Life Is Hot in Cracktown (2009) Movie Script

Pass the ball.
Watch his crossover.
Watch it, watch it.
He'll break his legs, watch this.
- Let me show you something.
- Where' we goin'?
C'mon don't be pullin' me around,
I ain't your property.
- I'm showing you something.
- What 'u got to show me?
- I'm showing you something.
- What?
C'mon I'm doing somethin' over here.
I'm busy.
I'm busy.
Forget it Romeo.
I do you, but I'm not doing them.
What the fuck is the matter?!
Your pussy too good for my fucking friends?!
- I'm telling my brother.
- Bitch tell your motherfucking brother!
Bitch, you think we give a fuck?!
Bitch take that shit off!
Hell no!
- Take that shit off!
- Fuck you! I ain't taking off shit!
- Take that shit off now!
- Fuck you!
- Take it off!
- No!
- Take this shit off!
- Stay the fuck down!
- Ain't no place for you to fucking go!
- Take your fucking shirt off!
- I'll hold her! I'll hold her!
- Motherfuckers!
Get off of me!
- Take that shit off!
- Get the fuck off of me!
I'll cut your fucking eyes out!
Do you understand that?!
Take the pants off!
Fucking pussy bitch!
Take your fucking pants off!
- Get off of me!
- Take your fucking panties off!
- Take your pants off! Panties off!
- Get the fuck off of me!
Fuck you!
Get off of me!
I love this shit.
You better fuckin..
Look at me!
Who the fuck do you think you are?!
Make some noise for me you fucking shit!
- Fuck you motherfucker!
- That's what I fucking like!
- Fuck you!
- I love that!
- Fuck you!
- I love that! What else you got?!
Yeah! Yeah, this is what
I'm fucking talking about.
Get off of me!
Wait! Let me get a blast first?!
Anal blast bitch!
You fucking assholes!
Motherfucking assholes!
What's up?
You don't fuck her?
Fuck you!
Get the fuck out of here man!
Yo cuz that's enough!
Fuck you nigga! If you don't like that shit,
I'll make you drink that shit, Soby!
And you may drink my shit!
What the fuck?! I'll fuck you up, you Soby!
What the fuck you gonna do huh?!
Let's get the fuck outta here, ok?
Thanks baby.
Come on Lou..
You know I can't take food
stamps for beer and cigarettes.
Come on, Manny.
It's just my goddamn food.
Yeah, but Ravi says no cigarettes
and no beer with food stamps.
I don't make up the rules, bro.
How does Ravi know
what the fuck I'm buying?
He see everything?!
Is he God?!
All right, all right, look..
It's $12.85, right?!
Take the $15,
keep the rest.
That way Ravi makes out,
I make out, everybody makes out.
Come on?
Ravi's gonna turn down..
$2.15 profit?
God bless you, cuz.
God bless America.
What's up, ladies?
Oh, you don't wanna know.
Well uhm,
something I can do for you?
Well I'm sure there's somethin'.
What do you guys need?
Any special kind?
I dunno what do you suggest?
Here, try these.
I think they'll be good.
Ooh extra large.
Can we try one out first?
I'm afraid not,
all sales are final.
All right. Well we'll take two boxes,
the ones with six of 'em in a box.
Is that enough?
Cesar's gonna kill us if that's all we do.
Yeah, well fuck Cesar.
He ain't out there doin' nobody.
Two boxes..
and a receipt.
A receipt?
Yeah, we can't get
rebursed without a receipt.
it's reimbursed.
- That's what I said.
- No, you said rebursed.
You've got to 'ium'.
We'll take two receipts, please.
Anything else?
No, I think that's it.
Oh and uh, we'll be at the corner
if you'll be needin' anything sweetie.
What the fuck do you want?
I want fucking money,
that's what I want.
It's just gonna
cost you money.
Oh you better give my fucking money bitch,
I ain't fucking playing with you.
I gave it to you!
Fuck you!
Look, I just wanna
get something to eat.
Baby.. Baby..
It's almost nine o'clock,
you have to wake up.
Oh, damn babe.
I was having a beautiful dream.
And you woke me up.
Right, slugger.
Gotta get dressed.
Your breakfast is almost ready.
How long was he crying for?
He just hasn't stopped.
Shit, I must've slept
right through it.
Did you give him his medicine?
Yeah, I just gave it to him.
Ramon, what's going on?
What's going on boss, you tryin'
to drive your mom and your daddy crazy?
What's going on?
Come here.
Come here, baby boy.
No. No.
Pass me..
Pass me the bottle.
No. This is what you want?!
Oh, yes it is..
You wanna be skinny like your momma?
- Cet, I mean give him more medicine.
- Can't.. I just gave him some.
- You can't give him some more medicine?
- No, I just gave him some, like an hour ago.
- He can't keep on crying..
- It's fine! Let me just.. Give him to me.
You have to go anyway,
so you wouldn't be late.
Give me that.
I gotta go, so..
I mean..
It's fine.
All right..
I'll see you later,
Be careful!
Out of the car!
You're late!
I know..
What happened?
Fucking kids beat up the
guy in 4K, stole his shoes.
He called the cops,
but nobody even came.
Easy fuckwads,
no running!
- What happened to 4K?
