Life in a Year (2020) Movie Script

One foot and then the other.
Rise and shine, Pittsburgh!
This is Chuey Martinez on WQQC.
If you're up this early, you're
either out chasing a dream
or out all night
chasing something else.
Either way, don't let
one L get you down,
you can always bounce back,
baby. Let's go.
Last night took a L
But tonight I bounce back
Boy, I been broke as hell
Cashed a check
And bounced back
D town LAX
Every week I bounce back
If you a real one, then you
Know how to bounce back
Look, I cut that bitch off
Like a edit
My daddy a G, it's genetics
Took my dogs on a private jet
From the public housing
I kept it G, yeah
Where my money?
Everything I do
Is righteous
I'm never on some
Switching sides shit
I switch gears
To the night shift
Blacking out 'cause
I'm enlightened
But I hear him
Every time, man
Look, I woke up
In beast mode
With my girl, that's beauty
And the beast though
Nigga, how dare you
Stand before me
And not respect
My authority
If you f--- with my glory
I'mma drop the L and get gory
I done did everything
Except worry
Hella drama, my life story
Niggas change up more
Than wishin' wells
Karma come around
I'll wish 'em well
Livin' like I'm on
A limitless pill
I kill the scene
Like I'm Denzel
Crazy like my jacket
Strapped up
Nigga, I don't act
But I'll act up
Brown paper bag
Like the lunch packed up
Back, back, back, back up
Hi, Miss Murdoch.
Oh, shit! Bye, Miss Murdoch!
Let's see.
Thirty seconds slower
than yesterday.
I'm sorry. I was... I was...
Again. Come on.
If I could rap or something like
you, I would get all 10's.
But, like, any girl under an
eight is right out, you know.
I can't go below that.
I'm better than that.
That's interesting...
Guys. Guess what.
Is that a smoothie, man?
It's better than soda.
Nothing but empty calories.
I liked you so much better fat.
It's not even funny.
Yeah. Well, your mom doesn't.
Wow. Wow. That's gross.
You still got fat-boy standards.
Because you're fat.
Okay. Shut up.
You're still fat.
Shut up!
What's up, bro?
Big Sean tweeted that
he's doing a free show
in Pittsburgh tonight!
I wish I could believe that.
Are you serious?
Why didn't you say that?
Yeah. Well, I told you...
I told you.
We're going, right?
Of course.
What are you talking about?
That's tight.
It's not tight.
Don't say it.
No, no, no.
I told my parents I would
finish my college application.
Look, I need this, okay?
I really need this.
I have one year left
to lose my Scarlet V
and I've struck out with every
acceptable girl in this school.
Even Sarah?
Even Sarah.
Get onboard. I need this.
I have to finish my essay.
Are you kidding me?
It's the last day of school,
They're not due
until September!
Be like Sammy.
Don't go to college.
Aim for the lower middle.
Thank you, my dear.
Well, it's a good start.
But I do have some notes.
Do we have to go
through them right now?
Unless there's somewhere
more important you have to be.
No. I, um...
There's just this concert that
Sammy and Kiran invited me to.
That sounds fun.
What kind of concert?
It's just like a rap show.
Rap concert.
I think he deserves
a night off.
Be home by 11, son.
Absolutely. Love you, Mom.
I love you.
I'll leave the notes
on your desk.
Okay. Cool.
All right,
I see what you did there.
Look at all these people.
They should be lining up
to see you, Daryn.
They would be lining up to see
you if you record something.
You could totally
be the next Big Sean.
Good God,
look at these girls.
Hello. Hi, how are you?
I'm Kiran.
Kiran. Kiran.
She did not
pay attention to me.
That's it, no one else in.
God, we should've come
two hours ago.
We'll never get in.
If I don't get in,
no groupies.
You won't anyway,
what's the difference?
Shut up.
You shut up.
It's gonna happen.
Yo, yo.
Follow me. I got a plan.
Follow you where?
I got an idea.
Daryn. Daryn! Where...?
Sorry. What are you doing?
Get in here. Come. on.
This is how horror movies start.
Be cool.
Just keep your cool.
Daryn, let's just go back.
SAMMY: Daryn.
Chill. Chill. Chill.
It's all right. Okay.
Daryn, I don't think...
This is fate.
This is fate. Let's go. You
ready? You wanna see Big Sean.
Who's trying to talk me into it?
You not gonna go?
Yeah. Let's go. Let's go.
Make it bigger for Sammy.
DARYN: Let's go.
I'm not fat anymore. Asshole.
Oh, thanks for the help.
Oh, man. Sorry.
Okay. All right.
All right.
Oh, I got it. I got it.
Oh, shit!
You've done this before, huh?
KIRAN: Shut up.
Who are you?
Uh, Daryn.
I'm Daryn. Uh, are you, like,
with the tour or something?
Duh. Now piss off, square.
Well, just a second because my
friend here has a head injury!
Wait. What?
His mom dropped him
when he was very young,
and ever since
he has a condition
to where he can't see things
unless he's on top
of other things.
Perfect example, this thing
that you're on top of,
we'd love to watch
the show with you
up there
for medical reasons.
Oh, yeah.
You know what I'm saying?
I can't see
a damn thing!
You know what I mean?
I am freaking out
right now, man!
I don't know where I am, Daryn.
Calm down. Do you see this?
KIRAN: I need to get inside!
DARYN: Come on.
The darkness scares me,
Over here. Over here.
Can you help us?
Fifty bucks. Each.
Each? With paying
for his medication and all,
we don't have
that type of money.
Nice try, square.
You're wearing loafers.
So either you have money
or you jacked someone who did.
I'm pretty sure it's the first.
Damn it, Daryn.
Leather, good choice.
All right. How about this,
60 for all of us?
All right. Show me the paper.
Deal. Now, you can see...
What...? Whoa.
You kids can't be back here.
Okay. Cool.
She said it was fine.
And who is she?
Yeah. What is--? Yeah.
What is your name?
Wait. Is somebody up there?
You can't be up there!
Yeah? I'd like
to see you Spider-Man
your Hulk ass up here and do
something, all right?
Oh, shit!
Come back here.
You're in for it now!
Hey. Hey, man. Leave her alone.
Hands off, kid!
Hey. Hey!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, it's cool, man.
I used to be fat too.
So we're basically
like brothers.
Oh, my God, Daryn!
You just punched him!
Oh, you suck at punching, Daryn!
My turn.
Up here, pig head!
DARYN: Oh, my goodness.
Oh, shit.
Did she just kill him?
We're going to jail.
SAMMY: I don't like blood.
Yo, hey!
Hey! Hey! Wait!
What's your name?
Uh, Daryn? Oh, shit.
You're all dead!
We're going to hell!
Hey! Isabelle!
Daryn, where are we going?
DARYN: Isabelle! Isabelle!
Come here!
Go away!
You're a track star,
run faster!
Holy shit!
Bro, what's so clutch
we had to rush here?
Yeah, Daryn,
I shouldn't be here.
Me and this place got
some bad memories, so...
Yeah. I get that.
