Life Tracker (2013) Movie Script

We've been in Utah
for a couple of weeks now,
but it's just a stopover.
But it sure is beautiful
up here.
I don't know if this
probably doesn't do it justice,
but there's 11 of us now,
which is good.
We broke down the campsite
this morning
and we're about to
hike off the Mountain.
It's taken me a lot longer
to get this done
than I ever expected,
but here it is.
Excuse me, sir, ma'am.
I was wondering if by any
chance you heard of a company
called life tracker limited?
It's okay if you haven't.
I read about them
on the Internet.
I'm just out asking people
what they might think about...
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Sorry, no English.
Hi, I was wondering
if I could ask your opinions
about a news story
I read today?
When in Rome, right?
On the news.
Excuse me, ladies.
Have you by any chance
heard of a company
called life tracker limited?
Have you heard that
a company called life tracker
thinks they can use DNA
to predict the future?
This is the palm reading
of the 21st century.
I mean it could be possible.
Wait, am I supposed to look
at you or the camera?
Wait, what are you asking?
Oh, sure.
They've been looking at
people's DNA for years
to try to stay ahead of anyone
that poses a threat
to the political machine.
They say they can analyze
a strain of DNA sort of like
a timeline.
I'm not really comfortable
with the...
What if knowing your future
could change it?
Like in back to the future?
You know how easy it is
to get DNA nowadays?
I mean from like
a discarded cup
from a fast food joint
or hair or...
Period blood.
Good one, honey.
You're implying
that someone is doing tests
on used hygiene products?
Not just someone.
The president.
But if your DNA knows
your future then it would have
already factored in
that you found out you future.
Is it hard to make a movie?
Now, son,
what did I say about
talking to strangers?
Not after you learn how.
How can I learn how?
If you know you know
and you can't change it.
If all of a sudden aliens
came out of the sky
it would change how people
thought about things,
which would lead to change.
Do you have a camera at home?
Yeah, I've got a camera.
No, you know what?
I think we've had just about
enough of this interview.
Is this going to be
on TV somewhere?
I came across
a news story I thought
was pretty interesting.
So, I decided to go down to
Hollywood boulevard
and shoot a little,
just play around.
I thought maybe I'd get a
reaction from somebody who...
Hey, Dillon.
Hey, dil.
What are you shooting?
Just an intro
for some interviews I did.
It's going to look like crap
with you shooting it
all by yourself.
Ohh, hello beautiful.
Get that out of here.
Just take my help.
I'm here.
I'm already framed up.
All right?
I'm Dillon Smith
and this morning
I read an article
about a company
that says they can use DNA
to predict the future.
So, I'm headed down
to Hollywood boulevard
to see what people think.
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
we're so proud of you, honey.
It was good, buddy.
But if you want someone
with a little charisma
to host your documentary ideas
there's always me,
Scott orenhauser.
'Cause you have charisma
pouring out of your veins.
You know it, you know it.
Bye, Dillon.
Catch you later, dil.
We're proud of you, honey.
Later, guys.
so, Scott is always
talking about this grant
that they give
to documentary filmmakers.
It's called the clemens grant
and it's a big cash prize
and tons of sponsored equipment
to use as finishing funds
for your feature length
I don't know if it's jealousy
that's getting my ass in gear
or if I'm just sick of
listening to opportunity knock
and not answering.
So, I went back
to the footage that I shot
a couple of weeks ago
and it's bad,
but I looked up the story
and there's more news.
What I'm about to show you
is the video
of Richard 'rocko' hutchensen.
He's the coo
of life tracker limited.
Interesting character,
to say the least.
Regular Howard Hughes.
Video already has
over 300,000 views.
If you're watching this
video it's probably because
you heard something
just crazy enough
to make you Google it.
We can predict the future.
Ooh, magic.
No, it's not.
Don't be a jackass.
This is science.
Everyone told Galileo
he was a whack job
when he suggested
the sun stars didn't revolve
around the earth.
But he had science on his side
and now we know that
we're un-special cosmic dust
at the edge
of a puny galaxy far, far away
from the center
of the universe.
What we're talking about here
is a scientific way
to look at DNA
as a biological timeline
of a human's life.
I could explain it
in more detail,
but you're not going
to understand it.
Put it this way,
your body knows
and documents things
that we're never
consciously aware of.
Until now.
We made these discoveries
over seven years ago,
but we were shuffled
into the depths
of the legal system
and our tongues were tied.
Now, freedom of speech
has prevailed.
Kind of.
Powers that be still say
you're too stupid
and irresponsible to know
about all of our discoveries.
They're probably right,
but who made them the bosses?
Mako garden apartments,
can I help you?
Even the press secretary
made a statement about him.
All right, check this out.
Says, "not enough information
"exists to prove the accuracy
"of such a tool.
"Foods, drugs,
"medical processes,
"and new technologies all
"have to be rigorously tested
"before public use.
"It is a government's
to protect its citizens."
Wait a minute.
You see that?
Wait a minute.
So, this information
is in my own blood
and I'm not allowed
to know about it?
Anything more
than a glorified hotel room,
you know, as an apartment.
No offense, dil.
None taken.
And I drive 1987 Nissan
pickup truck
with 290,000 Miles on it, okay?
I rely on you guys for weed.
I don't own squat.
And now I don't even
own my DNA?
Pretty much.
Where are you going?
Welcome to America, buddy.
My wonderful boyfriend
didn't get me a beer.
You didn't say
you wanted one.
Why they would
want this stopped.
Here we go.
No, I'm serious.
What if Mr. walk the walk,
talk the talk.
Mr. schmooze over here
found out that
all of his ass kissing
and networking functions
were completely pointless
because he found out
from his print
that he was going
to get cancer
and he was going to die
in a year?
What then?
Why not just give up?
Why not just,
bam, end it early?
Oh, now,
that's some deep shit
we're talking
about Scott here.
It's not that deep.
Oh, cheers.
Oh, dang, baby.
You are sexy
when you're feisty.
Careful though.
You might confuse
Drake's sexuality.
Just let me suck it once
and I promise you'll like it,
It's not going to suck itself.
Let's go.
Okay, change the subject.
Where did you even
get that from?
But what about the good
that it could do?
What about the other side
of the coin?
This is your life,
Dillon Smith.
Oh, great.
A lonesome life
behind his camera,
a dead end day job
stuck in mediocrity,
never finishing a project
he starts,
but he gets his print read,
finds out he's going to be
hugely successful,
have ten awesome children.
Just ten?
And die happy in old age
while receiving head
from 18-year-old
Brazilian triplets.
Oh, brother.
What can you do?
This information could give
him the confidence he needs
to come out of his shell
and go after his dream.
You realize I have the power
to evict you, right?
Yes, but at least
the rent I pay you
comes from working in a field
I went to school for.
Oh, burn.
Wait, hold on a second.
I don't think that
this print thing is going
to be able to tell you
if you're going to be happy
or not though, right?
Happiness produces hormones.
Can't that be measured?
Yeah, he's got a point
right there.
Just saying.
Why do you always
not shut up?
It's okay, sport.
Are you still talking
right now?
This was on
the local news today.
One of those
middle of the day things
when they know
nobody is watching.
Sorry to use this stuff
from the web,
but I don't have the pull
to get the interviews myself.
Today, we're joined
by honey joans,
a political science Professor
from uc berkley
and Abigail Wesson-levitt,
a philosophy Professor
from carnegie mellon.
Welcome, ladies.
Hello, Susan
and thank you for having me.
Yes, thank you.
So, we are curious to hear
what you know
about life tracker limited.
Sounds a bit like
a science fiction movie,
doesn't it?
It really does.
From what I can understand,
if my body's chemistry
is involved it's recorded
and from there we can
make assumptions?
I'll give you an example.
If it's in like a person
who has an excess buildup
of white blood cells
that can mean
this person is sick.
Now, if it's a specific kind of
cell or a physical reaction
we may be able to tell
what sickness it is exactly.
What's up, dude?
Come in for a minute.
Dil, I paused
the movie upstairs.
Bell is waiting.
Just give me a second.
Sit over here.
What's all this?
I was a little pissed off
the other day when you said
I never finish anything.
It pissed me off,
but you were right.
Well, I know I was right.
That's why I said it.
I was pissed
because it was true,
but you didn't have
to say it in front of everyone.
Wait, wait.
Just please, please.
Dil, whatever this is,
you're making it awkward.
I want you to help me
hold myself accountable.
I've decided
I'm going full force
into the life tracker doc.
I don't know if
it's the best topic
or how long it's going
to remain newsworthy,
but I have to finish something.
I'm with you.
You're with me?
Yeah, I mean I don't think
it's the greatest idea either,
but I do think you need
to finish something.
So, I'm with you.
Well, I didn't say
I thought it was a bad idea.
Neither did I.
