Lightyear (2022) Movie Script

In 1995, a boy named Andy got a
Buzz Lightyear toy for his birthday.
It was from his favorite movie.
This is that movie.
CREW: 1200
Buzz Lightyear mission log.
Star date 3901.
Sensors have detected
potential life forms.
on an uncharted planet.
So, we're making a detour to investigate.
Space Rangers will make
initial evaluation,
then assess whether it's worth
waking the science crew
from their hyper-sleep.
While the ERIC takes core samples
I will explore further the oddities
of this strange planet.
Terrain seems a bit unstable.
No read-out yet if the area is breathable.
There seems to be no sign
of intelligent life anywhere.
- Who are you talking to?
- No one.
You were narrating again.
I was not. Just doing the mission log.
You do know no one ever listens to them.
I know that, narrating
helps me with focus.
- Stay sharp.
- Yeah.
Well, if it bothers you,
Commander Hawthorne.
I'm happy to wait
back on the turnip.
Please don't call it the turnip.
But the ship looks
like a root vegetable.
Yes, you made that very clear
at the design review.
How long have you known
that I narrate?
Since you and I were cadets.
Speaking of,
you forgot to take the rookie with you.
Ah, Commander Hawthorne, you know
how I feel about rookies.
It's the same way I feel about autopilots.
"How may I assist you?
Is there anything I can do, sir?"
They don't help,
they just over-complicate things.
I'm better off just doing the job myself.
Which is why I brought the rookie.
- No.
- Buzz, protocol requires we bring him along.
- He's gonna have sad eyes.
- Buzz.
You know I can't deal with sad eyes.
- Look at the rookie, Buzz.
- No.
- Look at the roo... Look...
- No... no.
- Lightyear.
- No.
- Look at him.
- Not looking.
- Look. Look.
- No.
- Look at the rookie.
- No. No.
All right. All right. You win.
Look, Feather... Featheringhamstan...
It's Featheringhamstan, sir.
Look, rookie, first,
you will not speak unless spoken to.
- Yes, sir.
- Still talking.
Second, respect the suit.
This suit means something.
It's not just protecting your body,
it's protecting the universe.
This suit is a promise
to the world that you,
and you alone will
do one thing above all.
Finnish the mission no matter the cost.
You will never quit, whatever
the galaxy may throw your way...
Will you please turn that off!
It's just too easy.
You're mocking me, aren't you?
Yeah, but in a supportive way.
Look, what I'm trying to say, Commander,
is that you and I have this job down.
- Sir.
- Still talking.
At any moment I know what you're thinking,
I know where you're gonna be.
But this guy, I don't know.
Where'd he go?
You see?
This is exactly what I'm talking about.
He's not helping. He's wandered off.
The ship. It's sinking.
Everyone, back to the turnip!
Oh, so now it's the turnip.
Engage Stealth Mode.
That should buy us enough time.
We're not gonna make it.
Almost there!
Okay, plan B. Ready?
- Blast!
- Here, I can re-route it.
Just give me a minute.
Where is the...
Help me!
Buzz Lightyear mission log.
The planet is clearly uninhabitable.
In fact, outright hostile.
The sentient foliage
have apprehended cadet Furth-Feathering...
Featheringston... Feather...
They got the rookie,
who I strongly suggested
should not have joined in the first...
- Buzz!
- Now!
Move it, ranger!
Making our way back to the ship.
Come on, Buzz!
All good at the engine room.
- I'll take the helm.
- And I will...
Do nothing.
I've got this.
How may I assist you?
- Is there anything I can do, sir?
- No and no!
This is not a simulation.
Commander, status!
Fuel engaged.
All systems go.
Warning. Launch trajectory unsound.
Come on. Come on.
Collision imminent.
Abort. Abort.
Captain Lightyear,
do you need my help?
- Negative.
- Are you sure?
I'm Buzz Lightyear.
I'm always sure.
s.ub by su. b .It's bad, Buzz.
The hyper-speed crystal
was totally destroyed.
Long story short:
we're marooned.
I don't know.
What are you doing?
I'm court-martialing myself.
No. You're not.
Commander Hawthorne, I hereby
relieve myself of all Space Ranger duties.
This was my fault.
And these people deserve better.
You can throw me in the brig.
Finish the mission, Buzz.
That's what we do.
We're not done
until everyone gets home.
But we have no fuel crystal.
So we mine resources on this planet,
create a new crystal.
Crystalic fusion is highly unstable.
Then we test it.
No. It's too dangerous.
Manufacturing a crystal
capable of hyper-speed
is like trying to lasso with the sun.
And then someone would need
to attach that sun to a ship,
and then the ship needs someone to fly it
without blowing themselves into oblivion.
Who in their right mind would...
Buzz Lightyear mission log.
Star date 3902.
After a full year of being marooned,
our specialized crew
have put this planet's vast resources
to incredible use.
Finally, our first
hyper-speed test flight is a go.
Ready, Captain Lightyear?
Ready as I'll ever be,
Commander Hawthorne.
To infinity.
And beyond.
- Buzz!
- We got a breach in the perimeter.
Come on, I just...
Captain Lightyear!
Airman Diaz.
Boy, the vines
are a little feisty today, huh?
Are we ready to launch?
We're all ready if you are, sir.
A year of work for a four minute flight.
Isn't that something?
Sure is.
Well, let's go find out
if this new hyper-speed fuel is stable.
So I can get us off this rock.
I almost forgot.
Here's your I.V.A.N, sir.
Fully loaded.
And here, of course, is the XL-01.
Pretty sweet ride.
Now let's get you that fuel crystal.
Good morning, Captain Lightyear.
Here is your specially formulated
fuel mixture.
So, this is the fuel
that's gonna reach hyper-speed?
It has an 87.6 percent chance.
I'll take those odds.
Good luck, Captain.
We're all counting on you...
XL-01 to Mission Control.
Do you copy?
