Liquid Sky (1982) Movie Script

- Hey, I need some stuff.
- You got any money, baby?
- No, but I'll get some tomorrow.
- Yeah, but I don't wanna think
about it tomorrow.
I'm performing tonight, remember?
- Hey listen--
- no.
- Let's go to your place.
- Right now with you?
- Sure.
- Okay, let's go.
- Do you know where she
keeps the stuff?
- Don't even ask me about that.
- I don't usually fuck girls.
- That's okay, I prefer women to men,
- Do you think we can find it?
- Find what?
- We could take just a little.
She wouldn't know.
- Adrian would know.
Besides, I don't know where it is.
- Yes you do.
- Fuck you.
Cut it out.
That's enough, I think
you should leave.
If you wanna go to the club and
ask Adrian, go ask her.
- Me.
Me and my.
Me and my rhythm box.
Me and my rhythm box.
Me and my rhythm box.
Are you jealous, folks?
Are you jealous, folks?
Are you jealous, folks?
- Are you gonna take a cab?
- Fuck yourself.
- Margaret, Margaret?
We have to get back to the club.
Adrian will be finished singing.
We still have to make up for
the fashion show.
Open the door.
I wanna give you back your dress.
- Okay-
- Margaret?
- Wait for me, I'll go back to
the club with you.
- My rhythm box is sweet,
never forgets a beat.
It never eats, it never shits.
It never sleeps.
It only beats.
It's all cool, it does its rule.
It's always high.
So am I.
Do you wanna know why?
it is,
So what?
So what?
So what?
So what?
So what?
So what?
Who's not?
I'll think you and I remember.
- So it's all set, Margaret, we'll
come over tomorrow night.
- You're not supposed to be in here.
- Your roof is great.
And you are even better.
Jimmy, looking forward to seeing
you tomorrow night.
- I don't know.
- Oh come on, we'll have a great time
and get some terrific shots.
There's a chance to get them
published in midnight magazine.
- What kind of
drugs will you have?
- Anything you want.
- All right.
- Me and my,
me and my rhythm box.
Me and my rhythm box.
Me and my rhythm box.
Me and my rhythm box.
- Liquid sky, the
key to heaven,
the milk of paradise.
That's what they used to call it.
- Paul, I don't want you
to do it anymore.
It's dangerous.
- So, see you tomorrow on
Margaret's roof.
And don't stay out all night.
I want you looking fresh
for the shoot.
What, do you wanna look bad?
- I said yes.
- People have been using
opiates for centuries.
Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India,
everybody used it.
Nobody thought it was
destructive or dangerous.
They didn't think it was
immoral to feel euphoric.
- Are you going to come to my
roof tomorrow night?
- I'll decide that tomorrow night.
- All right, listen to me everybody.
Listen up.
They're getting restless, let's
start the show.
- How about in this country at the
turn of the century?
You could buy a heroin
derivative in any drugstore
to cure your ills.
Housewives loved it.
They used it for everything,
like aspirin.
Everybody wants euphoria.
What's wrong with that?
- I am not a housewife at the
turn of the century
and I do not want heroin in my house.
- It's not just for pleasure.
I use it to open my
blocked creativity.
Cocteau wrote great literature
while high on opium.
- Cocteau was cocteau before
he ever did drugs.
- And what's that supposed to mean?
- That it's not gonna help you.
- You bitch.
You always put me down don't you,
throwing your success in my face.
Well uh, you wanna help me,
hold this for me.
Hold this.
- Say please.
- Please.
- Paul, I did it because I love you.
- You still want some stuff?
- What do you think?
- Found any money, yet?
- No, but I'm gonna get some.
I can pay you tomorrow.
- No money, no stuff, babe.
- I'll have it tomorrow.
- Talk to me tomorrow.
- If you don't give me the stuff,
I'm gonna rat on you.
- He smashed up our place
looking for it.
- Then he doesn't get any
stuff tomorrow, either.
I have enough clients.
Hey Margaret, you wanna
snort some skag?
- Actually, I'd rather have cocaine.
- I hate you, you ugly chicken.
- Well, there's some guy on
the dance floor
offering cocaine to all the chicks.
Why don't you ask him?
- Hi there.
You're a pretty cute chick.
Wanna snort some blow?
- Sure.
- Well, I don't wanna do it here.
- We'll go to my place, it's not far.
Where's the cocaine?
- Did you ever do quaaludes before?
- I've done more quaaludes
than you have aspirin.
They don't excite me.
- These are lemons.
You can't get them all the time.
- Listen, if I want downs, i
can shoot heroin
any time I want.
Where's the cocaine?
- Why don't you just take these now?
- Because I don't want them.
What, are you gonna shove them down
my throat or something?
- You're a model, right?
- Right, where's the cocaine?
- I do soaps, did you ever see me?
- I don't watch soaps.
- My father works for mgm.
He gets me jobs.
My father could help you.
- What are you saying, your
daddy's gonna help me
break into show business?
That's the corniest line I ever heard.
- My father can get you a
job as an actress.
You're pretty enough.
He'd do it if I asked him.
You should be nice to me.
- You just wanna get laid.
You'll say anything to get laid.
Just like everyone else in California.
