Lily (2013) Movie Script

Where are you going?
Where are you going, Madame?
Oh hi!
Come here...
You want the stick? Go get it!
Did you see it?
Oh you sure talk a lot!
What is your name?
I'm talking to you!
Talking to you!
That's his name!
That's not his name.
Hello, HA HA.
You know, man...
When you look at it, just
really, really look at it...
You just look at it
really closely...
It's just not worth it you know?
It's not part of the deal.
It's like you just can't
really, you know...?
It's like tucked away
up there in a corner.
Just there in a corner,
you know?
And I'm worried...
I'm really worried.
I'm really really really really
REALLY worried.
Don't step on a crack.
It'll break your mother's back.
Look at me.
All the abuse I've taken
and I've got
a beautiful head of hair!
God almighty,
it's a glorious day!
I'm probably gonna be a doctor.
And I have bloody gloves.
Oh wow!
And what about you, Kyle?
Football player.
Football player? Which one?
Mark Sanchez.
Oh, he plays for the Jets.
That's pretty cool.
Hey, you guys.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
Not a problem.
Not a problem at all.
- You guys ready?
- Yeah...
I'll see you tomorrow boys.
Have a good night.
Thank you so much. Bye.
Alright guys. Let's go!
Okay, so let's try it from here.
This is closer.
Got it?
This is it.
We're gonna do it this time!
Okay, maybe not.
We have to make
at least one basket.
This is shameful.
- Yeahhhh!
- Oh my god!
- High five, dude!
- That was like out of...
I don't even know
what just happened.
Kyle come play with us!
My shoelace is untied.
So tie it back up!
I don't know how.
What do you mean?
Why are you wearing these shoes?
Where are your velcro shoes?
If you're gonna wear shoes
that have laces,
then we need to learn
how to tie them, right?
So you're gonna
take your shoelaces...
You're gonna make an X, alright?
Then you take this
and you pull it under.
And tie it.
Now we make a hoop here...
So you have two little ears.
Now you make an X with those,
and then you tuck this under...
And you tie it.
- You did it!
- I did it!
Hey, uh-uh, no way, guys.
Finish your homework first
and then you can play.
Alright, you guys.
Do your...
Come sit down, do your homework,
and then you can play.
Can I have that please?
Hello! Anybody home?
- Where is everybody?
- Daddy!
I've lost everybody.
There's nobody home.
There used to be
kids running around.
I don't see anybody.
Where is everybody?
Oh, here are
the little monsters!
What have you been up to?
You've been shooting people,
haven't you?
Okay come on.
Let's take
this little one to Lily,
and show her what we have
for dinner tonight.
Look what I brought home
for dinner tonight. Look!
- Okay.
- Put him in the bowl!
Aaron please,
I just got them settled down.
They need to do
their homework, please.
I guess you have no choice.
Let's go and do homework.
Lily, they've disappeared again.
I have no idea where they went!
Aaron, please!
Alright, they need to finish
their homework.
Okay, okay...
We're not going to win tonight.
You're going to have to do
your homework.
So what's for dinner tonight?
Fish and vegetables.
- Oh no!
- Oh no!
- Fish and vegetables!
- Fish and vegetables!
I'm exhausted.
Have a long day?
Thanks for
picking the kids up today.
You're welcome.
Do you know
Kyle can't tie his shoes?
His mom
was supposed to show him.
Well, she didn't.
I'll show him tomorrow.
I already showed him.
I was thinking...
Now that your treatment
is almost over...
maybe we could
go away next month?
Yeah, maybe.
I just feel like I really need
to try finding a job right now.
I'm not so sure I should leave.
I'll think about it.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Stop it...
Ask her...
He wants to know
if you like your hair like that?
- What do you think?
- I think it looks funny.
I think you look funny!
- No I don't!
- Yeah you do!
C'mon guys, get ready. You're
going to be late for school.
Yeah, I know, it's tough.
You're staying
with your mom tonight.
Do you have everything you need?
- Yeah, we know.
- Yeah, we know.
- Bye, darling.
- Bye.
- Ohhhh, gross!
- Come on...
- What are you up to today?
- Not much.
- Not much?
- Yeah.
- I'll see you later.
- Okay.
Grab your jackets, guys.
Angels and devils,
everybody except for God.
