Like Minds (2006) Movie Script

Come on!
Come on!
Keep an eye on them.
I can't remember
when I first noticed the change.
It's not that I didn't see it coming.
I just didn't want to believe it.
I guess that's not much of an excuse,
but it's the truth.
You're an evil little fucker.
I guess it didn't look good.
But he had to die.
It was a necessary means to an end.
All I can tell you
is that the heavens were falling.
And the sound, it...
The sound... it was incredible. It was...
It was like the gods were rejoicing
for what was done.
Sorry, guys.
Glad you could make it.
Mmm. Good things come to those who wait.
And "Hello" to you, too, Martin.
He's a 17-year-old smart-ass
little rich kid.
I'm under pressure to let him go
because the evidence is circumstantial,
so I charged him.
I need you to find him culpable.
Anything else?
Good luck.
Luck's for the Irish, McKenzie.
Hello, Alex.
My name's Sally Rowe.
I'm a forensic psychologist.
I've been asked to talk to you
to find out what happened.
Would you like someone
present during this interview?
Would you?
You mind if I record?
Tell me about your friend... Nigel.
Oh, he wasn't my friend.
What did you mean when you said, "His...
death was a necessary means to an end?"
Do you think that I did this?
I'm here to listen to you, Alex.
During the 13th century...
there were these people known as Cathars.
And they insisted
that God could only be experienced firsthand,
so they banished all the priests
and the bishops.
Now, this undermined the power of
the Vatican,
which caused the Pope
to lose precious revenues in the region.
You like history, Alex.
In 1209...
a Vatican army descended
upon Cathar villages,
and every man, woman,
and child was slaughtered.
And when an officer inquired to the Pope
how to distinguish
between the heretics and the true believers,
you know what his response was?
"Kill them all.
God will recognize his own."
And why are you telling me this?
Are you a religious woman, Ms. Rowe?
Is that important to you?
Well, do you want to know what I believe in?
It would be a good place to start.
An organized whole
in which each individual part
affects every other,
but the whole being more important
than the sum of its parts.
Yeah, I'm familiar
with first-year psychology theory.
Should I be impressed?
That's not what it is.
It's how you use it.
And how's that?
Well, you're the psychologist.
Look, Nigel's dead.
I've been charged with murder.
Doesn't really matter
what I believe in, now, does it?
You're not one for making
good first impressions, are you, Alex?
Who's the new guy?
I don't know.
Well, he was slipping up to your room.
Well, I saw them put an extra bed
in your room before.
That's bollocks.
Well, they did.
Sir, can I have
permission to leave, please?
Where do you need to go, Mr. Forbes?
To the bathroom.
Can't it wait, boy?
Well, that's hard to say, sir.
It's quite urgent business.
Do you mind?
Don't get too comfortable.
What's he like?
He's got this collection of stuffed animals.
Isn't he a bit old for that?
Real animals, you dick.
Have you heard anything about him?
Well, it's been hard to get any dirt on him.
I heard some guys at dinner
saying that he used to be
a day boy at St. Edward's.
But apparently, he had
some kind of family issues.
So they sent him here?
Oh, that'll fix him.
Josh was pretty crazy.
His dad wanted him to be a politician.
Christ, what a pile of shite
to put on your only child.
- Ha ha ha!
- For fuck's sake, guys.
What the fuck are you guys doing?
Raj was Josh's roommate.
He just kind of hung out with us.
Never liked pushing the limit.
Oh, it was just as well, I guess.
He was different.
Yeah, I'll give him that.
I guess that's why
I found him interesting at first.
And he had this morbid fascination
with all things dead.
And what about you, Alex?
I told the police everything.
Why don't you ask them?
I'm asking you, Alex.
Do you have any children?
I mean, well, you're not bad-looking.
I think you're running out of time, you know?
No, you're the one running out of time.
I read once
that a third of women study psychology
to work out their own personal problems.
What do you think?
Tell me about Nigel.
Well, Nigel got what he wanted.
And what was that?
Oh, you don't get it, do you?
You will.
You will.
What's going on?
Nothing I can't handle.
How did you get on?
Well, this case is bullshit, McKenzie.
What do you mean?
Oh, you can afford me
just a little intelligence.
This kid's guilty, Sally.
Trust me on this.
You can't hold him on a hunch.
He's a fucked-up, remorseless little psycho.
So? Probably make a great match at bancor.
And what about all this religious shit?
None of what I've heard makes him a murderer.
You've charged him without any hard evidence.
