Line of Duty (2019) Movie Script

Michael Jordan's the GOAT.
He's the greatest
of all time, baby.
Maybe the greatest player
from your time.
Got six NBA championships.
- You know why he's the greatest?
- Why?
Because he never gave up.
Hold on, on.
No more time,
everything on the line.
Nice one, Steve Nash.
Steve Nash's an eight-time
NBA all-star!
Yeah, but now he's old
and white.
Like you.
We gotta live like giants
We can never stop
Is this thing on? Ava Brooks,
Media 4 The People Dot Com.
Love you guys.
I bring the real news,
not that filtered bullshit
that's fed to you
by corporations.
And today,
on our three-month anniversary,
I'm gonna be live streaming
with my bestie;
goddess, badass,
Media 4 The People VIP...
can we give it up
for Clover Nestel, everybody?
Oh, not quite camera ready.
Okay, yes you are,
you look fine, hurry up.
You've come a long way, babe,
from having panic attacks
any time you were called on
in the first grade.
Yeah, okay, so not all of us
can be non-conformists like you.
You were always a leader,
you always stood up for...
The sheeple.
That's why I do what I do.
- And you've always...
- Fought for the underdog, baby!
Case in point.
Most likely to start a riot.
Most likely to save the world.
Although I haven't managed
that yet,
unlike you
with your millions of followers.
Nothing happens overnight, girl.
You just start taking risks
and it'll happen in time.
That's why we're streaming live
for Media 4 The People.
Tell my homies over at Wake Up
and Smell the Bullshit
what you're all about.
To... bring the uncensored truth
to the people.
To tell the stories
that the mainstream media
gloss over or completely ignore.
And to empower anyone of any age
to stand up
and make a difference.
That's deep, sis.
We've all gotta take individual
and stand up for what's right.
Or else, none of it matters.
Just sayin'.
Wake up and smell the bullshit,
Watch me and Ava
for the real news
while you still can!
And remember,
only put organic food
in your pie holes!
Don't get jabbed.
EMFs are here to make you dumber
by damaging your brain.
Limit exposure.
Be radical,
and know that you're enough,
then you can't be manipulated
or controlled.
- Woo!
- Queen!
Girl, that was so good! Damn!
So, how come you're not like
some SWAT guy,
or one of those undercover cops
with the long hair and beards?
What are you? A reporter?
- You ever shoot anyone?
- Have you?
Come on man,
you know I'm smarter than that.
I know you are, D.
I know you are.
Have you ever shot anyone?
Not today.
But it's early still.
Dispatch, 62 King 30
on Citywide Tac 6,
we're running an OP in
the vicinity of Canal and 7th,
advise marked units
to stay clear of the area
and put Air 4 on station
in high orbit.
Roger. Notifying 10
David of possible SWAT call.
Come on, come on.
Alright people,
let's tighten up! It's on!
King 39's in position.
All players set and ready.
Here we go.
The package is in the trash can,
next to the fountain.
Now, remember, people,
the kidnapper could be anyone.
Don't engage
until we get an I.D.
Taco truck, black and tan.
I have a visual
on a possible suspect;
approximately six feet.
Possible suspect
north of the fountain;
black hoodie, sunglasses.
King 39, confirming
visual on your possible.
Thirty yards and counting.
King 39, roger.
Let him get to the drop.
And then, take him down!
Suspect is on the move.
I repeat,
suspect is on the move.
I'm peeling off.
Stay cool, don't scare the guy.
C'mon, take the money.
Don't look at him!
- He's making a run for it!
- Damn it!
- Take him down!
- He's heading south,
- picking up his pace.
- Take him down! Now!
I'm making contact!
- Officer down!
- Damn it!
- I repeat, officer down!
- Shit!
On the move!
we're in pursuit of a suspect
southbound on Canal from 9th!
Request Air 4 assist!
Roger that, we'll notify 121.
All units, we have a visual.
Suspect is wearing a black
hoodie and khaki pants.
He's heading south
and exiting the park.
All units, be advised...
Doesn't that mean you?
- You are smart.
- - 62 King 39
in pursuit of suspect,
southbound on Canal from 9th.
Do not engage.
- Officer down...
- Seems close,
- but what do I know?
- - I repeat,
we have an officer down!
Dispatch, 2FB44.
Confirm Canal from 9th.
2FB44, stand down.
I repeat, stand down.
Stand down.
Officer down!
I repeat, officer down!
All units, all units.
Suspect last seen heading south
at the edge of MacArthur Park.
- What are you doing?
- Filming you.
- Stop it.
- Sure thing.
Suspect now on Tifton,
parallel to Rosedale.
