Lifechanger (2018) Movie Script

[wine pouring]
[glass clinks]
[bird flying]
[eerie music]
[whispering voices]
- [Man Voiceover] You'd
think after all this time
this would feel less
like a hangover.
Maybe she was drunker
than I thought.
[eerie music]
[saw scraping]
I know how this looks.
I know how you all think.
But let's put it this way.
There comes a point where
survival becomes just
another job.
Sweat and elbow grease
moves the world forward.
In this and in all
things, it's repetitive.
It's necessary.
[flames crackling]
And it's lonely.
But the thing is, I
know love exists.
I felt it.
That pure tunnel vision that
only true love can give.
I felt it first hand.
But it was never my own.
It was always for someone else.
From someone else.
Never mine.
- Hi, I'm Emily Roberts.
Hi, I'm Emily.
- [Man Voiceover] Then
one night someone shows up
and everything changes.
They look into my eyes and
I know they can see me.
The real me.
Love is finally just for me.
You never forget
something like that.
[eerie music]
[cheerful jazz music]
- Emily.
Where have you been?
I've had the police looking
for you, I was worried.
- [Man Voiceover] There's
a method to all of this.
While I am them, I live as them.
Plain sight being the
best camouflage.
- Where you going?
- [Man Voiceover] Most
people can't tell.
- Who are you calling?
- The police, they told me to
call as soon as you were back.
- James I've only
been gone for--
- Three days.
Emily, you have been gone
for three days.
And not even a text.
- It hasn't been that long.
- What are you doing?
Stop that.
[eerie music]
- James.
James stop.
[blood squelches]
- [Man Voiceover] I'm not
proud of having to do this.
[microwave beeping]
[eerie music]
Sometimes in an isolated
moment, I almost forget.
And then the rot comes and
reality comes crashing back.
Six hours give or take.
That's all I've got.
When I was younger,
I didn't have to think
about it this much.
One body lasted years,
I could almost pretend
life was normal.
It sped up over time.
Something isn't right.
She should have lasted
longer than this.
It's a hell of thing to
have to make this choice.
When I've got time to
plan, I choose carefully.
Make sure they won't be missed.
When I don't have time,
I tend to order in.
[door knocking]
- You can leave the--
- Good morning I'm
Detective Ransone.
James was supposed to
call when you got back.
When did you return?
- A few days ago.
- Yeah, I was just swinging
by to talk to James.
He hasn't checked in
with us for a while so.
Is he home?
- He's not.
Is there something that
I can help you with?
[eerie music]
Would you like a cup of coffee?
- [Detective Ransone]
Yes please, thank you.
- Please have a seat.
Make yourself comfortable.
- I'll just get
right down to it.
Mind telling me where you were?
- Cream and sugar?
- Just black, thank you.
It's good.
- You'll have to excuse me.
Because I'm still uncomfortable
talking about this.
I'm sorry to get
everyone so worried.
- Not at all.
I'm sorry this had to happen.
I'm just glad you're okay.
So where did you go?
[suspenseful music]
[bones cracking]
- Hi, I'm Detective
Freddie [sighs].
Hi, I'm Detective Ransone.
Detective Freddie
Ransone [laughs].
[gun clicks]
[suspenseful music]
[bones cracking]
[door knocking]
- [Delivery Man] Delivery!
Uh, hey.
What the fuck man?
You gotta pay for that.
Hey man.
Your house is on fire!
Dude your house is on fire.
[suspenseful music]
[eerie music]
- [Radio Command] Ransone copy.
Answer if you're there,
please confirm.
- [Man Voiceover] I've picked
up some tricks over time.
Painkillers and antibiotics
slow the change.
If I have to get out of
body faster, I need to rot.
So, I have to find coke.
[people chatter]
- Oh shit Freddie.
Now you gone and give me a
heart attack or something man.
What do you want?
Hey man, what the fuck?
Yo, you have no right to
search and seizure my ass.
I thought we were friends.
- Shh.
- This is bullshit man.
That ain't mine.
I'm just holding it for someone.
- Hey, hey cool it.
- [Man Voiceover] In the
quiet moments,
my thoughts always turn to her.
- Max, hey it's good
to see you boy.
How's it doing old timer?