What, do you have a cock for a brain,
Don't fuck with me, you asshole.
Why don't you go fuck your father if
he loves you so much?
- Swallow it!
Swallow it, swallow it.
Come on, swallow it, swallow it!
- What's that supposed to do?
Make me fall apart and spread my legs?
Takes more than two quaaludes
to do that, baby.
Why don't you go home to your mama?
- Big fucking horse.
Swallow it.
Swallow it, did you swallow that?
Swallow it!
Ow, son of a bitch!
You bitch!
You want more?
- Would you get me my flask?
- You want a drink?
- Yeah, please?
- You want a drink?
- Yeah.
- All right.
All right.
Is that better?
- I want my vision to be blurred
so I don't have to look at your face.
- Oh shit.
- What I want you to do
is turn around,
go over there and stay put.
- Who are you?
- I live here.
- Are you her girlfriend?
- What difference does it make?
- Just curious.
You like girls better than boys?
- I'm always
curious about people
who have to make those kind of
sexual definitions.
- What do you mean?
- Homosexual, heterosexual,
Whether or not I like
someone doesn't depend
on what kind of genitals they have,
as long as I find them attractive,
don't you think?
- See, I, uh,
I don't want to fuck a man, you know?
I don't.
- Okay, that's your business.
- You like both men and women, then?
- What difference does it make to you?
You're a junkie, you can't
get it up anyway.
- How do you know, hmm?
- Leave her alone.
- Leave me alone.
- Hey-
don't worry, it's a good count.
- I don't have any works.
Can I use yours and do it here?
- I don't wanna watch him.
- I wasn't talking to you.
Your girlfriend, she's very pretty.
But she's a bitch.
- Mm-hm, Margaret is an uptight wasp
cunt from Connecticut.
- Can I use your works?
- Yeah, all right.
But, uh, give me an extra
four dollars.
- Sure.
- And do me a favor,
don't hang around after you get off.
Relax, baby.
- Thanks a lot.
- You should be happy.
Paul gave us some money.
We can go out to lunch, so
get ready to go.
You know it takes this bitch two
hours to get ready
to go out somewhere?
- In the beginning, aliens were
spotted near places
with large amounts of heroin.
Later, aliens appeared in
specific subcultures,
punk circles, still around heroin.
And in these punk circles,
many more strange deaths
have occurred.
- So a freak from la fucked you,
big fucking deal.
Eat your food.
Apple pie, shit.
- Well, why don't you have
something to eat,
some cheese, some pate, some wine?
- What so strange about
deaths in punk circles?
They kill each other by
shooting too much dope.
Don't you remember when we were
at Cambridge, there was a war,
I think between the, they were
called mods and rockers.
And they went at each other
with bicycle chains?
I don't think your punks need any
help from the outside
to kill themselves.
- My mother used bake five or six
apples pies at once.
- Apple pie.
- She put them in the porch to cool.
We had an apple tree in our backyard.
We would come in from the play
and the porch would be
filled with steam.
But we couldn't have any pie
till after dinner.
- You were lucky, baby, she
sounds like a real angel.
- Listen, I happen to have a
free evening tonight.
I'd love you to come by my place.
I've done some changes.
I'd love to know what you're doing.
Come over for dinner?
- Well, I have an appointment with a
fashion photographer.
I can't get out of it.
- Well, I'm glad your career
is going so well.
- You've interrupted me.
The most interesting fact we found,
these killings occur during
sexual intercourse.
- You know, my mom was great,
listen to this.
One time she came out of the hospital,
And she was okay, she was cool,
she was great.
So she went outwith this guy,
this really straight guy
and they went to this really
fancy restaurant.
You know, best in town, right?
She's doing fine.
Then all of a sudden, man,
all of a sudden she gets up
on the balcony.
She gets right up on the balcony, man,
and she pulls up her skirt
and she looks at all the
people and she says,
"I'm, Jesus Christ, man, I baptize you
in the name of the son, the father,
and the holy ghost",
and she pissed on everybody.
Must've got in the fucking
food and everything.
Can you beat that?
- Then what happened?
- Then they threw her back in.
- Thank you.
Can we get a check, please?
Remember the last time you were
over at the studio?
When was that?
- Six months ago.
- Right.
- Well, remember I,
remember there were a lot
of people there?
Well, several people came
up to me and said,
"ls that your brother?"
- Of course you are my sister, mama.
- I want to show you the
documentation of our progress.
- You mean you made slides of
sexual intercourse?
- You really are gorgeous, you know.
- Hey mom, can I have
some money?
- What time is it?
- I have to be running.
I'll send you a check, all right?
- Great.
- Do you take American express?
- I really need it, you know?
- Can I give you a lift uptown?
- No, no, I'm going down.
- That's not funny.
We have not only located the ufo,
but we have managed to
photograph the creature
inside of the craft.
And even made an attempt to classify
its various emotional states.
- Baby, let's go to Berlin.
They love me in Germany, baby,
I'll be a star.
Just you and me and then
I'll buy you cocaine.
Sew a fox for your beautiful neck.
Come on, it'll be great.
- You think it will be
different there?
- Hey, why'd you have to
fuck up your hair?
You look like shit.
