Lion Killer (2019) Movie Script

(traffic whirring)
(phone beeps)
(phone ringing)
- Hi, it's me.
I, um, I haven't really
told you everything
about myself.
My mother was a drunk,
(fists pounding on bag)
and my father was a heroin addict.
(ominous music)
(fists pounding on bag)
The things I experienced there,
I wouldn't wish on anyone.
(atmospheric acoustic guitar music)
(group chattering)
And I can't explain to you
If you can't understand why
But it took most of my life
To get my walls this high
Every brick, every stone
- Line up.
Reminds me how much I've grown
One by one, every broken dream
Another treasure
on my throne
- Bow.
Babe, I know it isn't fair
You're out there and I'm in here
And we're both alone
But I'd be willing to take your hand
And swing a sledge
Watch it all come crashing down
Till there's nothing left
I'd be willing to fall for you
If you locked eyes with
me the whole way down
Maybe my walls come
down this time around
And I've spent so much time
On these walls that guard my heart
(straps whacking on bodies)
They've helped me survive
Every time my life was torn apart
(traffic whirring)
(alarm blaring)
(Michael sighing)
(atmospheric acoustic guitar music)
(traffic whirring)
(lighter clicks)
(lighter clicks)
- Hey, ah, the toilets won't flush.
Third floor, men's restroom, again.
There's shit everywhere.
Clean it up.
- Me?
You want me to clean it up?
- What's the issue?
Are we gonna have a problem here?
- No.
- What's that?
- No.
No, sir.
No problem.
(elevator rings)
(Michael retches)
(train rumbling)
- Michael, the greatest battle
is the one that happens within.
You need the loss, Michael.
Through the loss, through the fire,
you'll be forged into the
warrior who you truly are.
- Good, good.
Go for an arm bar, go for an arm bar.
Defend the arm.
Watch the sweep.
There it is, move out, move out.
Use your grips, go for the
triangle, go for the triangle.
There it is, watch the toe hold.
And time.
(atmospheric electronic music)
So, what is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
and what is its purpose?
There's a lot of opinions on this.
But to me it's very simple.
To master one's self.
That's it.
You know, to some, it's fighting.
To others, it's art.
To others, it's business.
A way to make money.
But to me, and again,
this is just my opinion,
it's a way to build a better human being.
And if I do that, I can be more successful
at all the other things
that come with life.
But it starts with me.
And the person I build
everyday here on these mats.
Good class today.
You mopping the mats today?
- That's white belt work.
I'm not a white belt.
(Michael chuckles)
I can't believe he's been gone a year.
(dramatic piano music)
The professor was a great guy.
- Yeah, yeah, he was.
That reminds me.
Here, this is for you.
I thought you should have it.
- I don't know what to say, Michael.
- Professor wore that himself, you know.
- Really?
- Yeah,
that's a piece of history
you got in your hands.
- I'm gonna take good care of it.
- I know you will.
(traffic whirring)
(light clicks)
(alarm blaring)
(dramatic music)
(Michael sighing)
(traffic whirring)
(lighter clicks)
(atmospheric acoustic guitar music)
(Michael spits)
(water running)
(door creaks)
- And not a moment too soon.
(Michael sighs)
(foot tapping)
She's here this early,
it means she wants money.
- You don't have to pay for
privates upfront, Garrett.
- Look, don't be an
asshole, take the money.
- Thanks, I appreciate it.
- Anytime, Michael.
You should think about
doing some promotion.
Maybe a free Jiu-Jitsu clinic here.
It couldn't hurt.
See you next time.
(foot tapping)
(dramatic piano music)
(clock ticking)
(knuckles cracking)
- Hi, I'm here for the class.
The free class.
Am I in the right place?
- It looks it'll be just you and me today.
- That's okay, I think I'll
just come back another--
- [Michael] Are you here
for the women's self defense clinic?
- Yeah.
- I'm Michael.
- Noelle.
- Well, Noelle, let's get started.
(dramatic orchestral music)
- Thank you so much for the class.