- Got thrown out. You know Jerry..
Don't let nobody call
the cops for nothing.
You want any crackers?
I've saved you one.
No, it's ok.
You eat it.
Wait here.
I'll get you something to eat.
Excuse me, can you spare
some change? Please?
Excuse me, can you
spare some change?
Thank you.
Excuse me, sir.
Excuse me..
Can I have some change,
Excuse me sir, could you
spare some change, please?
Thank you.
Excuse me, ma'am?
My fucking brother owes me
that money and he knows it.
Got rid of half her stuff at the
garage sale, sold the fucking house.
We're entitled to
half her fucking money.
I thought you haven't
seen her for years?!
She's still my mother,
So what, this is it?
Yeah, that's it.
That's it. That's the entire cheque.
What were you expecting?
Look, take this for food.
The rest we use for
rockets, yeah?!
Well what about the rent?
We're a few weeks behind.
First the jones..
then the rent, ok?! Get your
priorities straightened the fuck out.
All right, all right..
- Oh fucking shit!
- What?
What the hell?
It's fucking Lucky, man,
he's been looking for me.
Did he see us?
I don't know.
Well stick your head out there,
see if he's coming.
You stick your fucking
head out there, asshole!
Go ahead!
I'm a coward.
Come on, you..
You're a coward..
Fuck off.
Yo man,
you seen my sister?
She ain't been in
since I've been out.
You wanna poke?
Hey, what are those
marks on your arm?
- You got any change you can spare?
- No man.
Come on..
I'll get you back tomorrow. Soon
as he get my meds, I'll give you some.
??? with lemonade.
What's that?
Makes you see cartoons,
without the TV.
Sorry man..
Gotta wait for my sister.
There' she at.
- Where've you been?
- I went for a walk.
I told you to stay inside,
'till I got back.
I got tired of waiting.
Yeah, well I'm not gonna
get hit 'cause of you.
And what the fuck is this?
I found it in the garbage.
Don't it make a good raincoat?
It's not bad.
Come on.
Your food's upstairs.
You sure you don't
want the other one?
Yeah, I'm sure.
You eat it.
I live here see. I..
I gotta get my stuff that's all.
Yeah, but I don't..
- Look man you can't..
- Then get the key..
You gotta talk to Jerry, man!
- I need my medicine!
- Get the fuck out of here!
Qu y.. do something?!
Get the fuck out of here!
Fuck you!
Fuck you. I'd take your
fucking ass, motherfucker!
He's fighting to get in.
He should be fighting to get out.
Tag didn't make such
good raincoat, did it?
Draw pictures on my back.
Now guess what it is.
A dog?
Now guess what that is.
- Where' you goin'?
- Just give me a sec..
Is anybody looking for me?
- Mommy!
- Hey!
- Yeah?
- Where've you been?
Where have I been?!
I've been out shopping.
How about you?
Were you good?
Did you stay inside all day?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?!
Did you get something to eat?
Willy got me some food..
But I'm still hungry.
You're always hungry, girl.
Let me tell you something.. I was
this close of getting a job today.
You know what that means?!
It means we can get out of here.
We can get out of this place.
Would you drink it slow!?
Don't drink it down like a pig.
Stop that!
Stop that!
Where'd you get
the money for food?
Grabbing on the corner.
You got anything left?
Where' you goin'?
- Don't you want something to eat?
- Nope.
I can make something.
Grab some more money, ok?
How much did he have?
- Hey man.
- Willy. Hey.
You wanna go check out the hoes?
Then later we can go
through the dumpsters.
Yeah, cool!
What' up man?!
Wow, look at that.
We gotta try and get
some of that action.
Those girls be
needing better pimps.
Check out Melody..
Looking all grown-up and shit.
Her mom's a real pimp, old man.
This time he's fine.
- The noise is crying, it's fine..
- I know, but it's different..
No, c'mon Cet, don't do this to me.
- No! Shh..
If it's fine, I'll be right back,
it's just it sounds different.
It's ok.
Ramon, what's wrong with you, huh?
What's wrong with you?
No, no, no, watch when you get old,
I'm gonna get you so good.
I'm gonna get you so good.
No, no, no.
Ok, ok, ok.
No, no, no.
Come here.
There's.. There's nothing
even wrong with you, huh?
Come here.
You're so gorgeous.
How beautiful you are..
Ok, ok, ok.
I think he's being good.
I think he is.
Yeah, shh shhh..
Ok, ok, ok.
What're you doing?!
Oh my God..
Thanks, that was great baby.
You're welcome, daddy.
Whoa, I gotta go,
I'm late, come on.
Wait a minute,
I got you something.
What you..
you got me something?
Sure can't be..
You got something for me?!
Bitch, where' you get this?
Last night on the job, there was
all these jewelry and shit.
JR couldn't sell this,
so I kept it.
Thank you.
You know I was thinkin' maybe we could like,
stay home tonight, you don't need to go out.
We got enough money for the week..
Baby get those dishes,
I need to be pullin' myself together.
- What's up?
- Let's get out of here.
No, one more, one more..
Then we'll be good for the week.
We're already good for the week.
Be quiet.
What the fuck am I doin'?
Living in a fucking freak show.
Wherever we go, people
laugh and stare and..