You know, in theory,
to keep safe...
Chess players are always quick
to say and state the theory.
But you're on shaky ground
when you say theory.
Lot of people become geniuses
if they ride the wave.
A lot of people become
mentally defunct.
You know what I'm saying?
A mental nervous breakdown...
'Cause you have so many things
hitting at you.
And you're saying everything...
Love, business, finance,
you know what I'm saying?
Travel here, do these things,
studying, and what have you.
So, I'm gonna know
so many things,
so many things
are hitting at you,
you don't have time to figure
everything out
to its fullest degree.
That's why there's so much
debate in the world now.
A person says, "Oh no. "
Her husband says,
"No, it's this way. "
And other people say,
"No, it's this way"...
A lot of marriages
are breaking up
because the woman says,
"No, it's this one,"
and that's because
they're not looking
at everything right
in theory at all.
Because after a while,
if you don't conquer it,
you have a nervous breakdown,
so many things...
What's all this?
I thought I'd surprise you and
try and cook for you for once.
that was really sweet of you.
Which was started
under Fidel Castro,
and the opening images are
Fidel and Che Guevara playing
golf at the country club.
- At the country club?
- They have memberships.
They hung out there
all the time.
That's how I pictured it
in my head:
cigars, Cuban cigars...
But anyway, while they were
playing golf
in a terrible manner,
they were looking at
the landscape and Fidel said,
"We are going to build here
"the most important
art school in the world. "
I like how it's already
Well, everything with Fidel
was "the most important. "
And within a couple of days
they had commissioned somebody
to find the architect,
an important artist...
And they started designing
this art school
on the golf course.
So they planned these buildings,
there was
a huge building for dance,
a building for the visual arts,
a building for sculpture,
- a building for music...
- Oh, speaking of music!
I got an awesome record today.
Which I think
you might just like...
- What do you think about that?
- Now that's a surprise!
- Is that a surprise?
- That's a surprise!
- Oh, hey Mary!
- Hey, Lily.
it's about the noise up here.
What the hell are you doing?
Oh, I was teaching myself
how to tap dance.
That's really great for you,
but for me, it's really noisy,
I'm trying to work towards
a deadline, I can't concentrate.
Do you think
you could kill the noise?
Yeah, sure!
- I really appreciate it.
- Great, okay.
Hey listen, how ya doin'?
- I'm doin' good.
- You feeling alright?
Yeah, I feel good.
Have you heard about
this new research they're doing
on nanotechnology?
Is it for cancer?
Like, yeah.
You may wanna look into it.
It's pretty innovative
and I think it could be
helpful to you.
If there's anything you need...
If I can help you with
I'm your downstairs neighbor,
and I'm there for you and
happy to help you in any way
I can if you need it, so...
Okay, that's nice...
Just knock on the door, let me
- I will.
- Okay.
Anyway, listen, I gotta go.
But best to Aaron alright?
Okay, take care!
- Okay!
- Bye.
- Lily!
- God!
- Hi!
- Rochelle!
- How are you?
- How ya doin'?
I'm good.
I haven't seen you in so long.
I know.
I haven't been out in forever.
So what's been going on?
What have you been up to?
This, the show.
Awesome, and it looks great.
It's so cool.
Hey, did you happen to ask them
if they're hiring?
I did,
and there's still nothing,
but as soon as
something comes up,
you're the first person
I'm gonna let know.
Okay, Lily, it looks like you
are positive for the BRCA2 gene.
So, we generally recommend
a prophylactic mastectomy.
Okay, that's not really an
It's totally understandable.
It won't prevent
the other cancers
from developing.
But what it does mean is that
we need to increase surveillance
of the development of breast
cancer. And the other cancers.
So that you need to do a monthly
self-examination, okay?
You need to visit
your doctor every six months,
for them to examine you
to look for
any lumps or abnormal tissue.
You'll need an annual mammogram.
And you'll probably need
a pelvic ultrasound
to screen for ovarian cancer.
- Okay.
- Okay?
The BRCA2 status
does not mean that
you are destined
to develop cancers.
It does increase your risk of
developing a second cancer
quite significantly.
So what we do recommend,
we want to make sure that
all at risk family members
are aware of their status or
the possibility of their status.
