Like Dogs (2021) Movie Script

(ethereal music)
(dark music)
(chain clinks)
- [Woman] Hey! What the fuck?
Get the fuck off me!
What the... What the fuck?
(van doors slam)
(engine roars)
Seriously, get the fuck off me!
- Shh.
(woman breathes deeply)
(woman grunts and pants)
- [Woman] Hey.
What's going on?
(chain clinks)
Where are you taking me?
Wait! Wait, stop!
Help! Help!
Who are you people?
- [Captor] Watch out.
We're gonna have our
hands full with this one.
- [Woman] Stop. Stop, please!
(door squeaks and clacks)
No, please! What do you want
from me?
What do you want from me?
Just talk to me, please! (sobs)
(alarm blares)
(alarm blares)
(door slams)
Hey! (grunts)
(chain rattles)
(muffled clunks)
(ominous music)
(gasps and pants)
(ominous music)
(machine hums)
(can thuds)
(food squelches)
(keypad bleeps)
(alarm blares)
Hey! Hey, wait, come back!
Can, can I-
- No!
- Please?
How am I supposed to go to the
- What...
(alarm blares)
(door opens)
(door closes)
(plate clacks)
(alarm blares)
(chain rattles)
(machine hums)
(food squelches)
(keypad bleeps)
(alarm blares)
(door opens)
(cart rattles)
- [Captor] Not hungry, girl?
- Hey, whoa, whoa! Wait, please!
No, come back! I'll eat!
(alarm blares)
(door opens)
(door closes)
(machine hums)
(food squelches)
(keypad bleeps)
(alarm blares)
(door squeaks)
(door slams)
(plate clacks)
(chain clinks)
I can't reach it.
(alarm blares)
(door slams)
(chain clacks)
(chain rattles)
- [Man] Help!
- Hello?
(alarm blares)
(lights thud)
(plate clangs)
(plate clangs rhythmically)
(plate clangs rhythmically)
(eerie music swells)
Son of a bitch.
- Hello?
(alarm blares)
(door opens)
(door closes)
- [Captor] Naughty, naughty.
Naughty dogs don't get
(plate clacks)
What a mess.
(alarm blares)
(door opens)
(eerie music)
(keyboard clacks)
(water splashes)
- What the fuck? (gasps)
(water splashes)
Is this supposed to be a bath?
(water splashes)
(gasps and yelps)
(captor laughs)
(captor sighs)
What do you people want from me?
What do you want from me?
(alarm blares)
(breathes shakily)
(chain rattles)
(keyboard clacks)
(computer chirps)
(door slams)
(suspenseful music)
(PA system chimes)
- [Woman Over PA] Be good.
Walk only.
(PA system chimes)
Be good.
Walk only.
(PA system buzzes)
Bad dog!
(PA system buzzes)
Bad dog!
(5407 gasps)
(fence zaps)
(PA system buzzes)
Bad dog!
(keyboard clacks)
(5407 gasps and pants)
(5407 groans)
(5407 chuckles)
- [5407] Son of a bitch.
- [5399] Hey.
(suspenseful music)
I can hear you.
Do you know you snore?
- I do not snore.
- [5399] You do, actually, but
it's okay.
Listening to you these past
few days, it's been the first
time I haven't felt alone
since this whole thing began.
- Uh, the past few days?
I was out that long?
- [5399] Did you know there's
other rooms like this?
At least two of 'em.
I saw them when they wheeled me
in here.
They thought I was
unconscious, but I wasn't.
Did you know that they also drug
our food?
Stopped eating that shit days
I know that must sound
crazy, but it's this place.
- Do you know where we are?
- [5399] Looks like some
sort of slaughter house.
- What do you think they want
from us?
- [5399] I'm not planning
on sticking around
long enough to find out.
- I'm with you there. (chuckles)
What's your, uh, what's
your name, crazy boy?
- [5399] Adam.
- Adam.
I'm, I'm Lisa.
And no offense, but I'm not 100%
that you're not some
figment of my overactive
and possibly chemically-altered
imagination right now,
so I'm gonna need some
proof of your existence.
I just wanna see you.
- I'm at the end of the aisle.
(chain clinks)
I'm real. (chuckles)
You have no idea how nice it
is to see a friendly face.
No, I guess you do.
(Lisa chuckles)
(alarm blares)
(door opens)
(plate clacks)
Don't eat it!
It makes you compliant.
It makes you hallucinate.
(alarm blares)
I need you to be lucid.
(door closes)
I don't wanna go through this
- Number one.
I'm as lucid as it gets.
Number two. You really
should eat something.
You're only making yourself
And number three. (chuckles)
It appears we are in this
together, so we're not alone.
- You're right.
We're not alone.
(ominous music)
(Lisa sighs)
- How long has he been there?
- I don't know, but this isn't
the first time I've seen him.
There's three, maybe four of
All they do is just stand there
and watch.
- Well, fuck them!
I'm not gonna give them
anything worth watching.
- How can you be so chill about
all this?
- Look, these fucking people
abducted us off the street,
are forcing to live in these
shitty concrete cubicles
and are treating us like god
damn dogs.
I don't give a fuck what they
- [Captor] Eat.
- Yeah, okay, I have a
bad feeling about this.
You, you should eat.
- [Captor] Eat, now!
- (spits) I won't.
- [Captor] Bad dog.