But I need you guys
to take a look inside
because I need some help.
I know what's inside
I came here every day
after school.
I didn't bring you here to see
what flavor ice cream I want.
There's something in here
that I really need you to see.
DARYN: You see? You see? Yes.
The scary girl from the concert.
So what?
Oh, you like her.
I mean, no, no, no.
You like her.
No, no. It's not like that.
Even if I did, do you think
she likes me?
No. She doesn't like you.
Can we go, please?
Yo, look.
In my 17 years,
no girl has ever liked me.
Doesn't stop me.
Right now?
Yeah, now.
I'm still in my clothes--
Doesn't matter. You look good.
It's all good.
You're good, baby.
Maybe it's okay if I just
get like a small cone.
But no hot fudge. Maybe
some hot fudge, but no jimmies.
Once a fat kid,
always a fat kid.
Welcome to The Big Chill.
What frozen moo juice
do you guys want?
Um... Ahem.
You know...
Wait a minute.
I know you. You're that square
that owes me 60 bucks.
Um... Yes. I remember,
from the concert.
That's crazy that we're running
into each other. I'm Daryn.
Great to see you.
Great to see you...
You know what,
how's it going?
I think we'll take
three small vanilla cones.
One with jimmies
and hot fudge, please.
Do you want any whipped cream
with that?
Yes, please.
Seven dollars
and twenty-three cents.
Thank you.
And $2.77 makes 10.
Just don't tip me, okay?
If you tip me I have to sing.
So don't.
Well, I gotta hear that.
Oh-ho! We got a tip,
Five, six, seven...
Tell your brother, your sister
And your mama too
'Cause when it's hot outside
You know just what to do
Wave your cone in the air
Like you don't care
Double-scoop it too
So they all will stop
And stare
Ice cream
It's a code word
No matter what you order
You know it will be served
Ice cream
Wow, that was amazing.
So good.
Okay. Have a good day, sir.
I just-- It was too good.
MANAGER: From the top, people!
I'm going on a break.
WOMAN: Uh-huh.
Wait, wait, wait.
It seems like I made you mad
That's not what I wanna do
'Cause, baby, me and you
Could go together
Like a double scoop
Your green eyes
I'm hypnotized
I need a lemon lime ice cream
I emphasize
I need you in my life
I think that we could chill
And get a bite together
Please don't walk away 'cause
I'll be tipping you forever
Now that is ice cream. Yeah.
It's a code word
No matter what you order
You know it will be...
Hell no.
All right.
But you know what
makes me feel better
after rejection?
More music.
ISABELLE: Okay, wait.
Hold on. Okay, fine.
Fine. You can...
You can walk me home
after work.
Okay. Great. That's fantastic.
Okay. I'll be here.
What time do you get off?
Ten it is.
It's perfect. It's a date.
It's not a date.
It sounds like a date.
That's my man right there.
I'll see you then, good times.
Dude, that was so sick.
Double scoop.
You're like James Bond.
Can you teach me that?
See you later.
I live in Wilkinsburg.
If you drive that in,
you're limping out.
So I guess
I'm walking you home?
Sure. Whatever.
I like your hair.
So, what school do you go to?
I don't go to school.
Isn't that, like, illegal?
I don't know. Probably.
Are you...?
Yeah. Hands off,
square, all right?
Hey, come back here.
That's my pop.
Well, I stole it!
So it's mine now.
Get back here,
that's my pop. Hey!
Izzy, hey,
I got a free soda.
MAN: That's my pop!
PHIL: Well, it's mine now.
I stole it. Because you're
being a discriminating dick!
Don't you come back,
you freak.
Hey, Izzy, baby.
What's up, Phil?
Who's Mr. New-Sugar?
His name is Square.
Hello, ma'am.
Good to meet you. I'm Daryn.
Very polite.
And he's got all his teeth.
That's an upgrade for you, Izzy.
Okay, you two lovebirds,
I'm gonna go to work.
Leftovers in the fridge.
Oh, and don't be too scared.
I know how she gets but even
the toughest kitty cats
purr if you know just
where to pet them. Boop!
What was that?
Phil, come on. All right.
See you later.
Bye, Izzy.
Oh, my God.
So-- So is that your mom?
Okay, so dad?
That's confusing.
This is a nice place.
It's a shit-box.
I'm poor, not blind.
So I think that, you know,
I think me and you should,
like, go on a proper date.
I don't date squares.
Well, I think you should
because you know,
we're smart, we're punctual,
we can pay for stuff. You can
use us to draw straight lines.
Okay, fine. But just once,
and mostly out of pity.
Okay. Great. Saturday, here.
I'll pick you up at 7.
It's a date. It will be fun.
It's not a date.
Okay. Okay. Have a good night.
In your holy and precious
name we pray. Amen.
I have some good news.
The Maxwells have invited us
over to a reception on Saturday.
David Maxwell's brother
is on the board of trustees
for Harvard.
I-- I actually had plans
for Saturday.
Are these plans more important
than your future, son?
Nine o'clock sharp, Daryn.
Nine o'clock sharp.
I've been waiting for you
All my life
What's that with the clock,
twitchy? Got a hot date?
No. It's just this thing that
my dad is making me go to later.
But I got an early reservation
at Creme Petite. So...
Nice. Who you going there with?
Well, you.
Hi, I'm Isabelle, the girl
that you think is impressed
by fancy clothes, a nice car,
and a restaurant
full of old people.
I'm sorry. I just--
I don't know-- I just...
I've never been out
with anyone like you before.
Meaning someone
that I really like.
Oh, shit. Okay. Fine.
Take a left at the lights.
I know a good place.
Order up!
Is this even food?
It's the best kind of food.
looks like Freddy Kruger's
ball sack.
Wow, delicious ball sack.
You kind of catch my drift?
Yeah. Oh, wow.
Just try it, Square.
How about this? How about this?
I'll try it if you tell me
why you don't go to school.
Who cares?
Don't you feel it's important
for your life? For the future?
What future?
What do you mean?
Like, scholarship, Harvard.
Law school. Clerking.
Mm. Wow.
You got it all planned out.
I mean, me and my dad, we try
to formulate a plan and just...
Wait a minute. Papa Square.
That would be your rap name.
No. I'm not...
I'm not gonna be...
Makes you sound too old.
Square. Son of Square.
I'm not gonna be a rapper.
It's just-- It's not practical.
Ooh, ooh, Square-Squared.
Look, you're good.
I've seen you do it.
It doesn't matter.
Just between Honor Society,
Student Council, track...
Can you hear yourself? You're
just listing off bullshit.
It's like:
Blah, blah, blah.
That's not bullshit.
That's my life.
I hold the state record
in the 5000 meter.
Blah, blah. Is that what
you really want though?
Out of life?
It's not about what I want.
It's about
identifying a goal...
...and making
and reaching that goal,
making it happen,
making it a reality.
You sound like a robot.
Isabelle, do you know how hard
it is to get into Harvard?
They take less than
6 percent.
Less than 6 percent.
That's six out of a hundred.
Do you realize how little
that is? Six percent--
Greatness requires sacrifice.
