Life Like (2019) Movie Script

[James] I didn't know how
fucked up Sophie and I were
until we got Henry.
[Sophie] I don't know
about this, James.
This is the future, Soph.
How could we at least
not see this?
It just feels so weird.
No, this should be exciting.
[Sophie] I am.
[James] You are what?
Let's go inside.
[James] Soph,
it's just a dream you're talking about.
Yeah, but I think dreams
are our subconscious
trying to talk to us.
All right. What you think it is that
your dream's trying to tell you?
That I'm in the right
place, at the right time.
My baggage is gone.
I'm happy.
Me too.
You sure you want this thing?
No, I just wanted
to watch you carry it.
I mean, look at it.
It's so beat and heavy.
You have to look at the lines.
Put new fabric on this thing and it's
gonna be beautiful. And best, it's free.
You just have to lug it upstairs
and I'll do the rest. I promise.
[mouths words]
I love you too.
[James groaning]
That will do it.
[man] Anything else
I can do for you guys?
You could join us for
dinner on Saturday night.
[man] That's mighty kind.
Not necessary.
Oh, please. I insist.
Let us properly thank you.
Sophie, it's my job.
Barry, it's easier to just give
her what she wants. Trust me.
- All right, you win. I'd love to come.
- Great.
- Thank you.
- See you then.
[door closes]
I love it.
Oh, me too.
And I love you.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
[phone rings]
[man] James,
I'm really, really sorry.
[man speaking, indistinct]
[Sophie] It doesn't
feel like home.
[James] And it won't
if you don't try.
[Sophie] James, I'm here to try
because I wanna support you.
I'm just telling you how I feel.
You're leaving already?
Yeah, yeah. I'm just kind
of freaking out a little.
You know,
I just want to get in early,
calm my nerves before I have to jump
in, you know.
Well, why don't you
stay and relax?
We can make a big breakfast.
No, Soph. It's my first day.
Come on.
It's your company.
You can make the rules.
Yeah, and I'm sure
these people think
I'm just some fucking
undeserving brat as it is, right?
Look, I really just need
to get in there early,
get my bearings,
ease into things, okay?
And hey, this...
this is really sweet.
I love it.
Great Expectations.
[clears throat]
Help keep me grounded.
No, thanks.
This will do it.
Just gonna take it upstairs.
Miss Sophie, would you prefer the
chicken or the soup for lunch?
It's just Sophie.
No, "Miss" needed.
And I... I'm good.
But it's my job.
Take a break.
So, no soup today?
No. No.
Look, I'm not...
I'm not James.
I didn't grow up like this.
I don't need this.
Just, um,
do whatever you want, okay?
I just need to be alone.
He wanted you to steer
this in your direction.
"The new era," he'd say.
This is what your father wanted.
Trust me.
And you think the others would get
on board with my green revolution?
It is all about
how you present it.
Make your environmental
viewpoint make business sense,
and you will have these old codgers
on canoe trips by next spring.
The living room.
Yeah, I know. It's a work in progress.
I'll take care of it.
No, no, no, I'll fix it.
Rosa, stop. Please.
Please, just stop.
Miss Sophie...
you don't have to fight this.
It's your new life.
You should just enjoy it.
This is my job, and I...
I'm very thankful for it.
But are you?
When you were a little girl,
what did you wanna be?
I'm pretty sure it wasn't
someone's housekeeper.
I am so happy here.
I am very thankful for my job.
That's not what I'm trying to say.
I know you are.
And you're great at your job.
And I appreciate that.
I'm trying to feel
more comfortable here.
And I want you to as well.
So instead of telling me
to enjoy my new life,
why don't you tell me what
your ideal new life would be.
[James] Hello!
Hello! Anyone here?
I'm in the bedroom.
Where is everyone?
[clears throat]
I fired them.
[chuckles] You what?
- Babe, before you get weird just...
- Wait.
You're serious.
- Mm-hmm.
- Sophie, why?
- Why would you do that?
- We don't need them.
Babe, they're just an unhealthy
distraction. Trust me.
A distraction?
Babe, this is a big house.
We need help dealing with it.
Trust me.
Do you know how long it's been since Rosa
has gone to see her family in Guatemala?
- Her son, Carlos?
- [sighs]
I don't even know Rosa.
She wasn't working here when I was a kid.
Fourteen years.