- That's what Owen always says.
Owen, I was supposed to meet Owen,
i forgot.
- Where?
Taking Owen up to our place?
- Yeah, well, I didn't
want to go there.
- I don't like Owen, baby, i
don't wanna see Owen.
- What's your schedule like?
I need your help.
I cannot get too close
because it recognizes me
and I'm a stranger in this country.
There are some things which are
difficult for me to study
because of that.
I watched the creature from the
empire state building,
but at night it is closed.
How can I study the behavior
of this creature
if it's on private property?
- Well, I don't know.
I'd like to help you,
but I don't know what you
expect me to do.
I'm just a college acting teacher.
- Fuck, see Owen. I don't care.
Go ahead, I got business, i
got things to do.
See fucking Owen.
- Well listen, I'd like to
help you in some way,
but I have an appointment right now.
Can you get in touch tomorrow?
- This alien is killing people.
You are the only person i
know in New York.
- Telephone me tomorrow,
keep in touch, okay?
Almost everything you've done
since you left me
has been self-destructive.
Adrian's a real bad influence on you.
She doesn't care anything about you.
She's only using you.
You're ruining your career,
your future.
- What are you talking about?
It's the only thing I care about,
my career.
What do you think I'm doing right now?
I'm getting ready to shoot with
the best photographer
who I met at the club who's
gonna come here.
- He only wants to go to bed with you.
- Nobody, nobody fucks at the club.
Everybody's gay.
It's you that thinks about
fucking all the time.
- Your vocabulary, it's
punctuated by two words,
shit and fuck.
- What are you saying, i
should say making love
instead of fucking?
So what do you think, is that better,
- I think you look like a hooker.
And you act like a hooker.
And you're gonna wind up
in the hospital
with some horrible sexual disease.
- You don't understand, so i
look like a hooker.
So what, you like it.
I know that you like it.
So why should I live these lies?
The way you want me to
dress and behave
is as a sweet housewife.
Slave at her husband's will.
A hooker's at least independent.
I'm nobody's victim.
It's only fair that I warn them
this pussy has teeth.
- You were my best student.
I invested a lot of time in you.
- What are you saying, we spent
most of our time in bed.
- Do you know that Adrian
has turned you
into a real mean bitch?
Everybody says so.
Try to be nice.
- What do you think, do you like this,
- I think you look better in
jeans and a turtleneck.
- Yes, professor.
- May I help you?
- Yes, what side of the building
do your windows face?
- Are you the fire inspector?
- No, I'm a scientist.
- Well, I put my fire extinguisher in
and my exits are all accessible.
- I'm a scientist.
- And you're studying windows?
- Well, windows have something to
do with my research.
You see, I'm an astrophysicist
and I'm researching some phenomenon
which has happened in some countries.
I'm from west Berlin.
Let me show you my identification.
- I see.
Have you had dinner?
- No.
- Well, it just so happens
that I have a free evening tonight.
Why don't we go upstairs and discuss
it over a bite to eat?
- All your costumes.
They're just
participation in some kind
of a phony theater.
I'm only telling you this
for your own good.
It's a freak show.
- Are you trying to say.
That your blue jeans weren't theater?
- It's not the same thing.
- So your professor wore a
three-piece suit
and blamed you for your jeans.
Saying your jeans were too much.
And he didn't understand that his
suit was also a costume.
You thought your jeans stood for love,
and sexual equality.
We at least know that
we're in costume.
So you want me now, right?
- You have the best legs.
We both have good legs.
If we had children,
they'd have the best legs to stand on.
- I thought I looked ugly
and would give you diseases.
- This is a perfect
place for watching.
- I'm ordering some Chinese,
is that okay?
- It's perfect, it's perfect.
- You're all wet.
- You have no right to do that, I'm
not your possession.
And it's so simple, isn't it?
Well, you can't have me.
- I don't want to have you.
I want to make love to you.
- Well, I'm telling you this
for your own good.
I think you should go home.
- You spend all your energy
trying to get me excited
and then you want to throw me out?
- Please leave.
- Come here.
- Okay, I'd like two orders of
shrimp fried rice,
an order of shrimp and pea pods,
an order of shrimp with lobster sauce,
and an order of jumbo shrimp.
- Owen, get up.
- That's what I'm working on.
- That's what I'm working on.
- Are you a researcher?
- No, I'm a television producer.
Do you think that they exist?
So you're looking for heroin
and you don't want the police
to know about it?
- Listen, this really has nothing
to do with drug traffic.
What can I do?
Nobody really knows the true
nature of these aliens.
- You're from Germany?
- Yes, from Berlin.
- I'm Jewish.
So, well, what connection do you think
there can possibly be
between ufos and heroin?
- What the fuck is going on in here?
- Have you ever seen a ufo?
- Yes, this morning,
that's why I'm here.
- Oh, that's very interesting.
Would you like a drink?
- You can see it as well.
- I can see a ufo?
- Yes, through your window.
- You mean I can go over
there to my window
and I can look out and i
can see a ufo?
- No, but you can see it
through my telescope.
- Oh, you have a telescope with you?
- Yes, in my case.
- Well, why don't you set it up?
I've always dreamed
about seeing a ufo.
