Life Eternal (2015) Movie Script

Based on the novel by Wolf Haas
You don't have the years, Mr. Brenner.
Is something wrong?
It's just a headache.
What do you mean
I don't have the years?
To receive more than minimum retirement benefits
you have to work,
you have to work until...
you are 84.
Do you have money saved up?
A private pension plan?
Nothing, hm.
- Nope.
For the past 8 years...
you weren't registered as employed.
You didn't apply for unemployment pay either.
What did you do all that time?
I was self-employed.
Yes, but you didn't pay income tax.
That's because I didn't earn anything.
No place of residence either.
Did you just get divorced?
- No.
I'm kind of
in an employment rut at the moment.
You have no flat, no medical insurance,
no social security, no bank account.
You're off the grid.
I wouldn't call that an employment rut.
We have to apply for
minimum income benefits.
Do you have some ID?
Driver's license?
No, not here.
Second floor, room 214.
Excuse me, I forgot something.
I have a house.
- You have a house?
- On the moon?
In Graz.
Well, somethings happened again.
But Brenner never would have dreamed...
he would be returning to Puntigam.
Because he's always been the type
who was drawn to the big wide world.
Linz, Salzburg, Eisenstadt...
He really got around.
There was just one place
wild horses couldn't have dragged him.
Next stop: Puntigam.
But don't think he didn't want to go back...
because of what he yelled
at his grandpa once in a fight:
Take your lousy house and shove it!
Youthful cockiness, so to speak.
All that was long forgotten,
water under the bridge.
So what was the reason
he was dead set against ever going back?
Pay attention to what I have to say:
You don't need a reason for that.
Because basically, no matter who you are,
hometown is always a little - you know.
What are you doing there?
Mr. Brenner?
Well, this is a nice surprise!
Mr. Brenner?
Mr. Brenner, what did you do?
I blew a fuse.
Sorry, that was the heater.
What, you're not heating with electricity?!
Do you know how expensive that is?
- It's already off.
There's more damage too.
Since your mother died,
it's been completely neglected.
In case you want to sell it,
I'd be interested.
Before some asshole settles in
next door.
You know how it is.
Do you have a chain saw?
- Why?
Careful, it'll get stuck!
You have to saw from below.
Yeah, I know.
Well, now that's...
messed up.
You have insurance, right?
The gas has probably gone flat!
Mr. Brenner?
I'm going to sleep now.
I pulled the plug because you never know...
If it rains,
we'll blow another fuse, right?
Good morning.
- Hello, morning.
Aw, c'mon, you stupid piece of junk!
Screw you.
Argh! God.
Hi, Kcki.
you're shittin' me.
Did I overlook something?
Do we have a high school reunion?
We never graduated.
You got a beer?
How's business?
Next question please.
Can you lend me some money?
If you want, you can have it.
I don't need it.
Done, boss!
- Good,
Excuse me, boss.
About the money...
No problem, you're excused.
It's been three weeks.
Pinto, I don't have anything today...
Next week, okay?
If you won't lend me anything,
maybe you can sell something for me.
Depends on what.
You want to sell that?
Hello, it's me.
What do you mean? What time is it?
What time is it?
Don't freak out,
that's not that late, c'mon.
who I'm sittin' here having a beer with.
Does the name Brenner ring a bell?
Who is that?
No, no shit,
Brenner is right here next to me.
He's back in town.
Come join us.
For a nightcap.
Oh, c'mon!
No, wait a sec,
there's something else.
Brenner isn't doing too hot,
And well,
he asked me if I wanted
to buy his Walther PPK.
Thing is,
I already have one of my own.
So he thought I could ask you...
if you wanted to buy it.
But you've already got one too,
and then he had the idea of maybe selling it
to just anyone.
My question is:
Do we want that?
That's what I thought too.
So I'm wondering, Mr. Brigadier...
Are you crazy?
- Shush!
Could you maybe lend Brenner something?
Give me that!
- An interest-free loan.
Give it to me.
-Stop being so stupid.
It was the wind.
And the wind blew your helmet away too?
- I have a helmet exemption.
Hold on.
Never seen anything like this.
You can't read who issued it anymore.
District authority of Feldkirchen.
Why the helmet exemption?
- Psoriasis and chronic migraine.