Copy, XL-01.
I'm gonna grant you four minutes
to be off planet,
but then you come right back to us.
That's an order.
Roger that.
Hyper Speed, here I come.
T minus 10...
...eight, seven...
...five, four...
...three, two... Launch.
I.V.A.N., pull up the flight plan,
Hello. I am your internal...
Hello, I am your internal
voice-activated navigator, call me I.V.A.N.
Ready the flight plan, please, I.V.A.N.
Your mission is to accelerate
through deep space,
slingshot around Alpha T'Kani,
then through the deceleration rings
back here to T'kani Prime.
Target flight time: 4 minutes, 28 seconds.
XL-01, you are clear for hyper-launch.
Copy, control.
Initiating hyper-launch.
Approaching 50 percent hyper speed.
Fuel stable.
Increasing speed to 0.6c.
Sixty percent hyper-speed.
Increasing speed to 0.7c.
Seventy percent hyper-speed.
Fuel stable.
Approaching 0.8c.
Pushing to hyper-speed.
Failure in Engine 1.
Fuel cell unstable.
I.V.A.N., status.
Trajectory error, plus four degrees.
Failure to course-correct
will result in missing the rings.
We'll fly off into deep space
resulting in certain death.
Yes, thank you.
Ejection is your only option.
No, no. I can do it.
You have 26 seconds to course-correct.
You now have 25 seconds
to course-correct.
- You now have...
- Stop counting, please.
I'm sorry. My safety protocols
prohibit me from terminating countdown.
Mission failure imminent.
Please record your last words.
Not today, I.V.A.N.
Not today, I.V.A.N.
If you are satisfied with this recording,
speak or select 1.
I.V.A.N., push the engines all the way.
Maximum power.
That action is inadvisable.
Fuel cell detonation...
Is exactly what I'm counting on.
Situation critical.
Fuel cell approaching peak capacity.
Open up the Fuel Door, I.V.A.N.
I'm sorry. I didn't quite catch that.
- Please restate your command.
- Open fuel door!
Detonation in five...
- Now!
Course corrected.
You failed to reach hyper-speed.
I didn't need to hear that, I.V.A.N.
You didn't hear that?
Oh, I'm sorry. I'll repeat.
- No, I've heard... I meant...
- You failed to reach hyper-speed.
- Thank you, I.V.A.N.
- You failed to reach...
Commander, are you okay?
Diaz, you grew a beard.
How did you grow a beard?
Oh, right.
First of, welcome back.
Wait, what is this?
How long was I gone?
Four years, two months and three days.
I thought we've lost you, Buzz.
Alisha, what happened?
- Time dilation.
- What?
Time dilation is quite simple.
As you approached hyper-speed,
your time slowed relative to our own.
So, during your mission
you aged only minutes,
while the rest of us
have aged years.
Simply put:
The faster you fly...
The faster I fly
the further into the future I travel.
I get it.
So, what are we gonna do now?
I don't know.
But I think we should hold off
on any more test flights
until we've figured out something else.
Commander, we said finish the mission.
That's what Space Rangers do.
At what cost, Buzz?
Are you willing to lose another four years?
So, everyone is just stuck here
because of me.
Hey, you all right?
Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine.
Wait, what's that?
Oh, I got engaged.
Oh, wow. That's great.
What's her name?
Kiko. She's one of the science crew.
It's funny, it never would've mattered
if we hadn't been stranded.
You got engaged to someone you just met?
Buzz, I met her three years ago.
Oh, right. Right.
Well, Congratulations.
I'd love to meet her.
Well, there's plenty of time for that.
Get some rest.
That's an order.
Hello, Buzz!
I am Sox.
Your personal companion robot.
My what?
I was issued by star command
to ease your emotional transition
after your time away.
Oh, that's very considerate of you,
robot feline.
But no thank you.
I'm afraid it's protocol.
Sensors indicate
you've missed four birthdays.
Would you like a frosted snack kit
to celebrate?
Negative. That would compromise
my nutritional regiment.
We can talk about your feelings.
I am an excellent listener.
No, no. Look,
I've had a very long... day?
It did not go as planned.
The mission was unsuccessful?
Oh, no. I am so sorry to hear that.
Thank you, Sox.
You're welcome, Buzz.
Shall we play a game?
- No, thank you.
- Are you sure?
I can create a game specifically for you,
based on your exact personality profile.
Hey, listen, Sox, buddy, I'm pretty tired.
So, I'm gonna go ahead
and hit the rack.
Of course.
I can provide sleep sounds if you like.
I have several options.
Summer night,
ocean paradise, whale calls.
No, no. White noise is fine.
Very well.
- Good night, Sox.
- Good night, Buzz.
Pull up.
Pull up.
Captain Lightyear,
do you need help?
No. I can do it.
Buzz, are you sure?
I'm afraid it's protocol.
I can do it!
I can do it.
Censors indicate you had a nightmare.
- Would you like to talk about it?
- Negative.
Okay, but remember,
my mission is to help you.
And I'm not giving up on my mission.
You know what, Sox,
I'm not giving up on my mission either.
Great! So what can I do?
Well, why won't you engage
with your mouse buddy.
Is there anything more challenging?
You want a challenge? Okay.
I guess you could work
on this fuel stability thing.
Crystalic fusion. Of course.
When should I expect you back?
About four years.
Hold on. You don't have to do this.
Commander, this is my mistake.
I need to make it right.
Okay, but maybe
we should think about this.
Think about what?
Come on, we're Space Rangers.
We finish the mission.
Well, it would be nice
to wear the suit again.
People are starting to forget
Space Rangers ever mattered.
Well, I'm about to fix that.
To infinity.
And beyond.
Hi, Buzz.
You're back here
in a year or two...
and, well, I won't.
I don't know when it happened
but I seem to have gone
and gotten very old.
I always thought we'd get to be
Space Rangers again.
I miss being out
among the stars.