Like we're creatures from
another unisphere or some shit..
Waste of life..
that's what she is.
Wish she was fucking dead.
- Who're you talking to?
- What?
I didn't know where you were..
I.. I..
I just..
We gotta go to Ridley's, I promised her
we would stop by, on our way home.
I'm sorry..
Are you ok?
You're fucked-up?!
You're fucked up,
aren't you?!
Didn't think you were coming,
it got so late, come in.
Oh my God,
what did you do?!
What do you think?
Are they too far apart?
That's nothing that
the right bro can't fix.
- Well how's it feel?
- A little sore..
But everything went great!
And Dr. Leroy
said it was one
of his best jobs.
Hey, come here.
Try them out.
You too Benny.
Just be careful, don't squeeze.
- This is a very..
- I think so too!
There's no scar.
Cost a pretty penny, though.
Uhm, but
come, come, come..
I have another surprise for you.
Oh shit Ridley..
- Where'd you get that?
- We have something to celebrate.
Fix me up Benny.
Ugly snowball.
Come on darling.
- It's what I got.. - I can't do it!
- It's all I got.. it's two dollars.
- Come on man!
- What's up captain?!
how' you doin' Manny?!
No, no, no man what's up,
you still wan' it or what?
Uhm, no.
Alright, have a good night.
Come on, cap..
Your money's no good here.
No, I have to gets the rules.
The rules?!
I didn't know there were any left.
See you later.
- See y'later.
He was so fucking good!
My mother is going to shit.
But I don't care.
No more lyin',
no more of her bullshit.
I'm out for good.
Hey you know,
no matter what happens..
you have me.
You've Benny.
And all your other friends.
You and Benny,
are my other friends.
That's gonna have to change.
Oh, we should have a party.
A coming out ball.
Benny don't you think that's a
good idea, we should have a party?
Like an underwear party,
them shit?
No, not an underwear..
He is always trying to get me
and the girls in some panties.
So what then?
You're a pig!
When.. When will we have it?
Next week.
I'll get the chickies
from the corner, and..
the girls from Francine's.
It'll be everybody's
chance to meet you.
You think they'll like me?
Of course they will.
I see 20,
30 people.
That's what I am..
a fucking head.
What baby?
My mother..
She's going to kill me, I mean
she's never going to accept it.
She has no choice.
If she loves you,
she'll accept it.
You don't know my mother.
Sometimes your parents surprise you.
Did your parents surprise you?
They accepted me, with..
open arms.
What'd you think of Ridleys breasts?
I thought they were ok.
Better than mine?
Better than your what?
Tits Benny! What are we
talking about here?!
I don't know.
Well what did you think?
'Cause the bitch got implants.
My nature moans.
Could you tell the difference?
Yeah, I mean..
Your tits are perfect.
I mean, like..
You know I like the shape..
But.. I don't know..
What'd you think?
I think they're nice.
They're full.
Much fuller than mine.
You think I should get mine done?
Oh c'mon Marybeth,
don't start that shit.
You know I think you
make a beautiful woman.
You mean that?
You're my wife.
I ain't complainin', right?!
Oh hell no dawg..
You fucking idiot!
Get the fuck over here and
open this motherfucking door!
What the fuck'd I say about this shit,
open this fucking door!
What the fuck you lookin' at
old man, open this shit up!
Open this shit up!
What the fuck'd
I say about that chain?!
I said open that
fuckin' chain up there!
What'd I say about that shit?!
Get the fuck up!
Get up!
Got some stuff in your hair, man.
Where's my cheque?
My cheque?!
Where's my cheque?
I, I..
I, I, I got..
I got the cheque?!
I had to..
I needed food..
my medicine..
But that wasn't our
understanding, right?!
Our understanding was..
you give me the cheque..
and I tell you what'u buy..
and when you buy it, right?!
That was our agreement, right?!
That was.. That was our understanding?!
Then why don't you understand it?
That's ok.
Man he ain't got the fucking cheque.
What'u mean he ain't got
the fucking cheque man?!
He ain't got the fucking cheque!
sorry, please..
just leave me alone..
Hey listen if you wanted to be left alone,
you should've kept your fucking cheque!
worked my whole life..
I did everything right and I..
This is a talking man..
Why you cry?
Shut the fuck up!
Now I'm ment to feed the animals.
Oooh so now we animals, huh?!
We animals, huh?!
- Yo, check this out.
- Oh hell yeah!
Hey get that for me man.
Yeah you about to get fucked-up!
- Hell yeah.
- That's what I love!
Cremont, get me his pants man.
C'mon get his fucking pants!
Man what the fuck is you doin'?
And act like you like this shit!
Come on, smile man,
this is what we do..
this is just fun, right?!
Yeah I'll show you
a motherfucking animal!
You should be lovin' this shit!
Yeah how you like that shit
motherfucker?! Huh?! Huh?!
It's the shit, right?!
Animals, huh?!
See this' what happens
when you fuck with me!
Take that shit!
Take it!
Old ass man.
Now keep goin' you old fuck!
Keep goin'!
You hear me?
You hear me?
Hey man..
if you tell anybody about me..
friends, family..
any motherfuckin' body!
I'ma come back here and
I'ma have so much fun.
Don't let me come back!
Keep that motherfuckin'
chain of your door!
