Lion-Girl (2023) Movie Script

[wave crashing]
[music playing]
[steam hissing]
Do you want to
get boiled and die,
or give us your life force?
I don't like either option.
You are a disease.
[groaning] [screaming]
[ominous music]
[music playing]
NARRATOR: The day came suddenly.
In the year 2045, a
tsunami of meteorites
swarmed Earth, killing
most lifeforms.
Civilization came to an end.
Countless meteorites fell from
the sky, all over the planet,
each containing 100 to
1,000 times more destructive
power than the atomic
bombs that were dropped
on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
All the continents
sank under the sea.
With 99.9% of the land
gone, Earth literally
became a planet of water.
There were a very small number
of survivors, about 7 million
people, which was
1/1000 of the population
prior to the catastrophe.
The survivors from
around the world
fought their way to a small
land mass in Asia, Tokyo, Japan.
Miraculously, only a
small amount of meteorites
landed in the Kanto Plain.
The entire country of Japan
was destroyed, as were
all the other countries.
Tokyo became the only
livable island on Earth.
Those who survived
the meteorites' hell
storm in Tokyo,
and some survivors
who were able to land on
Tokyo, killed each other
for more food, more power.
After 30 long years
of bloody civil war,
a man by the name of Nobuhide
Fujinaga and his clan
defeated all those
opposing his authority,
and he became the
ruler of the new world.
Modeled after the samurai
totalitarian Tokugawa
shogunate government, Nobuhide
formed the Fujinaga shogunate
and claimed the establishment
of a new country, Neo-Nippon.
But for those who survived
the meteorites and civil war,
their true enemy
wasn't a dystopian
world run by a fascist shogun.
It was Fujinaga
shogunate government's
designated infectious
disease, Anoroc syndrome.
The meteorites that
destroyed the Earth
contained a mysterious
ray inside the rock.
If a human being is exposed to
this ray, the cells in the body
mutate and destroy themselves,
causing certain death.
But in very rare cases, some
humans survive the exposure.
Those who get exposed to
the space ray and survive
undergo a metamorphosis into
horrific meteorite beasts.
People call them Anoroc.
Anoroc hunt and kill human
beings for their life force.
Anoroc are the true
enemy of humankind.
The name came from the
Siberian cosmologist, Dr. Suriv
Anoroc, who first
warned humanity
about the meteorite tsunami.
Spare my wife.
You can do whatever
you want with me.
Spare my wife.
You can do whatever
you want with me.
I don't think so.
There's no time for
tear jerking drama here.
You can both go fuck
yourselves in hell!
The meteorites rays
really have turned us
into monsters, body and mind.
Who are you?
Lion-Girl, the last
defender of Ninkyo.
Stand with the weak,
and fight the strong.
[swords clanging]
NARRATOR: They are in
a state of scanning.
When two psychic powers
collide head to head,
they create this
mind meld lockdown.
When they are in this
state, one of them
has to be killed in order for
the other to be set free again.
This psychic duel to the
death is called "scanning."
Why do you side with humans?
You are Man-Anoroc.
[music building]
[heavy breathing]
[music playing]
Not good.
Not good at all.
You gotta stand.
Botan, you gotta walk.
[dramatic music]
[buttons beeping]
[machine whirring]
[suspenseful music]
Take off those
ridiculous masks.
[japanese], we have
not determined the cause
of death for these Anoroc.
Therefore, us not wearing
the protective gears
are not logical.
What did you say, woman?
Show me.
Another Anoroc fight.
I'm afraid not.
According to the report, it
was a duel between the lion
masked woman and this Anoroc.
Lion masked woman, eh?
I look forward to
meeting her soon.
[snaps fingers]
[speaking japanese]
[sword swinging]
[running water]
have to repeat myself right?
When your manman glows
red, it is bad, Botan.
Really bad.
You know this.
Purple means come
back to base, OK?
It's just you out there
against those demons.
We need members in
Hiiro Gumi again.
But before the world
ended, we don't need
too many, only a few good ones.
[telephone ringing]
Hey, what is Man-Anoroc?
[music playing]
For Today's News,
this is Bob Asai.
First and foremost, let's
hear from the greatest
one, our beloved shogun,
Nobuhide, himself.
[speaking japanese]
Don't live long,
die while working.
What wonderful words of wisdom
from our dear greatest leader.
