Liliom (1934) Movie Script

Two tickets.
Ladies and gentlemen,
step right up!
Come one, come all
to the Hippo-Palace...
where style meets fun.
Great. You're really getting
a taste for it, madam.
What you need is a subscription.
Take the zebra this time.
That's it, jockey-style. Keep your knees
in tight. Careful with the silk stockings!
Come on, you amazon ladies.
Saddle up quickly.
Half price for the military...
and half price for children.
Hey, skinny,
you're gonna tip us over!
Come on, try sideways!
Step right up!
Who wants a good time?
We give you a good time
and in style!
Step right up.
Take a break
from the other attractions.
We'll show you a good time.
No pushing or shoving.
You're not competing
for a tea set here.
What we offer
is personal pleasure.
Come on, ladies first.
I see we have some high society here.
You want to join in, kids?
Here they are, the real experts.
There's one seat left.
The last! The best!
Who will take it?
What's this?
An important visitor!
Over here, Admiral!
Only half price!
We've got a lot of roll and pitch here,
and rough seas.
Bring your balloons over here.
Don't listen to him.
You'll get seasick.
It'll make you weak.
That's it, step right up!
Push the torpedo boat.
I'll show you how it's done.
Hey, Admiral,
made up your mind yet?
Leave him.
Take a look at these pretties.
You've dreamed about them
in the China Sea.
They're young, they're fresh,
and they're not shy.
To find the same ones in Singapore...
in Tananarive, in Chandernagore...
you'd have to get up real early.
Don't listen to him!
Stay here!
You could be world champion
in three shots.
No need for skill.
All you need is strength.
Watch this! Once.
Three times!
There we go!
Now it's your turn.
I'm gonna feel the wind
in my sails again.
Yes, but stay anchored
on the good old earth.
Here, next to Mrs. Aperon.
She fought in the war, you know.
Take it slow. Have fun.
All right, any way you want.
Be careful you don't blow away.
There's a strong wind.
And that makes a full house!
Sorry, madam.
There'll be room on the next ride.
And now let me have
your tickets.
Thanks, sweetheart. Thank you.
I see you're not afraid
of catching a cold.
What will I have the pleasure of singing
for these ladies and gents?
- Something sentimental?
- "Love's Sorrow."
- Silence!
- "Speak To Me of Love."
We'll get to that later!
You, the cutie over there!
This is your fourth ride.
What do you want me to sing?
Come on, I'm listening.
- "Come, Child's Child."
- Yes, "Come, Child's Child."
Sold! "Come, Child's Child."
Start the music.
Here we go, gently and slowly.
One, two, three, four...
Come with me, it's spring
The weather's so fair.
That it makes my head spin
I'll take you for a ride
on a carousel pony.
In my neighborhood
there's a party.
Come, child's child
Let's go for a spin.
Let's have a ball
and turn and turn.
Don't be beastly
We'll share true love.
Night and day.
On the carousel horses
we will feel much better.
Holding you tight against me
Cheek to cheek.
We take off happily.
Toward the sky.
Come, child's child
We'll go for a spin.
Here in my arms
We'll speak of love.
Don't be beastly
We'll love each other truly.
You have to grab it!
Hey, you see that?
Liliom's chatting up a young thing.
And he's right to do it.
You have to be friendly to customers.
I really don't care,
but he's going a bit far.
What do you say?
Is Liliom right?
Just being friendly
to the customers?
Go take care of your torpedo boat.
You might have a customer,
though I doubt it.
Very well.
Don't bite, all right?
Did you see this one?
What a beautiful peony!
Someone snatched my peony.
A hooligan stole it from me.
Is that any way to behave?
I'm telling you, sir.
I turn my back for one minute...
and it's gone.
Come on, don't make a scene.
If you want to ramble on,
rent a booth like the rest of us.
Buy yourself a license.
Apologize or you'll be
picked up by the cops.
I want my peony.
Look. Here it is.
- Oh, my peony!
- I didn't mean to yell at you.
Get out of here now.
- That's kind of you, buddy.
- Buddy?
He pushed you off. I saw him.
- That's not true.
- You, beat it!
He picks on women and drunks...
but strong guys like me,
he wouldn't dare.
That'll teach you
to take on my buddy.
Isn't he strong?
He sure knows a lot of tricks.
You, I know what you are!
What do you think you're doing here?
I'm a working girl.
I have a nice position in a house.
A whorehouse, you mean.
With a license.
Fly legs!
Women who don't behave properly
at the Hippo-Palace, out they go!
Me, not behaving properly?
I know how to behave, madam.
Just what do you take us for?
For a couple of easy women
looking to be fondled by Liliom.