You've dug yourself a hole,
and now you want me to get you out of it.
Could be good for the old career, Sal.
Get your name on the door.
You could be kicking around with the big boys.
There'll be lots of publicity.
Guarantee it.
I'm out.
How about some Italian, then,
for old times' sake?
Take that as a no.
Don't you want to know what I believe in?
It would be a good place to start.
An organized whole
in which each individual part
affects every other, but the whole
being more important
than the sum of its parts.
Yeah, I'm familiar
with first-year psychology theory.
Should I be impressed?
That's not what it is.
It's how you use it.
Should I be impressed?
That's not what it is.
It's how you use it.
What is that smell?
No. You gotta be kidding me.
Where did you get that?
I asked you a question.
Where did you get it?
All right, let's make this nice and clear.
I mean, I don't like you very much.
In fact, I'm really beginning to dislike you.
But if I have to spend time
in the same room with you,
you can at least show me
some common courtesy.
Is there anything else?
They must be quite desperate,
sending you in again.
They don't have a case, do they?
What makes you say that, Alex?
Well, if they had any evidence,
I wouldn't be talking to you, would I?
Would I?
How long can you keep me here?
All that depends
on how soon you're willing to talk to me.
You know nothing.
You know absolutely nothing.
That goes for you, too.
This just came in from forensics.
Gunshot residue patterns indicate
that you were holding
the gun when it was discharged.
Your clothes were covered in the stuff.
I want to see my father.
I don't think he's gonna be able to help you.
I did not do this.
Nigel pulled that fucking trigger.
Get your fucking hands off her!
- Stop! Stop!
- Ohh!
You're fucking insane!
Take him to lockup.
- Come on!
- You... You know I did not do this!
You know I did not... Get off of me!
Where are you taking me?!
Would you get off of me?!
Get your fucking hands off me!
Where do you think you're taking me?!
Get off me!
Get your...
We are meant
to be working together on this.
Don't you ever interrupt me
when I'm in session with a patient.
Just hold on a minute.
You just assaulted a 17-year-old child.
I could have your job for that.
I was tryin' to protect you.
Don't bullshit me.
Did Nigel Colbie have
gunshot residue on his hands?
Look. Sal, there are some things I...
Did Colbie have gunpowder on his hands?!
Yes, he did.
So he could've fired that gun.
Look, he was taking a piss.
I just wanted to speed things up a little.
What makes you think
you have the intelligence
to determine whether or not
that boy was fucking with me?
Well, as long as he confesses,
it doesn't matter, does it?
If Alex confesses my way,
it'll stand up in court.
All right.
All right.
Just... I need time, so just butt out.
Your strong-arm stuff
won't cut it with this boy.
- He's too smart for that.
- Sal.
You're not gonna report this, are you?
Dr. Rowe, I think you'd better come.
Just let me out there.
No. Come on. Just... Just
out there.
That's all I'm asking.
Just let me out.
No. No. Now...
Don't you even think about that!
- Aah!
- You fucking...
Aah! Ohh!
- Get off me!
- Unhh!
Get off! Uhh!
Get the fuck off me!
- You stay back.
- Get off!
Fine. He's all yours.
Oh, God!
Let him up!
They say you want to talk.
Leave us.
I'll be fine.
Nigel set me up.
How do you figure that?
You have to believe me.
He set the whole thing up
to make it look like I did it.
Nigel set it up to make it look
like you killed him.
I think you can do better than that.
I didn't kill him.
You don't exactly come across
as the victim here, Alex.
Feel that?
Can you feel that?
He's here.
He's listening.
He's watching.
Who, Alex?
All rise!
# Onward, Christian soldiers #
# Marching as to war #
# With the cross of Jesus #
# Going on before #
# Christ, the royal... #
Have you ever had that feeling
that there was someone inside your head,
listening to your thoughts?
I read this article on twinning
about how two people
can communicate across countries
through the mind.
Now, just imagine if that were true.
Your darkest secrets
floating out there like radio waves,
just waiting to be picked up on.
There was something about this guy.
#... Jesus #
# Going on before #
Be seated.
it's come to my attention that some boys
from, um...
Do you two have
something important to contribute?
Hmm? Campbell? Forbes?
Stand up and share with us
whatever it is that obviously can't wait
until after this assembly.
Campbell, do your tie
up properly.
Well? Campbell?
Nothing, sir.
Oh, nothing important, I suppose.
Both of you,
outside my office after assembly.
Be seated.
