
of course.
Thank you so much.
It makes so much sense now.
Um. Right.
I mean, I can't guarantee it,
but I'll absolutely ask.
Don't tell anyone, like... I mean,
I'll have to tell the manager,
I think I'll have to tell
management. Oh, yeah. Is that OK?
Yeah, whatever you need to do.
I mean, I'm really
honoured you told me,
and I promise to keep the secret.
Thank you so much. Right.
Congratulations. See you later.
Thank you.
See you in a bit. See you, babe.
TANNOY: Today's leading pick rate,
average 147 this hour.
Did you grass on me
about the overtime?
I used the management feedback tool
to let Danny know
that Alys didn't stay, yeah.
It's literally what it's there for.
What, you don't think
criticising colleagues anonymously
is a bit, well, out of order?
I was concerned that you
were trying to do the easy thing,
rather than the thing
that was best for your team.
Every failure is an opportunity
to become more customer-fixated.
If you see anything
I could be doing better,
than flag it up on the system.
I'd expect you to.
Yeah. Cool. Thanks.
TANNOY: Stay customer-fixated.
Bloke on my team's pick rate's shit.
Oh, right. What are
you going to do about it,
because I really need some
advice on how to help Alys.
I don't know.
Craig's shoulder's a mess.
It happens a lot, to be honest.
Really? It's just all the
picking, it's relentless.
Well, why don't you just
speak to Danny and see
if you can put him on
sick leave or something?
Danny knows all about it.
That's just not how
things work around here.
I really appreciate this,
thank you. Uh-huh.
This one's turned down quite a few
shifts in the last few months.
Do you know why?
And today's pick rate is crap.
Wouldn't be offering him a
shift tomorrow, if I were you.
This one in your team? Cos he can't
hack it anymore, believe me. OK.
This one's definitely yours,
though, terrible pick rate.
Shame she's permanent. Alys is
a really good worker, though,
so I think I'll keep her...
Used to be.
Pick rate 82, should be 120.
Lucky for her, she
got that green vest.
Yes, in tomorrow. See you then.
Yeah, you've got a shift tomorrow.
Pick up the pick rate, though.
Just about. All right?
See you then. Rachel.
Nothing tomorrow, Rachel, sorry.
What about the day after?
I have no idea.
Keep an eye on your phone, yeah?
I know it works.
What about next week?
I couldn't tell you. Phone, yeah?
Eve, yeah, back tomorrow.
Skin of your teeth.
Check your phone, pick up your
rates. That's all I can tell you.
Time to look for something else,
If you kept working hard,
you'd be back in tomorrow.
Nothing tomorrow,
keep an eye on your phone.
Got a long line here, yeah?
Keep it moving. Come forward.
You're back tomorrow, Nadia.
And you're back tomorrow.
She loves this place.
All right.
Mate, do you know
how minging that is?
Perving on me. Please, just go
to the lav like a proper human.
Got to stay customer-fixated,
babe, you know this.
Mate, get rid of that in case
they pick it and send it to someone.
So we've got an
average team rate of...
..121. I'm really happy
with that. Yeah? Yeah.
Apart from...could do better.
Yeah, OK, absolutely.
Work on that. Yep, absolutely.
Same can be said with
Craig on your team, Sean.
And I can't believe I'm
asking this question again!
I mean, I'm concerned about it.
I'm concerned. It's frustrating.
I've had the one
conversation with Craig,
but I will talk to him again.
I think we'll get that rate
back to where it should be.
Yeah? Yeah. OK.
So I had a chat with Alys,
and I got to the bottom of
why her pick rate's so low.
Yeah, 89 today.
Yeah. So, it's, well, it
turns out she's pregnant.
So I was thinking the best way
forward would be to reassign her.
I thought we could put
her on packing.
She could, if she
was trained in packing,
which is a shame, because she's not.
No, but, um, we could
sort that out for her,
I was thinking.
I'm just... I'm a little bit
concerned that you're not committed
to raising your
team's pick rate, Megan.
No, I am committed. Great.
I'm really committed.
That's why I've come up with
the solution of packing.
That just seems like
the best way forward.
I don't think it's a solution... Mm.
