Lili (1953) Movie Script

Thank you, madame.
Good morning, monsieur.
Some nice fresh...
There it is.
- I need some onions.
Delivered this morning.
Pick them out yourself.
How are the peaches?
-Eh, the peaches? Wonderful.
I ate one this morning,
and I never tasted...
Uh, can I help you?
- Merci.
Please, monsieur, be careful
with the peaches. -Yes.
There are some
wonderful plums, monsieur.
If you can't use the plums, then...
- Uh..huh.
One kilo is enough.
A kilo and a half, monsieur.
Put it on the scale yourself.
One kilo.
Monsieur, string beans?
And there's some lovely carrots
fresh this morning.
We need some butter.
There's a dairy down there.
Monsieur, my money, please.
Pay for it.
Uh, excuse me.
I'm looking for the shop
of Mr. Godet, the baker.
We just arrived in town.
Ask the woman.
Fresh this morning.
Taste one.
Excuse me, please.
Number 26.
There, 3 doors down.
They are sour.
Uh, monsieur, because you're
a nice gentleman...
here, monsieur... especially
because you are a nice gentleman...
Oh. Please, monsieur.
I'm looking for Mr. Godet, the baker.
Died a month ago.
What a pity.
You know him?
No, my father knew him.
And Mr. Godet's wife?
Oh, she took the children and moved
to Marseilles to her brother.
Tell your father that the brother's
name is Pastin in Marseilles. father's dead.
You see, my father told me
that his old friend, Mr. Godet
would someday help me,
So when my father was dead
and there was nobody there,
I wrote him a letter,
to Mr. Godet.
And I packed my things and left.
And I thought Mr. Godet would
be expecting me.
I see.
You, uh...have no family?
Where will you go?
You have any money?
Well, I thought Mr. Godet
would let me work for him
in his bakery, perhaps.
I'm very strong, you know?
I'm a hard worker.
I can work very hard
without getting a bit tired.
Come in.
Come in. Come in.
Come in.
Have you eaten?
Not...not today,
Perhaps a little bread?
Come on.
A little cheese, maybe, huh?
Thank you.
And, uh...a little wine.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
In here. In here.
That's it. Ha ha.
Now, perhaps you
will work for me, eh?
Of course, you understand
I can't pay you while you learn,
but you'll have a nice bed to sleep in
and a stove to cook a little supper,
and in the morning, you will open the shop
and sell a few buttons and pins and, uh...
be my little helper, huh?
Hmm. I'm going in here.
Paul, will you get me a bottle
of pinot in the wine shop?
[ Shopkeeper ]
I'm not going to hurt you.
[ Lili ] I want to go.
Oh, no. Come here.
- Please, I want to go.
- Oh, no, no, no.
I am not going to hurt you.
I'm telling you, I want to go.
I want to go.
No, wait.
Don't be afraid.
Oh. Yes, monsieur?
May I be of service, monsieur?
A little trouble with my helper.
Very difficult to find good help
these days.
They're lazy and stupid.
- And uncooperative.
How much?
- 90 please, monsieur.
I want half a dozen.
85. What are you
standing there for?
You can get out.
I take her off the streets,
a girl with no references,
no family, no money,
and...colors, monsieur...
and I give her place to sleep
and food to eat
and a fine opportunity
to learn a trade.
And what happens?
-Nothing, I hope. 75.
Uh, 80. She breaks my
pitcher and eats my food.
I didn't...
I didn't eat anything.
I was going to eat, but he...
You're through. Good-bye.
What are you waiting for?
But my suitcase in there
and my hat and my purse.
Your face is dirty, little mouse.
There is nothing
to cry about.
You should be happy
to leave this place.
It smells.
Does he owe you any wages?
For what?
She should pay me
for the food she ate.
My word of honor, monsieur,
I didn't eat a bite. Not a bite.
All right, all right, look...
It's right behind your ear.
No, this one.
It's a trick?
Now, how did you know?
Everything is all right now,
What's your name?
Marcus the magnificent.
It suits you.
Thank you, monsieur.
Farewell, mademoiselle.
Be of good cheer.
You are young.
It's a fine day.
And tomorrow
will be another.
Six handkerchiefs
at 80 francs.
A good day to you, sir.
Where's Marc?
