Life in a Fishbowl (2014) Movie Script

Life in a Fishbowl
I hear something!
- Yes!
- Yes, he's waking up!
- Yes, come on!
- What happened?
- Hey man, everything's ready up there.
- Yeah, he's waiting up there.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How'd it go?
- Just fine.
- Here you go.
- Isn't that way too much?
No, it's for last time,
and the time before that.
Hey, I'll talk to you later
this week or something?
Thanks for tonight.
- Take care.
- Yep, bye.
- Hello little night owl, are you still awake?
- Yep.
- How was it with Lena?
- Fun.
- Can't you sleep?
- No.
- Do you want me to read for you?
- Yes, "The Blue Planet".
"The Blue Planet"...
Do you remember
what we were up to?
Weren't we...? We were reading the
chapter about, there, the trees.
Ah yes... we're up to
the part with Grim Bear.
- Hello, I'd like to deposit this.
- Right, what's the account number?
- It's 17-18.
- Eik?
Yes, here you are.
Yes, your payment service
is down 47,000.
And your loan is overdue too.
Yeah... right. I'm a bit short
just at the moment.
But I'm getting lots of extra
work this month.
So I was wondering if there was
any chance of raising my credit limit?
Just to cover this?
Until the rest comes in.
Right, I'll check.
Ok, that'll be fine. But this is the last time,
because you've hit the limit now.
- But I'll, just put this in.
- Of course, yes.
- Why have you come in?
- Isn't it snack time?
Snack time?
That's not until half past.
Hey, Masl. Sorry.
I just read the time wrong.
I'll come and get you again in a while.
Go outside again for now. Sorry.
- What?
- Seriously, there was this fucking wino perv,
...with blood here all over the place,
trying to talk to her.
- Really? Where?
- Just here outside, I sent him on his way.
- Where were you heading?
- Thinking of going to your place.
- Yeah sure. Party's over now.
- What, can't a guy sit in the front?
No, not now.
- Argh...
- Watch your head. Up you go!
- Right, that's it. Sit down now.
- Good evening.
- Let's just go up to the station.
- Yes yes, I've forgotten the...
- No wait! What what what?
- In the car, there's a postcard.
- Yeah?
- It's there on the dashboard.
- You want me to take it for you?
- Yes, you could do that.
Ok, wait here.
- Well then, shouldn't I blow?
- Blow?
- Yeah.
- No, there's no need for that, Mri.
Then should I suck the damn thing?
- Is that it, Mri?
- I think the poet's dead.
- "Life in a fishbowl"?
- Yes.
- This is my new favourite book.
- Really?
Yes, I mean it, this is just
the best you've done by far.
- Since "Let me fall".
- You don't say.
I was on the verge
of giving up on you...
But I think this is the book.
There's just one thing...
Wouldn't it be better to name
the main character after you?
Everyone will realise anyway
this is your story.
The way I see it...
The person who lived it isn't the
same as the one who wrote it.
So I'd really rather...
Ok, we'll keep it exactly
the way you want.
In fact, I don't think we
need to edit this at all.
I hope you don't mind,
I let a few in the office read it.
- And they were all...blown away.
- Ah...ok, really?
And what do you want me to do?
Drop my pants or something?
No, not again!
There's still a strange smell here.
No, I have nothing to add.
Just, congratulations.
Well, thank you very much.
Say, what's the time?
Half past 12.
Won't you join me
at the bar then?
...except the next thing he knows,
is that the guy,
jumps onto the next train,
and then the doors just shut,
and he waves like this, wryly,
while the train just
heads off into eternity.
- Is that true?
- I swear.
And what did Hannes do?
Without a dog?
Well, naturally he sent her
home on the next flight.
Can you imagine the
look on the guy's face
when he opened his bag and...
- Yes!
...and sees it there, Hanne's worthless,
disgusting, staring out into the void.
If only he'd known
that was the richest man in Iceland's
most valuable possession.
Worth more than the bank itself.
- Hey there!
- How's it goin'?
- Great.
- How's everyone today?
- Just fine.
Listen, we're not drinking
bloody spirits today.
- Oh?
Now we're gonna have whiskey...
Have you got any good whiskey?
12-year-old whiskey for them,
for the boys.
- Whiskey?
- There's sense in that.
My shout. It's not often a guy
can let himself go...
- Whiskey?
- No, no thanks.
- No. Make them triple.
- Triple? Ok.
And then she says:
"No, I've already called the cops,
you're disturbing the people
here trying to eat."
"You might be in charge of some
restaurant", he says.
"But I'm in charge here,
of a whole solar system, lady!"
That is so him man, completely.
You should listen to Mri man,
he's really got it.
This has been bloody great.
I just need to be alone with
my own thoughts now, Ok?
Hey, wait wait wait, aren't you
coming to the liquor store with us?
- No, I can't be bothered.
- C'mon, please.
- I really can't be bothered man.
- C'mon, don't be like that man.
Hey wait. I'll lend you some.
Bloody hell, you're rich man!
- Yeah, what about it?
- No, give me a five thousand.
- No, I'm letting you have two thousand.
- Aren't we buddies?
- Yeah of course we are.
- Then lend us for a bottle.
Why don't I just give you
an overdraught?
What are you doing man?
- Hi!
- Hello...
- What are you doing?
- I'm just watching what you're up to.
- Why?
- I just think you're so sweet.
- Uh-oh... did you hurt yourself?
- Ah, just a little. No problem.
Masl, go inside for a bit.
There's... it's snack time.
- Hello, hello.
- Good morning.
- Do you know Masl at all?
- That one? No, not really.
- No, just ogling children.
- What?
As if you didn't hear...
