Lipstick Under My Burkha (2017) Movie Script

In every girl's life,
comes that moment
when she craves to be a woman.
Rosy's desire was
blooming like a rose.
Dreams from beyond her caged body,
were driving her crazy.
And in the garden of her body,
her aching youth
bore into her insides.
Rosy stood trapped behind
the iron bars of the window.
Through the binoculars,
she watched the dazzling city lights.
Jeans-clad girls,
clinging to their boyfriends,
rode freely on motorbikes.
And Rosy's fantasies
spiralled out of control.
When I was finding my ways
Walking in certain places
Why didn't you come around?
And confinement...
Oh hello, freshman! Intro?
I'm Rehana Abidi. My song
is inspired by '7 things'.
Bhopal's third Britney Spears!
Actually... '7 things' is a
Miley Cyrus song.
Yes, it's the same thing.
- What do you think?
We don't know?
- Can you please
start singing now?
I walk outside as it rains
Looking for you but in vain
Found a paper...
I'm sorry.
Sorry... once more?
Go home and sing in the shower.
Try again,
when something else is banned.
But the moment Rosy
puts on her dancing shoes
the lights go out.
Through the binoculars,
Rosy now sees new images.
Far from these crowded lanes
Riding a Harley Davidson,
her hair flying in the wind.
How do I look?
- Smashing!
Come fast!
Hold me close!
Leela darling - can we get on with
the real honeymoon?
Look straight, Mr Honeymoon!
You look quite the Casanova.
These photos are
the ticket to our success.
Let them work their magic...
We'll be roaming freely in the
mountains, relaxing by the beach.
Where all will your lover boy
have to follow you?
I'll show you all of India!
The Taj Mahal in front,
your honey besides you.
Now, that's what I call a
perfect honeymoon!
We provide all honeymoon
related services.
Heart shaped teddy bear, heart shaped
condom... I mean, candle
What about a photography package?
Photography package?
We can't ask strangers
to take our photos.
We can't get intimate
in front of them.
It's the age of selfies.
But selfies are not flattering.
Imagine a professional photographer
accompanying you.
The perfect scheme.
We photograph the couple
from the wedding,
till the honeymoon!
I'll do the make up.
The bride will look like a
movie star!
He'll take the photos.
Your agency gets a
20 percent cut!
What say?
What a scam!
Spare me.
My scheme is perfect!
Mark my words.
There are better agents in Bhopal!
Rosy loved the shops on the street.
She stood at the window
calling out to passers-by.
"Come buy these spicy
sizzling magic dreams!!!"
Her voice was haunting.
I found this outside.
Is it yours?
No... I only wear real gold.
Of course, God has been generous.
A glass of water? Please?
Cold preferably... and some ice.
This Bhopal heat!
If I had lemon and sugar...
I'd have lemonade!
I'll get the sugar!
What are you doing?
What do you want?
It's the Magic Products'
pest control gun!
Smells great! Gets rid of
ants, mice
and cockroaches.
Spray once
and you'll be pest free
for the next six months!
Try it!
Does this gun rid all pests?
Well... try it.
Don't you need pest control
at your house?
My 'pest' stays under control
without the gun.
Lucky girl!
Call to order the Supergun.
Shirin Aslam, Magic Products.
I didn't hear the phone ring.
I'm at the school.
Class isn't over yet.
The curtains were thick.
In the darkness, nobody could see Rosy.
Rosy's screams were lost
in the sounds of the street.
And Rosy's shop remained a fantasy.
Trapped inside a dingy room
of the dilapidated house.
Alone with just her racy
dreams for company.
Only the shadows of men
ever reached Rosy's window.
Her burning desire
never to be satiated.
Because the key to the door was lost.
Auntie, here's the one million.
We'll pay five million
over the market rate!
Hold it!
The lights should dazzle!
One string won't do!
Put a few more!
We'll build a glittering,
fancy mall here.
Our Hawai Manzil already glitters!
So what's so special about your shop?
Not a shop, it's a mall!
Here... our Limca Record
breaking snack!
With some Limca!
I only want
what's best for you.
I've been your tenant for years.
Then act like a tenant, Rahim!
Will you sell off the house
just for your commission?
Haven't you earned enough
in Saudi Arabia these seven years?
Shut up, you two!
Control yourselves!
Mr. Gupta?