You have psoriasis?
I get anxiety attacks in a helmet.
I'd say let's blow a breath test.
Boys, you win.
- Good evening.
I don't need it for a moped anyway. Can I ride on?
- Push!
Your hand-drawn plates
don't match up either.
That's forgery of documents,
it'll cost you!
Up to 6 months or 180 day-fines.
I don't have a warning triangle either.
Get off the vehicle.
I was here yesterday...
No, the day before yesterday,
and this asshole comes in, yeah?
Some fancy lawyer from Graz,
with nailed shoes, a dueling scar on his face...
You know the type.
He asks if I have a nice edition of
"Mein Kampf".
I show him my first edition,
volume one, volume two,
volume two is way more rare.
Under 1,500 for both -
nothing doing!
Not even among friends.
For a solid hour...
he leafs with his sweaty paws
through my books,
and then he buys a Karl May,
a Karl May novel...
for 10 euros!
You see what I'm saying?
What are you trying to tell me?
I don't know what you mean.
people have no decency these days.
nobody has money anymore.
Nobody buys anything anymore, right?
Fucking capitalism has run its course,
the system is on its last legs,
and let me tell you,
I can't wait.
All I have to figure out now is:
How do I pay the rent
for these 400 square meters?
Now do you see what I mean?
Well yeah,
but I don't have a golden goose either.
- Come, come, come!
I'd say you even have
a couple of golden geese!
I can see your penthouse
three kilometers away!
It's not mine, I just rent it.
Then rent a smaller place,
how hard can that be?
There's not enough.
Don't you see, Kcki?
I'm at my limit.
- Listen,
if you need a shoulder to cry on,
I'm not your man.
this is only going to last
until I get fed up.
Don't overestimate yourself!
Wait a sec.
I need your car this weekend.
SK Sturm rules here!
And what happens next?
A firearm is stored securely...
if the owner protects it in a reasonable way
from unauthorized access.
Paragraph 3 of the Firearms Law.
It's not loaded.
You're right.
Is the show over?
Do we applaud now?
You going to offer me a beer?
It was his idea to call you.
I stopped taking Kck seriously
a long time ago.
So why the midnight visit?
I wanted to see you.
Sure, after all these years.
How are you?
Moving back to Graz?
I didn't want to see you.
C'mon, Brenner,
talk to me a little.
What do you do these days?
Still a store detective or...
are you more into divorce cases now?
I want to go to bed now.
Do you know that I envy you sometimes?
You envy me?
The freedom, the independence.
I wish I had that too.
Sometimes I wish I were a little like you,
an Indian.
I don't need your sarcasm.
- No, I'm serious.
I think...
that you live a better life if you...
don't want to achieve anything important.
I've achieved something very important in life:
Not ending up like you.
If that was your main goal...
Good job!
You gonna fuck off now?
Whenever things get interesting,
you wimp out.
It was still a pleasure.
Stop it!
Beat it!
Mr. Brenner?
Is everything all right?
Guys, move it!
C'mon, Kcki, hurry up!
C'mon, Kcki, hurry up!
Mr. Brenner?
Mr. Brenner?
Can you hear me, Mr. Brenner?
The bullet got stuck
here at the base of the skull.
Since it didn't get far, we removed
the projectile when cleaning the wound.
The optic nerve of the left eye
is impaired by swelling.
The sensitivity to light
is due to meningitis.
Our patient was so clumsy...
that he only hit the frontal lobe.
Which means there will be
no motor dysfunction.
More likely amnesia and abnormal behavior,
for example hypersexuality.
Well, Mr. Brenner...
No bowl movement again?
- Nurse,
I need police protection.
That's a first:
police protection to take a shit.
Let's try again in an hour.
Look what I brought you:
chocolate cat tongues.
Good thing I reacted so quickly.
You would have bled to death.
But who knows,
maybe it'll do me some good...
some day.
You'll go to heaven some day.
- To hell with heaven.
I was thinking you might at least grant me
preemption rights on your property.
Can you stand up already?
Very good.
Can you stand on your own too?
May I wash your lower body now?
Excuse me, Doctor?
Through my left eye...
everything has a red tinge.
Is it permanent?
That's not my field of expertise.
So, Mr. Brenner.
You can't remember the shot?
