Light of My Life (2019) Movie Script

Would you like
me to tell you a story?
What, a Bobo and Jojo story?
Uh, no, I was not planning
on telling you a story
about the enduring characters
of Bobo and Jojo,
but you could
mention their names
with a little bit of respect.
I mean, you might be too old
for them now,
but there was a time
when you were insatiable
for a good Bobo and Jojo story.
Well, I am sated.
Well, that's fine,
because it's not about them.
This is... is a new story.
A new story
about a young girl...
Don't make it about me.
I am not making it about you.
It's about a young girl...
fox named "Jamie."
That's the girl
from the mountain book,
I told you.
Okay, this is about a...
this is a... this is the story
about a young girl fox named...
And she had a husband,
because she was a grown-up fox
and her husband's name
was, uh...
was Art,
and they were grown-ups,
so they lived together
in a little hole.
And... Their foxhole.
And Art was kind of a tinkerer,
a scientist, an inventor,
a futzer and fiddler,
and he liked everything to be
very clean and neat in the hole.
He was very fastidious about
this and that little thing.
And, uh, he liked quiet time
in the hole.
And so... And Goldy was very...
you know, very tough
and outdoorsy.
So it was very, very different...
Dad, I said
don't make it about me.
I'm not making it about you.
It's about a fox named Goldy.
Well, I'm tough and outdoorsy.
You say that all the time.
Okay. So what?
So this is about a fox,
named Goldy, in a foxhole.
That's not you.
So, one day,
Art took one of his inventions.
It was
a weather-predicting machine,
and he took it up to...
on top of a mountain.
And he was up there,
and he was kind of
messing around with it.
He was trying
to predict the weather.
And he saw these
big storm clouds on the horizon,
and the meters on his...
on his little machine
were going crazy.
Uh, he wasn't sure
if they were accurate or not
and he started looking
at the clouds on the horizon,
and... and he sees this human
being on the other mountain peak.
He was in a robe
and sandals,
and this long beard,
and he's shouting up at the sky,
he's shouting up all... talking,
and he just looks bananas.
And Art was a very smart fox.
He always knew when to listen
to his inside voice
if something didn't seem right,
just like we talk about.
Yes, yes.
Um, and he took...
wrapped up his machine
and he went down the mountain right
away to get away from this guy.
And he went back to his hole
and he wanted to tell Goldy
about his findings,
because if they were accurate,
it meant there was
a gigantic storm coming.
And... and Art,
more than anybody, hated to...
he hated to get wet and dirty,
and he hated when this...
the... their foxhole flooded.
Though Goldy didn't really care
that much.
Art hated it,
that's why he invented
the weather-predicting machine
in the first place.
But Goldy wasn't there.
So he went around looking
all over for her,
and he couldn't find her
But he did notice
that all these crowds
are all moving
in the same direction,
all these different animals.
And so he went to see
what was going on.
And he kinda got swept up,
and he...
he followed them all down
to the bay.
And there in the water,
huge wooden raft,
really, really big.
And, uh, he thought...
"Oh, that thing is
not really built that well."
And just as he was
thinking that,
he was sort of swept up
in the next crowd of people,
and he got jostled around,
and bumped up, boom,
right up against Goldy.
There she was and he said, um,
"Where have you been?"
She said, "I've been in line
for four hours!"
And he said... She hated lines.
And he said,
"In line for what?"
She said,
"In a line for the competition."
And he said, "What competition?"
And she said, "The best male and female of
each species, of each kind of animal..."
I know what a species is.
"...gets to go on an
adventure on that big giant boat,
Noah's ark."
This isn't how Noah's ark goes.
Well, this is my story.
Called "Noah's ark"?
I thought about Noah's ark,
but Noah's ark happens to be
in my story.
But this is called "Art's ark."
So he doesn't wanna be
left behind,
not because he loves adventures,
but he loves Goldy very much
and he knows
that just spending time with her
is the way
to keep their marriage going.
So he enters the competition,
but he's no good.
Instantly, he gets beaten.
Um, because the things that they
are having the male foxes do
are all about who's got
the biggest muscles,
who's got the shiniest hair
or fur, that kind of stuff,
who's got the sharpest fangs,
and that's
not really Art's thing.
So he loses.
And Goldy is marched off
with another male fox,
and all the other animals,
two by two,
onto Noah's ark.
What's his name?
His name was Fang.
And he's sharpened
one of his little,
little teeth to make it look
like a snarling sharp fang.
So a bunch of humans march
all the animals on.
And... including Fang and Goldy,
and they're all on the boat,
and then a man walks out,
a human,
the same one that had been
on the top of the mountain,
and he says...
"G'day, folks, I'm Noah.
How are you?"
"How are you? Good day.
G'day, folks. How are you?"
And people were just staring,
all the animals
were staring at him.
He keeps saying, "How are you?
Good day, g'day.
Hey, good on you."
He says,
"Hey, you are the chosen ones,
all right?"
"Take you out
to the chosen ones' farm.
Goin' to the farm where all the
chosen ones are. G'day. How are you?"