When their parents...
my husband... their uncle
all died in the gas tragedy.
We had nothing left.
You know.
All we had was Hawai Manzil.
Hawai Manzil is not for sale.
Remove that!
God himself couldn't have
found a better match for my daughter
like the one you've found.
And what a match!
She'll be living right next door
after the wedding.
We'll just hop across
for our beauty treatment.
Leela won't work after marriage.
She'll have fun at home.
I'll have fun, but won't sit home.
Won't sit at home?
So what'll you do?
I'll go on my honeymoon!
Suddenly Rosy chanced upon
a bouquet of red roses.
The florist was fixing the flowers.
If only Prince Charming would
caress her with those roses.
Trapped behind the window bars
a frenzied Rosy took off her bathrobe.
She stood waiting for Prince Charming.
Just madness in her eyes
and red lipstick on her lips.
Profile please.
Fingers on your
Chin down.
That's right.
The camera is fixed on the girl.
It's the boy's engagement as well.
Sure... call the groom.
Hey, mister!
Stop sticking to the bride.
Getting too close.
Look in front.
Hey, mister!
- Yes?
Not your profile. Look straight.
It's your engagement.
I'm taking your photo.
That's enough.
How about a group photo?
Group photo!
Yes, of course.
Auntie, stand in
between the two of them.
Not between the couple.
Come on, everybody.
The entire Hawai Manzil family.
Oh, Faiz is crying.
Smile now.
Anyone else?
One... two... three.
One more!
Who is it?
You startled me.
Don't worry.
Going this way?
Yes, you carry on.
I'll come along.
The fuse box is somewhere up here.
Let's take a look.
Harder! Harder!
Bastard, if you ditch me
I'll post this video on Facebook.
You won't be able to show
your face any where in Bhopal!
Darling, will the video show my face
or my package?
Delhi is far.
Let's start a porn business right here!
Tell me, are you coming for
the interview tomorrow?
Of course!
Baby Doll! First let me interview
every inch of your body.
Where is Leela?
Haven't seen her.
Keep playing.
It fits right into your purse.
Like magic.
Your husband got it
from the Middle East?
Who's that?
You can keep it.
I'm not interested.
But you...
Excuse me.
God! These saleswomen.
They just start off.
They're sly.
Who knows what all they do.
Stay away from them.
If he even touches you
I'll chop his hands off!
Bloody slut!
Go on!
Get me married against my will.
Go on!
Shameless wretch!
Even if gifted a diamond
you'll still choose the piece of coal.
Hold this, asshole!
Have you ever noticed?
When the lights go off, our eyes
just adjust to the darkness.
You're right.
We get used to the dark...
You've met my brother.
Brother, this is 'Auntie'.
Our neighbourhood celebrity!
My brother... poor thing,
lost his wife at 56!
He has his entire life ahead of him.
So I'm looking for a
brand new sister-in-law!
If you know a nice girl
let me know.
Even if she's 35-40!
Say thanks to 'Auntie'.
Thank you... 'Auntie'.
O dancing heart
O dancing heart
O dancing heart
O naughty heart
O dancing heart
O naughty heart
The love of groom and bride
Blossoms with desire so sweet
O yes, she wants him
And, she'll have him
Desire drives her
She's shy no more
O she's bitten
Yes, she's smitten
Her precious flower
Stolen by her beloved
Her wild tresses across the pillow
The rhythmic dance of love
Their breaths moist
With the sweet perfume of union
His soft caresses
Covered her with dew drops
O dancing heart
O naughty heart
These crazy tales of love
These charming romances
Hearts full of naughty desire
The love of groom and bride
Blossoms with desire so sweet
Now don't play games
Or I'll suffer
I'm faint with yearning
Cure me with your love
Just a little
Potion of pleasure
Love me again
I'm faint with yearning
Cure me with your love
Rehana! Have you no shame?
Such obscenity! Go to your room.
Move the camera,
mister or I'll slap you.
Will dancing get you good grades?
Your father has worked hard
to put you into college.
Not so you can shame us!
Concentrate on your studies.
Shameless girl!
The rent is due.
The salary transfer from Saudi...
Oh, come on!
Don't interfere in money matters.
It's complicated.
I've started work with
Bemisaal Builders.
It's burning!
- Really?
Didn't burn before.
It's started only after I got back?
In the dark of the night
the street was silent.
