Limbo (2021) Movie Script

-Her condition is stable.
-Wait for a while.
But she's suffering from shock.
The MRI scan shows nothing unusual.
But she's not responsive.
She's probably suffering from PTSD.
Wong To.
Wong To.
It's okay.
Thank you.
All right.
Wong To.
Cham wanted me to tell you...
I'm sorry.
-Did you find anything?
Chuen, send two more officers over.
Watch out, Cham!
-How long have you lived here?
-A few years.
When are you usually here?
Around 6 or 7 p.m.
Have you seen any strangers?
Many people come here
to toss their garbage.
Have you seen anyone suspicious?
Think harder.
-That old man called it in.
Has the coroner arrived?
We called him.
He'll arrive in about ten minutes.
What are you doing? Shut up!
Don't you hear the noise?
Tell them to pipe down. We're working!
Yes, sir.
Ma'am, calm down and speak slowly.
Shut up and stand over there!
Another left hand?
He conned my money.
You take up-skirt photos.
Is my sister dead?
Is my mom going to jail?
A newspaper from two years ago.
Who would keep that?
Let him in.
Thank you.
Let me introduce you.
Will Ren.
Remember I told you he's number one
in the police academy?
He'll be your new boss.
Cham Lau.
Everyone calls him Cham.
-He's very experienced.
He'll be working with you.
Learn more from him.
Have a seat.
Carry on.
It's confirmed that
the severed hand found yesterday
belonged to a woman.
It was a left hand.
According to the autopsy,
it was severed by a rusty, blunt tool.
The same occurred
in the case two weeks ago.
Let's see when the suspect
will dump the body.
Or maybe we just haven't found it yet.
Perhaps the victim is still alive.
Hospitals have no record of her.
With a wound like that,
would she still be walking around?
How about black-market doctors?
Did you check?
Do you think this is a movie?
Did you notice a smell
at the two crime scenes?
The smell of decaying corpses?
The smell of garbage.
In any case, that's a clue.
Everyone, keep your eyes open.
Check garbage dumps in the area.
I don't want to have a third case.
Tong, clean up the desk for Mr. Ren.
Move to the other desk.
Thank you.
What's wrong?
My wisdom tooth is growing.
The first victim was a missing person,
a call girl.
We haven't found the second victim yet.
She hasn't been identified.
Cham, how would you investigate this?
On foot.
Please do not dump mud or garbage here
Pay attention
if this was
where the first murder took place
and if there are any rusty tools.
Search carefully.
Maybe we can find the other limbs.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Sir, do you need help?
No, thank you.
What a pain, getting in my way!
Why is he searching here?
What can he find?
East City Daily
26th November 2015, Saturday
This is from two years ago.
The smell is different.
Can garbage smells be categorized?
Hey, it's Cham from Crime Unit.
Is the report out?
The prints on the second severed hand.
We know the second victim's identity.
She was released from prison
two years ago.
But she got involved in fights and thefts.
She was in and out
of the juvenile home many times.
There was nothing we could do to help her.
How about her family?
They have a bad relationship.
No one cares about her.
Does anyone know her whereabouts?
Wong To!
You forgot your bag.
-Thank you.
-You can do it.
Got it.
-Bye, get going.
If you have any further information,
-please contact us.
-No problem.
Thank you.
Social security field unit
Leung Tai-shing, window two.
Was that Wong To earlier?
-Leung Tai-shing, window two.
When was she released?
A few weeks ago.
She's now working in a garage.
Since she's well-behaved,
her monitoring period might be reduced.
Hip Lik Garage
Sir, is something wrong?
Thank you.
Who is Wong To?
Chan's Garage
Aren't we going back to the precinct?
Buy an ice pack for your tooth.
It will make you feel better.
And get me some cigarettes.
Where is Wong To?
She went out.
She's already dead.
How would I know?
You're crazy!
You'll break it!
You're crazy!
You'll break my arm!
You're crazy!
It's broken!
What are you doing?
-Wong To...
-Where is she?
Let go!
Tonight at Union Garage.
Who is Wong To?
What case are you investigating?
Cham Lau.
I'm talking to you!
Get off the car.
Tell me what is happening.
Boss Spark.
Get lost.
Get to work!
Put the car in the cargo.
Get to work!
Move back. There's more space.
An officer!
Thank you.
I only steal cars.
Do you really need to kill me?
I served my time!
What more do you want?
Stop it!
You're f crazy!
Where are my clothes?
They are still in the dryer.
They're still hot. You can wear them?
Thank you.
What's the rush?
The earliest bus.
-Anywhere is fine.
-120 dollars.
Actually, police officers are humans too.
We have emotions.
When provoked, we can get hotheaded.
It's understandable.
