Life Is Beautiful a.k.a. La vita e bella (2012) Movie Script

Mother! Please listen to me, mother!
Agreed you got transferred.
Should we've to vacate this
place and go away?
l'll stay back and
take care of things here.
Give that to me.
Please listen to me, mother.
Tell me, who would allow transfer
in the third year engineering?
lt's quite difficult to get, mother.
Wait, l'll get it for you.
Chinni, get your dolls,
you'll cry later.
- No!
Where would we stay in Hyderabad?
What would we do?
What's the plan, mother?
- You're going to elder uncle's house.
That's it!
No more arguments.
Sathya will join medical
coaching classes there.
Chinni would join a new school.
New school?
- Yes, come and have food, children.
l don't want.
Okay then, l'll also not eat.
- Why do you do like this, mother?
Mother, let them go,
l'll stay back here.
My college is here,
my friends are here.
No, mother.
- l'll stay here, send them.
l'll not go there.
Stop it, children!
- Mother, l'll not go.
Seenu, you come with me.
You must go to stay with uncle,
don't ask me anything.
What has happened now, mother?
Seenu, please listen to me, son.
You've no father, but still
l never asked you for anything.
Why are you getting emotional for this?
Please do this for me, son.
lf you oppose me like this,
they're kids, how am l to tell them?
You must tell them, son.
Look after them carefully.
Okay mother.
l'll take care of them.
l don't get anything!
How can l join new college now?
Why should l stay with uncle and
grandpa whom l had seen years ago?
New people...
Everything is new!
Mother too won't be with us.
l'm their guardian now,
they're my responsibility.
Everything has changed suddenly.
We used to fight always,
mother took a
promise from me never to scold her.
ls it possible?
Have we reached?
Shall we wake her up?
- She may start crying!
First time she's waking up
without mother.
No time, let's wake her up.
Still there are just 364 days
to see mother.
Have we reached the station?
- Yes madam.
Grandpa promised to come, right?
- Yes Chinni.
How long? Why hasn't he come yet?
Let's wait for 5 more minutes.
- He'll come. Okay?
Look there!
- What's that?
Shall we take an auto?
Let's go. Grandpa hasn't come.
- Okay?
Shall we go, Chinni?
- Let's go.
Look there Chinni! How beautiful
the swimming pool is!
lsn't it good?
- Yes.
Hey auto...stop...stop!
l'll inquire.
ls this B-block?
l mean Sun Shine Valley B-phase...
Who are they?
How many times l've told you not to
allow autos into Gold phase?
Were you sleeping?
Go out!
- Sleeping?
- Go out!
Come, go out...take the auto out.
This is B phase, right?
- This is Gold phase.
Not B-Block, that side, go!
Take the auto out, get going.
Come here.
- Aren't we staying here?
Go out quickly.
- No.
B-block people!
Hey boy! Nobody cares!
Where do l get B-block 29?
New to the place?
lt's not raining, right?
Why are you wearing a raincoat?
lt'll rain in an hour now, that's why!
How do you know that?
Right side?
Where's B-block?
Are you blind?
Do it carefully.
Leave it.
Cut just this much,
no need of money.
Keep, have a tea.
Best luck, brother!
You must hit a century today!
Gold phase people are too proud.
- Let's see!
Only if it doesn't rain, right?
Where's B-block 29?
29? Go straight, you see a house
in the corner, right?
- That's it.
You made me bleed!
Take it easy!
Are you doing engineering?
- Yes. You?- Me?
l've studied a lot,
now l'm doing business.
That one, right?
- Yes.
Chinni, we're home.
Brother, have a tea!
- No need.
l'm going home, l'll have it there.
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
- Yes.
Where's C-10?
- Go right, take left and then right...
lt's quite difficult to tell.
Come, l'll show you.
- No need, please tell me.
l said it's difficult to tell.
l'm going there.
Come, l'll show the way.
Here's the C-10!
Father, this is it.
l too live nearby! That's my house!
Bring it here.
So, this is grandpa's house!
Everything is as mother told us.
Motifs on walls,
Gandhi and Nehru photos!
Why are you standing there, Seenu?
Please come in.
My aunt, very strict but mother
said very soft hearted lady.
Your classes start from tomorrow.
- Okay uncle.
Take the receipt.
Show it in the class.
- Okay.
Grandpa will take Chinni to school.
- Okay uncle.
When will your college starts?
- Still there's a week, uncle.
Okay, let's discuss in the evening.
Uncle is lawyer, a lawyer
who fights forjustice.
That's why he still drives
around in a scooter.
My uncle's son Ashok.
He's preparing for lAS.
My grandma, who makes
tastiest pickles.
My mother told me, she makes
a pickle for every season.
Hi sister!
- Aunt's sister.
Aunt wants to get her
married this year.
Help her.
- Okay.
Aunty, l'll do it.
- Do you know?- l do.
You're doing it very well.
And finally my absent minded grandpa!
My sweet darling!
- Grandpa!
l came to the station
at right time but...
l don't know if l missed the train
number or the platform number.
This is our room.
Found little small!
Sathya is scared of lizards.
l can't sleep without fan.
Did you brush the teeth?
Seenu, coffee!
Milk for you, Chinni.
Have it.
Chinni needs hot water to
take bath and hates milk.
What's that?
- Nothing, aunty.
Take it.
ls cabbage curry okay for chapattis?
- Cabbage?
Okay, aunty.
- Okay, aunty.- Okay.
Chinni, say okay to anything
aunt says, okay?
l sacrificed the cot near
the window to Sathya.
To allow her to read better.
l could understand clearly that
adjustments have begun in my life.
Aunt, grandpa, grandma,
everyone is there.
Everyone must say Chinni is
very good girl. Okay?
You mustn't cry for a year.
One year means how many days, mother?
l too made many promises
to my mother.
Sathya would become a doctor,
l'll control my anger,
and that l'll study well,
and that l'll never get
into trouble with girls.
lt's raining!
Mother loves rain!
She used to make all the children
to make paper boats.
Give it to grandma.
What's this?
- ldli coconut chutney.
You are...?
You're Seenu?
Lakshmi's son?
Are Sathya and Chinni too here?
They're upstairs.
She's rich aunt's daughter.
Mother said she doesn't care about us.
But she doesn't look like that.
Very beautiful!
Long hair like my mother.
Beautiful smile!
Feel like seeing her again and again.
Technically, you're suitor.
l'm Padmavathi. Padhu!
My grandma's name.
Srinivas...Seenu, our grandpa's name.
Go father! Who will bother
about signals in rain?
Wait, l'll give.
l think girl from Gold phase, dad!
At least given him Rs.10
to keep our honour.
Do you remember the beggar's face.- No!
Likewise the girl too won't
remember your face. This is a fact.
There's no worse depressing father
than you in the world, dad.
Never compare yourselves
with people of Gold phase,
try to raise yourself
to their level.
Wait...wait sir!
We're nearby,
can't you call us to help?
lt would've got wet in rain.
Keep it here, sir.
We're alive, right? Shouldn't
we help each other, or not?
What do you do sir?
l'm security in charge of Gold phase.
She's my daughter.
- Gold phase? Wait...
- Lakshmi!
- No, studying B.Com.
- Give this tea to them.
- Go carefully.
You go in.
- Okay.
- Have tea.
Why son?
- Have it sir.
You're Lakshmi, right? Have tea.
- No need please.
Have it, my mother makes
excellent tea.
My father! He loves his
car more than me.
lt feeds him, right? Come.
My father doesn't like me
going to college.
l want to become an engineer.
Can you do me a favour?
Can you find me a part time job?
l can write entrance exam again.
- Please.
Okay, l'll see but
stop being too formal.
This is Telengana!
Here people talk informally! That's it.
Whatever people say here
comes straight from the heart.
l mean 100% pure!
Where are you from?
- From Vizag.
Formal again?
Please help me.
- Do it, Nagaraj!
That's better!
Nothing, l want to come good in life.
l'll find it for you,
you don't worry.
l'll take care of yourjob.
To study, right?
Had you been my father's daughter?
He would be very happy.
- Nothing.
l'll go now, just a small
personal work. Please don't mind.
Personal means nothing serious.
There's a beautiful aunty in B-Phase,
she goes out at 9 am
and come in at 6 pm.
l'll never miss her both
the times, she's fantastic!
She wears sari so beautifully,
drop dead!
Don't mistake me for saying this.
- l'll take care of yourjob.
- Bye.- Okay.
Full tension match with Gold phase.
What's the position of the match?
Last man is batting.
- Nagaraj will hit a 50 today.
Sathya, l'll go out.
- l'll also come with you.
You come this side.
Be careful, Nagaraj.