..because you can't really pass
your problems onto another team.
Yeah, but she's got a doctor's note,
so I feel like I have to...
..I need to do something to
help her. Of course. Yes.
Of course. We need to
do something to help her.
Mm-hm. Just throwing it
out there, suggestion,
you fire in with whatever you think,
I'm saying personal
enhancement plan for Alys.
Agreed. Yeah? Absolutely,
yeah. Yeah?
You can deliver this, Megan,
get that pick rate right back up
to where it should be. Yeah.
It's just that I feel like
she's not really going to improve
because she's not going
to be able, you know,
it's just going to get worse.
As a team, you help her,
she helps you,
the two of you help us.
We all help each other. Yes.
Can you handle it? Definitely.
Yeah, thanks. OK. Great.
Great, great, great, great, great.
TANNOY: Average 147 this hour.
Ah, I've got something for you.
What is it, you nicked something?
Thank you. Go on.
It's lush. Yeah.
I broke it. It's all right.
Have a little bit. No, you have it.
I don't want it. It's for you.
Share. It's for you.
No, it's for you. I want to
share it. I just had a sandwich.
Give me the wrapper.
Thank you.
HEADSET: Time for
next pick exceeded.
You can't work through your breaks.
You're entitled to two
half-hour breaks a day.
Al, I'm serious. I can't.
What are you doing? Thank you.
See you later.
I'll see you in a bit, yeah?
TANNOY: For performance benefits,
please remember to stay hydrated.
Hi, Alys? Can I borrow
you for a minute?
Hang on a second.
OK. So, you know that thing you
told me, that your doctor said?
Yeah. Well, I asked to get you
reassigned. Oh, thank God.
Thank you, I could bloody kiss you.
Yeah, the thing is,
everyone thinks you're a
great member of the team,
and we don't want to lose you.
We've just got to get
your pick rate back up.
Right. So, I've put together this
personal enhancement plan for you.
I don't know what that is.
What's that?
OK, so, um.
OK, I'll show you.
I've noticed that you can
be a bit slow in between...
in between picks sometimes.
And if you pull a little
bit more at this pace,
that'd really help to get
your pick rate back up. Right.
And you bend your back
quite a bit, and, actually,
if you bend your knees like this,
when you're picking stuff
up off the bottom shelf,
that would be better for
your back and quicker.
Megan, I'm not trying
to offend you or nothing,
but I have worked here
for over a year, like,
I know how to pace myself.
I know. It's my neck
on the block here.
I've only been here two minutes.
We just need to get
your pick rate back up.
We need to prove to them that we
can do that and you can get better.
I-I'm honestly not
trying to cause trouble,
I doctor said
I shouldn't be doing this,
so I've been stressed. Yeah.
Well, if you could just
try and implement the things
I've shown to you, that might help.
All right.
Could you? Yeah.
OK. Great. Thank you. Thanks.
HEADSET: Go to Y-0-3-
- E-9-9-9.
They're pissed at me, I know.
HEADSET: Proceed to X-0-0-1-
- A-43-1.
HEADSET: Proceed to Y-0-0-1-
- B-4-2-2.
HEADSET: Proceed to Y-0-0-1-
- B-4-2-2.
Proceed to next pick.
Time for next pick exceeded.
HEADSET: Time for
next pick exceeded.
Are you trying to get me sacked?
You know your rate's below 100.
Just feeling a bit dizzy.
Just give me a sec.
Alys, just please
just get up... Alys?
Alys, you all right?
HEADSET: Time for
next pick exceeded. Al?
Alys? Al?
Yeah, ambulance, please. Alys?
Alys Morgan collapsed.
Megan called her an ambulance.
Megan, love, why
did you call an ambulance?
We need to just talk about this
and see where you went wrong.
Just an associate collapsed and...
That's going to be
a bit of a problem.
NEWS ANCHOR: Concerns have
been raised over safety
at a distribution centre after it
was revealed at least 105 ambulances
have been called to the site
over a three-year period.
That compares to 17 call outs
to a nearby supermarket warehouse
over the same period.
We contacted the centre, but
managers have declined to comment.
So you thought of yourself
and one member of your team,
but you, do you feel that you've
let the rest of your team down?