Say, what did you say you
were drinking?
- So you're dead now, shit,
and you're going to hell.
Straight from your marijuana jungles.
Straight from your lies, your lies,
your lies.
You dropped dead fucking,
it suits you well.
You go to hell.
We'll go to hell.
I'll go to hell, too, but i
know I'm damned.
And you never knew.
So you weren't ready to toll the bell.
For me it's easy.
From hell to hell, I'm not dancing
in marijuana jungles.
I live in concrete mazes,
stone and glass,
hard like my heart, sharp and clean.
No romantic illusions to
changing the world.
I don't lie to myself
that love can cure
because I know I'm alone.
And you fought that every
day you lived.
You lied, you died, you lied.
You go to hell.
Suits you well, shit.
- Okay, you wanna see an alien craft?
You will see it, look.
- You know I always dreamt to
fuck a dead man.
Now's my chance.
- You're crazy.
- Sure I am, baby.
That's why you like me, so
let's fuck him.
- Don't you touch him.
- You don't want any?
'Cause you've been fucked twice today,
- Don't do it.
- If you don't like it baby, you
don't have to watch.
- You're crazy.
- Don't do it.
- Don't get moral with me, whore.
You had to fuck him, didn't you?
I told you not to fuck him.
- This is my place, I'll do
what I want here.
- You can fuck any petty asshole
who gives you a chance,
you're a goddamn whore.
- Don't you call me that, you low
class freaky monster.
- I'm a monster?
You let these guys walk on your bones,
You're gonna kill me with
syphilis one day,
you dirty cunt!
- Don't talk to me like that.
Your mother was nuts.
Your father was a bum.
You'll never go anywhere,
but to the bottom
where you belong with the bums.
- You better watch your mouth or
I'll out your face
and nobody will fuck your ugly cunt.
- Why did you have to do that to him?
He was a good man.
He never did anything to you.
- Why, that's a dead body.
- Now let me see.
That's an alien craft.
- That's an alien craft?
Well, isn't it kind of small?
- The alien craft is about the
size of a dinner plate.
Whoever told you that aliens needed
as much space as people?
- Well, that's really quite a
world that you showed me.
German scientists are as tall as the
empire state building.
And aliens are as big as jumbo shrimp.
- I have no other world to show you.
- Well, isn't it possible that
that might be a child's toy
and not a ufo?
- Don't worry, forget it.
We're gonna leave this fucking place,
we're going to Berlin.
I'm gonna sing in nightclubs.
You know Germans love me.
We'll be happy.
- What are we gonna do with this body?
- Don't worry about the body.
I know what to do, you wanna
do it right now?
- Are you sure this has
something to do with a ufo?
Looks like two women
just killed a man.
- This is not my first
encounter with the aliens.
Just watch a little longer.
You will see it for yourself
what will happen there.
- Why don't they call the police?
- Why don't we call the police?
They don't want the police
to be involved.
- Why?
- Everyone has their
reasons for not going
to the authorities in their home.
They have a very good reason.
They have heroin there.
- I sure wouldn't like to be in
their shoes right now.
- I wouldn't like it, either.
- What are we gonna do?
- We're gonna just leave him there.
We're going to Berlin, baby,
aren't we?
- Sure.
- You know, we should have a wake.
- There's no food.
- So I'll go to the store
and get some food.
- The police are no
protection from aliens.
- Oh, and you have
protection from aliens?
You have a laser gun in your pants?
I think I need another drink.
- Paul, wake up, honey.
Come on, get up and take a shower.
- I feel sick, Kathy.
- I know you feel sick, you've
done drugs today.
- No.
- Come on, stand up, it'll
make you feel better.
Guests are already starting to arrive.
You can't go to the party like this.
- Fuck the guests.
- You are a brave, noble knight.
Why don't you go over there
and free those two beauties
from the dragon?
- That's exactly what I'm gonna do.
- You're going over to the apartment?
- No, the little one just went out.
I'm gonna try to warn her.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
- Wow, you really are brave.
You're the first man to ever leave me
just before we're about
to have dinner.
- Fuck the guests.
Fuck the party.
I'm just gonna sleep here.
- Are you serious?
- Abso-fucking-lutely serious.
- Don't talk to me like that.
- Why can't I?
- Because.
- Because, because this is your loft?
Because you pay the rent--
- come on, let's not start
that subject again.
- I didn't start the subject, you did.
I don't care, I wanna sleep.
- I'm sorry, but I'll be right back.
- Well, don't expect me
to wait for you.
I don't like cold Chinese food.
I don't intend to start liking it now.
- I'm sorry, but duty is more
important than friends.
- Well, the duty is yours,
the house is mine.
And in my house, shrimps are more
important than duty.
- I'm going to sleep.
- Right, you've ruined your career
and now you want to ruin mine?
You know I've invited
everybody to this.
You know how hard I've worked to
make everything perfect
and you never even lifted a
finger to help me.
And now you want to humiliate me,
embarrass me
in front of my clients.
You want to just prove to everybody
that you're a failure,
that you take dope, you take drugs,
you never made any money from
any of your films
or books or anything that
you've ever done.
But mainly,
you want to humiliate me,
that's your point.