Doesn't "stand down" mean,
I don't know, keep out of it?
- You run like Steve Nash!
- Great player!
Old and white!
Suspect is Caucasian male,
approximately six feet,
dark clothing
and should be considered 10-36.
Copy that, we're in pursuit.
Hey, watch out!
Dispatch, 2FB44 moving north
on Rosedale at 11th,
please advise.
What part of "stand down"
don't you understand,
officer 2FB44?
I'm right here!
If he took down an officer,
we need to get this guy!
Suspect is now moving
east on 7th street.
You have the intersection.
Cut him off, cut him off.
Dispatch, 2 Zebra 39.
Unable to pursue,
suspect heading east down
an alley between 11th and Lex.
Zebra 39, in pursuit,
suspect is southbound from 11.
God dammit!
You stupid!
I think this thing is busted,
but 2FB44 in foot pursuit,
north on Lex!
You hearin' that?
That's super close.
Roger, 62 King 30
on secure Tac 6.
We'll advise local units.
Confirming you have issued
the command.
Luck is what happens when
preparation meets opportunity.
- Make me proud!
- -Right.
And when in doubt
ask what Clover would do!
- Xoxo!
- Love you!
Carpe Diem!
Dispatch, 2 Zebra 39
in pursuit, southbound on 14th.
2FB44, suspect just ran
into St. Anthony's!
Thanks, Padre!
Dispatch, 2FB44,
if you can hear me...
we're in the alley
behind a church
heading into the adjacent block!
Oh, shit.
Get off me!
- You alright?
- -Yeah, I'm good.
Hey, aren't those my sunglasses?
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey!
Step aside. Open up.
Open up, please!
Coming through, coming through!
I said hands up!
Turn around, put your hands
where we can see them!
Move, everybody move,
move, move, everybody move!
Move, move, move!
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
Come on!
Lace your fingers behind
your head
and drop to your knees!
Let me see your hands!
This isn't a conversation,
put your hands in the air!
Come on man,
don't get weird on me.
Show me your hands!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Easy, easy, easy!
Come on, man!
Don't make me do this!
Ask him.
Ask him how it feels
to lose everything.
Ask who?
Oh, come on.
Good afternoon,
this is Glenn Miller
with Channel 13 News.
We are directly over head
the downtown farmer's market.
Thanks Glenn.
In a story
that continues to develop,
our own Maya Prinz is currently
at the farmer's market.
Maya, it looks like
quite a scene down there.
That's right,
as you can see behind me,
most of the street
has been completely blocked off
by police as they investigate
this active crime scene.
And we're hearing
from multiple reports
there was an officer involved
in the shooting.
Are they telling you anything
about the identity
of the victim or the officer?
Well the identity
of the police officer
has not yet been released
but we will continue
to investigate this rapidly
developing breaking news story
and get back to you.
Live from downtown,
I'm Maya Prinz, Channel 13 News.
Clear everyone out.
Send a team to canvas
a foot pursuit. Get out!
- Penny, you just sit there.
- Tom, what the hell's going on?
Claudia was kidnapped
three days ago.
And you shot
the only lead that we had.
- I thought...
- You thought? No, no Frank,
that's the problem,
you never think!
You're a damn cowboy.
You disobeyed
a direct order. Why?
I vouched for you.
Even when we were partners,
I was the one covering your ass.
Even when things got bad.
- They got bad for me, Tom.
- That doesn't matter now.
This is my child!
Let me help.
Let me make this right.
Officer-involved shooting.
Mandatory two days down, Tom.
Tom don't do this to me.
We got nothin'
because of you, Frank.
Did he say anything to you?
He said...
"Ask him how it feels
to lose everything."
I want my daddy!
I want my daddy!
I want my daddy!
I want my daddy!
Please let me out.
Let me out!
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
Claudia! Claudia!
- Tom...
- Take this cell phone.
It's probably a burner but find
where the call came from.
- Well, we're gonna...
- Do it!
- Tom, let me help.
- Just get the hell out.
put your weapon on the table.
- No.
- -Frank.
Put your weapon on the table.
No, no,
we haven't gotten word yet.
What's going on?
Gotta get you back
to the station, man.
- IA's waiting.
- -Officer!
Can you tell me
about Chief Volk's daughter?
Get back to the press area.
I'm not talking to you,
I'm speaking to Officer Penny.
He took Volk's daughter,
didn't he? This is a kidnapping?
I said get back
to the press line. Do it now.
And you, Officer Penny?
Do you think it was smart,
shooting the only guy
that knows where the girl is?
You have a split second
to decide what to do
before some jacked up asshole
with a hand canon
opens up the back of your skull.