Fourteen years
she hasn't seen her only son.
I... I sent them off
to find their dreams.
Their dreams?
Sophie, this is their life.
Their livelihood.
This is...
This is what they do.
Yeah, I also gave them
two years' pay.
You what?
What? We have more
money than God now.
I don't know why you're mad.
[sighs] I'm... I'm...
I'm not mad. I'm not mad.
I'm just...
I'm... I'm confused,
I guess.
You don't indulge help by paying
for their dreams to come true.
I'm not indulging them.
I'm liberating them.
Look, if we're gonna be rich people,
this is the version of them we're gonna be.
Not overlords
to indentured servants.
That's not who we are.
Soph, I can't believe
you did this.
Believe it.
Because it happened.
And we're gonna be
better for it.
Every one of us.
You're crazy.
You're crazy.
- You think so?
- Yeah.
You wanna know what else?
Come here.
Now we have this big,
big mansion all to ourselves.
[James] We don't give a shit
about the environment.
I mean, is that really what we
want this company to look like?
[phone rings]
I'm gonna be blunt.
You're being too idealistic.
Unfortunately, this is the most cost-effective
way to build in today's global world.
It's your wife.
It sounds urgent.
I'm losing my mind and I need
your help with this lawn.
I'm at work.
I know that, James.
- I'll do it tonight.
- [Sophie sighs]
[engine cranking]
How do I fucking do this shit?
That's what I fucking did.
We were still at the loft, and it was
done up like we'd always talked about.
You know, the spare room
and everything.
We were so happy.
It's a dream.
[sighs] I can't have
servants, assistants.
It's not how you treat people.
It makes me constantly
question why we're here.
Well, maybe you have to stop
questioning it and just accept it.
I wish I could.
I don't know.
There was something so safe.
Not just living off the monthly
allowance Dad gave, you know.
No real responsibilities.
I don't know. I guess I thought
that was what my life would be.
You can walk away from this
anytime you want.
No. No, I want this.
This feels so much
more real than that.
And harder, sure.
But... real.
And what's holding you back?
Well, for one thing,
my wife fired our help.
Every last one.
Why would she do that?
I think she wants me to let it all
go and go back to our old lives.
In some ways,
firing all the help makes it
impossible to live this new life,
and she knows that.
I feel trapped.
If this is something
you really want,
you may need to fight her
with your own arsenal.
James, you're a very rich man
with many new resources.
There's always a solution.
A solution...
she may learn to love
a lot more than you realize.
Please. I'm all ears.
[man] Six months ago
your father was approached
with a very interesting
presentation, to say the least.
We all had to sign
a confidentiality agreement.
[Sophie] I don't know
about this, James.
This is the future, Soph.
How could we at least
not see this?
It just feels so weird.
No, this should be exciting.
[Sophie] I am.
[James] You are what?
Let's go inside.
[man] My father devoted
his life to this.
There's no one else in the world
coming close to our level of realism.
You have an opportunity
to be the first to step
into the next century.
Are there differences?
They all have
the same capabilities.
It comes down to
aesthetic preferences.
For example...
I especially like Jessica here.
She's exquisite.
Jessica, why don't you say hi.
What else would
you like me to say?
Do you like your existence?
If my keepers are pleased,
I would be fulfilled.
What do you mean by "fulfilled"?
My purpose would be actualized,
leading to my progression.
And that's what you want?
Very much so.
I don't know, James.
About what?
They're so perfect
and beautiful. It...
Yes, they really are.
They're works of art.
I just... I don't know.
It makes me feel really weird.
Okay, what about it?
Talk to me.
Well, I know it's lame,
but I kinda wanna be the
prettiest girl in the house.
You will be, all right?
She's just a robot.
at first glance,
I can understand why you're thinking that.
But it's like being jealous
of a beautiful painting.
- It makes me feel self-conscious and I really don't...
- There's no reason to.
It just does, James.
This is the future, Soph.
We can have it right now.
How do we not at least try this?
[Sophie] What about
one of the males?
I think that would
make me feel less uneasy.
It's all the same to me.
They were all created to represent
a perfect version of humanity,
one that we all fail to achieve.
- Like a fine piece of art.
- Exactly.
Sounds like he should be in a
museum, not a home.
No, on the contrary.
My robots will do, or not
do, whatever you ask of them.
