Like Cats & Dogs (2017) Movie Script

Yes, mom, I'm getting
off the train, right now.
Okay, I told you
I would call you
when I got
to the rental place.
Mom, it's only for two weeks.
I'm sure you and dad
will be fine.
Yes, I know
it's our busy season, mom.
Yes, but you're also
the one who told me
that I needed a vacation,
so here I am.
Yes, I will keep my receipts,
don't worry.
Fi love you, too...
Frank! Frank!
Frank! Frank! Frank!
Frank! Frank!
He got away from me,
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's... it's okay.
You all right, Mozart?
Yes, after the composer.
I know who Mozart is.
I'm sure you do.
No offense.
You okay, Mozart?
Is this mean dog
scaring you?
Frank's not really mean.
Yeah, after the singer.
Well, anyway...
Excuse me.
Hope you have a nice day.
You too.
You're not really mean,
are you, Frank?
No, you're not.
Let's go.
It should have
wireless capabilities.
Electric, obviously.
And if it has a sunroof,
it should have a uv coating
on the interior
of the glass as well.
Excuse me for a second.
Hi, honey.
I'm just getting my rental car.
You know how you burn.
I'm not going to be outside
that much anyway.
I have two weeks
to finish my thesis.
Well, I'm glad to hear that.
You really need
to focus, Spencer.
My father doesn't give out
these grants to just anybody.
I know.
I wi promise.
Okay, I've gotta go.
Call me later.
I wi love...
That's my girlfriend.
She worries.
This place is so beautiful.
No wonder you love living here.
Well, I can't wait to see you.
How long has it been?
Since your wedding, right?
A whole year?
That's crazy.
We've got a lot of
catching up to do.
Yes, just let me
get settled in at the house,
and then we'll go out, okay?
First Margarita's on me.
About that.
What? come on,
don't tell me
you've changed that much
since college.
Like I said, we've got
a lot of catching up to do.
I'll see you later.
Okay, see you later.
Do you believe it, Frank?
This whole place is ours,
just us, two whole weeks.
This is amazing, Frank.
Do you see this?
My gosh...
Look at this view...
Didn't look this big
on the website.
Come here.
They must have
a big family.
This is nice.
What, not up to your standards?
Now, this is more like it?
I think it's exactly
what we need.
Now, while that's chilling,
let's go take
some shots outside.
Come on, Frank.
All right, Mozart,
this is home
for the next two weeks.
Isn't that thoughtful.
It's good, too.
Deserves a better glass
than this.
How about this one?
Anybody could've taken this.
Maybe that's my problem.
What do you think, Mozart?
How do you like the place?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
What's your dog
doing in my house?
What's your cat
doing in my house?
Actually, what are you
doing in my house?
That's an easy one.
It's not your house,
it's mine.
Come on, Mozart.
Let's get you
somewhere safe,
away from that animal.
He has a name.
That's okay,
you're not a mean dog.
No, you're not...
It's fine, buddy.
Please don't be scratched.
Please don't be scratched...
It took me an entire year
to find this album.
Can't you just
download it?
It's not the same.
It's like the difference
between the sunshine
and a tanning bed.
Would you like to tell me
what you and your dog
are doing here?
Look, all I know is
that I rented this house
for spring break.
I had to fill out
this whole questionnaire.
And then I go out
to walk my dog,
and I come back,
and I find you,
here, drinking my wine.
I picked it up
on the way here.
I thought it was a gift from
the rental company.
I... filled out
the same questionnaire.
Starting today.
Starting today.
Well, obviously, there's been
some sort of mistake.
But I don't know how.
It was a very personal
They seemed to have
every other detail covered.
I mean, "favorite color,"
"favorite food,"
"favorite movie..."
What did you answer for food?
Me too.
Favorite movie?
Me too.
Well, maybe they thought
we were the same person?
Same reservation
and canceled the other one?
Laura Haley.
I'm sorry?
Well, if we're going to be
stuck in the same boat,
we'd better know
each other's names.
Mine's Laura Haley.
What's yours?
Spencer Hodkins.
Well, Spencer Hodkins.
It appears as though
we have ourselves
a problem.
There you go, Frank,
specialty of the house.
Great, the rental company
just got back to us.
"We will look...
"We will look into the matter
and get back to you."
There we go,
problem solved.
That's a little optimistic.
Well, I'm
an optimistic person.
That's not what I mean,
it's just...
That's an automated
response message.
They probably didn't
even read my email.
Maybe you should have been
a little more personal.
Here, may I?
