Like for Likes (2016) Movie Script

The end
That was good, but once more!
One more take.
If it was good, why go again?
I want to have your skin.
Was it good?
Hello, afternoon.
It's been too long,
when's your comeback?
Right, the comeback.
They say you mature
after military discharge,
but I think I became more timid.
I'm just waiting for
a good project.
I'll come back soon.
Seriously, ASAP!
I was so surprised
during research today,
in a recent poll of
the most romantic kiss scene,
You're My Black Hole's
Burberry coat kiss is still 1.
That series is from
before I was drafted.
It feels good to hear that
it's still loved by many.
Thank you.
It's crazy, really.
Perhaps due in part,
you're so in demand
in China and Japan.
How crazy!
- Don't do that!
You're precious,
I won't share you!
Stop it!
Aren't you gonna answer?
It's okay.
Looks so good!
Should I answer?
Amazing Writer Ms. Jo
Come on...
Ms. Jo?
No, not at all.
Of course.
- Damn you...
- Is this enough?
Yeah, yeah.
You leaving?
Drop this off
at the Chinese place.
How does a restaurant
miss onion inventory?
Hey honey.
Hi, are you looking into
our first home'?
Yeah, I've seen a few homes.
- Didn't I tell you?
- When?
Mr. Jung!
I dropped car key in the sewer,
- my client's waiting...
- Are you listening?
Honey, I'll call you back in 5.
- I love you!
- Hey!
Must you help everyone?
You'll grow out of it
when she dumps you.
You still here?
How do you like the female lead?
She's amazing, she's like you.
You can finally act.
Status on casting?
Any words from Kim Woo-bin?
No answer yet...
So you'll just wait
for your phone to ring?
It's the weekend,
I'll call tomorrow.
It didn't stop you from sending
product placement list.
You have to start
making decisions.
Must you start with ads?
- This isn't the time.
- No, of course not.
Is TV biz child's play for you?
No, it doesn't feel
that way at all...
Are you drunk?
She's promoted to
business class now.
She sucked up to
the manager pretty hard.
Where's my promotion?
The only way to keep dignity
is to run my own business.
You're a broken record.
So when'll you open
your bag shop?
I got the lease
and the interior's starting.
- Yeah? And this job?
- Quit, of course.
Does the manager know
you're quitting?
I bought it on the way,
it's great whiskey.
Must one live like that?
We all have self-respect.
I bought this in Hong Kong.
London Flights Sale
EJ, have some yams.
No wonder mom left him
for London.
Not gonna eat?
Your loss.
More for me.
Going to see Su-ho?
Take some yams.
Do you even know
what you're playing?
I miss mom.
London is 8,857km away.
Wanna go to London to see mom?
Yup, totally.
Should I ask your dad?
They're divorced.
He'll drink again
if you mention mom.
That hurts!
Things are heating up.
You're hotter in China
than Japan.
As expected.
We should work on
Ms. Jo's series.
You must be joking.
I lied about doing her series
and got drafted the next day.
You don't remember
that shitstorm?
Of course I do,
you disappeared in her car.
That was a PR nightmare...
Why bring that shit up?
Not interested, take it back.
But it's a good project.
It's about time
you return her favor.
You wouldn't be
where you are without her.
She's the one who owes me.
It all worked out because of me.
You did a tiny bit too.
Kim Woo-bin is
scheduled for a film,
and Roh Jin-woo's agent
is convincing him,
but he's not interested.
Roh Jin-woo?
I explicitly told you
not to send it to him,
are you deaf?
Just wanted to
check his availability...
People'll think it's no good
because Roh rejected it.
I didn't ask you to do this!
Come on!
Who's gonna believe that?
Forget it, alternative?
Station chief is
pushing for Roh.
Then change the station,
I don't like Roh.
How is it?
It's a brand new apartment,
and perfect for newlyweds.
Since I owe you,
I turned away a client
who wanted to sign.
Yeah? I'd prefer
less commission though.
Was the other client
a single woman?
Yes, she was an older
single type too.
I actually prefer single.
Kids will doodle all over,
those are silk wallpapers.
He's not even married yet,
and the contract's for 2 years.
Not like I'll rear
a prodigy artist.
Of course not.
Should we get through
the paperwork?
Sure, let's do it.
Stove and dishwasher's
built-in, so be careful.
And don't hammer
any nails on the wall.
Can you put all that
in the contract?
Or I won't sign.
Yeah, of course.
Dang, she's really anal.
Why did you bring up
old single woman?
But it's the truth,
that's why she's single.
Not an easy type
to live with, eh?
I can hear you.
Even the rudest people
can get married,
I simply choose not to.
I guess the walls
aren't soundproof.
Bullcrap isn't soundproof.
'Bullcrap isn't soundproof, '
she said,
I kept my cool for that
damn apartment and signed.
You said life is solitary,
but you're getting married.
If I were you, I wouldn't.
Why're you here?
I'd be in Gangnam.
Chicks will dig you.
Play piano at a bar, and say,
'I wrote this, baby'.
'Heard of Wind Sunny?'
Then they'll go,
'Baby! Baby!'
Can you swallow and talk?
I can't read your lips.
Go make some girls wet.
You're too cute to be wasted!
Come on...
Is it because of your hearing?
You can still read lips.
When you look at my lips,
my heart skips a beat.
Chicks will go crazy.