You can't do what you want.
Do you know that?
Why not?
Look, just because
I know what I want
doesn't mean
I always get it, okay?
But at least I'm honest with
myself about what I want.
That's why I don't go to
school, because I don't want to.
Now dig in.
It's gonna get cold.
Come on.
This is just disgusting.
In your mouth.
There you go.
That's good.
Look, everyone!
Square has joined
the human race.
Welcome to the human race,
Welcome to the human race.
I've been in the crew...
In the human race crew...
What do you actually want?
You? Not your dad,
not your mom.
What do you want?
I wanna take you out again.
Well, I can assure you,
Mr. Maxwell,
that it's not like Daryn
to be late.
No, not at all.
Here he is.
WOMAN: Oh, poor dear.
DARYN: I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry. Car troubles.
this is James Maxwell.
How are you, sir?
Your father told me
you're quite an athlete.
Captain of the track team
and he's not quite yet a senior.
You humiliated me, son.
Don't let it happen again.
I'm sorry. You were saying?
Of course.
Can't stop me
Let it all hang out
Ooh, that's what
I'm talking about
Turn it on, turn it up
Turn it out
Ooh, I think
I'm feelin' it now
So one more?
One more.
P-p-play it again
This life is not a game
I'm not a stain on the game
I'm a mark
When I talk, the spark makes
The light in the dark
It does?
What you thought
Yes. Yes. Thank you.
I go back, I come from...
One more?
One more.
Play it again
Like it's never been done
Play it again
Can you someday
Give me some more?
Start me up
Watch me move
Ain't nothing
Like the way I do
P-p-play it again for me
You got me feeling
So brand-new
P-p-play it again
Play it again, now
Start me up
Watch me move
One more?
One more.
Play it again
Like it's never been done
P-p-play it again
Hey, hold on a second.
Who is she?
Who is who?
She's just a girl.
Does this girl have a name?
Here's the thing, son.
School has started,
which means summer is over.
This little fling of yours
is starting to become
a real distraction.
What does greatness require?
Sacrifice, son.
Do you really think
that was necessary?
You didn't see her. Believe me,
a girl like this has no future.
It's better it ended now.
I wish my dad
was a drag queen.
Phil's cool
but he's not my dad.
I never really knew my father.
What about your mom?
Well, she left
when I was 6.
Classic Wilkinsburg junkie.
Where is she now?
Who cares?
Phil was babysitting and just,
you know, kept on babysitting.
So are you thirsty at all?
Just because--
I could just use some water
because I get thirsty.
Okay. You can come up,
but you're not,
you know, getting up
in me or whatever.
I just wanted some water.
When I was young
My mama said
There are things...
Don't touch anything.
I wasn't going to.
Now that I've met you
Seems to have come true
I guess I'm crazy
Crazy in love
Here's your water.
Yeah. It's supposed
to be that color.
Wow, you really were thirsty.
So, um...
you like the beach?
Oh. Yeah, I do.
I like to imagine that
I'm floating on the waves.
Just laying back and letting
the whole ocean lift you up.
It's probably the closest
I'll ever get though.
A bunch of crappy postcards.
I mean, we could just
go to the beach though.
Yeah, sure.
I'll get my bikini.
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. No, but we could
really go.
You're serious?
And baby, baby, baby
I'm crazy
Whoa, whoa.
We shouldn't have done that.
What's wrong?
What do you mean, "nothing"?
You were kissing me,
now you're not.
You're gonna have to leave.
People do things
when they're dating.
We're not dating, Daryn.
Then what are we doing?
We're hanging out.
That's what dating is.
Is there another guy?
You have some hidden boyfriend?
There's not another guy.
Do you like me? We've been
hanging out for two months.
Do you like me?
I don't know.
What do you mean
you don't know?
It's not that simple.
Yes, it is, Izzy.
Do you like me or not?
I don't like you, okay?
Just leave it.
What? Okay. Well, I don't care
because I love you.
Oh, my God. Please.
What do you mean?
Okay. Please.
I can't.
Everywhere I look,
I see you.
Even when it's not you,
I'm chasing after somebody.
I seen green hair,
I thought it was you.
Leave. Get out.
You're telling me to leave?
No, I'm not gonna leave
because I love you!
Stop! Just stop!
Stop what? I can't what?
You can't!
Daryn, stop! Please!
I love you! I love you.
I have a year to live, if that.
Still love me now, Daryn?
Still love me now?
We can figure something--
There is no "we"!
Get out of my house.
Get out! Get out!
You know what?
Get up.
Get up! Both of you.
Up. Come on.
Just do it. Trust me.
Get up.
The universe is an asshole
that gave your girl cancer.
Don't just take it.
Yell in its face.
Do it right now.
Do it.
Sometimes that's all
you can do, right?
Trust me.
I can't. I...
Suck this,
bitch universe!
That's it. Do it.
Come on. Try it.
Do it.
I hate you, universe!
Yeah. There it is.
You punk-ass-bully-bitch,
Up yours, universe!
Why did you do that?
Terrible universe!
You suck! You suck so much!
Seventeen years!
Still a virgin!
I'm still humping
a pumpkin!
And you give him
everything that he wants!
Goddamn white Kevin-Hart-looking
piece of shit.
And I can't get anything?
I'm shaving all this shit
trying to be pretty for y'all
and it's still... It's not...
What are you doing?
No. Yeah, I know.
I just felt like...
"Shaving my shit."
What was that?
You really shave that shit?
KIRAN: Yeah. Every other week.
Because my mom
says it adds...
Your mom? Did you
just say your--? Dude.
You have this weird relationship
with your mom.
We're not that close.
Nothing from Harvard yet.
It's still too early
but you never know.
You're gonna get in, son.
You're gonna get in.
It's just a formality.
I know
it's not always easy,
but nothing worthwhile ever is.
Life can be hard, son.
That's why we make plans.
Hear me?
That's why we make plans.
I gotta go, Dad. Thank you.
I love you and-- Izzy!
Izzy, I know it sounds crazy
but I love you. I'm serious.
And I don't care if you
only have a year to live,
if it's the rest of your life
then it's everything to me!
Izzy, I have a plan.
I have a plan, Izzy.
We're gonna live our full life,
all the milestones.
Everything that
we can think of.
A full, a whole,
a complete life.
All in this year. Me and you.
Go away, Daryn, okay? I don't
believe in happy endings.
Well, believe in me, Iz.
I'm serious about this, Izzy.
I think this is a really,
really good idea.
It's gonna be like
freaking Disneyland.
I don't even know
what that means. And I'm...
Izzy, I know it's hard
to believe but I love you.
I'm dead serious and...
One condition.
You have to stop
saying I love you.
Everybody thinks
they're in love
until they're not.
It's not real.
There's just people that
aren't the worst right now.
Do we have a deal?
What was that?
First milestone.
Watch where I go
I won't talk back
'Cause I'm on a roll
And, no, you can't stop
Can't stop the motion
Can't stop the motion
Watch them all go...
All right, guys.
Come on, Nacho.
Milestones are complete.