Fondled? I don't let anyone
fondle me.
He was all over you
for a whole ride.
No, madam.
He was leaning against the deer.
A man has the right to lean
wherever he wants.
You are not going to tell
Mr. Liliom not to lean against me...
when he was in fact leaning
against the deer.
"Against the deer." Liar!
- He was holding your waist.
- And if he was? What of it?
- I wasn't talking to you, fish-face.
- He was holding my waist to be polite.
- No kidding. How about the carnation?
- Madam!
Shut up, I tell you!
You were rubbing up against him,
trying to get him excited.
Go back where you came from.
There's no shortage of soldiers!
Be quiet!
I'll do the talking here!
If I ever see you and your friend again
on my carousel horses...
just wait till you see
what's coming to you!
Say what you will...
I paid for five rides.
I've only gone four times so far.
I intend to stay for the next ride.
- We'll see about that.
- Nobody's going to stop me.
Not me, of course.
I wouldn't dirty my paws.
But I'll have my employee
kick you out.
Ah, but you like him
handling you.
Well, you just wait.
Stop! The boss is calling you!
Get over here. Recess is over.
What's up?
There's a little nobody over there
making a scandal.
Just take a look at you!
You hooligan.
Liliom, it's that grasshopper
over there.
I never want to see this again
at the Hippo-Palace!
- Listen, Mr. Liliom...
- Come on, you two.
Come on, down you go.
Come on, shoo!
Come on, Julie.
These are not our kind of people.
Not so quick!
- If she comes back, you chase her off!
- Come on.
Mr. Liliom, please...
tell me honest and truly...
would you throw me out
if I came back to the carousel?
Yes, sweetheart.
I'd throw you out lickety-split...
if someone gave me a good reason.
Thank you, Mr. Liliom.
And I say you'll be thrown out!
I forbid solicitation here.
What? Solicitation?
She claims that you held me
by the waist.
Is there some new rule?
I'm not allowed to be polite
with the ladies anymore?
Do I have to ask permission now?
From whom?
You can play the heartthrob
and knock up all the tramps you want...
but not that one!
Dare I ask you very respectfully...
to please shut your trap?
- What?
- Your trap!
To the cash register, on the double!
Come back anytime you want,
Day or night, ride a pony, a deer,
whatever you want.
If you're broke,
Liliom will treat you to a ride.
And if anyone dares look at you
the wrong way, I'll spank her in public.
Bastard! I made you what you are!
You think I won't can you
just 'cause you have the gift of gab?
I'll drop you
like a ton of bricks...
whenever I feel like it.
Like a ton of bricks? I see.
I'm sailing.
Don't get upset. We're not arguing
about these two tarts, are we?
Not a word about this young lady.
I've been fired. See you.
But, Mr. Liliom, she didn't say
you're fired...
Shut up, you.
Apologize? Me?
- To whom?
- To the young lady.
You could offer me the entire casino,
the amusement park...
and the Rothschilds' fortune,
and I'd still refuse, you hear?
That's it! You've said enough!
Now, I advise you to make nice.
I've never touched a woman
to punish her.
Except for Mrs. Leclerc,
who spent three weeks in the hospital.
There you have it.
Come on, kids.
I'm tired of playing the clown
at the Hippo-Palace.
Get out of here! I never want
to see you again, you dirty hooligan!
Out of commission!
Poor Mr. Liliom!
Don't feel sorry for me.
You too, or I'll smack you!
I'm not.
What will you do now, Mr. Liliom?
- Go for a drink.
- With us, Mr. Liliom?
I can't refuse, if you're paying.
Or you.
Are you rich?
- I've got eight...
- Eight francs?
Eight sous.
How about you?
No money? Don't worry about it.
I'll get my things
and then I'll buy us a drink.
Wait for me in front of the fakir,
next to the doughnut stand.
No, make that near the bridge...
at the fourth park bench
on the avenue.
- Are you upset?
- Are you?
A little.
Me too.
She fired him on our account.
It's him!
You're both still here?
You told us to wait for you.
I only invited one of you.
The other one can take a walk.
which one will it be?
I'm waiting.
Mr. Liliom...
if she gets in after midnight,
her employers will fire her.
Fire her? I was fired too.
Good night, then.
we're in the same boat tonight.
Both of us, fired.
Let's not talk about that anymore.
You want to go for a drink?
Want to go dancing?
So, where do you want to go?
Do you have a sweetheart?
Don't lie.
I'm not lying.
I'd tell you if I did.
I've never had one.
Come on, you stayed
because you know the tune.
What tune?
This can't be!
Don't tell me you don't know
why you're sitting here in the dark...
close to me.