She needed medical attention. The
easy decision isn't always the best.
Mm-hm. You could have referred...
Yes, absolutely. the first aid.
Yes. But this is a real
opportunity for growth,
the real learning curve. Absolutely,
a real teachable moment here.
We are here to support you
all the way. Absolutely.
TANNOY: Personal electronic
devices are not permitted...
Yeah, you're on shift. Go on in.
Yeah? Yeah. All right.
Hey, Julie. Ryan Andrews.
You're not needed today.
But I got a text to come in.
Yeah, I know, things have
changed, unfortunately.
Just keep coming forward.
It cost me six quid in bus fare to
get here. It took me over an hour.
Sorry, I don't know what to say,
there's nothing in for you today.
Can you not have a
chat with the team leader
cos he knows how good I am.
I'm good at picking...
You know that's not
how we work, yeah?
There's no shifts for you today.
I can do nothing more.
I understand, I'm already here,
though, so like if I'm here...
I understand that, but I can't
let you through those gates.
Beth won't let you through,
cos there is no shift for you today.
Yeah? I need the money, please.
I understand that,
so does everyone on the floor.
They've got shifts, you haven't.
That's just the way it is.
Just keep coming forward.
You're better off just getting
your cellphone, wait on a text.
TANNOY: Avoid excessive idle time.
Hey, you all right?
I was calling you all night,
Karina said you fainted.
Huh? Yeah.
Oh, man, you got to take
these breaks, like. Right.
Your sugars are going
to drop and, yeah? Yeah.
Look after yourself.
It's not Dev.
Hey, what's wrong?
Um, I need to tell you something.
You can tell me anything,
you know that.
I'm pregnant.
I...I I've been
wanting to tell you.
Who's...who's the dad, eh?
Oh, it don't matter, some
dickhead I know from school.
I'm so sorry, Dev,
I wanted to tell you for...
Don't fucking follow me,
I'm serious, like!
I should've told you,
I know! I'm sorry.
Devon, can you just stop?
Please don't make me run.
I should've told you, and I feel
like an idiot. Who's is it?
Tell me, who is it?
Dev, it really doesn't matter.
What's his name? Fuck, I
guess I've been the last told.
No, you haven't, that's
what I'm saying, please.
Yeah, I have been, though.
I bet everybody else knows.
I feel like a fucking idiot.
Some of them know,
hardly anyone. Who knows?
Nadia. Oh, fuck! Please, don't...
I got to go.
It's breaking my heart
to see you upset, Dev, please.
I've been an idiot.
I'm taking the...
..I'm completely
taking the blame. OK?
It's my fault. I should've said...
Do me a favour, yeah?
Delete my number, and never
fucking talk to me again.
Don't be like that, Dev.
I'm serious!
Why are you crying?
Cos you're upset.
Why are YOU crying?
I didn't want to upset you.
Oh, fuck, man.
Megan, yesterday, an ambulance
was called to the centre.
Yeah. Alys Morgan fainted.
And, I mean, do you think
it was really necessary
to bring the
emergency services here?
I mean, it was an emergency.
Did you panic?
Mm, well, I was scared for
Alys because of her condition.
Yeah, of course. No, understandable.
But that's why the policy's there.
The policy's there to protect
you, to protect Alys,
to protect the team.
You bring the first aiders over.
They're trained, they assess
the situation, they decide.
You don't just...go
straight for an ambulance.
I just tried to do what I
thought was best at the time.
I mean, she was out cold.
Megan, we're a team, OK?
I don't think it's helpful
for you to be defensive.
I'm not being defensive.
We can all benefit about talking
about our mistakes.. Mm-hm. included. Mm-hm.
Yeah, I totally agree. I...
..I don't quite understand how
calling the ambulance was a mistake.
Thank you for your honesty.
Megan, would you say that
you take the easiest route
or what's best for the team?
I always try to
think about the team.
OK. And your friendship with Alys,
the fact that you're
so close with Alys,
do you think that maybe
that clouded your judgment,
got in the way, made you emotional,
and stopped you from
putting the team first?
We're not even close. OK.
We used to live on the same street,
I've barely seen her the last
few years. That's the truth.