What exactly is the last thing you remember?
A mattress.
A mattress.
I bought myself a mattress.
I don't remember anything after that.
It'll come back, won't it?
Not by itself.
You'll have to work at it.
How do I do that?
With retrograde amnesia...
what works really, really well
is hypnosis therapy.
Is that with the pendulum?
No, today it's done differently.
You lie on a couch, close your eyes,
relax, find your inner self...
No, no way am I doing that.
Mr. Brenner.
Memory is a very important thing.
- Sure.
We all repress things.
- I'm not repressing anything.
When a person survives a suicide attempt...
Listen, if I'm going to kill myself...
and shoot myself in the head, I'll use...
a 45 Magnum
and not a small-bore gun.
You shouldn't get excited.
I used to be a cop.
If I kill myself, it works!
Besides I'm right-handed.
I wouldn't fire with my left hand.
Yes, but we found gunshot residue
on your left hand.
Because the assassin was clever.
- Which assassin?
He shoots me here,
then puts the gun in my hand...
and fires again.
Simple as that.
There's no second bullet.
Of course not.
Because he fired out the window.
Do you remember where you bought the mattress?
- What mattress?
Is something wrong?
- I went to Kck's.
After the mattress...
I was at Kck's...
by the stadium,
he has a second-hand shop,
we're old classmates,
and we had a few beers.
And Kck called that asshole...
- That asshole?
The Chief of Police.
Dubrovnik isn't just around the corner,
I tell you.
Jeez, it's cold here!
In Dubrovnik
you can have lunch outside in the sun.
Real nice.
Say, isn't today the first of the month?
Here you go!
Man, what an idiot!
I forgot to get gas.
Drives like a dream.
It's got the power of a bull!
I'm not sure,
I may have set off a speed camera or two.
I did see some flashes.
But I was already back in Austria,
you can work that out with your colleagues.
What's that?
That's a...
What is this, hey!
Ah yeah, yeah,
some Yugo asshole.
But a dent like that
gives a car personality!
Now it's got even more personality, right?
You are seriously whacked.
Excuse me?
Do you have a cigarette for me?
- Thanks.
If you'll excuse me.
I need a Baroque frame.
For a mirror.
a frame...
I don't have anything like that.
And what do you have?
Everything from the turn of the century.
Would you like to show me something?
- Yes.
Follow me.
How big do you want the frame to be?
Fairly big.
It's for the entrance hall.
For the entrance hall, good.
I see.
Should I put a mirror in it for you too?
Yes. Super.
We could see if I can find an original mirror.
But I wouldn't recommend that,
they make you look like a zombie.
They're usually so warped...
They're warped, you know, not flat.
Not so good for the entrance hall,
more what you want
for the house of mirrors at the Prater.
What about something like this?
Is this big enough?
Ah so, is that big to you?
All right, how about...
if I choose a couple, if you want,
and you can come by later... Tonight.
And look at them at your leisure.
If you want.
This is a stick up!
What's wrong?
Hurry up!
Mr. Brenner.
Mr. Brenner!
No, let him sleep.
How are you?
I brought you something,
a bottle of Brunello...
and this,
Volcano's cured filet mignon.
Is it okay for him to eat this?
- Sure.
I don't need it.
They give you everything here.
But nothing good like that, Mr. Brenner.
I only found out yesterday.
I blame myself
for leaving you alone that night.
Please stay here!
- What has gotten into you?
Stay until he's gone.
Don't take it seriously.
He can't help it.
His brain is still swollen, and depending on
which areas are injured,
we can be confused, hm?
I'll stay with you, Mr. Brenner,
nothing will happen to you.
Good evening.
Better late than never.
That's okay, no problem.
I have something for you,
you're gonna love it.
I found a baroque frame after all.
I must have got it from a church.
I have no idea
how it ended up here.
I gotta tell you, though,
it's not oval,
but it is big.
Seriously big.
You can fit a whole family into it if you want.
I mean I don't know how you want to hang it,
either portrait or landscape.
I'm not familiar with your entrance hall.
Good evening.
Ah, shit, ouch!
What's wrong?
- A sea urchin.
It wasn't me.
ID, driver's license,
ATM card, immunization card...
I have such a migraine,
I'm not fit for questioning.
Did you shoot him?