Whoa, very OCD of you, Daryn.
I still say running the old
A-train is a milestone.
Why is the ass hairy?
Look, this is my attic, okay?
I'll draw the ass how I want to.
You want the ass to be hairy?
It's not hairy. It's like...
Then what is that?
Guys, guys! Cool? Yeah?
This is the whole plan.
So, what we're gonna do is
we're gonna plot
these milestones
throughout the whole year.
All right. What's first?
Lovebirds needs a nest.
Yeah. That feels like
a just-Daryn thing.
Have fun, buddy.
The neo-brutalist foundation
is accentuated
by finishes in maple,
marble, granite, glass,
and, of course,
brushed aluminum.
Does anyone have any questions
at this point? What is it now?
Darling, do you know how
many Indian burial grounds
this house is built upon?
None. There's no
burial grounds here.
Bollocks! Blasphemy!
Big bollocks!
Okay. Stop it. Stop.
You're not British.
I'm so British.
I have half a mind to report you
to the bumbershoots!
A bumbershoot
is an umbrella.
Okay. Look,
you've had your fun.
Now it's time to run along,
okay? Go home to your parents.
Maybe you're right. Maybe we are
just kids playing make-believe.
Or maybe this kid here
just sold 2 million albums
and finished a world tour
opening for Big Sean.
Maybe Rolling Stone called
him the voice of a generation
and Kanye is about to drop
on his next single.
And maybe when
he gets on that mic,
minds are blown
and panties are thrown.
Ladies and gentleman, D Square.
Come on. Give them a taste.
Taste of what?
Your skills.
Or maybe...
Here it comes
To the bumbershoots!
Every open house, huh?
Heh, heh.
Oh, that was good.
Oh, oh, oh!
Major flaw.
This was you. You messed up.
This was you.
This human
No medium cooling
Radio one afternoon in
I'm almost positive November
comes before December.
Who put this shit up here?
All right.
A different reign
So I answer the call
So watch this one.
Boom, there it is.
Start the engine.
Turn. Turn.
Okay. I'm taking my hands
off the wheel.
Okay. Okay. I'm sorry.
Excuse me. Oh, sorry, sir.
WOMAN: This is a hospital.
Thank you.
I'll be back in a bit.
Does that hurt?
I'm getting used to it.
So this joker over here...
That's Sleepy Simon.
He thinks prostate cancer
is worse than ovarian cancer.
We've got a pretty hefty bet
who's gonna kick it first.
He thinks he's got it in the bag
but I'm feeling pretty lucky.
Stop saying stuff like that,
Izzy. You're fine.
Are you still gonna like me
when I look like that?
You're never gonna
look like that.
You're a 10, baby.
But that's a 12 over there.
Lucky bastard.
Oh, wow.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Here it comes
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Here it comes
Tina Tuna.
ISABELLE: Salmon L. Jackson.
DARYN: Good Gill Hunting.
For Cod sake.
Okay. That was good.
It doesn't matter
what you call him.
It's a Wilkinsburg fish.
He'll be dead in an hour.
No. No. Not true. Just need some
vitamins. Maybe some fish oils.
Your place is this way.
Come on. We're making a stop.
To where?
Just come with me.
Open up!
Are those bullet holes?
Don't be knocking on my door
like the police.
What's up, Ron?
What up, Iz?
Ron, this is Daryn.
Daryn, this is Ron.
How are you, sir?
Great to meet you.
Your fish is dead, kid.
What did I tell you?
Come on.
Izzy. Izzy, what are
we even doing here?
Buying crack.
Okay, Daryn,
welcome home.
Pretty cool, right?
This is insane. I was not
expecting this to be down here.
That's the idea.
Dopeheads find out
I got all this,
they'd be here like roaches
in a cereal box.
Ron used to be a big deal.
A long, long, long time ago.
That's cold, Iz.
I'm joking.
It's a really nice spot
you've got here, Ron.
Thank you, yo.
That's called
my booth of proof.
So let me see what you got.
No, no, that goofy kid
behind you.
No, like, I don't, like--
I don't make music.
Like, I never been
in one of this...
In a recording space before.
Don't look so nervous. Get in.
No, I don't rap.
He's kidding. Let's go.
Come on.
I don't-- Seriously.
No. I don't...
Come on, let's go. Hurry up.
Izzy, I just-- All right.
Dude, you're wasting time.
Stop talking. Start rapping. Go.
Just don't choke, okay?
I'm kidding.
Shark Tank starts in 20.
Let's get it.
Yeah. Okay.
Hey, yo, when the beat drops,
you start spitting, all right?
Okay, cool. What is the drop
that you're referring to?
What does that mean?
RON: I'll count you in here.
This is the beat dropping?
It just happened?
Right there? Okay.
Yeah, yo.
That's where I'm supposed
to be rapping, right?
Just do you, Daryn.
Don't touch my button.
I know. You get sensitive...
Let me...
You're right. Just do me.
Just do me. All right.
Here it comes again.
All right.
Yo, titties in my face
Drop a hundred million
On a chain
Strippers in the back
Of the whip like that
Grab 100K in
My Winnie the Pooh blanket
Had a sad time
Then I'm drinking
I got cash
Hella cash
I'm in a Rolls-Royce
I thought you said
he was good.
Now I got
A hundred dollar...
Had to do it
Like a kind of sin
I turned 10
It's a young boys school...
What are you doing?
You're embarrassing me with
weird wannabe-ass titty rap.
I don't know where I am.
I don't even wanna be in here.
This is where you wanna be.
You're embarrassing me.
I'll let y'all figure it out
while I get a beer.
Dude, sit down!
And you, say something!
You're wasting my time!
Or is this
not part of your
perfectly created plan?
No, this is not part
of the plan, come on.
Ron, did you know that
Daryn has a plan?
Him and his daddy
have it all figured out.
He's gonna go to Harvard because
that's what his daddy wants.
You know what?
They only take 6 percent.
Six percent, seems crazy.
Yeah, it's crazy.
Couldn't believe it's that easy.
I wish my odds were that good.
But they're not. I don't have
a future. My odds suck!
But I get it.
This is hard, right?
But running, that's easy
for you. You're good at that.
You got the state record
and everything.
So you know what?
Run home, Daddy's boy,
because I haven't got time
for this shit.
See you later, Ron.
I'm sorry.
RON: Iz.
What you know about my life?
RON: Iz.
What you know about
the 5 a.m. running
before the sun up?
How you dare disrespect me?
5k record holder
Captain of the track
City on my shoulder
Thought I told you
I'm the illest and the fastest
These jokers trash
And they moving slower
Than molasses
I'm about to pass them
I'm taking off like a rocket
But please, don't worry
Baby girl, 'cause I got this
Man, I got this
You should worry about
Your life
Man, I got this
How you expected to survive?
Man, I got this
I'm your guy
And you know that I got this
Oh, my God.