Be my guest.
Thank you.
"Hi! how are you?
"I'm fine.
"I'm loving the house
that you found for me
"here in South Haven.
"Now, I don't want to be
a bother or anything,
"but I was wondering
if you could help me
"with a little
problem I'm having.
You see, there's
this man who's..."
You know maybe just
leave that as it is.
But I thought you
wanted a reply.
Well, I do.
But it's a psychological fact
that people respond better
to polite, short exchanges
over the Internet,
rather than long, drawn-out,
and weirdly chatty emails.
And you're
an expert on this?
I am working towards my Ph.D.
in psychology right now.
I'm a T.A.
over at the university.
I took this place
to work on my dissertation.
And... what do you do?
Are you in school?
No, I graduated last year.
B.A. in business.
And now?
Now I'm here visiting
my old college roommate
and her husband.
By yourself?
Yeah, why not?
I mean, you don't
have a boyfriend or...?
I've got Frank.
Speaking of,
would you mind
putting him someplace
so I can bring Mozart
out for his dinner?
Why can't you go feed
Mozart somewhere else?
Miss Haley...
This is an awkward
for both of us,
And the only way we're
going to get through this
is if we treat each other
with dignity and respect.
That includes respecting
each other's pets.
Come on, Frank,
let's go.
Thank you.
And if we don't hear back
from the rental company
in an hour or so,
you should probably
start calling
the hotels around town
to find room.
Good idea.
Wait, what?
I'm sure there's someplace
you and Mozart can stay
for the night.
Wait a minute,
why am I the one
that has to leave?
Well... someone has to.
What are you doing?
You told me
to put my dog away.
-No, not in the...
-No, Frank!
Sorry, Mozart.
He's not going
to hurt you.
He doesn't
want to hurt her,
he just wants to play.
Well, my cat
doesn't know that.
Could you please just
get your dog
out of my room?
How is this your room?
I was here first.
See? My luggage.
Really? well,
how about my luggage?
I thought
that was laundry.
Come on, Frank, let's go play
with the squeaky squirrel.
Come on, Mozart.
Come on, Mozart.
It's okay, kitty.
Come on...
Come on, Mozart.
This whole house mix-up thing
doesn't seem to be
bothering you very much.
Yeah, well,
there's nothing we can
do about it right now.
Que sera sera.
"Que sera sera..."
"whatever will be, will be."
Like the song, you know...
I know where it's from.
You don't have to be rude.
I'm sorry.
It's just, well, I...
I like to plan,
and I was planning on
having some peace and quiet
to get my work done.
Yeah, well, this wasn't
exactly what I wanted
when I rented the place either.
You mean when
I rented the place.
Fine, you rented the place,
I rented the place.
So, what are we going
to do about it?
Maybe I can help?
Who are you?
I'm Ellen.
Ellen Davis.
I own the place.
When I got the text message
from the rental company,
I came over
as soon as I could.
It's probably just
a computer glitch
or something.
That must be it,
but the problem
I have two tenants,
and only one house.
What about
another rental?
I can put in
a request for you,
but we probably
won't hear anything
until tomorrow.
And none of the hotels
in this town take pets,
cats or dogs.
What are we supposed to do?
Right, well...
I'll tell you what.
I'm going to waive
the first night's rental fee.
No, you don't
have to do that...
Thank you,
that's so nice of you.
And I'll check back
with you tomorrow,
but for
right now, I...
I guess it's
up to the both of you.
So, what do you think?
Can you get along
for just one night?
Is it safe
out here?
Frank is upstairs,
asleep in the bedroom.
It's not all
his fault, you know.
Nice camera.
My dad had a d8100.
You a photographer?
Me? No. Not really.
I just like to take pictures.
Can I see some?
No, I don't ever
show anybody.
It's just for me.
Why not?
That's for me.
I ordered a pizza.
Of course you did.
Want some?
No, thank you.
I'm eating raw
this month.
And I don't suppose
your cat wants any either?
Definitely not.
Mozart is on
a very special diet.
Frank pretty much just eats
whatever falls on the floor.
There you go then.
What do you mean?
The difference,
between cats and dogs.
My gosh!
Yeah, surprise!
My gosh...
I know.
Wait, so there's
a guy in your place?
Yeah, it's just a mix-up
with the rental company.
It's fine.
Why don't you come
stay with us?
That's very, very sweet,
but I've already paid
for the house, you know.
They're not going
to push me out, don't worry.
Okay, just for one night,
and plus, I've got Frank
to protect me,
right, Frank?