So we know that your mother,
when she was diagnosed
with breast cancer,
she got the BRCA testing
and she was negative?
So this means that you inherited
the gene from your father.
Okay? So we do recommend
that you inform him
and other family members
of the possibility that
they may be BRCA positive.
And especially him because we
know that he is positive.
I don't know...
My dad and I don't really
talk all that much.
Okay, it's totally
We do offer a generic letter
notifying family members
of the possibility
of their BRCA status.
The reason why we recommend
it strongly in this case
is that the risk in men
is also significant
for developing
male breast cancer.
Earlier onset prostate cancer,
and pancreatic cancer.
And male breast cancer
often goes undiagnosed
I've been listening to that tape
you gave me all the time.
Yeah? You like it?
Yeah, I love it, it's awesome.
- It's cool, right?
- Yeah.
I feel like it's great.
Yeah, I've been spending
a lot of time at home
labeling all my old tapes
and trying to figure out
which ones are my favorites.
I don't know, I'd like
to do something with them.
I think they're cool.
Well, guess who I ran into
the other day?
He asked about you.
He did?
Does he know...?
Yeah, he does.
I think that
you should go see him.
but I kind of screwed him over.
Yeah, you did!
You're not the first artist
ever to fuck up, I don't think.
- I'm not?
- Chances are!
Other people fuck up besides me?
What are you doing on Friday?
- On Friday?
- Yeah, at night.
Night? Oh! Night time, no.
I'm really busy.
Seriously, there's a movie
coming on I wanna watch
and I bought some new jammies,
I really wanna break 'em in.
Dylan's having people over
and I think you should come.
- Aw, Dylan!
- Yeah.
- I haven't seen him in forever.
- I know.
And he loves you...
He's a great guy.
I was trying to get Lily to come
to Dylan's party on Friday.
- Yeah, you should go.
- Are you going?
No, but I doubt your boyfriend
would have a problem with it,
seeing as how he's tucked
in about eight every night?
I'm not supposed to...
Don't listen to him!
No, he's not that...
you're not that far off, yeah.
8:30, it's a Friday night.
Give him some credit.
That's when "Golden Girls"
is finished.
- Yeah...
- Okay, that's enough!
- Okay I'm done!
- That's enough.
- Leave us alone please!
- I'm will.
Bye! So great to see you!
I'm sorry.
- Hey, no...
- He has some problems.
You know, I like mysteries.
I don't know whether you know
or not, but these guys know.
I really like mysteries and
this library down here
on the corner...
One day I was wondering, why
are there so few mysteries here?
I have some of my favorites:
Simenon, Ruth Rendell,
P.D. James, those people...
And I realized, I was looking
through Literature one day,
those same names
are showing up in Literature!
Why do you have a P.D. James
that was published in 1980
in Mystery, and one that was
published in 1983 in Literature?
It doesn't...
she's the same writer.
And they don't seem
to know anything about it
or how it got that way...
Now there's a case to be made
that some writers
wrote better books than...
Graham Greene
wrote entertainments.
And maybe they're a little less
than some of his bigger books
I don't think they deserve
a different classification.
- Frustrating.
- Yeah, yeah.
I don't know, it's useless
to talk to them, they don't...
So congratulations
are going to be in order soon.
Your treatment's almost over,
That is correct, sir!
Aaron, any big plans
for this young lady
when she wraps things up?
We talked about maybe
going away next month.
What did you do, Nell when
you finished your treatment?
Gosh, let's see...
I think that we just had
a nice quiet evening at home?
I don't remember.
Oh Neil, I couldn't help
but notice the plants
in the corner of the room.
Really livens this place up...
That was
your mother's contribution.
I let her have that corner
for herself.
Oh wow, you got a whole corner!
Your mother's very expressive.
Yes, I am.
I think they just really add
so much life to the room.
I'm thinking about putting some
over in that window area.
- Two, I thought...
- Wow.
I think this is enough for now.
Well, we will see about that.
Won't we?
Would anyone like
some more coffee?
I'm good. Thank you.
- I'll have some, thanks.
- Okay.
Be right back.
Let's see whatcha got.
We were able to retrieve
five eggs during the procedure.
As I explained last time,
we like to get 15 eggs,
but five viable eggs is great.
And they will stay frozen
until such time that
you are ready to have children
at some point in the future.