Then I'm such a fool to
put up with you.
Well, if you don't like me,
This is my house, leave my house.
If you don't wanna get dressed up
and behave like you have some
sort of self-respect,
you just leave.
Steve, could you make me a drink,
- Sure.
You having a little problem
with the neanderthal man back there?
Relax, you look fabulous.
Don't let petty domestic
quarrels ruin your life.
- What are you staring at, big cuck?
- Sorry, I wish i
knew how to tell you.
- You got something to say, copper,
spit it out.
- You are in a
dangerous situation.
- Man, listen, let me
tell you something.
You guys won't catch me, man, never.
And I don't understand why
you're being so stupid,
copper, letting me know
what's coming down.
That's really dumb.
- Copper, what does that mean?
I can help you.
- Oh, fuck off.
- Get out of my way.
- You don't understand,
i can help you.
- Oh, you're a rat, man?
You want me to put you on the take
so in exchange you can let me know
when your little invasion's coming?
- Invasion, yeah, what, what do you
know about the invasion?
- Oh, shut your face, scab.
I don't play it your way.
Just forget it, fuck off man, i
don't need you man,
so just fuck off.
- You're still sitting in front
of the mirror.
- Adrian isn't here.
- I didn't come here to see Adrian.
- Well, I don't have any dope for you.
You'll have to see her about that.
- I don't want any dope.
- What do you want?
- To entertain you.
- So how do you expect
to entertain me?
- The way men have always
entertained women.
I'm gonna show you the difference
between men and women.
- Don't make me laugh.
- I'm not gonna make you laugh.
I'm gonna make you cum.
- So what, I can cum with
or without you.
- You think I can't get it up, huh?
- I don't care.
When I wanna fuck, I'll let
someone else know about it
and not you.
- Oh, I know you're wishing
for a big hard man.
- Seems to me too many men are
telling me what I want.
What I'm wishing is that
you would leave.
- What are you gonna do if i
stay? Call the cops?
They'd love a chance to get in here.
- You think that's sexy?
You think I'm turned on by that?
You make me sick, you wimpy junkie.
- Fucking dyke, you're just a dyke.
- You're so attractive to me, I'm
just cumming and cumming.
- Shut up, cunt, you
ain't cumming yet.
I'm gonna fuck you till you know
what it means, dyke.
- You sick pig, I don't need
your cock for anything.
You're nothing, you're nobody,
you're nothing, you're a nothing.
- All right whore, you're
gonna be sorry.
- You're right, I'm a whore.
I'll lie down and you fuck me, see,
because it doesn't matter to me,
because you don't exist.
You're nothing, you're nobody,
you just don't exist.
You're just a fly.
- Hi there.
- Hi.
- Just set it down there, okay?
- Are you studying stars, miss Sylvia?
- Exactly, thank you.
Oh my god.
- God, miss Sylvia?
- Oh, add 20%.
- Very good, thank you.
- I'm falling asleep, I'm tired.
I'm falling asleep and you're
boring me to death.
- Oh, please don't die.
You know you love it. You love it.
- Hurry up, please.
- What's your hurry?
You love it, you love it.
- Fuck you.
- I am fucking you.
And fucking you and fucking
you and fucking you
and fucking you, fuck you, fuck you,
fuck you,
fuck you, fuck you, fuck you,
fuck you, fuck you.
- Sorry to keep you waiting.
- Oh, it was my pleasure.
How did your meeting go with the girl?
- She didn't believe me.
- Who would believe a
man who's capable
of waiting till the shrimp gets cold?
What have you got?
- Oh, this is for you, this
is what I drink.
- Oh, thank you.
Oh, stargazing after dinner,
unless you're gonna start talking
about your duty again.
Here, open it.
- Hey you!
Hey you!
What's with these glass arrows,
- To the success of your project.
- To a beautiful and perfect hostess.
- I can't have all these bodies.
- Just seems like everybody is
involved with drugs.
Not only the teenagers, but everybody.
And now you're telling me that
aliens have come here
and they're also looking for drugs.
It's just incredible.
- Corpses, all these corpses here,
all these dead people.
Please, no more bodies.
You did it for me?
You did it for me, chief?
Why, who are you?
Why don't you come to me?
- Well, it seems to be
strange that the alien
was interested in heroin.
But there could be a lot of
reasons for that.
We know now, for example,
because of the research
of a few American scientists
in the late '70s
there are special receptors,
opiate receptors in the human brain.
- Hey-
- heroin, codeine, morphine all belong
to the same chemical family,
derived from the poppy.
They're called opiates.
So that's what they found,
the Americans.
That they have special receptors
in the human brain
to receive opiate molecules.
- Well,
what are these opiate receptors doing
sitting around in the human brain?
Waiting for someone to come along
and give them heroin?
- Look what I got for you.
- Some physicians think there's a
naturally occurring
molecule in the human body
that's nearly the same molecular
structure as opiates.
- Oh, you mean to say that
opium occurs naturally
in the human body?
- Not opium, I said nearly the same
molecular structure.
There's nearly the same properties.
Opium users have said that
the drug creates
a similar feeling than what people
experience during orgasm.
It could be that this
molecule is released
into the brain during orgasm.
