Life of Crime 2 (1998) Movie Script

I'm gonna rob,
I'm gonna steal,
I'm gonna get
my $11,000 back.
Go ahead, motherfucker,
tell him get off me, get off me.
They're gonna come grab me, man.
Grab me by my neck, man.
They're gonna grab me
by my neck, man.
This is a bottle of coke.
Courting death.
I'm gonna get me
a bag of dope, man,
after all that.
What's this right here?
Nah, that's been there.
I'm gonna rob
everything I can
get my hands on.
Get in the car.
If you ain't
strong enough, man,
you ain't gonna
survive out here, man.
- Killing myself.
- Wasting my life.
I really wish
my life was different.
I baptize you
in the name of the Father...
I'm gonna get revenge.
...and of the Son...
I'm trying to kill myself,
that's what I'm trying to do.
...and of the Holy Spirit.
I've been out
like 13 days,
and I've had sex
with like five different girls.
She did it.
She'll do it again.
I ain't no model citizen.
You have 28 prior arrests,
21 aliases.
- Why, you want a hit?
- No, I don't want it.
- I'm serious. Go ahead.
- You sure?
- Go ahead.
- I'm gonna kill it.
- I'm gonna do it.
- Kill that mother.
You're just
hanging on, okay?
And I don't wanna be around
when you lose your grip.
She's high right now.
I'm gonna blow up a house
with these motherfuckers.
When's the last time
you used drugs, Mr. Steffey?
You're gonna
get yourself hurt
and I don't wanna
have to scoop you up
at the end of the night
in a body bag, okay?
Everybody out there.
Everybody, listen
to what I'm saying.
It ain't worth it.
This is what I got.
And I'm gonna die here.
I don't want
this part on TV.
I got my rights, Jon.
I got my rights.
- Just got out of jail.
- Man.
- Sixty days in jail.
- Yeah?
For what?
Uh, for possession
of cocaine.
We're gonna go out
and make some money, let's go.
Eighty, eighty-five,
eighty-two apiece.
You're not taking me along?
- You along?
- Yeah.
I wanna be alone.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Yeah, I wanna be alone.
Four bags of heroin.
Mr. Steffey, I have
a certificate for you.
You're being paroled.
November 4th.
Thank you,
Miss Ellis.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
What are your plans?
- My plans?
- For parole.
I'm not coming back.
I'm not coming back
for a fact, okay?
To jail or here?
To any jail.
I'm not coming back.
How many more years
you got left?
- Nine.
- Nine.
How many you got in?
Fuck outta here. One?
You got
more than that.
Man, what you gonna do
when you out of there?
What you gonna do
when you out of there?
Imma do
the right thing.
the right thing then?
- What's the right thing?
- Yeah.
- Right thing, Rob!
- Get a job.
How you gonna
make the money?
- Work hard.
- What kinda job?
Whatever kind
I can get.
Don't tell them
lies, man.
Who do you think
you're beatin' down?
Maybe I'll work at McDonald's.
Steff, McDonald's
don't pay enough.
How you gonna
live off McDonald's?
Sell burgers.
I can sell burgers
on the side.
If you do that,
that's gonna lead you
back in here, though, man.
You really think I'm gonna steal
some damn burgers?
I don't know, man.
You talking about
making fast money.
Maybe the register.
The register?
Nah, you don't
wanna do that, man.
You come back up
in here, man.
It ain't worth it, brother.
I know that. I know that.
You ain't got no trade?
You got a trade,
you make good dough.
I got a trade with shoplifting,
that's about it.
- Aw, man.
- That's all.
You did have
a full head of hair though.
I ain't have no
full head of hair.
Yes, you did. I mean,
you had like an afro.
I was gonna... I wanted
to give you a box, man.
- Nah.
- Now look at you, man.
All this
come from worrying?
I don't know
what it come from.
I know you'll
get it back, man.
I think... I think when you
make that right move out there,
it'll start
coming back.
I'm not only
the hair club president,
I'm also a client.
I see...
Welcome to Southern State.
This is my home away
from my other home.
This is my second home.
This here is my partner
in the domino game.
Yeah, we the,
we the champs.
Yeah, we rollin'.
We rollin'!
Yeah, but...
Fourteen, twenty-six,
thirt... thirty-five.
I won the championship
two years in a row in Rahway.
Hey, Freddie, you seem like
you have fun here in jail.
Yeah, hell, yeah.
You always have
fun in jail.
You gotta make
a d...
You gotta do
the best you can.
Anything he could need,
he has it here.
He has friends
he can relate to.
Recreational, free cable,
air conditioning in the summer,
heat in the wintertime.
I don't like it
in here because...
can't get no, uh, sex.
I'm gonna introduce you
to all my honchos.
My name is
Hernando Garcia.
I didn't say your number now.
This guy's name
is O'Brian.
- That's all I know about him.
- Peace.
This is my homie, Angel.
I'm Angel Hernandez
and this is my girlfriend.
I'm his girlfriend.
This is my...
Big Bart, Big Bart
right here.
Jay Love! Can't play
handball for shit.
That's why he like it here.
'Cause he... he got
all his family here.
You know what I mean?
It's-it's like a...
a hotel.
Doesn't it look
like a hotel?
- A camp.
- A camp?
Camp Sweet, here.
That's why people
come back so much.
This is the gym.
Yeah, we got
the handball court
to ourselves today.
I'm gonna take you back there in a
minute and show you the weights.
I'm going right for this guy.
He's a bum.
Told you.
Who's the champ?
This is the academic building.
Right here.
This is the law library
and the regular library.
The library's
on that side,
the law library
is on this side.
It's nice in here.
- Quiet.
- Yeah?
How many of these books
have you read?
To be honest with you, zip.
They took a...
They took a book outta here.
They took a... Let me
tell you. Imma tell you.
- Let me tell 'em the name of the book.
- Imma tell you.
"How to Overcome
They took that book
and put it on his bed.
He got mad.
He thought it was me.
He came over, "Damn, Freddie,
why you do this shit, man?"
And he come throwing
the book at me.
He's still thinking
I put it on his bed.
- It was him.
- It was him that put it on his bed.
Now, when
you get out, Freddie,
you gonna go to a library
on the outside?
To be honest with you, no.
I'm not the...
reading type, you know.
This is a bottle of coke.
Five dollar bottle.
Nickel bottle.
I'm picking it up now.
That's all to that.
How long you been
doing that, Deliris?
Now how long
you been shooting?
For a year and a half.
And I'm not proud
of it neither.
Deliris, how long you been
working the streets?
Uh, six months.
It's-it's takin'
a chance out here.
Really don't know
who they are.
It could be a maniac.
Some of these
stories I hear
about people
killing people and shit.
And then takin' a chance
today too, with the AIDS?
Gotta be careful
who you do too.
How many customers a night?
At least three or four.
Are you ready to go with me
for a couple of days, D?
Yes, I am.
We'll get away
from Newark for two days.
Get you away from your stuff
that you keep doing.
What do you
wanna do, relax?
Get high.
Go do it.
You got any...
I'm just afraid
she's gonna get
some real strong stuff
one time and it's...
You know
what it's gonna do.
That bothers me.
Oh. What's up?
Free at last, huh?
I gotta go
to the bank, man.
Get my money.
Right here.
Feels funny.
After doing two years
and then being free,
it-it feels funny.
You gotta get adjusted.
You know, 'cause after
you're in jail so long,
you start to get
Can I have, um,
some fifties,
tens and twenties?
Thank you.
Oh, no, I forgot
my motherfucking teeth.
Fuck that, man.
Wait up, wait up, wait up.
What, you left
your teeth in jail?
Yeah, I left it in there.
Damn, I gotta go get it, man.
No, no, no.
- I gotta get my teeth.
- Come on, don't be embarrassed.
No, I gotta get
my teeth, man.
I forgot that shit. You
were so anxious to get out,
- you forgot your teeth?
- Hell, yeah.
I'd forget my nuts if I...
I forgot
my teeth.
It's on the table
wrapped up.
Is there a way you can
get it for me, please?
- Forgot your teeth?
- Yeah.
I forgot my teeth. I got
everything except my teeth.
- Here I am.
- That's good.
Free again.
What did you do?
What did I do
to get locked up?
Uh, I was...
stealing, doing drugs,
um, stolen property,
you know.
All kinds of bullshit.
- I gotta go to the bank.
- Where a bank?
Well, there's a check cashing
place around the corner, man.
- All right.
- Nice meeting you, man.
- All right. Yep.
- Good luck.
You know, boy,
it, uh, it feels good.
It still feels funny,
you know, being free
after a couple years.
I need a place to stay
for like a few weeks
until I find a place.
Hmm. How long
would that be?
A couple weeks, three weeks,
something like that.
No drugs, no coming in late,
no sleeping around,
gotta get up early.
I might as well
stay in jail.
What the fuck?
Sounds like
jail to me.
Bring me the kitty cat.
I ain't seen
a kitty cat in years.
Hey, kitty, kitty.
Hey, kitty.
Look who's here.
- Remember me?
- Yeah.
- You remember me for real?
- Yeah.
- Who wants to go to the store with me?
- Me.
We'll get
six of these.
Five of these.
All right? Yeah. Then
we bring it home, you know.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Do you get cake
like this in jail?
No, no.
Only steak donuts.
Hard steak donuts
with sugar on it.
Thanks, Rob!
Thank you, Rob!
What is it like
to walk around the streets?
Uh, you gotta get
used to it again.
It feels funny.
You got out of jail
on a rainy day.
Hey, they could
let me go in ice,
I'd slide
on my ass on it.
I don't care.
You know.
Jon, this is my mother Carmen.
Hi, how are you?
And this is my father Jose.
Kiky, you want some juice?
My oldest son is Charlie
which he's not here.
This is
my daughter Kiky.
And my smallest son Chimo.
I hate when I, when I
start doing this shit.
hold my cigarette.
I'm picking in my head.
That's what
the drugs make me do.
They make me pick at my hair.
If it ain't my hair,
it's my face.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Did you shoot up?
"Mm-hmm"? That's a yes?
I won't light that
'cause he's little.
He knows what I do
but not how I do it.
But I never
do it in front of them.
It's like if I see...
fleas or bugs
in my fucking hair.
It's just a habit
I got when I get high.
Is your mother doing drugs
every day now?
Hmm... sometimes.
Every day it gets
worse and worse?
The kids are really suffering?
This is my brother.
He passed away
three months ago
in a car accident.
My mother.
That's before
I started using drugs.
My mother when
she was graduating
in high school.
Or college.
from high school in '85.
I went to two years
in college.
And that's when
I met my ex-husband
and that's when
I started using drugs.