Don't you need to be somewhere?
- Can't I be here?
- I'm asking if you have somewhere else?
No, I'm just on my way home.
Right then. Wouldn't it be nice,
if you just pissed off there then?
- What?
- Is everything right?
Yes, I just don't
feel like going in.
No, I know. But shouldn't we
just make the most of this?
I mean, if it's dreadful,
we just go home.
- Promise?
- Of course.
Let's just enjoy being together, Ok?
Hey! See that one there
in the snakeskin boots.
- That's Hannes.
- No way!
Breathe in, breathe out...
Feel my lips, then head
straight for me...
- Aren't you gonna leave some for me?
- Yes, this is, well, my boss.
- Siggi.
- Hello, Agnes.
Agnes, I know all about that...
Nice to meet you.
- Yes, you too.
- How are you? How do you like it?
- It's just fine.
- Isn't it?
- It's just...
- Are you happy?
- Yes I am.
- And how's the set of wheels?
- Well, it's just...
Isn't it? I told you so...
Hey Slvi, I should introduce
you to Hannes...'s about time he met our star...
Hannes, Slvi.
- This is so good for the baby's blood.
- What did you say?
This is so good for the baby's blood.
See, she kicks.
Just what the doctor ordered.
Cheers, everyone now...
You're wonderful.... cheers!
And if this keeps going so well,
the guy in the snakeskin boots
will have to dish out higher bonuses...
Just so that's clear...
But we have another
reason to celebrate...
We have a new centre in the team!
You might have noticed him, he has a
Colgate smile and beautiful blue eyes.
And I've noticed in the
short time he's been here,
he knows quite a bit more than
how to kick a ball around...
Though I wouldn't mind having him in
the company football team with me.
The trophy home!
I finalised the transfer yesterday,
straight from the national team...
Slvi, come on up and show
yourself, don't be shy.
I promise I haven't whipped
his ass yet... so that remains...
Girls, other than Agnes...
Sorry Agnes.... Right, that's all.
Cheers for Slvi and enjoy the evening!
- Are you annoyed I left you behind?
- No, I wasn't alone of course.
I was with the pregnant woman
drinking red wine, and watching...
- You know how these parties are.
- Yes, I know.
Kiss me.
Hey, look. Do this.
- "My name in Slvi".
- My name is Slvi.
"And I'm never going to
wear snakeskin boots."
And I'm never going to
wear snakeskin boots.
- "...because they are obscene".
- Because they're obscene.
Right. Don't lose the wife just
because of some snakeskin boots.
- And I don't want to lose my wife... ever.
- Right, no snakeskin boots.
After party?
- Darling...
- Yes.
- How do you know him?
- Well.
That's the guy I was telling
you about, that's him.
Masl, take the cake to Katla in the
sandpit and tell her it's ready.
That's the fucking creature
who was trying to entice her!
That's Mri. The writer.
- No.
- No?
Is he some kind of
fucking perv, or what?
He's just a wino,
I don't think he's any perv.
We should still keep an eye on him,
if he comes back.
- Hi!
- Hi.
- How was school?
- Fun.
Mum. Come here.
I know you'll say no, but if I
promise to go straight to sleep,
can I chose a movie?
What? No, it's... no, not now.
But Mum, can I have a lollypop then?
A lollypop? You know you're
not allowed a lollypop.
- But Mum, why?
- Because there's sugar in it as you know.
- But Mum!
- Heia!
But you're buying some
chocolate yourself!
- I didn't buy any!
- Are you having me on?!
- But Mum!
- Don't, I'll buy you a carrot. Please stop this!
- A carrot?? But that's not nice!
- Sure it is! It's very nice!
Yeah, yeah...
- So, how are rehearsals going?
- Fine.
Heia, can you eat your dinner please?
So, do you get a wand and everything?
- Yep, I'm making one.
- Ok.
And then I get a really
amazing dress...
- And maybe wings.
- Great!
That's really great, and hey,
when's the show?
It's in a month.
Getting close.
- Is someone coming?
- Yes, Lena will be with you tonight.
- Are you working?
- Yes.
- I don't want you to go to work.
- Heia, I won't be long.
I'm just going for a little while.
You know I need to go.
Now eat your dinner.
What kind of bloody ambition is this?
Just trying, finish
this report for Hannes.
- Right, and how do you like the office?
- It's great!
- Isn't it? And the car?
- Runs like a dream!
Hey, you know things often
happen quickly here...
It's just a question of
being a team player,
and you know that of course.
- Sure.
Those who work hardest,
have it the best.
Sky is the limit.
Didn't I have a
toothpick, dammit?
Let me see. Yes, here...
Listen, something just
landed on my desk.
A very exciting project.
I need a kind of centre
to finish it for me.
What project?
Very wealthy. Foreign investors,
building a hotel downtown,
and me and my colleague are going
to see this through for them.
The bank owns a stack of property there
but we need to clear out the rest.
- And what is it you'd like me to do?
- Just contact the owners and make an offer.
And this is for the bank? It's just...
I'm up to my neck with this report...
Don't worry about this report,
I mean, I'll talk to Hannes.
Just contact the people,
do a deal with them,
try to get the best possible deal,
and if they won't give in,
tighten the screws a little.
I mean, there's plenty
of funds for this.
Ok, let me have the details
and I'll get it done.
There aren't really details,
just addresses.
Here. You just contact the people.
What, doesn't Agnes like
the new car, or what?
Yes, yes.
What is it? You're so serious man.
Like a German on summer holiday...
- Get this done. Ok.
- Mm-hm...
"Mum, I forgot to comb my hair.
- You need to do that now!
We're running too late!"