- During orgasm?
That's very interesting.
- Are you gonna fuck him?
- He's dead, he's beautiful.
- I'm not playing house, baby,
you are.
You don't you fuck him?
Get him real juicy.
Stick him in the oven and
then we'll fuck.
I know it's cheered you up before,
a good fuck, huh?
- Please continue about orgasm.
- I have a theory.
If all humans have in their brains
a substantial process based on
the opiate mechanism
of action, why can't they
exist somewhere
in the universe in other forms
of conscious life,
which would depend on this
mechanism even more?
This would attract the
alien to heroin.
- Well, according to you, to humans,
as well, during orgasm.
Well, doesn't that mean that
orgasms are dangerous?
~ yo!
- It's Jimmy.
- So it looks like he found some
money for some stuff.
- What, are you gonna cook or
something, Margaret?
- I forgot.
I mean, I forgot the time.
I'm not ready.
- Well, don't worry about it.
That's what their job is.
They're gonna fix you up beautifully.
- Don't move, I love it.
The chicken is great, let
me get a shot.
- What are you doing?
You can't go around snapping
pictures of people
when they're not ready.
- Calm down, darlings, I've got
some cocaine for you,
and I don't want any bickering.
We're going to have a marvelous time.
- Margaret, this is Nelly.
She's the fashion editor for
midnight magazine.
- She has longer legs than yours,
hasn't she, Margaret?
- I'd like to ask you a few questions.
You don't mind, do you?
- No.
- Margaret, what are you doing?
- Turn it off, now.
- If she doesn't want it,
she doesn't want it.
- Put the lights over here,
over here.
There's an outlet over there.
- Why?
- What did you, take your nasty
pills this morning?
- Do you know where they
have the drugs?
- How should I know?
Ask Jack.
- Drugs?
- Don't be impatient, be cool.
- Brian was right, this
roof is perfect.
- This fucking city is
really something.
- Margaret, what have you
done to yourself now?
- She can't hide it, a
chicken is a chicken.
- Come on, Jimmy, you're
both so beautiful.
And you look alike, be nice.
- I'm not a chicken.
- I'm sorry, Jimmy, i
didn't know your scalp
was so sensitive.
- Now don't get anything dirty.
And tear the tags on the inside.
It's not necessary to cut them.
- Where's the cocaine?
' Dwayne?
Can you fix us a few lines, darling?
- Here, I've got some blow, too, baby,
- I'd like to ask you a few questions
about your childhood.
- Come here, legs.
Don't you see she's busy?
I'll tell you about her childhood.
Now Margaret grew up in Connecticut.
She went to church every Sunday.
This is her when she was 16.
- What are you doing?
This is my hair.
You can at least consult me about it.
- I think Jane, the hair dresser--
- hair stylist.
- Hair stylist is right.
We don't need this accessory.
The image should be simple.
- Your photographs that Adrian
was just showing me
indicate a fairly
traditional upbringing.
Yet you seem to have veered off to
some obscure fantasy
look, look, look, look, look, look,
look, look, look, look, look, look,
look, look, look.
Frankly, this bird of
paradise routine is done
every day in las Vegas and better.
It's tacky.
- Look, tacky,
tacky, tacky, tacky
- you're tacky.
Look, look, tacky.
- What do you mean by wearing
all this weird makeup
and strange clothes?
- Clothes, clothes,
- Nothing.
- Tacky, tacky,
tacky, tacky, tacky.
- You don't admit to dressing strange?
- Strange, strange,
- You're strange.
- Strange.
- What do you mean by that?
I'm not wearing rags.
- You're wearing what they
want from you, baby.
- Who they?
- America.
- What do you mean America?
I'm American.
She's American.
He's American.
Where are you from?
- Detroit.
- Las Vegas.
- Kremlin, Montana
- El Paso.
- Where are you from?
- Philadelphia.
- See, we got the whole
country represented here.
- Right.
- It's the melting pot.
- And this chicken is miss
America in the '80s.
- No Jimmy, you are.
J1 here he is, miss America
- no, I think Margaret
is miss America.
- I think it's Jimmy.
- You just say that
because you're gay.
- Oh, he's not gay all the time.
- I seriously think Jimmy is
the new miss America.
He has all the mannerisms
of a sex symbol.
- That's what we should call this,
make it a series,
the two miss americas.
- Great idea, and we could end it
with the two of them fucking.
- He can't fuck.
- I can too fuck.
I just can't fuck you.
- You two are just too chicken to be
photographed fucking.
- Chicken woman.
- He's the chicken, not I.
- That sounds like a challenge to me,
- You're just a chicken.
You're just a chicken.
- Please Jimmy, don't start on me now.
- You look tired.
You look old and ugly and washed up.
- Stop it, Jimmy, you don't
understand anything.
- What I don't understand is why
anybody would want
to take your picture.
That's what I don't understand.
~ oh!
- Go to it!
- You're just a freak, a weirdo.
Behind your back,
everybody laughs at you.
They call you chicken woman.
- That's why you look just like her.
- Such a sweet boy.
- Don't step on that shoe, we'll
have to pay for it.
- Cluck cluck.
One day the chicken woman had chicks.