Maybe the guns a toy.
Maybe he has mental issues.
Maybe I'm about to die.
A million decisions
have to happen
in a fraction of a second
and none of them are good.
What are you gonna do? Huh?
What are you gonna do?
You'll never know
what that's like.
You shouldn't judge a man
before you walk in his shoes.
A mile.
You shouldn't judge a man until
you walk a mile in his shoes.
Just saying.
What the hell,
did you just see that?
- That was hardcore!
- - Am I live?
Wake up and smell
the bullshit, yes!
You're telling me
you don't have an ID
on the victim or the shooter?
Good job this morning.
Please keep the energy up.
Well, Northwestern
clearly doesn't have the best
or brightest
in journalism anymore.
- Ms. Carter.
- Yes?
You've got to see this.
- Alright, what am I looking at?
- -This feed is trending.
- And, why do I care?
- It's live.
It's the shooter, he's a cop,
and this amateur reporter's
gone all Nancy Drew,
she's figured out
that Police Chief Volk's
- daughter's been kidnapped.
- -Oh God,
I love the internet.
This girl's gonna replace you,
Get tech to grab the feed,
I want this on the air, now!
Seriously girl,
you gotta watch your back.
I see the crazy shit
that cops do!
- I'm fine, I have my camera.
- - Okay, well,
police misconduct happens
every day of the week.
Officer Penny
was triggered, Clo.
- He was unstable.
- It's gonna be okay,
I'm just gonna follow him
and see how it goes.
Be safe.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
- Move! Move!
- Yeah, if it gets dangerous
I'll pull back out.
My baby girl Ava Brooks
has broken a major story!
This is raw uncensored
coverage, loves.
Follow her live.
Sorry. Move, sorry.
- Is this his car?
- Seriously, do you ever go away?
My name's Ava Brooks.
Media 4 The People Dot Com.
You should know
you're being live streamed
to millions of people
around the world right now.
- I highly doubt that.
- Okay, thousands.
How about if I just arrest you?
I'm guessing
from the empty gun holster
that'd be a citizen's arrest?
What are the charges?
Bro, what the shit?
You broke that guy's window.
- You can't do that!
- I just did.
That's destruction of prop...
Don't mind me.
I can't tell
if you broke this or not.
And I hope you know
that if it is broken
the city's buying me a new one.
- And why would they do that?
- Uh, because you're a cop.
Not currently,
as you so astutely pointed out.
Fifty-eight minutes left.
Fifty-eight minutes until what?
- Are they gonna kill her?
- Eavesdropper, too, huh?
That would be unethical.
Is that them?
Is that the kidnappers?
Well, let's see.
This is a picture of a guy.
And this is a picture
of a dead guy.
Do you ever report the facts?
Or do you just make up
whatever will get
the most airtime?
What is your problem with people
getting the truth?
If that's
what the media delivered,
- I'd be your biggest fan.
- You know what?
Maybe I should stop trying
to tell the truth,
maybe I should start
a reality TV show
- called douche cop.
- Okay. You can play the cop.
- Tom...
- No, Frank,
I don't have time for this.
You're done.
-Go home.
- Shit.
Dude, you seriously need
to switch to decaf.
No, what I need is a car.
Can't you just hotwire that one?
- You watch too much television.
- I don't own a TV.
Of course you don't.
How 'bout a car?
Or do you just float
around on patchouli fumes?
What is patchouli?
How old are you?
Will you turn that off?
It's probably not even working
You're right.
Someone took Volk's little girl.
She's in a box somewhere
and she's gonna drown.
And I can't let that happen.
Okay, fine. Use my phone.
Call him back.
No, he won't listen to me now.
And if he somehow managed
to see a clip of my...
- Outburst?
- Teaching moment.
- Tantrum?
- Let's just say it wouldn't be
the first time the media
started a shitstorm for me.
I would say you initiated
the shitstorm
when you pointed a gun
in my face.
Listen, the minutes I'm using
to explain this to you
are literally life and death,
do you understand?
Now, this address may be nothing
but I've got to check it out.
We can take my car.
- But I am filming everything.
- Fine.
Hurry up!
In a channel 13 exclusive,
we're breaking
with our regular programming
to go live
with reporter Ava Brooks
and her website
Media 4 The People Dot Com
as she follows Frank Penny
the officer involved in
this morning's fatal shooting.
That's right Jan,
as this is a live feed
it may contain disturbing, and
possibly even graphic content.
Where's the rest of it?
I'll drive.
Hold on.
You gotta be kidding me.
- It's zero emissions.
- It's zero everything.
Well, maybe you'd prefer to run,
that seems more like your thing.
Well, it probably be faster.
