Link (1986) Movie Script

Come on, baby.
Darling, what is it?
I just heard the cat scream, Mummy.
That's all right, sweetheart. I'm here.
You're safe.
Just a nasty old dream.
Anyone? Yes.
Apes are covered with hair.
Hair? Well, we're all covered in hair.
Not as long maybe.
All right, so we're the naked ape.
Something more significant. A sociological difference.
- Yes. - Intelligence?
Well, this little fellow here
has been trained to communicate through a computer...
and he tested out with an IQ of around 85,
which is well within the human norm.
I venture to say it gives some of you a run for your money.
You three,
get the chimp out and bring him over here, would you?
All right, come on.
We've been studying anthropology for nearly a year.
Can no one give me a simple difference between a beast of the field
and what Shakespeare calls the paragon of animals?
Man is the only species that makes war on his own kind.
No. It used to be fashionable to think that.
It was another way we had of torturing ourselves.
Except in 1979, in Tanzania,
Jane Goodall observed chimps hunting in groups
kidnapping, murdering, and even eating their own babies.
Up until then, we thought they were vegetarian.
And when a group of renegade males broke away from the tribe,
they were pursued relentlessly and killed one by one.
How's that for inter-tribal war?
Have we based all our beliefs about man and his relationship to the universe
on a hollow assumption?
Just as our three friends here
assume the only way to get a chimp out of a cage is by brute force.
So, let me introduce Imp.
A six-year-old chimpanzee
whom I have taught to respect and obey me.
Right, Imp?
Which is important,
because as you've just seen demonstrated this morning,
he's got a will of his own.
And don't let his size fool you.
He's already strong enough to throw any one of you across the room.
Of course, he isn't very cultured.
He doesn't give a damn about the history of the world
or the state of the economy.
What he cares mainly about is bananas.
Yes, up there in the back.
Oh, I didn't have a question.
How about an answer, then?
Can you give me one simple difference
between this little fellow and us other apes up here?
Does it have something to do with civilization?
Civilization. Thank you.
At least someone here has been doing some reading.
Civilization is the...
Civilization is the subject of next week's lecture.
Dismissed. Come on, Imp.
- Jane, can we talk? - I've got to see the doctor.
What, are you sick? Oh, Dr. Phillip.
- I'll talk to you later. - I'll be in the union.
Dr. Phillip?
Excuse me.
- Dr. Phillip? - Yeah.
The notice in the union said you're looking for an assistant.
You're a girl.
Well, I know, but I'd really like the opportunity to work with you.
That's impossible.
Well, what about the laws against sexual discrimination?
You wouldn't mind getting the door for me, would you?
- Hi there. - There you are.
- What's this? - It's for the specimen.
If you'd read the notice carefully,
you'd have seen it wasn't for an assistant.
It was for volunteers.
- You're paying for urine specimens? - Sperm.
Sperm specimens.
- Oh. - American, are you?
Yes. I'm over here on a scholarship.
- I've been here for about... - Damn!
Pigeons again, eh?
You've been very naughty.
What are you studying?
- Zoology. - Oh.
Then you won't mind holding Imp.
Don't worry. You'll be perfectly safe while I'm here.
And what have you been up to, hmm?
Bloody things.
There. That should slow you down a bit.
There you go.
Little monster's been getting out at night.
He likes cats.
- Why don't you get him one? - He likes to eat them.
Hmm. Don't you?
Well, Doctor, if you're not looking for an assistant,
I won't take up any more of your time. I'm sorry.
Have you attended more than one of my lectures?
Yes, my boyfriend's in the class.
And I've read Back to the Trees,
and I was interested to hear you in person.
Do you... cook, clean? Stuff like that?
Well, I'm female. I guess that gives me a genetic aptitude.
I have a house up the coast.
I could use a sort of... assistant during the holidays.
Can't pay much, though.
That's fine.
As I said, I would really just like the chance to work with you.