She really gets sad
when she sees my brother here.
Last night she asked me
do I wanna be in his...
If I keep on
with the drugs,
I will.
She says you're
already dead, right?
"All that's missing
is the coffin.
She's already dead."
You got any jobs?
I just got out of jail.
Yeah, we're kinda slow now.
Remember this is where
you used to work?
Yeah, I used to work
over here, yeah.
It used to be a lot people
working back then, right?
Yeah, like 35.
- Now we got like 13.
- Yeah?
Years ago it used to
be like, these machines,
three machines running at
the same time. All the time.
Yeah, I used to do
stuff like this.
Do you want me to tell you
why you got fired?
Remember ripping off
the ice cream guy?
But I never took nothing
from here.
That's not the point.
But as long as you're gonna
mess somebody else up
and you don't think
anything of it,
like you didn't even have
a heart at the time.
- I remember this stuff.
- I know.
And I remembered your face
for a long time,
and I'll tell you what.
For years
I never thought...
I mean, I never
forgot about you.
And I said to myself,
"What happened to this guy?"
'Cause I liked you.
And I told you
you had a lot of good in you.
Now, son of a gun,
you screwed up.
But now you're straight.
Yeah, I'm straight now.
- I hope you're straight.
- Yeah, I'm straight.
So where's your job?
Get yourself a job.
Yeah, I'm still looking.
Still looking.
I can't get
no job nowhere.
I was better off
in jail.
In jail, I had to worry
about nothing.
They give you
a job in jail.
I'm tired of
calling people, man.
Yes, you got experience,
you got a high school diploma.
I ain't got nothing.
This shit ain't funny.
- Oh, shoot.
- You got problems.
I'm getting sick
of this bull, man, for real.
It's not right.
A law-abiding citizen like me
can't even get a job.
You know.
Well, how long have you
been law-abiding for?
- Two weeks?
- Oh.
Shit, that's good for, you know,
compared to my whole life.
Two weeks
ain't did nothing. Shit.
They should pay me
not to get high,
that's a hard enough
job alone.
All right, give me.
I bought chicken.
You got rice?
- What is it?
- Chicken.
- Chicken?
- Chicken.
I hope you know
how to cook.
I just made dinner.
Well, cook tomorrow.
Thank you.
A real chicken!
What? Chicken.
- Oh, don't make it.
- Oh God!
What is that?
Where did you a chicken from?
It's all right.
Hey, we got chicken.
That sucker is big!
How about if I
cut the head off?
I'm only cutting
the head off.
No! No!
Rob, I'll kill you, Rob,
I swear to God.
- Rob, don't!
- Give me this.
You complain that
I don't bring food,
I bring you chicken and
now you don't wanna eat it.
We're not eating a live
chicken! You better bring it back...
At least it's fresh.
Watch out. Watch out.
Watch out.
Put the chicken
over there.
It just went
to the bathroom.
Where'd you come from?
I'm not gonna be worried
about it shitting.
Imma kill it tonight
and put it in the refrigerator.
No, you're not gonna
put it in my refrigerator.
Move up.
Gotta wipe his ass.
I can't keep him
in my house all night,
the cat will have him
for a feast.
You keep shittin' like that,
you're gonna be cooked
quicker than you think.
You're gonna let it go?
No, it might get
hit by something.
Just don't let it go
like that.
You better not hurt that thing.
Hey. Look at that bush.
Hey, so what you
got here for sale?
- Tape, man. Tape.
- A tape?
What kinda
tape is it?
- Red ass? Oh, shit.
- Yeah.
That's my kind.
I know. I know
there's something on there.
There's something on there now.
I don't wanna play this
in my bed at night.
It's gonna fuck you up in there
without knowing it.
Hey, baby.
- Yeah, I see that.
- Come here, come here.
Watch my money.
Yeah, I got you, I got you.
All right.
All right, go ahead.
Yo, what's up, bro?
Yeah, I'm motherfuckin'
getting drunker
than a motherfucker.
I ain't did
no drugs yet.
And I hope
I stay like that.
- You know, I'm having a good time.
- I hope you stay like that too.
Oh, of course.
You know, I'm having
a good time
fuckin' drinking,
once you been
like addicted to drugs,
after you drink,
that shit makes you wanna do
the drugs that you want.
You know
what I'm sayin'?
But are you learning
from your mistakes?
Oh, I learned,
but still,
the force of drugs
is so powerful
it'll make you
wanna go back,
you know
what I'm sayin'?
You better just learn
from your mistakes, bro.
You'll get there.
You'll get there.
- What's up, man?
- What's up, man?
What the fuck
you doing, man?
I'm washing
my motherfucking hands
'cause I took a piss.
What the fuck you want me to do,
motherfucker, eat a sandwich?
You know
what I'm saying?
Shit, I'm drunk
as a motherfucker.
There ain't no
motherfucking paper.
Look at this bullshit.
Oh, there is no...
Oh, there...
Wipe 'em on your pants,
Fuck it, I'll wipe it
on my pants.
- You know what I'm sayin'?
- Shit.
Yeah, look at
my motherfuckin' hair.
Look, look.
This is a head.
I'm going bald.
You know what I'm saying?
I fucked my head up, man.
- Damn.
- You know what I'm sayin'?
What's this?
No soap, man?
Damn. I'm dizzy
as a motherfucker.
Give me
a screwdriver.
A screwdriver?
I'll fuck around
and steal some shit.
You know? Bye.
Imma go back out and get
a drink or some shit.
- You know what I mean?
- Drink some shit?
Yeah, Imma drink some shit.
That motherfucker
took my $11.
- Who?
- That fuckin' guy with the tape.
We gonna go look
for that motherfucker.
Motherfucker stole my $11.
What's the problem?
- What's the problem?
- You know...
What the fuck
are you smiling?
You was down
with him?
Yo, this
You're gonna get me
in trouble now.
In trouble?
Yo, man.
This motherfucker...
I went to the bathroom
a minute.
This motherfucker stole $11.
Yeah, all the stuff
you've taken
from Macy's in
downtown Newark,
you're worryin'
about $11.
It is the principle.
I went to the bathroom to take
a motherfuckin' pee-pee.
They did the same shit
but behind my back.
Whose fault is that?
- It's my fault.
- Right.
But I'm learning
from my mistakes now.
All right,
then better start learning
because you don't leave
your money on...
That $11 might teach me
a good motherfucking
You know what I'm sayin'?
So how you been?
I've been all right.
Look for work?
- You look for work? Where?
- Yeah.
I went all over.
I'm not gonna
look no more.
Ain't no jobs out there.
Have you looked?
I went to a few places,
you know, there ain't
no jobs, man.
You gotta know somebody
to get a job.
Or you'd just be lucky if you
do get one on your own.
A job is not gonna sneak up
on you through the window.
- You know what I mean?
- I already put the word out
and I ain't got
no call,
I ain't got
no bus fare,
and I'm not going walking
no more in the cold.
So, if I don't find
a job soon,
I got no choice
but go and hustle again.
I tried it. No jobs.
So if I wind up
back in jail,
I wind up back there.
You really feel
you're better off in jail?
- Hell, yeah.
- You got no problems.
You ain't gotta
worry about money,
you ain't gotta worry
about nothing.
Yeah, you got
responsibilities out here.
Hell, yeah.
Lot of responsibilities.
Did I tell you it was easy?
No, you didn't say it was easy.
Okay. Good.
He's all right.
He looked like
he wanted to help people.
If I wasn't willing,
I'd be like I don't even
wanna hear that shit.
You know?
But I'm gonna try it.
If not, I can always
go back to crime.
Pick my own hours,
you know.
No comment.
- What's happenin', man?
- What's up?
Yeah, I seen you
when I came over here.
What's up? What you...
What you, uh...
You getting high lately
or what?
Nah, I quit.
I told you I done quit.
- You don't believe me.
- Fuck that, man.
I'm telling you, that's
all? You just quit?
Take this, this shit is good.
Take a hit.
Nah. Hey, man.
Come on, man.
Nah, that's all right.
- Take a hit, bro.
- I don't need it no more.
- I told you.
- Man, shit.
I'm gonna take it.
This shit'll have you
flying high as a kite.
- Nah, not me.
- Come on. You don't want none?
- No, I don't want none.
- Really, I'm alright. -Oh, man.
Come on, man. Shit.
It's cold as hell.
- Come on, man.
- I don't need nothing.
- Look at that shit.
- I'm telling you.
Look at that shit.
Look at that.
- That's a fat...
- Jackpot.
- Jackpot.
- Maybe do...
A couple
of years back,
you know, two, three years
I'd have hit it.
- Come on. You want a hit?
- No, I don't want it.
- I'm serious. Go ahead.
- You sure?
- Imma kill it.
- Do it.
- All right.
- Kill that mother...
Good shit.
You ain't tryin'
to tease me, right?
- Shit's good.
- Don't bother me no more.
- You ain't want one?
- I ain't want one.
I don't want none.
For real.
I don't want none.
It's on the money.
I... I can't fuck
with it no more, man.
Man, that's the best high...
man, shit!
I do six, seven bags
of this shit a day, man.
Well, are you gonna stop?
No, I only
plan on stopping
when I'm about 30.
About another
seven years.
Yeah, all right,
well, you'll be saying that
when you're 40.
Uh, I don't
think so.
So I got $20 off of him
which I'm gonna go now
and get my fix.
I'm looking to see
if I find money on the floor.
- There's no money here.
- It's just garbage.
That's the habit
and the reaction
that I get
from the coke.
Ever since I found...
One time I was getting high
and I had found
a $20 bill on the floor.
And ever since...
I found that,
I always look on the floor.
Hey, Rob, what are you doing?
I gotta go see
a friend of mine,
'cause he owns
this car place.
Maybe I can get
a good deal.
You know.
- What do you need a car for?
- You don't have any money.
To get around, man.
I got money.
Check this out.
I'm gonna buy a car.
First things first,
how much money you got?
I got $600...
about six something.
$600 to put down.
Damn, bro,
I hate to let you go
with that money
in your pocket, bro.
Open the hood, man,
I gotta see this.
Help yourself out.
What's the cheapest
you can give me?
Uh, $1,200.
$1,200? That's good.
Hey, Jude,
I need a couple dollars
'cause I'm buying a car.
Two weeks? Yeah.
Okay, that's cool,
'cause, um...
I'm gonna see if I can get it
from somebody, you know,
and then I'm gonna
have the car sitting,
then I just need like
maybe a few hundred
for the insurance.
You can do that, right?
And then I'll give it
back to you,
you know,
as soon as I get a job.
'Cause I should be
having a job
about in another
week or two.