(alarm blares)
No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
- Hey! Leave him alone.
- [Captor] Shut it, bitch!
(cattle prod zaps)
You've been a very bad dog.
- No! Please, please, please,
(cattle prod zaps)
Do not fuck with me, boy.
(keyboard clacks)
(Lisa gasps)
(Lisa sighs)
- Adam?
(ominous tones)
(door handle rattles)
- Help! Help!
(Lisa gasps)
(tense music)
(Lisa gasps and grunts)
- Fuck.
- [Adam] You curse a lot.
- Shit.
They moved us.
Are you okay?
- I'm all right.
Hey, look, I'm sorry they tased
You didn't have to do that.
You don't have to help me, but
thank you.
(Lisa sighs)
Where did they take you?
- I don't know.
It was like a room smaller than
Like a solitary confinement.
I had the weirdest fucking
I saw my ex-boyfriend
from like three years ago.
How long was I gone?
- I don't know.
- (sighs) Was it more
like an hour or a day?
- I can't remember the last time
I ate.
I feel like I'm starting to lose
and when you're not here, I
- Adam.
We're gonna be fine.
(Adam sighs)
I promise.
Tell me about your family.
- I'm the youngest of three
By about eight years.
My oldest brother was the worst.
I remember sneaking into his
room one day after school.
He just bought himself
this brand new PlayStation
with all the money he saved
up from working all summer.
I knew he wasn't gonna
be home until after dark,
so I snuck in, lost track of
and heard his angry voice at the
He got home early from football
and beat my kneecaps so
hard that I could not walk.
I had to grip the carpet
and claw my way out.
It was worth it.
- Brothers are the worst.
- [Adam] Hm?
- My mom worked a lot.
And my older brother would
watch me when I was young.
Once he got his license he'd
tell her he was babysitting me,
but really he would
lock me in the basement
so I wouldn't get into
trouble while he was gone.
One time, my mom was away all
and my brother went out, Friday
and didn't come home until late,
She didn't find me until the
next morning.
My brother convinced her
that I locked myself in the
basement during the night.
She continued to let him watch
me for the next few years.
And every time, I ended up
locked in that basement.
I can't shake the feeling
that I'm still waiting
for someone to find me.
(Adam chuckles)
(Adam sighs)
(alarm blares)
(door opens)
(plate clacks)
(plate scrapes)
(footsteps clack)
(plate scrapes)
(alarm blares)
(door slams)
- You sure you still wanna eat
He literally just touched
that with a 10-foot pole.
(Lisa chuckles)
- Aww. You almost made a joke.
- I'm serious.
- Yeah, so am I.
(Adam sighs)
- That's not bad.
(Lisa chuckles)
- Right? (chuckles)
- Mm-hm! (chuckles)
- All right.
It could just be that
we've been in here so long
that we're delusional, but...
(Adam laughs)
It isn't nearly as bad
as it looks. (giggles)
- Mm-hm! (chuckles)
(both laugh)
(Adam coughs)
(Lisa laughs)
(ominous music)
(both laugh)
(peaceful music)
(Lisa chuckles)
(Lisa gasps)
(Lisa pants)
(Lisa sighs)
(Adam snores)
(Lisa sighs)
(Adam snores)
(Adam snores)
- Hey.
(Adam moans)
- [Adam] What?
- Turns out you snore, too.
(Adam chuckles)
- Hell, I could've told you
- [Lisa] How do you feel?
(Adam inhales sharply)
- (sighs) Pretty good, actually.
- Me too.
This is the best I've
slept since I got here.
- (chuckles) I don't care if
they are spiking our food,
I'll definitely have some more
of that.
I can't believe I just said
Wait a second.
What was the first thing
I said about the food?
- Something about hallucinating?
- Look at my eyes. Are my pupils
(ominous tones)
- Your pupils look fine.
Okay, but let's not ignore
the elephant in the room.
They moved us in our sleep
- If we whisper, they can't hear
Now is the time to plan our
- Yeah, great. What you got in
Okay, well don't hit me
with all your ideas at once.
- I've got an idea. I just
need to work out a few details.
- Fine.
Keep your secrets.
Just, (sighs) relax.
You know, let it come to you.
(chuckles) Rome wasn't built in
a day.
- What about you? You got any
- First thing, we have to
take off these collars.
I mean, as long as we have
these on, they can take down.
- Come here, let me see.
(both chuckle)
- You feel so warm.
- (chuckles) You too.
Look, I wouldn't wish this on
but I'm so glad you're here.
- Me too.
- Promise me, if we get out-
- When we get out.
- When we get outta here,
we find the son of a
bitch that did this to us.
- [Captor] Uh, uh, uh!
No touching!
- Hey. You don't have to hide,
Fuck this guy!
- Just go to sleep.
We don't want him to separate
(Lisa sighs)
(captor grunts)
- [Captor] You will not ignore
- Adam.
(button clicks)
(collar hums)
(grunts and gasps)
- Lisa.
(Lisa gasps and chokes)
Lisa, hey! Are you okay?
(Lisa chokes)
Shut it off!
Shut if off! Come on, please!
(Lisa groans)
(keyboard clacks)
(eerie music)
(alarm blares)
(door closes)
(plate scrapes)
(footsteps clack)
(plate scrapes)
(tense music)
(plate clangs)
- What are you doing?
- Getting out of here.
