Line of Descent (2019) Movie Script

[soft trumpet music]
[city noises]
[cars beeping]
Good evening, sir.
[people chatter]
[man blows]
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Nya
Happy Birthday to you!
[jazzy music in the background]
- Mama, Seema. Seema, Mama.
- Hello, Auntie.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Get rid of him.
Go, go!
Yes, sir.
[kitchen staff shouting]
[chef] Is the food ready, yeah?
[window rolls down]
[jazzy music in the background]
[car engine starts]
[jazzy music in the background]
[making baby sounds]
[photographer] Smile, sir!
Family photo!
Please, sir, smile!
- Hello, sir! Smile!
- Hey!
- [Nya shouts]
- Oh.
[all laughing]
- [Nya shrieks]
- Okay, okay, okay, okay!
- [thump]
- [man shrieks]
- Papa!
- Siddarth.
[boy cries]
All the best.
[both crying]
[wife sobs]
[guard snores]
[keys jingling]
[garage door clicks]
[light buzzing]
[buzzes door]
[door clicks]
I have to be at
the hospital early tomorrow.
[kicks door]
[shirt rips]
[moaning loudly]
[water running]
I've told you,
my neighbors can see
you coming in this late.
- What?
- Nothing.
This is for Nya's birthday.
Nobody's saying anything. It's just you,
and me
and this motherfucker.
There's no one else.
Do you love me?
Of course.
[party music]
You know,
You are the best
girlfriend ever.
Have I said this to you before?
Who the fuck are you, man?
No pushing. No pushing.
No, no pushing.
Baby, I'm dealing with it.
[crowd gasps]
Suraj, are you okay?!
[door opens]
[TV chatter in the background]
[soft dramatic music]
[door closes in the distance]
[doors close]
[door closes]
[light flicks]
[door closes]
- I'm sorry!
- No, baby. Don't be.
- [cars beeping]
- [people chattering]
Mahima. [chuckles]
Yes, okay.
We're still deciding.
Thank you, ma'am.
On a personal level,
let me tell you,
every child deserves
a good home.
[seat-belt unbuckling]
[man whistling]
- [whip cracking]
- [man shrieks]
- [man screams]
- [whip cracking]
[gentle music]
[door opens]
[church bells ringing]
- [they laugh]
- [knocking on door]
[door opens]
[keys jingling]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Bharat sighs]
[lips smacking]
[lips smacking]
[lock clicks]
[phone clicks]
[phone dings]
[closes counter]
- [gun fires]
- [they yelp]
[voice on speakerphone]
Thank you, doctor.
All the best.
[soft dramatic music]
[Nya cooing]
[engine starts]
[knocking on door]
[door opens]
[knocking on door]
[woman] Sorry.
[man and child screaming]
[gun cocks and fires]
I hope you got
a nice, warm welcome.
Great, sir.
[light jazzy music]
S.N. Kashyap, sir.
[plate clatters]
Emotionless bugger!
You know, when he heard
about your transfer.
I guess he didn't want to lose
a fine officer like you.
I'm just a regular cop.
It was a lucky break.
We were running after this
case for a number of years.
[phone vibrates]
- Just doing my job, sir.
- Hmm.
- Yes?
- [man on phone]
Good evening, sir.
Bharat Sinha's
just been reported dead.
Approximately two hours ago.
Inform Bates immediately.
- Yes, sir.
- Immediately, please!
- Thank you.
- Good night, sir.
There are no lucky
breaks in life.
You were not doing your job,
you were doing your duty.
Your job is doing
what is required.
Your duty is doing
what is right.
My duty is my job, sir.
Welcome on board, my son!
- Very proud of you.
- Thank you, sir.
Where did you get
a husband like this?
- Thank you, sir!
- Mm.
Tomorrow morning.
Ten o'clock sharp.
- Yes.
- In my office.
There's a gentleman
I want you to meet.
Sure, sir.
Enjoy your meal!
[gentle music]
Just be proud of yourself, no?
Like I'm of you.
It was a freak accident.
That's it.
[crowd chattering]
[gentle music]
It's not your fault.
[Indian themed music
in the background]
[fire crackling]
[phone ringing]
Deputy Commissioner,
Daniel Bates.
- Sir.
- U.K. Interpol.
I see you've already met Amin.
This is my associate,
Arjun Chole.
We'll try not to keep you.
shall we?