Rosy, in her flimsy nightie,
lay down by the window
And dreamt her secret dreams.
In Prince Charming's arms
Rosy was flying amidst the stars.
Inside the airplane he's kissing
Rosy's body with his wet lips.
Rosy touched herself as she fantasized
about Prince Charming.
And she used the pillow to stifle
her own screams.
Jeans we will wear! Yes we will!
Jeans are my right!
My right!
Stop us if you can!
We'll fight till our last breath!
Last breath!
- A message for our video blog?
I'm just a freshman.
- New rule. No jeans for girls.
Any comment?
There's no end to rules in a girl's life.
Don't sing, don't dance
you'll shame us.
Don't walk like that,
people will stare.
Keep your eyes down,
what will people say?
Don't breathe, you're heaving chest
will attract attention!
Don't wear lipstick,
you'll have an affair!
Don't wear jeans,
you'll create a scandal!
I want to ask the authorities,
what exactly will happen?
Why does our freedom scare you so?
Don't we have the right to live freely?
We want our right!
Our right to jeans! Our right to live!
Right to jeans! Right to live!
It was the first shower of the monsoon.
The raindrops of youth beckoned Rosy.
A fierce storm was
raging inside Rosy
Far stronger than the
storm outside.
Rosy was totally wet
with the flood of desire.
Her white shirt was now transparent.
Rosy's body was drenched.
She was drowning in a whirlpool of lust.
The binoculars slipped from her hand.
In the window outside,
the new tenant was taking a shower.
Totally naked!
Oh my God!
Duggu! Guddu!
Guddu, look at your brother!
Somebody! Anybody!
Help him!
I'm coming!
See, auntie? I can swim now!
What? You think that's funny!
That's enough! Show's over!
Back to the pool.
Guddu and Duggu,
get going.
She's fine.
Want me to lose my job?
Why the hell did you get into
the pool if you can't swim?
How rude!
If the child had drowned...
Can't swim and trying to be a lifeguard!
I'm going to lodge a complaint.
Go ahead.
But first tell me your name.
Whose 'auntie'? Not mine!
What name should I put down?
Usha Parmar.
Once you learn how to swim
you can dive all you want.
And don't come in a sari.
It's called a condom.
I know, doctor.
Then why don't you use them?
Your husband comes to India
for barely two weeks a year.
And you've had three kids
and three abortions!
And after every night of sex,
you take the pill.
If this continues, you'll need surgery.
What about a diaphragm?
Diaphragm? Impossible!
Your uterus is already infected.
This is the only option.
He gets carried away
in the heat of the moment.
Send your passionate husband to me.
I'll deal with him.
'Cap'! Which brand?
Mother, I want a cap too.
Me, too.
It's sunny on the cricket field.
Any good brand will do.
Mother, I want that chocolate.
I want that chocolate too.
Or the new flavour... strawberry?
You won't believe
Mr. Mathur loved my Brazilian wax!
He was so happy.
When in Delhi,
he took me to Maya Spa everyday.
If you ever go to Delhi,
you must check it out.
I'm going soon.
You're going to Delhi? When?
- Yes!
Open the door.
What is it?
Your fianc is here.
You take it.
It's my first time inside
a ladies parlour.
You men never need to.
Just keep growing the jungles!
You're funny.
For you.
I wanted to give it to you
at the engagement
but I never got a chance.
My first...
First girlfriend?
Sorry. My mistake.
You are my fianc.
This is also for you.
Shall we activate the phone?
Not now.
You don't like the model?
It's okay...
- We can exchange it at the store.
Not now!
Lots of appointments today.
Sorry... I should have called and come.
Sir, people in Delhi
have a lot of money.
That's the Qutab Minar!
The Delhi wedding market
is huge
as seen in the film 'Band Baaja Baraat'.
Big stars.
Very good film!
Got a little late.
Did you like the photos?
We'll make the honeymoon
memorable for the couple.
You can count on us!
They'll feel like they're
in a Bollywood film.
That's for sure.
From these photos, it seems the
two of you are on honeymoon.
Sample photos!
Are the two of you in a relationship?
Yes, we're engaged!
- No, sir!
Damn it! This piece of junk is
just like your business plan.
A complete flop!
Shut up!
Couldn't you lie and say we're engaged?
Why should I lie?
This is all your fault!
My fault?
You're getting on my nerves.
Am I?