[peaceful guitar music]
Earthshaking to
say the least
In the witching hour
I confront the beast
Blood runs cold, a
chill in the air
Leaves the victim unaware
Left my home
- Whisky rocks and a um,
gin and tonic.
- For me?
- Yeah.
- Alright, how did you
know I drink gin and tonic?
- Psychic I guess.
- Oh yeah.
- Hmm-mm.
- Alright.
What am I thinking
about right now?
- You're thinking.
"Oh great,
"another asshole with the
same tired pick up lines."
- Well, you are good.
Now what makes you more
than just another asshole?
- Well, nothing.
But something tells me, you're
gonna talk to me anyway.
- Oh really, uh huh.
And would you like to
take a bet on that?
- Yes I would.
- Jen witness.
- Look I'm game, I'm
glad we met.
- Show me your money pal.
- Oh hey, we've gotta
shake on it first.
- Everything okay Julia?
- Yeah I'm good, fine thanks.
- She's in good hands
okay [laughs].
Cop, not a creep.
- Cop, not a creep.
Let me see this, is this real?
- It is.
I'm Freddie.
- Julia.
- But in the spirit
of disclosure,
everyone calls me
Detective Ransone.
- Oh Detective.
- Yeah.
- Well Detective, is
this an interrogation?
Am I in trouble?
- No, no, I'm, I am off duty.
But I am trained to notice
the most interesting
things in a room
that others can overlook.
- And is that why you
came over here?
To talk to me?
Because I interest you?
- [Man Voiceover] She's
the only one that matters.
- Yeah.
But um, take, take a
look around.
Do you see anybody else I
ought to be talking too?
- Ha.
Yeah alright, I'll give
you that one.
You make a good point there.
- It's the first of many.
- [Julia] Why are you
in this crappy old bar?
- [Freddie] Hey, it's,
it's Christmas.
- It is Christmas.
- [Freddie] Yeah where
else you supposed to go?
- Really, what is?
Okay, pinkies.
- I can't bend this.
- [Julia] What?
Dude that's so weird.
Oh my.
That's disgusting.
- You okay?
You alright?
Oh shit.
- Ooh.
- Just, it's nothing.
- Uh--
- Run.
- What?
- Run.
Oh God.
[suspenseful music]
- [Man Voiceover] My condition
isn't without a few benefits.
Injuries don't follow me
to the next body.
- What the fuck is
happening to me?
- [Man Voiceover] Until now.
- We're not doing
anything Officer.
- Go home.
You, move over.
- Please, just let
me go alright.
Whatever laws I've broken,
I'll pay the fines.
Whatever you need--
Shut up!
- Look look, this is
not what it looks okay.
I've got a wife and kids
and they're expecting me.
- If I don't do this, I'll die.
And I'm not ready to die.
Which means, you'll have to.
[suspenseful music]
I'm sorry.
[phone ringing]
[eerie music]
[Drew's voice] People who
live in a house like this,
tend to stay there
for a lifetime.
Roots dug deep,
fearing any change.
Suffocating in comfort.
It doesn't stop some
perverse instinct in me
from wanting this too.
It's only nature I think.
The pull of the pack.
[eerie music]
[door creaking]
- Daddy, Daddy wake up.
- Get the fuck off me.
- Mummy, Mummy, Dad
said a bad word!
- [Son] After school can
I go to Chris's house?
- [Mary] As long as you've
done your homework in time.
- Okay.
- You know the rules.
Sit, join the kids
for breakfast.
- [Daughter] Daddy,
what's wrong?
- Nothing, nothing sweetie.
I can't stay, I'm gonna
be late for work.
- Bye Daddy.
- Sam no, you're drunk.
You're my boss and my
friend, but nothing more.
Oh good morning Dr. Richardson.
- And how are you today?
- I'm good.
How are you?
Everything okay?
- Never better.
- Okay then.
Your first patients already
waiting for you in room three.
[eerie music]
- Tim is it?
I'm Dr. Richardson, how
are you today Tim, huh?
[drill whizzing]
Let's make you nice
and comfortable.
You just relax.
[chair whirring]
Don't you worry Tim.
This isn't the first
time I've been a dentist.
All fixed [laughs].
He may have some lingering
pain for a few days,
but soon enough he'll be
right as rain.
- Thank you.