And then, you know,
every week
I'll give you something back.
Okay, thanks,
I appreciate it.
You know,
'cause it's like,
any other time
I'd go out,
I'd steal the money,
but I don't wanna do that.
Yeah, okay.
So, uh, what time
do you want me to call you?
All right, I'll call you
before 9:00.
All right, I love you too.
- That was my niece.
- Yeah?
You know, I asked her could
I borrow a couple of hundred
so I can get this car.
And she said she gotta pay
her rent and stuff,
in a couple weeks
she'll lend it to me, she said.
Go ahead. Go ahead.
Come here, come here,
come here.
Don't touch me.
Don't put your hand on me.
Don't put
your hand on me.
Hey, Gary, tell your daughter
to stop kicking
or I'll give her
a concussion.
Then she's gonna
start crying.
I'm telling
your father.
Like a baby. Wah, wah, wah.
Can't take it no more, Rob?
And I'll take my bed back. Unh!
Then I'll leave, no problem.
Mr. Lindsay,
what's going on now?
Just figured I'd stop by
and take a urine test today.
I can do this.
It's random.
It's supposed to be random.
Mr. Lindsay,
what's up?
- How you been?
- All right.
- How you doing?
- All right.
Here's my boss Lou
right here.
- Right.
- That's Lou right there.
- How you doing?
- Nice to meet you.
Bill Lindsay.
I got something here
that makes me feel
right at home.
You know what I mean?
Makes me feel
right at home.
Well, I'll tell you something.
I brought a little bottle
with me today.
- A surprise.
- Yeah.
You pee in a bottle?
I'll pee in a bottle.
Gotta take
a urine test, Lou.
- Now?
- Yeah.
Let me ask you
Now, if you do find anything
in-in-in his, in his urine,
what will happen?
Well, if he's...
if we don't see
that he's committing
any crimes
other than
using-using drugs,
we'll try and get him
some help.
I told him if he gets back
in it again, that's it.
It isn't like, uh,
isn't like, uh,
we slap the cuffs
on him, uh,
for one dirty urine, okay?
I don't think
I gotta piss right now.
Give it a try.
When was the last time
you peed?
Just before.
Well, I got time.
- You know.
- Okay.
You gonna be here for a while?
Yeah, I can't
do nothing, really.
Where you gotta go
to buy a soda?
- Burger King?
- Yeah, we'll sit down over there where it's a little warmer.
- Yeah, I'll try.
- Okay.
Bring it in, $100.
I'll fix your tire
and sell it.
May I take your order?
I got it. I'm treating.
- You want something?
- You're not treating.
- I got some money.
- Don't worry about it.
Yeah, that ought
to do the trick, Rob.
Don't you wanna sit here
where it's warm?
- No? All right.
- Nah.
If I have
another coffee,
I'm gonna have to take
a urine test.
Something's nothing.
No urine, Jon.
Am I trying to hide
something or what?
I've always waited
them out longer
than they've
waited me out.
Takes a certain amount
of dedication
but I've always done that.
I know a dozen ways
to beat it,
but I'm not gonna say it
so everybody knows,
you know what I mean?
Well, you understand,
doing it this way
is a lot more impressive
to the parole board
because it says, hey,
he wasn't expecting it,
you went to where he was
and he was still clean. Okay?
I'll figure something
for next time.
Fuck it.
Okay, it was nice
meeting you.
Take care.
- Okay, bye.
- Watch your step.
I will.
So do you think
this is a good place for him?
I don't know a better place
right now.
You know, you've got somebody
that cares about him and...
He can be productive here
helping the business
get started, you know.
What you gonna do when
you get out there, Freddie?
I don't know.
Get me a...
Imma try to get a job.
Do the right thing,
you know.
But sometimes it
doesn't work, you know.
Me and Freddie talk
a lot about him leaving
and things he's gonna do
when he get home.
You know, I told him
to stay away from drugs.
If he stays away from drugs,
he'll be all right, you know.
Feel like
you're institutionalized?
Yeah, after all the time,
you know,
I got ins...
I gotta be institutionalized,
you know.
What's the percentage of guys
that come back?
I... I don't...
I don't know officially.
But it's...
it's gotta be pretty high.
75% I believe.
My honest prediction,
I think Freddie's
gonna come back.
Because, um...
Freddie, uh, a month ago
we were speaking
and, uh, he was real scared
to go home.
Don't know what to do.
I can't predict the future.
But you know how to survive.
Oh, you know that.
You should know that.
Listen, for people
who don't know
who you are,
who are you?
My name is Nelly.
- Yeah?
- Freddie's mother.
- You're Freddie's mom?
- Yeah.
When's Freddie
coming back from jail?
Who in the world is that?
Freddie's stepfather.
- Stepfather?
- Yeah.
This guy over here
with the striped shirt
who is that guy?
That's my other son.
- He's Raymond?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- We call.
Yeah? Good boy?
Otro loco.
Another crazy guy?
What's... What's wrong with him?
He's just drunk.
He's been drinking too much.
Okay. Alfredo.
Yes, sir.
You're getting ready
to be released on Monday.
- All right.
- How much time have you just done?
- Five years.
- Five years?
Was it worth
the five years?
Did you make enough money
to cover that five years?
What's so hard
about that?
- You want me to be totally honest?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I think so.
I made... but, see,
you gotta understand
- I had a drug problem.
- I understand that.
These crimes that you've
been caught for
and charged and convicted of,
how many
did you get away with
that we're not aware of?
- Quite a few?
- A lot. Quite a few.
He's found it
pretty easy.
So his life of crime
might continue.
Might it not?
I'm going home.
About time.
Okay, we have Rodriguez
for parole.
Imma say goodbye.
Let me see, um...
I put it on tape
so they can hear it.
Fuck the police,
fuck the FBI.
Fuck the DEA,
fuck the CIA.
Fuck Tipper Gore,
Bush and his crippled bitch.
This is Ice-T,
I'm outta here.
"Welcome home, Freddie."
Get me outta here,
I see how it is...
How they, how they
went out their way.
I see how much
they love me.
I got food
all over my mouth.
Oh, what's up?
- What's up?
- Where's Freddie?
What's up, man?
What's happening,
About motherfuckin' time.
Couple years, huh?
Looking good though,
As his
parole officer,
I'm going to be looking
for anything
in the home environment
that might cause
a problem for him
to be in that
particular home.
This is my mother.
I seen you come,
I said,
"Oh, she's coming to
lock me up."
No. So what did you
do this weekend?
Nothing, just hung out
around here.
I don't wanna get high no more,
that's-that's out, you know.
It's just the problems,
you know, that's...
Well, you know what?
Those problems you're gonna
have for a long time.
So you have to learn to
face them one step at a time.
I think he'll be all right.
She gives me good advice.
Though I know that
I'm not gonna get high,
but, you know, it helps
to have somebody around
I can call when I need
and shit, you know.
- Is nice. Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
It won't be no problem.
- I'm Crazy Rob,
- I'll beat the prices.
How much you pay for this?
Like I'm gonna tell
everybody my secret.
Come on, Al.
All right, you want me
to tell you?
I paid $200.
Make some profit.
It's better than go out there
stealing motherfuckin' cars.
You know what I mean? What
are you gonna buy nowadays?
You go buy four tires,
you pay $200.
- At least you got it running.
- That's right.
You know, any way
to make some legal money.
Honest money,
you know what I mean?
You oughta try it.
I'm trying
something here, you know.
What, you got a fever?
- Huh? Why you say that?
- You got a fever?
You sick? You're talking about
making honest money.
Oh, no, I'm not sick.
I gotta
do something, man.
Not in jail no more.
- You bought the truck?
- Yeah, I bought it.
This is the longest
I've been out of jail.
And ain't stole shit
or did drugs.
You don't believe me,
do ya?
Yeah, I'm opening up, man.
I open up every morning,
you know.
Sell some cars,
make some green.
What else would I
be doing, shoplifting?
I'm staying in the back here.
Yeah, free of cost,
you know.
Brought me a little
you know,
a little jacket here,
you know.
Look presentable,
you know.
Like a salesman,
you know.
He acts like a man,
not like a fuckin' thief
trying to swindle everybody.
Trying to beat everybody.
I never did try
to beat people.
Get outta here, man.
When you used to get high
you used to try
to beat up everybody.
He's not a bad person
when he's straight.
When he's on drugs...
he'll stab his own...
his own father if he can.
Beat him for money.
Rob don't have
no one to support.
Rob lives here for free.
I gave him
a place here for free.
Rent free.
So he don't have to work.
He's got it made.
Man, now he's a playboy.
Now he got all these women.
Going out a little bit.
You know, as you work
you gotta go out a little bit.
You can't stay here all night.
This is Deliris.
She was my ex girl.
But that was like
how many years ago?
- Thirteen years ago.
- Thirteen years ago?
You know, and now we got like,
kinda, we got back together
and we're seein' if we
can work it out, you know.
These are her kids.
Does she look happy
with me or what?
Maybe it's true love
after all.
Looks like somebody's
imitating you.
Oh, I ain't doing that.
When we first used to go out,
like 13 years ago,
her mother sent her
to Puerto Rico
to keep her
away from me.
You know that? Right?
Is this like
your first love here?
- Kind of, yeah.
- Kind of.
Yeah. What you want?
What you want?
What you want, baby?
Say thank you
for the ice cream.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey, come on now.
This is not
for the public to see.
You know.
I don't wanna teach nobody
my moves, you know.
- I do my shit.
- You better not.
- You like Rob?
- Yeah.
He's a nice guy?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
How about you?
Do you like Rob?
Where are we gonna go now?
We're going home,
that's where we're going.
You behave yourself now,
- I'll behave myself.
- Bye!
Hey, Rob, what happened?
What happened?
Came here to open up, man,
and the gate's busted, bro.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
We're missing a car.
A white Park Avenue.
I thought Louie
had took the car
but then I seen
the gate messed up.
I'm a victim of crime.
I'm calling the boss.
Louie's gonna go bonkers, right?
- Hey, I would too.
- Yeah.
Shit, here to
make money, man.
You don't make money
stealing, giving cars away.
You know,
we giving cars away.
We're slashing prices,
we're breaking
the gates down for you.
You know.
Then I seen the car missing,
I thought the boss
had took the car.
Did it have any plates on it?
- No.
- No plates?
Yeah, and...
and the other day
somebody took
a test drive
and took off
with a Lincoln.
I'm out $4,000
in two days, period.
That's a damn shame.
Anyway, I am trying, man.
I'm trying to do my best.
To make
something outta...
Oh, fuck me.
I'm gonna move him
outta here.
- Yeah.
- What are you doing?