But you don't think
it's good?
Why this topic?
Just because it happened
to be what we were discussing
when the subject
of you having no follow through
came up?
That, and I think this story
could go somewhere.
I mean think about it, man.
I'm always bitching
about a father I never knew.
I don't have my own
family medical history.
Life tracker could open
that window for people.
Do you have any idea
how long science takes?
If this is even real science.
And what?
Are you just going
to keep using this camera?
What about lights or actually
getting good sound?
What about release forms?
are you just going to keep
interviewing random strangers
and your friends?
Is Google
your only research tool?
I'm going to deal
with all of those things, okay?
I might have to cut corners,
but who doesn't?
And my first goal
is to fill out the application
for the clemens grant.
That would take care of half
of the problems right away.
Dil, they don't just give
the clemens to anyone
who fills out the paper work.
I know.
I'm not an idiot.
I mean what are you telling me?
Not to try?
You're trying, aren't you?
Of course I am.
Look, let me know
if you need any help.
You know where I live.
Oh, and just for the record,
all you folks at home
you heard that, right?
All right.
Now, can I go
watch my movie now?
All right, buddy.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Release of the life tracker...
The release
of the life tracker...
I'm getting way too many
shadows from these wrinkles.
Less than a month away.
Do you seriously
not own an iron?
Spokane, Washington
where Richard 'rocko'
Do you think maybe we can pan
in when we start this segment?
No, I think it should
just stay still.
Some movement
would liven it up though.
Yeah, and you're already
going to need a genius editor
just to key off
this damn sheet.
I stole a picture
off the ltl website
we might be able to use.
Oh, yeah.
I know a guy in spokane
that might be able to swing by
and get some video too.
To be the first
to get their print.
There are many reports of
people lining up at pharmacies
to be the first to get their...
You should totally
cut to the people lining up.
You can even interview
some of them.
Do you know where people
are lining up?
No, where did you hear it?
I guessed.
They're predicting
the future.
People have to be lining up
Can we just shoot this?
Wait, can you...?
Never mind.
Just action.
Are you sure we can't pan in?
I swear to God, Dillon.
[Clock ticking]
I'm good.
Just any time.
Okay, okay.
We're good.
Do you have any thoughts
on life tracker
or rocko hutchensen?
Is that that mean old bastard
who thinks
he can predict the future?
I can't really afford
a reader,
but I found this website
that teaches you
to read it yourself.
The reader doesn't come
with the print order?
How much does that cost?
It depends
on the reader's rating.
I've seen anywhere
from $300 to $1,500.
Well, what's the rating
of the $300 version?
What do you think people
will be saying
about this story
20 years from now?
I mean if it changes the way
that we think about
how we've arrived
at our predicted futures
we could be sitting
on the dawn of a worldwide
cultural awakening.
That was, yeah,
that was exactly right.
That was it?
Yeah, and there's that ltl guy
in irvine who killed himself.
We heard about that.
Do you know
what his motive was?
Maybe he didn't like
the future he saw.
I don't know.
Anyway, I've got to run.
Sorry, I'm going to be late.
Good luck with
your movie though.
Thank you.
A couple more
and I think we've got
what we need.
Okay, yeah.
I know I agreed
to help you on this,
but what are we doing
out there?
We're doing it, man.
You know,
I mean follow through.
All right.
I now you think we're doing it,
but you've got nothing.
We've just found out
about a suicide at ltl.
From a random stranger
on the street.
And the best interview
we've had all day
is from a friend we planted.
So, what are you saying?
I'm saying you need
to get some better interviews
or this is going nowhere
unless you talk to somebody
who is involved
or directly affected.
Yeah, I have an issue too.
I don't think I'm the best
choice to be on camera.
Oh, my God.
I am so glad you said that
and not me.
A teacher of mine
[indistinct] Pulled
some strings he had
with the connection
to the ltl suicide.
Sounds crazy,
but it's our first
big interview.
So, today we're going down
to irvine
to interview Mrs. valliani.
She's the widow
of Abdul valliani.
Abdul is in
rocko's inner-circle
and it's a pretty small circle.
All we know about his suicide
is that it's shrouded
in mystery.
We don't know
if it has anything to do
with ltl
or if he was just
a secretly depressed guy.
Where's Scott?
No hi bell?
You look nice this morning,
It's good to see you, bell?
He can't make it.
You get me.
He better have a good excuse
for screwing me.
He's hardly screwing you.
Besides that's why I'm here.
I just totally made a joke
about screwing you
and I can't even get a chuckle?
I knew he wasn't into this.
You and Scott just have
different strategies.
Bell, where is he?
I don't know.
Some breakfast function
with some dude
from discovery channel.
Not hirsch Baker?
That's the guy, yeah.
You know what?
Here, take this.
I'm done.
Bell? Bell?
Hirsch Baker is on the board
responsible for giving out
Good for Scott.
I'm applying for
the clemens grant.
I need to meet hirsch Baker.
I mean he didn't even
tell me he was going.
He knew you had
this interview Dillon.
This is a big slap
in the face.
Admit it.
Admit it, bell,
on camera that this is bs.
I'm not doing this.
I'm sorry.
I need your help today.
You're right
and Scott is lucky to have
such a brilliantly talented
incredibly sexy,
always correct.
Your urine cures cancer
in orphans
in third world countries.
Your penis is much bigger
than mine and prettier too.
All right.
Get in the car, freak.
Better be nice to me.
? Music
this is nice, dil.
Students are all using
newer models than that.
It's pretty good
for what we need though.
Bell, what are you doing?
I want to see me.
Okay, but I need
to drive too.
Mr. Smith.
Oh, jeez.
I've heard that in typical
mad scientist fashion
that you will be purchasing
your own print
and letting it be known
to the documentary viewing
world as a sacrifice
to the quality of your art.
I hope the quality of my art
isn't dependent on the quality
of my [Indistinct].
When does your print arrive?
I ordered it,
but they've pushed
the release date back
a couple of times already.
As you may already know,
death dates
will not be available
with the purchase
of your print.
Ltl is currently
fighting for you
and we're confident
in our future legal victory
it will give you the back
the rights,
the information
of your own DNA.
Those commercials
are so annoying.
The message boards
are all talking about religion.
It's easy to pick
something like religion,
but think about
how this could weave its
into every nook and cranny
of our lives.
Well, like, okay.
Since women are physically
connected to their children
during pregnancy,
ltl claims that women, not men,
women can use their DNA
prints to get a glimpse
at any future children
that they're going to have.
It's something to do
with half the kid's DNA
belongs to the dad.
So, take the kid's DNA,
match it up against a database
of male prints and a woman
can find out who
she's going to have kids with
maybe before she even
meets the guy.
Dating without
all the game play.
Well, that takes the fun
out of it.
Maybe for you.
I have no game.
I mean I would much rather
just knock on someone's door
and be like,
excuse me ma'am,
I have this print here
that says we're going
to have kids together.
Yeah, that's weird.
What if you could
forward your print
and take it to hotties
and use it to get laid?
Oh, and I'm the weird one?
I think you have some urges
you need to let out.
Have you met...?
Bell, have I met who?
Have you met Ellie's
She's really cute.
You should totally
go out with her.
Out of my face now.
Oh, come on.
She's girlfriend quality.
She should be expecting me.
I asked you nicely,
but if you push the call button
one more time,
the cops will be called.
Turn off the camera, bell.
There's nothing to see.
this changes everything.
It tilts the scale towards
conspiracy theories now.
There's even more mystery
behind this guy's death now.
Excuse me?
You're just going to give up
after one let down?
What the hell do I have
on my life's resume
that says I have what it takes
to make a documentary
on what could conceivably be
the biggest story in 50 years?
What are you talking about?
I'm a 32-year-old wannabe
deep in debt
to wasted education.
I have no savings,
no retirement, no investments,
let alone a relationship
or a family.
I mean the only reason
I can even afford my apartment
because it's free to me
for being a slave
to the building.
Great job, bell.
I mean I'm never going
to get a promotion.
Stuck in a bad salary
most of which is services
rather than cash.
I don't need a print.
My whole life is a print.
I know my future.
You're right.
This job was too big for you.
Next time you fill
an occupation box you should
just put apartment manager.
I get it, bell.
Turn off the camera.
Wow, tough life, man.
Callouses on your hand
must be rough as sandpaper.
I get it.
Now stop.
You know what?
You should just follow
in Mr. valliani's footsteps.
It's just too tough, you know?
You're a little bitch
and everyone knows it.
So, why don't you just
Enough, bell!
That's enough.
You know that he was dead,
all right?
So, why did you ask
for an interview?
Is it because capturing
someone else's pain
so good for your movie?
Is it?
Well, here.
What else?
You want me to tell you
that knowing his future
was too much for him?
But you know,
you know what's worse?
Is knowing that
you can't lie to yourself.