I can't look at a girl like that.
Even with proper hearing,
I can't tell what girls say.
Wait, aren't you
going to Jeju Island?
Yeah, gotta check out
my friend's diner.
Why didn't you tell me
he'd be here?
I'm moved that you came
when I said I was alone.
Not even a call
after your discharge?
You know I've been busy
with China and Japan.
How have you been?
Since you're here,
let's hear why
you refused my series.
There's only one reason
when an actor refuses,
just not feeling it.
You're a big shot now, huh?
I am indeed quite big.
I practically raised you.
Too many people are saying that.
I'm so sick of it!
So grace means nothing?
Were I to repay everyone,
I'd have to star in every
Korean film and TV series.
That's the attitude.
Don't be bound by loyalty,
only go after worthy work.
Since you put it that way,
I feel better.
I'm gonna go.
What? Already?
No point in drinking with
someone I won't work with.
Still bossy as ever.
As a drinking partner...
she's amazing,
but as a creative partner,
it's impossible.
Listen, you chumps.
When a man speaks his mind,
he's determined,
but for a woman,
she's being bossy?
Get with the times.
Say it to her face!
My life has already changed.
I mustn't fall for
such cheesy line...
So embarrassing.
I wish I could hide.
Let's hide together.
The Burberry Kiss scene,
'You're My Black Hole'
Spring, it's dirty.
15 Seconds Without Sorrow
Carve your own path...
- Jo Kyung-ah
Here's your water.
Do you need anything else?
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Do you need anything, sir?
No, it's okay.
May I help you?
A blanket please.
I'll bring it over.
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
Excuse me!
Newspaper please, every kind.
Sure, one moment please.
And a glass of ice water too.
Aren't you cold?
The blanket's very good,
it's super warm.
Oh, just 3 ice cubes.
Okay, absolutely!
3 ice cubes!
You never know
what's around the corner.
Life's all about showing
who's the boss, right?
What do you mean?
I deposited yesterday.
There must be a mistake,
I'll call you back.
What's going on?
Ms. Landlady,
is something the matter?
The number you've called
does not exist.
Please check the number
and call again.
What do you mean?
I wasn't much of a lover to her,
but why break it off
after I sign the lease?
Good evening!
What brings you?
I'm never going to
fall in love again.'
I saw your post and was worried.
Are you okay?
Not as sad as I thought.
Know what's really sad?
There're pricks
who 'Likes' posts like that.
Boozing is the only answer.
The agony of hangover
will overcome any grief,
it's my life wisdom.
Cheers to your grief
and my stress.
I wish I could drink that
she-devil away too.
A woman must be kind.
Nothing matters.
Ms. Jo said once,
an older woman must
possess 1 of 2 things:
competency, or tits.
But she says she has both.
What a bitch.
Maybe I should get them done.
What are you looking at?
Were you looking at my tits?
He's never had a girl,
stop teasing him.
You don't look it.
Go with another actor.
- We can't.
It has to be Roh Jin-woo.
You can force someone
and expect great results.
I've never worked like that!
I'll get him back to the table,
just say, 'let's do it'.
I'll take care of the rest.
Let me get married, please.
Not again?!
Let's do it.
Are you still hung up
on our one-night stand?
What are you talking about?
It's nothing like that.
- That must be it.
- Of course not!
I got girls left and right,
why would I?
It must be a fond memory,
for you I bet.
Still live there?
I'm over it,
so let's work on this.
You're too much...
See? See? See?
Why's a new building like this?!
I should be saying that!
The management will
seal the leak,
so let's wait a while.
Miss, I'm the one living here.
Haven't moved in fully yet?
When's the wedding?
Why? Gonna send me
a wedding gift?
Why should I?
Then why bother asking?
I wanted to know if this
could be fixed in time.
You're so childish,
just like back on the plane.
I don't believe this...
You're being and lover a place
you bought with a loan!
Look at this!
This place is a shithole!
Are you just unlucky
or is this place cursed?
It's been non-stop bad luck
after l moved in!
Are you crying?
Hey, hey...
I've been on the edge,
I didn't really mean that.
I'm sorry, Okay?
Please stop crying!
I should be the one crying!
I only got this place
to get married,
but my fiancee left me!
So pitiful...
I'm pitiful, and so are you...
Thank you for understanding.
Protein's best when
feeling empty, go on.
Thank you.
Why did you invest in
someone you don't know?
Are you generous or naive?
If the rate of return is good,
why'd he let a stranger in?
Excuse me.
Stick with either console
or lecture.
Must you learn
by experience only?
I'm glad we won't meet again.
So clumsy and dumb...
No wonder he got the boot.
At least he cooks well.
If it's so bad,
why not sell this place?
I bought this place
after paying off school loan.
The mortgage is $200k,
but I can't just sell it.
Then do whatever you want.
Why are $500 rentals so lousy?
I was excited to see
a large 2-bedroom rental,
but I saw roaches!
Not again...
Here, take this.
pay me that rent,
I'll give you a room.
Do I look like someone
who'll live with a random man?
Forget it, I only wanted to
help my poor landlady.
I prefer being alone!
Staring at my tits one day,
and not even a message
after mending me'?
Is that Pyongyang noodles?
It'd be perfect for
treating hangover.
Yes, it's in Nonhyun district.
I already knew, you idiot.
Won't even invite me to coffee?
Noodle lunch date?