I can't believe
What I finally achieved
Man, you got me in a stu
I don't think I'll ever leave
Man, my heart is racing
You can see my pulse
Through my sleeve
The flow is biblical
Now I'm parting the seas
Jeez, now I think
I'm starting to see
Man, I need to shake off
Get my heart in the street
But that isn't the man
I was brought up to be
I'm thinking about my father
It gets harder to breathe
Like, wait
Do I got this?
Man, I'm worried about my life
How am I expected to survive?
Now I'm tripping because
I don't think I got this
If being a son is a job
You should fire me
I'm sick of buying ties
And competing
With Ivy-League
Honor roll kids
Trying to make it high society
My life is a marathon
It don't have no privacy
From the ghost of
My father's shadow
I hope in my life
I could take it far
I know I care
My baby girl got me drawn in
The boy is sick, you got
A towel, then throw it in
Ron looking at my face
Like, "We need more of this"
Damn, why can't you let me be
Who I wanna be?
Life is love, my love
Is right in front of me
You made me so passive
And this is my reaction
When you only pay attention
To goals
That's what happens, yo
Man, I got this
You should worry about your
Life, man, I got this
How you expected to survive?
Man, I got this
Are you gonna buy a ride?
Man, I got this, yo
Isabelle, I got this
We got our whole lives
No watches
Now we about to fly a plane
In a cockpit
I'm your guy and you know
That I got this, yo
Oh, my God.
I got this. Oh, man.
I got this!
Here it is, here it is,
here it is.
I'm proud of you, Square.
Oh, my goodness.
Do you have, like,
an iCloud account
or, like, a thumb drive
or something?
Dude, clouds are
for cupids, man.
What's that mean?
If you want folks
to feel your music,
you gotta feel it first.
You know what I mean?
You gotta touch it,
feel it, smell it. Okay?
Yeah, I like it.
Thank you. Thank you.
I'm gonna get back
to my Shark Tank.
I really appreciate this,
bro. I really...
Whoa, industry rule 489.
Hip-hoppers, we don't hug.
We just hit it right here.
Okay. Bump. There it is.
Ron doesn't
like touching, okay?
See you later.
DARYN: See you next time, bro.
Oh, shit.
How many people
do you think drowned here?
I say, around 3000.
Mostly witches though.
Yeah, it's definitely creepy.
What's up, Square? What's wrong?
Okay. Sit down. What's going on?
Okay. Okay.
Oh, shit.
Will you marry me?
Are you-- Are you really
asking me to marry you
or is this just
another milestone?
Well, this is...
Yes. I'm asking you...
How's Friday?
Wow, yeah, this is beautiful.
This Friday?
Yeah, you're right.
That's too far away.
We should do it tomorrow, right?
That's a great idea.
Okay, yeah, that's...
Yeah, I can see it now.
Everyone in black tie, except
me, of course. I'll be in white.
Bright, bright white,
just like our cake,
which will be shaped
like our love.
We'll have a perfect
fairy-tale wedding.
And we'll go on our honeymoon,
to Niagara Falls.
We'll get a suite
and a heart-shaped bed.
And then, we'll get to work
making babies, am I right?
We need a shit-ton
of babies
if I'm gonna have
a happily ever after.
Except I can't have
a happily ever after.
Don't you get it?
What...? What is going on?
What have you done now?
Oh, guys. Oh, my God.
I'm sorry. I just thought
you would like it.
Why don't we just stick
to make-believe, okay?
I'm sorry.
No, no, no, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm sticking
to make-believe.
Are you cold?
Yeah, let's go back home. Sorry.
I'm cold. I'm just...
Let's go back home.
Yeah, see, I'm freezing.
If I get pumped
full of radiation, I should
at least have superpowers
or something, you know?
I mean, come on.
Where's Sleepy Simon?
Sleepy Simon won the bet.
What about the ability
to control ants?
I thought about that
quite a lot, like...
There's 10 trillion ants
in the world. Did you know that?
Thank you, baby.
No problem,
let's get you in bed.
Do you wanna stay?
I can't. I have to...
I have homework.
I get it. I'm just gonna
pass out anyway.
They're from my mom.
Every birthday, Christmas,
and Thanksgiving
for the last 12 years.
Speaking of parents...
mine wanna meet you.
I'm awake.
I'm just picturing what an epic
disaster that's gonna be.
So count me in.
Deck the halls
With boughs of holly
Fa, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
'Tis the season
To be jolly
Wow, um, I think you're really
gonna like Isabelle, Dad.
Uh, she's really awesome.
And, uh, Phil...
Phil, um, is...
Right just on time.
Yeah, Dad, let me get this.
Son, I got it.
I made a casserole.
Which one of you
is Isabelle?
Please, come on in.
It's so nice to meet you, sir.
Please, come in.
I got you something.
It's small and stupid, but...
Thank you.
It's Christmas Eve.
I should've gotten something
for you, and I didn't.
And I feel terrible.
You messed up.
Yes, I did.
I must be rubbing off on you.
Thank you.
Let me get this for you.
Xavier and I, we went
to Wilkinsburg High School,
and then we moved into this
tiny, shabby studio apartment
about two blocks away
from the Tap House.
That place is now
the Club Mirella,
and shield your eyes for you
are gazing upon their headliner.
Oh, no applause, please.
Hey, stop that.
Nasty girl.
I told you, no applause.
Isabelle, you must be very proud
of your father.
I don't have a father.
I'm more of a super-fun au pair.
Well, you'll have
to get us tickets.
I can't believe you guys
are from Wilkinsburg.
Oh, yes. Xavier was a janitor,
and then he bought the company.
I believe the proper term
is custodial attendant.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
From Wilkinsburg to all this.
That is very inspirational.
Well, we're very blessed.
What we did is we worked hard.
Wilkinsburg is no place
to raise a child.
Oh, I don't know.
You turned out just fine, diva.
You're just saying
that because
you see the house
we live in now.
You didn't see the toilets
I had to clean,
or the days we went hungry.
It wasn't that bad,
Nights sitting in a chair
with a broom,
keeping the rats
out of Daryn's crib.
I don't remember any of that.
Good. It's because
we made a plan, son.
Yeah, but sometimes,
bad shit just happens.
I mean, some stuff you can't
keep away with a broom, right?
Apparently not.
You know, I just love these
candlesticks. Are they silver?
Actually, I believe
those are pewter.
So, Isabelle,
where do you go to school?
She's homeschooled, actually.
What about college?
I hadn't given it
much thought yet.
Well, not everybody is destined
for higher education.
I actually couldn't agree more.
I think the world could do
with a few less
fancy degrees
and a few more artists.
Who live in their
parents' basements.
Like half of
all college grads?
Daryn is destined
to do great things.
Maybe he's already
doing great things.
The first steps to any plan
is identifying a proper goal.
Harvard undergraduate first.
Then, Yale Law.
I just got exhausted
even listening to that shit.
Not everybody
can be a super-fun au pair.
Maybe that's enough,
I'm his father,
and he is my son.
We have a responsibility
to each other.
He puts his faith in me,
and I protect him.
From what, zombies?
No, from you.
Excuse you!
Girls like you, girls your type.
I am so sorry.
...distraction that
you've become in his life.
Dad, I got waitlisted!
