Like Arrows (2018) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
[woman] Alice.
Look at this mess.
Oh, look at my kitchen.
Sweetheart, what are you doing?
Oh, you're always making messes.
Let me see your hands.
Okay, go wash up.
Stay in your room.
You make a mess
out of everything you touch.
Charlie, say somethin'.
I thought we were safe.
You know,
you, you-you had protection.
When did this happen?
How far along are you?
Twelve weeks? I don't know.
-Twelve or thirteen.
Which means I'm having this baby
in December.
[chuckles] Well, I'm gonna be
going into my spring semester
with a baby.
[whispers] Charlie, I'm 20.
I don't know how to be a mom.
Do you even wanna think
about options?
I mean, I, I know
I don't wanna mess up
some poor kid's life.
You're not gonna mess
anything up.
All right?
That's your mom talkin'.
But we already
screwed up the plan.
This wasn't supposed
to happen first.
We're, we were supposed
to get married,
we were supposed to, to have
a few years together, you know?
My gosh,
my mom's gonna kill me.
Babe, when I tell her, she's
never gonna speak to me again.
Do you wanna keep this baby?
-Only if it's a boy.
-Listen, I'm kidding.
Come-come here.
Give me your hands.
Look at me. Look at me.
Hey, hey. Okay.
This is not the worst thing
that could happen, you know?
I'm, I'm, I'm...
I'm half way
through my twenties.
I think I'm ready.
Yeah. Yeah. I do.
And I think you're ready, too.
-We can do this.
We got this.
When I tell my mom
that I'm having a baby
and we're not married, she's...
My parents are not gonna be
happy with me.
Well, let's do that, then.
I-I wasn't, I promise, I wasn't
trying to talk you into anyth--
I know, but I'm serious.
Let's get married right now.
Justice of the Peace.
Come on.
What about a wedding?
My poor mother
has been planning the thing
since before I was born.
Um, babe, I know, a-and...
Well, truthfully,
I feel like we're kinda
past that now, right?
I mean, we, you,
we're havin' a baby.
And we gotta do it right.
No, I know.
You're right. You're right.
But you haven't even
proposed yet.
[sighs] We can't just go
to the courthouse.
-There's a lot of girls--
-Will you marry me?
-Charlie, I love you.
-I love you.
-We don't have to rush into--
-I'm not, um...
I got things
a little out of order.
I realize that, but, um...
[mellow music]
I'll be right back.
Babe. Babe.
-[Charlie] How are you?
-Fine. How are you?
-Fantastic. I... Well...
-What can I do for you?
[indistinct chatter]
-Can I have that?
Excellent service. Thank you.
[indistinct chatter]
Yup. Okay. [clears throat]
-What are you doing?
-Give me your hands.
-Give me your hands.
I'll live
only for your happiness.
For your love,
I would give my last breath.
-[whispering] Not here.
As long as I live,
I will love you.
I promise you this.
There is nothing I wouldn't give
from this moment on.
Ali, will you marry me?
I hope you know what
you're getting yourself into.
Are you saying yes?
Yes, yes, I'll marry you.
Yeah? Ah. Okay. All right.
So listen.
Oh, baby, you-you, you really,
you don't have to put that on.
This is gonna be great.
[Alice chuckles]
I mean, you're insane.
I'm marrying a...
Okay, don't get... Just don't
get too attached to that.
I'm gonna replace that soon.
I really do love you.
I really do love you, too.
[music continues]
-Uh... Wha--
Did you just propose
with Shania Twain lyrics?
Yes. Yes, I did.
But you can't take it back now.
It's too late.
She said yes, everybody!
-I know you guys were watching.
-[crowd applauding]
[Alice] Is he healthy?
Mm-hmm. Sure is.
Sorry about the scare.
You have a nice-sized
little boy.
-And you're due?
Oh, the doctor says
eight weeks,
but I think he'll come early.
Every first-time mama thinks
they're gonna deliver early.
They're like, "There's no way
I can get any bigger
than I already am," but they do.
[sighs] This scare just made me
realize how much
I really do want him here.
Yeah, there's nothing
like the first time
you see that baby.
Oh, you have kids?
-How many?
I have two.
I just gave birth to my second.
-Few months ago.
I seem to want him to be here,
but then at, at the same time,
I don't know what to do
when he does get here, you know?
And more than anything,
I just don't wanna--
Honey, you don't have
to be afraid of a child.
You're going to a great mom.
You're gonna mess up, yes.
All you gotta do is love 'em
and put the fear of God in 'em
as they grow.
I don't know, I don't know
what is about motherhood
that just has me so...
I don't know, second-guessing
myself, I just...
Uh, I mean, I-I know I need
to get diapers and we need
to finish safe-proofing
the house 'cause we're not
done with that yet, but--
I say you need Jesus
more than all that stuff.
Do you go to church?
I-I did when I was younger,
but, you know,
it's-it's been a while.
Tell you what, tell your husband
that your new friend, Teresa,
invited you to church.
Give me a call
and tell me what he says.
-Yeah. Um, okay.
-All right.
-[Teresa chuckles]
Why don't you finish getting
cleaned up, take your time,
and you better not forget
to call me.
-Okay. Bye.
[instrumental music]
[woman] Well, you have
to read it. You have--
I'm not gonna read it
and you can't make me!
[woman] Christopher,
I'm gonna count to three.
And if you don't quit
your whining,
I'm gonna leave you
here at the library.
[boy] Stop pulling my arm!
[woman] That's one.
[boy] No, it's not.
[woman] Yes, it is.
[mother] Did you get the books?
[kids] Yes, ma'am.
-Your first?
How exciting.
You make it look so easy.
Yeah, well, it isn't.
James, grab your sister's hand,
stop by the front door please.
But it's worth it,
God gives us grace and strength,
and each child is a blessing.
-You enjoy yours.
-Thank you. I will.
All right, kids.
Inside voices.
So I feel like you've got enough
diapers for three babies.
Is there something
you're not telling me right now?
We just have to be prepared,
this is
a living human being
we're having here.
Yeah, it's a, it's a baby,
you know?
We're not the first people
to be parents.
The thing eats and sleeps
and then pees and poops
in the first year,
that's about it, right?
Ali, we got this thing
It's like basketball, right?
There's two of us,
we're big people,
two grown-ups
against one little-bitty baby.
[Charlie] We got this.
Does it not scare you at all
to be a parent?
Nope. Not really.
Okay, maybe a little bit.
But I figure it'll just
come naturally, you know?
We'll roll with it.
[sighs] I just don't wanna
turn out like my mom.
What if I screw up my kid?
You are not your mom.
You never will be.
And besides,
I like how you turned out.
Yeah. Do you mean pregnant?
Not sure many people would agree
with you on how I turned out.
Besides, doesn't everybody say
that they're not gonna do
what their parents did,
and then they,
ah, they turn out just like 'em?
Ali, moms have been raising
babies for centuries.
And you got all these books
you've checked out,
the magazines
that you've bought
and the horrible talk shows
you've been watching.
-We'll figure it out. Okay?
And listen, worst case,
if we got questions,
we find somebody
who has the answers.
Yeah, a nurse who was doing
the ultrasound today,
she's a mom of two,
and she was, she was awesome.
-She gave me her number.
-See? Great.
Call her. Take her to coffee,
pick her brain.
She invited us to, uh,
go to church.
-I mean...