My office is nearby,
my treat if you come.
Ah, I just had that
a moment ago...
I already ate too.
Just forget it.
Take care
Holy cow!
- To the right, right.
- This way?
The room at the end.
Please be careful.
Get out of the way!
You're not even gonna help!
Be careful.
She's really going overboard.
Annoying, so annoying...
Don't take offense.
We barely know each other.
Let's set some ground rules.
Don't ever trespass my washroom.
Wash dishes immediately.
Take out recyclables immediately.
That's what I wanted.
Circumstances led me to move in,
but I don't want people
to misunderstand...
No one cares.
Ladies around here
are extremely gossipy.
And I get plenty of attention.
Let's say we're siblings.
Whatever you want.
- Going somewhere?
- Hey.
You looked deep in thought.
Some people are fated
to be together, right?
Even without me really trying...
I don't know what you mean,
but sounds like you need to try.
You should've asked for my help.
May I cordially invite you
to noodles...
That sounds too old fashioned...
It's being formal.
No juice left!
You sent it!
I don't believe it!
Fate is bullshit,
just meet her for lunch.
I'm off!
Who is this?
Maybe that was too harsh...
Just kidding.
If you come here,
I'll allow a coffee break.
Was it really that difficult
asking me out to lunch?
I was nervous.
Are you nervous now?
I often hear that
I'm pretty attractive,
but after your rejection,
I doubted myself.
No, I mean...
You really are attractive.
Your eyes.
is attractive too.
Something on it...
How's my voice?
It's like ice cream.
That's so cheesy!
You'll be a big hit
as a lyricist.
- Congrats!
Good to see you.
Jin-woo's here too!
You're a wedding addict!
Thanks for always coming.
Congrats is in order.
Jin-woo, let's work together.
No biz talk on your wedding.
Greet your guests.
Help me just this once.
This is my agency's
newest actress.
She's really great.
Ms. Jo, I'm a huge fan.
Good to meet you.
Her figure isn't bad.
You're so cute!
Where's your mom?
Don't cry.
- It's okay.
- Hey!
What are you doing?
You made him cry?
It's okay, Spring.
Mommy! Mommy!
It's not like I committed a sin.
Why is she up my butt?
Is she getting back at me?
That's her kid.
She's married?
That's her kid?
She's a single mom,
there's no dad.
Come here, I'll tell you.
How old was he?
You got drafted in the spring.
He was born in the winter,
so about 3 years old.
Not even close.
This tiny speck is
already a year old!
3 years ago
- Whoa!
- My stomach!
Why are you here?!
I should be asking you that...
It's my car!
What're you talki...
That son of a bitch!
Where's your manager?
What's wrong?
I gotta poop...
So nasty!
Get the hell out!
I'm gonna shut the gate!
Hey! Hey!
It's coming!
That feels so good.
You're a piece of work.
I'm gonna post it
all over the web.
You're being too hard.
I'm leaving for
military service tomorrow.
- It's tomorrow?
- Yes.
Be safe then.
Want some water?
How about beer?
This 17-year old
isn't quite good.
Drink what you're given.
You were never a connoisseur.
Remember that pork skin place...
Still gloating over paying
the tab a few times?
I drink soju,
and hard stuff too.
Depending on the mood...
You're so petty.
So you remember,
I thought you forgot.
Don't do that.
No need to get worked up!
I hope the military
curve that attitude...
I said stop that!
Because you're cute!
That hurts!
I'm cute?
Will you still feel
the same way?
Well now...
Don't regret this.
Don't pretend to be bossy.
- Is it a boy?
- What?
No, you got it all wrong.
For a relative, of course.
Sure, but gender I mean.
Boy or girl, which one?
I'm a big fan, Mr. Roh.
He's a boy, a nephew.
A strange man?
At my front door?
What's he doing?
I was in the neighborhood.
I felt sorry for the kid,
back at the wedding...
Go play somewhere else.
Wait! I gotta use
your washroom!
Some things never change.
It's all right.
When did you have
the time to have a child?
Your Facebook is
plastered with his photos.
Were you lurking my page?
Why the heck would I?!
I got tens of
thousands of friends!
I saw my manager
checking it out.
Sorry he's too loud, it's okay.
You're not even married...
Oh, sperm bank!
You're a banguard in
all aspects of life.
A vanguard, you mean.
It's a difficult word.
What exactly happened
in the past 3 years?
Don't beat around the bush.
He's not yours, so just leave.
So who's the father?!
Why is that any of
your business?
Get out.
I'll do your series
if you tell me.
You startled me!
Look, when will you
toss those boxes?
There are more in the balcony.
By the way, are you losing hair?
Just look at that!
I'll clean it up
after drying my hair.
So anal...
You don't have to wait with me.
Does staking out guarantee that
he'll take the part?
Of course not.
I'm doing what I can.
This mirror's off...
So warm...
We need music
at a moment like this.
Su-ho, you know this song?
Sounds familiar.
This song is everywhere now.
Aren't you working
to be a songwriter?
This is Wind Sunny.
I wanted them for our OST,
so I contacted them.
You must really like Wind Sunny.
I love them.
Great melody
but lyrics are lacking.
It feels like he never
confessed properly,
but sings about pain
that is not real.
You're right.
Sounds about right.
What kind of music do you write?
I'm still learning
different types.
I want to hear
something you wrote.
Could I hear it
when you're done?