"How are you? G'day."
He gets on.
And then he goes down below,
and the boat starts
to drift off from the shore.
And Art's standing there,
watching Goldy leave,
and Goldy blows him a kiss,
"I'll be back in a week!
I'll see you in a week,
I love you!"
Clap of thunder,
flash of lightning,
the sky opens up,
and just rain comes out of nowhere,
drenching him, he's soaked.
He hates being wet.
He moves back to his foxhole,
lays down miserable,
he falls asleep,
and he has this dream,
and in the dream, Goldy's
on the deck of the boat,
and the boat's
being tossed around,
and she's yelling,
"Help! Help!"
And Art wakes up,
and his hole is full of water,
water sloshing all around,
and he goes, "Help!"
He yells "help," himself,
out loud.
And he jumps out of the hole.
He sees that the whole valley's flooded.
It's like a giant mudslide.
And he realizes
that Noah must have read...
predicted the weather too.
He didn't make some fun cruise,
he was making a life raft.
And that everyone who was
left behind was gonna die.
But Art was the only one
who knew this second bit
of information,
that that boat
was not made that well
and everyone on Noah's ark
was gonna die too
because it was
gonna fall apart.
And so he knew there was
only one thing for him to do.
He had to make his own ark.
Art's ark.
Art's ark!
Art's ark.
So he gets...
He can't do it alone,
so he gets
his old friend the beaver...
Bob the Beaver.
And Bob is kind of an old...
He was an old beaver,
he'd been around forever.
And his story's amazing,
which I'll tell you
another night.
Bob's incredible. Genius.
And so he gets Bob the Beaver,
and they build this boat,
they build Art's ark together.
And they even put
this other thing on it
which is this big wooden piece
of... a mast,
and they weave
these palm fronds together
so it catches the wind
and makes them move much faster.
A sail.
A sail!
They put the first... they build...
They make the first sail.
Art invented the sail!
Art was amazing.
So, it zooms up really quickly
and it catches Noah's ark.
And sure enough,
it's being tossed,
taking on water, it's...
it's basically
about to fall apart.
And the sharks are circling,
and their mouths are salivating.
They can't wait
to eat all those animals.
And all the animals
on Noah's ark are panicking.
And there's land on the horizon,
but Noah can't just steer there,
'cause he didn't put a...
he didn't put a rudder on,
he didn't do anything.
I mean that was... Art's a real...
he's an artist, a craftsman.
I mean, he built the thing.
You know what I mean?
And, uh, Noah's was just
a floating bunch of planks,
and they were coming apart.
And so, quickly, Art throws
a lasso around, the, uh...
the bow of Noah's ark,
pops the sail, pulls them
out of the eye of the storm,
onto the land.
All the animals get off.
And, you know,
Noah walks out too.
He goes... "I've
saved ya. See that? I saved ya."
He goes, "I've saved you all.
You're all my children now.
G'day. How are ya?
How are ya? G'day."
And Art doesn't care
if he takes the credit.
He just wanted to be with Goldy,
save everyone's life,
he saves the whole animal kingdom,
and he doesn't take any credit.
He just walks off
and makes a new foxhole,
uh, with Goldy.
And he's so happy
to be back with her.
And she never questioned
his devices after that.
And he always let her, you know,
make a bit of a mess
in the hole.
They really appreciated
each other more after this.
And... and also, from then on,
foxes, uh, were not known
for being you know,
having beefy muscles
and long, flowy fox hair.
They were known for being clever
and courageous animals.
The end.
You said
it was gonna be about Goldy,
and then it was about Art.
Yeah, well, Goldy's story
is just... is more complicated.
And that's a whole other story.
Was there really
two of every species?
'Cause that seems unlikely.
That does seem unlikely.
I can't believe I missed that.
What a bunch of bunk.
He must have made
that whole thing up
about Noah's ark.
Well, sometimes stories
are made up, right?
That's right.
Some stories are just made up.
I'm the only girl of my species.
No, you're not.
There are others.
I'm the only one I ever saw.
Yeah, well, you'll get older,
and there'll be more,
and you'll meet them.
And would they know I'm a girl?
Well, they'll know
if you let them know.
What are you doing?
I'm reading.
Okay. Charcoal.
- Seriously?
- Too easy?
Yes, it's charcoal.
Okay, relax. Too easy.
Uh, narcissistic.
Wow, that's pretty good.
What's the difference
between morals and ethics?
Well, a moral's an idea...
hmm, about right and wrong.
And ethics are how those morals
apply to specific situations,
like it's wrong to kill someone,
but if they're gonna
kill ten other people,
is it okay to kill him?
I don't know why I use killing
as an example, it's very...
Pretty violent,
but it's kind of an...
uh, obvious moral.
This... this guy Luke,
in my book,
he has really bad morals
and ethics.
How is he immoral and unethical?
'Cause he's really bad.
He lies to protect himself,
and then he doesn't lie
when he could lie
to not break Lilly's heart.
I understand that.
What do you think he would say
to defend his own choices?
