Light Sleeper (1992) Movie Script

I feel this
deep-down trembling
In the earth 'neath my feet
It shakes the
great foundations
I awake from my sleep
I trust my life to providence
I trust my soul to grace
But nothing
takes away the pain
I can't forget your face
Somewhere in this fascinating
Shell of blood and bone
I struggle
through the day to day
I brace against the storm
Thoughts of you pursue me
Like an overwhelming tide
Something in the air tonight
It would do no good to hide
'Cause it feels...
Oh, God, the world's on fire
Yes, it feels...
Like the world's on fire
Night after night
Like a fever, it burns
I deprive myself of feeling
Both a blessing and a curse
A love that can't be likened
To a single thing on earth
Maybe I'll see better
When the storm
inside has passed
Maybe I'll see better
- When I see your face at last
- How ya doin', man?
- Till then...
- Fine.
Good. I gotta fly.
I think the world's on fire
Till then...
I think the
world's caught fire
Yes, it feels...
Like the world's on fire
Yes, it feels...
Like the world's on fire
Labor Day weekend.
Some time for a garbage strike.
Everybody crazy to stock up.
They decide to score at the
last minute, and they want it now.
Never fails.
The faces look alike. You
gotta use memory tricks.
Each has some peculiarity.
It keeps you sharp.
A DD told me,
when a drug dealer starts
writing a diary, it's time to quit.
I started writing after that.
Not every night.
Now and then.
Fill up one book, throw
it out, start another.
Here you are.
- Ah, darlin'!
- Ann.
So, we made New York
safe for another weekend?
- Robert?
- Get a job.
Sad what ten years
without sex can do.
Got any hundreds?
Er... twenties.
some tens.
- Tens?
- Goddamn cash machines!
- Did what's'isname give you a hard time?
- You mean...?
- Yeah.
- Nah.
No. "CBD".
Fucking investment bankers!
"Cash Before Delivery."
Well, these Wall Street kids,
they play with fake money all day.
To them, cash is like some
kind of theoretical concept.
It doesn't apply. I mean,
we see 'em at two, right?
Nine o'clock, I
shudder to think,
- they are buying and selling.
- Mmm.
It has turned me off of the
stock market completely.
Tell me about it. I've...
I've thought of investing many
times, but it's just too damn crooked.
These people.
It's late.
I gotta crash. Or try,
anyway. You eta yin'?
- It's over. Hmm?
- Mm-hmm.
- It's okay?
- Yeah, sure.
You do look like you're
comin' down with something.
Take some Cs. Go on.
I'll take care of anything
else that comes in.
- Sleep tight.
- Pick up the trash!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- See you tomorrow.
- Big kiss.
"Labor Day." "Union Movement."
There's a
contradiction in terms.
I know about long hours.
It's worse when I'm off.
I just walk and walk.
There's an element
of providence to it all.
Like rolling numbers.
You're walkin' down the street,
some guy that looks
maybe a little like you
does a stick-up four hours ago.
A cop pulls you in, 'cause
he's cold and wants to go inside.
They grab your stash.
Your number's up.
You're busted for
nothing. For bad luck.
- I like the jacket.
- Hey, thanks, man.
Got it in a trade. Is that it?
- Are they "faced"?
- Don't bore me.
Is it... Is it so much work to
just face 'em the same direction?
You know, if you don't
do it, I got to. It's time.
You're too much.
We've been through this. This
nineteen-gram shit is a drag.
We pay you more,
you put up with more.
White drugs for white people.
Twice the price,
twice the safety.
I can't believe Ann has been
working as long as she has,
and never been busted.
She's... She's something.
Never made any
big money, either.
- Sure.
- She blows it.
You believe that?
What you gonna
do after she quits?
How long you been with her?
She's always ea yin' that.
We'll see, Jealous.
She's out, you know. You
should pick up her trade, man.
You're too old to be a gofer.
No way. I'm not the
management type.
If I take charge,
I'll start usin' again.
It's not for me.
I know some music people.
I'm gonna get into recording.
Yeah. Yeah.
- Hmm?
- Oh.
Normally, this wouldn't matter
to you, but you may get hassle.
- Why?
- Don't you read the papers, man?
The Park murder.
It's all over the Post.
Mariah Rangel, nineteen-year-old
Barnard coed bitch,
dead in Turtle Pond.
She was coked
to the fucking gills.
All of a suddenly they're
hot after mid-level dealers.
You know her? Hmm?
Who knows?
Thanks for the warning.
Mm-hmm. Oh, for years.
Yup, Tis is a sweetheart.
- You pick up from Jealous?
- Yeah.
Had to make four
trips last night.
- We're certainly not his favourite people.
- We don't make the laws.
Nineteen is carrying, twenty
is dealing. Let him be stupid.
He took my hundreds.
Take over for me a while.
I'm getting contact high.
- PP?
- Yeah. Seven-three.
- So who's Her Majesty talkin' to?
- The ecstasy connection. From Arizona.
She's trying to get them to
come up here. Or better, Europe.
- That's where the money is.
- Yeah, all mark-up.
Could be the big one, Jack.
Don't dress.
You really think she
means it this time?
That's what she says.
New Year's Eve. She
had her chart done.
New Year's Eve, and out.
No Acid House, no
product, no delivery.
- That's just her mouth talkin'.
- Next year, strictly Akasha.
Cosmetics. That's what
she's calling the company now.
I don't get it.
Why would anyone wanna
pay to put weeds on their face?
Why'd anyone pay to
put 'em up their nose?
Robert, you got a point there.
I thought we'd sell
them at thirty. All right!
I like cosmetics.
I need cosmetics.