Some churches have mommy groups
that women can go to,
or like
a-a mommy's-day-out program.
It, it might, it might be
a really good way
to, to get some help.
Does it start early on Sundays?
Because you know
I like to sleep in.
That's not all you like to do
on Sunday mornings.
[laughs] Hey, look,
I'm not the only--
your days of sleeping in
are coming to an abrupt halt,
I can't do this alone.
I really think it might be
a good idea if we start going.
[mellow music]
Okay. [sighs]
Thank you, sweetheart.
Well, I do have to finish
this crib,
otherwise this kid's
not gonna have a place to sleep.
It looks like
you're pretty much done to me.
-Yeah, does it?
-[Alice chuckles]
Hey, I need you
to install the car seat...
[soulful music]
-Hey, you all right?
-[breathing heavily]
[doctor] All right, take the
breaths and let's push him out.
-Do it. Now push, push.
-[doctor] Push hard! Push hard!
[doctor] Push hard.
You got it! You got it!
You've got a baby. That's it.
[baby bawling]
[Alice sighing]
[Charlie] He's beautiful.
[instrumental music]
Hey, Christie, I'm here
to pick up Kate, uh, Morris.
Um, I'm afraid...
Katie was a little out of hand
this morning.
She hit two of the other
children with wooden blocks.
I'm so sorry.
Well, we tried to get her
to calm down,
but she doesn't seem
to understand
that you cannot throw
wooden blocks at other people,
including me. So I thought
you might wanna address that.
Of course. Yeah.
You know our policy is
if kids keep hitting,
then we have to have a parent
stay with them
during the service
or else the child has to sit
with mom and dad
in, um, big church
until their next birthday.
I completely understand, um...
I-I-I'll talk with my husband,
and i-it won't happen again.
All right. Thank you.
[baby bawling]
[Ronnie] Mommy, mommy, I'm gonna
be an assassin when I grow up.
And then and...
And I'm not gonna have a name
so the police can't find me,
and I'm gonna
hack into the computer
and I'm gonna steal all
the government's secret plans,
and then I'm gonna blow up
a Death Star,
and then destroy
all the monsters in the ocean.
Hey, mommy, what do you want
for your birthday?
For you to not be
a complete screw-up
for one day, Ronnie!
[Kate bawling]
[somber music]
[Kate bawling]
[door slams]
Honey, you okay?
-[Alice] I just need a minute.
-[Kate bawling]
-Okay. Hey, buddy.
How you doing?
Uh, Kate's got poop on her back.
[Alice] Yeah, well,
when is she not covered in poop?
Can you, can you please
just change her
so I can have
five minutes alone?
Hey, let's give mommy a second.
Uh, let me go change her
real quick, okay?
Then I'll come check...
Oh, that's, that's awful.
[Kate] Mama!
Wipes. Where...
[Kate whimpering]
-[Kate bawling]
-Oh, Kate.
Stop. Stop moving.
You've done enough.
Hey. Hey, I'll do it.
-I'll do it.
-I got this.
I don't want you changing her
when you're upset.
Yeah, well, you locked yourself
in the bathroom
and said you needed help,
so I'm helping.
I just needed a minute.
I can do my job, thank you.
[Kate sobbing]
Hey, Teresa and Kenneth
are gonna be here at 6:30.
-How long do burgers take?
-Perfect night for company.
Like, 30 minutes.
I'll get into it.
Hey, one more thing. Can you
come back here for a minute?
Tonight we need to talk
about Kate.
She was, I guess,
hitting other kids
in church yesterday
and they said
that they might have
to actually kick her
out of nursery.
Kick her out of nursery?
That's crazy. She's two.
-That's what two-year-olds do--
-Yeah, well, let's just...
Let's just talk about it tonight
after they have left. [sighs]
Kate and Ronnie have been
running the house lately
and it is, it-it is
wearing me out.
I'm sure it's a phase.
She'll grow out of it.
-Talk to Teresa about her.
-I don't think it's a phase.
The other kids
are not hitting each other.
And we are her parents.
We're supposed to fix
things like this.
I, I don't want
to talk to Teresa.
I wanna talk to you about it.
I wanna talk to my husband.
I want to hear your ideas.
I-I cannot do everything
by myself.
Okay, we'll talk about it.
Great. I'm so glad you're
interested in your kids' lives.
Quiet out here.
Yeah, I know.
Kinda nice, isn't it?
Yeah, tell me about it.
With three under six, the sound
of nothing can be pretty sweet.
Honestly, I don't know
how you guys do it.
Ronnie and Kate are almost
too much for Ali as it is.
-What about you?
-Oh, I'm fine with two.
No, I'm talking
about the stress.
-Does it get to you?
-I just tune it out.
I know, man, but, hey, I work
and come home, I gotta unwind.
You don't think
Alice is tired, too?
I'm sure she is, but I don't
know, quick trips, I just...
I don't know,
takes it out of me, man.
Well, look, man,
I get it, all right?
When it comes to raising kids,
the days are long,
but the years are short.
Not short enough, if you ask me.
You remember the challenge that
Pastor Mark gave us on Sunday?
-Nah, I was out of town.
-You were out of town.
Well, look, he, uh, quoted
some guy that said,
"Children are the living
messages that we send forth
to a time
that we will not see."
You should get the tape.
He talks about giving a vision
for what God might have
for your kids.
Something more than hoping that
they grow up happy and healthy
and get a good job
and get married.
Oh. I think I burnt these.
Yeah, I hear you, man.
It got me to realize that
our kids aren't the problem.
It's us, man.
Yeah, uh, y-you and me,
that's right.
I'm the problem?
Remember that verse that says,
"Without a vision,
the people will perish?"
Can't say that I do.
Well, it applies to the family
as well.
You can't run around
living life one day at a time.
You gotta know where
you're going, and then lead.
[somber music]
All right.
All right.
[Charlie] Gimme that ball.
[Charlie] Literally pulls up
from half-court
and he makes it, just actually,
this is something
I do all the time.
It was ridiculous.
I saw the replay of that
on the news.
-Did you?
-It was unbelievable.
-It was, man, it was crazy.
-Excuse me.
-Yes, son?
-I finished my food.
Can I get a popsicle?
Ms. Alice, John David
has a question for you.
Yes, John David?
-May I please get popsicles?
-Of course you can.
They're in the freezer,
on the bottom shelf.
[Kate babbling]
Your little man has become
quite the gentleman.
I want a popsicle, too.
You can have one when
all of your food's gone, buddy.
But I can't eat it,
it's too much food.
I want a popsicle
like John David.
Son, your mother
gave you an answer.
You cannot have dessert
until you finish your food.
Sit down, finish your food.
Do you mind if I try something?
Go ahead.
Now, Ronnie, you know
your plate has to be empty
before you go get dessert,
It looks like
your plate's all empty, hon.
I guess that means
you get dessert.
Can I get a popsicle now?
Yes, you may.
Thank you for asking.
[indistinct chatter]
[Kenneth] My dad did that
with me once. Never forgot it.
"That's the picture of grace,"
he would say.
Getting what you don't deserve
because somebody else
did what you should have done
for you.
[Charlie] You just wanted to eat
more hamburger, man.
Don't be, don't get
all spiritual on me over there.
[laughs] You just remember that
the next time you're makin'
these hamburgers out there.
We got more if you need it.
You don't have to eat
my kid's food all the time.
-Bring him a popsicle.