All right.
She's got a little something
once she gets going.
- Want me to Waze that address?
- Wa wa?
Okay, do you want to tell people
where we're headed.
You're telling me that
what you're shooting right now
on that little thing is being
broadcast live on the internet?
Yes, Grandpa.
And other reporters
who are recording live, too.
Just like me.
Although, I'm guessing...
all eyeballs
are on us right now.
- People actually watch this?
- -Not all of us
need failed soap stars
feeding us the news
between commercials
for ED pills.
- ED what?
- Eh,
you know
what I'm talking about then.
Knew it.
Does your mother know
you talk like that?
Yes, sir.
Whoo! Yeah!
- Whoo!
- -Yeah!
Look over here, bro!
Nice ride, po-po!
You're famous.
Does nobody respect
the badge anymore?
Maybe it's the sunflower.
Oh, man, I am hating today
so hard right now.
- I'm not.
- -Whoo!
- Oh, no.
Okay, um, it appears
there's been an accident.
Again, we're watching
these pictures live
for the first time
with you at home.
- Whoa!
- -Check it out!
Over there, check it out.
Did somebody call the police?
Are they okay?
Are there people in there?
Yeah, are they okay?
- That just happened.
- Yeah. That just happened.
You smell that?
- It's gas.
- Gas?
Yeah, you know,
the stuff they put in real cars.
- Now undo your seatbelt.
- But my car's electric!
The car we ran into isn't.
And three, two, one...
Check it out!
Oh, man!
Yeah, I'm here right now.
Come on.
Back off!
Everyone, back off!
Get out of here!
Did you hear me?
Get your hands up people!
I don't want to have
to tell you again!
Just back off!
Ava, no!
This isn't the time for selfers.
Look, I'm sorry about your car.
I'll, uh, I'll buy you
a new sunflower thing.
- I gotta keep moving.
- No, we've gotta keep moving.
There's no "we."
You almost just died trying
to save your stupid phone.
- It's a smartphone!
- Look,
I can't be responsible
for another life, all right?
- You're done.
- I believe in what I'm doing.
What about you, huh?
You afraid of the truth?
You know what I'm afraid of?
I'm afraid of my ex-wife
and being naked in the shower
when an earthquake hits.
As far as the truth
is concerned,
you'll just spin it
into whatever sells.
No, Penny!
There's no editing!
No advertising, no network.
Whatever goes out
is what my camera sees,
So let me in.
Show the people,
show us what it's like
to walk in your shoes.
A mile.
A mile.
Okay. Ground rules.
You gotta stay out of my way,
you do what I say,
when I say it, and you speak
only when spoken to.
And you stop doing dumb things
that'll get you killed.
That's my job. Come on.
I'm gonna need
that vehicle, buddy.
- Are you shitting me?
- I'm pooping you negative.
- I can't.
- Sure you can, it's easy.
I'm a cop. I need this truck.
Wasn't that your car?
- He's got a point.
- You, rules.
You, get out.
Under no circumstances
are we allowed
to let customers' goods
out of our sight.
No exceptions.
- Hey!
- You can't do that! Ugh.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm good. I'm good.
You can't do that
to innocent citizens!
What? I thought we had
a very mature conversation.
- Where's the keys?
- Uh, next to Riri.
- Who's Riri?
- The hula girl, man!
You have to be nice to people,
that's my rule.
I'm making a new rule.
You're not allowed
to make rules.
Okay, I don't get you.
A minute ago you were like,
"Just me, babe!"
Now you're okay
with the goddamn A-team?
I thought you didn't watch TV.
We're all set, let's go.
- What are you doing?
- Getting directions.
I know how to get there.
What is it with men
and directions?
- In 100 feet, turn left.
- Hey, sure thing, sweet lips.
Can you not talk to her
like that?
Background is in
on Officer Penny.
Let me see.
We're back in the wild west,
and this cowboy, Frank Penny,
has a trigger finger.
She has no idea
who she's taken on as a partner.
Add it to the header.
"Will Officer Penny
let another child die?
This is one
of those prank shows.
- You're like a fake cop, right?
- Pretty much.
She's definitely
like a fake reporter.
Shit. Clover says
we have forty-nine minutes left.
Come on, let's go. Come on.
What the hell's going on
back there?
Damn, man, you can't drive!
You have arrived.
Oh, shit!
I love it
when a plan comes together.
I'm out. Company policy
can kiss my black ass!
Okay. We're gonna
briefly cut away
from our live feed
and join Maya Prinz,
who is with Police Chief
Tom Volk.
Chief Volk,
can you confirm the suspect
was shot and killed
by Officer Frank Penny?