- Is there me kind of argument?
- No Dad. I was just playing with my Barbies.
- Ah, I see. Listen, can I sit for a bit.
- Yeah.
- "You can't do that to your own daughter!"
- Yes I can!"
Kolla, I just need to
talk to you for a minute.
How'd you like to go on
a holiday this summer?
- I'd like that.
- Just the two of us.
- Mum won't come with us?
- No, it's not possible at the moment...
But, I've found a place,
that looks like this.
It's a kind of adventure
island called Sardinia.
And this beach is
called Paradise Beach.
And the sea there is so
warm you can swim in it.
- And there are fish, but no sharks.
- Just as well.
You know we're getting a divorce,
that takes a toll on her!
- Don't be so stuck up your own ass!
- That's exactly why she needs her Dad!
Yes, but not some place as far away
as possible from her mother!
Aren't you asleep my love?
Is everything alright?
Next up is Mri,
give him a round of applause.
"The wind's question:
I'm tom in two,
And fall into the murky lake.
Come half-way up,
And the soul sunk into a mill.
The trees shed tears.
The rocks bleed.
The cold bites at wounds.
But in the wind chimes.
Whether this disc of ice,
be a mirror of my hovering self.
My hands - never as empty.
Tongue never as speechless.
And still I stare. Through the ice.
And the greens are at the bottom.
Looking for you,
And hoping the ice breaks."
Thank you.
- Have you found the owners?
- Yes, a few of them.
- I just wanted to finish the report first.
- What report?
The analysis.
I wanted to got it off my desk
before diving into the other project.
Do you have this report or?
Can I see it?
There are a few things
I have to point out.
I'll have a look through it
and then pass it on to Hannes.
- It's just...
- Relax!
Find these people,
buy the properties.
Gsti, we're gonna kill you!
Siggi, did you manage
to go through the report?
Yes! You did a fantastic job.
A little too much doomsday
prophecy, for my taste at least.
But I lifted the numbers a little,
within the margins,
before Hannes got to see it.
We don't freak out the investors, right?
Come on boys! Let's nail these losers!
Damn! C'mon boys!
Bloody fuckface!
- Gsti! Is he in your department, that idiot?
- Dive, dive.
- Thanks for the game.
- You too, good to get some opposition.
I'm not sure how much
opposition that was...
People get completely out of
control in this game.
It's rubbish, they should ban all
these low tackles, and the insults.
Men calling each other
"fuckface" and carrying on.
Exactly, Siggi should be banned
from playing football of course.
- Have you finished the report?
- Yes, Siggi took it.
- And how does it look?
- Not good.
But Siggi managed to fix it a little.
- Do you have a copy for me?
- Yes, but won't the investment get it anyway?
Yes, but perhaps I'd like
to see your version.
Ok, I'll send it to you.
So my man.
- You did well, cheers.
- Gsti, this was not good.
You're screwed up Sigurur.
I'm just grateful to have both feet.
Yes, you just need to call your mother.
Hey, you're coming with
us to Florida right?
- What? Florida?
- He's all in.
- To Florida?
- Yes, 2nd weekend in November. We'll go then.
- Well, I'll check my calendar.
- Yeah, and pencil the trip in.
- See if we can find a sitter.
- No need for that, Agnes stays home.
This is just business - guys only.
We're not taking the kids with us.
- Gsti, are we?
- No.
Good to have someone
sensible come along.
What was the score?
4-0 or what? 4-2.
My dear man...
- Siggi was happy with the report.
- Mhm?
Just needed to make
a few little adjustments.
Yes, Ok.
And I'm invited on a business trip,
with the boys, to Florida next month.
Am I invited?
- No, it's just a business trip darling.
- What bullshit.
- So, when do you go?
- The second weekend.
- In?
- Next month.
- On Masl's birthday?
- Shit.
I have to go...
- Agnes...
- Yeah, you don't say.
But we always wake on
the same floor again,
and stare into each other
through, at nothing.
Good evening.
Right then, here's a nature poem.
Composed after a brief encounter
with a prima donna.
She loves lollypops...
But doesn't like mine.
Excuse me.
Excuse me...
Excuse me?
- Is it going a bit slow?
- Eh, yes.
- Man, here.
- Yes.
So it's just self service?
It's most often like that unfortunately.
Thanks for that...
- Hello, I'm Eik.
- Hello, ormur.
You're working at the
preschool by the pond, right?
Yep, is that why you're always
hanging about outside the preschool?
Yeah, right... But how is it,
did you report me?
That nasty guard dog there,
really barked at me.
No, he just didn't know
who you were, right?
Thought you were just some old perv.
Yeah, who knows.
She loves lollypops...
So what? That's just an
innocent nursery rhyme.
So, are you, are you alone or?
Yes, isn't a man always alone?
Some kind of conspiracy
theory or something?
No, look, if you consider this,
some shy ear model always disappears.
You've noticed this.
Ear model??
Then the main character goes,
goes, goes on some trip,
meets some really strange person...
You're spilling that on me!
And then nobody knows whether
the character is just in his mind or not.
Then the story's over.
Yes but...
That's so interesting!
It's strange, that's why
it's so interesting.
- Because it's so strange.
- Yes.
It's like she's letting
you in somewhere,
into a colourful dream,
in each book,
it doesn't get much more
personal than that.
Yes, dreams are the stuff
that nourish us all.
That much is certain!
But aren't you going
to publish something?
Soon? It's been a while
since the last one.
- Am I suddenly up for discussion?
- Yes.
Well, something is coming out in fact.
- Oh?
- A book, yes.
So, was there some kind of block?
- No, or... maybe I just created a block.
Listen... Wait.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Where do you live?