All the adventures.
But more than any of that
I missed you.
Hi, Grandma.
Hey, sweetheart.
I'm leaving a message
for my friend, Buzz.
The Space Ranger?
That's right.
He's in space right now.
This is my granddaughter, Izzy.
I'm gonna be a Space Ranger too.
Just like him?
Just like you.
Goodbye, Buzz.
I'm sorry I won't be there
to see you finish the mission.
To infinity.
And beyond.
Knock. Knock. Sorry to interrupt.
I'm just moving into my new-
Look at that!
The actual Buzz Lightyear in the flesh.
Commander Cal Burnside.
I was a big fan of your when I was a kid.
Well, then I look forward to working
with you to finally get us out of here.
Did no one tell you?
Tell me what?
That was the last mission, Buzz.
We've decided we gonna go ahead
and stay right here.
Wait, here? Negative,
that is not a viable option.
It is now. See, we're building this.
Laser shield.
It'll keep all the creeters out.
And we'll just tuck right in here
and make do with what we've got.
Make do? No. Wait.
But you don't understand, Commander.
I can still do it.
I can get us outta here.
Man, it's great you still believe that.
But we're good, Buzz.
Got the laser shield.
Oh. Hello, Buzz.
Well, I've got some good news, Buzz.
I figured out the fuel problem.
It was an interesting combination.
Just the slightest variance,
but that made all the difference.
Sox, how did you do this?
It took me 62 years, seven months
and five days.
And it's stable?
I look forward to finding out
on your next mission.
Evening, Captain. We're here
to pick up your companion robot.
What do you mean?
Security purposes.
You understand.
No, actually, I don't.
Shutting down the program,
So, we have to decommission your cat.
It'll just take a second.
Now, hold on, just...
At least let me do it.
Buzz. Where are we going?
We're going to space.
Buzz Lightyear mission log. Star date...
I have no idea.
In possession of stable fuel formula
I plan to reach hyper-speed
and this time finally finish the mission.
Who are you talking to?
Doesn't matter.
Buzz, my programming compels me
to notify Star Command that you have gone...
Star Command was gonna decommission you.
- What?
- That's right.
Lights out.
No more Sox.
Hey! You're not authorized
to be in this area...
Whoa, I didn't know you could do that.
Wait a minute, was that for me
in case I got out of line?
I bought you five minutes.
- All right, Sox, give me the first one.
- Roger.
Okay, here it goes.
The formula!
Tango to Base. Tango to Base.
Security breach in the launch peg.
We have a guard down. Repeat.
We have a guard down.
- I'm your internal voice-activated navigator.
- No! I.V.A.N.! No.
- Do you hear that?
- Call me I.V.A.N.
Mission Control,
activity detected in XL-15.
Roger that.
XL-15, this is the control.
Is there someone in there?
- Say something.
- XL-15.
Please respond.
Copy, control.
Just... the cleaning crew.
We're cleaning the cockpit.
Cleaning items in here?
Commander, did we authorize
the cockpit cleaning for the XL-15?
What? No.
- Stop! Come back!
- Wait!
XL-15, you are in violation
of Star Command protocol.
Cease your actions immediately.
Open this hatch!
Commander, it's Captain Lightyear.
Wait? What? Lightyear?
Get him out of there!
Stop right now and put your hands
over your head!
Back up.
- We need back up.
- Get the Zap patrol.
All right, team. Let's go.
Override the silo doors.
He isn't going anywhere.
- Unauthorized.
- Come on, we're sitting ducks here.
Allow me.
- Wait, what's happening?
- He overrode my override.
I know you can hear me.
Return the ship to base right now!
Or so help me...
Sox, let's break this hyper-speed barrier
and get everyone home.
Approaching 70 percent hyper-speed.
Approaching 80 percent hyper-speed.
Fuel stable.
Ninety percent hyper-speed.
One hundred percent hyper-speed.
Congratulations, Captain Lightyear.
You have achieved hyper-speed.
We did it.
Sox, we did it!
Congratulations, Buzz.
That was utterly terrifying,
and I regret having joined you.
No, no.
What is it, Buzz?
Our velocity is still extremely high.
What? Oh no!
Are we gonna crash?
Well, technically yes.
Just hang on.
After all these years.
Thank you, Sox.
Mission log, supplemental.
After borrowing a ship from Star Command
I've achieved hyper-speed.
And I'm ready to finally leave
this planet once and for all.
Buzz Lightyear to Star Command.
Come in, Star Command.
Star Command, come in.
Why don't they answer?
The robots.
The what?
The robots.
Wait, what's it doing?
- My ship!
- Be quiet.
Where'd it go?
Up there.
Where is the pilot?
What is that?
What is going on?
Get down.
Shoot! Come on.
They must have seen
your ship land too.
- Who?
- The robots.
Why are there robots?
Where did the robots come from?
Where did you come from?
I came from here.
Here? Wait.
Oh, no, that's my grandmother. I'm Izzy.
But you were just a little...
Sox, how long were we gone?
Meow meow.
Twenty-two years, 19 weeks and four days.
Come on.
In here.
I thought I heard one.
- A robot?
- Yeah.
Well, I am a Hawthorne.
You sure are.
You know, your grandma and I could
practically finish each other's sentences.
If you're anything like her,
you and I are gonna make...
- ...a great team.
- ...some robots cry.
So, get me up to speed on this.
Right. The Zurg ship showed up
about a week ago.
What's a Zurg?
That's the only thing the robots say,
so that's what we call the big ship.
The Zurg ship arrived,
the robots surrounded the base, and then...
Citizens of T'kani Prime,
robot aliens have attacked.
Everyone inside the perimeter.
Look out!
We are activating
the laser shield immediately.
And that's the last we heard.
All these people,
they were counting on me.
And now they're trapped.
We've tried to reach them,
but there's no communication, in or out.
Meow meow.
She's correct.
Did you check me against your cat?