Now, the news.
As part of the government's
Mars colonization program,
the spaceship Archangeli
was launched last month.
Today, we were
told that the ship
has been sabotaged and
destroyed by the labor
humanoids on board.
We do have a report that the
terrorist labor humanoids
who survived the
explosion are headed
to Earth in the escape pod.
But officials say
there is absolutely
no chance they will
reach the Earth's
atmosphere successfully.
Here are photos of the terrorist
labor humanoid replica people.
If you see anyone who
resembles these photos,
you are required to report
immediately to a peace
officer or police station.
It is a capital
offense to be friends
of replica people or Anoroc.
[joints cracking]
MIYUKI: A bit strange, isn't it?
Know what I mean?
How come she has to hide
her face with a mask?
Know what I mean?
I hate wearing masks.
Fuck them!
My body, my choice.
Know what I mean?
Don't live long,
die while working.
Miss lion-- lioness--
lion mask lady-- lion girl--
I don't know what
everyone is calling her,
but she's a real hero.
She's not fake.
She doesn't have another agenda.
She just wants to help the
weak and the oppressed.
[speaking japanese]
It's ninkyo.
The last defender of ninkyo.
We've heard much speculation,
opinion, conspiracies,
and fake news about
this shamelessly dressed
female who wears a lion mask.
The Fujinaga shogunate
has officially
recognized her as a public
enemy, and named her Lion-Girl.
Apparently, this outlaw has a
huge yakuza tattoo in the shape
of Karajishi Botan.
Karajishi is a lion that is
a Buddhist protection symbol.
Ah, shit.
BOB ASAI: King of beasts.
She's a fugitive now.
[music playing]
[alarm sounding]
Hiiro Gumi headquarters,
how may I help you?
We called yesterday.
A consultation, please.
Ken-san, we have clients.
I heard Hiiro Gumi
stand with the weak,
we need your protection.
I understand
completely what you need.
You need protection
to get to Shimbashi.
A very straightforward
As you know, Shimbashi
is still an outland,
we don't even have
any maps of the area
since the meteorite hailstorm.
And we do not recommend
entering the premises.
That is correct.
Plus there is speculation
that shogun task
forces have secret
bases in Shimbashi,
so it is a no go on Shimbashi.
Anywhere else, yes,
we will take you guys.
We have to reunite
with our family there.
Please, this is
everything we have.
We're willing to risk it all.
If we don't make it,
we don't make it.
[music playing]
All right.
We will take you to Shimbashi.
You can sleep here tonight.
Sleep well, it's the
last time you will be
sleeping indoors for a while.
[japanese] Call Marian Nagata.
Ask him to drive
us to Shimbashi.
What the fuck do you
think you're doing?
I will talk to shogun
directly about this.
My father knows a lot of
guys who he works with.
That's right, we
will press charges.
Help, someone help me!
The three of you
are under suspicion
for being a meteorite
ray affecting human,
AKA, Man-Anoroc.
If you confess
voluntarily, we will
kill execute you right away.
I promise, one stroke, no pain.
WOMAN: You can't do this.
But if we have to make you
talk, we most certainly will.
fuck is a Man-Anoroc?
MIKI: You can't do this.
Let me go.
Let me go.
WOMAN: Please.
This is pointless.
Yoshi-Toshi, begin.
As you wish, Oyakata-sama.
[weapon buzzing]
[captives muttering]
I'm not a Man-Anoroc,
or whatever it is.
Please, no.
No, no!
Well, can't win them all.
Fucking wait.
I have money.
My family can pay.
Fuck, I am human.
Now that's what
I'm talking about.
The fuck?
I fucking told you it wasn't me.
Get me out of here.
Get me off of this thing now.
Silence that idiot.
We are not Anoroc,
we are human.
We think and we feel.
We do not need to
consume human life force.
NARRATOR: From his extensive
training as samurai,
the telekinesis of Man-Anoroc
did not work on Lord Kishi.
Whatever you are,
you don't think
we can let you roam freely with
this kind of monstrous power,
do you?
One out of three is not bad.
Kill me.
Kill me now.
Kill me.
Kill me now.
I actually do
envy the vitality.
Gumu, remove them as long as
her brain isn't destroyed.
I do want that power.
Kill me now.
If I had immortality,
I would no longer have
to serve Nobuhide Fujinaga.