Uh, well, maybe he feels bad
about lying the first time.
And so he doesn't lie
the second time,
even though that would be
the right ethic.
So he would defend
his choice by saying
that he learned lying was wrong,
so now he wants to always
tell the truth.
So he would be right
morally but not ethically.
Eat these.
Hey, get down.
Stay here.
Because I said so.
- Stay here.
- Okay.
Can I help you, sir?
Oh, Jesus.
I heard some noises
from over a ways.
I see. This is my camp.
These are my things.
I didn't know anyone
was back in this part.
I'm not really back here,
I'm just passing through.
It's just me and an old army buddy
of mine. He's hunting at the moment.
Can I help you?
No, I... I'm just pokin' around.
And who have we here?
That's my s... This is my son.
Oh, what's your name?
My son, Alex.
And how old are you?
Just, uh...
Yeah, 11.
Well, what are you reading?
Just a book.
It looks good.
Comely boy.
We aren't looking
for any more company, sir.
Yeah, I bet.
Well, I will be on my way then.
Oh, if I see your buddy,
I will say hello.
I told you to stay hiding.
Pack your things.
Are we moving?
'Cause of him?
He's a doddering old man.
Him and everyone he knows.
Is this a red alert?
No, but I would like to move
sort of quickly.
Why didn't you say I was
your son like we usually do?
I did say you were my son.
Instead of making me hide
and saying you had a buddy?
Okay, Rag,
I'll give you an answer to that
when I have some time
to think about it.
Right now, I need you
to gather your things.
Rag, I don't know why you
came out of your hiding spot.
You've never done that before.
You've got to listen to my
instructions when I give them.
Now, the answer
to your question...
Well, when you asked me
the question, I said, you know,
"Because I said so,"
and that's not kind,
it's unfair,
you deserve to have an answer.
And I should have
given you an answer,
but I couldn't in that moment.
It's okay.
I knew why.
The man?
Yes, the man.
But... Well, yes, the man.
But, anyway,
the... the answer to your q...
Rag? Rag?
How do you know where you're going?
I know which direction
we're supposed to be going,
but how do you know
which direction northwest is?
'Cause you told me a million
times and it's really easy...
But if you're
looking at your book,
and you're walking,
and you're trying to listen to me,
how do you know you're
gonna go in the right direction?
'Cause it's not that hard to read,
listen, and walk in a straight line.
Okay, show me your compass.
Okay, fine.
Do you think
that man was immoral?
Immoral? Um, maybe, but...
I don't know.
I don't know him,
so I don't know,
and our rule is
better safe than sorry.
Well, I don't know anybody.
What do you mean
you don't know anybody?
I don't know anybody.
All I know is you.
Well, you knew that...
those boys at the barn
and you knew their father.
Not really.
What do you mean "not really"?
Well, we only knew them
for three days.
Yeah. But, uh...
I mean, well...
you know me.
I don't know what more
you could possibly ask for.
Do you know how much I love you?
To the sun and back.
To the sun and back
30,000 times.
And it's not even our sun.
It's a sun in a distant galaxy.
And we're taking
a very slow spaceship.
It takes a very, very long time.
And there's a lot of headwind.
It's quite a trip.
How much do you love me?
Like, to the top of a tree.
And... and back down.
Yeah, I'm here.
My stomach hurts a little.
Here, can you drink this?
You know, there's a reason
that vomit smells bad.
What we ate?
Uh, well, no, not exactly.
That's part, but I just...
The reason is
so that other people
won't go near it
and they won't get sick.
That's evolution at work.
Am I gonna die?
No, babe, you always say
that, and you always get better.
You're not gonna die.
Do I have the plague?
No, you don't have the plague.
Do you remember when
I explained immunity to you?
You're immune.
If you were
gonna get the plague,
you would have had it
when you were very, very little.
And people vomit
for all kinds of reasons,
and all it means is that your body
is doing what it's supposed to do.
I mean, but you got
to get rid of it in the bowl
and not in the tent.
So when you feel
like you're gonna vomit,
you have to say, "I need the
bowl, I need the bowl."
Or else get outside.
She's asleep.
No rash, no fever, nothing.
Babe, I don't think
that you should just give up.
It's not giving up,
it's just letting go.
Well, I don't
want you to let go.
Well, I don't wanna die on a cot
in an overcrowded field hospital
being treated to
by volunteers with no cure.
You don't know that.
You don't know
that's what's gonna happen.
Can we check it out?
No, somebody
could be living there.
Yes, really.
Doesn't look like it.
There's vines all over it.
Wait here.
Take your whistle out.
Okay, take off your pack.
You can go up.
There's bedrooms with beds.
I know.
Look at this.
This is better than the barn
and the greenhouse.
You think so?
Can we stay?
this is somebody else's house.
Well, so was the greenhouse.
Not really.
But, Dad, no one's using it.
Rag, I know it would be nice
to be in a house again.
But a house is a place that other
people come to eventually, especially...
So what? It's fine.
...a house like this.
It's not fine.