All right, well,
if you ladies
will excuse me,
I've got a nursery that's
not going to paint itself.
I thought maybe
you were going
to bring David.
You guys make
such a cute couple.
Yeah, well, now he's
making a cute couple
with someone else.
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
It's my fault, mainly.
He wanted a commitment,
and I just wasn't ready.
I feel like
I'm not ready for anything.
What do you mean?
I mean that
I've been out of school
for over a year,
and I just feel like I'm lost.
You know, I see you and Kenny,
and you're having a baby.
You're getting on
with your life.
And I'm still at home,
working at my parents'
accounting business.
It's a good job.
I know,
it's just, it's their job,
it's not mine.
I'm just scared
that I'm going
to wake up some morning,
and see my mother
staring back at me
in the mirror.
So, what do you want to do
with your life?
That's just it.
I have no idea.
At all.
So, how's the house?
It's beautiful.
Right on the water,
and I am going to get
so much work done
once they're gone.
When who's gone?
I thought you were alone
in the house?
I will be.
It's just,
the rental company,
they messed
something up,
and they
double-booked the place.
With who?
It's just this old guy.
He's kinda smelly,
and he's got
this mutt.
But they'll
be gone tomorrow.
Well, that's good.
You really need
to concentrate, Spencer.
My father is counting on you,
and so am I.
I know, and I will.
I miss you.
Do you miss me?
Well, it's been
pretty busy around here,
but, of course, I do.
Goodnight, Spencer.
I love...
It wasn't exactly a lie.
they'll be gone tomorrow.
Nobody will ever know,
and nobody will get hurt.
You found
your luggage.
Thank you.
Good morning, Frank.
Five more minutes.
What is that?
Yeah, it is.
I like to get
an early jump on the day.
At 6:00 A.M.?
Yeah, best time
to do exercises.
No noises, no distractions.
I can work myself
into a calm,
meditative state.
Just a minute!
All yours.
Hey, I'm making a Kale,
beet, celery, vinegar,
bark extract smoothie,
do you want some?
I'm fine, thanks.
That's not very good
for you, you know!
Could-could you turn
your music down, please?
The... the music,
could you turn it down?
I'm trying to write.
Well, I'm trying
to get inspiration
for my photographs.
Could you use headphones?
No, I don't like them.
And I thought
we were going to attempt
to get along.
We were,
until you called me smelly
and my dog a mutt.
How did you...?
At least we're saved.
It's the rental company.
I'm sure they've found
something by now.
Good, you won't be
stuck with me anymore.
And you won't be stuck
with me anymore.
Okay, good, very well.
Thank you.
We're stuck with each other.
Well, I guess the best
way for us to do this
is submit our respective
meal plans,
and then divide up
the cost of the groceries.
Meal plans?
Yeah, you just decide
what you want
for breakfast,
lunch, and dinner
for the following week,
and then shop accordingly.
Are you kidding?
I never plan
that far in advance.
It's not that difficult.
You just...
Make a choice
and stick with it.
Okay, well, what if
I decide on chicken wings
for Thursday,
and then by Wednesday,
I change my mind
and I want
macaroni and cheese,
and I'm stuck?
Well, you can't just
order pizza every day.
I don't.
Sometimes, I get Chinese,
or Mexican, and Thai.
You know, that's not exactly
a healthy way to live.
Okay, fine.
I'm going to go
get some groceries.
There we go.
Graham crackers, marshmallows,
and a chocolate bar.
That's what you're
going to eat?
Are you kidding?
About what?
You've never
had s'mores before?
You take the chocolate,
and you melt it with
the marshmallow, and then...
I know what s'mores are,
thank you.
I just choose not
to put that much sugar
and whatever other
chemicals are in that
into my body.
Well, I do.
Okay, so tell me about
this paper you're writing?
My thesis?
I don't think you'd be
very interested in that.
Try me.
You know much
about psychology?
I've got two slightly
overbearing parents,
does that count?
I'm presenting a paper
on psychobiology,
specifically as it relates
to human emotion.
So, kind of like
how the taste
of pizza makes me happy?
Not exactly.
My theory is that
any strong emotion,
like love or heartbreak,
is nothing more than a series
of chemical reactions
in the brain.
You sound just
like my father.
He reduces everything
to numbers.
Well, he's not wrong.
When we talk about
connecting with someone,
all we really mean
is that
their neural biochemistry
in some way influences
our neural biochemistry,
resulting in a reaction
that people call love.
Have you ever been in love,
Mr. Hodkins?