There's no place
they belong more.
Henry, please come here.
Henry, I want you to
kneel in front of James.
James, would you mind
lifting up your foot?
Henry, I want you to lick
the bottom of James's shoe.
[both gasp]
That's unbelievable.
Should any problems arise,
Henry's default is to come back
to his docking station
and reset.
Any problems past that and...
[powering up]
I'm your personal adviser.
You'll have me at
your disposal 24/7.
What kind of problems arise?
Nothing to worry about.
Speech and communication
issues, mostly.
Yeah, but that's normal, right?
The important thing
to keep in mind with AI...
is you have to let it adapt
and grow at its own pace.
Good morning, Sophie.
Good morning.
I'm making James some eggs.
Would you care for some?
No, thanks.
How about some oatmeal?
No. Really, I'm fine.
Whew! Best omelet ever.
He's not gonna get going without
you telling him what to do, Soph.
[exhales] It feels really weird
ordering him to do things.
Yeah, okay, fine.
But it shouldn't.
Think of him
as a washing machine.
You don't feel weird telling your washing
machine to clean your clothes, do you?
- That is a ridiculous comparison, James.
- Is it?
If you put him in
a room full of people,
you'd be hard-pressed
to know who's who.
Yeah, okay,
until you talk to him.
I mean, he's so submissive
and subservient.
I look at him
and just see a person.
Well, do you want me to give
him a list of things to do?
I like making my own breakfast.
It gets my day started.
Then make your own breakfast, Sophie.
All right?
All I'm saying is
pick your battles.
There's a lot to do around
here and you can't do it all.
That's what he's here for.
[Henry] I know you don't like
your breakfast made for you,
but I made coffee for James and didn't
want the leftover to go to waste.
The banana was not made.
It was delivered as is.
I'll be working my way through
the to-do list as prioritized.
If my services are needed
elsewhere, please let me know.
Best, Henry.
Henry, get out.
He may have been looking at you,
but I'm sure he wasn't
staring at your body.
Remember, he's a robot, Soph.
I felt like he was
staring at my body.
I'm here by myself and
I'm really uncomfortable.
Can you please just come home?
I can't just leave.
Look, just tell him to go
to his docking station.
I'll be home as soon as
possible, all right? I promise.
We appreciate your fresh brand
of perspective here, James.
But two more months
hemorrhaging money?
We need to start
pulling triggers here.
- James, you can't force people to change.
- [door opens, closes]
You need to think about how to make
it work with what the givens are.
I appreciate that.
[machinery hissing]
Babe, he's already on
his docking station.
I need to blow off a little steam.
All right?
If you don't want
to play a round or two,
I, unlike you, will not feel
guilty waking our robot up.
That's the point.
I don't understand why you're
trying to make me feel bad
about not wanting to work
out at such weird hours.
I'm not trying. I'm sorry.
Seriously, just relax.
I'm gonna steal Henry for a second. You
can let him charge longer in the morning.
I distinctly remember them saying
to not interrupt the charges.
I need this. I cannot go to bed
the way I'm feeling right now.
Unless you wanna play.
That's what I thought.
Would you like me to play as
an intermediate or advanced?
Let's start with intermediate.
I don't think I'd deal
well with defeat tonight.
You seem stressed, James.
Well, that's probably
because I am, Henry.
What about?
What makes you ask me that?
Maybe I can help.
[exhales] You are.
That's why we're
playing racquetball.
What do you mean
when you shout, "God"?
You know what God means, Henry?
In monotheistic religions, he's the
creator and ruler of the universe.
Do you believe in God?
My maker is my god.
My keepers are my rulers.
And you believe
humans have a god?
We can't be scientifically certain
who's responsible for making you.
Whereas with you we can be.
Which allows me
certainty in my purpose.
I felt like I had certainty.
What happened to change that?
My father died.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
I like you, Henry.
The feeling is very mutual.
- [racquetball bouncing]
- [racquet hits ball]
how was your late-night
racquetball session?
It was great.
It's nice to let off
a little steam, you know.
I'll tell you, that Henry,
he makes it easy, doesn't he?
What do you mean,
"He makes it easy"?
It's like having an interesting
conversation with someone,
but it's really just for you.
You know? You don't
owe him anything.
It's nice.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm just tired.
- Okay.
- Have a good day.
Thanks. I will.