Getting on your nerves?
Go throw these tantrums
with your Mr. Moneybags!
Not with me.
If it's money I wanted, I wouldn't be
wasting my time with you, fucker.
Wasting your time?
That's what you're doing with me?
That's not what I meant.
I know exactly what you meant!
That's not...
Now you watch!
Arshad, if you walk away right now
you'll never see me again!
Go to hell! Bloody gold digger.
Rosy stared wistfully
at the bouquet of red roses.
It was getting dark.
The florist was shutting shop.
The bouquet was beyond reach.
And though he was just
outside the window
the tenant was beyond reach.
Rosy wanted to shower with him.
Rosy wanted the tenant to
shampoo her long hair.
And his slippery fingers to provoke
Rosy's burning youth.
Alter these.
How long will it take?
Rehana, your mother
asked you a question.
A couple of hours.
Don't forget to turn the lights off.
- Hello!
- Hello!
One minute.
Where did that come from?
I got it.
From a shop? You bought it?
Of course not! Got it from the clinic.
I thought you've been shameless
buying condoms
instead of groceries!
How could I do such a thing?
Chocolate flavour!
Your clinic has become quite fancy.
Hey Rehana, cool speech.
You don't smoke?
I do, of course.
But I have a bad throat.
Follow me.
Not bad.
Not just jeans
they should ban women from college.
100 rupees
Got that.
Thanks! I didn't have the change...
Hi... can I audition again?
Let's chat at the party?
Friday night, Veer's party.
I'm wearing gold.
I'm taking silver.
You can take copper.
A great salesgirl is one
who can sell fairness cream
to a white American.
Our Best Salesgirl for this quarter is
Shirin Aslam!
Congratulations, Shirin!
This is for you.
Don't sell it.
Magic makes homes spic and span.
Sweep left, sweep right.
Is popping out babies
your only plan?
Or do you want more?
Will you be a Sales Trainer?
40 thousand plus benefits.
Will I need to be in
office 9-6 everyday?
You still haven't told your
husband about this job?
Isn't he back from Saudi Arabia?
Think about it.
The announcement will be
made at the Diwali Carnival.
The boss herself is
coming down from Delhi.
with the new job
no more of the
pregnancy-abortion business.
Yes, ma'am... girl or boy?
Not so revealing.
Something with sleeves?
There's some with shorts as well.
Yes! Show those.
She's about this big.
This size?
Oh no! That's way too small!
Something bigger?
Maybe larger.
This one?
It's a nice colour too.
Still larger.
The girl is chubby.
This is our largest size.
You could've just said
the swimsuit was for you.
Are you crazy?
You think I'd wear this?
Have some respect for a woman my age!
What are you doing at the mall?
Shirin, I didn't see you!
If the money hasn't been
transferred from Saudi Arabia
don't worry about it.
Pay your rent later.
There's no need for that.
I won't tell anyone.
You want a swimsuit, right?
Isn't the cake delicious?
I baked it in the microwave.
Where did the microwave come from?
I won it as a prize.
I'm the best salesgirl
at Magic Products.
I'm the best salesgirl
at Magic Products!
Mother, can't we eat this?
Let's bake the cake and
we'll feed your father too.
Just two weeks
left as a free man!
With a blessed boy like Manoj
every date is auspicious.
Here, have some sweets.
Come... come.
Mother, I made a century
with this bat.
Ruined my shirt.
I'll wash it... with Magic bleach.
Don't worry, finish eating.
Pack the curry
for lunch tomorrow.
Uncivilized kids!
Why are all these toys
on the table?
Get rid of them!
I've baked a cake.
The wedding's in two weeks?
What's the hurry?
I asked you a question!
I don't trust you.
You'll bring me dishonour.
What about my happiness?
No mother would have done
what I've done for you.
Stop being a martyr.
You choose to do that job!
I didn't tell you to.
Chocolate cake.
I baked it in the microwave.
Where did the microwave come from?
The money should come in
by next week.
Bemisaal Builders are
going to pay me soon.
Don't worry about the expenses.
Try the cake.
It's delicious!
I baked it in the microwave.
Where did the micro...?
- Hand me the remote.
Auntie, where are you off to?
Didn't you want to check the accounts?
- You go ahead...
I'll come back and check.
I'm going for a prayer meeting.
- Prayer meeting?
At this time?
A new swimmi...