As a matter of fact,
I have a girlfriend.
Her name is Susan.
Well, are you
in love with Susan?
We're in a relationship.
Well, it just sounds more like
a science experiment to me.
Are you sure that she's happy?
It's cold out here.
Do you want a blanket?
Sure, thanks.
You wanna try one?
I told you,
I don't do sugar.
I promise I won't
tell anybody.
All right.
You know...
It's actually pretty good.
Didn't you ever
have a campfire
as a kid?
I'm fairly certain
it was against the law
in my apartment building.
Every summer,
my parents and I would
go camping for a week,
it was the most fun
that we'd have all year.
Actually, it was kind of
the only fun that
we would have all year.
It was that bad?
They're both accountants,
so they do everything
by the book.
And that's why you don't?
Don't get me wrong,
I love my parents.
But... I don't want
to turn into them.
Some people say
that we all turn into
our parents eventually.
I feel so much
better now...
I said
"some people,"
some people...
You know, I think
it's more like being
on the water.
Your parents,
they give you a boat.
It might be a raft,
it might be a yacht,
but it's up to you to decide
where you're going to steer it.
What if we don't know
where we want to go?
I think, deep down,
most people know
where they want to go.
They're just afraid to admit it.
I'm sorry for
that crack that I made
about you and your girlfriend.
It wasn't fair.
I apologize.
Apology accepted.
The truth is,
you might not be too wrong.
How your parents
did everything by-the-book,
mine, they...
They didn't even read it.
I guess I was drawn
to psychology
as a way of finding
answers to the questions
I always wanted to ask them.
Who knew a baby shower
would take so much organizing?
How am I going to fit
all these people
into our little house?
I'm just so happy
for you both.
I mean, wild Rose.
Who would have thought?
I know, right?
It had been on both
of our minds for a while,
and then Kenny got a new job,
and we bought
the place,
so... the timing
just made sense.
This is not the Rose
that I remember from college.
We never used to plan
I just got tired
of never knowing what's next.
What about our theme song?
"Que sera sera"?
I guess I just finally
figured out what I want.
I wish I could do that.
I just...
I don't know, I don't see myself
settling down any time soon.
Trust me,
when you meet the right guy,
it's not going to feel like
you're settling down at all.
It's gonna feel like
you're starting
the biggest adventure
of your life.
I forgot the balloons!
Hi, Susan!
Spencer, where were you?
Just getting some fresh air.
Be careful.
There's a lot of pollen
this time of year.
Of course.
Is the old man gone yet?
The old man and his dog?
Yeah, right.
Place is empty.
Just me.
Well, that's good.
You don't need
any distractions.
How's it going?
Your paper.
How's it going?
Yeah, great, fine, good.
It's... it's coming along.
I can't wait to read it.
Are you happy?
What do you mean?
Are you happy, with us?
With me?
Don't be ridiculous, Spencer.
I've got to go.
I've got that fundraiser.
I'll call you later?
Stop looking at me like that.
There's no reason
for Susan to find out,
and it's not like
we're doing anything wrong.
Come on.
Can I help you?
Laura, hello!
Do you work here?
More or less.
I own the place.
This too?
And a couple of other spots
in South Haven.
My husband was
a very smart investor.
But he loved this gallery,
so I keep it up
as best I can.
Now, I am so sorry
about the rental situation.
Have you decided
what you're going to do?
There's nothing else
available in town,
so we're staying put.
Well, that is wonderful,
and if it helps any,
I'm going to return
half the rental fee
to both of you.
Thank you.
It's the least I can do.
You're a photographer.
No, not at all,
I just take pictures.
You choose your frame,
you choose your lens,
you're a photographer.
May I?
No, I don't...
I don't show anyone.
It's just for me.
None of that,
not in here.
This is a sacred place.
All art is safe
within these walls.
Thank you.
A little Adams.
Maybe some
Imogen Cunningham.
You don't,
photograph people?
No, I would be way
too embarrassed to even try.
That's too personal.
The human face is
the greatest subject of all.
You have an eye.
I do?
My husband and I
made it our mission
to encourage young artists.
I'm trying to carry it on,
but it's not so easy these days.
Maybe you'd like
to help me?
Excuse me?
Here at the gallery.
There is so much
you could do.
arrange things,
and in return,
I would teach you
everything I've learned.
We could even study the great
photographers together.
Maybe throw in a little warhol
for some fun.
Thank you.
I just, I'm only
here for two weeks.
Absolutely perfect.