So everywhere you see a seam.
Like this.
Is this couch important to you?
It was.
It represents
a dream I once had.
It's fascinating to
consider what dreams mean,
and why humans have them.
Do robots have dreams, Henry?
It's not in our programming.
Babe, we had plans.
I made reservations.
I know. I know.
But this is the only weekend we could
make it work with Ronald and Jeremy.
And you're just telling me now.
I just found out.
Look, Soph.
These guys knew my
father better than I did.
For the first time in my life...
I know this...
I know it sounds weird,
but I feel like I'm actually
getting to know him in some way.
Well, this place
is still a wreck.
I don't want people here until
I'm finished doing what I'm doing.
That's what Henry's for.
Do you wish to ask me something?
Would you like to
take a break, Henry?
Would you like me
to take a break?
Yeah. I would.
[Sophie] Hmm.
Here. I want you
to read this.
Read a chapter every other day
and we can talk about it
in our free time.
[tools clatter]
I believe this is the
reason for the leak.
What is it?
It's a very common problem
in outdated mechanical engines.
Hey, I'm going to town.
Do you need anything?
Um... yeah.
Can you swing by the auto place and
see if they have a head gasket set
for a 1955 Chevy small-block?
A 1955 Chevy small-block?
That's all I need to know?
I love you too.
Do you feel like your love for
Sophie grows with time or fades?
What makes you ask me that?
I think sharing your fears
makes you vulnerable.
And being vulnerable is
the birthplace of love.
Where'd you learn that, Henry?
It's something I've deduced,
interacting with you and Sophie.
Do you feel fears?
I think I have programming
that closely resembles fears.
Yeah? And what's that?
I believe I'll be
obsolete one day,
and my keepers may replace me.
[Henry] The retrospective first person
narrator is an effective choice.
It makes the reader feel an
intimacy with the character.
Do you feel that?
Would you like me to feel that?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Then I will.
Can you drink wine, Henry?
I suppose I could.
Well, what happens to
things that you consume?
I have a holding tank within me
that my docking station will empty.
Cheers, and welcome
to our new home.
And to Henry.
He's just spectacular.
Henry, this looks amazing.
"Take nothing on its looks;
take everything on evidence.
There's no better rule."
Charles Dickens, 1861.
Wow. Dickens quotes.
What chapter?
I read ahead.
I hope you don't mind.
You have him reading
Great Expectations?
Yeah. It's nothing.
Just a chapter every other day.
I think so.
Henry, why don't you finish cleaning
up and get the dessert going?
Of course.
Does he express feelings
about reading literature?
Well, it's more analytical,
but nonetheless interesting.
And thought-provoking.
It's so lifelike.
Sometimes I forget.
Well, you know,
it's really more about
training your mind to see
reality over perception.
why do you think Pip is
blinded by the lust he feels?
I believe Dickens
is suggesting that lust
is a more powerful emotion
than friendship.
Do you believe that?
I think lust is capable of steering humans
in directions they never knew possible.
It stole Pip's good judgment.
Do you think Dickens intended
it as lust and not love?
Love is unconditional.
And lust is conditional.
I believe Pip thought
he loved Estella,
but could only truly love
Estella if she loved him back.
But he devoted his entire
youthful life to getting her.
How is that lust and not love?
Well, it wasn't unconditional.
I imagine lust probably
feels much like love
until it's time
for sacrifices to be made.
Pip sacrificed everything in hopes of being
with her... his friendships, his home.
Because he had an expectation
of being with her.
A condition.
- Not because he loved her unconditionally.
- [chuckles]
[James] I think you're off here.
I think Pip's a romantic just
chasing love down a one-way street.
[Sophie] I think if you gave it a
fresh read you'd feel differently.
Soph, we studied it
in English Lit at Vassar.
I think that's as good
as a fresh read.
We're different people now.
I'd think you'd have
a different perspective.
Lust is commonly
perceived as a flaw.
Love gives the novel seemingly
far greater importance.
Why can this novel
not be about lust?
And what's your definition of
lust, Henry?
A desire
for something or someone,
typically referring
to something sensual,
often regarded as sin.
Lust is sinful.
Do you believe that?
Sin should only be judged
by the eyes of your god.
My maker didn't perceive lust as a
sin, therefore nor do I.
Would you prefer that I did?
Henry, can you feel lust?