You should come in with us.
You forget.
She hasn't asked me.
Johnny! Robert! Get
your butts in here!
All right. Coming!
Plant two big
kisses on me, boys.
Fifteen hundred X, thirty each,
and the delivery is here!
Thanks. How do you like it?
- That's great.
- No, I mean the face cream. Hmm?
Marigold, camomile,
almond, aloe, egg.
- I remixed it. You like it?
- Yeah.
Thanks. Which reminds
me, if you get downtown,
go to Enhancements,
get me some almond oil,
- but not the California. Thank you.
- Okay.
- Okay, what do we have to eat?
- Um...
- Thai. We haven't had Thai in a while.
- No, let's have Indian.
- Sweetheart, it's Saturday.
- Oh, God. Thai.
Thai, Thai, Thai, Thai, Thai...
I'm gonna start with, er...
mee krob for an appetiser.
- Ann, this is Ed. Call me.
- Oh, shit. Would you answer that?
He's gonna call back
every five minutes.
The night begins.
Curry, po tak, the bouillabaisse
is awfully good. Or ped srilom.
- "Duck covered with
plum and ginger sauce."
- No, I'm gonna go veggie.
Get me the puk ob. Robert!
- That's not gonna be enough for you.
- What?
Do you want puk ob?
- Er... yeah, fine.
- You use it for facial cream.
Remove unsightly hair!
You laugh. Laugh. Very funny.
You're gonna be watching me
on Oprah from a welfare hotel.
- Forgive us.
- All right.
- Eddie wants now.
- Now.
His place. Top Lady. God knows
what happened to his shit yesterday.
You take it. Check in.
I thought we were
supposed to be light tonight?
- Don't you watch TV?
- No. I don't have one.
- You don't?
- No.
Well, if you had a TV,
you'd know it's
supposed to rain.
It's good for the trees.
Oh, yeah. Some farmer
whacked his numerology on her.
Yep, it's starting!
- Raining?
- Mmm.
The Farmers' Almanac
is based on numerology.
- Take your jacket.
- Yeah, okay.
You better clean up the
parlour in time for dinner...
I will. Now, would
you please order me...
LeTour! Finally!
- What took you so long?
- Traffic. It's raining.
How's things?
I need a quarter. You got it?
Robert sold you a
quarter yesterday.
That was an eighth. And
some friends came over.
- Yeah.
- How much is that?
Fourteen hundred, right?
Hey, you wanna buy this?
Eddie, sit down. Sit down.
I've known you how long?
Like, er... eight years?
- Knew you from the other job.
- Yeah.
The one before the
last one ya fucked up.
Knew your wife. She was great.
We used to sit around,
and talk, and talk...
Oh, you didn't know
what she was like.
Eddie, this is no good.
You gotta cool it.
Go to bed, sleep it off.
I'll sell you a gram
and some downs,
but I'm not gonna put you
in the emergency room.
You charge two hundred bucks
for what goes for
ninety on the street,
- and you're not gonna sell?
- So go out on the street.
- I'll call Ann.
- Go ahead. Phone's right over there.
You know what she'll say.
I'll tell the fuckin' cops.
- Fuck you. That's it. You're out.
- Hey, I'm sorry, Tour, I was kiddin'.
- I'm sorry. I... I didn't mean that.
- Don't call.
You were right. I'm quittin' anyway.
I'll... I'll take the gram. I'm sorry.
You gonna cool it?
Go to bed, sleep it off?
You got downs?
Two hundred.
No, thanks.
Where was I? All right, so,
if there is no God, then how
can we conceive of a... you know?
I mean, the idea of God
presupposes the existence of God.
You know, that's the ontological
argument. That's Anselm. That's...
That's 1200 or
1400, I'm not sure.
-Hey, I gotta get goin'
-No, don't leave. Don't.
Listen, Tour, stay, stay.
Listen, this is the good part.
So if... if the idea of
God is implanted by God,
the sensus divinitatus, the
sense of the divine, you know?
Then what is the role of
human thought? You know?
Not faith. Thought.
Everybody wants to
talk. It's like a compulsion.
My philosophy is:
"You got nothing
to say? Don't say it."
They figure you can
tell a DD anything.
Things they would
never tell anyone else.
Of course they're
stoned to start.
Do you think that
all of our thoughts
are on a pre-recorded tape,
implanted in our brain at birth?
And then they just play?
I do.
Carlos, pull over
to the far left corner.
You see the woman with the
umbrella and the trench coat?
Mm-hmm. You got it.
Marianne! Hop in.
I'll give you a ride.
- John?
- Hop in.
Get in. You're getting soaked.
- Hi.
- Where are you goin'?
You know, I didn't
know you still lived here.
Maybe this is... It's
not... I should get out.
Oh, no, no, don't
be crazy. It's pouring.
- I'm not supposed to be around...
- former drug associates?
It's four years. I'm
clean. There's no drugs,
there's no alcohol, nothing.
I heard. I'm happy for you.
- It's still not easy.
- I know.
Mar, you don't have to
avoid me. I'm straight.
Yeah. Two years now.
It just came that time.
I tried to tell ya.
I wrote. I called.
- I should get out.
- Honest.
- You're dealing.
- No, I stopped.
- What's in the bag?
- Almond oil.
Well, go ahead! Check!
Oh, shit.
Oh, what's that for? In case anyone needs
almond oil in the middle of the night?
Okay, okay, I deal a
little. But I'm straight.
- That part's true, believe me.
- Stop the car.
- Right now. Just stop it.
- No, er... look, I won't say any more.
I promise. I'll just sit here.
I'll just give you a ride.
This is fine. Right over here.