When you meet Buddha,
you'll kill Buddha.
And when you meet
parents, you'll kill them.
It's all for nothing.
[gun cocking]
All right, here we are.
We are taking Mr. Herbert
here and his daughter, Mayumi,
to Shimbashi.
They're reuniting with
their family members there.
I, Ken Shishikura,
Hiiro Gumi's regent,
will be in charge
of the mission.
So anything I say, you follow.
I'm Botan.
I am Hiiro Gumi's
kumicho in training.
I'll be in charge
of guarding Mayumi.
So you really are the
kumicho of the clan?
That is correct.
She is their heir.
Her father was our
former kumicho.
But as she stated,
she is in training.
Marian Nagata, freelance
driver and gunslinger.
I'm new to the
area, but Hiiro Gumi
has been really good to me.
We will get you there.
[speaking japanese]
[music playing]
asked Botan out, huh?
Um, what now?
You don't have to play dumb.
I'm cool with it.
So what did she say?
She said no.
Said she's so busy right now.
Are you really
that busy, Ken-san?
That's right.
For sure, man.
We are-- we're swamped.
Had to turns some people away.
No shit?
Botan told me that this
gig came in yesterday.
It's her chosen path.
The duty of ninkyo.
The Japanese code of chivalry.
What's this, dog shit?
No, it's dried sweet potato.
I actually made it.
Leave me alone.
Dearest sworn brother,
I hope this letter
finds you well.
I need to ask you to
do something for me.
Only you can.
I apologize that I have
to ask you to travel far,
but please hurry.
It's urgent.
Yagenta Hiiro.
Kumicho, I am here
as you summoned.
It has been a long time, sir.
I know that.
Thank you for coming.
[music playing]
Forgive me, I couldn't
protect your sister.
The meteorite ray..
YAGENTA HIIRO: That's right.
Due date was just
around the corner.
She survived.
Ken, it's your niece.
I must commit hara-kiri.
Ken, please assist.
Kumicho, no.
You have to live.
You have to live for the baby.
You don't have to kill yourself
to atone for Sarah's death.
It ain't so, Ken.
I was exposed to the
meteorite ray and dust.
And I didn't die.
You know what this means?
I'm turning into Anoroc.
I need to die a human.
Two daggars of a Hiiro Gumi--
family treasures.
Now they belong to my Daughter.
We all know Anoroc
don't die unless their brain is
completely destroyed.
So the [japanese]
needs to be dealt
with in magnum, not just sword.
Blow my head clean off.
Got it?
Botan shall be my
daughter's name.
The 22nd kumicho of Hiiro Gumi
Hiiro Botan.
[in japanese]
OK, [japanese].
I trust for you to love my
daughter as much as Sarah
and I would.
[gun cocks]
If Botan is Man-Anoroc,
if she possesses
power from the universe, let
her use it to save humanity.
It's Hiiro Gumi's duty
to stand with the weak.
Fight the strong.
[speaking japanese]
[bones shifting]
[sword slicing flesh]
[baby crying]
[music playing]
That meteorite got you, sis.
Got you real good.
I saved my death.
I waited.
I waited deceased, brother.
[baby crying]
Are you happy to be born
into this world, my child?
There will be wars again.
Maybe a pandemic before that.
Famine, natural disasters--
-everything will be gone.
Nothing will be the same.
To be alive is to be in hell.
Death is true freedom.
Wouldn't it be easier
if you were just eaten?
Don't you wish that you
had never been born at all?
[somber music]
Just maybe.
Your ninkyo might
be our only hope.
[baby fusses]
[upbeat rock music]
NARRATOR: Botan Hiiro
and Ken Shishikura
trained together
for over 20 years
to achieve the highest
state of mental
and physical enlightenment
in order to protect humanity.
Kenjutsu, judo, karate,
aikido, and ninjutsu--
Botan mastered all of the
Japanese martial arts,
and other combat techniques from
past to present, East to West.
Botan also needed to learn
how to control her powers.
To do so, she had to faced
many obstacles and opponents.
But that's a story
for another time.
What is that?
When you fight, you
must wear this mask.
Your identity must
be kept secret.
Because there are people out
there who will want to control
your power for their own gain.
Your power belongs
to the people, Botan.
It is a gift from
someone or something
out there to help us survive
what is left of the world.
For your protection.
Try it on.
How am I supposed
to move in this?