(keys clink)
- We'll never make it out right
now, okay?
Look, they're watching us!
- Trust me.
This was my plan.
(plate clangs)
(body clunks)
- Shit.
(sighs) May day.
May day! Pineapple pizza!
(alarm blares)
(doors open)
(door closes)
(computer chirps and bleeps)
- What the hell happened in
Are you trying to make
our lives more difficult?
- I thought you had this under
- I do!
I mean, I did. It just,
it happened so fast.
- I told you this was a bad
- Adam is an unknown variable.
That makes him
unpredictable and dangerous.
- Lisa, this is not what we had
in mind
when we developed the
- Yeah, let's talk about that.
I mean, since when did
this behavioral experiment
involve electric shock
and psychotropic drugs?
- [George] Fine, fine.
We'll deactivate the fences.
But I'm keeping the cattle prod.
- Who said anything
about psychotropic drugs?
We're administering a mild
to keep the subjects obedient.
- "Obedient."
How do you explain what I saw in
- Look, I'm not gonna say
you didn't hallucinate,
but you're probably just
malnourished and dehydrated.
- Look, you don't have to
if you feel like you're
putting your health at risk.
There are plenty of other
(door closes)
Room three is particularly
We're integrating two alphas-
- From rival fraternities on
And once we introduce a female
in there,
it's gonna get primal.
- Honestly?
It might be for the best
if we pull you two out
before anyone else gets hurt.
- And how exactly
are you gonna explain
this to Adam anyways?
I mean, at least everyone
here is getting paid for this.
- I told you. I have a plan for
- What're you gonna say?
"Oh, sorry I kept you chained
Uh, thanks for not calling the
Or were you hoping to get
him so sexually aroused
that all the blood runs
to his little dick,
and he forgets everything
that happened here? (laughs)
- Stop.
- What? That shit's funny.
- It's funny.
- Yeah, laugh it up.
But if Fischer finds out about
any of this
off-the-record shit, she's
gonna have our asses.
You know, she demanded to be
the moment anything out
of the ordinary happened.
- Where is Fischer now?
- Home, asleep? It's almost
three AM.
- Why the fuck are you feeding
us at three in the morning?
(phone rings)
(suspenseful music)
(phone rings)
- Shh! Quiet!
Hey, what're you doing up?
Yeah, well, the power just went
No, you do not need to come down
We'll have the cameras back up
and running within five minutes.
10 minutes, tops. Okay?
And she hung up.
- Fuck.
- You're welcome?
- For?
- For killing the cameras,
when your boyfriend
pulled his little stunt.
You're lucky the livestream
is on a 10-second delay.
- I could kiss you right now,
- Tease.
- I have to go back in.
I have come too far to quit now.
- Fine. I just bought you 10
Do what you need to do, then
you're going back in your cage.
(Lisa sighs)
Did you see me, how I
just handled Fischer?
- Oh, shut the fuck up.
- That's macho.
(Lisa sighs)
- You know, I really wasn't
expecting you
to kidnap me right off the
- [Erika] We wanted to give
you the same experience
we give the others.
- I'm doing my part.
Playing it up for the
cameras and the interns.
- You were very convincing, by
the way.
Especially with Adam.
- Erika, let me borrow your
phone for a few minutes.
- No! No tech for you.
You know the rules.
- I made the rules.
- Social media deprivation
is a huge component of the
Yeah. (chuckles)
Besides, I don't want your poop
fingers all over my screen.
- Okay, fine.
Well, how about letting me close
the door?
- Come on, you know we have to
keep watch
to make sure you don't take
any contraband back with you.
- [George] Yeah, Fischer will
- Okay what the fuck, guys? Can
I get a little privacy here?
- Well, you do always say
I'm just one of the girls.
- (sighs) Jesus, George,
I can't go like this.
- Bitch, please.
Do you really there's anything
these cameras haven't seen?
Besides, this is
technically the men's room.
(fly unzips)
(urine splashes)
(Lisa chuckles)
- All the other rooms are doing
You two are the only problem so
- Look, Adam's not there
yet, okay? But we're close.
I just need another day or two
with him.
- I don't get what makes
him worth all this trouble.
You could have any other guy you
- Okay, that's the point,
George. He's the one I want.
- (scoffs) You know, you're
lucky that this happened
in the middle of the night
while Erika and I are here.
Do you have any idea how much
- Or weed.
- Or weed we're gonna
have to give these interns
to keep them quiet about this?
- Okay, hey! Get off my dick!
It was an accident, okay? Fuck!
(George sighs)
I'm sorry! I just, he can't-
- I get it. You're agitated.
Probably exhausted.
Shit, I can't imagine my mental
if I spent two weeks in there.
- Wait, is that how long it's
- Fuck. I'm sorry, just
forget I said that.
(suspenseful music)
George made that himself.
Calls himself the Kennel Master.
- It's creepy as fuck.
I hate it. I mean, I'm
seeing it in my dreams.
- Well, then it's having
the desired effect.
- At least something is
working the way it should.
Fuck. I am so close to
phase two with Adam.
- Just relax. Let it happen
(Lisa chuckles)
Well, as much as it can in
And try not to sabotage
the rest of the experiment
in the process, okay?
(phone whistles)
(sighs) 60 seconds. I gotta
get you back in there.
(ominous tones)
- Hey. What's really in
the food you're giving us?