- That's a slightly existential question.
- Is it?
Just here, there and everywhere,
and nowhere, or something.
Do you want to come over for coffee?
No, I think I'll call it a night.
For coffee.
Come on, hands off! I'm not about to,
to fuck you or anything...
- Just for coffee.
- Coffee you say?
You can have the couch.
Do you have milk?
I have milk.
It doesn't need to be breast milk,
just regular milk will do.
And honey?
I have honey!
For you? I don't know...
Do you drink milk and honey?
In coffee?
This is crazy.
- Rough night?
- Bloody hell.
Well Hannes went through that report...
he was thrilled with it.
He wasn't surprised or anything?
No no. There's so
much going on here
that you've got no idea about...
Look, they're going to
build the hotel here,
here's where the main entrance will be,
and then the big tower,
here behind,
and then here some car park or something.
We thought this preschool here would
be a problem, but it tumed out not to be,
but this house here, and the big house
on Vonarstrti, they have to sell...
My daughter's at that preschool.
Well, she'll just have
to go somewhere else.
The owners here need to be convinced
to sell, no matter what.
- Don't people find this a bit tasteless?
- Tasteless?
I don't know about that.
I'm no architect.
But this is a five-star
hotel you know, this isn't some dive.
Look, I've got the names,
I'll see what I can do Monday...
But how far above the
market price can I go?
Just don't sound desperate,
try to keep it under double.
And we'll try to finish this
before Florida, ok? Florida!
That's for real!
Florida! Let's nail this before then.
- Good morning
- Good morning.
Well then, this is just like at a hostel.
- How was the couch?
- The couch was unusually good.
- What do you have, a little girl?
- Yes.
Didn't I tell you that yesterday?
- Yes, you told me that, yes.
- Yes, I think so.
Perhaps you told me her name too?
Yes, I think so too...
She's called Heia, she's 8.
Right! Young mother.
Yeah yeah, I'm 24 now.
But yes - rather young.
- 24, yeah...
- And what, is it her Dad-weekend?
- No, she doesn't have anyone like that.
- No one like that, no.
- She's just at her Granddad's.
- Really? Does he live here in the neighbourhood?
- No, they live at Garar, out on the Peninsula.
- Alright, yes.
- Where the streets are paved with gold.
- Yes, just about.
- It's a grand stronghold, the Peninsula.
- Yes. Yes, I'm afraid so.
Mum's father built that in his time.
Right, and what's his name?
- Really, you don't mean Blndal?
- Yes.
So Lilja's your mother?
Yes... eh, would you like an aspirin or?
No, I've got my own
medicine, such as it is.
Right, so that's how it is... well now!
- Just right to the top of the glass.
- Yes, just a little top-up...
- What good it is...
- Would you like some coffee, Dad?
And what does little Heia
have to say about that?
C'mon, won't you show me again?
What's happening here?
No, here's the coin, how can that be?
That's no small amount.
- Come on.
- Eik. Eik, darling.
What's wrong with you girl?
The man is seriously ill.
Are you blind? Or are you
just astronomically stupid?!
What on earth's the matter with you?
Can't you think of anyone but yourself?
- It's here.
- Yes, you did it splendidly.
- You're driving.
- Yes.
When are we moving into
something like this, my love?
- Give a guy about a year.
- A year?!
- Well, no leaving me behind alone.
- Yeah, sure.
- Hi.
- Hello there. Welcome!
I've been so excited about having
you over, now it's party time!
It's not often you get to let go!
Last time we went, the Bergmans
met us at the airport in Orlando.
And we thought they'd just come
and get us in a normal car.
But no no! They led us to a
luxury apartment on wheels!
It was completely ridiculous,
you know, a bus with
a bar and living room, white leather
couches absolutely unbelievable.
And there was just, you name it, right?
With everything, flat screen TV.
- And Mrs Bergmann had her hands full.
- Yes, you know, just bringing us drinks.
And then there was the bedroom
with a round bed, also leather.
Hey, don't you think you've
had enough, darling? Well?
Eh, yeah, leather and, well,
what was I going to say? Yes!
We were on our way to the hotel,
in the bus, and over the intercom comes:
"Now, you have to watch out
because now the road narrows!"
And we were just,
"What does he mean?"
- So, then he pushes some button...
- And the bus shrinks!
I'm not kidding, it contracted.
It was too wide for the road or something.
The windows shifted, and the couches
drew closer, and the bar closed.
- It was just like that scene, you know?
- That scene in the garbage disposal.
- Yes, in "Star Wars"!
- Exactly, in "Star Wars".
That was some crazy shit!
So, the question is whether
we'll be greeted that way
when we go to Florida
now, Slvi? Well?
Are you going to Florida? When?
- Just next week.
- Next week?
Next week? You know
I'm due next week.
Yes darling, don't worry about that, ok?
We have people to deal with that, right?
This is just a kind of mini
annual party then?
Business by day,
and pleasure by night...
Agnes, don't worry about this, ok?
You look kind of worried, are you?
- Let me see. Do I see worries?
- No no.
- No, I'll look after the boy, right?
- Yes, no worries about that.
- Listen, cheers!
- Cheers!
Hi, this is Eik, I can't come
to the phone right now,
but please leave a message
and I'll try to get in touch.
Yes, good evening.
It's ormur Thorlacius here.
It's, yes, I was...
The book I was talking
about the other day,
I found here a copy of "Let me fall".
Perhaps I could bring
it over for you? Or...
Somehow... So, well...
That was all.
Right then...
So, I'll be leaving then...
How's next weekend for you?
Which day were you thinking?
The whole weekend.
Thursday to Monday, 5 days.