OK, this is it.
[buttons beeping]
ANN: Help us!
Someone, please!
Wait here a sec.
Number one or two?
It's a possible three.
Be right back.
[music playing]
[convulsion noises]
Oh, no.
Help us!
Someone, please!
Please, I'm begging you.
Don't let [indistinct speech].
[bones shifting]
Kill me.
No, no, you can't
kill him, please!
You can't kill my Aaron.
No, don't!
You can't kill my Aaron.
No, no, Aaron, live.
Live even as an Anoroc.
Please, you can't kill him.
[bones shifting]
[neck cracks]
I fucking didn't want this.
That's why I fucking told
you to fucking kill me.
What are you supposed to do
anyway all by yourself, huh?
Like some masked jump hero?
You fail.
Fuck you.
Are you happy to be born
into this world, my child?
To be alive is to be in hell.
Don't you wish that you
had never been born at all?
Come on, Lion-Girl,
get it together.
[engine revving]
What that guy said is true.
What can I do alone?
Someone out there right
now is turning into Anoroc,
and someone is getting
their life force eaten.
I can't protect humanity.
Do I fight until I get killed?
Another meteorite could come
tomorrow and wipe us all out.
Everything's gone.
Is there any meaning to
what I'm expected to do?
This is the way of ninkyo.
Stand with the weak
and fight the strong.
That again?
Well then I am the weak.
Ken-san, I'm so sorry.
What the-- you've got it.
You've mastered force tornado.
Don't forget that feeling.
The anger is good.
It can be used as a trigger.
But you must control
it, or the anger
will consume you if you let it.
Yagenta Hiiro?
Botan, you are so grown up.
Let's take care of Ken first.
[gentle music]
I'm so sorry, Botan.
I didn't want you to
be the last defender
of ninkyo in the world.
What happened to the world?
No one saw the
meteorites coming?
The days before meteorites
will never return?
Is living hell?
Is death the only true freedom?
Botan, everything might
have a meaning or not.
You may find a meaning
for everything,
or see no meaning in anything.
Whichever it is,
only you can decide.
But remember this-- no matter
where you go, there you are.
No matter where you
go, there you are.
No, sendai, kumicho
of Hiiro Gumi,
teach me to control
my powers so that
I may dedicate my life to
[dramatic music]
I am--
I am indebted to you.
No matter where you
go, there you are.
to go a bit further,
but let's get some rest.
[owl hooting]
If no one wants the
last bite, I will take it.
Who's there?
Don't move.
HERBERT: Mayumi!
We'll take this one,
that one, and the truck.
But you can keep your
money, food, and lives.
We just need some company.
We've had no women for ages.
We'll let them go
when we're done.
Who knows?
They might like
what we do to them.
We will let you go.
Just leave.
Let her go now,
for your own sakes.
We need to rendezvous with
Ogi Agan, the leader of Sennin
at SL Plaza and Shimbashi.
This tracker beacon
will lead us to Agan.
Ogi Agan?
Sennin is a commune
run by the Man-Anoroc
to protect themselves
from the shogunate
and the hateful humans.
Ogi Agan is their leader.
Mayumi murdered
five people already.
All self-defense, of course.
But the shogunate
won't listen to that.
We were accompanying the wanted.
That is a capital offense
under Fujinaga shogunate law.
Not wise to lie to
your bodyguards,
don't you think, Herbert?
I'm sorry.
I promised my wife
before she died
to protect Mayumi at all costs.
We are Hiiro Gumi.
We are not afraid of
Fujinaga or anyone.
You should have been straight
with us from the start.
That is all.
[music playing]
Man-Anoroc are babies who
were infected while they
were in their mothers wombs.
Their minds and
souls remain human,
but they possess
the invincibility
and the psychic
ability of the Anoroc.
So I'm Man-Anoroc.
Yes, but regular Man-Anoroc
don't need their bodies to be
heated the way that you do in
order to turn on their power,
so you might be
slightly different.
Either way, my sister
was infected while she
was pregnant with you.
That is why you have the power.
So Mayumi and I are the same?
Ogi Agan might just be the
person we've been looking for.
If we can get all Sennin
members to join Hiiro Gumi,
we can have our own
Man-Anoroc yakuza squad.
You won't have to
fight alone anymore.
But Ken-san, what if
they don't want to fight?
It's ninkyo, kumicho.