You can't say
I did what I had to.
I had no other choice.
Or if I had chosen
another route.
Because if you did something
wrong or bad
it was inside you all along.
It was you that was bad.
Not the decision.
All right, bell.
Get in the car.
We've got to go.
Okay, I see.
You got what you came for.
You can forget about me.
Go on.
Get out of here.
I'm calling the police.
Mrs. valliani, I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
Bell, get in the car.
We're leaving.
We're leaving now.
I'm sorry.
I think it's dangerous.
It's the lack of knowledge
of the future
that gives the human race
its drive and determination.
Well, can you give us
an example?
If you already knew you were
going to win the lottery
would a person
work hard towards a goal
or simply try and...
No one is saying they can
predict lottery numbers,
We're talking about
biological predictions.
How about this?
If you know when you're
going to die it certainly
has an effect
on how you spend
the rest of your time.
And you're only
proving my point.
If you know
when you're going to die
you can choose to spend
the rest of your days
with the people you love
or you can choose
to do just whatever
you've always wanted to do,
Or you could fall into
a depression
and give up on life early.
the package has arrived.
Little later than expected,
but there's very little
chatter on the net.
So, I'm pretty sure I'm one of
the first to get one.
Let's take a look at this.
Oh, God.
You scared the piss
out of me, man.
Bell wasn't sure
you'd still be working on this.
Well, neither was I
after you bailed on me.
I didn't bail on you.
It was our first
big interview
and you had something
better to do.
Might I add you went
behind my back
to get a better shot
at the clemens.
I didn't pitch my idea,
I pitched this.
I'm supposed to believe that
after you went
without telling me?
Okay, full disclosure,
I was hoping I would come up
with an idea as good as this
before I got to the interview.
So, now it's a good idea?
Yes, now it's a good idea.
I don't want
to depend on you
if you're not in this with me.
I'm in.
Or I want in.
My grandpa Joe
was in Vietnam
with a dad of some military guy
that has some thoughts
on all this.
I got us an interview.
Yeah, I thought it would be
a cool social experiment
for Scott orenhauser
to work on a Dillon Smith
project for a change.
Might give you a chance
to learn some things.
You know something?
I'm open to the possibilities.
Cheers, buddy.
I don't need a tripod
if you're here.
So, this is it?
Yeah, this is it.
Oh, is this the camera
you borrowed?
It might be one
we actually used at school.
Well, let's get to work.
Show me this thing.
It's actually pretty genius.
It works like
a blood sugar test.
Drop of blood goes here.
And you plug it into
this USB drive,
which I guess I can do now.
Then you download an app
from the ltl site.
Of course that costs $10.
Yeah, all right.
Well, I guess...
Well, let me get this good.
Yeah, we're going to do it?
Got it?
Can you see?
Let me get in close.
See what we're doing?
Ooh, mommy.
You got this?
Can you get it in the hole?
That's what she said.
That should be good.
Let's plug this in
and pull up the ltl site.
I've read most of this already.
Reader's cost,
or readers have
to be certified by ltl.
So far nobody's even scored
higher than an 83%.
Readers who fail
the certification
are still given their ranking,
but they're not
publicized by ltl
and they're far less accurate,
but way cheaper.
That reminds me.
Let me see.
A reader with a 70%,
the borderline pass
is going to cost $800.
Oh, damn.
When you go to get your print
read you have to fill out
an 80-page survey
of questions about your life.
So, if they know that,
say you had the flu
at a certain time in your past
they can look
for times in your future
with the same genetic response.
Let's see.
I'm confirming the sample.
Can you see it?
Well, they definitely made it
idiot proof.
So exciting.
Are you ready?
Once you do it,
there's no going back.
Screw it, right?
Screw it.
Let's do it.
It's over a hundred pages
of unreadable hieroglyphics.
Well, that was
terribly un-exciting.
Maybe we should go back
to Dillon smithworking
on a Scott orenhauser project.
I guess we got to go
see a reader.
We really want to thank you
for doing this for us, sir.
Oh, save that
for after the interview.
Well, we're all set on my end.
Whenever you're ready.
Sir, would you please
state your name and rank?
Brigadier general
Anthony Morris.
And have you heard
of life tracker limited?
Seems to be
the only thing everyone
is talking about these days.
Are you a believer?
They can predict the future?
Well, I haven't had
my own print done,
but I see no reason
why it's not possible.
Are you in favor of releasing
the death date information?
Well, this case represents
two aspects that are
intrinsically American.
Freedom of speech
and a free market.
Seems to me Mr. hutchensen has
the right to run his business
the way he sees fit.
Maybe I've been misinformed,
but I was under the impression
that you were against
letting this sort of technology
get out to the masses.
Sometimes there's a difference
between what is allowable
under the constitution
of the United States
and what you think
one should or should not do
even if they are
constitutionally allowed
to do so.
Can you explain?
Well, if I had my say
in the matter
I would ask Mr. hutchensen
to allow the U.S. army
to study how this
could be used to protect
and serve our country.
Can you foresee any specific
way in which ltl technology
might be useful?
We don't know the depths
of this technology.
No one does.
Hell, not even rocko himself.
But it seems to me if you
gather enough data imagination
is the only limit.
What about personal privacy?
Well, you've got
to start somewhere.
Look, all I'm saying is the
technology is incredible
and if used properly
this would be a great tool
for the safety of Americans.
Downtown LA.
You only see it like this
after it rains.
Hey there, future viewers.
It is 2:34am.
Can't sleep.
Aren't sequential numbers
on a clock supposed to be
like good luck or something?
Now, when I lay down
I feel like I could pass out,
but I just stare
at the ceiling awake.
So, I'm up on the roof
with my cameras.
Tomorrow is a big day.
Scott, bell, and I
are going to go down
and get our prints read.
We were able
to get $2,000 together.
Scott borrowed,
I sold my baseball card
But that wasn't going
to be enough for all of us
to get a certified reader,
so Scott had a brilliant idea.
Why I agreed
I still don't know,
but one quick trip
to Vegas later,
and we have $200 less
than we started with.
It could have been worse,
We could have lost
the whole thing,
but now we each get
an uncertified 64% reader
for $600 each.
But that's not what I wanted
to tell you tonight.
In the three weeks
since we last shot,
the ltl story has landed itself
firmly in the 24-hour
media cycle.
At least here in California
Take a look.
First, we don't even know
if it's a viable test.
It's unproven.
Well, it's not going
to be proven
until we lead by example.
the highest rated reader
to date is at 87%.
Now, those might be good odds
if you're in a casino,
but not when you're letting
the whole world
study your genetic code
and make judgment calls
about you.
If you were Chuck lamont
wouldn't you be worried?
what does this have to do
with the state of California?
If you could look
into the future
and see if a car
you were buying
was gonna blow a head gasket
two months later,
would you buy it?
Listen, an ltl print
will let us check his oil.
Fourth, let's say
we could find a reader
rated at 100%,
not going to happen,
but let's just say it.
How is it possible to be sure
that that reader is impartial?
enough with the counting.
let's talk about the issues,
the economy,
the prison system,
the debate over charter
versus public school systems.
I don't want to play politics.
This is about...
You don't want
to play politics?
Well, what do you think
you'll have to do
am I going to get
a chance here?
The reality is game playing
for Megan brown,
problem solving
from Chuck lamont.
Here we are.
We want to thank
our good friend Zack
for helping us out
on camera two.
So, we all went down
thinking we were going
to walk out with
some sort of fortune cookie,
but it was actually
a pretty in depth process.
Yeah, you don't even
meet with the reader.
It's all based on your print,
which is analyzed against
your personal survey.
And I'm fine with
my print being added
to the national database.
But I will die if anyone
gets a hold of his.
Oh, really?
tons of personal questions.
I mean usual things.
Who your parents are,
personal medical history,
but tons of almost
like freudian questions.
Right, like how do you feel
about your mother?
One of them
was named the top five
most emotionally painful
experiences of your life,
then rate the pain
on a scale of 1 to 10,
1 being orgasm,
10 being contemplation
of suicide.
Yeah, nothing if not vivid.
And you have to remember
how old you were
to the week if possible
when these things happened.
Right, because there's
this fine print
that basically says
one of the ways
a reader's accuracy
can be compromised is
if you mess up your timeline.
Which we're not going to say.
Before we...
Wait, wait.
Before we do it,
this is for the documentary,
No judgments.
No judgments.
No matter what.
Plus, our trip to Vegas
kind of downgraded
our reader's qualifications
just a bit.
Yeah, 64%.
That's what we got.
Never split tens.
Okay, okay, okay.
Can we?
Zack, can we do this?
Say go.
Do it.
Damn girl.
Oh, there's an index.
Talk about excited.
Skipping to the good stuff.
Hmm, all right.