But that's assuming I can have
Well, that's a fair question.
When a young woman is forced
into an early menopause,
she can regain her cycle,
and yet,
still not be able to conceive.
Now. You on the other hand,
have done all the right things.
You've taken the right steps
to ensure that,
should you be able
to have children in the future,
you have eggs in storage
that can be fertilized.
And Lily, that's a good thing.
- Lily! Lily!
- Woah!
what are you guys doing here?
Our mom dropped us off.
Oh yeah? What happened?
Yeah, Andrea had an emergency.
She asked me
if I could take care of them.
Oh, okay.
Sit down, kids.
Come on, dinner's ready.
Hi, is this Sharon?
Sharon, my name is Lily Graham,
I'm trying to make
a payment on my account.
I'm calling to try and out what the lowest
payment I could make every month is...
I just need to set up
a payment plan or something?
Yeah but you guys have put me
on hold a lot already today,
so can we just...
Okay, but I just really
don't wanna go on hold...
You know what?
I just have to call you back.
I told you
I'd take care of it for you.
I know, we had this conversation
already and I don't want you to.
- Okay...
- Thank you.
Suit yourself.
So, I invited
a few friends over for dinner.
Mary, Drew, Laura, Casey...
And who's gonna cook for them?
I thought maybe
you could cook for them?
- You love cooking.
- Oh I love cooking?
I feel like I never have
anything to say to your friends.
Just jump into the conversation.
- Just like that?
- Just like that.
So I went to Macy's this morning
and found the most beautiful
burgundy sweater.
Oh, I love burgundy on you.
Yeah, well good!
Because I put it on hold and
I'll probably
pick it up tomorrow.
Why would you put it on hold?
Oh, just to run it by Neil.
You know...
So, honey, you never called
to tell me
what the doctor had to say.
Oh yeah...
Turns out that I do have
a genetic mutation, so...
Yeah, it just means that now
the odds of me getting
ovarian cancer go up,
and there's a possibility that
it might come back
in my other breast.
Yes, that's true,
but it's not a definite Lily.
Just 'cause you're carrying
the gene doesn't mean
you're going to get
breast cancer again honey.
I know, Mom.
That's exactly what I said.
It just means that
the odds are greater
and I have to be careful.
I just don't think
it does any good
to sit around and focus
on it "maybe" coming back.
I'm not focusing on it.
I didn't even say
I was thinking about it.
I was just telling you
what the counselor told me.
I'd really enjoy a glass of
May I have one please?
So, what are you fixing for
Woah! Honey, do you always use
that much olive oil?
That's an awful lot.
It's fine, Mom.
You know they said
I should probably tell
Dad about the results.
So what are you gonna do?
Well, I was thinking
about telling him.
I don't think
that's a good idea, honey.
You don't think it's ridiculous
that I have a father
that doesn't even know
I have breast cancer?
Of course I do.
But you know your father, Lily.
He's emotionally unavailable.
And that's why I married Neil.
you do what you want.
You'll figure it out.
Oh, honey...
If you cut the tomato
the other way around,
it's so much easier.
It's fine, Mom.
Let me show you how.
- See, it's so much easier.
- Mom, it's fine.
I know, but the pieces are
so much nicer
and there are no seeds.
Mom, it's fine, I got it.
Seriously, Mom, it's fine!
I was just trying to be helpful.
You know what?
I think
I'll have a glass of wine too.
But I thought
you weren't supposed to drink.
Well, in that case,
I'll have another one myself.
To your health, darling.
Hi Nell!
What are you doing here?
Aaron, bon soir.
- So nice to see you!
- Lovely to see you too.
You're having a drink?
That's what I said.
Well you can't travel...
If you go up to Vermont,
you just drive...
You're investing in Harlem,
is that correct?
I did, yeah.
How many buildings did you buy?
- Put 'em in your pocket...
- Four or five buildings...
to one's life,
to the beginning...
A fruit or flower developing
and then there's a moment
where it starts to die...
With the harvest coming,
I would imagine you're...
Capturing the summit of...
whatever life is.
The essence!
The essence
of whatever something is,
like, in his case,
it's a body...
Captured something...
A young virgin.
He killed her...
No, but I refuse
to take the subway anymore.
It's a shithole. It's terrible.