- What do you mean 5 days?
- Have you ever been to Florida?
Yes, hello? Eik?
No, she's not home.
She's working.
I'm a friend of hers and
have a book for her.
Yes... eh, she's just not home.
Can't I come up and
leave the book for her?
No, I'm not letting you in.
you could be some wino.
Yes, I could be that, yes.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- I decided to bring you the book.
- Yes.
I hope you don't mind
I decided to wait for you.
I didn't really have anything else to do.
Don't you want to come in?
Yes, thank you. I'd like that.
- Hello, I am home.
- Hi.
Good evening.
This is the book then...
Yes, I'm ormur... Thorlacius.
- Lena.
- Hi Lena.
Thanks, talk to you in just a second...
Sorry, I'm just gonna
jump in the shower.
- How's it going with the houses?
- It's going well, I've nailed two.
People cave when you offer double.
Like they've won lotto.
But I haven't been able to get a hold
of the third owner: ormur Thorlacius.
- Yes, Mri, the poet.
- He owns the house?
Yes, clearly.
- Don't you have his number?
- Yes, but it's only a home phone.
He doesn't have a mobile... He's a typical
artist, never answers the phone.
- You'll manage it, just find him at the pub.
- Yes, of course.
Hey, Florida, aren't you excited?
Yes, there's been quite
a build up at least.
Yes, if you like the sound of the bus,
just wait till you see the Viking.
What? Viking? What's that?
It's the yacht.
It's a floating penthouse.
- Is that where we stay?
- No, no.
That's where the party is.
After the meeting.
Meeting? I don't even know
what we're doing there.
You'll meet my partner in this
hotel deal, among other things.
What, is he American?
No, Icelandic. A real shark.
He owns the yacht.
But it's not official, so
perhaps keep it to yourself.
Well, it's got everything, you know?
Everything. Anything you want.
It's almost like Benetton:
"All the colours of the world."
You're the man for it, aren't you?
Come on. Out of town doesn't count.
Nothing wrong.
- Good morning.
- Hi Mum.
- What are you watching?
- Just the morning show.
I see you've had Cheerios.
- Yes, we were too hungry.
- Yes, I understand that.
- The coffee's hot too. If you like.
- Well, Ok.
Sorry about how grumpy
and unfriendly
I was last night
when I came home.
No, no. It's no trouble at all.
So, were you working?
I sometimes take on extra work
as a waitress at a restaurant.
I have...
I have just thought
of one thing...
I've never heard anyone read my poems
as elegantly as last night,
so I was kinda wondering how
you feel about performance art?
Performance art? Why?
Some arts students are getting together
to interpret my poems at the library later on.
and I was stupid enough
to say I'd show up.
And I'm afraid I might die of boredom,
unless I have some good company.
So I was wondering if you
and Heia would come?
- Do you need to go?
- Yes my darling, it's a work trip.
I'll speak to Grandpa and see
if he can stay with you,
I'm sure you can do
something really fun together.
Then maybe I can buy
something nice for you.
And maybe an amazing
Christmas present.
- And a Christmas tree too?
- I'm not buying a Christmas tree in Florida.
But yes, perhaps I can buy a
Christmas tree when we get back.
Your turn.
Switches to clover.
- Are you going with Mri?
- No, I will not going with Mri.
Is he your boyfriend?
No my love, he's not
my boyfriend, Ok?
- We're just good friends.
- But you're almost always together.
We just like talking and stuff.
Your turn.
- I've got hearts.
- Me too.
I'm not doing to
have a chance, am I?
- Dad?
- Yes.
Oh, hi darling!
Listen. You have to excuse the other
day, we didn't know he'd be here.
- I understand, I know.
- He just dropped in.
Yes, I didn't mean
to be so rude. I just...
You know, I just
don't want him to be...
No, I know.
Let's just sit down inside.
I was hoping you'd do me a favour?
I was hoping Heia could
stay with you this weekend?
- Yes, of course! What will you be doing?
- Going on a work trip.
- Yes, and where are you going?
- To Florida.
- With the preschool?
- No.
This is some extra
work I've been doing.
I've been waitressing in the evenings
and this is some kind of Icelandic party,
that needs lots of Icelandic
waiters. And it's well paid.
What did she want now?
Heia's staying with us on the weekend.
Eik's going on a work trip.
You know Dad will be with us then?
What? This weekend?
Yes, he's coming off
the drug treatment.
I couldn't let him be alone.
No, no.
Of course we can't allow that.
She doesn't need to know.
Let me guess...
Dead on your feet. The wife gone,
and you're at the bar,
Wearing your poetry
scarf and everything.
- You clearly make up words for a living.
- Yes, aren't I?
- That's all correct except about the wife.
- Well, that's good.
- Can I offer you a drink?
- No, I'm driving.
Yes, right. Listen,
another Smirnoff for me.
- I've been trying to get a hold of you.
- Really?
- Yes, it's about your house on Vonarstrti.
- Oh, well.
I have a few wealthy investors who
want to buy it, for a good price.
Ah, so that's it. I thought
you were going to arrest me.
- No, but you live there, don't you?
- I've been known to.
Well, let's see. The market
value's 65 million.
There's nothing owing on the house,
so the money goes straight into your pocket.
Straight or not straight, that's not
my concern. That house isn't for sale.
- But you'll think about it, won't you?
- No.
- 100 million.
- No, my friend.
150 million.
No, let's just pretend now that
this conversation never happened.
Ok, but listen, think about it at least.
Take my card and just get in touch,
when you've had a chance
to consider it a little better.
It's on the second floor otherwise,
the Sunday school.
- Hello?
- Hi. It's ormur Thorlacius here.