Bye, John.
83rd Street.
Now I feel the chill of night
Passing through my soul
Wanting to be free of you
But needing you much more
I find myself returning home
I'm at the door again
I pray that love
will comfort me
And life will never end
Can I face the endless days
Can I face the night
Without you?
- How'd you hear about me?
- I don't know. I...
I just decided to come.
I look at you, and I give
you my impressions.
feel your vibrations.
I hate that word.
Sounds so phony, doesn't it?
But I can't think of anything better.
You're anxious.
More than usual.
Your livelihood is endangered.
You're worried about the future.
You don't have much money saved.
I see a woman who
has betrayed you.
My mother?
Who will betray you.
- No, I... I don't think so.
- Keep it in mind.
I have a strong feeling about
this woman, a woman close to you.
She will betray you.
You're in the entertainment
business, aren't you?
But you're not happy there.
You wanna do something else.
Is it...?
It's music, isn't it?
- Still drinking, aren't ya?
- Yeah.
Do you have a drinking problem?
N... No, I don't think so.
Well, I... I feel it's interfering with
your health, and with your life, too.
You've had other problems.
- Drug addiction.
- Mm-hmm.
This was very
important in your life.
Teresa, I'm
thirty-eight years old.
- Forty.
- That's young.
I have trouble sleeping.
Look. What are you seeing?
What is... What is around me?
Is it dark? Have
I run out of luck?
Is there luck for me?
Everything you
need is around you.
The only danger is inside you.
- Love this machine.
- Amazing, isn't it?
- Excuse me.
- Sweetheart, your pay's on the table.
- That's 131.
- I know it.
Let's make it 130. An
even thirteen thousand.
One per cent commission,
that's $130 for you.
Can't use these. My
guys won't take them.
Well, I'm happy to change large
bills for small, for one per cent.
Is this the latest
model of that machine?
Well, actually, I think they
just came out with another one.
- We'll be getting it soon.
- Excellent.
- You know, you look like a doctor.
- Thank you.
- Same time?
- Two weeks. But don't go. Stay.
Come on. We'll order kosher.
I... I'll tell you
dirty stories, huh?
We'll talk Zionism.
- I gotta go. I'm late already.
- Oh.
You know, I only come
here 'cause I like you.
Oh, please.
Are you sure you're not Jewish?
Ha! What do you mean? My nails?
- I don't want to see you get hurt.
- I'm fine.
- You should do something else.
- Like what?
- Like find a man.
- Oh, God, that... You are so Jewish.
Of course you're so Jewish.
How about... Wait a
minute, I have an idea.
How about investing
in my cosmetics?
- No... My... It's a great investment.
- Never mix business with friendship.
Just let me show you
the prospectus, okay?
- I gotta go, I'm sorry. Zay gezunt.
- God bless you.
- Shalom.
- Shalom.
Don't eat any hot dogs.
- See you in two weeks.
- Goodbye.
Hello, this is Ann. Please
leave a message at the tone.
This is Karen. Could
you please call me?
Jealous said something about
a yuppie murder in the Park.
- You know anything about it?
- Sure. It's on the...
- five o'clock news.
- He just said to be careful.
Well, we are careful.
- We're too small time.
- Mm-hmm.
Anyway, she's not
one of ours. Not directly.
- Tis is at St Luke's.
- What?
- And he just...
- Wha... What happened?
No big deal. He's just
there in the waiting room,
and he wants one of
us over there right away.
But, er... can't it wait
until he gets home?
- He's at St Luke's. I'd do it, but...
- John, take it, will you?
We have to stay on his
good side to set up Arizona.
Okay, so, er... second
floor waiting room.
- Yeah.
- You wanna leave first?
- Sure.
- Okay.
You wanna have lunch
with me tomorrow?
Mmm. One o'clock. Cote Basque.
Too early for ya?
No, I'll be there.
Doctor Shell, please come
to the emergency room.
Doctor Shell, please come
to the emergency room.
- Tis.
- LeTour.
- Had a little trouble finding the place.
- Thanks for coming.
I came as fast as I could.
So what's goin' on?
- You got some Valiums?
- Yeah, and 'ludes.
Er... just a Valium. A ten.
What is it?
You won't believe
it. What a nightmare.
I brought in this
chick. She OD'd, man.
I didn't even know her.
I didn't have to bring her in.
The... The cops are
coming back to talk to me.
I'm hyper. Gotta come down.
- This would never happen in Zrich.
- Here.
Make it two.
She okay?
- Who?
- The girl.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah. Met her last night.
A walking vacuum cleaner.
What a nightmare.
- Underage.
- You need a lawyer?
He's here.
- Thanks.
- Anytime.
Yes, Doctor, I'll get that
off to the lab right away.
I'll get on it right away, sir.
- Randi?
- Oh, my God! John!
- Oh, my God.
- How are you?
- I can't believe it!
- It's good to see you.
- You look great.
- Marianne's here too. She flew in.
What are you... What are...
What are you doing here?
Is there a problem?
- Oh, Mom. She's back in. She...
- Something wr...?
- You... You didn't know?
- Serious?
M... More chemo.
- Can I see her?
- Um... she's sleeping.
She sleeps most of the time.
She'd like it, though, John.
She still talks about you.
I'm so sorry.
Your Mom's a terrific woman.
I was always crazy about her.
It's John. What a coincidence.
Randi told me about your mother.
- I'm so sorry.
- Thanks.
- She's sedated?
- Uh-huh.
You know, she'd be so happy
to see John, don't you think?
I'd like that.
Er... no, I don't think
that's a good idea.
You both look tired.
Well, one of us has
to always be here.