- Trust me...
- I have little children...
Shows you how much time
you have left...
Yeah but it's funny because
I have little children...
My kids... it's 12, 11, 10, 9!
And we're counting
and we're running!
- And it's kind of a game!
- ... another 6 seconds...
They tell you
the next one's in five minutes.
- Oh yeah, of course...
- Sorry, my bad.
I'm trying to figure out
if they did it for the other...
I was invited...
my friend was doing
a production at the...
he has a gallery in the
Maison de Moliere in the bottom.
And he asked an actor
from Ariane Mnouchkine's team
to come and direct
this piece about Molire,
and then...
I actually read about that.
Very interesting.
- Did you see the film?
- I did, I did.
And they were all running
up the stairs and, anyway...
So he invited me to come
and I stayed there,
and he had a loft, and
above his bed, it said "LOVE".
and I was very, very happy...
It was in the summer months,
of course,
and I rode my bike often
from the Maison de Molire
to the Marais to get my tea,
or my cheese, or whatever.
- Yeah, very cute.
- That's so cute!
I was really happy,
and I felt like...
I don't know
I felt like Paris was...
might be supporting this moment?
And that I felt like my body
was in tune with Paris...
that the architecture fit...
How to say that? I know
that sounds stupid. It does!
- It does sound so stupid!
- But love is kind of crazy.
But you know, it was a very good
beautiful moment in my life
and I sometimes replay it.
I mean, I don't know if he knew
that I was in love with him.
How could you not know?
Does one ever know?
Does one ever know?
And so then what happened?
Well, then a couple of years
later, time passed, I left,
I came back to New York.
And then...
I was invited to this castle,
everybody in Paris has a castle.
Everybody in Paris has a castle!
- No, it's true!
- No, it is true!
I've got a castle! I do!
Aaron's got a castle.
Mary's got a castle!
Mary's got an apartment
in New York and a castle!
Yeah, it's great...
yeah it's true...
I fell in love in Paris.
The architecture fit my body...
Why is that funny to you?
"The architecture fit my body!"
That makes complete sense to me.
I mean you've been to Paris,
haven't you?
- You have to go.
- Seriously?
Maybe because you're married
I shouldn't bring it up...
I'm sorry?
Are you just gonna light up
a cigarette without asking
if anyone's offended
or anything?
Oh, I'm sorry,
does that bother you? The smoke?
No! It doesn't bother me
if you smoke!
No that's great, be comfortable!
Make yourself at home!
I'm gonna get comfortable too!
I'm gonna get comfortable too!
- Lily!
- It's great!
We're all comfortable now!
Everybody kick back and relax.
This is great.
Kick off your shoes.
Have a good time!
I think that
we should get going.
You guys don't have to go.
Thank you. We'll do this
again another time.
- Alright...
- Bye, Lily.
- See ya, Mary.
- Thank you...
See you around!
I'm so sorry, Lily, I apologize.
Thank you...
That's a real fun night.
I made an ass
out of myself last night.
Is Aaron upset?
I don't know if he's upset
so much as disappointed.
You know, I embarrassed him
in front of his friends.
What do you think's going on?
I mean, are you okay?
Not really.
I feel like I should be cause
everybody's so happy
for me right now.
They keep congratulating me
that treatments almost over,
but I don't feel happy about it.
I mean I feel like treatment
was kind of the easy part.
God, I gotta find a job.
I have to start making money.
I have to think about
if I ever want kids.
- Aaron's just getting older!
- Okay...
I've got eggs
stored in a freezer!
- I'm hungover!
- Okay, that's a lot of stuff!
You can't figure all that
out at once.
That would make me
feel crazy too.
It'd make anyone feel crazy.
Just pick one thing to start
Did you go and see Patrick yet?
- Well...
- No, no...
Well that's one thing
that you can do.
It's not easy,
but you do that one thing,
and then that leads
to the next thing...
Before you know it...
you're doin' things.
So they wanted me to go in
and fill out papers,
I'm not filling out
any papers...
I just found that kitten
in the street just now.
It might be yours.
It was only a few blocks
away from the ASPCA.
But they wanted me to go in
and then file some papers...
File some papers?
Get the hell outta here!
Are they outta their minds?
I was thinking about keeping it
and taking it to you...
What color was it?