[Charlie] You steal
my kid's hamburger.
Just five more minutes and
I'll help you with those dishes.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
You sit and rest.
No, I can't have you doing
all that extra--
-Ronnie wants to know--
-Did you hear us talking?
-Excuse me, mama.
-You're excused.
-Ronnie wants to know can--
-May I...
-May I play Frogger with him?
-What's that?
[Alice] Oh, it's just this
little video game with frogs
trying to, like, cross the road.
It's-it's totally harmless.
Yes, you can play Froggy
with Ronnie.
[chuckles] It's Frogger, mommy.
Well, whatever it's called,
yes, you can play
for about ten minutes,
and then we gotta go.
Thank you.
My mom said I can play!
[chuckles] Kids.
Hey, I'm sorry
about Ronnie tonight. Hm...
What for?
His, his manners, or his lack
of manners, I should say.
Well, how does he normally act?
I don't know, I guess...
I guess I just don't notice it,
you know,
when it's just him and Kate,
but I-I don't know
why he just
seems to always decide
to act up
whenever we have company around.
John David used to be
just the same.
It took us weeks
to get him to learn
basic table manners.
'Cause there ain't no kid
gonna say things like
please and thank you
on their own.
Yeah, well, you're gonna
have to, uh, lend me
whatever book you used
to train him.
Oh, you already got it, honey,
and it's all in there.
-In The Bible.
-Oh, well...
I guess
I missed the chapter on manners.
Well, how much time do you spend
reading Proverbs
or memorizing verses?
I mean, I have all my kids
learn Proverbs 23, 13 and 14
as soon as they are old enough
to talk.
"Do not withhold discipline
from your children.
Whom the Lord loves,
he disciplines."
Yeah, but I just, I don't know
that I can intentionally
hurt my child, though.
Alice, listen, some
of the greatest lessons in life
come amidst pain.
If there's no sting,
then what you get
is a spoiled child.
And I know you don't want that.
[somber music]
[gunfire on video game]
Hon, your son is watching you
play that game.
Well, can you take him
in the other room with you?
I-I have to run a bath for Kate.
Can you not just pause your game
and please deal with him?
Hey, bro, why don't you go
put your pajamas on
and brush your teeth,
and I'll-I'll come
pray with you in a minute, okay?
But why?
Because it's time
to go to bed. Got him.
But why can't I just watch
for a few more minutes?
Buddy, this is
a grown-up game, okay?
I've told you that before.
Now please, you gotta go to bed.
[loudly] Son, go to bed now,
Charlie, I cannot believe you.
-Come on.
-[gunfire on video game]
[gunfire on video game]
[explosion on video game]
[gunfire continues]
[controller thuds]
[somber music]
I'm sure that you both realize
that Ronnie's very bright.
We've been tracking his test
scores over the past four years,
and he's in the 97th percentile
in reading and language.
He's in the 99th percentile
in math,
he's in the 99th percentile
in science.
So even though Ronnie's
a freshman, we would like
to encourage you to have him
start taking the SAT now,
and once a year, every year.
I don't wanna create
any false expectations,
but students
with these kinds of early scores
often go on to become
National Merit scholars.
I'd imagine he will have
his pick of college options,
and many of those options
will likely come
with some very generous
scholarships attached.
You both should be very proud.
Ninety-nine percentile.
Did you have any idea
he was that smart?
I knew he got good grades
and didn't have to work
at it very hard.
-What do you think?
Free college? I...
Yeah, I'm into it.
You know how he's been
skipping youth group,
saying that he needed to study?
This whole time I thought
he was making excuses
because it's boring
and the, the leaders tell him,
treat him
like he's in sixth grade.
But he's actually been studying.
Like, he's really smart.
Yeah. He's free-college smart.
I'm not sure we'll get
that lucky with Kate
or Josh or Faith.
-[Alice] See you at home.
-Love you.
What are you doing
with my Master Zord set?
Mom said I could use the Legos
to build a fort for Freckle.
That doesn't mean you take apart
a Master Zord
to build some stupid fort.
It's not stupid,
and mom said I could.
She didn't say that.
Now give it back.
Mom said I could play with it.
She's not your real mom, anyway.
-Yes, she is.
Your real mom
couldn't handle you.
That's not true!
That's what mom told me
when we got you.
-She did not!
Here, take your stupid Legos.
They're stupid anyway!
[Faith] Mom!
-[cell phone ringing]
-[utensils clattering]
Hey. You on your way?
No, I'm not.
I'm still at the office.
Hey, how was your day?
How late?
How was your day is code
for I'm going to be late.
So just tell me how late.
Okay, well, I-I do have
another couple of hours of work
to do on the Wilson project,
and then I...
-I should be able to get free.
-Charlie, really?
Listen, I know, but, uh, if I
work hard, I can get it done
by Friday and then
no more late nights for a while.
Yeah, well,
I think this is, what,
the tenth project
you've said that on now.
Hey, are you okay?
No. No, not really.
Josh and Faith
had a big fight today,
and Josh said some
really horrible things to her.
[Charlie] Like what?
Like that I'm not her real mom.
She's not little anymore,
and I, and I don't know
how to talk to her about her mom
and why she ultimately
gave her up.
I need you to be home
before Josh goes to bed,
so you can talk with him.
He ignores me.
He needs to hear it from you.
And I, and I don't know
what to say to Faith either.
So maybe we can do that
-Yeah, okay. Love you.
-[keyboard keys clacking]
Kids, dinner!
Is dad home yet?
Um, that was, that was him
on the phone.
Um, he's, he's stuck
on a project,
so he's not gonna be back
until late.
He was supposed to take me
to the mall tonight.
Yeah, well, I don't think
that's gonna happen, sweetie.
I'm sorry.
Can I call dad
and see if we can go?
Yes, but, um,
we need to eat dinner first.
Please go get the others.
Tell them that it's time to eat.
Ronnie, Josh,
Faith, dinner!
Laundry belongs in the bin,
not next to the bin.
I seem to make babies
faster than I can pick up
their laundry.
-How do you make babies?
We're not talking about this.
Go get your PJs on.
But I need to go potty.
Then go potty.
What you readin'?
Something for a class?
Nope, just for fun.
Hey, on Saturday, um, I was
planning on going to a concert
downtown with some friends.
-What show?
It's a band called Nihil Fit.
-Are they Christian?
-Kind of.
Their band name is Latin
for nothing comes
and their music
has some spiritual themes.
Okay. And who would you be
going with?
I don't think you know them.
Justin Booth
and Franklin Hauser?
They're juniors. So they can
give me a ride to the show.
I think that should be fine,
but let me just...
Let me just talk with your dad
before I let you know, okay?
[Ronnie] Okay.
-[Ronnie] Goodnight.
-[instrumental music]
-[line ringing]
Hi, daddy, it's Katiebug.
It's okay. I know you have
really important things to do.
I know the fair is Saturday.
Do you think we could go?
Thanks, daddy.
She's putting everyone to bed.
Love you, too, daddy.
-Okay, turn it off.
-Put it up.
And here you go.
So I wanna talk to you
about the things that you said
to your little sister today.
I was just kidding with her.
Honey, it's-it's not kidding
if you tell her
that I'm not her real mommy.
Well, you're not.
That's what you told me.
Well, I'm not her birth mom,
yes, but I am her real mommy.
God had her planned for our
family before she was even born.
Well, why didn't he put her
in your tummy?
