Life on the Line (2015) Movie Script

And it happens when?
My wife wants to save,
To show it to friends.
Is off laptop.
We did an interview.
I look at you?
I am with Duncan, who
works for Elite.
I have a few questions.
I'm asking you first.
What is a lineman?
A lineman is what
was once called
A poser power lines.
- Since 1943, they
... - No. Sorry.
I do not want an
encyclopedic release.
What is a lineman for you?
The asshole that you're happy to see
when the end of the world approaches.
I'm allowed to say that?
I said a bad word.
It's okay.
We will manage.
- There will be a beep?
- Yes.
This is exactly what I
expected, a crude response
Tell us what happened,
Night of the storm.
What has really
happened in post 12?
I'm here, my angel.
All is well.
I'm here.
It must not be afraid
of lightning, baby.
It is God who reminds
us that He is there.
You go away.
You know I have to. But...
I have a gift for you.
If there is more light.
I love you, my angel.
I, too, Dad.
Okay. Yes.
- It is well?
- It will be fine.
This is your mistress.
Hi, Pok Chop. It was what?
A branch fell on the line.
- Near the highway.
- You got Beau?
- No. He does not reply.
- Call him.
I go home.
If it is there, I get high.
- It works.
- OK.
- Right Now.
- Asset'.
I also, I love you.
You take care of yourself.
- Do not go too fast.
- Well, ma'am.
It was cut in two.
The mass was sectioned.
We're stuck.
- Where is your brother?
- Not home.
I do not know.
Beau, what are you doing?
Earth to Beau.
I arrive.
I'm as fast as I can.
Turn around and see me.
Be careful. Roule not too fast.
- Turn around, I am here.
- Oh, fuck!
I told you to go quietly.
- Freak of Species!
- Look at this.
You'll screw up the truck.
It's nothing.
Where were you?
I partied with my
future ex-wife.
- You was celebrating what?
- My birthday.
Come on, do not face.
Happy birthday, Beau.
To celebrate, we will
release the damn tree.
Let's go. Let's go.
Guys, we do this properly.
The clip!
Is removed.
Chief, what do we do?
It gives off branches from
the road and we go home.
Ta line, it is like
new, my Danny.
Fuck Beautiful!
I said to do it properly.
Look at this work.
- Do You forgot one.
- Fuck.
No, no.
You do that well or you do not do.
Beau is there.
- Who's your favorite uncle?
- You.
You have said.
My heart,
You know that your parents love you.
I have something to tell you.
It will take you to be strong.
Uncle Beau?
Pok Chop called.
We need you at the depot.
- This is an emergency.
- What?
You said what?
- What are you looking?
- New neighbors.
It's hot.
- You did your thing for college?
- Registration?
I'll do it tomorrow.
Because today...
Today is someone's birthday.
- Happy Birthday.
- You know I hate that.
But I love cakes.
I make you a dinner party tonight.
- Potatoes in the oven?
- Yes.
It bothers you if
I take your car?
But c'mon.
It's my birthday.
Come on, we left.
Hello. My name is Bailey.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
- This is my uncle Beau.
- Hello.
Hi. It's okay ?
Me is Carline.
And here Elly
And Dylan, there.
- Pleased.
- Pleased to meet you.
You have a pretty dress.
Thank you. Eugene
find it overdressed.
It is true that for a removal...
That is Eugene, my husband.
You work at Elite?
New recruit?
I'm distribution.
Me, transportation.
Welcome to the team.
With this new contract,
we need world.
Bailey, are you coming, darling?
- Here we go.
- I have to go to work.
It was a pleasure to meet you.
They look nice.
Take care of yourself.
- You, attention on the road.
- Yes.
If you are not screwed
to have light here...
- Happy Birthday.
- Small secretive.
Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday.
Blow out your candles.
I have enough breath.
You must help me.
I'll help you.
- OK.
- OK.
- Here we go.
- Let's go.
You should have seen your face.
You've been good!
You got scared.
I thought you was afraid
that electricity and women.
No. It is this card
that scares me.
Modernising half of the state.
It's about the line 12.
This is the largest county
and most dangerous.
It is not evil fucks my age.
But return to work.
- Well said, Beau.
- After the cake.
After the cake.
And then... this.
It was not.
Expenditure not your money on me.
Keep it for college.
I saved on the packaging.