Yeah, the hospital
lets us stay in her room.
Could I buy you a cup
of coffee or something?
We could go downstairs
to the cafeteria.
Oh, you go, Marianne.
It's my turn with Mom.
- Oh, no, I don't think I should.
- Yeah, you should.
- Go. It's... I... I... you know, go.
- Randi...
- Black?
- Yeah.
- Kiss your mother for me.
- Okay.
You know it's gonna happen
someday. But, when it does...
Your mother, that was a shock.
Oh, no.
She been sick long?
A year.
How about your father?
Not this time.
His new wife.
He'll make it to the funeral.
What have you been doing?
Where do you live?
It's been...
I don't want you to
know about my life.
You married?
You got kids?
A dog? House plants?
Details just open the door.
Open the door to what?
I mean, it's not
like we're strangers.
After all, we were married.
- We were not!
- There was a ceremony.
It... He was... He wasn't
even a minister. He was...
- He was an astrologer.
- He was also a minister.
- The Church of Universal Harmony.
- He was a Pisces.
- You're a Pisces.
- It was not legal.
In the eyes of Jeane
Dixon we're married.
I was born on the cusp.
- We were happy.
- We were miserable.
We were either
scoring, or coming down.
- Mostly coming down.
- No, we had good times.
Out on the street,
dancin' with friends.
We were magical.
You took off for three months
without telling me, and called once.
That's how magical we were.
You were an encyclopaedia
of suicidal fantasies.
Every one!
I mean, nobody could
clear a room like you, John.
And the friends, you may have
noticed, turned out to be mine, not yours.
I envy you.
A convenient memory
is a gift from God.
You exaggerate.
In rehab it's called
"Euphoric Recall".
You only remember
the highs, never the lows.
- We were happy.
- I was drowning.
- It wasn't me.
- You watched.
- You jumped.
- You did nothing.
Wasn't your business,
not your responsibility.
- You still think like that.
- No.
Actions have consequences.
- I didn't...
- So do inactions.
I meant well.
You always meant well.
We were in love.
We were happy.
You bought it for me.
It's inscribed inside.
Ann's quitting, I've gotta
find something else to do.
- I'll believe it when I see it.
- No, it's true.
Are you really straight?
Let me see your eyes.
Eyes are deceiving.
If I could do that, I
could do anything.
- What does that mean?
- We could do anything.
We could start all over again.
- I have to get back.
- Oh, you...
- You didn't touch your salad.
- John...
Okay, I'll... I'll
walk you back.
A million stars were circling
In the world above my head
As I drifted back in memory
To all the things we said
And turning my attention
To the pain that I denied
It was never my intention
To ever say goodbye
May I help you, sir?
Well, maybe I
could have won this war
Maybe I could have changed
If only wisdom courted me
And not this fear and shame
The ties that bind
and bless the soul
Have bound me up in chains
Your love cuts through
my weakened heart
And memories twist the blade
I thought of you
and nothing more
I needed nothing else
I cried the day you left me
I should never
have allowed myself
- Did you have a good time?
- Yeah, it was okay.
To feel this way
- What's on for tonight?
- Just, um... just some party.
Okay. Have fun.
I gotta get going.
- Okay, bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.
I can always find another
way to make a living.
I never planned this in
the first place. Not like Ann.
She came up to sell, have
parties, make contacts.
She was glamorous. I just
wanted to be around her.
She'd sit up listening
to coke stories.
Now, it's me and Robert.
The whole crowd was
the same age then.
Everybody's younger now.
She made me.
I wonder where
you sleep at night
I wonder where you've been
I envy all your family
I envy all your friends
The answer
looms in front of me
And though I cannot see
I believe the ancient promises
I believe that I am free
But love comes
as a great offence
Like innocence betrayed
I don't think
you'll recognise me
On the other side of day
But then...
I never felt this way
- You have any money saved?
- There's some.
One or two thousand.
Maybe more. I'm... I'm not sure.
- What do you do with all your money?
- It's not that much in the first place.
- As you know!
- It's tax free.
The rent, Con Ed, phone...
- CDs...
- Right.
Tips, just...
clothes, regular stuff.
How about your money?
Kitty Ford once said to me,
"Ann, the only person I know"
"who lives better than
you is my grandmother."
- I don't know.
- Eh, bonjour, Madame, Monsieur.
- Tout va bien?
- Trs bien, merci.
All the money I
make, all the money I...
I spend. It just never adds up.
And then the last two years, this
cosmetics thing has taken everything.
I wish I could help.
- You still going to meetings?
- No, but I'm okay.
Ann, what are the odds
of meeting someone
that you haven't seen in
years twice in two days?
If it's indicated in your House
of Relationships, it's pretty high.
You should have Robert
do your chart for you.
- Who is the person?
- Just a contact. You don't know him.
So, what's the plan?
What? The plan?
- The future.
- My future?
- Why? Is that too conceptual for you?
- Ann...
We had this conversation
two years ago.
We're gonna have
it again in two years.
No, no. This
time it is for real.
Well, I'm thinkin' about
taking some music courses.
Sound editing, mixing...
- Didn't you already do that?
- No, that was acting.
No. That was modelling.
Yeah, you're
right. I guess it was.
You should try these berries.
They're flown in from some place.
I mean, everything's
flown in from some place.
Is there something
you wanna say?
What's up?
I guess I'm a little worried.
I mean, everybody
thinks I'm so tough.
And you gotta be tough. I
mean, especially in this business.
It's one thing to look
tough, it's another thing to...
I've seen Zipporah
twice this week.
- Does she help you?
- Yeah, well, she harmonises, and she...