And I need to save some money.
Well, let's say, um, accommodation and board
and... 40 a week?
That's great.
Well, see my secretary tomorrow and fix up the details.
- I'll see you in a few weeks, then. - Okay.
That's your quarry over there.
I didn't realize it was this far out.
They'll be coming out here.
I want you to keep your eyes open for buggers,
'cause farmers are gonna shoot 'em on sight.
That wire meshing won't keep 'em, and it don't matter what they say.
Now, look! Down there! Look! See?
- What? - Dogs!
- How much do I owe you? - It's paid for.
If you want a taxi, here's a card.
- Thanks. - You're welcome.
Mind them dogs now.
"M." Mane.
A horse's hair.
"M." Maniac. A crazy man.
Dr. Phillip is expecting me.
"M." Manor. A large country house.
"M." Manx. A tailless cat.
"M." Many. A great number.
"M." Maple. A tree.
"M." Manure.
A horse's...
Oh, that's okay. I can...
Thank you.
This is nice.
- Hello? - Is Dr. Phillip there?
Yeah, he's coming right now. Could you hold on?
- Bailey here. - Okay.
- Dr. Phillip. - What are you doing here?
You're not supposed to be here till tomorrow, the 15th.
Well, today is the 15th.
Don't even think about it!
Get back! Get back!
You're lucky she let you near the place.
15th today, is it?
Yeah. You sent the taxi driver.
So I did. Well...
welcome to Northfield Grange.
Get out of it!
I think he just wants a drink.
- Taxi driver? - No, your chimp.
Oh, he just wants to get up your skirt.
I hope you brought some jeans or something.
Yeah. Well, do you really have to threaten to hit him like that?
Yeah, well, usually a threat's enough.
You just have to let them know they're forgiven afterwards.
Well, I used to babysit.
Babysit chimps, did you?
No, but I found that kindness works...
Ah, yes. But...
Imagine a baby in a temper
who's ten times stronger than you are.
Ten times?
Well, eight times.
Oh, Mr. Bailey's on the phone.
Bailey? Why didn't you say so?
And I'm telling you she's bloody useless.
- She's aborted twice. - I thought she was what you wanted.
She was what I wanted.
But if she can't breed anymore, she's no good to me now.
It doesn't alter the fact that she's no good for my purposes now.
What am I supposed to do with her?
Well, sell her.
You're the man with the bloody contacts.
Yes, but if she won't breed...
You don't have to tell them that.
I could manage three grand.
What? I paid you twice that.
It's the best I can do.
Let's say... 3,500,
you take care of the old boy as well.
He's not gonna give me a hard time?
No, no, he'll come quietly.
- Be no trouble. - You sure?
- Yeah. - I'll come out tomorrow.
No, I'll...
- I'll meet you. - I'll see you here, then.
- Fine. Fine. - Fine.
Bye for now.
The little one just went upstairs.
- Imp. - Pardon?
His name's Imp.
The wild one's Voodoo, and... this is Link.
Oh, we've met. He showed me my room.
Oh, God.
Not the family retainer routine. I'm sorry.
No, not at all. He's amazing.
Yeah. Isn't he?
He's a bit dotty now, but he used to be a very impressive animal.
Didn't you ever, son?
Don't look at me like that.
Link, go get Voodoo.
Put her on the chain.
Well, it's... nice to have you here.
You know, you don't have to chain her up on my account.
No, it's not on your account.
I've just sold her, so I've got to put her in the travel cage.
- Oh. Well, where's she gonna go? - Oh, a zoo, I suppose.
I'd get double the amount from a circus, but they wouldn't touch her
now that she's a sexually mature animal.
Well, wouldn't the university take her?
Are you kidding? They won't let Link or Voodoo near the place.
Which is why I have to do my work out here.
Which is why you're here.
To help me with my work. Right?
I gave Imp some water.
So I see.
