Linda Linda Linda (2005) Movie Script

We can't let anybody
tell us that when we are no longer children,
that we become adults!
We don't stop being children at heart.
Where are we really going to be?
Are things really going to be okay like this?
As long as we stay ourselves,
a little bit of us remains...
Graduating class of 2004, Shiba High School...
And, cut!
How was that?
Uh... one more take?
The last part?
Tomayashi, I have to go...
Hold on a sec
The last part?
Where she says "...2004, Shiba High School,"
there isn't much "impact"
Impact? Impact huh? Well how should we do this?
Well, I guess the first take was okay...
Good enough?
Alright then, it's okay!
Is it really okay like that?
If you like, we can do it once more...
Once more? We can go once more.
Maybe it's best to redo it.
Umm... so what am I doing?
What do I have to do?
Let's do that last line once more, please.
OK, let's do this.
Like before... ready?
2004, Shiba High School...
"Linda Linda Linda"
Is Kei here?
Probably in the club room
She's been holed up in there all morning,
she's not listening to anyone
Coming with me?
Umm... not now, I'll see you later
Where's Kei?
Masami said she's in the club room
How are you? Good?
I'm taking pills for the pain
I'm headed for the usual spot.
Wanna come with?
No, it's better if I don't.
What happened before... it's ok
Those two are too irritable
You know, they're touchy
Anyway... I'll see you later.
Good day
There's still a bit more left to do.
I'll print the rest for tomorrow
Hmm... maybe we should make flyers and distribute them
It's alright, I'll take care of the rest.
Are you stressed?
Really, you should have more fun
Well... I'm heading back to the classroom.
If you need me, call, ok?
So, why was Imamura's injury the reason for their fight?
I told you, I don't know
Did you ask them?
I tried, but it was useless
They didn't say?
Not a word.
Kei Ichibana and Rinko Muramoto are so alike
They're made from the same mold
Is it okay? Imamura's injury, I mean.
From what I've heard, she dislocated her finger
playing basketball in gym class
The middle finger; it might be broken or just sprained.
So they asked me to sub
For what?
For the band
Rinko asked me to play guitar...
But yesterday she said it doesn't matter anymore
I asked 'why? ' but she won't answer.
And the others... do they know?
They aren't saying.
But they probably just don't know...
But isn't it your job as organizer to resolve problems?
Why don't you ask them personally what's going on?
Wouldn't that be better?
Seen Kei?
She was here a second ago. She just left
Is it true that Kei and Rinko had a fight?
Who'd you hear that from?
Everybody knows
Don't go telling everyone... leave them be
Yeah I know... always the same story!
Well, yeah... that's how they are
Do you already know everything?
Who started it?
According to you, who started it?
I don't know, Rinko maybe?
And for Moe...
It wasn't nice that she already had a replacement
right after she got hurt
I don't think Kei got pissed just for that...
...just for that?!?
I thought the same thing...
Kei hates Rinko
That's not true!
I never said that
Well, anyway...
So, what's gonna happen?
The band... you still going to make it?
Hey Yamada
Is Tachibana there?
Told you that we'd find her here
Didn't you hear the PA? The teacher's calling you.
You need to speak with him
Abe wants to know what's up with the band
Oh right... what are you gonna do?
If you're thinking of quitting, we need to
reschedule everything
I'll take that as a no.
I'll do it!
I'll do it!
I'll play guitar!
Are you going to do it?
You've gotten quick at reading comics,
you know, Son?!
Because it's a comic I chose myself
When there are great stories, you read more quickly
So it's a quality of mine, right?!?
In that volume, Yuki first gets kissed
and then there's a stabbing
Don't ruin it
Don't worry, it's interesting
How about Shiina Ringo?
No, it's too difficult
And Puffy?
Are you kidding?
So you'll sing?
Oh... what should we do...
What are you doing?
What is that?
They were in the cabinet,
Princess Princess, the Boom
I don't recognize these bands
It's all old music
Oh, look, there are unicorns on this one
The Tamio band?
Mh, the Tamio band
How do you know them?
Oh, Jitarin Jin
That one you bought for me
is an earring in the shape of an
upside-down giraffe
What? A giraffe?
Turned upside down...
One more time, the giraffe is...
Upside down...
That can't be real.
Where is it?
Is it that ridiculous?
That isn't it!
I want to be beautiful
Because there is a beauty
that can't be photographed
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
If one day we meet
and speak to one another
I hope you will realize the significance of love
The first person to pass by there
will be our lead singer
Over there
What are you talking about?