Bharat Sinha was the patriarch
of an important crime family
known to dealing
real estate pirating.
He has passed.
Mafia types you've heard,
usually hired by shady
builders and shadow outfits.
A part of Delhi-city's
infamous land mafia.
We are aware of half a dozen
families currently operating
in this fashion.
The Sinhas, namely Bharat,
even in death remain
the most unique.
To give you a better idea of
what we're dealing with here,
we must navigate
to the genesis
that is Bharat.
[gentle music]
[switch flicks]
[machine whirring]
Late 1940's,
Delhi. Independence.
End of an empire.
[people chatter]
Just as Her Majesty
packed her bags.
[camera clicks]
Bharat's first wife was pregnant
with their first child.
They would name him Prithvi
in honor of his twin brother.
A hard worker and a believer
in the new democratic India,
Bharat and his brother became successful
with a popular restaurant.
Life took a tragic turn when Prithvi
was met with an accident.
life-threatening injuries.
Prithvi? Prithvi?
[Daniel] The only way he could
survive was through extensive
surgical procedures.
[Bharat crying]
But in no way could
he carry the hospital's bill.
So he had no choice
but to sell his restaurant.
[baby crying]
[Daniel] Then, he waited
for his money.
And waited.
And waited.
The money would never come.
[nurse] Sorry.
[Daniel] As a result,
Prithvi died in
front of his eyes.
In a fit of rage, he went around
to the eldest brother's house,
stabbed him through
the heart with a steak knife.
Which means he got his
property back,
but Prithvi's needless death
left a hole in his life.
[Daniel] Until he met an interesting
named Morris Burns.
A British gangster
who happened to be
living in Delhi.
Bharat sold
everything to Morris,
and stuck
a criminal partnership.
Morris, the money,
the emotional support.
Bharat, a hungry and angry man
who knew Delhi's
people and places.
Many of his customers
and clients...
were our own police.
This is how
he slowly architected
the land mafia syndicate
under everyone's noses.
[phone ringing]
[man on phone]
Officer Singh, sir.
Yes, sir.
lit herself on fire in
front of their two sons.
Unable to live with
the monster Bharat had become.
It's ruled an accident.
Need I say more?
[people chattering]
[Daniel] Then,
a girl.
[Daniel] Neema.
[Amin] Neema Aziz.
Who became Neha Sinha
right at marriage.
[Daniel] When his new wife
joined the family
along with their
newly born son, Suraj.
Many operations disappeared
from our radars.
Local thuggery intensified
with his two adult sons
gaining more control.
[soft tense music]
You can't understand a man
without understanding
his family.
With family comes
a reason to live.
Bharat's eldest, Prithvi.
He's the general.
Acting CEO of the Sinha mafia.
He's a carbon copy of his
father in word and deed.
The middle son, Siddarth,
When he's boxed in,
he'll fight back.
Borderline psychotic
with a penchant
for savage acts of brutal,
sadistic violence.
He's also got
a hard-on for weaponry,
so it would come as
no surprise to us
if he pulled his family into
the international arms trade.
That or maybe stuck
it out alone.
This is where you come in,
Officer Raghav.
The moment we heard
of Bharat's demise,
we flew here to work
shoulder to shoulder
with your good Commissioner,
Shah and Amin.
We need someone
with your integrity
and experience in the trenches
to set a trap.
We need an officer new to Delhi.
Someone they can't manhandle,
like so many before.
Meet Manjit. He's been leading
maneuvers in both countries.
He and his team will fill you
in with all covert logistics.
Thank you, Manjit.
- Good luck, Officer Raghav.
- Thank you, sir.
[Nya cooing]
[Nya cooing]
[gentle music]
[soft trumpet music]
[soft tense music]
Anywhere away from this
fucked up city.
This is my fortune also.
I earn it.
We'll do it bigger
as partners.
With your father's name.
The man I love
Is a man bigger
than a TV salesman.
Your brother has betrayed you.
You need to get rid of him.
That's the only way, Sid.
He's a hindrance
between you and me.
When he's gone
we'll be together.
A new life.
A new family.
Hey? Pakistan, Afghanistan.
[soft dramatic music]
[phone ringing]
[gun firing]
- [gun firing]
- [motorcycle engine revving]
[chains rattling]
- [thump]
- [Prithvi grunts]
[masked man screams]
- [flesh slicing]
- [Prithvi yelps]
- [bones crushing]
- [man grunts]
- [gun fires]
- [man grunts]
[gun fires]
[gun fires]
[motorcycle engines revving]
[car door closes]
[ambulance siren]
I mean.