'Swami' is in town.
He speaks only in the afternoon.
He keeps a vow of silence
for the rest of the day.
Prepare 100 boxes of sweets
for the Shivratri prayers.
Note that down.
- Okay.
I will, you carry on.
Do it in front of me!
You'll forget.
Oh, come on.
Come to the prayer meeting sometimes.
God help my nephews.
Komal, move your legs!
Come on, Usha-ji!
Come on in.
I'm scared.
Let's go!
Nothing will happen.
You're fine.
Everyday Rosy looked
through her binoculars
to see the young tenant bathing.
His broad shoulders, the water
streaming down his chest.
And down below, immersed
in the water, his long manhood.
Like a wave, Rosy wanted to engulf
Prince Charming's body.
Rosy was certain the tenant
was her Prince Charming.
And it is only for the
pleasure of Rosy's lustful eyes
that he bathes with the window open.
Here, check my bag.
Nothing here.
Sorry for the inconvenience ma'am.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
Mother, I don't want to get married.
You want to be that Muslim's plaything?
Or end up like me?
I've been here 17 years.
Heat, cold, illness
even if I have my periods.
Then quit.
I'll manage.
You know your alcoholic father
left us in deep debt.
I'll start my own business,
I'll earn, I'll run the house.
But you'll never be able
to buy a house.
Manoj is buying me a house.
Sister, your beauty
could get you a Taj Mahal.
Who is it?
I want to talk to you.
How can I help?
I'll come later.
I'm listening, ma'am!
Tell me.
I wanted to make a booking.
For my wedding.
The Sunday after the Diwali Carnival.
Could you hurry it up?
Is the booking confirmed?
But I'm not carrying any money.
I'll come back tomorrow?
You don't need to come back.
Your booking is confirmed.
I guess I'll leave.
Congratulations on your wedding!
You've made the right decision.
By choosing our photo studio
for the wedding.
I should have done this at home.
Is your wedding dress ready?
The skirt is pink.
The blouse, yellow.
The stole is golden,
so are the sandals.
Jewellery on rent...
a gemstones set.
A satin negligee for the honeymoon.
I just need a new bra
for the wedding night.
A special bra for a girl's
most special night.
Doesn't your company make
these special bras?
I'm sure you wear them.
That's why every night
is your wedding night.
The perfect life!
What happened?
Why are you crying?
Just hurts a little.
Nobody hurts when I wax.
He doesn't love you down there?
Does he at least kiss you?
Why are you asking
if you know?
You know what our problem is?
We dream too much.
Don't forget to turn the lights off.
Rosy was touching herself
with her bare hands.
Soon Prince Charming
would caress her body
with red roses, she hoped.
Rosy wanted to fly out of the window
and jump straight into
Prince Charming's bed.
But was Prince Charming also
aching to caress Rosy's body?
This question haunted Rosy.
[Lipstick Dreams - Book Title]
Who is it?
Forgotten your name, bastard?
I'll kick your ass!
Hello... Jaspal?
Who's this?
- Hello...
Just wanted to say hello?
I wanted to say hello.
Are you a telephone operator?
Also, I've not forgotten my name.
And I'm not a telephone operator.
So tell me your name.
You know my name
but I don't know yours.
Isn't that unfair?
- Rosy? Are you Christian?
You don't talk to Christian girls?
That depends on the girl.
Tell me more about Rosy.
Rosy gazes out of her
window every evening.
What does she see?
What kind of dreams?
Rosy will tell you tomorrow.
Listen... hello...
First love
Sweet love
First love
Endless love
Sweet love
Hot dress!
- Thanks!
Senseless love
Shameless love
Namrata, about the audition...
I'm sorry!
- Ms. Ripped Jeans!
What are you drinking?
No... no. Are you crazy?
Naughty love
First love
Swept away by the heady wind
I fly, I soar, it's you!
Your shadow grooving with me
By my side, it's you!
Like fireflies in my veins
Burning love
First love
Are you alright?
Such an awesome party.
I'm having so much fun.
I completely forgot to ask
about the audition.
You've had too much to drink.
Take it easy.
I'm pregnant, not drunk!
You like Led Zeppelin?
Stairway to Heaven
is one of my forever favourites.
Wow! I don't know any girl
in Bhopal who...
How come I never
noticed you before?
Were you hiding under a burkha?
Exactly! I've taken it off now.