So why haven't you dealt
with her pick rate yet?
I have dealt with it,
I delivered the personal enhancement
plan like you asked me to.
And yet, her idle time is one
of the highest in the centre.
Yeah, 26 minutes.
And her pick rate
one of the lowest. 87.
87, and we'd like it to be...
120. 120, 120.
Megan, I say this from a warm place,
but maybe you need to have a think
about whether you're happy here.
Mm-hm. As great as this place is,
it isn't for everyone.
We all can't make the cut,
and that's the truth.
Maybe, maybe I did make a
mistake in calling the ambulance.
Definitely. Definitely. OK.
I definitely made a mistake.
I panicked like, like
you said, I panicked.
OK. But I can do better.
I can definitely do better. Mm-hm.
Um, I can...
...I can try and be calmer
in situations like that.
Great, great. What else do
you think you could do better?
So, I-I could..., s-sorry, I, um...
Do you think you could
be more customer-fixated?
Yes. Yeah. That's great.
Great, because some of the comments
on the management feedback tool
suggest a concern that
you're not on the same page
as those with regards
to customer fixation.
Wha...who said that?
You know that's anonymous.
And it doesn't matter.
It's irrelevant.
What does matter is that
we're grateful for the feedback
from any source, right?
Absolutely. I am.
I'm completely open to all feedback.
Good. Cos we need to be
desperate to please our customers.
I am. I'm 100% desperate.
100%? 110. I'm 110 desperate.
110% desperate to
please our customers.
Which involves listening to whatever
is said about us... Mm-hm.
..from whoever. Mm? Mm-hm.
My ears are always open. Always.
Yes, so maybe I don't enjoy
being talked about, but I...
This is good, this is honesty.
Yeah, yeah. Good. What else?
..totally understand
that I need to..., sorry...
..I need to..., get over that so
that I can better myself
and challenge myself.
And that's where we come in,
and we will support you
with whatever you need.
We'll put anything in place
if that's what you want.
That's why we're here.
Yeah, yeah, definitely.
What do you need from us?
I need you to help me,
so I can be better.
And when you get better...
..we-we're all better.
Where you off?
They've off boarded me,
What? Why?
Because I didn't give Craig
the last warning, did I?
I just couldn't do it.
Which was stupid cos
they'll get rid of him anyway,
so then we'll both be unemployed.
I'm really sorry.
Well, look after yourself, Meg.
Don't let them turn you
into someone you don't like.
Any problems on shift?
We need to keep an eye on
the number of incorrect picks.
Just make sure everyone's
double-checking those QR codes.
Oh, I had a new associate
who was slipping under target,
so off boarded him.
Alys Morgan's pick
rate is still low,
but I'm working with
her on that, so. Still?
I think time for
a disciplinary. Mm-hm.
And we need to off board Craig.
I can do that.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, I think Megan should do it.
Sorry, you want me to do that now?
Yeah. You'll find him in oversize.
Hello, stranger! All right?
Barely seen recently, they
still got you run off your feet?
Sorry, love.
You know my sign-on bonus? Yeah.
How much was left?
Don't know exactly.
Round about, Dad?
Well we had to get the boiler fixed,
your brother needed
new school shoes.
Not much, then.
What's the matter, love?
Nothing just, um...
I've got to go, but, um,
I'll speak to you later, OK?
I didn't think you were
even speaking to me.
You need a union rep for this, Al.
Oh, no, Dev, you can't. No.
I appreciate it, but as soon
as they know you're in the union,
they will make your life
a misery. Yeah, I know.
I can't have you losing
your job over me, Dev.
Al, I've thought about it.
This is a disciplinary meeting
following your lack
of performance on the pick team.
And anything you say
will go in your file.
It's your right to be accompanied,
and I can see you've brought
Devon here for support.
I'm here in my capacity as
a trade union representative.
I'm sorry you felt the need
to involve the union, Alys.
It's not that
we're against the union,
it's just that we prefer
more of a one-to-one
approach with our associates.
So why's there two of you here then?
You'll recall previous discussions
where we looked at your idle time.
This is 12:06 on 11th of November,
and you'll see your toilet
break lasted nine minutes.