I really learned a lot.
(gentle piano music)
- I hope it was helpful.
- It was, just need to practice.
- Are you interested in classes?
- Yes, but I just moved into a new place
and everything's a little crazy right now.
Plus, money's tight.
- I understand completely.
Well, I'd love to see you around here
whenever your schedule clears up.
Actually, I could use some
help getting organized.
- Uh, I didn't mean anything,
I'm just particular.
- Oh, well, maybe if you have some time,
you can help me get organized around here.
In exchange for classes.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Uh, yeah.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I'm free most days after five.
Here, let me give you my number.
(pen scraping)
- Sure, great then.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Tomorrow it is.
- Tomorrow it is.
- Oh, what's the name of your dojo?
I didn't see a sign outside.
- I'm in-between names right now.
It's, it's been a hell of a year.
- I know the feeling.
See you tomorrow.
- See ya.
(bright acoustic guitar music)
(door clicks)
(traffic whirring)
It looks great in here.
- You think so?
- Absolutely.
- You like it?
I sorted your bills by
dividing them into stacks,
and I put all of your receipts in here.
- Looks awesome, it really does.
Are you hungry?
I'm, I'm hungry.
Are you hungry?
- Yeah.
(horn blaring)
(train rumbling)
So, how long have you had the gym?
The gym with no name.
- A while now.
It was left to me, well,
to us a few years back.
- What do you mean?
- It was my teacher's school and, um,
when he got sick,
he and his wife moved so they could
have some time alone together before...
So he left it to us.
- Us?
- My old partner.
It didn't work out.
- Well, what's his name?
- Victor.
He has a studio just up the street now.
- No, I mean your instructor.
- Professor Rogerio LeMaster.
- Professor?
That's very traditional.
In a good way.
- I wanna teach the way that he taught.
Be the type of man he was.
- And what about Victor, he didn't?
- Victor moved on.
- Were you close?
- I think so, I lived with him.
Well, we both did.
I didn't have the best start in life.
He made a big difference.
How, how did you get the name Noelle?
- I was born on Christmas.
- Christmas Day or Christmas Eve?
- Christmas Day.
- You must get a lot of presents then.
(Noelle laughing)
(birds chirping)
- Hey, Michael.
There's no easy way to say this.
I've been doing my best to do what I can
and I've done all I could.
- About what?
- Well, layoffs.
- You said that--
- I said I did all I could.
But around here, it's
last hired, first fired,
and you were last hired.
My hands are tied, I gotta let you go.
- You're firing me?
- There's nothing I can do.
Take it.
You know what it is, it's your severance.
Look, if anybody calls and asks,
I'll give ya a recommendation.
Just take it.
(atmospheric acoustic guitar music)
- It's good to see new faces here tonight.
You know, the first step
is always the hardest.
Some of the ladies who have
been through the program
can back me up on that.
Well, who would like to share?
- He was very possessive, he
taunted me the entire time.
I went to reach for the
door and he grabbed my arm.
He flung me so hard to the ground
that I instantly felt something just pop.
Somehow we ended up in the bedroom
and I was on my bed,
he was on top of me, holding me down
and trying to cover my mouth
as I screamed for help.
And then from that it went
into he started chocking me.
I tried to get up and every time I got up,
he would just grab me and
throw me to the ground.
And I'm screaming for help,
"Somebody help me, please,
help me, I need help!"
It made, Cesar just
stopped dead in his tracks.
And I said, "You need to
leave, leave right now."
So since then it's just been a process
of trying to find healing and
moving forward with my life.
- Thanks for sharing, Carla.
Anyone else who would like to share?
Noelle, would you like to share today?
(birds chirping)
(door clacks)
(dramatic orchestral music)
- And I'm like really, bro?
Like you picked that picture?
(woman laughs)
Like, ah, like, I look like a maniac.
Like, come on, man.
You could have found a
better picture than that.
(group laughs)
And it was like on a poster,
you know what I mean, the
main poster, I'm like, uh.
He did take one good picture, though.