It's a miracle. You know?
Siddarth Sinha?
Oh, hello, Officer.
Hello, Doctor.
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
- Excuse me.
- Thank you.
Siddarth Sinha?
[sighs loudly]
Last question.
Oh, I'm sorry!
Thank you.
Nothing, sir.
[heart-rate monitor beeping]
[door opens]
[crows cawing]
Arms smuggling.
[machines whirring]
[laughs uncontrollably]
The material that
I've bought for you.
Straight from Russia.
Same place where you are from.
Do I sound like
I'm from Russia to you?
You fat fuck!
- [door opens]
- [footsteps approach]
I'm from Lake Timber, Alaska.
You know where
Lake Timber, Alaska is?
Of course you don't,
no one knows
where Lake Timber
fucking Alaska is.
That's where I'm from.
[cocks gun]
This is good metal!
Yeah, it is.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much!
So, tell you what, um,
I'll give you
twenty lacs now,
and you come back
tomorrow, and I'll
give you the other 20.
But we had a deal, no?
Fifty lac on delivery.
And I had so much of difficulty
bringing all this over here.
Look, look, look.
I'm just a simple businessman.
I work on day to day rates.
You called me yesterday
and the rate was fifty.
Today it's forty.
Tomorrow could be 20
or ten!
Point is!
You take what, Charu sir,
- gives you!
- Please don't do this, I...
Charu, sir,
I come all the way from Patiala,
My boss will kill me.
What will I tell him?
I have small children.
Alright. I'll tell you
what I'm going to do.
I'm going to have
my man Arvind here
write you
a beautiful letter
to give to your boss man.
No, it's going to be gorgeous,
you wouldn't believe
the la-de-da pretty crap
that comes out of this
guy's mouth sometimes.
Astonishes me.
I'm telling him all the time,
"You talk too much."
That's what I'll do.
So just leave the merch here,
we'll test it overnight.
You come back tomorrow.
And I'll give you
the other fifteen.
Pleasure doing
business with you.
Nice doing business
with you also, sir.
[workers chattering]
[machine whirring]
[metal clanking]
Yo, Smiley!
Why is this piece
of shit still here?
Sir, owner called us,
he's coming tomorrow, sir.
Wasn't he supposed to get
some big, fuck off spoilers
so he could fly
or something like that?
What's he going to pay for
this-- Nice interior!
What a piece of shit!
What am I running,
a parking garage here?
Siddarth Sinha wants
to meet you tonight.
[Indian themed music]
[party music]
Charu, sir.
Charu, sir.
- Fuck me in the ass!
- [Siddarth chuckles]
Look at you!
Oh, very happy to
see you, Charu sir.
Hell, how long has it been?
- It has been years!
- Years!
Look at you! You haven't aged.
What did you do? Like, drink
baby's blood or something?
Arvind! Arvind!
Come here, come here, come here.
This cocksucker says
that you tracked me down
because, uh,
you're looking to...
to buy some metal from
a few of my clients?
Yes, yes, sir. Yeah.
I'm sorry, I'm a little rude
with what I said
a moment before.
- No, no.
- You know? [chuckles]
- No, no.
- Yeah, yeah.
It's just the,
the stench that is our business.
You know, it's like...
the smell of just new money.
is something else, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- You, uh...
Worry nothing, Charu sir,
about anything.
You have my life as guarantee.
Alright, my brother!
- Alright.
- I pay your commission
tonight! Cash!
Hot damn! Alright, listen,
Arvind, he doesn't trust
people that well, you know?
I do, but, personally, fuck him.
I am inspired by your
bear-like confidence! [chuckles]
Whoo! Alright, Arvind,
why don't you two go
do the thing, and, uh,
go talk about
the, huh, huh, huh.
And go talk about
the boom-boom-booms.
It'll all be good!
Be nice to our new friend, okay?
Hey, listen, you want anything?
- You want, you want a bottle?
- No, no.
- You need to get a table here?
- No, no, I'm okay Charu.
- You need anything, I will hook you up!
- Yeah.
I'm the man!
Girls, where are you?