The South Haven Art Fair
is two weeks away.
I have a big show
that weekend,
and I could use some help.
Can I think about it?
Of course.
You have a talent, Laura.
It would be a shame
to see it go to waste.
No! Frank!
I think Frank might be
getting used to her.
Because I've come up
with a solution
to our living situation.
You have?
Right over here.
"Treaty for living
under the same roof."
I thought, since
we had to compromise,
we might as well
set some ground rules.
"Music shall only be played
in the common areas
"between the hours
of 7:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M.
And at a sound level
of 60 decibels or less."
I measured the volume
on your speakers.
It was 88.
"Pet access to the common areas
will be on a strict rotation,
"with feline activity
limited to even hours
and canine activity
during odd hours."
I thought that was perfectly
reasonable, don't you?
"Residents may occupy bathroom
"a maximum
of three times per day,
"with a limit of 20 minutes
per usage."
One more thing.
"Two towels maximum."
Yeah? No?
And I forgot.
And to make things easier...
Half for you,
and half for me.
So, what do you think?
So this guy actually
made a list of rules
he expects you
to follow?
Yeah, right down
to the towels.
Can't you just kick him out?
No, he signed the papers.
He has just as much right
to be there as I do.
Well, you are
welcome to stay here
for as long
as you want.
Thank you.
Thank you, guys,
for everything.
Now, please go to sleep.
I don't want you to do
anything else.
Please, go.
Thank you.
Come here, Frank.
Come on.
Sit, sit, sit.
This is more like it?
This is more like it,
Finally, some peace and quiet.
I am going to get
a lot of work done.
Lots of work.
A lotta work.
It wasn't my fault.
It was her choice to leave.
That's what she wanted.
it's not a good idea to have
somebody like her
when you're trying to do work...
Tossing her hair all the time,
walking around the house,
being all cute.
This is better,
isn't it, Frank?
Just you and me.
No one telling us to be quiet
all the time,
drinking that weird stuff
that he always drinks,
waking up
first thing in the morning
to do his sit-ups.
I know.
With his...
Abs all...
Like that.
Yeah, well.
Goodnight, Frank.
You're no help.
You have to move.
No, no, no, okay.
No, Frank, this is...
No, this...
Frank, I can't...
I'm up, I'm up...
You must be Laura, right?
Well, I'm Tyler.
A friend of Kenny's.
I'm here for breakfast.
Come on in, Tyler.
Some of the most
insane verticals
you have ever seen.
It sounds amazing.
Cute, isn't he?
Yeah, I guess.
You guess?
Come on, Laura, he's adorable.
Maybe you guys should
go out sometime?
I'm just not
really interested
in dating right now.
Are you really going to let
that thing with David
stop you from meeting
the right guy?
You really think
that this is the right guy?
I don't know,
but neither will you
if you don't take a chance.
Whatever happened
to the old Laura?
"Que sera sera"?
So, Kenny says
you've got a crazy
cat guy at your house.
He's not crazy,
he's just...
He doesn't like loud music,
and he doesn't let her
use the shower
when she wants.
You gotta get rid of this guy.
No, it's not that easy.
He's got a contract.
Maybe you need
to convince him
to break it?
And how do you suggest
I do that?
Figure out exactly
what bothers him,
and then do it, a lot.
How would you like to host
my baby shower?
Hey, honey.
Spencer, are you all right?
Yeah, I just went for a run.
There's a gym
in that little town?
No, I went for a run
on the beach.
Yeah, you should see
this place, it's so beautiful...
It sounds to me
like you're not actually
getting any work done.
That is not true.
In fact, I'm on the verge
of major breakthrough.
I hope so.
Don't worry,
there's absolutely nothing
that's going to stand between me
and finishing my paper.
My gosh, it's adorable!
Thank you!
Susan, I'm going
to have to call you back.
Excuse me?
Excuse me.
You didn't tell us
there was going to be
you're home early.
Sorry to interrupt, ladies.
May I speak with you
in the kitchen, please?
I thought you said
you were going to be
staying with your friends?
Yeah, well, it didn't
really work out,
so I came back.
I can see that.
What's with all this?
It's Rose's baby shower.
Why is it
happening here?
Well, it was the only place
that I could fit everybody.
And you didn't bother
telling me this because...?
Well, you're so busy
with your paper,
I didn't want
to disturb you,
and I know
how sensitive you are.
"I just know
how sensitive you are..."
No, Mozart...
No, no, no.
No, no, no, don't...
No. Mozart.
Come on. Here, kitty.