Brother! Hit as six! A huge six!
Are we winning?
What's the score?
Can't he take singles?
Don't miss it, take a single.
How do you do?
Hey Balli, take a single.
Take a single,
l'll take care of the rest.
Why are you so tensed?
Rs.30000 bet match!
- So much money?
l mean we don't pay them,
but if we win, they'll pay us.
But if we lose, Nagaraj must work
a month in Gold phase for free.
Balli, just push it...
Balli's father is here!
Useless son! You're dead meat
today in my hands!
What's that?
We're winning the match, stop Balli!
- Let's cancel the match.
lt's over, right?
He went away, we don't have players.
- So what?
Why cancel?
ls it our fault if you don't
have players?
Come to office to work for a month.
Padhu, my brother plays cricket.
Does he?
- Plays well.
Abhi! Can we get Seenu in?
Nagaraj, he'll play.
- Play again...
Will you play?
He'll pay in his place.
Let's play.
You know to play, right?
You play well, right?
Use this guard, we've only one.
This one?
- Why are you laughing?
What do you think of him?
He's a league player.
You may get hurt seriously.
Play well, right?
Just touch it...and take a single,
that's enough.
Just a touch!
What happened? Play man!
What happened?
Why did you leave it?
Nothing, ground is not even.
Why are you worried about that?
You said he plays well.
You said he plays well.
- Wait, he'll play.
Rs.30000 bet! Do you know that?
lf not l've to work like
a dog for a month.
Just take a single,
l'll do the rest.
Seenu, take a single.
Players, close in on him!
Hit it!
Who the hell is he?
What's this, man?
Kill...kill me, man!
Take a run, please.
Why is he playing defense?
l'll fall at your feet.
- What are you doing?
Just take a single.
- Don't worry, go.
Good hit!
l told you, right?
Just touch it.
Field it!
Super shot!
Will you take a single?
No, you finish it.
Get drinks.
What are you doing?
- Well played, Seenu.
l'll pay you Rs.50000, give up.
- What?
He doesn't need to work for us.
We never lost in 5 years.
Think over it.
Rs.50000, get yourself out.
Catch it at least this time!
You won it for us!
- Hold him high!
lsn't he handsome?
My aunt's son!
What the hell were you playing?
- Bet money.- What?
You got a player in the last and
this is cheating, no money.
You agreed for player change, right?
Nothing doing, go away!
He's our guy, new to the B-29.
Why are you raising voice? Talk properly.
- What the hell is this?
Anyway, why do you need money?
Already you've too much.
You're money bags!
What did you say?
What did you say?
They won and we've to pay them.
Give the money.
Give Rs.30000, take it and leave.
Leave them.
Throw it his face.
Give money.
Why did you leave them
paying Rs.30000?
lf we don't, they'll become
heroes in the eyes of Paru.
That's why l left them.
Wait, we'll have our day!
Seenu, l'll keep the money,
l need it.
What do you say?
- Take it.
You won the game, right?
Why are you giving him entire money?
Okay, leave it.
- No, ask him.- Leave it.
l'll be back in a moment.
Take this chocolate.
- What for?
l feel Paru will ditch you in 2 months.
That's why this chocolate!
Yes brother!
We won the match!
- Really, brother?
We won Rs.30000!
Your sister is getting married, right?
Use for it.
What's this man?
- Why is he crying?
Why are you crying man?
l didn't do it,
he won the match for us. Don't cry!
Seenu, come here.
He hit sixers and boundaries
in the last over.
lf not we'd have lost.
- Thank you, brother!
l'll never forget you.
- Take it easy.
Seeing all of them,
l got confidence.
That our lives would be
smooth in Sunshine valley.
She's Maya madam!
lsn't she beautiful?
Take it.
How are you doing, dear?
l didn't cry at all, mother. Promise!
Really, l swear.
Aunt is very strict,
she gave milk, mother.
Brother drank it.
She prepared cabbage and
brother ate that too, mother.
What did you eat then?
- Me?
What are you doing?
- Mother! lt's fine here!
- Chinni is not crying.
Take care, son.
- Okay son.
Sathya, be careful.
- Be careful.
Father, take Chinni to school.
l'll come back quickly, okay Chinni?
Hey wait!
How is it?
That will be cool.
Wearjeans initially, that's better.
Boys will be fixed!
lf not they'll tease later.
Try to understand!
What's this dot?
Why are you sporting flowers?
Who suggested it?
Grandma gave flowers offered to God.
So, l had to.
Do you've any change?
The conductor is troublesome.
- l've hundred.
No need, Padhu. Give her Rs.100.
No need, just Rs.20 only.
lf aunt comes to know...
So what if she knows?
lf you're so scared, return my Rs.20.
l don't want your Rs.100.
Why do you bring my mother into this?
ls it because l'm keeping quiet?
Every day he does it!
He's proud because of money!
He always does it on seeing girls.
You've developed a big body,
can't you do anything with him?
He's from Gold phase,
very dangerous man.- Get lost!
Look! He's coming back!
Leave him!
Not like that, brother!
Distance about 100 meters,
trajectory should be 45 degree angle.
lf we calculate initial velocity,
friction and throw like this!
What have you done, Abhi?
- What happened, Sathya?
Entire Gold phase will be
here in few minutes.
Seenu, you go home.
- l've to take Chinni to school.
l'll take care of it, you carry on.
You go home, Seenu.
Move our quickly.
Take your bag.
- Stop there!
Wait there!
- Seenu, you go away.
l threw the stone,
l'll manage it.- Leave quickly.
l told you to throw it, right?
What happened?
Stop there!
Where are they?
- Look now!
Catch them!
Leave me...leave me...
Leave me!
Who threw the stone?
- l did it.- l did it.
We both did it.
Take out money.
- lt was your mistake.
Why are you teasing girls?
Shut up! That's his will and wish!
Bloody, take out bugs!
- Take it out.
Take it.
- Rs.10?
Bloody! lt's Rs.30000!
- You've become too proud!
l didn't hit you, don't act!
Not like this, we must plan it.
Salt and camphor are alike,
but good men are different from bad.
What is she saying, grandpa?
- Can you say anything in English, dear?
Didn't your mother teach English?
l know that song, grandpa.
Can l sing it?
Please give us a moment.
- Come Chinni.
What about the admission, madam?
What is she saying?
l too can't understand it.
There's nothing worse
than this, madam.
l'll get her admitted there.
Go carefully, sir.
You too must sing it.
Here? Why grandpa?
You were not admitted for
lack of English knowledge.
They abused me, your mother
and everyone.
lf you study well here
and learn English well,
they'll admit you there.
Did she abuse my mother?
- Yes.
Then, okay!
lt's running!
Will you open the lock of the room?
Do it fast.
- Come...come...
Chow-Chow is here!
Do it fast!
We searched the entire
colony for you both.
l told you they're dangerous people.
Go away quickly.
- Okay father.
Leave me. Wait!
- Hey guys!
Leave them! Why are you after them?
Who the hell are you?
Why are you acting too smart? What man?
lt was an accident, leave it.
Okay, pay Rs.30000 and go home.
No jokes please,
why do you need money?
What man? Making fun?
Look at me!
Where are you looking at?
What are you looking at?
- Nothing...
Please settle this issue.
You're the most sensible here.
How dare you call Paru!
What's this?
- What do you think of yourself?
Nothing doing, pay Rs.30000
and go home.
Where can he get Rs.30000?
He's just a student, if you want
l'll get Rs.10000. Leave him.
Just Rs.10000!
- Take this along with it.
What's this?
l feel she'll dump you in exactly
2 months 10 days.- You bloody!
Leave him, Suresh.
Ajay, stop!
Go boys!
Nagaraj, pay Rs.10000 tomorrow.
l'll pay Rs.10000 tomorrow.
You go.
Come boys.
- Let's go.- Sathya, come.
What happened?
- Take it easy, let's go.
Nothing happened to me.
Are you shameless guys?
Will you beat him finding alone?
Are you new to the area
to talk like this?
Leave her.
- Do you know here you are?
Leave her.
How dare you touch my sister!
l'll kill you!
Catch them boys!
Don't leave those B-phase people!
- Why do they hate us?
Those Gold phase guys want
to usurp our lake!
lt was a morning...
A dawn that caressed the wishes...
That moment my heart said get up...
A screen of chill cool breeze and
a ray of breaking dawn behind it...
lt is making everyone to get up
and come fast...
When breaking dawn waits...
The world will sing like
a nightingale...
You fatso!
You fatty!
- Come on guys!
Got too much of flab!
The entire world joins to celebrate
fun mischievously...
Elders abuse and scold us
inside home and outside too...