- [Man Voiceover] I can
only keep up their routine
for so long, it
drains the spirit.
I need breaks.
- Just drive.
Follow that silver car.
- I'm sorry where?
- Follow the silver car already.
- Oh you want me to
follow that woman's car?
Yeah I'm not gonna do that.
It's suspicious as hell man.
- Never mind.
[Drew] I've
been trying to figure out
her new address for
almost a year.
Movies have always been
a big part of my life.
Something about being in
that dark room,
is such a healing experience.
It's get me out of head,
helps quiet the voices.
- Can you shut the fuck up?
[eerie music]
- [Son] Why do seagulls
live near the sea?
- 'Cause that's where
they get fish?
- [Son] No, 'cause if
they live near the bay
they'd be bagels.
- [Mary] That's a good one.
- So bad.
- [Mary] Okay, you go
ahead honey.
- He turned into a
monkey and then--
- [Mary] And then what?
- [Daughter] It ate all
the cookies in the world.
- [Mary] Oh my goodness.
[eerie music]
- [Man Voiceover] I've really
only got one tangible thing
left from my true family.
Only one constant.
The rest is memory.
[peaceful guitar music]
- I saw you here last
night right?
You were with a younger
girl I think.
- Yeah.
I don't know what I
was thinking.
- Oh, I take it that she
wasn't your wife.
- No, a momentary lapse
of judgment I'd call it.
Don't plan to make that
mistake again.
I was, getting away
from my family.
Sometimes I just need an escape,
you know.
- Where are you going?
- Yeah, I used to
think like that.
But, I never really
realized how wrong that was.
- Huh?
- [laughs] You love them right?
- Yeah, yes I love them.
- Then make sure that you
always go back to them.
That is all that matters.
I had a little boy
and a husband.
And I felt the same way that
you do, more often than not.
But now if I could go back
I would spend all of the
time that I could with them
because it is fleeting.
- What happened?
- Hmm, no you don't wanna
hear that story.
It's not a happy one.
- It's not a happy night.
It's not even happy hour.
- Well, my little boy, Taylor...
He died.
A few years ago.
There was complications
with pertussis, he was,
that's whooping cough.
He was only three.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Yeah I've come to terms
with it, the best that I can.
Anyway he passed away.
And it was just
Richard and I.
That's my husband, and I.
It was really fucking hard.
It changed things.
And this one night I came home
and Richard had set up
the table for dinner.
And he'd lit these candles
and made it romantic
and he said that he
wanted us to forget.
Even if it was just for
that one night.
And so we did.
We ate and we laughed.
We made love.
And it felt like it was the
first time all over again.
And then I woke up in
the middle of the night
and he was gone.
He was just gone.
There was no trace.
It was like he just vanished.
I think that it was all
just too much for him
and he had to leave.
And I think that that night
was his proper way of
saying goodbye.
- Can I, can I buy
your next drink?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Hmm.
- So what about you?
Why the need to escape?
- I'm afraid.
I'm afraid.
I really don't know, what
I'd, what I'd do if I stayed.
Sometimes I um, I wonder if,
what's best for them you know.
- Do you consider
yourself a good person?
- [Man Voiceover] I'm not even
sure I'd consider
myself a person.
The real question is does
being good really matter?
I mean really matter.
Bad things happen to good
people all the time right?
- Yeah.
They do.
But you know what I think
that the important thing
is to make sure that
you are not the bad
thing yourself.
[eerie music]
[peaceful music]
[eerie music]
- [Man Voiceover] The
coke may serve a function,
but it's still coke.
It does what coke does.
You take it when you
wanna escape yourself.
[phone ringing]
- [Rachel] Sam?
It's really late, what's up?
- I really need
someone to talk too.
I didn't know who else to call.
- [Rachel] What's
going on with you?
Last night was bad enough,
but you left the office today
without a saying a word.
We had to reschedule half
a dozen appointments.
Are you in some kind of trouble?
- No, no, it's
nothing like that.
I had, I had a really bad
night with Mary.
And she kicked me out.
- [Rachel] Oh Sam, I'm
sorry to hear that.
- Do you, can you come see me?
I don't wanna be
alone right now.
- [Rachel] Jesus Sam, seriously?
- I'm really sorry
about last night.
I, I made a mistake.