- Armed with a red.
- Come up.
A guy doesn't like to go
on about himself endlessly.
Have you ever written anything?
No... Well, yes, I was
always writing... before.
What then? Stories or poetry?
Both, you know... stories and poetry.
More poetry perhaps.
- That's something I'd like to see.
- No, I don't think so.
- I have it here somewhere but I, well, no...
- What is it? Don't be like that.
- No, I can't be here while you read it.
- What is it? You trust me don't you?
- Ok. Ok, one poem.
- Agreed.
Ok... But you're not allowed to laugh.
And you're not allowed
to read it out loud.
Let's see...
Yes, it already looks promising.
Well then, you're quite a writer.
Thought I haven't come across these kinds
of techniques in quite some time...
Yes, it might...
better if...
we'd just...
Guess what Heia
asked the other day?
Well, what?
She asked if you were my boyfriend.
Ah, and what did you say?
I just said we were good friends.
Exactly. And shouldn't
we keep it that way?
- Heia, wait a minute.
- No, I'm going in. Take my bag.
How's my little princess?
- Have you come to stay?
- Yes!
Hi, darling.
- Is he here?
- What?
- orsteinn?
- Yes...
Weren't you going to tell me?
He's in bad shape. You don't
have to worry about anything.
- Worry about what?! Dad...
- He's extremely ill, Eik.
Eik, please. For my sake, please.
Mum! Do you have to come and
ruin my holiday at Grandma's?
- I'm not supposed to stay here?
- No!
- Oh Mum!
- Stop it!
Get in the car!
- I thought I was going to stay there!
- No!
Hi, Mri?
- It's just a work trip.
- Is it what you were doing the other day?
- Yes, extra work.
- I see...
Has this restaurant
moved to Florida then?
No... It's an Icelandic party.
That wants to have Icelanders
serving... Icelanders.
- Yes, they need serving.
- Mmm...
- So that's it.
- Will you do this for me?
Yes, of course.
It's just that...
I have nothing to offer.
No, you just stay at my place.
- Ok...
- Yes? You are completely saving me!
You're sure you want to do this?
- Aren't they?
- Yes.
What's this, aren't you going to
take pants with you, my love?
- Bloody hell.
- What?
No, I'll just wear these
and take my suit.
Are you gonna get
around in your underwear?
No, it's just better to
go with an empty case.
I'll buy things there...
with the dollar so low.
And are you going to buy something
cool for your daughter too?
Agnes, seriously, are you going
to make a big deal of this?
I'm not making a big deal of it, I'm just
saying she's going to miss you on her birthday.
- Don't you think I feel bad about this too?
- Darling, it's fine, just buy something nice.
This is work.
Should I pack on my own or what?
Hey, we're here!
Here he is. Come on, my man.
- Slvi.
- Yes?
Cheers. To KKK.
Siggi, my friend!
Welcome back!
- It's good to see you.
- Good to see you too.
- This is Slvi.
- Hi, Slvi. I'm Gerald.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you. You're the new guy.
Have you ever been to the Bahamas before?
- No, I haven't.
Now you're infiltrated, my friend.
Gerald, he's the main guy here.
If you need anything, just talk to him.
Anything goes...
Welcome... to "The Viking"!
Champagne everybody!
Where's the music?
- You did a good job today.
- Thanks.
I thought Siggi was going to lose it
when you stepped in and nailed it.
Yeah, a man does
what a man's gotta do.
Exactly, that's how it works.
A man's gotta do what
a man's gotta do.
Sometimes you have
to play these games.
Looked at your report. We have to
show Hannes. I don't think we can fix it.
This is what I like, real Icelandic
seamen, pissing in the salty sea!
Exactly, the party waits.
You did well today, yeah?
You fixed it.
Just never do that again
without talking to me first.
- What, are you leaving?
- Yes.
Aren't you going to watch
when I free Willy?
Abra kadabra!
From mouse to prize stallion!
You have to come and see the play.
Of course.
Do you think I'd miss it?
What's this?
This is a little adventure
island called Sardinia.
And this beach here is called
Costa Paradiso, or Paradise Beach.
This is the best place in
the whole wide world.
- Wouldn't it be fun to go there?
- Mhm.
- Are we going to see a movie?
- Yes, let's watch "Cinderella".
- Again?
- Yes, it's so much fun!
And I have to practise for the play.
Perhaps she won't lose
her shoe this time,
she's already lost it
so many times...
Then we'll get ready for bed.
- Yes.
- Yes...
- What happens?
- Look here.
Here you are.
Hello? Shh, guys!
The child's asleep here!
- Hey, light it again.
- Get out, out!
- What?!
- Get the fuck out of here!
What's going on?!
I was just saying how fine you were!
Get the hell out of here!
Siggi, I have to introduce
somebody to you.
Siggi , I searched the
Caribbean left to right...
And this, Siggi, is Sophie.
Madame Sophie.
Siggi, Siggi, Siggi.
I think she's one of the most
beautiful girls you've ever...
I love when you talk dirty,
but I don't understand a fucking word, man!
Aren't we going to do this like adults?
Hadn't we already talked about this?
I should be able to hold a party and meet
other people, just as much as you.
And be completely drunk
with Kolla here in her room?
- Slvi, Slvi come here.
- You keep it warm.
Come on. This here is my partner.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- I've heard good things about you, little.
- I do my best.
I heard everything went
well in Florida today.
Absolutely, me and you!
The boy. I just left the boy to it!
He's so charming he just
blows the Americans away.
Fantastic. So Slvi,
have you picked one out?
- What?
- They're not here to scrub.
No no.
- Ah ok, a man of taste.
- No no, I was just...