What's your name?
Your first name.
Here are two more!
Your papers.
- Oh, it's you.
- Military papers, as usual.
They had to add an extra page
for previous offenses.
Ask the sergeant for a character
reference. He knows me.
This is Liliom, Inspector.
A carnival barker,
hauled in several times...
for assault and battery
and drunkenness in public.
Is that your girlfriend?
- Your name?
- Julie Boulard.
- Chambermaid?
- Show us your hands.
No, all-purpose maid.
Why aren't you
at your employer's home...
instead of roaming around
at this hour with this character?
It's my day off.
He'll take your savings and then,
"So long, see you!"
I don't have any money.
You're barking up the wrong tree
with this one, Liliom.
You've got me mixed up
with someone else, Sergeant.
Julie Boulard, I must warn you...
against this dangerous
seducer of maids.
He'll promise to marry you,
then he'll make off with your money.
But have no fear.
Come with us.
One of our men will escort you
to your employer's house.
Is that an order?
Just some friendly advice.
Thank you, sir.
- I'm going to stay.
- You've been warned.
Thank you very much.
Let's go.
So now you know all about me.
You heard them.
I'll take all your savings.
I don't have any money.
But if I had,
I'd give it all to you...
with all my heart.
- You'd give it to me?
- If you asked me to.
Do you love me?
No, Mr. Liliom.
I don't understand.
You're a strange girl.
I suppose so.
Good evening.
- You're not gonna put this one out?
- No, just every other one.
That's too bad.
So now...
it's just the two of us.
Aren't you afraid
here in the dark...
with a dangerous seducer of maids?
I'm not afraid, Mr. Liliom.
Perhaps not tonight...
but what about tomorrow?
Would you stay with me...
Assuming you love me, of course.
If I loved someone...
I wouldn't be afraid of anything.
Not even death.
Don't you want any?
Yes, a little later.
That's what you say, but once
I turn my back, you don't touch it.
Another drop?
One has to keep one's strength up.
I know you've never been
the type to pack on the pounds.
But this is too much.
you're as skinny as a bird.
Someone has to be there to serve you
when you come home so late.
There's a knot in these laces.
Can you get it out?
In the beginning...
In the beginning...
you didn't spend
all your nights out.
I can't hang around here
all the time...
with that damn organ
blasting in our ears.
I'm exhausted...
and from doing nothing!
The same old story
from morning till night.
Your old aunt works, Julie works...
but you, you're still in bed!
What kind of work should I do?
I never learned a trade.
Work as a day laborer? Never.
You could have accepted
that caretaker position last week.
Room and free heat.
A caretaker.
Now that's what I call a job!
A caretaker! Who, me?
- You haven't taken a good look at me.
- Liliom is an artist at heart.
"An artist at heart."
In other words, a loafer.
Starting fights...
that's his best work.
How many times did you pick him up
at the police station last month?
They released him each time.
He was innocent.
They were wrong! They should
have kept him, and good riddance!
Old goat!
A little more coffee?
With three lumps of sugar.
And now, a half cup
for my strange little girl.
- Is it all gone?
- The important thing is you liked it.
So that's it. It's all my fault.
I drank it all.
You're exhausted.
I'm to blame for that too.
I'm tired of your constant criticism.
- Enough of your martyred looks!
- Stop, you'll break it!
That takes the cake!
I think only of you, and all you can
say is, "Don't break the coffee pot."
Well, there! And the cup too!
- Those didn't belong to us.
- Be quiet!
- I won't be quiet.
- That's enough.
Liliom, it always ends like this.
I won't speak to you
for a whole week!
Did he strike you?
He should be ashamed!
Did he hurt you?
Did you slap him back?
When I was young, I always hit back.
Poor little thing!
Listen, the carpenter is coming
to have his portrait taken.
Why don't you go and fetch
the 5-by-7 frames?
Lazy coward!
"Report to the police station
on July 17 at 10:00."
Can't you watch where you're going?
At your service.
- Quick, Julie, the customer's here.
- I'm coming.
I'm telling you,
it will be just fine.
You can count on me.
I'll take care of everything.
So she didn't say no?
- Good day, sir.
- Good day, Miss Julie.
It was a 5-by-7 portrait
you wanted, right?
No... I mean, yes.
- Five-by-seven, so to speak.
- It's a little more expensive, of course.
Two francs more.
Price is no object, Miss Julie.
If you don't mind,
we'll get started right away.
Julie, set the gentleman up
for the pose.
Please come this way, sir.
Julie, take into account the man's style.
He has a nice figure.
Prepare something dapper for him.
Business is doing great, Miss Julie.
I'm expanding the store.