Looks like I'm going to have
problems with my lungs
and all of
the wonderful diseases
they have listed,
it says mesothelioma
is the most probable.
You've got to get something.
Yeah, jackpot.
Well, I'm going to have
a dependency problem.
Most probable culprits
being marijuana, alcohol,
and/or opiates.
That's more like
predicting the present.
It said it, not me.
What it's talking about.
It's my turn.
It says I'm going to spend
a couple of years
closer to contemplate suicide
side of the scale.
This is depressing.
There's no way to know
when any of this
is going to happen?
Oh, no, dude.
Check out the last page.
It's one giant call to arms
demanding that
the death dates be released.
Good, I'd like to know
if I'm going to get lung cancer
tomorrow or 50 years from now.
Guys, I'm going to have
two boys and a girl.
And it says that the bloke
is already in the system.
Oh, really?
This better not be
your cute way of telling me
you're preggo with my eggo.
Oh, not that I know of,
Mr. 1-0-0-4-5-2.
I am track number 1-0-0-4-6-1.
Give me that.
This dude is going to be
such a piece of work.
Getting your print done
is still sort of like
an elitist thing.
So, he's probably very wealthy
and very powerful.
Right, right.
Like Larry king or Carl rover.
Okay, they both have
incredibly sexy minds.
So sexy.
All right, never mind.
But it could be someone like,
oh, javier bardem
or gael Garcia bernal.
I'm sure.
Or not.
She doesn't even
know how to say his name
and she's going
to have his babies.
That's awesome.
We're so having babies.
Okay, you can name the boys.
Wait, you guys aren't...?
It's a joke.
Excuse me?
Of course not.
I mean it's got to be
like a mix up, right?
Honey, come on.
This is stupid.
It's wrong.
They've mixed up the numbers.
It's all fun.
You can be one of our babies.
Okay, okay.
I'm going to just,
I know, I know.
It's stupid.
I'm going to...
Can we just cut?
Yeah, it's a little awkward.
I'm so sorry.
I don't...
No, I mean I don't get it.
You guys want to start
right now?
Shut up, Zack.
So, update time.
Scott isn't talking
about the giant pink elephant
in the room.
It's been two weeks
of weird half mentioning it,
which is just making it worse.
One thing's for sure though.
He's completely switched sides.
He's now totally convinced
that this is all
just a parlour trick.
Bell just smiles
and rolls her eyes
at the whole situation.
She hasn't said
if she thinks the prints
are predicting the future,
but she's convinced
that this is a fluke.
As am I.
I'm actually very pro-ltl.
That said,
we went to a crappy reader.
Scott and bell
are perfect for each other.
End of story.
It's just so ridiculous
that we have to deal
with something like this.
How much does a reader
with a 30% cost?
That's not much of
an investment in your future.
Um... 79%.
Let me guess,
about $1,800?
Yeah, you're in the ballpark.
I've got to know what
you get for that kind of cash.
I mean a bunch
of random stuff.
I guess the biggest thing
was that he saw the effects of
some sort of anti-depressant
in my future.
How does that make you feel?
A little depressed.
Jon Stewart
got his print read?
He read it himself on the show.
He's officially
reader rated at 1.5%.
That's awesome.
You've got to find
the right suckers
and match them up
with the right snake oil,
don't you?
At this point,
I prefer to look back
rather than look forward.
My name is
Dr. uriel Patterson.
I work at the Mountain spring
lake laboratory in New York.
I'm here at ucla doing a study
on the mental effects
of receiving
an ltl print reading.
Can you tell us
a bit about the study?
Well, the fact that
they haven't released
the death date information
is really hindering
our progress.
How so?
Well, it's not just
the date of someone's death
that ltl has been
ordered not to release.
It's also anything
that would help to figure out
that information.
So, like what exactly?
We all know our birth date.
So, we know the starting point.
When we get our prints,
everything listed
before the date
you took your test
is listed chronologically.
Right, okay.
For example,
our producer Dillon
was able to see
when he broke his leg
from when he was eight
because of the spike
in his osteo somethings.
and osteoblast, right?
That's what the body uses
to repair and mend
broken bones.
Did you mention your leg
in a survey?
I did, yes.
And did the print predict
any other broken bones
in your future?
A couple of times actually.
Doesn't say.
You see the problem?
If it's possible to link
a piece of DNA with an injury
in a person's past,
then why can't you
measure the distance between
the two incidents
and figure out
when in the future
it will happen again?
I assume you can't.
Of course you can.
But how does knowing
I'm going to break my leg
sometime in the future
effect my death date?
Well, then you would know
you weren't going to die
until after you broke your leg.
Like your own personal
book of revelations.
Everyone waiting
for the seven signs
of their own apocalypse.
Okay, so how does this
hinder your progress?
You're a filmmaker,
so I assume you like movies.
Assumption correct.
Name a movie that's more
suspenseful because of what
the director doesn't show you
rather than what he does.
That's easy.
Jaws, the Blair witch project,
Rosemary's baby, psycho.
Good, good, good.
Jaws, that's a good one.
Let's use that.
We only really see the outcome
of what the shark
has already done.
When we see the shark
it's only terrifying glimpses
out of the corner of our eyes.
That's because our imaginations
are far scarier
than anything
than Spielberg
could have put on screen.
Most people have
some kind of mental anguish.
Not about what's in the print,
but about when those things
are going to happen.
In all honesty,
I believe that if the death date
information was released
people would be more at ease.
Because their imaginations
wouldn't be running wild
trying to figure out if today
was the day that they were
going to die or get a disease?
Or get pregnant,
or find happiness.
It's not always a negative
thing that causes anxiety.
It's simply not knowing.
Looking pretty bad out there.
Hey, I got a couple.
Out of how many.
A few more than a couple.
Were you recording that?
Don't worry, Keanu.
For all people know you were
surfing fumes out there.
That's good.
Because that's exactly
what we were doing.
Maybe you guys should
check your prints to see
when you'll stand up
for longer than three seconds.
Yeah, that'd be nice.
Okay, I was thinking about it
and I don't really get it.
Get what?
Well, how they're figuring
certain things out.
I mean it doesn't just say
that Jack screws Jill.
So, how do they know that?
Well, obviously,
it's more complicated
than that.
I mean I have no idea how a
microwave makes my dinner.
I just know I stick it in
and two minutes later
it's done.
Listen, it's like blue's clues
for adults.
You, basically,
just gather as many clues
as you can
and draw the most
logical conclusion.
I was reading about
the discovery of DNA last night
because in the early 50s
and at the time all they knew
that it was shaped
like a double helix
and it might be
responsible for heredity.
And I could see how
at the time that would seem
pretty useless,
but now it seems like
we use DNA for everything.
So, you're a believer?
Yeah, I guess.
I guess I am.
You're just saying
that because you want
to get into bell's pants.
Oh, God.
We went to a 64% reader.
We can't be sure
of anything he told us.
So, you believe
there's a 64% chance
bell is going to have
your babies?
No, I think that's part
of the 36% that's bogus.
Okay, I thought
were supposed to show
both sides of the story
and let the viewers decide.
Right, because
Michael Moore's docs
aren't slanted
to the left at all.
Well, maybe that's what
this one has going for it.
Well, Scott over here thinks
this is all a publicity stunt
to make quick cash and
you think we're going
to have sex someday.
I don't believe that.
Then what do you think?
I think you should
stop being jealous
because you have
nothing to worry about.
Is that so?
I'm going to get you all wet.
I can understand a disease
being stored in your body
after you've gotten it,
but what life tracker
claims is that all of this
is already your DNA
from the start.
Well, think of an iPod.
When you plug an iPod in all
the songs are already there.
Because the playlist was made
before you started listening.
Well, it's the same thing
with our DNA.
Our DNA, Susan,
was made at creation.
Okay, now you're getting
into religion.
Is this proof of God?
If it is, do we want to know
what God knows?
Do we want to play God?
Well, are we playing God
when we go see the doctor
or the dentist?
So, with that argument,
does that mean we should let
our teeth rot out of our heads
because that's
what God gave us?
I'm not arguing that there's
no possible good
to come from this,
but I think it's a huge mistake
to not also think about
the negative possibilities.
Back off, dil.
Would you just tell me
what's wrong?
I'm trying to help
your little documentary here.
Here we are in filmmaking
capital of the world,
always sunny Hollywood,
Hi, Dillon.
Thanks for talking
with us today.
Bell, what happened?
Your new film about ltl
technology to predict
the future so brilliant.
Is it a scam?
Or will it change the world
and how we see it?
What are you doing?
See, folks?
It changes everything.
Nothing has changed.
That's the most amazing part.
It simply plants ideas
in your head.
Ideas about the future
and it's how you react
to those thoughts
that change everything.
Earlier, in this magnificent
documentary you were witness
to our prints telling us
that Dillon and I
would have children.