Well, he's not your standard-issue feline.
Actually, Sox was a gift
from your grandmother.
- Hello, Izzy.
- Hello, Sox.
Hey, what's that noise?
Come on, don't break my cat.
He's purring.
He likes it.
Sox, do you like it?
I do.
Well, I hope you're ready for action.
Because all we needed was a pilot.
For what?
I have a plan and I have a team.
Come on!
All right, team, fall in.
I found a pilot.
Operation Surprise Party is a go.
I like this. An elite squad.
The best of the best.
You know, her grandmother was the greatest
Space Ranger in the history of the Corps.
It will be an honor
to work with you.
Come on, gather round, team.
Let's review our objectives.
Kill the robots.
And don't die.
"Don't die" is just something
you wanna do every day.
It's still an objective.
If I may, we have one objective.
We need to put this crystal
in the turnip and get outta here.
So, to do that we have
to get onto the base.
To do that we have to kill
all the robots.
To do that we have to destroy
the Zurg ship.
And to do any of that
we have to not die.
Allow me to explain
Operation Surprise Party.
It is a variation
on Operation Thunder Spear.
Didn't you get a medal for that one?
Two, actually, but...
Wait, how do you know
about Operation Thunder Spear?
I've read all my grandma's
Space Ranger books, from cover to cover.
Excuse me, robot kitty.
Oh, sorry.
Sensors have indicated that the Zurg ship
powers the robots on the ground.
So, we fly up there, we blow up the ship.
And surprise, robots!
You're toast.
Then, we put your crystal in the turnip.
And finish the mission.
It's a good plan.
To infinity.
Are you trying to get me
to pull your finger?
Don't fall for it.
No, not like that, it was...
Sorry, it's a thing your grandma
and I used to do.
I... We were never...
She didn't mean to...
Anyway, forget it. Moving on.
Let's load these munitions
into the Armadillo
and steel ourselves for combat.
Operation Surprise Party is on.
Buzz, do you hear that?
I hear something.
You think it's a robot?
Nah, we've never seen a robot
this far from the base.
I don't hear anything.
Now I do.
Don't worry, we got you.
Fear not!
The Junior Patrol has your back.
The Junior what?
No! The ship!
Did I get it?
Pretty close.
Sorry, I'm not trained with this weapon.
Let me reload.
Not trained? Wait, what do you mean
you're "not trained"?
You there. Grab it! Grab it!
Grab what?
I'm not allowed to handle weapons
the violation of my parole.
Izzy! Now!
Okay, new plan.
New plan?
What was the old plan?
I need the...
Anyone seen the harpoons?
They came preloaded with a harpoon,
but I can't find...
Oh, I found it.
I found the harpoons.
I'm gonna reload it now. Check this out.
Did I get it?
A little to the left.
Did I get it?
You got it.
Okay, okay. What exactly... How did that...
Who are you?
We're the Junior Patrol,
at your service.
Right, I'm gonna need more information.
We are a volunteer team
of self-motivated cadets.
We train one week in a month
here at the outpost.
Mo and Darby and I
were the first to arrive last weekend
when the robots showed up.
So, we cooked up
Operation Surprise Party.
So, you are rookies?
Boy, we'd love to be rookies,
still building up to that.
Okay. Do you have munitions training?
- Partial.
- Tactical engagement?
- Pending.
- Combat experience?
Yes! If you count the robot situation
we just went through.
Okay. Come on, Sox.
What are you doing?
Look, you seem nice people.
I'm very supportive
of your training initiatives.
But I'm gonna go ahead
and take it from here.
We just saved you from that robot.
- Excuse me?
- Mo made the kill shot.
Mo got lucky.
So, if you could just point me
in the direction of another ship.
There are operational spacecrafts
at the abandoned storage depot.
Great. Where is that?
The storage depot is directly adjacent
to the Resource Reconstituting Center,
which is 4.2 kilometers
from your current location.
Great. Where is that?
It's actually quite simple.
You will first head south
towards the base.
After two stop lights you will...
Wait, that is not right.
That is a dead end.
Oh, I see, I was in the wrong spot.
Apologies. I will start over.
You will first head south
towards the base.
After two stop lights
you'll take a gentle left and...
Shoot. I have made another error.
We'll just show you.
Allow me to restart.
You will first head south
towards the base.
After two stop lights
you'll take a hard right...
Buzz Lightyear supplemental mission log.
Having finally achieved hyper-speed
I now have an additional obstacle
in my way.
In order to flee this planet I'll have
to destroy a massive alien ship alone.
with no assistance of any kind.
You know, we can help you. It is our plan.
I can't allow that.
Star Command Code 2709.3
forbids me from placing
unqualified personnel in harms way.
Okay, but I'm a Hawthorne.
It's more than just a name, Izzy.
You have to know exactly...
- to react in any sit...
- ...what you gonna say next.
I thought I had that one.
And you, you're in a correctional
situation of some kind?
Parole program.
I do this and they shave
a little time off my sentence.
But I really learned a lot in there.
Darby can take any three things
and make them explode.
Okay. And what about you?
Me? I thought this was gonna be
like a fun boot camp workout thing.
But it is not.
So, I was actually coming out here
to turn in my stuff...
He's a quitter.
I'm not a quitter.
You were quitting.
What are you talking about?
I was just going in a different direction.
Yeah, the direction of a quitter.
You know what, I give up.
- See?
- On your right..
Now, where was I?
Here we are. Let me back up.
Hey, keep working on your skills.
It's the only way to get better.
We can help you.
And I appreciate that.
Just go back to your training facility.
Stay alert. Stay safe.
I'm going to commandeer
this P-32 Armadillo
and go blow up the Zurg ship.
So, this is just goodbye?
Affirmative. Goodbye.
Sorry, I forgot my cat.
Life forms detected.
What are they?
Giant insectoid organisms.
The building appears to be
some sort of hive.
Are they a threat?