Rain or shine has no difference,
our fun never stops...
This mischievous life wants
to share everything...
Don't you've sense?
- Don't l know it?
Raju, wait...
- No need, keep it for him.
Come evenings it's friendly banter
by elders and young on the road...
Diwali, Holi or Christmas has no
difference, we celebrate every festival...
Protests and picketing never
touch our lives...
This is our world,
it is ours and always will be...
This colourful life moves on...
lt seems you do massage, darling.
Brother, madam is coming.
l'm always near you, know that?
l like you so much.
Why are you troubling me?
Car is my father's, he'll not sell it.
Do you know how beautiful you are?
l don't know English.
What is this nonsense
you're talking on phone?
Do massage, nonsense...
come on tell me now.
l'm sparing because we belong
to the same colony.
lf you do it again,
l'll send you all to jail.
Why is he scolding us?
- l don't know.
Darling, don't hang up the phone.
l'll come where ever you want me.
- What happened?
Just once for my sake, darling.
What's the problem, madam?
No problem, madam.
Don't say sorry to me.
Why is she crying?
Who the hell is torturing
her on phone?
He's sending messages from
different numbers.
Do something and catch him.
- Got him!
What is he saying?
- Will you do massage?
Tell me you rate!
Says please darling.
You're very sexy in red sari.
Come on send a message to him.
Say l'll do massage.
Tell him to come to colony ice cream
shop tomorrow in a red shirt.
He's dead in my hands.
Catch him!
Bloody! Do you want massage?
He's the one who called
you on phone.
He's the man.
- Stand properly.- Stand properly.
Leave me.
- Shut up, you bloody!
Take your hands off me.
He's the man, madam.
Confirmed, it's him...
What man?
Aren't you ashamed?
What is your age?
What have you studied?
Are girls so cheap to you?
Got it! Do you want massage, bloody?
l'll do the massage to you.
Leave him.
- Get lost!
Do you want to have tea?
- lt's okay!
Why is she calling?
- Go buddy...
Spared you man!
Where do you live man?
Gold phase! l'll take you to task!
Gold phase?
Though worried about breaking a war,
we're in Maya aunty's house
and having tea there,
we were excited to see her so closely.
Nagaraj was out of the world.
What a lady!
What a face!
Excellent tea!
What a perfume she uses!
Even her slippers are great!
- Who beat you?
That guy!
- That guy?
Catch them!
- Stop...stop...
Catch them!
Where are you running away?
lt seems you beat up a boy
from Gold phase.
Look, neither we abused
nor beat him.
lt was his bad behaviour and
Maya madam slapped her.
Did you beat him or not?
- No!
Who are you to take him anyway?
Are you police?
ls she a chaste woman?
Rakesh, tell him to behave properly.
- Why should l?
He made a mistake and
got beaten up, that's it.
lf it happens again,
it won't be nice, tell him.
What's his mistake?
Aren't you ogling at her?
Don't you desire her?
ls it wrong if he ogles her?
That's our area and our girl
and our wish.
Will you keep quiet if we pass
comments on girls in your phase?
Has come to talk!
Street dogs are not allowed
in the Gold phase.
Mind your language, Rakesh.
Why should we respect you?
How dare you comment on our girls!
Come on, dare do it!
l'll rip your apart, rascal!
You do it first and
then l'll show what l would do.
You want me to do?
- lf you've guts, do it.
Come on do it.
- l'll do and show.
Hey girl! Would you like
to come to tuition?
l'll teach you private lessons.
Bloody idiot!
l'll beat you with slippers!
Come!- l told you to
stay away from my sister.
How dare you beat him!
How dare you beat Seenu!
Hey guys! Stop, don't fight.
Look, he's after Paru!
Come on, say it again!
- Suresh, bash him.
What the hell were you saying?
How dare you hold his collar!
Leave him!
l slapped him!
What's the problem?
- Get out!
Shall we bump off?
- How proud she is!
Forget about the boys,
we must first take on her.
That's it!
- How proud she was!
Come down little...
- Now, we got her.
Come down!
- lt's festival for you guys!
Why isn't she seen?
What's this?
- Come down little.
Bring it down.
Enjoy , fatso!
Turn it other side.
Rakesh! lt's your sister!
Come on close it!
lsn't she my sister?
Who is he?...
Bloody B-phase guy with our sister!
Tell Seenu to come to
the lake immediately.- Okay.- Fast!
Go away from here quickly...quickly!
lsn't that good?
- That one, right?
Where is he?
- Who?
Who is he?
- Who?
Are you playing drama?
What are you guys?
What's your life?
What's it?
- Your life isn't worth a car!
Do you wish for my sister?
- What happened?
Tell him!
l think they've gone that side, come.
Leave them!
Seenu, come!
How strange! Gold phase dogs
are in our streets!
What's this?
- What did you say now?
Why are you taking your anger on me?
l'll not spare you!
Come, Rakesh.
Take it easy!
What's this?
ls it necessary to comment?
They're angry and
you're adding oil to fire.
No problem.
May be mother told me
to control anger for this.
For the one word dog,
l've become an enemy to Rakesh.
l'm seeing you hurt every day,
are you having fights?
Have this!
Aunty! Uncle!
- What?
You brought her home
without any intimation.
What are you planning to do now?
Tell me.
l was dreaming you'd pass lAS,
were you doing this?
You could've at least
given a hint to me.
At least after you pass or
on your return talk to them.
They'll not agree, father.
They'll force marriage on her.
At least made a try!
Our property isn't worth
their luxury car!
Who the girl is anyway?
lsn't this his house?
- Yes.
Suddenly, B-phase and
my house became very famous.
lt's a record in 20 years that
a girl from there has come here.
My uncle is using his intelligence
to make this marriage happen.
Bring the girl.
What happened?
ls it true?
Tell me.
How could she fall for Ashok?
What could be the reason?
He's average and
no style or smartness!
May be because he's well educated!
Would anyone fall for education?
What's this?
Come out l say...come out...
Come out!
Sony, come home!
Sit in the car.
What's this dear? Let's go home.
l came here on my wish
and will with Ashok.
What is your wish? Wait, guys!
Couldn't you find anyone else?
These B-phase dogs...
Won't you think about our family?
What's our status?
Rakesh, it's my personal matter,
get out from here.
Go out and shout!
- Personal matter?
Leave me.
- Wait!
You're my sister!
First come home!
Let's go home and discuss.
Leave me.
Wait a minute.
- Sony, come! Sony, come out!
Ashok, go inside with her.
- You both go inside.
Come dear.
How dare you trap my sister!
l'll not spare anyone of you!
Go man!
- Bring her, guys!
He's just a rabble rouser!
Take it easy!
That lake is the only link
you've with the B-phase.
The problems are because of that.
So, as you say...
This lake is the problem
we've with B-phase people.
They're able to reach us
because of this lake.
lf you say yes, a wall would
come around this lake,
and the lake would become ours!
You take care of the money,
l'll take of Govt. and permissions.
l guaranty not even an insect
would dare come in from B-phase.
Just say yes, sir.
Though everyone was against it,
though entire Gold phase
boycotted it,
my uncle arranged the
marriage in our house!
Everyone was busy and
chaos all the way!
But amidst all this, Nagaraj tried
to get closer to Maya madam.
You must do me a small favour, madam.
There's a marriage
in Seenu's house.
The man who eloped with
Gold phase girl.
Our girls shouldn't look
any less in marriage, right?
So, you make them look chic!
Lakshmi, come quickly.
Come l say!
l don't want this, l want ajob.
l'll find one for you later.
What do you think it is? Marriage!
We mustn't look ordinary, right?
- Okay.
lt'll take time, Nagaraj.
- No problem, l'll wait.
Did you go to China?
l see photos of China.
Who is he? l see him in
all the photos. Friend?
How could madam find a Chinese?
Couldn't she get anyone in lndia?
- Don't feel too much!
Girls don't bother about all that!
Chinese or Pakistani,
nothing matters to them!
Do you know what love is?
lt's very nice!
lsn't she beautiful?
She's your sister-in-law!
Okay, congrats!
Chinni, come.
Aunty! Seenu!
You're grown up!
Didn't your mother come?
- No, she didn't come, aunt.
l wasn't in town,
why not visit us sometime? For lunch!
Shall we invite them tomorrow?
Come...tomorrow or day after...
When you're free!
Why aren't you wearing any jewels?
Didn't your mother buy
anything for you? l'll tell her.
Mother! Don't you get peace
unless you pass some comment?
Shut up! Why are you taking
so much interest?
Maintain distance from them.
lt's wrong.
- Come.
Why don't you wear the
jewels mother gave you?
l don't like it.