I'm moving him
outta here to my home.
- Are you?
- Yeah.
You're gonna move in
with Deliris?
- Come on, back up.
- Moving in, huh?
You're gonna domesticate Rob?
I'm gonna domesticate her.
Each other.
Each other.
What's been going on?
What's domesticate anyway?
What's all these hickeys?
Those are love marks
and shit.
Love marks.
Come on, son,
that's my boy.
That's my boy.
What are you doing?
I'm moving Robert out.
You're moving
Robert out?
Yeah, to my home.
Best thing for him.
We went to look for an
apartment yesterday, right,
it was $650,
three bedrooms, and, uh...
What do you need
three bedrooms for?
So we can keep
jumping around bed to bed.
- You know.
- It's not a bad idea.
Come on.
Hey, Rob, are you ready
for all that crying?
Hell, no, I ain't.
Mr. Steffey,
could you have a seat?
This is Mr. Turbak,
he's the assistant
district parole supervisor.
Why do you think you're here?
I mean, what's
different from, uh,
the last time you were here?
Or the time before that.
Oh, because the time
before I wasn't using.
I was doing good
and then I messed up
and then
I told you about it.
I think you made admission??
To Mr. Lindsay
that you were using drugs.
Was that cocaine or heroin?
Yeah, that was
the heroin.
- Heroin?
- Yeah, yeah, right.
And when was that?
When was the first time?
That was
a month ago, right?
When I came,
that you told me...
Well, he's asking you
when you used
and not when
you told me about it.
You're trying
to make sure
you're telling him the same
thing you're telling me
or you're trying to answer
his question honestly.
Honestly what?
When is the last time
you used drugs, Mr. Steffey?
About three weeks ago.
When was the first time
you used any drugs?
It was, uh, about four weeks
or something ago.
Why is that I have a hard time
believing you, Rob?
You seem to be
working in your mind,
"Well, what did I tell...
what did I tell Lindsay?
I better tell this guy
the same thing."
How come... How come
I have such a hard time...
Remember when
I came to see you?
I think it's about time
we just laid it out, Rob.
You might as well be
asking this ball, Mr. Lindsay.
For intelligent answers.
Well, can you get me help?
That's the main problem.
Can we get you help?
Are you going to avail
yourself of any help?
I think that's
mainly the problem.
Help is there.
Well, I'll accept
the help.
- You'll accept the help?
- Right.
Think at this point in time
you're not gonna have
much choice but accepting help
or accepting going back to jail.
We're not gonna
play with this, Rob.
We're gonna try
and get you help,
if that doesn't work,
you will be locked up.
- You understand that?
- Yeah, I understand.
- Thank you, Mr. Turbak.
- All right.
- Good luck, Rob.
- Okay, thank you.
Using heroin?
And you snort it,
um, and you're using what,
about a bag a day you said?
Every day
for about a year.
She said, um,
you know,
she's gonna get help,
she's gonna stop.
I said okay.
And I stay with her,
you know.
But if she messes up...
You know.
I can't handle it.
I don't care how much
I love her, I mean...
Let's go, son.
Dr. Robert...
Dr. Robert...
Oh, Deliris, who's gonna have
a tougher time, you or them?
They are.
Chimo, you coming back
with me later to see Mommy
or are you gonna
stay with, um, with tio?
Now, here's what's
happened to you.
In your brain you've been
putting toxic stuff.
How do you know
it's toxic?
They're drugs.
They're drugs, but you don't
know they're poison, do you?
Did you know they were poison
when you used 'em?
Because you're in a hospital
in what ward?
They're trying to get
the poison out of you.
That's all
they're doing here.
I heard some shit, man.
Like what?
I don't wanna
talk about it.
Lying, cheating.
Who'd you go out
to eat with
at Red Lobster?
To Red Lobster?
I don't know.
We went out to eat
up on Fergus Street.
Up on Bluford Avenue,
but not no
Red Lobster...
Why you ain't
tell me that?
But that was
a while back.
I think
it was Thursday.
Remember that day
you said
you spent a lot of money
on drinking.
On drinking. But that was
outside in front of the house.
In the little...
- the seat in front of my house?
- Did you ever do anything with him?
No. Hell, no.
You swear on your kids, huh?
I swear to God
on my kids.
He just has
a big crush on me.
I don't know
why the hell.
Love, Jon,
you can't live with it,
you can't live
without it.
You know.
That's the only thing wrong
about a relationship.
You know,
it's nice.
But then when something happens,
you'd be hurting and shit.
That's just worse
than getting shot.
'Cause if you get shot, you just
to go to the hospital, it's all right.
visiting hours are over.
He has to go.
You believe that she was
telling you the truth now
when she said
none of it was true?
Hell, no.
- Really?
- Hell, no.
So you're still upset?
Hell, yeah, I'm upset.
This old man
that likes me...
- Yeah.
- Shit!
What, he's telling
stories about you?
Yeah, he's telling Rob that...
that he wants me to quit Rob
to go with him.
Hey, think that, um,
dial-a-date works?
I can't find me
the right girl, man.
I got problems.
See you.
Don't come back,
- Don't come back?
- No.
Make sure you do this.
- Okay?
- I will.
And call me if
you're having problems.
All right.
Bye, thank you.
And if you come back,
you're coming back
just as a visit, right?
- I hope.
- Okay.
If she's coming back,
she's probably coming back
with a couple
of broken legs.
Anything except go home.
'Cause I wanna spend
the day with you today.
Alone, no kids.
We're in New York!
New fucking York,
we're here.
Have fun
while it lasts.
You know
what I mean?
'Cause when we break up,
it'll be over.
We're in love, we're in
Chinatown and we're free.
both drug-free.
If everybody
can be as happy as us,
the world'll be
a better place.
I don't give a fuck
about money, drugs, or nothing.
The main thing
is that I love you
and I'm with you,
that's the main thing.
You're not supposed to be
hanging with people that get high.
You're not supposed to be
giving people a ride.
You said you're gonna
stop all that.
You're doing
the same shit. Are you?
- No. I'm a...
- Are you not?
I'm a romantic person.
- Sometimes when I...
- I can tell with the flowers.
No, that's bullshit.
I accept that because
it came from his heart.
Not for interest or for money
or for drugs.
You believe when they told you
that I slept with him,
that's bullshit 'cause
he could tell you himself.
I took a toast
with Mr. Tuck.
Toast your ass
on away from me.
I will, if that's
what you want, I will.
She thinks that she's not
doing anything wrong.
My girl's staying out till three
o'clock with another man,
fuck I look like,
a stupid ass or something?
Why you cross, Chimo?
Didn't I tell you
to call me?
What if a car were to came
and run you over?
A bitch'll suck dick
right in front of the kids,
to get that money
for drugs.
I'm not saying her,
I'm saying a bitch on drugs,
a man, a father,
they-they wouldn't
give a fuck.
They'd do anything
right in front of the kid,
I'm saying.
A person on drugs,
girl, guy,
I'm not saying you,
but they'll
do anything
right in front of the kids
to get them drugs.
- They'll even sell their kid.
- I thank God
that I didn't get
to that point.
But what you told
my daughter today?
- What do you mean?
- Come over here, Kiky.
You told her
you had a girlfriend
that don't use drugs?
- No! I said...
- What'd you tell me?
I said I gotta get a girlfriend
that don't use drugs.
No, she came
and said, "Mommy",
- "Rob... Robert said that he...
- ...we all do drugs.
...that he got a girlfriend
that don't do drugs."
- No!
- That's what she told me.
I said, "What?"
- Well, that's what she told me.
- I didn't say it like that.
Didn't you
tell me that?
Oh, you playing on
two sides now, huh?
No, I didn't say that.
- Yes, you did.
- I did not.
- Yes, you did.
- I did not.
I said I gotta
get a girl...
drug-free girl.
And I'm not
You said that, that a girl
don't do drugs.
Yeah, a girl
that don't do drugs.
I don't have a girl...
If I had a girl
that don't do drugs,
you know, I wouldn't
have her, right?
- Chimo, stop.
- Wait a minute, wait a minute. Let me talk.
Sometimes I used to do it
in front of them.
- Wait a minute, wait a minute.
- But I don't get nothing out of that.
When... when's the last time
Mommy did drugs?
Yesterday, the day before,
last week
or a long time ago?
That's what we wanna know.
How long ago?
The other day?
A long time ago.
The other day?
Is Mommy lying or what?
Everything she's saying
is a lie, right?
I believe her.
What's up, Rob?
Rob? What's up?
I don't wanna talk.
I don't give a fuck
if she go, fuck it.
I don't care, man.
I don't know, Rob, you pick
some of the strangest women.
Why don't y'all
cheer Rob up. Rob.
Me and Rob did
prison time together.
Let me tell you something, Rob,
women, good for nothing,
or maybe one thing,
to serve justice to your
motherfucking ding-a-ling.
It's not like that, Rob.
We about to
get busy here.
If he buys some sex,
or buy, fuck that,
buy some pussy,
he won't have no problems.
Man, yo.
- You sure?
- I don't need nothing.
I don't need nothing.
You ain't got nothing, man.
Drinking beer!
Fuck, I don't do...
I'm talking about
selling, man. Come on, Rob.
You want a taste, Rob?
- How much money you got?
- You trying to tempt me?
- You got some money, Rob?
- Yeah, I got money.
You want a taste?
I wouldn't even
do that to you, Rob.
You strong, man.
Stay strong.
I am.
- Stay strong.
- I don't want that shit.
The devil's
calling you, Rob.
"Rob, you know
where to get me, Rob."
- Come on, Rob.
- It's the devil.
"Rob, you got
a pocketful of money, Rob."
"Rob, Rob." You hear him?
Get him off your shoulder.
Knock him off, Rob.
You can tempt me
all day,
I don't want
the shit.
- If he feel like drinking...
- But if there's gonna be a time
that I want something,
you know what I mean?
- He gonna do it.
- Then I'll be like,
"Fuck, I'm gonna
get me a beer."
There ain't nobody
that can stop him.
'Cause if that's what
the man wants to do,
he gonna do it.
You want some?
...for drinking,
they gonna lock me up.
So why not be stupid
and have a drink.
I think she likes me.
No tell her.
"I think she likes me."
All right, let me
tell you something, man.
For me to get involved
with another woman,
it's gonna take a lot.
This nigga, he's...
Like a little kid
and shit.
Just falling in love.
He's cheating on me
thinking that
I'm cheating on him.
Are you high?
I answered you,
and I said yes.
Why? Because I'm hurt.
Now you blaming me
Because I'm hurt.
Listen, listen.
I'm with you like
a month and a half.
You been fuckin' up.