Let's jam tomorrow?
Are you crazy?
Remember my audition?
I'll take care of that.
- Really?
Thank you.
I really like girls who sing.
And girls who sing Zeppelin?
I can't!
I'm... sorry?
- Coming, mother.
- Almost done.
- Seems the coach is stroking
some new girl in his thoughts.
Usha, chest out!
- Chest?
How dare you threaten to evict us?
You'll have to vacate this house.
It's a government notice.
Bastard, you know who I am!
Watch your tongue.
We are government officials.
Did you find auntie?
She's not at the prayer meeting.
What did you say, asshole?
Don't raise your hand.
I'll get you locked up.
Try... try!
Your property is gone!
Don't mess with the government.
How did the government
think of Hawai Manzil?
Auntie, they're threatening to
tear down the building.
I'll tear you down first!
That's enough, Ram!
Auntie, the house was built in 1902.
If it collapses, the government
will be held responsible.
Are there no other
old buildings in Bhopal?
That the government is
picking on Hawai Manzil?
We all know who's
put you up to this.
How much has
Bemisaal Builders paid you?
You weren't at the
prayer meeting, auntie.
Where were you?
At another temple.
And the silent swami?
Nobody knows of him.
To know him
you need to be silent.
That you can't do!
Mrs. Aslam... have a seat.
Tea or coffee?
No, thank you.
Just wanted to meet my husband.
Is he coming here again today?
Please tell him
we'll hire him only if he can
help us buy Hawai Manzil.
Otherwise, he need not come here.
Why are we having
breakfast at dinner?
Eat it, or go to bed.
Mother, let's buy firecrackers.
No one's bursting crackers.
Always creating commotion.
No crackers this Diwali.
His wide forehead,
his twinkling eyes
his firm, wet lips.
Rosy thinks that
behind that chiselled chest
Jaspal has a tender (Komal) heart.
- Yes.
And Jaspal's voice is intoxicating.
And Rosy's voice is... sweet.
- And sometimes it's very...
- Very?
Rosy's voice is very sexy.
Not just her voice
Rosy herself is very sexy.
Jaspal wants to see Rosy.
Jaspal can see Rosy everyday
in his dreams.
In my dreams?
'Lipstick Dreams'
'Lipstick Dreams'?
- Rosy wears red lipstick.
And in these dreams,
what is Rosy wearing?
- Blouse?
Sleeveless blouse.
Ah... sleeveless blouse!
And a rose sari.
And under the blouse?
Br... Brassie...?
What colour?
Rosy, put your hand
inside your blouse.
And open up the hooks.
- Love... love... love... love!
- There's someone special in everyone's life.
- One look and your heart races wildly.
- So this song's dedicated to the
love birds of Bhopal.
- With love from RJ Reshma.
- Stay tuned to Radio Bhopal.
That special look
Those shy eyes
Those unspoken words
My eyes search you out
Even though it's sheer madness
Right to jeans, right to live!
Fuck you!
Your father's phone number?
This number's incorrect.
Rehana Abidi!
Messing with the police?
Give us the correct number
or we will find it.
After the honeymoon,
we'll come straight
to our permanent residence.
We'll put another TV here.
The entire world in your living room.
You'll never have to set foot
outside the house.
The apartment on the second floor.
You can greet your mother
every morning from here.
Her house will be ready in two months.
I've planned everything.
Father... no, they didn't arrest me.
Go home.
I'll explain once I'm home.
Where are you running off to?
Shameless girl!
Disgracing the family.
Locked up inside the police station.
What were you protesting against?
I wasn't.
Other students were
protesting the jeans ban.
I wear a burkha.
Jeans don't concern me.
I was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
Why were you in the wrong place?
Next time round,
I won't forgive you.
We're cursed!
Where to?
Who'll finish the work?
[Jam tomorrow?]
[I don't know]
There's some times
I think I just forget where I belong
I feel I'm just meant to lie
in your arms, baby
The way you're looking at me
I can tell I'm hypnotised
I'd jump off a cliff
Into your arms, baby
[Dhruv Bose in a relationship
with Rehana Abidi]
Follow that rickshaw.
Komal, I never imagined.
That you'd pick up so quickly.
I'll leave?
You're so quiet in the pool.
- Really?
What are you doing here?
Bastard! I'm marrying
someone else
and you won't even stop me?