And then I sat down
and waited for you two dorks to show up.
And I magically made the gun disappear.
Is that your official statement?
I wanted to visit him.
He fits the description of the missing patient.
A suicide victim.
Suicide victim?
- Thwarted suicide. Gunshot to the head.
What's he doing here?
When was the last time you saw Mr. Kck alive?
Have you thought about
what an irrelevant question that is...
that does absolutely nobody any good?
You're crazy.
You should be in bed.
I'll personally investigate this in detail,
you can count on me.
What do we have so far?
He had a Romani worker,
off the books.
The name Pinto shows up a lot...
and next to it small amounts -
probably payments.
Here we have his number,
and someone threw up in the sink.
Well, that's quite a bit already.
Take him to the hospital, neurology.
- Excuse me,
we're not done questioning him.
- Yes you are.
I'm taking over now.
With all due respect, Brigadier,
you can't do that.
Of course I can.
Good night.
Don't ever do this again, you hear?
What's with you, Brenner?
Come here!
Do you realize
that a bullet travelling 250 m/sec...
has torn apart your frontal lobe...
and caused swelling
that can cut off your optic nerve?
I'm fit as a fiddle again.
I just have the sniffles.
Maybe there's a leak in the base of your skull.
- You're dripping cerebrospinal fluid.
If germs get in, you're dead.
I'll fix it for you.
A brain operation?
No, I'll go through your nose.
We need your health insurance ID.
I'll get it to you.
Insert elements C and D
into the frame AB...
and screw securely in place.
Police, police!
On the floor!
Which one of you is Pinto?
What do you see when you think of a migraine?
What do you mean?
What do you associate with
the thought of a migraine?
This is esoteric bullshit,
do we have to do this?
What image do you see?
- Pincushion?
As long as it's not that bad.
- And if it's bad?
What image do you see then?
- Stabs like hell.
Like hell?
Like a sea urchin.
- What's so interesting about it?
Is it possible that...
there's a very, very evil sea urchin
living in your head?
That hurts so much sometimes
that you want to destroy it?
I shot myself in the head
because I had a headache?
Where do you feel your headache?
- Yeah, okay here,
but I'm not crazy!
Why would I do that?
They found strong painkillers at your place.
And if taken together with alcohol,
a person might not know
what he's doing.
I'm not listening to this baby crap.
I'd like to say good-bye.
Tomorrow you're being transferred
to the Sigmund Freud Clinic.
I'm not going to a nuthouse.
Good-bye, Mr. Brenner.
Brenner, you old licker!
Everything okay, Brenner?
I prefer this half.
Good morning.
How are we today?
I was just on a beach in Yugoslavia.
Yugoslavia doesn't exist anymore.
It fell apart.
Don't forget to take your pills, okay?
He already started.
Be right there.
I'm telling you for the last time:
Stop lying!
Your fingerprints are on the cash box.
He owed me for three weeks work.
So you swiped the money.
You took it, right?
And before that you argued
about the money and shot him?
I don't even have a gun.
No gun?
You got rid of it, right?
Tossed it in the Mur?
You tossed it in the Mur!
Sorry, what is Mur?
What is Mur?
Don't act so stupid!
You don't know the Mur?
Are you fucking with me?
Officer, step outside.
Boss, I almost had him.
Why don't you let him tell his story?
What, about the mysterious woman?
It's so unlikely!
I don't believe him.
Why would he make it up if it's so unlikely?
Because he's dumb!
That's exactly your problem.
What's my problem?
You talk down to him.
No, that's not true.
It is.
To you he's someone
who swipes stuff and steals...
and dances around the fire like a jungle bunny,
singing about how good Gypsy life is.
And that's the feeling you give him.
You'll never win his trust.
That's not how to interrogate someone.
Do you think maybe
you've been sitting behind a desk too long?
You think so?
- I don't know.
Maybe that's how you investigated
a neighborhood stabbing in the 80s.
I don't know what you're smart-mouthing about.
Your crime-solving rate is 67%,
nothing to write home about.
I'm going to lunch.
No, you're not.
You're going to the lab.
I want to know if the vomit traces in the sink
match with his DNA.
Enjoy your lunch.
So, Mr. Pinto.
I have a program...
we can use to generate a composite
or photofit image of the woman you saw.