It's not just a sedative, is it?
- I mean, it's 99-cents
store chipped beef,
so it's barely a grade above
dog food, but that's it.
Nothing psychotropic.
- (chuckles) Are you sure?
- Lisa.
Honey, you are the closest
thing I have to a real family.
Why would I lie to you?
(Lisa chuckles)
(keypad bleeps)
(alarm blares)
(keys clink)
(door squeaks)
(keys clink)
(door slams)
(padlock clicks)
- Thank you.
- For what?
(Lisa chuckles)
(brooding music)
- For being my light in the
I need you.
Okay? I won't be able to get
through this without you.
- Stay strong.
(Lisa chuckles)
(lights thud)
(door slams)
(dark music)
(alarm blares)
(door slams)
(computer chirps and bleeps)
- And we're streaming.
That should keep Fischer out
of our asses for a few hours.
- Do you mind if I got lay
down for a little while?
I've got a splitting headache.
- Yeah, I've got this covered.
I don't think we'll have
any more problems tonight.
- What do you wanna do about the
- Barter some of our
edibles for their silence.
Just a handful each, okay?
I want that bag back.
(door squeaks)
(door closes)
(machine hums)
(food squelches)
(keypad bleeps)
(alarm blares)
(plate clangs)
(alarm blares)
(door opens)
- Adam.
(door slams)
(Adam gasps)
(Adam pants)
- What the fuck?
I had the keys.
We were gonna get the
hell out. What happened?
- You, you must have been
Maybe you were right about the
(Adam sighs)
- It felt so real.
- Well, you're my hero.
You're the only man who's
ever wanted to rescue me.
- To be fair,
you probably haven't needed
much rescuing, until now.
- You'd be surprised.
It's good to see you smiling
I'm just glad you woke up before
Lights out.
(muffled music)
(keys clink)
(heavy metal music)
Die, die
- [Interns] Oh!
- Don't eat too many,
and don't tell anyone what
went on here tonight, got it?
Die, die
- Let's go over the rules one
more time.
- [Woman Over PA] Be good.
Walk only.
(Adam sighs)
(door closes)
(suspenseful music)
(PA system chimes)
Be good.
Walk only.
- Why do you suppose
they let us out together?
- We are being integrated.
Trust through familiarity
and repeated exposure.
(PA system chimes)
Uh, I studied animal behavior.
- Be good. Walk only.
- Before realizing there
was no money in it, so...
- Is there a scientific name for
or are you just making it up as
you go?
- It's one of the -ologies.
(Lisa chuckles)
- I didn't realize you were so
- Well, there's actually a
lot you don't know about me.
Just as I'm willing to bet
there's a lot I
don't know about you?
- True.
- (chuckles) I used to think
this fence was electrified.
So I never touched it.
(Lisa chuckles)
(PA system chimes)
After being in here for a
while, I started to hope it was.
- Walk only.
- Imagine my disappointment.
- No.
You can't mean that.
You're not the suicidal type.
(Adam sighs)
- I just figured, might as
well go out on my own terms.
- I don't know. (chuckles)
I think I'd try to take out
as many of those bastards as I
If I had to go.
- See that old tire over there?
This one time, I hopped the
before anyone knew what was
I told myself if you could
just make it past that tire,
you'd be home free.
- [Woman Over PA] Be good.
- How far did you get?
- I don't know.
The tire was the last thing
I saw before I blacked out.
(Lisa sighs)
- I didn't even make it
past the fence. (chuckles)
- Yeah, that's because you're
(Lisa scoffs)
- I am?
- You gotta go all-in when
they're expecting you to fold.
Like right now.
- Be good. Walk only.
- They don't think we're
gonna make a run for it.
- That may be.
But as long as we have on
these, what's the point?
- The point...
Is showing them we're not giving
- [Woman Over PA] Be good.
Walk only.
- Then I'll race you to the
On three.
- Two.
(dramatic music)
(Lisa groans)
(Lisa pants)
(both choke)
(ominous music)
(door creaks)
(door closes)
(chain clinks)
- [George] You don't like
to follow the rules? Fine.
We'll do things my way.
- Why are you doing this?
Why are you doing this? Please!
- [George] Make all the noise
you want.
(Adam moans)
These rooms are designed to
the barking of bitches like you!
- No! (pants)
(moans and pants)
(stopwatch bleeps)
What do you want from me?
(intense music)
- I don't want a god damn thing
from you!
(Adam screams)
- No! No!
(screams and sobs)
(screams and sobs)
- (sighs) What am I gonna do
with you?
(door closes)
Little Miss
"I made the rules."
Why do you have to make things
so fucking difficult, huh?
(suspenseful music)
(Lisa wheezes)
(Lisa gasps)
(Lisa gasps)
(George grunts)
(computer chimes)
(static hisses)
(mouse clicks)
- Hey. So, what have you been up
I came in to relieve you
about half an hour ago,
but I haven't seen you
on any of the monitors.
- Well, you know.
Just had to take care of
a couple troublemakers.
- Lisa again?
- They both made a run for it,
when I let them out this
- Why would they try to escape?
- Why the hell does Lisa do
And I had to administer a
- I hate when you do that,
- Hey, someone has to
keep the subjects in line.
- And why can't I access
any of the cameras from the east
- Huh, they must've gone down,
but I'll get them back online
when I come back from lunch.