God just has different plans
sometimes, that's all.
Look, sweetie, I know
that having a sister can be
very, very frustrating,
but Faith needs you
to be a good big brother.
Well, me and her
don't even like the same things.
Well, that's okay.
Maybe you can help her
with things, you know?
You could
maybe teach her cursive,
'cause you're really good
at your letters.
Or you could show her games
on your iPad,
or maybe show her pictures
and tell her stories
about our family.
I can show her the place
in the garage.
Dad put a hole in the wall
when we were moving in.
Yes, yeah, y-y-you could,
you could definitely
show her that.
You know what you need
to do first, though?
You need to tell her
that you're very sorry
and ask her to forgive you
for the things you said.
Do you remember how to do that?
What do you say first?
I say sorry.
You say, "I'm sorry for..."
I'm sorry for what I said.
I was wrong.
-Will you...
-Will you please forgive me?
And then what do you do?
-Then I give her a hug.
-[laughs] Perfect.
We'll do that first thing
in the morning, okay?
-Night, little buddy.
-Goodnight, mom.
-Sleep good.
Josh, your shoes
are by the door! hurry up!
Sweetie, we gotta leave
in five minutes.
I've got an appointment
at the office at 9:00.
-Is your lunch almost packed?
Who are you texting
this early in the morning?
-It's a friend.
-And her name is?
His name is Adam,
Lauren's older brother.
Hey, Adam can wait five minutes
until your lunch is packed
and we are in the car.
Hey. Morning, baby.
How you doing?
Did you sleep good?
Did you sleep good?
Did you sleep good?
Did you sleep good?
Hey, sweetheart.
-Hey, dad.
-Hey, baby, I gotta run.
Um, I know I said I'd pick up
the kids later,
but I'm-I'm probably
gonna have to work late.
-[Alice] Babe--
-I know.
I'm finishing it, though,
so this'll be
the last time for a while.
Yeah, well,
you said that last weekend.
I mean it today.
[Alice] Okay.
Well, just be off tomorrow.
The girls are counting on you.
Oh, I wouldn't miss the fair
with my girls.
-You excited?
Faith is coming?
Yeah, dad and the girls
at the fair.
It's gonna be great.
What do you think, Faith?
You think we should get Kate
to ride the teacups with us?
-You up for--
You know what, you guys can just
go ride the teacups together.
Um... I'm gonna
just go with some friends
from school.
It's probably a better idea,
Mom, I'll be in the car.
What's that about?
She loves teacups.
You realize that she is 12 now?
Faith, come on. Let's-let's go.
Come on, come on.
Josh, we're in the car!
[mellow music]
[birds chirping]
[cell phone ringing]
[Charlie] Yeah, I had 'em
checked yesterday.
They said they're fine.
Yup, spare, too.
Yeah, I know. We can Skype.
I'll be home in, like, 11 weeks.
-[water running]
All right, you too. See you.
-Was that dad?
-Mm. Yup.
Know, he tried to take a later
flight so he could be here.
No big deal. He was here
for the party last night.
Yeah, well, I can't believe
that they wouldn't let him
miss a meeting
so that he could be here to see
his firstborn son
off to college.
Mom, it's no big deal.
Hey, you need help
with your stuff?
[Ronnie] Got it.
You know, your dad and I
keep thinking
that Dunwood is a mistake.
You had your choice
of a dozen schools. I...
I don't see why you had to pick
the most extreme.
Mom, look, I know this is hard
for you, letting go,
but you've done your job.
You raised me, okay?
I stayed out of trouble,
I got the grades,
I got the full scholarship,
tuition, room and board.
You did good, okay?
-Where do you want these?
-Um, passenger seat.
[instrumental music]
Hey, are you looking through
all my stuff?
I was just looking
at your baby picture, and...
It's just a book, okay?
I mean, you...
You can't really know
what you believe
until you've read all the sides.
And he teaches at Dunwood?
I'm not gonna do this again
with you, okay?
The decision is made!
Classes start on Thursday.
Would you let it go?
-Ronnie, what are you--
-Mom, let it go!
Do you have your registration
and everything
in your glove compartment?
That belongs to Matt.
He put it there the other night.
He just asked me to keep it
for a few days.
And you were just going
to drop it off by his house
on your way out
on Monday morning?
Exactly, so--
You are not leaving
this driveway
with drugs in your car.
Do you have anymore
of this stuff in here?
Are you done?
When your father finds out
about this...
Yeah, okay, whatever.
[sighs] Hey, you guys know
where to find me, all right?
Look me up sometime.
Reed Hall. Room 517.
Bye, mom.
Close the door.
Ronnie. Ronnie!
[engine revving]
[instrumental music]
[Kate] I had fun, Mike.
I did too, Kate.
Uh, I should probably go before
my parents suspect anything.
Oh! Just stay
a little while longer.
Uh, I don't know,
I just don't wanna get caught.
Your parents
are probably in bed.
Uh, yeah.
-Come on.
-I just...
[exhales] I should probably go.
You know
he hasn't lost his phone.
He just doesn't wanna
talk to us.
It's been three days.
He'll cool off and call us back.
Yeah, well,
I think he's an atheist.
And it's not
just about the book.
-He's a teenager, he's confused.
-[distant shouting]
I've read all kinds of books
when I was his age.
[Kate] Help!
You hear that?
[Alice] Hon, should I,
should I call the police?
No, I'll check it out.
[intense music]
[Kate] Mike, let go!
[Kate] Please, let go! Let go!
You're hurting my arm!
[Charlie] Hey!
-[engine revving]
-[tires screeching]
What happened? You all right?
-I'm fine.
-You okay? Who was that?
-Yes, I'm fine.
-Who was that?
Did he hurt you?
Hey, look at me. Are you okay?
-Are you okay?
-Yes, I'm fine, dad.
-No, you're not.
-Yes. [sobs]
Come here, come here.
-[door opens]
-[footsteps approaching]
Honey? What's going on?
Katie, what are you doing out?
-Sit down.
-What is going on?
Sit down. Answer your mother.
-I snuck out on a date.
-What else?
-Excuse me?
What else happened?
She snuck out on a date
with a boy
who pushed her out of his car.
He did what?
Who is this person? What...
-You don't know him.
-Oh, I'm gonna know him.
That is not what I asked, missy.
Who is he?
-His name, his name is Mike!
He's in college.
-[Faith] Mommy, I need water.
-Katie, he's in college?
-[Faith coughs]
Katie, I am not happy
about this.
-I need medicine.
-Well, you're not through.
-Come on. Where's your cup?
-[Faith coughs]
[Alice] I had your medicine
right by your bed.
-Did you not take it?
-[Faith] It's gone.
[Faith] I don't know
where it is.
This isn't the first time
you've done this, is it?
Well, it's the last time.
You're grounded.
Your mom and I
will talk about for how long.
-What did you say?
-Look, Mike's a good guy.
This is the first time
anything has happened.
Good guys don't push people
out of their car, Katie.
Yeah, well,
I can take care of myself.
Really? Like tonight?
-Well done.
Like tonight,
and like every other night
when you're at work
and mom's at home
taking care of Faith and Josh
by herself. I'm fine.
I picked you up
off the sidewalk, Kate!
Does that sound fine to you?
You know what,
this is going nowhere.
-Sit down!
-Can you just leave me alone?
I'm not done talking to you!
Just leave me alone!
[Kate grunts]
[Alice] Katherine, come here.