And everybody stepped on them
because they were so ugly.
Cluck cluck.
- Don't talk to her like that.
We still have two rolls of film.
J1 old MacDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o
j1 and on his farm he had some
chickens e-i-e-i-o
j1 with a chick chick here and
a chick chick there
j1 here a chick there a chick
everywhere a chick chick
j1 old MacDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o
- what is going on?
What's going on?
Why are they all being so mean?
- Oh.
- Being mean here and in the
club is no fucking different
than all those fuckers
out on the street,
or anybody else in this goddamn world.
Only difference is out there they
all pretend to be nice.
And in here we ain't pretending shit.
- Cluck cluck.
- What do you mean
nobody's pretending?
They're all dressed up like they're
going to a masquerade
or they're onstage and
playing hoodlums.
- Everybody talks about
your famous bags,
the biggest eye bags around.
Chicken woman with the eye bags.
- It's just like the threepenny opera.
- You're too old to model.
- Don't make me hate you.
- You're so ugly.
- And you are so beautiful.
You're the most beautiful
boy in the world.
You're the most beautiful boy.
- What?
- I don't care what you say, i
can only love you.
- Margaret, what's wrong with you?
- Let me see your eyes.
- Ooh.
- Ooh.
- God, what eyes.
- Chicken woman.
- Come on, Jimmy.
- And your lips.
- Ooh.
- You're so old and ugly, i
can't look at you.
- Come on, she's beautiful.
- No, I know I'm ugly.
You should punish me.
I'm not good enough for you.
I'm just an old and ugly whore.
- The oldest and the ugliest.
- Ooh.
- You should beat me.
If you want to.
- I'll beat her.
- Come on, do it.
- Move the lights.
- Pay attention, get out of the way.
Quickly, quickly.
- Yeah, you want me to hit you?
- Whatever you want, I'll do it.
I'm so ugly and you're so beautiful,
I think you should hit me.
Come on and hit me.
Hit me.
- You ugly old whore,
you make me sick.
- Let me see your beautiful cock.
Let me do it for you baby.
I'll do it, you can hit
me if I do it wrong.
- Beg for it.
- You asked for it.
Let me see your beautiful cock.
Come on baby, I'll do it good.
Come on, give it to me.
Give it to me.
- I can't.
- Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it,
do it!
- I can't.
- Come on, make her beg.
- Beg for it.
- Look at yourself.
- Look at yourself.
- Look at yourself.
You are the most beautiful boy.
You are the most beautiful fucker.
We want to see you fuck her.
Fuck her, fuck her.
- Get him Margaret, you whore.
- Do it, do it.
- Give it me, baby.
- Do it, do it,
do it, do it, do it.
Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it.
- I can't.
- Come on, you can do it.
- Come on Margaret, you whore.
You whore.
- Do it, do it, do it, do it,
do it, do it, do it, do it,
do it, do it, do it, do it.
Do it, do it, do it, do it.
- Your Margaret.
- Fuck her, do it.
- Do it, do it, do it.
- Let's go.
- What for?
- Let's go.
- You made me do it.
Oh shit.
This pussy has teeth, no one
should fuck me ever.
- What'd you do to him, Margaret?
- I killed him.
- So where's the body?
- I don't know.
- Would somebody go look on the roof?
- Nothing out here.
What's in the box?
Is this a magic trick?
- No hon, it's no magic trick.
I keep dead bodies in there
so I can fuck 'em.
- Adrian, you should leave me alone.
You should leave me alone.
- What are you talking about?
- I killed him.
" How?
- I kill all the people that fuck me.
That's it, if you fuck me, you'll die.
- Come off it, baby.
- No, it's true.
- I'm saying it's not true.
- I'm serious.
- I'm serious, too.
Hey yo!
How many people want me to see, uh,
see me fuck Margaret and not die?
- It's too much, Adrian, lay off.
There's something very
strange going on here.
I'm going to leave.
- You're right, there's something
strange going on here.
I'll bet you $300 I can fuck
Margaret and not die.
- Of course you won't die.
But I'm not sure if watching you
two fuck is worth $300.
But it sure sounds interesting.
I'd like to watch, but I'm not sure
Margaret's in the mood.
- Adrian, you should stay away
from me, I'm a killer.
- You like to fuck, baby, better than
anything in the world.
- I don't want you.
- Why not?
- Because I'm killing all the
people that I fuck.
- You kill me, bitch, that's
the joke of all time.
- Adrian.
Leave me alone.
- You like it, hon, you like it.
- Don't do it, Adrian.
- These good people wanna
see me fuck you.
Now I'm gonna fuck you.
- No!
We're gonna go away, right,
we're gonna go away?
- Yeah, we'll go to Berlin, hon,
right after you fuck me good.
- No, no, no!
- Where the hell are you going?
- Berlin, we're going to Berlin,
- Help me hold her down.
She likes it.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, baby.
- Don't do it.
You'll die Adrian, you'll die.
- Kill me, baby.
Kill me, baby.
- No.
- What have we done?
- Wait a minute.
If we think clearly, this can
all be explained.
- It's easy to explain.
You wanted to know who and what I am?
I'm a killer.
I kill with my cunt.
You can write about it in
midnight magazine.