(ominous music)
(group chattering)
I'm gonna do this one over and over again.
(group chattering and laughing)
(Michael sighs)
(traffic whirring)
- [Garrett] There you are.
- Hey, Garrett, what's up?
- Forget about my private?
Funny, I didn't know you smoke.
- I don't.
I didn't know you smoked.
- I don't either.
So this your spot, huh?
Where you go to steal a cigarette.
I have mine but with what I do,
it's getting harder to get
away with it these days.
- I don't know if I ever asked,
what is it you do?
- Isn't it obvious?
I'm a pastor.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm, I'm responsible
for nearly 2,000 souls.
Ain't that some shit?
It's hard work, but
you know what they say,
the lord rewards the faithful.
Plus I get free rent for my Judo club.
Can't complain.
- The lord's work, huh?
- Yep, confiscated this pack
from a guy at the men's home.
It's ironic.
- What is?
- You would think they know
these things are addictive.
- Last weekend at the competition,
you could have done a lot better,
but what I'm gonna need you to do,
is when I'm coaching you,
you need you to listen to me, okay?
When I say pass the guard,
that means pass the guard,
That doesn't mean try to choke him out
from inside of his guard, okay?
That's how you got swept,
that's how you lost your match, all right?
So when I'm coaching, you
pay attention, all right?
Focus, all eyes on me.
If I look up and I see
your eyes doing this
or looking around or something,
I'm gonna make you a thousand pushups,
I'm gonna make you jog until
your legs fall off, okay?
So, from now on, when
I tell you something,
when I'm coaching you, you need
to listen to me, all right?
Period, that's it, got it?
All right, hands in the middle.
- [Group] Team Figueroa!
(Michael sighs)
(horn beeps)
(traffic whirring)
- So, what's the plan?
- I thought you could use a break.
- A break?
- Consider it payback for the tacos.
- Really?
- Really.
But, I just need to find one thing.
I usually wear sunglasses
but it looks like I lost another pair.
- You?
- Me, what?
- Lose your sunglasses?
- Yeah, all the time, why?
- I wouldn't think that.
- How's that?
- [Michael] You're so put together.
- I'm put together?
- I mean, you're organized.
At least you seem to be organized.
What I'm trying to say is,
you have your shit together.
- Really?
Do you think that?
- Yeah, I do.
- That's the nicest thing
anyone's ever said to me.
- Really?
So, um, where are we going?
- Galveston.
- Galveston?
(bright pop music)
(atmospheric electronic music)
(phone vibrating)
- Noelle?
- You okay?
- What the hell man?
You diggin' in my side.
You gettin' all that weight.
That shit ain't cool.
- It was a regular roll.
- [Maxi] Regular for Jiu-Jitsu.
This ain't Judo, this
ain't about size, man.
- You hear me complaining
when all these little guys
are climbing all over my ass?
But I, I'm not suppose to play my game.
Maxi can play his,
- Guys.
- but I can't play mine, right?
- I was rolling light with you.
What, you can't tell the difference?
- Everyone gets caught, Maxi.
Everyone, today you caught by me.
You don't like that but it happened.
Big deal.
- You got no fucking technique.
You do that shit again and
I'll put your fat ass to sleep.
(ominous music)
- Get your shit together, son.
- I ain't your son!
- [Michael] Guys, guys, cool it.
- I'll always be here, Maxi.
I'll always be around if you need me.
- What's the deal?
- I don't need this right now, Michael.
- Don't need what, what's the problem?
The, the school, you, you have
a problem with the school?
- No.
- 'Cause I haven't
named the school yet?
- No.
- What then,
is it with me?
- No!
- So what then, Victor?
- It's not just Victor.
Everyone's training over there now.
We were a family.
We, we were supposed to be a family.
- So, you wanna go with them, is that it?
I understand, that's your choice.
- That's not it.
- You sure?
You're almost there, Maxi.
- I'm almost where?
- The next level.
The jump from blue to purple
is always the hardest.
What's the most important lesson?
To know when to tap.