[Kate] No.
[Alice] You kn--
[Kate] No!
I don't wanna
talk to you right now.
Don't care if you don't wanna
talk to me.
Who is this person?
How did you...
[Kate] Don't you ever talk to me
[Alice] Katherine!
[Kate] Oh, my God!
-Don't talk to me!
-[door slams]
[somber music]
[Charlie] How come I didn't know
about this boy?
Because we've been
giving her space.
I feel like all I've heard
for the past two years,
"Mom, gimme space."
Yeah, well,
look where space got us.
I just wanna know,
how did I not...
We need help, Charlie.
I can fix this.
Okay, then, what's your plan?
I'm gonna spend
some time with her.
Some one-on-one time,
some real time, with Kate...
and the other kids.
I can, you know, really make
an effort, which I haven't.
-Then I can cut back.
-Babe, we've tried that.
we need something that's gonna
last more than two weeks.
It will. I'm serious.
Honey, the only reason
that Kate is still here
is because
she is too young to leave.
She's gonna brush you off
just like she does me.
She wants less of us
in her life, not more.
Honey, we have got to get help.
We have two more coming up
after her.
And she's following
right after Ronnie,
and they're gonna follow
right after her.
[Charlie] Started
drifting away and,
and doing his own thing,
and I just thought it was normal
young adolescence stuff.
I know our jobs as parents
is to make sure
our kids are well taken care of
and, and keep them
out of trouble.
Teresa and I began to realize
that maybe
we had our priorities all wrong.
Look, we were looking
at the spiritual development
of our children as only
a part of their lives,
but not the centerpiece.
Man, we cared more
about how they acted than we did
about teaching them
what loving and trusting
and walking with Jesus every day
looks like.
What they learned from us was
how to stay away from sin.
Don't mess up, and if you do,
don't, don't, don't tell anybody
or else
you'd be in big trouble.
Man, we taught them
how to hide their sin
rather than confess it.
They never saw us
confessing anything.
I can't get my kids
to talk to me,
let alone confess anything, so--
Here is your catfish and fries
for you,
and catfish and slaw for you.
You guys need anything else?
-We're good, thank you.
-Okay, enjoy.
Teresa and I were talking
the other night,
and she thinks that, we think
that maybe it'd be a good idea
for the, uh, four of us
to get together
and go to that
new parenting series at church.
-I just--
-I know.
I know we'll probably be
the oldest ones
in the group, all right?
But it can't hurt to sit in
on a few sessions, now can it?
-Yeah, I'll do it. Let's do it.
Good. Good.
Now, now can you pray
over the food
so I can eat my catfish, please?
Uh, God, thank you for the food
and for friends...
and our kids.
Thanks for doing this.
-Excuse me.
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Okay, come on in.
It's getting started.
We wanna welcome you
to the Art of Parenting
video series,
presented by Family Life.
Here's what
the schedule's gonna look like.
We're gonna watch a video
for about a half...
Hey, here we go.
[man] ...and we'll break out
into some mini-sessions.
I think most parents
in America say,
"I want my kids to be happy"
and, or, "I want them
to be successful."
[woman on video] And I feel
like, oh, my gosh,
that's not good enough.
Happiness is just an emotion
that comes and goes.
[man on video] What does
happiness look like?
Um, it's kind of difficult
to answer.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
Kate, can you come down here
for a minute?
[Kate] Yeah. Uh, one sec.
-Yeah, what's up?
-Have a seat.
Uh, okay. [clears throat]
Well, your mom and I,
um, have come to realize
that our faith
and believing in God
needs to be more
than just going to church
on Sundays
or praying
before we go to sleep.
That God doesn't just need
to be a part of our life,
but that He needs to be
the center of it.
What does that mean?
That's a good question,
and, honestly, um,
we're still trying to figure
that out, too.
Well, I think,
for most of our marriage
we have, we've tried to do
the right thing,
and we figured that
if we were, we were doing that,
if everything was going okay,
that, that we were on track.
Yeah, we...
We just, w-we thought
we just had to do our best
and turn to God
when things aren't working
or you get stuck.
But that's not the way it is.
We've been learning a lot
about this book, The Bible,
and that this is what God wants
us to spend time in every day,
so that we can learn
more about Him.
This is how He teaches us
about Himself,
and this is how we learn
His plan for us.
Jesus said that we...
we need God's word
more than we need food.
Yeah, I know, it's-it's, it's
hard to believe, but it's true.
You know, our souls
hunger for these words
the way
that our body hungers for food.
I want us, as a family,
to start spending time
every single day
reading the Bible together.
I try to read my Bible
but there's a lot of words
in there
that I don't know
what they mean.
[laughs] I unders...
You know, there's a lot of words
in here
that I don't know
what they mean either.
But I bet
if we dive in together,
we can figure it out.
Okay? I tell you what.
Why don't we start,
why don't we start now?
Go get your Bibles
and we'll dive in
and just read a few versus,
and-and, and go from there,
Go ahead.
Well, we'll see
if this does any good.
Hon, you're doing great.
We just have to remember
that our job is to be faithful.
Change is up to God.
-[instrumental music playing]
-[knocking on door]
[Charlie] Hey, you got a minute?
[music stops]
[Charlie sighs]
Kate, I messed up.
Um, I haven't been as involved
in your life
as I should have been.
You have grown
into a beautiful young woman.
And somewhere along the way
I quit being your dad.
[mellow music]
You know, when you were little,
[sighs] I knew what to do.
We-we would go get ice cream,
I would just
push you on the swing
while you said,
"Higher, daddy, higher."
And then you stopped...
wanting to go to the park,
you know?
And I guess I just, I starting
thinking maybe my job was over.
That was wrong.
That was really wrong.
[Kate sniffles]
You were on that sidewalk
the other night...
because of me.
I wasn't here for you...
and I stopped protecting you.
Will you forgive me?
I'm so sorry.
I forgive you, dad.
I have something
to say to you, too.
-Um, I...
I'm sorry
I snuck out with Mike.
I knew that it was wrong,
but I just,
[sighs] it was nice to have
a guy paying attention to me...
making me feel special.
I know it caused you guys
a lot of stress.
Can you forgive me, too?
Of course.
Okay, nobody says that anymore.
What do they say now?
Uh, I don't know, like, "Dudes."
-I don't know. [laughs]
-Don't call me that.
Ice cream date?
I'll have to check my calendar.
Gotta check your calendar?
[Kate] Yeah. [laughs]
[Charlie] Okay. Pencil me in.
Here, try this.
-That's amazing.
Yeah, no, I'm actually,
I'm really impressed.
I still need to try it
with less garlic, I think.
Or add it in earlier.
-How old are you?
-I'm ten, dad.
You're ten?
Oh, that's right, that's right.
Because you're talking
like you're 35.
You know, I think we should try
to find a way for you
to make some money doing this.
-For real?
-Well, I have an idea.
You know how mom goes
to Bible study...
-On Monday nights at the church?
What if you made dinner
for the family every Monday?
-That'd be awesome!
Now we'd have to plan ahead,
make sure
you have what you need.
But I'm thinking,
if you cook for everybody
and then you clean
everything up,
I'd be willing to give you
five dollars a week to do that.
-How about ten dollars a week?
Are you negotiating with me
-No, no, no.
I'm gonna stick at five.
-For now.
But if you made extra,
then we could take some
to Mr. McBride from church
as well.