Well, it'll dry out.
He was testing you. That's why he spat at you.
He's reaching maturity, so he's starting to assert himself.
Tea? Cup of tea?
- I can do it. - No, no, you go and get changed.
Besides, you know how the English are about their tea.
There you are.
Fantastic invention, these.
All you do is...
scrape the leaves off.
And there you have it.
The freezer's over there. It's stocked to the ceiling,
so you just slap in a frozen meal, Bob's your uncle.
What are they doing?
Oh, it's just bluff.
Link's more than her match.
If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have a hope of controlling her.
So, how do you feed them?
Oh, they take care of themselves. They eat anything...
Birds, rats, bugs.
Don't worry about them.
There's just a few rules that you have to remember.
One: You're the dominant species.
You must never, ever treat them as equals.
Two: Don't ever let anything escalate.
Always forgive them, whatever they do.
Three: Don't get involved in their squabbles.
They sort them out. And four:
Um, there are some turds in the hall. Can you clear them up?
- All right. - Good.
Brooms and buckets are in that cupboard.
The house seems very old.
Must've cost a fortune.
No. It's not Malibu Beach.
Who'd want a place like this, miles from anywhere,
a ruddy great quarry in the middle of the property?
Still, it suits my purposes.
Well, my ambition is to have a place like this.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
A place where I can have animals and let them run wild,
like deer and badgers.
I had a friend who did that once.
He had a big estate with an island.
He used to rear animals.
When they got too big to put in the house, he used to put them on the island.
He hand-reared a chimp.
When it got fully grown, put it on the island.
He used to go and see him every day.
Then one day, he went off to London, and he got delayed.
And when he came back, he got in his rowboat,
and he was rowing over to the island.
And this fully grown alpha male
had got this scaffolding part from somewhere.
They'd been building something on the island.
So, he's coming towards the island in the rowboat.
He pole vaults.
What happened?
Well, in about a minute...
he had the guy's eye out, nose off, ears off,
arm off up to here, and leg off up to the knee.
And, uh, testicles off.
Well, what had he done to the chimp?
Oh, no. The chimp was just pleased to see him.
You got any family in the States?
Yeah. My mother remarried,
and I never really got along with my stepfather,
so I've kind of been on my own for a while now.
And... this student of mine, Dennis.
- David. - David.
We go out.
No, thanks.
I don't smoke.
It's nothing really serious.
You go out? Is that what they call it these days?
Well, I've been seeing him for a couple of months.
It was his star turn from his circus days.
The Master of Fire.
Give him a couple of bravos, and he'll leave us alone.
- You taught him to do all this? - No. He was trained when I got him.
When I began my work, he was all I could afford.
Broken-down circus hack.
No, thanks.
So, how old is he?
Oh, he's about... 45.
God, he's old enough to be my father.
You don't approve.
Not of teaching apes to smoke and wear clothes.
But he likes clothes.
If you don't believe me, try taking them away from him sometime.
There you are. What do you think of that?
Oh, you can do better than that.
Bravo, Link! Link, Master of Fire!
Don't slam the door.
- I was looking for you. - I went over to collect the letters.
Postman's had his trousers ripped off a couple of times,
so he leaves them in a box over on the heath.
- Anything for me? - From the boyfriend?
Sorry. Forgotten you already.
Well, you got your beauty sleep this morning.
I'm sorry. I had no idea it was so late.
- Yeah, well, sorry about last night. - Oh, that's okay.
Ohh! This is what I've been waiting for.
Well, it looks like I might be going to the States myself.
Shows all your American intelligence is not tuned to nuclear warfare.
I could go for a cup of coffee and an aspirin.
Bring it up to the lab. I've got something to show you.
Here you go.
Ah, thanks.
Never go near a caged chimp.
They can always reach a bit further than you think.
If I seem to come down on you a bit hard, it's only for your own safety.
I want to know I can leave you here alone without you getting an arm torn off.