Excuse me?
Well, that's not a no,
so let's remain positive.
When did you find this out?
A week or two ago.
You're just
telling me this now?
I'm sure he had a reason.
Stop coddling him!
Don't you see he's throwing
his life away for you?
How can you be this selfish?
I mean,
there's no future here.
Okay, enough. Let's go.
We're going.
I am really sorry.
Stand up.
Here we go, sweetheart.
Come here, sweetheart.
Thank you for the wonderful
dinner, Catherine.
I'm really sorry
about this.
And this is mine now, bitch.
I hope you're happy, son.
All night long
Sitting in shadow
Long night
Hit me with the cold sweat
Sweet love
Wish you would have saw her
She was a 5', 6'
7.1 deluxe
I believe
In sunlight in your eyes
I believe in the moonlight
In your smile
And nothing's holding me
Hey, lonely
Hey, lonely
I believe
In sunlight in your eyes
I believe in the moonlight
In your smile
And nothing's holding me
Hey, lonely
Hey, lonely
I managed to get us a meeting
with James Maxwell.
We have to be perfect
in there, son.
Don't focus so much on
athletic accomplishments,
and make sure to mention
Honors Society.
All right, hey, just stick
to the script, okay?
Just stick to the script.
One foot
and then the other.
I see you've been waitlisted.
Yes, sir.
At least it's not a no.
Yeah, yeah, your grades have
slipped a little lately.
A temporary situation
that has been rectified.
Honestly, this is just a paper
that tells me what you've done.
What I'm really interested in
is who you are.
Well, I'm captain of
the varsity track team.
I'm a member
of National Honors Society.
And I have the state record
in the 5000-meter...
And I have a...
...GPA of...
Blah, blah, blah. I'm listing
a bunch of bullshit right now.
Here's who I am.
I might suck
at punching people,
but I can get an entire
ice cream shop going.
I can eat like a person,
but I can also be an asshole.
I know that greatness requires
sacrifice, hard work,
and dedication,
but I also know that clouds
are for cupids.
And some things you just
can't keep away with a broom.
And I know that I have
to be true to myself
before I can be
true to her, but...
she's not here right now.
I'm sorry. I've wasted your
time, sir. So I'm gonna go.
And nice to see
you again, Daryn.
It's good to see you
as well, Mr. Maxwell.
I gotta go.
Excuse me for a moment, sir.
How did it go?
You're a stupid,
selfish child.
All this hard work,
all this sacrifice,
you're just gonna
throw it away for a damn girl?
Her name is Isabelle!
She's not just some damn girl!
We had a plan!
You know what
I think of your plan?
Let me show you
what I think!
Hey! Come here!
Let me show you what I think
about your plan!
I hate your plan!
What are you doing?
Stop it! Stop!
I've always hated it!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Hey! Don't you dare!
We had a plan, son.
This is what we worked for.
This is your dream.
This is your dream!
You don't even know
my dreams!
I have always supported you,
but I will not lose
my son over this.
Izzy. Izzy, please, no!
I'm done with this! I'm over
with it! It's not like before!
I'm so sorry, Izzy.
I should have never
let my father
treat you like that.
I was just so nervous about
Harvard, about our future,
about so many things, Izzy,
but that was so stupid, and
I should have stood up for you.
I know that it's too late,
but I tore down the plan.
I'm done with it.
MAN: Hey, shut up!
Yo, you shut up!
Izzy, don't go! I just...
No more milestones,
no more pretending,
no more fairy tales
and make-believe!
None of that! I just--
I don't want the life
that we should have had...
I just want our life.
Get up. Drama queen.
One more?
One more.
Let's go.
You know I'm back
Like I never left
Another sprint
Another step
Another day
Another breath
I'm chasing dreams
But I never slept
Where are we going, Square?
What? Where are you taking me?
We'll see.
Oh, mysterious Square.
If I tickle you,
will you tell me?
...told me
Never bow your head, woo!
I feel glorious, glorious
See, there's just police.
There's police.
I was born for this
Look, baby.
You can't see anything!
We're gonna crash!
I made it through
The darkest part of the night
And now I see the sunrise
Now I feel glorious
I feel glorious, glorious
We gon' be all right
Put that on my life
When I open my eyes
Hope I see you shine
We're planting a flag
They don't understand
The world is up
For grabs...
All right.
I think this is all we have.
Don't worry. I got this.
How you doing?
Ah! Isabelle! Izzy! Izzy,
start the car!
You are insane!
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Let's go. Let's go.
All right.
Get back here, you little thug!
Balls, balls, balls!
You piece of shit!
I'm gonna kill you!
Oh, my God!
Holy shit! Oh, my God,
he had a baseball bat!
That was amazing. I am
so proud of you, you weirdo.
All right. That's great.
I can't believe it.
You robbed your first shop.
Oh, my gosh.
This is pretty cool, Square.
What's up, yeah, unh
On a, on a road trip
Straight down from
Now I'm in Philly
It's cold like a blizzard
So slizzard
And the boy's name Daryn
That's why I got them
The flow so hot
And he ain't even preparing
Unh, Isabelle right here
Spitting the fire beats
Thank you.
Yo, kill the flow
Fire, yo.
This is so deceased
Oh, my God.
What is that?
Come on,
just take one good guess.
I'm a freak
Got my J's on my feet
Weirdo, weirdo, I'm a freak
Can't nobody else do it
Better than me
Can't nobody else do it
Better than me
Oh, my God-- Iz!
Izzy, what is that?
It's a baby hedgehog.
You should put it back.
What are you talking about?
His mom's roadkill.
He's an orphan.
Poor little guy.
I'm gonna name him Square,
after you.
Kind of like
George Foreman,
when he names
all his kids George.
Square Jr., meet Papa Square.
Whoa, whoa, baby, baby,
are you okay?
I'm fine. I'm totally fine.
This is why
you shouldn't do drugs.
Oh, I don't feel good.
Poor Papa Square.
What did you do?
Eat it?
What was that?
Nothing. Some idiot
just broke a lamp.
Oh, my God,
this is insane.
So I think Big Sean's
performing here tomorrow.
We should go.
Maybe this time, we'll actually
get to see the show.
Yeah, that would be
a lot of fun.
Oh, is it too much?
Do I look stupid?
No. Not at all.
You look absolutely amazing.
Moving swiftly with the night
And she's so blue
Hey, wait.
It's okay.
It's okay, baby.
When it comes to you
You're so beautiful.
I'm hiding in plain sight
In points of you
And I
And all that I am, I was
I am or was and will become
Goes back to you
Goes back to you
And all that I see
My own reflection
And this burning song
Ages knew
And all that you'll become
This is amazing!
This is so awesome!
He's so good.
Hey! Look.
I made you something.
What's this?
It's the demo you recorded.
I made it all fancy for you.
Iz, are you serious?
Listen, you have
to give it to Big Sean.
This is awesome.
D-- Wait, what?
All right? Come on, Daryn.
I can't give this to Big Sean.
I'm not joking, all right?
You have to do this!
You'll figure it out.