I promise I won't try
anything like that again.
I just, I really need a
friend right now.
- [Rachel] Alright.
Tommy's already passed out
here so I'll drive over.
- You're still with him?
- [Rachel] Yeah, you know that.
- Do you have a pen?
[eerie music]
[door knocking]
It's unlocked.
- Before I come in,
I just wanna say I'm not
super comfortable with this.
We're friends and all
but this is pretty
fucking above and beyond.
Coming to a motel in
the middle of the night.
You try anything and I am
out the door, you got that?
- Got it.
- Also, I wanna talk
about a raise.
Why's the room so dark?
Where the hell is light switch?
- Come here Rachel.
- Sam?
Are you okay?
Oh Sam, it looks like you've
overdone it a bit yeah?
[eerie music]
- [Man Voiceover] That
hurt a lot more than usual.
It feels like I'm dying.
That's not gonna cut it.
She probably has access
to antibiotics.
[phone ringing]
- Hi Tommy.
- [Tommy] Where'd you go?
It's the middle of the night.
- I felt a migraine coming on.
I ran out to all night
pharmacy, be back soon okay.
- [Tommy] Uh huh, can you
pick me up some smokes?
- I'm already on my way back,
See you soon okay?
[eerie music]
[suspenseful music]
[wood clattering]
- Is that you Frank?
I haven't seen you around
much these days.
Been seeing the smoke though.
What you burning?
Something smells kind of weird.
[suspenseful music]
It's just Colleen.
Is that your car
parked out here?
Hey, hello.
Are you Frank's granddaughter?
- Damn it.
- [Man Voiceover] Lucky
break, he's gone home.
[eerie music]
- Hi.
Hey buddy, how's it going?
[peaceful guitar music]
- Whisky on the rocks.
- Oh boy, someone is
looking for trouble tonight?
- It that obvious?
- Well that dress and this bar,
it, it really
doesn't take a PHD.
You look great but--
- Thanks, just killing time.
- Well, you've come to
the right place
because this is where
time comes to die.
- What brings you here tonight?
- Um, I'm here most nights,
right Jen.
- Ah.
- I can't, I can't get
much writing done at home.
The silence just drives me mad.
- You a writer?
- Um, wouldn't go that far but,
I just, I like it and it
helps me sort things out.
- What are you working on?
- A book.
Yeah, I know.
- That's impressive.
How soon 'til it's finished?
- I have absolutely no clue.
It will be,
it will be finished when it
feels finished, you know.
My therapist suggested that
I write down my thoughts.
To help me cope.
And it just got way out of hand,
I guess.
Hey I'm Julia by the way.
- Drew.
- Very nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Did I see you here
the other night?
I think with a, an older
gentleman, sort of.
- Oh [laughs].
Yeah, you've got a good memory.
- Yes I do, me and elephants.
- Hmm.
- No, it's just this place,
it never seems to change,
just the people do.
So, I'm here a lot
and I tend to notice the
faces that stand out.
- Yeah I like that
about this place.
- What's that?
- There's a lot to be said
for consistency
when you don't have it
anywhere else in your life.
- Yes, yes A-fucking-
men to that.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Hmm, decades have passed
and this place has
stayed the same.
I remember back in
the 70's when--
- Wait, hold on, I'm sorry.
Did you, 70's?
[laughing] You're like 20.
- Consider me an old soul then.
- You know you have sad eyes?
- What?
- Hmm-mm, yeah you
have sad eyes.
I can tell you are not here
for a good time tonight.
I don't know what it is but,
yeah you're not here
for a good time.
You know what?
I am going to give you a card,
The address to my office.
Sorry, I'm a counselor.
The address to my
office is on there.
And if you ever need anybody
to talk to, about anything,
after tonight, just give
me a call okay?
- Thank you.
- Hmm-mm, she knows I'm
not creepy or anything.
- Can I buy you a drink?
- Hmm, hello.
- Um.
- Yes, you can, yes you can.
That is my queue to leave,
I'm leaving.
Please, you can have my seat.
Hey, have some fun.
- Alright.
- Jen can I grab another please?
- So, drink?
- Sure, whisky rocks.
- That's funny you ordered
a whisky on the rocks,
that was my old football
coaches favorite drink.
On the off season and the on.
You like football?
- No.