Okay, let's get cracking. You come and sit here.
Imp. Here.
Okay, this is a basic nonverbal IQ test.
Imp's familiar with the procedure. He's played often enough.
You just press the button on the panel, and the computer will register the score.
- So, it's me against Imp? - Right.
You have ten seconds to select each item.
- Item? - Go.
Come on, you're wasting time.
Time's up. Next page.
Wait. I haven't even done page one.
Come on, he's beating you.
Time's up. Next page.
Time's up.
Come on. Look at the sequence.
Uh-uh. Leave him alone.
Well, there you are.
Well, it's not fair.
- Fair? - It's culturally biased.
I've been learning about circles and squares ever since I started school.
How could he have a chance?
Chance? Didn't have a chance?
Here. Look at these. Circles and squares.
Imp's played with more colored shapes than you've had hot dinners.
He's had one-to-one tuition with me for years.
Red, yellow. Red, yellow.
Well, he has a different kind of intelligence.
Oh, it's different. It's different, all right.
He's missed the bus by a lousy one percent.
But that one percent accounts for all of human civilization...
The entire history of art, music, science, literature...
Everything that you're so willing to give up
so you can go away and live with badgers.
Dr. Phillip, I appreciate that you've done all of this for my benefit,
but I still don't agree with you.
Okay. So you don't agree with me.
But I'll bet you change your mind before you leave here.
Is that a threat or a promise?
Why don't you take that intellect of yours downstairs
and fix us some food?
Oh, and don't be worried about the racket up here.
I have to give Voodoo a sedative, put her in her travel cage.
It can get a bit dramatic.
- What's this? - It's the sequel to Back to the Trees.
Why Limbo?
I wanted to call it Out on a Limb, but Shirley MacLaine beat me to it.
Actually, Limbo is rather appropriate.
I've been stuck on chapter 11 for years.
Well, thank you. I'll read it.
Imp, cut that out!
Come down here.
Come down!
Get out!
Link, get the door.
Leave that and get out!
Imp, come back here.
- Hello? Dr. Phillip's residence. - Who's that?
This is Jane Chase. I'm Dr. Phillip's assistant.
- Bailey here. - Oh, Mr. Bailey. Uh, yes.
- Is Phillip there? - I'm afraid he's tied up at the moment.
Is he coming down today?
Well, yes, as far as I know, he's still planning to meet you.
He's putting Voodoo in the cage right now.
He's leaving it a bit late, isn't he?
Well, he'll be down soon.
- Tell him I called, will you? - Okay, I'll tell him.
Imp, what's got into you? Come down.
Link, give me a hand. Link!
Link, get him in his cage.
Link! Do you want the stick? You want the stick?
Get his cage.
Damn you, Link, get the cage!
Dr. Phillip?
Go away. I'm busy.
Mr. Bailey called. He wanted to know when you're gonna meet him.
Would you leave me alone!
Link. Link, that is very naughty.
That's bad. Now give me those matches.
Dr. Phillip! Give me those matches.
I'll show you.
All right, Mr. Master of Fire, that's enough.
Hey, Link, where'd you go?
Come back here!
Hey, where do you think...
Link, I said come back here.
So you talk, too, huh?
Oh, I see.
There you are.
Link, do you want me to call Dr. Phillip?
I'm going to get him if you keep trying to cook.
Link, you don't cook the phone.
Hey. Hey, where are you going?
Link, come on. Put the phone back.
Link! Give me the phone!
All right, outside right now.
Come on, move it. Let's go, Link.
Come on. Come on, out you go. Go!
And you can stay outside till Dr. Phillip comes down.
Well, when did he leave?
Link, you broke the microwave, too.
Bad boy. I told you, do not cook phones.
Yes, you're forgiven.
But you do know that I'm the one who's gonna get in trouble, don't you?
Hmm? Hmm?
I thought you were with Dr. Phillip and Voodoo.