Beau, you're need money,
But have you ever kept a
more than 2 months work.
I am a hard worker.
- I swear.
- You know what mom said.
"Beau is so lazy
" if it not kill him, he
would stop breathing "
It was not seen when
You spend your time hanging
out and make the con.
and now you want to lineman
I want something
else, a better life
I'm sure I'd like it
and then...
= = you no choice
- And why
- it's my birthday
.?. it's my birthday!
Do you like it?
It's great. Really great.
- Happy Birthday.
- Thank you.
I have to go to work.
Have a good day.
This is the carburetor.
Can you fix it?
- It'll be long?
- As long as it takes.
Where are you going like this?
Hi, Ron.
You came out when?
You're in a hurry.
- I have to go to work.
- You got a job?
Bailey should be happy.
It's true.
You are more together.
You do not film.
- This is cool between us.
- This is not what we say.
I'll tell you something.
Grab your tool and
go back to work.
Do not make me call
your probation officer.
You approach not Bailey.
Hi, beautiful.
I'll smoke.
You want to stop?
When you will recover smile.
Thank you.
Come on, Dylan.
We have great kids.
I'll get your helmet.
The kids are right there.
Stop, Carline.
- We're in the room?
- Carline!
What is it?
What is it?
I called it a week ago.
I had stuff to do.
What such stuff?
Can I have a ham and
cheese sandwich?
The cook is paused.
You'd be too cute.
Why so secretive?
The university hath remembered?
- Without mustard?
- Without mustard.
I thought you were leaving soon.
You should have remembered.
Bailey, what does that make?
I have to go to work.
You got a job?
I have a job.
- Here.
- It's lovely.
Drink this.
I love you so much.
You know that?
- This fact saucer.
- Good game.
I'll post it on the Internet.
Mouse, man. Tape laying.
Oh, fuck!
What makes you laugh?
You're stuck because your
knees are too near the post.
You have learned that the first day.
- Everybody inside.
- You heard ?
Who hired him?
All I know is that it's not you.
Why are we doing this to me?
And it is late.
Do not syncope, Mr. Ginner.
Come on, gentlemen.
One sits.
You are silent and listen.
- The horror movie?
- Go ahead.
You see this guy?
This guy has passed with
flying colors the safety test.
It was one of the top 10.
One day he has not quite put
all his protective equipment.
I do not know why.
He was late,
He might head elsewhere.
But if you think
Half a million volts,
it's not much,
You're so strong
You never make a mistake,
It not happen,
Then you're too stupid.
Even if you're smart,
If you listen to what I say,
If you follow the procedure
Simply an unguarded moment,
you think of money problems,
Your wife
Or your mistress, or both.
One second of inattention,
A moment when you
are not focused,
And you're dead.
I want to be left all
the problems at home.
We stay focused.
And we do not malignant.
The company
Generates most of the Texas
network modernization
And it is also the biggest
project we've had to do.
What awaits you is no picnic.
God knows that this
business is not easy.
But the network has more than 30 years.
And we must renew entirely
before the storm season.
It is not too hit the street,
But lineman is the 4th
most dangerous occupation.
Develop a rabid tiger furry
Is the 5th most dangerous job.
That does not prevent me from sleeping.
It's a joke.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm coming to see you.
- You should not be there.
- What is happening ?
I heard you were more with your guy.
It's sad.
People talk too much.
Let me help you.
You do not come home.
Go away.
Hey, cowboy.
Give him his business.
Where she goes, this one?
I'll kick your ass if you
do not give him her purse.
A next time.
I'll come back.
You change your mind.
And your girlfriend should be careful.
Who was that?
A youthful indiscretion.
Good evening.
You're home late.
You're out with friends?
Have you seen Duncan?
No. Why ?
You sure?
Guess who has just been hired
as an apprentice to Elite.
I do not want you to go out with him.
I know.
It will make you suffer.
And his family...
It has not chosen his family.
I'm just saying that it will
prevent you from moving forward.
No, nothing.
Okay, the steak?
It looks good.
You did your thing, there? Ton...
Your stuff for college.
I do not know what.
- Registration.
- You done?
I'm taking.
I am automatically accepted.
You do not have to worry about me.
Treasury, I make it,
worry about you.
Night and day.
Sometimes I not sleep.
It's stronger than me.
I have only you.
It is 8 am, Mom.
In the morning?
What are you doing?