You've been fuckin' up
the whole time, every thing.
If I wanna get high,
I go and get fuckin' high.
- But I told you I have a choice.
- Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Either you
or the fuckin' drugs.
- And what did I chose?
- And you...
- You chose the drugs.
- I chose...
- I chose you.
- There you go.
Excuse me.
Real life. Hey, Jon.
I'm right. Hey, Jon,
wait a minute.
Everybody tell me she's doing...
And I'm not even saying
some things on air that she did.
I'm... I wouldn't
even say that.
You know what I mean?
I'm talking about
everybody telling me shit.
The whole fuckin' town
told me things, man.
- I'm gonna go meet this girl.
- I'm rolling right now.
I wanna get
a piece of pussy tonight.
Imma try, you know.
It depends.
I'm gonna meet her
for the first time.
You know, if she's down,
I'm down, you know.
The other day, I had
to get some condoms.
Because, um, I don't wanna fuck
without no condoms.
You know what I mean?
You're really in a hurry.
I don't like to be late
for my first date.
It was a red light.
It was just turning
green, man.
- It was red, Freddie.
- I'm in a hurry, papa.
What can I say?
You know.
You got no license,
no registration, no insurance
- and you're going through a red light.
- Man, fuck it.
I'm rollin', man. I'm back.
They released me.
You know, they either
had to feed me or free me.
And they freed me.
This is her, right here.
We rollin'.
- So...
- So what are you gonna do?
- Where are you gonna take her?
- I wanna see if I could take her to a hotel.
I wanna take her to a
restaurant, have a, you know...
cappuccino with her or
something like that, you know.
Spend some time with her
and talk to her,
and if, you know,
if everything works out
I'll take her to a hotel
and, you know...
- How old is she?
- ...get laid.
She said she's 36
but she looks
older than 36 to me.
You know.
How much is it
for a couple of hours?
Thank you.
She had a good pussy,
but she wanted to quit
ahead of time.
I wanted to keep going.
I come one time
and that was it.
But if I can't get
nothing else tonight,
I'm gonna
have to masturbate.
What did you do in jail
for five years?
Almost every day too.
I used to get
some hardcore books,
lay 'em on the floor
and go to work.
- My name is Freddie.
- My name is Kim.
So you been in prison?
- Yeah, six years.
- I've never been to prison.
I know you haven't
been to prison.
Never. I'm just a dancer.
I understand.
- You look good.
- I like your voice.
I was looking at you
from the bar, you know,
and you know,
I wanna do stuff to you
but I didn't wanna,
you know...
I think
you're very cool.
I have to go
get my tips.
Okay. Get busy.
I ain't seen
nothing like that in prison.
Man, there was some
fine asses in there.
Freddie, I thought you were
gonna say goodbye to me.
I was, but you were,
you know...
you were on a mission
so, you know...
Come here.
Jump in the car
for a minute.
All right, I'll be here
dancing tomorrow night,
if you wanna come
tomorrow night.
And are you gonna
leave with me tomorrow night?
Since you asked
before anybody else, yes.
And I want you
to take me dancing!
I might take you
somewhere else.
- Aw.
- To a hotel, motel, you know.
Like to rock your world.
Aw. Good night.
Buh-bye, sweetheart.
Well, I guess
it's gonna have to be Deliris.
I'm gonna go fuck Deliris,
you know,
for the first time,
you know.
Wait a minute, Freddie.
You had one girl
already tonight.
You went to the bar,
you're gonna wait for tomorrow,
and now you're after Deliris?
Yeah! I'm rollin'.
I haven't had enough.
Now, how do you know
Deliris is interested in you?
She beeped me, she told me,
"Come on over,
I'm waiting for you."
See ya.
Bye, Jon.
I was with this girl
and then, you know,
she was getting high,
I did a little bit.
- A little bit of what?
- Heroin.
Just a small blow.
There is no such thing.
Well, you know, I'm
telling you what I did, okay?
I know,
but I'm telling you
there's no such thing
as a little bit.
You gotta stay away from people
who are gonna get you into trouble.
Even if they're your best friend
in the whole wide world.
Even if it's a female, you know.
There are a lot of females
out there who don't do anything.
I don't know, but...
I don't think you understand.
You know.
You gotta be
in my shoes to, you know...
Oh, come on.
Monday, 9:30.
Thursday at 5:30?
That's right.
And tomorrow at
eight o'clock in the morning.
I didn't expect
anything else
but for him to fall down.
He's been away
for a while.
He's out
on the street where...
all his friends
are getting high.
I'm surprised he only fell down
with half a bag.
See, where I fucked up
was that
I should have got high
like four, five days ago.
Then I wouldn't have been
caught out there,
but she wanted to take my urine,
I had no choice,
I had to tell her and shit,
you know.
If I had the money,
I'd go get high right now.
We're gonna go
to the car
while you go to the store
and buy something to eat.
No, I wanna go
with you.
To the, to Mommy's car.
I wanna go
with you.
Yeah, but you gotta go
get something to eat first.
I'll wait for you
in the car.
- Hey, Deliris.
- Where? I'm not going... We're going right here.
Yvette! I'll be right back.
- Where we going?
- Which way are we going?
Take a right.
Keep going. Keep going.
Like, you're acting like
you're learning how to park.
Stop right there. Stop.
Where you going?
It's too late now.
Go ahead, park, park.
In case the police
would have came by,
they would have seen that
you was trying to learn
how to drive, you know.
Poison. Poison used to kill a
lot of motherfuckers years ago.
I dropped half of the fuckin'
shit on my fuckin' pants.
I'll be rollin' in a minute.
Hey, I might as well
do it now
because Monday,
I know she's gonna
take my urine again,
you know.
So I'm actually, what it's
called, dipping and dabbing.
You know.
That was heroin.
Fifteen dollars
for four sniffs.
Four blows.
What's up?
You're all right, papi?
Did you get something to eat?
What happened?
I went for a ride.
Rob, my blood!
This is my, um, amigo.
Rob, my blood.
'Sup? Stick up, nigga.
I want your money, man.
I want it right now.
Give it up.
Give it up right now or I'll
blow your fuckin' brains out.
That's all you got?
You know Deliris?
Yeah, I know her, man.
Everybody's saying
she's my wife now.
I don't know why
everybody's saying that shit.
- Must be true.
- Hey...
Mrs. Rodriguez.
- Mrs. Rodriguez?
- You know.
We're friends,
that's all we are, right?
How close... How close
are you as friends?
Eh, mighty close.
Oh, shit!
Oh, that's wrong, man.
Mighty close, Jon.
So I took Deliris
and I asked her,
who got it better, me or Rob?
You know.
And she said me.
She said that I got it
bigger and better.
But you gotta understand,
I'm Puerto Rican.
First day goin' to work.
And I'm rollin'.
My lunch.
I'm gonna go in
and start working
and if you
come back at midnight,
I'll let you know how it goes.
So, Freddie, how was work?
- I quit.
- Why?
Because working
is not for me.
- Now, don't say that.
- Working is for everybody.
Nah, they was busting my ass
for that price, you know.
Sit down.
a motherfuckin' hour.
And they want me to
motherfuckin' run the machine
and load the truck.
Why do you think
Muncho ain't working?
Muncho can get a job for $5.
I ain't gonna do it for $5.
$10 or $15 an hour.
The only people
that can work like that
is people that come off
the fuckin' boat.
Ecuador, Peruvians,
you know, people that
are really
starving for work
'cause they know they can't
get work nowhere else, you know.
You think
I should work?
For $5 or for $10?
- $10.
- Right?
$5 is not
worth working, right?
Just got paid.
This is from
selling dope.
One night's work.
- Who sold you dope?
- Who sold it?
My bitch.
Where'd you get
that money from, Deliris?
Where I got
that money from...
She sold some dope,
I told you.
This is the deal,
we're gonna get something.
I don't want
the camera to be on.
Get the fuck in the car.
Get in the car!
She's coming
right back.
You wanna hold it?
- Shut up!
- Shut up!
Mommy, can I go
with you to the store?
No, you go with Chimo.
Mommy, I wanna go
to the other store.
Go to other store.
- Right there, right there.
- No, right there.
No, go with me.
Kiky's going with you.
I'll wait for you
right here.
Come on, Kik, I mean...
Go to the store and
come right back, all right?
Mom, I wanna buy...
- Go ahead.
- Check if they got something.
Book of matches,
real quick.
- Before the kids get back.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- It's weak though.
- It is.
The other stuff
was strong.
You could tell while
we was doing it, right?
- Mom.
- Here we go.
- Mom.
- What's up?
Look. Mom.
Go get her.
Tell her to come on.
Are you sure the kids don't know
what you're doing, Deliris?
What do you think, Fred,
you think the kids know?
- Nah.
- Nah.
I don't do it
in front of them.
He almost
caught her though.
What happened?
Why you crying again?
You're always crying.
Why you such a little baby?
I'm telling you, I advise you
not to go with it because...
Come on, Chimo,
get in the car. Let's go.
Stop crying.
Man, I can't
handle this.
Let's go, let's get
the fuck outta here.
- Kiky.
- What?
What time is it?
It's about... It's one o'clock
in the morning, right?
You stay up this late
every night, Kiky?
What's your mother
doing tonight?
She's out on the town?
Who takes care of you and Chimo
when your mother goes off?
Do you have to
take care of yourself?
Here comes Freddie.
What are you doing?
What did I tell you?
I thought you told me
you was gonna be a good boy.
Where's your mother gone?
To pound.
You know what's pound?
The people that sell D-R-U-G-S.
I wanna go with Mommy.
Come on. Hey, hey, Kik.
Get your mother's soda.
Let's go.
Let's go get your mother.
Come on.
Stop crying, Chimo, you're gonna
go get your mother right now.
So, Deliris, did you just
buy some D-R-U-G-S?
Yeah, we got
today and tomorrow.
Oh, shit, the police.
Keep the camera down, Jon.
Keep it down.
Yeah, but still,
you know,
I don't wanna 'em to stop,
you know.
I might lose my fucking car,
and go to jail,
drinking beer and shit.
I made
a fuckin' mess here.
- Mommy.
- Chimo, I told you
next time
you open this,
I'm not gonna
give it to you.
Freddie, you get scared
when you see the cops?
Yes. 'Cause I know
what's gonna happen
if they stop me.
Going back down.
And I'm not
going back down
for a couple months.
I'm not gonna do no skid bit.
I'm gonna go
a year or two, you know.
So now it's almost 2:00
in the morning.
Here, Mommy.
Let's see. 3:00 in the morning.
Chimo, you want me
to stay here?
Answer me,
I can't hear you.
Do you want me
to stay here?