For the record,
Frank Penny is acting alone,
on administrative leave.
Now, I can assure you,
that Internal Affairs
will conduct an investigation
into the shooting,
and into the incident
with the reporter.
But, people, please,
let's not lose focus
on the task at hand,
and that's the search
for Claudia.
That's what's important now.
So, what's the plan, officer?
That's comforting.
This is Ava Brooks
reporting live from the part
of the city better known
for hijacking and kidnapping.
I'm here with the cop
that killed the kidnapper
of 11-year-old Claudia Volk,
the same cop that's taken on
the responsibility
of saving her life.
Do you remember
when we first met
At the party,
party at...
Hey, you Bunny?
We didn't stop
until the sun came up
You leaned over...
Excuse me, I'm talking to you.
I left your party...
Hey! You Bunny?
You've gotta be Bunny.
I'm talking to you. Hey.
I hope you got a warrant
to be busting in my door
like that, mister policeman.
But, uh, then again,
you ain't got no gun,
so you might not be
no policeman at all.
Oh, my... What?
- Hey, handsome.
- I'm warning you...
- - Catch me, darling
I'm a cannonball
Feel all that energy
Stronger now
Sweat, hello
I'll make it work for me
Baby, you're...
Biscuits and gravy, bitch.
We gonna dance!
We gonna dance, we gonna dance!
- Biscuits and gravy, sister.
- Sister?
The fuck
is that supposed to mean?
My table!
This little girl is gonna die
in forty-three minutes.
Who's this bitch?
This bitch is 11 years old,
and she's trapped in a box
and you're our only hope
to find her.
These guys.
These guys. You know them?
I didn't think too much
of these two.
Kind of looked at me
like I was a toilet seat
that they'd catch
something from.
That's rude.
- But they were here?
- Mm-hmm.
You're super-heavy.
Please get off me.
That's what they all say.
At first.
Excuse me
Get up.
Turn that off. Not gonna
incriminate myself on camera,
not even for a little girl.
Now, made them
a couple passports,
didn't ask
where they were going,
but I made copies of their IDs,
just in case.
Pays to cover your ass
in this business.
Although, uh, it is sinful
to cover up a thing
of beauty too much.
If you know what I mean.
Thank you.
And yes, that is an amazing ass.
- Right, Officer Penny?
- Right, Officer Penny?
Max and Dean Keller.
Their parents must be so proud.
1470 Prytania Street.
Same address.
Let's go. Thank you.
Hey, sugar.
Get this on camera.
This guy might not even
live here anymore.
Or, he could still live there
and be waiting with bells on
for me to arrest him.
I mean, the address on my ID's
from three apartments ago.
You're kind of a glass half
empty sort of gal, aren't you?
What glass?
Ava, stay here.
Hey! Watch out, man!
Come on.
Need this car, sir. Police.
Hands up, and on your knees!
- Now!
- Get down!
- Hey, hey! We're not armed!
- Get your ass on the ground now!
- Get on your knees!
- I do not want to drop you!
- Hands up!
- I'm a police officer,
- Frank Penny, badge number 486.
- We know who you are, Penny!
Your ass is all over TV!
What the hell do you mean, TV?
Listen, I admit, I may have made
some questionable judgement
calls today, okay?
And I'd love to sit down
someday over a cup of coffee
- and discuss it with you guys...
- Get on the ground!
- Hey, he's trying to help you!
- -Please, guys, listen.
The men who kidnapped
Claudia Volk
are Max and Dean Keller.
We have an address.
He's telling the truth
and you need to believe us.
No one invited you to talk,
Look, guys, arrest me!
Beat me!
Take away my lunch money,
I don't care.
But first call Volk,
tell him we have a real lead
to his daughter!
We're running out of time, guys!
Okay, what's the address?
Get back, get back!
- Get out of the way!
- -Get back, get back!
Clear the area!
Go, go!
Hey, asshole, put it down!
Get out of here!
Frank Penny!
Where the hell you hiding?
Ava, let's move.
Come on! Come on!
Keep your head down.
Stay right here.
Stay right here, okay?
I'll be right back.
Ava, come on, come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Oh, you are gonna die today,
Get back. Get back inside.
Are you hit?
Stay behind the wheel, okay?
Drop your weapon.
Get down on the ground.
Drop your weapons
and get down on the ground.
What do you want?
What do I want?
You killed my brother!
You ask a stupid question.
I'm gonna kill you.
- Come out!
- Your brother was a bad guy!
I'm gonna go out on a limb here
and say you're a bad guy too.
I repeat, this is the police.
Drop your weapons
and get on the ground.
- Where's the girl?
- Oh, no.