She's encouraging me to shift from,
you know, to the cosmetics thing.
But, if it doesn't work...
- Is she gonna pay for these berries?
- Montrachet?
- Yeah, I mean it is a...
- cash world!
Maybe... well, I mean, I
know what I'm gonna do.
Maybe you should see Zipporah.
- No, I'm not into that stuff.
- What stuff?
He's a big producer.
Nominated for an Academy
Award. Best Picture.
I used to know every
girl he fucked. Who, how.
I mean, he couldn't take
a shit. We were like this.
His wife told him to get straight, or
else she'd cut him off. Old money.
And I remember the
last thing he said to me.
"We'll keep in touch."
Right. That was five years ago.
You'll still talk
to me, won't ya?
- You?
- Yeah.
Of course I will.
I just think it's
gonna be so weird
without you around.
It kinda just hit me.
- "We'll always have Paris."
- Johnny...
Ann, you want me, just call.
Write a letter, tell a wino,
I'll be there.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I always thought my
father would die first.
He would die, and then my
mother and I could reconcile.
It's like a joke. It's
not a real feeling.
- It's... It's like a feeling of a feeling.
- My old man bawlin' in the hospital,
me poppin' in and out
of the john, gettin' loaded.
I miss you.
You tried to kill me.
You took ten years off
my life, one way or another.
I couldn't hate my mother.
I was too busy hating you.
I thought I was
just killin' myself.
Excuse me.
Excuse me!
Excuse us.
Let's go.
Come with me.
Ever had sex totally straight?
Not with you.
That's quite an erection.
I never had anything
like it stoned.
It's weird.
I'm dripping.
Let's disappear.
You gotta go back?
This is the end.
It... It was wonderful, and
I'm glad it happened this way.
It will never happen again.
You will not call me.
You will not see me again.
I'm happy for ya. I'm...
I wish you the best.
I'm leaving. I... I shouldn't have left
the hospital, but I... I don't regret it.
Please get dressed and
leave as soon as you can.
I have a key. Bye.
It's my fault.
I love you.
Johnny, what is this?
Your beeper broke?
You gettin' shiatsu? Huh?
Two hours! Where the
fuck have you been?
- There was a mix-up.
- A mix-up?
How the hell are you
gonna survive on your own?
Huh? The UN has some
conference in two days.
The holiday is over.
Peacemakers all over
the place, trying to score.
UN security at
every fucking hotel.
Even I have been out. Okay?
Look, this is where our business is.
Europe, Asia, not
the fucking streets!
But you wouldn't know
crack from Cracker Jacks.
- Where's Robert?
- He's out bustin' his ass doing your job.
- There was a confusion.
- Well, get confused on your day off.
- And when is that?
- Look, don't get wise with me.
What do you want me to do?
Suck your dick? Okay, fine.
You want a raise? Forget it.
John, come here.
Here are the call-ins.
Get your ass outta
here before I kiss it.
I'm sorry.
LeTour! Sit! Take a rest.
You know Thomas. This is Gabri.
- Gabri.
- Tasha. And I don't...
- Enchant.
- I don't know who he is.
Questo un vero Americano.
How'd that work out?
- What?
- Saint Luke's.
No problem. But
can you believe this?
She's out of the hospital one day,
calls me up, wants to get together.
Some people are just born for
losing. You want to go in back?
Not now. Look at the bar.
Dark-haired guy, late
twenties, brown suit.
He's casin' ya. Undercover,
whatever. He's on ya.
- You been a bad boy?
- Fucking Nazis.
- You know him?
- Just a feeling.
Forget it. It wasn't
for me, anyway.
Make it tomorrow. A half.
- No, no, three-quarters.
- Nineteen's the top.
- I can make two trips.
- Nineteen is fine.
A domani. See
ya. Take care, girls.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
I feel my life turning.
All it needed was a direction.
You drift from day
to day, years go by.
Then a change comes.
I am able to change.
I can be a good person.
What a strange thing to
happen halfway through your life.
What luck.
- Paramount Hotel.
- Marianne Jost, please.
Just a moment.
Welcome to the
Paramount. Your party is out.
If you'd like to leave
a message for...
Marianne Jost.
Please do so after the beep.
- Paramount Hotel.
- Marianne Jost, please.
Just a moment.
Welcome to the
Paramount. Your party is out.
If you'd like to leave
a message for...
Marianne Jost.
Please do so after the beep.
Marianne Jost.
Marianne Jost.
Marianne Jost.
Marianne Jost.
Marianne Jost.
- Are you looking at me?
- No.
- Can I help you, Officer?
- What?
I'm not making a mistake.
You are a cop, aren't you?
- Yeah.
- Can I see your badge?
- Bill Guidone.
- What is it?
You think you're
invisible, don'tcha? Huh?
Think we don't know you, LeTour?
That's the name you use, right?
My father's a partner in
a very powerful law firm.
If you have anything in
mind, do it by the book.
You? Who the fuck
gives a shit about you?
I could grind you right here.
In fact, maybe I will. Huh?
What do you think about that?
Nobody'd give a ft yin' fuck.
I look like Narcotics
to you, asshole?
I'm Homicide, investigatin'
the murder in the Park.
I don't read the papers.
Oh, well,
Downtown is interested
how a nineteen-year-old
Barnard honours
student with fancy parents
got a quarter of uncut coke on
her when she's found murdered.
I mean, this ain't the type of girl we find
cruisin' Alphabet City lookin' to score.
You know what I'm ea
yin'? Somebody sold her.
Somebody upscale.
Somebody classy.
You're classy.
So I hear.
And maybe somebody knows
somethin' we need to know.
Delivery boy.
Here's my card.