All right?
- Okay.
What did she look like?
How tall was she?
Hair color?
That's her.
The woman in the picture.
That's who I saw.
No, no, that's my...
Are you crazy?
I'm positive! That's her.
What kind of bullshit is that?
This is just some photo from the Internet.
That was the woman...
who was at our shop.
I'm positive.
I'll be right back.
Do you have one of these too?
How did it happen?
How do you even know him?
Just so I understand, you know?
I wanted to help you.
Don't you think
I can do anything for myself anymore?
What am I to you?
A loser?
A basket case, or what?
We mustn't.
It's too dangerous for you.
I'll turn myself in.
I'll go to the police.
Definitely no police.
I'm in for some tough questioning, right?
Recognize this?
Sure. Do I get it back?
Unfortunately not.
Suicide victims lose their gun licenses.
This isn't mine,
it's Kck's, right?
- Bingo.
What do you think was used to kill Kck?
His own gun?
- Nope, a third Walther PPK.
What would you think
if within a short span of time...
so many shots were fired
from the same type of gun?
Maybe there was a sale somewhere?
- Exactly.
Kck's and yours...
were deactivated
by the Graz police department in 1972.
That was when the department upgraded
from 5.65 to 9 mm.
You're go-getter, aren't you?
You, my boss, and Kck
were police academy classmates.
Does my boss have one of these too?
- I don't know about that.
What did you three have?
A secret society, a gun club?
Nothing. The guns were cheap,
so we bought them.
We just wanted private weapons.
- For what?
All the burglaries.
Was my boss such an asshole in the 70s too?
The 70s are overrated.
Yeah, but those were the days, right?
Free love and all, right?
Thanks for the coffee.
When do I get my gun back?
When you tell me more about the 70s.
I can go, just like that?
- Yes.
You'll get a subpoena from the judge.
Where will you be staying?
- At my mother's place.
And, about the woman I saw...
The judge will deal with all that.
Take care.
Take care, thanks!
Why release him just to surveil him?
I don't get it.
Why not wait for the DNA analysis?
Because vomiting somewhere
doesn't prove anything.
Whereas the murder weapon does!
And if he didn't get rid of it,
he might lead us to it.
Is that clear enough?
"If he didn't get rid of it,
he might lead us to it."
That's bullshit!
Need a vacation?
You can gladly have one.
A nice long one.
- Are you threatening me?
Gentlemen, please.
This is so fucked up!
Good morning, Mr. Brenner.
I'm not going to a nuthouse!
- Here's my proposition.
I'll drive you home
and tomorrow you go to the...
Sigmund Freud Clinic and take a few
psychological tests - as an outpatient.
You're going to drive me home?
Do you bring every patient home personally?
Can you fasten your seatbelt?
- Sure.
Probably just the serious cases?
You have to tell me where to go.
Oh yeah, Puntigam.
Do you know your way around Graz?
- Sure, I grew up in Gries.
My best friend was from Gries.
- Really?
Maybe he can look after you a little?
He's dead.
I'm sorry.
It happened a long time ago.
Late 70s.
Maybe it's not so bad.
Dying when things are good.
Thank you.
I were to try hypnosis,
could I do it with you?
It's not up to me.
If it's covered,
your insurance company assigns you someone.
- Too bad.
With you it would work.
- Sorry?
Take care.
That's his mother.
10:31 a.m.
Suspect's mother is leaving the building.
Okay roger.
Good morning.
May I come in for a moment?
Would you like coffee?
No, no. Thanks.
Your mother?
She's at work.
found a weapon near the scene of the crime.
I want you to take a close look at it.
Don't worry, it's not loaded.
Go ahead, wrap your hand around it.
how does it feel?
Could the woman you saw...
have had this weapon?
It all happened so fast.
I saw her,
she was by the door and...
On the floor!
On your stomach!
Head down!
Hands over your head!
This place needs surveillance cameras.
Then this graffiti bombing would stop.
Ditto for the Volksgarten,
it's full of black scum selling drugs.
I'd put cameras up all over.
- Drug trafficking has gone down.
Because we turn a blind eye.
That park is like
a Latin American slum.
Closed today due to a family party!
A caff lungo, no milk, please.