Not yet.
Go, go, move!
Down, get down!
It's okay!
I don't wanna die!
I'm coming for you, cop!
We have to get out of here!
Come here.
Ava, come here.
- Ava. Ava, look at me.
We're not gonna die.
We can't die, you know why?
Because that little girl
needs us.
She needs you, Ava.
All right?
- Yeah.
- All right.
The old Donner building
is empty.
If I can lead him there,
you and everyone around here
is gonna be safe,
but I need you to get
that address to the police.
Get them to listen to you.
It's on you, you understand?
- Yeah.
- -All right.
You're a bitch, Dean.
Just like your brother!
Two ugly sons of a bitch!
Which means your mother's
a bitch too, I guess.
That's logical, right?
I was trying to draw him out.
You're gonna go down that alley.
You go as fast as you can, okay?
On three.
One, two, three.
I'm coming for you, cop!
This is a message
for the police.
The shooters
are Max and Dean Keller.
Their address
is 1470 Prytania Street,
and we think they have
Claudia Volk there.
They have Claudia Volk
at 1470 Prytania Street.
Let's roll out!
Clover, I've gotta go
back in, I've gotta help them.
That psycho left
a morgue behind.
You almost left
in a body bag, Av.
You know I don't do funerals
or cemeteries,
it's too dangerous.
It is time to get out, girl.
No, I'm good.
Come on out, cop!
Let's get this over with.
I don't want to kill you, Dean.
I just want the girl.
That's the rub, isn't it?
You kill me, you kill the girl.
I don't mind kneecapping you,
You didn't kneecap my brother.
Yeah, I had no choice.
Just like you had no choice
when you killed that kid?
That's right, asshole.
It's all over the Internet...
TV even.
We're famous, you and I.
This is getting fun!
I think your girlfriend's here,
- We're streaming live.
- -No shit.
And I gotta say
I'm one handsome son of a bitch.
I've got millions of witnesses.
Don't do anything stupid.
You think I'm afraid
of a little facetime, huh?
Pig number one,
are you listening?
That's you, Volk.
You're the number one pig.
In about half an hour,
your little piglet's
gonna be dead.
And you're gonna know
what it feels like...
to lose someone close to you,
to stand by
while you watch your blood
breathe their last breath
alone in the dark.
And there's not a goddamn thing
you can do about it.
Gimme that.
Whatcha got here?
It's like Call of Duty.
It's funny, isn't it, reporter?
Now that I got the camera,
I don't need you anymore.
Ava, move it. Come on.
Here's an idea.
Don't be the news.
- Look who's talking.
- -Come on!
Okay, what now?
Over there.
You gotta be kidding me.
Nope, nope, nope, all my nopes.
All right, well,
tell Dean when he gets here,
I think his dad's a bitch, too.
I'm ready for my close-up!
Close your eyes
and plug your nose. Come on.
I'm hating today
so hard right now!
1470 Prytania.
- Huh? Come on!
- If you know that address
then you know
what this is all about.
She's there, isn't she?
Claudia Volk.
I told the cops.
You hear that?
The cops are on their way,
you dirtbag.
Go, go, go!
Bring it in!
Shit, it's a fake!
He lied to us!
No! Goddamn it!
I take it back, pig.
You don't know shit.
Where is she?
Ask them what it's like.
No. No!
Answer me! Answer me!
Everything's gonna be okay.
Claudia needs you to focus.
Take that side!
I'm in! On the north side!
But now we need to go.
Where now?
- 1470 Prytania.
- But wait,
- he said they weren't at that...
- Rule number three,
never believe dirtbags.
I want a real car this time.
Come on, go, go!
Hey, stop!
Excuse me, innocent citizen.
I'm an officer of the law.
May I please have the use
of this vehicle?
A little girl's life
is at stake.
Bite me.
Get your hands off me.
He said please.
What the hell?
Let's do this.
- Asshole!
- - This is what I love.
This is what media feels like,
actually doing something,
finding the truth,
not hiding behind your computer,
waiting for some viral bullshit
to land in your lap.
This is why I do my job.
You're starting to convince me.
Media isn't all
just a pack of ratings whores.
Did you just compliment me?
Don't get used to it.
And this man right here,
boys and girls,
this is proof that there are
dope-ass cops out there
doing everything they can
to protect you.
Did you just compliment me?
Get used to it.
Clover, what you got for me?
Prytania is a bum address.
So, it says here two years ago,
the building was leveled
after the Kellers' meth lab
in the basement exploded.
What the...
So, you're telling me
we just risked our lives
for nothing, that Claudia
was never there?
Yeah, pull over now,
dig a ditch.
No! Your bestie
always comes through.