You ask around. Take
a week or so. Call me.
Tell me somethin' I
don't already know.
It's either that, leave town,
or get your ass
busted day in, day out.
Got it?
- Paramount Hotel.
- Marianne Jost?
Just a moment.
I'm sorry, Miss Jost
checked out this morning.
Did she leave a
forwarding number?
No. No, she didn't.
Okay, thanks.
- St Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital.
- Er... Mrs Jost.
- Joanne Jost. She's a patient.
- Just a moment.
Who is this calling?
Skyline Floral. We're,
er... checking on a delivery.
Mrs Jost passed away last night.
- Are the funeral arrangements local?
- Just a second.
- Yes, Plaza Memorial.
- Plaza Memorial. Okay, thank you.
What are you...? Get out.
- Marianne...
- Get out!
Every time you come into my
life, something terrible happens.
I thought I was rid of you.
What are you...? How did
you...? I... I don't want you here.
I don't want you around. I don't
want you around my mother!
Damn you! Just get out!
- Get the fuck out of my life!
- John, just come on. Come on.
Get out! Get out of here!
- It's... It's... I... I...
- Look, I'm sorry, John.
You shouldn't have
come. That's the way it is.
Marianne's been up all
night, crying and crying. She...
She wasn't there
when mother passed...
died. She blames herself.
See, it wouldn't have
made any difference.
She just slipped away.
Marianne's been, um...
I'm worried about her.
What the fuck? You
don't give a shit about me.
- You don't give a shit.
- God.
- Think I'm a non-person. Asshole!
- Okay.
- It's...
- Don't try.
- How are you?
- Me?
Yeah, you.
- I can't think of anything, but...
- No.
- If there's anything I can do.
- Um... I'm okay.
But we've been
expecting it. It'll hit me later.
- I saw her.
- Who?
Your mother.
I came into the room.
You were sleeping.
Well, I gotta get back, 'cause
Marianne's probably flipping out.
Mmm, sweetheart.
Shumai, just
delivered. It's fabulous.
Have some. A
little snack with us.
- No, thanks.
- Mmm.
I told Ann you'd be on time.
Tis called. He said before ten.
- He said you were right.
- About what?
Oh, undercover cop. Not a narc.
Park murder. Jealous
was straight on that.
- You hear anything more about it?
- No.
Remember the time
that cop called here?
Wanted to know if
we had "nose candy"?
And Ann says...
Ann says, "John Candy?"
"John Candy?"
What's wrong, baby, huh? You
look like shit. Somethin's wrong.
- No, it's nothin'. It's nothin'.
- Look, you can't fool me. I can read you.
There's nothin' to
say. You're leaving me.
After a few more
months, "Sayonara!"
You too.
"John? John who? John Le...
Oh, what the hell was his name?"
I mean, it's not exactly
like I got a pension plan.
That's not fair. Is
that what you think?
- Look, you hate cosmetics. You're not...
- I know.
And who even knows
what's gonna happen?
I got a friend. A DD.
Got into lapidary.
I'll introduce you.
- You... You have to pass a test.
- Oh, what the hell is he talkin' about?!
- Gems! You know, crystals, diamonds...
- Robert, please.
Anything more about
the Park murder?
- What is it with this?
- Stay away.
Look, if you wanna
come in with us, fine.
- We can make room, right?
- Hello. This is Ann.
There's... It's no big
deal. There's room.
No. It's not what I want.
- Well, that's what I said. What is...?
- Ann, this is Ed. You gotta come.
Damn it! What's the...? Don't
answer it. Just let it call all day.
- It's all right.
- It's trouble. I don't wanna deal with it.
I'll... I'll handle it.
- I'm sorry if... if I...
- Fine. If he gives you any shit, fuck him.
Nah, forget it.
Don't forget about Tis.
- Ann needs that contact.
- Give it a rest.
- Eddie. Eddie!
- Fuck you, you scum!
- Oh, fuck you. Eddie...
- You low life dealer!
Look, personally,
I don't give a shit.
You... You can go kill yourself.
I don't care. But you OD in
here, it's a problem for me.
- You understand? It's a problem.
- I put a hex on you!
- I put a hex on you, man.
- Oh, fuck you!
- Fuck you back!
- Oh, fuck... fuck you!
What are you doin'?
Gotta get permission?
Gotta check with Mama?
No, I'm calling your brother.
Lawyer up in Bronxville?
And I'm gonna tell him to come
here. You told me so much about him.
Hey, Tour, you can't
do this. Hey, please.
I'll give you anything.
I'll give you money.
Ow! Oww!
- Martin Jeer, please. Thanks.
- He doesn't understand!
Personally, I
recommend Hazelton.
- It has the best all around programme.
- Why are you doin' this to me?
- You're such an asshole!
- Martin Jeer?
- I'm here with your brother, Ed.
- Whose side are you on, anyway?
I'm afraid there's been a medical
emergency. You're gonna have to come.
You fuck!
Yeah, he'll be here.
- Evening.
- Good evening, sir.
I'm here to see Tis Bruge.
Your name, sir?
Er... John LeTour.
Oh, yes, sir. A Mr John
LeTour is here to see you, sir.
- Penthouse, sir.
- Thank you.
- Tour.
- Thomas.
- Please.
- Thanks.
- Tour!
- Evening, Tis.
Just in time. We were out.
- Nineteen, right?
- Right.
Thank you.
That's thirty-eight, right?
- Got any hundreds?
- Some. Not the whole thing.
- You got hundreds?
- No.
I like that about Ann.
Always takes
the time to grind it.
If you're going
to do it, do it right.
Looks like you
could use some help.