- How about a column?
- Yes.
With a column,
the portrait will really stand out.
- There...
- Pardon me.
- There would be work for two people...
- Lift your head.
In my shop, Miss Julie.
Put your arm here.
You need a woman's touch
in a prosperous business.
Don't move.
Act natural.
A little more.
Look over here.
Very good!
I'm going to count to three.
Here we go!
One, two...
- three.!
Alfred, what are you doing here?
- Were you summoned too?
- No, but...
you must need a witness.
But you weren't there.
All the more reason.
I'll testify to anything.
Come on in.
- Who told you to enter?
- I was told to come at 10:00.
Wait in the hallway.
All right.
Bring out the cards.
Your deal.
- Five flush?
- Five flush.
No card playing allowed here.
It would be simpler
if they said what we can do.
Liliom Zadowski.
I'm his witness.
Liliom Zadowski and his witness.
You were summoned for the...
I've already been summoned
to the police station three times.
Everything I have to say
is written in my statement.
That may be, but your statement
contains a legal error.
It's missing a stamp.
Isn't that the management's fault?
Get it through your head
that management is never at fault.
- Well, then, can I go?
- No.
According to the provisions
of the decree of August 17th, 1874...
the defendant must be present
when the stamp is applied.
- Sir.
- That's all.
You may go.
You made me wait around
for four hours for that?
Precisely! I want to lodge a complaint
with the inspector.
- He's not in.
- When do you expect him?
- Not for a while.
- Pardon me. I'd like to see the inspector.
- He's not in.
- Oh, yes he is.
If you'd care to follow me,
the inspector will receive you.
- May I say who is calling?
- The Baron of Cabrol.
Very good. Sorry to delay you.
Did you see that?
If I was dressed like a bigwig,
they'd kiss my feet too.
And the inspector would be
at my beck and call.
Justice is all about false collars.
Don't make a scene.
Come on, Alfred.
Since Olinger replaced him
on the carousel...
it's small change.
You should have seen it
when Liliom was there.
- We sold so many tickets!
- Of course, Mrs. Muskat.
Liliom's real place
is at the carousel.
It's in your best interest, and his too.
He'll make money for you again.
Julie will finally have something
to live on, the poor thing.
- And I won't be obliged to feed a bum.
- Precisely.
Thank you, Mrs. Muskat.
Liliom will decide.
Unfortunately, he isn't here.
- He's never here!
- I'm not surprised.
To live all day in this miserable place
would give anyone the blues.
Especially him... an artist!
What he needs is the Hippo-Palace.
But he'd rather starve
than make the first move.
But no matter.
I'll take him back.
Let him know.
I'll be back tomorrow.
You're upset
because you're broke.
I am too,
but I can laugh about it...
because it won't last forever.
- One of these days...
- What?
You know the leather factory?
Every Friday, the cashier takes a certain
route with the employee payroll.
Suppose we get to him
when he's alone? No witnesses.
I already said no,
so why not drop it?
Fine, if you'd rather starve.
- Unless you're expecting an inheritance.
- Enough about that, or we're through.
All right, all right.
In that case, you'll have to find
some other way.
- For the lady.
- Look at those legs!
What a pair of legs!
- Did you hear taxes are going up?
- I don't care.
I don't declare my income.
Hey, Liliom. Where've you been?
You're looking great.
- Still leading the good life?
- What do you think? And yourself?
A nice crowd.
A bunch of simpletons,
I tell you.
- Shall we get together later?
- I'll let you know in a while.
See you later, then.
- Is that all?
- I know a trick.
Nice and easy.
And now all we have to do
is spot a drunk...
and not mess up.
- A stinger.
- And a mint mandarin.
- So, buddy, are you up for it?
- You cut.
No, take this away.
Go ahead, write it down.
- Right on the mark again!
- One, two and it's over.
It's like he's guessing
my cards every time.
- I'm buying.
- Do you have a cigarette?
One more time, big guy.
Double or nothing?
- I was just about to suggest it.
- Your turn.
He won't be home tonight.
Mrs. Menoux, it's still early.
Are the pictures ready
for the carpenter?
I still have to glue two of them.
Tomorrow morning.
The carpenter is a handsome man.
He has a nice position.
Plenty of money.
He'd love nothing more
than to marry you.
Wouldn't you like that?
Liliom beats you.
Between a hooligan and a decent man,
you take the hooligan!
It takes all kinds to make a world.
It's going to end badly.
One day Liliom will hit you
harder, and then...
When I'm with him,
nothing matters to me... even dying.
Dying is easy.
Living's the hard part.
If I were you,
I'd marry the carpenter.