I just got into the city's
property record.
Turns out the boys recently
inherited the house
that they grew up in.
New address.
He's patched up and ready.
Got him.
One, two, got it.
Loading 10ccs.
Let's get that line.
It's ready.
- Prop up the bag. Ready?
- -Get it prepped.
Holy crap!
Y'all brought out
the big guns for me.
I'm flattered.
Every cop in this city's
looking for you, asshole.
Where the hell you gonna go?
So, what's this about?
Why would Dean and Max
go to such great lengths
to hurt a little girl?
It's not about Claudia.
They wanna hurt Volk.
I don't know why,
but this is very personal.
Twenty minutes.
Hold on.
We're almost there.
We're about to enter
the last known address
of the kidnappers.
I don't know
what we're gonna find inside.
I'm gonna shut up.
Oh! Lovely.
Smells like a giant
kitty litter in here.
All right, she's gotta be here.
So check every door,
cabinet, closet.
Look for a hose
or a water source.
I'm so not a cat person.
Wait, stop!
What is that?
Is that a booby trap?
That's creatively psycho.
The Texas Chainsaw MacGyvers.
My ass, you don't watch TV.
Hey. Be careful, all right?
Copy that.
Let's see what fresh hell
we can find upstairs, shall we?
This looks like a younger
version of Max and Dean Keller.
Seems like
we're in the right place.
What is it that Penny said?
That this seems personal.
It begs the question:
Who's the girl?
Clover, are you listening?
Find out who that girl is.
Good kitty.
I will now like cats.
Holy shit.
Yo, Clover, What's up?
That girl was
the Keller's sister, Naomi.
Claudia, can you hear me?
When their meth lab blew up,
she was trapped in the basement.
The police didn't even go in
for 64 minutes, typical.
When they found her,
she was already dead.
She was drowned,
there was a burst water pipe.
Sixty-four minutes.
And get this,
the Officer in charge that night
was Vice Captain Tom Volk.
So this is their revenge.
Thank, Clover. Good work.
Oh. It's a trap.
It's a trap!
- Ava!
Don't lift your foot.
Is that what I think it is?
This wire heads down to all
the gasoline in the basement.
Yeah, you know the stuff
they put in real cars.
- We already had this talk.
- Ha-ha.
Ava, I need you
to be real cool right now.
I'm cool.
Popsicle cool.
All right,
this is no jar of nails.
This brings
the whole building down.
I'm cool.
This is my cool face.
I'm gonna trace this wire down,
see if I can cut it
before it blows
our basketballs off, okay?
The Kellers had a sister,
and she died.
I think I just saw her
in the basement.
And the Keller brothers
blame Volk for not saving her.
Bomb squad?
Whoa! Ha! Ha!
What's up, cop?
Not much, homie!
Just admiring what you've done
with the place.
Ever consider selling?
I'm considering...
where I'm gonna shoot you first.
I'm thinking your pecker.
- Where's the girl, Keller?
- -No!
Not until that timer hits zero!
Goddamn it, Dean.
Claudia's innocent,
just like your sister was.
She didn't deserve
what happened to her,
and Claudia
doesn't deserve this.
You wanna make a statement?
Kill me,
in front of the whole world,
but not this little girl.
What the hell's the point?
The point?
Funny thing about that.
Sometimes a person dies,
and nobody cares!
Maybe they're just the wrong
kind of person.
Like my sister, Naomi.
Somebody like that,
cops just stand by and watch.
I mean, she's just some
white trash, some...
meth head.
Let her die.
But one of your own,
that's a whole different story,
isn't it?
I mean, I got cops
willing to trade their lives
for some kid
they never even met.
Ain't that a thing?
Course, why trade...
when you can get it for free?
Ava, lift your foot!
Let it blow up!
Oh, my God.
Come on.
Come on! Come on!
- Come on.
- -Get up, come on.
Let's go.
We're in the attic,
We're trying to find our way
to the rooftop.
Somebody help us!
Help! Someone needs
to send us help now!
That's our exclusive.
Let's get our eye in the sky
over there right now.
No, listen to me.
We jump, broken bones,
maybe worse.
- Up here, we're dead.
- Okay. Okay.
I see you!
I'm coming in!
Stay where you are.
We're gonna come to you.
Hey! Hey!
I'm gonna bring
the chopper down.
- Hey! Hey!
- Hey! Hey!
Hey, right here!
I see you!
I'm coming down.
Hey! Right here!
Stay on the roof.
I'm gonna get as I can.
That's it! That's it!
That's it! Come on! Come on!
It's gonna be all right.
I got you.
All right, get on.
- Come on. Let's go.