Are you fucking disturbed?!
What happened?
I like this show!
Now let's fucking go!
I don't wanna hear it babe!
Don't say anything!
He's been like this for three hours.
What the fuck?!
Why don't you try to sleep,
and I.. I'll hold him.
- I couldn't even sleep if I wanted to!
- Stop screaming!
Fuck! It's ok, it's ok.
I'm sorry, I lost it.
It's ok, let's eat.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Oh my God!
I can't even take it no more!
I gotta get out of here,
I'm gonna go for a walk.
Manny, what about sleep?! You have to sleep
if you're gonna be able to work tonight.
Cet tell me, who the fuck can
sleep with him screaming like that?
- I'll put him in the bathroom, it's fine!
- Don't even bother. Don't even bother.
Oh that's just great!
You know what?! Just fucking go
out when it gets too hard, Manny!
Where do I go?!
When do I get to go out?!
You don't think it's hard for me,
every day, being here with him, like this?!
What do I do when I'm so
sick of you leaving all day and
me not being able to leave?! I am going
crazy, Manny! I am fucking going crazy!
Shut up.
Shut up! Shut up!
I'm not gonna shut up!
- Shut the fuck up!
- You don't talk to me like that!
You don't fucking talk to me like that!
Oh, we got an audience now, oh..
Hey fuck you!
Go ahead Manny,
that's really great!
Yeah, shut the fuck up, 'fore I come
up there and break your face!
The nerve of this motherfucker!
Where're you going?
I'm going out!
- No! you're not!
- Cet!
- Don't leave!
Cet, don't fuck with me,
I'm not in the mood!
Manny, get the fuck
back in here! Now!
Get away from him!
You'll not touch him! Just stop it!
Just get out of here!
Get out of here..
One of these days you're
really gonna fucking hurt him.
I was in..
army brat, you know?!
My dad was a lieutenant major..
Grew up in a lot of places,
you know?!
and uh..
South Africa.
I know how to say..
'fuck you' in Hungarian.
How's that go?
'Baszd meg a lovas'.
Seen a lot of the world, huh?!
Ah, to tell you the truth, I mean..
life in foreign army bases is kind of,
like uhm, hermetically sealed existence.
You don't really have any..
interaction with the general populous.
Hermetically sealed existence, huh?!
Sounds good to me.
You must've seen a lot.
You know, being out here for..
seventeen years?!
I'm just tired.
Attention all units!
Any and all units!
Shots fired at 65...
Units responding,
respond code 3.
What's this?!
I'm calling in.
Fucking crack heads!
Check that side!
Ok, stay sharp, alright?!
Dixon, this is a waste of ti..
What is that?
Where've you been?
I've been out.
How's she doin'?
Not too good.
Why don't you go talk to her?
I don't really have anything to say.
Don't sleep so close to the bed,
if you don't wanna get stepped on!
Sweety, can you wake mommy up?
Mommy, c'mon wake up.
- C'mon let's go, get up!
- What?
Get up, that's what!
I need something to help me up.
Yeah, well thanks to you,
we don't have anything
so get the fuck up and let's hit
the streets before I get pissed.
Watch it.
Come on, let's go!
Get up!
Need everybody pullin'
their weight here.
We're in dire circumstances.
What am I always telling you guys?!
Every stranger is a potential donor.
You got that Willy?
Fucking kid never listens to me.
Shut up.
Where is he?
Hey man.
- Hey.
- What's up?
- Hey, I'll be right back, alright?!
- Alright.
Hey, I'm at the corner this morning.
No one was there.
Oh we were sleeping, I don't
have to work tonight, so..
How come?
Well I was bleeding, so..
Mom gave me the night of.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
Hey Melody, you.. Wanna do
something with Willy and me?
We could go sneak into a movie,
or something..
Anybody got a cigarette?
I'm going to the corner for
two Lucies, you want one?
- Yeah, ok.
- Ok, c'mon.
See ya.
I could even start my own
business or something.
What would you wanna do?
I don't know.
Maybe I could like..
open my own nightclub
or something.
You know, like a real high class place with
no hookers or pimps or anything, but like..
like real people.
I could be like the hostess.
I think you'd be good at that.
You're really friendly.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Hey here..
- Thank you.
No, I'm saving mine for later.
Marybeth, wake up.
Wake up!
Honey, why did you do that for?
You were in a fuckin' coma.
I was sleepin'.
One of these days I'm gonna wake
up and gonna find you dead.
And then what?
You'd probably
throw water on me.
That ain't fuckin' funny!
What kind of eggs you want?
What the hell is wrong with'u?
Fuck yooou!
Have y'all seen Benny?
M-m, no, no..
No, no.. No Tee, no Tee..
Just a.. I can't..
I haven't seen him, so if you..
That'd be good.
I know, I know.
But if you see him..
can you tell him to call me,
Hello? I'm just..
I'm just tryin' to track down Benny..
Do you..
Do you know where he is?
Do you know where he is!?
Hello? Hello?
Who is this?
Mickey, is that you?
It's Marybeth..
Jesus Christ, Mickey..
- Dad?
- Don't call me that!
And don't call here ever again!
Where've you been?
Should've told me you were leavin' or..
left a note, or somethin'.
I know.