To be middle-class...
what a dream!
A wedding all in white,
with a veil and train.
You'd have a home,
plenty of money...
the respect
of the entire neighborhood.
Men would tip their hat
to you on the street.
And presents galore!
And you'd have servants,
I imagine.
A maid just to take care
of the baby...
because I'm sure
you'd have a little baby right away.
A little angel smiling up at you,
all wrapped in lace.
Don't trouble yourself so,
Mrs. Menoux.
I'll never marry the carpenter.
Mrs. Muskat is here.
Thanks for the tip.
Hello, Liliom.
Always the comedian.
What do you want?
Come on, I'm sure you know.
Olinger isn't working out.
Sure he is.
Well, then?
Go make some coffee.
Go on.
You're not being reasonable.
You don't sleep at night.
You look lousy.
What's it to you?
Come on, move that mop
out of the way.
Hands off!
All right, all right.
I could fire him.
I can fire him.
Why, if he's working out fine?
Yes, of course.
I see what's going on.
Someone misses me.
No, not me.
It's the chambermaids
who are asking for Liliom.
The dumbbells!
They're all nuts, I tell you.
Do come back.
I'll give you a raise.
What about Julie?
I'd have to drop her, right?
They say you beat her.
So I hear.
So what? None of your business.
It's nothing to boast about.
If you're tired of her...
Drop her, right?
I get the picture.
Don't be arrogant.
Come on.
Go ahead and say it.
You're not happy with her.
You think about
the carousel ponies.
The organ. The lights.
Come on, you amazon ladies!
Come, child's child, let's go for a spin.
Let's have a ball
and turn and turn.
Don't be beastly
We'll share true love.
Night and day.
On the carousel horses
we will feel much better.
Holding you tight against me
Cheek to cheek.
We take offhappily.
Toward the sky.
Those were the good times.
We had no idea.
Did you hear
I bought a new organ?
I've got ears.
It's all I hear these days.
And you know the two black horses
with the broken ears?
They're gone!
What did you put in their place?
What would you have put
in their place?
And that's not all.
The gondola that was always
tearing up the ladies' dresses...
- Remember the problem with Labraux...
- The wife of the fruit vendor.
I knew it.
The answer is yes.
You'll come back.
Really, are you an artist
or a caretaker?
Please, not a caretaker!
What aboutJulie?
Your little Julie
isn't going to starve.
To sum it up...
Olinger isn't the ticket.
Can anyone replace you?
- Will you?
- Yes, I will!
I'm going back to the carousel.
What is it?
- I've got something to tell you.
- It can't be urgent.
- But it is. Yesterday...
- Can't you see I'm busy?
- It won't take long.
- Leave me alone.
- It won't take long.
- Beat it!
I'm not leaving.
Hit me if you like.
Not in front of me!
You two have a little chat.
I'll be waiting.
It's a good thing
I'm a patient man!
Well? I'm listening!
My head was hurting yesterday.
You asked me why I...
You also said
I had changed a lot.
Yeah. So?
That's all.
It's what I thought.
What? Are you ill?
No, I'm not ill.
Well, then?
Can you let me in on it?
Yes. It's just that...
Help me.
It's a very natural thing.
I'm not afraid.
- It was bound to happen.
- What?
When a man and a woman
live together...
I'm going to have a baby.
A baby?
Did she leave?
Here's an advance of 200 francs.
Why don't you take it?
Let me eat in peace, Mrs. Muskat.
Can't you see I'm eating?
Isn't that enough?
I don't know if the message
is getting through.
Go back to your carousel horses!
Take a good look at me now...
because you're never going
to see me again!
You promise? Don't tease me.
Ever again.
Mrs. Muskat!
Leave without looking back.
Julie's going to have a baby.
Julie's going to have a baby.
Julie's going to have a baby!
Go on.
- Auntie!
- What is it?
When a woman... You'd know if...
Is it...
I mean, is it dangerous...
when a woman...
When a woman what? Spit it out!
- Nothing.
- Drunk again.
Congratulations, I hear you're taking
real good care of Julie!
She'll die in the street
if she counts on you, lazy bum!
- Hey, big guy!
- What's up?
Tell me...
didn't you talk to me
about a job...
that could bring in
a nice chunk?
Yes, but it'd take two guys
to pull it off.
You and me.
With me, it's a sure thing.
I've been around.
I'll think about it.
Leave me in peace.
Step right up,
ladies and gentlemen!
Today we bring out
the flags and the lights!
Half price for everybody.
Saddle up on the deer, Inspector!
That's it.
Keep your knees together.
Here on the horse we have the sergeant,
jockey-style! Wax that mustache!
Police ride for free today!