I bet he'd love to have
a meal cooked from you, okay?
-That sound good?
-Yeah? Are you excited?
Keep going, I wanna eat more.
Good, man.
Number five,
"What have you done
to show your children
that they are special
and unconditionally loved?"
Hm, well, I've been spending
some time with Josh,
helping him with his cooking.
He's pretty good.
How's it been for you?
Hard... at first.
You know, he, um...
I guess I never really
looked at cooking
as something that men did.
But I-I am learning
that I can't make him...
what I want him to be.
Well, how's it been for him?
He's, he's really opening up.
It's been really good.
[instrumental music]
What are you working on?
-Katie's arrow.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You're not gonna, you're not
gonna copy off of my work.
I thought we were supposed
to do this together.
Uh, ultimately, yes,
but I would really,
I think that we should each do
our own first draft.
And I see what you're,
I see what you're doing here.
Whatever, whatever you come up
with, I'll be so fine with.
Mm-hmm. Yes, but that's...
You're not gonna get out
of your homework that easy.
-Gosh, you're no fun.
-Ah, I'm fun sometimes.
[Alice] I wrote that
she's considerate and sensitive,
and something that I want
to work on her with
is cultivating
a sense of belonging.
[Charlie] I have
that Faith is inventive
and persistent.
[Alice] That she is.
[Charlie] She is.
Oh it's the most important
battle we will fight
We've gotta give 'em
more than words
Let's give our lives
Oh it takes patience
it takes courage
It takes heart
We may be broken but it's not
too late to start
Pray on
through this crazy life
Then watch them
fly straight to
The target that
we're aiming for it's you
The target that
we're aiming for is you...
Okay. Science, though...
To the ends of the earth
they will take this life
I'm not gonna let a video
teach you how to tie a tie.
Like a torch that's flying
through the darkest night
Lift them up
pull back the bow
Say a prayer
and let 'em go like arrows...
Oh, thank you very much,
I appreciate it.
You're welcome.
Have a good afternoon.
I have some news for you.
[gasps] Kate, Kate, Kate!
Oh, my goodness!
-I know!
-Isn't it beautiful?
-It's beautiful.
To the ends of the earth...
[chef] Let's go,
six and four and five...
[Josh] Yes, chef.
Through the darkest night
There you go, yeah,
there you go.
A little higher,
a little higher, right there.
There it is, there you go,
very nice. Good job, Josh.
To the ends of the earth
they will take this life
Like a torch that's flying
through the darkest night
Send them off like arrows
So, uh, your handsome son
is nowhere to be found,
so I guess you have to call me
in on my day off?
-How's it going?
-It's good.
No, Josh actually is doing
all of the food
for the wedding.
-Is that right?
-That's right.
[laughs] That's great.
He's just making pasta,
but he's very excited about it.
Yeah, you know,
he's always been the best cook
out of both of our families.
I don't know why
I didn't see that.
-Don't tell Teresa, though.
-[laughs] Okay.
I heard you got three summers
left with him.
Not enough time, if you ask me.
-Zero left with Kate.
-Yes, thank you.
[laughs] Well, you, at least
you got two extra summers
out of it with her.
God has restored beyond repair.
That, heh, is His specialty.
[Charlie] You're telling me.
[instrumental music]
-Hey, sweetheart.
-Hey. Get everything unloaded?
Unloaded, set up. Looks good.
Hey, I wanna show you something.
Kate was the one who found it.
[music continues]
-Is that Ronnie?
-[Alice] Yeah.
Who is the little guy?
-Is that--
-He looks just like you.
[voice cracking] Is that his?
He has a son?
Well, what else do you know
besides this picture?
[Alice] Kate was looking around,
and, um,
from what she could tell, it
looked like Ronnie didn't even
know he was a dad in,
until, like,
a couple of weeks ago.
Looks like the mom dropped
the little guy off with him
at his place.
-Where's that?
-Someplace in Oregon.
Did you call? Did you call him?
[Alice] Yeah, I left a message.
-What'd you say?
nothing out of the ordinary.
You know,
I didn't, I didn't let on, uh,
that I had seen a picture
or anything.
Hon, are you okay?
-I have a grandson.
We're grandparents.
[sighs] Those are
the only pictures that we have.
A-any reason to think
that he will be...
Is he gonna be there...
at the wedding, do you think?
No, I, I don't think so.
[instrumental music]
[exhales sharply]
[sniffles] we pray for our,
we pray for our boy.
We don't know where he is,
Father, but you do.
And, God, we thank you
for the blessing of a grandson.
A grandson.
And we pray
that you will protect him...
from any harm or evil...
that may come his way,
God, somehow...
somehow, that he will come
to know you at a young age,
that he will learn to love you
and to walk with you
and to trust you
with his whole life.
Father, we pray again
for our boy, Ronnie, Father.
My boy.
Bring him home... Father.
Bring him home.
Help him see...
the folly of his sin, Father,
and the reality of your love
and the reality of our love.
It's in your son's name we pray.
[whispers] Amen.
-We have a grandson!
[Ronnie on voicemail]
Uh, hey, this is Ronnie.
I can't get to the phone
right now.
-Leave me a message.
Honey, if you're gonna talk
to the bride,
you need to go do it now.
I don't think he's coming.
[instrumental music]
Just remember, you're
on the left, he's on the right.
Come here. Mm.
I'm not supposed
to be touching your dress.
It's okay.
Today is a big day for daddy.
He probably won't show it,
but on Monday
when you guys are back at home
and I'm not there,
he'll probably try to act like
he's not sad.
But he'll be sad, a little sad.
He only has one little girl
at home now, and that's you.
But I'm not a little girl
You are to him.
Even though you're 13,
he's still gonna need
those hugs from you.
He needs to know you haven't
gotten too cool for him, okay?
-[both laughing]
And when you get to be my age
and you meet a cute boy,
just like Rick,
who loves Jesus,
and he asks you to marry him,
you make sure you get daddy's
blessing before you run off
and get married.
And remember, whoever you marry
has to wanna live
no more than 30 miles
from mom and dad.
-[knocking on door]
I'm kidding. But help your dad.
[Charlie] Ladies?
Excuse me, miss.
Um, have you seen
my daughter Kate anywhere?
No, no, no,
this can't, this can't be her.
This is an angel.
You look gorgeous.
Thank you, daddy.
Hey, um, Faith,
can you give us a minute?
Why don't you go see if you
can help mommy?
Are you ready for all this?
'Cause we can call
this thing off right now.
Dad, dad.
-So Ronnie, I don't think he's--
-Dad, I know. It's okay.
We'll just keep praying
for them,
for both of them now.
-Kate, I just, I wanted to--
I'm not going to let this
steal the joy of this day...
and you shouldn't either.
Hey, sorry to interrupt.
Kate, honey, they need you out
front before the guests arrive.
Tell them I'll be right there.
No, you go.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, we can talk later.
Everything look okay, mom?
You look perfect, honey.
-Come on, I'll walk you out.
-Love you.
-Love you, too.
Love you, too.
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chatter]
I love you, daddy.
It's okay.
I love you so much, Katie.
"Katherine Grace Morris,
now Katherine Grace Johnson,
is a testament
to the saving grace and mercy
of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Having received this blessing
from the Lord 20 years ago,
I have faithfully taught her
to love God
with all of her heart,
soul and strength.