I'm an asshole, I'm sorry.
Yeah, you are.
I got somethin' for you.
What'u got?
That's enough for the whole week.
Got a surprise for you, too.
Oh, you're so tight.
Where' you get these?
My man at the needle exchange.
Well come on..
Fix me up.
You just fixed an hour ago,
it's the beggining of the day.
Well I wanna full one.
We ain't got no full one.
You'll get what I give you.
Your arm's shy, your veins
are all banged-down man.
- Give me your foot.
- Ok.
Oh fuck..
Wake up, I wanna be with you.
Don't fu..
So now you're done for
the whole fuckin' night?!
What am I supposed to do?
You fucking wreck.
That'll be a $1.29, you rodent.
That's for me, that's for me!
Yeah, no..
Fuck! Yeah!
No, I got the fuckin' money! Uhum!
I got the fucking money, yes!
No! Don't do that to me motherfucker.
Come on..
Don't do that...
No man, I got the fucking money!
No, no.. Fuck you..
You know what?!
Fuck you!
Cause I'll rip your fucking lungs out!
Oh I know, please, I'm sorry..
I'm sorry..
Give me the fucking money!
Give me the fucking money!
Hey man..
Help me,
don't shoot.
I'll do just to fuck..
I don't know what name to take.
Now that I'm coming out,
I have to have a name.
Yes you do.
Something with class.
No? Okay.
No, too stuffy.
I want something more exotic, exciting.
If you want something exotic..
No, that's a little too exotic.
I wanna name that's feminine,
independently romnesc.
Please, I'm not a lesbian.
What do you think?
Yes. Yes.
- It's perfect.
- Yes.
Benny, where did you think of that?
I just came up with it.
Don't worry 'bout a thing.
I'm a hook you up with a client of mine.
You'll like him, he's nice.
Is he a gentleman?
Girl.. Of course.
- Good night.
- Good night.
So who's this guy who's so nice?
A client.
I know that, but who is he?
Edgar, baby.
Edgar Portman.
The accountant.
Do I know him?
No, I don't believe you've
been formally introduced.
Yeah, but you know what I mean.
He drives the dark blue
Volvo station wagon.
That guy?
Looks like a fucking turtle.
He does not.
He's sweet.
He's perfect for Ridley.
She'll be in control of
the whole evening.
Yeah, well she's a dude, she'll flip that
motherfucker on his shell and he's straight.
Would you please be quit?!
Hey you faggot ass bitch!
Dawg, you see what I see?
Fuckin' he-she or somethin'.
Hey would you fuck the head
or the tail motherfucker?
Shit, I'd cut that shit off and
shove it down that bitches throat.
Hey baby?!
Just ignore them baby, ok?
- Hey bitch!
- Hey you faggot ass bitch!
- Hey!
- Hey!
Hey bitch!
Come here!
What's up you little punks?
Hey man, put that fuck man..
What the fuck you' doin'?
Hey man what the fuck
you' shootin' at? Motherfu..
Shit baby!
You're hurt.
- I'm alright.
- Oh fuck!
Now you're bleeding
like a fucking faucet!
- We gotta go to a hospital.
- Let's get outta here. Go!
How' you doin'?
They gave me 17 stitches.
Oh, that's great.
Was it worth it?
Starting in, like that?!
I didn't start it.
You don't think Benny.
We could've been killed.
I'm sorry.
I'm not the one with the stitches.
I'm sorry.
For tonight..
every fucking day.
What are you talking about?
I know what I am.
Don't think for a second that I don't.
'Cause I do.
Like when I hear you and Ridley
talking to some of the other girls..
things you's able to talk 'bout.
You're smart,
you got schooling.
You know things.
With me, what do I know?! I know that being
with me, must be like being with a retard.
I look in the mirror sometimes,
I wonder what're you doing with me.
I know you do to.
And when the day comes..
'till you find somebody better..
'cause one day that will happen..
I ain't gonna give you
no shit over it, ok?!
I'm just gonna be grateful
that I had some time with you.
'Cause you're best thing
that ever happened to me.
And I love you.
Why you' lookin' at me like that?
'Cause I feel like it.
Let's go.
What' up cuz?!
What's up baby?!
Hey yo Foot, take care
of my lil' niggers and shit.
Yo, I'm sorry about
your brother man.
You know, it's gonna be
handled soon, you know.
Yeah you make sure that
motherfucker suffer though, man.
For real,
I ain't appreciate that shit.
Thanks, but you know,
we're gonna be able to uhm..
- take care of things..
- But I do appreciate..
how you and your boys been holding
it down for the Zookas and shit.
Lil' cowboys man,
for real man.
Wish it was like that
everywhere, but it ain't.
I'ma holla atcha baby.
Yo the reason I asked you here today yo,
'cause I got this lil' problem and shit man.
This kid Pepperton..
from the east side cell.
I mean things was cool at first, he was
buying quartz of us, you know what I mean.
But last week, the chemist fucked up,
shit didn't come back right.
I took immediate actions though.
Gave Pepperton the pinky finger,
the chemist some shit..
But, he wasn't satisfied
with that, you know.
So now he want his money back,
I'm like yo you know how business go.
You got good days,
you got bad days and shit.
Anyway, to make a long story short.