Bok-su's getting
meat for breakfast.
- Bok-su?
- He lives with me.
He's also a dog.
But the name is so...
Don't make fun.
Did you see the series
'Do As You Please'?
- Ko Bok-su from that?
- Yup.
My dog's name is
Kyung from that series.
Come on...
I even got a photo
from visiting the set.
I'll show it to you later.
Me too!
We may've met on the set.
Did you go to Homigot too?
Yes! It was my first time there.
I want to see the ocean...
Shall we go now?
I got work tomorrow.
Another time?
For sure.
You live upstairs!
Remember him?
My son.
EJ is young.
That's probably why...
he's bothering you
to look for his mom.
There's a big secret
that he won't understand,
so please let him be
until I'm ready to tell him.
- What secret?
- Who was that?
Did you hear that?
Oh yeah, you can't...
The secret.
Why did you play dumb
when you can read lips?
I was fooling around at first,
but it was cute when
EJ came over to chat.
Thank you, for being his friend.
No, he's the one
being my friend.
By the way, what's wrong with...
Were you born deaf?
I was in an accident
in high school.
Something must've
gone wrong then...
My dream was to
become a pianist.
But when I went deaf,
I just wanted to die.
Because I love music,
I played the rhythms,
beats, melodies,
whatever I could remember
over and over again.
My mother said to me,
play piano with your heart.
She's a real artist.
She is.
She helped me tremendously.
Taught me to speak properly.
While learning to read lips,
I practiced with her.
You fooled me completely.
That smells amazing!
Look here!
What's with you?
It's my body wash,
did you use my bath?
Body washes are dime a dozen.
It's a French brand
you can't buy here!
I really didn't mean to,
but I went to yours to
compare water pressure,
and yours was really good,
so I took a quick shower!
Change my showerhead,
you're the landlady!
A quick shower?
You used my sponge,
all over your body!
How'd you feel?!
I'm sorry,
I'll buy you a new one.
So annoying!
I get stress from
manager at work,
and from annoying
roommate at home!
No need to let
your anger blind you.
Here, here.
I'm on a diet.
Say what?
But you're so fit!
Gonna quit and become
a super model?
I'm not that fit.
She's falling for it.
Sit and try it.
Come on, sit down.
Eat this and forget
all about your stress.
The young ones kiss butt
and get promoted easily.
What's the matter?
I'm versed in office politics.
Like a know-it-all.
Don't make fun,
I'm here to help.
I'm really good at
pandering to my patrons.
Must I really do that?
Can't I just do my work?
Pandering is a must.
Mortgage payments, rent,
and all the stuff you buy,
you need a salary bump.
No good comes from
being on her bad side.
What does she like?
Drinking and... singing?
Okay, karaoke at company dinner.
What do you like to sing?
'A Doll's Dream'.
Dang it, I knew it.
That's for when you
go with a guy!
Dignity, elegance, emotion
come after your promotion!
And only then!
You must lose yourself,
completely and utterly.
'I'll be your slave
with bells and whistles.'
Ring, ring, ring!
Be different and impressionable!
Our manager is the best!
She's the greatest!
They're hilarious!
I'll be your slave
with bells and whistles.
Ring, ring!
Be different and impressionable!
I've never seen her like that!
She must be so desperate...
Oh yeah, didn't you say
you're quitting?
Is this your farewell show?
No, no, this is
only the beginning!
I don't want to sell
duty free stuff anymore.
My knees are achy!
Upgrade to business class!
Ju-ran, I...
You got a hubby to feed,
just go.
Give me some water though.
Why here?
My regular patron
is an intern here.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
What seems to be the problem?
Neck, neck.
Her neck's the problem.
Could you remove your scarf?
Scalpel... Wait.
We need a specialist.
Don't kill me! Please!
Here we go.
I want to live!
Nothing's ever going my way.
I thought I'd be running
my business by now.
So embarrassing...
People forget
others' affairs quickly.
Dammit, got another white hair.
I really hate getting old!
I don't have any more
unwed friends.
I'll watch their kids grow up
and hit 40.
40 is today's 30,
nothing's wrong with 40.
Would you marry
a 40-year old woman?
See? See?
All men are the same,
we all age!
Some men actually prefer
older women.
Remember Min-ho?
He's one of them.
- The intern?
- Yeah.
Are you two close?
He's a regular,
and a Facebook friend.
He was cute.
Should I set you up?
I'm not into that.
Call him when I drop by
for a drink.
Even during that debacle,
you saw how cute he was?
20/20, 20/20.
Namsan Tower
Go somewhere like
Namsan after this?
No, no one goes there
on dates anymore.
Let's do something
you really want to do.
It might be scary...
Eating pasta on every date
is scarier.
Holy crap...
You wanted to do this?
I've been meaning to.
Because I might hear it.
Hear what?
Can't take your eyes off of me?
I do get prettier over time.
Would you like to listen?
Is it your song?
Wow, it's great.
It's too good
to listen to alone.
But I want it for myself.
Write the lyrics too.
But it's my day off!
I have to sleep!
Why drive over an hour
for photos?
You gotta trust me on this!
What a load of crap...
I came up with
an elaborate plan.
A plan to lure Dr. Min-ho.
Since he and I are
Facebook friends,
I can tell he's
extremely active on it.
So we must add some class
to your page.
Then, unite on Facebook,
we are the world!