He went in there a minute.
Here's your wine.
Pay you tomorrow.
What's that?
She lost her job.
No money, no family,
no place to go.
She seems to be
going with you.
Oh, no.
Where are you going?
Uh, what, monsieur?
Where do you live?
Uh...uh...where do you live?
Where do we live?
Last week, Marseilles.
The week before, Avignon.
Next week, Aix-les-Bains.
Huh. travel.
How pleasant.
Who is she?
Where did you find her?
She loves me.
What's your name?
Lilette Daurier.
But my father always
called me Lili.
Let me give you
a word of advice, Lili.
Find someone else to love.
This Marc is dangerous.
He's got an assistant
with long, red fingernails.
Such men are dangerous.
Hey, listen,
couldn't old Pierre Corvier
give her a job with the girls?
Paul, he likes you.
You could talk to him.
Look, this is
your little project.
I don't like it.
I'm only being
a good samaritan.
I've heard it
called that before.
Come on, Jacquot.
See you later.
He...he's angry?
The lame one, I mean.
He's always angry.
Ah, he's a disagreeable man.
He's an angry man,
and he always keeps to himself.
[ Scream ]
What's the matter?
- I saw the man die!
The man is dead!
They are acrobats
rehearsing for the carnival.
It's nothing. Look.
- See? Come along, now.
I'll show you.
You hold this, will you?
Come on.
Come on.
[ Hammering ]
[ Music plays ]
[ Marc whistling
to the music ]
[ Marc continues whistling ]
[ Dog barks ]
My chateau.
[ Closes door ]
[ Lili gasps ]
Now, what can we do
about you? Hmm?
What would you like most?
A glass of wine?
Something to eat?
I...I would like most
to stay with you.
I...I can cook.
I...I could clean the house..
wash the dishes.
Kiss me.
[ Lily kisses him ]
You've never kissed a man before!
Yes, many.
That's a lie.
How old are you, Lili?
A girl of 16 should
have a little sense.
Following people
in the streets.
How did you get here?
Well, I... I used to live in
Manasse with my father, you see?
But then a month ago my father died,
so I came here to work with M. Godet,
the baker, you know?
But monsieur Godet
the baker was dead.
So I couldn't work with him
in his bakery.
That's all.
You haven't had too good
a time with life, have you?
Oh, things were nice
when I lived with my father.
He...he would make me laugh.
He'd tell me jokes.
Shall I tell you a joke?
When is a singer not a singer?
When he's a little hoarse.
Good, eh?
He was a watchmaker,
my father. You know that?
He could fix any watch.
Oh, shall I show you
my father's own watch?
He let me keep it
when everything was sold.
Keeps a very good time.
Only sometimes I forget to wind it.
It's gold-plated.
Yes, it's very nice.
Now, uh, look, Lili...
Maybe I could get you
a job in the carnival.
Well, what kind of job?
Well, uh...can you dance?
Well, I...I can carry a tune, but...
What can you do?
I kept house for my father, you see.
I have an assistant
who keeps house for me.
Now, I want you to get yourself
something to eat,
and I'll go and see what I can do
for you with Mr. Corvier.
-Don't do that.
You mustn't throw yourself at men
that way. It isn't nice.
Well, it's nice. I mean, it's nice,
but you shouldn't do it.
I'll be back.
[ Hammering sound ]
Have you seen old Corvier?
-They're setting up.
What are you going
to do about that girl?
She's very young.
She'll get older.
Before her time.
The female soul is like a chestnut.
It must go through fire
before it becomes delicious.
Very clever.
How's Rosalie?
I could learn to dislike him.
I already have.
She needs the job.
I could use another waitress.
Good figure?
Just take her on for a while.
You don't have to
keep her, you understand?
I understand very well.
Take her off your hands.
Fine. Thanks.
Thanks a lot.
[ Organ musie ]
[ Calliope plays
carnival music ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ Middle Eastern music plays ]
[ Applause ]
Ladies and gentlemen, we present
for your enjoyment now,
that master of mystery,
Marcus the magnificent.
[ Applause ]
[ Drumroll ]
[ Applause ]
[ Applause ]
[ Applause ]
[ Laughter ]
[ Laughter ]
No, please, no.
[ Gasps ]
No. No.