Just promise me.
Okay, yeah, I promise.
Okay. Here.
Take Junior.
I've got to run, all right?
Good luck.
Run where? What are you doing?
Izzy, whatever you're...
Hey, Hulk Ass!
Yeah, you! Remember me?
How's that shnoz of yours?
Hey! Come here!
I'll meet you at the car!
MAN: Hey! Stop her!
One foot then the other.
Hey, thank you, Philly!
What is that thing?
This is a...
Yo, is that a hedgehog?
Yeah. Yeah, this is Square Jr.
Man, he's your
biggest fan. I swear
he's got all your albums
in chronological order.
Yo, I gotta get a photo.
Oh, yeah.
Let's do it.
You, take the photo of me
and the hedgehog.
Oh, yeah. Sure.
That's so cool.
Totally, right?
Okay, one, two, three.
One more.
I love animals.
Put the hedgehog up
a little more.
Yeah, yeah.
No, just... It's all right.
I do love animals.
There you go.
Here you go.
Oh, yeah, thanks.
Hi, little guy.
Brian, what happened
to your nose, man?
Some big dude jumped me.
Yeah, again.
You gotta be more careful, man.
Yeah, whatever.
My bodyguard needs a bodyguard.
I'll protect you!
Yo, yo, is there...?
He's like, "Is that a hedgehog?"
I'm like,
"Yeah, this is Square Jr."
He's like,
"We have to get a pic."
Then the security guard
comes back,
so I have to hide
behind that person
that was taking
the picture,
Then-- And then, he goes.
The security guard leaves again.
I gave him the CD. I was like,
"Hey, will you listen to this?"
And he was like, "Yeah, sure."
And I was like, "Wow."
The fact that he would even
take that from a fan,
I was like, "Okay, cool."
That was really,
really awesome for me,
but maybe he'll actually
listen to the CD.
You know, maybe in the car
on the way home, whatever.
But, you know, that would
be really, really cool.
Just to hear feedback.
I don't know.
I just hope I can meet him
again, one day too.
See if he likes it.
I'm still chasing dreams
DARYN: Izzy.
We're here.
Hm. Where?
You're an asshole.
That's my mom.
That's your mom.
What is wrong with you?
You're so stupid.
Why? Why did you do this?
I thought...
I could kill you right now.
How did you even find her?
The postcards were a start. But
Sammy and Kiran helped a lot.
Oh, my God, I'm gonna kill them,
and then, I'm gonna kill you.
She looks old.
Maybe I'm crazy, but I think
you should go talk to her.
What am I gonna say?
I mean, you're Isabelle,
you can do anything.
And I'm gonna be right here.
Balls, balls, balls...
Balls, balls, balls...
What are you doing here?
Go inside. Mommy will be
right in in a minute.
Go inside, baby.
Is that you, Amanda?
You have to go.
Mommy, who is that?
Come on, baby.
I'll make you a snack,
okay? Good girl.
Let's go.
I didn't...
Daryn, please don't, just...
I didn't...
Stop talking.
In an interview,
Sean says that sometimes
it's not the destination,
it's the journey that...
Really, Daryn?
You are throwing Big Sean
at my face right now?
Are you joking?
Are you really doing that?
What's wrong? What did I do?
You don't even--
I'm so stupid.
I'm so stupid!
Why did I do that?
Izzy! Calm down!
You're gonna hurt yourself.
Don't touch me!
Don't ever touch me again!
You are disgusting.
You're just like
everybody else.
What did I do?
You promised!
You promised and you lied to me!
You're a liar.
I lied to you?
I saw you, Daryn.
I saw you with Big Sean.
Why did I trust you?
Get me out of the car.
Let me out of the car!
Stop the car,
I'm getting out!
Get off me.
What are you doing?
Let me out
of the goddamn car!
Get me out of this car!
We're in the middle of a--
Izzy, watch out!
Are you okay...?
Isabelle, wait.
Isabelle, wait.
I'm sorry!
Okay, I'm sorry,
I didn't give it to him.
I lied. All right?
What if he didn't like it?
What if he laughed at me?
I chickened out.
I'm sorry, Isabelle.
She wanted to be a mom,
but she didn't wanna be my mom.
What's wrong with me?
There's nothing wrong with you.
You gotta go.
You gotta get away from me--
Please go.
There's nothing wrong with you.
There's nothing wrong
with you.
Izzy! Izzy! Izzy!
What's going on? Izzy!
Somebody help us! Please!
Look, we're at the beach.
Izzy, we're at the beach.
We're here. Look.
We got the sand
all around us and everything.
It's just like your dream.
The ovarian tumor
has metastasized.
It's in her blood.
In her organs.
Here's the schedule for her
meds. She's gotta keep to it.
What about chemo?
That's done.
It isn't about treatment
anymore. It's about management.
Managing her pain.
Managing your expectations.
But she wasn't in any pain.
I imagine she was hiding
just how much pain she was in.
So you're leaving?
Call me if you have
any questions. I'm sorry.
Sammy, if you do a grocery run
on Wednesday
that will give me time
to clean
while the hospice worker
is here.
Kiran, you're on
pharmacy duty.
I'll call in the orders,
you pick them up.
Thank you, guys.
I really appreciate it.
No problem.
It's mine.
Why are you still here?
Hey, baby.
The instructions say
that you can't take
your medication
on an empty stomach.
So I made some pancakes
for you.
I thought it would be the best--
All right.
Good thing I made more.
They'll end up
on the floor too.
You know what, baby?
I love making pancakes.
I almost went to
culinary school, okay?
So I'm just gonna
do my training
in here right now,
just all the blades:
Like I'm a freaking ninja...
So there was this
douchebag security guard
and Daryn punched him
in the face.
I don't believe you.
My baby did not do that.
He is not a fighter.
I promise you he did.
He was just really bad at it.
Good morning.
What are you doing here?
Well, a friend gave me VIP
tickets to Club Mirella,
and I couldn't resist.
So here I am.
So the three of us
have decided
that you really need
to take a day off.
Hang with Sammy and Kiran,
do something.
Your mother will take care
of Izzy when I go to work.
I promise I'll be fine.
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
Will you do me one favor though?
You really need to shower.
You smell so bad.
I thought that was me.
DARYN: That's enough. Come on.
Thank you so much for
allowing me to come back.
I really appreciate it.
All good. All good.
What you got for me?
Something. But it's rough.
That's more
than most people got.
Oh, my God! Isabelle!
Oh, my God.
She's bleeding
from her mouth! Oh, God.
Call 911. Call 911 right now!
Where's my phone?
Let's get you on your side.
Yes, spit it out.
Good girl.
CATHERINE: Is she breathing?
Yes, she's breathing.
Everything's gonna be okay.
We have an emergency.
Yes. 440 Holland...
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be fine.
How is she?
She's stable. She's resting now.
Isabelle's teratoma
has caused fluid
to build up
in her abdominal cavity.
is a common symptom.
Okay. So, what's next?
We're gonna adjust
her medication.
Mm-hm. And then what?
After you adjust
her medication, then what?