They are nearly invincible, and
they possess a psychic ability.
If you don't use those gifts
for the good of humankind,
what the hell do
you use them for?
Think about it.
If we have our own
Man-Anoroc squad,
we can start clearing
out the meteorite debris
because they don't get affected.
We stop the infection.
we stop people from
turning into Anoroc.
I like that.
[hopeful music]
Now go to sleep.
[footsteps approaching]
[door closing]
Everything will be gone.
Don't you wish that you
had never been born at all?
I are both [japanese]..
[birds chirping]
Hey perv, trying
to catch a peep?
Sorry, I had no
idea you were here.
What is it, whiskey?
I can't drink.
Why are you a yakuza?
Family business, I guess.
People need help
from time to time.
You can run away from the
family business if you want.
What would that do?
Running away never
changes anything.
Because no matter where
you go, there you are.
My father told me that.
What does that mean?
No matter what you do, you
can't run away from yourself,
I guess.
I see.
So you're not free.
No humans are free.
[romantic music]
I want to kiss
you, so I kissed you.
I'm free.
Botan, don't you think
Marian is a feminine name?
Not really.
Well, I think so.
That's why I want
a more macho name.
So I want you to call
me by my new nickname.
You know, the whole
concept of feminine versus
manly is completely obsolete.
But what's the nickname?
Get ready, young lovers.
We have a package to deliver.
We have a package to deliver.
I can't believe he heard that.
Let's go.
[engine whirring]
[dramatic music]
Don't live long,
die while working.
For Today's News,
this is Bob Asai.
The shogunate
previously has denied
the existence of
meteorite ray affected
humans, AKA, Man-Anoroc.
But today, the shogunate
released an official statement
to recognize Man-Anoroc's
existence and their threat.
As of today, all Man-Anoroc
are ordered to turn themselves
in to the Bureau of
Fujinaga Shogunate Official
Meteorite Monster Slayers.
They will all be
registered and relocated
to internment camps for
surveillance and observation.
Failure to register is
punishable by death.
Also, anyone who
aids in the escape
or provides shelter
to Man-Anoroc
will also be charged
with the death penalty.
Consequently, the shogunate has
categorized the Man-Anoroc cult
group, Sennin, as
domestic terrorists,
and their leader, Ogi
Agan, a public enemy.
Here is Ogi Agan's kyojo.
Next news-- late last night,
we have lost communication
with two patrolling
Onmitsu secret police
officers assigned to
the former Imperial
Hotel area of Chiyoda sector.
Meteorite monster
slayer, Lord Kishi,
will be leading the
search and rescue mission,
and promises to slay
anyone who is suspicious
and get to the
truth very quickly.
Bansai, Lord Kishi.
Bansai, Fujinaga shogunate.
Don't live long,
die while working.
What's up?
Ogi Agan is now
a public enemy.
And guess what?
Those two ass wipes
from last night,
they were government Onmitsu.
The dogs of shogun.
Well, that's not good for us.
So they'll have checkpoints up.
We're going to have
to take a big detour.
I don't like it, but we have to.
Let's get some water first.
Our cargo won't make
it without some agua.
Do you know a seller nearby?
Let's see.
If we go through Ginza--
yes, an illegal water dealer.
I've heard about him.
I've never really dealt
with him yet, though.
He'll have to do.
Call him.
Hey Keiko, call
Nagaki Jun on cell.
KEIKO: Calling
Nagaki Jun on cell.
[phone dialing]
[music playing]
10 [indistinct speech]
for a gallon.
Take it or leave it.
I have very beautiful water, OK?
Listen, Nagaki, I was hoping
for more like five a gallon.
Five it is.
Get it from the trunk.
Something's off.
I have a bad
feeling about this.
Hey, I'm sorry about the
sweet potato thing earlier.
I know I shouldn't
have waste it.
It's OK.
Just maybe try it next time?
You are under arrest for
the suspicion of murdering
shogunate officers.
Be obedient.
Surrender to the shogun.
Get rid of the
water thief first.
What the fuck?
We get the suspect and
I walk free, remember?
Come, Mr. Nagaki,
we've known about
your anti-shogunate activities
for quite some time now.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, we had this idea.
[gun cocks]
Ken-san, drive away.
Go now.
All right.
All of you, out of the truck
and line up, or this fuck
face tough guy gets it.