Okay. Return that Rs.20 to her.
What?- Call when you've dinner,
l'll join you.
Wait for me. Okay?
Mother is a big bore, always harks
about status and nonsense.
l'm finished if l get
caught with her. Bye.- That Rs.20!
Your Rs.20...
ls it necessary now?
l don't want, l'll not take it.
Do l look like a money lender?
l don't want it.
Buy me something...a chocolate!
Wait for me!
Come, she's like that!
Have you seen this flower?
Now, it's gone inside.
Do you want diamonds?
A beauty this world hasn't seen yet...
Love is in air
when she's around...
Now, it's good.
How are my parents?
Your father isn't coming out.
Rakesh is enraged.
He warned me not to go, l said
l'll wear black to protest.
Nobody is with me,
l'm sad, Paru.
At least you stay with me for some time,
please have something.
l'll tell some to look after you.
She's coming here!
Your magic was cool!
- Did you see it?
Shall we?
- Me?
Would you like to give me company?
- Company?
lsn't he super?
Would you like to taste pappu?
How about sambar?
Desert is there!
Are you on diet?
Miss lndia prelims are
scheduled next month.
Look at her blouse!
There's nothing!
Pappu is very tasty!
What's your name?
Abhi? Are you Abhi?
Was it you who gave chocolate
to Suresh,
and said l'll get close to you
in 3 months?
l didn't mean like that.
l said you'll go away from him
in 2 months and 10 days.
How do you say it?
Where you are and where he is!
You're very beautiful!
One photo please.
Reddy, take the plate.
- Yes, brother.
Come closer.
You're so small, why did you
take on him? ls it necessary?
Suresh will not spare you.
Leave it, Paru.
Gold phase people need
a reason to fight, that's all.
l'm also from Gold phase, right?
By the way if Sony marries Ashok,
is it our mistake?
Recently for our Chow-Chow...
We came to gold phase searching
for a girl friend to him.
Rakesh then said B-phase dogs
mustn't enter Gold phase.
Only humans have class difference,
would dogs mind it? You tell me.
l don't know who is wrong.
but my people are waiting for
an opportunity to bump you off.
l admire your confidence!
Your ruffled my hair!
Thank you very much.
Don't pinch my cheeks!
Why would l pinch your cheek?
Buddy...ln 10 years,
she never saw anyone.
She didn't even smile at!
Never talked a word. Give a five!
Go, ask her number.
- Number?
Did you take her number?
- No.
Take it from her.
lf you're with them,
it'll protect us, go.
Paru, you sit inside.
l'll give him the number.
What did you say now?
Do you want her cell phone number?
Do you want it?
- What's this?
l promise...l'll not rest
till l break your bones.
Do you want her number?
- Yes, l do.- Take it.
Tell me.
Give me the phone.
Take it.
That is Paru's maid servant's
number, call her.
Romance with her.
That is your level!
Just one month and 10 days!
- What did you say?
Have chocolate!
What did you say?
- Come on, leave it.
Paru is waiting, come.
What happened?
- Just gave him a chocolate.
What's this?
- Why trouble in marriage?
You asked for some job, right?
That girl?
Need a receptionist in
our club house.
Tell her to come.
You're not joking, are you?
- Why would l joke with you?
Call her.
Call her!
They need a receptionist,
are you interested?- Where?
ln Gold phase.
Ajay just told me about it.
Gold it okay?
l too thought about it,
no problem, it's just ajob.
You'll get money. Come.
Let's meet in office tomorrow.
Bring her to office tomorrow. - Okay
lsn't it confirmed?
- Confirmed.
Will you give chocolates
to them only not to me?
l'll give you also, Chinni.
How dare you give chocolate
to Suresh!
Seenu, you need to vacate
the room immediately.
New couple would stay here.
Sathya and Chinni,
you adjust in Harini's room.
Seenu, you shift to Ashok's study
room in the outhouse.- Okay, aunt.
Please help them to shift.
l'll be back in a minute.
Gift to friend's brother?
That too Rs.2000!
Look at our status!
You don't earn a rupee!
Why are you after money?
l'll return it, stop it now.
Leave him, you come.
What's this?
l saved it from marriage, l love it.
Why do you get so angry?
Shut up! l'm working
and he's eating it away.
lf not he, who else would eat?
Would he be always like this?
He'll earn when his time comes.
Shut up!
Your pamper has spoilt him.
Does he know anything about life?
Watch out, he'll ruin himself.
Why would he? Some day my son
will come good in life.
We're living, right?
Shouldn't we help each other?
Do you believe it?
You thought so and
helped me get ajob.
Take it easy.
Okay, bye.
ls this betel leaf?
l'll get you Ram Pyari,
it'll be out of this world!
l tripped and fell into heaven!
Ashok room means uncle's out house?
l mean Padhu's house.
What's there in those smiling eyes?
What's there on the tip of those lips?
What's there to pull in
those beautiful curves?
What's there to get attracted
in these girls?
Don't know what would happen
on seeing so much beauty...
Would my youth heed the
warnings of my soul...
There's a possibility of
something wrong happening...
lf l'm after you...
Father, Paru's car!
Paru, your Abhi!
The sight that bites heart
is beautiful...
Mock anger is beautiful...
Words that express the heart
is beautiful...
Everything is beautiful...
A beauty this world hasn't seen yet...
Love is in air
when she's around...
Lightning body is beautiful...
Walking gait is beautiful...
Waist is beautiful...
Words spoken are beautiful...
Aren't Women beautiful?
Won't our hearts become theirs?
This is what you call rage!
Rakesh's anger crossed me, my family
and showed it on B-phase.
Before we could understand,
we had power and water cuts.
Gold phase trash and
dogs entered our area.
But everything turned out
to be advantage to us.
We came closer to each other.
Children started playing
happily on roads without TV.
Without fridge, colony mothers
started social cooking!
Mothers moved around water tanks
and we went along with them.
Don't know why days
turned very exciting!
Even our dogs got
Gold Phase Company.
lsn't that Abhi's dog?
Why is it coming here?
Got them!
Call those bloody rogues!
Chow-Chow has been trapped
by Gold phase guys.- Where?
Catch them!
- Leave me!
Do you need these boys?
Do you want Paru's number?
She's my sister!
- How would l know?
Will you conduct my sister's marriage?
Enough, come.
How dare you cross our paths!
Let's go.
Abhi just called,
Gold phase people are here.
Gold phase? Bloody!
l know her, Gold phase Paru.
Miss lndia, right?
Not yet aunty.
l'm trying for it.
l'll show her my room, mother.
- Okay.
lt wasn't eating anything for two days,
l thought it was for Chow-Chow.
Are you here for that, Paru?
To see you also.
l'm fine.
They shouldn't have done that.
lt was all because of Tinkle, right?
l'm feeling guilty.
lt's not your fault.
Do you read Devadas?
To know everything about Paru.
l mean Devadas' Paru!
Can you do me a small help?
You do magic, right?
lf you teach me few tricks...
Judges will get excited.
Will you please give me your cell number?
- My number?
l'll show another magic trick.
- Not now!
Buddy, you've planted a bomb
in Paru's heart.
What are you doing?
What did you do?
l think l've used too
much of material.
Why did Paru go to his house?
Why do you get so much excited?
That's their world!
We must enter their world.
We must show them the taste of money!
We must remove the smile of
happiness from their lives.
We must give different
background music to them.
We're celebrating Gold phase
fifth anniversary,
we're inviting few
special people only,
you and sir must make it.
We'll see! lf possible,
we'll make it.
Bring Padhu with you.
- Yeah, sure.
lf we come, she'll also come.
You can bring Seenu too.
lt seems they both are engaged!
Going to office?
No, l'll go.
Why are you smiling at me?
Don't you've any work?
l'll beat you with slippers.
l'm your class mate.
l sit in the last bench.
Where's Chinni?
- Where did she go?
Not seen around.
She's a good cook,
she prepared everything.
What happened?
Chinni is missing.
- Missing?
Return my box.
lf not l'll kill you.
Why do you want my box?
Return it...
Chinni is missing, sir.
Father-in-law, Chinni is missing,
we've to search for her.
Did you see Chinni?
lnform us if you see her.
Give the bike.
- Okay.
l'll go with Sathya.
Seenu, Chinni is here!
What happened, Chinni?
- Are you here?
What happened?
Why is she wounded?
How did you get hurt, Chinni?
What happened, Chinni?
We got worried, l almost died!
Children are getting kidnapped
at drop of hat.
Never do that again.
Pamper her more! Has no respect
or good behaviour.
That sofa costs a lakh,
she ruined it for nothing.
Keep quiet.
- Why should l?