He's getting hotter by the day.
So hot...
Listen, Roh is so much
younger than you.
Doesn't make him any less hot.
TV's the problem.
In reality, boys don't
chase after cougars.
The writers' fantasies are
having bad influence on women.
Jo Spring!
Feels good to be out?
Peace and calm may be
few and far between.
Thanks to that bastard.
Change Post Privacy
Friends Only
You're adorable!
- Honk!
Doesn't he look familiar?
You know, that actor.
What are you talking about?
What actor?
He only looks like
his mom, right?
Mommy, mommy.
Don't play with strange women.
Walk away.
'Strange woman'?
What's wrong with her?
I was complimenting.
Maybe she fought
with her husband.
What a weirdo.
Turn your head a bit.
You look old head on.
Yeah, that looked sexy,
turn right 45 degrees.
Very good.
That's it.
Updating Profile Photo
Now, add me as a friend,
and start commenting,
then we wait.
Even with some pretty photos,
he won't forget the ER incident.
Ms. Ju-ran.
You're a cabin crew,
every man's fantasy.
She locked her page?
She's a prima donna.
Forget it, forget it.
Must a celebrity
send Friend Request
to a regular folk?
Forget it, forget it!
A TV writer is a public figure too.
A pseudo-celeb.
We go way back, for sure.
A writer and an actor.
Friend Requests
Roh Jin-woo
Fat chance.
Imagine a woman enjoying
culture on her free time.
We're not seeing the exhibit?
What for?
We got the photo,
what else is there?
Let's go eat!
You're a Facebook con artist.
Relationship is a con.
Showing what he wants
is winning that con.
Nothing else to it.
This is it.
Can we just go home now?
He posts poetry often
on his page.
Look, look.
- Not poetry...
- That's good.
This looks too fake...
Let's go POV.
Your finger, yeah that's good.
Why is he into hiking?
How should I know?
Almost there, come on.
I can't...
We're almost there!
I can't, no more!
You look fine,
stand up straight.
- Hooray!
- That's too plain!
No stupid pose, something good.
That's too tacky,
something trendy.
What the hell?
Then what?
I almost swore,
it was on my tongue.
Will this work?
Where's that photo?
Oh, here.
Kids love me for some reason...
A warm woman with
maternal instinct.
You're a pro.
Now, a hint of loneliness.
Looks so lonely.
That flower, and my feet too...
You got a message.
It's your girl?
Must be nice.
Are you busy today?
My friends want to see
your cute face in person.
Wanna join us?
Why message him
instead of calling?
He rarely answers my calls
for some reason.
But texting's no problem.
It's too last minute,
so he might not come.
No reply yet?
He's not coming.
You really believe that
he's working?
Maybe he's married.
Using Facebook for affairs.
- Right?
- You wanna die?
It's nothing like that.
Oh, hey!
So you're Kyung.
Bok-su's at my place.
I'm sorry I didn't come,
not even a reply too.
No, dinner like that
could be uncomfortable.
I'm not good at
mingling with people.
I'm not proud of that...
but I can't seem to fix it...
Feels like I'm moving
our relationship too quickly.
We barely get to meet,
and you don't answer my calls.
You'll only get busier,
and if we keep this up,
it'll be a torture for me.
So I came here
to break things off.
Even now, it feels like
I'm bothering you.
I'm sorry, I'll leave you alone.
Give me one minute.
Na-yun, I'm sorry.
I really do like you.
To be honest...
So, practice does work.
How did you know
I just washed up?
I wanted to see
your face and chat.
It hasn't been that long.
How do I look on the screen?
You look...
better in person.
It's because
the make-up's gone.
I'm kidding.
You're always pretty.
This is Bok-su.
Say hi.
Say hi to Kyung.
Got time this weekend?
Let's go see a play.
Don't like plays?
[An actor] know is starring.
Or I'll go on my own.
No, it's not that,
I've never seen one.
I never got to say this to you,
but I can't hear very well.
I didn't mean to
keep this from you...
I realized that liking someone
is a good thing.
Thanks to you.
It's late, but I wanted to
tell you everything.
Why won't you accept
my Friend Request?
Holy cow!
Really? I didn't notice.
What's the big deal
about friending me?
Is that why you came here?
I was walking through.
Then keep walking.
So cute!
And handsome too!
Who's your daddy?
Who's the dad?
Don't ask me that
in front of him.
Quit Facebook,
you're a ticking PR disaster.
I said I'll do your series
if you tell me.
Why are you curious?
I told you before,
he's not yours.
You need me for your comeback.
I don't really care.
Then I'll tell you
after we wrap.
No, only if you tell me now.
Then after you sign
the contract.
You'll probably
change your mind...
No, forget it!
I won't do it!
Okay, whatever.
Wanna get some schnitzel?
Go away.
I'm buying!
Kimchi soup and wine's
a great match.
You said it'd be too weird.
Want more?
It worked! It's here!
It's here!
It actually worked!
He wants to meet.
Min-ho wants to have
brunch with me.
See? I told you so.
He fell for my beauty.
Thanks anyway.
I should stop eating.
What do I wear?
To think that a beauty like you
came to the ER...
I don't ever want to
remember that.
Was it funny?
Well, just a tiny a bit.
But at least that night
brought us together.
That's good.
I bet you're tired
on your day off,
but from exhibits to hiking,
you're really keeping busy.
