Lighthouse (1999) Movie Script

Words like "forgive" don't...
Crimes so...
Events of that night...
How do you explain...
Defy all understanding...
...can rationally exist?
...part human, part hunter,
part demon, part evil.
Perhaps the nature, the intention
of the brutality may never be understood,
or even explained.
The power of his name:
will forever be engrained
on our memory.
The name of Leo Rook.
You would have thought they'd
lay on something special.
Something fitting.
This being our last night.
Not sure about old Brownlow though,
how he's going to cope.
40 years he's been here,
almost to the day.
When he arrived, there
weren't even electric lights.
Just one small coal stove.
For this place. This place...
Railey says it gave off
enough glow for one bath a week.
- Some things don't change.
- Automation...
- I can't wait for the helicopter.
- I don't doubt it. When's it due?
6 a.m. Enjoy your last night
on the rocks, Jack. Over.
Bring some fresh milk, Jake
and we'll have a brew-up.
It might be a storm in a teacup.
The weather's looking pretty rough.
See you at 6 p.m. Out.
Brownlow over and out.
- You have to be careful.
- Please...
How are you feeling?
- Fine.
- Put him out of his misery.
How about you?
You all right?
Under the circumstances, yeah.
Hmm... "Bleak House". What is that?
The ship's manual?
- It could very well be.
- You're a lucky man.
No, I mean, to enjoy reading it
in a place like this.
- Who said I enjoyed it?
- So why do you do it?
Same reason other people
dig tunnels I guess.
Take a small swig of this.
Make it a large swig.
Doesn't Marshalsea Prison
already have a doctor?
Is that what they feed you?
Funny thing is, it didn't
look any different going down.
You haven't
answered my question.
She doesn't have to
answer questions to you.
I'm here for my own reasons.
- Who was that?
- He's in 5 years.
Unless he gets a retrial.
For manslaughter.
He claims he was framed.
I'm his case officer.
- And was he?
- What?
- Framed.
- Spader's original, I grant you.
Claims someone flashing security lights
caused an epileptic fit...
and that some stranger
shot his wife.
No medical evidence of course.
Everything all right my dear?
I'm tired.
Have you got anything stronger?
God. What mountain spring
did that come from?
Keeps you going
through the small hours.
I bet it does.
And what would it take
to get you going, Campbell?
There's only enough food
for three weeks.
This may be, but if I powered up with
a broken radar in this pea souper,
we wouldn't last three hours.
if you and your cargo fancy swimming to
Marshalsea so be it.
For my part,
I prefer the more civilized way.
What do you say, doctor? Fancy getting
your science thesis on to dry land?
- Move it, Campbell.
- I captain this boat, O'Neil.
You captain Jack Shit.
Now get going!
- There's somebody down there.
- Does it say "public footpath"?
No, I'm serious.
Oh yeah, I've got it. Little green fellow,
aerial sticking out of his head.
Make sure you tell him not to park
his spaceship on the beach, won't you?
- I hate it when they...
- Shit, shit.
Well, whoever it is,
he's heading this way.
- Come on.
- Why me?
Because it's an adventure.
Come on.
See anything?
O'Neil! Where are you?
Come on!
Let me out of here!
O'Neil! Get them out of there!
- I can't swim! No! No!
- Come on! Come on!
- Come on!
- No! No!
Move it Weevil!
- Come on Weevil, get that thing on.
- What are you doing, O'Neil? Are you mad?
Come on! Come on, calm down!
Calm down!
Go into the boat, come on!
- Come!
- No!
Oh God!
- Help!
- Spader, give me a hand!
- Come on, O'Neil!
- Hurry!
Come on!
Come on, come on!
I can't hold it!
We gotta to go!
We gotta to go!
Come on, mate,
we've made it.
Here, come on.
Hey, hang on.
You got them out of there.
You're braver than I thought.
Better save the flare til later.
Darling, I'm home.
My God, it's the three little bears.
- What?
- Never mind.
Where are we?
Yes, about halfway between
the mainland and Marshallsea.
Gehenna Lighthouse.
- It looks like there's life here.
- Obviously.
So where are they then?
Having a picnic?
Weever, are you okay?
It's all right.
I thought all lighthouses
were automated now.
Almost all.
This one was due
for the switch over this month.
- Spader never made it?
- It's time to move on, doctor.
Right, over here.
I don't intend waiting
for the keepers to return.
The first thing I need is a two-way radio.
I presume there's one here somewhere.
- Campbell?
- Yes?
It looks like we're here.
If you want the light back on, I suggest
we send someone down to the generator room.
- Don't count on us, mate.
- No.
Most likely an electrical fault.
The second floor's some kind
of medical room.
And we have
communications area right there.
Okay, fine. Then get up there and see
if you can't get us off this rock.
Yes, I'll do that.
You two, with me.
What if I don't want to go
with this old bastard?
For the moment,
those chains stay on.
You're all heart.
All... fucking... heart.
Jesus, are you okay?
- Weevil, Spoons, get over here now!
- Out of the way. Let me see.
Hopkins, get down there and see
if you can get the lights on. Quickly!