[ Gasps ]
[ Finale music plays ]
[ Women talking ]
Ha ha ha ha.
Monsieur Marc, I...
I...I saw you do the trick.
It was...beautiful.
Well, thank you.
Thank you very much.
But aren't you working?
No more.
Have some fun at the carnival.
Oh, thank you,
but Monsieur Corvier paid me.
Oh, well, that's fine, then.
Come on. Let's eat.
In a minute.
Wh-wh-what shall I do now?
Well, uh...why don't you go
back to that shop?
That was a pretty good job you had.
Yeah. That fellow wasn't so bad.
He meant well.
He was very jolly.
That's the kind of job
you should have.
Oh, but I...I...I want
to stay near you.
You cannot.
You don't want to make
trouble for me, do you?
I-I'd rather die.
Good girl.
Well, good luck.
[ Dogs barking ]
But, Monsieur Marc...
Must be rushing along now.
Talk to you later.
[ Women talking ]
[ Man ] Hey, look what
we have here, John.
[ Other man ] Sorry.
You'll have to get out.
The carnival's closed for the night.
Hi. Hey, why don't you
go back home?
Let's go. Let's go.
And hurry.
[ Voice ]
- Hey.
[ Whistles ]
Hey, Lili.
[ Whistles ]
Yes, it's me,
Carrot Top. Come over here.
Come on down.
Come on down.
I have all sorts of things
to discuss with you,
and they can't wait.
I can't imagine what
you're doing over there,
but I wish you'd stop it.
It'll have to wait until later.
This is much more important.
Come along now.
It's nicer over here.
Much nicer.
And I'm a very interesting fellow.
Don't forget your purse.
Pick it up, Lili dear.
[ Humming ]
La la la la la la la la
Leave the suitcase.
You can get it later.
Now hurry. Walk over here.
Right foot. Left foot.
Faster, please.
I'm frightfully impatient.
Come along now.
Well, come on. Come on.
Well, now then.
How ya been, Lili?
Lose your job
over at the cabaret?
Forget it.
Let me see your locket.
Ah, it's a watch.
Does it run?
Well, let me hear.
Mmm, my.
Very fine.
Do I frighten ya?
Oh, be quiet.
You don't frighten anybody.
Well, I try.
You must admit I try.
Shake hands with Lili.
I call her...Lili dear.
Golo the Giant.
Oh, my. I'm always so brave
until they get close to me.
Girls frighten him.
It's because I like them so.
Ho ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho.
He'll be all right when
he gets to know you better.
Well, hello, baby.
Go away, Reynardo.
I saw her first.
Be careful.
He'll steal your watch.
Go away.
Not a chance.
Let's ignore him.
Maybe he'll go away.
[ Humming ]
He's jealous of me
because I'm cleverer than he is,
and ever so much more
handsome, don't you think?
No, she don't.
I think my eyes
are my best feature.
Come a little closer
and look into them.
I'll tell Marguerite.
Tell me, do you
like champagne, hmm?
Wait till Marguerite sees this.
May I have the next waltz?
Reynardo, behave yourself.
Don't listen to him,
my dear. He is a seducer.
With a heart like a kitten.
I don't know why
nobody trusts me.
I know why.
Well, keep it to yourself,
you old hag.
WHAT did you say?
Uh...what did you hear?
Reynardo, I must insist
that you address me
more respectfully.
Introduce us.
Introduce us?
Introduce us?
She has to be introduced to a girl,
but, believe me, when it's a man, she...
Reynardo, introduce us.
Lili, Marguerite.
How do you do, Lili?
How do you do?
He's a dreadful wolf.
I thought he was a fox.
Ha! That's the worst
kind of wolf.
And as for you,
I know your kind.
So innocent.
Ha ha. Oh, yes,
so innocent.
But making goo-goo eyes
at Reynardo. Really!
Oh, my. What'd you
do to Marguerite?
What'd you say to her?
She's disturbed.
I...I didn't say anything.
Well, you'd better make it up.
Be nice to her.
Hmm. Well, let's see, now...
I've got it.
Flatter her.
Flatter her.
Say she's pretty.
Oh, Marguerite's very pretty.
I'll do it.
Marguerite is very pretty.
She has a face
like a mountain goat.
[ Gasps ]
And she's witty.