It had like a tiger stripe,
but brown and black.
It was a cute kitten, man.
Lemme call you back, alright?
- Lemme call you back.
- I'll talk to you.
Hi, I was wondering
if Patrick is here?
Oh, Lily.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- How are you?
- Good. How's it goin'?
- Good, good. C'mon back.
- Okay, thanks.
- Nice to see you.
- Good to see you too.
I actually saw Emily the other
day and asked about you.
I know! She told me you guys
ran into each other.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, come on back.
Have a seat please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Wow! That's really nice!
Yeah, so that's the same artist
that's out front:
Jessica Dickenson.
And this work was actually done
entirely on the back.
So what you're seeing
is basically
what's bleeding
through the surface.
That's so cool.
She's really doing well in
Thankfully doing well, so...
What brings you here?
I guess I just wanna know...
Are you hiring here? Or do
you need help in the gallery?
Or an assistant?
A job for you?
Are you still making work?
I am actually.
I've been working a lot lately.
Well, I just...
Hope you can understand
it's kinda awkward
that you'd be asking me
for a job.
I understand that you need
to make ends meet and stuff,
but I just feel like it's
such a misuse of your talent
to be working
some administrative job here.
I feel like I'd be doing
you a favor, actually,
if I didn't offer you a job.
And, I hope
you can understand, you know?
Hey! Chill out dude!
What the fuck is your problem?
Where are you going?
You scared the shit out of me!
- Fuck off, lady!
- You fuck off!
Good for you!
Asshole! You're stuck in
traffic now, you look stupid.
You believe this?
Well, you see on Broadway...
This fucking crazy guy
honking his horn like a nut!
You should go see how they block
off. Every day they blockoff.
It's fucking crazy!
Yeah, you're right!
Everybody's crazy!
Well, I got this asshole
honking at me!
And now he's stuck in traffic!
- Hey!
- Oh, Lily!
- Dylan!
- Lily! Oh my God!
I can't believe you're here!
You made it. You made it.
It's so great to see you,
it's so great to see you.
- It's good to see you too!
- How you doing? Good?
- Alright.
- Awesome.
Do you want a drink?
- Water?
- Water?
- Yeah water.
- Is that what you drink now?
- That's my thing!
- Water's my thing too!
Water or I drink olive oil too,
but tonight I'm drinking water.
So I'll join you in the water.
Have you seen Emily?
Because I don't like to leave
the house and so I invite them.
But I don't even want to
see them! They just come here!
And then you come in here!
No, then I take what I call
"the chosen ones"...
Oh wow!
And then I invite them
into my realm.
- But I've always been like...
- Private party...?
I've always been like this,
even when I was a kid.
I would lock the door and my
parents would bang on the door,
and they would try and get in
and I'd say,
"You can't come in,
this is my sacred place!"
Finally they'd say,
"We don't care about your sacred
place, you're grounded!
They tried way too hard and
they could never get it right.
And as a result,
we're not even that close.
But you must be close
to your parents
My dad, I haven't even talked to
him in years so I feel like...
Even now?
Like with all this stuff?
No! We haven't talked in years.
I know but this is like...
You can't...
Lily, this is some real shit,
you know?
I know, but what do, you just
call somebody
you haven't talked to
in so long and say,
"Oh hey, it's been awhile.
I have cancer. "
- You haven't called him?
- No.
You should call him for money!
I mean how are you gonna
pay your bills?
How can you not tell your dad?
I've been thinking about
telling him cause
I feel like
it's kind of ridiculous...
It is kind of ridiculous
that you haven't told him.
I know, but...
And not to mention
it's kind of ridiculous that you
continue to wear that wig.
Is it ridiculous?
Kind of!
I know "this" is ridiculous
and doesn't look like my hair.
No it doesn't.
- But it's so...
- You.
Different from what you guys,
no! My hair underneath!
So she has hair
underneath the wig?
Because when you get radiation,
it starts to grow back.
It's when you're on chemo that
it falls out
and it's not growing.
- Are you a magician...?
- Is it anything like this?
It can't be worse
than this, right?
Look! And this is genetic.
I didn't have to go to the
hospital to get this to happen.
- Will you just take it off?
- It looks really cute.
- Come on.
- We should just see it.
- It looks sweet.
- Take it off...