Three of the shogun's
finest officers
were murdered last night.
They were killed by the
force power of a Man-Anoroc.
Methuselah beam.
Tell me which of you
possesses this power.
Or one by one, you will die
right here and right now.
I do.
I have Methusula beam.
So kill me and leave them alone.
Die, fatso.
Dad, no.
No, no, no.
No, dad.
Please take Mayumi too.
[indistinct speech]
I'll take care of that.
I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Honey, I love you..
forever and ever.
Dad, please don't go.
Please don't leave me.
Don't leave me!
No, come back!
Come back!
Is that how you look at
an officer of the shogunate?
Hold your fire.
So you're the one that
possesses the Methuselah beam.
You killed my pretty Gin-Chiyo.
I like that.
I want your power.
You die.
You all die.
This Man-Anoroc we're
looking for appears to be
about your same age and size.
Take off your shirt.
Apparently they have a large
tattoo on their back as well.
Fuck you.
OK, I'll take my shirt off.
I see no tattoo.
To be safe, we'll take you in
for some further questioning.
Arrest them.
Take them back to the
Anoroc slayer squad base.
You're going to
have a lot of fun.
[somber music]
I haven't seen the
ocean, like, ever.
I mean, isn't our
planet supposed
to be nothing but ocean now?
You'll see it.
We can go as soon as we
get out of this mess.
Hey, Mayumi, we're
all dehydrated.
Maybe we can talk when
we have some water?
MAYUMI: Beautiful, aren't they?
They were a gift to my
mother from my father.
And now they're gone.
And I'm all alone.
I don't know what to do.
I'm all alone.
My parents are gone too.
I don't have anyone either.
Botan, you're not alone.
You have Ken-san.
He's like a father to you.
And Mayumi, you don't
have to be alone either.
If you want, you
can be my daughter.
I mean, sister.
I know I'm not Man-Anoroc, but
I want to join Sennin with you.
Let's go together.
But I have to get to know
you better before I can
take you on as my big brother.
[sinister music]
KAISEI KISHI: The little bitch
comes with me to cell block D.
Walk on.
Wait for me, I'll find you.
WOMAN: Silence!
Nobody fuckin' moves!
Use the new thing.
What shit, right?
Marian, you can
keep a secret, yes?
Botan, we haven't
tested this yet.
This shit is going to hurt.
I don't care.
Just do it.
Get behind me.
[chains snapping]
You're Lion-Girl?
God damn, Marian.
[chains snapping]
[alarm sounding]
Lion-Girl, go find Mayumi.
You go get our weapons.
I'll deal with the frizzy
haired dominatrix bitch.
Here she comes now.
What is going on here!
[machines beeping]
[sword drawing]
[pained grunt]
[battle cry]
God damn, that was fast.
Good work.
Let's roll, Anaconda.
[music playing]
Release my new
toys from sector G.
Let's see how these
born again Lion-Girl
sympathizers deal with it.
As you wish.
[machine whirring]
[robotic footsteps]
A hell created by human hands.
To escape their
fear of Anoroc.
They're trying to become the
ones who cause fear instead.
[speaking japanese]
[robotic whirring]
Take cover.
Forgive my wife.
You can do whatever
you want with me.
I'm sorry, my
brother and sister.
Let us put you out
of your miseries.
[gun clicking]
Rest in peace, old timers.
[machines whirring]
Kill me.
Kill me.
I beg you to end this.
In the name of justice.
Humans can be so cruel.
[robotic laughter]
I'll come back for you.
What took you so long?
Like a moth flying
into the flame.
The outlaw, Lion-Girl.
Kishi, where is Mayumi?
Mayumi, I'm here.
MAYUMI: No, who are you?
Me, Botan.
I'm here.
MAYUMI: Too late.
You're too late, Botan.
I'm.. dead.
Botan, kill me now.
I just want to go with my dad.
[blood squelching]
Please forgive me.
KAISEI KISHI: I knew it was you.
I knew you were Lion-Girl.
You had Lion-Girl's nasty ass.
So the tattoos only come out
when you're battle ready.
Kishi, I have never
hated a dog of shogun more.
Hate me.
Hate me and hate me more.
To a samurai, hatred
is a badge of pride.
Only the strong ones
are actually hated.
[gun cocking]
How fast--
--are you?
Couldn't even dodge that.
I'm disappointed.