Er... Mari, this is Tour.
You got any hundreds?
Not the talkative type.
Haven't seen her for years.
You know her, don't you?
Why they called me...
Tch, what a nightmare.
- You want it or not?
- Oh, yeah.
See you later?
Tell Ann I made that phone
call for her. It's all set up.
Oh, my God!
Did you see what happened?
Okay, break it up.
Break it up. Come on.
Where to?
Where to, sir?
Where are we going?
Nowhere just yet.
Let's just wait.
You want to wait here?
Yes, sir.
All news, all the time.
This is 1010 WINS.
You give us twenty-two
minutes, we'll give you the world.
Here's what's happening.
The dragnet is still out
for those seven people
who allegedly made off with
$600,000 from the city programme
that was supposed to
renovate old buildings.
It's charged the money renovated
their bank accounts instead.
More arrest warrants
may be issued.
And this just in. A woman
has fallen to her death.
Police are withholding identification
pending the notification of next of kin.
The incident happened about ten p.m.
According to the sources on the scene,
there was no-one else in the
exclusive Grace Towers apartment
when the fall occurred.
Is the sanitation strike over?
The mayor says the successful
conclusion of the negotiations is imminent.
- Who is it?
- It's John. John LeTour.
Can I see you?
- What time is it?
- It's important, Teresa.
So, call. Make an appointment.
Open the door.
You're up anyway.
Teresa, please.
Do I know you?
- We had a session last week.
- Oh.
What do you see?
- John...
- Look at me.
Okay, just a minute.
I see death.
Someone I knew died tonight.
This was not an accident.
This person was murdered.
Am I in danger?
Well, there's danger
around you. It's very close.
- Oh, God, I'm tired.
- What should I do?
- I don't know. I can't see it.
- Please.
Is this it?
Has my luck run out?
No, you're fine.
Don't be afraid.
Come on, go home.
- What... What do I owe you?
- Nothing. Forget it.
Just, er... just let me sleep.
You're fine.
- Ninth precinct.
- Er... Bill Guidone, Homicide?
Hold on.
- Guidone.
- Er... this is John LeTour. Remember me?
Yeah, laundromat. Your
father's got big connections.
You told me to ask around, tell
you somethin' you didn't know.
It ain't much,
but it's somethin'.
Go on.
- A girl died last night. Lexington Avenue.
- Yeah, the jumper. Druggie.
The news said she was alone in
the apartment when she went out.
But she wasn't. It's a cover-up.
- There was someone else there.
- Who?
Who owns the apartment?
You there?
That's all I know.
You told me to tell you
somethin'. I told you somethin'.
I feel this
deep-down trembling
In the earth 'neath my feet
It shakes the
great foundations
I awake from my sleep
I trust my life to providence
I trust my soul to grace
But nothing
takes away the pain
I can't forget your face
'Cause it feels...
Like the world's on fire
Oh, yes it feels...
Like the world's on fire
LeTour. Jealous, "Jell". SOB's.
-Mmm. Reggae
night -Burning Spear.
- How'd you get in?
- CC.
- You buyin'?
- How's product?
How much?
No, I got a problem.
I need a piece.
Piece? Piece of
what? Piece of candy?
- A gun.
- When?
Now, anything.
Am I talkin' too fast?
- How much you spend?
- The rate.
Whaddaya you got?
We got trade. Detective Special.
Nobody wants 'em.
Bought it from a cop.
How much?
Four, including me.
- You're fuckin' me!
- So what?
Where is it?
The hundreds. Franklins.
How do I use this thing?
It's a gun, man.
Yeah, but is there somethin'
special I gotta know?
Look, I've never used
one of these before.
- How do you do it?
- Simple.
Put the bullets in,
point it at the bad guys,
pull the trigger,
and they fall down.
- Vaya con Dios.
- Adios.
Somewhere in this fascinating
Shell of blood and bone
I struggle
through the day to day
I brace against the storm
Thoughts of you pursue me
Like an overwhelming tide
There's something
in the air tonight
It would do no good to hide
'Cause it feels...
Like the world's on fire
Yes, it feels...
Like the world's on fire
Excuse me.
Are you okay?
- Did you go to the police station?
- She was back on drugs.
Really back.
They're gonna
bring her here, too.
I thought she was
playing for attention.
I didn't know.
You're not to blame.
You're not responsible.
- Do you recognise anyone?
- That's Tis.
You know him?
His father's a lawyer. He
did some tax things for Mom.
He was at the hospital.
- What is that smell?
- Oh, it's me. Cologne.
I'm a sucker for that
cheap airplane stuff.
Did she mention him yesterday?
It was his apartment.
What are you thinking?
- I don't know.
- She jumped.
I know you loved
her, but she... she...
I know this is gonna
sound terrible, but she was...
She ruined everything.
Bad luck.
Sorry about last night.
- Ah, the prodigal son.
- Look!
Something came up. TCTE.
- TC what?
- "Too Complicated To Explain".
I gotta show you this.
I'm four hundred
short from last night.
I'll get it. You can
take it out of my pay.
But this is family. Are you just
saying that to hurt my feelings?
It's not money.
We had a graphic
artist make it up.
- You know Billy. Five Towns.
- Oh, sure.
Classy! Very... Katmandu.
- Kath-mandu!
- Whatever.
Well, it's good.
I like it. It's nice.
Tis called twice.
Wants you to come by.
I don't wanna go.
Suicide and all. I think
we should stay away.
Can't. He's the connect. I
don't wanna fuck with this.
Oh, come on.
Johnny, it's business.
Let Robert go.
- Tis doesn't deal with fags.
- Since when?
Since always. I... It just is.