- Yes, sir.
- Good lad.
Let's see if we can sniff out
where these keepers are.
What did you say
about a medical room?
Goslet! Do you really want to
make yourself useful?
- Yes. Yes, of course.
- Coffee. For all of us.
- Sorry?
- Milk and two sugars. Thanks.
I think I should stay and help.
Anyone out there?
Weevil, Spoons. Stay close.
Stop pulling.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
I don't know why they
build lighthouses round.
It's more difficult to build. Lights work
in square buildings buildings, don't they?
Do I look like I care?
How are you feeling?
- Can you remember what happened?
- Oh yeah.
Did anyone get out with you?
Get up slowly.
You'll probably feel dizzy.
This is nasty.
Where did you get it?
I don't think
you want to know.
- Hands.
- No, I'm okay.
Where are we?
Some lighthouse.
The others are trying to radio for help.
You know, what I hear about Marshallsea,
I'm not sure I want them to.
There we go.
Here we are then.
- This time without bars.
- Does that trouble you?
With your track record it does.
Where the fuck
did that come from?
Let's just forget this miscarriage
of justice bullshit, all right?
I've heard it all.
Search your liberal ideas
you carry in your medical bag, Doctor.
I used to be like that.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I'd think everybody could be reformed.
That somehow they were cureable.
But what I've seen,
it's not like that.
People go beyond that.
Not all people, surely.
Let's back up, lads.
The thought of prison is
becoming more attractive.
- You know what I think?
- What?
It's only just the start, Spoonsi...
It's only just the start.
Looks like about an hour or so.
Whoever did this probably
left with lighthouse keepers.
Oh fuck!
Oh fuck!
Don't even think about it, Ian.
- Come on!
- Sorry...
No. I'm not going down there.
No way.
Fine. Stay here on your own.
You're hiding something from me.
I can see it in your eyes.
And what's hiding in your eyes,
Mr. Spader?
I think we see
what we want to see, don't we?
Hopkins? Hopkins!
How long now, Campbell?
- Go on!
- What is he doing?
- Campbell!
- Is that Campbell?
Come on Campbell,
you fucking piss-head.
- Almost there.
- You said that five minutes ago.
- Just give me another minutes or two.
- Get a move on, you drunken git.
What a little charmer.
Gehenna Lighthouse. This is
ground station. Come in.
You tried to reach me?
You called me, over.
You called me, over...
Come on, man.
Campbell, for fuck's sake!
Well perhaps he's
having a nice dip, eh?
- We have a serious problem here.
- Yeah I know! I know we have!
And that problem
hasn't gone away.
- How do you know?
- Hopkins saw him.
What kind of shape's he in?
Bad shape.
Excuse me,
but did we miss something?
Leo Rook...
What's about him?
He was on the boat tonight.
- Why didn't you tell us about this?
- No one has to tell you anything, Spader.
- You knew all along.
- Of course she knew.
- Why the hell do you think she's here?
- I'm a criminal psychiatrist.
- I'm writing a paper on him.
- Two words will sum that up: sick fuck!
Still. She'll get letters
after her name.
Well I hope they'll look good
on a fucking grave!
So how come you ended up
with Leo Rook?
I was there to examine the evidence.
His flat was littered with his
"specimen collection".
Hair... Hands...
Believe me, we're next!
First job, straight into the shit
and straight into my head.
So I suggest we get that radio working
and stick together!
- I still have authority here, McCloud!
- No you don't! He does!
Campbell, what the hell?
Watch it, Spader!
- This is not what I'd call "fixed".
- Christ, our bloody lifeline!
Quiet! Let's go find him.
You okay up there?
Campbell's missing, the radio's history,
Spader's a little microwaved.
But he's all right?
Just you remember why Spader's with us
in the first place, Doctor McCloud.
So I'd keep your hands
off the cargo if I were you.
Fuck you!
What did you say on the board?
What did you say on the board?
About Spader?
Epileptic fit.
At least that's what he said.
Still, he had a chance to escape,
and hasn't.
Where would he go?
Let's get the bastard.
This is not a democracy Spader.
Right, McCloud?
In theory, yes!
But we're not in prison now
and we're all in equal danger.
- So we vote, right?
- Right.
Two options: go or stay. If we go,
we may have some chance of survival.
The odds are kind of low either way,
so I suggest we leave.
Close it, Spader.
McCloud, you're out of your depth.
I make decisions around here.
- We should leave right now!
- Excellent plan.
You're trusting her?
Her to make a decision?
An obsessive woman,
who spends her entire life
peering under a microscope
at this madman?
- You trust her?
- Spooner, Weevil, how about you two?
- Well, we're with you man.
- You got us out of the shit before.
- No.
- No, no. We mean Spader.
Without him,
we'd be counting fishes now.
It's settled! We're leaving.
Your opinions don't concern me.
But if we stay here and fight,
like men,
trap the bastard, corner him,
give him what he you deserves,
We've odds of six to one.
The choice is clear.
We stay and fight,
or leave like cowards.
Come on, Spoons.
- Oh, no... Oh, no...
- Goslet.