It's not that I can't.
I just didn't.
I owe it to Mayumi to experience
a fraction of the pain
that she endured.
I will never forgive myself.
How arrogant.
You'll soon regret
your sentimentalism.
AALB-- anti Anoroc
liquid bullet.
The meteorite fragments are
filled full of the fluid.
It'll kill a man, but
it'll make an Anoroc
or Man-Anoroc powerless.
So let me introduce
my more than capable
Anoroc servant, Devil Gemini.
This illustrious creature
has a unique ability
to transfer the psychic
power of an Anoroc to anyone
they choose.
Devil Gemini will be the
harbinger of a new age.
You may begin, my beauty.
As you wish, my lord.
You, sir, will be more
powerful than anyone
in Neo Nippon.
Yoshi-Toshi, takes the
prisoner to the chair.
And makes sure she watches.
Devil Gemini,
now I command you--
transfer that
Man-Anoroc's power to me.
[sinister music]
[non-english speech].
Yes, Devil Gemini.
I can feel the power now, and
its space flowing into me.
Oh, yes.
Humans are a disease on
this Earth, don't you know?
A virus, cancer,
that's what we are.
We grow in number,
damage the planet,
destroy the sea, land, sky.
And what does the Earth do?
Give us earthquakes,
tsunamis, hurricanes,
volcanoes, AIDS, SARS,
corona, and shit in defense?
It's self defense.
The Earth wants
to get rid of us.
It doesn't need us.
It wants us gone.
We all need to die.
We need to go.
Humans need to be extinct.
Mother, I will
fulfill your wish.
Humans will go extinct.
You hated this world from
the depth of your soul.
Humans are self centered,
cruel, merciless.
I will kill everyone.
I will destroy the shogunate.
I will kill Nobuhide Fujinaga.
I will end all of
humanity with my power.
What the--
Enough, Kishi.
This go on any further.
You betrayed Bushido,
disgraced the shogun.
You will answer to justice.
Well said, Yoshi-Toshi.
That is why you're
my second in command.
But you are still unenlightened.
My mission is vastly larger than
any leader of the free world,
any shogun, or any mortal.
I am one with mother Earth.
I'm acting on her behalf.
Humanity extinction is
the wish of the planet
and the entire universe.
[somber music]
[combat noises]
[combat noises]
[electricity sparking]
[restraints breaking]
[combat noises]
You're a replica people.
I didn't want to die on Mars.
I just wanted to know
what it is to be free.
Don't be sad, my
beautiful Yoshi-Toshi.
I'll be joining you soon enough.
[neck snapping]
You see, you women just
don't know when to quit.
No worse, you won't survive
the second shot of AALB.
Oh, no.
When her manman stops
flashing, Botan dies.
Ken-san, take the monster.
Botan needs heat, yes?
The hotter, the better.
Thank you.
Whatever you're thinking.
Let her test my
invulnerability, but shit,
I didn't know it
would hurt so bad.
[combat noises]
Yakuza will never
beat a samurai.
Motherfucker, you're
nothing but armor.
[crashing noise]
Lion-Girl, may my golden gun
put you out of your misery.
[gun cocks]
Hold on tight.
[upbeat music]
Kishi, I deal with you.
NARRATOR: Let me explain
how the miracle happened
and Lion-Girl evolved into
her strongest form yet.
Now let's take a look
at the explosion again.
This time, not what
we saw, but how Botan
and Marian experienced it.
The nuclear explosion
caused a dimensional warp
for Botan and Marian.
One moment became forever,
and forever became one moment.
[aeon rings, "pale blue"]
What's happening?
Where are we?
The gates of heaven, perhaps?
Nowhere and everywhere.
But since I can't go to heaven,
we have to say goodbye here.
I saw you on Bob Asai.
I know you escaped
from Archangeli.
(SINGING) --when you
walk into the room.
You are required to report
immediately to a peace
officer or police station.
It is a capital offense to
be friends of replica people.
(SINGING) No matter how I
fight, fate was sealed today.
And what's it gonna--
I'm sorry I'm not human.
Why are you apologizing?
I'm not human either.
(SINGING) All I know wants
me to bring you closer.
I wanted to be human.
more human than anybody I know.
For you, I have
feelings for the first time.
I wanted to protect you.
Is this ninkyo?
No, it's not ninkyo.
It's love.