Do you want me to, uh,
pick you up anything?
- Uh...
- Oh, and Mark and Sara didn't
show up for their shifts,
but I wouldn't worry, things
should be pretty quiet.
- What about Fischer?
- In a meeting all afternoon,
(chuckles) we're good!
(brooding music)
(door closes)
- What are you up to, George?
(chain clacks)
(door slams)
(keys clink)
You better not be fucking
And I hate walking around
this place by myself.
- Yeah. Okay.
I need a break anyways.
(tense music)
(doors thud)
(doors slam)
(keypad bleeps)
(door closes)
(ominous music)
(Lisa screams)
(Lisa chokes)
- I found the other one.
I'm gonna need a hand.
It took four shocks to get this
guy down.
What the hell are you
dosing them with now?
- I don't know.
But I know who does.
(tense music)
I understand.
Thank you.
(George sighs)
- Is that live?
- Yep.
- Huh.
Looks like you've been
busy while I was at lunch.
- Not really.
It was pretty quiet, like you
I just had Joel and Preston
move 'em back into the kennels.
I figured if all you did was
sedate them,
they could sleep it off back
in familiar surroundings.
- What did I tell you about the
east wing?
- You told me not to
worry about it, George,
but that's what I do, I worry.
- Erika, I specifically-
- And Fischer's on her way here.
- What?
Why didn't she call me?
Wait. Did you call Fischer?
- What did you dose them with,
That is not a sedative.
I think we're losing sight
of what this experiment
was supposed to be about.
Maybe she can get us back on
(chuckles) She's here.
- Fuck, fuck, fuck! (sighs)
No, no, no, no.
(suspenseful music)
- You have five minutes to
explain to me
why I shouldn't pull the
plug on this project.
- Please, we're only halfway
If you cut it off now,
we'll have learned nothing.
And think about all
the wasted grant money.
- Why are they sleeping?
This is not a scheduled sleep
- I had to sedate them. They
tried to escape earlier.
- This is a behavioral
You have no medical training.
I am the only one authorized
to administer any kind of drugs.
You've crossed the line this
Go pull Lisa out.
I'm telling her this is done.
- What about the experiment?
- Forget the experiment.
Forget about school.
Just be thankful no one got
or you'd be going to prison.
(door closes)
(suspenseful music)
- [George] No, no! I'm not
going to fucking prison!
(grunts) It's okay, it's okay,
it's okay.
- Leave us.
(door creaks)
(door closes)
(button clicks)
(button clicks)
I told you it was ill-advised
to be a subject in your own
(bag unzips)
Now, this...
Is the good stuff.
(ominous tones)
A spike in adrenaline
should be all we need
to get Sleepy Beauty talking.
(Lisa grunts and coughs)
(Lisa gasps)
(Lisa grunts and pants)
(Lisa coughs)
(Lisa pants)
- Fuck.
(keyboard clacks)
(groans) Damn it.
She locked us out.
Fucking prison. She said
we were going to prison.
- [Erika] Well, if those
sedatives are as harmless
as you say they are, you have
nothing to worry about, right?
(tense music)
(Lisa clears her throat)
(Lisa chuckles)
- Professor Fischer. (chuckles)
- I pulled you out because I
need answers.
Who authorized the use of
and other drugs to the subjects?
(Lisa chuckles)
- (chuckles) I don't know.
- I have release forms and
for every one of the
except the one you call Adam.
- I'm sure it's in there
with the rest of them.
- He's not.
I checked.
- Maybe, (chuckles)
you should check again.
- Do not presume to tell
me how to do my job!
- I could help. (chuckles)
- I'm shutting this down.
Do you have any idea the kind of
the university assumes
with a project like this?
What if he gets hurt?
What if he dies?
There would be a lawsuit.
It would be your fault,
but it would be my ass!
- Professor Fischer, can
we talk about this later?
- Why?
What are you hiding?
- I, I just think I'm gonna be
- Where is that document?
I know you.
I know you are not sloppy enough
to miss a detail like that.
Unless he doesn't know.
Please tell me he's a willing
I took the liberty of having
the university pull your file.
No high school transcripts.
No emergency contact numbers.
No public record of a Lisa
Green before three years ago.
Now you're taking hostages?
I'm reporting this to the
(dramatic music)
- Bet you regret that spike
of adrenaline now, huh?
(Fischer chokes)
(Fischer chokes)
(Fischer gasps)
(Fischer gasps)
Fuck, shit! Shit, fuck!
(Fischer whines)
(exhales deeply)
(chuckles) The good stuff, huh?
Let's see
how you like this shit.
(Fischer sobs)
That's the thing about
A little bit brings you up,
but a whole fuckin' lot
takes you straight down.
- Please!
You don't have to do this.
(Lisa chuckles)
- God, look at you.
Where's the stone-cold bitch
persona now?
- Please, help me.
(suspenseful music)
Help me!
(door slams)
- We've been drugging
them for three weeks.
Why the fuck did you call
Fischer now?
- No, I've been sedating them.
You've been drugging them
- Fucking Fischer! This
is your god damn fault!
- Listen to yourself, George!
- Fischer's done!
- Fuck!
- I'm ready to go back in!
- (chuckles) Well, you heard the
Let's get her back in there.
- Where's Fischer?
- So, Fischer just fucked off
and left without saying
- I guess?