Let the music begin!
I'm going to have a baby!
Why are you shouting so loud?
What's wrong?
Where does he keep the money?
In a leather bag.
Sixty bills.
Payroll for the week.
I got a bite!
In the bucket, little one.
Maybe we wouldn't have to...
kill him.
Not if he hands over the money nicely,
but you can't count on it.
A quick stab in the ribs
is a safer bet... no complications.
Sixty thousand francs.
Then we split for America
right away.
No, that's just the thing
that'll get you caught.
The dough stays hidden for six months
as if nothing happened.
In exactly six months...
the little one will be born.
Three months before we leave,
you get a job.
You put money aside,
or that's what you say.
Then off we go to America,
without a trace.
How will it happen,
more or less?
It's child's play.
We wait for him in the small tunnel.
It's his usual route.
You'll be over there,
and you'll say to him...
"Good evening.
Could you tell me the time?"
Repeat that.
"Good evening.
Could you tell me the time?"
Add "please."
It sounds more polite that way.
And then I'll...
I'll hit him on the head...
from the back.
And then you...
You stab him.
"Good evening.
Could you please tell me..."
Say, about the knife...
You think it's really necessary?
You can give it a try
with my fishing pole...
but I can't guarantee anything.
Do you... have a knife?
Here, take this. Take it!
Take it, for God's sake!
- Listen...
- Hide it!
Wrap it in your handkerchief.
Hurry up!
Come on.
And at night...
in my dreams...
he'll be there.
When I arrive in front
of the good Lord...
what will I say to Him?
Lowlifes like us never go
in front of the Lord, for one thing.
Have you ever been
in front of a chief of police?
Well, then?
The inspector and us...
We never see anyone
higher then the inspector.
Maybe it's not the same up there.
Why would it be any different?
God handles the bigwigs.
He hands the tramps off
to his inspector.
Music and angels are for the bigwigs.
And we get...
- We get what?
- All we get is justice!
In the other world,
that's all we'll ever get.
An inspector, at best.
But where there's an inspector,
you can bet they won't miss you...
so don't worry.
"Good evening."
"Could you please tell me the time?"
"Could you please tell me..."
There he is!
I sharpen...
and knives.
Do you have anything to sharpen?
A knife?
- We have nothing to sharpen.
- Sir...
let a poor man earn a few sous.
Come on. It doesn't cost much.
Take advantage
of this special opportunity.
You're bugging us
with your chatter!
No, that's it. I'm backing out.
- It's too disgusting!
- All right!
Let's drop it.
Julie will have her baby
in the gutter, that's all.
Watch out, there he is.
"Good evening. Could you please
tell me the time?" Don't chicken out.
Good evening.
Could you...
Could you please tell me the time?
It's 24 minutes past 5:00.
On the dot.
Let me go, sir.
I didn't do anything to you.
- No?
- No, it was him.
And what about this?
Move and I'll shoot!
- I just...
- Wanted to know the time?
Well, now you know.
And do you know
who's coming this way?
The knife-grinder.
The knife-grinder?
Two policemen.
Stop! Stop!
Hold it!
Hold it there!
- You'll never get me!
- Hands up!
Quick, you there!
He's through.
One less... no big loss.
He didn't have any money
for over a week.
Cards and fights,
that's all he did for work.
60,000 francs. They're waiting
for the payroll at the factory.
Now that's what I call a job.!
I'll send the doctor from the factory
with a stretcher.
We'll leave the body where it is
until the authorities arrive.
Justice, all we get is justice.
Come on. It doesn't cost much.
Take advantage
of this special opportunity.
Two tickets.
Mrs. Muskat!
- What are you doing here?
- I need 200 francs right now!
Two hundred francs. Go fly a kite.
Get out of here!
Two hundred francs, right now!
The doctor said there's no point
taking him to the hospital.
He'd only die on the way.
- Is that his wife?
- Yes.
He's barely breathing...
but he's still fully conscious.
Julie, say something!
Let's leave her alone.
Julie, if there's anything I can do...
Do you have a table where I could
finish writing my report?
- Please come in, Officer.
- After you.
Miss Julie...
if you need me, I'm here...
so to speak.
- Is that you?
- Yes.
I wasn't able to give you a thing.
Not a roof over your head...
not even enough to eat every day.
I'm a bastard, a rotten bastard.
If there were a job I could do...
Caretaker? Oh, no.
I thought things
would be better in America.
Don't cry.
I sure beat you!
I'm not apologizing.
After all, you couldn't have
always been right.
Liliom wants to be right too.
Nobody's right.
Tell the kid
his father was a bastard.
Yes. Tell him.