Yeah, well, I'm pregnant.
You know this.
And here's your second break,
which lasted 11 minutes.
Can you explain why it
took an extra two minutes?
Megan, she just said, like...
I literally, I
don't know what to say.
I mean, how long am
I supposed to take?
I mean, am I supposed
to stop mid-flow because, like,
my bladder's not up to that
at the minute, if I'm honest.
Here's a shift three days later
with an idle period of 12 minutes.
Do want to listen before you
just go on to the next one, like?
I'm not being funny, it's like
this is why the whole place
is littered with bottles of pee.
Are you aware of this? I-I...
No-one wants to go to the
lav cos they're terrified
of buggering their pick rates
and have you guys breathing
down their neck? Yeah.
I mean, you've been
aware of the situation
for such a long time, like,
it's not the first time
we've brought this up.
So many times!
Right, but clearly not all your time
off task is spent in the toilet
because this conversation
lasted two minutes 33 seconds.
So what were you talking about? God.
I don't know, do I?
Right, so it wasn't
about a work issue?
I said I don't know.
I have no idea.
Any time off task, any conversation
not work related, is idle time.
And we've calculated that your
average time off task per day
is 23 minutes.
Conversations that are lasting
two minutes 33 seconds...
I can't believe you're timing me.
..should not be non-work-related
Let me get this straight,
so you're telling me
I can't go to the toilet. We're not
saying you can't go to toilet, Alys.
It sounds like it.
I told you I'm pregnant!
Every single one of us needs
to be desperate to please.
We need to be desperate
to please. We need...
We need to be fixated
on our customers 24/7.
Right, let me let me explain to you,
cos probably you don't understand.
Right, when I'm at work, right?
I can walk for hours and hours
without speaking to anyone at all.
That's the job, right? Miles and
miles without even seeing a soul.
So when I do see a mate,
I feel like saying hello,
cos all I've got is the
headset going off in my ear.
And if I say hello to a mate,
it makes me feel better.
I can carry on for the next
four or five, six, seven hours!
There's saying hello, then
there's... Really fucking hard work.
..having conversations for...
Sorry for swearing. minutes 33
seconds to say hello?!
Look, right, Alys has been
a fucking brilliant picker
ever since she got here. That's
why she was given a green vest.
The team's average is
way down because of Alys.
Because she's fucking pregnant!
I'm not a robot, Megan.
Listen, you know what?
I'm pregnant!
I'm so confused, like.
Are you going to sack
me cos I'm pregnant?
The Equality Act 2010, Section 18,
makes it unlawful to
discriminate against a colleague
on the grounds of
them being pregnant.
Nobody is being discriminated
against because they're pregnant.
That's bullshit, like.
It's all right, Dev.
I'm sorry you feel that way. Yeah.
You're going to need to calm down.
Have you been looking out
for the early warning signs
of union activity
on your team, Megan?
Yeah, of course.
I don't know how I missed it.
You're going to need to
tell security ops everything.
They'll start monitoring
Devon's social media.
In the meantime,
if he puts a foot wrong,
you record him for disciplinary.
What will happen to Alys?
Well, you're going to need
to start building a case
of gross misconduct against Alys.
Hiya. OK, I know you're
busy, love, but, um...
..I was just thinking... know, I don't suppose, you
know, what with you working there,
that you could get me
some shifts at the centre, maybe?
No, it's really physical, Dad.
Hey, come on.
I'm fit as a fiddle, me.
Dad, there's no jobs for you here.
I need some work, Meggie.
And you know there's
absolutely nothing else.
Yeah, I know, but something
will come up. It'll be fine.
Look, I can't talk about
it right now, but, um,
I'll speak to later, OK?
TANNOY: Kudos to team Theano.
Today's leading pick rate
average 147 this hour.
This team, us as a team,
are currently ranked
bottom at the centre.
And I'm pretty sure that
none of us want to be here.
I don't want to be
here at the bottom.
I'm sure you don't either.
Are you OK, Karina?
You know, you shouldn't be
here if you think you got Covid.
No, it's allergies.
She's got rent to pay, so.
So, I am urging you all to stay
focused on your pick rate.
It is really, really important.