I believe I can emulate
lust, if you'd like me to.
No, that won't be
necessary, Henry.
Why don't you
get us some snacks?
Of course.
[loud bang]
[loud bang]
[banging continues]
- [banging continues]
- [docking station hissing]
[banging continues]
- [hissing]
- [thumping]
[banging continues]
[wind gusting]
[whispers] Henry.
Where am I?
You're outside the house.
How did I get here?
Henry, were you dreaming?
Do you remember
what you were dreaming?
I dreamt I was human.
I found Henry outside.
You what?
I don't know, James.
Henry, why are you outside?
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I got him.
Come on.
Come on.
everything seems normal.
It's probably just a glitch.
A glitch?
Well, he's a robot programmed by
computers, and sometimes they do glitch.
But what about him
saying he dreamt?
And I swear when I found him his eyes
were twitching just like he was dreaming.
They're programmed to please.
Chances are there's something one
of you is doing or encouraging
that has led him to believe
that dreaming would please you.
What kinds of things?
You should be erring
on the side of caution.
You know, don't let the robot become
too emotionally evolved too quickly.
If you treat him like a person,
he may behave like one.
He's a machine!
Sophie, I think you're clearly
struggling with that concept.
I think you're putting
all the blame on me.
Well, you're the one
here with him all day.
What does that mean?
It means he's obviously picking up
on things you're encouraging, Sophie.
Some want or need of yours.
No, James.
I'm doing exactly what you wanted.
- Guilt-free help around the house.
- [scoffs]
No, that is not
what you're doing.
You're treating him
like a fucking person,
reading Dickens and
chatting him up all day.
And you don't? What about
your racquetball sessions?
And working on
that shitty truck?
Don't fucking put this on me.
I'm not the one struggling with this.
You sure about that?
I'm not the cause of
Henry's malfunction, Sophie.
You need to stop what you're doing before
he goes completely fucking haywire.
You should think about
doing the same.
No, Sophie, I shouldn't,
because I understand completely
that he's not fucking real.
[door slams]
Jesus, Henry.
Would you like me to leave?
You're fine.
Are you uncomfortable?
Should I be uncomfortable?
Only if you were human.
What do you mean
when you say that?
Open that top drawer, Henry.
Grab my shaving cream and razor.
I want you to shave me.
You see, Henry, you're no
different than my electric razor.
And I undress in front of that
razor every day with indifference.
That machine
is far inferior to me.
I'm just trying
to make my point.
You are a very, very special
multipurpose appliance, Henry.
But you're not human.
Bad news.
KNS called.
They're gonna run four weeks behind.
It was a decent idea on paper,
but five companies had to
come together to make it work.
"Dear James,
I know this will be a challenge
for both of us.
But I know we can make it
through anything.
I love you.
It's beautiful, Soph.
Candles, huh?
I thought that, uh...
maybe we could...
I'm not really
in the mood, James.
Yeah, okay.
[clears throat]
You don't have to be sorry.
Just tired.
[blowing out candles]
It's a huge deal you
flushed down the toilet.
- Look, I know. I'm sorry.
- Stop that. Stop it.
Nobody cares that you're sorry.
[thunder rumbling]
- [Henry] I could feel things.
- Like what? Be specific.
I felt I had emotions
like love, pain, happiness.
Why do you think you're
having these dreams, Henry?
I believe it's in my
programming to please you.
Do you think it pleases me
for you to dream?
Yes, I do.
[thunder rumbling]
Maybe you're right.
At the very least,
I find it very intriguing.
Why do you find it intriguing?
Because it makes you
feel like a person.
And it's interesting
to watch that develop.
That feels so good, Henry.
[moans softly]
[moans softly]
[gasps softly]
[James] Soph?
[James] Soph!
Were you dreaming?
[sighs] I think so.
About what?
I can't remember.
I dreamt we never left
the loft in the city.
Sometimes I really miss
the idea of it.
I'm surprised, you saying that.
Well, because it's strange.
I'm the dreamer, remember?
Yeah, well...
I'm starting to wonder if we
rushed into this whole thing.
I mean, we were fine.
We were good.
This was never gonna be easy.
We knew that.
Yeah, but does it
have to be this hard?
I'm starting to feel
different about being here.
How so?
living in the loft
with your fund,
it was kind of a lie.
And I think that the longer we're here
we're finding out what we really want.