Forget about sofa,
why to run away?
Bad behaviour,
fighting at this age?
ls this the way to raise children?
l must accuse your mother.
Look at her!
How she's staring at me!
Didn't even say sorry to me.
Chinni, say sorry to aunty.
Sorry aunty.
- Will you run away in anger?
What would l tell your mother?
She said you're here to study,
if you act like this l can't take it.
Call your mother, Seenu.
l'll talk to her.
Sister, please don't cry.
So many people are sad because of her
and yet not a tear in her eyes.
l feel like crying but
mother said not to cry, aunt.
A boy took my pencil box
and ran away.
lt has mother's photo,
that's why l beat him.
Did you hear that?
- Enough dear.
Little girl, she did it unwittingly.
You please go now.
- Come. Padhu, come home.
What have l done to you?
Am l not caring you like my own?
You keep quiet, she's just
a little girl.- No...
She's a little girl, Sathya too...
Just now got a call from her college.
lf she doesn't improve in the next test,
she'll be out of star batch.
l didn't want to tell this
before everyone.
Keep on crying.
- Let's go.
You're the eldest,
you must take care of them.
Don't tell anything to mother.
l'll improve in next test.
Aunt scolded me unnecessarily.
l thought she's good aunt
but she scolded me.
No dear, aunt is very good lady.
She said in anger.
She was afraid of missing you.
That's all.
l don't want to stay here.
Let's go back to mother.
lt's very difficult here.
Shall we go back to mother?
- Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
- No.
l had promised mother to stay
for a year.
Everyone must say
Chinni is very good girl.
You mustn't cry for a year. Okay?
Chinni will never cry!
Chocolate for you!
Take chocolate.
You like it, right?
What's happening?
Gold phase people are
occupying our lake.
Let's go.
- We must stop them.
Time passed away quickly.
B-phase which could never
come together on anything,
but it stood as one against
the occupation of the lake.
My lawyer uncle got a stay order
immediately from the court.
l've talked fewer times with mother
getting involved in colony matters.
Actually, we're unable
to get mother on phone.
Padhu lost her freedom totally.
Aunt has become a detective.
Abhi was on top in the
company of Paru.
Lakshmi too got adjusted well
to the life in Gold phase.
We couldn't adjust about that.
Nagaraj was too much!
Then came Vinayaka Jayanthi!
Seenu, come here.
- What?
Gold phase people have
installed a 10 feet Ganesh!
ls it?
- We must install 12 feet one!- Okay.
Uncle, donation for Ganesh festival!
Donation madam.
- What?
Just Rs.10!
Just a paltry Rs.10 only!
- That's enough, go!
You go in!
Come on guys!
- Go!
Hail Lord Ganesh!
Yours is 10 feet and
ours is 12 feet tall!
Look at our taller Ganesh!
Rakesh, their Ganesh is
taller than ours.- Yes.
You come! Look there!
Break it!
Come on boys, hold it!
Give that to me!
Watch now!
Look! Silver Ganesh!
Weighs one kilogram!
- What are you doing?
Come on boys!
Hey boys! God...
That is your level! That is!
That is your level!
We were proud of having
2 feet taller Ganesh,
but didn't expect Gold phase people
would put us to shame like this.
We gave a good thought about
the reasons for that.
Nagaraj says money,
l said we don't have
self confidence.
We mustn't leave it, we must
compete with them in everything.
Participate in beauty contests too!
- Beauty contests?
Beauty contest?
- What's beauty contest?
Why not? What do we lack?
Aren't there girls here?
One more thing,
we must do it anyway!
Nobody from B-phase must
work in Gold phase.
That would be best!
What? Beauty contest?
Have you gone mad? No way!
Then, l'll never talk to you.
- Are you threatening me?
l don't care if you don't talk.
Then, l'll stop eating.
father, tell her.
- You keep quiet.
What's your problem?
lf you appear on TV in skimpy dresses,
nobody would marry you in future.
Then, l'll never marry!
You're arranging a meeting
the bride program, right?
Call them, l'll show you.
Call them!
lf l agree to beauty contest, is it okay
to meet the prospective groom?
l'll show you!
Slowly! Why are you rushing?
For you!
- For me?
Thank you very much, Padhu!
Mother wanted to get it
for long time but...
l know it.
Mother is searching grooms for me,
so says mother.
Are you mad?
You like her, right?
You're a natural suitor to her!
Why are you still hesitating?
lf you're silent and
she says okay to that lAS!
You'd be left alone!
He's right.
Please listen to me.
Before the groom comes to see her,
meet her and say l love you,
everything will be set!
Okay?- Don't shy off! Ask her!
- That's all!
Can you ask Paru?
- Me?
Look at him!
l'll come till there.
- No please.
lnvite her to some film!
Emraan Hashmi's film is the best.
But no film is on show.
So what? Why not ask her once?
Would she come or not or refuse you?
You can know it by face reaction.
What's the matter?
- Nothing!
Then, tell me what is she
thinking by seeing her face?
Face? l think she's rushing
to toilet.
Look, how she's rushing!
Be on yourjob.
You'll buy a gift, right?
What will you buy?
That's all!
Shall we go out for lunch tomorrow?
l'll make a call.
Come here!
You're beautiful, Padhu!
You're coming for lunch, right?
You...l'm eagerly waiting
for your invitation.
Today is her birthday too!
Let's do it like that.
lt seems they're coming today!
l told them it's your birthday.
With Baba's blessings
everything is going fine.
Why blessings? Who is coming?
Grooms' people are coming
to see you.
No way, mother. lmpossible!
l've plans!
Today is my birthday and my wish!
What are your plans?
lt would be something with friends.
Anyway you need to prepare
for such things.
l need to prepare my body to sit
before some man like a sheep!
Tell them it's not possible.
When are you going out with friends?
- Lunch at 1 pm!
Go to beauty parlour at 10,
and go on for lunch.
Are you also coming with me?
No, l'll drop and pick you up!
Send this message.
Send it to Radha!
Give it to me.
Take it.
Meeting prospective groom,
getting ready.
Why are you torturing me
like this, mom?
l'm your only daughter!
Why do you hate me so much?
What happened?
What did l do?
Did you meet Padhu?
What is she saying?
No, l didn't. She didn't turn up.
Seenu, its Padhu!
Let's go!
Please ask Seenu to answer
my phone call.
l've been trying since morning.
l'll give you a treat!
l'll tell him!
lt seems she said sorry so many times,
why you still so haughty?
Shall we go to watch
evening show tomorrow?
May be she doesn't know your plan.
What's your problem?
Why don't you talk to her? She has
promised to give me a treat also.
Prospective groom has come!
- That's the problem!
l'm not the right choice for Padhu!
Aunty will find a good groom for her.
- Some lAS officer!
That's better for her.
- Please tell him, Nagaraj!
lf you think like that what an
uneducated man like me would think?
lf you like, you've to fight!
- That's better!
Will you sit here and cringe?
Hey, sister-in-law!
Brother! Sister-in-law!
l'll come back!
Let's discuss it again,
don't worry. Okay?
One minute!
How beautiful you're like Sridevi!
ls it your birthday?
Ajay is giving a party,
he's forcing me to attend.
You too come with me , please.
- Let's go!
Will you come like this?
- lsn't it good?
You're exceptional and sexy too!
- What?
May be people would find
it difficult there.
Shall we go?
- Okay.
Brother, Emraan Hashmi!
He's calling you!
Let's sit there!
Sit here, don't worry.
lt's routine here!
Would you like to have something?
Will you please give some juice?
l don't know to dance.
What are you doing here?
- Paru invited me!
What man? Move out!
What a life, right?
Do you love him? l mean Ajay...
No, nothing like that.
He offered me ajob and
he's a good man, that's all.
That's all! Just a small doubt!
Who is it?
Bloody spoiler!
What is he saying?
- Tell me.
See it yourself.
Shall we go?
For you!
- Sit here.
Chinni, l've a small problem.
- What?
l've lost my honour!
Don't tell anyone.
l couldn't read a message
in a cell phone.
lt's in English, right?
- Don't you know alphabets too?
You must help me.
You're learning English, right?
Will you teach me?
l'll teach you.
- will you?
Open the door!
Come up, l want to talk to you.
Don't act smart!
l'm telling you! Come!
lf you leave,
l'll raise an alarm.
What's it? Tell me!
lt wasn't my fault, l didn't
know about it till morning.
l wanted to tell after meeting you.
You got angry.
Mother sent that message.
ls it?
How is it?
Mother bought diamond studs.
That's why l didn't wear it morning.
How do l look?
You're good.
But diamonds would suit well
for your status.
Where's my chocolate?
Nagaraj told me,
it seems you brought it.