Not at all, I get bored easily.
I actually enjoy hiking,
we should go together.
Yes, sure.
Great, we should hangout.
I shouldn't have worn heels,
my calves are cramping.
Nothing in this world
is ever easy.
Especially if you want
a doctor husband.
Do they hurt a lot?
It's occupational hazard.
Give me your foot.
I debated whether to open
a massage parlor or a diner.
These are magic fingers.
Give it.
Come on!
We dry each other's undies.
Or are you falling for me?
Like hell!
$5 for 10 minutes per foot,
$10 for both, okay?
Oh my god...
You're really good.
You got yourself
a solid backup business.
I sometimes can't sleep
because I'm so curious.
About what?
What exactly am I bad at?
So curious.
This isn't a cramp, it's fat.
It's not fat!
Take your shoes off inflight,
it'll cramp up more.
Time's up!
Where are you?
I'm almost there.
Almost there too.
There's something
I really want to tell you.
Didn't you hear me honk?
Are you nuts?
Frigging deaf?
It's the busiest time
of the day!
What you do, huh'?
Sir, I'm sorry...
I can't... hear very well...
I honked from
all the way up there,
everyone got out of the way.
You didn't hear that?
I'm so sorry, I really am.
That's it.
I'm done working.
Take some pictures.
Sir, please...
I can't hear anything,
I'm so sorry.
I'll compensate you.
Please, sir...
You don't look like a cripple.
And talk fine too.
Youngsters nowadays.
I'm so sorry.
You want me to accept
petty change and go away?
I'll let this Slide.
I had something
to tell you today.
This isn't how
I wanted to say it.
We got a play to catch.
I'm so raggedy today.
How about...
pasta next time then?
I'm kidding.
I didn't...
mean to hide it.
I'm fine with it.
I'm sorry.
But I don't think I am.
I'm gonna go.
Why does it have to be Roh?
I'm writing,
starring a top female lead,
and the production company
has a good track record.
Is the director confirmed?
We're in talks,
we'll get an answer soon.
No director, no male lead.
We won't meet the deadline.
Shouldn't you have a plan
as the producer, Ms. Jang?
Ma'am, I really don't.
There aren't many directors
who'll work with you.
Jang Na-yun...
No one wants to be
bossed around by you.
Why don't we get some food?
Then what?
What's the solution?
While you're still on top,
please be mindful of others.
New hairdo?
- Yup, is it good?
- So much better.
- It's up, check it out.
- Yeah?
My god, look at the views.
He's a mega star after all.
Picture came out great.
Ms. Jo looks melancholy.
Cheer up!
What's up?
Na-yun: Plz, pick up the phone...
You said I could bother you!
I miss you...
Check it out,
are the eyebrows straight?
It's fine.
How's this dress?
- Do I look old in it?
- But you are old.
It's appropriately pretty.
What's with the sour face?
Did he mention that
I didn't live up to his expectation?
Who knows, we're not very close.
Come on!
When I text him,
he's always late to reply.
Maybe he was in surgery.
Even on his day off.
I had to ask him out
on a date today.
He has no reason to rush.
Why did you have to bait a kid?
I distinctly remember
your 20/20 vision.
Some people are fated.
If it's not meant to be,
you can part ways.
So don't go all-in.
Yeah, if he keeps up,
I'll end it.
I'm only getting older.
Come to the diner later.
I got a new dish,
review it for me.
Good luck!
I knew they weren't a match.
Is your schedule
for next month out?
Yes, why?
Do you have a flight
this holiday?
No, I'll be back the day before.
That's great!
Would you like to
visit my folks in Tokyo?
My mother likes to
invite the entire family
for the Golden Dragon
Dance Festival.
I always wanted to go.
My brother's family
and my folks will be there,
so please come.
It's actually fun.
She said she'll take a cab,
she should be here.
Hey! Welcome!
Min-ho too.
Looks delicious!
What should we drink?
What'd go well with this?
Soju, for sure.
- We had wine earlier.
- Yeah!
We did drink quite a bit.
Will you be okay mixing drinks?
Just a bit more?
- Sake?
- Great.
Have you read
director Ryu's script?
I will, one day.
You gotta pick something,
what'll you do?
What about Ms. Jo?
What happened to it?
It's dead, she pulled out.
Who knows?
Just read the script, okay?
- Please continue.
- Okay.
Eh? You didn't finish
my food back there.
I was craving for beer.
So you prefer canned beer
over expensive sake?
I guess I'm not comfy
around him yet.
Your dishes were amazing...
You shoulda brought some.
Maybe because you want to
look good to him.
You don't seem to have
that problem with me.
And you? Do you even
see me as a woman?
Are you not?
Definitely not a guy.
Of course I do.
So how are we so platonic?
You got food on your lips.
You only pretend to be tidy.
Did Min-ho go home okay?
London Travel:
Happiness of a Dreamer
New Email
Huh? It's mom.
Check Email
From: Ex-wife
How are you?
Could EJ come to London?
Perhaps in the summer?
I'm out from, how about a drink?
What's going on?
I haven't seen you in a bit.
Let's drink.
- Sung-chan.
- Yeah?
You said it's fine,
that no one will notice,
you said that.
Yeah, I did.
But I...
worked so hard to
understand everyone.
So what, though?
I don't actually
understand anything.
I can't hear anything,
not a damn thing...