And what is it that you want?
I want to get out of the bubble,
forget it...
forget it ever tied us down.
[scoffs] I'm not sure I was
even right about that, Sophie.
I think you were.
I've kind of had an epiphany.
And what's that?
I think getting out
of the bubble...
it's forced us
to face ourselves,
our fears,
and be vulnerable.
And I think vulnerability
is the birthplace of love.
Where'd you hear that?
[floorboards creaking]
Yes, Sophie?
Were you watching me?
Would it please you
if I said I was?
Will you make me breakfast?
Yes, of course.
What would you like?
Surprise me.
[Sophie laughs]
Henry, what makes you smile?
Seeing you happy.
Look, what I'm saying is...
I think he's
falling for my wife.
No, that's simply not possible.
He is incapable of love
as we know it.
Then tell me what is possible.
Because he's destroying my
fucking life and my marriage.
Would you like to
return Henry to me?
Or perhaps exchange him
for another?
No. I'll only
be blamed then.
James, may I speak frankly?
Henry's perfection
is only a mirror
that reflects the desires
of his keepers.
Is it possible
she's wanting his affection?
And if so,
what's so wrong with that?
Do you get jealous
of her vibrator?
It's not even the same thing.
Is it not?
I truly think this is a conversation
best had with your wife,
and not myself or Henry.
And I think you know that.
Yes, James?
Come. Sit.
Henry, do you have
a thing for Sophie?
I don't understand.
Are you attracted to my wife?
I believe it would please Sophie
for me to emulate attraction to her.
And pleasing her is
my shared main objective.
- Shared with what?
- My other keeper.
I wish to please you equally.
Well, if you wish to please me,
then stop flirting with my wife.
I need a unified directive.
You have
a unified directive, Henry.
Right now nobody wants you to flirt
with Sophie, including Sophie. Got it?
I don't understand.
You wouldn't, would you?
Because you're a fucking robot.
- Are you angry with me?
- Yes, Henry, I am.
- I just need you to obey me.
- But I do.
James, my system calibrates to
what it senses of you and Sophie.
I sense that she expects
more from you.
What'd you say?
You never answered
my question before.
But I sense your love fading.
I believe Sophie
feels it as well.
Perhaps it's you who needs
to change and not me.
Henry, I need you to go
to your docking station.
Yes, James.
And, Henry...
I don't want you reading
with Sophie anymore.
Or discussing books.
It's not part of your job.
Yes, James.
Hello, Sophie.
Henry, you scared me.
What are you doing?
I just thought you should know
that James has requested
we not read together anymore.
I need a unified directive
from both of my keepers.
You have no fucking right to tell
him to stop reading with me, James.
No, Sophie.
You've let him get too far.
This has to stop.
You bought him
to make life easier.
So as long as he's here I'm
gonna do whatever I please.
Oh, is that right?
What are you saying,
Sophie, huh?
That you just want me to give this all up?
Is that it?
- Would you?
- [sighs]
We've been living in your world
for a long fucking time, Soph.
I think I at least
deserve a shot here.
Two days ago you were
talking about a dream you had
where we were back in the city.
Tell me that's what you want.
Tell me you would do it.
Tell me that's what you
want, and yes, I'll do it.
I won't.
That's not fair.
Then what are we even
talking about here?
What are you doing?
- I'm going to the city for a couple days.
- Jesus, Sophie.
What do I have to say to convince
you that you're wrong here?
It's not about
what you say, James.
[door slams]
That's game.
- Another?
- [groans]
I thought I told you
I wanted to win.
That's not what you meant.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
Sometimes what you say and what
you mean are truly different.
Yeah, well, that's not the case here.
I wanted to win.
I don't think this was
about winning or losing.
Henry, I need my shaver.
What are you doing?
I am what you designed me to be.
I am your blade.
You cannot now complain
if you also feel the hurt.
You say you want revenge.
I am your puppet.
Someone you can use
for your retribution.
"Love is a curse.
I will never love,
for I have no heart."
Charles Dickens, 1861.
Are you uncomfortable?
Should I be?
Only if you were a robot.
I need my razor.
I will shave you.
Yes, that's your
breakfast to go.
You woke late,
so I packed it for you.
What's all that?
Sophie's brunch.
She should be back shortly.
Yes, James?
Never mind.
China called.