- ls it downstairs?
No, l ate it.
- Ate it?
Did you buy for my birthday
and ate it?- Why?
l wasn't interested to give,
so l ate it.
You're shameless!
You're taking revenge with
some ulterior motive, right?
Do you know how much l tried
since morning to meet you?
Do you know how many
restrictions l have!
Can't you understand it?
l took the risk and came to meet
at midnight wearing these rings.
You've no courtesy too!
But still ate the chocolate. Go away!
How is he?
He came, right?
He saw you, right?
Swinging here and there...
Stirring emotions...
Creating confusion...
What has happened to my heart?
Jumping with joy...
rambling delightfully...
Chasing thoughts...
What has happened to my heart?
lt started because of you...
lt's no more in my control...
O love! You're taking my life...
Till l think about you...
What happened?
You're with me always...
Till l become like you...
For you!
- What's that?
l don't want.
Then, l too don't want it.
What? Go away!
You're the chill that can
give cold to moon...
You're the heat that can
make sun sweat...
You're the lightning that
can turn clouds...
You're a woman who can fill
the time with dreams...
lf silence is your language,
smile is a Haiku...
lt is forcing me to read the
epic poem in your eyes...
Take it.
- Keep it.
lt looks ordinary if you come...
When l fathom the depth
l feel it is magical...
You burn me like fire when away...
Cool like snow when near me...
Even a flower sees the beauty
after it blossoms...
lf you bloom, entire lifespan
would turn happy...
ls it ticket?
You're great, buddy!
- Show me.
Shall we also go with him?
- Yes, buddy.
l can talk to Lakshmi for long time.
- ln flight?
My friend has a tempo,
let's travel in it.
l'll ask him. lt'll be fun!
Tempo? l'll also join you then.
Mad boy! You must be with Paru!
Only then they'll feel the heat!
Okay? - Okay.
ls Lakshmi coming?
She'll come if Sathya too joins us.
Will you please ask Sathya?
- Sathya?
l don't think so.
Exams are nearing, she must study.
Would you like to come to Vizag?
l mean some beauty contest.
We're all going.
- Vizag?
Yes, its holidays, please join us.
lf you come, Lakshmi too would come.
Okay, l'll come.
- You're coming, right? Great!
Beauty contest date has been
announced, it's in Vizag.
We already know that.
We're travlling by tempo,
would you like to join us, Padhu?
Take it easy, how can she
come with us in tempo?
he'll come in a flight
with her mother.
lt seems beach in Vizag is very
beautiful, will you take me there?
Hey Padhu! Look there!
- What?
Missed the flight!
What about aunt?
- They didn't miss it.
Let's play songs game.
Please allow me to go.
Are you scared, Paru?
Anyway they're praying Lord Venkateshwara,
let's pray to Jesus or Allah!
Without even seeing her marriage...
Thank God, at least she escaped!
She didn't make it with us.
My mother died when l was very young.
Where are you? l'm also like you...
l never expected an end like this.
Please don't cry, Paru.
l feel sad to see you cry.
Let anything happen to
our plane or we die,
l'll ensure nothing would happen!
l promise!
Don't get tensed!
ls pilot there?
are you going to die?
l didn't mean like that.
l wanted to become Miss lndia,
my mother's last wish.
l didn't see Swiss!
l wanted to start a company.- ls it?
l wanted to have a lot of children.
l was lone child!
That Suresh!
- He?
Look, how he got sacred
and ran away!
l don't know!
l wanted to study PG in America.
l wanted to make an electric car
for my dad.
l don't have any other
wishes than these.
How fair you're like milk!
Now l've a fulfilled a wish!
l don't mind dying now!
l don't fear anymore.
Why are you sitting here?
Sit here.
- Go away!
What is Abhi doing on TV?
How do you feel now?
- l pray God it happens again and again!
There's no doubt passengers lost
balance by this forced landing.
This is Rambabu with
cameraman Ganga...
Abhi is here!
How do you do?
- l'm fine.
Did you get hurt?
- No.
l've highlight news,
l'll tell you.- Sit here...
We thought plane would crash.
- ls it?
They said emergency landing.
lt was chaos and confusion.
We thought we would die.
Suresh almost wetted his pant
and ran away!
The seat next to Paru was empty
and l occupied it.
Did you sit next to her?
- Sat next to her?
e talked about life!
She asked about my interests.
What did you tell her?
l asked if l could touch her.
She said okay.
- Did you touch her? Where?
l touched her.
- Touched her?
Her hand!
- Hand?
Where else can he touch?
Then, suddenly the plane zoomed down!
- ls it?
When l saw she was on my shoulder.
l was confused.
Lights went off and
people were shouting!
Then, l looked into her eyes.
She too looked into my eyes.
- What are you saying?
Then...suddenly she kissed me!
- Kiss?
Kissed you?
lsn't it?
Did Gold phase Paru kiss you?
Let's go!
Seenu, go!
lt's my magic trick!
Watch out! My face will appear!
lt happened because of you.
- l agree it's my mistake.
Actually l'm interested in this,
just to be with you all,
how can l wear such skimpy
dresses before everyone?
l don't mind it with you.
Seenu! Let's marry!
Bloody! You almost killed me!
You said it without saying!
Why do you do like this?
Always it's me first! Right?
Street dogs!
lf we throw biscuits
they come to eat it.
lf we give tem jobs,
they'll toil for us.
No Paru, we mustn't love them,
we must just use them.
That too, a girl like you!
You were number in the prelims.
Your status is different
from his status.
He's not even worth the
dust off your feet.
What's this, Paru?
- Stop...stop...
Tell him to stop!
Get lost!
Don't know what it is...
Delicately it's pulling me
towards it..
With a thin thread
invisible to eyes...
Don't know what is...
lt is pushing me towards it...
With lips made of flowers
and honey...
Why my heart is getting tickled?
What could be the reason
for so many wonders?
Come flying, O butterfly...
Flowers are in hurry with
the burden of honey...
Without making any noise
and silently...
Silently without making any noise,
don't go hiding, O raindrop...
The little plant is waiting
on the ground...
Even a moment near her is...
Walking is a celebration...
every moment is fun and folic...
Life is a festival...
and ever burning lamps...
Why do wee need silvery moonlight
or bright sunshine?
Has youth suddenly waked up in heart?
they weren't like this yesterday...
Eyes have brightened with
newly filled light...
What is this shiver in my heart?
Who is mesmerizing me?
Who is making me absent minded?
Who has moved my heart?
With warm mischief...
You still consider me more important
than him in your life, right?
Father! Nobody is more
important to me than you.
lf it is love...
But it's not love, right?
What are the chances?
- Little tough situation.
They offer prayers to trees.
So B-phase argument is no individual
rights on religious grounds.
Religious sentiment, right sir?
lt's difficult.
lf we kill the tree.
Will you please come up?
- Coming!
What is this?
A small arrangement because
nobody is at home. Sit here.
For you! A sari!
- Why?
Just like that, take it.
l've decided to settle in life.
l've seen a lot of life!
l've seen many girls. l did business.
Finally, don't know why
but l like you!
lf you say okay, l'll talk to
my father and marry you.
Take it as my proposal.
No, l don't like it.
What did you say?
What did you say?
Don't you like me?
Are you saying no to me?
l'm Nagaraj!
Are you saying no to me?
Do you know how many girls in
Gold phase are after me?
Do you know my connections?
You're not here for 2 months
and so proud!
Didn't l get you ajob?
Didn't l help you?
Are you refusing because you're from
Andhra and l'm Telengana.- No!
What's it then?
l'm like Ravi Teja of film 'ldiot'.
Try to understand.
lf you're like Ravi Teja of idiot,
l can spend Rs.50 to watch the film.
But we don't marry him, right?
Again formal?
l'll talk to you like that only.
lf l'm not formal,
you're getting feelings.
Do you love someone else?
lf it is Ajay, forget it.
He's very dangerous man,
a crook to the core.
My father is a security guard,
l want to come up in life.
My aim is to do engineering.
You don't have any ambition.
You don't have any education.
We both are different.
l too would change, would l remain
like this? l'll also develop!
May be you're not in good mood,
take your own time and tell me. Go.
Nothing like that.
l've decided.
Bloody! Have you decided?
No chance?
You can go now!
You've told me, right?
ln the anger of rejecting your love...
Please don't harm me.
We're poor people, please leave me.
Brother! Madam has started the dance.
l've informed Seenu and Abhi also!
ls it time to tell?
You told me to inform, right brother?
- That's why l informed you.
Let's go.
You were right,
would l cry for a girl here?
Let's go to see madam.
l'm not in good mood.
Yes, l've also gone blank.