You're singing then!
No more discussion.
You do it, Kei
I can't do both at once
Come on, it's not the first time
No really, I can't do it
What do you think about Moe?
Her voice isn't like The Blue Hearts
But it could be interesting...
I want it to be a girl
What are you guys doing?
Do we have to cancel everything?
I'll tell Abe
I already told him,
You already spoke to him?
Yeah, we're making the band...
We were thinking of doing The Blue Hearts
Just you three?
We're looking for our lead singer
You wanna sing for us Rinko?
Come on
Then let's do this again
Even if Moe's not here...
It's the Blue Hearts or nothing
I couldn't think of doing this without Moe
Alright, we'll find someone who wants to sing
You don't want to?
It's not that I don't want to, but...
What sense is there?!?
There doesn't have to be a reason
Son, Son, do you want to be part of the band?
You want to be the singer?
We're singing The Blue Hearts
Is that ok, or no?
That's fine
Good luck then
This is no good!
No, no! I can't!
Why not?
She can always learn Japanese
I mean, can she memorize this in time?
The same goes for us
I think that...
we should ask her first if she wants to do this
You're exactly right!
But Son responded about it,
without really understanding...
We're all caught up in this
Kei you're really irresponsible!
I said sorry
Then... if Son says she doesn't want to sing...
Fine, then I'll do it
Son, what do you say? Can you do it?
What's wrong?
Are you ok?
Hey, what's going on?
You ok?
Son, you're crying
Thank you
Do you always take this bus?
When you come to school...
You take this bus?
Then maybe we've already seen each other
Did I see you?
I've seen you
Oh... me, you've seen me?
I never thought about it
Since when?
Actually, I don't play guitar!
Oh keyboards
A while back I used to play the piano
so I don't really play guitar...
I can... do my best?
Of course, do your best
Alright, I'll explain how it works
Drink as much as you want for 560 yen
You're a student
so you can choose from the non-alcoholic ones...
Oh... I just want to sing
You can't just sing!
To be able to sing
you have to order drinks...
Just singing
Just to sing... instead of paying a fixed price,
you can order one drink; it'll cost you less...
...a Coke, a ginger ale,
a lime soda, an orange juice...
I told you, I only want to sing
Yes, I understand, but... it the first time you've been in a
place like this? That can't be possible...
Listen... if you don't drink, you can't sing
Oh, geez... that's weird...
It's like that everywhere
But I don't want to drink
If you don't drink, you don't sing!
But I don't want to drink
Then you can't sing
Oh, sorry
I'm hot, I'm hot, I'm hot
Be quiet
Do you know where my right hand is?
Do you know where my right hand is?
Um... it's disappeared
Kyoko! Kyoko!
There's a guy on the phone
Who is it?
A guy, a certain Kazuya Oe
Some guy, calls himself Kazuya!
What did you tell him?
Oh, hello
It's Oe...
Oh! Right...
The bananas were too small!
Ah... the bananas...
At that size, one should be enough for 4 people
Ah, for 4 people
So how many people should I prepare for?
Oh! Um... know anything...
about hotplates?
Oh, yeah, we have one.
Oh, really? Can you bring it tomorrow?
Sure, ok
Great... See you tomorrow then.
See you tomorrow
Mh, I'll bring it tomorrow
It's disappeared
I'll distribute posters
through the whole city to find her
It wasn't your fault, Moe...
you know...
It was a problem between Rinko and me
A fight
So you don't have to say sorry!
Rinko said exactly the same thing
But it's my fault, all the efforts,
all the things we did
have gone to waste because of my stupid finger...
I'm sorry
Tell them to come in
Good evening
Going to Kyoko's place?
Don't worry
Thanks for the guitar
Use it
It's much better than the other one
I'm going to play guitar
I can't explain the tears...
Today, tomorrow, and the day after
I'll try something
I'll seize the microphone
like nobody's ever seen it done before
I'll sing in a style
like nobody's ever heard before
And so
Do you know where my right hand is?
Kei... hey Kei.
It was terribile
This is the popcorn stand
Here you go
Thank you
This, on the other hand, sells fried spaghetti
You want a little?
The sales are going well.
I'm in front of the house of horror of class 3-2
Let's try going in
Let's go forward, let's go forward.
No, I can't
I'm off to make a delivery to the 5th class
I'm exhausted; why did I choose to do this?
Remember, it was your idea
I'm regretting it! But why do they want them delievered?
Kazuya, can you please take over for me?