Sensors indicate they are hibernating.
Very good.
Oh, look!
It's the XL-01.
It's been a long time since...
What is it?
Come on, I'll show you.
Sorry to interrupt.
Looks like you were having
a real nice moment.
What are you doing here?
It's not safe.
You took the keys to our truck.
There they are.
Come on. Come on.
- Quiet.
- I'm trying.
Got it.
- Somebody get...
- Get the door!
You were gonna say "get the door",
and I got the door.
Well, I'm gonna be blunt here.
I wish that hadn't happened.
So did the rest of us.
Everyone grab a weapon.
Boy, I'd love to, but my parole...
As a Star Command Officer
I grant you emergency authority.
We're gonna blast our way outta here.
Now we're talking!
Buzz, the probability of survival
a frontal attack is 38.2 percent.
Seems a bit low.
What about Stealth Mode?
How do you know about Stealth Mode?
Grandma and I used to play
Stealth Mode all the time.
It was like hide-and-seek,
but with a twist.
Okay, well, it's actually good thinking.
I'll use Stealth Mode to disorient them.
Or, and stick with me here.
We could all use Stealth Mode
and just walk right out.
You mean, you would wear
a Space Ranger suit?
This one already has my name on it.
Let's review.
I'm going...
That way.
And you're going...
That way.
Okay. Very good.
Check it out,
I'm Feathers... Feathering...
Oh, look, a pen. Cool.
- Does yours have a pen?
- Okay, pay attention.
Stealth mode is fairly simple.
There are just two parts.
You press the button...
- Is it this button?
- I will tell you which button.
- What about this button?
- I'm sorry.
We're not gonna have time
to go over all the buttons.
Okay, forget the button.
What about this thing?
- It's more...
- No! No!
That's the surrender strand.
You never pull that.
There is no more shameful maneuver
for a Space Ranger.
Excuse me.
Did I miss which button
is the Stealth Mode button?
It's this button.
Not yet!
You push this button,
then you go out the front door,
and I'll go blow up the Zurg ship.
- Ready?
- Ready.
No, wait. Not ready. Hang on.
Okay, got 'em.
That would've been embarrassing.
Goodbye again.
Sox, you're inhibiting my visual.
Sorry. Is this better?
- Negative.
- Okay, how about this?
How about this?
Okay. Here we go.
Very good.
Stealth Mode working as planned.
This is pretty cool.
These dumb bugs can't even see us.
Hey, bug. Hey, bug. Bug.
I'm right here, bug.
Can't you see me?
He can't. He can't see me at all.
And time has elapsed.
Wait, the timer.
They don't know about the timer.
You don't see me.
Wait. I can see you.
I can see you too.
The bugs can see us.
No, no. I surrender.
Back! Back!
This isn't working.
You have to keep going!
We have to turn around.
They're headed right for us.
No, no. Do not approach the vehicle!
All right!
- Way to adapt, team.
- Give it up here.
Why are you congratulating yourselves?
Because I just Hawthorned us out
right outta that situation.
But you could've made it if...
If you had told us
the Stealth Mode wears off.
Okay, everyone just strap in.
Hello, I am your...
Hold on!
Are we going to space?
No, I'm gonna drop you somewhere.
That was a big swirly turn.
I think I need a bag.
No, no. Do not vomit
inside the vehicle.
I can see starts. That is space.
What is happening right now?
She's afraid of space.
- What?
- She should be. It's horrible
Izzy, remember your exercises.
- It's coming.
- No, no.
Engage your helmet.
That will catch it.
- Buzz! Another ship!
- Izzy, I'm trying...
I can't see anything.
Oh, no! The dark side
of the planet.
Over there! Three o'clock!
Hold on. This isn't gonna be pretty.
Is everyone okay?
I think so.
Sox, give me a damage report.
One moment, please.
Okay. This is better.
Is this better?
No, obviously this is worse overall,
I just meant... You know...
How are you afraid of space?
Oh, It's pretty easy.
Did you know if you let go out there
you just keep going in the same direction
forever, just...
Well, then how were you
going to blow up the Zurg ship?
I would've been ground support.
I know, grandma wasn't afraid of space.
No, because she was a Space Ranger.
Astrophobia is an automatic
What was that thing?
- I don't know.
- Is it gonna come back?
I don't know.
But how did it...
Okay, you don't know.
I was done. I finally had the crystal.
This was supposed to be over.
But who am I kidding?
I don't need a crystal.
I need a time machine
to get out of this mess.
Assessment complete.
How bad is that?
The blast was absorbed by the heat shield
and only caused a minor electrical short.
So, in order to be flight operational
the Armadillo will require a material
of specialized capacitance.
Oh, like an electrical thingy.
How do you know that?
We learned this.
Specialized capacitance, remember?
We built those field radios last month?
Oh, yeah. That was fun.
Yeah, except Darby messed hers up.
I'm gonna mess you up...
Please. I'm trying to think here.
I messed mine up, but then I fixed it up.
But you broke that computer console.
I needed that little coil for its...
What was that?
Specialized capacitance.
Hey, honestly, there is
a lot of room out here.
If you guys wanna reminisce
you could go over there,
or look, there's no one
trying to think over there.
We can go up there.
Fine. Perfect.
Yes. Okay, new plan.
Wait. What?
That mining facility
will have a console, right?
That console will have
a little coil thing, right?
And that little coil thing
will have the...
Specialized capacitance.
That we need to fix this ship, right?
She's right.
Good job. Now that's thinking
like a Hawthorne.
Let's go get that part
and get outta here
before that thing finds us again.
Over there.
Okay, here we go.
Buzz Lightyear mission log.
In order to repair our ship
we have to find some way
to get inside
the Command Center and...
Nice job, elderly convict.
Okay, the activation coil
should be in here.
Need a pen?
Got it.
Okay, yeah. Another time.
Oh no.
Security measures activated.
No! Not this again.