I'm setting you up for success.
The way the master did for me.
Are we cool?
- Yeah, we're cool.
- You should be at home resting
for the eight-man, anyway.
And mop these mats.
(crowd cheering)
(dramatic electronic music)
- All right.
(crowd applauding)
(crowd cheering)
(crowd applauding)
- Winner.
- [Michael] Grab the leg,
there it is, there it is.
Good, good.
You need to set.
All right.
(crowd applauding)
(crowd chattering)
(ominous music)
- Let me tell you something,
you wanna get to that next level,
you wanna upgrade this,
at Team Figueroa, we're doing big things.
You gotta step it up, man.
You gotta be training wise all day.
You know, be technical,
be strong, be fast.
- Here you go.
You don't like losing much, do you?
At least not to Victor.
Michael, why am I bringing you here now?
- I don't know what to say.
- It's been a hell of a year.
(Michael chuckles)
- Here.
(dramatic piano music)
I got this for you.
- For me?
- Open it.
Just wanted to thank
you for all your help.
- [Noelle] How do I look?
- Fancy.
- I feel fancy.
(Michael chuckles)
Michael, if you need anything,
someone to talk to,
you can tell me anything.
I feel like I can tell you anything
and I want you to feel that same.
- I know.
(crickets chirping)
There he is.
Where you been today, you missed class?
There's something I need
to talk to you about.
- There's something I need
to talk to you about too.
- What?
- Training.
- What about it?
- That's just it, Michael.
I did.
- Did what?
- Train.
I trained today.
- What, where?
- At Victor's.
- You trained today at Victor's.
- I just needed to mix it up
with a different group, you understand.
- I understand.
You went to Victor's and trained.
- I'm not progressing, Michael.
I feel stuck and he helped me
work on a couple of things.
- Victor?
- Yeah, he helped me
on a few details.
- A few details?
- Well.
He gave me this.
I wanted to tell you myself.
I owe you that much.
- You don't owe me a thing, Maxi.
- I thought you might want this back.
- It's yours.
You've earned it.
- Thanks, Michael.
I appreciate it.
What'd you wanna talk to me about?
- It's not important.
Not anymore.
(ominous electronic music)
Nice gym.
- What the hell do you want?
- It's never enough for you.
You already took everything.
Now you had to take Maxi too?
- If a student feels like he can get
better training from a better
coach, then that's on him,
and it has nothing to
do with me, all right?
Why don't you just get
the hell outta here.
- [Michael] We're not done.
- You wanna talk, let's talk.
(fist whacks against face)
(ominous electronic music)
(leg thuds against leg)
(fist thuds against stomach)
(Michael gasping)
(dramatic electronic music)
(lighter clicking)
(somber pop music)
Don't tell me I don't understand
These scars have made me who I am
The locks and doors were never enough
To keep the wounds and pain away
Don't tell me I don't understand
I've been down this road before
Had to pick myself up off the floor
Scrambling to find
all the broken pieces
In the aftermath
I've been down this road before
If you want my love
You gotta let go of all the baggage
That has brought you to
(horn beeps)
The place where all
(horn beep)
That you can do is swing
If a fight is what you need
Baby, fight for me
No one can take what you won't give
- Are you okay?
Get in.
Where have you been?
- I went to see Victor.
- What's going on Michael, what happened?
You know what, don't tell me,
I don't wanna know.
- I, uh, I don't know what to say.
- That's it?
- I don't, I don't know.
What do you want?
- What do I want?
What I want is a life
without all this shit.
- What shit?
- I don't want a life
surrounded by violence anymore.
- Anymore?
- I was married once,
and my husband used to hit me.
He would come home and he would hit me.
I thought it would change
or maybe he would change
but it never did.
And he never did.
- How long?
- For too long.
- You never told me.
- I don't want that in my life anymore.
I wanna move on.
Live a life where I don't flinch
at the sight of the man that I love.
I want better.
I deserve better and
it took me long enough
to believe it but I deserve better.
- Why didn't you ever tell me?