I mean, she bitched and moaned
about liability and paperwork
for a couple of minutes, but
then I just reasoned with her.
- You reasoned with her?
- I mean, I pretty much had to
promise her
the soul of my firstborn, but
she agreed.
Gave me a few more days.
- All right, wait here.
I'm gonna suit up, just in case.
- I don't know what kind of
voodoo you used on Fischer,
but you got lucky.
It's only a matter of time
before it all falls apart.
- Don't worry about Fischer.
Look, Adam came back for me.
Okay? Phase two is done and
the end game starts tonight.
- I need to know what your plan
You keep saying you have one,
but I don't see a clean way out
of this!
- It ends the same way it began.
Just drop us off in
the middle of the night
with bags over our heads, okay?
He doesn't know any of you.
He doesn't know where we are.
It is perfect.
I just need to prep him tonight
and then we'll disappear.
- Disappear?
- You know what I mean!
Drop off Fischer's radar.
- What about the rest of us?
- Remember, I need you.
Okay? You're my light in the
Just... (sighs)
(keys clink)
Just keep the light burning
(keys clink)
a little while longer.
(door opens)
(door closes)
(keypad bleeps)
(alarm blares)
(padlock clicks)
(alarm blares)
(door closes)
(somber music)
(computer chirps and bleeps)
- No, this doesn't feel
right. I'm calling Fischer.
- But everything else up to this
has felt just fine, huh?
- Give it back!
- If Fischer comes back here,
we're all going to jail.
Is that what you want?
Just go outside, get some fresh
and mellow out a little bit,
You'll feel better.
I'll do the rounds, all right?
And if you still wanna
call her when you get back,
then I won't stop you.
- Fine.
(Adam groans)
(Adam sighs)
- I don't know what's happening
to me.
- You're awake.
Look, it's this place,
okay? It is getting to us.
Just think of a pleasant memory,
you know, from the outside.
- I can't think of anything.
- Hey.
You must have had some
joy in your life. Just...
Just think of a happy memory.
(suspenseful music)
- Got ya.
- Fischer's done!
I'm ready to go back in.
(door closes)
- Ah-hah. What have we here?
(Erika gasps)
- [Erika] What the fuck, George?
(George whispers)
(intense music)
(gasps) Oh, fuck!
- Help me.
- What happened?
- Lisa's dangerous.
She, she's not who she says she
(George chuckles)
- Oh, I know.
You don't know Lisa the way I
Nobody does.
I would do anything
(Fischer screams)
(ominous music)
(blood splatters)
(water splashes)
(suspenseful music)
Fuck. (pants)
(breathes deeply)
(Erika gasps)
(door closes)
(suspenseful music)
(keys clink)
(ominous tones)
- Love.
- What?
- Tell me about your first love.
(Adam chuckles)
but you must have felt it.
(Adam chuckles)
- Yeah, sure, but it
wasn't anything serious.
What about you?
(Lisa chuckles)
You ever been in love?
- Yeah.
It was one of those moments.
He was standing there, in the
quad, and,
our eyes locked as he was
walking towards me and...
And in that instant, I saw
our whole future together.
I mean, (sighs)
a wedding and kids and
vacations and growing old.
I mean, everything. Like,
all from a single glance.
He kept walking.
And I just stood there.
Like hypnotized, just waiting
for him to
turn around, you know,
expecting him to turn around and
for that last look.
I mean, that's what guys do,
That's, (chuckles) that is
what every guy has done.
Just, just not him.
I didn't even know his name.
And that I loved him.
Then I lost him in 30 seconds
And there hasn't been a day
that I haven't thought about him
I bet that sounds silly, huh?
- That's not silly at all.
I get it.
Sometimes you just connect.
(suspenseful music)
(lights thud)
(lights thud)
- (chuckles) Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, like, like the
way I connect with you.
- Something's wrong.
- What?
- The bell didn't ring before
lights out.
(keys clink)
(tense music)
(Erika screams)
- Shit.
Did you hear that?
(suspenseful music)
(padlock clicks)
- How did you-
- Shh.
- What're you doing? Is that a
- Shh!
I am going to remove your chain,
but you have got to be keep
quiet, okay?
Look around. Not a single light
is on.
There is no power, okay?
This is our chance.
(George pants)
- Lisa did this.
I, I just found her like this
and I was gonna come tell you,
but the, the power went out
- I don't believe it.
- She wasn't gonna let Fischer
pull the plug on this thing.
- We've gotta call the police.
- Now, hold on!
Don't you wanna see how
this is gonna play out?
Like you said, no one's
gonna miss Fischer.
- I can't pretend this never-
- Shh!
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
(lights thud)
(computer chirps and bleeps)
(suspenseful music)
(sighs) Damn it.
What am I gonna do with you?
(Lisa and Adam gasp and choke)
(Lisa and Adam gasp and choke)
(suspenseful music)
- Adam?
(restraints clink)
I know you don't know me,
but you have to listen to me.
- I know who you are.
You're one of them.
- I was.
I was one of them, but now I'm
one of you.
I'm friends with Lisa.
And we have to get out
of here. Where is she?
Where is Lisa?
- You tell me!
Where did you people take her?
- I don't know!
This whole experiment got out of
and now people are dying!
- What experiment?
What experiment!
Tell me!
- This whole thing is a
behavioral experiment,
treating humans like animals,
funded by the university.