This nigger Pepperton start goin' around,
poppin' niggers in the hood like they balloons.
Makin' it hard fo' all of us.
We can't do business like that, feel me?!
I need to crush this
nigga' whole world yo.
Boys like he know myself.
He could recognize us comin',
he could smell us a mile away man.
Hey man, this Pepperton thing..
I wouldn't even think about it.
You my lil' nigga baby.
Hey mamma.
I want you take this right here.
The token of my friendship,
feel me?! That's you.
Yo that kid that
did your brother man..
Nigga's nothin'.
I got that for you. Nothin'.
A little G for your expenses and shit.
You know how we do, right?!
- Yeah man.
- Yeah.
Hey yo.
Yo man..
It's like a thousand
fucking bucks in this shit.
So what'd think about
this shit with Pepperton?
I don't.
So you believe that Samy's
not getting us all set up than?
What the fuck is the matter man?
Are you just getting soft, or why the
fuck you keep askin' me stupid shit?
- I just think something' fishy.
- Yeah, well fucking close your legs.
Let me see this man.
- You want this?
- Hell yeah..
I don't give a fuck what you want!
This is my shit!
He give this to you?!
He didn't fucking give this
to you, this is my shit!
- Whatever man.
- Ain't no fucking whatever.
You ain't me motherfucker!
I know.
Hey baby..
I see you lookin'
at me, what's up?
I love you.
You love everybody you fuck?
You ain't everybody.
Hold on, come back in
here and suck my dick.
What do you mean no?
Didn't you just tell
me that you love me?
You're being an animal about it.
I am an animal. That's really the fucking aim.
Isn't that the best fuckin' way to do it?!
Fuck you.
Hey listen I can fucking make you get on
your knees and suck my dick right now.
I'm at least asking you.
Go fuck yourself.
Hey come..
Hey come.. Come back here, I just
wanna tell you I'm sorry. I'm..
You fucking whore!
Piece of shit..
Bunch of lazy fucking bastards!
I'm the one who's out on
the street, doing all the work.
Taking all the risk,
with all the responsibility.
I can't show my goddamn face,
without someone taking a shot at it.
We're gonna get thrown out on the
street, do you understand that?!
We got no fucking food
and no fucking drugs.
For what?!
I had a career..
I had a real fucking life, until
I hooked up with you losers.
Let me tell you something right now, things are
gonna change around here, you understand that?
You don't know what the
hell are you talking about! Ok?!
Mom's the one getting the
cheque every month.
You shit!
That's it!
I said to you! Don't you
fucking lay a hand on him!
It was like a tap,
he's fucking faking it.
- I told you!
- He's faking it.
- He's a fucking faker!
- Get away from us!
Get away from us!
Are you ok?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry he hit you,
I'm sorry..
Come on..
- We got one poke left.
- I don't want it.
- Take a poke left, you'll feel better.
- I don't want it.
Come on, you know you want it.
Come on.
Come on baby.
It's alright honey.
I know it hurts worse than it is.
It ain't broke or nothin'.
If you ever fucking touch
him again, I will kill you!
Come on babe,
don't threaten me.
Hey, you know..
Listen to me.
Hey.. Easy..
Look we're a family, we're just going
through some hard times, that's all.
I'm sorry, I just lost it for a second,
but you know how I get.
I don't wanna
go on without you.
You promise you will
never hit him again?
I promise you
I'll never touch him.
Say you're sorry.
Hey pal, I'm sorry.
He said he's sorry.
Listen, do me a favor Willy.
Could you take your sister
out in the hall for a second?!
I just need to talk to mommy.
Draw pictures on my back.
That was so amazing.
Do you hear that?
It's too quiet.
I'm gonna go check on him.
How you doin' Manny?
Pretty good.
Same shit, different day.
Let me get a couple
of coffees to go, please.
How's your kid doin'?
He's doing really good.
Glad to hear it.
Heard some news I'm not
so glad to hear, though.
What happened?
I hear Ravi has you
guys packing back there.
You know what I'm talking about.
Who told you that?
I heard it.
You know Ravi..
Maybe he spread the word, so people
don't come in and rob the place.
I can't have everybody packing Manny.
Everybody's packing anyway.
The last guy,
if his gun didn't jam up..
you and I wouldn't be
having this conversation.
You know what I mean?!
My wife and kid are left alone,
with nothing, that's..
that's not happening.
That's not happening captain. It's not.
Have a good night.
C'mon, what the fuck
are you doing in there?
You look beautiful.
Ahm.. M-m.. No..
C'mon, I look like a fucking terrorist
with this thing on my head.
Well you'll just have to get over it.
Put your finger there.
I can't have you going at
my party, looking all busted.
I just put this make-up on,
I'm dusted.
C'mon.. Give me half
the doze, so we can go.
I look like a gay pirate.
Just saying.
You know I'm just so
sick of Ceasar, you know.
Beating me and shit.
But I've known men like you, you wouldn't
do that. You don't do that. Thank you baby.
What are you doing in here?
Just chillin'..
Fucking loud out there.
Hello Fay.
Hey Marybeth.
Edgar is such a delight.
He's cute, huh?
Gabrielle, this is..
Hi Fay.
So what's up man?! What're we gonna
do if this dude don't even come man?