Is that how much you love me?
The bathroom's empty, let's go.
Rosy's taken her clothes off.
Doesn't Rosy want Jaspal
also to undress?
She does.
Rosy wants Jaspal so bad.
Won't Rosy unzip Jaspal's jeans?
Rosy is unbuttoning Jaspal's jeans.
And she's unzipping his jeans.
Jaspal's lips are kissing
Rosy's lips down there.
I've planned everything.
We'll leave for Delhi the day after
the Diwali Carnival.
I've booked our train tickets.
Hear me?
I wouldn't even go to London with you.
Who's asking you to go London?
Don't act smart.
We'll have a blast in Delhi.
Why don't you ask
your Mr. Moneybags?
He'll take you.
Because he'll bring me
back right here.
The same rotten lanes,
the same rotten life.
I don't want to live here!
You are coming with me.
That's final.
I'm your Baby Doll after all.
You are just a doll, baby!
I can't do this anymore, Leela.
What can't you do?
Arshad, let's at least have sex.
Sex? Is that all you ever want?
If you want sex so bad
I'll call the boys in.
Don't touch me!
Get your hands off.
Get out of here!
I'm done with you.
Get out.
Fuck off!
Rosy's hair was dishevelled.
She didn't have the guts
to look into the mirror.
In the mirror she would see
the graveyard of her desires.
But amidst the thousand graves
of buried desire, one dream was alive.
A dream, Rosy had not given up on.
Rosy picked up the shovel
and set off into the graveyard
in search of that dream.
I'm from Magic Products.
Some Diwali offers...
But I have guests over.
Another day perhaps?
Your guests will enjoy the demo.
Just five minutes.
I've got something that will
leave you stunned.
Magic Lollipop Exerciser!
It's Japanese.
Suck on it harder.
Have you seen the cheeks
of Japanese women?
Not a wrinkle at the age of 50!
Use this and you'll have
the smile of a geisha.
Suck a little longer.
Great practice for keeping
your boyfriend happy.
Here, try mine.
But, this was in your mouth!
Of course, you can't put
what's mine into your mouth.
Shirin Aslam, wife of Rahim Aslam.
At last, the night Rosy had been
desperately waiting for!
It was the Carnival of dreams.
The street was dressed like a bride.
At the window,
lay the bouquet of red roses!
There was a note too.
"Tonight I'm coming
to kiss your inner jewels.
Your Prince Charming."
Rosy's insides now
erupted into a volcano.
As though the burning desire
of women through the ages
was all embodied in
Rosy's body.
Tonight was going to be
a night of reckoning.
Rosy was sure all her dreams
would come true tonight.
Auntie, I've never seen you
in a rose sari.
You look very pretty.
Did you speak to your husband?
Passion, you took my life
Without asking
Passion, I gave you my life
Without knowing
[Are you with Dhruv
at the Carnival?]
Where on earth is this Hawai Manzil?
Aren't you from Bhopal Arts College?
- Yes.
Do you know Rehana Abidi?
Red lipstick on my lips
The black net can't veil my desire
Enough pictures.
One more.
So we can see the rose.
Here, click the rose.
I was drunk on passion
T'was a romantic night
Just like in the story
Auntie, we want a photo too!
Not now.
- Yes, now.
Come join us.
Hello, Usha-ji.
Happy Diwali!
Shift in please.
A little more.
You are looking good.
And our new Sales Trainer is
Shirin Aslam!
In the carnival of dreams
I borrow a smile
In the market of happiness
I shop for dreams
Thank you!
- Get a family photo this Diwali!
Let's get a photo.
You were at our engagement?
Recognise him?
I don't know.
All photographers look
the same to me.
She's kidding.
50 Rupees.
- Sure.
Show some intimacy.
Hurry up.
Strike a romantic pose.
Well... okay.
Anything goes.
Passion, you took my life
Without asking
Passion, I gave you my life
Without knowing
I was hoping you'd make it
so we could talk...
How's the coffee?
Get an icicle for the coach also.
- Which flavour?
It's knotted.
Should we wait till
the wedding night?
For our first time,
we'll play some music
under the moonlight.
Not on the sly.
They say the first time is special.
You remember it for life.
Why do I have to steal
My moments of desire?
Why is the game of passion so unfair?
It's like we've left all our
problems down below.
I want to stay here forever.