No no, seriously, Slvi... what?
Hi, my name is Slvi.
Yes, I know that much.
- No, sorry. Icelandic? Yes, of course.
- Yes, Eik. Hi.
- Have we met before?
- Well, met and not met mean...
Slvi, my man.
You've graduated. You've
learned lesson 1 about "The Viking".
You've got "the sea".
You've met "the C".
Or you need just a vitamin C.
So, here you go, my friend.
Enjoy. Welcome to the club.
- Thank you.
- Go for it.
- Wow. This isn't exactly my scene.
- What is this?
- Is it cocaine or what?
- Yeah, I think so.
Where on Earth are we?
We've landed at a party with the
most powerful men in Iceland.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers...
You know what? Maybe I should just
let him fuck me just like you're fucking...
You know what? Just go fuck him!
- Just fuck him, but not in here!
- Are you a half-wit or what?!
Fuck him!
Go fuck him, you
fucking cunt! Fuck!
- Are you out of your mind?!
- Are you? Fucking hell!
- Bloody shit.
- Bloody... hey.
You half-wit!
I need some soda.
- White for you.
- Can we go somewhere, please?
Slvi, Slvi. This is Kamilla.
She was studying law.
No, I'll talk to you too later on, yes!
Bloody disgusting!
She bit me, the cunt!
What should I do?!
Calm down! Just calm the hell down!
Hey, you!
Don't we need to have a talk?
Tti? Tti!
Kolla, come on. Listen to me.
Forgive me.
Please, Kolla.
It's way too cold to be out.
Come home.
Let's not be on the ice now.
Kolla, sorry we were fighting.
Kolla? Kolla!
Tell me, is your name really Eik?
- Is that some kind of pick-up line or what?
- No, I'm just asking...
You know, whether it's,
some kind of working name.
Are you called something
else at your work?
No, my name is just Eik.
So now you know who I am,
I know who you are.
I don't know who you are at all.
Your name is Eik, and..?
And Zophonasardttir.
- Mhm, and?
- And...
And, I'm orsteinn
Blndal's granddaughter.
Of course! That's why you're here.
- What?
- No, sorry, I thought you were here...
No, I just thought you were... Wow!
Maybe I am just...
Aren't we all here in
some other capacity?
Yes, I suppose so.
And you? What are you doing here?
Why did you quit football and become
some responsible bank employee?
- Big shot banker.
- Big shot? Yes, of course.
No, I just got injured and...
I was offered a job here at the bank.
Blah blah blah...
- What? I want to listen, I'm asking.
- No
- What? It's interesting.
- Yeah right.
"...and then I got injured and everything
went down the sink, and..."
The bank employee got injured...
did you get crutches?
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- What, are you heading out?
- No, I'm gonna walk to the hotel.
Can I invite you over? It's right nearby.
- Actually, I'm just a bit further along.
- Oh, come on. I'll shout you a taxi.
A gentleman!
- Yes, when a man's overseas.
- Of course.
This is pretty much finished.
- Nice hotel.
- Yes.
I think, I should just... go home.
- No no, you're definitely not going home.
- Slvi, it's so late.
I have, up in my room, a whole bar that
needs working on, it won't drink itself.
I'll just take this win with me.
- I have some, I have some.
- What were you going to say?
- Wait, before I get more blisters.
- Sorry.
- Let me do it.
- Yes, like that.
Kolla! Kolla, my dear...
Come home, my darling Kolla.
No... Kolla!
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- This isn't bad.
- No.
Look I, I ordered a taxi for you.
Didn't quite expect it would end
up like this, perhaps...
No no, I see exactly what's going on.
You don't have to worry about this...
I won't tell Agnes anything about this.
What did you say?
I won't tell Agnes anything about this,
if that's what you think.
Agnes? How do you know her?
I don't know her.
I just work at the preschool...
Are you kidding me?
No, you know what?
Just forget about it.
- Hi Mum.
- Hi darling!
- Hi.
- Hello.
I'm sorry Dad.
This was a complete mess-up.
A mess-up? This was more than
a mess-up, she had an episode!
- This could have ended up much worse.
- I know!
Are they the sort of men you
want your child to be around?
I think it's your daughter
you should apologise to...
Can you jump in the car, darling?
I'm just gonna talk to Grandpa. Ok?
Bye Grandpa.
This might be hard for you to
but I trust Mri a lot
more than Granddad.
Your Granddad isn't here.
Hasn't been here at all.
He's dying.
The doctors give him a few days.
Your mother's been up at
the hospital all weekend.
At last.
Eik, darling. Eik, he...
He wants to see you.
I think you should go, Eik.
I really do.
- Hi darling.
- Hi Dad.
- How's my Little princess?
- Just great!
- Great? Good to see you.
- Yes.
- Happy birthday.
- Thanks.
Listen, I've got a little
something for you...
- Would you like to see? Are you sure?
- Yes, yes.
Is it the exact one you wanted?
Do you think you can hold it?
Let me see.
- Wow! Did you get a house?
- Look.
Why don't you go in with
the house? It's so cold.
I also got a little something for you.
Heidi Klum.
Slvi... SMS?
Then we tried to call you, and you
didn't answer your phone once.
Well... I just...
Masl waited to hear from you
the whole day yesterday.
She waited so long she fell
asleep holding the phone.
I know, I was busy. I was in
meetings all day yesterday, darling.
You know how it is with these trips,
always at some meeting, stuck there.
- On her birthday?
- And then there just wasn't a signal.
When I went to phone you
when I got back and...
No signal?
- We'll take a look at it then, Ok?
- Yes.
Agnes, talk to me.
Slvi, no signal? That's the best
you could come up with?