He'll come.
He'll come.
Which one'll be Pepperton?
He's that nigger on the right.
Who' the beret?
I don't know..
And I don't care.
Wait here.
Come on man!
Come on man!
What're you doing?
- You got shot?
- Who?!
- What do you mean who got shot?!
- C'mon man help me..
Oh shit man..
Yo.. Woa, woa, woa!
Yo my cuz got shot!
Oh damn!
Fuck! Shit!
- Man!
- Get outta way! Get outta way!
Yo what happened?
Pepperton had a fucking
shadow following him.
Well did he see you?
Yo! Yo! Turn on the news!
Turn on the news!
Man ain't gonna be on the fucking news,
this shit happened fucking five seconds, ok?!
It's always on the news
when it just happened.
I know, you're right.
Turn that shit on!
You guys, this looks bad.
He needs a doctor.
Stacy, come on now, I ain't going to
no goddamn doctor, don't be stupid!
So give me a fucking blowjob
and shut the fuck up!
Yo where' that crack at, man?
Let's get out of here.
Leave that.. for tomorrow.
Sugar help me put
miss Gabrielle in bed.
We ain't gonna get a
cab out here this late.
Let's walk.
Uh.. No..
I don't wanna get shot at tonight.
Come on, I was fucking
trying to protect you.
If you wanted to protect me, you
should've gotten me a bullet-proof west.
Don't be a bitch.
I'm taking the bus.
That doesn't matter..
He shouldn't've been
fooling around with Dooley.
If you go to a party and your dick passes out,
you got the right to do whatever you want.
That's crude Benjamin.
Not that I should be surprised,
considering the source.
You always take the man side.
'Cause I'm a man.
if Ridley wanted Edgar so bad..
he shouldn't have got so fucked up..
Her name is Gabrielle.
You really need to get into
the habit of calling her that.
Yeah, well it's gonna be a hard
habit to get into, being the fact
that he still looks like a dude,
even though he's got tits now.
That's not the point!
She's our friend,
she needs our support.
You called him Ridley..
a minute ago yourself, so..
Shut up!
It was a mistake.
You think Edgar
fucked Dooley tonight?
You're being crude again.
Uhm, I'm just..
Does Edgar ever fuck?
Edgar ever fuck you,
or you just suck his cock?
What has gotten
into you tonight, huh?
Why are you acting this way?
What way?
Like an asshole.
Don't call me an asshole.
Well you're acting like one.
Oh why.. You think you're
all fucking high and mighty?!
You think your fucking
shit don't stink?!
I asked you a simple question,
I want a simple, fucking answer!
Did you ever fuck Edgar?
If you don't know the answer
to that, I'm not telling you.
So you did?!
You shoved his wrinkled old fucking
cock with a bowtie on the tip
over up your ass,
'till you fucking screamed, huh?
Fuck you!
No, fuck you!
Because of the brutality of the murders..
police are concerned that this is only
the opening act of what could be..
another violent drug war.
This is Connor Habib, reporting from...
Damn man, we're in a middle of a
motherfucking drug war, motherfucker.
- That's what he's saying..
- What motherfucking war..
Hey man shut the fuck up!
We ain't in no fucking
drug war, alright?!
We good with Samy, right?!
Everybody.. We all good with Sammy.
And he takes care of us,
so we gonna be alright.
Yeah, but Brazil still needs some
medicine or somethin', look at his side.
Hey man, I'm gonna go talk to Lucky for you.
He knows.. He knows what's going on..
I don't want any of you opening
up any fucking doors, ok?!
You too Stacy, don't be
fucking touching the door!
Alright, I got it!
- The toilet?!
- Shut up.
He's trying for like six months.
That thing almost drowned.
Can I have your pickles?
If almost,
then when they moved..
they had a chain thing, so they had to
rig up this thing around his paw.
Hey Willy..
Come take a walk with me.
How's your face?
I'm real sorry about that, you know.
Sometimes I just take it just a little crazy.
Can you forgive me?
Look I, uh..
I got a favor to ask, if you uh..
Mommy and I are gonna go
away for a couple of days.
I need you to take care of your sister. You know,
just make sure she doesn't leave the room,
she behaves, doesn't talk to strangers,
that kind of thing. Can you handle that?
Just goin' to see some relatives,
take care of some business.
Be back in a couple of days, not a big deal.
So, uhm.. I'm counting on you, ok?!
I'll uh..
I'll get you something nice, alright?!
You're a good kid.
Where you going?
Come here, sit down.
- I want you behave while we're gone, ok?!
- Willy, come here.
It's $14, alright?! You need more, you grab
it from the street, just don't get caught.
Look uh.. Anybody ask
where we are, you tell 'em uh..
Alright, tell them we're
looking for work, ok?!
Be back 'fore you know it.
You're the man of the house now.
Take care of your sister.
Come on, let's go.
Okay, Willy..
I love you.
What are we gonna do?
I can't see you,
'cause you're invisible.
I'm not anymore.
See how you like it.
Come on,
I'm not invisible anymore.
Is Brazil here?
Where the fuck you at man?
What's going on?
I'm so glad you called.
Momma's sick.
You gotta get home right away.
Is anybody looking for me?
Didn't you hear me?!
Momma's sick!