Passion, you took my life
Without asking
Passion, I gave you my life
Without knowing
Your wife is extremely talented.
She'll definitely rise
in the company.
Thank you.
How dare you, bastard!
Stay within your limits.
Rehana Abidi, the thief!
Look, what we have here!
Right to jeans, right to live?
Who are you?
Serves you right, Dhruv Bose!
You left me for this bitch.
This bloody fake!
Now you know how I got pregnant.
Boys, have you seen the coach?
He's left.
He left?
Show me those.
Some ice cream for you?
What're you doing?
Have you lost your mind?
I'm burning with jealousy.
Let me go, Arshad.
- Please listen to me, Baby Doll!
Have you cancelled the tickets?
Tell me.
The train is tomorrow morning?
Yes or no?
- What time?
I'll see you at the station by 10:30.
You are lying.
- I swear, Baby Doll.
We'll have a blast in Delhi.
We'll roam free
in the mountains.
Let's go!
You're a thief, Rehana.
An honest shopkeeper's daughter,
steals from others' shops.
Didn't we instill the right values?
You are disowning our
identity and heritage.
Embarrassed by the very burkha
that earns us our daily bread?
You're ashamed of wearing a burkha!
I'm ashamed you
are my daughter.
- Start looking for a groom for her.
- Yes.
- No need to study further.
- Stay at home and work at the shop.
I left it in the car?
Glad you found it.
You forgot to delete the video clip.
Wasn't it the night
of our engagement?
Why did you go
through my phone?
You're the one
who's cheated on me.
I've been trying to
talk to you for a while.
You've become very gutsy.
Taking a job,
without my permission.
If I earn, it'll help
pay the bills.
You want to roam
the streets as a salesgirl?
And why did you
go to her house?
To embarrass me?
If we talked to each other
I would never have gone.
Raising your voice!
Just because you've earned
a few cents?
To talk to you,
I have to meet your mistress!
You're the one who's shameless.
Seeing another woman...
no job, no salary.
You don't care about your family.
Now talk!
You're a woman.
Don't try to wear the pants.
Turn down the job offer
and sit home quietly.
What is it?
What's the problem?
The kids are sleeping.
What has happened?
Will someone tell me what's going on?
What do you think you're doing?
- I'll tell you.
Stop! That's mine.
Stop it! Let go of my things.
Get out of my way.
- Don't you touch anything!
What's all this?
Give it to me.
- Come outside!
Behave yourself...
What's all this?
You should be ashamed
of yourself, auntie!
So much for her piety!
Auntie, you've sullied
the family name.
Shame on you!
Look at this.
Lewd books,
indecent clothes.
Such obscenity at this age!
A 55-year old widow!
Making dirty phone calls
to a young boy.
- The old woman has no shame.
We look up to her as a mother.
And see what she's been doing.
Getting horny at this age!
What will you teach our kids?
What did auntie do?
- Nothing.
Get out of here!
Go live on the road.
Take these with you.
You were never Rosy.
Have you looked in the mirror?
All my things!
Let me.
Race Driver... Dreams.
Love or Lust... Dreams.
Love Me Baby... Dreams.
Now or Never... Dreams
Lipstick Dreams.
I had three pages left...
read them.
When Rosy opened the door
it wasn't the tenant standing there.
It was the florist!
Rosy had never
paid attention to him.
Now she saw his broad
chiselled shoulders
and the passion in his eyes.
So he sent the flowers,
not the tenant?
Go on.
Before the florist could speak
Rosy turned towards him.
Instantly, he pulled Rosy
into his big strong arms.
And began kissing her neck softly.
Then he pressed his lips
into Rosy's red lips.
Oh, God! He smudged her lipstick.
These stories mislead us.
Promising us that we too
can live like Rosy.
They are misleading.
But they also give us
the courage to dream.
Rosy is lucky!
It's hard to gain the love
of one man
but Rosy here is basking
in the love of two men!
How is that lucky?
She's stuck between the two of them.
The florist told Rosy his name
Prince Charming.
Rosy laughed out loud.
How silly she was!
Now she won't stare
stealthily at the bouquet.
She'll openly call out
to her Prince Charming.
She won't veil her desire.
The iron bars at the window
cannot hold Rosy back now.
Rosy fixed her hair, wiped her tears
and jumped right out of the door.
The key to Rosy's caged dreams
always lay within her own heart.