I need to participate in the quiz.
A chocolate and banana
I want a chocolate and banana
Hey Yamada? Yamada, Yamada
Look at Kazuya's ears...
aren't they incredibly hairy?
Stop it
Don't be shy
Here you go
Hey, there's another hotplate.
Whose is it?
It's mine, I brought it
But I didn't ask you to
Did you call her?
No, I didn't
Sure, you couldn't have...
did Sachi call you?
Ah Rey! Take this raw dough
The delivery boy is too busy
Coming with me?
Don't be lazy
Sorry for being late. Where is everyone?
And where's Kyoko?
She hasn't shown up yet
We're ready... should we start?
I'll distribute posters through the
whole city to find her
I can't explain the tears...
Today, tomorrow, and the day after...
Thank You
Sorry, I have to go now...
When do you think you can get back?
Well, I can't promise anything
Come back by 4 if you can
We can't leave Kazuya to do all the work alone
Don't worry, I'll try to get back as soon as possible
A crepe with banana and chocolate
Okay, just a minute.
I'm sorry
You're late
What do we do?
I'm really sorry...
Kei always does this
Hey Kei
What? Yeah, I'm fine
What's up?
New boyfriend?
Only kidding!
This period? I'm recuperating,
I'm not doing anything
Studio Q? Yeah, it's open
Excuse me
Good day
Oh, Kei... I didn't recognize you
You look completely different in uniform
Something we don't usually see
Good day
Is Mr. Nakano there?
Mh, yes.
You said you were going to Tokyo
Yeah, next month
Are you driving there?
No, I'm leaving the car at home
My brother's going to use it
Oh, I see...
But I'll come back... at least once a week
Come and find me some time
So, what are you guys going to sing?
Ah, The Blue Hearts
Uh huh
Cool... And which songs?
'Linda Linda', 'My Right Hand'
and 'A Song Without End'
Cool, really cool!
You're staring...
You singing?
Are you in 3rd year?
Are you in Kei's class?
And you're also part of this club?
No? It's not like that?
I come from Korea
You're an exchange student?
Oh, but... cool...
And you are...
Kei's ex boyfriend?
You're nice...
I like you
What's wrong?
What's the matter?
It's this here
Can you do it?
The strap's all twisted.
- Do a banzai
(in the sense of "raising the arms")
- It's good like that
What are you doing?
Go outside, we have to practice
You're blushing...
Shut up
Do you have the energy?
We have to pratice... go!
Don't break anything
I'm going to wash the car
What's the matter?
Let's do this
You can see all your underwear
It's not going to work like this
It's like this... Masami...
and Moe were already friends from middle school
So then Moe joined
but then Masami left
Then Kei asked me to be part of the band
We were at the beginning of second year, right?!
Then, there were no more changes
and then yesterday, Son joined the group
Did you get all that?
Not really
Not really
Kei and Rinko were the only original members
Sure, they were the ones who started the band
Oh yeah?
So how did it end up like this?
There was hatred between them...
because they were too close of friends
But, you know about harsh words, right?!
Actually, my parents were like that
They're cold
- Here girls!
- I want that one
What were we talking about?
So, what shall we call the band?
Right, we can't use the one from before
We need to concentrate on playing well!
It's important!
It's my motivation...
It's like when you give a vicious dog a name
you grow accustomed to it, and they can't be separated
From appearances, she likes to lead
What... Why not?
I didn't say it was a bad idea
Yeah, I like it that way
I didn't say anything
What's wrong?
Come on, change the topic...
We can never forget moments like this!
I want to say, what Kyoko said on the fact is important
I understand what you're trying to say...
We'll probably be so preoccupied and
concentrating during the concert...
that we won't remember anything...
Look, Masami is angry,
but it's not my fault
Don't laugh
It's not funny.
Don't laugh
Don't laugh
That's so rude
Come on, don't get mad
Like a rat,
I want to become beautiful
Because there's a beauty
That can't be photographed
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
If one day we meet
and speak to one another
I hope you will realize the significance of love
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
Japan-Korea Cultural Interchange
Hey Kei
Have a seat
You want some juice?
What kind?
This one!
What are you doing?
The manga bar
You're my first client
Lend me your guitar
You're not playing this year?
Everyone else graduated...
You can always perform on your own
It's not fun to play without the others
Are you still going to Tomoki's concerts?
Oh... You broke up?
I heard you're transferring to Tokyo next month
Rinko and the others?
- Hmm?!