[people chatter]
[city noises]
[crows cawing]
[car beeping in the distance]
[Prithvi grunts]
[vehicle beeping]
[workers chatter]
[workers chatter]
[workers chatter]
[dog barking]
[glass shatters]
[Nya cries]
[soft lullaby music]
Don't worry about anything.
I'll take care of everything.
I trust you.
[lips smacking]
[seat-belt unbuckling]
[car door opens]
- [gun fires]
- [Suraj yelps]
[light lullaby music]
[phone ringing]
[man talking on phone]
[soft eerie music]
- [elevator dings]
- [man chatters on speakerphone]
[ambulance sirens
in the distance]
[man chatters on speakerphone]
[bag rustles]
[crows cawing]
[dispatcher on radio]
[cars beeping]
[cow mooing]
[city noises]
[dialing phone]
[party music]
[men chatter]
Hey! You!
- What you doing?
- Fuck off!
Say, guys.
Can you give us
a little space here?
Thank you.
Don't remember me?
Look at me! No.
- No?
- No.
I'm Charu uncle.
I'm your uncle Charlie!
Wow. You're a real
lady-killer, aren't ya?
[Charu sighs]
You know that, uh...
I used to...
bounce this
this little lady-killer
here on my knee.
I fed him ice-cream.
He spit back in my eye.
I probably had it coming.
So, how are your
brothers these days?
I have nothing to do
with my fucking family.
That's amazing!
That's the exact same thing
I told that chick over there
in that silver dress.
Before she blew me. [chuckles]
It's been a long time.
It's good to see you again.
I don't even know who the fuck
you are, man, I'm just--
Hey. Sit down.
You know something?
I can really help you
with your brothers.
Seriously. I could.
You want to be my friend.
- My friend!
- Okay!
He's got balls.
They're small right now,
but he's got them.
Easy, easy.
Come by my shop sometime.
Swing by.
Crack open the hood.
Take a look underneath.
See how your engine is running,
is it clean?
Is it well-greased?
Hell. I'll even throw in a
pair of windshield wipers.
You're going to need to
know where you're going!
Atta boy!
Oh, one more thing.
Fuck you, too.
- [man shouting]
- [machines whirring]
[electricity sparking]
I need partner like you
to strike fire with.
Charu, sir.
I bring the matches.
All my client and family name.
You and I together make
biggest partnership
in North India.
[sighs] I don't know
if this is for you, Sid.
It's a lot of baggage bringing
family into this business.
Oh. No, no, no! Charu, sir!
I don't like it.
It's not good for my health.
There's a reason why you don't
see me with the doting wife
and little Charus
running around the place.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[light flicks on]
[gun fires]
[gun cocks]
[gun cocks and fires]
- [crickets chirping]
- [birds singing]
[Bunny] Okay?
One, two, three! [grunts]
[crows cawing]
[fire crackles]
[people chattering
in the distance]
[metal clanking]
[workers chattering]
Have you ever held a gun before?
I'm not here for guns,
Charu sir.
I'm not an assassin
or a hitman.
I don't like killing people.
I just need you to help me.
Inspector, Raghav.
Hey, Officer.
[people chatter]
Um, Nya.
Hi, Nya!
May I?
What a big girl you are!
Mmmm, mmm, mmm!
[Raghav chuckles]
- [Nya cooing]
- Oh!
Thank you.
[Nya cooing]
[ambulance siren]
[workers chatter]
[metal clanking]
Got rid of him.
Just a token of dedication and
loyalty to you.
So, now...
you and I, equal partner.
Everything you
and I sell,
We go
I will bring you business,
hmm? That will...
stagger your...
fucking mind.
you are a great man!
[lips smacking]
[dramatic music]
What about that punky
kid brother of yours?
Oh, oh.
I will take care of him.
Soon enough, yeah.
- Yeah?
- Hmm.
Yeah, we have to look after our
business interest also.
[dramatic music]
[cocks gun]
[workers chatter]
[phone dinging]
[phone clicks open]
[phone clicks off]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[elevator dings]
[doors open]
Good to see ya.
Sit down.
[soft dramatic music]
I'm going to need a little
one on one time with the boy.
- But, I--
- You what?
Look, it's a room full of women.
Go get some pussy, will ya?
What is it with
people, you know?
It's like
they're always wearing masks.
Right? I got one, you got one,
everybody's got a mask on.
But every now and then
it slips a little bit
and you can see behind it.
And you find out
who they really are.