Come back over here!
Here. Kitty.
Here, kitty. Come on.
Come on.
Not the notes!
Mozart! my notes!
Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Lovely party.
Thanks, guys.
You didn't tell me
he was so cute.
Goodbye, Rose.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It was just
an old record anyhow.
Is there anything
that I can do?
I think you've done enough.
No, I didn't mean
for this to happen.
Of course you didn't.
I just can't believe
you'd be so disrespectful.
We agreed to share this house,
and now look at it.
No, all we have to do
is keep Frank and Mozart apart.
That's not going to be
a problem anymore,
because I'm leaving,
and I'm taking
my cat with me.
Here, Mozart.
Here, kitty,
-come on.
No, come on,
you don't have to leave.
Come on, Mozart!
Spencer, we can work this out.
Why would we?
You hate planning,
I hate surprises.
We're not a perfect match.
There's nothing left
in South Haven,
we already tried.
Where are you going to go?
As far away from...
This house as I can.
Mozart! Furball! Come on!
I think I know where she is.
I don't believe it.
Well, at least
they're getting along.
That cake really did
go everywhere?
Poor Mrs. Woods
and the champagne.
It was really quiet
around here last night
with you gone.
You must have enjoyed that.
No, actually,
I didn't.
I know it's wrong,
and I shouldn't be
feeling this way,
I really missed you.
I missed you, too.
Are you really
going to leave?
I'll get it.
There must be
some sort of mistake,
I didn't order any pizza.
I did.
Keep the change.
You ordered pizza?
I thought you were
eating raw?
Well, maybe it's time
I started trying to do things
a little differently.
You wanna share it with me?
On one condition.
Can we make it three towels
instead of two?
Three towels.
Now, these
are part of the series
that the photographer did
in one day,
telling the story
of a single flower
from dawn until dusk.
Excuse me.
Laura, it's so good
to see you.
I hope everything's
still okay at the house.
It's just amazing.
And Spencer?
No, we're loving it,
but, Ellen, I just
wanted to ask you if...
The offer still stands.
And this is our
new artist gallery.
Every year,
I dedicate this space
to a young,
emerging photographer
who shows real
artistic promise,
and you, Laura...
Are going to paint it.
Man, no idea.
Ice cream.
Watch out for that.
But Ansel Adams started
with the feeling that
he was trying to convey,
and then chose
his subjects, which...
I'm babbling,
aren't I?
No, I love hearing you
get so excited
about something.
Have you ever thought about
doing it professionally?
Are you kidding?
My parents would kill...
Sorry about that.
It's not going to paint itself.
It's your first portrait.
It's good.
It's very good.
Look here, Frank.
No peeking.
Don't look.
I'm not, I'm not...
Okay, step, step...
Where did you...
How did you...
Do you like it?
Are you kidding me?
I love it.
Thank you.
I've got to
try it out right now.
Try it.
I am.
This is perfect.
I can't believe
you got me another
record player.
Can you hear that?
You don't just
hear the music.
You can hear
their heartbeats.
Spencer, I...
Yes... yes.
She went to
the cafe for lunch.
She's been working
very hard this morning,
she deserved it.
Well, great, thanks.
I hope that everything's
okay at the house?
Yeah, everything is...
It's great.
I really am sorry
about the mix-up,
with the bookings.
Are you kidding me?
This has been
one of the best things
that has ever
happened to me.
I'm not bothering you, am I?
No. no, no,
of course not.
But what's wrong?
Everything is very right.
I'm done.
"The Chemistry of Love"
is complete.
that is fantastic.
Thank you.
Thank you, yeah.
I couldn't have gotten here
without your help.
You're just
being nice.
Well, you are going
to be paying
for the champagne, so...
Okay, I can do that.
Laura, right?
We're sitting at the patio,
and I thought that was you.
Remember me?
Tyler! Friend
of Kenny and Rose's.
Nice to meet you...
Hey, so did you finally
get rid of that cat guy?
Cat guy?
Yeah, remember?
You were going to do
the baby shower thing.
It was great seeing you, Tyler.
Maybe we can
get a drink sometime?
Nice to meet you, Sandy.
It's not even...
I promise you,
Spencer, it's...
Spencer... Spencer!
Spencer, wait!
The baby shower
was a setup.
You did it deliberately
to mess with me.
Because you wanted me out?
No, I thought
you hated me.
Hated you?
I don't hate you. I...
I never did.
I just, it was something
that I told myself.
So I wouldn't do this.
Spencer, we shouldn't...