I will see...
the good Lord.
Will I see him?
I have to see Him.
Not the inspector, or I'm done for.
If I see the good Lord...
I'll explain to Him.
He'll understand.
My little girl...
hold my hand tight.
Even tighter.
I'm holding your hand
very tight.
What's wrong?
Stop it! Stop everything!
Three minutes of silence,
Liliom the carnival barker
is dead.
Hear that, Liliom?
What a silence falls over the carnival!
Because everyone knows.
No, they don't know...
what I never said, even to you.
Now I can tell you.
Bad boy, brute...
The party goes on.
Sleep in peace.
Now I feel ashamed
for never telling you...
how much your strange
little girl loved you.
Good night, Liliom.
Come inside.
There's not even a candle.
I'll bring some right away.
Come, Julie.
Arise and follow.
The moment has come
to give an account.
It would be too convenient
if death resolved everything,
Liliom, you must follow us.
We are God's policemen.
To stab yourself...
to save yourself when you don't know
what to do anymore...
leaving behind a woman
with a child in her womb.
Where would justice be
if death wiped the slate clean?
Being a man would be very convenient
if that were the case.
Please announce our arrival.
Numbers 312 and 13,000 are back.
What's that?
Wait there.
Sit down.
- So this is the place...
- For those who commit suicide.
Anyone who killed himself...
must come here for questioning.
Too late.
Who is he?
Did he also...
He was your guardian angel, Liliom.
My guardian angel?
- He might have said so!
- Silence!
"Paradise Daily."
Step up.
Last name, first name and status.
- Liliom.
- Surname?
Zadowski, like my mother.
It's missing a stamp.
Tell Mr. Emile to come
up immediately...
so that I may apply the stamp.
According to the provisions...
of paragraph...
Seventeen of the Police Rules
dated March 22, 1721 BC...
you have the right
to return to Earth...
- for one night.
- What for?
When you commit suicide, you usually
forget something in haste or panic.
- No, I don't believe so.
- Think about it.
Something left unsaid,
some unfinished business...
some wrong that needs
to be righted...
some matter that needs
to be settled.
- I'd like to...
- What?
Break Alfred's neck!
Sanctions and punishments
are for us to deal with. Anything else?
Now that I'm here, I'm staying.
Very well.
Take this down.
"Number 5,673,210,109,212,003..."
Liliom Zadowski, here present...
"waives his right to return
to Earth for one night."
Hello, Mr. Emile.
There's an error on the registration form
of the man they sent down below.
It's missing a stamp.
It's management's fault.
Get it through your head
that management is never at fault.
Let me have that.
Don't waste your time.
Top drawer on the right.
- There, now everything's legal.
- Thank you.
Hope to see you soon.
Why did you kill yourself?
You abandoned
a woman to the deepest misery.
Your wife...
who's expecting a child...
your child...
in six months.
Listen, since I'm dead...
I'd like to at least
reap the benefits.
Stop bothering me
with all these accusations.
Do you feel no remorse, Liliom?
I want to go to sleep...
and never wake up.
That would be too easy.
What about justice?
Do you regret having been
a bad husband?
A bad husband? Me?
Yes, you, Liliom.
I couldn't work.
What would I do? Be a caretaker?
Not me.
I couldn't stay there all day
and watch...
Say it.
Don't be ashamed of having
loved her.
Ashamed? Me?
Absolutely not.
I couldn't stand that...
so I listened to Alfred, that's all.
And why did you beat
that unfortunate woman?
- Because you loved her?
- No!
I beat her because
she got on my nerves.
You're lying, Liliom.
I'm not lying.
We got into arguments.
She'd take one side,
I'd take the other.
Yes, no, yes, no.
Suddenly I'd get angry
and fed up to here...
and I'd hit her.
- I'll prove that you're lying.
- I dare you!
Show the corroborating footage
of Liliom Zadowski's life...
dated July 17th, 8:40 A.M.
Ready to roll.
Turn around.
"July 17 th, 8:40 a.m."
A little more coffee?
With three lumps of sugar.
That's amazing!
That's Julie!
- That's her!
- Don't touch the screen!
And now, a half cup
for my strange little girl.
Wait for what comes next...
- Is it all gone?
- The important thing is you liked it.
So that's it. It's all my fault.
I drank it all.
You're exhausted.
I'm to blame for that too.
I'm tired of your constant criticism.
- Enough of your martyred looks.!
- Stop, you'll break it.!
There, what did I tell you?
Roll the film again...
but this time with Liliom's thoughts
on the sound track.
You see, we can also record
your thoughts.
How about that!
And now, a half cup
for my strange little girl.
- What a bastard.! I drank it all.!