It's just as fine as in the woods.
We saw that guy in the woods...
It's more likely
that someone comes across...
And that was in the middle
of nowhere.
It's just as likely that
someone finds us camping there.
We don't know if that man followed
us or if he told someone about us.
Well, why would he?
Because he knew.
Also, this is closer to town,
which means that it's closer
to other people.
I don't think
it's a safe place to be.
Well, we won't be
any farther away from the town
if we make a camp.
It is more likely
that someone comes here...
than to some random place
in the woods
where we put a tent,
because this is a house.
I'm not gonna be surprised
by people like we were
at the greenhouse.
the house is covered in dust.
That means
that no one ever comes here.
If they did, we could be
carefully prepared for it,
and we could leave immediately like
we always do, with the red alert.
And we can play
hide-and-seek inside.
And name the different rooms
like at the pond house.
Well, we can stay
for a few days.
For a few days?
Yeah, for a few days
or not at all.
Okay, fine,
for a few days.
- Dad.
- What?
Did you see that room upstairs?
Yes, I saw it.
The one with the toys
and everything?
I saw it.
You are awesome.
You are awesome.
Oh, shh. Shh, shh, shh.
Get your emergency bag,
I'll show you the safe spot.
Hey, Rag.
It all fits.
Take that off. Take it off.
Come downstairs.
I wasn't even leaving the room.
Are you kidding me?
Did I just tell you
to take all those clothes off?
Do you think it's a joke?
Rag, I know
new clothes are exciting,
but you should know better
than to put those on.
It's just a jacket.
It's not just a jacket!
It's got sparkly things
all over it!
Rag, hurry up.
Are you sulking?
Are you gonna sulk?
Put it in the hiding spot.
Okay, so where's
the emergency bag?
And where's there?
In the fallen tree.
Sure are a lot
of fallen trees around here.
What side of the house is it on?
The kitchen side.
What? What? What?
What, what, what?
Tell me! What?
Is that a child?
I think it's a mother and a
daughter, but it's hard to tell.
All right.
She's my size.
Don't look at them too much.
It's okay.
Hi. Want some water?
What are you thinkin'?
When do you think they died?
Seven or eight years ago.
How old would the kid be?
Maybe 18 years old.
They were like...
They were like skeletons.
But that won't be us
anytime soon.
How do you know?
Well, because...
we're not gonna get sick.
And because we have
long lives to live.
Then why do we have to have
all the red alerts and...-
Just because people
aren't getting sick anymore
doesn't mean that the world
is completely...
right again.
When will it be right again?
When it's balanced.
When will it be balanced?
When there are more women.
Why can't men keep it balanced?
'Cause they were scared,
and sad, and lonely,
and that made them angry,
and when they were angry,
they lost sight of everything
that was important
and good in life.
What's important
and good in life?
it's different for everybody.
But I think that love
is most important and good.
Loving other people,
and letting them love you, and...
I think stories
are important and good
because they connect us
to other people,
and they make the world
seem like a bigger place.
And they're fun to tell.
But not all men are sad,
and lonely, and angry.
No, not all men.
But we don't know who,
it's hard to tell who, so...
We stay away.
Yep, but just for now,
not forever.
And you know what?
I kind of like it,
just you and me.
Yeah, me too.
Are we leaving?
So, we're staying?
We can stay
a little bit longer.
Then what are you doing?
I'm storing.
We don't leave our belongings
sitting around at camp.
We're not gonna leave 'em
sitting around in the house.
So get your belongings together.
Put them in storage,
get your day pack.
And please
put on your own clothes.
Where are we going?
We're going to town.
- Really?
- Yes.
Are we going all the way
to the shed?
The library?
If we can.
If we aren't going to the
library, I wanna stay here.
Rag, please put on your town hat
and take off the jacket.
I'm not walking there,
and I'm not wearing
that stupid hat.
You know, there are
some things you get to decide
and there are some things
that you don't.
Well, what do I decide?
You get to decide what kinda
attitude you're gonna have
when you have to do things
that you don't wanna do.
He's young.
Yeah, he was just
a newborn when it happened.
Well, it's nice
to see a little guy around.
not the youngest anymore.
They're making little girl babies
in a laboratory in California.
Probably a lot more in China.
Hey, you like little
yellow China dolls?
Is that a "no"?
You're shy, aren't you?
He hasn't made up his mind yet.
Thank you very much.
No worries.
How tall am I?
Hmm, seven or eight feet.
Four feet, nine inches.
My legs aren't long enough.
Well, what makes you say that?
A woman's legs are supposed
to be half her body length.
Uh, what?
That's what it said in the news.
What news?
Did you get this
from the library?
Those magazines
are full of lies, kid.
They lie about who people are
and what they're supposed
to be like.
But it said "scientists say."
Anybody can call themself
a scientist,
and anyone can write anything
they want in a magazine.
Do you know how long a woman's
legs are really supposed to be?
How long?
Long enough to reach the ground.
Do your legs reach the ground?
Well, then they're perfect.
When we were in town and that
man asked you a question,
did you know what he was
talking about?