- I loved it.
Fucking varsity football, 2007.
Am I boring you?
- Not at all.
- Okay so, as I was saying.
Getting down there,
the 15 yard line, boom,
I get it sweep right.
- [Man Voiceover] What
the fucks this asshole
even talking about?
What a douche bag.
- Our 15 yard line and it's all.
I flip inside, I fell.
You know 15 yard line
on their side.
Big tackle.
- [Man Voiceover] Maybe
he'll be some use after all.
- I just need to run to the
bathroom, be back in a minute.
You wanna get out of here?
I'm tired of existence
I'm tired of being
constant threat
Find the position just
to fuck it up
And find 'em back at
the beginning
Then I twitch, just
let her fade to black
Guess I missed my
curtain call
Pessimistic jerk
And I'm fester, raising
curtain fall
Obsessed about a girl
Who probably doesn't
like me first of all
And such a perfect girl
I'll fall in love
with my demon
[Drew] I've been
a woman enough times now
that this is nothing new.
I'll admit it, sometimes
I've even enjoyed it.
- What's, what's wrong?
What is it?
- [Man Voiceover] Sometimes.
- It's nothing.
- Okay.
- Um.
Do you want some coke?
- Thought you'd never ask.
Fucking bring it.
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
- Can we slow down a bit?
- You want this as much as I do.
- Please.
- Don't be such a
fucking cock tease.
- Get off of me!
[suspenseful music]
[glass smashes]
[eerie music]
[blood squelching]
[bones cracking]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
- Help, someone call the police.
Don't worry, the police
are on their way.
I've just called them.
[suspenseful music]
[Drew voice] Most
of the cops in this city
couldn't find a needle
in a bucket of needles.
You be enough of them,
you realize it's best to
just stay put.
[sirens blaring distantly]
[suspenseful music]
[eerie music]
[phone beeping]
- [Tommy] Rachel, I
know you're here!
- How did you know where I was?
- [Man Voiceover] A rule
to keep me breathing.
The boyfriend of a
murder suspect
is not an ideal form to take.
His lucky day.
[suspenseful music]
- Rachel!
- [Man Voiceover] I'm kidding
myself if I keep this up.
If I'm running out of time,
I should face the facts.
The right thing to do is tell
her truth, be done with it.
[suspenseful music]
Damn it.
[door knocking]
- Who is it?
- [Rachel] Delivery.
[suspenseful music]
- I just wanted to call
and say I had a great time
today at lunch.
I hope this doesn't sound
too forward but,
I can't stop thinking about you.
- [Julia] Yeah, yeah I'm,
I'm here.
And I'm flattered Robert.
Really I am.
- Okay just, give me
one second here please.
I like you.
A lot.
And I wanna see you again.
Someplace where the two
of us can just be alone.
- [Julia] Okay.
- Okay?
- [Julia] Yeah okay.
Your place or mine?
- Let's make it your place.
- So yeah, this is my place.
I know it's kind of basic.
I just, I don't know,
I lost the taste for caring
about design I guess.
Um, I'm just gonna put
on some music.
You wanna do the
honors with that?
- [Robert] Yeah sure.
[peaceful music]
- Oh nicely done.
- I used to be a server.
In a past life.
- Well color me impressed.
- What do we cheers to?
I got it.
To, possibilities.
- All there ever is.
- [Together] Cheers.
- There's just something
familiar about you.
I don't know what it is but--
- I think when two people
have a connection like,
a real connection.
There's this, familiarity
and there's this comfort
that drives it.
- Is that you think we have?
A connection?
- No, I think.
I think we're kindred
spirits you and I.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I heard it when I said it.
- Uh huh.
- That was terrible, I'm sorry.
- Alright, and what would,
what would two people
such as ourselves want
in this moment?
- To connect.
Pick me apart now
Find someone else to blame
Wallow in shame
Until it's gone
Time where have you gone now
- Oh jeez.
What happened?
- I cut myself, it's okay.
- On what?
- I walked into a nail,
I'm fine.
- You walked into a nail?
- I walked into a nail.
- Are you okay?
- I'm perfect.
[peaceful music]
[eerie music]
[melancholy music]
[food frying]
- It's burning.
- It's kind of my thing.
It's a bit of a delicacy.
- [Julia] Making breakfast?