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
[Needle hiss
hi, Frank!
I brought you a treat.
You home?
It's cold out here.
You want a blanket
or something?
You make this look
a lot easier than it is.
I can hardly
get the marshmallow
to stay on the stick.
Well, it comes
with practice.
I still can't believe
you never did this as a kid.
I told you,
my parents didn't exactly
do things by the book.
I guess that's why I am
the way that I am.
It's not so bad,
the way you are.
My mom and dad,
they traveled a lot,
for work.
They were
in the peace corps.
I didn't get to see them
that often,
but they were always
laughing and smiling,
and having all kinds of fun.
They must really
enjoy their lives.
They really did.
When I was about 12,
my mom, she got pretty sick.
It all happened pretty fast,
and then...
She was gone.
I'm sorry.
It was like
someone turned off a light
inside of my dad
and I just watched him
fade away over the years,
and then...
Then he was gone, too.
The doctors,
they said he had
a weak heart, but...
I just think that it was broken.
Is that why you did this?
"The Chemistry of Love."
I just thought
if I could find
some rational,
biological reason
behind the feelings of love,
and loss, and...
It might not happen again?
And then I met you,
and then for the first time,
I realized it's not just
a series of chemical reactions.
It's something so much more,
and it's real.
Just great.
I mean, there's
more marshmallows...
No, it's not about
the marshmallows, Spencer.
I don't like commitment, okay?
Whenever somebody
gets too serious,
I take a hike.
And you know why?
My parents.
They're divorced?
No, are you kidding?
They've been married
for 30 years.
I'm sorry, I don't
think I understand...
No, do you realize
the kind of pressure
that that puts on me?
Yeah, you don't want
to become your parents...
It's not that I don't
want to become them,
it's that I don't think
that I can live up to them.
I'm afraid to even try.
Till you.
You have a commitment,
you have a girlfriend,
and I won't be the person
to come in between
you and Susan.
I won't.
Do you want
a piece of advice, Frank?
Never fall in love
with someone
that has a girlfriend.
Fi made a mistake.
I admit it, okay?
Are you just going
to sit there
judging me all night?
What if I get you tuna?
Okay, now you can judge me.
Frank, I'm up, I'm up,
I'm up...
You sleep in?
Well, you snooze, you lose.
Goodbyes are hard.
Goodbyes are...
Goodbyes are not easy, and...
I don't like saying goodbyes,
but I wanted you to know
that I will always remember
our time here together
at this... at this house?
I just want you to know
that you've changed my life.
I want you to know that...
I don't want to say goodbye.
To who, Spencer?
I rang, but no one answered.
Who were you talking to?
I was working
on my presentation.
So good to see you.
What are you doing here?
I called you last night.
Didn't you get my message?
I'm sorry,
I must have been sleeping.
Well, that would explain
why you weren't
at the train station.
I hadn't heard from you
in two days,
and I was starting to worry
that something was wrong.
I thought I'd...
Come and see
how things were going.
Everything is...
They're going great.
I finished it.
That's so amazing!
Thank you.
Congratulations, Spencer.
That means we can spend
some time together.
This place
is really lovely.
Where are you going?
I was going to go look around,
is that okay?
Of course.
Of course, it is, yes.
It's just
a bit of a mess in there.
I'm sure I've seen worse.
I'm, surprised
you like this place.
It's not really you.
At all.
Stay... in here
and just relax.
I'm going to go get Mozart.
Just, she missed you,
a lot.
Where are you?
Hello, Mozart.
Spencer, she's down here!
It looks like your daddy
has been a very bad boy.
Pizza, Spencer? Really?
And who are you?
Laura, stay in there,
don't come out.
Do not come out.
There's a dog in the house.
Yes, the dog.
What's it doing in here?
Whose is it?
All yours!
It's a funny story,
really, it...
I'm so sorry,
I tried to explain
the mix-up, but...
It's my fault.
I should have told her
from the beginning.
Why didn't you?
I don't know, I...
I guess I just
probably didn't want
to admit it to myself.
It's been a very
interesting two weeks.
I'll never forget...
Come on, Frank.
Say goodbye, Frank.
Well, we're just
going to make it.
Hey, I didn't have breakfast,
I'm just going to grab
something real quick.
Pizza? Seriously?
What? I'm hungry?
Come on.
Come on, Frank.
Let's go.
So anyway,
we finished the run,
we got back to the chalet,
when we realized
that we'd left Bobby
up on the hill.
That guy.
I tell ya...