Sir, we're not ordinary people.
We carry guns to enforce the law.
Even if the girl actually killed his wife,
he can't take the law into his own hands.
I don't want a colleague
to become a criminal.
You have a point.
Do as you see fit.
Thank you, sir.
Give me back the gun.
Give me back the gun!
Give it back.
You really think
you're still fit to be an officer?
Stop the bus!
Goods pick-up.
Sir, CIB reported that the second victim's
Octopus card was just used.
She's really still alive.
Shut it. Choose one first.
Have you seen this girl?
Sir, I need some change.
Twenty dollars.
Sir, her Octopus card was just used again.
What's the matter?
Does this Octopus card belong to you?
Kin Fung Hardware
Wu Brothers Transport
I found it here.
-Take him back.
-Yes, sir.
What are you planning to do?
Cordon off the area.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Call the coroner.
It's not the body from the two cases.
The tattoo is different.
We're at the scene
where a female corpse was found.
As you can see, the police
have already sealed off the area.
I'm sorry!
Miss, what's the problem?
Massive hemorrhage is the cause of death.
I found rust in the wound.
The cut is not clean, but very rough.
It was probably caused by a blunt object.
She was sexually assaulted before death.
Her nasal mucosa was damaged.
She was probably a ketamine addict.
Time of death?
About a week ago.
Thank you.
The victim is not a legal resident.
Immigration has no records of her.
She's probably an illegal immigrant.
One was a call girl.
The other one was a juvenile delinquent.
Then this one was a drug addict
without an identity.
None of them were decent people.
The killer is either insane
or a drug addict.
Let's try to find drug dealers.
Maybe they knew the victim.
I already apologized.
Can't you forgive me?
I can be your informant.
That should be enough.
Boss Spark and Grizzly smuggle cars.
Man-sing, Mei-sing.
Fake credit cards.
Breaker, 9782...
Consider it my payback to you.
Don't worry,
he can already get discharged.
I just want an able and healthy wife.
I want my daughter back.
I'll do anything
if you can give those back to me.
What's the matter?
It's so early in the morning.
I need to take my daughter to school.
Why are you arresting me?
Shut it! Keep quiet!
Don't speak.
Everyone, squat down.
-Squat down!
-Squat down!
Shut it!
Squat down!
-Shut up! Squat down!
Boss Spark, Grizzly,
Man-sing, Mei-sing, and Breaker.
Smuggling, fake credit cards,
drug dealing, and gambling.
They're all here.
Did I get them all?
Do you want me to die?
Thank you.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Take Ms. Wong away.
Yes, sir.
Ms. Wong, you can go now.
Watch out.
This way, please, Ms. Wong.
-This way.
-Watch your step.
-Let Ms. Wong through!
-Let her through!
-Watch your step.
-Let Ms. Wong through!
Darn you!
You took another beating?
Get me the dirt on the drug dealers.
Everything is here.
Where are you going?
I don't want to die.
This is fine.
That's all the help
that we need.
Actually, you have a choice.
There's no need to do this.
I don't even know who's who.
-He will come back.
-We will do something.
Yau Lei Mahjong School
There's no prawns recently.
Who is it?
Stand there.
Go inside, you're pregnant.
Come here.
Have you seen her before?
I don't know her.
Was she your customer?
I don't know her!
Give me your ID card.
Leave my customers alone!
You need information, right?
I haven't seen that girl before.
She's surely not my customer.
Talk to Ghost at Sai King Street.
Maybe he knows her.
Bring more friends.
All right.
Don't run!
What's the matter?
Do you know her?
Look carefully! Was she your customer?
She is Coco's customer.
Where is Coco?
You think it's easy
to find those bastards?
Get your priorities straight.
I'm sure you know where Coco is.
If I find her, will you forgive me?
Wah, let's eat.
Come here, time to eat.
Who is it?
It's me, Wong To.
You witch!
Let go.
-You rat!
-Let go of me!
Do you know her?
Look carefully.
She was your customer.
What proof do you have?
Says who?
What happened to you?
I had an accident when I was young.
What a coincidence.
We found a dead body
with a missing hand too.
We also found two other hands.
Both are left hands.
Did you chop them off?
You did it
out of jealousy.
You chopped off the hands
when the victims were alive.
Were you high?
Or do you have a kinky fetish
or sexual desire?
Did you act alone?
Could you have done it by yourself?
Who did it then?
Your boyfriend?
Are you covering for him?
You two rubbish are also
into love and romance.
You got bored
and decided to try a threesome?
Rape and then murder.
We're not as perverted as you.
Yes, we are rubbish.
So what?
In this world,
he is the only one who cares about me.
Don't leave me.
You won't understand
how it feels to be treated like trash.