- Yeah, I hope you don't mind.
I was kind of under
the impression
you don't get treated too often.
I wanna change that.
- You are very sweet.
- [Man Voiceover] I used to
hate being alone at Christmas.
Then I just hated being alone.
Eventually I realized,
at least as far as people go,
quality is far better
than quantity.
Every time.
[suspenseful music]
[saw scraping]
I had a dog when I was kid.
I loved him with all my heart.
When he died my mother told me
that was how things are.
That everything ends.
Nothing's permanent.
As much as you want it to be.
I didn't wanna believe
it at the time
but age showed me just
how right she was.
The moments are what matter.
And they're fleeting.
- [TV Reporter] More
developments in the
grizzly discovery
of what is being called
the Farm of Death.
As the remains of
dozens of victims
have been recovered so far.
As of yet, only six victims
have been identified.
While the search for
previous person of interest
Rachel Martin has
been called off
when investigators found
her remains among the dead.
The remains were discovered
- Hey hey.
- [TV Reporter] When local
resident Pauline Baker
- What are you doing?
- Noticed suspicious activity.
- Why are you
watching this stuff?
There's not enough bad
in the world,
you gotta watch these hacks
peoples tragedies?
- It's just so close to here.
- Yeah, but I mean when
they put on TV like this.
Then they, you know,
they make it sound like
it's a million mile away,
like a movie or something.
- No, not this time.
I recognize some of those people
that they've identified.
I've spoken with
them in the bar.
- Okay well.
[eerie music]
Hey, you know what.
I think I'd rather just
concentrate on the here and now.
That's what's important right?
- Hmm-mm.
Just so scary.
- I won't let anything
bad happen to you.
I promise.
[suspenseful music]
[fan whirring]
- You think the
traffic will be bad?
- I don't know.
This city's so small,
it can't even handle the
population it has now.
- Okay, well I should
be ready soon,
I think we'll be fine.
[eerie music]
Are you okay in there?
[door knocking]
- I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'll be out in a second.
[eerie music]
- Feeling okay?
- Yeah.
- Don't, don't, don't touch me.
- Why?
Are you okay?
- Do you trust me?
- Yes [laughs].
Of course I do.
- There's something I
need to tell you.
You should probably sit down,
it's gonna make it easier.
- What are you talking about?
You're scaring me.
- Alright please just, please
can you do this for me?
Can you just, go and sit down.
[eerie music]
- Well?
Okay, what is it?
- Okay.
You're the only person
I've ever told this too.
When I was 12 years old,
I was responsible for my
mother's death.
I was, I was young.
I didn't know what it
was at the time.
But, I mean, it was an accident.
- So you feel responsible?
Hey, that was a long time ago.
- Yeah.
It was 1954.
- What?
- I'm a lot older than I look.
- You're not, wait you're not
making any sense right now.
- I know, I know.
When, when I took her,
my mother.
I saw.
No, that's not right.
I felt.
I remembered.
I remembered the way she loved.
This love that was just so pure.
I never felt anything like
that in my entire life
and I never did again.
Until, until a couple
of years ago.
Yeah um.
I take people.
That's what I am.
I become somebody else.
There's this change that
happens inside of me
and if I don't find somebody
in time, it'll kill me.
I know it will.
It will kill me.
- What do you mean take?
What do you take?
- Everything.
Their voice, their shape,
their look, their memories.
Their hopes and dreams,
everything that makes somebody
who they are, I take it.
And I keep it, for good.
They're all, all up here.
- You are really not
making any sense right now.
Why are you saying all of
this weird shit?
- I know, I know, I know
it sounds like weird shit,
but it's the truth, I swear
to God Julia, it's the truth.
- I'm gonna go home.
- Wait.
- I really thought I'd
finally found somebody normal.
So thank you for this.
- Okay wait, I haven't even
told you the whole story yet.
Please just wait.
- I don't wanna hear it.
- Okay, just wait.
- Don't wanna hear it.
I got my own shit to deal
with, I can't deal with this.
- I've known you a lot
longer than you think okay.
I loved you a lot longer
than you know.
Jesus Christ.
The other night, the
other night,
that was the first time I
ever told you my real name.
I'm Drew.
I'm Drew.
It's me.
[suspenseful music]
- What the fuck are you saying?