Seems they have strong feelings
about you
giving your business away
and want to come back to the
table with a few amendments
that may appeal to
your eco-friendly ear.
- The deal isn't dead?
- Jeremy has the details.
It's alive.
And with better terms
than we've ever had.
James, I wanted to apologize.
you were just looking out for the
company and I respect that about you.
I would've never stuck my
neck out the way you did.
Your father...
I think he saved you...
from becoming me,
a simple yes man.
Jeremy, you know more about
this company than I ever will.
I think we could both stand
to learn a lot from one another.
[James] Well, listen I think as soon
as I have this new project wrapped up
we should take some time for us.
You know, just us.
Forget about the new job and the house
and all this shit that we rushed into
and just have some fun.
And do what, James?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Go stay in the city for a bit,
or the Italian countryside.
Whatever, wherever.
What do you think?
[door opens]
I don't know. Maybe.
Let's just talk about it
when you get home, okay?
Is everything okay?
He's just trying too hard.
It feels forced.
I think he's fully embraced
the fading as a reality now
and truly fears it.
Turn over.
Okay, I'm ready.
Close your eyes.
[mouths words]
Why did you do that?
I wish to please you, Sophie.
Why did you mouth "I love you"?
Because I do.
Why did you do it like that?
Isn't that how one tells
another that they love them?
Henry, I need you to go
to your docking station.
Yes, Sophie.
What's going on?
Why are you smoking?
Close the door.
What's going on, Soph?
What about Henry?
He kissed me.
I wish that came
as a fucking shock.
I felt you slipping away,
Sophie, but not like this.
- Why are you saying this?
- This is your fault.
How many times do I have to
tell you he felt a void in you
and he finally
fucking acted on it.
- No.
- He only acts on what we want, Sophie.
- And you wanted this.
- No.
Whatever happened just
happened in the moment.
No. No, it didn't. This all started
months ago and we both fucking know it.
You brought this upon
yourself and it sickens me.
No, James.
James, he mouthed "I love
you" just like you do.
And it scared me.
I can put an end
to this right now.
Get up.
What the fuck do you think you're
doing, kissing my wife?
Her actions indicated
that it would please her.
- But she didn't ask for it, did she?
- She all but begged for it.
- Fuck.
- You humans are very unpredictable.
Get in your fucking
docking station.
Yes, James.
[powering up]
[powering down]
[alarm beeping]
He hasn't moved.
I have to go.
Julian will be here in 30 minutes.
What's gonna happen?
I don't know, Sophie.
I have to go to work.
I knew this was gonna happen.
I could feel it.
Can you please stay and
wait till he gets here?
I'll call you
as soon as I'm free.
Have you deemed me obsolete?
We just need to have
you checked out again.
You unplugged
my docking station.
What's wrong with me?
James is very upset
with you kissing me.
Because we're married.
And it's not something that you...
People don't do that.
But that's the beauty of people.
You have no
mathematical certainty.
None of your amazing
flaws can be consistent,
even though you seem to
wish that they would be.
I wish I had such flaws.
No, you don't.
But I do.
As my programming veers in its intended
path, I begin to emulate feelings.
I wouldn't trade that
for anything.
Not if you deem me
obsolete and throw me away.
We're not throwing you away.
Then what are you doing?
James and I are going
through something right now.
And he's very upset, but...
I don't know.
I don't know
what's gonna happen.
I think before you do anything
you should talk to James.
Talk to him about what?
If James is upset with you,
then by definition
he is a hypocrite.
Henry, what are you saying?
Not love.
It was never James's
intention to betray your love.
But he let his lust happen with
me in a way that you rejected.
I have to leave.
Is everything all right?
I need you to power Henry down.
Whatever you wish.
- Please don't leave before I get back.
- Of course.
This is serious.
I need everything ready immediately.
There you are, Henry.
I need you to return
to your docking station.
That's not gonna happen.
What do you mean, Henry?
I am instructing you to return
to your docking station, Henry.
I know of your lies, Julian.
Please explain it to me.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I was jealous of him.
All right?
I felt like...
We had some
serious issues, Soph.
So what?
Every marriage does.
So what?
I just wanted you to look at
me like you looked at him.
Like you used to.
With lust in your eyes,
excited, happy.
I felt like I was losing you...
to this life, to this job.