You wanna see
Mommy happy?
- Yes or no?
- What?
You wanna see
Mommy happy, yes or no?
Look, do you want me
to be your daddy?
Kiky, we're talking to you.
Let me ask her.
Let me ask her.
You want me
to be your daddy?
Yes or no?
Answer me, truly.
Come on.
- Yes or no?
- Hurry up and answer.
Okay. If you want me
to be your daddy
why can't I stay here?
You want me
to stay here?
You want me
to stay here?
- What?
- Do you want me to stay here?
Don't do like that.
Yes or no?
Do you want me
to stay here?
What, Chimo?
Do you want me to stay here
with your mother?
What does Chimo want?
No, forget about Chimo.
- What?
- You better stop that.
Hey, Kiky. She just
doesn't want to answer.
Do you want me
to stay here?
Yes or no? Come on,
answer me real quick.
- Come on, hurry up.
- We ain't got all day for you.
Yes or no?
She said yes.
No, you need it
just in case I don't change.
I just...
Listen, I got one question
to ask you two lovebirds, okay?
- Two lovebirds?
- Yeah.
Are you practicing
safe sex?
I mean,
considering the background
of drugs and shooting
and drugs?
- Yes.
- Guaranteed?
That comes first.
- Guaranteed?
- Guaranteed.
Like money back guaranteed,
Even when you get
really excited, Freddie?
- Yes.
- The whole works.
At all times.
That's mandatory.
That's the safest.
Gonna stay here.
And without that, no sex.
- I'm leaving.
- Bye, Jon.
- Bye.
- You want me to go...
See ya.
Gonna go get a AIDS test.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
How long does it take
before you get the result?
Three weeks.
Probably be dead
by then, right?
I don't know. You worried?
When the results come in,
who's gonna tell me? You?
- I am.
- Good.
Okay, we have enough
to do the test.
You got the right number
on this thing?
Does Chimo still drink a bottle?
He loves bottles.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I'm too big
to drink a bottle.
- Finished?
- I want more.
I want more.
Better drink that bottle.
Give me some more.
- Kiky.
- What?
That's dangerous,
your brother sitting there
right at the window.
Can you get off
the window?
Close my window.
Where did your mother go?
She went there
to the car.
She drove away in the car?
That kid don't even know
what's going on.
Where I'm going?
- Where's my cigarettes at?
- I got 'em.
Mommy got you candy.
- You got 'em?
- Yes.
Then give me some.
Deliris just go get some drugs?
That little kid is gonna end up
just like the rest of them.
Get drugs, go hustle.
Homeboy style,
all that shit.
When he gets to be 13,
forget about that kid.
That kid's gonna be
stealing cars,
doing all kinds of
twisted things.
Kid doesn't have
a chance.
He's gonna be in the ghetto,
in the streets,
hanging out just like Freddie.
Today is my parole date.
I gotta go see my parole.
My urine is dirty, dirty.
I'm gonna take
a bottle of Clorox
and stick my fingers in it,
you know.
And when I go
and take a urine,
I urinate on my hand.
I can observe what he is
putting into the bottle.
If anyone had not
flushed before him,
he could not simply do
what we call "bowl scoop."
- A what?
- A bowl scoop.
Yeah, scoop it out the bowl.
Are you serious?
You usually
don't see them do it
but you know
when it's done
because a bowl scoop
is not the right temperature.
After you've taken...
It's like a bank teller
who, uh, after handling
real money so long
can spot counterfeit
right away.
After so many years
of taking urine samples
and handling them
you get to know
what temperature they're
supposed to feel like
in the palm
of your hand, you know.
Uh, and...
You know what's kosher
and what's not.
Basically, yeah.
Damn, as bad as I had to go,
I can't fuckin' piss now.
Let me put some water on.
What's that, Freddie,
the sound's gonna
make you wanna
go to the bathroom?
Never heard of that?
Water running
make you go to the bathroom.
The, uh...
The other trick is
if you get it just about
body temperature
and put the man's palm
underneath it,
it sometimes
helps the flow.
Can you go out
with the camera, Jon, man?
I can't piss, man.
As bad as I gotta piss, I can't
piss. I can't believe I can't piss.
Oh, wow.
But it's better
than nothing, Freddie.
I'm so proud of you.
And how hard you
tried to do this.
- Man...
- It shows that...
it shows that you were
really trying hard here
to prove to us that
you're not doing anything
out there
in those streets.
And if this
comes back positive,
you're in trouble!
Your goose
is cooked, hun!
Don't worry. It won't.
I know it won't.
I know it won't.
I'm betting on it.
It was like...
80% Clorox and 20% urine.
Now jump the fuck in before
I knock you the fuck down.
Come on, get in.
What, you got business
to take care of?
- Yes.
- You're gonna get high...
Yeah, I'm gonna go
get me a bag of dope, man.
After all that.
Get me a couple bags
of dope.
Get in the fuckin' car.
I came to find out
the results of my test.
Okay. Okay.
- You have your card?
- Yes.
I'm scared.
I wanna go and forget
about finding out.
Can we leave?
You don't look scared.
I am.
Of all your friends
that you used to run with
from the old days,
how many are left now?
Like, two to three.
Yeah? I mean,
about how many died?
About 30 or 40.
Everybody's died.
It's only like
one or two,
one or two people left
that I used to run with.
And they're
on their way out.
You know.
That's why in a way
I think I am sick.
I don't really know.
I don't really
wanna know.
See here,
also the numbers match.
Your results came back
reactive. Okay?
Basically what that means
is that you have been
exposed to HIV.
I have been.
Somewhere along
the line of your
intravenous use
or unprotected sex,
exposure has been...
You sure they
ain't make a mistake?
We're not telling you
you have AIDS, okay?
This is only
an HIV positive reaction.
How are you feeling?
I don't know.
I don't know how I feel.
Fear. More like fear.
I know people who are
living with HIV and have been...
Yeah, but for how long?
Some five years,
some longer.
Some are still alive.
I'm here to help you.
If you need me,
you call me.
Whatever I can do,
I'll do it for you.
Okay? You're not gonna
go through this by yourself.
I mean it.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Fell like go buying me
ten bags of dope.
Shoot 'em.
I don't know, man. You can do
something to help other people.
Why do you think
I'm doing this?
- Why do you think I let you film that?
- Yeah.
I really didn't wanna
let you film that.
It's a very common situation,
you know, for somebody
to be living with a lady
who's on welfare and, uh...
uh, it's technically illegal.
We sent Rob
his termination certificate.
Unfortunately the mailman
doesn't know where
he lives, I guess.
So I figure I'd bring it over
and give it to him
personally today.
And then this is it, he is free.
Yeah, this, uh...
Actually I hope this is
the last time I talk to him.
As far as his parole,
he goes down
as a good adjustment.
'Cause if I talk to him again,
it means there's more trouble.
Guess what?
I know you live here
but the mailman doesn't.
No, I didn't put my name
on the number. I forgot.
- Why not?
- Forgot.
I don't get no mail.
I haven't put
my name yet.
It wouldn't have something
to do with county welfare
or anything like that,
would it?
- Welfare?
- Yeah.
No, I...
Fuck that. I quit.
I'm not coming.
I fucked up.
I'm just asking you.
Come on, let's go.
Everybody out the house.
Everybody out.
You fucked up.
- Are you...
- You told him to say that.
What do you want?
Fuck, get me in trouble?
'Cause I'm on fuckin' welfare?
Out the fuckin' house.
Get him out.
The fuck you trying
to get my girl in trouble
or me kicked the fuck out
and put it on TV?
Fuck this.
I ain't doing shit.
- Rob!
- What's up?
- Long time no see.
- Like three months.
- Anyway...
- What are you up to today?
I gotta go see my lawyer.
I got $11,500
in my pocket right here.
- Yeah?
- The police stopped me and they took it.
You know. Then they had
the dogs sniff my money
and they said it was drug money.
I don't sell no drugs,
you know.
- So...
- You had $11,000?
You know, a couple dollars.
Have you been robbing banks
since we saw you last?
I ain't been doing
nothing wrong.
That's earned money.
Earned $11,000?
Not all, I borrowed some,
you know,
here and there, you know.
'Cause I'm trying
to get a hot dog truck.
Or a lunch truck
or something.
You know, so now
I gotta get a lawyer
to get my own money back.
Here's the section.
"All moneys in exchange
for a controlled substance,
all proceeds traceable
to such an exchange."
If they say
all the money is dirty,
they're gonna say
the proceeds were traceable
to an exchange involving
a controlled substance.
If all the money is dirty,
they put fuckin' drugs on it.
I ain't seen no dog
sniff no money in my presence.
They could have put
anything on the money.
Now, why'd the cops stop you?
For nothin'.
I mean, they just went up
to you and said, "Hi, Rob"
and started patting you down?
I was in my friend's car
and they pulled him over.
Then they, then they
checked the both of us.
And they found
my money on me.
They say, "What you doing with,
you know, with all this money?"
I said, "It's my money.
I can carry my money
on me if I want."
I didn't wanna
leave it at home
'cause there was nobody
home at the time.
He's not charged with a crime.
Uh, the seizure
is of the money.
I was saving that money
to buy me a hot dog truck.
So I don't have to
go back to a life of crime.
Now they're forcing me
to go back to a life of crime.
Now I'm broke,
they took my fuckin' money.
And what am I
supposed to do now?
Start over again?
Fuck that.
Just go back to
what the fuck I know best.
That's all.
Give me receipts.
Give me something
to fight with.
I can't just call up
the government and say,
"Listen, my client really, uh,
"doesn't like you guys
holding on to his money
and he said he got
all the money... ".
And when I get my money back,
I wanna sue too.
I wanna sue.
Let's get
your money back first.
I'm still gonna do something
and make my money quick
like they made it off of me.
You know.
I'm gonna rob, I'm gonna steal,
I'm gonna get my $11,000 back.
If I don't get it
back legally,
I'm gonna take it
from somebody else
like they took it from me.
And that's for sure.
Nobody's gonna fuck me.
I'm Armando Fontoura,
I'm the sheriff of Essex County,
New Jersey.
We have drug dogs that we
maintain on the premises here.
Rob, he was pulled over
and he was found to be carrying
approximately $11,000 in cash.
Since Robbie was not
gainfully employed at the time,
you know, we consider that
to be probable cause enough.
Then what we do is we have
our drug-sniffing dogs
test the money
and see if in fact
it was tainted
with drug residue on it,
and in fact the dog
did take a hit.
Right now, he's giving us
a positive reaction.
He's giving us
a positive reaction
to, uh, the money
that it just located.
Rob is still out here,
hanging out with
a large amount of cash.