This is a great combo.
So we finally get to
work together?
I assumed we lost you
to Ms. Jo.
I'm not bound by any contract.
I heard her project's dead.
She's a tenacious writer.
She'll be back with a major hit.
Yeah, she sure will.
No lovers whatsoever,
then barn, a baby.
Her life is a soap opera,
so much secrecy.
Sperm bank, probably?
That's the rumor anyway.
I thought there was a father.
I heard that too,
but sounds like a BS.
Anything's possible.
- Mr. Jang, you know anything?
- No, not at all.
Spill it.
I'm sure you got the scoop.
Director, I don't think
I can do this.
The script...
Hey, Jin-woo...
Wanna get a drink?
Why should I?
Talk about the script...
You rejected it.
Because I thought
I'd be uncomfortable.
The script is really good.
But now I feel uncomfortable.
I got no intention to
reveal the father either.
I know you won't tell me,
but what if he grows up
and asks you about him?
You'll never tell him?
I haven't...
thought about that far.
Why are you so selfish?
My mother said to me
before she passed.
'Raise a kid just like you,
and feel the hardship.'
Sol intend to.
Instrumentation on this
can be rough,
but I want it to sound lonely.
I'm doing all this for you,
but I almost sold you out.
Human affairs are messy.
Should we just take off?
Dad, I know you two
are divorced.
I'm going to London to see mom.
Don't drink too much.
Wait, wait!
- Leaving?
- Yes.
Maintain courtesy
in front of the elders.
Keep your eyes low,
and speak quietly.
I got it!
No more nag.
Those shoes are all wrong.
Heels on those
need to be replaced.
Already did,
I noticed it before.
Why're you so nice to me?
Helping out a less
fortunate roommate.
And hoping to
get rid of me ASAP?
My protege is all grown up.
It'll be a quiet weekend
for once.
What're you doing today?
Man the shop, of course.
I left you a gift on the table.
It's your birthday.
How did you know?
Who else would look after you?
I'm off.
EJ, let's eat.
- Sir?
- Yeah?
Have you seen Ms. Jo's text?
I'm leaving Korea today.
Go easy on product placement,
and focus on quality.
She's hysteric...
It's my regular route,
but today feels different.
Sung-chan likes your photo.
That was fast.
No diners yet?
Damn it!
It's not your fault.
How'd you understand my heart?
My eyes...
It's been a while.
Happy birthday.
What is it?
How did you know?
Facebook notification.
Does Su-ho come by often?
What's wrong with you two?
He won't see me.
He went on a trip alone,
I guess he skipped town.
Be good to each other.
- Not here?
- EJ's dad.
Did Su-ho and EJ come here
by any chance?
- Su-ho went to Pohang.
- Pohang?
Then who's he with?
Where is he?
- Have you called him?
- No answer.
I'll be back.
No booze for her.
- Okay.
- Wait for me!
Hey! Wait for me!
Who is he looking for?
There's a kid who comes by
from time to time for lunch.
Where could he be?
Whose song is this?
This is Wind Sunny,
that composer you like.
You recognized it right away!
Wanna give it a listen?
It's too good
to listen to alone.
But I want it for myself.
Close your eyes
ever so slowly
You disappear
from my sight
I can almost,
almost hear you
I can almost
hear your voice
Love me
I want to say
I know I'm asking a lot
Love me
I want to say
Could you do that?
Wait for me!
Go this way,
I'll check the school.
- This way?
- Yes, please.
I got it.
- Did EJ come here?
- I haven't seen him.
Kids, have you seen EJ?
EJ is missing.
Know where he could be?
She said he's not yours,
what is the matter with you?!
You can't!
Why'd you intentionally
sabotage your career?
If that goes public,
you're done!
It's all over for you.
The advertisers will sue us.
You're contracted for 7,
including the Chinese.
Breach of contract penalty
will be over $1 Om!
I'll pay it all back.
If I'm short...
you can help.
I'll pay in installments.
No interest, please.
Son of a bitch...
We worked so hard
to get to where we are.
It'll disappear in a flash.
Let's talk after you
come back from China.
Keep them back!
My child is missing!
- Would you like to report?
- Yes.
- What's his name?
- EJ, Jung EJ.
- Age?
- 8 years old.
Height, physical description,
and clothes he was wearing?
- One second.
- Isn't that EJ?
Hundreds of fans came to
Incheon Airport to see Roh Jin-woo.
We hope he...
Words travel fast,
how did you know I was leaving?
Ma'am, Jin-woo's going crazy.
He keeps saying it's his kid,
and that he'll take
responsibility for him.
I managed to
hold him off for a bit,
but he's a loose cannon.
You're the only one
who can defuse this.
Photos unavailable
I miss her.
You Okay?
Not gonna start?
What was the first line?
You didn't even practice?
I practiced like crazy.
Even memorized them.
I'm so nervous, I forgot them.
I'm sorry.
Did I stare too hard?
Not at all.
You're really pretty.
You're... so stunning.
You'd be perfect for
delivering cheesy lines.
And he knows exactly
who's in charge here.
Thank you for that,
but this is an audition.
Do you need more time?
No, I can do it right away.
I'll begin now.
At first,
when I was with you,
I felt as though
I became a better person.
Because you're so magnificent.
Pretty good.
Yeah, not bad.
But there isn't a role for him.
I'll flesh out Tae-ho.