What do you mean? I was in meetings, then tried
to phone you but my phone had no signal.
There's a signal in the Whale-Fjord tunnel,
but no signal in Florida? None at all?
I sent that message,
then I was in a meeting,
then there's the time difference...
What should I have done?
Slvi, you phone your daughter on her
birthday, you don't send a message.
Do you think I didn't want to call?
I told you why didn't you call me?
We called you again and again.
You know it. You never answered!
Do you want to see my phone?
Not one missed call here.
- What have you had? A whole day to delete that?
- Here. Do you want to check my Gmail too?
What is wrong with you?
You know what Slvi, I'm not an idiot...
And I know exactly what goes on
during these bloody business trips!
- What exactly do you think I am?
- You know what Slvi? I just don't know.
Hi darling, shall we
check out the house?
What do you think?
What have we got here?
Well Dad, Eik is here.
Well, what am I doing here?
What would you like to say?
Did you want to say...
for having me...
jerk you off when I was,
what... six?
Or when you...
fucked me the first time?
But then I was already 11, naturally.
Really dodge the bullet,
and for everything...
Everything that you've...
For everything...
that you've...
He didn't stop until I was 15.
It's been quite a trip, hasn't it?
Is that the only thing you've..?
Yeah, hum...
What's this?
What is it?
It's nothing.
It's nothing that matters anymore.
- Don't you look great.
- Dad did it.
Around the world,
all around the world...
What do you think this is?
Do you think it's just
the body? No, or...
- Dots!
- Dots, yes, exactly.
- And the ghosts can't touch them.
- They can't touch?
- Can I've a quick word with you?
- Sure. Keep doing the jigsaw?
Sorry, how this was all, well...
What the fuck were you thinking?
You see my child every day.
My wife too, and then you just
fuck me like nothing matters?!
Who do you think you are?
You'd better keep your
mouth shut about this!
And don't speak to us when
we come to pick her up, Ok?
- Right then, Hannes wants to meet us.
- What?
- Yep, it's happening.
- Now?
- Slvi, are you backing out?
- No no, I'm on.
So, come on.
We should talk.
This has been rough for us.
I haven't been taking care
of you the way I should.
I know you think something
happened... in Florida.
Look at me.
Trust me.
Nothing happened in Florida.
Good night.
"Life in a Fishbowl"
- Hello.
- Hello.
I need a word with
this young man.
- Slvi?
- Yes.
Yes, Slvi, he's on the 16th floor.
I'll let him know you're here.
Right then.
Congratulations with the reviews.
Five stars?
Kata, Kata, Kata...
I want to build a bridge to you.
Ok then, see you later!
- I think that's it.
- Yes, that's it. Should I do him too?
- Yes, why not.
- Why?
What? It's a video conference.
It's Deutche Bank.
This is the Champions League, right?
We're no longer in the reserve.
So I should use a little
blush, shouldn't I?
- Thanks love.
- See you.
Listen, I finished with Vonarstrti.
We can build that hotel.
Then your seat is safe.
Just call Rafael straight away.
Right, that's funny. But onto what
matters, the meeting's in two minutes.
We can't bullshit these people, they know
exactly what's going on and we do too.
We know exactly what's going on
and Hannes knows too.
- Hannes?
- Yes, he's on his way up.
What do you mean?
He's not invited to this meeting.
- Yes, he is.
- No, Hannes is not invited.
- I invited him to this meeting.
- What's going on here?
- What Gsti is trying to say...
- Yes?
Hannes read the report I did,
before you fiddled with it.
And we all agree this
is a huge problem.
Gsti and I took a few ideas,
to him, and concluded that
we should set up deposit
accounts in the UK and Holland,
with interest that
no one else can touch.
- I've heard this all...
- Let me finish.
This will fix the bank's position now,
and that's exactly what we need.
We've started setting up the system,
and all the key players are on board.
- Key players? But I'm not on board!
- Don't be a fool Siggi, I said all the key players.
This is just the "Usual Suspects".
We can't wait around for you,
we have to do this right.
It'd be best if you step aside a little here
and let Gsti and I lead the discussion.
- Wait, wait, sorry...?
- Siggi, it's not personal.
This is just business. Just a question
of being a team player, right?
Don't sulk. This is just a game.
- What do you think, there's enough to take?
- There sure is.
- What would you like?
- Let's leave the hair, at least for now.
Shall we just begin with the beard?
See what that does.
- Listen, that's it then.
- Right.
And where does this all need to go?
To the dump.
All of it?
Yes, unless there's
anything you want to keep.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Shut the door perhaps? Thank you.
I almost didn't recognise you.
But wouldn't that be better?
Now I've joined the well-to-do.
Sorry how I was last time.
Don't worry about it.
Nothing to apologize of.
I deserved it. And then some.
- So...
- I read your book.
- Oh yes?
- Why didn't you tell me about Kolla?
Well, I've really forgotten...
Such a long time ago and I'd
already written it in the book.
She would have been your age now.
It's been that long.
Well then, I really have to get going.
Say hi to Heia from me, and you take care.
See you later.
- Hello.
- Hi.
I'd like to pay these two.
And deposit this and
reduce my overdraught.
- What's your account number?
- 17-18.
Wait, the overdraught's
already been paid.
- Let's see... it's 17-18 right?
- Yes.
Yes, it is...
Yes, there's a quite a big transfer
here into your account.
ormur Thorlacius,
do you know him?
Yes my love, let me tell you,
that when Santa smells the food,
he will think carefully before deciding
what you'll get in your shoe.
I think you must have had
some bad sausages at school,
because I'm telling you, the sausages
I make are the best in town.