Now, it's come to my attention
that some of the boys in year-12 drama
will be performing
the Tennyson play Beckett this term,
and they're looking for volunteers
for props and stage building.
Will you calm down?
Nobody on the train could've possibly
known where we're from.
Will you just relax, please?
I do recognize your academic achievements
this year, both of you,
but why do you insist on bucking the system?
Be seated.
Till recently, I've always been able
to rely on both of you to set a good example.
Come on.
I beg your pardon?
Well, if that was the case,
then I wouldn't be having
a freak in my room, would I?
Most of your fellow students
have three boys to a room.
I don't think you're too hard done by, Forbes.
Most of my fellow students have a real home
away from this hellhole.
I'm putting your names down to help
with this year-12 play.
Oh, no. I don't have time for this bullshit.
Would you wait outside, Campbell, please?
What's all this about?
I told you before I'm not sharing with anyone.
Nigel Colbie is a brilliant young man.
You may find his company rewarding.
Like how?
Because collaboration is
an important part of learning.
I've put you with a young man whom I believe
you will find academically challenging.
This is such bollocks.
Your future is what is at stake here.
Don't lose sight of your obligations, Alex.
That'll be all.
I said that will be all!
What happened?
Did you say anything?
Well? Did you?
Your father can be
such an asshole sometimes.
Throughout history,
men have sacrificed themselves
for their fundamental beliefs.
It may not be wise to pit the force of God
against many human desires,
Are you all right, Mr. Simms?
I'm fine, sir.
I just fell off my chair, sir.
Be more careful next time.
Yes, sir.
Some of you are working on Beckett.
Who can tell me about its subject...
Thomas of Beckett?
Yes, Mr. Weyland?
Thomas Beckett
was the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury
in the early 12th century, sir.
In 1170, he was murdered
in front of at the high altar at his cathedral.
He knew that the knights
were coming to slay him,
but he chose to wait for them
unto the sight of God.
His murder was a sacrilegious act
of gross profanity.
However, almost immediately after his death,
there were whispers of miracles
being performed at his grave.
Believers from all over the country
traveled day and night on foot in ord...
Yes... Mr. Forbes?
His murder was simply political.
Beckett got in the way,
so the Church had him put down.
Trust Mr. Forbes to come up
with such an interesting slant on history.
Well, you can't change history.
Now, if you look at it, you'll see
it's exactly like all the other atrocities
committed against the people by the Church.
Oh, and exactly what atrocities
are you referring to?
The Cathars.
The Cathars?
They were a bunch of heathens
who created their own rules
to suit themselves.
The Church was simply trying to
retain order in a very volatile land.
All right, what about
the Knight Templars, then?
I fail to see how this has got anything
to do with what we're talking about.
Weren't they the knights
that killed Thomas Beckett?
- This is ludicrous!
- Sir, is it?
Sir, weren't the Templars
known as the Knights of Christ?
Weren't they the Church's foot soldiers?
- What?
- So why kill the Archbishop?
At least they had the foresight
to see the pointlessness of the Holy Crusades.
Now, why don't you tell the class
how the Knights of Christ
turned their back on the Vatican
and adopted the Cathars' beliefs?
This better stop now.
Free from the Church,
the Templars took control.
They had more fingers
in the pie than the Vatican,
which is a lot of fingers.
- Sit down.
- Isn't that why they were hunted down
and burned at the stake?
They had betrayed their original cause.
And whose cause was that?
Get out of my class.
Go on. Get out!
Frightful little man.
What are you trying to prove now, hmm?
Trying to upset the Reverend Donaldson?
I thought that might get you up here.
Alex, he's a man of the cloth.
You must learn to show him some respect.
Don't walk
away from me when I'm talking to you!
Good God!
He's been busy.
And you make me share a room with him.
But he was dox
at St. Edward's Academy last year.
So why bring him here?
Why, his father felt
there would be more opportunities
for him here,
um... away from the distractions at home.
We're very fortunate to have him.
You're fortunate, not me.
Alex, I have worked extremely hard
to give you what you need.
This boy will have our hospitality.
Dad, please.
Look, his father is a very important member
- Ohh...
- of our society.
Oh, so that's more like it.
So he's part of your precious club.
And nobody else wanted him,
and you're doing the brotherly thing.
Yeah, well, does my future depend on that?
- That's enough.
- No. You don't give a fuck
about me or this guy.
The only thing
- That's enough!
- You care about is the amount accrued
- off his father's head.
- I said enough!