I go to work, Mom.
At work?
What's that, your work?
I have told you, I'm lineman.
Your father was lineman.
It is mounted on top of a pole
And he was killed.
- He left us nothing.
- Stop with that crap.
Dad drank, but it
was an accident.
That way, you're lineman?
Yeah, Mom.
Look at me.
Go to work there.
Go get yourself killed.
I will not cry.
I not come to your funeral.
- You understand?
- OK Mom.
What are you doing here?
You send text messages?
You're not paid for it.
Have you checked the post?
Yes. Its good.
That's it.
I had the eye, he nothing.
Look, it broke at the base.
I do not know how did you get here
But when we ended the contract,
I want to see your face.
It's got it?
Get down from there, whore!
It has reflexes for an old.
Listen to me.
If this strikes you old,
He'll blow his head.
Hey, my pretty!
If it continues like this,
I'm going to drink.
Thank you, darling.
Hey, you just serve us?
Must do anything
to be served here?
It makes me think of you, Beau.
Guys cable.
You can have me gratos chains?
We were not install the cable.
Serious, what do I have to do
To have free cable?
You should probably
just ask a cable guy.
You get smart, you?
But you know who you're talking to here?
I do not know.
A moron?
You know who I am?
Well, from what I see...
An asshole makes no weight.
We want no fuss.
It is slashed. We had our dose.
So we left there. Come on!
Do not be a bad choice.
Go, tope there.
- Okay.
- Great.
You're done, my heart?
Mom, what is it, dad business?
It is lineman, honey.
You know well.
But it is what?
It repairs power lines.
Hello, sweetie.
You see these lines there?
The oven, toaster, radio...
I make sure that all of these
devices have electricity,
So you miss anything
When I'm not there.
It works.
It's too bad you're
missing the match Dylan.
Call me as soon as you
know when you get home.
Thank you.
Your command.
Thank you, darling.
Why did you do your
asshole with me?
What do we do?
It seems that has separated.
You're going off to
college, anyway.
You were always too
strong to school.
It was sure you were
going to end up leaving.
Do you remember that day at the
school where your heel broke,
Was all embarrassed you,
you wanted to walk.
You must have been
afraid of being poor.
As my family.
- Do not say that.
- Do you remember ?
You remember...
I went to the workshop pick you.
You told me that I
was a gentleman.
It had never told me that before.
You were one.
I'm not sure.
Why have you been so long
Asking me to go out with
you after high school?
I do not know.
What are you waiting
for go to college?
That's good. We end this.
This is for you.
I have for a second.
I heard about the
incident yesterday.
It's annoying.
It has lost almost 3 hours.
This kind of thing can seriously
Make us late.
Our employer is aware.
And that's boring.
It should be more careful.
I hope you're kidding.
I'm just extra careful.
I'm doing it. My job
is to pay attention.
Do more attention.
You want another team leader?
- All right.
- I did not say that.
Yesterday I almost got killed.
I can leave my place.
I have not said that. I am sorry.
The utility enterprise has
poorly maintained the network
And my guys put their lives.
And I'm breaking my ass
With kids to the TAF.
You know what?
The utility can go fuck himself.
- You can tell them.
- OK, Beau.
It was nice talking to you.
Hi, neighbor.
We drank?
Eugene works?
Yes. He left a few days.
Sometimes I feel
I never see him.
It's not easy being the wife
of a lineman. Or niece.
You got lucky.
You got great kids, a
husband, a beautiful home.
Since Eugene returned
from Iraq, it's more...
As before, between us.
It was the war?
It not want to talk,
but it's the same.
Sometimes I have the
impression he is absent
Even when he is at home.
Our life is not as
perfect as that.
I thought it would.
You have not touched your glass.
I not drink much.
Did you expect what?
I have never lost
a man on my team.
Not one. Think we
welcome a me for this?
Fontaine? He is worried.
That's all.
There's something to be
worried, stashed in his office.
You do not know.
There are risks to not
move the ass of the day.
Low testosterone,
the fat belly.
Hey, why you put
yourself in that state?
I thought Danny.
I can not stop thinking about him.
I should have been in his place.
I know the chorus
and I not like it.
It's not you who live with that.
Hey, buddy, I was there too.
As far as I know, it's not
you who controls lightning.
Mr. Ginner, okay?
Let alone Bailey.
She projects. She has no
need for a ball like you.