I've seen behind
your brother's mask.
The outside's a bully,
but behind it...
[phone clicks]
[Charu] I'm not
helping you because
I... could give
a shit about sympathy,
or because I have
a bleeding heart, or
because I want to help you
avenge your dead girlfriend,
which was fucked up, by the way.
I just...
I want to be able to...
just to wear my mask.
I can help you set
this thing up.
If you get in trouble,
I am no help to you.
If you get your
brains blown out,
I will not shed a single tear,
just cause that's
the kind of motherfucker I am.
the good news is...
if you do this thing right,
you never have to do it again.
And then you get
anything you want.
You in?
Or out?
I'm not afraid.
[glass clanks]
[door knocks]
[Charu] Buck up!
This is Arun.
[door closes]
He will be playing the waiter.
You better give him
a good tip, lady-killer,
if you know what's good for you.
- Boom!
- [Arun laughs]
Why are you still here?
Come, come, come!
- Understood?
- Yes, sir.
Don't forget to switch it on.
Don't worry.
have some confidence,
don't be so nervous.
We need a full confession, okay?
Yes, sir.
Good luck.
[door opens]
[soft dramatic music]
[city noises]
Yes, sir.
[dance music on radio]
[waiter] Hello, sir.
What can get, sir?
[Siddarth] Uh...
[on wire] Butter Chicken.
Jeera rice.
Medium masala.
With all the pleasures
of the world, sir.
And you, sir?
Saag paneer and butter naan.
Oh, sorry, sir, actually
we out of
the saag paneer tonight.
Why don't you try, uh,
fish with the rice.
[police officer]
Undercover officers in position.
Be careful. Suraj doesn't
know who you are.
And it will come
with the soup, sir.
Today, manager's
Happy Birthday, sir.
Is that okay, sir?
[kisses teeth]
It'll take just
four minutes, sir.
On the way, sir. It's coming.
[soft dramatic music]
Your soup, sir.
Your butter chicken masala.
Medium masala, I think?
- And your sou--
- Hey!
Sorry, sir. Sorry, sir,
my hand is slippery.
Sorry, sir. You don't pay, sir.
Sorry, sir!
Hundred times sorry, sir!
[dramatic music]
Get rid of him.
[dog barking]
Drop all exits, we're coming in.
Make sure Siddarth
is not with Suraj!
I repeat, no shots fired.
No shots fired!
[dog barking]
[sirens wailing]
[man chuckling]
[all shouting]
- [all shouting]
- Suraj.
[guns firing]
[all shouting]
[gun firing]
[man chattering on radio]
[wife] Raghav?
Yes, my love.
Eggs or a kiss?
- Oh, eggs can wait.
- [chuckles]
[door closes]
Well done, Officer.
- Terrific work.
- Thank you, sir.
Looks like Bates wants to
take you back to the U.K.
[chuckles] I'm quite happy
with my salary here, sir.
Um, if you'll excuse me?
- [Daniel] Please.
- Thank you.
[buzzer rings in the distance]
- [buzzer rings]
- [door opens]
Good to see you, Suraj.
[door closes]
I hope they're
treating you well.
[gentle music]
Put your phone away.
You've helped us, Suraj.
You have my word.
[camera clicks]
Can I see Nya?
That was your brother
Siddarth's pet name
for his mistress of ten years.
And she set him up
to butcher Prithvi.
We got him.
He's confessed to the crime.
Thank you.
Can you please give us a moment?
We knew Siddarth had
an obsession with weapons.
[Raghav] With your
father gone, he got his chance.
[dramatic music]
Prithvi paid off Charu,
and made a deal with him to
protect you from Siddarth.
He bought his loyalty.
He set up a meeting
with you and Charu.
[dialing phone]
[Raghav] But after Siddarth
killed your brother,
Charu realized
he was out of control.
So he set you up
to get rid of Siddarth.
There is one more thing about
Prithvi you need to know.
Siddarth is not her father.
Prithvi is.
She's on twenty-four
hour suicide watch.
Nya is with her sister.
[Raghav] No one wants ties
with your family, Suraj.
I have a request.
I don't know if it's
in my place to ask you this.
You see, my wife
and I, we are...
unable to conceive.
And I was wondering if...
we could take Nya to our home.
And I...
want to get your
permission for the adoption.
[dramatic music intensifying]
[soft acoustic guitar music]