What about you?
No phone calls for 2 days,
everything is cut off.
l don't know what is happening?
They've increased the security
too in Gold phase.
But l must meet her once!
l don't know what the problem is!
Shall we go tonight?
- Cool!
Listen to me, don't meet her.
l'm sure she'll say no.
But l'll know only
if l meet her, right?
No need! l've got the answer.
That's enough!
Life is beautiful only if
you've money.- Not like that.
lf you've heart, life is beautiful.
Okay, come.
We've to meet Paru.
ls it her house?
- That side only.
That house, right?
- Yes, that one!- Let's go.
There she is!
Come fast!
Hold it.
- Get up!
Be careful!
Why? lt's so dangerous!
lf my father sees,
he'll kill you.
We almost died, Paru.
lf not then, now!
l don't fear anymore.
l thought your father forced you
like in films...
Just came to save you.
l mean like a hero!
This is not a film.
- Don't you like me then?
Don't know.
We kissed each other.
B-phase people marry
if they kiss each other.
ln my area too!
Shall we kiss again?
To spend like with you...
To think about it or not
is confusing.
l'm scared.
Unlike in past.
What should l do to make
your fear vanish?
What do you want me to do?
Shall we marry?
l told you'd be left alone.
Come, just one more clarification.
Come fast!
Lift me once more please.
- Get up!
Tell me one thing...
tell me the truth, please.
This isn't by any chance a scheme
by Gold phase people, right?
ls everything a scheme?
He's falling down, hold him!
l told you, she slapped, right?
- Slapped?
lf you've money, life is beautiful!
Forget her!
lt is difficult but forget her.
No, she slapped me because
she felt hurt.
l mean there's something.
Brother, sister-in-law is
coming for you. Be strong.
Switch on the fan!
What's the matter?
- Just a minute please.
Gold phase people are getting Paru
engaged and occupy the lake too.
Very difficult.
l came to inform you.
That's all?
- That's all.
Formality! Bloody life!
Brother! Tears!
Brother is crying!
Why is he crying?
Why all this?
- For you!
Today is her birthday,
l presented that sari.
ls that why she looked
beautiful in sari?
She takes the gifts
but behaves proudly.
Forget it, brother!
Come and wish her!
lt's part of life!
Come brother...come...
Why again?
Who are you?
- l came for vehicle.
This is your birthday special gift.
l'll wear it myself.
No problem, l'll wear it myself.
What happened?
- Leave me.
Try to understand me.
Leave me...leave me.
Try to understand me.
Lakshmi, stop!
Lakshmi, stop!
Don't tell my father, please.
Father can't take it.
Do you've to tell me?
Don't l know that?
l'm not educated but
l do have common sense.
What do you think of yourself?
He's educated, right?
That's his education!
l don't want that education!
lf you become like that as an engineer,
l don't want you too. Got it?
Don't cry, please.
lt's over, forget it.
Tell me one thing clearly,
l'll break the bones of Ajay,
is it okay to you? Tell me.
lf you go to hospital and
romance him, l can't take it.
l'll be hurt.
That's why l didn't beat him.
Tell me, is it okay?
lt's okay to me.
He says l want you,
poor girls are cheap to him.
Beat him! Bash him!
lt seems they're beating our boy!
Finish the shave, please!
How dare you come to
my office and beat me!
You're finished!
Leave him!
Police are coming!
- Move...
Move.. - Leave it.
lf we weren't there...
l'll take care of it, you go.
We've problem with them for long time,
none of them must come out.
l'll see that each one gets
at least 10 years.
First time we had to
see ajail in life.
l was in shivers fearing what if
my mother comes to know it!
Maya madam walked in then!
Register the case!
Look at this!
Did he do it?
- Yes.
What did you do man?
When would rain come,
how Maya madam would dance,
we had thought only
about how to see it,
Maya madam appeared like
an angel that day!
Rakesh, please listen to me.
A compromise would be
good for everyone.
Raju, come here.
What's this?
How did it happen?
Didn't Sathya come with you?
She left saying it's
your birthday party!
No, l didn't meet her after morning.
May be she went to some friend's house.
Why did she lie to me then?
Just a minute.
Please check in home
if Sathya is there or not.
Okay, l'll check.
- l'm little tensed.
Meet me in my room.
l'm coming.
l'll meet you later, be careful.
Nagaraj, you're bleeding.
- Leave it, let's go home.
She's home.
Why did she lie to me?
What's the necessity?
Don't shout at her,
let's ask her patiently.
No, it never happened before.
Leave it.
- She never lied to me.
Smile please!
l said smile!
How dare!
Where did you learn this from?
Was it from your mother?
ls this the way to raise children?
lt was my mistake to allow you
into this house.
Why are you shouting at midnight?
What ever it is,
let's discuss tomorrow.- He...
We'll lose our honour,
you go inside.
Seenu, you go.
- Go away!
What? Shall we go to watch a film?
No way!
l've to bunk class, you know that.
You must take their responsibility
and take care of them.
Father too wanted you
to become a doctor.
Stay away from girls and troubles.
Are you feeling sad?
You're a hero, right?
l said that day that l'll ruin you.
Your love, your career, your sister!
l'll kill you.
- Leave me.
Not me, hold your sister.
Cry before her and ask
why she's doing like this?
Only then you'd understand my pain!
Go and watch your sister's
love story in bus stop.
Tell me, who sent you?
ls it Rakesh?
l'm asking you patiently,
answer me.- No need to talk to him.
Sathya is coming,
accept it before her.
lf not l'll kill you.
Tell her.
- Stop...stop...
Get lost!
Why are you beating him?
Why did you take my phone?
Are you into detective work?
ls it hooliganism?
Will you kill?
Even after seeing this,
you're asking about him, right?
l'm a detective and a goon!
You're ruining yourself.
You've ruined studies,
if you go with him life too...
Please Sathya, try to understand.
He's using you!
He's not a right guy!
What would you tell mother?
How would you face mother?
l'll tell mother,
l'll face her myself.
My studies have no
connection with him.
l don't want to study medicine.
l'll tell her.
Have you gone mad?
What nonsense you're talking?
l can't do it.
You come, Sathya.
- Are you perfect to tell mother?
Then, you feel about me.
ls this the way to talk
to your brother?
Nagaraj, stay out of it,
this is our personal matter.
You come, Sathya.
- Why is she talking like this?
Aunt said great things about you.
Calm down, she's just a little girl.
My sister!
How can she take on me for him?
l want to go to my place,
lt's been many days since
l've seen mother.
Why now? Finish your exams.
Sathya has 3 months of
coaching classes.
No uncle, l must go.
Sathya doesn't want to study
medicine, l want to tell her.
lt wasn't my mistake in
Padhu's matter too, uncle.
Aunt will ask again
if l come home.
l want to see my mother immediately.
Okay, l'll also come with you.
Let Chinni stay here,
let's leave by morning.
Okay uncle, come quickly.
What happened?
- what happened?
l'm going home.
What? Will you also come with me?
Sathya will have company.
- Okay, l'll come.
She's not talking to me.
l'll also come with you, Seenu.
Let's take my dad's car.
Why are we here, uncle?
Why have we come to hospital?
why did you bring us here?
Why don't you say anything, uncle?
ls it our mother? Uncle?
She's not my mother.
Tell me, Seenu.
She's not my mother!
What's this uncle?
What's this?
Why is she in a hospital?
Nothing will happen to mother.
- No problem, calm down.
Calm down.
She had beautiful long hair!
She's not my mother.
What happened to my mother, uncle?
- Mother!
Will you get a seat?
No, she didn't come, mother.
ls Chinni crying?
No mother, she never cries.
She didn't cry even once!
She always says about
promise given to you.
She speaks very good English.
She's not biting nails too.
She's taking bath on her own.
She has become a darling
You all are darlings!
- Mother!
l did injustice to you.
- Please mother!
Don't say like that, mother.
We're here, right?
- No, don't stay here.
No, mother.
- Go away! Study well.
l don't want you around
this hospital.
That's why l didn't tell you anything.
Sathya must become a doctor,
you must get a good job.
How can it be possible
if you stay here?
Are they your friends?
- Yes, mother.
Very good friends, mother.
Mother, you don't worry!
You'll get better.
God always help good people.
Mother, you must make biryani for me.
Seenu told me you make
very good biryani.
You must definitely do it, mother.
- Mother!
What happened?
- Let her rest!
Till now she was brave,
now she has stopped the treatment.
She thinks its wasteful
She's worried about not
leaving anything for you.
You carry on the treatment.
We'll take loan or sell our house.
But, your mother is worried about
spending Rs.10 lakhs already.
That's why her will power has come down.