- For tomorrow
We were going to... but then Moe got hurt
and a bunch of stuff happened
So, what, you're not playing?
No, no... we're playing
but not original songs...
So then?!
Once you're there, it's enough to just play!
What are you playing?
The Blue Hearts
Linda, Linda, Linda
Tomoki once played
The Ramones and other stuff
Blue Hearts eh!?
Nozomi, let's go
Nozomi wake up
She never gets up!
What do I have to do?
Smack her on the head
Nozomi, let's go
It's not working
Maybe if you plug her nose
Good day
Let's go
Let's go
Son, let's go
What is it?
It was here on the bench
It's in Korean.
What's written there?
Please, come to the prop room at 2
What time is it now?
Ten minutes to 2
Are you going?
I'm not going
You have to go
I'm not going
Come on, go!
Hey, it's Maki
Who is that?
Hey, hey, hey...
on this side
What's happening?
Ahh, Yusaku
What does Maki want from Son?
I'm not sure, they often cross paths
when he goes to throw out the trash
and he's in love
What!? Love at first sight?
It must have been!
Good day
Yes, good day
We always see each other at the incinerator
The incinerator, the incinerator
Oh, the incinerator
We always see each other at the incinerator
I don't remember
I will go... always... to the incinerator...
to see you
I... come... to... school... to... see you
What's going on?
I love you
Oh... yeah
Ummm... I have to go do rehearsals...
Son, I love you
Can I go now?
I said I love you
I don't dislike you, but I don't really like you either
My friends... I want to stay with them...
What did you say? Ok?
Hey, wait Son...
Professor, this is the lineup for tomorrow
The timetable?
It's all there
Oh! Here
Oh, this
But things are still flexible.
Well... I hope I can manage as things go along
Mh, I understand.
The juniors will prepare
everything tomorrow morning
So... Everything's in order
Hey Marumoto
Kei, Kyoko and the others...
are in another band?
That's what I heard...
I see
So... you can tell them
they don't have to do rehearsals in secret
Good or bad...
the school festivals, in my time...
Can I go now?
Sure, go ahead
Hey... Wait!
Tell them what I just told you
Son, I don't need three heads,
one's enough
I didn't find it
Seek and you shall find
One for me, one for Son...
So we can buy two
Why do we need to get two?
Then get one for Nozomi
But that's not fair
Why not?
Oh, whatever, we'll get this one
since there are four types
But I said I wanted the pudding
Wait, what are these?
I only have a thousand yen, go put these back
And dessert?
Mom made a little jello
Put them back
Which one?
This one
This is Nozomi from last year
And this is Kobayashi
Look at their hair!
It's all messed up
And her? Is it Mitsuo?
No, although they do look alike
Incredible, look at them
and this is Kazuya Oe
It's him...
except he had long hair
Is he the guy you like, Kyoko?
In these matters, the first to ask
has the advantage
Oh, Kazuya Oe!
Were you in class together?
Only last year
If you don't tell him now
you'll miss your chance
You're talking nonsense
I don't understand anything
It's better if you tell him you like him
He's single
I know,
Even Maki gave it a shot
It's Yamada...
Sorry if I couldn't help much today
Oe, are you free tomorrow?
The concert?
Yeah, we're doing it, but...
can we meet before the concert?
Just for a bit...
Hey, what time is the concert tomorrow?
The concert's at 3:30, so
we'll meet at 2:30 in the prop room, ok?
Okay... see you tomorrow
Did you ask him?
You want to play "Whack-a-mole"?
Try our fabulous wurstel
You want a massage?
It'll make you feel so much better
Oden, most delicious oden...
Sweet crepes for sale
Delicious fried spaghetti
Try some
I would like to thank you very much
for coming here
Today is the last day of performances
And so, we are truly honoured
Oh... Now I introduce to you
the sleepy band...
because we stayed up all night working
On drums!
She always skips rehearsals... but...
she's nice, Kyoko
On bass!
Her cooking is a little salty
and she's also a little shy
but she's cute, Nozomi
On guitar!
She has an irritable character
Look out when she's angry
but she's really sweet,
she's the one who recruited me
And singing
Son! Good, let's begin!
Like a rat,
I want to become beautiful
Son, let's begin
...but the dreams will always come true!
Nearly asleep in your eyes,
lies a dormant heart
these tears are ready to flow
I can't explain them
Today, tomorrow, and the day after
I'll try something
I'll seize the microphone
like nobody's ever seen it done before
I'll sing in a style
like nobody's ever heard before
And so
Do you know where my right hand is?