When the real Jarno Saarinen
had his fatal crash in Monza,
I told our Saarinen:
Now you're the only Saarinen.
I don't like you calling Franz "Saarinen".
Then why did you hang up this picture?
Because he would have wanted it that way.
Hi, Maritschi.
Simon, drink your coffee and leave!
You were right to pick him.
Leave us in peace!
Go back to Vienna.
Did someone tell you to do that?
- What?
Tell me to go away.
Have the police chief tell me himself.
You and your hate.
You know he's got a heart condition?
Don't make me cry.
You're so stupid.
He was the only one among you
who looked out for me.
He lent me money
for the lease deposit here,
helped pay for my kid's education...
How is your kid?
Leave or I'll bash your head
with this mallet.
Something happened!
What's wrong?
Happy birthday!
Open it.
- You're crazy. Yes!
I can't believe it!
It's beautiful!
There's something else in there.
Easter holidays.
Thank you.
Have you heard the latest?
Everything will be all right.
You're the best thing that ever happened to me.
You're the best thing that ever happened to me.
Speak up, I can't hear you.
When anyone even mentions "data protection",
I cringe.
If I've done nothing wrong,
I don't care if a camera films me.
Look, she's back.
5:16 p.m.,
mother of the suspect is entering the building.
But say that in public...
and you're a Nazi calling for dictatorship.
Politicians are spineless too.
Which politicians would you want?
Ones with balls.
The liberal mob has the say around here.
A minority makes the decisions
for everyone else.
The way you talk,
you could be a politician soon.
Being works council representative
is nerve-racking enough.
5:17 p.m., mother of the suspect
is leaving the building.
What's wrong with her?
5:17 p.m.
Mother of the suspect is hit by a delivery van.
License plate number: Graz-62...
First-class surveillance work.
How's the woman?
The shot to the neck points to the Mafia.
- Then write that in the report.
Kck's bankbook turned up,
he had 250,000 euros...
even though he hardly sold anything.
All monthly cash deposits.
Maybe he was blackmailing someone.
And the DNA analysis shows
the vomit is from a woman.
The cleaning lady.
- No, we checked that already.
Anyway, we have the murder weapon.
- But what about the woman?
Forget the woman.
Just write your report.
Remember to mention
you spent 6 hours watching a corpse.
Where are the surveillance cameras in Graz?
Hauptplatz, Jakominiplatz,
train station, stadium.
Where at the stadium?
I don't know exactly.
What are you doing here?
Aren't you feeling well?
Get lost!
I'm not doing anything, am I?
You're ruining everything.
What am I ruining?
Can you tell me that?
What did I do wrong?
Because you never did anything.
Come on, Mama. Get in.
I have to go to a party.
- Yes, the family party, right?
My big 3-0.
- Happy birthday.
My husband is throwing
a huge surprise party for me.
Let's go!
Good evening, ladies.
Hello, hey!
Your invitation?
I'm just having a look.
- Yes, but from up there.
Happy birthday.
Give me a kiss.
How much?
- It's free.
Ladies' room.
What kind of mother are you?
- Shut up!
How can you do nothing?
What if she has a child by him?
They don't want children,
and the chances
of him being her father are 30%.
You could be the father,
he could be the father, or Franz...
Franz married me and died,
and you ran away.
And how long has this been going on?
That doesn't matter now.
She fell in love,
what was I supposed to do?
Say something maybe?
That three men could be her father?
Yeah, why not?
She must never find out, please!
That's what Kck was blackmailing him with.
No one else knew.
That's why he shot him!
- You don't know what you're talking about.
Where is Saarinen's gun, do you still have it?
- I threw it away a long time ago.
I can still tell when you're lying to me.
if you ever cared about me,
please go away!
Go to Vienna.
This is the ladies' room.
Good evening.
- What is it?
I have a subpoena.
- A subpoena?
In the middle of the night?
Do you want to accept it now?
Are you out of your mind?
This is a private party.
Yes, it's for your wife.
The Kck murder case.
You're kidding, right?
We have to follow up on every lead.
- Who gave you the lead?
I can't tell you, you're a family member.
Can we talk about this tomorrow
over coffee?
I don't drink coffee.
Mail it to me.
Hey, Brenner!
Look at you, did you swim here?
You better change.
He's going to catch pneumonia.