Lisa dragged you into it
because she's had this
mad crush on you from the
moment she first saw you.
She's been fixated on
that for over a year now.
- That story she told me.
That was about me?
No, no, no, no, no. No, stop it!
You're trying to get inside of
my head!
Fuck you!
- I get it.
Fuck me, fuck this place and
fuck this shitty situation!
But I know the way out of here
and you need me to get there.
- Why should I trust you?
- (sighs) You still don't
believe me?
Okay, uh...
You tried to escape
when I was feeding you.
You hit me over the head and
took my keys.
- That was you?
- Yeah.
Lisa, she told you you were
hallucinating, but you weren't.
It really happened and you were
drugged to forget about it.
We almost pulled you out, then
and there,
but Lisa wanted to keep going
she wanted more time to wear you
(Adam breathes sharply)
That story she told you about
her brother
locking her in the basement?
Yeah, she told me the same
but she said her shitty mother
did it,
'cause she knew I'd relate to it
That's what she does.
She gets in our heads.
- That crazy bitch.
- No.
No. No, you bitch, you're
ruining it!
(dark music)
- How's the view from under that
(Lisa screams)
So emotional. (laughs)
It's a bitch losing trust in
the ones you love, isn't it?
- This must be a hallucination.
- [George] This is very real.
- She is ruining it, okay?
Just get him out of there.
I can salvage this!
- You heard what he just said.
Why can't you just let him go?
- Please.
George, I... (sighs) Let me fix
- Okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
But first, there's a couple
things I wanna show you.
(door slams)
Look familiar?
(chuckles) They should.
(men mumble and murmur)
- They're...
My ex-boyfriends.
- Not just your ex's.
This is a collection of every
man who has ever wronged you,
and they're here to be punished.
But here's the interesting part.
The recent ones call you Lisa.
And more than a few years
back, they call you Natalie.
And further still, they
know you as Ashley.
So I guess you could say that
I'm the only one who knows the
real you.
That's the difference between me
and every other man in this
I know who you really are.
I know what you've done
and I'm not scared.
See, you think I haven't been
but I've heard everything
you've ever told me.
And I see how these men
treat you and I understand.
I understand why you wanted
to do this whole damn project
in the first place.
But your mistake was Adam.
He's not right for you.
I'm right here.
- I thought you were gay.
- I might as well be, in your
You were never gonna see me as
any legitimate love interest.
Okay? I've been stuck in the
friend zone since day one.
But I couldn't bear the thought
of being invisible to you.
And I couldn't bear the
way you look at Adam.
I needed to make you see.
The same way you were gonna make
Adam see.
I have one more thing to show
(men murmur and mutter)
When I say I'll do anything
for you, I mean it.
(sighs) All those alpha male
jock types?
I mean, you know they're
just gonna use you
and use you up until there's
nothing left.
That's not love, Lisa.
This is love.
I finished what you started,
and I know you're no stranger to
but we did this, together.
And I'm in this with you now,
and it feels...
It feels amazing.
And now...
Our final destination.
Would you like to know
what they're saying?
Well, don't be a wallflower.
Get in there and dance.
(suspenseful music)
(door closes)
- George, stop.
This experiment is over!
Fischer is dead.
Get these collars off.
- There's been a lot of talk
about losing focus and I agree.
I don't like the direction
this shit-show is going.
So, Lisa is gonna help me turn
it around.
- What is this?
- It's a choice.
- Lisa.
What the fuck is goin' on?
- It's clear one of these
two is just a distraction.
- This is crazy, Lisa.
You don't have to play his game.
You're my best friend.
- Is this part of the
What am I doing here?
Are you playing me?
- No. Hey, don't say that.
Adam, you know me better
than that, okay? You...
You know me.
- I know you're all fucking
(George chuckles)
(George sighs)
- Talk, talk, talk, talk. Choose
- Lisa?
You were right.
George is drugging you.
This isn't your fault.
- No, you know what? It is your
It's your fault!
I mean, I heard everything that
you said!
What, you're turning him against
- You've done that yourself.
You're obsessed and you can't
even see
how many people are
getting hurt because of it!
Fischer was right.
(tablet chirps)
(collar hums)
(dramatic music)
(Adam gasps)
(Adam chokes)
- Hey.
Make it stop!
- I can't do that, Lisa.
The choice has been made.
Though it was never really yours
to make in the first place.
- But I didn't choose Adam.
- To be fair, you really
haven't displayed much prowess
in the decision-making
department lately, have you?
So, maybe it's for the
best that I step in.
- Please.
I'll do anything you want.
- (sighs) I know you would.
- I am willing to give
myself to you, okay? That...
That's what you want, right?
- Jesus, George, you're a
fuckin' lunatic.
(button clicks)
(collar hums)
- That's what you wanted, wasn't
I mean, you did press her
See? This is us coming up with
a solution together, okay?
I chose Adam and you chose
(Erika chokes)
And no one's gonna miss her.
She has no family, no
friends beyond this room.
And no one even knows he's here,
Just make his body
and we're in the clear.
This is always how it
was gonna end, wasn't it?
Burn it down, disappear
and do it all over again.
- Please.
He doesn't have to die.
(George chuckles)
(Erika chokes)
- Did you hear that?