She has the brains
of an angleworm.
[ Marguerite ]
- I heard that, Reynardo.
I heard what you said, Reynardo.
You're a wicked, insulting no-good,
and I'll have nothing more to do with you.
She's very upset now.
Be nice to her.
Ask her to dance for us.
Uh...uh...will you dance
for us, Marguerite?
Ah. Ah. Ha ha ha.
Well, thank you.
I don't have my ballet slippers,
but I'll try.
Sing something, my dear.
Anything, you know?
Oh, well, I...
Any old thing.
Oh. I remember
hi-Lili, hi-lo.
It's just an old song, but..
I used to sing it with my father.
It'll do.
'On every tree,
there sits a bird.'
[ Accordian starts to play ]
Come on.
You know it.
Come on.
Let's hear it.
On every tree there sits a bird
singing a song of love.
On every tree there sits a bird,
and every one I ever heard
could break my heart without a word.
Singing a song of love
A song of love is a sad song.
hi-Lili, hi-Lili, hi-lo.
A song of love is a song of woe.
Don't ask me how I know.
A song of love is a sad song,
for I have loved,
and it's so.
hi-Lili, hi-Lili, hi-lo, hi-lo
hi-Lili, hi-Lili, hi-lo.
hi-Lili, hi-Lili, hi-lo, hi-lo
hi-Lili, hi-Lili... hi-lo.
[ Audience joins in ] A song of love
is a sad song, hi-Lili, hi-Lili, hi-lo.
A song of love is a song of woe.
Don't ask me how I know.
A song of love is a sad song,
for I have loved, and it's so.
hi-Lili, hi-Lili, hi-lo, hi-lo
hi-Lili, hi-Lili, hi-lo.
[ Applause and music continues
playing hi-Lili, hi-lo ]
[ Accordian music is heard ]
Here he is now, the boss.
But that's the angry man.
Ha. He's all right.
Now, then, has Jacquot told you?
No, I just fed her.
We're gonna take you on.
We're gonna change the act
and play it for adults.
It'll be a job, fairly steady work.
You'll be paid your share.
Thank you...very much.
What's the matter?
don't know if...
what...what could I do?
Exactly what you did tonight.
You'll go walking by,
wearing that dress...
Hair just as it is...
the puppets will stop you
and speak to you...
After that, you'll
talk about anything.
You'll just answer whatever
the puppets happen to say...
The way you did tonight.
Keep the hi-Lili song in.
I intend to.
We'll agree each night before we start
on the general content of the show.
You'll have to learn
to raise your voice a bit,
and turn to the audience occasionally...
Monsieur Marc,
Monsieur Marc, hee hee.
I'm staying on.
[ Giggle ]
The angry man gave me a job.
Isn't that wonderful?
Well, that's great.
That's fine for everybody, yeah?
Well, you are all set, then.
Be seeing you.
It isn't gonna work.
Sure it is.
It's a great idea.
The little fool isn't interested...
in us or the act.
Oh, but I am.
I love Carrot Top and Reynardo.
We know whom you love.
Come on.
It's gonna be all right.
Don't worry.
Find her a place to sleep.
But, but, he..he's angry,
he said that...
Don't worry.
Everything will be all right.
Why is Mr. Berthalet so strange?
because his name
is not Berthalet.
Because he used to be Paul Berthold,
the great dancer.
Because his leg was
injured in the war.
Because now he cannot dance
and has to be a puppeteer,
and doesn't always like it.
But you must never,
never speak to him about it.
Come on now.
Here we are.
There's a little room
back here you can use.
Will he let me stay?
You'll stay.
The truth is, he's very excited
about the idea
of having a new kind of show.
You'll work well with him.
Oh, but I didn't
know I was working.
Well,'re giving me
your room.
There's another place
back there for me.
Now go to bed, sleep well,
and dream of magicians,
beautiful magicians.
[ Rhythmic clapping ]
[Clap ]
[ Door closes ]
[ Jacquot ] Stop slamming doors.
Be quiet. The girl's asleep.
[ Paul ] Do you think I'm drunk?
[ Jacquot ] I know you're drunk.
Let's open a bottle.
You've had enough.
What makes you think so?
Go to bed.
Tomorrow is another day.
Oh, now there's
a profound statement.