Not what? What is this?
A capture cone. That holds you
until they come and get you.
No one's coming to get us.
They're all trapped in the base.
So, we should just leave, right?
We can't just leave.
Sure we can. Take it from me,
we can always just leave.
Look, see?
Come on!
Told you.
Now, be careful, because these things...
combine if they touch.
All right, sorry.
But maybe if we both try it?
That's not gonna work.
You haven't even tried.
Yeah, that didn't work.
- Buzz?
- Whoa, hold on.
I'm no help to anyone
if I'm stuck in there with you.
Sox, can you turn these off?
I can't reach the controls.
Wait, there's a soft spot
in the floor here.
- Maybe if we could...
- That's my foot.
- Sorry.
- Wait, watch it!
Wait, that's it.
That thing powers these things.
- Then let's hit it again.
- Wait. Wait.
We need the door to be open.
So I'll open this.
You slam into the power source.
These things will disappear.
And we'll walk right out.
- Yes, sir.
- All right.
Keep trying!
We're just not heavy enough.
Buzz, we need you.
Wait, in there?
But if it doesn't work
I won't be able to save you.
You don't need to save us,
you need to join us.
Go! Go!
Watch out!
Buzz, no!
We need the coil.
We got you.
Oh, look. Snacks.
Anyone going for the snack?
Here. Let's all re-charge a little.
Here you go.
Huh, this is, uh...
What... What's...
What's happening here?
Something wrong
with your sandwich?
Why is the meat on the outside?
Because it's a sandwich?
No, the bread is supposed to be
on the outside.
What, like, bread, meat, bread?
That's too much bread.
Yes, but this is all wet.
Yeah. Juicy fingers.
That's the best part.
When was the last time
you had a sandwich?
I don't know, a hundred years ago,
give or take.
Just a "bread, meat, bread."
That's too much bread.
That would just suck
all the moisture out of your mouth.
Good one, Darby.
Oh, no!
Wake up, Sox.
Come on, little buddy, come back to me.
Please, Sox. I'm sorry.
Hello. I require a reboot.
I'm sorry, guys.
I almost killed Sox.
I almost got us all killed back there.
Hey, listen to me, it was just a mistake.
Right, Buzz?
Just try to get a little better.
I just...
When I first went to the Academy
I was not... you know... good.
I screwed up every day.
I got tangled in the obstacle course.
My hands shook so much
I couldn't hit the target.
Not the bulls-eye.
The whole target.
And I was gonna quit
after the first week, it was...
clear I was not Space Ranger material.
But her grandma
saw something in me.
So I started looking for it too.
One corrupted file restored.
Hey, he's lighting up.
- Grandma.
- Hello, Sox.
I need you to do me a favor.
I need you to look after my best friend.
His name is Buzz.
He's away right now,
but he'll be back soon.
He's a Space Ranger.
He's going to get us all home.
Get us all home.
What's wrong?
Did not you hear that?
She believed I could fix
the mistake I made.
And that belief
cost her everything.
Everything? No.
She had grandma Kiko,
my Dad and me, all her friends.
She didn't meant to be here, but she had
a whole life on this planet, Buzz.
All of us had.
Except for you.
We wanted to be Space Rangers again.
We wanted to matter.
Believe me, she mattered.
You know, it is pretty good this way.
Yeah? Bread, meat, bread.
How long did you do it like that?
Fully recharged.
Come on.
Let's go put this part in the ship
and get outta here.
Sox, can you light our way?
Of course.
Click click. Click click.
I see you.
I'm gonna get ya. I'm gonna get ya.
Oh, I didn't get ya.
- Sox?
- Where'd you go? I got you!
- Sox.
- Yeah, sorry.
This is exciting.
Operation Surprise Party, here we come!
Wait, what? Negative. I can't put you
in harm's way like that.
What, are you gonna do
the whole mission alone?
I can do it.
Because you got a Hawthorne right here.
And I appreciate that. Tell you what,
I'll let you know if I need you.
But until then let's just try to get back
to the Armadillo without any more...
It's after me! Go back to the ship!
But Buzz!
Buzz Lightyear mission log.
I'm being pursued by a...
just a massive robot.
I'm leading it away
while the others escape to the ship.
What? How do you know my name?
Come with me.
This is definitely
a violation of my parole.
Come on. Let's get outta here.
Ready yourselves for launch.
Operation Surprise Party is back on.
What? With us?
What, am I gonna do
the whole mission alone?
We can't launch yet.
I need five minutes to install the coil.
We can't sit here for five minutes.
The ship still has hover capabilities.
Then let's use them.
We might lose them
in the fire geysers.
Blink the way.
You two, blast some robots.
But we haven't even finished
our munitions training.
How hard can it be? Look.
We got these spiky things.
And these one probably explode.
Just do whatever feels right.
What? What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna dance with Mister Boom.
Now that's satisfying.
Twenty percent complete.
Out of a hundred?
They're gaining on us.
Where are those fire geysers?
Dead ahead.
Don't worry,
I know every last inch of...
Watch out!
Here, throw this.
- Wait, hold on.
- Throw it!
Fire geyser dead ahead!
Fifty percent complete.
Hey, we have explosives back here!
Quick! Give me something.
Ninety percent complete.
Izzy, do you know how to transfer
power on the fly?
I've done it in the simulator.
Well, it's about to get real.
- Do you need my help with anything?
- Absolutely not.
Ninety five percent complete.
Ready thrusters. Green button. Middle.
Remember from training.
You don't pull the trigger,
you squeeze the trigger.
I know.
Ninety nine percent complete.
Transfer to Oscillating Power.
One hundred percent complete.
Reboot. Okay, be ready to launch
when the fuel cell is...
Oh, no.
Grab the crystal!
I'm so sorry.
Everything was happening so fast and I...
I just...
I made a mistake.
Okay, but we're not done, right?
We can still do something.
Izzy, look around.
There is nothing to do.