Every single one of us matters.
It makes a difference,
and we need to be desperate
to please our customers.
So please, please focus
on your pick rate today,
Unfortunately, there are
some members of this team
that are not pulling their weight,
and that means we are
falling way, way behind.
However, on a better note,
I would like to congratulate
Nadia on her continued improvement.
Well done. It's really brilliant.
And if you carry on like this,
I'll put your name
forward for a green vest.
And that's what happens
when we stay focused.
Do you know what
else might help, Alys?
If you actually stayed focused.
Right, OK, that's everything.
Like I said, 120 is the target.
Pick, pick, pick.
- HEADSET: Proceed to X-0-0-1-
- A-4-3-1.
- Proceed to N-0-7-
- I-0-0-0.
FAINT: Proceed to T-0-9...
- Proceed to S-0-8-
- J-0-0-0.
You've had 11 minutes of
idle time this shift.
Megan, I promise you,
I'm trying my best.
My back is hurting so much.
I can't even think straight.
Sorry, this is your best?
Really, this is your best?
Why are you doing this to me, Megan?
I told you about my
blood pressure, didn't I?
I'm really worried
about everything.
I begged you to get me
reassigned and make my life...
You're not the only one
with a family to look after!
We've only got my wage coming in,
I cannot afford to lose this job.
But as per, all you can
think about is yourself.
The fuck are you talking about?
You've always been the same!
The only person who matters to
Alys Morgan is Alys Morgan.
Oh, my God. You are bullying me.
No! You're bullying me!
I am trying to help you.
Do you understand that?
I need this job.
Megan, I'm having a baby!
I have done everything I
possibly can to help you.
I just went to the
toilet in there, right?
And I don't even know if I
saw what I think I saw.
I thought it was like some
pinky water on the toilet paper.
I'm not even sure, though,
I can't even see straight.
I got a headache.
So it might be fine.
I don't know.
And you're making it worse.
They are breathing down my neck!
You're outrageous.
I am trying to help you.
I got to get back to work.
And you just throw in my face.
You've just thrown it in
my face the whole time!
- HEADSET: Proceed to X-0-0-1-
- A-4.
Proceed to E-A-9.
Proceed to next pick.
Time for next pick exceeded.
Time for next pick exceeded.
Time for next pick exceeded.
Time for next pick exceeded.
HEADSET: Time for
next pick exceeded.
She was outside the
toilets waiting for you?
That's...that's fucked up.
Is she blind? Can she not see?
Talk to her,
she has to let you go home.
Al, please.
Please. She has to say yes.
Just go up to her and just be like,
"I can't physically
carry on the way I am."
And if you don't do it,
then I'm going to do it.
Look, if you go home now,
you'll be in breach
of your employment contract.
You'll lose your green vest.
Megan, I can't lose my maternity.
Please. Alys,
there's nothing I can do.
You need to finish your shift.
It's just the afternoon.
You've used all your sick days.
It's in your contract.
You need to stay and
finish your shift.
HEADSET: Proceed to Z-0-1...
Pick, pick, pick. 120's the target.
HEADSET: N-0-6-8-1-2-1-2.
Time for next pick exceeded.
Time for next pick...exceeded.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God, no!
WHISPERS: Oh, my God.
No, no, don't push.
Do something! Ugh!
Help her down. Hey.
Hey, look at me.
Do something! Get help!
Megan, do something! Do something!
Will you call the
fucking ambulance, please?
OK. Look at me.
Do something!
What the fuck's wrong with you?!
Fucking hell!
I can't help it!
Hello, can we get an ambulance.
Get some towels and some water.
I need you to put it on her head.
Hold it there, OK?
Just leave it there.
Yeah? Kick your legs out then.
Don't push down below, OK?
Yeah. Yeah, there we are.
OK. It's OK to
squeeze my hand, yeah.
Alys, Alys, it's Dev.
Hey. Hey, listen to me.
I'm going get a taxi and I'm going
to follow right behind you, OK?
OK. I'll be right behind you, OK?
Yeah? All right.
They'll take good care of you.
Oi, listen to me.
I'm not fucking letting you
get away with this. All right?
Are you going to sack me?