Katherine has proved herself
to honor God and authority,
to live responsibly,
to hunger and thirst
for righteousness,
to be a proper helpmeet,
to seek reconciliation
and forgive quickly,
to obey the Lord
and all His holy will.
I hereby give thanks and praise
to God for this blessing,
[voice cracking] and
in the presence of our Lord,
I declare, to God be the glory.
I also declare
that on this day,
Katherine Grace Johnson..."
I know.
"given to me by God
as an arrow in my quiver,
is hereby...
into the world...
now in the hands
and the direction
of her husband,
on mission for the Lord,
by the Lord,
and of the Lord, to make
a difference for Him...
and our generation.
May she be the mother
of tens of thousands,
and her legacy
continually bless
future generations
for the glory of God."
[instrumental music]
I love you.
[voice cracking]
I love you, too, daddy.
-And I got my eye on you.
[line ringing]
[automated response]
Incoming call.
[Kate] Ronnie, it's Kate again.
Just calling to see
if you're going to make it
to mom and dad's 50th
next week or not.
I talked to your son Tim
and he and Elizabeth
are coming.
Ronnie, listen, you don't want
to get a voicemail
at some point and learn
that one of them is gone
and, and you never...
I don't know.
Just come, okay?
[instrumental music]
[Alice] What in the world
have you done?
My internationally acclaimed
strawberry French toast.
Made from an old family recipe
that I dug up online
about 20 minutes ago.
[laughs] I bet
the kitchen is a disaster.
Ah, in a half-hour
it will be spotless.
No, I'll take care of it once
I eat this beautiful breakfast.
Your son would be so proud.
[laughs] Josh would be surprised
that I can cook anything
for breakfast
besides Pop-Tarts.
Do they still make those things?
I have no idea.
Well, anyway,
this looks a lot better
than Pop-Tarts.
Well, whatever inspired you
to make me
such a special breakfast?
I have no idea.
I was just sitting at the
kitchen table, reading Joshua 9.
Oh, is that so?
Happy 50th...
to the only woman
I've ever loved.
Oh, my Charlie.
You're the only man
I've ever loved.
Well, you should go ahead
and eat before, uh,
my world-famous French Toast
gets cold.
[chuckles] Okay.
[instrumental music]
That looks great, guys.
Let's put it out
the first 30 or so.
We'll ice the rest of them,
pull them out of the fridge
as needed.
-All right.
[girl] Is that her?
[girl laughs]
-Hooray, you're here.
Oh, Faith, it is so good
to see you.
-You, too.
And you guys are so grown up!
Say hello to your Aunt Kate.
-Hi, auntie.
-Hello, Aunt Kate!
-Hello. Aw!
When we're done, we're gonna
put all these in the freezer.
Hey, it's good to see you.
-Hi, honey.
-Hi, mom. Oh, you look great.
-Aw, thank you.
-Look at all this food.
Josh, we could feed everybody
for a month with all this.
Well, we're gonna have
some leftovers,
but that's no problem,
we'll take care of it.
I think you may have gone over
the budget that I gave you.
Well, actually, uh,
we are far under budget.
-This is my gift to you guys.
-Oh, Josh--
-Now, son, I--
No, no, listen,
how often does a caterer
get to serve his parents
on their 50th anniversary?
Now, dad, I know
you did something special
for mom, right?
He brought me breakfast in bed
this morning.
Oh, really? That's impressive.
I'll have you know I made
strawberry French toast.
And your mom gave the meal
a ten.
I gave it an A for effort.
I really think the reason
he cooked for me this morning
was because he knew he was gonna
be accountable to you today.
-Not so. Not so.
[instrumental music]
[automated response]
Ronnie's calling.
-[cell phone chimes]
Hey, sis.
[clears throat]
Um, I missed the first flight,
but got on a follow-on.
Sorry I missed your calls.
But you're on your way?
Yeah, I'll be there.
-[Kate on phone] Ronnie?
Kate, I'm sorry that--
Don't mind any of that.
Uh, today
it's about mom and dad.
I haven't even told them
you're coming yet.
[Ronnie] I'll surprise 'em.
[Kate on phone] Okay.
[Kate on phone]
I'll see you soon.
[cell phone chimes]
[music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
[Charlie] It wouldn't have been
the same without you.
[Kenneth] Hey.
[Charlie] You guys fly or drive?
Well, we ended up flying.
Flying ain't what it was
ten years ago.
[Charlie] Better or worse?
Have you seen him?
Rick's waiting for him
at the door.
We should probably
get started soon.
These kids aren't gonna last
all night.
you're probably right, um...
I'll get daddy
to do the blessing.
Okay, thanks.
-Cold out there.
-Hey, Ronnie?
I'm Rick. I'm Kate's husband.
-Guess I missed the dinner?
Trust me, there's plenty
of food left over.
Everyone's inside
and they're just now starting
to share their tributes,
so come on.
Um, listen, I-I don't wanna
interrupt what's going on.
Is there a place
where I can listen in
without all of a sudden
being the center of attention?
[laughs] I'm way ahead of you.
Got the perfect spot picked out.
So in honor of
your amazing 50 years together,
your children decided to take
a minute and let you know
just how much you mean to us.
We thought it best
to find a way
to preserve our thoughts
for you.
[Kate] We decided
to go in age order
from the youngest to oldest.
And this is what Faith wrote.
[instrumental music]
Mom and dad,
I have had many years
to think
of what my life might have been
if you two had not made me
a part of a forever family.
I've read about the lives
of the children
who spend their childhood
in orphanages.
Chen and I know firsthand
that even the best orphanages
can never give a child
all the things you gave me.
Your whole life was about
giving to our family.
You gave us so much.
But today I wanna thank you
for the three
most important things
you gave me.
First, you gave me
the gift of security.
As a child, I knew that
whatever happened in my day,
even if it was a pesky,
bratty brother tormenting me,
I would always have
a mom and dad
that would show me
unconditional love.
I remember the time
when I was eight,
when I packed my little suitcase
and I told you
I was moving back to China.
I remember you telling me, mom,
that you would leave my room
the way it was,
just in case
things didn't work out for me
in China.
That's all
I really wanted to hear.
I never made it out the door.
I had a home.
You gave me a place to belong,
and a family to belong to.
When people who could tell
I looked different
from my siblings would ask
how long
I'd been in the family,
I remember
you telling them, dad,
that God had determined
I would be a Morris
long before any of us were born.
Even when I struggled
with my identity as a teenager,
you kept reminding me
of what is true,
that my identity isn't found
in the color of my skin
or the city
where my birth parents lived.
You taught me
that my true identity
is as a child of God.
And that's the third gift
you gave me.
[music continues]
[voice breaking] You gave me
the gift of a living faith.
[sniffles] You made sure
we were all in church.
You were, dad,
you were faithful to read
the Bible to us.
But the loudest sermon I heard
growing up was the one
both of you preached
by the way you walked.
I learned what it looks like
to believe in God
and walk with Him every day
by watching
how you walked with Him.
I know my siblings were stunned
when they found out
that their adopted sister was
actually your favorite child.
[all laughing]
But I wasn't surprised at all.
I knew it was true.
So thank you for all the gifts
you've given me.
Chen and I pray
that heritage you've given us
will become a mighty legacy
that will live for generations,
through our children
and our children's children.
I love you, mom and dad.
Your daughter forever, Faith.
[instrumental music]
Well, I originally
was going to title mine
"A Tribute
From Your Favorite Child."