Sort of.
Babies aren't grown
in laboratories.
They are made, uh...
when a man and a woman,
who love each other,
uh, put their bodies together
in a special way
and it makes the woman pregnant.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Was that something that
you read about in a book?
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
I feel like I should be reading
the books that you're reading,
so I know what kinds of things
you're learning,
because I didn't think that you were
reading books about things like that...
It's fine.
Okay, well...
Did this book, uh...
Anyway, uh, it's just science.
So I'll just explain it,
because it's not that big of a deal.
So, uh, babies are made by, uh,
men and women who are in love.
And they, uh,
put their bodies together
in a special way,
'cause they're all grown up.
And, um, that results in a baby
growing in the woman's belly.
And a baby grows
for 40 weeks or so
in, uh, a womb.
Uh, it's called a "womb,"
which is a nice safe place
for a baby to grow.
Uh, and that's
in a woman's belly.
And then it comes out
of her, uh, vagina, and, um...
Um, so those are body parts
that you have too.
Uh, but you're a child,
and so they're different.
And they'll...
uh, until you're older, and you grow up,
and those body parts
will change, uh,
in a phase of your life
that's called, uh, "puberty."
And, um...
It might feel funny
when you're growing a lot.
It makes your body,
uh, change a lot.
But it's totally normal,
and everyone goes through it,
and it's very safe.
And, so...
what that man was saying
about yellow China dolls
is that, you know,
he was saying
"young Chinese girls,"
that's what he was saying.
Sometimes people will talk about
the color of other people's skin...
in a way that is sort of
putting them down...
or just out of habit,
uh, or both.
Um, and it's one way
that people have of being mean
even though there is
no one skin color
that's any better
than another skin color.
Uh, or they'll say about girls,
they'll call them "dolls,"
like they're just little dolls
in a doll house,
not human beings.
Uh, and it's a way
of putting girls down
without, uh, well, sort of while
you're pretending to be nice.
So that's what that was about.
And one more thing
about puberty, uh, also,
is just that, uh, it...
that happens when you're, uh,
you sort of get like a, uh...
Yeah, like a sort of... like a...
you get like a, um...
Well, like a little bloody nose
and it comes, uh,
from where you pee, uh,
and that's totally normal,
and it's totally safe,
and, uh, it's just not...
not happening to you yet.
But you can just tell me
when that does happen to you,
and, uh, you know,
just so I know.
Uh, and your mother had that,
and, um, it's...
uh, it doesn't mean
that you are hurt,
it just means that your body is working
the way that it's supposed to work.
So it's a sort
of normal function
and, uh, not a big deal.
All right, drink up.
Are you mad at me?
You know I love you more
than anything in the whole world?
What about Mom?
I love her too.
I love her a lot.
How can you love someone
that you never see?
That's a good question.
Maybe you can miss them,
and remember them,
and still love them.
Well, I don't remember her.
But you're connected
to her still,
and you have her
in your imagination.
I don't.
I don't have Mom
in my imagination.
All I have is... is one tiny
scratched-up picture.
I have no idea what she's like.
Rag, you had the best mom
in the whole world.
The best.
How was she the best?
Because she loved you
more than anything.
So much.
She was so fun.
And she could
get along with anybody.
How was she so fun?
Well, let's see.
She loved adventures.
So we traveled a lot,
just like you and I do.
And she only ever called it
a love adventure.
Anytime we took a trip,
it was a love adventure.
I'd say,
"Where are we gonna go?"
She'd say, "I don't know.
It's a love adventure,
you and me."
And then we'd go somewhere,
and it'd be the most
perfect trip ever.
would just be perfect.
And I would
never want it to end.
And then it would and she'd say, "Wow.
That was a love adventure."
And then we'd go on a trip,
and then everything would go wrong,
it'd be terribly wrong,
the worst trip you can imagine.
We'd get a flat tire
just on the way there,
and then break a tool
fixing the flat tire,
and then broke a bone
fixing the tool
fixing the flat tire.
And then she would say, "Wow.
It's a love adventure, you and me."
We got a flat tire once.
Oh man, that was no fun.
You were so mad.
I was. I was frustrated.
I didn't wanna be on that road.
I bet she was
a better cook than you.
Mm-hmm. Yes.
You have no idea
what you're talking about.
Until you've tasted the food
cooked by your mother,
you'll never know
what "inedible" really means.
It's like a salt extravaganza.
It's like eating a pile of salt
with your face.
You have to tell her
about me, okay?
But you can't just tell her
all the good things,
you're gonna have
to tell her everything.
- Okay?
- Okay, okay.
Also, can you tell her
that I love her?
Of course, of course.
And that I really
wanted to be her mom.
And I'm really sorry
that I just couldn't.
Hey. Get over in there.
What? Who is it?
What? What is it?
Stay in here and don't come
out until I come and get you.
Yeah, what do you want?
We ran out of gas.
Do you have any?
No, we don't.
Can we come in for a second?
For what?
To dry off.