Talk about the perfect conflict
to keep the audience buzzing.
Will they really?
Or was it just
an honest misinterpretation
from a lousy reader?
Suffering from inner turmoil
I'm sure about the validity
of this asinine reading,
Scott decided to call over
a needy ex-girlfriend
for emotional support.
What does it all mean, Rebecca?
Are my girlfriend of four years
and my best friend
going to cheat together?
If that's what the print says,
then it has to be true.
I can't believe they swore
they would never do it
and we had a really
low rated reader.
I can't imagine your pain,
I think I know what will
make you feel better.
What's that,
my slutty ex-girlfriend?
A goddamn blowjob!
Bell, bell, calm down.
So, ladies and gentlemen,
you have your answer.
Throw your protests down
and accept it.
Now, what you've all
been waiting for.
Dillon, please.
No, no.
What's wrong with you?
If Scott messed up,
work it out.
But don't make
a bad situation worse
by digging the hole deeper,
the print was wrong
and you know it.
I don't need either of you.
Who's your pick for governor?
Bell told me what she did.
I promise I didn't want
any part of it.
No, man.
She told me that too.
I messed up.
Like big messed up.
Are you guys okay?
Yeah, I think so.
But we're not perfect
for a while.
You know if she didn't love
you she wouldn't be so upset.
This whole
life tracker thing, man.
It's just messing
with my head.
I'm sorry, man.
We cool?
Can we be done for the day?
Hi, I'm Steven buchanon.
I am the coadjutor bishop
for the Los Angeles diocese.
As a member of the clergy
you have a viewpoint
on life tracker technology
I found a bit surprising.
You're not against
the claim to scientifically
predict the future.
I think science and religion
go perfectly well together.
God's method for the creation
of everything that we know
to be the universe
is what we call science.
Sort of a recipe?
If you like, yeah,
or like an artist who
mixes colors and chooses
specific brushes and canvas.
Every brush stroke
brings his painting to life.
All the hows and wherefores
that mankind learns
about the existence of life
are really the brush strokes
that God used
in the creation
of his masterpiece.
But how do you feel
about people being able
to look at the blueprint?
Oh, I don't think it matters.
I mean we can no more change
our genetic makeup
than we can God's plan for us.
What's there is there.
I guess I'm just
a little surprised
at how accepting you are.
There seems to be
a lot of religious turmoil
in the press.
Son, I am not going to be
the man who stands
on the high ground
shouting to the heavens
that human flight is not now,
nor ever will be possible
while the Wright brothers,
prepped their plane
at kitty hawk.
We have no choice
but to accept.
What about free will?
A father sets a bowl
of ice cream and a bowl of
vegetables in front of a child
and asks him to choose
which one he wants.
The ice cream of course.
The ice cream of course.
Did the child have a choice?
Choice the child would make
before he made it?
Difficult concepts are often
that way just because
the way they're worded.
How do you feel about
the pending decisions regarding
the release of the death date?
Do you remember those
Chilean miners awhile back?
Of course.
They're trapped in the mine,
and the rescuers are able
to drill down a small hole
that for air, food, and water
and they put down
that video tap.
So, we all watched
while the experts
predicted that
they wouldn't be able
to get a rescue tunnel
down to those poor men
until Christmas.
But people and resources
came together.
And they were able to get
those men out by mid-October.
Two and a half months early,
which doesn't negate the fact
that those poor souls
were down there for 70 days.
It would have been nice
for them to know in advance
that they were going to live.
If we'd known in advance
that there was no danger,
would the story
have touched millions of people
around the world?
Would it have brought us
together as one people
for that little brief moment?
Now, here's a thought.
If it had been predicted that
those men would die down there
would we have even tried
to rescue them at all?
Judging by the looks
of their site,
they knew this day was coming.
Hmm, damn.
It's all npr
spoke about today.
All goddamn day.
People are lemmings.
So, if people
aren't interested
in what you're interested in
then that makes them lemmings.
Is that what you're saying?
Those lemmings
are the same people
that made the twilight movies
I liked those movies.
Just a bunch of experts
talking about how important
the life links are
to the entire process.
Just experts.
You don't want to know
when you're going to die?
And be like 75% sure?
Great, just enough to scare me,
but keep me hopeful.
To find out
when you're going to die,
first of all.
And rocko says
it's 98% accurate.
Rocko says.
Oh, well,
if rocko says it...
It's everything.
But you can just create
an account online
and sign in with your print ID.
I have an idea that I told bell
and she's in,
but we're going
to need everybody.
So, you take over, babe?
So, we have ten
raffle tickets at $25 a pop.
If your name
gets drawn out of the hat.
May I?
I know. I'm sorry.
If your name gets drawn out of
the hat you get your
death date for only $25.
But some of us
never got our prints
and Zack always cries poor.
That's because he is poor.
Yeah and I doubt
team Edward got his.
You doubt correctly.
Okay, so that means 5 of us
and 10 tickets.
Then I'm in for two.
Oh, and the site lets you use
multiple forms of payment.
So, we can all charge it.
You guys start our account?
Yeah, sure.
You know what?
I'm in for one I guess.
There's seven left.
I'm not sure I want to do it.
Put another two on my card.
You can just pay me later.
I can afford it.
I just said I'm not sure
I want to do it.
Put me in for two.
Oh, all right.
Look, if she's in for two
I'm in for two.
I can't believe we're doing
this, guys.
What a lemming.
Shut up.
That's one ticket left.
Don't look at me,
I've got to put gas in my car.
I'll take the last one.
Yeah, Dillon.
That's three for Dillon,
two for me, two for bell,
two for Ellie,
and one for Drake.
Zero for Drake.
Zero for Drake.
Thank you.
All right, Dillon.
This doc is your creation.
I think you should do
the honors.
Drum roll.
[Tapping on counter]
Oh, come on.
I think you better
check the tickets
to make sure they don't
all say Scott on them.
Come on.
I've almost got
all the cards.
Hang on.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, guys.
You want to kill him now
so we don't have
to waste our money
on finding out
when he's going to die?
Ohh, or kill him now
and see if rocko predicts it.
Even better.
I'm getting interested now.
Scott, I need
your print number.
It's down here.
While we wait I've got
some good news to share.
You're pregnant
with Drake's love child?
Thank God.
We've been trying for so long.
I got the clemens grant.
That's awesome, dil.
Dillon, that's huge.
I thought they weren't
announcing the recipient
till next week.
They're not,
but they notified me early
to see if I could make
some awards banquet.
I'm not supposed
to tell anyone yet.
So, you get like
tons of money, right?
Some cash,
but it's mostly
goods and services.
Goods and services.
It adds up
to like $50,000 though.
Hey, Mr. networking
and schmooze master,
didn't you apply?
Scott is on my application
for the life chair [Indistinct].
Scott put his own idea
into it, though.
Don't, bell.
You did?
Can we say catfight?
Yeah, come on.
I entered the last three years
on my own.
It just felt weird not to,
but dude,
don't worry about it.
We're going to get
some kick ass equipment
and we may even want
to reconsider
reshooting some things.
This is awesome.
So, you're going to
use the money
to produce the film, right?
that is great news
because now you can give me
my $25 back
and we can write this off
as a business expense.
Yeah, okay.
Here we go.
When is Scotty going to die?
All right.
All right.
We're holding.
Okay, okay.
Get on with it.
It's not me.
Hold on.
Here we go.
Death date.
June 8th, 2015.
That's not right.
Come on.
What does it say, babe?
I knew this was a bad idea.
Babe, what does it say?
You probably...
You know,
I put the wrong number in
or something.
I mean...
that's got to be a mistake.
It's got to be.
You know what, Jay?
Maybe just turn
the camera off.
I don't think...
No, no.
It's just...
It's great.
It's... I'll be gone
and you two can magically
fall into each other's arms.
Congrats, man.
You're going to have
a perfect little family.
Jay, turn the camera off.
Yeah, Jay.
Yeah, please.
I apologize
that life tracker limited
is taking up so much
time and energy,
but with the possible threat
that ltl raises,
no precaution
is considered too great.
If you don't know by now,
the justice department
stopped fighting the release
of the ltl death date
We simply needed to make sure
that the technology
and the information was safe
before we allowed it
out to the masses.
However, now that
have been released
we are faced with
another problem.
Now, fortunately,
this is a problem
that we have faced before.
I'm sure many of you remember
the turn of the century
and the y2k phenomenon.
Of course we all had
a little chuckle
when we woke up
on January 1, 2000
and we had found
that our computers
had not all rebelled
against us.
Well, here we are again.
In the 72 hours
since these death dates
have become available,
two major predictions
have been made by this ltl.
The bigger and the more
dramatic of the two,
that the end of the world
is coming.
A staggering 99.9% of all
people who have gotten
their death dates predicted
including mine,
it's all on the same date.
It's June 8, 2015.