- I kept that part of my life private.
- I thought you could tell me anything?
- I thought I could, but not anymore.
- Why, because of one night?
- No, because I wanna finally be happy.
- And you're not happy now?
- Not with the fights.
Not with picking you up off some street
and all for what?
- It was important.
- There's more to life
than fighting, Michael.
- You wouldn't understand.
(Noelle cries)
- Get out.
- You want me to leave?
- Get out.
Get out!
The place where all
that you can do is swing
If a fight is what you need
(Noelle crying)
Baby, fight for me
(footsteps tapping)
- (sighs) What's up, Janette?
- I'm gonna be making a switch, Michael.
- What, what do you mean?
- What do you mean, what do I mean?
You've been on your own for six months
but your classes keep getting smaller.
You're late with rent,
if you pay at all, plus--
- Plus what?
- Plus people are beginning
to notice that you sleep here.
This is a business, it's not a shelter.
- You knew that, I
never hid that from you.
- I thought that you would be staying here
for a few weeks while you
got your life together.
Not indefinitely and not for this long.
Don't you want more out of life?
Go ahead and finish out
the rest of the month
with your classes.
That'll give you time to find a new place.
But be out by the first.
- There's gotta be something--
- It's non-negotiable,
You have until the first.
That's it.
You know, I hear Victor's
gym is doing pretty good.
Have you thought about
getting back with him?
- I'll look into it.
- [Janette] You do that.
(traffic whirring)
(siren wailing)
(knocking on door)
- Hey.
- Are you okay?
- [Noelle] I don't know,
things are a little crazy.
- [Garrett] I heard.
- Heard what?
- About things.
How are you holding up?
Good, I'm good.
- [Garrett] Just good?
- Good.
- Can I give you a little advice?
- Go for it.
- If you think maybe
you found someone you
can fall in love with,
and maybe that person might
fall in love with you back,
as long as they're not a
complete piece of shit,
you should go for it.
Life is short and you
deserve to be happy, Noelle.
- You're the strangest
pastor I've ever met.
- Thank you.
(Noelle chuckles)
- You gonna train?
- I was but I think I'm heading home.
- You sure?
- I'm not sure about anything these days.
- I've been there.
Well drive safe.
And nice sunglasses.
They suit you.
(dramatic piano music)
(traffic whirring)
- [Michael] The landlord
says I have to get out.
- [Garrett] By when?
- The first.
- Oh.
I can't say I didn't see that one coming.
Old ladies at my church
are driving me crazy.
I guess my Judo club is interfering
with their Bingo Night or some dumb shit.
I got a little property.
I think I'll move my club there.
- Really?
- It's nothing glamorous,
four walls, some mats.
Got a bed in the back.
- Mm-hmm.
Sounds nice.
- So what do you think?
You teaching there, what do you think?
- At your gym?
- Yes, about you
teaching at my gym, what do you think?
- How far is it?
- From this paradise?
It's not far.
Do you wanna know the truth, Michael?
It's dead for you here.
Now maybe you should take a look
in the mirror and ask yourself
what part you played in all this.
Maybe it's just your season of suffer.
Maybe it's a little bit
of both, I don't know.
What I don know is I'm
offering you a chance.
A chance to start over fresh.
And most people don't get that in life.
So what do you wanna do, Michael?
(atmospheric rock music)
I want nothing more
Than to even up the score
Between what I probably deserve
And what I'm fighting for
Caution takes a backseat
To desperate hands and broken feet
Even if it kills me
I never recognized defeat
One day love will call my name
To the comeback hall of fame
Live or die, it's all the same
Here at the comeback hall of fame
Hall of fame
- Welcome back ladies.
It's always nice to see you again.
Well, who wants to start?
- I have something to say.
- Noelle.
What would you like to share?
(dramatic piano music)
- My father wasn't around much.
He had a business.
A little shop.
He was really proud of it.
And I remember one night he came home,
and he just started screaming at my mom
about money, I think.
And it was just so loud.
And I stood there in the living room
with my hands over my ears, crying.