No, which is fine, but just don't give me
the brotherhood bullshit.
This boy will be made welcome.
He's been studying us
like we're part of his bug collection.
What's he say about me?
This is weird, guys.
Let's just leave it alone.
Hey, listen to this.
"Alex is an egocentric megalomaniac
with delusions of grandeur."
Give me that.
Okay, this little shit
needs to be taught a lesson.
The guy's a freak, Alex.
Let's put the book back
before he finds out it's gone.
What do you propose we do, mein Fhrer?
Will you give it a fucking rest, please?
No, no. I really am.
All right, I'm in.
I'm out of here.
Enjoying it?
I can't hear you, mate.
You're gonna have to speak up.
Are you fucking enjoying it?
Isn't it a fucking rush?
Oh, crap!
Get out of the way!
So, where the fuck
do you think you're going?
- You're a little shit.
- That's enough! Let him go.
- You've got to learn to respect...
- Stop it!
No, he's gonna learn to respect authority.
You made your point!
Let him go! Christ!
Alex! Uhh!
His eyes.
There was this terror in his eyes.
If I am guilty,
then it's for letting Nigel get too close.
- Can I be of any assistance?
- Oh!
No, thanks.
It's just the, uh...
the rotor button.
Well, I'll leave you to it, then.
No, wait.
We haven't been properly introduced.
I'm Sally Rowe.
I inherited a passion
for difficult cars from my dad.
Sorry, you...
You're Alex's father, aren't you?
I don't think this is
the time or the place, Miss Rowe.
So, if you'll excuse me.
You can contact me through the school.
Well, I've already spoken with your secretary.
I find it remarkable that,
under the circumstances,
you can't find the time to speak with me.
What is it that you want, Miss Rowe?
I want to discuss Alex's situation
with you and your wife.
Alex's mother died
a long time ago.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
Alex's upbringing has been impeccable.
My son has one of the highest
academic records in the country.
Boys of Alex's ability need...
regimented discipline.
We don't allow any distraction
which might lead
these boys away from their true potential.
And look where he is now.
Why can't you people help Alex
instead of trying to convict him
of something he didn't do,
for the love of Christ?
He witnessed the death of his best friend,
and now this boy...
blows his head off in front of him.
Hasn't he been through enough?
I am trying to help your son, Dr. Forbes.
I love my son...
...and I'm gonna make very sure
that the humiliation you people
have subjected him to is made public.
In almost every single case attributed
to gestalt psychology,
the psychopath's relationship
with parental figures has been troubled.
Broken homes,
mental and physical abuse,
abandonment by or death of a parent.
All can be influential factors
on the psychopath's makeup.
Peace offering.
Your favorite.
I came to apologize.
I'm actually busy.
I'm sorry. Okay?
I know I shouldn't have hit the kid.
It was a really fucking stupid thing to do.
No, relax, Martin.
I'm not gonna make a report.
By the way, do you know
what those kids were up to
the night Josh Campbell was killed?
- The train kid?
- Yeah.
Another one of Alex's dead best friends.
The coroner said it was an accident,
didn't he?
Why? What's the little shit telling you?
Do you want to work together on this or not?
- Well, how's it related to Nigel's murder?
- How?
Everything he's been through is related.
- You know that.
- I cannot believe
you're falling for his bullshit.
He's trying to throw you off the scent, Sal.
I want to talk to the Colbies
and work up a profile on Nigel.
- Well, that's gonna be tricky.
- And why is that?
Because we can't find them.
Nigel was moved to another room.
It was strange.
I almost missed him.
"With a sudden movement,
she bowed his head
"and joined her lips to his.
"And he read the meaning of her movements
"in her frightened, uplifted eyes.
It was too much for him."
We kept our distance.
"Surrendering himself to her body..."
But I felt that my thoughts
were no longer my own.
"...the dark pressure of her soft, hot lips.
- They pressed upon his..."
- The further I sank,
the stronger he became.
It was like he had taken my soul.
I started work on the set building
for the school play.
That mostly kept
my mind off Josh's death.
So, I do.
Louis of France loved me.
And I dreamed that I loved Louis of France.
And I loved Henry of England.
And Henry of England
dreamed that he loved me.
...rusts at the breath
of the first after-marriage kiss.
I could laugh at this poor world myself...
I'm really sorry about your friend.
Fuck off, freak.
But you don't have to worry.
He's at peace now.
The harvest moon
is the ripening of the harvest.
And the honeymoon is the goal of love.
He dies of his...
Does it please you?