No, I'm sorry,
my brothers are sleeping,
and they don't want
anybody in the house.
Hey, were you in town
with the little kid yesterday?
We don't have children.
You have the wrong house.
Come on out.
Come on out.
All right, go. Run.
Turn that off.
Who were they?
They were just looking
for somebody else.
They were looking for me
'cause I'm a girl.
Then why'd you say that they
were looking for someone else?
I meant that they were looking for
someone that they thought they could take.
They can't take you...
because you're...
You're careful.
Where would they take me?
They're not gonna take you
anywhere, because they can't find you.
But where would they?
I don't know.
All I know is
that they were dangerous people.
But we're safe together.
That's enough to know, okay?
What if someone hurt you?
People have hurt me.
I mean like...
like hurt you bad.
Then I would stop them.
And I would try
not to hurt them back,
even though
I'd be very mad at them.
But no matter what...
no one's gonna take you away,
I promise.
What if they tied you up and
then knock you down and stab you?
Well, then I'll get up,
and I'll get free,
and I'll keep being your dad.
What if they kill you?
Then I'll be dead.
And you'll be alive.
Until you're dead.
And then we'll be together.
And no matter what...
I'll always be with you.
Even if you can't see me,
you can't hear me...
I'm always with you.
What would happen to me?
You would take very good
care of yourself and you'd be fine.
Because you're... very tough.
I'm tough?
You're extremely tough, yes.
Because you're careful
and you're persistent.
That's how.
And because you're smart
and you listen
to your inside voice.
But I'm not tougher
than grown-ups.
Most grown-ups
give up very easily.
I've known a lot of people.
And if they were able
to get by somehow,
then you can get by too,
because you're much tougher
than they are.
But if you die,
I'll just be alone.
I am not gonna die.
Nobody's gonna kill me.
I'm not gonna leave you.
Even if someone...
tied me up and stabbed me
and knocked me down
and put me in a block of ice
and dropped me in the bottom
of the ocean.
I would get out,
and I would come find you.
And we'd just keep on
the way we always do.
And if that
sounds impossible to you...
I'm sorry, but it's true.
But we only have
one sleeping bag
and one emergency bag.
You're worried about the things
that we left behind, right?
And you're worried
about those men.
You don't have to worry
about those men.
They're long gone.
And I don't want you to think about
the stuff that we left behind.
I want you to think
about the stuff that we have
and how we can be
better prepared in the future.
We've got
a lot of walking to do.
Where are we going?
You remember
my grandmother's house
where I lived when I was young?
Well that's where we're gonna go.
It's up in the mountains.
They've got animals there,
and they've got sledding,
and they've got a boat
with a lake,
and it's really far away
from everyone.
So I think
it's gonna be really...
I mean, a really nice place.
How long will it take?
Gonna be a lot of walking.
How many days?
I don't know how many days.
Well, what do you think?
I think it'll be a lot of days,
but we're gonna get there
before it gets too, too cold.
So if we can find some other
faster way than walking,
we'll take that.
Why didn't we go before?
Because we didn't
want to travel that far,
and because
we didn't wanna be away from...
all the places that we knew that were
safe and where we can get things.
But we're done
with this area now,
so we're gonna move on.
Because of me.
Never mind.
Stop. Stop.
Come on. Stop.
Okay. Hey, kiddo!
Come on.
Can you give us a ride?
Ain't seen a boy that young
in a while.
You know, most people
say that to me, and I'm 19.
Uh-huh. He was born
right when it happened.
Where are you from?
Farther south.
Yeah, we got some from all over.
103 of us.
Oh, yeah?
You all live there?
Kinda make our own way,
you know,
food, power, and everything.
I mean, we really have
everything you'd need...
including females.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
I seen 'em a lot
when I was younger.
I used to stock the bunker.
That's the name of the place
where the females live.
Yeah, I bring 'em supplies,
but I'd, you know,
I'd also sneak 'em little things
like coffee,
and you know, cigarettes,
and chocolate, whatever.
I mean, they were really nice.
Hold 'em pretty tight, huh?
they do not leave the bunker.
And, uh, you know, I'm not telling
you anything that I shouldn't be,
because everyone knows
that they're there.
They just can't get
into the compound.
Hey, stop the car.
Stop the car for a second, man.
There was someone back there on the
road, on the ground. Stop the car.
Where is he?
I didn't see anything.
I'm gonna take your car.
What do you mean, man?
And you're gonna walk from here,
and you're gonna be fine,
Why should I walk?
Because you aren't
gonna fight me.
And you don't have a choice.
And I don't have a choice.
And I know you can't understand
that, but I'm taking the car.
What... why...
You'll be fine.
I can't explain it.
You helped those women out.
You helped 'em out.
You snuck them things.
You look after them.
You brought them...
Their coffee and their...
That's different!
...cigarettes and all those treats.
You're a good person.
I can't just
give it to you, man.
You helped 'em out. You're gonna
help us out. I can't explain.
Stay there.
Wait, come on, man! You...
We left him?
He's gonna be okay.
Take all your wet clothes off.