- - Move!
Go, go, go!
Get us in the air! Get us in...
Come on, bitch!
Let's all die on TV!
Oh, no!
Ahh! Oh.
Ava? Ava?
Get off me.
Where's the girl?
Six feet under, man!
Enjoy the view!
Are you okay?
- What's the time?
- Five or six minutes, tops.
Damn it!
Hey, look at me.
- You did everything you could.
- No.
You did everything you could.
No matter how many times
someone tells you that,
it doesn't make it true.
I killed her.
I killed her.
I shot a kid.
Nine years old, two years ago.
His name was Robert.
The father had a gun
to the kid's head.
He was high out of his mind.
He was gonna pull a trigger.
So I took the shot,
just as the guy
pulled the kid up like a shield.
They said I did everything
I could then, too.
The little boy died.
Now another kid's gonna be
buried because of me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
He said she's six feet under!
Enjoy the view!
The view, Longview!
- Longview!
- They switched the caskets!
- Sir, Longview!
- -Hey!
Get us to Longview Cemetery now!
You got it!
We're live in three, two, one.
In one
of the most dramatic rescues
ever captured
on live television,
our own eye in the sky
rescued two people
from the roof
of that burning structure
just moments
before its roof collapsed.
And there you have it.
Channel 13's eye in the sky
has rescued Officer Frank Penny
and Reporter Ava Brooks.
That's right, Jan,
and stay with us
for complete coverage
on this gripping exclusive.
Hey, It's me.
- Oh, you're alive.
- No time.
We need to find
Naomi Keller's grave.
We think it's at Longview,
but we need to know
- the exact location.
- Longview. On it.
All units, we have confirmation.
They are heading
to Longview Cemetery.
Clover confirmed she's buried
at Longview Cemetery,
block nine, south lot.
Get us on the ground!
Hey, come on.
The information we are receiving
is that Longview Cemetery
is their destination.
Let's go.
- Come on, let's go.
- Let's go, man. Let's do this.
Again, we have confirmed
they are making their way
to Longview Cemetery,
and they need your help.
Let's split up.
Block 9!
Block 14!
Block 13!
Block nine.
Ava, over here!
I see it!
Over here.
- How much time?
- -None.
Dig! Dig!
Right here!
Somebody give me something
to get this lid off!
Give me room!
Back off! Back off!
Everybody back off!
You're okay.
Daddy's here now.
Daddy's here, here now.
You did it.
We did it.
Let's get outta here.
Yo, Steve Nash.
Oh, I'm so proud of you.
Come on, let's go home.
Let's go home.
Oh, look.
- The real reporter showed up.
- Ha-ha.
Oh, look.
The real cops.
We should probably
get out of here
- before someone arrests us.
- Right, or puts us on TV.
You know,
I'm still pissed about my car.
It's not a car.
Not funny.
Still not funny.
How about I make it up to you?
How about a doughnut?
Mmm, I'm hating today
a little less right now.
Me too.
What an extraordinary scene here
as a little girl is reunited
with her father,
and you saw it all unfold live.
Moving up from the bottom
My start was rough,
I still got 'em
I'm bigger than this
I'm bigger than this
They'll hear my voice
Know I'm coming
They'll have no choice
They've got nothing
As thick as my skin
'Cause I'm bigger than this
When I have the dream
I think of it late at night
I distant memory
A flicker in your eye
It finally came for me
I felt electrified
We can live the dream
We could be big
We gotta fly
We gotta live like giants
We can never stop
We gotta stand up
We can't be silenced
Stand up
We live like giants
We gotta keep on climbing
We'll make it to the top
We gotta stand up
We can't be silenced
Stand up
We live like giants
Stand my ground
Hold back nothing
They flex their power
We come running
We're bigger than them
We're bigger than them
We will win, use our power
To draw them in Looking down
'Cause we're bigger
Than them
We're bigger than them
We gotta live like giants
We can never stop
We gotta stand up
We can't be silenced
Stand up
We live like giants
We gotta live like giants
We can never stop
We gotta stand up
We can't be silenced
Stand up
We live like giants
We gotta keep on climbing
We'll make it to the top
We gotta stand up
We can't be silenced
Stand up
We live like giants
Like giants
Like giants
Like giants
Like giants
When I have the dream
I think of it late at night
I distant memory
A flicker in your eye
It finally came for me
I felt electrified
We can live the dream
We could be big
We gotta fly
We gotta live like giants
We can never stop
We gotta stand up
We can't be silenced
Stand up
We live like giants
When I have the dream
I think of it late at night
I distant memory
A flicker in your eye
It finally came for me
I felt electrified
We can live the dream
We live like giants