That's a gem...
"Tomorrow is another day."
And tomorrow...
and tomorrow and tomorrow
with the audience.
That audience, those
endless little faces
alike as mothballs.
I hate 'em!
You don't hate them.
My head aches.
That's not my fault.
I've had too much to drink.
I'll get you some coffee.
Now...why is it that when a man
goes to great effort and expense
to get drunk,
his friends,
instead of respecting this endeavor,
do everything they can
to sober him up? Why?
Because they mean well.
Because they're nice people?
I love all people.
You said you hated them.
Well, it wasn't true.
I love them...
the helpless people
who live on the earth,
draw their comfort from it.
Sometimes from each other.
What have we here?
A girl in love.
Try this.
It's a good thing
to be in love I'm told.
I'm told it's a matter...
not of what you love,
but of how you love...
and that a little of
what you really want
is better than large quantities
of what you don't.
As for me, I want all.
Refusal to compromise.
A sign of immaturity, you know?
Wait! Wait.
Ladies and gentlemen...
I shall now perform a double pirouette.
- Paul...
[ Thud ]
[ Bangs wall ]
How do you do?
I'm paul Berthalet...
half man...
half mountebank...
but going on like
a dog chasing a stick...
a lame dog...
trying to run like the others,
but not getting there.
Oh, well, anyway.
I...I'm sure you're wrong.
I'm sure Reynardo never steals.
Never steals? Hah!
Well, you know my diamond comb,
the one I always wear?
But, I had it on the dresser
the other day. I was going to put it on.
I reached for it, and out of the
corner of my eye,
I looked up and suddenly...
Oh! There, you see?
Well, Reynardo, shame on you.
Oh, is this yours?
Ahem. Sorry.
Oh, well, you know,
he didn't know it was,
it was mine.
[ Audience laughs ]
And then, along came
the biggest one of all.
I don't believe it.
Well, it's true.
I don't believe it.
Well...huh,... come on now,
don't you do that. Ho, ho, ho.
[ Audience laughs ]
That's for you.
It's getting to be so much.
- That's the way the boss wants it.
Go, buy yourself
something you don't need.
Thank you.
Thank you, Pierre!
Stop making a fool of yourself.
For the first time you have money,
and what do you do?
Stuff yourself with candy
and buy fairway dolls.
Can't you think of
anything better to buy?
Is there nothing you want?
With the whole world to choose from,
isn't there anything you want?
But if you could have
anything you wanted...anything,
with the whole world to choose from,
what would you ask for?
If you could have
what would it be?
Well...I...I don't know.
I know.
Ice cream! Ice cream!
No, no, no.
Pretty curls, like mine.
What everybody wants...
to be able to steal anything
without being caught.
A pretty blue dress
like mine.
Wait a minute.
Let her talk. Let Lili talk.
Well, I...I don't know.
I know...
I know what you want.
I think you'd like, someday,
to have the feeling
that you're loved...
that somebody cares
what happens to you.
Aww, I care.
I care.
I care.
I care.
I care.
[ Child ] I care.
[ Woman ] I care.
And I care.
Well...a new dress.
New shoes.
Very pretty.
Very chic.
Very grown up.
Look at her, Paul.
Isn't she pretty?
Well, say something, you...
I don't care what you
wear on the street,
but get back into your
gray dress for the show.
Oh, yes, of course.
Lili, go wait for us a minute.
We'll have lunch in the tent.
So, the awkward child is becoming
an attractive dish,
and you don't like it,
because from now on,
there's gonna be competition.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I think you do.
[ Carousel plays hi-Lili, hi-lo ]
You talk too much, Jacquot.
At times.
What the devil
is the matter with you?
You're in love with the girl,
and she's in love
with someone else.
This sort of thing
happens all the time.
People don't die of love.
You'll recover...
but meanwhile, can't you be
civilized about it?
I'll try.
Come on.
Let's go to lunch.
Hi, Lili!
Hi, Claude!
You hear this?
We are famous.
The whole town's singing it.
Monsieur Corvier said last night
the orchestra at Hotel Dubois played it.
The people from the hotel are coming
to the carnival to see our show,
to see our little leading lady...
who has a new dress.
Oh, yes. Very nice.
Where did you buy it?
"Last performance tonight"?
What happened?