Why would you think that?
Cos you're going to blame
me for what just happened.
No, no, no.
But you must see that an associate
having a miscarriage
in the toilets...
..that's not great news for us.
But you can make this right, Megan.
I know you can.
Everyone's devastated.
Absolutely everyone is devastated.
Obviously, everyone
is devastated, Alys.
Absolutely devastated.
And although we know it won't
make up for what happened,
the company would like
to offer you some money,
and then you can take a
few weeks off to recover
without having to worry.
As far as we're concerned,
you're still a valued
member of the team.
So we'd like to give you
6,000 to help with things.
And we're prepared to
offer you 2,000, Devon.
What's this?
These are NDAs.
I don't know what that is,
what's an NDA?
A gagging order, basically.
It's a contract confirming...
..that you won't discuss
what happened with anyone.
Because you're worried how it'd
look if people find out, is it?
This is just to keep
things between ourselves.
Do you want people
knowing your business, Alys?
But people know already,
everyone knows, I mean,
Nadia was there, for starters.
I don't understand.
Nadia signed an agreement.
Bullshit. No, she wouldn't
do that, she's my friend.
She wouldn't sign...
Nadia and every other member
of the team have signed.
Alys... What have
you threatened her with?
It's not about threats, Devon.
Nadia wanted to become a
permanent member of staff,
she wanted a green vest.
Oh, fucking hell!
If we don't sign,
we ain't got our jobs,
we ain't got our
green vests or nothing?
Obviously, if you sign, there'll be
jobs here for you to come back to.
But if you don't, you will
lose your permanent status.
If you want the money,
you have to agree to
not tell anyone about it.
And should you break that agreement,
the company will require
that the money be returned,
and there could be
legal consequences.
So you think, right, you
can fucking kill a baby... Devon!
..and make it go away
with eight grand?! Calm down.
Is that what you
fucking think? Calm down.
You think you can give
us 8,000 between us
and make it fucking go away.
Nobody killed a baby.
It was a terrible tragedy.
No, I asked you if I could go!
Yeah! I begged you... And
you said no, carry on working!
I told you, I told you
when I went to the toilet.
I told you what was happening,
and you just ignored it, all you
told me to do was go back to work,
get my pick rate up... Alys... don't say that to me!
I told you what was happening,
and you made me stay.
If you had said to us
that you were in labour,
then things would've been different.
Oh, don't you fucking dare say that!
Things would've been different.
Don't you fucking dare!
You need to calm down, Devon.
Calm down?!
Don't you fucking dare say that.
Stop pointing your finger at me.
I had to go to a hospital and sit
with other ladies who are pregnant,
waiting for their scans,
and I was there checking
that everything was out, Megan!
Do you know how that made me feel?!
Now you're telling
me I've got to sign this,
otherwise I lose my job,
and I can't tell no-one,
and everyone signed it,
Nadia signed it?
Everyone on the team has signed it.
Fuck. Well, this is too... I
can't even focus,
I can't even read it properly,
I need time to think about it.
I'll level with you, Alys.
This offer's not going
to be on the table overnight.
I had to twist arms as it is.
Al, even if it's not
just for us, right?
This is our opportunity to
take a fucking stand
and call them out for
who they actually are.
We should tell the whole
fucking world what they've done.
Devon, if don't sign it,
there's nothing around here.
What would we do?
We'd have no money.
We'd have nothing, no permanent job.
It'd be worse than everything
that's happened.
And we get eight grand,
that's a lot of money.
It's not a lot of money. We start
again. It's not a lot of money.
There's nothing else round here.
Your jobs will be
waiting for you if you sign.
We'd love you to come back.
Well done, Megan.
No, no, no, no.
Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit.
Now everyone signed an NDA,
so we can put this
whole thing to bed.
And you, well, you
finished your probation.
So I think we can both agree,
you've got a very
bright future here.
It's yours for the taking.
Proceed to...
Time for next pick exceeded.
Proceed to next pick.
Proceed to... Proceed to...
- Proceed to X-0-0-1-
- A-4-3-1.
- Proceed to X-0-0-1-
- A-4-3-1.
Proceed to Z-0-1-
- C-4-3-1-1.