Just tell me where you are.
I'll come get you.
I'll be there in a second.
Hello old man.
Guess I ain't gonna
have to use this, huh?!
You listened.
You kept that chain
of that door, huh?!
Goddamn, you stink.
Benny Alvarez live here?
What happened?
Come on!
Jesus.. The whole neighborhood is
crawling with people looking for you.
What kind of people?
New people.
Anybody follow you?
I went through the backyards,
like you said.
No one saw me.
What is that smell?
Come on.
It wasn't me.
It was natural causes.
Well what about the ex cop?
Was he arrested too?
No sir.
Look your husband broke into another guy's
house, he thought his life was in danger..
My husband was unarmed.
This guy had a gun, right?!
So what about that?
The gun was registered. I mean,
how was he supposed to know if your..
husband was..
armed or not.
I might need a favor.
I'll.. I'll call you.
They found..
But nobody knew it was her,
because she was pregnant.
And then they checked
her more and found..
a human head inside of her belly.
It was Brazil.
What is so fucking funny?
These Pepperton's men..
they don't fuck around, huh?!
Nobody's gonna stop
me from seeing him.
Take these things off of him.
Now look at him,
he's unconscious.
Sorry, he's under arrest.
He is the victim of a crime!
He was wounded while in
process of committing a crime.
You take these
fucking things of him!
Sorry, but I can't do that just yet.
What did you do?
Was it worth it?
Was it worth it Benny?
Where is everybody?
You weren't here last night?!
Melody got stabbed.
Yep, she got cut-up real good.
The guy tried to drive off.
Melody's mom got the
license plates numbers.
Cops got him. And they
arrested Melody's momma.
For promoting whores.
Sewed up Melody at the hospital.
Probably shipped her
off to Goshen by now.
That's where they send all the
young whores for rechanneling.
Next time you see her,
I bet she'll be a Moonie.
Where is this Goshen?
Three, four hours.
- How do I get there?
- I don't know, uh..
Get on a bus,
it'll cost you 'bout $20.
Ok, come on.
Let's go.
When they were taking her away..
She kept calling out your name.
Wondering why you
weren't there for her.
- Really?
- Yeah, we all heard it.
Kept saying Willy..
Willy I need you.
Come on, let's go.
You see that Benz right there?!
That shit's there tonight,
that's ours.
It's probably Samy's too.
Make a fuck of a way
to leave, you know?!
I'll be back in an hour.
Where the fuck are you going?
I'm not leaving 'till I say
goodbye to my mother.
Give her a fucking call.
I'm not doing this on the phone.
Look, I gotta get clothes,
I gotta bring things.
Like what are we
gonna do for food?
Take care of yourself now, ok?!
Shit's fucked up.
We don't have enough.
Excuse me sir,
could you spare a dollar or so?
Excuse me ma'am, could you spare
a dollar, so me and my sister could eat?
This guy isn't going anywhere.
I'll swear to it.
It's all I needed to hear.
Ramon right?! Yes, ok..
Alright, it's time for
you to go to bed.
'Cause daddy's gotta go to work.
Please God, we need you.
I never believed in you before..
I never had a reason..
to believe.
But, if you're out there..
We need you.
Please, I'll do anything..
I'll be good.. I'll.. I'll kick.
Just this once..
Oh.. Oh fuck.
I'm gonna leave you with $17.
It'll be enough 'till
mommy gets back.
I don't wanna stay here alone.
Willy, please..
Take me with you..
Look.. ok..
You'll be better off without me.
I'm no good.
That's why Chas hits me
and mommy hates me.
But if you ain't around to get hit..
then maybe Chas will start hitting me.
That won't be happening.
Chas gonna be really
pissed when you come home.
That won't be happening, either.
I'll draw pictures on your back!
No, ok..
Please Willy..
Take me with you..
What happened to you?
Benny's been shot..
He is in the hospital, they're
not sure he's gonna make it.
What's going on with you?
My mother was here yesterday..
And we had a long talk and
reached an understanding.
If I agree to stop playing house..
and see a new shrink if..
I stop dressing up and
mutilating my body, if I..
try to be normal..
than everything can go back to the
way it was with me being rich again.
She threatened to cut me off..
from everything.
I can't be poor.
And what about your breasts?
I'm having them removed.
I just can't afford to be a woman
anymore and don't call me Gabrielle.
You should leave now,
'cause how can I be cured..
if I'm still hounded by the past.
I'm sorry!
Benny can you hear me?
Benny I need you to say something.
Benny you listen to me! I need you to
say something! Can you hear me?
Whoo.. Come on motherfuckers!
Come on!
Money in the register!
Hey, you got food and money.
Benny?! Come on! Come on!
Come on, I need you to fight!
I got a family, man..
Please don't leave me..
Please don't leave me,
please don't leave me..
Just stay inside,
and you'll be fine.
All of you motherless,
motherfucking cocksuckers!
I dare all of you motherfuckers
to come through right the fuck..
I'ma fucking going out
in style motherfuckers!
Say something baby..
Say something..
I don't give a fuck what you want!
I'm going out in style motherfucker!
Shut the fuck up.
Please don't leave me..
Stay with me the whole time!
Got that?!
First motherfucker through this door..
I swear he's mine and dead..