Take it.
Girl's really something, isn't she?
The last parting shaft
of a forlorn cupid on the king's left breast.
And then when I got back,
the hand was gone.
Did you tell anyone?
Who was I gonna tell?
And why do you think it was Josh's hand?
I don't know.
I didn't exactly study it.
He was everywhere.
Look, all I'm saying is that
Nigel could have quite easily taken it.
And how do you feel about Nigel now?
That he got what he deserved.
How do I know you're telling the truth?
You don't.
You get out of my room.
- Have you finished your essay?
- Get out.
It looks like you need a hand.
Get out!
You might find these helpful.
How did he know
I was struggling with my essay?
How did he know my topic?
I mean, he had answers to questions
I hadn't even thought of yet.
But with only an hour left of study time,
I knew I didn't have a choice.
It was like selling my soul.
Poole, rubbish.
Sims, rubbish.
- Better.
- Thank you, sir.
Well, this is a step
in the right direction, Mr. Linden.
Well done.
Excellent work, Mr. Forbes.
I was beginning to worry about you, lad.
I felt worthless.
Alex, wake up.
I've got a night planned.
What are you doing here?
I want to show you something.
I'm not interested.
Don't forget I helped you.
Come on. It'll be fun.
We're nearly there.
Are you having fun?
Oh, come on, Alex,
you've come all this way.
Say something.
Is this your house?
Where are your parents?
They're probably away.
They travel a lot.
Hey. Luther.
Hey, hey, hey.
Is he yours?
He's next-door's.
He's beautiful, isn't he?
He doesn't like you.
I've never brought anybody here before.
You're the first.
The first.
Come on.
Cut the torch. Cut the torch.
I thought you said they were away.
He's got the gun.
Go home, stupid dogs!
I'm getting out of here.
Wait, wait, wait. Wait.
Come here. I want to show you something.
It's just through here.
Come on.
Come on.
Come here.
Oh, my God.
You like it?
If you're the expert,
tell me the history of the flag.
What do you mean?
Captain Hook and Long John Silver?
Know so little about
the things that are closest to you.
- Is that supposed to be a riddle?
- No.
It's about you.
Your future.
Do you know who my father is?
- He's grandmaster of your father's order.
- Yeah?
And so what?
It's nothing more than
puerile male-bonding now.
But it was once something.
I mean, really something.
These were great men,
men who kings knelt before.
They lost their way.
It's up to us to take on that mantle.
We've been chosen.
What have we been chosen for, Nigel?
Do you know when
playing cards first appeared?
The 12th century.
And that was the start of the real brotherhood.
I mean, imagine what it must have been like.
The... The loss of the Holy Land,
the Templars abandoning the Church...
the death of Beckett.
And out of it comes a simple, logical game.
I mean, it's just a game,
but it's...
it's a game born with...
injustice, hardship,
Now, that is truly an age to revere.
You're fucked.
You can't deny the truths
that this card has seen
and the truths we can show it again.
So, why am I here, Nigel?
- Look up "Jack."
- Sorry?
Look up "Jack."
It says "knave," doesn't it?
Do you know what a knave is?
Unprincipled man.
That's what you are, Alex.
Do you know what this is?
It's a spade.
Spade represents a tip of a pike.
Do you know what a pike is?
- It's a kind of spear.
- Mmm.
An implement for killing.
That's what I am.
This is our time... Jack.
We've been brought together for a reason...
...and it's written here.
For eternity.
Thank you, gentlemen. That's all for today.
Tales of Mystery and lmagination
by Edgar Allen Poe.
I want it read for next week.
Thank you.
Mr. Poole, I want
better work from you, as well.
- Sir, can I ask you a question?
- Certainly.
Whether or not I can answer it
is another question.
Do you think it's possible
to get inside people's minds?
I just need to know whether you think
objectively that's possible.
- Objectively.
- Yeah.
My dear boy,
the power of the mind has no boundaries.
Understanding its capabilities is like...
is like searching for the end of the universe.
Or trying to find the beginning of time.
Thank you.
Hey, Sor... Susan.
Hi. L... I just...
I just wanted to say
that I thought you were absolutely fantastic.
Come on, Sue, or we'll miss the bus.
Sorry. I've got to go.
No. Will you hang on for one second?
You go ahead. I'll catch up.
I'm not particularly good at this.
I was... I was just...
I was wondering if maybe
you wanted to, you know, hook up
or something after school sometime.
I mean, it's completely...
It's completely fine if you don't.
It was just...