Rosalie, what's that mean?
Marc had an offer from
the cabaret of the hotel.
The Hotel Dubois?!
Oh, Jacquot,
no more carnivals.
No more living in trailers.
From now on, it's hotels and cabarets.
Cote D'azur, Cannes, Nice,
perhaps even Paris!
The Folies Paris!
Are you going with Marc?
And why not?
I...just wondered.
You're crazy about
Marc, aren't you?
You and a hundred others.
Me, too.
Lili dear looks sad
tonight. Why?
Her lover's going away.
Her lover's going away.
- I have no lover!
Why, you foolish child.
Every girl should have several.
He wouldn't be leaving
if you knew how to hold a man.
But he isn't leaving me.
[Reynardo ]
No one could leave
my lovely Lili.
He's staying.
No. He-he's going,
but he isn't leaving me.
[Golo ] Oh?
You're going with him?
Why not?
Because he didn't ask her.
Well, an experienced woman
knows how to make the man ask her.
Ask her what?
[ Reynardo ]
That depends.
Now, what do you
want him to ask you?
I didn't say
I wanted him to...
You see,
he isn't my...
- Oh, really!
She doesn't make sense.
How can I when you...
[Carrot Top ]
Now you're making her cry.
Poor girl.
She's been throwing
herself at the man,
and he doesn't know she's alive.
But he does.
He's been very kind to me.
He's the only one who ever was...
except you, but now even you...
Please, let's talk about something else.
[Carrot Top ]
I know.
We'll sing for you.
A song of love is a gay song,
hi-Lili, hi-Lili, hi-lo.
A song of love is a song of joy,
A waltz for girl and boy.
[ Golo ] A song of love is a gay song,
for we're in love, and it's so.
hi-Lili, hi-Lili, hi-lo, hi-lo,
hi-Lili, hi-Lili, hi-lo.
hi-Lili, hi-Lili, hi-lo, hi-lo,
hi-Lili, hi-Liliiiii...hi-lo.
[ Applause ] Well!
Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.
[ Rosalie ] It's going to be
very different now.
It wasn't so bad
all these years
when you were mad about
women who didn't count.
And anyhow, we were
always on the move,
and I knew you had to leave
them sooner or later.
But now, there's going
to be rich Americans
on the prowl, and smart divorcees.
And that's a different matter.
You'll be a good catch
with money in your pocket,
a great success.
Well, I want these women
to know that you're married
to me.
I'm tired of pretending to be dclass,
when I am not.
You know it's better
for the act to...
that's nonsense.
You are well enough
established now,
and the act is good enough
to stand on its own.
You don't have to dangle yourself
in front of these women.
From now on, I am telling
everybody that we are married.
Look, I am wearing it, and
I'm going to go on wearing it...
my nice, big, fat golden band.
And you will wear yours.
It has been a secret long enough.
You thought I didn't know
where it was.
Wear it.
And it wouldn't hurt you
to help me with the trailer.
We are leaving in a half an hour,
and you are not yet packed.
Every time we move you disappear
and leave it all to me.
Well, things are going to change.
And, Marc, at the hotel...
[Both speaking ] Would you please
watch yourself on the curtain calls?
You don't have to take your
bows at the center of the stage.
You could move over a little.
You could move over a little.
Wh-what are you doing?
How are you?
Very well, thank you.
And you?
Uh...I'm very well, too.
That's good.
Uh...would you like
a cup of coffee?
Are you inviting me in?
Sit down.
Thank you.
When are you leaving the carnival?
Very soon.
In about an hour.
Rosalie, too?
Rosalie's my partner.
Will you come and
see me at the hotel?
May I?
I'd be glad if you do.
It's not very far.
Just at the edge of town.
will your boyfriend let you?
My who?
Your bad-tempered boyfriend.
Oh, he's not my boyfriend.
He hates me.
Carrot Top's my boyfriend.
I thought I was the one... are...
I...I never see you.
You're seeing me now.
[ Door opens ]
Hello, Paul.
I dropped in to see if you'd like
to buy my trailer.
I won't be needing it anymore.
You are a bit crowded in here,
aren't you?
My trailer is bigger.
How do you manage,
the three of you in this place?
We manage very nicely,
thank you.
I'm sure you do.