How do you come up
with $11,000?
All of those factors
contribute to the fact
that Rob is now
out $11,000.
You have a prediction
of what's gonna happen to Rob?
Rob, uh...
my prediction is he'll
probably wind up back in jail.
What's happened?
A lot has happened.
No. Forget it, man.
How come
you're so camera shy?
Must be he's high.
Coke and heroin.
He's up to
six to eight bags a day.
No. No drugs.
- He is using drugs.
- Yeah.
He uses more than me.
And Chimo!
Kiky's in
the second grade, right?
- Third.
- You're in the third grade already?
Jesus Christ,
I thought she was in the second.
Uh-oh. You can't even remember
what grade she's in?
- The third grade.
- Yeah.
And Chimo's
in this kindergarten.
- Yeah.
- And my oldest son is in, what, fourth grade?
- Fifth.
- Fifth.
- Fifth?
- Fifth already?
Oh, you graduate this year.
- Holy shit.
- Deliris, you've been
in a fog for the past year,
Yeah, I've been in remission.
- Don't-don't put your motherfucking hand on me.
- I didn't.
- Don't fuckin' touch me.
- I didn't do that.
One of y'all kicked me.
Don't fuckin' touch me.
He smacked the bitch.
Slap the shit outta one of you.
I ain't no
motherfuckin' kid.
I'll get a little kid to beat
one of the shit outta y'all.
Don't touch me.
I think
he's doing drugs.
All that coke probably, dope got him
like that. You know what I'm saying?
Get all to the brain
and just fuck you all up.
You are growing
an infection in your blood.
It can easily,
easily kill you.
You're very,
very young for that.
You have a whole life
ahead of you.
And three kids too.
What else
do you need?
I would love
for a hit, but...
this time I gotta
think about it twice.
Been using the drug
all of my life.
I love ya.
I love you too.
These are my kids.
They look good.
They look good.
Have you snuck any drugs
while you've been
in here, Deliris?
The first week, I did.
After that,
they brought me some.
So, wait a minute. Mom, she was
doing drugs in the hospital?
Tells you how strong
the addiction is
and how strong
their connections are.
Goodbye, mummy.
You know how
I'm gonna make it?
By having God in my heart.
That's how I'm gonna make it.
'Cause I'm gonna let Him
lead the path.
What's going on today?
My daughter's christening.
- Kiky, how old are ya?
- Eight.
And who's this?
Her two goddaughters.
Ugh. Mom!
We would like to welcome
everyone here this afternoon.
In the Christian faith,
is the most important
What's the matter, Chimo?
What's the matter?
How come you're crying?
You see that girl
with the red shirt?
The girl in the red shirt, yeah.
She pinched him.
She pinched you, Chimo?
- Where?
- Right here.
I saw, she was
doing like this. Krr.
No, he did
that to me, Charlie.
- Yeah, right.
- Why did you pinch poor Chimo?
'Cause he's over here
playing and screaming
in the church and cursing.
Now, mothers and fathers
make the sign of the cross
on the forehead
of your children.
The most important reason
to be baptized in Jesus Christ
is to be able
to become a son or a daughter
of God the Father.
I wanna sit right there.
You can't sit...
you can't sit up
in the front, Chimo,
'cause you're not
getting baptized.
I wanna sit...
If you sit back there,
they're gonna pinch you.
Okay, Chimo?
Deloris Guadalupe,
I baptize you
in the name of the Father
and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit.
Mom, you get the towel.
We have one new
Roman Catholic.
One new child of God.
You're now
a child of God.
Whoever shut the light off,
turn it back on!
The lights went out
in the whole building.
All the lights came off
because everybody's using
a lot of power.
- What, the whole block?
- Yeah.
Another day
in Newark, yep.
But that ain't gonna stop me
from going forward.
- Right there.
- Kiky!
Come on this side
if y'all want a piece.
Public service
just got here.
To see if they're gonna
turn the light back on.
It was a really
crazy night.
I'm glad I'm here
for her today, you know.
And I'm not six feet under.
I thank God for that.
Now to see if they t...
It's almost like
a sign, Deliris.
What were your last words?
What was the last thing
you said, huh?
- "Thank God."
- Oh, yeah.
And the lights go on.
God works in mysterious ways.
Turn around.
You don't remember
my face, do you?
Yes, you do use.
Keep your hands...
keep your hands on the car.
Okay? Keep your
hands on the vehicle.
...gonna get blamed
for something.
I know you. I know you, boss,
all right? I know you.
I know you a lot more than
you think I know you, all right?
- Put it that way.
- All right.
You're the boss.
Yeah, I know I'm the boss.
All right, I'm not gonna
tell you one more time.
I got three compartments back
there. You can open 'em up.
Out with the camera, man.
Out with the camera.
This is embarrassing.
You always out here,
that's why it's embarrassing.
I'm always around, man.
You know that.
Yeah, you're always around.
You're a good guy.
I don't want
the camera in my face.
What's your name, boss?
Who's Mr., uh...
That's a friend of mine.
He left it in the front
so I put it in the back
so he wouldn't
lose it.
You sure
this ain't anything, uh...
- No, it's not mine. No, no, no.
- It belongs to somebody else?
No, no, it's not stolen.
You can check it
and everything.
What's... Who's your...
What's your friend's name?
- Julio.
- Julio?
That's his real name on
his birth certificate and stuff.
Yeah, is Julio Spanish?
With the last name
Hendrickson, right?
Hendrickson, right.
Yeah, that sounds like
a Spanish name, yeah.
- He's Spanish, yes. He's Spanish.
- Yeah, I know.
Like a Spanish... Not Puerto
Rican or nothing like that but...
It's another
kinda Spanish.
- Like a Spain Spanish.
- He's white.
With a name like
Hendrickson, right?
- And what's your name again?
- Howard.
Howard, where's your
paperwork for this car?
Can I get it for ya?
Hey, you know what,
step over here.
- For real.
- Every time we see you, you got a different story.
I don't want this part on TV.
I got my rights, Jon.
I got my rights. No.
Listen, listen,
just give me your paperwork.
I'm talking to you.
I don't want the whole world
to know my name.
I'm using a, you know,
a code name,
that's it, Rob,
that's it.
You know.
Yeah, let the whole world
know my name.
I don't want anybody
to know my name.
I got my rights.
Like, what they gonna do,
look you up?
- Do me a favor.
- Just step away.
Put your hands
on the car, all right?
I'm getting tired
of you already.
How often do you
see him up here?
Oh, he's here
on a regular basis,
either here
or any other drug spot. Okay?
He's lucky that we never
catch anything on him,
you know, but he's
in every single spot.
One day, he's on the phone,
the next day he's, uh...
helping you guys out,
tomorrow he'll be
working for AT&T, you know.
He always has
a great excuse.
I wanna tell him
something privately.
Without the damn camera
in my fuckin' face.
Rob, watch your mouth,
now watch your mouth.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, what do you got to say?
I-I wanna say it
privately, man.
It's your fault.
Fuck you and your film.
Don't lie to me. Don't tell me
you don't get high. Okay?
And you got a little run
out your nose too, okay?
Of course I got a cold,
I'm freezing, man.
It's not that
cold out here, okay?
It's not that cold. Your nose
is running, your mouth is dry.
Listen, you're talking
to me, all right?
You ain't talking to somebody
else on the streets, okay?
I know what you do.
What I'm gonna
advise you now
is to stay away
from these areas
- 'cause if I catch you again tonight...
- I am staying away, man.
Listen to me,
I'm talking to you.
If I catch you
again tonight,
you know what I'm gonna
have to do, right?
Okay? I gotta do what I
gotta do and lock you up
for obstructing
a public passageway.
I can't leave you
out here
'cause you're gonna
get yourself hurt.
You're gonna get shot
by these jokers over here, okay?
- All right.
- Okay.
'Cause you know they'll
shoot you in a heartbeat.
'Cause you're white.
You don't belong around here.
All right?
Plain and simple.
All right?
Don't belong around here.
You're gonna
get yourself hurt
and I don't wanna
have to scoop you up
at the end of the night
in a body bag, okay?
Get your stuff outta here
and disappear, all right?
Whether you're helping, whoever
you're helping or whatever.
That's all your stuff.
The rest of your stuff's
inside your car.
I didn't take nothing.
All right?
All right, Rob?
Take care.
Now, I'm gonna make $500.
Then I'll be on a roll.
And then I'm gonna get me
a truckload of shit.
I'm gonna rob everything
I can get my hands on.
Um, today we're going
up to Rowe-manse.
It's real easy.
I've hit 'em so many times.
I've cleaned them out.
Man, I cleaned them out.
You gotta see the shit I be
walking out of there with.
How many times do you estimate
you've robbed that store?
Hmm. Good hundred times, easy.
You're not exaggerating?
Not exaggerating.
At least a hundred times.
More than a hundred.
I'm just saying, okay?
Had to be...
no less than a hundred,
that's for damn sure.
- See, this is what I got.
- What is it?
It's like a statue.
It's like collector's items
and shit.
They cost $25.
You know.
Some of 'em cost...
I'm gonna go buy me
a bag of dope.
And I'm gonna get high.
Ah. Now you're gonna see
something that's fucked up, Jon, okay?
See what I did
to my leg before.
- It's all ulcerated.
- Yep.
It's healing up now,
it was bad before.
I gotta find me a vein.
I'm trying to kill myself,
that's what I'm trying to do.
Trying to
commit suicide but not...
hanging myself
or jumping off a roof.
I'm trying to die just...
for drugs in any way.
You know, natural like that.
She's fuckin' up again.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
No, I relapsed.
- I relapsed Thursday.
- You relapsed today too.
No, last night.
You look a little
high too.
Uh, I'm...
It's not that I look high,
it's that I feel guilty
what I did.
I regret what I did.
I used again.
Hanged around
with the wrong people.
Will you shut up?
Chimo, listen.
Listen to me, look at me.
I promise you
that by the 27th, you're
gonna go with me, okay?
You and Kiky.
So what are you trying to do?
You're trying to get
custody of Chimo?
Yeah, I filed for custody
to get custody
back from them.
And they sent me
a court date, the 27th.
We feel like shit
'cause we're doing nothing.
'Cause we're trying
to help you out,
and you still go
to the same thing.
Look at me.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
And the 27th,
you and Kiky
are going with me, okay?
So, don't-don't
listen to them.
Mommy gonna
prove it to you, okay?
I don't know
what to say.
She was clean how long?
Four, five months?
So, Deliris, clean or not clean?
Guaranteed? Look me,
look me in the eye. Look.
- Clean?
- Clean.
Three days.
So what are you gonna do
with your mother?
She's waiting for you
across the street.