How long have you been in here?
Come on, let's get you out of there.
Oh, you poor baby.
It's okay.
Come on, it's okay.
It's okay.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
You must be hungry.
We're gonna find you something to eat.
Yeah, aren't we?
Now, I wonder where Dr. Phillip keeps your food.
Over here? Imp?
No, this is plastic fruit. See?
Over there. Oh.
Up here.
Nope, you can't drink this.
I see. It's in here.
Oh, my God.
Link, what happened in here?
What happened?
Link, what's wrong?
Link, I've got to go to town to find Dr. Phillip.
Do you understand?
I'll be back soon.
Link, will you go home?
Come on, I mean it. Go back and stay with Imp.
Link, I know you're up there!
Stop it!
No, 0947 is the area code.
Yes, that's right. 609832.
Forget it, David. They're not gonna answer it.
They've probably taken the phone off the hook
while they're otherwise disposed.
Cut it out, will you, fellas? It's ringing.
Link, there's another phone.
Jane, is that you?
- David? - Jane, what's wrong?
Oh, nothing. I just thought you were gonna be Dr. Phillip.
What, isn't he there?
No. No, and I can't get to town.
Link cooked the stupid phone. I didn't know this one was here.
Cooked what? You can't get where?
I can't get to town because of these dogs.
Look, I was just ringing to tell you I've canceled Greece.
Jane? Can you hear me?
Yeah. David, listen, I can't talk right now.
I've got to call Mr. Bailey.
Hey, Link!
There's something wrong with this phone. Jane!
Yeah, yeah, I can hear you. Link, will you stop that?
Hung up on you, eh?
I don't know.
Link, I'm taking a bath. Go away.
Link, go out and shut the door.
Link, come on. It's cold.
Dr. Phillip?
The door was open. Who are you?
I'm Jane Chase. Who are you?
Bailey. Reg Bailey.
So, where is Tarzan, then? I've been waiting for him for two days.
Dr. Phillip isn't here. I'm sorry.
Oh, damn it. Look, I'm on a tight schedule.
Bitch caged and ready for me?
Doc said he'd give her a knockout drug.
No, he's not here, and I thought that he was going to meet you.
Yeah, that's all right. Look, give him this when he gets back, eh?
Right, I'll get cracking, then. You gonna help me?
No. Wait a minute.
- Now, look, sweetheart. - I'm not authorized to...
It's over a four-hour drive here.
The deal's all agreed. The van's outside.
And my contact's not gonna be very pleased if I don't turn up.
Now, is she ready or not?
You're gonna have to wait until Dr. Phillip gets back.
Like I said, I've already waited two days.
Now, we had a deal. There's the check.
I'll get the beast from upstairs.
You take the old fella out to the van.
Voodoo is dead.
No, no.
I warned him. Which one got to her, then?
- Was it the little bloke or the old fella? - I don't know.
- You don't know? - No, I don't know what happened.
Dead? Bloody marvelous!
Okay, I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll take the old fella now,
and I'll give Dr. Phillip a ring tonight.
Maybe we can sort something out.
Maybe get a few quid for the corpse.
Where is he?
Wait a minute. Are you buying Link?
Yeah. Hey, do me a favor, will you?
Get me some fruit and stuff so I can keep him happy in the truck.
Dr. Phillip never said anything to me about selling Link.
I'm not selling him. I'm supposed to put him down.
- Put him down? - Yeah, so let's get on with it, eh?
Link! Link!
Mr. Bailey, I'm sorry, but I just don't believe that Dr. Phillip would kill Link.
So he hired me to do it. I thought you said he was out here.
Then why didn't he say anything to me?
Well, the doc's got a soft spot for the old fella.
Probably couldn't face up to him, so he went off.
Link! Link!
I think you should just go into town and tell the authorities
- that until Dr. Phillip gets back... - Authorities?