The mission...
It's over.
Where are you going?
I just need to be by myself.
What the...
What is this?
Where are we?
Who are you?
Now that's the question.
You look good, Buzz.
Guess again.
Hello, Buzz.
I don't understand.
I messed this all up.
Hey, it was just a mistake.
Remember what you told me?
This one's different.
Because it's mine!
I'm supposed to be as good as my grandma.
I'm supposed to be a Hawthorne.
But I'm not.
Wait a minute, hold on.
You're not me.
I am me.
You are you now.
But I'm you 50 years from now.
Well, there can't be two mes.
Yet here we both are.
Okay then. If you're me.
I'm thinking of
a number between one and...
Isn't that cute.
Robots can't quite say "Buzz."
So around here I'm just Zurg.
And I guess so are you.
How? I don't understand.
Do not worry about it.
None of this is gonna matter.
You have to explain it all to him.
You're right.
I'm sorry, it's just exciting.
You're finally here.
See, I reached hyper-speed too.
Like you did.
But I wasn't greeted as a hero.
No, that new Commander was gonna
arrest me for stealing the XL-15.
I'd found a way to get them home,
and they didn't even care.
So I escaped.
I went as far as I could,
as fast as I could.
At that speed for that long
I'd traveled centuries.
And I ended up in a future
you wouldnt recognize.
Filled with technology you can't imagine.
And that's when it dawned on me.
If we can use this crystal
to go forward in time.
Why not use it to go back?
But we can't go back in time.
- We can now.
- What?
Listen, Buzz, I've broken time.
What's happening to you
never happened to me.
This is a new now that's never been lived.
You see, we can change things, Buzz.
Well, if we can go back in time
we can stop ourselves
from ever landing on that planet.
From ever hitting that mountain.
We can just continue the mission home.
And none of this
will have ever happened.
it's a good plan.
And this crystal is the key to it all.
Wait, don't you already have one?
Well, sort of.
See, I wore my crystal out
testing the time travel.
Wore myself out too. It took a while.
Turns out this isn't an exact science.
This is as far back in time
as I could get.
Come on, help me configure the engine.
It should look familiar.
Wait, is this based on the turnip?
Set it for reversed thrusters, full.
So, we designed all of this?
No, this is all borrowed.
I just made some modifications.
She'll get to be
a Space Ranger again, Buzz.
Well, she won't have her family.
She won't have Izzy.
Who's Izzy?
Look, she's not gonna miss anyone
if she never meets them
in the first place, right?
The only thing people are gonna know
is that we finished our mission.
Here. Hand me your crystal.
I don't know, maybe...
maybe we should think about this.
Think about what?
Commander Hawthorne believed
we could fix this mistake we made.
And that belief cost her everything.
Oh, no, no.
We had that all wrong.
She had a whole life down there.
What kind of life?
We're supposed to be Space Rangers.
We suppose to matter.
You don't wanna live like this, Buzz.
Waking up with that same nightmare.
Haunted by your mistake.
But you can finally let go of that.
Starting right now.
You're right.
I can.
Where are you going?
You and me, we're not the same.
I'm sorry.
No, Buzz.
I'm sorry.
Hey, cat.
Do you know how to fly this thing?
There's no fuel.
See, this is why we should
never have gotten in over our heads.
What did you wanna do?
Wait at the outpost
until the robots found us?
That's better
than being stranded out here.
where no one's ever gonna find us.
You are the last person I wanna be
stuck with in a life-and-death situation.
Well, you're in luck. Okay?
Cause look around.
This is just a death situation.
Meow meow.
I've completely lost Buzz.
He's too far away to track.
Everybody, inside!
Get inside the ship.
What's after us now?
We don't have any more weapons.
It's okay. We're getting out of here.
Where are we going?
We're going into space.
Hey, let go of me. No!
I don't understand
what's happening here, Buzz.
You've changed.
And not for the better.
You can't do this.
You're gonna erase it all.
No, you gonna take away everything.
People's families, their friends.
My friends.
They have lives on that planet.
Everyone does.
Except for us.
I hardly recognize you, Buzz.
All these new ideas...
You know what?
We'll go ahead and erase those too.
- Whoa.
- I bought you five minutes.
I like this new you.
We have to destroy this ship.
Can you get me to the bridge?
Certainly. Follow me.
Operation Surprise Party, here we go.
Zap, zap!
We need to protect our escape ship.
So, don't let any robots
come through that door.
Don't worry, we'll seal it off.
You go find Buzz.
I'll track the chip in his dog tags.
Meow meow.
What's wrong?
I'm getting two Buzz signals.
That's can't be right.
I'll triangulate.
That will get us close enough. Come on.
A shortcut back.
This is pretty neat.
We have to go.
Yep, all right.
Oh, great.
I don't know any of these controls.
Wait. I.V.A.N.?
Yes, Captain?
Boy, am I glad to see you.
Initiate self-destruct sequence
in two minutes.
You got it.
Self-destruct countdown initiated.
Buzz, you don't want
any of this cool technology?
Only you, buddy, come on.
- Traitor!
- No.
Just tell me where the crystal is.
Okay, we've gotta protect our escape ship.
So, how do we close this door?
I don't know.
What? You said,
"don't worry we'll seal it off."
Right, so don't worry. We will.
Here we go.
Look, see?
Meow meow.
The signal is tighter now.
He has to be straight this way.
That's a lot of space.
Keep it together. Keep it together.
I don't understand.
The signal says Buzz is 50 meters away.
He's over there.
You think we're not the same, Buzz?
You're already me,
you just don't know it yet.
I'm never gonna be you!
If you're not gonna be me
you're not gonna be anyone.
Artificial gravity disengaged.
No, no.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Building a bomb.
Nice, do you need a pen?
No. Here.
Oh, thank you.
Give me the wrapper.
So, you can just build a bomb
out of that stuff?
I worked with less.
Now give me the gum.