Mr. Goslet, I'm going to fucking hit you
in a minute if you don't shut up!
- Come back here!
- We'd better swim for it!
- That's it!
- Swim for it!
Leave him alone!
Spader come back here!
- Get away from me!
- Goslet, come back!
- Spader, get away from me!
- Come here!
Get away!
- What are you doing?
- Get up!
- Get up! Come on! You'll be all right.
- Leave me alone!
It's six against one.
We'll be all right. It's okay.
You out here?
Not so loud, damn it.
Where are you?
I'm looking for
Spader and Goslet.
Well they're coming towards us,
I suggest you do the same.
I'm heading back now.
Just be careful, all right?
Get back in the...
McCloud? soon as you can do you...
- Are you all right, Weevil?
- O'Neil?
O'Neil, can you hear me?
- Okay?
- Okay.
- O'Neil? Come on and speak to me.
- Come on. Let's get back inside.
- Come on.
- Battery's dead.
Rook... Oh, Jesus!
- He's gone.
- It's my fault. It's my fault.
Easy, Goslet.
Just keep calm.
We'll be okay if we stick together.
Remember what I said: five to one.
- You said six.
- Fuck!
- What is this?
- It's, a...
Spoon's getting the batteries
out of that.
This here...
- It's a Morse transmitter.
- I haven't seen one of those since...
I haven't seen one of those.
- You're good at this.
- Not that good.
- You think you can get it to work?
- I can fix it.
- I hope we all know our Morse code.
- Campbell did.
- Thank you, Spoons. It's very useful.
- All right.
My friend.
Oh God...
- There's a catch.
- I knew it.
- We need to take this thing out of here.
- Okay, how far out?
I don't know, as far as possible.
You see...
The building will distort the signal so bad
it'd never be able to make it out.
We need to send a clean, clear signal.
Which means...
We have to go outside.
Look, I know what I'm talking about here.
That kind of means that you...
well, you two... are our best bet.
Exactly what does you mean by "you two"?
He's the electrical expert.
Spoons, it may have escaped your notice
but wherever he goes, you go.
I can't. I can't!
Okay, something else.
Something else...
Okay, I've got an idea.
I've got an idea. Right.
We're going to trap him in here.
I know, it's what O'Neil wanted to do.
Maybe he wasn't
such a fucking prick after all.
First, we've got to seal the windows
and all the doors, except that one.
- Spader.
- Yeah?
Where do you propose we hide?
All right!
Spread out across the floor.
Everyone has to cover a
different section of the room below.
It's a pity Campbell's not here.
He could have just pissed in these bottles.
You've all got some kind of light?
Okay, I'm going to be watching from
that window. As soon as I give the nod...
Goslet, you throw first,
followed by you two, and then McCloud.
I'll try and finish him off.
Now, as soon as he's cooking,
you two should get the hell out of here.
Everyone clear?
- Well, yeah.
- Good.
Now we wait.
- Ian?
- Thank you.
- Coffee?
- Oh, thanks.
Go on, take it.
It'll keep you awake.
Is it really true you're here
because you killed your wife?
That is why I am here, yeah.
I didn't do it though.
- I was having an epileptic fit.
- Yeah I know.
They told me.
You do know the chances
of such a freak incident...
- 100 to 1?
- Yeah.
Well, that's not a lot of help...
if you're the one.
Knock it off, man.
You okay?
Oh, come here.
- What's up?
- I can't get him out of my head.
Oh, okay, okay.
Hold on.
Oh God.
- What?
- Looks like we're in business.
Oh shit.
Spoons. Spoons.
We're on.
Don't wait!
Don't wait!
Weevil! Spoons! Go!
Go on! Get out of here! Go!
Grab that axe!
We certainly toasted that fucker.
- What's this for?
- What do you fucking think? Come on.
Spoons, Weevil!
Get the hell back in here now!
It'll bloody work.
Where is he?
Where is he?
Help! Wake up, wake up!
Come on!
Wake up! Wake up!
Bloody well, break!
Break! Break!
Come on!
I'm sorry, man!
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, man!
I'm sorry!
How do you think Rook got here?
A member of the prison staff maybe.
It seems the sicker you are,
the more admirers you have.
No, no, no, no.
I mean the island.
Well he couldn't have swum.
- He must have had a boat.
- Don't you think Spader knew that?
Sweet Jesus.
- What are you trying to say?
- I'm not trying to say anything.
We have to get this generator
working properly.
So what if we get the generator
working properly?
What's going to happen then?
No, leave me alone!
Spader! Open the door!
Help me!
Spader! Open the door!
Go! Come on, go, go, go, go!
Not now! Come on now!
Come on. Can you climb?
We've got to go.
- Spader.
- Hello?
- Are you okay?
- Goslet! You're alive?
Goslet, can you get the generator up?
- I do not know.
- Well try!
Now! Now!
Go down, go down, go down!
There's no way up!
Goslet. Goslet!
Thank you, Mr. Goslet.
Stay with me! Stay with me!
Hold on! Hold on!
Hold on!
McCloud. McCloud.
McCloud! McCloud!
It's okay.
It's okay.