And he turned at me and he
yells at me to be quiet.
But I couldn't.
I was so scared.
So then he took a pot
of hot tea off the oven
and he threw it at me.
And then he said,
"I wish you were never born."
I was eight and that's how I grew up.
Some nights, he threw chairs
and other nights it was beatings.
And you'd think I'd learn but no.
I married the first guy
that told me I was pretty.
That's all he had to say.
"You're pretty, Noelle."
And I fell in love, got married.
And then it started.
The hitting started.
He'd apologize and say, "Sorry,"
and promise it would be the last time.
But it was always the last time.
And then I got pregnant.
And he wanted me to get
rid of him but I had him.
I had Christopher.
And the first time I looked into his eyes,
they looked like mine.
They looked like mine.
And then I saw the eyes
of that little girl
standing in the living room
with her hands over her ear crying,
and I knew I had to get him
as far away as possible.
So at 19,
I gave him up and signed my rights away.
(crying) And now I'm not sure
if I'll ever get to see my baby boy again.
Thank you.
- I've been doing a lot
of thinking about pain.
I like it, pain's a good part of life.
- You think so?
- Without pain, you wouldn't know joy.
I mean, really know joy.
Pain's good.
My point is, everything in
life that's worth a damn,
came from a place of hardship.
Of anguish, of pain.
We're here to embrace it, learn from it.
And become who we're meant to be.
- What if I don't know who that is?
- What do you mean?
(dramatic piano music)
- LeMaster.
He, um, he left something for me.
Something big.
- You don't think you deserve it.
- It's not that.
- That wasn't a question.
- It's just, it's something
I don't think I can accept.
- You're scared.
- Was that a question?
- No.
Let me ask you this, Michael.
When you lay awake at night
and imagine the person you wish to become,
who is it you see?
Now what would you give
to become that person?
How much pain are you willing to endure?
How much sacrifice are
you willing to take?
What dragon would you slay
to become that person?
What battle would you gladly die for?
When your enemies come for
you, and they will come,
what will you do on that day?
When you look into the
mouth of a hungry lion,
with everything in you, will you fight?
When the people that love you gather
to tell the story of your life,
what will they say?
Will they call you lion killer?
- That's really good.
- Got it from YouTube.
(traffic whirring)
(atmospheric rock music)
It's been seven years
since I've seen a face
That I don't see everyday
And I think they packed it
up and moved out to Jersey
This town's like a time machine
On the side of the
road will no gasoline
It'll trade out dust to dawn
With no signs of mercy
Maybe I'm wrong but I
don't think I belong
Inside a world where
everybody's dreams
Have come and gone
And I still got some time left
On the side so maybe I could
Thumb a ride and find
a place where dreamers
All go to survive
(birds chirping)
(lighter clicks)
- If you're here about the house,
now's not a good time.
Oh, it's you.
- It's me.
- Well you're late.
The memorial was this morning.
- I know, I, I didn't know if I could--
- Could what?
Pay your respects?
You always did have a problem
with that word, respect, didn't you?
Where's the other one?
- [Michael] Victor?
- Yeah, where's Victor?
- He, um, couldn't make it.
- He couldn't make it?
That's perfect.
Give me those.
- Sorry, they were on the door
when I got here.
I was gonna give them to you.
- Do you have any idea
what I've been going through?
Do you even care?
- I, I just wanted to come by and see you.
- Well know you've seen me.
Now you can be proud of yourself.
- No, no, I mean, see how you're doing.
- Did you do this?
- It was on the door when I got here.
- Did you do this?
- It was on the door, I promise.
- This envelope was on the
door with all the rest?
(dramatic piano music)
He left this for you.
- Me and Victor?
- No, just for you.
- What is it?
- That is all that I have left of him.
(Michael sighs)
(traffic whirring)
(dramatic piano music)
(phone beeps)
(phone ringing)
- Hi, it's me.
I, um, I don't really know what to say.
I haven't really told you
everything about myself.