You know, here's the thing,
no one tells me what to wear anymore.
No offense.
What about you?
Does someone tell you what to wear?
- Really? You choose to wear that?
Don't you like it?
If you ask me,
faggots dress like that.
Oh! yeah?
Are you an expert
when it comes to faggots?
Is that your wife?
Isn't she a little young for you?
You're not envious, are you?
It's ridiculous
when old men choose young women...
who could be their daughters.
In 20 years she'll find you repulsive.
the philosopher and giver of profound advice.
Just a tip among friends.
I have something for you too,
a little lesson in life...
C'mon, get up!
Hold on, I'll take care of it.
I got it.
Mr. Brenner!
I have such a headache.
What happened?
I fell down the stairs.
Come on then, come on.
It all began with our
police academy instructor Prototnig.
He made us learn every detail
of different alarm systems.
Then your boss said
he could pull off the perfect bank robbery.
We laughed at him, of course.
He said he'd prove it if we all went along.
And one day
Kck showed up with the 4 Walthers.
But he just wanted to scare him,
we thought he'd back down.
My boss?
But he didn't,
and so we couldn't back down either.
And that's why you robbed a bank?
But not really for the loot.
At most, vacation money for Yugoslavia.
Mainly it was about...
no one wanting to chicken out.
And then what happened?
Kck panicked and fired into the ceiling.
We took off,
Saarinen swerved off the road
on his motorcycle...
and was dead on the spot.
Who is Saarinen?
There were four of us, originally.
No one ever found out?
I know who shot Kck.
Your boss shot Kck.
- Nope!
His wife.
His wife, the doctor.
I have a video of her there at the time
of the crime. I'm 100% sure the vomit is hers...
I wanted to apologize.
Everything okay with you?
You're having a beer?
Damn Prosecco just gives you heartburn.
Remember how we used to drink!
We'd drain cases in a single night.
And then drive home with flashing lights.
I don't remember that.
Less bureaucracy back then,
more personalities.
These days we've just got...
a bunch of narrow-minded
smart-ass prigs.
A bank robbery in the late seventies,
a guy wouldn't be punished
for that anymore, but...
if he's the Chief of Police,
he'll probably have to resign, right?
Or what's your opinion, Brigadier?
Is he done?
Then it's time for the big moment.
I'm tight with your therapist,
and she says...
you get your gun back today.
With a little present thrown in.
A silencer,
almost the same production year.
Y'know, I don't really need a silencer.
No one knows whether or not...
they might need a silencer.
Chief Inspector,
what do you think about silencers?
Silencers are only allowed for police officers.
- Right!
Sorry, Brenner.
Silencers are only allowed for police officers.
That's a funny law.
When does a police officer need a silencer?
Get away!
Get over there!
What happened to the two of us?
Take it,
maybe I left a bullet in there for you.
Don't you want to have a look?
You're not that much of a sport.
- Whatever,
I can put it in your hand afterwards.
I won't tell anyone anything, I swear,
I'll keep my mouth shut.
we'll both keep our mouths shut
and bury him in the backyard.
Like back then,
we were fearless too, right?
We were friends once, weren't we?
Friends, yeah.
What I wouldn't have given back then
for you to be my friend.
Yeah, but it's not too late.
If we want,
things can stay the way they are.
You can shoot me
or get all sentimental,
but both at the same time is
fucked up.
Can I smoke?
Too late.
Your wife could be my daughter
or yours.
This might sound totally stupid, but...
somehow we're family.
Imagine if Saarinen were here.
What would Saarinen say
if he were here?
I'm so cold,
I'm going to turn on the heater.
Stop it!
I don't need light for what comes next.
You're not that pretty anymore.
Ever shot anyone you've known so long?
Have you forgotten
that we went to school together?
That I used to help you...
at the shooting range?
At first you couldn't hit your target,
and I secretly hit your mark from the side.
I never teased you
about your Duran Duran hairdo.
You put sugar in my Vespa tank.
Mr. Brenner?
We blew another fuse!
Oh dear, sorry about that!
Wait a minute, I'll be right out.
That shitty heater!
I totally forgot about that,
I'm really sorry.
- That's okay.
Sorry to intrude.
- You never intrude.
Guess who's here?
The Chief of Police.