It was...
Yeah. Okay.
Um, when?
They're running some Hitchcock classics
at the old Astra.
I think tonight it's Strangers on a Train.
Oh, what time is that?
We're getting there about 7:30.
Oh, well, if you prefer
not to go with my friends...
- No.
- That's all right.
No, no, no, that...
that... that would be...
That would be awesome.
That would be great.
So, I'll see you there, then.
Yeah, you bet.
Here goes the triple traitor to the king.
Do you think she's still a virgin?
Why don't you fuck off.
Thou lovest the wench.
I've got something for you.
My name is Alex.
And will you stay away from me, please?
I've finished, sir.
Can I go, please?
No. He can wait until dinner is over.
But I...
I'm meant to be...
Can I get a ticket, please?
Not so much. Fine.
That's enough.
What's with the knife?
I don't know what you're talking about, Jack.
Will you stay out of my fucking room, please?
Mmm. Have you read my book?
No, I haven't read your fucking book.
You should.
members of staff...
I have some very unfortunate news to report.
Early this morning,
Susan Mueller, a young lady
from Sansley College,
who was working with us on our final year play,
was found... murdered.
Not far from here.
The police believe
that this vile act
took place
while she was on her way home from rehearsal
last night.
So I'm afraid that all
members of the cast and crew
will remain behind after assembly,
together with anyone who may have seen
or spoken with Susan
during the course of yesterday afternoon.
That'll be all.
Raj. Raj.
Have you seen Nigel?
Pay attention.
My name is Detective Inspector McKenzie.
I'd like to talk to all of you individually, please.
So could you give your names
to Constable Murray here.
Uh, we're gonna try and get through this
as quickly as possible,
but please be patient.
- Did you see her?
- Yes.
What time did you see her?
Around noon.
And where was she in that time?
Passing by in the corridor.
Which corridor?
- The west side.
- And that was it?
- Yes.
- Okay. All right.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Alex Forbes.
- Did you talk to Susan yesterday?
- Yes.
What time?
I can't remember.
It was about 5.
I was just packing up, so...
What did you talk about?
I thought that she was really good,
so I told her that she was really good.
- Really good?
- In the play.
She was really good in the play, sir.
What else?
That was it.
That's it?
I think that was it.
That's weird.
I have here that you were due to meet her
at about 7:30 at the Astra.
Because, according to her friends,
she kind of fancied you.
What do you think about that?
Looks like you both missed the film.
Was that fun?
What'd you do with the knife?
Ooh. I sense some hostility.
Oh, do you reckon?
Let's just call it fingerprint insurance.
I'm gonna be late.
Do you think I should tell them?
I mean, you were
the last person to see her, Jack.
That poor, fair maiden.
I can't believe what's happened.
You did it, didn't you?
No, Jack. You did it.
How could you do this?
Fucking killed her.
Feels good to vent one's anger,
doesn't it, Jack?
I don't want any part of this.
Will you stop fucking calling me Jack?
Well, I'm sorry, Jack, but you were
the one who got inside my head.
Well, get out of mine.
It's too late for that.
It's too late for a lot of things.
I mean, before we met, we were incapable
of reaching our true potentials,
but... but now...
I know you feel it.
It's so invigorating.
We make such a wonderful team.
Inspector McKenzie.
I'd like a word with you.
You shouldn't be here, Dr. Forbes.
If you want to discuss Alex's case,
you can come to my office.
I want you to release my son.
Sir, your son's been charged with murder.
My son is innocent.
We might have expected you
to take that for granted, Martin.
He's implicated in the deaths
of Josh Campbell,
Susan Mueller, and Nigel Colbie.
I have a job to do.
Your father would have
expected you to help us.
My father would have
expected me to uphold the law.
Don't presume to know me
just because we belong to the same club.
Good night, Dr. Forbes.
The car's locked in the garage,
and we've searched the house.
Have they used
their credit cards or bank accounts?
- No, sir.
- All right.
Keep me informed.
Still no sign of Nigel's parents, huh?
Was Nigel Colbie a suspect
in the Susan Mueller killing?
We're investigating the death of Nigel Colbie.
Don't you think it's worth looking at
in the the light of what's happening?
I've already been down that road.
No fingerprints.
No murder weapon. No probable cause.
End of story.
There's no proof of
what you're telling me.
And the evidence indicates you shot
the head off the boy you're incriminating,
so just what do you want anyone to believe?
That if it wasn't for me
messing with Nigel's head,
then both Susan and Josh would still be alive.