(sighs) Uh, my mother was a drunk,
and my father was a heroine addict
that used to beat her.
I got put in a group home when I was nine.
And things I experienced there,
I wouldn't wish on anyone.
I had a foster family once.
One day, I pushed him
down and I kicked him
and I kept kicking him.
He packed my things in a plastic trash bag
and put me in a car and dropped
me off at that bus stop.
And I slept there and
in people's cars until,
until LeMaster gave me a home.
I know I should have told you, but...
Not a day goes by where I
don't think about those people.
About what I did.
I want you to know that not a day goes by
where I don't think about you.
And I know I'm a hypocrite.
I tell everyone that Jiu-Jitsu
made me a better person, but
the truth is, Noelle,
Jiu-Jitsu makes my life better but you,
you make me want a better life.
I love you, Noelle.
I just,
I just wanted you to know that.
(ominous music)
- [Victor] Where did you get that gi?
- A gift.
- From who?
- Uh, a friend.
- So Michael gave you
the old man's gi, huh?
Time, Maxi, you're with me.
(Maxi grunting)
(bone snaps)
(Maxi screams)
(phone vibrating)
(dramatic electronic music)
- What's up?
What happened?
I'll call you back.
- [Rogerio Voiceover]
Michael, there no difference
between victory and defeat.
You need the loss, Michael.
The greatest battle is the
one that happens within.
You'll be forged into the
warrior who you truly are.
What's the hardest lesson to learn?
To know when to tap.
(train horn blares)
- You didn't get enough last time?
You know the gym's closed, right?
- My fighting days are over.
I owe you this.
I shouldn't have taken it without asking.
You didn't have to break his arm.
- Look, man, accidents happen.
- You also took something from him.
- What?
LeMaster's gi?
You came all the way up here for that?
You want it back?
You're gonna have to roll me for it.
- I didn't bring a gi.
- It's okay, wear this one.
I'll get it back in a second.
(ominous music)
(train rumbling)
(train horn blares)
(dramatic music)
(men grunting)
- Michael, the greatest battle
(dramatic piano music)
is then one that happens within.
You need the loss, Michael.
Through the loss, through the fire,
you'll be forged into the
warrior who you truly are.
- [Mrs. LeMaster] He left this for you.
Just for you.
- Quiet the thoughts, the mind,
and that is where life happens.
That's where victory happens.
That's where happiness happens,
and that's where loves happens.
- [Michael Voiceover] LeMaster, he, um,
he left something for me.
(bright pop music)
- It suits you.
The name.
It suits you.
- Lion Killer.
- You're late.
- I'm here now.
- I'm glad.
- Me too.
So, how ya been?
- Well.
- [Noelle And Michael]
It's been a hell of a year.
(birds chirping)
(gentle acoustic guitar music)
And I can't explain to you
If you can't understand why
Well it took most of my life
To get my walls this high
Every brick, every stone
Reminds me how much I've grown
One by one, every broken dream
Another treasure on my throne
Babe, I know it isn't fair
You're out there and I'm in here
And we're both alone
But I'd be willing to take your hand
And swing a sledge
Watch it all come crashing down
Until there's nothing left
I'd willing to fall for you
If you locked eyes with
me the whole way down
Maybe my walls come
down this time around
And I've spent so much time
On these walls that guard my heart
They've helped me survive
Every time my life was torn apart
Every brick, every stone
Every chance that I had blown
One by one, they all leave
Every love that I had known
Babe, I know it isn't fair
You're out there and I'm in here
And we're both alone
But I'd be willing to take your hand
And swing a sledge
Watch it all come crashing down
Until there's nothing left
And I'd be willing to fall for you
If you locked eyes with
me the whole way down
Maybe my walls come
down this time around
And I'd be willing to take your hand
And swing a sledge
Watch it all come crashing down
Until there's nothing left
And I'd be willing to fall for you
If you locked eyes with
me the whole way down
Maybe my walls come
down this time around
And I can't explain to you
If you can't understand why
But it took most of my life
To get my walls this high
(dramatic piano music)