Now, I'm fully aware
that I sound like
I am reading
from some sort of comic book,
but I know that this is
going to cause a media stir.
And I assure you we are
completely confident
that this is not a prediction,
but a company's sick ploy
to achieve worldwide
My office will be taking
every measure conceivable
to prove ltl false
and to protect
every American citizen.
Believe it or not,
a major part of the solution
lies with the second
big prediction.
The second prediction
made by ltl
since Tuesday's release
that every single person
in or associated
with belfast, northern Ireland
that they've received
this death date
and it's been predicted
that they will all perish
on September 22, 2014.
I'm telling you all this
not only because
you're going to hear about it
in the media anyway
but belfast is going
to be our proof
that ltl is nothing more
than a party game.
And then on September 23, 2014
when the good people
of belfast, northern Ireland
wake up safe in their beds,
my hope is that this fear
of looming worldwide doomsday
will fall by the wayside.
For now, you must know
that the president,
of course,
is being kept up to date
to everything
that's coming in
and all pertinent information
as it unfolds
we're going to
immediately pass it on
to the American public
and to the world at large.
Please remember the world
is the same as it always was
before anyone heard the name
of Richard 'rocko' hutchensen
and life tracker limited.
I can assure you that
the only thing we need
to do to get back on track
is to simply worry
about the present.
And we'll be working hard
to prove all of this to you.
I have time for
now, what if we had
a collection of data
that would allow us
to foretell an epidemic
before that epidemic happened?
I think public is fed up
with everything digital
from credit cards
to our iPhones.
We are literally tracked
night and day.
We only think
we live in a free society.
Well, why does it matter
if people know
where you are,
what you're doing, Abigail,
if you're not doing
anything illegal?
Are you listening
to yourself?
Ladies, we are out of time
on this subject.
Are there any last words
you'd like to leave?
20 seconds.
I'll be quick.
Yes, I would like
to say something.
I don't think giving up
a little bit of our personal
privacy is too much to ask.
When we're talking about
a technology
that could conceivably
help with world health,
world hunger,
and world peace.
And world domination.
Uh, here.
Take this.
I have to say something.
We're still shooting today,
I can't work on
this project anymore.
Because of
the death date thing?
I just...I think I need
to work on my own stuff.
But this was your stuff,
our stuff.
I appreciate you
bringing me in on this, man.
I just...
I don't have any reason
to believe any of it
and I definitely don't think
I can keep an indifferent eye
while hosting this shit.
This shit?
I thought you were...
Sorry, not the doc.
Just this.
All this, this shit.
And talk to people
about doomsday.
I mean you don't think
that's worth shooting?
So, I'm doing it alone again.
This doesn't change anything.
You're still my bro.
Honestly, this is...
I'm just afraid that if I keep
working on this,
we're going to lose that
and it's not something
I'm willing to...
You know.
Yeah, okay.
I don't agree, but I get it.
But you owe me today.
You owe me today
or I'm having sex with bell.
Go ahead
and stand right up here.
We good?
So, you had your print read?
Yeah, everyone I know
already had one.
So, I figured why not?
Did you pay
for the death date upgrade?
I kind of figured
that was a waste of money if
everybody gets the same date.
Yeah, I'm just stocking up
on water bottles,
batteries, you know,
that kind of thing.
So, you were chosen then?
Like the matrix?
That's weird.
Anyway, I'm not.
My print says I'm goners
just like everybody else, so...
In hindsight,
I sort of wish
I hadn't got my own date.
So, we decided not to get his.
Sort of an ignorance is bliss
kind of thing,
so, how do you feel
about the idea
of using the belfast track
as a test
to prove doomsday wrong?
I think it's a little sick,
how so?
Well, it's sort of like
having someone test your meal
for poison
before you take a bite.
I mean, okay,
so what if belfast does tumble?
What then?
Mass hysteria?
Cats and dogs living together?
Have you heard about
the chosens?
I know that Los Angeles
has over 200.
Do you know out of how many?
No, do you?
Over 780,000.
General, the story
seems to be growing fast.
Is there anything specific
we should be fearful of?
Now, the media is going to
make a big deal out of this
and I am sure
that our biggest safety concern
is going to be
the amount of people
that are descending
upon belfast.
Now, hopefully that plague
will put money
into the local economy.
To see something good
come out of this.
I heard that you were
interested in meeting with ltl
to discuss [Indistinct]?
I have never said that.
I have always believed that
the ltl technology was a joke
and that Mr. Richard 'rocko'
hutchensen is a fake.
And we will have our proof
on the morning of
September 23, 2014.
Next question.
Has rocko been charged
with any crimes?
Yes, he is currently,
he is currently facing
charges of incitement
among other things.
Yes, there is a charge
of terrorism,
but I am currently
not at liberty
to speak about that.
One last question,
Should people
continue to buy the prints?
Absolutely not.
We do not want to put money
in the coffers
of life tracker limited.
Buying prints
and paying readers,
it's only adding fuel
to the fire.
Dillon, I was surprised
to get your call.
Do you mind the camera?
I suppose not.
I mean unless
it becomes incriminating.
You know you can get
your death date online, right?
I know, but it's for the movie
and it's more
visually stimulating
if I get my information
from my reader.
I charge a little more.
I understand.
I have the money.
Well, come on in.
Let's see.
Now, this information
is fully accurate
no matter what my rating is.
However, I'm sure yours
will be just like mine.
June 8th, 2015.
I've been hearing that date
a lot lately.
Yeah, you believe it?
Well, the stuff in my print
is definitely not true.
No offense.
None taken.
But there's also evidence
worldwide that seems
that shouldn't be ignored.
What do you think?
Well, don't you think
I'm a little biased?
I do currently make my living
based on this technology.
I realize.
Well, I'd say I'm about 64%
convinced it's not a joke.
Those aren't very good odds
for the people in belfast.
But good odds for you.
January 4th, 2060.
Man, you're going to live
a long life, Mr. Smith.
and it looks like
you are number 287
in Los Angeles county.
Just over 81,000 worldwide.
Huh, I guess the question now
is do you believe?
But what if I had been
some schmuck off the street?
The Attorney General
would have buried me.
That's what.
Mr. hutchensen,
I'm going to have
to end the interview
if you keep
using that language.
there's another place
the government should keep
its (Censored) Away from.
Sorry, penis.
Listen, I represent the people,
the people all around
this country that are
trying to make something
of themselves.
The only difference is
I'm not a pathetic failure.
Should not be allowed
to dictate what
the private sector offers
the American people.
That's communism.
So, anything anyone wants
they should be allowed to have?
What about drugs?
Don't try to paint me
into a corner.
I understand the government
protecting us
from drugs and guns.
The government
needs to step in
when we start slipping roofies
to pubescent boys
and shooting up our schools
and workplaces.
But how's the service I'm
offering going to hurt anyone?
It will change what people do
and how they think,
how they act.
Are you an idiot?
Checking the weather report
before going on vacation
changes what people do
and how they act.
The president is attacking me
and my legal business
He has all the money
in the U.S. treasury
to prevent me
from releasing a product
in a free market
capitalist system.
Is that fair?
It's been a matter of weeks
since you released
the death dates
and ltl's prints are telling
99.9% of the people
who have taken the test
that they're going to die
on June 8, 2015.
Your point?
Well, my point,
my point is don't you think
that's a bit far-fetched?
A bit drastic?
Well, that's two questions.
Was it too far-fetched
to believe at one point
in our world's history
that 25% of the population died
because of fleas on rats?
(Censored) Happens.
What about the claim
that this is one big
publicity stunt?
I think it's a brilliant way
to fight me.
Bravo, team usa.
So, it's a stunt?
I heard that your print
said you were going
to grow a brain tumor.
How's that working for you?
This interview
is not about me.
So, it's true?
What was it that I heard?
Four months?
Four months, wasn't it?
I heard that you had
four months to live.
I'd prefer
if we stayed on topic.
Mary mother of Christ.
So, your print
was right on the money
and you're trying
to convince your viewers
that it's unreliable?
Are you serious?
Mr. hutchensen.
You irresponsible stupid
Thank you, Mr. hutchensen.
It's been a pleasure
having you.
Okay, so,
things have gotten
just a tid bit crazy
in the last few weeks.
So far 890 million people
worldwide have gotten
their death dates predicted.
Out of those just under
2 million are predicted
to live past doomsday.
That's one in every 450 people.
I mean I don't even think
I know 450 people.
And that means that out of
the approximately 11 million
people that live in the
greater Los Angeles area,
only 25,000 will be left.
Some are calling it nature's
answer to over population
and everyone from scientists
to bums on the street
are predicting
how it's going to happen.
Theories range
from simultaneous
worldwide natural disasters
to what christians
call the rapture.
And some are even taking things
into their own hands
and there have been
a number of cult-ish,
Jim Jones,
drink the purple kool-aid
mass suicides.