That's all we can do
for such a young...
What do you mean
that's all you can do?
This is all we can do for a
patient as advanced as Isabelle.
The cancer has spread
through her entire body.
Her organs
are shutting down.
It's just a matter
of weeks now. Sorry.
Makes no sense at all.
That makes no sense, okay?
We need new doctors. We need
new everything! Where is she?
Isabelle! Isabelle!
We're going!
We're leaving now
because they don't know
what the fuck
they're doing in this place! Ah!
Izzy! Izzy! Baby!
Isabelle! You'd still
be okay right now
if I didn't go anywhere!
Mom! Not right now!
Listen to me!
Not right now!
Stop it!
She is going to die.
Why would you say that?
Because that is the truth!
Because that is the truth!
That is the truth!
You have done everything that
you can do for her, Daryn.
She's not gonna die!
Stop it.
I can't breathe.
Hey, baby.
I have somebody here
to see you.
Is it Make-A-Wish?
Because there's some weird shit
I still want.
Iz, please.
I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
She was ashamed...
and afraid that she would
lose her new family.
That's why she didn't come back
after she got clean.
Why did you make her go?
Because there's some shit
you just don't get
to come back from.
Come on, baby.
But I got to say goodbye.
Thank you.
Close your eyes.
I'll never forget you,
Lately I've been wondering
Wondering where you've gone
Come on now
And let me in
Come on now...
What's wrong?
It's okay.
Go back to sleep.
But the truth remains
You're haunting this place
Haunting the space
In my head
And it hurts to know
You've taken my soul
And I should let you go
But I can't
Tell me where you've been
And tell me where you've been
Tell me where you've been
'Cause I've been lonely
Oh, no
Tell me where you've been
Oh, tell me where you've been
Tell me where you've been
Tell me where you've been
Hey, pretty girl.
I need your help
with something.
Phil told me to drop this off.
Should I just leave it with you?
I look like a mailbox?
My guy.
I'll be the first one
To fall
What's--? What's going on?
A wedding is what's going on.
Who's getting married?
You are, brother.
You guys are hilarious.
Are you being serious?
No. Who's actually
getting married?
This is your moment.
Our little boy
is all grown up.
After you walk me
To my door
What's up, playa?
What's up?
Look, look.
MAN: Look at that.
WOMAN: He's so cute.
CATHERINE: Oh, my God.
Square Jr., he's adorable.
Where did you guys...?
Isabelle made us
look for it.
We found it in the sewer.
Don't worry. We cleaned it.
Did you clean it?
Yeah, I cleaned it.
Thank you.
No problem.
And I
Will show you all
My thoughts
And you
Might love me for them all
At least you'll try
'Cause we've got time
Did you do all of this for me?
I did.
But I thought you said--
Can't a classy bitch
change her mind?
Do you wanna marry me or not,
I do.
I do.
You better.
Because I'm about to marry
the shit out of you.
They say a day to God
Is a thousand years
And people walk around
With a thousand fears
But the true joy of love
That's why we all are here
And with a pure heart
You can live life in a year
I just gotta get back
To the place I let it flow
All for me
Not for those who
Bringing me down
When they say I gotta go
Ever sweet
Never slow
From the power vested in me
by the online Internet
reverend service,
I pronounce you
man and wife.
I, I got all the time
For your love
I, I got all the time
For your love
I got all the time
All the time for your love
I got all the time
For your love
I got all the time
For your love
Izzy? Isabelle?
Baby, are you okay?
What do you mean--?
What do you need?
This is the last milestone.
No. No, baby.
It's okay.
Your plan worked.
You gave me
my happily ever after.
I know I shouldn't say this...
I love you too, Square.
Izzy. Izzy.
Baby. Izzy.
I'm sorry, son.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, man.
Funerals suck.
Oh. By the way...
you graduated today.
I mean, your GPA
is kind of in the shitter.
But don't worry.
You and Sammy can...
not go to college together.
Or something.
Or you could apply to Pitt.
I mean they took me, so...
Wait, you got into college?
I brought my grades up and...
Don't make it weird, man.
No. You...
You did good, fat boy.
You did good.
Thank you.
You deserve it.
So, what are you gonna do?
Where did you get
this rust-bucket?
Sammy gave me
a real good price on it.
What are you gonna do
when you get to New York?
Make music.
See what happens.
Hm. Well,
I got you this.
Help you to stay organized.
I put a couple of things
on your calendar.
There it is.
I love you.
I love you.
I'll see you soon.
Are you ready for this?
I thought so.
...never gotten a request
quite like this one before,
it comes from a dying girl
named Isabelle.
I'm gonna have to clean
some of the language up
because my girl can curse.
So Isabelle writes:
"Everybody thinks that dying...
...teaches you
something about life,
but they're wrong.
The only way to learn
about life is by living.
And I've learned that
every moment is your moment.
Sometimes the moments
are messy,
sometimes they're beautiful,
or scary,
or just plain weird.
But they're all yours.
Cherish them.
Living isn't easy.
But if you can manage
to look past your own fears
and everyone else's
the reward is your life.
And in my life?
I was loved.
So, Daryn, one more?
She also sent me this track
and told me
I had to play it
or else she would haunt me.
So here is the world premiere
from local rapper,
D Square, "A Life In A Year."
Yo, Pittsburgh,
turn your radios up.
Life goes on
It moves like a merry-go
Heartbreak hurts, it strikes
Like a lightning bolt
But your soft lips, they make
Me wanna just tie the knot
Girl, let's run away
'Cause now you're all I got
Heartbeat and my soul speak
And I swear it never stops
One more?
I know I said a lot
I can find
Your bright soul...
One more. the parking lot
Got them dandelions
Blowing in the wind, huh?
Father told me that
You lose some and win some
The spectrum of light will
Break inside a prism, girl
That's how you color my life
So glad you're my missus, yo
On the road
We both blowing kisses, yo
I just want you happy, baby
That's my mission, yeah
All in a year
This life that we're living
Is it heaven or is Earth?
Well, I can't tell
The difference
You saw the light
You still know it shines
You and I
Holding tight
Living life in a year
Through this fight
I start tonight
Spread your wings
Gonna fly
Living life in a year
Life in a year
You and I
Holding tight
Living life in a year
Life in a year
Spread your wings
Gonna fly
Living life in a year
Girl, you're perfect
And I hope you never switch
On my phone, just scrolling
Through our pictures
Wrapped a present
Just so I could kiss you
Not a ball player
But I hit a swish
Why you always looking
For my motives?
Want true love
My heart is open
Can I cuddle with you?
Baby, I was hoping
Your emotions
They got me roller coastin'
Jeez, pop in the web
Girl, we rollin'
The story of our love
Is a poem
I don't know it all
I'm still growing
But I do know I'm falling
For you every moment, girl
You saw the light
You still know it shines
You and I
Holding tight
Living life in a year
Through this fight
I start tonight
Spread your wings
Gonna fly
Living life in a year
Life in a year
You and I
Holding tight
Living life in a year
Life in a year
Spread your wings
Gonna fly
Living life in a year