So he's a bigot. So
what? So's everybody!
I don't wanna go.
I got a bad vibe.
He said you.
You go. He's your contact.
- He is.
- You giving orders?
No, Missy.
Come with me.
The two of us.
Why not?
For old times' sake.
Ann and Johnny.
Stop it.
You're breaking my heart.
Robert, call the car.
It's gonna be so
strange not doing this.
I mean, I've had
it, I'm fed up, but...
- You're really gonna do it?
- Yeah.
- You're really gonna quit?
- I think so.
Seal this thing with
Tis. Turn it over.
Put everything into cosmetics.
Gotta take chances in life.
No risk, no gain, as they say.
And, anyway, I've got my retail
connections here and in Europe.
It was great when we
started out, though, wasn't it?
- Greene Street years.
- Yeah.
Before deliveries.
When you were still using.
I should write a book.
Did I tell you somebody
asked actually to write my story?
Ghostwrite it? But, um...
You know, my lawyer freaked
I even took the meeting.
Of course it was impossible.
Everybody thinks I've
got such a glamorous life.
But they don't know.
I mean, you know.
Glamorous, God!
Well, it was, actually.
Once, before crack came
and fucked everything.
I gotta stop at my
place for a second.
Why? It's completely out of
the way. They're expecting you.
I got a bad vibe about Tis.
Chill on this, will
you? It is routine.
I wanna get my lucky jacket.
Oh, okay.
Well, that took you long enough.
What'd you do? Douche
while you were at it?
Ann, you got some mouth on ya.
You don't wanna
know where it's been.
What is that sm...
You've cologne on?
It smells like the stuff they
give you on an airplane.
- It's for you.
- Oh. Pooh!
You shouldn't use it.
It's got chemicals in it.
It's terrible for your skin.
What are you doing?
- Do me a favour.
- What?
Don't ask why. Promise?
- Promise?
- What?
If anything should
happen to me...
write her and tell her.
She's my sister.
Her husband's in San Quentin.
She worries.
I thought we were going to Tis'.
We are. He's here.
Can't very well expect
him to be in his apartment
after what happened yesterday.
All our eyes have seen
All our arms embraced
All comes crashing down
All comes face to face
Beast is at the door
The book is opened wide
Now to seal my fate
Now to step inside
Mathis Bruge, please.
Tis? This is Ann.
Yeah, I'm here with Tour.
- Tis there?
- I746.
Ancient shadows cross
Wicked and divine
All that lives and breathes
All I leave behind
Now you stand alone
Distant thunder sounds
Now to drink this cup
- On this barren ground
- Voil!
So, where's Tis?
I told you greasy fucks,
I don't deal with guns.
When I see a fuckin' gun, I
walk! How fuckin' dare you?
And I don't know who the
fuck you are, you little beaner,
but kiss my fat ass!
That's it. Tis, you shitball!
Where the fuck are you?
I know you're in there.
Goddamn it!
Look, you take a lesson from
this. You wanna deal with me,
you owe me a fuckin' apology.
Come on, let's get
the fuck outta here.
Hold it. Stop right there.
Sorry about the guns.
- What the fuck do you think...
- They were for...
- you're doing this macho bullshit for?
- They were for emphasis.
- I was just trying to make a point.
- Oh, please!
My fuck-up. I apologise.
Arschloch. Assholes.
- Really?
- What a nightmare.
We'll, er... take care of that
thing tomorrow. Same terms.
- Ann. Sorry.
- Oh.
Er... go on, leave.
You're upset.
I just need to talk to Tour a second.
About the police matter, right?
Tour and I need to
get our stories straight.
talking to the police.
I'm sorry, Ann. I just
have to talk to Tis.
Go down, and I'll
meet you at the car.
We came together, we're
leaving together. Come on.
Don't be stupid. Get out. Leave.
I had nothing to
do with Marianne.
She jumped.
She was there, and she was gone.
Nothing will happen to Tour.
Go on, Ann.
Now the heart exposed
Each beloved face
Written in the stars
Love and death embrace
Staggered by the weight
This confining dark
Watch your dreams burn down
Tears them from your heart
Cries of silence rage
Now our lives collide
Where's this magic place
Where sorrow dies?
Don't... Don't be crazy.
St... Stop now.
Just stop, please.
believe me,
I didn't...
I didn't have
anything to do with...
And... LeTour.
- Hi.
- Hi.
We got twenty minutes.
- You look terrific.
- I look respectable.
So what's the news?
Sentencing's supposed
to be in ten days.
And, because of circumstances,
and our co-operation,
they say it won't be
more than five years.
Maybe seven.
It hasn't been so bad.
It's a relief, in a way.
So far.
I've been writing.
- And reading.
- I love your letters.
- Good.
- I didn't know that
you could write like that.
How's business?
- Is it still "Akasha"?
- It's still "Akasha".
Well, Robert quit. He
went back to dealing.
He... Well, I guess he thought
he was gonna make
more money and work less.
So, it's lucky, in a way, I got mixed
up in the investigation and everything,
'cause now I really
have to go through with it.
It's cosmetics, after all.
Did we ever fuck?
You know, make love?
Well, there was that Christmas
party. Everybody got so stoned, and...
- No.
- No.
You came over and crashed at my
place once, and we slept together.
- We were naked?
- Mm-hmm.
We tried.
I was thinking about it, and...
I realised we never really did.
It's one of the
things I think about.
One of the things
I look forward to.
I've been looking forward.
Me, too.
Strange how things work.
All our eyes have seen
All our arms embraced
All that lives and breathes
Each beloved face
Standing at the door
The book is open wide
Now I seal my fate
Now I step inside