I mean it's crazy.
And chosens, that's what
they're calling us,
chosens are having
support groups, meetings,
to try and figure out
what it is
that we have in common.
You know what it is
that makes us--
did you think
I wouldn't find out?
Stop it.
Why didn't you tell me?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Are you too good to talk to me
now that you're Mr. chosen?
Okay, because after
I found out
how special you were,
I went and got
bell's death date.
Are going to have long,
happy lives together,
does that make you happy?
Are you...?
I bet you pray
this is all true.
You're just antsy
to have her all to yourself.
How you feel about her.
It's not like
you hide it well.
You're really not going
to say anything?
Scott, stop it.
Son of a bitch!
You know how I know
this is all fake?
Because I can [Indistinct].
Scott, get off of him!
Get off.
How does it feel
to be chosen now, Dillon?
How does it feel?
Get off of him!
[Water splashing]
Are you insane?
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with both of you?
Headed to spokane.
Couldn't get through the
automated telephone system.
So, I'm just going to show up
and try and catch rocko
by surprise.
I figure what have I got
to lose?
And I mean I can't really make
a life tracker documentary
without trying to talk
to the man himself.
Wish me luck.
Okay, home sweet home.
Found this in the lobby.
So, I guess I am just
going to go wait
outside of his office building.
my name is Dillon Smith.
I'm making a documentary
about life tracker.
Mr. hutchensen
isn't interested.
I just want to ask you
a few questions.
Don't make me repeat myself.
Who are you?
I'm Dillon Smith.
Are you making a movie?
What's that going to do?
Does that prove something?
No, the only proof
is predictions coming true.
Sir, that is enough.
Put that camera away.
You want your proof?
Here it is.
My print will be
made public tomorrow
and because of it,
today will go down in history.
Now, leave me the hell alone.
Now, put the camera away.
You know something
that the world doesn't?
What does your print say,
Get his gun.
Get his gun.
One shooter.
One shooter.
Get him.
I just wanted my family
to be left alone, but no.
You had to make
that goddamn prediction,
didn't you?
About 20 minutes ago
I heard on the radio
that a group of chosens
were meeting at a house
in the valley
when a group
of apparently violent
demonstrators showed up.
I came out to grab my camera
and I found this.
The letters cbw
stand for chosen by who?
And the slashes represent
the number of chosens
that live in the building.
Me and bell.
If they looked us up.
Or if they saw this.
Dear Dillon Smith,
Anderson Cooper
is putting together
a round table discussion
of the recent verbal,
and physical abuse of chosens.
We've attempted to call,
but our calls
have gone unanswered.
Have footage documenting
life tracker limited.
Anderson would love to talk
to you about being on the show.
Please call
at your earliest convenience.
This is why
I haven't answered their calls.
I was expecting
a little more than this.
I know it doesn't
look like much,
but I promise
it's everything we need.
Your footage of rocko's
death went viral pretty fast.
I'm still trying
to get over it.
Wrong place,
right time I guess.
So, should we start?
I think most people
already know you
as a news correspondent,
but would you please
state your name
and point of view?
My name is
Abigail Wesson-levitt
and I am an international
for the pro choices cause.
Do you want some water?
Sorry, I'll be fine.
Your stance
is that it is better
to not know your future
before you live it?
I'm pro choices,
which is a movement
against print readings?
Because we believe
that your decisions...
Once tainted by predictions
are no longer
your own decisions.
I have my print
and I still make
my own decisions.
Do you?
You don't think that your
decisions are tainted by
information that you found
in your print?
My reader only had
a 64% accuracy rating.
I had your print re-read
by Mr. ranchaw here.
He has a rating of 92%.
Nobody has a rating of 92%.
Wait, where did you get
a copy of my print?
I also know you're a chosen.
Would you like to conduct
a little experiment?
We took the liberty
of asking some
very specific questions
to your print.
I'm not sure how comfortable
I am with this.
Well, it's your doc.
So, it's your decision,
but I can prove right now
that the future is changeable.
Okay, I'll play along.
We asked your print,
when was the last time
you had sex?
That's a bit personal,
don't you think?
Looking at specific hormones
a body produces
during intercourse,
your last ejaculation
was four days ago
and you're not scheduled
to do it again
for another two.
Excuse me?
We have 92% accuracy.
We compared it to my own print
and I haven't had...
I haven't been...
I haven't been active
in the two weeks
since we scheduled
this interview.
This is really weird.
I'm sorry.
I'm not comfortable
with this interview.
No, no.
I'm getting to my point.
I promise.
It will only take a second.
If either of us
were to have intercourse today.
Now, then we've proven
the whole thing fallible.
Even at 92% accuracy.
I am sorry, Dillon.
This is weird for me too.
What does this prove?
This doesn't prove anything.
In a battle of science
I believe that human nature
wins every time.
Human nature
is the basis of science.
You've proven your point.
No, no, no.
Okay, stop, stop.
If I stop now
then I will have proven
the opposite of my point.
I want to prove that you
can change what a print says.
And both of our prints say
that neither one of us
is supposed to have
intercourse today.
Human nature says that
you are a 30 something year old
straight male who hasn't had a
lot of experience with women.
It also says that if a woman,
almost any woman
who is willing
and determined to have sex
with you that there is
very little you can do
to fight off
what is a completely natural
and unpredictable event.
You don't have to do this.
You have no idea how hard it
was to get up the nerve.
Bell just called
and said she needed to talk.
She said she didn't want
to do it over the phone.
So, I told her to come down.
To actually use this
in the movie
and I feel guilty enough
about it already,
but I don't know
what she's going to say
and she sounded
desperately serious.
She's literally on her way over
right now.
So, I'm covering
the record light
with a piece of gaff tape.
I'm sorry, bell.
What's going on?
Is it Scott?
It's me.
I'm just so confused.
About what?
There are things in my print
that change the entire plan
I had for my life.
I mean, what do you do
with that information?
Do you just hold onto it?
Or do you just accept it
and change?
What if I'm changing something
that I shouldn't have changed?
Bell, you just have to go on
living the life
you were already living.
Scott is pressuring me
to get pregnant.
Don't you want kids?
Yeah, but he doesn't.
He just wants to prove
his print is wrong.
Maybe, but he loves you too
and I'm sure you guys
were going
to have kids anyway.
And I mean wouldn't that do it?
Tangible proof
that this is all bs?
I don't want a baby as some
sort of science experiment.
Then wait.
I've always wanted kids
my whole life and now I don't?
Maybe I don't love Scott.
Yes, you do.
Okay, maybe I do,
but maybe, maybe
love doesn't matter as much
as we thought it did.
Maybe what matters most of all
is survival.
Dillon, maybe you and I
are meant to be together.
You don't think Scott
wants me dead enough?
What if the print is right?
It's not, okay?
I can't be with him anymore.
He's so angry.
He's drinking all the time.
He's always stoned.
He's getting the shit end
of the stick, bell.
I mean not you, not me.
If you and I are just
destined to be together
I just want to get there.
Do you understand that?
I just, I want to move on.
Thank you for the romance.
I've always fantasized
about the day my dream girl
would settle for me
because she just
wants to move on.
Dillon, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it like that.
Don't be sorry to me, okay?
Be sorry to Scott.
The reason he's pissed
is because he loves you.
So, maybe you should
try comforting him.
I'm sorry, Dillon, I--
[door closes]
This probably isn't very good
for the success of this doc,
but who cares, right?
Belfast is safe.
People are safe.
Doomsday fear
is a thing of the past.
Now, we've got to figure out
how to put ourselves
back together.
But I think we're going
to wait until the night's over.
There's my car.
I haven't been
the best documentarian.
Before the belfast party
last week
I hadn't turned on
the camera for months.
I don't really speak
to Scott or bell anymore.
Scott says hello
when we pass in the halls
and bell smiled and waved
the other day when I was
on my way to the pool.
But as for being friends,
that seems to be over.
I don't know.
Things are going good
for them though.
Scott put in his 30-day notice
and I saw a ring
on bell's finger.
So, two and two
equals four, right?
As for the rest of the world,
I can't say
it's been that easy.
It seems like every day
I learn something else
that I didn't realize
could be
affected by the prints.
Here's a montage of things
I stole off the web.
Belfast is fine.
In fact,
the town has been invigorated
by a kind of new hope.
we found quite
a different story
as much work remains
to pick up the pieces
of a world broken
by false expectations.
I don't think lives
were spared.
I don't think belfast
was ever in any danger.
In Pakistan,
they're reporting
37% unemployment
and 100,000 dead
and the main cause is cholera.
You and your group believe
that the belfast track
was planted in the technology
by the American government.
Yes, sir.
No, please.
In Brazil,
there are no imports
or exports.
They're reporting 22%
unemployment and untold dead.