Do you know what the police would say if they knew about monkey house here?
Wild animals. This is sheep country.
I think you better leave.
You're all on your own up here, are you?
Will you please just leave?
Phillip keeping you for himself?
- Jesus. - Link, get back.
What are you doing?
Hey, there's no need for that.
- You're freaking kidding. - Link, run! Fast!
- Get out of my way! - Link, get back!
- Get in the house! Go! - I'll fix him.
- Link, I said... - Get out of the way!
You little...
Get off!
Get off!
Link, no!
Get out of here, you little sod!
For Christ's sake, get Phillip's gun!
Get out of here, you little sod. Get out of here!
Come on. Come on.
Imp, get down from there!
Come here, come here.
Come on!
- Come here, it's okay. Yeah. - Come on!
Link, get away from there!
Come on. Come on!
Get out of there, for Christ's sake!
Down, Link.
Come on!
Come on!
The cops are gonna hear about this!
Bye, Mr. Bailey.
Link, where's Imp?
Where is he?
Imp? Get off, get off!
Imp? Will you help?
You put him down there, didn't you?
Didn't you?
Is that what you do when you don't get along with someone,
you just throw them down the well?
No, that's not gonna work.
How would you like to be thrown down the well, Link?
You just stay outside here and think about that.
If you can behave, maybe I'll let you come back in.
Oh, no, you don't, Link. Not until you can behave.
And that's not gonna work, either.
Now, come on, go away.
Now we're gonna go get you cleaned up, aren't we?
Aren't we? Aren't we?
Come on.
Let's get you up to the bathroom.
There you are. Now, come on. Let's see you do one.
Come on, Imp.
Come on.
Come on.
Do you think we should let Link in yet? Hmm?
What do you think? What do you think?
Come on. Come tell me. Should we let him in or not?
Imp, that's not a very nice thing to say.
We'll let him in in a minute.
Up you go. Now you watch this.
Can you do that?
Imp, don't tease him.
Poor old Link.
Not now, Imp. I'm busy.
Movement inhibited.
Massive increase to respirator.
Profuse sweating.
Increased blood sugar level.
Erection of body hair.
Activation of temperature regulation.
Damn it, Imp! Leave me alone!
Bloodstream flooded with carbohydrates.
Some evidence of accentuated brain-wave activity.
Go away! I'm busy!
But this is not, of course, as clear as in humans.
Would you leave me alone!
Rapid transfer of blood from viscera to muscles and brain.
Accentuated brain-wave activity.
Go away! I'm busy!
Mr. Bailey called. He wanted to know when you're gonna meet him.
Would you leave me alone!
All forms of sheep farming
aim to manage the flock and its food supply
- so that marked changes in the... - Mr. Bailey?
Are avoided and adequate nutrient is available
during the periods when its food demands are high.
In some areas, where grazing is lacking...
Mr. Bailey?
Repair of the deficiencies can usually be made
by providing the stock with salt licks or supplements,
by cobalt bullets,
or by applying special treatments to the pastures.
Thank you, Professor Wilder, for joining us today.
Next week, in our continuing series on animal husbandry,
we will welcome Dr. Edgar Morris,
an expert in the area of bovine...
Damn it.
Where's Mr. Bailey, Link?
Okay, we're gonna drive back to the house and we're gonna get Imp,
and then we're all gonna go back into town.
How does that sound?
Okay, Link, we're gonna have to push the car.
We're gonna have to push it. Will you help me push it?
Come on, go out there and help.
Come on, like this. Come on.
That's right, come on.
Push harder.
Good, good!
Come on, Link, push!
Keep it going, Link!
Link, you have to push harder!
Faster, Link!
Link, that's enough!
Link, you can stop!
Link, you can stop pushing!
Link, will you stop it?
Link, I said stop pushing!
Where's Dr. Phillip, Link?
Imp? Open the door.
Imp, come on, open this door!
Imp, open this door now! Open the door!