She's not listening
to your uncle too.
She's not showing any interest
in the treatment.
Would she get cured if she
continues the treatment?
lf she has will power,
l'm sure result will be better.
l wish to call mother again...
Let those innocent childhood days
make a come back...
Till sky and earth are
with us as support...
ln the witness of breezing wind
and shining stars...
l want you, mother...
Don't leave me, mother...
You're our love, mother...
My heart startled seeing you
in my dream...
When will you come before me
like a lullaby?
You're the food before
we say we're hungry...
You'll narrate stories
at night like moon...
Though we're grown up,
we're just kids to you..
Show mercy and be with us...
lf God has a mother's heart...
Won't he give a new life to you?
Mother's condition brought
dramatic change in us.
Our anger, our difficulties,
it's not worth anything in life!
We realised life itself
is a fortune.
l realised nothing in this world is
important than Sathya and Chinni.
Aunt is not well, you've
responsibilities, you're right!
Why are you punishing me?
l was expecting you'd
say let's marry!
Aren't you ashamed?
l can't stay with you.
lf you're gets angry and
blabbers some nonsense.
My mother will not live!
Try to understand me.
Why should mother know it?
Let's remain silent. Let's wait.
l'll stop eating and die.
What if Sathya too does
the same thing?
What if she too has deal
like this with Manish?
What would happen then?
l can't take it.
Who gave you permission to take
the car? How dare you take it!
We're living, right?
Shouldn't we help each other?
Bloody! ls yours a life?
Two days will get me Rs.10000!
Who will pay you?
What right you've on my money?
Stop! why are you beating him?
Go, get it.
- where will he go?
Let me see who will pay for it?
Please cool down.
- Shut up!
Let him in if he brings money.
- Leave it, mother.
l used your car for
my friend's mother,
money can get any car here.
- Calm down son.
But that is life, we can't buy it,
do you understand that?
Get lost! Go to your friends!
Let me see who will offer you food!
l'll go.
l'll show you! Not just a day,
if l need not just my friends
but world will come behind me.
That is my confidence!
- Get lost!
Brother is coming for dinner,
send a kilogram of chicken.
lt's a matter of honour!
Send at least a leg piece!
Stay in my house.
l think he's going
with sister-in-law.
Cancel the chicken.
No please, you too think
like my father, right?
No matter wherever l may stay!
Please don't mind,
send at least a leg piece.
How come you got up so early, son?
l'll get worried if you
get up so early!
What's the matter?
ls everything okay?
Tell me one thing, mother.
- what's that?
l've been watching you since
childhood, you get up early,
you arrange everything,
you go to work,
when l come back,
you're in home,
always with a smile,
you always think about me, mother.
But what do you really need, mother?
Tell me.
What should l study or how or
what can l do to make you happy?
No need, stay as you're now,
that's enough!
You don't like it, right?
No problem, you pinch my cheeks, mom.
- Be happy, son! Go!
That's all, mother!
Please say something.
Nothing son, go!
- Mother, you're my darling!
Suddenly we were all awake!
Abhi was back into his world!
Chinni has become an
expert in English!
Padhu gave her mother many twists
in her inimitable style.
Please look up at least once!
Nagaraj understood it's not easy
to do business like studying.
What does he really want?
What can he really do?
ln such a situation Maya madam
reappeared like an angel.
You know to drive, right?
Come with me.
One of my friends is going to Dubai,
he has 3 lndicas,
he's selling them,
would you like to hire it?
Are you interested?
Not much...about Rs.3 lakhs!
l'll try in bank,
do you've support?
Support? They'd give life for me.
Okay then, l'll tell you by evening.
You're doing this for me...
- Why wouldn't l? You're B-phase goon, right?
Buddy! Madam promised help!
Cars business!
Why did you come, Lakshmi?
Go away! lt won't be nice
if people see you with me.
Why are you hurting me?
Did l say anything wrong?
Was it really a grave sin?
You're nice with everyone,
why are you so angry on me?
l said sorry, do you want me
to fall at your feet?
l'm not angry on you, no way!
lf you come near me,
l'll get feelings.
No need of trouble, please go away.
Take it. You'll get Rs.2 lakhs!
Give it in bank.
l didn't take breakfast from you.
lf l take money from you, l'll die!
l said l'll get feelings,
try to understand.
No problem, let it come.
My father saved it for
my marriage.
No please, you say it's
for your marriage. l'll feel bad.
Nothing is more important than you.
No jokes please.
l'm a useless guy!
You know it well!
My father won't trust me.
- l trust you.
You need education but
education is not everything.
l've realised it.
What did you say?
- l've realised it.
Not that, before that
what did you say?
You called me informally, right?
Has formality left you?
- Yes.
Only informality works here,
every word comes from heart.
lt's 100% pure!
Take it!
What if l lose the money?
- You're there, right?
Nagaraj found a big hope in life!
Likewise l felt we too were
in for good times.
Sathya and Lakshmi wrote
entrance exam very well.
As an addition to this excitement,
l cracked Google interview!
Seenu is here!
What happened?
- l got it!
Who is it?
- l'm Dr.Krishnaprasad here.
Mother's condition is very serious,
please come immediately.
Coming, doctor.
Tell me!
What if l introduce
Padhu to mother?
Why are you here again? Get out!
Please tell him.
Uncle, one minute.
Aunty, give Padhu to me,
we'll marry.
l've got a good job, aunt.
Rs.25000 a month salary.
l know you think about
our property and caste.
l'll take good care of her.
Uncle, please tell her.
- What would he tell me?
You go out!
Please tell him!
Uncle, mother is sick.
- What happened to your mother?
Mother is suffering from cancer.
We don't know what's happening?
l'm not here to embarrass you, uncle.
l wanted to introduce
Padhu to mother.
lf you agree in future,
l would've the satisfaction of
showing Padhu to my mother. That's all!
- Padhu, you're not going anywhere!
Mother, leave my hand!
lf you stop me now, l'll die!
l'll die!
What's this, mother?
You look tired!
Why did you come, son?
- l got ajob, mother.
Sister has written the entrance exam.
She has done it well.
What happened to your hair, mother?
l've lost it, son!
l'm feeling tired.
How are you?
- Fine, mother.
Mother sent this for you.
When will you make biryani
for me, mother?
Mother, she's Padhu!
Junior uncle's daughter.
How are you parents?
- Fine, aunt.
You leave now.
- Mother...
Don't worry!
l'll come!
l told you not to come to hospital.
You leave now.
Mother!- Go now!
- You've promised!
Take care!
- l'll come there!
Chinni, tell!
Chinni, tell about mother.
Tell, Chinni!
Think about mother and say something.
That's it!
Why did you do like this, mother?
Why did you take a
promise from me?
Why did you leave me?
l can't speak in English, grandpa.
l can't say about mother in English!
You gave me everything l liked,
now you're not with me.
l've forgotten what l really liked!
l used to win always when you
were with me, now l'm losing!
l'm drinking milk and
eating cabbage too!
You always made cakes for my friends.
Now l'm going to my friends'
homes to have cakes.
When l get sacred at nights
l used to sleep holding you tightly,
now l don't get sacred at all, mother!
Who should l tell?
Don't you know it?
That you shouldn't have left me!
l'm a little girl!
Why did you punish me harshly?
But still you're my best friend.
l remembered mother!
- Calm down, everything will be fine.
Why are you crying dear?
You said it wonderfully.
Where is mother, brother?
Don't cry, Chinni!
You said it very well!
Where is mother?
- Mother...
One year is over, right?
- Mother promised to come, right?
That is...mother...
- Where is mother, Abhi?
Where's mother, uncle?
She's near the lake!
- Mother!
Don't know why l feel sad...
very sad!
This colony has given me a lot of
memories and taught me many lessons.
Tomorrow l'm leaving,
new generation has arrived.
Cricket on roads, power cuts,
rain, Maya madam!
Mother lake and the tree!
All would remain as memories!
We fell into hard times because
of you and were in tears.
We had fights and
got back the lost smiles.
lt has brought completeness
to our lives.
You're my hero!
Thanks to you too!
l've realised money and
happiness have no connection.
Even if we occupy the lake,
we wouldn't still be happy.
Tender wishes are becoming
ambitions of life...
Why should we leave, mother?
Can't we stay here only?
Yes, mother!
Let's stay here. lt's fine here.
Please stay here.
- Please stay here, mother.
ls this your sign?
- Yes sir.
l know only that, Lakshmi!
What happened, Lakshmi?
This is bank!
- Take it easy!
How can you be so happy?
Nagaraj is settled.
Seenu and Sathya are studying hard.
Aren't missing?
Aren't you missing me?