Well, wouldn't you know.
Brigadier, I want you to meet someone,
come out for a second!
- A pleasure.
This man saved my life.
Well, yes. I heard a bang
and I knew immediately...
it was a gunshot, I recognized it.
My father was a hunter.
I've reconsidered, I'm going to sell.
Well, that's a surprise.
But we haven't even discussed the price.
I'm sure we'll agree, right?
I think so too.
Since I'm face to face with such an
important police officer, I have a question.
I'll bring us some beer.
I won't say no.
Why don't the police patrol our street anymore?
Last year alone
the Gypsies tore off my side mirrors twice.
There's never money
when it comes to the safety of ordinary folks.
No wonder things are the way
they are everywhere.
Hey, are you fuckin' crazy?
Fuck off, idiot! Back up, police!
I don't want to go on.
Turn around!
Look at me!
It's been...
so long
since the last time I was up here.
I've completely forgotten...
how beautiful the view is.
You arrogant asshole.
You don't think
I'd shoot you in the back?
But now you die, you chickenshit!
- Then shoot!
Go on!
Maybe your aim will be better than the first time!
Are you crazy?
You shot yourself in the head, idiot!
Admit it, you asshole!
It was you!
Do you think I'd lie to you even now?
I didn't commit suicide.
- No, you didn't.
You were too clumsy.
I didn't commit suicide!
What's wrong?
Is something wrong?
- No, no, I'm fine.
That's from me.
I arranged it.
A specialty company from abroad.
- Looks great.
Got a cigarette?
Do you remember the waitress
at the beach bar?
In Moscenicka.
The one with a mustache.
She only knew
how to say two things in German,
"eat" and "drink".
And one more thing too.
When she took our plates,
she always asked:
"You liked?"
What was her name?
Brenner, what's wrong?
What are you waiting for?
Race you to the Susi Bar!
God is boundless...
and boundless is God's mercy.
No sin is so grave
that it cannot be forgiven before you, o Lord.
If you looked upon our sins,
who could pass the test?
We return the body to the earth.
As motif let's assume professional rivalry.
It was evident between them.
- Yes.
And the Gypsy murder,
probably the Chechen Mafia.
Or Bulgarian.
I refuse to deal with anything
more complicated than that...
because what's important now
is letting the dust settle.
- Mr. Pichler.
I have a confession to make.
I shot Kck.
He blackmailed my husband for years.
It's not true.
I was with Kck that night.
We got drunk.
Then we played around with a gun
that belonged to a late classmate.
And suddenly it went off.
I panicked and sent Kck's worker
away with the crime weapon, and...
just then the cleaning lady caught me.
- What?
It was an accident.
- That's not true at all.
Of course it is!
- No!
You know what?
It's been a hard day.
If I were you, I'd go to bed early.
I wish I could hate someone
for everything that happened.
But the problem is...
it's my own fault.
Some things are my fault too.
And he's to blame for some things.
The blame is kind of spread out.
- Yes,
but I must go on living.
With the guilt.
And without him.
Then get therapy.
Won't that work?
Can't a therapist get therapy?
Yes, but with whom?
Therapists are all crazy.
I could come by every now and then
to see how you're doing.
With your guilt. And just in general.
- You?
Only if you want, of course.
And why would you do that?
- Your father...
Your father was the only friend I ever had.
Once we hitchhiked to Finland together.
To Finland?
Yes. Somehow he set his mind
on meeting the real Jarno Saarinen.
So for 2 weeks that summer
we hitchhiked to Turku.
Because that's where he lived, Saarinen.
You want some too?
Now listen up.
We get out of the car in Turku,
and your dad says to the first Finn he sees:
"Hi, we're Austrians,
we hitchhiked here
to meet Jarno Saarinen."
The Finn is totally happy that two Austrians
have come all the way for that,
and he puts us in his car,
and drives us to Jarno Saarinen's house -
it was a log house on the seaside.
Two Yamaha motorcycles are parked in front,
we get into position -
the Finn, our Saarinen, and me -
and ring.
Nothing happens.
We ring a second time.
Then we hear someone coming.
And then the door opens,
and in front of us stands a 50-year-old guy
with a bald head.
It was the heating contractor Jarno Saarinen
from Turku.
And he wasn't even related.