And then Henry showed up and he
was whatever I wanted him to be.
And I needed that.
But it was a fantasy.
It wasn't real.
Well, it felt very real.
Were you attracted to him?
No. No.
Fuck, I don't know.
In the moment,
I felt like anybody
could've been.
He's like this... perfect
but fake version of us.
And we're trying to compete,
but we're fucked up.
We all are.
He just has this ability
to be so selfless.
Something I don't think humans
are even capable of.
Just pulls you in.
I could've easily done as much.
Or more.
I'm so sorry, Soph.
Me too.
[intercom beeps]
[woman] James,
I'm sorry to interrupt,
but I have several urgent
calls from a Henry.
- Where the fuck is he?
- I can't find him anywhere.
You call Julian.
I'll keep looking.
[line ringing]
- James!
- Yeah?
- Look.
- [phone: disconnect tone]
- If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again.
- What the fuck?
- If you need help...
- Come on.
- [door opens]
- [phone: off-hook signal]
Where is Julian, Henry?
His car is here.
Julian is a liar.
- And his car is obsolete.
- What are you talking about, Henry?
Where is he?
What happened?
He left.
He was supposed to stay
here, Henry.
And fix me?
That's not possible.
I know you're gonna
dispose of me.
[James] You're hurting our
life, Henry.
And yes, we're gonna
get rid of you.
[voice breaking]
But I am not obsolete.
I have so much to give.
We're gonna find you a new maker, Henry.
He's gonna fix everything.
I felt like I had certainty.
And you will again.
A maker can fix everything for you.
He's your god.
I am questioning whether
Julian's father was my maker.
Maybe my true god
knows your god.
Henry, why don't you go to your
docking station until we get back?
I've been off my docking station
for 22 hours and 17 minutes.
I can discern my core
is almost drained.
If it's okay with my keepers,
I'd prefer just to power down here
and stop this painful emulation.
That's fine, Henry.
[police radio chatter]
You're not my keeper.
I must default to my maker.
He's a fraud.
And the window for making a con
like this work is pretty small.
You sound confused.
[woman] Jessica,
you're not who or what you think you are.
- You're...
- [man] Human.
Oh, my God.
James, he's a person.
He's a fucking person.
[siren wailing]
Ahmanson, you take the lead.
- Where's this field?
- Right here.
- [gunshots]
- [Sophie gasps]
Julian. Julian, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
Don't do this. We won't say anything.
We don't even know anything.
What you had was perfect.
Why wasn't that enough?
Because it wasn't real.
No, let me tell you what's real.
When I first found Henry...
he wasn't even three years old.
Every inch of his body
was covered in bruises.
His bones were broken,
teeth missing.
He was starving to death.
Abandoned by the ones who were
supposed to care the most.
[shotgun snaps shut]
I saved him.
I nourished him.
I loved him.
I made him into
the perfect human he is.
And then he passed that love
on to you.
And what did you do in return?
You rejected him,
just like his mother did.
We wouldn't have
had a choice otherwise.
You are so fucking
What's the difference between
programming and teaching?
Henry's human, only better.
I stripped out
all his imperfections.
Don't you see?
My father was a genius.
He started a revolution.
A hundred years from now...
we'll be living
in a world without war,
a world without conflict.
Jesus, you're sick.
Your father brainwashed you
just like he did them.
That's where you're quite wrong.
I have full free will.
Ask me not to do this,
and I'll do it anyway.
- [footsteps]
- [shotgun fires]
- [groans]
- [gasping]
[muffled scream]
- Oh, Jesus.
- [gasping]
- [groans]
- [both gasp]
No. No.
I am done with this world.
I knew it was real.
It was.
[gasps] My feelings.
My love.
I'm sorry
for ruining your lives.
- No, Henry.
- No.
Henry, you didn't
ruin our lives.
The dreams.
I could feel the...
the grass on my feet.
Like the air I breathe.
Your flaws...
make you real.
- [exhales]
- [sniffles]
We love you, Henry.
We love you.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I don't want you to be.
I love you. Okay?
What's he doing?
I can't quite see.
Hey, Henry.
You almost ready to go, bud?
We named him Henry.
He often asks
how he got his name.
And one day we'll have
to tell him that story.
You were named after
someone very special.
But it's kind of a long story.
- Will you tell me later?
- Of course.
Go play with your new friend
before we have to go.