Wait, I'm not done,
there's still a lot of flavor left.
Come on!
There. When they step on it
it will blow up.
What if they don't step on it?
I mean, I wouldn't step on that,
would you?
Then we need to drop
something heavy on it.
- Just gonna...
- No!
Are you okay?
No. I can't do it alone.
I need help.
I'm not my grandma.
Izzy, I don't need your grandma,
I need you.
Sox, how do we get over there?
Through the airlock.
Through there?
There's nothing out there.
Exactly. Nothing in your way.
You just go straight across.
Let me get this straight,
when this falls on your bomb
- it will definitely explode.
- Yes.
- And that will seal the door?
- Yes.
But we better hurry.
I am hurrying.
Why don't you hurry?
Come on.
Come on, Izzy.
You got this.
Oh, man.
Oh, no.
Just don't look down, or up.
It's all space.
It's everywhere. All around you.
I'm sorry, I'm probably not helping.
Just go straight.
Once you push off
that the direction you'll go.
But what if I miss?
Don't miss.
What? Oh, no.
No, no!
Thank you, Izzy.
There is no way in.
Perhaps I could help.
You can't hide for me, Buzz.
It's like hiding from yourself.
I'll always find you.
Manual override activated.
- Buzz!
- Now!
Come on, let's get outta here!
We have to blow up the ship.
There's no time.
We'll never make it.
Oh, yes, we will.
Self-destruct sequence complete in ten...
- ...nine, eight...
- I.V.A.N.? I.V.A.N.!
Darby, we have to surrender.
No! I am not giving up.
Yep, neither am I. Hold on.
- ...five, four...
- Let's go.
- ...three, two...
- Everyone, get in.
Buzz Lightyear mission log.
We've destroyed the Zurg's ship
and Zurg himself.
Now I just have to catch up
to the Armadillo in order to...
Going somewhere?
Warning, engine damage is catastrophic.
Buzz Lightyear mission log.
I now have the crystal in my possession,
and can finally, at long last
finish the mission.
I'm gonna go back and matter again, Buzz.
And you?
You will be like you have never here.
Prepare to die.
Not today, Zurg.
We've entered
the planet's gravitational pull.
Are we gonna crash?
I'm afraid so.
I can't do it.
Buzz, it's okay.
We can.
Can you keep the ship steady?
Yeah. I think so.
Okay, Sox, fuse the emergency battery
the power of flight controls.
Got it.
I'll need a co-pilot.
Okay, but I've only done this
in the simulator.
Well, it's about to get real.
Remember, pull back on the yoke...
- Easy.
- Yep. Sorry. Nice and easy from now on.
It's not working!
We're going in too fast.
- I.V.A.N.
- Yes, Captain?
- We're going too fast.
- Congratulations!
We don't need confetti, we need brakes!
Oh, I know!
- The air brake!
- On the floor.
- It's stuck.
- What?
The cover, it's stuck.
I need a screwdriver,
or a hair clipper
Some sort of a small wedge.
I've got the pen!
- Buzz!
- Is everyone okay?
- Yeah.
- I think so.
The cops! Everybody, run!
Wait. It's just the rescue team.
Right. Okay.
You seem like a decent citizen.
What led to your incarceration?
I stole a ship.
Who among us hasn't stolen a ship
in a moment of...
relative desperation?
I'm a man of resources.
My weapon is ingenuity.
I can do anything!
Can you not shout in my ear?
Yep, sorry.
You're okay?
su. b .I was in space.
Your grandma would be proud.
She'd be proud of you too.
She always was.
Wait. Where is your crystal?
It's gone.
But your mission...
You wanted to go home.
You know, for the first time
in a long time
I feel like I am home.
Look out!
Stop right now!
You absconded with Star Command property,
stolen experimental spacecraft
and defied a direct order
from your commander.
I gotta throw you into stockade.
But I have other plans for you.
We want you to start a new version
of the Space Ranger Corps.
Universe Protection Division.
You're gonna be
a Space Ranger again, Buzz.
You can hand-select your team
from the very best of the Zap Patrol
and train them to your liking.
Zap, zap!
Well, that's very kind of you, sir.
But I'm afraid
I'm going to have to decline.
I already have my team.
These new suits are amazing.
Arm blaster, rocket wings.
It could use a pen though.
I can't believe I'm allowed to carry this.
I wish I had two of them.
You got a clean record.
and you're free and armed.
How are you still complaining?
I got off for good behavior,
not good attitude.
You know, I never wear pants,
but suddenly it feels weird
to not be wearing pants.
Does it look weird without pants?
No, you look good.
I wish I could pull that off.
Look, Grandma, I'm a Space Ranger.
Just like you.
All right, team, we've picked up a signal
in the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4.
We don't know what it is, but we're not
gonna wait for it to invade our home.
Copy, Commander.
You can count on us.
Buzz Lightyear mission log.
Star date 4071.
As members
of the Elite Universe Protection Unit
of the Space Ranger Corps,
we've been charged to protect the galaxy
from the threat of invasion
from any sworn enemies
of The Galaxy Alliance.
Okay, everyone, make sure
you're securely fastened.
- Do we have everything? Munitions?
- Check.
- Sustenance?
- I brought sandwiches.
And your tummy will be okay?
- All set.
- All right.
Am I forgetting anything?
I think we're ready.
Hello, I am your internal
voice-activated navigator.
Good to have you back, I.V.A.N.
Captain Lightyear, ready for launch.
- Sox?
- Meow?
I.V.A.N., initiate hyper-launch.
All right, Space Rangers.
Here we go.
To infinity
and beyond.
Keep tuned for TWO post credit scenes
at 01:35:50 and 01:43:37. Cheers. sub. Laser shield.
Now, should you prefer
a more scenic route
you'll want to head south
past the bromite swamps,
a breathtaking sight, or so I am told.
But if you are in a hurry,
this would be your most direct route.
Any questions?