- Before I was Robert, I'd
already met you a dozen times.
- Hmm-mm.
What the fuck do you mean
"before you where Robert"?
- I was just telling you.
I get their memories.
This is, they're all.
This is how I fell in
love with the first time.
I saw you, I saw you and the
love that Richard had for you.
- Uh uh.
- The second time,
the second time that I
felt that pure love
was in the love that he
felt for you.
The love your husband
felt for you.
Hey, after that,
after that I knew I
needed to make you happy.
I needed to make.
- Oh God.
- I needed to make
everything okay.
I needed to make it alright.
- I don't know what
this is right now?
- That first time we made love,
I felt such a connection to you.
I played that Lou Reed song,
you know the one?
that Lour Reed song you
love so much.
It was perfect.
Look, I know you feel it,
I know you know it's me.
I felt terrible that he
had to leave you.
That I had to leave you.
- I never told you
about Lou Reed.
- I was there, it's me.
I was there.
[suspenseful music]
- Do you know?
Do you know something
about Richard?
Do you know where he is?
Where is he?
- He's at that farm.
The one north of the
city, the one on the news.
- Who the fuck are you?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know who I am.
I don't even know what I am.
I, I tried to figure it out,
years ago I tried to
figure it out.
There's these stories,
there's these legends in
the Native culture
about Skinwalkers,
people who take.
Okay, okay, this doesn't
matter right now.
What matters is.
Hey, hey, hey.
What matters is you
need to understand
that this was never personal.
None of this was personal.
It was about my survival.
It was about my survival.
With every single person I took.
- The ones you killed you mean.
- No.
You're not getting this,
you're not getting this.
Why aren't you getting this?
Why aren't you getting this?
Why won't you get this?
- Robert.
- Is there a way you
can understand?
- Drew.
It's Drew right?
I need you to let me
leave right now, okay.
I'm just gonna go.
- No, no, baby.
- I just wanna go.
- Hey, I would never hurt you.
Jeez Julia, I love you.
I love you and they're not dead.
Your husband's not dead.
- Stop.
- Jesus.
- Right there.
- Alright.
- I fucking mean it.
- Why don't, why
don't you get it?
- God!
- It's okay.
Julia, it's okay.
It's okay, I love you.
- No.
- I love you...
I'm here for you.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you fucking kidding me?!?
- You need to stand back
because I can't control this
once it starts and I don't
wanna hurt you.
- You know what, fuck you!
- No, don't, don't!
[bones cracking]
[suspenseful music]
- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I just wanted to be
close to you.
[melancholy music]
- You doing okay Julia?
- Hey Jen.
I really appreciate you
taking care of me
these past few years.
It really meant a lot.
- [Drew Voiceover] I
spent my entire life
looking outside for answers.
But I've always known deep down
I'm the only one who
can stop this.
[bones cracking]
[eerie music]
[heavy breathing]
[melancholy music]
[blood squelching]
I'm not dead.
Why am I not dead?
- What the hell?
- [Drew Voiceover] What am I?
My mother once told me
nothing lasts forever.
Everything ends.
I think maybe she wasn't
entirely right.
The choices we make
leave echoes.
The guilt we carry
always lives on.
You can blame your upbringing,
the wrong ideas you had
about just who you were
and how the world worked.
Blame how wrong you were
about everything.
You try to do better,
but the guilt lives on.
The tiny voice in the
back of your mind.
Starting as a whisper
and building to a chorus.
Growing until there's
nothing left
of who you once were.
Until you can't remember
who you're supposed to be.
Or maybe there was never
anything of you in the
first place?
Maybe you never really
knew who you were.
[melancholy music]
[peaceful music]
Low down rat
Evil fly
Circling shit a mile high
You don't deserve a
goddamn thing for Christmas
Greedy slug
Selfish prick
Smiling wide
Convinced you're slick
You don't deserve a
goddamn thing for Christmas
Walking on the backs
of the weak
You're karma drives a
dead end street
It makes no difference to me
I'll let it go
I'll let it be
Corporate shill
Religious twit
Such a blatant hypocrite
You don't deserve a
goddamn thing for Christmas
Evolution forget that
Climate change, your
wallet's fat
You don't deserve a
goddamn thing for Christmas
[peaceful music]