It's not very nice.
If it goes, it's because of you.
I not let her go out with you.
One returns.
Hi, Beautiful People.
I'll see that with Russell.
I'm on it.
Well, precisely.
You wanted to see me?
Russell, we are far
behind our schedule.
Bill, is made as quickly as we can.
Just look at it with Beau.
Listen... Beau is a
little too old school,
Straddling settlement.
I'm not saying it
poorly, but accelerate.
In 2 weeks, transport and
distribution must arrive
The post 12. And for now
Were delayed everywhere.
I know Beau 22 years.
I work with him
because he is good.
For our part, we will be ready.
Do not worry.
Eugene, you come early.
What are you doing?
Fouille not my business.
There are numbers of
messages that I do not know.
This is the friends I made
when you were not there.
Like who?
I went out with Bailey,
opposite the next.
And friends to it.
Where you going?
Make my suitcase.
I'm leaving soon.
You're kidding!
You just got back.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Yes.
Have you spent time with my wife?
Yes, it was seen.
With your friends too?
My Friends?
Eugene, stop bothering Bailey.
I see too your friends
hang out here.
With my friends.
It's nothing.
Thank you, baby.
I have a gift.
It's not worth it. Thank you.
Hey, you want to help
me and talk to him?
Look at least what it is.
I have work.
- It's not true!
- I just want to talk to you.
Let go my arm.
- I just wanted to talk to you.
- OK.
What does he want?
It's okay ?
Yes. We will clean it.
One morning I see
her nails done.
There were everywhere on the carpet.
Thank you.
- Do you like to be a mother?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Yes. That's wonderful.
Finally, it is not
easy every day.
Is not sleeping much, especially
when they are babies.
That does not leave much
time for anything else.
I'm going to college.
So I do not have time for that.
- You still wood.
- No.
I'm not too keen.
- You want to talk?
- What?
Who is the father?
It is a lineman.
It is not even aware.
My uncle hates him.
What you gonna do?
I know.
Your turn.
I saw you.
Getting into a taxi in front of you.
Nothing can hide among girls.
I'll order another.
- Here we go. Beware of steps.
- Oh yes.
Ready? 1, 2... Okay?
- It's okay.
- Then continue.
One arrives...
Well, well, well.
What beauties like you do here
No men with them?
You know how you got
the feeble air?
Go liberates cowboy.
What if I do not want?
So you will continue
to look like a fool.
Come on, it's good.
It's good.
Quick, we not catch up.
I can not believe you're
out with that jerk.
He kept pestering me.
Go, Ron. Leave us.
You should not disrespect me
when I make you a compliment.
Let us pass.
Or what?
I'll blow your teeth!
You the keys...
If you touch her, I'll kill you!
No, Ron!
- This is not Bailey?
- If this is it.
No, Ron! Stopped !
- Stop!
- Bailey!
- Leave him.
- Not stay here, you!
Get out.
Duncan, are you?
- Yes.
- My God.
I'm pissed.
It'll take a long time to heal.
I have it?
Yes, with pleasure.
- With pleasure.
- He'll smash your head.
After, you'll be a vegetable.
It's going! Its good !
This is good!
Get out of there.
You again.
- Bailey, you come home.
- It's not his fault.
Go home!
Come on, honey.
Damn. Warning !
Hi. Am I bothering you ?
What is it?
You can see?
I have something to tell you.
See you at our place?
- Be careful.
- Always.
There you go.
This is my last lap moto.
- Why?
- I sold.
I filed tomorrow.
- You do like this bike.
- I know.
It's time to move on.
I'm going to buy a pickup.
And this...
This is for you, for college.
Duncan, I can not accept.
- I want you to guard.
- Do you need.
I'm not good enough for you?
That's what you think? Not me.
I'm not just a hobby
before college?
Why do not you want me?
It's just the opposite.
That's what you want?
I'm pregnant.
You say nothing?
Bailey Ginner expect my child.
Bailey Ginner expect my child!
What I want is to be with
you, if you feel like it.
- I feel like it.
- Yes ?
You sure?
My dream may be to stay
here and marry a lineman.
They not maintain the network,
and afterwards, we reproach.
You're very silent.
You told me not used to that.
What is it?
I'm pregnant.
I'll pretend I had not heard.
You just said you were pregnant?
You're joking, I hope.
But by God!
Contraception, you do not know?