Well, I'll be getting on.
Think about the trailer.
You can afford it now.
I hear you're doing very well.
The audiences like Lili.
Can't say I blame them.
Well, come and visit me sometime.
You know what you are,
don't you?
But you're an amateur,
an understudy,
a poor man's version.
But don't be discouraged.
You'll get there because
you're so willing,
and it's the willingness
that counts, isn't it,
in all noble endeavors?
You're starting young,
but you'll be interesting to observe
by the time you're 20.
Let's just hope I don't have to see it!
What do you know about it?
What could you know about love?
Go on, tell me about it.
Nothing makes me sick.
[ Door slams shut ]
Marc! Marc!
Don't be a fool.
Stop it!
[ Slap ]
Monsieur Berthalet?
Permit me to introduce myself.
Antoine Tonit.
How do you do?
My associate, Monsieur Erique.
How do you do, monsieur?
May we sit down?
Haven't we met before?
I think not.
Paul Berthalet...
Of course.
The name is different, but...
Paul Berthold, the dancer.
Not anymore.
Yes, of course.
Just before the war.
Your first recital was a sensation.
Then you disappeared.
I went into the army.
But afterward?
Afterward, I preferred
the fresh air of carnivals.
I preferred the dear faces
of little children with runny noses.
You've hit on a great idea,
No, thank you.
combining the live figure
with the puppets.
Where did you find the girl?
We can't make up our minds,
whether she's a superb actress
or you're a svengali.
No...she's like a little bell
that gives off a pure sound
no matter how you strike it,
because she is in herself
so good and true and pure.
She lives each show,
loves it.
Those moments with the puppets
are her happiest, I'll venture to say.
I'll venture to agree.
We've...we've worked out
a basic formula...
[ Jacquot ]
and within that framework,
we try and develop
a new show every day...
- Paul, could you come back
with me to the tent, please?
Uh...My associate, Jacquot.
I'm sorry, I..
- We like your act.
Thank you.
If you can hold these
carnival audiences,
you can hold any.
The Folies de Paris will be easy.
Sure. We'll try it tomorrow.
Well, not tomorrow, perhaps,
but we'd like you
to be ready to open
in about two weeks.
Two weeks?
You're Antoine Tonit
of the Folies Paris!
I'm sorry.
I thought I'd told you.
Tonit and Erique.
- As for the details of the contract,
if you'll come back
to the hotel with us now...
We'll have to let you know.
We can't accept now.
But you have no contract here.
You're free.
We'll have to let you know.
But we know now.
I'm sorry.
We have to talk about this.
By all means...
What do we have
to talk over?
But don't dismiss
this offer too lightly.
The act is nothing
without the girl.
I agree.
She's enchanting.
But this one,
the creativeness is his.
He has a talent for improvisation
that I've never seen before.
It's close to genius.
You've hit on a new career, Berthalet,
that'll outstrip anything
you could've done as a dancer.
But you must know this,
or you wouldn't have
given up your dancing for it.
I didn't give up anything.
I became a puppeteer
because it was the only way
I could earn enough to feed myself.
You see, a dancer grows
conscious of his body.
When it'll no longer do
what he wants it to do,
he grows to hate it.
So I hid mine behind the curtain
of a puppet stage.
I'm sorry.
We didn't know.
We've been tactless, I'm afraid.
No. You've done the greatest thing
for me you could've done.
Tell me again what you said.
You mean that I think
you've chosen a new career
that'll outstrip anything
you might've done as a dancer?
But you said that before
you knew I was lame.
You meant it?
I meant it and more.
I'll underwrite your new career.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What was that nonsense
about letting them know?
You think to get more money
out of them by saying
we're unwilling?
I said it because I'm not sure
you have an act to sell.
Lili is leaving.
What did you do to her?
Stopped her from making
a fool of herself.
That child's an idiot.
She's not an idiot.
And she isn't a child any longer.
She's beginning to realize the fact
that there's cruelty in the world...
and she's starting
to protect herself from it.
Well...what do we do now?
You'll figure it out.
You're the genius.
[ Knock knock ]
[ Marc ] Come in.
It's all right if Rosie is coming.
What I have to say
won't take very long.
Here's something you
lost in the trailer.
I didn't know at first.
And I wanted to ask you,
but now I think I know.