Where are we going?
Same place.
What's a bunker?
It's a kind of shelter.
Who is it?
Hello, hello!
Hello, is Mark there?
No, there's no Mark.
Can we come in?
We're very cold.
I've got a little child here.
What do you want?
I've got a child.
May we come in and get warm
for one minute?
Thank you.
I'm Tom.
This is Calvin.
And this is Lemmy.
I'm Caleb, this is my son, Alex.
And we're just heading home.
This was my, uh,
grandparents' house.
That's why I came here
a little bit when I was...
It was abandoned
when we found it.
Would have fallen apart
without us,
and it's been our home
for four years.
I understand.
If there's someplace else
you need to go, we'll...
we'll help you out there.
Or you're welcome
to stay the night.
Okay, thanks.
You got a weapon?
Find that hard to believe.
It's all right.
How's the little fellow feeling?
Okay, well,
I'm gonna get you set up.
You can stay.
Do we have a safe spot?
Not yet.
If we need to,
we're gonna go out the window,
and we're gonna go onto the
ledge and into the snow below.
And from there, you go
all the way to the tree line
right behind the fence,
you understand?
Are we gonna leave
in the morning?
Tell me what we do.
We go out the window.
Now, are we gonna leave
in the morning?
Tell me what we're gonna do.
We're gonna go out the window...
And then what?
Then onto the ledge
and then to the snow?
And then what?
Then we find our way
to the tree line.
Which tree line?
The tree line that circles.
The tree line behind the fence.
Sleeping bag.
"And one lamb out of the flock,
out of 200,
out of the fat pastures
of Israel.
And it shall be
the prince's part
to give burnt offerings,
and meat offerings,
and drink offerings,
in the feasts,
and in the new moons,
and in the Sabbaths,
in all solemnities
of the house of Israel,
he shall prepare
the sin offering,
and the meat offering,
and the burnt offering,
and the peace offering,
to make reconciliation
for the house of Israel.
Thus sayeth the Lord God,
in the first month,
in the first day
of the month..."
Okay, hey, Rag, Rag, Rag.
What is it?
Get dressed for outside.
Are we leaving?
No, but we need to be
quiet, so we don't wake anyone.
Come on.
I'm gonna put your bag
under this pot.
Rag, where is your bag?
Under the pot.
Okay. How did we get here?
Past the animals,
along the fence line
to the fallen tree.
Who is it okay
to tell about this place?
I know.
It's like every other safe spot.
Answer me.
Okay, Dad, it's like every
safe spot that we have...
Rag, just answer me!
Now, I want you
to show me how to get back.
You were up early.
We woke up,
we didn't want to, uh,
wake anybody,
so we just took a walk around.
How'd it look?
- Looked nice.
- Yeah.
Looks good.
Would you like something to eat?
We have more than we know
what to do with.
Yes, please.
That would be great.
Thank you.
Hey, we have some clothes
in the attic
that might fit you.
Thank you.
Thank you for this.
You're welcome.
It's very good.
You have a lot of people
come through, drop by, or...
Most of the men
in the area moved to the city.
Some came back.
We don't see anyone
unless we go into town.
Is there
a federal dispensary in town?
There's a market.
And if you have papers,
they'll honor 'em.
But we've got more
than we need already,
and we rarely do
any hunting anymore.
You wanna stick around...
"And Jesus said,
'Come and have breakfast.'
And none of the disciples said,
'Who are you?'
Because they knew
it was the Lord."
That llama will keep the wolves
and coyotes away from the sheep.
A few strokes
and then you wanna dry it,
so it doesn't get gummed up.
What have you got there?
Standard Winchester, 12 gauge.
I thought you weren't
doing any hunting up here.
We don't want the sheep
being hunted either.
it's to keep the wolves away.
Rag, come here.
I guess
we put this away right now, huh?
I got another job for you
if it's okay with your father.
But I wanna clean it.
He showed me how to be careful.
Doesn't matter. They're
dangerous to be around, no matter what.
Is that your daughter?
That's my son.
No, what I'm asking you is,
is that your daughter?
Sir, that... that's my boy.
Well, I don't know
who you are or who she is
or how you came to be with her,
but I've sheltered you
for the night.
And I don't wanna have
anything to do with evil.
World's seen enough of that.
Okay, well, our things
are packed and we'll...
be on our way then.
It's not that simple.
If she's
your God-given daughter,
and you are
a faithful caretaker,
you better make me know it.
If she isn't, I wanna know
how come you are
in possession of her,
and I wanna believe it.
Because I had a wife
of 33 years.
I had three girls
and four granddaughters
and two step-granddaughters.
And all nine of 'em passed
in the course of a couple weeks.
One of 'em
I lost to a pack of monsters.
So if you think that I'm gonna
be anything but an upstander,
you ought to know that I don't
have a damn thing to live for
but the grace of God.
That is my daughter.
I'm asking you
to prove it to me, son.
That's her.
That's me and her mother.
Name is Anna Elizabeth Shaw.
We call her Rag,
short for Raggedy Ann.