- Hey! Wait a minute!
The important thing is you liked it.
She deprives herself for me, poor kid.
I sure don't miss an opportunity.
It's the same thing every time.
She's dead-tired,
yet I let her wait on me.
I only think of myself.
What a lout.!
If I were her, I wouldn't stay
with such a hooligan for long.
Liliom, don't get upset.
Pure fiction, all of it!
We can see through you
like through a piece of glass.
Continue with Liliom's thoughts.
Liliom, don't get upset.
I know she's right.
I'd like to ask her to forgive me,
but the words just won't come out.
I feel I'm gonna do
something ugly. There.!
I'm disgusted at myself.
I'm so ashamed.!
No, don't... don't... No.!
My poor little muffin.
I run off so I won't have to see
the look in her eyes.
God didn't put love in men's hearts
for them to be ashamed of it.
Do you feel any remorse?
You do feel sad.
Sad, me?
- Liliom, it's impossible to help you!
- I don't care to be helped.
Fortunately, heavenly patience
has no limit.
What about the child?
Her child.
My child.
Will it be a boy or a girl?
You'll see for yourself.
- I'll see the child?
- Yes, when it's 16 years old.
Because you are sentenced
to burn for 16 years...
in the fires that will purge
your pride and fury.
Sixteen years?
I thought it would be forever.
Sixteen years from now...
you'll be allowed to return
to Earth for a single day...
to see your child.
My child.
Go, Liliom.
In 16 years and one day,
we shall see each other again.
By then, you will have been tested.
Seek and find
something beautiful...
something splendid
for your child.
Everything depends on this.
Go, Liliom. PURGATORY.
- Excuse me, sir.
- What do you want?
- Some information.
- What?
Would you be kind enough
to tell me...
whether it will be a boy or a girl?
That's not allowed.
At least give me a cigarette.
Don't let anyone see it.
For 16 years...
I won't lack for a light.
A girl!
Sixteen years.
Liliom, something beautiful.
Something splendid.
Please, take it.
Thank you.
In return I wish I could
give you something...
Something splendid.
Me? I don't even know you.
But I know you.
You must be mistaken.
My mother is a seamstress,
I help her.
I bring her work to the customers.
What about your father?
He died a long time ago.
What did he die of?
We never found out.
He went to America to find work.
He died in a hospital there.
- In America?
- Yes.
- In America?
- Does that surprise you?
Did you know him?
- As well as I know myself.
- Oh, I'm so happy.
He was a good man...
a sweet man, wasn't he?
My mother often says that.
No, he wasn't sweet at all.
But he knew a lot of songs...
some of them very pretty.
That's true. Listen.
Come, child's child
We'll go for a spin.
My mother would play it
on the phonograph all the time.
Let's have a ball
and turn and turn.
Don't be beastly
We'll love each other truly.
Yes, he used to sing it often.
Very often.
In the end, he couldn't stand
to hear it anymore.
He was a hooligan, you know?
He'd beat your mother for no reason.
A real animal.
- What are you saying?
- A real brute.
- That's not true!
- A lazy bum.
All he thought about was playing cards,
fighting, drinking and chasing skirts!
A man who lived off
his poor old aunt.
A filthy, selfish man
who let his wife wait on him.
Be quiet! Mother told me
a thousand times what he was like.
He used to bring
all his money home.
It's awful to tarnish the memory
of a poor dead man this way.
Don't be angry! Please don't go!
I want to give you something.
Something beautiful.
- Something splendid.
- I don't want anything from you.
A most unusual gift.
Take this...
but watch out.
- A star...
- Go away.
I'll accept nothing from a man
who says evil things about my dad.
Miss... Miss!
Could I see Julie again?
Sixteen years.
You again! How did you get in?
Miss, let me explain.
- Go away.
- I've come from very far away.
- I won't listen.
- But, Miss!
I'd like to do something beautiful
for you, something splendid.
No. Leave here immediately.
- Miss...
- Go!
Enough of that!
Sixteen years of purgatory
weren't enough...
to burn away
your pride and fury.
Absolutely incorrigible!
To torment the heart of a child...
that held a deep love for you.
What do you have
to say in your defense?
You have to love me as I am.
Why try to make me
better than I am?
Alfred was right.
For us...
even in heaven
there's only justice...
nothing but justice.
And justice...
Mother, did anyone ever hit you?
I mean a real slap...
that you can hear ring...
and yet you don't feel a thing?
Yes, my child.
There was a time
someone hit me...
but I didn't feel a thing.
Then it's possible...
for someone to hit you
and not hurt you at all?
Yes, my child.
Someone can beat you...
without hurting you at all.