Nobody wants us.
He can only stare at a photo and say,
He speaks Japanese?
So he did it?
-You're crazy!
-Let me guess.
You helped capture those girls for him.
That's crazy.
That's crazy.
That's crazy.
Come back to the precinct with us.
Where's his hideout?
In the park behind the market.
Let's go.
You can leave.
He's down there.
Fine Charcoal Drawing
Fine Charcoal Drawing
-Up there!
-Up there!
Don't come near me!
Stay where you are!
You're dead!
Open up!
-You witch! Open up!
-Open up!
-Open up!
Open the door!
Come in.
Grizzly, get people to the alley.
Why did you abandon me?
-Don't run!
Where are you going?
Where are you running to?
What's the hurry?
Sirs, please don't kill me.
Please let me live.
I'm begging you. Please let me live.
Go and die!
You witch!
-Kill her!
-Kill her!
-Kill her!
-Kill her!
-You're so dead!
-Kill her!
You're putting up a fight?
Go and die!
-Kill her!
-Kill her!
You're putting up a fight?
You are dead meat, you witch!
Come out!
Come out!
Come out!
Get lost!
Move it!
Do it!
-Shoot us if you can.
-Do it!
Go ahead!
-Kill her!
Give me back the gun.
Go away.
Give me the gun.
Wong To!
Wong To!
Wong To!
What happened?
Wong To took my gun.
Where is my gun?
Where is it?
I don't know.
Give it back!
Wong To!
-Where is my gun?
-I don't know.
Where is it?
-Where is it?
-I think I dropped it.
Where is the gun?
Where is it?
Why are you treating me this way?
I'm asking you, where is the gun?
I'm really scared.
This is so hard.
I don't want to die.
I want to live.
I don't want to die.
Where is the gun?
If we can't find the gun, you're screwed.
Please forgive me.
The killer was here.
Where is she?
Where is she?
Incoming call
Was she taken by the killer?
Incoming call
Please step back!
Don't interfere
with police investigations.
Please step back!
Ma'am, did you call the police?
Yes, sir.
A girl is lying over there
covered in blood.
What do you want?
-You can't go in!
-We are police officers!
Sir, please call the coroner's van.
-Got it.
-Thank you.
We have checked the body.
There's nothing suspicious.
Call the coroner's van.
What are you doing?
Who are you calling?
I'm telling Chief that I lost my gun.
Are you crazy?
There's another victim.
And Wong To is missing.
I lost my gun too.
Do you want to get sacked?
We'll find a way to figure this out.
We'll find a way to fix it.
Give yourself a chance.
Let me deal with Chief.
Get some rest first.
Take care of your wife.
What happened?
I'm fine.
Go home first.
-Chui Sir.
Yes, Mr. Cham?
I need the immigration records of Japanese
nationals in the last three years.
-You're not following procedures again?
-I'll send the request form later.
Here's everything you asked for.
One Japanese visitor
overstayed for nine months.
We can't locate him.
Who are you?
I'm the landlord.
I thought you were the tenant.
Is this him?
Yes. It's him.
I haven't seen him in six months.
He's behind in his rent.
How can I find him?
He doesn't have a phone.
I thought
I'd wait for him to come back
for his things and evict him.
Missing Young Girl Feared Dead
Please forgive me!
Come on.
Why won't you eat?
Let go!
Cham, I found something. Come.
Cham, have a look.
A shoe print.
I just found it.
It happens
to be the same
as the one where we found the corpse.
I tried it several times.
He should be wearing worn-out shoes.
Come to think of it now,
the other night,
I saw a guy collecting garbage.
He might be the killer.
He might have also found my gun.
This should be his shoe print.
Is this him?
It was too dark to get a good look.
Did you look for him?
He was evicted for not paying his rent.
He collects garbage.
He has no money.
He wears worn-out shoes.
He should be a homeless guy.
Let's find him now.
There are a lot of homeless people
in this area.
Regardless, we must find him.
Let's go.
Let's check on foot.
Wong To is running out of time.
The killer must have taken the subway.
It would be easy, just carrying a hand.
But he can't walk far
carrying a human body.
He should live nearby.
Have you seen him?
Have you seen this guy?
Let's call for backup first.
Don't act alone.
Make the call.
Look after her.
Where is the girl?
Darn it!
You think I'm crazy?
You think I'm insane?
The gun the killer found
belongs to me.
The gun the killer found
has a different serial number.
It belonged to Cham.
Cham was the one who lost his gun.
Cham Lau, 0811
Will Ren 2904, Cham Lau 0811
Cham Lau 2904, Will Ren 0811
Wong To.
Cham wanted me to tell you...
I'm sorry.
I forgive you.
Please live well.