It's good
It's good
No, the guitar was amazing
We're not finished here!
It's not a mistake to await a miracle!
We can't let high school days
become just memories
This wind... is the same one that will blow
the day after tomorrow
The will and the courage will remain here
This is our kingdom!
2004 Shiba High School festival
Final day
We'll bring the drums and
the freshmen can do the rest
Hey wake up
What's going on?
It's morning
We need to bring all the
instruments and props out
It's going to be a fun-filled day of hard work
Good luck
This line is for kids
And that one is for adults
Wow! Bullseye
Son, good morning
Hey, you have a friend
Who is it?
No, no
From there
I'm starting
No, wait a minute
We're not finished
That's fine
I'm starting then
Hold on hold on...
Excuse me, sorry
Ok, we can make some mistakes but
we have to try to play to the end
Kyoko you're not so slow
Play your piece for a second
- Yeah, that's good
- Good?
Shit... I'm going to wash my face
for making me part of the band
What... all of a sudden?
I just wanted to say it
Thank you Son, for joining us
We're both thankful
The concert's today,
let's do our best
What's going on?
Kei, happy birthday
Oh mom
Kei, happy birthday
Happy birthday Kei!
They said your hands were too small... so
Try it
Happy birthday
Uh-oh! Our long voyage is coming to an end
Thank you
Now we'll do our last piece
Mika... miMika... mi.
Don't we have to call the next group?
note, the boy's name is Mikami
The next one is... Kei's band...
Someone go find Kei's band.
Makoto, you go
Imamura, have you seen Kei and the others?
The Tenchiram have already finished?
No, but there's not much time left
and I can't find Kei
Hold on
What is this stuff? Alcohol?
The Budo theatre, from up here,
is smaller than I thought
The view is completely different when it's full
Today there are guests who came here
especially for you, Kei
The Ramones and Mr. Taki
Hmm? What?
To say "what"'s a
life that I'm waiting for
What's going on?
Hello, Yamada, hello
What should we do?
For the moment, Moe can do something
Good luck
...well... I'll sing you something
The water is wide
I can't cross over
and neither have
I wings to fly
Build me a boat
Oh no
Oh, love is gentle
and love is kind
The sweetest flower
when first it's new
But love grows old
and waxes cold
and fades away
like morning dew
I'm Nakajima
Here we go
We are scattered,
Even when we meet from time to time,
we do not speak to one another
You still haven't found them?
Yeah, you're right but...
Anyway, there's not much time
let's go somewhere we can be alone...
Oh! Oe called
Sorry, I forgot to tell you
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
I forgot the bass in the studio
but I can always borrow one from the school
Are you crazy? Go get it
But we'll be late
Go get it!
Imamura, Kei hasn't arrived yet.
Please, one more song
Just until they arrive
Another song?
Mh, ok
...magnificent... it flows from you
I'm living with total abandonment!
Son, Son, you ok?
You can put it down
Everything's fine, I'm ok
Excuse me, I'm late
I know... What happened!?
Let's get started
Rambling here and there,
vagabond, vagabond
Also with the passing of the years
You're late
Excuse us
Where were you?
And what were you doing?
Makoto, bring a towel
Where's Yamada?
Can they begin?
There's no more time
What? We can't play?
There's not even 10 minutes...
Ok, let's go
There's no more time
Yes, I heard
It's your fault, you know
I know
Are you ok?
Not really
Good luck
Finally you got here
I'm sorry
Good luck
You're up
How'd it go?
I wasn't able to tell him
Um... we are
The Paran Maums
Like a rat,
I want to become beautiful
because there's a beauty
that can't be photographed
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
If one day we meet
and speak to one another
I hope you will realize the significance of love
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
Like a rat
more gentle than any other
Like a rat
warmer than any other
Even if it's not love, it's affection
I won't let you go
I have only one power
very strong
that can never be defeated
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda
The Paran Maums
At 3:30 in the gym
We sing a song without end
for this shitty world
We sing a song without end
for all the rabble
Mistreated in life,
I wept alone in the night
Until now, there were many times
I thought I wouldn't make it
But that moment of truth
scares you to death
For that, I've wanted many times to run away
We sing a song without end
For me, for you and for them
We sing a song without end
So tomorrow we can laugh
We sing a song without end
for the nights I wept alone
We sing a song without end
for the days which I've been dealt...
We sing a song without end
for this shitty world
We sing a song without end
for all the rabble
We sing a song without end
for me, for you and for them
We sing a song without end
So tomorrow we can laugh