You're married
to Rosalie.
I never denied it.
No, you didn't.
- Ah.
And I've been silly.
But I've put a lot of things
together in my head
this last half hour.
A great many things,
back to the day we met.
I know I've been living in a dream,
just like a little girl...
without seeing what I didn't
want to see...
but you want to know
something, Marc?
We sometimes outgrow
feelings and ideas,
just like a little girl
outgrows her dresses,
but somehow, it turns out that
there's a right time for everything...
in the right order.
There's a time for going to school.
A time for losing our parents,
and a time for falling in love
with a beautiful magician.
But there's a time for waking up.
You are a wise girl...Lili.
Where did you learn all this?
We don't learn.
We just get older...
and we know.
Good-bye, Marc.
Thank you for your patience.
Forgive me for having been
such a nuisance.
Oh, Rosalie,
I'm...I'm leaving.
I just said good-bye
to your husband.
Oh, Lili, please, wait a minute.
Are you gonna leave
without saying good-bye?
Please, Lili, just for a minute,
come here.
Please? Closer.
I have a favor to ask, and
I don't want the others to hear.
If you're leaving, Lili,
please take me with you.
I wanna go with you,
wherever you go.
It won't be the same
here without you.
You're my sweetheart, you see?
It was love at first sight.
From the first moment I saw you
walking by, wearing that... awful hat,
and carrying that lopsided suitcase.
Please...oh, please don't
leave us, Lili!
I never had a real friend
until you came along.
Please take me with you.
If you really loved us,
you wouldn't go away.
Oh, but I do.
It's just that I...
I'll say it.
You hate the boss.
He's unreasonable.
He's mean.
He's jealous.
We'll protect you from him.
Oh, you always have.
You've always been
so kind and good...
and you seem to know
what's in my heart or
what I'm thinking
and what I'm feeling.
I'll kill him!
I'm gonna kill the boss! Grrr!
Well, anyway, I'll give him
a good talking to.
Hey, boss...
It's our going-away present.
Oh, very nice.
It was very expensive.
He probably stole it.
You know Reynardo.
How did you get it, Reynardo?
Well, must I tell?
Reynardo, you promised me
you would never steal again.
I didn't steal it.
If you must know, I'm paying for it
on the installment plan.
What happens if you don't
keep up with the payments?
I know him.
He'll never keep up.
They'll come and
take it away from you.
No, they won't.
I made a deal.
What sort of a deal?
Well, I agreed that if I didn't
keep up with the payments,
I'd give the man something
else in exchange.
I signed a paper.
He signed a paper.
What does the man
get in exchange?
Another fox fur.
Well, you poor darling.
You traded your life
to get me a present.
- Mmm.
Oh, Reynardo, you...
Trust him to take advantage
of a situation like this.
I wanna go with you, Lili.
Why don't you take
us all with you?
We don't want you
to forget us, Lili.
I never could forget you.
You've become so
very dear to me.
You're the only things I love.
I know you love me, too.
Why, you poor darlings,
you're trembling.
Well, are you staying or going?
We've had an offer
from the Folies Paris,
but we can't accept it
without you.
I've been an idiot,
a stupid fool.
Melting and sniveling over
Reynardo and Carrot Top.
I must be crazy.
They've become
so very dear to me,
I forget...I forget every time
that it's only you.
Or is it you?
Is it?
Wh-what are you?
Are you just a monster
without any feeling?
Why can't you ever say
a kind word?
Why do you hide
behind those puppets?
I am the puppets!
I'm Carrot Top: Confident, clever,
capable of running his life and yours
and everybody else's.
And I'm Golo the Giant:
Cowardly, stupid,
longing to be loved, clumsy,
and in need of comforting.
And I'm Marguerite, too:
Vain, jealous, obsessed with self,
looking at my face in the mirror.
Are my teeth nice?
Is my hair growing thin?
And I'm Reynardo
the thief, the opportunist,
full of compromise and lies.
Like any other man, I have in me
all these things,
all of these and
as many more again.
Must I make a new puppet
for the small part of me
you've managed to see?
The monster?
The angry man?
The frustrated dancer, clumping along
with a leg anchored to the ground,
and a heart anchored to...
but you don't have to understand me
or even like me.
This is business.
Not anymore.