You'll change
a minor character for him?
Just watch.
He'll be a major star
before you know it.
Wow, I've never seen you
so sure about an actor.
But I still want to be together.
I can't explain it concisely,
but it felt like 'spring'.
You moron...
Please just listen,
do me this favor.
You began with a minor role
in my series, right?
You worked hard
to be where you are now.
I was happy to see you
become your own.
So don't give up
what you worked so hard for.
Why did you have to hide it?
Even if you deny it,
truth still remains.
Am I not good enough
to be his father?
Afraid of what others might say?
What changes then?!
What changes when you
come out as his dad?
When the word gets out,
you'll blame yourself
for settling down with a kid.
Don't make it hard
for Spring and me, please.
- - I want to live quietly.
- Okay.
Fine, let's meet after
I come back from China.
Spring and I are leaving.
Leaving where?!
Why are you so keen to hide?
I've said my piece.
Good bye.
I write this public post
to my fans for a favor.
I have a son.
And a woman I love.
She's trying to leave me
with my son.
She won't answer my calls.
She may be at Incheon Airport,
but it's much too big.
If you've seen this woman,
please contact me.
Hold her clown, I'm begging you.
No way!
That can't be!
Have you found EJ?
I'm at the airport.
A ticket to London, 1 child.
Where are your parents?
Gonna go to the washroom.
My 90...
I've seen her somewhere.
- I'm sorry!
- It's okay.
You okay?
Sorry, kiddo.
- Excuse me.
- Okay.
Could be her...
Why are you here?
Yes, that's him.
I want to see mom, I'll be back.
Ticketing won't be possible
without a guardian.
He can't board either.
Should I request a PSA?
I already did,
they'll announce it.
We found EJ.
He's found!
That's good!
I should go.
Shall we?
I found her!
Air Traffic Cafe! Hurry!
Looks like I'm too late.
Where are you hiding?
If I don't see you today,
I'll disappear,
so don't hold back.
- I'll come to you.
- No, I'll come.
Wait for me.
Ms. Jo!
Ms. Jo!
Ms. Jo!
Ms. Jo!
Are you an idiot?
Nothing'll change.
But it already has.
Don't you get it?
I don't want to
complicate your life too!
It's always about you,
always saying your piece!
You think I'll do whatever
you want like in your drama?
He's my son,
carve your own path.
You keep mentioning him,
but I'm not doing this
for him alone.
Jo Kyung-ah.
If I'm doing this for you,
will you stay?
So embarrassing...
I wish I could hide.
Don't go away.
Or we can hide together.
Don't go.
Writing a song and leaving
isn't cool at all.
You promised we'd
go to Homigot together!
So stupid!
I thought I was gonna
freeze to death!
I'm sorry.
I'll let it slide
because you're cute.
Did you say something?
I'm hungry-
I brought billfish.
I brought billfish.
I helped everyone out,
but I'm all alone.
You're alcohol, and you too.
I'm alcohol, we are the alcohol!
We are the alcohol!
Are you taking
a shower with that?
Huh? Why're you here?
Did you cause a stink?
I told you to be careful
until the wedding!
Oh my god, you used half!
This is expensive!
But it's so good...
I'm hungry-
I thought I was fated
to be a doctor's wife...
Why did you come?
Tell me.
So sweet.
- Why're you here?!
- Jesus!
I'm gonna go deaf!
I missed you!
I came for you!
Do you like that I was
off to meet his parents?
You kept pressing Like button.
Why do you like it?
Were you really happy
to send me off
and get rid of me?
There was no 'Dislike' button.
I can't, I can't.
I'll do it tomorrow.
Forget it! I won't!
You're Roh Spring now,
Roh Spring.
What'll you do now?
Pay the penalty and then...
Who knows.
You said 'daddy'?
My son is a genius like me!
Of course not, you fool.
Don't call me that,
not in front of him.
How else would I
make fun of you?
We can discuss that later.
- Jin-woo.
- Yes?
I'm glad you're his dad.
That's so cheesy.
A little bit.
But I'm moved!
Aren't you glad
I'm your dad too?
Sing for me.
You sing way better
than Sung Si-kyung.
That's such a load of crap.
I'm serious!
I'm gonna bother you
until you do.
My drink!
I'll spill it!
You traitor!
I heard you can talk!
You lied to me!
Sorry, sorry.
As you were.
Let's go, EJ.
I'm going to London
and no gift for you!
- EJ!
- Liar!
Have a great trip!
- Welcome.
- Hey, Jae-byung.
Sweetie! Food!
Oh hey.
One sec.
Here it comes.
You must be starved.
Try it.
Did you quit?
It's so good!
I told you to quit,
why won't you listen?
Then what? This tiny place
can't support us both.
You don't even own a home.
I'll pay the mortgage!
- When?!
- You don't believe me?
This is amazing.
Have plenty.
Here, taste this eel.
I feel invigorated!
Yeah? Really?
Have some more.
Roh Jin-woo.
If you can't act,
at least get the stunt right.
This is why people are
criticizing my series.
That was fine.
Jin-woo, it was great,
but let's swing
a bit more realistically.
Realistically, how?
That was just right.
Yeah, that was.
Let's try it.
Fine, one more take!
Let's start from the end.
Just one more!
Daddy's pretty cool today.
Here we go,
shoot! Ready!
Camera rolling!
Cut 3,take 2!