We assume that number
to be big,
but there's no way of knowing
because there's no press
getting in
or out of the country.
This one can't be blamed
on wall street.
I mean people
made rash decisions
because they literally
thought they knew the future.
Data can be analyzed
countless ways and each way
poses the possibility
of a new hypothesis.
It took over a year
in legal mire for ltl
to even be allowed
to release this technology
and then months and months
before they were free
to release the death dates.
And then the government
just gives up.
Can you tell me why
not a single female
under the age of 14
who has had their print read
is predicted to ever
have a child?
Some have tried
to build new lives,
others have attempted
to rebuild their old lives.
Steven Carter and countless
others have simply decided
to end it.
Some are going
as far as to say
that these sad cases
are not suicide,
but cold-hearted recklessness
at the hands
of Richard hutchensen.
I think that rocko hutchensen
got exactly what he deserved.
Last time we met,
we'd talked about a broken bone
in your childhood.
You remember that?
Well, I probably owe you
partial credit for this.
I sought out all trial
patients who had predicted
levels of bone mending cells.
One gentleman
had a print that said
he would be injured
in a few weeks.
Now, just to be safe
we surrounded him
with a rotating deluge
of interns to watch over him
for a whole week
just in case
the print was off a little bit.
Now, a person
can break a bone
just standing up.
So, we literally made him
comfortable in his own bed
and took care
of all of his needs.
A week of reading
and watching movies
he actually thought
it was relaxing.
So, you were able
to prove it wrong?
Mr. Marshall
lives on a residential street
at the end of a t-intersection.
At 3:00 on the fourth day
of our test a kid
paying too much attention
to his cellphone blows through
a stop sign
and slams into
Mr. Marshall's house.
Let me guess.
He broke a bone?
He suffered a broken ulna
and three small bones
in his right hand.
That means ltl was able
to predict the car accident?
It predicted
that he would break bones,
but how many other things
went into that prediction?
If he hadn't been
part of our study
been home in bed
at 3:00 in the afternoon.
So, his DNA essentially
had already factored in
that he'd be part of your test?
Hmm, who knows?
Maybe he would have
broken a bone some other way.
Maybe he wouldn't have
broken any bones at all
and we set up
some terrible coincidence.
I'm only calling because
I thought you deserved to know.
Are you sure it's mine?
Yes, I did it on purpose,
Are you saying you set me up?
That really sounds bad.
Yeah, it does.
When are you due?
Three weeks.
I just don't understand.
You planned this.
I knew who you were
because of your [Indistinct]
When you called about an
interview for your doc
I did some research.
I couldn't believe
that my print
matched up with yours.
When I learned you were
a chosen it just made sense
to make our baby
with a chosen too.
And through it I could
still somehow live on.
Is it a boy or a girl?
A boy.
I mean what were
you going to do?
Just leave him on my doorstep
the night before doomsday?
I don't even know.
I even had his print
done in utero.
I don't know
what I'm supposed to say or do.
Look, if you want to be
a part of his life you can be.
If not, that is fine too.
You know I could probably
even be convinced to
give him up for adoption.
I'm going to need some time,
You know,
to wrap my head around this.
I understand.
I'll call you.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
Hey, what's up?
You going out for doomsday?
No, I was planning on
watching the festivities on TV.
Ugh, boring.
I want you to come out
with us tonight.
We're going to this place
called the warehouse downtown.
Zack's got a gig there.
Um, uh...
No rush.
We're leaving in a few hours.
It's going to be me, bell,
Drake, Jay, Ellie,
the whole crew
and well hopefully you.
This is sort of
out of the blue.
I figured tonight was kind of
the obvious time
to start over, you know?
And I come with
a peace offering.
I got five of them at my job.
They're corporate advertising
but they're pretty impressive
little bitches.
I thought maybe
you could use it
to shoot some stuff
as a button for the doc.
The life tracker doc.
Oh, yeah.
I sort of stopped
working on that.
Yeah, I hear
you got a job
at red and tan productions.
They're keeping me
pretty busy.
That's great.
Yeah, I mean I have to start
paying rent though,
I don't have time
to manage this place.
Oh, poor baby.
I've had it easy.
Well, shoot whatever
you want with it,
but it's yours.
We're all going
to have them tonight.
They fit pretty snug
in your hand.
They're nice, man.
I miss you, man.
Bell misses you too.
We're getting married.
I heard.
Can we put this all behind us?
Sorry for all of this.
No, it's not your fault.
It's no one's fault.
I'll get ready and come up.
And look good.
Use the end of the world
as an excuse.
If you can't get laid tonight,
you're hopeless.
Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
Everybody raise them up.
Raise them up.
Come on.
We're all dying
in a couple of hours.
End of the world!
Give me some cheers.
Give me some cheers.
Yeah, yeah.
You know what?
Before I drink too,
I just want to say
for all the people...
What are you doing?
Look at this.
This girl is totally
chatting with Dillon.
She's cute.
What do you think
she's saying to him?
I work in movies.
Because I'm an actress.
It must be fate
that we met tonight.
Yeah, it's just like
it's too bad
it's like the last night
on earth, right?
Oh, my God.
I guess we better
make the most of it.
Look at her hands.
She's holding hands
with someone.
He better not be
paying for that whore's drink.
Oh, my God.
She's so busted.
No, look at her.
Oh, she's brushing him off.
She's brushing him off.
What a slut.
What a slut.
Oh, my God, Dillon.
No, come on.
Poor Dillon.
Man down.
What happened?
Did you guys film?
Did you get all of that?
Oh, we got it all.
We got it all.
Yes, but you know what?
I'm sorry, man.
I hope you couldn't hear it.
No, we didn't hear it.
Yeah, [Indistinct].
It was worth a try.
Cheers to the next.
Aw, Dillon.
We love you.
We do.
And you look
so handsome tonight.
Oh, well.
We're going to find you
a way sexier girl.
Okay, good.
We're going to get you
laid tonight, buddy.
Yeah, yeah.
I know.
If I can't do it tonight
then I'm hopeless, right?
Then you're hopeless.
I know.
[Clock ticking]
Well, here we are.
it's June 9, 2015.
Doomsday ended
three hours ago.
The only thing to end
on doomsday is
the last chapter of this doc.
Come in.
Scott went over to Jay's
to keep drinking,
but I was done.
It was a fun night.
Zack was great.
Yeah, he was.
I just wanted to make sure
you got home okay.
I actually didn't
drink that much.
I'm really glad
you came out tonight.
I missed you.
I missed you guys too.
Crazy about that
reporter lady, huh?
I know, right?
I'm going to call her
Good luck with that.
Well, off to bed.
Hangover breakfast
tomorrow afternoon?
I think I can be convinced.
I'll call you
when we wake up.
Good night.
Oh, my God.
What's going on?
[Car alarm beeping]
Bell, this way.
This way.
Get down.
Bell, get down.
Hold still.
Hold onto me.
It will be okay.
It's going to be okay.
I think so.
We found this partially
standing house
to take shelter in.
We've been here
for three days.
No one's come.
People who lived here
had some hiking backpacks
so we stuffed them
full of clothes,
scavenged for canned food,
some survival tools,
couple personal keepsakes,
and maybe it's dumb
but I'm bringing my cameras
and my archives.
Battery light is blinking.
this movie didn't
turn out to be
the polished
and masterful cinema
that I had hoped,
but thanks to my new friend
Ryan Whitney
with the help of his harmonica
and guitar
we were able to at least
get a score,
which is incredible.
And now that it's done
I can see
that it really wasn't a movie
that I was making at all,
you know?
I think it's more of
a time capsule.
What the world was like before
and maybe even a little bit
about why
and how it collapsed.
I don't know if in the grand
scheme of things
I was meant to capture it all
on tape or not,
but here it is for anyone
who wants to see.
The rest of the chosens
think that...
That word chosens,
it's just still really
strange to me.
But anyway they think I'm nuts
because I took
a gas powered generator
from an old home depot
and used it so I could power up
the cameras and my laptop
so that I could
edit this thing.
And they might have a point
because carrying that stuff
around has been a bitch.
So, thank God that it's done.
I'm leaving
the generator behind.
There's a copy of the movie
on this camera's drive
and I'm leaving it behind too.
I've got my copy
on the camera Scott gave me.
As I say goodbye
to this chapter of my life
I need to say goodbye
to those that I've lost.
Mom, I love you and I miss you.
Pat, you never
got your print read.
So, who knows?
Maybe I still have
a brother out there.
I'll never stop looking.
To the rest of my friends
and family,
I promise to keep
your memories alive.
Come on, dil.
We're off.
And Scott, I can't tell you
how much you're missed.
Bell loves you so much.
You were everything to her
and I will never let
anything interfere with that.
And I promise you, my friend,
I will never let
anything happen to her.
I swear.
All right.