Don't think you'll get some kind
of redemption by taking the blame.
What makes you think I want
any kind of redemption?
I told you, I didn't do it.
Alex, I want to believe you.
But come on, look at the facts.
The facts.
I want to help you.
But you've got to help me.
Give me something to go on.
Something concrete before it's too fucking late.
Find Nigel's red book.
The book Nigel gave you?
Yeah, his Bible.
And what would I expect to find in this Bible?
- Most things.
- Alex.
Last time I saw it, it was in my room.
- Your room was stripped.
- They must have taken it.
Who might "they" be?
"They" who don't wish to
have their secrets betrayed.
Oh! "Their secrets!
They, them, us..."
Will you listen to you?
What are you talking about?
You've no intention
of telling me what really happened.
I'm st... l...
I'm wasting my time, aren't I?
Don't you think it's a little odd
that your Detective McKenzie
hasn't spoken to Nigel's parents yet?
How do you know he hasn't?
Have a look at the run
underneath Nigel's house.
Before anything else goes missing.
Oh, God.
Oh, just get a grip.
Oh, fuck.
Oh... fuck.
They were both embalmed.
Quite an elaborate job, really.
Whoever did this went to a lot of trouble.
Blood drained,
all the main organs removed,
including the brain.
Like taxidermy.
That's another way to look at it,
but I guess it's a similar procedure.
Well, how did they die?
Both shotgun deaths.
Excuse me.
I don't want you here.
You should've been looking.
Or didn't you want them found?
We were searching via normal channels.
Or should I go around
digging up vegetable patches
every time someone goes missing?
Well, that depends
on the circumstances, doesn't it?
And what the fuck
were you doing down here?
Your dirty work!
What's this?
It's nothing.
Then I suppose this is nothing as well.
Is there something you want to tell me?
Yes. I'm a member.
My father was a member.
It was passed on to me.
It's a business network.
And the last thing they need
is to be connected to something like this.
So you're saying they are connected.
Don't put fucking words in my mouth!
There's no conspiracy here.
The order is about as insidious
as the Lions Club.
Alex Forbes is fucking with your mind.
And you're letting him,
and you're the psychologist.
All right, all right,
I'm sorry. I'm just...
...looking at all the angles.
Look... Sal.
I'm running out of time here.
I really need to know
if the charges I've laid are gonna stick.
In your opinion...
did Alex Forbes murder Nigel Colbie?
So, did you find the Bible?
You know who this is?
Hi. I'm sorry. Actually, you've gotta go around
to the front of the church,
and you'll see the entrance.
Jack. These are my parents.
Helen and John,
this is my best friend... Jack.
He's working on the play.
I've heard lots about you, Jack.
It's lovely to meet you.
Um... sorry. I've actually got to head out
with this to the stage, but, uh...
Oh, I... Well, I hope you enjoy the play.
It's nice to see you've made
a friend so easily.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to tonight's performance
of Lord Tennyson's play Beckett.
the presentation of this play
has seen its own vicissitude
with the tragic death last month
of Susan Mueller.
As a gesture to her memory,
her parents asked
that the play should proceed.
So we dedicate tonight's performance
to the memory of Susan.
Thank you.
So, then our good Archbishop...
...and they brought
before the courts of the Church...
Stop it, Nigel.
And the more I read, the deeper I sank
into the pages.
It was all there...
the slaughter of the Cathars,
the Templars' assassination
of Thomas Beckett,
and the Holy Inquisition
resulting in the Templars'
excommunication as heretics.
It all made startling sense...
like I'd just seen
the other side of Escher's staircase.
I'd woken up.
Nigel believed that he was
a direct descendant
from the Templar bloodline.
He was some fucked-up individual.
He thought that the medieval insignia
of the brotherhood
foretold the power
that our union would bring...
the pike being the weapon,
harnessed by the interlinking loops.
The two of us.
When I was a child,
my father used to stand me
in front of that painting.
He told me stories of courage and bravery...
how my ancestors had fought
to protect their free right.
It was only then
that I realized what Nigel believed.
I was of the same Templar bloodline.
Alex, I want the truth.
Did you do this?
Is that what you want to hear?
Alex, we've got people that can help you.
You must let them.
The only thing that you care about
is the brotherhood, isn't it?
Nigel said it, and he was right.
There's nothing more than
puerile male bonding.
No, your friends must be shitting themselves.
Now what are they gonna do
about their golf club memberships?
Listen. Listen.
Please. Look at me.