I will not have high like that.
Oh no. It's him ?
It's not true! Is Duncan?
That's what I want.
That's what you want, a poor guy
who has nothing to give you?
- It's not a jerk.
- Really ?
It is a lineman.
As you.
As your father.
As my father.
I love you.
I love you more than anything.
But not tell me what I
should do with my life.
That's what I want.
I went to my mother on
the day of the storm.
It must have been a day of celebration.
I was going to say to
me and Bailey and...
I do not know.
Things are not always
go the way we want.
Alert weather for South Texas.
Hi, Mom.
You remember Bailey Ginner?
The niece of Beau Ginner?
It's pretty.
It's pretty.
Mom, she is expecting a baby.
We're having a baby.
I'll be a dad.
You have no job.
If. Like I said, I'm lineman.
Your father died without
leaving anything to me.
I do not even enough to eat.
I not had enough to get dressed...
- I loved him.
- Nothing to put you on the back.
- I'm not my father!
- I do not lift up your child!
Listen to me, Mom.
Listen to me.
Let's get out of here.
And you're coming with us.
We'll buy a nice house, and
you're coming with us.
You're going to be a grandmother.
Do not worry for me,
because it will go.
Hi, Mom.
I love you.
It has winds of 100 km / h south
And they are gaining ground.
Teams remain on the ground.
One must be ready to intervene.
Warn them.
You heard?
On the Job
It'll spoil.
No way I ride.
The storm comes from the Gulf.
It is a few kilometers.
It will hurt.
There's no way I ride.
He fucks what, Eugene?
What is he doing?
I do not know what he doing.
Hi, honey.
Everything okay?
You're still here?
Yes, I'm here.
I wanted to hear your voice.
That's nice.
Eugene, on the news, they
talk of a storm warning.
So take care of yourself.
Yes. I have to go.
I love you.
Tell the kids I love them.
I also, I love you.
- What is he doing?
- He climbs ?
It's sick!
What's wrong?
Is not entitled to mount.
It is forbidden.
We have a problem on line 10.
We remain on alert.
It happens.
- It is where?
- It progresses quickly.
Louisiana is private stream.
She comes by the Gulf and will
be there around midnight.
Gentlemen, it will be hot.
But we trained for.
I do not want a misstep tonight.
Not one.
Care is taken on each other.
Let the party begin.
It's gone.
It is not attached.
What is he doing?
Get down!
Order was to remain on the ground.
Cling, Eugene! Belt up !
Oh, my God. He will jump!
Eugene, it will not!
It remains on the ground.
Should not go up.
It's forbidden.
It is not allowed to ride.
Excavation my business.
There are numbers of
messages that I do not know.
This is the friends I made
when you were not there.
It remains on the ground.
It is not allowed to ride.
- The storm arrives. Stopped !
- Eugene.
What is that?
We have a problem.
Send a team on line 10.
There's that nice in the area.
You send it.
Him call me when he is there.
You know how you got
the feeble air?
So you continueras
To look like a fool.
Hey, chief!
What we got?
- You are the team leader?
- Yes.
The lines are still live.
We can not water.
I'm on it.
I call the control center.
It reminds me of the Bible
passage about Armageddon.
Guys, take your gear, let's go.
Shit. Line 6 is touched.
Beautiful, storm devastates Greensboro.
I have more men to send to you.
Find a way to turn off.
Look, find a solution.
It's understood ?
Watch it to you.
Gentlemen, we have a problem.
You can not put out the fire
As the lines are energized.
Must put them off.
Is the plan.
Russell, you supervised.
In case of problems, you warn.
Pok Chop, Hunter, on this side.
The train is on,
then one blunder.
You come with me.
Give me the gloves.
This is Duncan. Finally, his answering machine.
Leave me a message.
Get out your pole and
not hurt yourself with.
Get off the line.
Go ahead, raise the pin.
No. Slowly slowly.
Tire it toward you.
I hold.
Slowly. Hold it well.
Like that. Now loose.
OK. Its good. Warning.
You touch anything.
You serve you from your perch.
- I know.
- Ah, you know?
You know everything, you.
It can tell you anything.
You not want to let me go?
You're fucking my pregnant niece.
You start badly.
Where you going? Where you go ?
Come back here.
What are you doing here?
What you got in your head?
- Want to know?
- Yes.
It's not me, the problem.
It's you.