(SINGING) Take me over
one kiss at a time.
Don't disclose the end.
Make it more the crime.
Can't stop shaking.
Thank you, Botan.
I'm free.
(SINGING) I only ask you,
please, to never let me win.
And what's it's gonna take?
And when's it gonna break?
So tell me, why my heart
wants to bring you closer?
Every time, every
time I dream of you--
Botan, be true to your heart.
Arigato, Marian.
Because of you, I know this now.
Because we love, we carry on.
Even if the world ends tomorrow,
we can live today for love.
The world is full of
assholes who should
not be in power, just like you.
Time to take it away.
Die, Lion-Girl.
[combat noises]
And this is for Marian.
This is for Mayumi.
[bones shifting]
What are you doing?
KAISEI KISHI: Don't move.
Meteorite isn't a
threat to Earth.
We're already
infected and immune.
What about him?
He'll either die or
become Anoroc, right?
No, stop.
Kneel before me and swear
your allegiance to me,
and I will spare
this man's life.
You will use your power for me.
Botan, don't you
believe this Anoroc fuck.
Once you surrender, he's
going to kill us both.
Don't you worry about me.
Kill him.
I said surrender,
or it's not going
to be pretty for this man.
[sorrowful music]
I give up.
Just please spare him.
Botan, what are you doing?
No, stop!
God damn it, Botan.
[indistinct speech]
Botan, you have
to finish him off.
I will not let you
surrender on my behalf.
Ninkyo is to never give up.
Stop with the
fucking soap opera.
Methuselah beam!
Force tornado!
[dramatic music]
[radio noises]
[indistinct speech],,
their gardners,
shoguns and the assassins,
and they're going
to be here any minute.
So either way, even if you
defeat me, you die too.
All of your effort, all of your
pain, all of your suffering,
it's for what?
For what?
It's all for nothing.
Don't you wish you had
never been born at all?
Maybe you do, but I don't.
I love my life.
I love you.
[explosion noises]
[somber string music]
[bones shifting]
You know what
you have to to do.
Kumicho, you must carry on.
Botan, I love
you as my daughter.
[bones shifting]
Mayumi, lend me your power.
I need you.
Don't leave me.
Botan, you are our hope.
You can reverse the spin
of the Methusula beam
with Force Tornado.
Instead of rapid aging,
you can restore the damage
from the meteorites
on human cells.
You just became the cure
for Anoroc syndrome.
A cure?
The gardeners.
How many do you think?
20 or 30.
It doesn't matter.
You're too important to
be dealing with this shit.
You're the cure.
You must go on.
I'll take care of them.
Even though I'm
calling you Otou-san,
remember, I am the kumicho.
MAN: Ready to deploy.
What the hell?
KEN SHISHIKURA: Is that Sarah?
We're here for
Mayumi and her father.
[beeping noise]
Ogi Agan.
Yes, Mayumi and
Herbert didn't make it.
Wait a minute. Hold up.
You were too late for them,
but you are not too late to be
the saviors of humanity.
Humans are selfish.
They only think of themselves.
They can't accept differences,
the diversity of life.
We're done with them.
What if I told you that
you were looking at the cure
for Anoroc syndrome?
You are a disease.
[upbeat music]
Hiiro Gumi at your service.
She is the cure.
[aeon rings, "pale blue"]
(SINGING) Should've known better
when you walked into the room.
Time was slowing down,
eyes are fixed on you.
Dressed in leather,
time to kill the prey.
No matter how I fight,
fate was sealed today.
And what's it gonna take?
And when's it gonna break?
What I know wants
to bring me closer.
Every time, every
time I dream of you,
I'll be lost in eyes
coming closer in pale blue.
Day and night, I'll be
lost in thought of you.
I'll remember eyes coming
closer in pale blue.
Take me over, one
kiss at a time.
Don't disclose the end,
make it more the crime.
Can't stop shaking.
Touch of heat, it's sin.
I only ask you, please,
don't ever let me win.
And what's it gonna take?
And when's it gonna break?
So tell me why my heart
wants to bring you closer.
Every time, every
time I dream of you,
I'll be lost in eyes
coming closer in pale blue.
Day and night, I'll be
lost in thought of you.
I'll remember eyes coming
closer in pale blue.
Coming closer in pale blue.
[rushing water]
[seagulls crying]
(VOICEOVER): No matter where you
there you are.