Or national enquirer.
It's gonna be the new sensation.
You wanted to know where I'm from?
I'm from Connecticut, mayflower stock.
I was taught that my
prince would come.
And he would be a lawyer.
And I would have his children.
And on the weekends, we
would barbecue.
And all the other princes and their
princesses would come,
and they would say, "delicious,
Oh how boring.
So I was taught that I should
come to New York,
become an independent woman.
And my prince would come and he
would be an agent.
And he would get me a role.
And I would make my living
waiting on tables.
And I would wait till 30, till 40,
till 50.
And I was taught that to
be an actress,
one should be fashionable.
And to be fashionable is to
be androgynous.
And I am androgynous not less than
David bowie himself.
And they call me beautiful.
And I kill with my cunt.
Isn't it fashionable?
Come on, who's next?
I'll take lessons, how to get
into show business.
Be nice to your professor.
Be nice to your agent.
Be nice to your audience, be nice.
How to be a woman?
Want them when I want you.
Or how to be free and equal?
Fuck women instead of men,
and you'll discover a whole
kingdom of freedom.
Men won't step on you anymore,
women will.
So come on, who's next?
Who wants to teach me?
Come on, teach me.
Are you afraid?
You're right, because
they're all dead.
All my teachers.
What time is it?
- What?
- We'll go to the club.
We'll go to the club, we'll dance.
There's nothing else to do, we
might as well dance.
Come on, let's go, let's go.
- Are you looking for Adrian?
- Adrian's dead, it's every
man for himself.
I'm delighted to see you.
You don't know how it thrills me.
- You're glad?
- Sure I am baby, you're the man.
I love your sexy body.
- You're freaky.
- Sure I am, baby,
freaky for you.
Let's go to my place, come on.
- Well, Johann, now that we've
had dinner and coffee
and everything, why don't you
take off your jacket
and make yourself at home?
- I'm really should update my notes.
- Oh yeah, you're absolutely right,
now is the perfect time.
- This is gonna be the fuck
of your lifetime.
- Oh, I've got some coke.
- I don't care about that.
I just want you now.
- Oh, orgasms.
Wasn't that the subject that
we were discussing?
- I think that right now I should
study the alien.
- Do aliens have orgasms?
- They don't even have bodies.
- Well, you are an alien
in this country.
And I wouldn't exactly
complain about your body.
Do sit down.
being a German alien and a scientist,
what do you think about
German alien orgasms?
- I want you now.
- That's too good.
What's your hurry?
- I'll do
anything you want.
Do you wanna hit me?
- You are sick.
- Sure am, baby, I've got so many
problems with my brain,
it's a real pain in the ass.
- Oh yeah.
No, stop, I'm gonna cum.
- Give it to me, come on baby,
give it to me.
Please give it to me.
Come on, come on.
- Suppose orgasms are killing people.
What would you say about a person
who had multiple orgasms?
- I would say this
person is very sexy.
- And would you be interested in
studying such a person?
Being a scientist and German alien?
- Come on, give it to me.
Give it to me.
- I'm sorry, I can't stay here.
I must go over there.
She's in great danger.
I'm sorry.
- Shit.
- Excuse me, do you know anybody here
by the name of Adrian?
- Sure.
- Come out, come out.
Come out, Indian.
We killed them all,
there's no one left.
We can be together now.
Where are you?
Why don't you come out?
What do you want?
- My name is Johann Hoffman,
I'm a scientist.
I've come to get you out of here.
You should leave immediately.
- What do you know?
- I watched you through your window.
I have witnessed the death
from over there.
I know how and why they died.
You're in great danger, come with me.
- So you tell me why they died.
- What difference does it make to you?
Now come with me.
- Wait a minute, you
come into my place
and you want me to leave
and you don't wanna tell me why?
- Okay, you have a creature, an alien
creature on your roof.
- Where?
- I study these creatures.
You are in great danger, come with me.
- Tell me where he is.
- You wanna die?
- No.
- Let me explain.
- Let me go.
- Let me explain.
- Let go!
- My theory is,
my theory is that these creatures,
the aliens, feed off people like we
feed on other creatures.
And that they need for sustenance
a substance similar to opiates.
Heroin is an opiate.
So this one came here for it,
only he found something better.
That substance is produced in the
brain during orgasm.
And they're similar in chemical
structure to opiates.
It is killing to get this substance.
- Well, he didn't kill me, did he?
Why didn't he kill me?
- Did you have an orgasm?
- No.
Indian, where are you?
Why don't you come out?
- Over there.
- Indian, Indian, come out now.
We can be together now.
Come out, you can feed on
me if you want to.
It's okay, I don't mind.
I know you care for me.
We can be happy.
I wanna make love with you.
You can't leave me!
Don't leave without me!
No, no!
- Oh, listen, excuse me, I'm in
a tremendous rush.
I can't make any stops, so I suppose,
okay I have to go straight
to the penthouse.
- The penthouse, that's the same
as the roof, isn't it?
That's where I'm going.
- Oh.
- There's the elevator.
- Looks like Adrian's having a party,
- Adrian, who's Adrian?
This isn't the roof.
- This is as far as the elevator goes.
- Here's a sign.