You have no life.
And you make me sad.
You cling to Bailey
Because you have it.
And nothing else.
Is that you?
I sent the kids to your mother.
I'm glad you're here.
You know what I said.
Beau is Pok Chop.
A pole fell on Hunter.
Russell, is a chainsaw.
We arrive.
Follow the line and
found the breaker.
Well, boss.
This is the friends I made
when you were not there.
Have you spent time with my wife?
Yes, it was seen.
With your friends too?
Te works less fuck, now, huh?
No, I beg you.
Leave me, I beg you.
Let my wife, son of a bitch.
Okay, Eugene. I'm fine.
Kill him.
Eugene, no.
No, Eugene. No !
I beg you.
I do not want to lose you.
I'm sorry.
No. Put that gun.
Put it down. Look at me !
Look into my eyes.
Look at me.
Put that gun.
I beg you.
I beg you, ask him.
I beg you...
Must send reinforcements
to the post 12.
It's in the works.
- Send Beau.
- He has a wounded man...
We have no choice!
Call the post 5...
Hunter will get by.
You got the center?
All transformers fart.
The county is in the dark.
And we are sent to the post 12.
It is not connected.
I know. We are asked
to turn it on.
I not send guys out
there in this weather.
Viewing Hunter.
Do you realize what they ask us?
We're linemen, Beau.
It's our job.
You have said.
Good. That's what we'll do.
Pok Chop, you're going to hospital
Hunter in the
meantime his family.
Russell, you stay here and
you arranges this mess.
I go to the control center.
For the post, do you need help?
I Duncan.
Let's go. Come on!
- You call Bailey?
- Yes.
Here Bailey. Leave a message.
Send him a message.
Doctor, how is he?
Fracture of the pelvis,
two broken ribs.
We have a backup power.
- It was what?
- Pregnant woman 6 weeks.
Gunshot wound to the abdomen.
The voltage drop.
She loses blood.
Direct block.
My baby!
It's okay, baby.
Voltage how much?
120 90 and stable.
Emergency power unleashed.
This is not good, that.
Take pliers and cut the fence.
Pok Chop, what's up?
I will not hear.
-... Took a bullet.
- Bailey what?
We shot him.
It is operates.
We're in the dark here.
The emergency power supply
jumped because of the rain.
You must restore power.
We must act quickly, Beau.
It's open!
I have something to tell you.
Will have you to be strong.
Bailey injured.
She's in the hospital,
no electricity.
Must restore power.
We must rescue the girl.
It's understood ?
Is that understood?
At work. Come on!
- We must stop the bleeding.
- We open.
Manual ventilation.
Beau should be there.
While the county is in the dark.
The hospital is without power.
It would do well to hurry.
It is in this order: 1, 2, 3
Good. Go on the third.
I take care of the bypass.
Why does it not work?
Enlighten me.
- It's bleeding.
- Compress.
I see nothing. Hold tight the lamp.
Over my shoulder.
I do not see anything.
Like that.
I found!
That's up there.
- Perch.
- What are you doing ?
- Give me the pole!
- Wait.
It's dangerous.
The continued bleeding.
It not hold. Come on !
Go, Bailey.
I have the ball.
I see where it's bleeding.
Balance, go!
Disconnects relays
to remain closed.
- There?
- Yes, that one.
This is good!
Watch out!
- It loses.
- Proximal control.
Are transfused.
Go, baby. Hold on.
In the event something happens to me,
I entrust this.
I'm sorry for having
misjudged you.
You're a good guy.
Tell Bailey that I love.
Take care of the small.
Wait, Beau. No ! Do not do that.
I'll drink all that water.
Who's your favorite uncle?
You do not have to worry about me.
It's income.
Monitors voltage.
Nice work.
Excuse me.
I am looking Ginner Bailey.
- Are you there?
- Yes.
I'm here.
- Beautiful...
- I'm sorry.
Come here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry. I did not know.
How would you describe Beau Ginner?
The best down the line.
Ginner Bailey was his life.
And he hated anyone
who approached.
Including me.
Do you want to add something?
Yes, I would like
to add something.
I loved this man.
I respected.
I want to be like him.
I hope one day, not match it,
but continue in his line.
Thank you for your testimony, Duncan.
I have a few questions.
It was a storm from the Gulf.
We need now.
I have to go.
Adaptation: Emmanuelle Steffan