She's gonna do it!
She's gonna do it!
- Oh my God!
- This is so embarrassing!
I'm not watching you intently.
Yes, I am.
- Look at you!
- That looks amazing.
- It's so short!
- So what? It looks incredible!
It used to be so long.
But it's not,
it used to be so long though!
I've been hiding it
while it grows back in.
I don't have a problem...
Look if it makes you feel
better, I'll go out like this.
You have to go out like that!
- Okay.
- Oh my god!
It looks way better on you!
I can't believe
that you wear this wig.
I'm just not...
Never again. Never again.
This is so much...
You're beautiful.
You need to continue wearing
that wig, I'm can say that.
That looks amazing on you.
- That is...
- This wig...
- Seriously!
- I have to say...
I love it on him, are you
kidding me! Put it back on!
Someone is getting laid tonight.
Lemme tell you.
- On the safe bed...
- It could be the wig.
In the safety zone!
I'm gonna fuck this wig.
Oh, you're laughing
at that, right?
Yeah, I think
that's the happiness of it.
That's the being alive of it.
Being born again every day...
Well, you're constantly
being born and dying,
and born, and dying, and born,
and dying and born...
I feel like once you lose that
way of looking at the world,
when you lose that sense of
wonderment about
the things around you,
what do you have left?
Well, you've got...
You've got stocks, you've got
bonds, you got shoes, you got...
And you need
more and more of it.
You know,
you ain't got nothin',
but you got a lot of shit.
How are you?
I'm good, how are you?
Well, thanks.
Good to see you.
Thank you.
I made this for you.
- You made this?
- Yeah.
It's not bad.
You cut your hair,
I almost didn't recognize you.
I think you look better
with longer hair.
So it's been awhile.
It's been three years.
Well, you haven't called me.
Well, you could try calling me
too. Works both ways...
When I didn't hear
from you, I just assumed
you didn't have anything to say.
So that's it?
Three years and you don't have
anything else to say to me?
What do you want me to say,
I don't know. How about:
"How's your life been?
"What's been going on?
What have you been up to?
"I really wonder what
my only child has been up to?"
Look, I have a lot of stuff
I need to do today.
Oh, okay.
Was there something you wanted?
Why did you come to see me?
I came to see you
because you're my dad.
I'll show myself out.
Great seeing you.
I'm glad you're well.
- Hello!
- Hi!
And how do you feel about it?
I don't know yet...
I'm not sure.
Lemme take one last look
at the radiation burn.
I hope we didn't damage you
too badly.
I don't think you did.
I was using the aloe
the whole time so...
- Okay.
- I feel like it did okay.
It looks pretty good.
Mild erythema
but no pustules. That's good.
It's gonna heal
on its own pretty much,
but it's healing well.
- Yeah?
- Yep.
You're young...
Well, are your big plans now?
I guess just take it
one day at a time.
Smart answer.
So we're going to see you
in about six months...
You're gonna go to the front
desk and make an appointment.
- You'll be well.
- Thank you.
- See you.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- How much is it again?
- Eleven fifty.
- Bonjour!
- Salut!
- How was your day?
- Great.
- You must be happy it's over.
- Yeah.
I'll just take my jacket off,
I'll be right back.
I know you don't want
to celebrate, but I thought
maybe we could go out
for dinner tomorrow?
Maybe grab some sushi?
Yeah, maybe.
I got some good news. I was
offered a job for two weeks
in Paris next month.
It's actually great
because I thought we could
make it coincide
with the trip we were planning.
Have you thought more
about our trip?
Lily, have you thought
more about our trip?
- Lily, hey, you're back.
- Yeah.
I don't have too much time,
I have some people in the back.
Can I just steal you
for a second?
The other day I came in here,
I asked you for a job,
I have no idea
what I was thinking.
That's not what
I wanted to ask you.
I wanted to know
if you would come by
and take at look at
what I've been working on.
I don't know, Lily, you know...
I know I fucked up.
And I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I just want you to come by
and take a look.
That's it, just take a look
at what I've been working on.
Alright well, why don't you
give me a ring tomorrow
and we'll see if we can schedule
something for next week.
Yeah, let's give it a try.
- Okay, so, next week?
- Next week.
Yay! Thank you Patrick!
Thank you!
Mistral Artist