What was my mother like?
Do you regret her sacrifice?
Was it worth it?
Alex, your mother's death was not your fault.
No, no, no.
You got her pregnant.
It's time.
Alex, all I've ever wanted
was the best for you...
for the sake of your mother.
Well, that went well.
Do you ever get the feeling
you might be responsible for all this?
Don't think I'll need that anymore.
You all right?
Who's Maraclea, Alex?
She was the instrument of Nigel's obsession.
I knew you couldn't resist a secret rendezvous.
What do you want?
This way.
Maraclea was the lost love
of a 13th-century Templar.
As the story goes,
Maraclea was betrothed to a Knight Templar,
but died before they could wed.
And the knight was so tormented by his loss
that he opened her grave
and made love to her body.
Come on.
Exactly nine months later,
he was summoned to her grave.
On opening her coffin,
he found that her remains had been moved.
Her head had been placed below her pelvis,
sitting on top of her thigh bones,
which had been crossed.
Where the hell are we?
A voice told him to guard the skull,
as it would be the bringer of all power.
She's yours, Jack.
She was lying there...
And he said
since I was her only love...
it was up to me to... to do the deed.
And when I refused...
he went on about letting down the bloodline...
and that with the skull, we would be complete.
You didn't know Nigel.
You didn't know him.
Do you honestly think that you can help me?
Did you pull the trigger?
Now on Radio Six,
it's time for the evening prayer
with the right honorable... ask me!
Good evening.
An angel said unto Zechariah...
"Your wife will bear you a son,
and you are to give him... "
What... is... this?!
Will someone tell me what's going on?!
Look at them.
Look... at them!
I don't know about these.
I didn't do this.
Yes, well, you...
you can imagine my surprise
when they handed this to me at the lodge!
And then I come home and find this? I
That is disgusting!
He can't talk to you!
Who is he
- supposed to talk to?
- Talk?! Talk?!
You call this talk?!
What are you implying?
Who took the photos?
I've never seen them before.
- They thought it would be best
- Oh, my God.
If I left for a while...
to get my family back on track.
Well, sure. You know,
I... I understand.
I mean, we can't have this sort of thing
happening in the master's
own bedroom, can we?
Can we?!
Aah! Aah!
- Aaahh! Aah!
- Can we?!
I'm so... very sorry.
Tell me why.
Tell me why!
- Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!
- I don't know why!
Oh, God.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
You made it.
Oh, no.
What have you done?
She was chosen.
Oh, no.
Please. Just put the gun down.
Just give it to me.
Don't come near... Don't come...
- Don't come near me! Stay where you are!
- No!
Killing is such
an extraordinary feeling, isn't it?
I'll have my Maraclea.
How do you feel?
How do you feel?
You set the whole thing up, didn't you?
Come on.
We've got work to do.
They're gone.
I hated him.
Don't you think they're gonna be missed?
Well, as long as
they don't find her for nine months,
it really doesn't matter, does it?
You didn't.
No. You didn't.
What do you think we're here for?
You're fucked.
You're absolutely fucked.
And what about you and Susan?
I didn't do it.
Oh, come on.
I left you with her.
I could smell you on her.
Did you touch her?
And then you felt her.
- No. No.
- It doesn't make any difference now.
- You can have your Maraclea.
- No.
A harvest widow awaits me here!
We will be united!
It's fated.
It's over, Nigel.
It'll never be over.
You know that.
Do it.
Come on, do it.
Stop it, Jack.
Do it.
Stop walking away, Jack.
Do it!
Stay off the track.
Do it!
I showed you the card, remember.
It's written for eternity.
Shut your face!
Do it! Do it!
No! Don't!
Look, we're not Templars with God-given
There are no Holy Wars to fight, Nigel!
Who's the enemy now?
We are...
...because we wanted more
from life than it has to offer.
You're deluded.
Why am I deluded?
This is our fate.
Now, just shut the fuck up!
- Pray for me.
- What are you doing?
Pray for yourself.
We're one now.
What follows
through a system
of either intimidation,
manipulation, or coercion,
is the dominant individual
begins to focus and influence the thoughts
of the subordinate partner.
This process nurtures a subjective gestalt
where similar thoughts, fantasies,
and other interlocking elements
conspire to form
a greater and more volatile hold,
therefore a merging of like minds.
Thank you.
The head's missing.
Nigel got what he wanted.
And what was that?
You don't get it, do you?
You will.
You will.
The necessary means to an end.
Evil little fucker.
You like history.