Well, I bet you've had
one hell of a time.
Had some good times too.
Would you like a drink?
Whiskey? Gin?
No, thank you.
I'm okay.
Have a seat.
I've been hearing about
some safe places for women.
There's this one in New York,
and there's one
not too far from here.
Uh, I've heard
of places like that too.
Not so sure they're as safe
as people say, but...
if that's your way of asking us to
go, I understand.
Seems to me you've been
at this a long time.
I wonder what the toll is.
How it shapes
a growing person.
We've had to let go of a lot.
Rag has had
the childhood that she's had...
in order to survive.
Maybe if you let go
a little bit more and let God...
What does that mean?
running from one thing,
you just run into another.
If you stay put,
you have faith,
and let God make the plan.
The best thing I ever heard
about faith was...
"While you pray,
move your feet."
How was that?
So hot.
Do you remember Goldy
from Art's ark?
I think I know
what happened to her.
What happened to her?
So when Art had the dream
that Goldy was saying "Help,"
she wasn't actually
saying "Help,"
she was saying, "Kelp,"
which is a food that grows
in the water.
It's... it's real.
And so,
she was pointing at the kelp...
for the bird to go get.
And the bird got it for her
so she could feed everyone,
feed the llamas,
so that they were full,
and they could fight off
the wolves.
And then she even fed Fang,
because Fang was now her friend.
So he was nice now.
And so, basically,
she fixed the boat,
and Art came,
and everyone thought
that it was Art
who saved the day.
Really, it was Goldy.
That is the most beautiful story
I have ever heard.
I got a story for you.
You wanna hear it?
This is a story about you.
Don't freak out.
Okay, fine.
So when you were
in Mommy's belly...
we went to the doctor
because that's what
you're supposed to do when...
When people are having babies,
you go check in
with a doctor sometimes.
And they had this special machine,
which you don't know about,
but they can take pictures
of a baby inside a mom
through the belly.
And sometimes, if that baby's
old enough in the belly,
they can tell
if it's a boy or a girl.
And we went to the doctor,
and he was just...
looking around,
taking his pictures.
And he said, "Do you wanna know
if it's a boy or a girl?"
And I kinda wanted to know,
but Mom did not want to know.
She liked surprises.
And so I said yes
and she said no.
And so, first, she had her way
and we said no.
But the doctor said, "Well, I'm gonna
write it down on a piece of paper,
in case you change your mind."
And he wrote it down,
and he put it in an envelope,
and he gave it to us.
And we went home.
And I was in bed,
and I was thinking about you,
and I did not know
if you were a boy or a girl.
And I was thinking
about all the stuff
that we'd have to do.
Like do we get boy toys
or girl toys
or little boy clothes
or little girl clothes.
And I just thought,
"Why don't we just find out,
and then we can know, and then
we'll be prepared and ready for..."
But I knew
that Mom would not wanna know.
But I couldn't take it.
And so I snuck downstairs,
and I went
and I found the envelope.
I looked inside,
and there was picture of you.
And you were shaped
like a little...
You were like a little bean.
That's how big you were.
And on the bottom,
the doctor wrote...
"This is your daughter."
And then I went back upstairs.
And, um, then I went to sleep.
I never told Mom.
I love you so much,
Anna Elizabeth Shaw.
There are some men outside.
Hey, get up.
What, what? What is it?
Listen. Shh. Quiet.
It's a red alert.
Now, get up. Listen to me.
Be ready to do something.
Be very quiet, you understand?
You understand?
Come on.
Be quiet. Quiet.
Go back.
I asked you to leave.
I want you to get out of here...
- Is it...
- Shh.
- Dad.
- Shh! Shh!
Listen to me.
This is what we're gonna do.
Here's our plan.
We're gonna go out the window.
We have to get outside.
So I'll lower you down
onto the porch...
below the roof.
Okay? Okay?
And then we're gonna go
to the safe spot
as quietly and quickly
as we can, okay?
That's our plan, okay?
They're up in the attic.
Okay, put on your jacket.
Come on.
Put your arms around me.
Wait. Wait.
Dad, let me go.
Shh, quiet.
- Dad.
- Hold on.
I can do it.
It's too high.
Dad, let me go.
No, it's too high.
I'm gonna pull you back up.
Dad, let me go. Dad!
Let me go.
Rag? Rag?
Ah! Ah!
Okay. Okay.
Is that Tom?
Don't look. Don't look.
Don't look.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
You have to put your
finger... finger in there, take...
Just... You just wait.
Wait a... Wait.
Just wait for me.
I'm just gonna rest.
I can't do it without you.
You're gonna be fine.
I can't, I can't.
Yes, you can.
I won't.
- Yes, you can.
- I can't.
You just gotta keep her close.
And you're gonna figure it out.
I can't.
I can't do it without you.
You're gonna have each other.
We're gonna go somewhere
that's really safe and warm.
Tom told me about a place
not too far from here
where there's
a bunch of really...
friendly people, and...
it's really...
It's okay, Dad.
It's a love adventure.