But, uh, I didn't wanna crush
Faith with the truth,
so I ended up calling it
"Here's To My Imperfect
But Faithful Parents,
From Your Very Imperfect Son."
"In the Bible,
the apostle Paul said,
"I am who I am
by the grace of God."
And I can say the same,
except, I have a second part
to that phrase.
I am who I am
by the grace of God
and because of the faithfulness
of my mom and dad.
My parents learned early that
their third-born was stubborn
and strong-willed.
Dad, I remember
you used to love telling people
that when I was a child,
I drew a circle around myself
and called myself
the Lord of the Ring.
But we both knew
that there was more truth there
than either of us
wanted to admit.
But I think the biggest lesson
I learned from you as you tried
to redirect
all my rambunctious impulses
was that in the end,
people matter more than things.
Relationships matter more
than always having to be right.
And love matters most.
And you both taught me that
by how you faithfully loved
your sometimes hard-to-love son.
So in the end,
that will be your legacy,
and there could be
no greater legacy
than a legacy of faithful love.
I love you two very much.
Your son, Josh."
[instrumental music]
-I'm proud of you, son.
-I know, dad. Thank you.
[Alice] You make it sound
harder than it was.
Your memory's failing you, mom.
So I decided not to include
in my tribute about being
the favorite child, because,
you know, that was our secret.
And I know how to keep a secret.
So, Faith and Josh, I am sure
you are really
the favorite children.
My tribute is called
"My Two Moms And Dads."
"When I was 15,
I got a new mom and dad.
My, my old mom and dad, um,
they were loving and kind,
caring and gentle.
My new mom and dad, um,
well, they were also
loving and kind,
but I didn't realize it
at the time.
I, in fact, didn't care
for my, uh, new parents
all that much.
They, uh, put new boundaries
in place.
They said no to things
that they normally said yes to.
But there was something
about this new set of parents.
They, uh, didn't rattle easy.
They had an inner peace.
They had new priorities.
And they calmly and quietly
went about reshaping our family.
And in that process,
they showed me what it means
to live my life in Jesus,
instead of trying to find
a place for Jesus in my life.
Mom and dad,
I can't express to you
how grateful I am
for all the fun times,
the love, memories...
and most of all,
the model that you showed me...
how to walk humbly
with your God.
I love you.
Your daughter, Kate."
[Alice] That was beautiful.
[music continues]
Well, before we cut the cake,
there's something
I wanna say about it.
Uh, we wanted to do something
very special
for mom and dad, uh...
[Ronnie] Josh, I realize I'm...
kinda late... here tonight.
Like about, uh,
30-some-odd years late.
Kate said something, uh,
about tributes
when I talked to her last.
I mean, I guess
I probably didn't listen
all that carefully to her.
That's been an issue, uh,
of mine over the years,
not listening to what
other people were telling me.
Oh, but I don't wanna take
the spotlight off
where it belongs...
on mom and mad.
Um... I think I remember...
reading once...
"Hear, my son...
your father's instructions...
and forsake not...
your mother's teaching."
[instrumental music]
Back then, I didn't listen, uh,
too well to much of anything,
other than
my own perceived intelligence
and... upperclassmen,
or my instructors,
whose approval
I was craving at the time.
[clears throat]
Um... I am glad
that my own son...
Tim... and his wife Elizabeth
are able to be here today.
I guess it's about time
that they met you all...
and you all met them,
uh, especially
since Tim has just
taken a new job at Fort Mill.
And, son, I'm...
that you're gonna
finally get a chance
to meet your grandmother
and grandfather
and get to... know them.
[voice breaking]
I should have...
years ago.
[music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
Night, guys.
Mom, what are you doing?
I have someone coming on Monday
to do this.
-It's your anniversary.
I'm just rinsing a few dishes.
You know me,
I can't leave a dirty kitchen.
[Josh sighs]
Okay, I know I'm not gonna win
an argument with you.
-Are you okay?
Ronnie's gonna stay
at the house.
This is a good thing?
Yeah, it's good.
It's really good.
Well, listen, if you're
gonna do dishes, then, uh,
you need to do 'em right.
We're about to head home.
I just wanted to say goodbye,
and how thankful we both are
to finally get to meet you
and grandpa.
Well, you just don't know. Oh.
You two have no idea
how thrilled
your grandma and I are
that you're gonna be moving
just right down the road
in Fort Mill.
We're gonna have
to have you over.
-Better yet...
We need to give you two
a night off
and get to know
your kids better.
That's very kind of you.
Thank you.
Truth is, I have so many
questions I'd love to ask you.
Sometimes I just don't know
what to do with the little ones.
Oh, honey, I understand.
When Ronnie was born,
I was so scared.
I didn't have a clue
what I was doing.
-Bye-bye. Say "bye."
-[baby babbling]
Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
[instrumental music]
So they took the baby Jesus
and they wrapped him
in swaddling clothes
and they laid him in a manger.
[laughs] What are you doing?
Tell them the story. [chuckles]
Now, there were shepherds
abiding in the field,
keeping watch
over their flocks by night.
And suddenly, the angel
of the Lord came upon them,
and the glory of the Lord
shone round about them,
and they were so afraid.
The angel said unto them,
"Fear not, for behold,
I bring you good tidings
of great joy."
[instrumental music]
To the ends of the earth
they will take this light
Like a torch that's flying
through the darkest night
Lift 'em up
pull back this bow
Say a prayer
and let 'em go like arrows
Send 'em out like arrows
Oh it's the greatest
hardest thing we'll ever do
To raise 'em on
a straight and narrow truth
Send them out
beyond their wildest dreams
Sons and daughters
are the legacy
Pray on
through this crazy life
And watch 'em
fly straight to
The target that
we're aiming for it's you
The target that
we're aiming for is you
To the ends of the earth
they will take this light
Like a torch that's flying
through the darkest night
Lift 'em up
pull back this bow
Say a prayer
and let 'em go like arrows
Send 'em out like arrows
Oh it's the most important
battle we will fight
We've got to give 'em
more than words
Let's give our lives
Oh it takes patience
it takes courage
It takes heart
We may be broken but it's not
too late to start
Pray on
through this crazy life
And watch 'em
fly straight to
The target that
we're aiming for it's you
The target that
we're aiming for is you
To the ends of the earth
they will take this light
Like a torch that's flying
through the darkest night
Lift 'em up
pull back the bow
Say a prayer
and let 'em go like arrows
Send 'em out like arrows
I have decided
to follow Jesus
No turning back
no turning back
I have decided
We have decided
To follow Jesus
To follow Jesus
No turning back
No turning back
No turning back
No turning back
To the ends of the earth
they will take this light
Like a torch that's flying
through the darkest night
Lift 'em up
pull back this bow
Say a prayer
and let 'em go like arrows
Send 'em out like arrows
Like arrows
Send 'em out like arrows
[instrumental music]
I come from where life
Has been all night
It's way too familiar
My present fly high
Lift me up or throw me down
Into the new
or hold my ground
The wind blows a holy sound
Past and pain
they lay me down
Past and pain
they lay me down
All I can see
are words true to me
Being cast into the sea
That I can't seem to reach
But I dive down and pray
and return empty-handed
Leavin' my heart feeling
Slowly stranded
Lift me up or throw me down
Into the new
or hold my ground
The wind blows a holy sound
Past and pain
they lay me down
Past and pain
they lay me down
[music continues]