(Erika chokes)
She said "he doesn't have to
She doesn't give a shit about
(button clicks)
(Erika pants)
(Erika coughs)
She doesn't give a shit about
me, either.
After all of this.
- That is not what I meant!
Look, just...
(button clicks)
(ominous tones)
Think about what you're doing.
(Adam chokes)
- Once you put Fischer in the
you passed the point of no
Now we finish this.
- I will give you what
you have always wanted.
(Adam chokes)
- There's nothing you could
offer me
that I haven't already taken.
"I've not taken." (chuckles)
That sounds inappropriate.
Let's just say
you are very, very generous
when properly dosed.
(ominous music)
- That may be.
But what about a real
Burn it all down
and disappear with me, George.
- Do you... Do you mean that?
- I do.
- (sighs) Don't, don't
toy with my emotions.
- I wouldn't.
- You are.
You are, you're, you're, you're
using sex and relationships
like a currency and you're
weaponizing them against me!
- God! Let's just talk about
Just deactivate his collar!
- (groans) I'm done talking!
All we do is talk, and talk, and
and talk, and talk, and talk!
Talking doesn't get us anywhere.
It's never gonna get us
So I'm gonna tell you something
in the only fucking
language you understand.
(Adam gasps)
- George!
(door closes)
(Adam chokes)
(Adam chokes)
- Why?
(collar chimes)
(collar hisses)
(Lisa sobs)
(somber music)
- You petty bitch.
All this because he was the
one man who didn't want you.
- [Lisa] Erika.
- You pushed my fucking button!
You were my best friend, my
You and George really are
perfect for each other.
Two sadistic peas in a fucking
- Look, I know that you
hate me right now, okay?
I fucking hate myself,
but the only way that we
are getting out of this
is if we work together.
- What can we do like this?
(restrains clink)
(George sighs)
- What did I miss?
That's on you, princess.
Some damsels aren't in distress.
They cause it.
And remember, I did say
every man who wronged you
was here to be punished, didn't
And how much heartache did
Adam here provide you with?
Come on.
Let's turn that frown upside
Just push this button,
and all of this will be over.
I understand your hesitation.
Last time I asked you to press a
it didn't do anything.
But I guarantee this one does.
(tablet chirps)
(men choke)
It's good. (laughs)
It's good, it's good.
This will heal you. Make you
whole again.
And we can't have a room
full of witnesses, can we?
What're you... Wait, what're you
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
No! No, no, no, no!
(tablet clacks)
(Lisa pants)
(Lisa chokes)
No, no, no, Lisa! Wait, hold on!
No, no, no! Fuck.
Fuck, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no! Fuck!
Oh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
(Lisa chokes)
No, Lisa, wait, wait, wait!
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
No, no! Lisa, Lisa!
No, no!
(moans and groans)
(dramatic music)
(flesh tears)
(Lisa spits)
(whines and groans)
(tense music)
(Erika gasps)
- Okay, no!
Shit, shit!
- All I wanted was to love you,
You fucked it up!
(door slams)
- We've gotta get that collar
off, okay?
He still has your remote.
(door opens)
- [George] Lisa!
I know all your secrets!
I devoted years to you, Lisa.
Your Mom blamed herself
when you sister drowned,
but it wasn't an accident, was
it, Lisa?
- Okay. Go, come on.
- And your roommate never killed
You got rid of her, then
fucked her boyfriend!
You can't run from your past
this time!
I fought for you!
I sacrificed for you!
Unlike the rest of these
fuckers, I will not die for you!
Look at me, Lisa!
Don't ignore me!
(dramatic music)
I would've been good to you,
(gurney clatters)
(Lisa chokes)
I loved you, and you wasted it.
(Lisa chokes)
You fucking wasted it,
Lisa. You fucking wasted it.
You fucking... You fucking
wasted it!
Why couldn't you see me?
Why couldn't you love me?
I don't wanna do this!
I didn't wanna do this!
You made me do this!
(wrench clangs)
(Lisa pants)
(suspenseful music)
- Hey! (chuckles)
Look what I found.
(George sighs)
- Oh, wait.
- You know, you really shouldn't
your toys laying around.
- Wait, wait, wait. Please,
let's talk-
- Shh!
(button clicks)
(George chokes)
- Hm. (chuckles)
You're right. Talking
never got us anywhere.
We're gonna tell you
in the only language
that you'll understand.
(button clicks)
- Please! Please, please don't!
No! Oh, my god, no!
No! Wait, I'm sorry!
- Don't worry!
- No, no, no!
- It's just the tip.
(cattle prod zaps)
(George screams)
(button clicks)
(George groans)
Don't turn away.
It's okay to look.
The son of a bitch is
never gonna hurt us again.
(George chokes)
- I almost left.
(somber music)
I made it to the door,
but I couldn't leave you.
(wrench scrapes)
You need help.
And I love you.
(wrench clangs)
(Lisa sighs)
- I didn't want this to
be painful, (chuckles)
but you know, we've gotta
make your body unidentifiable.
(Erika wheezes)
(sighs) You know, dental
records, fingerprints, all that.
It wasn't lying, you know,
when I said I needed you.
And... (chuckles)
It's true. I consider you
family, too.
But that's the thing about
They make sacrifices for each
(collar chimes)
(collar hisses)
(Erika chokes)
Thank you for your sacrifice.
(ominous music)
(sinister music)
- Bitch!
(fire crackles)