Hey, Tyler,
can I ask you something?
Yeah, shoot.
Where do you see yourself
in five years?
I don't even know
where I'm gonna be
in five weeks.
But I do know
in five minutes,
I'll buy you another drink.
And cheers.
They're ready for you.
Where were you?
Right here.
Getting quite a crowd
out there,
maybe we'd better
open the doors...
Ellen, what is this?
I forgot that was in there.
It's my application form
and Spencer's application form,
clipped together.
And there are
a ton of other ones,
all clipped together
as well, in pairs.
What have you been up to?
My husband and I
loved that house,
and after he left us,
I couldn't bear
to live in it alone,
but I had promised him
that it would always
be filled with love.
You do this on purpose.
You double-book the house
to bring people together,
and that's why
the questionnaires
were so personal.
You're match-making.
It's a little bit sneaky,
but so far,
it's always worked out.
Until now.
Spring isn't
over yet, dear.
Good afternoon,
faculty members,
and distinguished guests.
"The Chemistry of Love.
A study in psychobiology
and human emotion."
By Spencer Hodkins.
So glad you could
make it, thank you.
You see, the artist
is making a statement,
not only in his use
of light and shadow,
but also in the depth of focus
that he's chosen.
Well, I'd say this is
quite the success,
wouldn't you?
But what about the Annex?
People have been asking me
who it is this year.
Well, I guess it's time.
Would you give me
a hand?
Everyone, could I have
your attention, please?
Good afternoon,
and welcome
to the here at
the Davis Gallery.
Now, every year,
I have to choose
a new photographer to feature
here at the gallery,
someone with a fresh vision
and an original eye
all their own.
And sometimes, it takes
an out-of-towner
to see our little village
in a new way,
and that's certainly
the case this year.
It gives me great pleasure
to present to you
the Davis Gallery
emerging artist for this year,
Laura Haley.
I can't believe it.
Thank you.
These are my photographs,
in a gallery.
And people
really like them.
Of course they do, dear.
They're good.
I don't know how
I could ever thank you.
Well, would you consider
staying on with me?
I could certainly use
of your talent here.
You mean,
stay in South Haven?
I'm thinking of starting
a school of my own,
just small at first,
a few classes,
but you never know
where these things
might lead.
I don't know...
I realize
that it is quite
a big commitment,
but you just
think it over, okay?
You made it.
We're so proud of you.
Thank you.
It's kind of overwhelming.
So, what now?
Now I'm going
to tell my parents
that I finally know
what I want to do with my life,
and then I'm going
to tell them I love them,
and then I'm going to say,
"I quit."
You're really
going to do that?
You know, they're
going to be angry,
and there's probably
going to be yelling,
but it's what
I want to do.
Well, get ready.
Here comes your chance.
Dad! Hi!
What are you guys doing here?
We had a phone call
from a lady who said
that you were showing
some of your photographs
in her gallery.
You didn't think
we'd miss
our daughter's
first big show, did you?
So... what do you think?
It's beautiful,
Very impressed, honey.
I mean, you've always had
a camera in your hand, but...
Who knew?
Thank you,
both of you.
Mom, dad,
I have to tell you something...
Well, actually, honey,
we have something
to tell you first.
Your mother and I,
we sold the business.
We're going to take
some time off and travel,
see the world
for a bit.
I mean, we put
a little money away for you,
but, I'm afraid,
from now on, honey,
you are on your own.
What did you want to tell us?
Guess what?
I am a photographer.
A real-life photographer.
Come on, let's go for a walk
and celebrate.
Is somebody here?
I'm renting this house!
Well, there must have been
some sort of mix-up.
What are you doing here?
I thought you had
to present your paper?
I did, and it did
not go very well.
What happened?
They said they felt
that I didn't believe
what I was saying,
so if I wasn't buying it,
why should they?
So, what are you going to do?
Start over.
Do you know of a place
where I could stay for a while
and work on it?
What about Susan?
Well, I tried to make s'mores
for her in the apartment,
and I set fire
to the drapes, so...
You're kidding.
Actually, I am.
The truth is...
I'm in love with you,
and there is no place else
that I would rather be.
Well, we're probably
going to have to make up
a few more rules
if we're going to be
under the same roof?
Let's start with
rule number one.
Excuse me?
Laura, you forgot your camera
in the gallery, dear.
You really need to be
a little more careful.
Thank you.
I wondered when you'd be back.
How did you...?
The light is absolutely
perfect right now.
Come on, outside.
Let's go.
This is going to be
a great picture.