Imp, what's in here?
Dr. Phillip's gun?
Imp, no. That is not the way that civilized...
people behave.
"The wolf slipped right into it."
He gave a big howl that could be heard for miles
and fled back up the chimney.
The wolf was never heard from again
because the third little pig had built a big, strong house.
"And they all lived happily ever after."
Come on. Come on, Imp.
I'm an ape man I'm an ape ape man.
Oh, I'm an ape man.
I'm a King Kong man I'm voodoo man.
Oh, I'm an ape man.
I look out the window But I can't see the sky.
The air pollution Is a-foggin' up my eyes
I want to get out of this city alive.
And be like an ape man.
La-la, la-la, la-la-la.
Come on and love me Be my ape-man girl.
Oh, what'd you do that for?
It's driving me nuts.
Oh, the man's getting very touchy.
I mean, look at the place. Miles from anywhere.
- Alone in the house with him. - Shut it.
What did you have to bring him along for anyway?
You haven't exactly been a bundle of laughs yourself.
Yeah, you'll look a right wally if we catch them at it.
Oh, it was a joke, it was a joke. She loves you.
She's crazy about you.
You see that?
- What? - One of Phillip's monkeys.
Follow it. Go on.
- It's gone. - You're seeing things.
Wow, quite a place.
Looks like a nut house.
Look at these bars, man.
Maybe we've got the wrong house.
See any other houses at the end of the quarry road?
Christ almighty, look at this.
Looks like something's blown it apart.
- Where you going? - Dave? David.
What are you doing? We don't even know if we've got the right house.
More blood.
Look at this.
Listen, guys, I think we should get out of here, eh?
- Dave? - Where are you goin'?
Hey, there could've been a murder or something. What you doin'?
- I want to take a look upstairs. - Dave.
Let's get out of here. Let's call the police or something, man.
I want to look for Jane.
Take a look around.
If it's all the same with you, I'll wait outside.
Imp, come back!
Hey, cut it out, fellas, all right?
Link, is someone here?
Let go of me!
Link, will you let go of me!
Link! You're hurting me!
Will you stop it!
Get out! Go!
- You all right? - He killed Dennis. Probably Tom, too.
I broke my leg.
- What are we gonna do in here? - I don't think he can get in here.
We have to do something about your leg, though.
Sorry. I've got to get it straight.
What's... What's wrong with that thing up there?
I don't know. The thing's been crazy.
I mean, he was completely fine until I got here.
I just don't think it's his fault.
What do you mean?
I mean, maybe he knew he was gonna be killed.
I don't know.
So, where's the doc?
He's dead.
Damn it!
Come on, come on!
Come on!
Get out! Go!
Get out of here!
Come on!
Get in there now!
Damn it!
Help me! Will you help!
David! David, come on!
Where does that go?
It's no good. He'd only outrun us.
He can outrun me, but you'd have a chance.
No. No, we've got to outthink him.
Link, do you hear me?
Link, that's naughty! That's bad!
Matches are naughty!
What are you doing?
Bad, Link! Bad!
Do you hear me, Link?
Animals are afraid of fire!
And monkeys don't smoke cigars!
And they can't even cook!
Only humans can smoke, Link!
What are you talking about?
Only civilized people know about fire, Link.
And you're only an animal! You're a stupid animal!
So you leave those matches alone!
Come on.
What are you trying to do, burn the place down?
- It's gonna burn up, I hope. - Yeah?
Get down.
Come on!
Where the hell's the wind coming from?
It's being drawn up by the fire!
We're almost there. You okay?
Yeah, terrific.
David, it's Imp!
David, it's Imp!
Come here, Imp. Come here.
Come here.
Yeah, yeah, it's okay.
It's okay, I'm here. You're safe.
- Come on, go back to David. - No, wait a minute.
- Wait a minute. No way. - David, he's a baby.
He wouldn't hurt anyone.