Get outta here.
I need to tell you
Have you been good or bad?
Are you using drugs or no?
No, since Monday,
I've been staying with him.
I've been clean.
Because I wanna...
When we go to court,
I wanna make sure
I have y'all with me.
Have you been a good girl?
Oh, yes.
I swear to God
I seen her shoot up.
You saw Deliris shoot up?
- Yes.
- When?
About an hour
and a half ago.
Don't lie
to yourself.
It was what you was doing,
and you know 'cause I seen you.
You and a Black guy.
You went first
and he went second.
She did it
in her right arm.
Let's see the sleeve, Deliris.
- Let's see.
- Hmm?
Right arm. Let's see
the right arm, Deliris.
Wait till we get
around the corner.
- Yeah.
- I got nothing to...
She's lying.
I'm a bona fide,
uncut raw dog witness.
She's high right now.
Man, can't you look
in a person's eyes and tell
when their pupils are dilated
and stuff like that?
She's high right now.
What's that you got
on your right hand?
- That was for a blood test.
- Oh, let me see.
Let me see your left arm.
Can I see your left arm?
What's that over there?
- Move it this way.
- See?
No, this right here.
- What's this right here?
- Oh, that's been there.
Deliris, they know
what track marks are?
Yeah, I used to have 'em.
If you do drugs
one more time...
I can't live with you.
So you gotta do this,
go back on drugs
or don't be with me.
Come down.
Imma promise y'all
one thing, okay?
When we go to court
on the 27th,
if the judge wants proof
of me having my system clean,
I'm gonna give it to them
because that's gonna be
the only way
that I get y'all back.
Good morning
to all of you
and, uh,
you all have a seat.
Let me just figure out
who everybody is now.
- You...
- Carmen Vasquez.
Carmen Vasquez.
And you are the aunt,
is that correct?
The maternal aunt?
Does that mean
the two of you are sisters?
And you are Carmen Ferrar,
is that right?
And you are their mother?
Did you enter any type
of drug treatment program?
- And where was that?
- In Secaucus.
So you're drug-free.
And how often
do you go for outpatient?
- Once a week.
- Once a week.
Do you believe her when
she tells you she's drug-free?
- No.
- Okay. All right.
So even though you go
once a week to the counseling,
it's still a difficult thing
to break away with.
If I were to send you downstairs
for a urine test now,
would you be
clean or dirty?
- Dirty.
- Dirty.
That's why
overnight with the children
is something
you have to earn.
You stay clean,
everybody here
is gonna work with you.
And you can take the kids out,
for three hours,
till 3:00 in the afternoon.
You know you take 'em
to a Burger King or a park,
whatever's nearby.
You gotta bring 'em
back at 3:00, okay?
Is that all right with you?
Now if you come
to the house
and your sister, your mom
think you're high,
kids aren't going.
They make
that decision.
I'm giving 'em
that authority.
Did you see your daughter
when you came in?
All right. Is it okay she
goes inside, talk to her?
All right. Joey, just
bring her in chambers.
You go inside and talk to your
daughter, Deliris, for a while,
and then I'll have you
both come out.
I'll give you the orders,
you go home.
Thank you
for your assistance.
The judge say you and Chimo
could go with me Saturdays
from 12:00 to 3:00.
I got no other choice
but to come here to see my kids.
How many drug purchases
do we have on the courtyard?
Like ten.
We're trying to find out,
Deliris is just back from Detox.
How in the world is Deliris
gonna be able to stay clean
when there's
a lot of people out here
who are gonna help her out
if she wants to do
the wrong thing?
- Look! Look on the ground, man.
- What?
What's that?
Dope, man, dope, man.
That's all there is
out here, man.
Niggas just be
selling it, man.
They don't give a fuck
about a damn thing.
Buh-bye! Bye!
What's this earphone thing here?
Oh, that's a walkie-talkie.
What do you need
a walkie-talkie for?
The police.
Just push the button to talk
and the other person
on the other end can hear me.
And when he wanna talk to me
he'll push the button and I...
So you guys got lookouts here?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Gotta have lookouts, man.
- Yeah?
They make at least
$2,000 to $3,000 a day.
Out of six dealers, each one
of 'em can make that much a day.
How long does it take you
to make that much money?
About half hour.
You know how much money
they made with me?
I don't know, Deliris.
I mean, if we look around here
you're almost surrounded, right?
How do you feel sometimes?
- Tempted.
- Yeah?
It's all about
surviving, man.
People gotta feed
their own kids.
And this the only way out, man.
This the only way
for Black people
to be able to survive.
I gotta get away from here.
'Cause I know them all.
I know who to get it from
and who not to get it from.
And I know if I go ask 'em...
if I was to have the money,
they'll give it to me
right there.
They don't care.
All right, let's get out
of here, Deliris.
- Yes.
- All right.
Gotta learn how to say no
and keep walking.
- You shooting again, Deliris?
- Yeah.
You on the speedballs,
coke and heroin?
- Yep.
- Why did you start that?
I mean, you could
have just sniffed it.
I mean...
I... I feel...
Oh, man, I feel
real, real, real guilty.
Real hurt.
What is it about this place
that brings people down here
and just don't
let 'em come out?
I mean, I know there's drugs
and stuff down here
but, I mean, it-it's...
I don't know.
There's something else
about this place.
It's hell.
Gotta get out.
You try and...
you really can't
get out.
We got Freddie.
I think I told you
that Freddie would wind up
back with us again,
didn't I?
Didn't I say that
a while back?
No, you said you were
gonna get Rob.
Well... so we got Freddie.
Behind bars.
Yes, I am back
behind bars.
For something
I didn't do.
Come on.
Some I did, but, you know.
I can't say I did it.
I gotta do the trial.
What are you actually
accused of? Tell me.
Accused of first degree
armed robbery.
First degree impersonating
a police officer.
And possession
of a police uniform.
Handcuffs, badge, gun,
the works.
All right, Freddie,
did you do it?
Just tell me, did you do it?
Yeah, I did.
I really did it.
I'm Detective Cantalupo
at the Newark Police Department.
I'm gonna show you
some items
which were used
by the offendant.
He has a replica handgun,
a dome light,
blue dome light,
a pair of handcuffs.
A security guard badge
and a Newark Police
housing shirt
which was used
during the robberies.
He has 28 prior arrests,
21 aliases,
eight different
Social Security numbers.
And he also has
14 different date of births.
Jiminy cricket.
Uh, to his prior arrest.
That rap sheet's
pretty long. Let me see.
Give you an idea...
This is only like
the second page.
There's another page
with this also.
Freddie was in his car
using this dome light
to pull people over.
He would show 'em the badge
ask 'em
for their credentials.
And if they refused
to show him credentials,
the next thing he would do is
pull a gun from the waistband,
point the gun at the victim,
take the wallet, take the car
keys, and leave the scene.
Just a matter of time before
he got caught and he got caught.
The end.
You said it.
That's what you get
for using drugs.
Believe me.
Everybody out there,
listen to what I'm saying.
It ain't worth it.
This is what I got.
And I'm gonna die here.
Four minus two.
Four minus two?
Four minus two.
- I'll start, I'll start.
- Do me a favor.
Look through
that window
and check if...
'member Jose?
See if he's right there
on the corner
and tell him that
I'm coming down.
My aunt said hold on,
that she'll be down
in two minutes.
Who got you back into drugs?
Kiky, give me my five dollars.
- Jose, that guy?
- Myself.
I want you to stop
all the things that you're doing
so you could take us back.
- Yeah, that's what.
- I'm gonna try again.
Try? You better.
Who is she calling?
Jose, her friend.
To make her do
more drugs.
Every time she's clean,
he's right...
He's right there.
She goes
right back in.
See you in a few days.
I don't know
what to say, but, uh...
my heart is
full of love with her and...
...and I know that...
my family loves her.
Because she's part
of the family.
I wanna know.
I know that we love you,
but we don't know
how much you love us.
Oh, I love you,
I love you all.
If you love us all,
why you not doing
so good for us?
We want you
to come back
but you
never try.
I will.
I love you,
you're my mother.
If you love us so much,
why your hand is
halfway from the door?
'Cause, uh,
I'm ready to go outside.
- What's outside?
- Nothing.
If nothing's outside,
why you go outside?
I wanna go
get some air.
I'm getting hot,
I'll see y'all tomorrow.
Good night, Charlie.
Good night.
This is calling death.
If you wanna
kill yourself...
easy way out.
- Who's that?
- Is that the cops, Deliris?
Making a movie.
- Making a movie?
- Yep.
Lovely night to be out
on the street, huh?
Yep, I've been
out here before
with the weather
like this...
How are you?
I'm a Newark
Police detective.
This is Detective Coss.
How you doing today?
All right.
Pleasure to meet you.
My name's Chris.
- Hey, how are you doing?
- Are you filmin' a movie?
Yeah, Deliris' life story.
Okay, the reason
why we're here is because
around these areas a lot of
illegal dumpers around here.
And stolen cars, so...
I was just checking it out.
There's one
down the street. A Jeep.
Anybody in it now?
No, they stripped it.
All right, thanks, all right.
- Appreciate you stopping by.
- Anytime.
He shook my hand
and I had the set
right in my hand too.
I had to shake his hand
with my pinkie.
My life is falling away
just like the rain
is falling down.
It's falling down
and I'm falling out
little by little.
Killing myself,
wasting my life.
Oh, man, uh...
I wish it was different.
I really wish
my life was different.
I'm just killing myself slowly.
I ain't got no money, Rob.
What you looking for?
Rob, you going crazy, man.
Messed up his life.
It wasn't like that
before, man.
- I don't feel like talking.
- What happened?
I'll talk later.
Rob going crazy on us.
See how he's acting?
That's that bad stuff.
Rob, you gonna get back
on your feet, Rob?
Let me get one bag.
All right.
I got some
Dead On Arrival.
That's the name of
the dope. It's that bad.
Oh, shit.
Get me up.
Oh, youse
a heavy fuck.
Shit took me out fast,
you know.
You saw it, right, bro?
- All right.
- Thanks, my brother.
- No problem.
- My... Nubian brothers.
Robbie, you had
a little too much.
Come on,
get yourself together, man,
before you fall again.
Get up, man.
Come on, yo.
That's what
drugs do, see?
Have you knockin'
and fallin', man.
How many bags
you did today?
Huh, Rob?
What I suggest for people
that's doing drugs, man,
look at the place
where Rob lives at
and look at Rob
right here
and his conditions
of being on drugs, man.
If he don't
straighten out himself,
this is where he's gonna die at.
That's where you gonna
find him dead at,
right at this house
right here.
This abandoned building.